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Grand Organ til 9 and 5.15
Moment nt Mnlltntlnn unit lli.inr.
tit NlMlll,
Store Opens 0 A. 31. ,
Store Closes 3..'10 1'. M.
Striving Always to Make a Better Store and Give Better Service
The Secret That Makes a
Store a Real Store
and so frames it as to give and receive
the most good will, with always more
good will to spare, is that we fit the store
to the people, who know that to be the
fact, and give us their business with con
fidence, and with a knowledge that they
are safe in so doing
The displays of new goods are worth
seeing before they are carried oil' by the
eager purchasers of these days.
,ir ;, ;as.
Overseas Bureau Notice
For greater eomfoil, th'ough greater .-pace, the Overseas
Uureau is mow! to tln Main (lullorj, just above it former Main
Floor location.
A CoupJe of Hundred Frocks for
Young Women Are
Now $20 Each
As the.v aic just tho f. ocks young women ami gills want now
and to wear all Wintci, the story i.s all tin more interesting.
They were all higher pticcd, but now tliat a-soitiiicnts are some
what incomplete, we've fioup'ed tin m ami inurked the whole collection
$20 apiece.
l'lcnty of go'jd wool serges, also wool jersey? and satin, as well
s some cloth combination.
Long and shoit waisted dies.-o.-. with much thai i.s new i..- to ghdles
and collars, and emlnoidevy and biaids. sometimes, for tiimming.
Ucavor, taupe, blown, blue, black and burgundy ale the pood colors'.
14 to 20 year sizes.
("(iiiiil I luor, ( lirhtmit)
Women's Fur-Collared Coats
of Soft Velour
These are the dre-s or novelty coats which a woman buy after
pshe has cecum! her utility coat and feels fiee to indulge her purse and
fancy. The colors arc the soft brown and taupes and maroons tha.
look so Wintry and so lich.
One style with noarscnl collar has a full skiit set on a tight
plcutcd body. Sou. ,,
Anothci with litte 1 bodj and pleated skirt has a laigc shawl collar
of ncarseal. G7.50.
A high-waisted effect made full at the -ides ha? a nutria collar. .L)5.
A model with stiuight panel Inck and front has a fullness at the
sides and fur collar and cull'.-. H100.
OlrM 11m. .r,
This Is a Great Season in Plaids
Judging from the an ay m the Dress Goods .Salon you might
suppose, half of feminine I'liiladclphia to be tak'ng to the kiltie
and the tm fan.
fiut then; ncwir was anjthing jollier looking for childien's
dresses, nor moie cheeiful for women's shiits or the combination
frocks which are so much in vogue in these war times. A great
many have blue or brown for their predominating color, to har
monizcwith the long c,oats that will be worn over them, but there
arc plenty of gayer Mendings.
Twp groups the pait-woo!, pait-cotton suitings being $1 and
$1.30 a yard, and the all-wool, $2.2.) to $:i.50 a yard.
(1'lri.l I luor. ClifHtmitl .
Separate Skirts, All of Lustrous
Chiffon Broadcloth
The) come fiom a maker who tuins out such good skhts that
many people who buy fiom him simply send in a blanket order! That
speaks for the goodness of his models, and, though we do not buy ours
that way, we do find his materials and tailoi ing and styles uncommonly '
These skills are all of lustious cliitl'on broadcloth, in black, deep
blue, a lovely burgundy and Kussinu green.
Several styles, all good some with set-in pleats, some with gath
ered effects, some with side pleats. All have the newest girdles, and
all have hand-piped button holes. '
$10.75 (o $111.50. '
(I Ir.l I'luor, rmtr.ill
A Clearaway of Laces at
Little Prices
Ceorgous metal luces in guumuta!, gold and srilver. Doth
edging and insertion in lovely design, priced at 50c a yard.
Beautiful metal net in gunmctnl, gold, and silver at 75c a
Rich, black laci bands in Venice and Japanese silk, priced
from SI to $!i.25 it jard.
Real filet luces, both edging and insertion to match, priced
from 75c to $1 a yaul. -
(Mf.t Mslr)
Think of These Prices on Two
of the Finest Weaves of Wilton
Rugs in America!
h They repiestnt a saving of a third
O V 12 ft.. SfiO nml SRfi.
. ,fc.3,N 10.G ft., $07'.50.nnd ?83.50
a x J ft., $84,60 amlif..i)
all along the line.
1.0 x 7.C ft.. $20 und $89.50.
U6 x 03 in., $9.50 and $13.50.
2tx 51 ln $7.50 and ??.D0.
THESE are the line
one - of - a - kind silk
Iricolette dresses that so
many women will be glad
to get. They are beauti
fully made, and were
copied, most of them,
from line Paris models.
In the g r o u p of two
hundred t h e r e are at
least a hundred different
styles, so a woman will
see wliat opportunities
this group presents.
There is a rich mahogany-color
gown with insets of gold
cloth and a unique orna-
The Little Novelty
Coats of Fur
NUVEK was anything more
piquant and charming than
these little hybrid affairs part
scarf, part jacket, part cape.
One such gaiment of skunk
leans to a cape persuasion. It
fits closely in the back and falls
in ripples over the aims you
can snap 'the ripples together
to form sleeves if you wish
and costs $200.
Another skunk cape has a
stole front and luxurious-looking
tails. The i lice is $200.
A Hudson seal (dyed musk
i at) coatee has a ape back
(SClUIIll l'
Gloves are Quite the
So when this new shipment of
this very length arrived we felt
that it was most opportune. All
the gloves are, of French kidskin,
soft and fine, and the price is
i'U.OO pair.
There is white with self em
broidery, white with black, green,
lavender or old lose, as well as
black with black or black with
The gloves ate of fine quality
and this length looks extremely
well as most women know.
(.Main Fluor, I'rntrul)
300 Georgette
Crepe Waists'
Special at $5
One style,' has collar and
fronts all of tucks and finished
with narrow lace.
One has a scalloped pleat
ing round the neck and down
each side and a tailored bow.
One has very fine pleatings
edged with creamy lace.
Each-style may bo had in
white or flesh-color.
(I'lilril Moor, Central)
That Special
$2 Serge
for dresses is selling fast, but we
have a good supply of it still,
Rather light weight, firm and
fliong in weave. Several shade
of navy besides two or three other
dark colors.
(Vlrot lloor, Clirklunl)
Certain People's
Lots of people could do their
daily work more easily if theV had
'better eyes in other words, if
they had eye defects corrected by
glasses. We hope they will re
member that we fil prescriptions
for lens.es with great care.
. (Main duller, C'hlHt)''
Now 5?50 to $100
ment. The skirt is in a
new tunic effect and
there is a touch of tinsel
A lovely sand - color
gown has a new front
panel effect, pipings of
deeper brown and collar,
cuffs and band at foot of
soft, woolly, brown An
gora. A black gown is in
Russiaif blouse style,
w i t h gold-thread em
broidery and n a r r o w
And these are just a
few there are others in
ll'lril Vloor, Ontrul)
and nutria collai and cult.-.
I .S275.
A mole .:oat with Hudson
seal (dyed muskrat) collar has
the npj.lcd sleeves that are so
graceful. 275.
A broad scarf of nutria has
, a deep square collar and pock
ets in its stole ends. $225.
A cape with deep stole ends
is of very fine mink nearly as
dark as sable. $575.
A broad stole of Hudson Bay
sable is really goigeous with
its wealth of tails and inr-
, presaibly soft textuie. .o"5.
lour, rlifituut)
About New Combs
for Her' Coiffure
Remember the "meimaid fair,
combing her hair in a golden curl,
with a cdmb of pearl?" These
new combs are not quite like that,
but they are ever so pretty and
the newest shapes and styles for
this winter's coiffures.
They arc of imitation shell or
amber, or all black, and arc
carved in attractive designs. They
arc in various sizes and new
shapes and the prices, which stait
at ?2.50, go up to ?12.
(4enclr,i "torr, chetuul :jml lulhl
Aii Ail-Around
Black Shoe for
has just come into the Women's
Little Hoot Shop. It is of black
Russia lcajhcr with black cloth
top and straight Cuban heel, l?i
inches high.
The price is $12.
(Vint liimr. Market and Juniper)
Opera Glasses
ICven in war times the girls
sometime.? count' on St. Nicholas
bringing them a pearl opeia glass.
We have been foitunatc enough
to ,get home of the best to be had
just now. Trices S7.50 to $80.
(Mai duller;, Clieitnut)
"Take It Happy!"
says Black Georgiana, singing all
clay long over her wash tubs.
Any house mistiess can "take it
happy" -if she has tho judgment
to select from tho endless time
and labor savers in the House
Furnishings Store.
'(Fnntlli flfut, l'olrl
black, taupe, bronze,
henna, deep blue, gray,
mahogany, old blue and
other fashionable shades,
in simple or more elab
orate styles.
All these dresses are
in perfect condition, they
are new and fresh, and
at the rate they are re
duced, a woman may
save from $10 to $50 on
a gown.
And there are sizes to
(it small and larger wom
en, too.
rptn: TOPAZ for November, you
know. Wc have them made
up in delightful designs in various
kinds of jowehy. (Main Floor,
TT'S I'UniTY hard for a soldier
A to find a place to write a letter
in tho trenches, but a itiff pad
that has a candle attached will
solve 'the question. Theru's a pou
cjl, too. (Gallery, Chestnut.)
TJL'AVV WBUON. in beautiful
itself with soft eimino to make a
cap for baby. (Third Floor, Ch-cl-mti.)
"TOUR CLASSES aie quaint,
interesting little things per
haps one would antuse thut sick
friend who takes medicine every
hour. Hie. (Fourth Floor, Cen
that look good enough to be
eaten are none the less attractive
because the)' can't be, and are for
tho sole purpose of sticking pins
into. loc. (Second Floor, C'cvtral.)
TIIKKi: WON'T be .-o many
Christmas boxes to the boys
"over there", thin year, but theic
can bo lots oi letters, and thev
will carry extia cheer if written
on paper that is. fjaily decorated
with flags and Christmasy things.
(Main Floor, Cli&itnut.)
such nice conveniences for the
baker, they are so light and easilv
washed. 85c. (Fourth Floor,
TV REALLY wouldn't be Chri.-t-J-
masXwithout a bayberry candle,
you know. They are rather scarce
this year, so you had better do
your shopping early, and take no
chances on mis.-tng the good luck
which the.v bring. Two in a dainty
box for 50c. (Fourth Floor, Cen
tral.) 2000 Dozen of ,
Tumblers i
50c a Dozen Special '
Tumbler of tho same grado
usually sell for considerably moic i
than twice as much, but these '
show slight imperfections. I
Plain shape with ground and I
polished bottoms.
(Fourth 1 loor, ( hrttniit)
500 Odd Dining Room and Bedroom Chairs
in the $200,000 Furniture Sale at
One- Third Less Than Regular
The odd chair in a household institution of the prac
tical and indispensable kind.
Like good spring water, which, we are told, is never
renlly appreciated until the well has run dry, the odd
chair is never really appreciated until it is very much
needed and conspicuously absent.
Dining-Room Chairs
Fumed oak side chair, $11.
Fumed oak arm chair, $17.50.
Fumed oak side chnir, ?5.75.
Fumed oak armchair, $11.
Fumed oak side chair, leathci
eat, $11.75.
Fumed oak arm chair, with ,
leather scat, $11.
Fumed oak side chair, S4.50.
Fumed oak side chair, $6.50.
Fumed oak arm chair, $11.25.
Fumed oak side chair, leather
scat, $8.60.
Fumed oak side chair, $5.75.
Fumed oak side chair, leather
eat, $1!1.50
Fumed oak side chair, $0775.
Sale No. 34
J")0 Heavy Duly
Suitcases at $12.75
to $15.50
Tlice eases aie ainulai to
kinds cold elsewhere at much
bight r prices. They arc in four
descriptions, as follow.-:
At M2.".i bu.-iucFs iimn'-.
."uitca.se, 21 inches.
Vt $1I..'i0 "whole family"
extra deep suitcase. 21 iuche
long. Al Sl.'l.T.'i bUfinc.-- munV
1-uitcnr.e, 2d inches. .
At Sl.Vttl "whole fumil.v"
suitcase, cxtia deep, 2t! inolir.-.
All in good, oak-tanned cow
hide: two wide strap- all
(ii oiind, hrasn lock- and catehi .
(U'p.l l-lrl
The Beauty
Seems to
it max seem biased lor u- to
-ay this, but nobody wJo saw :t
a fey. weeks ago and who miglu
-ee it again toiuoiiowtean notice
any abatement in the vlinini and
beauty of the displaj.
It i.s as line as cu-v. anil a- full
of advantage-. In beauty and ex
tent and oppoitunity their i-
iPrnob &iUiciaU)nrr
for tljc j7oUcmlicr
In exipii.-ite design and of
enduring worth, these par
ticularly beautiful articles are
now on exhibition in the Jew
elry Store.
Theic is the hund-wiought
Dniticr .Mnrot Service that
combines all the characteristic
qualities of the Louis XIV
The Washington pattern is
suggestive of Colonial sim
plicity, and among other dis
tinctive designs arc the Ilar
wood, I.ansdowne, Vitruvian,
George II and Loin.- XVI.
( Xliiili I hiiir. f lir-ltiut l
Frames Ready
for the Photographs
Oval and squmeund oblong.
Those of silver and antique gilt
piiced at $1.50 to M5; those of
mahogany and English oak at
COc to ?8.
They will hold picluies the size
of a postal card and 1S22 inches
and almost anything 'n between.
Also hoie are plenty of military
frames in silver and antique gilt.
Some with the patriotic colors.
Pnce.s SI. 50 to $8.
Illfll. I liii. r, M.irl.il)
'JV'.-o arc memorable day.-, ami
people who let them go by with
out making photographic records
of them will probably regret it
Cameras are $2 and upwind,
and the developing and printing
.an be done heie if desired. Inci
dental! , the Camera Store i.s in a
now place nea the stairway.
Oliiln I'loiir, Juniper at rati (lir-tnm)
Mahogany side chair, $5.50.
Mahogany side chair, $5.
Mahogany side chair, $12.50.
Walnut arm chair, $5.
Mahogany side chnir, $7.50.
Fumed oak arm chair, $5.50.
Fumed oak arm chair, $0.75.
Fumed oak nrni chair, hair
cloth, ?10.
Fumed oak side cliair, slat
back, $0.25.
Mahogany side chair, tapes
try seat,. $18.
Mahogany arm chair, tapes
try scat, $20.
Ucdvoom Chairs
Mahoguny side chair, bhi'
hair cloth scat, $10.
Sale No. 35
$50 Fine Shades
for Floor Lamps,
$17.50 to $82.50
1 1 is -life to -ay that this i,
the most beautiful and varied
lot of shades that we have
i'U'1' leceived fiom this par
ticular liuinufnctuicr, and yet
their price- are one-tlu.-d less
than the regular acknowh dgi d
values today.
The im-oi tnieiit .tompiiscs
almo.-t e v e r ;. conceivable
style, -hape and color blue,
ro-e and mulberry predom
inating. I'riees MT.oO to .S2..')(I with
a cboien v. twenty diireiuit
priei s in bt'twe. n.
(I .nirlli I I. .or. i i-nir.ili
of the Oriental Rug Show
Renew Itself Overnight
nothing in this ieinit. to com
pain with it.
We may have .-aid this before.but
it is woith repeating. As an exhi
bition it i.s a really great event.
.s a sale it i- uit-utvt.
The extent to which we are sell
ing rugs is the best pi oof of tbK
The people who come here see
(-trntli I l.inr. I enlr ill
Men's Good, Honest Shirts of
Handsome Cheviot i
I'oi it- weight, it- waimtli and its durability cheviot is a
favorite fabiic foi men'.. Fall and Winter shirts.
We have just unboxed a fine lot of shirts of a splendid
grade of cheviot in solid colois. They are all plain negligee
,-tylo with soft cull's and they won't bo heie long.
Pi ice $.1.
(UiiIii I'loiir, Murkrt)
Men's House Coat Stocks
Ready for Gift-Buyers
A.-soitments now aie piaeticallj. complete and good assort
ments they aie. Thcie aic coals of double-faced cloth, velvet
and elveteen, in solid color-, coiiii-asting colors and rich plaid
Any man will likt a hand-ome house coat, especially those
men who are wearing lather shabby-looking old coats that once
belonged to suits.
House coat.- arc Sti.50 to Sj20.
(Muln Hour, Mnrl.rt
Men's Handkerchiefs Plain or
These are the two good, always-wanted kinds of which tho
average man likes to see a fresh and snowy pile when lie looks at
the place where his handkeichiefs are kept.
Tlie.-e aie all linen, every tin end, and mo.-t caiefully made.
Plain hem.slitched kind- are SU, St.75 and SO dozen and you'll
not find better value.- in thic oit !
Initial handkerchiefs for men, $::, Sl.20, S5 and ijC dozen.
Oliiln I luor, f rntrul)
Another Lot of the Men's
Special Shoes at $5.65
Tlnee styles, all blucher lace with heavy vfccolized soled
and all from a large manufactuier of Government shoes. Their
chief virtue is their serviceability.
One of light retanned leather with the smooth side out and
with medium round toes.
Another of daik brown giain leather made on the Munson
Army Inst, with wide, soft toes.
The third is similar to the second, but is made of black veal
eathei .
iMiiin I'luor, .Marl.rt)
This great .selling of $200,000 worth of Wnnamaker
standard iurniture is made of a number of very practical
and interesting groups from every section of a great stock.
One of the most practical and interesting groups of the
entire lot consists of about 500 odd chairs for dining-rooms
and bedrooms, at prices lowered one-third. A number of
these chairs can be matched up into sets.
Mahogany arm locker, blue
hair cloth seat, $2u.
Mahogany rocker, cane seat,
Walnut and decorated rock
er, cane seat, $22.
Knamclcd bench, 7.
Walnut locker, cane seat,
Mahogany bench, cane scat,
Walnut rocker, enno scat,
Walnut rocker, denim seat,
Walnut locker, cane "seat,
Walnut chair, cane sent, $0.
Mahogany lockei", cane seat,
Sale No. 36
100 Hand-
Linen Pillow Cases
$5 a Pair
Of high-grade, pure flax
limn, 'beautifully hand-cm-broide'-cd;
some with scalloped
and ome with hemstitched
The cmbroideiy designs arc
vaiious and pretty and every
pillow cae measures 22,&x3G'
This pui chase represents u
clearance from the largest
lSclfa.it manufacturer. There
is a saving of $2 on every pair.
1'or gift seekers it is a real
(I irt I Imir. llirtlnut)
that the rugs arc here in unpaial
lelei! abundance; that they arc of
a dependable kind and that the
ji rices are safely low.
The nriety i.s marvelous and it
is suiely unmatched Chinese
rugs fiom S18.50 to .2500.
Persian. Caucasian and Asia
Minor rugs- fiom S17.75 to ?3900.
Ivory enamel locker, with
urnis, $9.
Ivory enamel rocker, $9.
Mahogany rocker, cane seat,
Mahogany rocker, cane seat,
Mahogany chuir, cancscat,
Ivory enamel rocker, cano
scat, $12.50.
Enameled chair, cane seat,
Enameled chair, cane seat.
Mahogany chnir, enno seat,
Urown oak decorated chair,
Mahogany chair, cano sent,
$1. i
. .
T .
(frn(li 'l."ir, chrntnut)
- - "
, aNW!
- t j&
v in
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