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' 1 i
, V. r
W ft
Lieut. Selh Hiulirriiiyton
FouyliL Spanianlri til
Ago of Fifteen
Drive in Argnniie Took, llenvx
Toll (,f Philadelphia's
Lieutenant Selh ' Iletherlnsieiii
or former cult Sen lee commits
Albert a Ilotlifrlnstnn. 11.19 i Iim'im
street, lino been killril In notion I n
tenant "Wlstar Morris, sun of V .-ami
Morris, of Ilaierfnrd Ik miss he n "
Lieutenant lln Cord' n Wagner a I
Lieutenant Thurston .T Pai u . in .-.'
tho lies'. John M Pasies, of thn 1 r-t
Fresh tea Ian church, Gloucester '"it
have been woumled, according to telc
Rrnms received from iho War liop.n
Lieutenant lleiherlncton met h
tlpalh il'irlnc tlio American drive m ti e
Argonne Septi-nther 2iJ to October 4
In will' h u timnv Philadelphia "I! n
anil soldiers weto killed or troumlii'
Lieutenant Moi ns disappeared dun
the same m srk, Lieuternnr Vagnr
and Lieutenant Pai-ici note nj'nc,
earlier In September.
h -pmiMi Mur V eleruii
Lieutenant Itetliorlnston M'i "i
lo Conipam l "f the .'IStli Infm -Philadelphia
" " ' m nRlmcnt of dri"oi
men Altlwugii do vounj; oilioci vi
only thirty-throe icars old he m n.-i
leo elurlns Hi" Spnnll -Amfi ican war.
("'nine at 'he aire of fifteen, on the iaif
of Judge Robert KalstoS then colonel
of tha old Third liegiinent, .V. G 1'
Lieutenant Hetberlinjton uns a Kfartu-i
ato of tho Pe Lanev School and iho
Haverford School and n.ii a noted
athlete and horfeman He became as
sociated ivlth the Penntjlianla Hall-'
load In tho motive poner lerrtment I
after leavlnfr tchool and later Mas super.
lntendent of motile pon-er for a rail
road construcud tn Urazlt by ltrltlsh '
Contracting feicr on tho upper
Amazon he iv.n forced to return to thl
country and entered tho coal business,
lie earnedhli commission at the first of
ficers' trutnlni? camp. Fort Niagara, ivai
ordered to dutv at Camp Meade nnd
aided In whipping tho 31Cth lleelmcnt
Into shape for actlie Bcrilcc.
"I Want " Tean," lie Wrote
He had been urged by his Instructors
at Tort Niagara to go into the c.iialri
but refused.
"No," he said the Infantrj boi.i Mill
get the action tn thli iv.ir. Ho nai a
strict dlsclpllnailan. but ivai unlformli
Just and una vrj popular with his men
Mr Ada Hctherlneton Latham, sis
ter ft Lieutenant Hethcrlnjtton, Is a
bacteriologist at tho United States
Chemical Hospital. Oglethorpe, r,a.
Tho last letter he recelied from his
son, Mr lletherlngton said vesterday
tha olllcer iviote from a dugout forty
feet midcr&round. .t that time. 11
o'clock at night, he and his nonir.ides
had Morn their gas masks almoit con
tlnuouilj since fl p m Ho declared he
naa ivaltlng for the signal to "go oicr
the top" at 30 the next morning.
"If It I3 necessary that I mako the
supremo sacrifice," ho added, "I want
no tears but only rejoicing that I ivas
able to slve my life for my country."
Lieutenant Morris ivas attached to the
Twelfth Aero Squad ron, First American
Army Corps, when he disappeared The
last' letter rltten home by tho ollcer
nas on September 21, and In this bo
eald that he had be. n In action and
had had.somo holes shot In the wings
of his plane.
Lieutenant Wistar Morris ix a grad
uate of tho lHaverford School and an
undergraduate of Princeton Fnlierslty,
clats 1919 Ho cnlltted soon after Con
sress diclnrul iiar on flermnny and
ivas among the first eight men of his
class picked for training In Prance He
went overseas September 15 last soar
and has been In seicral training camps
in Franco, nhere he was finally assign! d
to the Twelfth Aero Squadron. Ho Is
twenty-ono j-cars old
Shell Kills Henry Miner
Jacob Singer, former P.eglster of
Wills, received word jistcrday that his
son Henry had been killed In 'irtlon
September 20 Singer was a pruate In
the 123th Infantry He Mas duiftn
last May and sent ro Camp Lie, after
making eleven vain attempts at enlist
ing. Ho nas tiventS'-elglit sears old
and a graduate of tho I nlicrnlty of
Pennsylvania and of the. Central High
School. He Hied at Zi'") Locust btriet.
Lieutenant Karle Gordon AVagrur,
Sixteenth Field Artillcrs, tho only of
ficer left in Ins company, ia Mounded
and Is convdlr'i'liiB In a bao hospital
In southern Frame In a letter to his
father, J T. Wagner 320 South Forty
econd street, he describes thn part his
company took In the big drive against
the Germans "Wo started our drive
one week earlli"- than nas expected, and
we caught them unprepared. We haie
been driving now Just nine dajs and
have gotten back tivelio milea on a
Xorly-nille lront, to say nothing of lfl.OOO
prisoners and sclera! hundred guns. It
Mas certaltils fierce tho first three das a
cracking the Hlndenhurg line, but noiv
that wo are across tt I think mo nlll
CCt going ifood and liavo them back
where there aro no trenches right on
the hills northwest of Verdun Our
aviators have come at last and are fly
ine low, bombing and machine-gunning
tho troops. We have broken down their
morale entirely "
There are 130S namei on the combined
casualty lisle for todas', of Mhlch 131
aro from Pennsylvania. The honor roll
for Philadelphia and dl-itlrct totals for-ty-nlne,
live having been killed tn ac
tion, four having filed of iioundi. one of
disease and ouo accidentally Killed Ail '
enlisted man Is reported sinrelyl
woundew, Mhllo thirty have bien lea
seriously Injured. An ofllcer and an
enlisted man ure reported missing, while I
a Gloucester olllcer and a Chester j.ri-1
vato have ben wounded.
Corporal Philip H. Sharp, l.nif.,1 n ac
lion on September 27. was ciptam of
tho Vlncome Athletlo Club's 1913 foot-
,,, ball team, and later
I income Captain plas-ed end on tho
..... i . ... Camp Meade team
Htllttl in Action t)lnt defeated ramp
pit un 1'rankllu
Field last fall Ciorporal Shaip, who nas
Mldely known in Went Philadelphia us
"poa" Fharp. Mas married and could
bale claimed exemption but refumd,
saying that he eonsldirid It his duty to
fljht for Ills country If called upon to
do ko. As It happened be nas taken In
the first draft, heptember, 1917, ntul sent
to Camp Meade. He won quick promotion
and was a corporal when bis regiment
Ballid for France in July of this jear
He had been recommended for a serg
eancy only a few dais before ho Mas
Earlv In August Corporal Sham was
Mounded but quickly recovered and re.
folned his command on September 22
FIvo dass later death claimed Mm, Of
ficial word that he hud been killed reach
'rd Hs wife. Mr" l)cs!i Sha'p, 117 Nortji
Farion street, on Satuidav last On trr.t
same day the sounir soldier's uiotner,
Mrs. Nelllo s iurii, of Marietta, Pa., was
burled, s.iu lining: dleil of Influenxa.
Corporal bhuti was a member of
ypnrtan Assembly, Order of rt'in i
ami was engaged In the produce bust
pens. rriinir Jebn II, Oreiorj, kild o tic
ttMt I, 'hu van of Sir. and Mrs. Joiui
mf X jhlValiiibfc- .JNVSIA VuhLL9
kT- . ty..fl :... t. .... jlBLA efl
Wounded Wounded Gassed Wounded
' III -$r z 1
WoondccJ Klll-d fr Acllon..
DtJ ofWounds Wojd.i
Irrco. of I SOS i-i Miirv r, lie
nai nient-"l lenri old uti-n rt'hfied
nn.l rnt to I'nmn t.M III Itin frill .if Hint I
j ((ir He wai .islciied to C"'niM"
Hotli r. oncer Infantri .mil
I'ranre early In .Mai of that lear
Two of his hiuthcra, Udw.inl K nnd
William OreKory aro alno In the sen ice
He has an uncle ivho ceried thirti-one
Sears In the UngllFh arin I'.efore he
joined tho color Private Grepory wm
emploiid as a mechanic b a Imil bhoe
I'rliiite l.dniirit tlrt. olllnah
ported taned. Is a iwmli.rof the 1 JMh
Machine flun Sipiad He uai fcent abroad
on January 3, and ho una Kassid on
.luly 30 Accoidlnp to hli wife. Mrs
Fannie Allot, nho lliei at I 10S I ie.il
street, he Is rcLOiiruifj at a bai-e hos
pital. l'rliati. .Inepb 1,, P. 'I rKcey, Conipan
A. 10!Uh Infantry, nas pii-sul Julv 29,
and Ii still In a base hospital, aicord-
Ipb to hop! received bv hli father, with
whom ho Hied at 31 North Thlrty-sei
nth Btrect Prior to his enlistment in
June, 1917 lie was eniplojed hi the
Curtis Publishing Company. He Is
twent.i S'e.iri old
CiirpnrHl oiel I;, Anderiinn. Conijians
It FIftv-elghtli Infantrj-, wai wounded
Julv IS He Is twentj-siic sears o'd
and enlisted In July, 1917. In a Uttir
to hli motlier. Mrs. Matilda Andere in.
6n3 North Eleventh btreet. he said that
he had been wouinlod In the lip and
was shell-shockid Defore enlisting hi
worked at Lit Ilrothers.
-er(tennt IIIIhih II. Iivl, Company
ti, 109th Infantri, was woundid Aiiyuit
Iri, but since has u turned to the front,
.ireoidliig to Ifttirs roielied bs' his Pat
ents, with whom t.e lived at 2337 Hicks
strict. He enlisted In 1914 and Beried
on the bolder. He Is twent-flve jiars
old, and wai funnerls eniplos'od as a
machinist at the nais sard
1'rltnte -ainuel llerhtel, 1 Ompany ('..
109th Infantry, was gamed July lfi, but
hai now returned to the firing line He
enlisted t nolle seals ago. when ho was
tnents'-three yean old. and aided In
uippresstng the Hoxer rebellion In China.
He lind with his wife at 5131 Master
I'rlmle .luiepli Itiibln. Company A.
Ninth Ma'blne Hun Ilattallon. Mas
woundiil .Pil 1. He Is eighteen sears
old and 1 efoie enlisting Mas emplovcd In
hlh fathor's store. He Hied ivlth his
parents, Mr and Mrs Jacob llubln, at
SJ2 Nortu Marshall strrit.
Prlliile Prank W. Hedrlek. slightly
wounded In action, realls enjos'ed l.ls
stai in the hospital, according to his
letters to his family,
"Juit Priiatinp," Mho Hie at 3101
,, . ... Market street
iai i .VorffMf Hero "They certainly have
great eats here." he
sstd 'tin hebt of everything. Makes
the cheap luncl joints I used to pa
tronize look sick in comparison lou
ask me how I happened to get Mound
ed Well X might have been saving
my captain's life or leading my com
pany after all the o.-teera fell, but I
wasn t I was Just prlvatlng There
was nothing heroic about my perform
ance. I just happened to get In the
way of a bullet after escaplm; for
more days than seemed possible '
Voting Hedrlek Is n gradual of the
Northeast High fVhool, and was for
merls' employed b.v tho Pancoast Pipe
Company. Ills mother hai been a
chronic Invalid for three- jears. Hed
rlek enlisted In September of 1917 and
Is a member of Company A, lS7th In
fantry. Prlipte llu.imund 4. McCrncken. Mho
died of M'ounds recelied In action was
the son of Mr and Mrs. Joifph J
Mccracken, G035 Ogden street A me
morial sen Ice for the soung soldier
will bo held tomorrow.
-eraxHiit (nrwln II. Taj lor. of the
United Slates marine corps, wounded In
action is the son of Mr. and Mrs Cor
wln Tailor. 736 North Forty-third
street Thin was the Heeoud time that
Voting Taslor "got his" the first Injury
occurring at chateau Thierry. Tho sec
ond and more serious Mound came to
him on Ju's I'1 during the capture of
Llgny He is now in a base hospital.
He enlisted on May 2i. 1917 and was
trained at Quaniico, Va lie was for
merli eniplosed bs" a dental supply llrm.
Sergeant Tailor Is a member of the
West Philadelphia Post Club, the Old
1 olony i lub, the Hho L Ita Kappa F'a-
ternttv and the ITniicrsltS' Lodgo of
Private .Inhn -elieri, Companv C,
319th Infantry, was drafted labt April
and sent to Cnmp Lee, Petersburg, Va ,
but remained there only three weeks, as
he was glien a chance to volunteer for
Immediate service abroad and promptly
aicepted He was Mounded In tho left
shoulder, according to a letter received
by Ids patent, who Hie at ."217 North
Fifth street, but tho Injurs', he adds, Is
not sei Inus "I hope I get well soon."
ho concluded, "ai I want to get back
to the frnot and get square for nhat
Helnlo handed me
I'rliHle I, unit Mlier.teln. Companv TI.
109th Infantri- was gasstd on July 21,
when a shell exploded within three jardsi
.f ,",ne..,:l:ll0eu?!l..b.0ur;.'.,l".,.l.u."!a- " I
nir.n. inn m juumtu. vn.iiuniniii, fll-
dated in Juls of 1910. when only fifteen
it. itonntT r. iiemid
Wounded lu France.
iHik" -Mt
PMfCOOHAHV;uryi.d Killed
Died of Disease Missmg
jean old He uns Ii anted at Camn
Meadn and baa been in France since
last April. Ills parents are wtlll Hung
In ltussla He made his home ulih a
cousin at 171C South l"lghtli street.
Private Jiiruh rgul. killed In action
on October 21. wrote home on Septem
ber 22 that he was enjoying the excite
ment of front-line
"Cooking Too Slou,'
lie Joins Honilicr);
Fimls Death Quickly
sen Ice. He had
been cook, b u t
found the job ton
slow and Insisted
on joining the
bombing m q u a d
For5 a month he had the finest Kind of a
time then a bocho shell landed almost
on top of him. and Ills brief .-arm- as a
flghtirg man nai oier About a month
bpforo he died Prliato Segal wrote to
his mother that he did not hcl'ew tin
war would labt much longer ai the
Hutch seemed to hale had all they
wanted of the fighting He was thoi
oughly enjoying himself on the firing
line, he ald "1 get all the tobacco I
want," he said nalicls'. "but I could,
at this very minute. c-n a w holy two
pound box of chocolatei Von can get
more excitement un here at th front In
one da- thm In the cool; tents In a I
S'tar. lie added, "(niii you Know, motlier
dear. 1 always was keen on excitement."
Private Segal enlisted shoitly nftor this
countrs got Into tho world war. Joining
thn regular army nnd being assigned to
Company II, Flflj-thlrd lnfantij, ngu
lar army
llerniiril Peiinleinan. gasied i a mem
ber of Company H, I'"lftj -second Pioneer
Infantry. He was twentj-four sars of
age when he was- drafted m Julj of
this ear He wont to Franco at tin
enel of tho same month, after onl.v thref
weeks' training In a letter to his
father he st.ilta tLat he Is rapidlv ii
covering at a baso hospital.
Acting -ereant JMwaril 1. Unite,
wounded, enlisted at the age of eighteen -In
the medical corps and nun .sent to
Fort Slocuin for training Although b
parents. Mr and Mrs Peter 1" Kane
210 Wolf street, have not recelied an
oITlelal notification from the Goiernmmt
that their son has been Mounded, thev i
have been Informed bs a letter from
the s'oung yoldler himself that he had
been hit by flying shrapnel in the knee
hut believes that he Mill soon be able
to return tn the firing line. Owing to i
bis youth he was unable to secure a
lunimlsslon at the Medical Ufllcers
Training Corps. Fort Oglethorpe, (in
At that tlniM be received a recommeitdi.
tton for promotion.. which' now will soon
secure him n commission as a second
lieutenant Kane's grandfather fought i
In the Civil War nnd there are now llfty
two numbers of the family participating
In the present tight for demooracj. I
Prior to his enlistment joung Kane was I
eniplosed In the legal depattment of tho I
United ("las Improvement Compnnj- lie '
is a graduate nf the Southern High j
School ,
I'rllate .loll ri llreldriifleld, the son of
Mr. and Mrs Charles 11 llreldendcld, 37 I
Kan Tulpehocken street, (lermantown, I
eiieu or pneumonia
Mounded Hero Dies In a baso hospital
i., i.r,ni.A r.ti lr:
11 inn Hi imim
o) I'ncuinonia tober V. On July
j .. , lit riiiiii-ii --'"
ii. iiAivas gassed.
sin 11-shocked nnd wounded about tho
head by sluapnel Fiom then until the
time h,. died ho nas conllned to thu
Prliato llrriilenfleld was born in Phil
adelphia and attended public sehonl In
Mount Airy Ue-rore he enlisted, In
April of 1918, he was emplosed as n
hatter bv a. local concern. After live
weeks training at Camp Hut-cock no
sailed lor France with the 103d Dattal
on of the Signal Corps.
I-rheite llenjiiinln Iioner, Company K.
Until Infantry. In a letter to his mother
Mrs. Hose Doner, 727 Mercy street, said
"There's nothing like, hearing from homo
when sou nro 3000 miles uway over here
in a ileiastated and strange country,
with vour arms nnd legs full of bullet
holes." Private Doner, who Is only i-oy-enteen
vears old now, enlisted In tho old
Third Iteglment, N. O. P.. In 1816, Is rup
Idly recovering from gunshot wounds In
a base hostiltal at llordcaux. His letter
continues "When the first bullet got
a0 ,,.' unv o0d for another bullet got
me ?)! Tbotn arms and I losfmy eut. be-
out it eitu noi
fnP ( .. nt iniloh flirllier.
"flut when I get out cf hern I II have
another crack at HelnlO." he added.
Doner saw service on tho Mxlcan border
and spent six months ut Camp Hancock
before going oierseaa last April
Prliute Julius Friedman, Company K
103d Knglneers. reported woundeel July
16. has now almost fully recovered lie
is eir.ini- l'ii uorK ai u. oueo nvr uiuii
anu expecis io rejoin inn miimwim 'i
, week or so In a letter to IiIm parents.
Mho live at 1709 North Flfly-si-cond
street. Friedman said that be had n--
liel no l.nv for stv months.
Prlrate Holiert .Mnrh. Company II,
109th Infantry, Is reported wounded Sep
tember 7 His parents recently received
n Utteir, dated September 22, in which
Marsh tald ha would foon be back In
action. lie enlisted In December. 19t5,
nnd saw considerable service on the
border before tailing for France. Ilia
homo Is at 114 North Vewdelt street.
C'eirporal Jo.epli A. Zeller, Company
P, 1S9lh Infantry, wounded during the
flattening of tho St. Mlheiel salient. Is
the ton of Mrs
"Mother nt Company C, Catherine Zel
Tt n f. i it It. C601 Cntll-
1 hey Call Mrs. teller ,rno 8lre(.ti
She la known
to tits rest of the "boys" as the "mother
of Company C," as she did everything In
her power to make things pleasant for
son's comrades when thoy were on
her eon'n comrades when tney were on
furlough. Corporal Keller has written
homo that he Is convelesclng rapidly but
will have to use, crutches for several
weeks yet Joseph Seller and his
brother, Anthony Zelter, cnlltted In
i jfaa& lafe
May 1917 Anthony lias been inundt
llirr tlnie, iilthoti;h iipep terlourly,
I'flmtf J.ihn .ttc.Xntiinrii, mild In
union on October ). nmrin i.i. limn, unit
nil mint, Mr. Mary Uuno, 2331 Madlmm,
rutiiirr K nnlnRton, Ho vna tfnt-
uriiMt irarn old and wnn drafted In Sep-1
tfnilwr iif lit j far trained at I'limn
Mfule ami 'rut to Krince In .tuno li t
-fncrnnl tlerimril V. Ilrrrn. I'onipnnv
losin Mnrhlno (jim Hattalloti of OX:
'"all 'ii tirrt, nan killed tJepieinber St
'i vil rnrx old, nnd cirxed mi t tic
inlf iI'Mlnjr In tlio Nntlnn-il tlunrd
' I'MO llf n cradua'e of the
iiih.ille HIkIi Sehool. Tri'Vloui to lil
iiMMinent he imik Mmaitril In the heat
InR mil ciiRinrerlrig lniflne llli lit
I i .fior now a I'linlnin In 1'ranee
I'rllnlr llllwm it. Met iititnn, foni
ii', i M. Itstli Inrantry. ai klllid Sep
' ml" i "" I to Mao tuon!-tM yiMta
lil i'"I entei.d the irri leu In M'lieti
Mis i:.i'u; "ler'rns In .luiie nfier naln
It l. i i iiini t.ec Ho naa emtil'iied hh n
l in' tit ei In the Atl.intlr Uertnlne
1'inp.im ltli Iimiio os at IS'I .S'out i
I nn ii riith ftreet
t'rlinle .1 o 1 1 1 1 lirniin Pntnriany 3.
."BMh liifaMtri nii killed Seplember
" but no ntllrl.ll ord hni been re
filed i ei lij hi lfe. He uaiealtrd i
in the mlorf n April, I9IS. and trained '
n' I'amp MiMide, iinlnc rirro. In .lune ,
liit He 'i-i tititi-nne vinr "Id. and
ntir ii'tiin i ! 'i"''ii;vii i,T nif nriuiiim
ttnllna Mr lUrtJ fit l&TM IVnnm
I'rltnlr lllrtinrtl I, Knur. VmiprttiV I.
urn 1. Itr. . , .. u ti ..tih,l.,.1 .-.n IllK-
i i 1 1 iiiiii'iit' hi-- " iiiinurii iii 'Ji ,, , -,
.' He l iiienti-foiir yenrK old, and hln mnchlnlst at tho Southwurli Iron roun
ii other, Mrd l .t Kane. t7 Ha uood I dry.
neet. Kails of Setmi lltlll, Ii at thei Three of the noni arc already aerosB
pmiit of deith as n result of the itiiel of n,0 a(Pr, nn In the army and two In
i raruiK ot tier on b inuiri.-p in i ieiii-r
". Ii niothtr lll.hni-dH rites tha' nf
u..nld have died had It im been for
I Hie braiery of n eonu.ide nhii ivent to
in leneue during a .n attaek, aTnl not
nil placed a niali "n lift fare, lint alo
'iiipid to calm him to alety He
fed In .Inb. intT. I'rloi to that time
I. wai a trtl'e openitor.
-erBeiint denrite . M llbpimi, tepri-
1 Mounded on Septtmbr l"i. has died of
). Injures aceoidniK to n telegram re-
.. ed b hti r Inn r Ml I'rarler Ullyou,
ith Mhnin he Hi ed at II South Vorty-
mil Mreet MeiReaiii .'h-iiihmiiij imr n
i iniibei- of one of the ina-lnc corps
tPuhlnp-R-tin batialloni
I'rliHle Ulnler Hail, llntler, of Com
pnni 1$. .'Kill Infantri. nai seierely
minded hi tiriehlne-Ktlii llrr on Sep
tenibri '7 durlns the ,nll. battle of
M.'iKe 'ii vO' "h hH foininatiillnB or- .
titer Captain Albeit ' llntim ivuimer- ,
llili of Lilisiliillin was l.lllfil I lie
AmeiliMii If" 'I'- hai. turn llshtlns eon
llnnouli for four ibin. Prlinie Uutler
wrrte tn his mother Mrs M F llutler,
of t(n North Parson Mreet, that he had
(rotten through without n scratch, but,
flnallv, he addiil, the huche- machlno
gin re-s found ti range nnd his platoon
was badly shot up
On the di' tietore he lift for (amp
Meade, Mai .7 of thli J ear, Private
Itiittei was n a-rlcii to Miss Ksther Slcs-
uirnViu,rSfi'unta m
net Ion on September 27 during the great
battle ' the Mouse was the soil nf
i-iti'Vun r:."',nrt Ve w'as'drattc'd m
.NWmbci nf 1 isi ienr ti allied ut Camp
Miade and s 'tit n rtanoc in .lUly or
this scat I'nrporal Ollbcrt was twenty-
seven var- "Id. a giaduate of the South-
ern High 4. 'i''l and had been employed
as a reportir fot a commercial Journal i
and ns a "iht tot ror a large wholesale i
Corporal .lames Miller Ailwineecl
' i t'
to reeoiltl Licvliiiinilt
Pcleiniiti'itlnii to do hts duty has won
rapid promotion for James F.ai Ic Miller, ynrjVXA HEJOICES AT PEACE
139 West I.uras street. Oct innntoii n. '
Mho has been piomoted l'tum corporal ,,.,.,, , , ,
to second lieutenant. I - col'lc Lll,Ic llerestcd in Report of
Lieutenant Miller iiin drafted No- Abdication
v ember I, 1917. and sent to Camp Jleadc ., , . . , i.
He was attached to th. r.t:,th Machine "Y ' AMoewted I resi
gun coinp-mi iiudi r I'aiitnlti .1 O Pun- (icncia, N'eiv. C. Vienna was elellrl
c?"t."iM,or.'cd'''' " "K fr0,,t "" ''"i ousMith Joy iilion It was learned that
In icm pfnbop MilUr whh t-cicrtfti to co an ai'inibiloe had been declared. The
to Camp liri'i-nc
un . military 1,
Iif hs inml
n.l.. a ioino-.nl and failed In
Snii'-nVufa V;.'.,:;, V?r
, March tt
lieutenant M fllr-i wnslioni in MminOMp.,
Ia , Lotit -riRht ?ait ago
L,il,,.i- ni-.rnilils lti.niii-t 'ri...
.Mollict U r( r, (It lit poll I IMl
l.nrpur.u .Mitt ron in ivctioii
i oiporal Plus W Nail 1 1 port d Mlleu
In in iloil lie i.is a nienilti i- of lite
Philadelphia pullt i
foi i ,- fo inn- s ear,
being iilhn In il to
the I'.nK and Le
high aiemies sta
tion He w as draft
ed In the latter part
nf lanuai-i 1117
sun tn
Me.iib. am I
tla li a-.- gned lo
Compani F ulTitn
His mother Mr
Trcsla Nan win.
Hies at iifi. North
Musi her street, re
celied tin, otllclal
notice Noie-inbet
that he a W leu
i luh She e"
f LA It believe him
ruses to believe him
I'll S W VAU
i nolii-o
'ornctai Nnu was a mU ndid and
dilip ft otlhor lit' was alsu an up
rlglit. rl. jin-t-ut jouiik' in.ni I w as prnud
to ha nut h a juuntr man in m dis
trict '
Lienteiiant II. C. Greer,
Under Fire for Three
Jr.. Was
llraien under tire iihlle cut off with
his platoon from the main bod.s of tho
regiment lor tmee ,iaSH nas m on a see-
Olid ltPlltpniillPV for K(bi-I t ( Cirrft .
- - .-.--.,
Jr , of .itUl Osage aienuo
Lieutenant Greer l a mombir of the
103d P.eghnent, Fulled Stuli s F.tiKlneers.
He cnlleud as a piliatc when war wus
declare d At Camp Meadn he uaa made
a eoiporul and at Camp Hancock a ser
geant I
At the louiciti-d attack on i l-.alcau-Thlerri
the 103d Knglneeis was sent oQt
to fix the roads tor ndiancing Amerleuii
forces. Greer'B platoon Mas one of the
most udi une-cd The Germans gue&scel
nt the plans for alliance and thiew up
u terrific ban age Mhlch French nlllcers
who had been utj Ve rdun bald Mas tho
iiort thei had seen 111 tin- war
Grrer and his plntoon Merc completely
cut off. Thero Mas no chanco to dig
trenches, so they dug Into the shell holis.
In this position they lemalned for three
days. The only food they had lias the
emergency ration Issued before starting
out on their perilous undertaking
On the third day the Infantry came
up nnd pa-sid oier the position held by
tho platoon. The engineers were then
relieved and sent to the rear
For bravery under fire, Philudel
jiliijn it inude an odicer
1 SM W'vWtW:
1 Wmm m
Tlio family of Tlicoilorc NchI, St., 321 Tilan ntrtl. It patriotic. Tour
50ii; nrr- lit ill rnlrc anil the motlier l lining lied CroM work. Tlit
father l head machinist al tlif Southwark tron T'oumlry
Sons in Service,
Am nils Cull to Color-"
Tlio family of Theodore Nel, Hr, 3! 4
tt. . .
Ti,n Hlft Is patriotic,
I'otir nons are
In thn jervlce and the mother l doing
lied Cross worh. Tho father la luad
n,p na. 11ln folirtb ion Ii In an
oainern1 tralnliiR ramp A fifth non Is
t,. fgl. th Cll to ttl6 colors.
-fnm .Veat, thirty ears old. Ii In
I Hti ufnoci n" iralnlntr ramp Harry U
.Veal In a member i.f the told Field Halt-
en-lerj. nhlch Ii maltlntt bread to supply
I the bovs cf the 1 rtl'tti lb clment. wi.'ch
. lias een ro much action Thli In tnc
, field bahery iihlon vaa tatloncd nt
Jiroad and Arch flrecti In tho early
dtiya of the nur tu lulp reerultlnif.
i ftaviiioiid and Theodora NY&I. dr.. art
in the navy. Thej aro noiv atord mine-
sweepers in forelcn iater.i, Tlaymond is
mentj-fieieti itnn otu onu iiicouoro IS
t cut). -five
.., . ,. ... .. i.i. ,ir .
n iiiiiiuiii in iiiiniiiii.iii i rues
of Vale of Cnnndiaii!)
"Iliery roldler In my compans', wtth
the ojtceptlon of four others and mj'sclf.
nas killed after going 'over the top'
and helping to break through tho Hln-
ilenburg line early In October," wrote
Charles W.- Harvey, of the Fortj'-clghth
Highland Canadian Iteglment, to his
! '"-- " I:il""eth """- " North
' oearnorn street, tic n in a nospnai in
,. , , r(,covcrtng from a FOvero
iunel. Mis chum, ho writes, was killed
1 "i a shell hole, in w men tney nau-sougnt
protection, anu n Jieu irons man wuo
hml "omo to his assistance was shot and
I Killed,
I uurve,. iB twents'-two years old and
waa a member of tho First Iteglment.
After thlH country entered the. war he
made several attempts to enlist, but
"aa ''"red because of poor eyesight.
' then lcrt for Canada and joined the
Canadian Highlanders. He has been
i "' ''V' ?v" "n- tlmeo before, and
'ls f''1'1 ' l'A lon cited for braver'
I and recommended for a military medal.
- -
uh'Adta ii'rire tnnn irftunrrl Willi TTlt?n
, woulcn und children, crylns and
.,n.,rac.nK ,-ach other. Tl Benernl
opinion is tnni 1UUU in iuiiwii t.t.
A icport that IStnpcror Charles lias
abdicated aroused little Interest. The
Austrian press Is attempting to caltr
iho population, emphasizing; the fact
that tho iirmlstieo tortus nro of a most
'eeveio tmttire and Involve Kreat bacrl
Jk,e!J t() t)lo ompll.0 anil ,h0 people.
Mrs. Arthur Huigli. Sr, Getj Tonl of
Son at Front
Mrs Arthur Halgh, Sr., 237 Monmouth
ptt cot, Gloucester Clt-, last night re-
celled r short letter from ner son
'Arthur Halgh. Jr., saylnrr he had lieen
wounded in I ranee, tinu was in a uatn
hospltal ,.
The s'oung man, twenty-two years old
Is a member of the Flfts'-nlnth Pioneers
He does not say how he was wounded
or what his Injuries consist of He said
he was herdly able to ivrlte the letter
Halgh Is on electrician, and Mas em
ntoie.i in the Pennsvlvanla Shipyard
nd refused to accept exemption be-
! "-"ause he wanted to go to the front in
Tranco and meet flvo cousins i who were
n KnBlanil- iIc wna drafted lait May
i .. - . .1... -n t.. il.eell.l
' nnu Mas sent io mo iruiu m eususi-
Of 1733 North l'axson street, ta.
tioned at Camp Jolinifbn, Jarkion
ville, Tla., lias been commissioned
terond lieutenant in the quarter
master rorpi. Lieutenant Haas en
listed last December and recently
took the examination at the army
training school. He is a brother of
Itabbi Louis J. Haas, of HHrrisburg
The Master Truck ,
is miles ahead in
everything that
makes for owner
All Sixei Immediate Deliveries
Larson Oldsmobile Co.
231-33 N. Broad St.
AXt&mffi?& &&3l
i0 -"w-" m?Ti
' I lOtOcii :
Airmen Attaek Sent of Ktiltur,
Writes Philadelphia Soldier
.Soldiers opposing aermany In the front
lino trenches In France have got re
ports of the bombarding of Merlin by
avlatora of the Allied force, according
to word received here yesterday In a let
ter from Corporal James L. Lanln,
whole) home In thin city Is at 418 Pick
Inson street. - .
The soldier writes that, the demand
to burn flerlln and bomb tho Instigators
of the world war as they utc fleeing
prevails throughout Trance.
American victories detnornllcd the
Oerman armies, Corporal Iinln si rote,
and hroueht the enemv soldiers to tho
realltatlon that the war wiw lost by
them. "This In Itself Is a noble vic
tor'." Lanln Mrote, Vbecaute they noicr
ure amen tney could be peruen
In anothfr letter written late In Sep
tember, the soldier told of his services ss
a volunteer messenger, carrying dis
patches from headquarters to tho field
during nn attack that lasted Mxteeti
tlnss. Corporal Lanln ih with the 607lh
Infantry. He will be twentj -three jcars
oia in February
Lieut. Daviea Went Oter Top
Thriec in Two Pnyr
Lieutenant Thurston J. Pailes. a for-
mer ITInceton student and noil or me
Rev. John M. Davits, pastor of the
nrst l'resnjienun
Church, Gloucester
City, In a letter to
his father.isays
that he went over
tho top three tlmea
In two days.
The young man,
who enfhted In the
marine corps, M-as
m" o u ti d o d four
months ago when
pieces of shrapnel
rtruck him In the
jaw and neck, but
he soon recovered
"Tho men aro ab
solutely wonderful,
and you can't beat
them." ho writes.
"Captain Jnekson
our commander,
u as ivounded and
that left mo In command; but It siasn't
hard, because the men behaied marvel
ously "
Pavles was recently appointed a flr.it
lieutenant. When at Princeton ho Mas
a member of the basketball team.
Gm Kill Man CooWinp Meal
Overcome by gas while cooking their
suppers last evening. Fred Hubcr, thlr-tv-flvo
years old. of 115 Vine strict, nas
ellscovered dead bv the police, while
Harry Schustman, thirty j-ears old, who
lived with him at tho same address. Is
In a serious condltlcn at the Hahne
mann Hospital.
or nea Spring
Crocus etc
i i
T .1.
i nnf9Awraiwi
I VKlBCWJ-ll "Ztrl
Three important things to do
if you change your residence
In the past six or seven months a number of owners of rented
dwellings have attempted to force tenants either to buy the properties
in which they lived, or pay exorbitant rentals, or move. The Fuel Admin-
istration, to protect the public against such profiteering and malpractice,
issued a ruling that where any landlord -actually ejected a family' from
its home under 'such threats, no coal could be delivered to this
property during the coming winter, thereby putting a ban upon the
house which would make its occupancy impossible, and leaving the
property a burden on the landlord's hands. Before buying or renting a
house, consumers are advised, therefore, to ascertain from the Bureau
of Distribution of the Fuel Administration, whether the property in
view will be permitted to receive coal.
It is important that consumers notify their dealers promptly when
moving, from a house for which they have ordered coal. In such cases
it is necessary to cancel the order for the old house and place a new
order for the new house, as dealers cannot deliver to one address on
an order for another address.
In the ca- of coal already on hand in the consumer's cellar, a
permit to tranffr it m'tt be scourd from th- R'treau of Distribution,
1518 Walnut Street, before the coal can be removed. -
fThtt tpaei centnbut'tl lv
V "
Philadelphia.! and Others
Left Danger Spot in
jNiek of Time
Hxaclly ono minute after a. group o'
ambulance drivers In France had hnstlli
retreated from nn old stone M'nll, sur
rounding their quarters from which they
had been watching a German bombnrd
inent of an adjacent ton it, a stray shell
struck the spot. When tho smoke nnd
duit cleared, more than twelve feet of
stone nnd mortar had been razed ns com
pletely as though It had never existed
One of the fortunato group,. Prlinte
Huyle- a. Pasldyan. a former employe
if tho livening Public Ledger, tells of
hh narrow cscnpe in a leccttt letcr to his
father, (1. K I vivid an, an linrorler,
t713 Chestnut street,
"One evening after supper," Private
Ravldynn writes, "we heard a hhell
coming, so six of tie went out to the
backyard nail to watch the olherb tha'
Inmltnbly follow. The second shell
landed ten yards from the wall and we
all ducked for shelter. I ran Into the
houuei for my gas mask and helmet, and
when 1 reached tho recond floor another
dhcll landed. It hit right In the middle
of tho wall where ivc were standing Just
ine minute before. It tore away twelve
feet of tho Mructuro nnd mndo n hole
(lie feet wide and ten feel deep."
Just lo show how little they were af-fee-led
by the Incident. Pnildyan nnd a
comradn had their pictures taken In
front or the ru'ned null tho following
VOj 1
Fifteen distin
guished styles in
Silvcrtones, Trico.
Duo-tone and plain
velour. Plain tai
lored models with
notch collars, but-ton-lo-ncck
belted models and also several models
with large shawl collars of Nutria and
Hudson Seal. In all the wanted
shadings, including Black, Navy.
African Brown, Taupe, Plum and
Reindeer. Vcr) Special-
Women's Suit Department
2d Floor
Weekly Coal Bulletin
oj the Federal Fuel Administration
for Philadelphia
the Philadelphia Coal Eziliansit at on old
T -j ir -11
- ...... ,'mMmUkVVI
liUi..ilNvir&Ta jvu, tiuwrumiTJC-r-
Republicans Mzhe Strong Hid for 28tli
ConprcfMonal DUlrlrt
) ir I 'nitetl I'rrif
Oil Cll, Pa.. Nov. E. Lenders here
claim the election of General W. J.r,
Hullncs. IVMiiibltcnii. oier tho present.
Ilepreseirintlve. Ii. M, Ileshlln, Pemocrajj4l
by 3000 to unoo majority In the Twenty- SI
eighth Congressional District . ,11
Htillngi who tins live sons in ins army i
snu navy nnd is nimseit a npanisn
American Wnr veteran, has mado nn en.
ergetlc campaign. Weather hero Is fine,
hut tho lote will be far below normal
because of tho largo number of men In
he service numbering more than 1000.
Glove 'making is a
fine art. Fovynes
has practiced it for
HI years, and their
I gloves evidence it.
I Made for every
I Military and Civil-
ion need. Leather,
fur, silk, fabric.
climyi in
tht BlOW.
Amtrlcin art 4
kill lm prodattd
Uf paivtnf snf fW
cl f lev ImpufU
baler tbi nit.
.' Kcri Special Sale of
Women's Fur Trimmed
Suits of Velour
Four distinctive models are pre
sented, featuring narrow shoulders
and close fitting sleeves with unique
convertible collars of Hudson Scat
and Nutria. , Also stylish belted
models in Black, Navy Blue, African
Brown, Plum. Deer. Bison and
Very Special.
Fml AimtnUlxalor lor Philadelphia,
(o the U, S, fuel AdmlntMrattoiij
m '

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