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Centrists ami fSational Lib
eral Heads Want Uini to
Keep Throne
Pupers Champion Dna-ly a
Symbol of Unity of Gor
man People
Atltstrnl.lttt. N"
Pnity leaders of the llirman Urlcli"
tas in their reient discussion '1c
Ctded there was no nocossltv for tin
abdication of nmpornr Willi 1111 il"
Lol.il Anzoigoi of Hcilm. nxs
Cloi mania, the organ of the Centrist
p.utv. tilre.ulv has iiiiiii'iiiu'id that the
Cetitilst pnitx dcininds hl irtentlon
or tlio throne The National Liberals
are reported tn have liken the stand
that the l.mpeioi ami the llohenml.
lern djnastx tnut lem.iln n n finboI
of Get man units. A niajoiltx nt the
Progressive p trtv nleo l said to pup
port the Hmperor. anil the Christian
social viotkus aio championing Ills
Tllo Soelili.tx He lint tfitlsflcd with
tho Emperor's pmclamatlnn Issued
Sundn .iriiiiisMi' "Tho mini
feto will not In ni.v wax ciitingo the
standpoint of the Socialists nor ivcakm
the demand for abdication "
It was oftzf; nnnounee.l in P.eiht.
today that Kmpernr WillHm' milltai i j
illnnct 1ms been pkired under the Xtln
lster of Wai
Tho Berlin newspapers publiahM a
mejsiaBo from Tleld Jl.irnhal on Illn
UenburB tlianklni; i)eictle und Indi
viduals for their eprelonn nf "eon
fldenco nnd attnchtiient. ' The field
maishal declares:
"Our honor, freedom nnd future are
tioiv at Mnke AVe ,iu m Inrlblo If
we nre united '
.i-lt MtniMirl lor Armv
The military commander ay that If
tho Gerni.in army b stronBl aui-
ported our I athorland will bravo all
Tho Jsorddeutsche Alluemelne Zeit-
unc publlstiex a lonff stiitement toiluv
concernlnfr Holsheilk ncllvltlei". whleli
It attributes to the IlusUui i niha-ni
at Merlin
The Tnirebl.it t saxsi ,i le-arlet hai
been fllstrlhutnl tei the people nf fjpr
11 ii. nnd tn paitlciil.u to MildJers
."Iminl liv the 'uoiI.M' and vulillcra'
e-ommlttee ' The neiip.in r na.xa Its
object Is to Ineite tolillei to dl&obey
'military lutnmands
The .Tatrebl.itt'a Munich iMirredpond
rut says the bnurficols as well ns the
Social Demoi i ith newsiMpera nf Ua
varla arc di'in.indintr tho abdication of
the Kmperoi
iic ..iuiui.il .u.-.hw . vaii u luirn i;xCry person Imprisonci Hiring tne I the dlsrase are espfUallj Inxltid lo nt-.1s-
Lx en the eleercc of tho Kaiser war for seditious utternn. es ng im-t the ! tend ,l(. Krxc. The mass will be
iniioiMiig uie new- niaic lurui oi j,-oi
crmnent eoiild nm restoro the people's
conttuence in nun
I'ven the National Liberal Augsburg i
Abend ZoittiiiK eh ni.inds that the Im-
uZrZttW5' i
Qu.iMllril Cfiisorslilp Impost'd
Tho Germ in supreme army mm
lnunil In an older issued to all ibputx
conimitnillne generals tSuvprntncnt"
nnd lommanel.ints, h.is
"Tho fundamental Idea nf our politb
at life Is to give the Gcriniin jieople
an c.tenlve right to cprcs their
opinions In bpecch and vu Mings and
they shall utihampcnsl, evprihs then
ilesltcs and complaints. Itestrlctions
shall bo mado without icgard to Par- t.- . , ,, . .
le.." .J J V" :h''",l)P l"':,mllll',lflln, '" Busier Will....,, lirulmm. Comp..n H
less the objects of miU, me. tings ...fond ., jmnr, ,.,, Tnv L.r ', c.
tho.ponal code, or aic contrarv to tho tained in a letter roelwel bv lSlxvanl I!
Interests of warfare, tho conclusion of Abramn, . unstable in Magistrate Im
peace or tho nuinti'tiance of public hers olfl. e. CIJ South Sixth street lira-
..V nnm wa" " niountcd patrolmtui of tho
'The same re-tru turns apply to tho Slst-tirtli stieel and Wejodlund nvenuo
censorship ot newspapers and other d.Ktrli t. hut enlisted Immediately afur
printed m.itu r. A pn-ventlvo rcnuor-! the declaration of war
hhtp of all new and articles of ft mill-1 The work of the "il. V '," as de
taiy nature temains in force. A ore scribed In the verse, la unending. Thev
-e.uive eensoisinp ,, j ,. fUt1M.
no piaccu on iiowp,ipi r onlv with tl
assent of the supreme milium com
mandcr '
l'ln.inil.il I'anlc Wielctis
The Vissisi he Zeitungdiiicussins tho
financial panic In (Jiitiianx. t-.ivs It is
of a men' sti.iihoin li.irai Iim- ami j
Sicatcr in rstint than at the nut
brcik of the xi u The newspaper
adds that In Tlie immtli cndli.K Otto
oer .J. tne note cln nlitinn nf tho im-
fierl.ll and loin lunks It i icnseel ' C50 -
OOO.OUO marks at th . onuneni. til-tit
of the rieii h-buik has risen to 1 Ran I
OiJCrooo mark- .is .nnipaiod with 2 non,.
n0n,O0i) marks at the commencement
Of the war and the loan hanks nmv
xxcro circulating ?U UuO.nun.oou iiiki ks
In note's
The IlCXX'Sn .ei snxs the x Uj iii-oi
saxs the x li.e tiresi
dent of tho I'eiilishink -isse, tod thut
t-pcent hoarding had nttalni'd unex
nmpled diltw lis wis lie vxuneel tho
Tiouso that u ii n muitiuu nf hnaiding
XVOUld menu the- mml'le'i. eisstluil of
tlio economic n. ..' e inun x
War Department I of.tte. Ciipliw
Taken l) (I'Mii.niv
nshlnstein, Nox
Names of ihlr
i ci i tlli-Hi el inrti
w ' r. .iiiiioiiiii . il
nn . nt The nf
teen nflWrs ti I lift 11
to ijeru .in prii-on amp
today bx itie Vi ai I .
peers a r
Oood healt.. camp unknnxi n Li. men.
nut Arlnur P Matthews fcianimi. Pa
rtcported in good heil h. In hos.iu.il
Lieutenant James V i Toole C25 l'n.
Vonla avenue. Jen-ex Cltv. N J I
Lnlhied men. at lamp Rastatt .
Crarlcs Pane, son anrsburg. p.,
t e.uni unlinnixn Mi. hael C tied- I
ner, Jobnsonbuig, Pa , IajuIs lihiddelln i
Minn jji rgen . j .10 liUMtllf 7.11
l-iri I'mnt stieet,
Noder Hoovervllle
l.rie Pi, ; Krjnk 1:
Pa . Henrv ft. Voirt.
XVnleiford. Pa
lisle. Pa.
P.enorted in
. Jonn w Vance, Car.
goon Health, camp un.
novel Morelnnd Kles. Lrle. Pa. 1 '
William ninier lleishey. Carlisle. Pa
JJdiiin Il.irue-, Lrle Pa , Alfreel lltetor. I
ii ueitva nxenue rittsiiurgii ; Joseph S I
iMoAelon, Tb noUlavill. , Pa. ; John 1
ti hcry Nexvxill. p, I
Itril reel XXOUiillnl lam,, Ullklli.n 11 .
darci e is li.ii- JfiJS llullaiiil jitrect.
Trie. Pa I
Prt-x 011s x rrpnitnl I IP. el in netlon
POiv reprite.I pi Isutier of war In fler- '
main eninp unknown go id health I
Thoina Custer Westcrnixirt. Mil .
Grip Kills De.ni of London Cor
respondents at Paris
liy the .tsiociatcd I'rra
Paris, Nov S Announcement I made
tit tho death of I.aure-1'rs Jerrold the
correspond' nt of the I nneli-i '! Tl".
e-innh here, and the Liiglish ceirre.
' spodentB In Paris. His death was due
to pneumonl t, follow, ng an attack of
Laurence Jcrrold was born In London
in U73 II- was edui.ited ui Paris l n-
vrolly vxliere lr if'pixd tl " de-mccs
fit Uachelor of l.e "n h J II i lor of
-.pijllofcopb In lull, e'l to i i" il. us
' nxjxxspapcr uuio uc xi .
ks treating or erriv i n nn i a-
Jnle French sonii or '- ic i '.r
Whl'man, Ihe inrrlcuii poet Ho
VilsWi Pr is w'ciow uua uae aoiu
ileiloo .Scuds ihninitr.itiouV
He-t Mies lu (..itnliilnli
V iishliiqlmi, Vix
.- in .rrx Mi i.i,i rii.iiklni. Iii I'
U i -.ii i Ailiiuuirtrnlluii, s ni 111 ml mi
lt . I lifonm to Hi-mi runt hu I"
I 'I iilug for I nlliil Mnti-. Si nut" (inn I
' M1 li nan an Pnsldint Wll-un s pun nil
t larttestly hope thi people of Mtchl
Ban nill tlml nu t'nltid flales Jxrna
to. nil TuicUni. our Invaluable war
hcmIi i ntiil jmir procth all demon
strated liitcrnntlnnal 1nlpr r( In the xxel
fine i f 1 lie masses if tin pi upli' pecu
liiitlj Kuntniilec the iluii.ul.r of "UP
poit il it vim uciiiiil r ii ! i il I'll sldi nt
us u im mlur if th s, nji oiit ild
t mi voulil grunt I -tt i ugil . n 1 I li i niN
.ml i ilil in. ,i i ii ii i i i il in i iaiy
in th. nut ,i ,n, 1 ii , i 1
jlHfnre tw-elxe Rood men and true
RV nniinV WKATHKRl 'n"'" """ I'hllaaelpiuanr. two of
I) 1 UAUU 1 )) kjA I I1L11 ( ,Ulnl oro om, rt ,,P1Ti lini, on(. n non.
1 1 nm, arc IioHIIiik nlKhtl legal ssmposl-
lit Poll ill Mitrnm;.'.
Leaders I'Apect Hush
Later in Uaj
lly th
rip Iwirlalnl 'fen
Irrntnii, N, .1., Xox
Thienteiilnjr iieatlnr Upt luiinlmlx of
.-,...,... I... .... .1. 1 ., l...l
v..n ,,.,.,, ii. .in mi- uiin imi'.-iik
New Jeraey In tho morning hmtra nd
the hallntlnr ww unilKimlii light Thin
situation waa notleeahle pnrth nl.nly In
the fanning diatrlrta. Uepubllenn and
Himooratla leaders predicted lie my lut
ing later In the day, howixer, md both j
nlis ilanml i.-tor
In the i. i 1 ii 1 1 i'U .stales lenntorl'il
(onte-tK Waller K. IMge, lioxennit and
nnilrl Ilaii d. Ineiimbcni, llepublh ann
ari opimjed reaieetl-ely In eienrge I
IrfV .Mi'lito and ClmMex o Hi nntwav,
Dermieraia. liumrnnr IWge and Mi. Ia
Monte are rival for the full term to
HUeceetl Joneph H Ier) HnBlmtxcn. hero
are eoiileiilN for llepii cental lies for
t'nKle In all twoHe iIihII'I' tf. but In
the tlflh lltrli't a Itepubllean ali will
j be chosen fur a Blunt term ti till a la-
Tho tiienii-four-hour op-n-a.r nm-
pttlffII rondu.ud by w..man HuffrnglKta
i,.re aenlnm fnlted Mtaie, Henuttj-
Balrd ended nt 6 a. in. today.
Dclermineil to Itrtlrc to mtzcrlanil,
Ocrmaii I'reim Itepnrl
.HllrrdiMii, Nm Ti lOnipi tin i hul
of Aiihtrl.i-Ilutmari Ih deli i mined in ib-
dleate and will ntlir to
MvitrerlHtiil '
, .,
f.eitndii urn spapera sax 1 be Liiiperor
iji.iuij iniv iiiiuniiiivrii'i'iii, ii i miui'u
elurlns u conference on Miliirdui with
the now- Aliptr'un OcAernment and other
Influential loaders lu the dual nnm-
I urchx
mji. and the i ouiliict nf tin w ir and '
fP i,ti, treason mil rcliilli.
u i til be I
released, i'
Is othci.ill atuiuuiii'd in
(Former S e-l Philadelphia Pa
j irolman Wrile, of "M. P."
' Iferoie Seriee
uro exec on the alert, ellreeiing tialllc I
at tho i rnssroads. In danger of being run by France, ilnat ISritaui and ltnly. A
ilown bx- their own trucks or knoiked off Polish armv Is noxv lighting on tho west
b.x shells. im front xxltli the Alllid armies, being
The soldier was a member of the- l'o-1 under the ninimand of Gincr.il Jnief
Pee Band Ho waa a great favorite with Haller , ,nrge trt eif this Polish
ihe persons living In the xlclnltx patroled j fnree was recruited in tho I'nlted Slntis
bi bin,, the e hlldren eatling him "I ni'le unib r the direction of Ign.ico Jan
Itlll"." and making a groat pet of Ins Paderexxski
horse. I S.s tetiirx Linsings letter lo Mr.
The vers follows lunoxxakl follows
MIUTARV tsiU.fr: ni' jtivvi I.
'ct - tnlina on a injd nil.sl wltli uiml
s ni-iel ot inrinc fl.M of bleml
Wl,wn" Mnni xxhltio and 111- bis sum
tn m'Xn Imrrox-m.nt em li'll eiil"t war.
n, no h, ro . Ilxk al- tht I conliss,
'oel snd collwiel, imt .tinje.less.
Cut '?" "n", n ll' 'hkfceat bo does-illy
TxrosisJ tu the lire fmm the erttmy's hands
K.r In- sl'sna th ruads xvhrs ilw trucks so
shrnpnel snel shell pli.i up tllfll.
Anil his outstreichi'il Imnd saves m.n from
Iho drixr' in,, nnd hol.l their breath.
V rem sunrlsi. lo suns. 1 he's on the alert
t'nprot' lest from dansera and colored with
Ilia (lull's lifrformesi with "rhythniatlcal '
veiili nir I. rush I -r-r .lane Iihs Us plac .
Ni. inn t r xxhst .Isiij.r it max l"
1 1- mlN' fms' li his iltll lo si-f
Ttml ihi Imtx .i ava ncd and rx. ,onc's
i ill
i i in
t- .i,
iH SillSl'iil HIS UiilirH prf
hi. 'H ti
- xx Iixb
I. ..I- shine
1 ml. in 1
"" '""
i l i
1 1,. i.r i
ns inn XI
, rtlirra frnni h.irtn
Gcrnuin Aii-trl.tii-1 IxcmiIm
pjn l0 .Norlllt'lll Kllinirc
. . r, .. r . ',, , ..
Aiii-.li-ril.ini. 's"i' " A dispatch
remix id flom Plague s.is tlio Her
man mnsul gt'iitiul there itilliil upon
'11,0 leinlers lif tin XUllull'll Commit-
tei and niiiiounci el tb.it lie 1 manv
recognized the Independence ot the
CzcpIio Slovak State.
Ho added that German) would be
nliiisod to xxelcomo an ambassador in
V.erliti .11 the earliest possible inomcnt
'Ilw Mate woune'ii in ueiiuaii spe jk
Jng Austria, s.ijs n Vienna illspateh
adopted a resolution luklnii eog
nljinco of tho unnnunce inetit of the
armistice vxitb ltnl nnd dcclniing
continued lonl frtviulahlp vxitli t'ic
Get ninn cmpln- nnd Its decision to
conduct piace tiegutl.itlons lu close ac
cord with Germany.
dually the rptnlution declares that
1 the council regards the German region
I in southern Tyrol an nn insepir.iblo
part ot thu Gcrinnii-Austrlan Htuti .
llrrne, Nox. 5 Tho Croatian In.i
meeting at Agram. has adopted unani
mously a resolution calling for the n
establishment of tho Aumilatl klngdem
and uniting Croatia, Slaxonla and Dal
matla vxitli Independent Austria
lire in Drtigtlnrn Ilatcmcnt
Pirn In tht basement nt the drug
"toro uf ltotlixxell and Cameron, south
i list comer of Slxt-lhlrd street and1
Ijuinlon u .neuue eaij this morning j
iistinxcel drugs valued nt ulnut $00.
'1 lif t e was dpi ox led bv he t.iotoi
i a ' ' ' , p.i-mg troll x car who rent In
i , i in J ' a ( on, i-haii and li's fat-
, . img ii "k ir ttie stoie xvcie
aiouseel, but x - rot fore'ej to vacu'e
their home.
Cii-t Ihillots nt LiliertN The-
aire I'hilatlelphians Inrush
lTp on Law
$lrrial liilpntrh to I i H.itf Vnblic hrttgrf
t'uiiip Memlr, Admiral, Ml nv' n
Three young men of Philadelphia who
packed owny their Irienl I mv upon the
bonkhclxea nf their law nfllccs In tho I
Quaker Cltv and girded on the arms of j
in American soldier nre btRlnn'ng tn j
think of the days when Mar will he no i
iimii. ami mien tney win no canon upon
in display their eloriuenc anil tlulr
iKiloin in defending s&ino poor client
ums of their on. threshhic nirr fid j
easen, Mud)lng new uisra as they ap-I
penr In Iho dnllv papi ra, and preinrlns
Ihemnlltii for the coin I He If(,ftl lialllrs
that (.eem to lm fat nppro.irhlnc j
Theae three men, all erf them Kriuluttea
nf th. I nlriiOI of l'ennajlianK Law
."ichool of the rinas of 1B15, are Captain '
Lho.v Van linden, J ml Re Adxiuitr- of
thla eamp. I.lPiiieniint full llrnlnirn
perannal oflker of the eamp. and S'er-
RABI.I 111.,' 1.1 II tlnff M,f tl.A In..an1.li.l
"- ...."I ." I-..-
Th men fmm l'ennaylvanln nre ent-
Inp their ballota for the candidates lineli
home thin afternoon They are ntiiiK
In the Liberty Theatre, the booth belim
open from I to I o'cloelt The otlni;
ennimlaa'nneia from the Keystone State
are aiipenlelnp the ennlng nf the ballot
and e'nptaln tun lloden. referred tn
ahoxe, 1 hahiiIii the i"mmliiinnrrw
The men fioin loiio anel I'elau.iri
i I'Hrnn mtlns In tin main t M A
uuliainB at II o eioeu thin mornlpff
The memorial nn- to be ulebiatml
hero on Suijtla.x foi the men who Idled
ilurlni; the rtmu epideii.lc of Influenzi
H bo ono of the mit tinprefwlxe
eereliionles eer held at Menile It I
hoped that I'.irdlmil i'blionn will be able
to nttend The choir nf Ht .Mary s
Semlnarv, Il Itlnmre, will imr the
inilBic nf the mara nnd tlieie will be a
band to plav A (.penal (juaril of honor
will eni'ort the 4 m illiinl and nlllecrM nt
tho mans tn'lhe Ptand on Liberty Tleld
Where the mn will be nuns.
All tho Catholic ehnpI.iiiiH In eamp will
be oflleera of tho nim, Lieutenant
Mlihael 1 Fncnitv nf Menandrla ll.iy.
New Yeirli ulll b. the ulebiant; Lieu
tenant nilunrel .1 e,cnm,n e.f Attnona.
iliacnn: Lleutennnt .1 J McKeeier. of
I'lttHhtirgh. niibdrinon Lieutenant J. J.
j Kill, Neil eirl. iiti, muMer of
ce-renionli , Lieutenant -i ,T. J Honner
I and .1. J. ItMnc. nf Altoon.i
nn laeuieuama 1 .1 ininn anil i.eo .1.
i oinii-riiiejer, en I liisoingn, acnijiea.
r,nmiitiloii will not be administered
tit the mnoa ns waa the ease- nt the field
mass cell brand in June The men In
stead will rccelxo the sacrament at tho
, earlier masses. The telatlxes and
friends nf th, men xiho fell victims to
mine -it in niln.k
It Is expected that
,i imiiili, r ot Phll.idi Iplii.in t who lift
relatlxes through
iiilltana xxHll attend
tin- serx lei s
Joiiin Other Allie in Accept
ing Army in Field as
Uiinliliigtiiii, Nox J Tho Polish
uriiij, undi'r the supreme puliiical au
thority of the Polish national commit-
e h is been recognized bx tho I'nlted
States Government as autonomous nnd
cubelllgrrcnt. Secretary Lansing so mi
"omiciel In a letter sent to Unman
DmoxxskJ, president of the Polish na
tional committee, who Is now In Wash
ington. The uctiui of the American Govern-
mem is slmiiuT tn that taken recently
i,t , mknoxxleelce tllo rerelpt of
Ixour letters of iietnber IS. and i "ctober
2i reeiuifctlng Ihe Governnieut of the
t'nlti-d states to nss-eiclato Itself xiitli
Iho Govirnmenis of I'raino and Gient
Ilrlt.iln liv ree-ngnljlng the Polish aim,
under the supreme political authority of
ihe I'ollih national committer, as nu
tunomous, allied and cotiilligerent.
"In reply I beg tn Inform ott that
tho Government of tho United States has
not been unmindful of tho zeal and
tenacity with which tho Polish national
lommittee has prosecuted tho task of
marshaling its fellow coimtr men in .1
supremo uillltnrv etfort to fruu Poland
from its present oppressors,
This Oovi-rmiie nl h position with ri -sis
it to the poli-h enure and the Polish
people could hardly bo more clearly eh -inn
I than was outlined bv tllo Presl-
dint in his aeldress bcfoin the Congress
..lni,,n , .. Then fore, fi 1 Ting
is it dois a d.ep b.xmpitliy for the
Polih pn-p!e nnd xlexxmg vilth grailll-
anon tlii ptogress of tho Polish cati-i.
ibis Cox. nnm nt expcricnus a fe'iltng
of genuln. satisfaction In being ablo to
comply xx Ith jour reepiest by reeognU
ing Iho Polish army, under tho supremo
P0lith-.1I authority of the Polish na
tional committee, as autonomous and co
belllgcicnl." Hauler Dies 1'rom VTounils
llurrUburg, Nov. 3 Allen W Jlow
in.,11, eight ecu Jears old, vx hilo hunting
ducks Bieldeutallv shot himself In the
stomal h and died. Prank Pronk, of I
llixaltoti fifteen, was shot acclelentally 1
bv ltalph slpe xxlillo hunting rabbits ,
I jje w not expected to rccoxer.
full 5'(-incli size
Three for 20c
Cot) gross Can tlidat vs
of Six Districts in City
I ripil ciindldateH fm H'ongress
f nm I he K Philadelphia illstilrtH
rirl DMrlrl .1st, Jth, ibih, r.ntb,
Snth. ,11th and 4Sth Wm1a lie
piibllean William H. Villi', 2101
South llioad Btroet; Democratic,
Paul II t'naalily, M7 South Twcnts
fltt Mreel.
.seunitl DMrlrl (Stli, nth, loth,
tnih, I lib, J .Mil, L'Oth ami 37th
Wards! - Kepuhlloati, GeorKP M.
Or 111.1111. West llnd Ttunt IlulldliiK:
iMiiniiiitli-. .IoIim 11. lJorkIo, 17US
(lie 'ii street
'llilnl Distill I (2d, nil. lib, nth,
t,tl lllli, 12th. ICtli, 17th, IStli ami
inth Wards lb publican, ,1. ltnnip
t ni .Moore. 271 Soutli rotirth
htrnt. Democratic. William A.
Itii, 2im Not th Scvenlli ptieet.
I'niirlli DIslrlil (2Slh, 2atb, n2d,
.IStli niitT 17th Ward.") Kepubllrnti,
Cinugo W. IMtnniiils. 1511 North
Thlltlthml M t eel: Dcmoci.ltlc,
.locipli i:. r.iblui, 1151 North Thlr
t IliNt Btrcet.
riflli DMrlit (Slid, 2:th. P.lsl. r.id,
.IMIi, 41st, 4Hd and l"lh Wauls)
Ib publican, Voter L. I'ustl'llo, 35U0
DN'tou Htrcet, Diinortatle, Ihitan
uel ft. Clinton, Deluwnio Klvcr and
TUirii Ktieet.
SlMh DIslrlil t21t 22il, 24th,
27th, 3 Ith, 40th, Ud, lltli and liltli
W.lfdsl. llipiildliun, (ieorKO I"
Dirroii li" 2 1 Oi im intiiwn aii'iiue;
Denioe n.tic, .Inliii K LntiKhllli, 3S09
'lie Ktiiut ei iei t
In Many Stales and Congress
Dislriels Their Votes Will
Deeide. Election
v iifciihiKtnu, Nox. n.
Woninn liolii ,i predominant place In
tnitnv's el' 1 1 on at manv points of the
battle line, wlm b tend over the entire
eountrx In some of the States the i
ngure as candidates of ono eir the other
major partli's, and In two- -Montana and
Nevada, lu the region bexond tho ltockx
Moun.alns where equal sulfrago l.s nf
lunger standing than it Is for the JJasJL
they ate reprieuted In contest's To,
t'nitnl Stntcs (.en.itoiships, though upon
independent thl.cts
M'ss Jeanrttp llankln. at present n
lbprcfentjtixe In the House from Mon
tana, lost her light for the ltcpuhllcnn
umnln.it Ion for Senate, to Oscar W
l.iiml.lriini tail iinil.innteil liv tills set-
,iM((, enterul tho Held as 'he candidate
1 of the National partx, und Is making u
j llxelx fight, nlbelt nut a xcrv hopeful ono
Jin tbo x'cxx- of shrew el political obscrv-
.isrwhllo In Nevndi Anne Martin is an
independent candidate against I'nlted
'.sintes Senator ch.ulos If. Henderson,
Democrat, and L 1. Jtobeits. Ittpub
. In an
lu tin Last and Middle West the
I iinnien also are actively ennccrned lu
toelay s contest in Nexx ok state.
xxliere, ns full-Hedged voters. It is nm
ceded they will sxxny tin, ibclion. nc
enrillngl ns the preponderance of their
ballot goes to the P.cpubliean or Demo
cratlc side, and lu New Ji rsi and In la-
ware, w-hero they are realouHj cam
paigning for one or tlm.otlicr sen.itoil.il
candidates Mrs 1'Ioience llaj.itd lllllcs,
of Wllmluglon, is leading n vlgomus
erus.uli ngalnst senator Wlllard .s.iuls
bui.i. tho 1 icinuiT.it lo e.indid.itc fur n
eleetlon, because of his hostllltx t.i
woman suffiage while In New Jeiscx nn
enunllx' eat nest battle Is lielttg mado by
tho xxomen apilt.st Senator David I! ilrd.
Ilepubllcan, eif Camden, who Inxokell
their itidlgnitinn by his rt filial to siip
poit the Pcderal suffrage ninitiilmin' In
the reeent trst on the Moor of the .senate
In several of tho States surfr.igo
amendments to 'hc Constitution are
being voted on and In these contests the
ixumen an, itggicsslw flguns nm pun.
lining then actixltles tn the- amendinenls
tbemselxes. but extending th-.r siippnit
or slioxvlng their opposition to legis,i
tlve nnd e-ongresslonal p.indldnles of one
or the other big parties ns these max be
trlendlv or hostlln to the surftage 1 ..use
It Is Ihe iiiieertiilntx icgnreling the
pit x color of tho fe mlnum xoto 111 such
States ns New V. ork, Illinois, 1 .illforniii.
DieRon nnd sntno of tho otlur eommuii .
ties whir, the frincliitc Is exerclfird bx
women with a dlsmnceitlng el.gi.. ,.f
hide prudence that Is causing the polit
leal calculators hero no end of trouble
lu tlgurmg out to n nicely toda s, results
In many elos,, congressional dlstilns or
on hotly contested State tlikets.
Cuiiliii.il's Will Mentions Only
Three Hit-Imp-, Made Kxcrutor-i
New Xork, Vox B - The will ot Car
dinal I'nilej nieil for pinhate vestinlix
shows that he left his ennu' estut, in
Illshop McP.iul of Trenton w0 ,-.
heroic him. Illshop Hiikex, ot l!o. Ins
tn and Auvlllnrv Ilishop llax.s ,f
Ncxx leuk. under a pioxsion pv xxiikj,
the' siirxlxur of Ihe tlueo is to take tin
estate. This disposition was ma,, i,
ihe undo standing that tie eiu.i. , ri,
em si, all go to tlio IJonia 11 1 alboliu
The value of the estate was no, is.
closed, the petition merelv suing ,h,i
the personal estate Is mm.- n m J5100
and tin, real ertate ai p,ipt jinoo
Cardinal Parley left as his 1 1 ir'-at-law
txxo nieces, three grandnieics and a
gr.indnephew, none of whom was
Ilonnl' In the will '1 he will was made
or. .Miy 17. lOKi shortly belnre llieileith
of lllshuti .Mcl'"aul, and was xi liuensed
bv Monsignor Laxelle. the Ilex K ithor
1 nomas- s, Carroll and . p u ronn.
im fillornel'. s
fLS7-,. ,r.i. :ie;.rT51
DI1DP l1
You may
have your home decor
ated now in anticipation
of the coming social t.eason
with the least inconvenience
to you.
Get our eitimale no obligations
Ileuv) Note Heporled in Jlli
nois, Indiana and
lly the tuicintnl Vejx
( Idrngn, Nov.
ii.....n r i.. .. . .i
llepnrtK from arlou8 tedious of the
Statu Indicate that the vote today would
Im lulrl heavj. The matte rx of great
ct Interest were In tho contest between
lames Hamilton Lewis. Incumbent, and
Medlll Mcfoimlek for the I'nlted Stale-n
peniunrsnip, anil In the Jrt" (lOlt.nfln liotnl
ii-siio ror good toads throughout the
Prom aomo rolnlK then wete repn'ts
that the lat 1 of local mntcMs temleil
to hold Inek n full ote. but Ihe pica,
ant ueather nlTcied Induce tiienti to
it.iM'l tn the polls that In .I'mcai-uii
olTset HiIk
titber senatorial battled tli.it are es
peelnll.i Inteiestlns ale the Newberrv
rord contest in Mb Wean, the attempt
of tiniiruor Capper to siipplinl Sen
ator Thrmpson, Dunne r.it. lu Kanaia,
the luce bitueen former (Inicrnor
Polk. Demoirnt. and Judge S. P. Spencer
lu MNsoiiiI nnd the Kcnjuli and Kcjes
at niggle in loiin.
In tho gnhernatnil.il IP Id there are
sowi.il lively lights, luinplli.itid by
Ioe.il fvsnuii in some cases Tlio re
pot ted defection nf some Itepiibllcan
support ftom Prank 11 Willis, tint
p.uti 8 cindliliite for the executive Po
sition lu ulilo against Uuicruor Cox,
has nioupei interest.
Indianapolis lnd Nov. "i Chief In
terest In the e In Hon today hi Indiana
1 1 nti ml In the ennii'sis In .the' thirteen
i ingiesslon.il ill.trh lx and In local mu
te sin fur mint nillics The State tickets
no he.uli I In i nub litis for Secretarj
of stall, us i he olll e of Governor holds
fill flllll XI lis
The il, ii started i It a'r and ool. Inter
est wa spot.idli. In tonio pirts of the
Stiitn the enib vote belnd heavy, while
In others It was light
Milwaukee, XXI-.. .Vox ." With Ideal
xxeatbrr throughout VIeonlti a heavj
vote was pii'ilutid hi today's election.
'Iho early xnti- lu Mllxxnukio vxati ver
he.iv. tho main Inti test apparently cen
tering In the fourth and 1'lftli con
gre'slonnl di-triit e'ontests. Lxery veitcr
on hiving his voting booth was handed
.i badge leading "I have voted." 'Ihe
lib. i i as plaiiiiul by tho county council
of defi nsi in the hope of bringing out ti
Cull vnt
Predictions that an
xoto would bo cast In
Michigan tod.i.x neined to be borne ol't
bv the eaily balloting. Paxored by
tdenl weather tluoughout the Stale anil
k. en local inntcBts, xoters vxeic out lu
force earl.
Intenst it, the contest between Lieu
ti limit Commander Tium.111 II. Ncxv
berrv, Iti'publlc.in, nnd Henry l'ord.
Democrat, lontlnued at high pitch today
Suffiage badcis continued tlit Ir work for
tho woman sulTiakC amendment today,
bending their energies tow aid bringing
out a maximum nuiuhi r of voters.
Four Men Held
for Bond Theft
( iintlruipel frnni Puce One
methods of 1 looks final) suspected that
the men p.iptuied tmltiv were eonneclcd
xx Ith the tolibirx.
siispiet I mler M ..,(11111 it
The house at Thlilieiith and P.town
streets xxns tlie lic.ideiuartcis of the
gang, the polleo say This piaco was
foniieil) the home of "1JIU Mceiowiin, '
one nf tin. men eli.iigid xxlth attacking
Agent Piank fiarbailnn, of the De
li it line nt of Justice, at Dads Hotel
ninie tlmo ago
capture of tho men was due to the-in-openitlon
of Government agents
city Hall deteitlviH and opetatlxcs of 1,
prlr.itu ditectlxo ageno) Detective
Lieutenant LeSttnnge and detectixe'
McCaity and Clark gax'o valuablo aid
lu rounding up tl.o men.
Klley was held In $15,000 ball foi n
further hearing nt a hearing this after
noon before Jlnglstrato Imber In Cen
tral Station.
Part nf Ilont) Traced
Among those who testllled at the
hearing was Joseph Moonex , 211 Kcr
non stieet. Ho said that last August
Kilex- gnxn him Liberty Ilottds north
fill. 300. Tbo witness snld ho Ineik one
$."" bond to a Glr.ird nvenuo bank nud
receixed J 180 for It. Later Moouev
said, he, si nt .mother man to a bank
it I'lfteentli and Market streets vx.lh
the rcnnlmhr of the bonds, but t,,ex
wen, ticognl.ed by their numbers nnd
F' leel.
'I lie witness vi.as summoned to detec
tlxo hcndtiuartcrs, bo snld. lie ndmlt
'd telling Captain Souder that he
lought tbo JDJ.fiPO viorth nf bonds
from a man whom be did not know, for
$12,001,. Ho declared ho did not know
they had been stolen
Mooney said ho entered a suit of
replaxln to recover tho bonds and ad
mitted that ho had mado a' fi-lso af
fidavit. Tho remainder of tho stolen bonds,
1, was reported, will bo ri covered later
lull. I).
aaaal h'asj'Tfcii "lT aaaH
Canning System
In a , Loudcn-cquippcd warehouse one man
can do the work of five. The storage is system
atic and the work is carried on with speed.' No
congestion, no wear or tear on floors.
The uses to which a Louden Carrier can be put
are endless. No job too small and none too large.
Considering its low installation cost" and ab-
sence of upkeep expense, it is the cheapest car
rier on the market. Write today for illustrated
Dairymens Supply Co.
1919 Market St., Philadelphia, Pa. ,
I'ocustlOIS Rac- HG7
(Est. 1867) Fairfield, Iowa
NOVEMBER 5, 1018
trge St.ilc lo "Itctlcpm Herself
From Mirtnkcs"
roliiinliii". o Noi n. -. Plate lusuea
weie nlniot entirely Miltmersctl ny the
nptienl of I'renldent WIIkoii to aupport .
inn .Vlinmi'miniiill oil llio cip w ",J
rihlo election, which will choose a Gov
ernor, llepreentntlies nnd Htato and
count v nllli'lols today.
M llllam Howard Taft, In a telegram
to lteptibllean hendquartcrs last night.
UrRfd Ohio to "redeem herself from the
mlcUilies tnndn two ears ago" nnd
"atand united for llrpublloiin State and
rongroasinini t cuetH " Tho Isnuo tnauc
liy ,hc iTeShlenfg appeal, the former
I'resltienia telegram unld, "uhctner wc
shall .Meld to one-man power lo meet
tho great problems of the next two
jenrs should be met bj all loyal Itcpub
Ileitis with an answer that con le.io no
Few of Kstimatcd J.000,000
KcgUtcrcd Will Fail to
Cast Ballots
lly tUc .lie)cnlei Vrx
' .New lurk Nov 3
Nexx- Vork MMn, e.ecllot, day on
which women wete permitted to vole
beg.in with unfoxoiable weather In inati)
sections p.eporla ftom some cities up-
rtntn Indtnctcel, however, that, as In
New Vork city, tho low- temperatures
and gray skies were not deterring the
women from exercising their, franchise
In large numbets
nbscrv em In New- York oil), taking
Into an omit the earlv rlirh for the polls
he ip, Lumbiiieel with similar reports from
other cities, exprese'd opinion that few
of tho Cdtlmntcd 1,000,000 women regls
Urcel would fall to cast ballots x
The Ilepubllcan nnd Democratic State
th kcts arc beaded, respectlxely. by
Charles S Whitman, Coxernor, nnd Al
fred li. Smith, president of tbo board nf
nldeimen here, and there nre fortj -three
tip,ecnt.Uives to bo i leetcd to Congress,
with Socialists having candidates In
tixenlj-llueo of the districts. Thete Is
no I'nlted States Senatorial contest. The
ng'stiatlon totals 2.S21.77S, Including
a luldler xote nf -UVuiO
Vxhlle lu some of the districts in New
Yelk eltx 'thero was a. decided falling
off in the forenoon xotlng, as cnmpired
with pieviuiiH )ears, the polllni gemr
all) sceuicil to foicc.ist a bean vote,
atttacted beth by Presldi nt Wilson's
ippr il fur support for the Deocr.itlo con
Kiisslon.il candidates and by Mr. Smith s
attack on Governor Whitmans admin
istration, together with the Gox'crniT'H
campaign utterances declaring the chief
Sluto issue to bo whether Tanmimj was
tn innttol tho State through Mr. Smith's
election. j
In some ot tho districts here the ma-1
Jorlty if tho Voters appearing at iho i
polls early wero women. I
Tho P.epubllcan Stato cnairman pre- ,
dieted th.it Goxernor Whitman would be j
re-elected by nt least 200,000, but the
Democrats wero equally Insistent that
Alfreel L. Smith would bo tbo victor,
but they did not claim o largo a mar
gin Contests for seats In tho Senates have
occupied tho voters In Matsachuietts
Ithndo Island, New Hampshire, Dela
xiare. Nexv Jersey and West Virginia
While tw-o Senators; will be elected by
Nexx- Hninpsblie, the Democrats In that
State have centered their energies upon
tho election of John It. Jameson for the
two wills' unexpired teim of tho Lite.
Senator Gnlllnger.
'What T
Have Deinandutl for
Armistice Comment
Nnhnnt, Nov 6 Senator I.odgo at bis
homo hero last evening bald ot the
Austrian terms
"In my opinion. It Is a military and
naval armistice, nnd they seem to me to
amount to an unconditional surrender.
That is what I haxe been demanding for
xiecss nun wceies i nnve not examined
cireful1) the boundary lines ns outlined I
1.. IS,.. -iionUD bill rt. fna .. n f j ... . . '
111 I m- 'i 't Mll 1" mi H 1 .ill I Ct?t ll
Ih noth'nK lcs than unconditional nur
lentlpr, and of that I am ery glad."
Set the Children
A Good Example
Use SOZODONT yeunelf and
teach them to uie It to leep the
teeth while and lound; the gumi
firm and the breath sweet and
Are vou doing ottr full duty to
jour child to avoid future tooth
trouble? Procrastination Is tie
thief of teeth arrest it with
Liquid Powder or Past
State Issues Submerged in Uc-i
ply Voters Will Give to I
Wilson !
fly the Atiociatcd Prest
Columbus, O,, Nov, o.
Voting for Congressmen, Governor,
State and County officers, electors of
Ohio today nre answering, jes or no,
President Wilson's appeal for support of
the Administration Held to virtually no
speechmaklng because of the Influenza I formally announced himself ns a ean
epldemlc. eandliiaces of bolh parties con-' elldato for International vice president
ducted vigorous though fllent cam. In response to appeals that he stand for
palgis and Interest today in at as high a the place to give the anthracite! fle;l
pitch ns at any
election s'nee that of
Pormer Oovrrnor Prank 11 Willis
Republican, Is opposing Governor James,
I Cox, Democrat, for the gubernatorial
flection In congressional districts can
didates of bolh part'es hnvs waged bit
ter battles, which Increased with the j
publication of the President's appeal for
support. l nrouRil me cnaiei nii-i t-ru in
purely State Issues Is submerged In tho
reply voters nra to give the Pres'dent
I Tho umendmenl which would prohibit
I the sale or manufacture of Intoxicating
beverages In the Stnte Is. next to tho
' bfm wct un(1 dry forces claiming xjr-
j tory.
i An amendment which would refer nnv
ratification by the Legislature of a Ked
ernl amendment to popular voto Is also
being voted upon.
Maw j & DiL.vs
Tyrol Wool
Men's Overcoats
All Weights
22.S0 24.50 28.50 32.50
Tyrol Wool is nn ideal fabric
in all respects,
comfortable and
Mann & Dilks
yJOQ 'fall
Is This Your Bill?
"The Sins of the Flesh" are punished in this
world not in the next.
Disease is not an accident, nor is it sent
by Providence. Jt is Nature's punishment
for the breaking of her laws.
Hemorrhoids, for example, occasion an
infinite degree of discomfort. suiFcring and
misery. So docs a fissure or a fistula.
But such punishments are meted out to
those who sin against Nature in two ways
by neglecting to maintain regular, easy,
thorough evacuation of the bowels who
form the bad "habit of constipation, or what
is a worse habit, the taking of pills, castor
oil, purgative mineral waters, salts, etc., with
the mistaken idea of overcoming constipation
by forcing the bowels to move unnaturally.
But the Nujol Treatment for Constipation
prevents such sins of the flesh, or mitigates
the punishment therefor.
Nujol helps to re-establish easy, regular,
thorough evacuation of the bowels.
Nujol is not a drug, does not act like any
Nujol is absolutely harmless.
Nujol keeps the waste matter soft, moist,
and easily voided.
Nujol is not absorbed, does not aftect the
body acts as a mechanical lubricant, which
can be used for any length of time.
Get Nujol from your druggist.
Nujol according to directions.
Nujol Laboratories
50 EroadiTi), New York
VrJt'llllltf -' TJJOL is sold only in
rr in nmg . Maled boltIes )earilir tho
NujoI'J rade Mark. Insist on NUJOL. Vou
may 3tff'cr from substitute.
I tnii. ikVai- IJTEtiiLiikm JrlHIll '
Conviction Makes Her Registry
Illegal, lo Charge
lly in Associated I'ren
tn X. rk, Nov ii. Mrs Lose Pastor
Stokes, eonvletrd In Kansn t Ity last
May of violating tho espionage net. nnd
whose nnnetl Is now n'tiillnir. was nr
rested here last nlfcht by State Huperln-
I tendent of Lleitlons Marshall on n.
charge of liming reglstcrrd Illegally for
I tlie ..ilcllnn lr.1l.1e
Mr, Marshull asset led that, because of
her conviction. .Mrs. Stokett had lost her
franchise, nnd hud committed a felony
by reglster'ng. Mie will be nrtalcnca
Seek High Post in .Miners' Union
llatlrtnn, I',, Nov 5 Thomas Ken
nedy, of this city, president of tho Cnlted
Minn W'r.rteein nf ftxn .mnlli rttfttrlot.
representation on tho staff
Leoncavallo Dinners
Over the Top
Celebrate the
Italian Victory
Leoncavallo Dinners
t tiii:
251-56 S. 12th Si.
" l it A

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