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i ''-.
Marriage Mukcs Their Prop-
crly Subject lo Alien En-
' cmy Property Act
Kii9iM In tills country of scxfral flill-
atlrlplila women wlio bear titles "necntiso
of'thclr mnrrlsKe to Oermnn nml Austro
llunjrarlnn noblemen nro Included In
nlUn-owncd property tnken over by A.
N Mf-lielt rainier, alien enemy property
The larscV rslato tnken under Gov-
"ernment BUnenlslon U that of Countess
UIhiIjh Vnndcrtillt Pzechcnyl. Her prop
rrty In tills country r.mounts to nearly
MjOOO.000 In Kecurltlcs, In addition to an
Iticomo from u $D,OCW,000 trust fund
created under tho will of lier father, the
lalo Cornelius Vandcrbllt.
Gertrude, Haroness on Bocklln, of
nuet, bel ItlnBHhclm, Dadcn. Germany, Is
amonc tho fonner riilladtphla nomen
whoso estates have boon taken oor. Sho
was formerly Miss Gertrudo Berwlnd, of
this city. Under tho will of her father,
tho lato Charles F. ncrwind, sho received
moro than $300,000, which was put In
trust with tho property rcccUcd by other
lielrs of tho estate
Thrco daughters of tho lato James
rrlce, of this city, and KranddaughtorB
of tho lato Samuel Harlan, nro also af
fected by the Govmmcnt'M action. They
nro Baroness Mathilda I., nornemlssa.
of Budapest. Hungary: Uaronosa Mar
garet von Wuchcrer. of Stelermark. Aus
tria, and Anna on Dory Johahaza. also
of Stelermark, Baroness Manon Dum
relchor. Baron Tlbor un Berg. Baron
Tassllo ion Berg and Baron Ma ion
Berg', children of thn deceaBel daughter.
Baroness Hallle Mao Berg, nro also af
fected. They share In the Income of a
trust under tho will of Sarah Maria
Price, valued at $275,000, and also In a
trust created under tho will of Samuel
Harlan, Jr., valued at $75,000.
Estates hero of tho grandahlldrcn of
General William Henry Charles Bohlcn,
of Pennsylvania, have also been taken
over. , ,
Their mother, the lato Sophie von
Bohlou und llalbach, of Baden. Ger
many, died In 1915. Her children, all
r..i.i.nf in riormanr. became benefic
iaries of her estate, Including trust funds
totaling $1,G00,0UU anu nonus raium i
ft. A. Foley Najitetl as President at
Annual Meeting
The Poor lllchard Club held tin an
nual meeting and election last night In
the clubhouse, 239 South Tam.ic street.
Preceding tne eiec
Messages Sent to President Wilson and King Victor Emmanuel.
Informal Ceremonies in All of City's
Italians throughout the city nro still
celebrating today tho defeat of Austria.
Tho outburst of exaltation which began
before dawn yesterday nnd reached Us
apex last night In n parado and cere
monies at Independence Rmiaro nnd the
Liberty statue, Is continuing Informally
In all of tho doren or moro Italian col
onies of tho town It bids fair to last
throughout the week
Messages were senttoday to President
Wilson nnd King Victor Emmanuel, ns
To the President: "To sou who ho
been nnd aro the greatest Interpreter
of Marilnl nnd Jefferson, of Washing
ton and Garibaldi; to you who have led
so effectively the American people In
this war and made poslblo this lrtory,
tho Italians of Philadelphia, celebrating
tho entraneo of tho Italian armies Into
Trlesto nnd the Tentlno, turn to you
In their dooted iiml grnteful thoughts."
To tho King: "llepeat to tho Italian
people tho wordt the first King of Italy
said when the first Italian army entered
rtomo. 'We nro hero and wo are going
to stay' So wo aro in Trieste and wo
are colng to stay."
Mayor Smith, In a proclamation, calls
upon nil rltl7cns to honor the men of
Italy's army by a display of lings, es
pecially ItHllan, lit homes nnd business
houses today.
Tlimmnndi Throne Square
Moio than 1000 persons took part In
last night's juhllatlon The paraders
thronged Chestnut street, bearing torches
of. red flro nnd waving Italian nnd Amer
ican lings. Shouts of victory rang out
State Fuel Administrator William Pot-
ter. who formerly was minister to Italy,
made tho chief address at Independence
Square. Ho was Introduced by James
1)1 Slhestrp.
"All hall to Italy," he said. "In spite
of tho most extraordinary propaganda
and bribery she refucd to bo deceived
of corrupted.
"All hall, too, to your brao Savoy
King, who has been In the field since
the outbreak of the war
"As wo stand In Independence Hall,
the cradlo of American Liberty, wo
thank God for this magnificent victory
of the constitution-loving Italian peo
plo over the 'hated' Austrian. Hated
bocnuso 'Austria hns over represented
tyranny and the suppression of the right
of tho everyday mnn.
Victory Test of Manhood
"In this hour of victory It Is needful
that a note of warning bo sounded. The
great forces of tho Allied countries have
triumphed over tho bruto strength of
autocracy and tho hour of victory that
wo colebrato tonight will prove the real
test of manhood. Wo must bo pro
pared to stand on tho firm foundation
of equal Justice, to all. so that the
equilibrium of society shall bo firmly
lntronched against tho forces of anarchy
and evil. Only by
Madame Avril do Saintc-Croix
Will Tell of War Work
at Luncheon
Madame Avrll do Salnte-Crolv, recog
nlzed nuthorlty on the work of women,
will visit this city next Friday nnd Sat
urday. At n luncheon In her honor
Saturday nt 1 (clock sho will tnlk on
thn work of women In Franco during
tho war.
Tho luncheon will be given bv Mrs.
William McLean nnd n committee of
prominent women. Including Mrs, I J. T.
Stotesbury, Mrs. John Marker, MrH.
Cornelius Stevenson, Mrs. J. Willis Mar
tin. Mrs. II. H. Frcntlis Nichols, Mri.
John Qrlbbel nnd Mrs. T, Coleman du
Pont. ,
Madamo do Salnte-CroK will bo ac
companied to this city by Mrs. Jaiiiea
F. Cushman, of New York, nnd Miss
Mario Butts, who will 'servo ns Inter
preter. The notwl French leader Is a
member of one of tho most prominent
families of tho old regime, nnd Is the
uuthor of several articles on working
Sho Is presldcnto do la Section d'lHude
Feminine an Museo Social, presldento de
la Commission Internationale contre la
Tralto des blanches ct pour 1'Unlle do la
Morale; presldcnto do l'Oeuvro Libera
trice, presldento des Foyers-Cantlnes dcis
Ouvrleies d'UsIno, secretaire gener.ilc du
t'onnsell National des Feninift Fran
calses, membra do In Commission du
Only Two Districts Near Philnilcl
phiu Receive Rctliictic-n
Increased allotments havo been given
(o nil but two districts nenr Philadel
phia, Tho Increases rango from 800 to
2009 tons These figures arc disclosed
In a schedule Issued by tho Stato fuel
administration. Chester suffers a reduc
tion of 11.500 tons, ns ngalnst Its allot
ment list year.
Tho sclicdiilo follows:
l.lnrch .
rilflnn ..
Mlntmrtit .Mlolnifnt
IKIN-Ili 191S-1B
. in.nmi iimIkv Park, loooo
. 1'.,nno lurdlcy S.PMi
.. W.nnn stile College. .1,400
i ii ijunKTiown , ih,:hhi
.mm OlH-ntor lis,.",no
Until the proposed new prlco for nil-
"lineup roni Is announced by Federnl
1'iiel Administrator Garfield, coal will
not bo bllliil Shipments will continue,
however. The iitw prlco Is planned lo
lialuiico Increases In wngo R'-.ilos,
New York lo Sec New Liberty Hell
The new Liberty Bell, which rnnr for
the first time In Philadelphia n few
weeks ago, when tho declaration of In
dependence of tho mid-European nations
was signed In Independence. Ha, will
be tho central figure In a trlumpl'al
parade In New- York on Friday I'de
gatlons composed of natives of the conn
r!ri"' rcotiy freed from German rule
will form tho guard or honor, tscortcd
by a detachment or United states marine.
Musician Entertained at Kilter
Rciiry Aid Luncheon
M. Andro Messager, French musician,
arrived In Philadelphia nt 1 oMloeK
this nfternoon with the French Sym
phony Urcl.estrn, with which he Is tour
ing thin country
Ho was met nt Broad Street Sta
tion and automobiles conveved tho
entire orchestra to tho French Finer
gency Aid headquarters. Nineteenth nnd
Wnlnilt street, where they were served
with luncheon, They then went to tho
Art Club, where M. Messager was given
a reception.
M. Messager Is a composer nnd Is one
of the conductors nt tho Paris Grind
Opera House,
Hunks and 'Chancer Closed Tenia)
Flection IViy being n legal holiday
banks and commudlty exchanges in tlili
city ami throughout the cnuutrv are
closed today. Lacking fresh data on
which to base reliable quotations, usual
reiiorts of local wholesale produce mar
kets arc omitted from toda's lsue.
!. '''I'1" It r"'' I'rlre,
No f.ecurltr Ilrqairrd
$30, worth $50
Call. Write or I'hons
13 S. 10th
Win. O'Donnell
But. Ctm.
Travail Femlnln nu Ministers do l'Armo.
sotting ourselves ment and membro do la Commission de
firmly tojvaru mo ngni can coii'iuu-1 ngieno an .vunistern uo lArmemeni.
tlonal nuercy, ciiuiiiny uin, iuu
rule supremo nmong tho nntlons of the
Chevalier Gaotano Poccardl, tho Ital
ian consul hero, spoko to his countrj
men In their native tongue.
Similar ceremonies wcro conducted nt
tho Liberty statuo In Penn Square, where
John Dl- Sllvcstro presided. Addresses
wero mnde In Italian by several of tho
prominent members of tho local colony.
men. A. FOLFA'
tion of ofllccrs tlicre
was a dinner, at
whlth II .1. Cattcll,
city statistician,
made an address.
Blch.iid A. Foley,
ono of the vice
presidents of the
club, nnd for years
ono of. Its most ac
tive members, was
elected presiuetu.
Other ofllccrs
elected aro Jarvli
A Wnnil. first vice i
president; Cvrus H. i
H. Curtis. It. H. Icicr
uurnm, v iiiuiiii .i.
Major Griflith Has Autliority to
Control Vice, Too N
Major Charles T. Griflith. command
ant of tho Student Army Training Corps
at the University or Pennsylvania, may
ir ho chooses, establish a lco and liquor
nuarantlno zone nroiinu inai lnsiiiuuou.
Thn nlllhnrllv In take Ibis draStlO
action Is given Major Griflith by a.
presidential procl.ini.illon countersigned
by General Pcjton G March, chief of
stnff, nnd just announced by the War
Tho order empowers commanding of
ficers of training camps, where theie
nro 250 or moro oflkers and men, -.o
tako thli action if they consider it
necessary Only commandants who are
officers of the United States army, how
ever, nro authorized to proclaim tho bar
red zone.
Tho quarantine stones to no esianiisneu
nro a llve-mllo radius for vico nnd n
half mllo radius for tho salo of liquor.
Major Griflith said- today ha had not
vet received tho ofllclal order. Thero
was no Indication ns to whether or not
tho quarantine would be established
around the University of Pennsylvania.
iM.wt.iffn ati.i former coventor
wlh S. Stuart, vice prcsiueiiis; yt. ii.
Therklldson. secretary ; """"' ,k ' I general counsel ot tlio American inter
O. Knight, General Couiucl,
Hreuks Down From Overwork
Peter O. Knight, vice president nnd
cock, treasurer, and .lolin II. hinncrg, , natoml shlpbulUlInK Corporation, Is ill
Rovvo stowari ami u"ii n. ,imi.i,inl iiim rooniH In the. tJeiit-vue-siraiioni
, ,.... fl., tlirnn r.irff
A grnndrnther'H clock was presented
to Kowo Stewnrt, retiring president, by
Harry T. Jordan, on behalf ot tho members.
"W. V.. Phillips Made Chairman of Iron
mid Sleel Section
W. Vernon Phillip", of this city, chair
man of the Biibcommltteo on scrap iron
and steel of tho American Iron and Steel
Institute, with olllces In tho Pennsl
alla Building, has been appointed by
the war Industries board as chief of the
Iron nnd sleel scrap section of the steel
division, which haH Just been established
Tie will have ofllces both InjFhllHilel
phla and Washington, lllchard Peters,
.Ir , rormcrTv of Bogers, Brow n & Co ,
Morris Building, and, son of lllchard
refers, formerly with the Pennsylvania
Steel Company, has accepted a position
Irr the new tcctlon und will be stationed
at Washington. Co-ordinating members
of tho section will be GcorgQ O. Yeo
mans, n member ot tho central ad
visory purchasing commltte. United
States railroad administration, Washing
ton, D. C. ; Lieutenant Commander S. 11
Fuller, representing thn navy; Wlillum
MacCloary, representing the army, and
IT. P. Grimes, tho Emergency Fleet
Mr. Knight's Indisposition is said to
be due to a general bieakdown resulting
from overwork. During his Illness
George J. MJaldwin, of New York, senior
vict president, is making Philadelphia
1 Is headquarters and looking after the
corporation's nffalrti nt Hog Island.
Federal Jurist, 111 in Hospital, Re
ported to Be Improving
Tho condition of Judge John B. Mc
pherson, of tho United States Court of
Appeals, who is ill In the Presbyterian
Hospital, Is reported today to bo Im
proving. Mb condition is not crmc.ii,
Ho Is expected to Icavo the hospital
Judge McPherson was taken rick on
Frldav nnd on the following day was
removed from his apartments In tho
Aldlne to the hospital.
Judgo McPherson la ono of tho bcrt
known jurists In the State Beforo be
ing appointed to tho Federal bench,
Judgo McPherson was ono of the judges
of tho Twelfth Judicial district, which,
at the time of his appointment, was
composed ot I.auphin and Lebanon
Counties. Lebanon County later was
detached from the district.
Captain Orf and Fee Will lie Married
Captnln Frederick Orf and Captain
Henrietta Fox will be married tonight
at tho Salvation Army Auditorium, 701
North Broad street It will be a typical
Salavation Army wedding, with Colonel
lllchard B. llolz ofllclntlng, and BOO
Salvationists from all parts ofthe city
In attendance. The Provincial Staff
band, tho Cadets' band and a large
number of army songsters will partici
pate. Captain Orf nnd Captain Fo met
several years ago, when both were en
gaged In work In eastern Pennsylvania,
Captain Orf Is now In charge of Salva
tion Army work at Tamaqua, Pa. Cap
tain Fox directs the work at West
Chester. Tho bride Is a native of Cleve
land, where her father nnd mother wcro
Won't Discus Rumored Annulment of
Contracts for Concrete Ve6cls
OMlelals of tho Emergency Fleet Cor
poration today declined to confirm or
deny minors that contracts for all con
crete cargo vessels under construction
for the Government nro soon to be can
celled It was ndmlttnl, however, that ns the
shipping board lnd found It expedient
to cancel contracts for wooden ships
similar action ns to concrete ships might
well follow ns a part of the board's
retrenchment policy to get back to a
peace-time basis.
Warner Truck Trailers
Two and Four Wheel Types
J Ton to 7 Ton Capacity
JOHN W. ADAMS. Di.tributor
1427 'Melon Street "
Galvanized Boat Pump I
' rg'iii!M4'H'"'ii'iiiii'.y-sJk ZJH I
L.'CS. Bertrr Co.. SII N 1,1 SI. ii.l I
All Cuban cltlrenb IMcmi thn prm of
SI mid 28 3 ram old rrtldlnr hi thi
Mates of InnyhMiilu Hnd IMttware
mutt rail at thr office of the Cuban
Con nut. 60ft Chffttnut t.. I'hl1ndlpltlu.
f'n.. to he reKlitrrr!. arrordtnc to the
aw of fmmiUor military nervlre In
t nba. lCtRlNtrntion nill close on tb
lUtU of Uecember. 1U18
j. j. i.tns,
Consul of Cuba. .
It's round, short and curly,
like part of a Q
Br k
Salted Niitft
Favors, Bon Bona
to harmonize
with the table
1716 Chestnut 5t.
New Silver Tea Service
With Kettle And waiter
A Pure Georgian Type
With Chased Decora,
tion in The style Of
The Best Examples
Produced During The
Reigns Of The Four
English Georges.
EfiSbUtHS SrfllQKEfc
Leather Hand Luggage
With or "Without Fittings
Complete Assortment '
for "Women . and.Men
Immediate selection advised
forChristmas gifts-as replacements
cannot be made this season
-r '.''
ln.-Jyj.VM...: .w ... -"
Comfort and content
ment, solace and good
cheer, mellow flavor and
ripe bouquet these
things you can count on x
in Girards but not a
tremor of your nerves,
not a fleck on your clarity
of thought, not a whisper
of after-effect save the,
lingering taste of pleas
ure. Stick close to Girards,
and smoking won't play
any tricks on your physi
cal well-being or your .
:?u!ubTm lie to retain its goodness
'Never gets on
your nerves
One-Half, and in Many Cases More, Saved in This
Linde Clearance Sale
You never had a greater Furniture opportunity. Wise home-makers will buy
now. The output of the factories has been very greatly curtailed and the scarcity
will naturally make prices much higher for a long time to come. Supply your future
wants in this sale if saving a lot of money is any object to you.
Prices on many suits and single piece are cut right square in half, or even
more, in order to clear our warehouses of all odd lots and dropped patterns,. We
are forced to do this to make room immediately for vast shipments which we
bought months ago at prices away below today's cost. That's why we can give you
these unusual bargains while other stores are holding on to their old stocks for
future advance in the market. Compare, and see.
I50, worth 235, I.umrlous high sradc S-plfc
ori-r-stuffed tuft, loo cushion sprint sat end
backi, cohered In tapestry. Uarrnport 6 feet 6
Inches long.
SIRS, worth S50. This high trade 3-plece T.I ring
Itoom Hult, In mahneanjr or Jacobean oak. Spring
frills, with cane backs and arms. Tapestry or
CHS, worth 1310. Klaborate 4. piece Bedroom
Suit, Queen Ann design, In American walnut.
Dresser 40, Cblffonette 140, Bed 135. Toilet
Table f30.
jB, worth afwo. Tbl xery elaborate Adam Bed
room Snlt, In Walnut or antique raahocany Ilus
rich bow foot bed. Dressr $65. Chltfonetta 55.
Bed $50. Toilet Tabls $45.
235, worth $333. Adam design 10-plece wal
nut Dining Room Suite. Buffet 00 In, China Clout
48 In. Herring Table 38 In, Extension Table 64 In.
T'lre side and one arm chair, with leather slip seats.
t2rt. worth I7B. William and Mary 4. piece Din
ing Ttoom Suit, In mahogany. BufTet B4 In. long.
Oilna Closet 44 In. wide. Herring Table 30 In. long.
Kitension Table 45 In top.
Big Bargains in Rugs and Linoleums'
A wnnriprfiil oTinortunitv for savinors of 30 to 40 Tier
Rut? and everv vard of Linoleum perfect. No "seconds"
these values with anything else in town.
Velvet and Tapestry Rugs
flr!2 ft; Wilton velvet... . $61,00
8.3x10.6 ft.; Wilton velvet.. S3.va
0x12 ft.: seamless velvet.. 45.00
Axminster Rugs -
9x12 ft.: best seamless.... $45.00
8.3x10.6 ft.; best seamless. 41.00
7.0x9 ft.; best seamless.... 37.00
6x9 ft.; best seamless 25,00
8.3x10,6 ft.; heavy seamless 31.50
6x9 ft.; heavy seamless.... 21.00
9x12 ft; ten-wire Tapestvy 31.50
8.3x10.6 ft; 10-wire Tape'y $28.00
9x12 ft; seamless Tapestry 22.50
cent, on floor coverings. Every
or "mill blunders." Compare
Wilton Rugs
9x12 ft; highest grade. ... $97.50
8.3x10.0 ft; highest grade. 87.50
6x0 ft; highest grade 56.00
36 in, x 63 in.; high, grade 16.00
0x12 ft; heavy wool 60.00
8.3x10.6 ft; seamless 50.00
Best inlaid, $2 per square yard, worth $3.00
Cork Linoleum, 85c per square yard, worth $1.10
Select now, pay a small deposit.
Goods delivered when wanted
Open Friday EveningB Until 9.S0
23d, Columbia and Ridge Aves.
Here are Winter Comforts
for many kinds of needs!
Army Officers' Overcoats
Navy Officers' Overcoats
Outfits for Aviators
Motorcoals for transport men
Motor Jackets and Long
Motorcoats for Drivers of
Commercial Motor Trucks
Raincoats for Mounted Men
Chief Petty Officers Suits
A wide assortment of specially clothing
for men who have to face severe weather
on land, on ,se;, or in the air.
Army Officers' O. D. Overcoats
$40, $45, $50
They arc cut on regulation lines, but they
are tailored with Perry thoroughness so as
to endure and to give comfort and case with
the perfect fit and smoothness every officer
is looking for.
Navy Officers' Great Coats
$50, $55
Fine, deep, dark blue fabric, muff pqekets
well lined, quilted silk shoulder lining.
Double- breasted
trench Gabardine
Double- breasted
Tan Raincoat for
Mounted Men
Tan Army Raincoats
Willi Detachable Fleece Linings
Reversible Great Coats
in Several Combinations
Gabardine on one side, leather on the other,
each side with all the Overcoat Finishings,
Fancy gray cheviot on one side, leather on
the other leather belt, $S0.
Corduroy and leather reversibles, $40.
Short Motorcoats
Moleskin out side
leather inside
Long Motorcoats
Moleskin out side
fleece lining and Fur
$28, $35, $40
For Motor Truck Men
Gabardine Jackets, wool backs, $12.
Gabardine Jackets, fleece-lined, $15.
Corduroy Jackets, fleece-lined, $15.
Leatherette Motorcoats, $20.
Civilian and Military Raincoats, Rubber
ized and cravenetted, $7.50 to $45 for Civil
ians. $28, $40 to $60 for Military.
Perry & Co,"n.b.t.
16th & Chestnut. Sts,
. '
i WC V'
"'n-iriiT y2
. J
.'r jt.-rTUKuTtll T
WHK.vi( !A
"v ;?

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