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i r- i - , ', , , u a 1 " ':"":" ' "- t r
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..- -
. L
Hnrvard Rival, of Philadel
phia, Refused to Slay
Kino From This City Slain in
Action, Ten' Die of Wounds
and DisenM
ltefused permission n teturn to I he
front because he hnd not sufficiently
re covered from his wound", Corporal
Harvard Hlvel. of 33; North Preston
street, "hookul on" with his old outfit
as a cook tenched the trenches In that
way, then "ducked his job." go: Into
the fighting, and was wounded nir.iin
Tho first Injury to rorpornl Hlvel was
not rftlclnlli reported until todav , hut
In tho niennt'ino letter fro 11 the vming
soldier Informed his family of his ad
ventures His plnt'.'ti lad an encounter
with a liermi.n "fl.ime-thrniier" .luring
the heavy fighting along the Meu. and ,
only a pair of thick goggles he was
wearing saved his eyes from being '
hurned oj
Lieutenant . !, Mr('nul.-i.r, son of
Mrs. A II M.-Caulav, inns North Slxt.i
thlrd street, h.i-i been wounded 111 notli 11,
according to H 1, iter received by his
mother Lieutenant Mct'uulay Is tivcti-ty-seven
years old, was a member "
the Second Troop. Philadelphia
Cavalry nnd win his ooinml.ii a at
Camp Oreene. and was assigned to the
headquarters company of the Thlrl.v
ninth Inf?ntt; . Nursling shrapnel
caught the .vuung officer In the hip dur
ing thn Mttlo of the Ma me a he was
leadlri h platoon Into action His
broth. iaw. Cupoial Chester .1. t'ln
cttta, was passed ditrlnc the sani.. ai
tlon. Lieutenant Ham- Kr.vekberg. notrd
athlete of the Philadelphia police force,
has a! o been wounded In m-tlnn. ac-1
cording to unofficial rctiorts received bv ,
friends here
Private Kiln in M Donohoe, a son of i
former Congressman Michael Donohoe.
of 283? Frankford a -mie. Is reported
misting since .September 20 Private
Donohoe Is twenty-three ea.s old and
a member of the marh 1 gun company 1
of the 3l3ib lnfantn Though an of
ficial telegram from the War t"partmont
states that vonng I'onohoe ha. not been
located since the date n itned. his parents 1
have a letter from h'l 1 mitten on Oeto-
ber 10. In which lie mentions the battle
of the Meuse and added Hint he v. .is feci- I
Ing fine. '
Private Donohoe Is a giuditate of .
Catholic High Scho 11 ami S'. Joseph's
College, lie was drnrted In October of '
last year and trnltiid at Camp .Meade. I
Additional detail" hae bee.i received
concerning the wounding of Lieutenant
George I! Power, Jr . of Torrerdnle. '
whose fate was unofllclallv reported !
some weeks ago It Is now believed that'
he will recover but will not be able to
rejoin his command for five or six
months. '
There ate 1075 names on the combined I
casualty lists today, including 1.14 Penn- I
sylvanlnns. The total for Philadelphia I
and district is seventy-three nine having j
been killed In action, thiee having died'
of wounds and seven of diseaso. whle1
forty-one have been w .united. t, Massed 1
and four are reported niKslng
Many of those officially listed todav .
nave already been reported ttnomclally.' !
Private Dux hi lilHinnml killed in ac
tion on September 29. had a brief but 1
glorious military career. Drafted on I
.,,,. Jl.v 4 nnd.sent to I
i Drafted Jufv 4. Canvi .XleSdo he)
KtlleA Serif ") volunteered for Im- '
ftl"M t"- -' mediate servlce
ovrrreas and went
to France :irl 'n July as a member
of Cotnpnny I. ill 5th Infantry, Phlla-
delphla's own regiment of selected serv-
Ice men. After 1 brief training back of
the lines the Siut'i was lushed Into ne
tlon and Private Diamond iw killed 011
September ? In the furious fighting
alonir the Mouse. vh oh lias com this
cltv so heavily In killed and wounded
The mother of the vnung soldier, who
Jives at 705 South Second street. we.s
stunned when she r.wlved the official I
telegram Ian night telling of his death.
"How la It possible 'V she asked, "It
can't be done Why, it's only a few
Weeks ago that he went awa I can't '
believe that he haH been killed " Prlvnie
Diamond wns twenty -three yearn old.
Corporal Joseph n. Land, who died
of pneurronla In a. Frencti hospital on
October II, was the son of Mrs .Toi-eph I
Land nnd a grandson of William llryntit, 1
prominent coal merchant and member
of the I'nlon T.i ague Corporal Land !
was twenty-two vesrs old on Septrmbe- I
in. Jftft nnd hid b"en In France since
early ths vear with the in.ld Motor
Supply Train nfflclal notification of 1
the young soldier's death wns received
hy his mother Inst night but she had
already heard the fact through un
official ehanm la The vnung soldier '
waa a member ,if thP Second Troop
Philadelphia Clt favalry and spent
seven months on the Mexican border 1
with that organisation Later be was
at Camp Hancock with the lltitli In
fantry, but following 11 sham attack
of pneumonia waa transferee i0 tnH
motor supply trnin nnd sent ,11 id. Miss
Marv I-nnd a t-lster of c ', Land !
Is takl"r the vocnt'om' mrse i
at the School of Design leorn, nr to tench I
rrlalmed and d'sahlel snldlem how to I
(uoporx inemseives
Private XX'llllnnt llisnti Pumnnnv P '
S16th Infantry, nas kilted in action On-
toher 5. while oneratl-g a machine vn.
Jn a letter to his mother Mrs Amanda ,
IlSeson, wrl'ten a 'ew davs before the'
first and Inst battle he ever had the!
chsnee to take part in. he expressed his
ern'rs to get Into the fighting, and
:"iu ur-i ne mn nm tear niatn for ,
th nnbl- cause which lie wns helping
.to defend. B j
PrlvMe Hnsson was drafieil Inst vinv
and spent two months at Crimp Mendel
nefore golnn overseas Mrs Hasson has I
Kiiuii.rr oiu. .it mp servic1
Morris Has-i
son, who Is stationed nt F.dgewood arse-1
nal. Private William Hason was tiven-
u-uic .i-im un. Him uvea wnn nm .i,.r
tnfs at 2249 Sonfh Front street.
Rerrefint XXMUlsn. v.wm.n nmiatt
..A.... ..a... ....i --.a . . . . .
reported bs wounded In action on Sep
tember ti, was also passed according
J." let!'"r.,'t'r?lv'.'i UV hl'1 Parents, who
live at 2221 South Sixty-seventh. Ho Is
recovering In a base hospital, he added
l.u n'ci;ia is lie uui unu ailOUl again
ti... Ut. -.'..... - . """-
-, f noon. iiiiriy-nrsi nre.-i, Yiuunui'ii, ir.iB uraueii ! i-he Huns are retreating so fast, iney
Sergeant Newman enlisted on May - 5? Aprl' ,2 .f ,.'." yi!.'. ","n.t "f!1; . don't have lime to stop In trenches. They
& 1M7. In the First lteglment. N O ' p " , h''" "V,uvm Fnv t nhn1;',11 ' "n n0 ma"-" fr th Allies novv. We
and while training at Camp Hancock ' 1'.. ai,,!n ?V,hS .fmM.i" .u.V "ave einashid tbrouBh tlio Hlhdenbur?
1, ; became so proficient with the bavonet I Z w'.Tniured on Ju Iv " . ...
that he was made an Instructor. It look. .n rec2fx"ed sit co tmt r time whfch ia "Some of tlu n.,ar neB n" n,',e B,,ilng
' i for a time as though he would be nt! h i an ArderW -.t n..se I nsni...t passes to go to Paris. 1 would go, too,
V kept at Camp Hancock to teach the I new , . '"having recover" "from hta I' ' a uniform and was healed up
soldiers how lo handle the weapon the ivSimils" Another brother Jos.phxtkln ' 1 '"""t"' a can "f H"ur lem.on ''.ro,,s
hoches fear most, hut he made such a i. iV, the (JiiaAertnaster'e Corns of the some t"mo ago and am still sating them.
. -n - atrong plea to be kept with his regiment ' l?..'." .lJ?."SfSLm.aiiIL.,l!.,ki,.rp3 ot the Thv ere nrettv good Chocolate Is
'." ! k . .Ar.M..I .....u i. " -. " I' ill) lllll II lutitcin llihlllicill,
lt, sv.nf overseas with thn ' iniitli r l.r.. . .
' '' iV, iii , Jt v t ,,, l .'", f '",
l l , 1 Ole HOliert ,. I rook. H (llmrd
"'". ""'"'" .'.,.;.".. r.""''u '" he
; 'f, f College graduate and welMinown semi-
professional baseball player, ha heep
Girard College servfng In France
dthhtcGaucd '&; lhjn.
. drafted on May 2t
f thin year and sent to France with
1m than a month's training. Crook
played at various times with the Logan.
Olney and Spartan Athletic Clubs, and
'wag considered to have a bright future
en the diamond, lie was an assistant
jiaylnif teller at the Central National
JUnk. and made his home nt 237 North
Twenty-fim street
Private Msrlln J. Murphy, of the I08th
I.M li.llll.rir Him lllllitlVunlirU,l nn
n tjrttsram received by his .mother. Mrs.
svHsimas Aiuruny. ujd --.uriii i niriy-
nsn mirei. o.tfi .inn nuv ncuru iruui
an since he left for Franco and
no Ides whether he is still In a hos
or has rejoined nis company
Aiarinsii n. Alonir, wounnea
as drafted n Novemoer of
The Honor Roll for City
mid Its I icinitv Today
Ml.l.llll IS MTIIIN
m:uiii:.nt iiiii.mxn .1. vmin. "'
1T.M North LsmlHit nr ifn.ni. il!v
( llVtl'-OiUi! Al,tllt x HINtl.1t'"
N itli 1 p tliil el (fncinli liillv '
tllitlTlKU. Ntllll.l. II. CIIIIII.ItT 1
. .'ffl" iton t 'initftii iep irM-"'"
i" ii 1; niii.i i
J. IIV-stlN. -'-'I-1
cum ii; ,ii;s.-k
-riui.t.. i" J
fMUt 1 ile fl.1 le "It . . ' . , ,
l')tl VTI: I' Will III WIIINII. '"! ""'"
i'i'i Ari'TTi's i iii 1 iiiisiiitiirrrt'
njil North, ll.imt.i th ft
I'lllVXII. 1 1 . v :t 1. 1 .- Itlilll. rnl, .n
.irtm. 1.111 S'.uth .Virtklik '
I'llM.Ul. (. I.. HWTMlN. I1-''1 ""'i'1
1'went 1 '"!.. I -t
I'lin.in: jiiiin 11. uii:(iiiiM. '"!
x "st Mlm . 11 nofiiilHiU 1 . t-rt '1
inl. riU 1
llll.ll III' ttlll M-
t (iltKiltM, 4tisi-:i'li tiiAStiitl.t'ti. --!:
Hl StKll 1 t
I'im.UK IIIIW VKII K. Ill NV-II!" -'"
st i'Ii. ,' 11 1, 1 ii i..l n-l "
1 li'i'l'iiK ,Miin: .1. i:i.i.s. t-i"
North llulihinfeii s
nii:ti tic iiii:m:
oi.ittiiiVNr iii.nk liiwiuxm:. s,m
N'irth Se unit ft . ,tit ,.
ft.'lll'lilt.VI, .lll.l. I'll (I. l.NI. I' I '
ClIKI'oitA'l.'Vi'lini Ii. MrllMH. 1""J
ert 1 'I ei,t-M!ith fl. . ,
i iti - ri; in tiAZA.tx. I'm W'1'
I'll.- t 111- ! I-Ifj UIMilll" illl'.V ell -S '
nln'i'fi: t'. .1. -Hini. :j n"v"
Hum ,11 'i mreei (iiiurtV il ' r
I'l.ilx.t'u. i.nttAitii .1. iixi.x. ''
Km si ,1 n.irtl. lillh r l 'I'"I '
ri.it i 1. jiiiin t.iiti -i nti' -''''
eUtll rent "IHll'll M ll'r'.ieus.jr
1. tinrt- 'I Utief I1' 111 ll '
tm mi) t i:r.ui'.i.v
MIlfTliXXNT A. I'. MlCAI'Id'A. Il"'
N-'llli Mxtv teirn .1. n'leilt" l"i
( iiiti'-iutl.i. JIIIIN 1. I.YNt'll -''in
N'irtii hiank.il r il'r.wuuhli i -lir!t
'i uti.iilk ul:i 1 .....
ri(i.iii; ni.Aii.iitiii nti.MiNi'ti. in
PuivATif U'li'i.iA.M r. i.i:i'i i-
n'lh ! irt 11 1' 1N11 nun-. luti"
l.l " '
tiii Mii:t)
i.ir.t rr.N M' ii 11tcN . ntttu-
lli:illi I, It -lelllll IU!H-"i'Bi I'll'-''
11 1,1 ne 111 li 1 i".ri"l.i
ol.ltlil. .l UK II Hill Nl'.MUAN. :--!
-"utii s,xt uituth si .
-Kltl.l.AM' ICIlltr.lt ' .1. MAIM IX. .'"t.l
iii.U'lini'l i-' 1 1 ininli null n V I"1.1..
-I.l.dl'.lM' l.lltl Mil) K. KI.IIIIAM.
'..t'l H-irn si , in- itite'lii ill
SK.'!Ki'Al"W;? HI.IN-m. 7o:i
.- uia I uunh -. 1 in iili 1 il'i r
(-lini'iiit.ll. lihlllltii: . IIINHI.I.X.
J Hu'ltn Flll Kt iitirl ' li lUiilii-.u.n
I'lri.i'iiit.ii. .a.,iii;i, t. ki:iti:ii. ati'ti
n-lll 'I'll' Till tlltil 4 I I'll'lttl' l.lll
t-llli't'llil '. J. H'Mdll.N I'tssllll, lTOsi
.N..1..I lll'.lt.i elsntll St It'liotllclalll
fll."V"l!r..l .IIIIIN M. M1I1II.I.. '"
N'uriJ. 'r,lellt-H,'i 'Old Si ..
(dill (III. II, Ml.I'lll.N HOLT. ---'l.
r-'itllh K.i ii lith ft. ,
tiiiii'iitiAi, tii.tiiuii: ti. sritiiiKK,
;.iit 1 u'ii., I- s an- . .. .,
I'l'.ltX'll'. .IIIIIN -Clll.ltr. -.-'IT North
Klflh sir. .1 irJrreiienusli n li'Tl' il
1 I'. 1 . .is ' Ki til k ti 1 -l'ltl.ll.
Mtltlll.l. . VI.NIAt. -'
mi. 1. ,i'H ,1 r ml 1111 I'lre.ii. 'Inet-
it i
I )
I'ltiivri; i.iii.i: 11. cimim:. i-'i.i
I.e. US' -t ll'li'itrl. Hill, rils.rti.ll
I'lllV 111. Mill l-.l. II tNN . t:l IJ -- 'U'ii
Tviili, s.,,,nl si -l'l-ilouslj r I'url-
piiiVi'i","rii!xis 1:. iin., i-t
N, 11 in rani'i si. tlJr'ileu
nrt"l ll.Tiltl' nl 1
l'KlVWI. IIWIO AIMN'-. i,n.i
Sntih Tlilrtv first st. i'rilHI
Wi'iVatU1 "ii'ifl'l'fcll" 'll. IIIM.HUI.
Tnelllh si nnil tllranl ;
i-i iv n: (liitti .1. i.TKit-.
Una, 11 , 11 ii'iffl-lBlli refitli-il I
I'KMAir. i.tiiix siii;(ii.i.li ji-.ii
.Ntirth fhl'l'tth "l. (I'niillleisl'- re
I'li'i'i't'ii: mmiiii: 11. imkii's. 11m
11 s. 1-1 Mi s! ..11 I Mm. rtur-l .n.
11 neltl, 1.. h ri'eri"i' ....,,, ,,,.
I'llltVlli (ltltl.l I.. .MAIIKt". .'ItO't
N'tirlM M xlii nt . link t.Hiie I L not
fli lull 1 relief'! 1 .....
I'KIV.Wi: HAItltX -I. MOO.NI.X. Hl-tT
1'lll.err i ii'n.itTI.-lHlli r.-iHiri.il 1
l'liiVAri: huh iti mhi.i.i.i.vn. hoj
U'-Iui -I (I until, -till relirle.l 1
I'ltiv.tri: .1 i tin (i'.utiN sj- south
rr.iziei st tl'iinlTlelalli r. pert.
ritii.vrr. lltltltl ihiii:n. .1.1 1 nm
si Knxliiirouirli . .,
I'oint lire-' nie. (l'norft tally report-
-t vestrritv I
I'HKATK .IIIIIN JIIMIll'ls 4'Jliil N"".h
riui'Vri! i:i.mi'.k 11. kiiii.h. siw -tm-
lllT VTi: r-ltl lt TAYI.OH. ell Suuth
I'llSVxT.MAKTI-N I. Ml-KPin. M
I'lm'iTif'i'iivvAm. ' ri:iiiu:i.. it
M.irrl" t
l'hivvn. i:i titi) i. i;im.Mx. mi
imiiv'xi 1: i.'i.inciii; 11. iim.i.idai. 37'J7
,'rih ". 1. ni. :.
I'ltlVVlt OI-.OIlt.K I". II Mill. IVr-y
r.M.i f'lli- .if --. liuiiklli
I'ltlt.VTH rilllMVM A. JIIIIN'MIN. 'Jlinj
it'iVVti:" hn.i.iAM i.i:orin,ii. i:at
t-'liniitH"nt me ItnxlHirou.ih
('(I'll'llltM. lllltVAKII imt-X. SSJ
North i'r ptim ic (Preilously reported
nnnltli l.uh '
(Oltl'lUIAI, IIIKII S. sfllA.NTZ, IS nit
(1.1 Vork r.'ii.l tfnolTlelnll r -
I'imiii: KKitix m. iiiin'iiiidi:. -as
:: 1.1 I r.,r.t aiinuc. (ln(iirlelall. r
p.ir'..l )
Nurlh S.cti-ruurth t.
t iiiiriii: i, (.KtiitiiK ci iitiM .T.l
Kiii'-r-il.l st 1 UnefhelHili rei ir( I 1
iiitfiiit t. (tiiii;it .1. ciM'iiri'A.
H.ii.-. North sixtj-tiil.il t. il'ni.niiUiij
I'llllAI'i: (il'.dllliH . liliLKN, :tlT
Thi..l..ra me (I'nnffu l.i.H rcporle.l )
I'lllVATI. t'l. Vltr.NCK II. MIINT.V. II7IH
N(.rth SI tin si il.il, Lane ifnorfl
. Ulli r- ii irte.i i
lltlVXTi: KM.I.LNIt'K IjKI'lOXY. 4.V1
t-' 'ir!'"'iiit ii.- ii neftlelally reiuirteJ I
ritix xn: miiiiiitr ,x. t'lttiiiii. v:n
NuiMi 'In ill, iirst rt (fnnfllilally re
I'ori.d I
(OUI'liftXI. II. II. I'llll.XIITY. .IK., llrin
l. ,v i iU'..i.n.l.-.l I
lltn ATI. TIIIIMAm KI'.I.IA. Media.
I'flil lil',' It M.SKI.N I1I.NS.. I.Mnrastcr,
I'. ilil.-l In n.-tlon
l'ltix.xri: xx.xni: c. t i:u.ni:i:. Nor-
rlslow t- . Iv'llc.l hi a, luin I
ritiv.XTi: .itisi'.i'ii :. Miimii.diuck.
(lUrisl.le 'a (Dint nf .llseiine.
I'UIX XTI. JIIIIN llll'.lill. Norrlstown.
Pa (Wouiiited
i-niv.xrr. xvim.ixxi t. ii.xtiiiaM.xx.
Nuriv 1. Pa (Weunil .1.)
in,.i,b,i i,.' i'.,mii!in,-.li 51-.1. iro'p,iP.
last .-..fr feitlnrtfl n( f'nmi Wf nA o
nnd sent to France In July of this vear.
According to a letter received bv Ills
wife. Mis Kathrjn M Agnew, of G3'.i
XX'vnnewood road, Overhrook. ha Is now
convalescing In a base hospital. I'rlvatn
Agnew Is twenty-seven years old and the
son of Mr. and Mrs. A II Agnew, nf
isrm .Norm riftv-iounn street. lis
brother-in-law. Sergeant Major John A
Morlarlly. of the Slfith Infantry, is also
in service In France.
Private .Xndrew .1. XVrlU. Jr.. died of
wounds, entered the service on February
2.". 1 1K. was sent lo Camp Meade for
ttaltilng and sabed for France In Com -
i minx II. 31Sth Infantry, on July 7. The
ast letter received from him came no
I llir BIJlTril.ll .1 "ti-.tic, i.i... ,,,. uillin.
-iu .nn n.i.-A.i i... 'r,,u. ...... i. ..n-
.1... ....,.... .. Ilnlnli., ..ml I, .. ..Hlnl..l
llui.i.ciiii.'ii rt.ti.t... ..ii-. lurpmi-. i.rui'
was a metermaker by trade before enter -
Ing the army He has one brother. Wll-
Ham Wells, in France with the ordnanco
department Ho lived with his father,
Andrew XX'ellB. at 1210 Hutchison street.
ir.ir.ir ."i.. ... m.i-i ...iiiu
ti ITfV
rJnmiil llrant K, Slreaker. renorfed
lurp.irai ii'nritr. .v. sirrimrr, reported
wounded In todays olllclal casualty
' .... ,,.a naiisu . nr n.r lh tu, ,.
' fensive but has
tf0 Letters From
Icng since been
Home Since I
Struck France"
back on the fir-,
lug line. In a1
letter to a friend
In this cltv. Cnr.
poral Streaker complains that he baa
not heard a word from his family since
he landed In France. On the other
hand the young sohller's widowed
mother. -Mrs. Louisa Streaker, declares
that ve for two trench cards. ent. by
th Y, M, C, A. and a letter from the
ueu itoix bob hub nui nrui.i oro ns
to her feon since he left this country.
She has written to him many time's.
, she InsUts, but not a line has come from
Um in elf,rn HtrenWer lllrnwl.. .'
every week and adds that he cannot un-
uerstanii w. - tniu ua never teiiveu any
oi ins tciivie.
streaker wns gassed as he and n
friend were leaving a dugout, a stray
shell having landed near the entrance
without those Inside being aware of
Its arrival. According to a letter from
$kd $m$?9 -SBsT" WnP Jzzm& J1
'""yu; ; ,uyr,
" : rX
the lied i'tos. h i.-ieii ,i iaitill
nnd Is now t.-o l with be commatid. the
until Itifnn'M The i. .img ('nrporal
vas onl eight en iihrn he enlisted in
he old First I'.eumieiit. N if p, back
In l'llfl. He iiet.i thriingli the Mexican
border campaign .ompletcd Ids training
it Camp Hanoi. el. anil wmt overseas In
May of this .ir He was fornierlj em
ployed In the composing room of a local
morning newspaper
Corporal tleorge t illuming, gassed,
i'is i'ormerli imploje bv the Phlladcl
tililn and Itcndlng Itaiiiiay and mad"
his hom at 3B73 Minernld uteef. lie
was one of tlie.ltisl men nf that section
of Port Itlchmond to bo draft' d. eax
Ing for I'ltimi Meade on September so.
of last year. Aftir tlie usual course of
training lie w.ih sent to fiance tp July
of this year with the 315i.i Infantry.
Philadelphia's own tiglment of selected,
ervlce men Since his unit has been on
the llrlng llm. ('orpinal I'ummlngs has
Keen nxcr the top three tunics without
being Injured, but on the fourth Journey
thtnugli No Man's Land a gas sheii
burst right beside him. tearing his mask
ew ay and rendering htm unconscious.
He Is now ut a bast liospltnl slowly re.
cxerlng from the effects of the gas
and shell shock,
I'rliale I'r nil. v.. Illegi, wounded dur
!tm the Ameilean counter-attack at the
Mat-tie. Is a former minor league base.
.. , .- ball star and is
rormrr i am jtai- rated as one nf
rott" IT'oiimiVf! ot
tin- Marnc
the best younc
Pitchers ever
or leaVter, :
i.nti of the cltv
lllggs has from time
ti. time ul.ived on the Huston Nam. nf
the Atlantic League, with XViidwond .ma
aoo wnn ine miiimic ' ny uaiiroau s '
Cue He picked up the rudiment, of the!
twirling art while playing with the Fair-
inoiint Park Sparrows, the famous or-
ginlzatlnn thn has given many stars '
the hli? leagues Hlggs Is twenfv-
loor ic.ir-s iiiu ii.u neii ill i.sjj .ortn
Tanev Mrect He was d-afted ln Sen.
'ember of last year, ttalned at famn ,
Mendo was assigned fo Company L,
3t5tli Infantry, and sent overseas In
.Inly. ' Ills family at that time lived at
!I2 North ltatidolph street, but hns since
moved to Men huntvllle, N' .1 Forst-hofff-r
was tw- nty-three years old and
a member of the Knights of Columbus
and the Foresters of America
I'oroeriil Klihiiril II. rogarty, .lr.,
wounded In action on September 27.
during the llattle of the Mcue, was
sttuck In the lde by a piece of sbrap
n -I lie was treated at a base hospital,
nnd. according to a letter received a few
days ago by bis parentH, Mr and Mrs. It,
II. Fogar'y. of Rrvn JIawr. has prob
ably relolned his compan) bv this time.
Cut fioral Fogartv Is twenty-two years
old and was a student at Vlll.uiova Col
li ee when lie was drafted In November
of last year He is a tine, all-round
athlete and played on the baseball and
football teams at both Vlllnnova Prep
und Vlllnnnvii College. He Is a member
of the Headquarters Company of the
SI (ith Infantrv. No otticlal word has
been received ns to his Injury, but his
parents hove heard twice from the
joung soldier himself.
('irpural Noble II. Gilbert, killed 111
action on September 27. .luring the
great Hattle of the Meuse, whs the son
of Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Uilbcrt, of 51
North Ithan street He was drafted ln
November of last vear. trained at Camp
Meade nnd sint to France In July of
this vear. Coroporal (illbert was twen-tv-seven
years old, a graduate of the
Southern High School, and bad been
employed as a reporter for a commercial
Journal and as a solicitor for a large
wholesale bakery before Joining the
nnn'- .....
Private Lester 11. CniiUe, of tha I-orty-i
seventh Company, Fifth lteglment Ma
' rlnes, has written to bis prrents, Mr.
land Mrs c. Cooke, of 1215 Locust
street, thai he was wounded In the flgbt
1 lng of Oe'ober I. He received a tna
I chine-gu i bullet In his left heel and is
now convalescing in n base hospital.
i Private ('ooke was nineteen years old
I the dny before he was wounded. Ho en
listed in April of this year nnd went to
Franco two weeks later.
In another letter private Cooke tells
i of the thriving trade driven In Herman
trophies and souvenirs by the American
"Well, I have n little money again
,, ; ;,'?'; ,.,,,,:" ,,,,; V. nn.li
""J0" ln ,,"'r" b4ylV ilnif fn? flv
'"hi niy boche trench kn f e for tlxo
now. ' he said "There was an -i. u.
francs I Just happened to pick It up nt
the last front I was on
"There are nil kinds of souvenirs up
on the line-
Some fellows bring nncK
' lots ot helnnis XX'e make cigarette cases
out of their 'Holt Mitt I'ns" belt buckles.
I would pick up one of their 'gats' or
I ....!.. l..u,..a I . uaiu ,1.1, II U .'rill Clin
lie.ll Kinnr.rn .. i rn. -,j -- - ""--
I .,. .... .. ........ ii. r.i.,1 nii ... son
i urn ini-.ii 111. u..iit,n .- ...
; francs I mn not anxious enough for
.anything to turn over a dend bocho to
get It. If I could send a trunk home I
.-...ii.t collect all kinds of tucli thlr.gs.
, .There Is hardlv any morn trench
tlgptltlg HOW II IS all open llilimiw
If 1 ever do go to I'arla and cct
paid I bure will get 'sottio' feed."
' Hon, was jnly fifteen yeats old when
1'rlvale Julia .virsiiiu, wounueu in uc-
ho enlisted in tho old Flrit Iteg'.ment,
N. (J. P. Ill the
M.Venr.f)iI llpro summer of last
' . , ,, lr. i i vear. llceomfsof
Vain uIIy If oundctl hhftno- stock, hie
father having
B,r.tn through the Spanish Wnr nnd
' ni grandfathers on both sides of tin
, f'arnliy navlnB fought for the Vnlon In
( ", "civil War XX'hen this country de-
red war en (iVrmany young Mesklll
Iu -nnnlrv tin
waH cnKt.r t0 unnBt. and finally his Im.
portunllles won lis mother's consent. He
V. i.n- ,.i strong for his age. and man-
" " B .""u ' " ' h'. 'Veeri". Vn eel
ii....h nnw iiinieultv
i WlthOUt any tlin.CUHJ .
In letters to his family he says that
ho was painfully but not seriously
wounded nnd Is recovering so rapidly
that he hopes to get ono more crack
nt the boches before the war ends. Pri
vate Mcsklll was a clerk at tho Jlem
Ington Arms plunt and lived with his
parents at ivuo .iurin otxm siroci. jig
JAv Ik :' J- i- " Sw
TF- ; 1
tftK -s..fWBef r!r..ejl-Ta'1'- '
Hordrn and went overseas in May of thli, Iterested In Mr Hpt'Oiil's ranipalRti and , 'm well, and they mustn't worry ' Audi. . ., ,
enr with the 321st Machine Hun liegl-; , happy over the outcome of yeater- XVard wrote, 'If Jack doesn't come out business nnd politics than most men w
mnt. ,!,.., ...Minn lint ivltb illnes. death von wilt bnn.. i. ....i i i.i. i.i.. i J are 'catapulted Into olllce."
PHiate Xi.ni..ii.v For.thoffer. killed Iti ';, ,. ..,.,,,.. Bn,i nllviPtv about un. llko th., bli- i,.V, .,,"'. i.. " ' "I tlon't believe I wll! have any
action, was orauen in .nay oi in s yenr. ,; ' , , . , , ,. '. ,, , '. ,',"' ,"","' ,,'"v " -. i, , rinni din nnsstbllltv nf r
. . -. . ... . - . . . . . in..i. ....., .11..,. ...in ltr.iwMml.l In flint II 1 1.1 tf lm tl,l li,i .II...I 111. .. .. - ........ ' IdtlH U OOUl l 111' lldSSIOIUl Ul 1
an.. ni.nr f.T.iv i. i.iv .-..,u nr .fi.Ti.i .iiii:,. i u , ,. t , k v u. ,.u. ...." ............ .. .,. u...., .,, ,a,i, iii.q u. ..lic .iiiipi i
purenis ai i .unn oiui . ..-..-.rstle. m.t ,.. i.n
ernduated with honors from St, Ott.J''aUAa
.scw.. yon .
- - - ;
i .mi's School, where lie alsii made ipilto I
ii record as an athlete. He is a member
I the maclilne-giin sotiail or the lojtn
I'rlinte Clmrles .1. swlde, who died of
.if pticumotiin In a French liospltnl tm
i 'i Mibcr tl. formerly lived at Si3T North
Ii.uiock sttect. He was drafted In May
t this .lent, tialned at Cainp Meade and
nt to em nee in jttiy lis n tnemtier ot
I'liiniinni 11 315tb infiintrv. lis lakt i
letter lecelxVd by his sister. Mrs. Louis ' hla patents, Mr. nnd .Mrs Fnuik bryck
Krtteger. of lladdotilleld. N .1, tells of ''':, "J "'"' .,' ''"f,,'",' u, ,ie
the nrellmlnaiv lialnlnc the reg inent rll, I'tillet went through Ills knee Oc
lnr I'll'1" ys it. inline no I' "i ni , . . . . . ,n i.,,q Vios.
was undet going and mixs all Hie hois
were anxious to teach the front.
Prmile ThniiiiiM Kelli. tctiottcd tniss-
tldei attached 'to the hea-K mlrt'e's JWI run b,,f,,r' oiUK ,m ",e "rV- tor llollllro1 1",rt,?R0 . . , , ' whnl hnjipens It, Fr mice an I Fngh. d
r,,,;;!T,i,!,e,";id,dur!,:,g isss- f " . -f " 2d x:,it,;'ii C n,; " I" v " t -. T ? ?Tl
It m I ot g' ti .. M ' o, Se em ,et ' I i Hngltuer ' 'otps, wounded in action, is re- ""hed. said the W. . ' ' what Itifluenxes rise and may or may
V'be'en iVni,' he Vas'tailen-prii: J,- WH'i Tl ,u lX;
'"Ccrgean. Thomas ... .earn. .Ir.. was la.dlow .rest. who formerly lived In ,,, poMe that evidence ihould be sub- VlVnZ of our n ore Hlor-
kllled In a. ton In the fighting in the l'"alls of Schuylkill. lie In thlrty-ono mltort , pistrlct Attorney Uotnn and mhl.. democritlc fnrm ,. -!I.C ,.!,?."
Argonne reg on September :7. accord- years old. and enlisted In September. . mcIal, In turn bring tho matter "h "!?.. f",0,c""l,form J Boycrmnent ;
lug to word teeeived vestiTdny I iv his 1917 In a letter which wan long do- '"''c.'"' ' ",,?," VtriinilJuiv This ?. 5C. " mwt 1,p '''l'e''l that a'lru-
parents. Mr and Mrs Thomas J, FVarn. loy.n be sahl he was In the hospital , o the attentiot J "f the 7mI Jm ' ,T ' " Isis and theorist, with hnlf-formed Ideas
itri s..-..iii ijimlirri street tfenrcant and getting w e I rail d y '.s u tnatl'r that reiUlrea lmmcill.no of n ,iHl,if ,. ,,,, ,i.u.
, .... .. it. i it it-. ...ii"-- f' "It looks very much to t'te like poll-
Mrs. proul I htnlts uml bpoaks More of lAi'iUtmanl Jurlt, ((s.s't.'ti; ,,,,, continued tho Mayor, "for the
and Coming Homo. Titan of Political I ictorv manner m which It was Issued for
nii.1 iiiii'inl ffiiniin Publication on election dny. But that
f iff o tal Hanoi s ,, t ,nn.r. , Rlll ti,0 chief es.cu-
The lli'.i.i I urn iroii(li of In the
whole world is that 1 am the motner or
!.:...: .1 .'. -.. .. ..'.i. i...u...- ..,mi
.i .....I,. 1,A. .(.. .,.K- .,r llie SlHte.
"; ',',", 1 narrisburg rejoice most '
over the siife teturn to Amerlen nf her
soldier son Lieutenant John It. Sprnul.
Instead of wot lying over the fetnlnlni
Interests at Hie Stnte House, Bhc won-
, . ,, . ,. ,i,i,i. nt,i rolnt
''"fr'1 lr Jlu,!' xxaltlli at Old I olnt
t'omfort for goieriiiuental ordern before
he ran visit his family, didn't need some
buttons sewed on or perhaps some new
.... , .i.,.. ,n. ii- ,,A v
' ,:1 JUht a mothM. nfter all. she Ct-
plained "(ii cour.se, im neen iiiuin in-
last few weeks, politics have been
pushed to thn background.
"To lo frank," she confessed. "I
i,r,.-r,'i l.-.l nnv time in think about
lltlven I HUM Ull .iiii.- iu iiuiir. ihjipi. I
ti ..!.. . - .! i. ..!, i l.,. nifn '
IliliriPl'UIH ' tlt fc - ttUMlll "111. I
l Is. flr." !
til lie tllere.'
Clad In u messalliio nnd georgette
. ..1 ..A -. t l.l.i ..Is ...! .I'Villn liai
IlltJI III UK HUX II 1J1 iilU-vn til I ii i ill iv , tit- i j
ft gray hair piled high and her gray
es shining with ecltemo.,t. Mrs.
roul received her vlslto.s iu the II-
iiiu vim i t: v1 i iti . ... " i
. . ... . . . I
C! lit-, lit I
ht.iry 'f the ramuiinK oiu Home near l
e, epidemic which brought sW of the
household to their beds at the same ,
Ilut nlwnVi Ther "t !nouhW und her con-
versatlon drifted back to Jack.
lie win ne ivveniy-rour in January i
read me a letter from her son Ward.
telling about meeting Jack in Prance.
r)i'innpi"il Ciniliil'ilp miv
ISUIlOLIdl Xu.lHHin.llt . ll)
Sproul's Own Great Qualities
Won Oovemorsllio
Senator Sproul's election to the gov
ernshlp wns due to no Republican fac
tion but to the Senator's "own great
qualities" declared Judge F.ugene C
Ilonnlwell. defeated Democratic randl
dnto today ln a public statement. The
statement follows:
"The electbrs of Pennsylvania have
recorded their verdict, and ns a believer
In the will of the majority, I accept their
Judgment. I feel no personal regret
whatever except on account of the faith
ful nnd priceless friends who have so
loyally supported me throughout this
extraordinary cpntest, ntnl In whose dis
appointment I sympathlte.
...... f.l.n tl.nalnn Unrni.l l,n. .n
.liy 1IIVII... ncimivi ,.. ,.,.,., .,n vwii-
.fnei.ri r. cr.mn:iln of slrrnnl dlmlti us
I alsry sought to do. He has during all
Sproul as cur Chief Kxceutlve. I feel
assured that we win an nave causo ,
gratefully to appreciate an ndmlnlstra-i
Hon during the next four years freed I
from graft and scandal, that will with
nblllty nld In solving Pennsylvania's
problems, nnd In doing so open the rond
. . . .... . .
!l""u","B '" --" ' - . ..
! to a wider and still more noble career
1 for him
'! take this opportunity gratefully to
thank tho many, msny loyal friends
who have aided me.. Tho Individuals I
shall soek personally to thank; but I
would ho Indifferent Ihdced to the most
ordinary sense of appreciation If I did
not now say that I can never forget the
serxico of the hundreds ot men who
hax'fl so staunchly aided my campaign."
Jack Sprout" 'cotnpntii, lng for days In dugouts in i na c nesn nnraiiiu iu me n uuy '" ciainn anyming mat looks like lire employer who Is also a manufacture
It was characteristic of Mrs. XVllliam the Held. . II was during the battle of Ml .e,l such n course, 1 could have spoiinlhlllty." ' This report will be known ns the United
C Kproul I'heslc.. that, on the day after, Verdun, and this particular day he look- done everythlns In my power lo secure And then tho Ooviinor-clect eel off states Dfllclal War Production Sftrver.
voters of Pennsylvania had hailed her " ','5 toward the hills behind them the evidence. lor his oil ce In Chester. In go later to Powell Kvans yesterday called a met-
wi.l, ,," Mr next ifovernor. and "' " " Ameilean luds coming. It I "This Is an Important public, chnrgo Philadelphia. "Oh. Jes." ho said, "Pin I log of volunteers lo do tils w-orU-tws
.. .. j .. . ... ... I. . ...!..., ... ,.... .1 lini.l- lllll iinH to-1 lie In rnn illt- .lie ...- --- -- - ----.-. .
ewaXre - "' - '
big U,ln thHu'"wer 'happening nor ! '" r Sproul savs I try to mother ' " "ut ,l '" mlRhty """ to UnOW U,at , 'rhe "" "fut" of Wi"WlPW
ofd TZ r'a ZZt",XlZii Z .veo;,e,rwl,oS!cneL with.,,' S" ' " J'"' ""' " h,B " """ KTerHo" nJxx'vS?!? i,1"
It w.ialwavs fro,, his friends we heard. . t-mllde tho (iovemor-elect's wife, "but "".V.1" he. . . .... .. . .... f.rom her? t. .ew. V.or.U..f.?' . 'anniorta-
tnvf veuier,,,.,. tr tn.pnii H litnkann f lost ci.i'l beln It f.l iiir nM,Br ... .ipeaKing or ine nroau issues oi me tion south la "just nami, .iir. Moigiin
Jubt sesterday Mrs JoFeph 1 llltiksot, I Just jan I help It. I nil to othert. to , ,.nn,mKn one of tI10 thlniTH that said, Ho explained that It saved the
oi i neisi.i, nil on. ...ni iiciii ...en., . ...uiner uiy nuy null Kill, l in nor'. I.eing ...u.,., .,n ,rto. ...na .,A .,a.K,rb nr ,,rt I . . i. .,... s..t.l.... . ..t.1
ikn .n.A .f r.l.H n.r.fl.u i.i.llllfl In. ? nr-a
.1.7- -i.rtki..i...Ae....i .... nn..V.i.. '" Lucvrn. to take ine uoay to mm navo ignoreu tno wishes of the peoplo .
"".",' "'"""" " ',,;,, '.,', i French capital. the cltlsetm who elected them. And naugnier oi rrancis xx iison. the uttor,
with hl great executive ability nnd, caesar Hltz was born In Switzerland executives have got Into trouble too and was widely known lis Frances Wlf-
character. but with the lovable personal; seventy years ago. He rounded tho because thev tried to set un In nnii.ie. "on before her marriage to Haron Huard.
traits so Invaluable In tho Chief Kxecu- corporation which bears his. name about rthemfclvW carried awav bv thi rie She lins published two books, "My Home
,.,., . ,.. ,.,.,. Htate twenty-five years Hgo. Ilrcause of the i. l .V V .V. ' larriea away by the de-.on the Field of Honor" and "My Home
" ., decisive efect on is due to no suc"esXs of the IMU of Indon. he ei- !" that they ought lo run for some- on the Field of Mercy."
His de'p'..':1'onI,l,,1 "uf jo no tabIBnd ft llh.,ln of hotel. which In- thlntr else. Baroness Huard has turno.l her beau,
faction of Iivpuhllcans. It Is due to Us c,ud(,"t,ia JMw hostclerles In this city, . ,,, , v , . I tlful home at Chntenu-Thlerry. which
own great qualities. XX Ith Senator v... vi. inmlnn Paris ntnl Ho,.,.,, I Miners rrom o Drlualnn .was the scene of the heroic mrmri.1. r.r
- - - -'-
Fenrn was drafted n ene befor. be wns
killed nnd was promoted to a sergeants
tnnu srpicnincr z lie was iein-ri
o i--a nl.1 nn.1 ii-ha fimiil.aeil lit f 'ratlltlH
slilpynrd before he was selected for scry- i
ice. A ni'iilltei IS hiriniH in '""
lnorclitint marine.
I.leuletinnt llarrj X. rr.xekbfrg. police
nthlctc and winner of m.inj polli'e tar-
nivni metnii nas u "". ;
f rauciv nccorning n wmu "-'v".:" v
lolier in. ntnl he Is nnw In n base hos
pltal ut Angers. France Lieutenant
Fivckberg was with ninpnny 11. 10th
Infantrv. He won the mld-Atlantlc titles
Va:d and .Im it were childhood i
menus ward Mttd lie hud been with his
.'"-. " ..,,,. i.j .ii-- iiiiiuiMin, mn nituu
rnn cold, becauso the boches were firing
straight into that oncoming, unprotected
no."' , ar' , company was being ie-i
"Beu. ." ."ln newcomers, lie sprang i
from hit! dugout to give place to Jack, j
iiotn .veto almost stunned hy surprls" ,
for neither had known where the other-
"XX'ard said he was touched to the
heart, bec.iiibn he knew that what Jack
was going Into was hell. XVatd had
....v... ..., u.n i iini
imlled ns he wrung his Pal's hand and
been In It and knew. Hut Jack only
said, 'XVrlt the folks that you saw tnc :
I. ... ------.-
lean." e,,.,,,,K , ,,- .-,,.,- . rK,.,,i,uu.
There were undisguised tears In Mrs.!1 w,in.t ," he practical nnd common-
Xpioul's eyes as she told the story ana i FCn"? In 'he things J do.
her face was wonderful In lis- r-Miression -
ii ....r. .luiiutnui id im i"AM rarnin
of clnrinpd nriHo. "Vnn int.'i 'nt..iu.
' --.- . ,-..-.-. . ,. .sunt. livtivirii '
UO JOU. that I am lirollll to bo Ills
It was (luting this conversation that
the youiw lieu ennnt telephoned his,
ParentH fro... old Point t o oongrutulato
'ad and tell his mother how much ho ,
. . .
lill 11 lllll.
;,.;.,;'. , I
-in , he was wounded and sent to the j ,, ,,,. M.Jurly ,,,,
'"! ' Ju have bmuh"4r!r?uLh The Hovernor talked a moment l.aout
carry them. There are two Herman , "" " ' " opposition
UMMXtiKOcrU" ,..!rt,""& me pretty well around
..-......-....... ii .......... .....
a grandmother, I think I'm entitled to
do such things.'
Deaths of a Day
iicin. ,, UTn(. i vi io'PI.'t
Allanlic City Hotel Man Frientl of
r .- a it i
Jtany alloIlaI Leaders
x.iantie nt,-. Nov. 6-cari icdeimat.n.
maltro do hotel of the Shelhurne for
cean, is dead, a victim of pneumonia.
nfter nn Illness of a few days. As
"Carl" he was known to thousands of
PhMndelphlans and visitors from other
cltlc3, nmong them United States Sena-
n... .....n.u .. .n1.,u.v.. ntn,,...l-l.ld
actors and famous actresses.
."in, ..,fiii.n u. uiuur.i j, ,.uj .1 iikiiidi
"Carl" supervised notable banquets for
many Philadelphia nrganlzatlons, among
them the t-hore recess sessions of the
Clover Club and "Ourselves," at which
members of tho Phllsdolph'a bench nnd
bar gathered. He knew most or the Im
portant figures In Pennsylvania polltlcnl
Caesar Ititz
Caeser mt. founder of the llltt
Carlton Hotel Corporation and probably
me best Known noiet organizer in mo
world, died on Monday In a sanatorium
In Lucerne, Switzerland. News of hli I Sproul. "I want to make good at (Jov-' Ilnroness Husril, of Chatenu-Thlerrv.
death was received today at the Hltz- ornor A man of tours, hu. in .lent France, will upenl: at 8 o'clock tonight
Carlton Hotel In this city In a message wUthe tnrlals at hand and l.?m,,!l at """'antown V. W. C. A.. 5820 tier
from his aon. Chares, twenty-seven LLh",Th the ..usplces of
u u n 1H MO. I, ....Ul.ca, . CM I jr OC. r it
vears nld. a nr vntn In an armv train-
HU, a private in an army train-
np In XX'heellng, West Virginia.
Ititz, the xvidow. went from I'nrls
I "X camp In Wheeling, West Virginia.
.11 rs,
William C. INWII
Bishop Garland officiated yesterday Ht
the funeral of XVIUIam C. Newell In Ht.
Paul's Kplseopai onurcn. iJoyiesiown,
I t V,...,-ll uhn illad InOi KntllfrlaV lull
r ."--.; '::, ;..J .n i urt...-j
. : ,"',W,S l?r, .Vees of t! eJl'oce' o
of Pennsylvania,
Mn. Ella C. Swsrtz
Mr J. nila Carlisle Hwartz, widow of
tho lato Kdwln J. Hvvartz. for a number
of years managing editor of the Lvenlnr
Telegraph, died yesterday at her home.
4105 Baltlmoro "Vnue. Mrs. S-artz
wns fifty-two years old and a$ nctlxe
In church and charUahlo work through
out the city. She was the daughter of
Kdwln Mliror, oi mis . -?-
vjved by her mother,
,Tliry. Not Grund Jury. lis
Judges, Says Doctor
! Iiitcrcliurch Federation Presi
dent Replies to Mayor
These charges nre not for the ilrund
I Jtirv. but for the voters of Philadelphia"
This In the Ilev. Dr. Carl K Ornm
mer's retort to Mnynr Smith's demnnd
that the tliter-Churrtt Federnllon go be
fore the Orand Jury with lis declaration
that tho present Administration has
brought disgrace on the city. Doctor
CJrnmmet- Is president of the Federation.
"Kverybody known that the conditions
of which we complained exist," continued
Doctor flrnntmer.
"Wo certainly Intended them to have
n political effect. Wo desired, and Rtllt
desire, lo rouse tho conscience ot tho
voters In this city
"The charges we made are not charges
in be nut before the (Irani! Jury, but be
fote the people who elect such mayors
ns the present Mayor of Philadelphia
happens lo be."
Mayor Smith was Indignant when the
statement Issued by the Inlet -Church
Federation was brought to his notice
vesterdav. lie endeavored to (llsrrctut
I action bv the Oram! Jury. All of the
1 gentlemen whose names are attached
to that statement should be summoned
before the firand Jury.
tlvn of tho city, and If these gentlemen
" ,ho knowledge they claim in tneir
- . . . .. .
eiaieuieiu io niic, m rni' i-.,.,.. ,
.". - ,n ,,.uv....j .,, .,,v .-... ..v .. .. j
to act promptly In innklnc an Investlga-
Hon of the whole affair. I will ee Mr.
P.otalt as soon ns 1 can. and prevail j
upon hint to institute an inquiry into
Hie inattiT and bring it to the attentoti
of the cirand Jury." i
Sproul Desires
to Be Practical
loniir,,,..! frm r... m..
, .ll.lnr. l 11,., L'll.s l.x fi.l..ltli..,
Here ill 1-eims.v ivnnia wo ate usually
-. -
irt?ttv nntctiL'ni, auvnow. o :irv nnt
' - ., .At ,
xhe ,lrsl '" ""' """V '"'"' expedient that
Ih suggested At the same time. how.
'ver' ,l10 Kovirnment of the Stale of
' 'nl'lI, " '' f' ' f' ,l';" ""
1 J of rin Pta te ." , '' f
at mattet of any lol.ntrj In
Kvery now and then, as he talked, tho
,,.,... ,.. lwr- .,,, ..... ,.,. ....
, road loan I don't bellevo thero Is any
i- - ---
.doubt that It passed.
'You know what It will mean If we
can go ahead with a real construction
program In Pennsylvania.
"Hut as far ns I myself am concerned,
tho overwhelming, outstanding thing is
I tll '"''Ponslblllly that a fellow feels in
Liny circumstances."
ThnM .Viu .AtnnVtnnB liull kuI.v u.nln
I ""' rouuht the pleasantest word of tho j
, morning Lltle Jean was nearby when
j the Hovernor answered the 'phone.
",l - .'"-i " '' ", "...
I e 8 .c,'-t iiiivni. ,;",.,(
1 Nnmi.i (that a what bah Jeans oalli
! her grnndmother), that lncls Jack I
' "Where Is he, Will. 51" came back the
I qttery from Mrs. Sproul In the ne.xt
Long IlUtanre Chat IX' it I. .sou
And then father and son had a de
lightful little talk. Lieutenant Knrnul
speaking from the barracks at Ncwiwrt
.-sews, vvnerc tie is tied up for the present j
wnltlng leaxoof absence that will enable 1
blip to como home and shake hands
with his distinguished father. '
And then, while Mrs. Hproul talked
with the boy, whose record In the army
Is dearer to her than even her husband's ,
achievement at the polls, Hovernor1
Sproul rceumd th Intrvlw. ,
"I was talking about th sense of re -
! sponslhlllty that I have." sal.l Mr
-,,.,. u,1. ... t,,llrtu. . ..
nen wlt!, V10 l''HtlCBl situation.
,,:, . . .. ' ," """"-
'Most of the men who have ilsen in
' politics and then have got Into trouble
I don't believe I suffer from anv
delusions of this kind. 1 havo been " ,n',,e ""i Tuniioru' t ?.m Tf'"flrv ho"
elected to tho Senate six times, and now ',"".II ,""?.. 8,"PJ'?"?. .ii Ln!JXS:
ito the governorship, and each time with
u nmjiiriiy unu a iieinsivcness mat (rave
tho election authority.
"I hope that I have that indefinite'
thing that Is called xislcn thourh I
at mysenso of vision' developed
far ns It Is In Some public men who1
hear voices.' My training has been
along practical lines.
"As I suld before. Pennsylvania's ex
periments nlonif social lilies havo been,
first f-f all, practical, and we do not
want to undertake things that wo can
not see our wuy clear to put through.
"Pennsylvanal Is bo favored gtograph.
lcally, and ha so rpiendld, a iropulaUdn
In numbers, character and fiber, that
don't believe." he. added with a smile, p
"fhnt tnir ..iium of i-lslim la ..in,,..i.ll'
i, .
"t'l "m iiwi4urory.TOataagiatata
Son of Mr. am Mrs. It. A. Newman,
2221 Sniilli Sixl)-cvcnlh flrcet, xvlin
tins Monnilcil ntnl grmcil at Clta-
we ought to be able to set tho pace In
tiding thlns that will be of practical
use. The liovernor, of course. Is liam
liered and limited Insofar as ho cannot
undertake projects thai he cannot see
tho end of In four sears. I regard thu
governorship ns 1 do my place In the
senate as a xtrry serious charge placed
upon me."
Problems f Itriimstriii linn
One of the matterx the tlovernor-elcit
has been ponderliif- seriously for n long
time Is that of the economic iecohtrttt
tlon which must follow the elenlnif of
peace terms In the world war.
i nave thought about this more than
give this country away and commit It
to wild social experimentation.
"Tho Close of the war and tho coming
of pence Is likely to give n great many
creatures of circumstance a nopportu
nlty for almost unbridled suggestion nnd
discussion, nnd we must be alcit here
that tho swing of the economic pendulum
goes far enough, hut not too far ; far
enough to necofpllsh real results-, but
not so far as to tear down and destroy
the real, substantial, warm-blooded In-
tstltullons of the country
"I feel that Pennsvlvnnla mio-t nut
,-- .-..- ...... .. .
only be a lender In accomplishing tho
ir.mj pioBrcnsive iniiigs, out n uuiwarit
..w..i,b iwu.i... sung na ii3u.ii,
"Hood-bye. (lovctnor-Pot)." called Ilttln
Jean from tho iorch.
HOYl XiYttPYPtl fHPfl
. .
Tor anipmenvs soum
('mil liiiied from I'ate (Ine
oral tnaliagers of th? coastwise steam
ship lines, as well as the directors of nil
rail lints are lo be highly eommcin
for taking hu
toward u high
"The railroads and steamship lines
now being operated by thu (joxirnmeiit,
etlmltiiito competitive waste, conserve
energy and create a h'Rhev degree of
"Ther Is no reason why noithbound
catgoes should not be delivered nt lull
i mifcwv miuuiu ii.fi. uc ufini'iru in ittu
I ii,u t ri,u.wi.i.-,i.t-, ..- .... i..,i i
ltOJII I llllil'4VIMIIU Il-M ixcrt lali(,mil'i
; ..nnsunlllllnll rulller bnn fnrcrl im,. tb..
ronRcstp(, ,)ort f N-ew Yort.
tons of freight, equal to 33 carloads,
, l, !,,, ,hlpN from l'hll..lclpl,la l.y
I water , BOulhcrn 01. rlme tna cn;.
Mr. Morgan explained that 1O.U00
i t l
i ""'"" "" i"aceu.
j Vrom SorTsou.r n.id "w" M
' of Philadelphia, destined to the wmth.
by boat to gulf ports." he said
Wir "evenu. Loss
i ...,,, ,u ,., ,,,.. .,. ,,, ,
i evn)i iiiv.ii.ii.111111 nv (. - i. iil liiuo
111 ix stutit tx-nVi
ably a few dnys' time. This lime was
saved, ho said, because an average of
three boats left Now York for the
I gulf ports a week, while in this city tlio
I railings were less frequent. The sail-
. nBS crc ma(i0 from Now York because
ti,e freight was theie to carry.
"Now that Philadelphia merchants are.
forced to ship from this port," he said.
1 ..... .,,,.. . ... .. .
-ine sailings nere. win oeccme moie
frequent. If the. frolght Is here, It will
lie shipped and more and more
steamerH will be put In service for tho
Actual figures obtained by the Fed
eral managers of the oastwlpo steam
Bhlp lines show that an average of, 3000
tons of freight a week destined for
southern ports was shipped from this
port to New York during tho six months
from April to Heptember, Inclusive.
Tho rail movement, at a time when the
lines of the country were perlously ccn-
gesttd, amounted to .2400 tons weekly.
t ne remaining ireiuiu, rnmui ouir win",
aa shipped from here to New York by
, . , ,. ,
American woman Will lell of Home
. at CliatcaibTliIerry
i'u . loss .iuiiimy ;o, mu, unr sun.
jeet will be "My Ilomemn the Field ot
iiarouess iiuaru is nn Amcr;ctin, the
the American troops who turned the tide
per 'two books. ' a,e l
" t
,........ ., ...
Gv" Slepl,ci Winner Over Bell,
Ills Ucmorrallc ltlvnl
fsaii Kroiirl.co, Nov. C- -floverhor Wll.
Ham I. Htephrns, Itepubllcan, on the
face of Incomplete returns In California,
vrns elected (lovtrnor, defeating Theo
tlore A. Hell, Democrat, who ran as In
dependent. '
The three PemnrrHlf ntnl five lUpub
llcan TlepresenlAtlvc xirtimlly were as
rured of election at thf primary In the
remaining' three districts the result was'
In doubt.
lo be highly commended "',.""" "" "aa twenty t
uch action with view ,rlota for tl,e ln""" of the survey. :
erdecL f of icIeiT-v l1nown cl"','0.'' will be card Inden
.if' "f. " CJ.'. ...-J '"."'. ". xol""teers will call upon th
Industries Boar d Will
Gather Data to Meet
Peace Prohleins
Pnrposc Is to Guard Against
Unsettled Conditions nnd
A cotnplcln labor survey of Ph ladel.
nhla, comprising both rmployr r and em
filoyes, hns been ordered by the war In
dustries board. The work begins Mon
day, nnd will be lushed through by
November IB, with Iho nld of 1000 volun
tcers from the American Protective
League nnd other organizations. -"NJ
The purpose of the survey Is both TS
Increase the number of men available
for present war Industries, nnd to corn
Idle Information, on which n readjust
ment of Indnsttles will bo made nfter
the war.
The war Industries hoard fears? that
without some provision for putting war
worU plants on :i peace footing after the
war. there is danger of panic and un
employment. Questlonnnlies will be sent to every
employer or labor ns a part of the ur--cy
This nppllei to the great ship
yards and other large Industrial planlk.
nnd likewise to tho small factories with
but n few employes. Kven Individuals
who employ u chauffeur or a gardener
will be asked to fill In a labor question
naire, so far as It Is possible to reach
Another put pose of the survey Is to
relieve the manufacturers of what
Powell Mvnns, of tho war Industries
hoard, terms being "qttestlonnnlred to
One Full Krport
HIthetto the many departments of
the Onvernment concerned In war Indus
tries have sent out questionnaires In
dependently nnd with great frequency,
so that In some biff plants It has been
nectssary lo n6dlgn one man to the Job
of tilling out questionnaires. The new
arrangement will substitute for this a
single-sheet report, which every em-
uoyer win ne required lo fill oqt, I.
I mind I., rt. f.t..i ei.k rs.....,i...L
,.,hv.i . i.iu i ...leu L.iL- ... n mn r
i of Labor. Another questionnaire of six
jiages, will have lo bo returned by e,very
held In Wltherspoon Hall, and a thous.
and men attended. A similar meeting of
women volunteers wilt be held today.
It hn been difficult to get complete
Information of the sort In the past bi
cause thero was no adequnte list of em
ployers. The list at present available
contains only 7000 nnmes, although It
Is estimated that there are at lenst 2B,
000 Individual employers In Philadelphia.
City in Dlstrl.U .
-'o that no one will be overlooked, tho
' cllJ' llUH 1"''" llvld,,d '''I0 twenty dls-
ey. rile
unon them
with the questionnaires. Hach employer
will be shown the card next on tho lilt
to be visited and asked til name the
manufacturers In his district 'located be
tvvcen his plant nnd nearest plant Oh the
olllclal list. Kach district will be In
chat ge of a Hnlted States employment
Tho questionnaires left with the munu
facturera are to be mailed In franked
envelopes provided for -the purpose io
tho war Industries board In (he Finance
Temporary Cloning of Polls' in
One Division Only Incident
Never In the history of the city Xv
an election conducted more quietly, than
that of yesterday. Arrests were few and
far between, and these were, fdr trivia!
offenses. v
The "Bloody Fifth" Ward, where Po
llceman Kppley -was , slain by a ,New
ork simniaii In a primary election last
year, presented an appearance 'of the
utmost placidity. Tho same was true
In tho Sixth nhd Fnrty-slsth' Wards,
despite predictions of trouble because
of bitter contests.
Only one unusual tnchlent was re
corded throughout the city. Sproul fol
lowers In tha twelfth division of the
Third Ward altered that the Judre ot
election hud barred the door of the
polling place at 738 h'quth Ninth street
and had announced that pnly Bonntweil
votes would ba accepted, An appeal to
City Hall brought Morris lloeech, su
perintendent nf elections. Before he ar
rived, however, followers of Hnrrv
Trainer had climbed through a window
and opened the door. It was Inter said
the election Judgo. Joseph Forsythe, n
Trainer follower, hnd been asleep.
TA Mnltar Car
Th Maittr Car
. For immedialefdtlivtry.
Cioics f colon.
iiki.i' xx'anti:i rini.xi.ii
ATHpillns- only; mutt bo quick; rtcelTtut
purlonro and salary vvuntud. I' KJ,
ifineM .nr mull luruntrniriu. B.
ulitl.S, over 10 years of sso. on Ujht. con
KenlHl vvnrKl is-nnur vierKi unnncs iur Hill
Anniy Kenerllniis l.llho Co.. Hi.x Arch it
Uli-'ICB nttnt, young woman, rnunt b
oufek at nsures. typewritlnm silviineoment
n mrlttd, Apply XX'tlnfelU liros,, SHU H,
i:d nt. .. . ., ,
IloOltKllKPrtlt. for. furniture store, need
wsKesi Stsllsn preferred, Apply I), Kante
fcHoruiP0 rt. nth st. ,
BTKNOCJItA'PHKItS for iierninnent pojlllonst
good ii'i: nAsnnslile hri.t sut exp,
Hndsslr drslre.1. V MS, I.filsrr Office.
TTI'IBTli. stiite ep. ! areurscy renulfrdi
, nrmt. .roMtlnnl iruoil enpor.i gesd salsry
X-i22,i1''eS-i - 'dBM' onict- , ,
iir.i.i1 xx'ANTKi) xi.xi.V;
coi.oni:n. ron RTn.xtJr i.vbiiib xvork
Pi. f. 1IOU01ITON t CO.
LAlioitKItti ""d.tnlRer; on wood work. -Jvp
ply XX'oolferd XVood Tank, Co.. U2t ChJVt
nut t . er near Dsrliy 8ttlonL. Psnsirl
v.nla It. Tt. t'. H, Bmp. Offlee, lniil Arij it. .
1IHNU1 IIANUH' and helntri on wood.wprk.
Apply, XVoolford XVood Tank . Co.. flfH
Ch'lnut t or mar Darby Stnllon, Penns.
)l.llron.l.l. H. KninOtTlce. 5jAT0h"sf:
s HOOMH TO MENT- -,..!
!rlK with' goVi tbl bosiiAi !-"' it
PINK ST.. ilv Furnlihed room, vtrr 4--i
" ' '' ""'K
f. ..-,v.
. tyj
J --
.. i
i ..:.,. 'L

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