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"St. i"
" 6 i
" ,.
, v
i'V i
fe r
S. gculs AUo on Guiiiil.
hul No Trouble
PLl ckkeldek ON DUTY
Lieutenant Who Wa, Aceuetl
of Political Aelivily Serves
Despite Democrat Piote-!
Willi two mlloe laptulns ami .1 lieu-j
tenant 10 keep tabs m alleged bad men
ivho. Hie Pemoornts thought, might
swoon down rt the Sixth Ward and rnn
tl(.ito ballots t for .ludgi ljounlwell.
tela-, election In iliat histon. waul' mm-hsui, flnitneltr mid pMl.intl . '
ws line of the most tranquil in his-, It wm expressed Juki as th ent, 1
t. r iai of hl life tmi being i t.nin .-,..!
Police i.-nard.d the voting booths while Todav Mr Clothier l nb. imi.u i .
Captains He-irn and Tempest tourwl the blitli.1i.;.- nnnlve.sart in a ne. ti-.o
ward ami kept an eje out for .teillotiL,now, ,,,, , h a; ,,,, ,. ,,
frauds thai were feared by Mr. llonnl-j run , ,, ,, ,.,,., h ,,, , ,,,
well. It is the quietest day In mj vote for Abr.ha... Lincoln. T
inemor.t. sal, -ptilii letupcst. at ter , .,, ,
ho nail rumpleteil his third round f .,. . ... . , -
the ward. "Wo l..iv.. been Kent here by "' ' ' " '" "'"- rV ' " " T
Major Smith and will remain until the f",,P'"' tt " " " "de s '
ballots are. counted." '"" ,'"' en w " Wf" '" A"1""- ' '
The Oentorrats hud i-Miuented Hie
transfer nf Meutenant I'luekfelder from
the ward beoau?.- of hi alleged netlvlty
In the l-'elect Counrll uninrnlKn of Will.
ter .1 Tiittleton, hut their iciiuctx were
not hfeded
Tho Iteutenam bu in In 1 uminund if
the Kourth mid lUce- pteeiw nallce m..
tlon remained on dutv ami toured tb.
ward ceveral times'
There in no occu,on for anybody lo
b alarmed over conditions lit the Sixth
Ward." snld the lleutcnanl. "It H
quiet district and not more than lOOl)
voters are registeied. Today's election
demonstrates that !t i one of tho most
orderly districts tn the city and that
thoso who predicted troublo at he polls
know nothing about conditions,"
Quiet also prevailed In the Klfth .Ward
and nothing more serious than the usual
election arguments distuibcd the voting
Agents of the fiiit.d stairs tiep.ui-
ment of Justice p ild particular otten-
tlon to the Fifth and Sixth Ward", but
failed to delect anv IrreinilnrliUs n.
perlntendent iMniel Todd, to quitch nn nemoon Ilut I l.nen how foolih that
voting fraud that might be unearthed.", "' ,,"'" "e ' '"'inj1 nionths befoie our
held a detail of agents ,.i his licsulquar. ,' "5" ," "f "" 'nu "' " '"it It Is a
ters in the F.detal Uulld ng during the . ''olnrort u' k"ow ""' end Is ceitain."
Itrilildn ell UueH arnliitr
.Itidge tlnnnltvell. l.emoi ratio nominee ,
for Ooveriiiu-, announces he has been
assured bj Attorney (ienerul ilregory!
that the complete force of the local of- i
flee of the IHiiaitnient of .Tustlcc will '
he sent Into the Vare wauls. If m.....
ar, to tuot.ct Interests of ihe li. mo
cratlc candldatfs.
The sum of SHi.OtfO -n ill be withheld
by Judge lii.Tiuhtell fimn bis laiimili'i,
fund, he sas. to urn-ecutn anv viola-
tlons of the Ian which may bt. detected
h the Fedeial agents during their m-
Vestlgation of el.itlon conditions tod.i
elaborate i.i, parutloiis hae bten made ,
I. Judge Honniu.,1 and his campaign
nianairers l,. i he. . ..n.- iiti..iint.t r.i.i.i
In the Vine w.ir.l-. niit I.. JmigB I'onni
well charged in .1 recent Htiitemcnt there
were riO.Ouo fraudulent Mites.
More than lu.lniil return post.ards lune
been sent to voters in South l'lilladel
phla with the reipiet that It IJmy vole
for Judge llonnlwell they are to for-
ward the curds to Ids headquarters at
m-e, wiui uie iiivisioii aim nam marked
' ,,, ,.,.., , , . .
""" !. V"
Throusli an uriaugeiueut wl'li Tmld
Panlel. spe. ul agent of the liep.ut-
tnent of Justice, the Uonnlwcll .ainp.tlgii'
.....Bw. , mrrii Ui iiiiiilllliuvri.v
after election on these cards to tse If
they tally with the letuin submitted.
Letters hae also been sent to all elcc
t ou olllclals In .s'ojth I'lillniteliiblB
warnlntf the niihal, as till Ik a con
gressional election, .lolatlons of the law
ore subject to Fediral prosecution
I'nlted States Attorney Kane also has
warned that his depaitment will prose
cute any perpetrat.us of flaud
Postmaster "ieneral lturleson also is
.i.i . I...... i.,. .i... .., i.i
.lenartrnenV ,. .he .V,T , 1 ";" ln" 'usas were called, meant all sort J
Tnlr,,,I , ,',, , ,",' rUIJ'' l'" "f the unfriendly In-
a voter to whom a llonnlwell postcard I duns along the ,,,.
is sent does not lite at the address given
on the registry lists, the card I. to be -"! r W ,..,..
returned at once by tho postal an-, surrounded by comforts ho h,.-. .
thoritlea to the llonnlwell headquarters. , earned through IHh keen business ability
Agents of the Department of Justice -Mr. (.'blhler told of thoso childhood dav
win muse a rigorous iiivestlgatloii ofwnen i-nuaueiiinia was a men- village
any election division where ftaud is
.Superintendent .Mills has issmd an or.
der to all police lleutenantn to see that
the men under them refrain from politi
cal activity
Illlt'licrillcills ill r.ll'tt--itll Mat
I . pi
I' '" ' '""
."jharp resistance of an alleged attempt
y.l.h-V,";"n1','mem. '," ,t,,,,".,.U"; Vnr-
jr.,i:'T'.V'Vr''M" :..'"" 7
to strengthen organization represent!!-1
ion 111 1 ouneits. was made at tn.'
polls toda.
rndepeiideni intern, led In Stdect
rouncllman Iru I" (iatmaii and Magis
trate Koberi I'.usoti, massed Ihe r
strength to oppose the division of the
ward, tilth Pine Mr. et us its dividing
line t
lu addition in i.ti inun. Common
. ounoiunen nosiit. Thompson. I'olcorn.
irac and Kaist.iedt, united In an ef.
u,t 11, ,ii-t7iii mi. piujiiiseii spill, III
primary object of which Is to sate
Harry A. .Mack.y. Vale leader of the
ward, and the entire Vuru foues from
annihilation neii jear.
JIatkey said he was confident the
Miters who live between the south side
of Jlnrket ntreet and the south side of
Pine street would otercouie the opposi
tion of voters living between the south!
side of Plnestreei and'the souii; side of
n ir mnra At oniio
bout one-third of th.
full v.it.. Ii.ull
been cast In the ward mi to noon The
Twenty fouith division, with
... ...... .... .
list oc :w, nun sevent) -live ballots cast
otuiji Army Lieutenant I'ualde
to Cast Hallot Willi Father
Lieutenant John P.oach Sprotil. son of
State Senator William t. Spmul, llepub
lican candidate fur iJovemor, was un
able to obtain u leave of absence fluui
bis commnnd to visit his home todaj.
Ills father theteby loses one vote.
Lieutenant r'vroul, who Is u vei.-an
of the Martin, St. Mil. lei and Meuse cam
paigns, returned to this country on
Sunday to uct as Insttuctor for drafted
men, He wired his father that, he
wpuld return homo today to cast his
Senator Sproul cume to this city eai!
today to meet his eon ut llroad Street
Station AVheii It was determined that
the lieutenant did not arrive on tho
train from the Atlantic iwrt at which
ho Is stationed the Senator returned
home, Th.ro he learned' that a tele
gram had been received stating that the
uoldler could not obtain leave of ab
sence Senator Sproul then .went to the
IHiIls and cast his vote alone. ;
I'iei Coe lo Sec Siilitiiurlne Work,
t'harlis Pier, tlce presld. nt and geu
.ral manager of tin. Kim i gem y Fleet
I'orjioratlon, went to "Newark N J to
day to Inspect work under eon." Tin. 'ion '
for tho hVplng board ut the i . vf
ttho, Submarine. Jtoat I'oriii.rutn.n
ratlvn diet lit Inltuenw
Adv. I
Vi oulil llau (Join- if ming
Knoildi. h;is Wen-hunt-
, IJi.ni.scs IN nl in. I'rnjxre:
and I'miiii1!! American Spirit
' After Castiii'' olr
I I 1.... It I hsil been .Vlllllllt elli.HKh
I would hittc none tn war, lieeimse
till U 11 esse where I believe pears
riltl In .ililnliietl mil (brunch u-lr
. . Thin U the statement nf I- 1 II
. t'lotlnet 11 limbo 111' Friends In rVs
''''" ' l'Hot lie I m n
, f',aB"rl "" '" n ' Br.in.N .
",p eleetloi, .emrn. while the f.i.
ik a
M 'ljl
1 hat
hi to
'"' ' m blitlwlii In pusheil
the baekiti'ouiiil.
"Theie ai II Uolldelfil! Kj I 1 M111MH
b mr I'lillmUeliihla 1kji riut i.h the
fivll Wnr." I nld "Hut I have ii-mt
een nnythlni; great er ill my life than
lh" tiliit of t.idnt. 1 if ..oiiiae ihl u
. much lilgget war, but we thought the i
I'lvll War nim prett) big tboe days. I i
nave been a memb"r of the s'ocietj or i
Friends all my life, and a ou kiion.'
we are Inher.nllj opposed to uur an
such. Hut t lime been keenlv delighted
with tho o our younger geneiatlon of
l'"rlends have Milited lioth in work that
was necesSarv her., and In the aimv I ,
am proud of m urundsun. Wiuinm i.t
lleyl. who has b.en in actle service two '
I J r',rM- "' "a" na' 'e"n wounded, and
i" r" l'ru.Nlng Iv may he spared, now
ij'ial the war situation is clearing
"J'!nj of my nolghbors were quite ei.
, l'itP'1 '"tenlft over a report that pmnv
iwas ' I'O declared ai 3 o'clock thin
lEeeiilU lliiiiej'iliiini 3(1 tr,ir, B
l.asl ulchl as h sal In the hbiaM of
his spacious home, at Wyniienim. '.Mi
I'lotlU.r setmed to sjinboliase tie Am.r
ban home and the Amen, an family
lie sat deep In tho softly lipholstere.l
cluilr. his fret resting on a hassock, an
open ulunif- .if t.ln..,.licu l.t..,...,..u. ..
i,b.... , 7", ,..." .:..L"',',m, u"
...!...:" .,..;'. "V''-" ' ."""."" J'ran',.'-
. ..... umiLiir lilt- 111 u. IIUC
of M.r. I'lntller's chair, cast a softened
glow over his xnuwv hair in.i iienr.1
"'"' 'e:it a certain Mulhfulne!.s to iln
let. rosy heelts.
"e was 'n a genial nioo.1. leineinbei.
'" he had lived eight .one years, and
glu.l lo talk of ih.. . lir.i ,!i.i..!,u i
civilization that stood forth . .leppl. K !
Mi,.r.n 1.. 1.1. . . ' . '
em'L'n".'!",00'- 1,r8- rloll,l-"-' '
crUull cordial, had greeted the. guests
and withdrawn when her husband smiled
and i. 'tailed-
"tl was mor than flft.i.stv eais agi
we were man led, here 111 I'hlla.relphla.
and we ,liirleil on our honeymoon trlr,
I yiessun, I'm.." Jlr. I'lothler reflected.
" inougm mat was a great nip then
w' "'"" to Eleventh nnd Market sti wis.
"her., the Pennsylvania. rallt.,.,d ,.
lion stood, and boarded the coach Tint
train was somewhat different than th..c
of todu.. Rich coach was hauled m
t , I'll IiUellill O I.V miil- .....i
mules were nnhitcheil. the ......
lii.ok.il together and a locoinotlce il.
tuihed. The Journey took twelve hours,
and it was about as txclilng as going
i;cio tl... continent today
hi, yes, it was
ti.Mel in thoso .lays.
ii. imniir wnen tt was a dtv of Kona.
uliiite u u.nderfu) place. And I most
ilistlnclh rememhor that u Journey
!im.j tl. ..I.. l,u n.. .i-..u.. . ... .
.. . H..e, hi- .minion, .enraska
onipartu to its present Inmieoaiie .. i,-,
the buslneta section extemlMl little f in - Ueenl U bile ll.ni.e Inierrereme
ther west than Sixth stieet ; when Republicans held .that "White House
clumsy stage coaches, drawn by mules Intereferenco was largely losponslblo foi
or horses, carried passengers almig pre-'the J'epuulli-uu tlctory In the Septcm
serlbMl patliwaj-s; when tallow candles ' ''el' elections in .Maine, and an elToit of
gat,, way to wonderful gas lamps and Secret m! Tumulty to have an antl
i ople began to use Hi ves. The com-' organization Itepubllcan win the llepub
ng o-' the telegraph, tvleplHine and clrv- ! Ilenn primal I. s lu New Jersey i .suited
tile nowcr. as well ns th.. n.i. .,.. .. ,u.. il. the nallv i?iitiL. Ih.. oieiiiilKiillni.
-. .... u.ii.iii ii inn
automobile, are tlvbl recoilei tlons.
i -T-r-ene inn inaiiiiiiy to ne oil tils feet
linn 11 air. .'lothior still goes to bis of-
hV setei.il times u week and keeps
" touch with his business, and is mi-
1 '' Interested in affairs of Swarth-
mure .'ollege and other Institutions with
which he has Identified hlms. If it ws
in Hi.8 h. became a member of the
firm of Strun bridge & Clothier and in ,
IS!i5 he retired from the active man
agement of the store, allowing 111 sous
to take up the burden.
He is exceedingly proud of the fa. 1
that all of Ids nine children and tvvent.v-
the uraiidclilldien are Uvhig and thai
thev freouent V are rnllnlte.1
IllH birthday Is usually an . cu,i.,ii ! 'V ,',,",l"','l''". "'" nemcoriito In that
for one of these reunions.' but he ud i T."1 ", V" "i11, r,'-'1 '',' .'' ''"" UV,"
todav the.e would be only smu I fam- "" "'"'J".' ut Jo,,,n '. Ju"u''";"., '"v ,".'"
ll,( gatheimg at the homo of his . auh- ' Ln' , l,,!i"M,lml "'"',t "V ,aU'
te'i. Mrs. Slnde. this evening. el"lo, I "r .lalllng.r. n .New .Cey.
...... i.i.. ..... ini.r.i,. .. ..." . "which also nil elect a long" and
.tail. .... hlribilavs." iwi, ., ' . J.
.'ongratulatlons have been coming ,
.... ... . ,. -. ........h. tinii 1
(ri.nr - i.itiiioniiiiat
I lllllll IIIVIIUO Hl I "
! lll iiiv l.lrtlnl.-it.'. .!.
! i.i.n...ii..i.i..,.' a,.i,i ..m..'... ., ' .
1 iiiiuiiriiii.11,11 rum. inn iiiinir niii it.
1 i..,.,., ...l.li mo inanv of mv frUmla o.1
11 is wonderful to be so well reinein.
beied Hut the btrtbda.vs seem to cuuie
pretiy fast these last .vcnrsi
"No, 1 haven't ali hobbies, unless .is fort cast a good lend for the Demo.
ou would so designate m love of'ei.itle noinlnee. Statewide prohibition
books. 1 bellete I've lived a pr.lty aitiuc.ts Inieiost in two States. Ohio and
, even, 1101 nml life. Theie; has been much i .Mlntouil.
1 happiness and much of Inlerest. l be i The NmijiartUaii Leaguers ale very
lleve Abraham Lincoln has alnajs been active lu four northwestern States,
I my Ideal man. I toini for him tvvluv. Minnesota, North Dakota. South Da
I followed l.ls career closely, and I kola and Nebraska. In North Dakota
bate lllliil my Ilbiaty with Ixioks about the league has a complete ticket for all
. hltn With ull the eiilhuslusm a youth state otlllee and for t'ongress; In
l.ould feel for his hero. J cheered him ' s'outh Dakota the league s.'.k'H State
when he visited Philadelphia and 1 control . In Nebraska a few olllces. and
I marched- shoulder to shoulder with the I j .Minnesota iho tlovernorslilp and one
I ponce won liuaio.o, ins cuiriago wnen he
I lode up ihcsmut street to the State
Hoiue, to speak., lo my mind. Lincoln
Htlll stamis hupreme aoote all other
Amurlcau stutcsmen."
Polls Opcir From 7 to 7;
Other Election Data
polls open 7 a. ill.. clos " p. in.
Saloons closed until midnight to
night. Ktlltiutes of vote for entire Ktute
tary from SOO.uOO to 1. 1100.000.
ote in I'lbU'lelphla inuv not ex
feci jOO.OOO
-r -"
a.!Uv. 1 1 nil 11 " in 1 in i"5.
BByftt -iniiiari nullum, j 1 ifv &l?? jtUWHBB MtiT . 1 fLfttti e WH
flBBfzJ? iisHvHMlHHBBHCvBBflBlBS BiBBBhIV& jjt'i. S MIPl
ti.jjnK,gtj M(e ffMb I SuBMrXSBVuKMBVaBsTBBfBfBfBfBfBfBfBfBfBfBfBfBfBfBfBfV
ol ilie ii'iiiiilcr- of -n.iwliriilge
11 ic In"
Dt'citle lioad Hoiid ltie ami
Increase of City's Bor-
I'uwiiij: Capacity
T.v.i aliiendoielK In tile Slute .'onstb
tutlon are being oted upon today,
One uutliorus.s u Hfin.uitO.UOO bond
Iffuo by the St.it.' for the Impnircmrui
of public hlRhnus.
Ihe other penults an liuieune In the
borrow big ..ip.nu of lh city of I'hila
delphla, foi gencriil . .iposes, from T to
in per cent of the assessed uiue of Its
tuxuhle plupell.v.
hti-oug oppusiiluii tn ihe Mecond atnend
inctit bus de eh. p.il here because the
amendment iil.l permit the use of the
evtendril I burrowing tiower for general
I tir..eS. Instead
of restrict Inir It to
transit and pint doelopmeiits.
The amendment in provide a bond Is
sue for tre Improvement of public high
ways appears on the bottom of the bal
lot as Amendment .Vn. 1. It was passed
as u war measure by the last Legisla
ture and leipihes ratification at the
ih o 1MB 1 "gWi .nire
"" ''.' ..emsiaiure u
ions . similar amendment micsed b
"e ":1''. Tliire iN now' emphatic de
is defeated at
iiiitnu Irooi main nuarters f.u Hie
(lllieil.lliient'H lallllcatlon.
Oppusltlon in Xmendment 'n -J ban
, llelelnpeil bciiinse It K feared I hat the
entire iimiiimc ..f Hi. city may be
unit gaged for other work in Micii an
etent thai on funds wnlild be left to
carrv out poll and traiwlt plan-
America Casting
Heavy Vote Today
( iiilllillii'il truiil Puue One
the Hoir-i. 1 1 1 . - Itepublimi
..e, gain
only the Miti
We w til gain ut bast
This would givr the Jlepubllcalis con-
1 great event to irol of tho House bj ut least twenty
f remember going ' one and tho Semite by not less than
i The Presidenfs appeal to tho voters
' to elect .i liemocrutic fongrcss, lit the
...ii... a........ . . .
i "pun' n oi iiepuoiicau leaders, lias uone
more than un thing else to unify the
Patty and Insure the election of a ISc-
publican Congress
Itenorta received from tha "Middle
,VS the Fa, West'served to bear
oni the lnipr. sl. u obtaining In tho i:aat
that the Kipubhcans and Independent
toteis ieniue.1 the Intefereuco of tliu
While House
------ ..----- .... --.p..... ...........
choice, Dot ei nor ildgo, the long-term
i.iooiiiinui i.ir i niu'ii .-51. lies ."-vnaior.
In most States electing Slate tick, tn
P day the congressional contests have
1 ied In Interest with tho gubernatorial
lights Thlrty-ntno members; of the
railed States Senate will be elected to
da.t and 431 meinbeis of the House of
llcprcVentatlves. four of the latter hav
ing been chosen In the Maine elections
two months ago, win h on,. Seliator was
lis., elected.
Lively contests for 'the Senate ha.'e
occupied Ihe voters in .Massachusetts,
llliode Island. New Hampshire, Dela
ware. . w J.ise.v and West Virginia.
iiii- in n.iu.ii.is win ne eii-cicn nv
I "" term Senator, woman suffragists,
"' '" "' ' " , "'- "
i -..-.,- . .-..-
ltlttll.. 1 I
'"..u imiiii, w,io
seeks tho "short"'
1 term
In Illinois the managers for ..Medlll
McL'ormlck, Republican senatorial can
didate opposing SonatorJames Hamilton
Lew's, claim piospectM for a landslide
vote in bis favor, while the Lewis It ail-
' t'oiicrotuiloiial place.
i Major interest In Michigan centeis In
liw senatorial fight between Lieutenant
! ..oinmander Truman II. Nowberrv. Tte-
publlouti, and Henry Fold, Democratic
nominee, carrying life IndnrHtment of
President Wilson. llcpubllcun head-
quartefs ute claiming a majority of up
ward of CO.00O for their candidate, while
the Democrats contend they will poll tho
hulk of tho labor vote und expres con
lldenco their candidate will bu victor.
Sp i at iounr.lr.aulc elections are be.
I 'lebl in fur war la , lay to fill
'tr'-c vacauriei
tmn n',!lU"cn'.t.vfeo."Cls,
i Tlo. n..iniiie. are
infl In Pimmon
i aiiii 'esigni. ions. iiw noiuinefTi are
1 Fourth Wtsrd Select CVuncili Jacob A,
iiiii 'eslgru. Ions.
: .
X ClniliiiT nml wiilclv known a a linaiuicr ami pliiljiilliropi-l, i celehriil.
cif!il-lirl itrlliil.i Iml.iv at ln iilniiirc Imiue
Salklu. I! imlillciii ami Demnciatic
noo' "i '.n atii'V iiiused by resigna
tion of lleibert W. Salus
Sixth Ward Select round I ; Wall. 1
.1 Llttlei.ui. Ilepiihllt'.tii, Socialist and
Fan Plav . I'harl.s A. Schwarz, Demo
.lallc. V.I.IIIH.V due to death of Tliomas
M. liltll I
Twi i.t -fh st 'ard- . onunon .'ouncll:
Thomas s T, Macklecr, P.ipulillcau and
l:.lr !'..iv , linrge S. .Moyer, Deino
(.rati.' '
Thlitietli W.ufl Select i ottncll : Fm-m-r
Clt. Treasurer WTllIatu Mci'o.icli.
Hepul.lli mi uomliiee, with no opposi
tion. Y'O.ui'.i ..lUseil l(y teslgnatlon
of W'llllain i 'raw ford, candidate fn
Leglsl.isnii Inmi S.-venth Legislative
Hit.. .1
1 1. 1 lilt ISM HG HEPOItTS .
ll ihi' . I woci'd'ci Vcv
lli.rrl.lniri:, Nov .". -Farly voting In
HniMsbinc Sl.eltoli 'and stirioinnllne
tiiw us In Dauphin and I'umberiaud
'omit If was larg.'i than usual toda.i.
In a number of the picolntH of this
ell thete were mote lutein 'than usual
at the pulls for the llrst hour, notably
in resilient i.i I districts Half a dozen
lection boards were late in actum:
stinted in ll,'UTt".luiii. owing to eieclion
oltioers or clei Us having leiiioved or
being engaged lu'vvat fii.lustrles
Pleasant aiaimin weailier si ems lo
have brought nut main eallv vnteis in
the fat mln set t ions nt D.iiinliln. .'nm-
berland and Pin. . Vitint its. Slmllai'
reports .in i inning I'lniii s'i lions of
Sprout Ticket
Sweeping City
CinilhiMeil rnilil I'llKe due
bj a substantial inajinn.v. Wulle my
nppinient. .ludire lionnlwell, is a tine fel
low and fib ml of nitue. 1 do not fee
whete he has a vluince of election."
Senate.! Sproul previously eKtimated
that his ili.ijuiltv would be l.'.0,iMio l)i
tin Slat.- Tin. estimate has b.en In-
asid bv Itepiibll.-nn State Chairman
I'm w tn Jul). (mo. anil tt Marry linger.
epubliciii Stab- K.cietarv. piedtcts that
ma.v veu M.ich uO'i.nftn
lieciineiicc of Blaze litiin- Newell
IMoiL ami Store-
III ml liiril. I'.i.. Nov. fi This iiiy sllf
fcied .1 I on. nun lire caily tin-- morning.
when lln- Newell llulldliig. a tluee-story
struituie, at the corner ol .Main and
Welistti stieets. was i tuned The Ilie
start, d at H:30 o'clock last i veiling and
vvus sii..n extinguished.
At li'IlO a. in, tho tlainc- again bioko
out, and 't was nt this tune that the
greatest loss was. caused. I. Friedman.
who occupied tun two stmes on tne
ground Poor, rarrint a moci m ginetai
men huudlse tallied ut Jin.nnii. His loss
was total. Keelson lltoth"!-.-.' furniture
store lost tIO.ouiI. f)n the -econd und
thlnl llom's tvete ap.litnieiits and the
ten. nils lost approximate! ever, thing.
The Newell llulldlng, owned b.v the
Newdl .slate was damaged in ihe ex
tent of JlS.Oini. The Haines ate belleted
to have originated under some stairs ou
the second Hour. W'llllain F'l 2p.1t rick,
on tlic third Hour, and family were taken
nit by the llienien. and Sam D.dell. a
tlriuiaii. was ovetciune by sinoki
I'lilii-etoti Kililor. All ill Service, Perioil.
ic.ll- lop I'lllilii'.ilioll
I'riiiirlnii, N. .1., Nov. ,' - All Prince.
Ion undergraduate publications have
suspended publication for the duration
of the war. They Include the Dully
Prlnct Ionian, the rumpus newspaper, of
which Piesldent Wilson was managing
tllt.it' in his student days; the Nasvaii
Literal Magazine., the se.ond oldest
college publication In the i-ouuti. and
the Princeton Tlgir, the college hunmi.
ous magazine.
The editors are ei.llsled ililie, m the
pilncetmi naval ttalmng m.r m Ih,
sludeiu arm training ini,-
Henjamin 'McCorklr in SlwoSinfi Girl, Charpc on Which
Suhlii-r mill Suitor IJ ' Tah'iiShot Firvd
ut Into
' Putiohuaii lltMiJainln .M.Coikl
ed to the Twentieth and Federal streets
station, was held without bail b.v .Magis
trate Uul.er today to iittsui the action
of the Coroi. r on the chaige ol causlog
the death of thirteen. e.u-old M.iml
Hums, on Hallowe'en night, as she wns
walking ntur her home ut 2212 lii.klu-
koii stieet
Tho policeman, following the shooting
(ifthe child, nrieiqcd. William P.ogan. a
Canadian soldier, and Thomas McCor
ken, an American sailor, on tho charge
of .causing the death of the girl. Until
men were held without ball on "the
charge or homicide by Magistrate Ilaker.
investigation completed today Is na'd
to have shown that u bullet found lodged
In the doorway of the chlld'a homo cor
responds with uthrr in the polkeinnn's
revolver and not with itu type of mil
let with which u revolver taken from
'"" "''
I'lred tflertar
Ml't'-Jll.ft' tre U-7 thf 1 1' tl t r.ti
t,ic chnrK I1 '' "InB lhe ,,11,, w',itl. it 1 suppose.1 oim'of the bulleu
ret'hUwIy uslmr n revolver when theyfiofn, Ills revAlver Wfrni tylhr. and struck
- - , . ., , . , ,: - .-
wtia rdp Ifi an iiutomoblle ml.) 0
.-;-;'-.. . ...:, xt&xts
Iti'lillllliiail Klirollllli'lll '2lfi..
7(7. but War and Epidemic
Will l.een Actual Poll
Ciii-iilei,tbl.v mom than "Uv.VUO Plnl
ad.lphlaiis arc entitled to cast ballots at
toda.v's .lection. The tolul nglstriitlon
Is 24 J ,:tl T. exclusive id the few whose
names weie added after tin", tegular
reglstiatlon days because they had a
legitimate excuse for' not registering at
the pi .scribed time. Many weie unable
to go to Iho regjstratloii booths at the
regular da.vs because they w'eie vh thus
of tphleinlc Inllueiiita. '
.Man.v or those reglMerwl will be uiy
ablo to vole because they hate been
called away since In the inllltur.v seiv
ice. A number of others were among
the thousands who died of Influenza
and pneumonia.
if the
I ).,,
!it4i i
I'd 11
ft vo
4. -.71
.".7 Ii!
lo''. I
.4 ma
' 7.1VI
I. '17
I vo
it I
. tan
:.:i I
ion ,
si. I
J 1 1
i. oi
1.117 I
7 IM
SI I'll
7 4. 'J
701. -.
7417 ,
004 I
.-ill-1 I
4 1.',? I
O'.'J I
7.1i M
...-,4 1
IB 1 7
Twenlv Tcailiers Dieil of .Muluilv Dur
iug Ilerent Kpitlemic
Flfl.en new cases of Influenza weie
ii loi ted to the tlurvtiti of Health dur
ing tho last tvvciity-four hours. This Is
two ,1-use.s more than reported yester
day , '
Nine of the cases come fronT the sec
tion uoitli of Market xtieet. one case
south of .Market stieet, three In West
Philadelphia jin.l two In tho '(iernuin
town and Oak Lane section.
Fifty-two deathi rom Influenza, ami
pneumonia are recorded on the but can's
eeeiii-ils for a twenl.V'.four hour iierlml.
i against seventy on Saturday. Fourteen
f the new deaths uie front Influenza
and thlity-elght fiout pneumonia.
mere win ne a uieeung in u,e.
eleineiltar schools, committee tomor
row, inn. during the week the various
subiommjlleos will meet preliminary lo
the meeting- of the Hoard of Education
which will take place next Tuesday.
Hit Utility
! have been stolen. The auto was a naval
service car. It Is now- supposed by the
police that the child, wus killed by a
bullet fired from tho policeman's re
volver when, he shot after the machine
in vvuu.li int. louiiers aim sailor weie.
' rilllUg.
MeCorkle Is tlilrty-seven ears old,
and lives at F2H South rl'lili ty-IUth
ori.a olghteeit months,
irevii. no oao neeo n inciiioer or tne.
Hi Halloween night Hogan and Mc-
Corken oi. said to have driven reck
lessly through Hoiflh Philadelphia, while,
llrlng a revolver, Tho. house sergeant at
the Twentieth and Fedeial streets, sta.
tlon oonimutilcuted wiihnll patrolmen
lu that district to tvotch for Ihe car,
MeCorkle was standing at Twenty
setenth and Dickinson streets when ho
Ha-tv-thn car approaching. Ho Btopped It
and nl-rested tho two occupants. When
, he attempted to, walk them uerosK the
v ,, , '"Vi J ,' . ' .1 ro,'B
"aj' " ,,H ,?n?.'l' J" "'L.'0 "'". '""
lnfn.1r1 tlsr.l nla,. (I.A ..n.n.,,l t. .....'
i ;"i .
jtij vhlUt .
mi ""- roBlslcred. SUB..!.; ou- t u..l by tho Fosdlcl: Commission,
tol eil as Iteimlil i mis 'rtif. n...... .i.. eri is.... . j
.... it ---.--...-..... iwinnv i ., experts leponeii ino i-onuoions m-in
Tbe'pe?,,';."'""-, , . ,, worse than In any other city In
I he Lepubllcan and Demoeratlc legls- Ame,c;,. Tha repoil of this commltslon
t rat Ion. b, wa.ds, follows: ( '""'a .ie 1 bv the Mayor. Falling to
iv urn
'. ' : ,
- -
, , 11-,. . 1
mterclnircli redcration An-
tll'ill Spufi-tt "Sli'iiiw-Tiil
(Lack of Courage Heldltespon-
sihle for Sway of
nieijtf.. The direct load to thin resplend"
l.acK of courage by Hie chuichei. Is j " J-'"".' llu rcsulnr, conjclcntlotu
ii. . , .. i.i, i,i..' i.ivi,. ui in n 0"i11 ltitelllcont line of the ot. Let all
blamed for I'hlladelplilaB clxlc UH In a m. rlinrch lnPmb. vo(0 ronscPn.
lant-hour nppfal lo votern to redeem tloufly, and I'hlladclphla will be re
the city, i.isucd by the ntercliurch l-'cd- ' ilcrnud " '
After denouncing the Mayor, con-t-actov-bonten.
iHrty nliet. gunmen In
pontiff, tioll.c laxity In prosecuting !'
and other "sli.incful conditions,
Ktatemeiit raf.
"SVi small pail of I he hl'inie for all
this muflt fall upon the churches. There
has been n lack of courage In minister
and i mgiegatlons, who have weakly
been more fearful of offending In-,
fiuential members than of cuuilng a
bi other to stumble."
II cloies with thin admonition: 'I.e..
all our .hutch members vote coli
HCicnllmisH. nnd I'hll.idclplilu'' ftlll he
The appeal Is signed bv the I'.ev. Dre
(ail II Hummer, piesldeiif. W llliani
V. lierg. sectetary. F. S. Uotke.v. Irving
D Cltenoweth. lldvvln He I Dell.. F. S
Ljnch John A. MaiC'alluni. Alexander j
Mw coll Fiank K. Parkin. Thoinap. C.I
.llaC Oil. 1 lime-
oeU. Charle ScJiudTer Moyd
mklii" and lllshop ounauo
CKj I'lllorleil llelore .Nalluli
-fliif full text follows: ,
Thu Inletchurch Fcdetatloi. Is .on
j strained to lay before tho
people of Philadelphia the shame
' ,iition of our city, and to uppea
fill con-
eal for a
. . ........... I., ul.il. 11.1. ii l.,.lat
conceited inoveinen. ... . c" -..."
"Philadelphia stands today pilloried
before the nation. For the past two
years our city has been mado a target
for reproaches by a (series of cients. At
a time when our young men at the rail
or humanity, haw gone to the ftont to
tlndlcato the law of righteousness and
make the .world safe for democracy, at
n time when tho people at home have
made every sacrifice for democracy and
justice, we have the pitiful speotncle of
a city adnilnlrlratlou that is selfeeklng
and incompetent.
"Some two eais ago a iiumbei of
gunmen v ere brought into the city by
political leaders, and committed murder
and outrage. Sverul have confessed
and several tv.to contleted.
"When the (luveinment brought thous
ands of men to Ihe Naval Station at
League Island it asked tho city lo pro
tect tliotn from tin. exploiter, of vice.
When that protection was otllclnlly In
deceive adequato protection for Us en -
ll1ed men, the Fedeial aovernment
supers. tied the Director of Public Safety
and took practical chatge of the police
Ilepliires lllrty Streets
"The epidemic of Influenza has .leva..,
luted our city. It Is said that It has
been worse here than lu any other city .,..,,.. 11 .m(() ... V.... (.l
1 America. Cettalnly It foi.ld ' .." .,'.,' "V'e
nowhere else conditions so rondliolve to' OIlOl, W ill A 1(1 KilllW'ltys (.llll'l
lis spiead What other city of tiny tVinibliigi.iii, Nov. s The War I). -size
has streets so dirty? Where elo In j pmtnienl anuotinci-il thai Daniel
tho dust'so blown about? Vet th city I Wlllard. piesldent of the corpoiate u
liim expended mole than In pret Ions ; ganlzatlon of the Kullimoie and Ohio
yeais. Here Is the account: j P.allioad Company.' ban bten toiiiiiils-
mill 1!,I7 sloned a colonel of enulneeis tlilted
Street li aulas.
Ash rimiiVBl . . .
Uarliuu'u iell".-ll.ai
1..,?2.H.I7 i'"'r"',!,'J
S2.10U.1PI .'I.I2;.7IIH
The Uo.i.d of Recreation has the
confidence of the community and was
doing its best with a piliruuy iiaue.
nnnte aiuitopi latlon. to secure play
grounds and equipment, whin the
dlreclor was i emoted and a political
protege of the oily contractor appointed
In his place. The legal aspects of this
rhameful tiansactlon will. It Is hoped,
bo considered In the courts, but whatever
may be the strict letter of the law, tho
use of this important olllco as. a rt ward
to a political henchman of no experi
ence or training in this Important le
partdi.nt, is a shameless betrayal of the
wellaie of our children.
l'.iliee lleimrtliieni oil tirlll
"The teports of experts have certi
fied the ciiiiiiiiunlt, kf.lt Is willing to
learn the disagreeable truth, that vice
Is protected lu our midst, and tho peo
ple who can sell exemption from law
i....r. l..i.n .lueerl'iiliieil. nnd tile nrteen
they charge, or coutse, this means Menus of the armistice that country has
that the Police Department Is sadly de- signed, consists of approximately "iCl
moriillJted. While, the great majority ships, acc.udliig to latest olllclal p.
of poll.-e olll.fis doubtless prefer to do formation reaching the Navy Depart
their dut, tho force Is so handlod that ment. These ilguies. Secretury Daniels
cerUln law-breakers are protected. U j announced, were compiled wllhotit refer
lnay. perhaps, ho expected that In sui'li , (lJ lucent u-portcd losses of two
a large bodv there should be some .i,IFiriH battleshl,,-.
.... t... ...... I . t r!Z. . xn ill tmlnulu : ...
inemiiers woo vvuun. en...- ...m........
but it Is unpardonable that a number
who had been ' convicted of crime,
' sbmilil be icstored to the force. It Is
1 notortoun that this has occurred lu a
n,n,01. r cases, and also that pollce-
im 11 Mint t been nt-ed In political work,
In harassing citizens, Intimidating
women, ami making lnuepenoeui. pouu
eiil action exceedingly dlfllcult.
"The true nature of our clly govein
mtnt was revealed by a slnglo lnel
dent. Some husiuesH men of the city met
lo protest against a Proposed Increase
lu tax. rules, aii'Vi carried their protesl
not to the Mayor, or tho head of any
finance committee but to a tvcii-Known
contractor and politician. And ho til-
laved their iinxletlcs, by his personal as
surancc that there would be no In.
eiease. in tins incident it ia naru 10
tell, which Is the more depressing tho
supine acquiescence of tho business
men, or the nrnxen assurance or ine
continctoujboEs. .Most ilayois would be
nffnided at being Ignored In this fash
ion, but .any sensitiveness on u point
of honor or propriety .could not be r x
liected from a Mayor who makes a profit
out of bonding city ofljclals,
"It would be profoundly Instructive
It we could lay bare, the various con
; .,.,. caUscs that brought about
i,t., .l,..,..,,riil r..nillll.m lint the innlo
cnu,0 U undoubtedly the voters' lack
f public spirit and of idvlc conscience.
The nrlce of cood government is tne
same us ine price oi iincny; mere
must bo eternal vigilance. An De
'I'nnnnevllt,. oliseried. irovernmentH xvlll
bejiH rascally an the people will pcrmlM
tt nn our voters are noi iazyc iney urc
blind partisans, Where there U force,
thero is self-seeking and no conscience;
and where there Is conscience, thero Is
no public spirit or energy.
Illume for Churrhtrj,
No Binall purt of the blame for nil
this must fall upon Ihe churches. Phlla
delphla Ins long been famous for Its
well-attended churches und
and .large Hunday achoU.
tiately. these churches und schools have
not proclaimed with th, proper empha
sis tho duty of netting up he King,
tlom of Ootl on earth by wise. Just and
been 110 oriiJJiilitntloti, lllto the tnler
Churcti tderatloti lit norno rltlcd. to
tnilte tho civic cnrples of Ihc churches
utid dlreet them In nuo direction. There,
linn been a lack of courage In mlnli
tern nnd I'oiiKfegatlons, who have weak
1 lieen more fearful of offend.
li'fi Influential incinbqn than of cnuv
'"K u wther tti stumble, or of offending
(,ll f ti'" mtie tme, wimt our city
iieeilH in more couracc, more public
; spirit In ItH church membern, leas tnrlnc
for lMf, m,.n lnBii nm morc inrlnB
f'"' "'" ',lll"K,, "f othcr'
"our people June no right to mjoy
the piace of i,!od In the presence of
Hiuiiis. civic ciiicltticy and liolltlcal
HLAAK,,0,''I". ,
I "e ate Ju8lly humiliated befoie men.
' flint alwilltil 1.n...1.l -!.. . 1.-
...... on... i.iiiiuii- uuintiten nemi"
iloil. Xlny lie arouse the profedfltic
.''hilntlnnn of till city, to the meaning
I of nllcRlaiirn to rhrlut and make them
xkiIoiii nsentii In CKtabllnhlne In our
in hint an nh'e, and hlRh-tnlnded city
government, with Impartial. courta, In
loirupllble pollcu and efficient detiart-
I Avullllll'llU
td" False
Swept Aside li;y Victory,
Says dimming.
flNhlioiliiii, Nov Ti The Democratic
National Commltte.. took Immediate
udvantuso of Hi, pulillc.itlnn of the
urartlc let ins of the Austin. llun-
i .
garlan armistice to lepl.i lo the appeals
nr Itcpublluiu leadei s for election of
their cantllilates on the ground that the
Ilr publicans stootl for "iincolidjtloual
surrendei" nnd' a "dletatt.l pence."
"All the false Issues raised by op.
noalne I,.. I.leli.n.. l,,..o 1. ...... u,. .I.t
. hT,,1 ,. r vlotorlotis news
1 iiow clouding the when from Kurope,"
sain Homer S. Ciiniinliigs. acting chair
man of the Democratic National Com
mittee. "There Is only out. question for
America to decide ami that Is whether
the people nt home shall place less faith
In the wisdom and leudclshlp of tho
President than do tin- people and states,
men of the i ounlrles associated with the
Fulled states In th.. war
"The vote of confidence President
Wilson has asked of the Ameiloan peo
ple will bo given at the polls Tues
day. Iteports from every sect Ion' of the
country plainly indicate the nation s
thoioughly aroused to the ntt-efHltv of
sustaining the Piesldent In this ciltlcal
"The great -qualities of leadership
shown by the President, now bearing
ft till In war-toui Ktirope, are appreciated
b.v the people of tin, I'nlted Stales I'bev
itri" willing to I rust the President to
continue the policies that hate liiotight
Austrla-IIungiiiy, llulgaria and Tin key
to terms, stripped rieriuntiy of her utiles
nnd which have sounded the death. km II
of militarism and kaNei'lsm.
"I repcut that the pi ople of Fng
Iniid. France, Italy and Helgluni would
not hesitate. If asked, to glvo 1'iesldent
WIUou i vole of confidence. r know
the people of Ameilcii will not desert
lihn In this lilttinpiiant moment.
"Wo await the answer coulldently.
The President has asked that Democratic
SeiiatotH and Ibpresentatlves' be elected.
rot because they are more patriotic than
j their Ilepnbllcan opponents, but becnus.
i ""' nietnb.rs of the Prtsldeiil's pint
"" Pledged to o-irry to fruition the
, program of the Prisldent a progriiin
jinm ii ine rriKioeni a pro,
whole vim Id Is now acclaiming
I Slates .-..mv.
Colonel Wllhud Is lo leave fot Fiance
at once and Is to lepnrt to lien. nil Per
shing for assignment as assistant to
the Minister of Transput!. I'lench Hall
ways Tho uppolntinent vvus made -by
Secretin y of War Uaker on the pisonal
request of Oeneinl Pershing.
Mr. Wlllard I. 'tiled as cluiltmao of
the war Industries boaiil last winter,
giving his health as the .nuse With
Samuel P.ea, of the Pennsylvania hues,
he was one ol i.- piimilnent' rallioad
executives who tvete dismissed from
active operating contiol of their rail
KiaiU by Dliector ietierul, Mc doo
Fifteen Buttlcsliip in Lift An
iioiiiiL'cil lv Uiiniels
w HshliiKtiin, Nov. ii -- Austilu-lltm-gary's
navy, which either must be dellv
eied to the Allies or disannul under the
, -nit) ,(Jt;1 or suinnatllies Is placed at
toity-iite, tvnn mieeu iaiiitiiips, an
equal number of cruisers, twenty-ono
torpedolsiat destioyerK, ten torpedo gun
boats, sixty-seven torpvdohoatH, forty
five mine layers, eleven river? lnuultois.
seven patrol boats, six nrnied KteameiH,
six scouts, one ilvcr torpedoboat anil
two trnvvlcls.
C,j, TuUi Over .Merchant Vcsrel, In-
I ,
lerncd in linrlior.
, iiuenns Alren, Nov. 0. All ierinan
J mercantile te'ssels Interned ,in Chilean
harbors have been seized by the Chilean
Chilean aimed forces late In September
I according , to .Santiago dispatches, occii-
pled all the Interned Herman steamship:
In Chilean wuteis, the action being taken
at that time, to prevent Ihe destruction
of the ships by their crews.
W. G. McADOO, Director General of Railroads
und help prevent roligettlnu at Ticket Olllces by Ini.tlm
(fuoil for brurrr ur mii' nuinlirr nf prrni tin ull unienpfr
trHliiw of all rHllrundii miUrr I'nlrrul Cuntrul
Inquire al Consolidated Ticket Office
Prohibitionists Are in Coti-1
r.. ai i r, .-v.. m
iiiuiii iiooo uver uui
conn; of Election
Aetitity of Womairs Party!
C.oinplicatfs Situation in J
Senatorial Knee
Caimleii today Is having Its llrst op
portunity t vote directly mi tl'ic qtiM-
tlon of 'wet' or "dr.i '
' ne issue, brought forward by the
moral and commercial Interests of illi
cit-, overslindows all others In the field'
of .South Jersey ,olltcf at .the election.
Whethei the city will oust the salooM
depends latgely upon the attitude of ma
chin,, pollllel.lns. This applies to IheB
! I,0lcrats as well as the rtepubllcahB.l
if they maintain throughout the .ia'yl
tn.ir attitude of neutrality that liasl
marked the campaign, the "drys' bellevtB
they have an excellent ehanco to wlnl
A factor that menaces n .lev .li-..l
Is the light reglptratlon, for only 16,5o"n
voters out of a total of 2,C00 have're.--
IHIVI t.l.
Sn.vs SiiIiiiiiiii ,re llealen
One hour ufjer the polls opened man
agers Of the Antl.Sal.mil tn.ii. -.I.I
dieted it victory for the "drys." The
"Wfc.a'. .aa. .....I ,,.. .. . . ...I
..w-. .--iiieii equally comment V
"Camden will oust the Kitnnn i,i,,...
raid'. Charles I.evlster. manager or hi
....,,, ...iK mar ior pix months haa been
n..Kv.! against tile liquor Interests i
.Most of the men who failed to rer
sier, .tir. Devlster went on, would vot
against the saloon, but nesleeie.l in r,v.
use f the franchb-e. Dcspllo that con.
dltlon. we are conlldent of winning." "'
Scores of women, mostly member of
the M. C. T. V., wern stationed at polling
"""'" '"is niorniiig anu promised to re-
main at their posts throughout the day,
N(xt In Importance Is the contest i.
tw ecu Senator David Ilalrd nnd his
Democratic opponent, Charles O'Connor
Hennessy. Tho Ilalrd malingers aro cob
fldent of tolling up a big vote for the
Senator In Camden County, but the slttli
utlon has been so greatly complicated bv
the National Women's Party that the
result Is somewhat In doubt. i
Demure Senator Ilalrd voted against
the national suffrage amendment the
women nate waged an active campaign
fOr .Mr. Hcmil'HSV Thell nlleltir V..
een a big factor In the cumpalgn, but Hi
ei tiveness will not be known untjl the
ballots are cmnteil . J'
.. . . "" -
"Bird ami I.dge fur Senaie iB
s'....i.. it..i.i , .. . .. . . . . e II
... iiiem ii.inii is a canui.iate tor tne
short term In the .Senate and (iovernor
waller !;. i:dge Is the Itepubllcan can'
dldiite for the long term. Tho latter 11
opposed by Sconce M. LaMonte, Demo
crat, and James il. itellly, Socialist.-1
WllUcni .7. Ilrownlnif. Itftiiihlli-nii Cniii
gre.sman fiom Camden County, Is op!
posed !,y three candldnttB. They arei
I'.dwln S. Dlckerson. Demociat; George
1.'. Nottsker. Soulallst, tinil Chnrles JBJ
Lnue. I'rohlhltloiilsl ,
Camden elects three Assemblymen to
day nnd twelve candidates aro In thi
Held. On ihe Itepubllcan side are R,
iL ICellam, T. Harry liuwinnd and "Ji
r ttullworlli and on the Democratic
side arc Charles D. Nicholson, X, Wi
Cox and S. M. Shaj Tho .Socialists have
put forward Waller Kruaen,. Itohtrt
ilrunlug and John B Cramer Charlos
liovv.lwii, A. M. McNutt and Daniel H,
I IlD.ill Mto eliiiiil.iir n i t I .x I ,cn1itlll
-.IX mi- t Mil II I life ,1,-v lit I 1 11 lit I Jll VII f UIT I
..ccausi' oi ine mnueuza eimiemii.
there has been little campaigning except
that ihuie b.v the Nationil Women'.
Paity and the Antl-Saloou Leagu.
Opeu-aii ralliet" have featilied the ac
tivities of the lattei
Courted liy Wireless, Uridb of
fldleel' Is in Kirvnl t
"p; i" q
liy the Aswciatetl l'res$ i $
' (irent Lakes, III., Nov. 5. After yi
coin tshlp by wlieless, a wedding by
proxy, with the bride thousands of mllM
awn, will unite Mlsr Lmlly Oral, rot
Cairo, l'gyiit, and Lieutenant Ituddlph'
Wlnzer of Chicago, at the (Jreat takes
Xaval Triiliiing station todav.
The romance began In Kgypt wheji
Lieutenant Wluzer was usslgned to the
V, S. S. North Carolina. Miss Oral'li
the daughter of an Italian marquis, who
was mat rlcd to an English woman. Th
marriage license was obtained In Wau-kt-Kiin
two months ago, and a copy
mulled o the bilde, who obtained a
similar document lu Lgypt and centos
Copy lo this country. !
At the ceremony tho bride will bo reD
it. presented by Miss Grace IJello Keanii.
of Chicago, and the service will be
read b.v Chaplain Charles W. Moore. ,yA
blueJ.icketorchestra will play tho wed
ding march. , At the close of the eventil
a Wireless message, will be relayed -t'
Egypt, and ills. Wlnzer will start at
once for tills country, to Join her hUff-l
billing Wives Ac.-u.eil of Dhlrilnilln
Worthless Cheeks
Two .mum.' nun lied women, giving an
address on Chestnut street lie.1l- Thtrtv-
fourtll. were airalgnid today for tha
..1I......1 ...I....... .. l .ll.....t....tA.. .. ...n.v. '
'uirKt'i w.iuicsi.ie illsn minimi .il nuoii'
less checks and held In Minn ball for
ci,urt. Several coinplaluants appeared
malnst .he wonien and detectives testl
lled about fwcnty-Ilve other woulfl
ainUo charges. '.-ftl
The women gave their nanus as Mrs;
V1.....I.. t....llA ml -Vfea Ti-aiia I.VIaw.'
ij i in ii auri s .,. .' .J. ...M ..'..-r
They tecelved hearings befoie Magistrate
Harris lu West Philadelphia, and Mag
istrate lniber. Central Station. Louis,
uas'i, as ."voriii i-.igniu sireei itcurg
Parker. 1131 West illrard avenue, an
Klvey lliaus, 1016 ilarket street, testis
lieu against tueiii
IP VOL have t.viiHi or lii.i,oo una nnt to I
ctiiineet with a iroliitf buinM comaiunll
ete with J II X, twthoute, uttorney.'l
llrxe nun; . i-iiiidueie.iis, '
y... .'.
.-tf' l'.V ,. ,'l I

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