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. -I
"Vr' .
ri , 17
r '
Grand Organ at 9 and 5:15
Moment of Mediation and Chlmta
t Noon.
Store Opens .9 A. M.
Store Closes 5.30 P. M.
A Page of Cheerful News in Keeping With the High Spirits of the Houti
I . r I . ! a
. i r
The White
Flag on Its
Way From
to the Military
Forces Waiting
Them on the Border
of France
headed by General
Foch, was the welcome
vision in every eye in
the United States yesterday.
Lost in the mists ot
the early centuries is the origin of the custom of the
White Flag, but its use is a matter of history.
The entire world, from the first time it was
seen, universally recognized it as a symbol of sur
render and of peaceful intentions and adjustments.
Its speech is that pride has been satisfied and is
yielding hot, hasty or impossible ambitions, and
that amity is desired and peace at any and every
The tumult of joy and gladness that the quali
fied cable messages as they were posted awakened
and expressed in this and other cities yesterday wit
nesses the deep feeling of approval that fills the
hearts of hundreds of millions of people on both
sides of the seas.
What a wonderful sight the streets were,
thronged with happy people how they forgot
everything of their sacrifices as they grasped each
other's hands and hugged each other, saying:
"Now our dear boys will be coming home
, In the beautiful service of Evening Prayer in
the Episcopal Church is the supplication, which all
the world at this moment fervently makes its
'Give peace in our time, O Lord.'
Nov. S, 10 IS.
Hundreds of the Prettiest
Winter Hats We Could
.Firid for $10
and they certainly are attractive! are just out of their boxes for girls
and women who are in search of new Winter hats. Quite a few arc
under $10 none expensive.
What could more becomingly frame a youthful face than a silk
velvet hat, faced with lighter velvet and edged with fluffy ostrich
feathers ?
Or a smart little duvetync hat in deep, dark brown, with one of
the new and saucy feather ornaments?
Or a broad-brimmed velvet hat, with gay colored flowers on its new
draped crown ?
There are hats for young women and older women small hats and
large hats, hats trimmed with fur, with feathers and flowers and rib
bons; hats in new shapes and new styles, and hats in all the colors'
needed to accompany suits, frocks and coats.
Come in and see how attractive our moderate-price hats really are I
(Necond Floor, Chentnut)
Victory Sale No. 43
250 Women's Dresses
at $18.75
Dresses 'taken out of our own stocks and. reduced so
that there is a saving of $5 to $7.50 on every one. There
are scores of styles Georgette crepes, crepes de chine,
satins and serges and taffetas and various combinations;
navy 'and black and brown and taupe. There are tunic
dresses and paneled dresses and heavily braided dresses
far more styles, in a word, than we can go into details
All sizes in the lot.
(Flrnt Floor, CVntral)
The New, Quaint
wbrn on large linked chains, are
quite the fashion just now. They
are of imitation shell or in pretty
cqlorcd effects, and the lockets are
in square, oval or, round effects
and most attractive indeed.
Some''have pretty gold tracery
in delicate designs, some have
carved metal ornaments. All have
a space for a picture inside, and
usually there is a mirror, too.
The chains are in the fashion
able lengths and thero are many,
new and unusual' designs.
$2 to $17.
(Jewelry Hlore, Clitttnut oid lSlli)
"I Wish I Was
and could have one of those
muffs!" said a six-year-old boy
who passed through the little An
nex of Children's Furs. And, in
deed, the little round muffs of
white coney and molo and opos-
tre eaougrn to taxe a email
mm to nui a small
Kabo Corsets
We pick out some favorite
A coutil model with embroid
ery, low bust, slightly high in
the back, medium length skirt.
A batiste topless model, with
clastic band at top, medium skirt.
Maternity corset, low bust, laced
each side of the front steel. $4.50.
A pink striped broche, topless,
with elastic band at waist. $3.
A model for dancing and sports,
topless and made of pink bioche.
A dainty design for slender
figures, made of pink striped
bioche, with elastic band. $4.50.
A heavily boned stylo for heav
ier figures. Price $5.
A pink broche, girdle top with
clastic insert at diaphragm. $5.50.
A flesh-colored Kabo with low
bust and long skirt, $8.
(Third Floor, Clieitnot)
Crepe de Chine
of tho simple, untrimmed kind are
among the best to choose, for all
the expense shows in the quality
and workmanship, Square -necked
oad,nmww H.
A y A
Here's Rousing Good
News of Specially Priced
Winter Clothes for
Young Women
Fine Sample Suits, $39.75
Lovely suits they are of fashionable cut and
equally fashionable fabrics, duotones, silvertorfes and
velours in blue, taupe, burgundy, brown, green and
beaver shades and delightful new styles. They are quite
new as to style, are lined and interlined and in 14 to 20
year sizes. And, of course, being samples, they are spe
cially good for the prices.
500 New and Attractive Winter Coats,
$25 to $39.75
Coats of velour, pompoms, silvertones and other
good wool fabrics ; many with large fur collars.
New styles, all of them, and well made, all lined
throughout and many interlined, which means additional
Myrtle green, beaver, brown, taupe, black, blue and
burgundy the most popular colors are all included.
Attractive One-Piece Dresses, $20
These are of wool serge, of wool jersey or of satin
or crepe de chine ; new and smart Winter models.
There are dark colors and models suitable for street
or business wear, as well as light colors for afternoon
wear. These are from $5 to $7.50 below the usual prices
for such dresses.
All are in 14 to 20 year sizes.
(Rrrnnd Floor, Chmtnut)
Among Small Furs
Foxes Come First
Black foxes, taupe dyed and brown foxes, red and white
and cross foxes all of them, in Fashion's eyes, are correct.
But the brown foxes are the most liked of any.
Sets are priced from $90 to $250.
Separate boas, $50 to $150.
(Hfcond Floor, Chmtnut)
Victory Sale No. 45
100 Marabou Neckpieces and
Muffs, $6.75 and $7.50
They are all of the'fluffy, long flue marabou and are
of beautiful quality, in black or the natural color.
The neckpieces are somewhat cape shaped, and are
finished with little tails. These are $6.75 each.
The muffs are in a new round shape and very pretty,
and are $7.50 each.
And every woman who gets, one saves from $3.25
to $4, and the pjeces are just such fashions as women
are wearing now.
OVe.t Al)e
Fine All Wool Velours in
Twenty Fashionable
Colors $5 Yard
Every thread is all wool, you may be perfectly suie of that.
Furthermore, the velour is of a good quality, and an admirable, soft,
warm Winter fabric.
The color assortment is quite remarkable there are twenty distinct
shades of the fashionable colors, and black, too. There arc pretty
greens, brown, beaver, reindeer and taupe shades, plums, purple, the
new henna red and lovely blues, from en exquisite turquoise to the
Jeep navy blue. x
They are 64 inches wide and will make smart suits or Winter wraps.
(Flrit Floor, Cli.ttnut)
New Georgette Crepe Waists
Three styles in white and ficah-color have pleated or tucked or
lace edged frills, and cost $5 each.
A fourth, in white, flesh, black and navy, has soutache braid tucks
I ojqehrttd buttons. 'Price $12.75.
JW en are now turning their thoughts to the regular affairs of H
JLtA life and beginning to readiust themselves after the abnormal":
conditions of the last few years.
Men are thinking of new suits and overcoats, and if they are
men who know clothing value and appreciate the advantages of
all wool clothing they are thinking of Wanamaker's.
(Third Floor, Ontrul)
Victory Sale No. 44
1700 Yards of White Dress
Linen, 75c to $2.50 a Yard
Back in 1915 we bought these goods. Everybody
knows that many things have happened in the linen
market and out of it since then.
We have taken them newly out of bond and tomor
rgw they go on sale at less than present wholesale cost.
Of pure flax, woven in two widths, 36 inches and
90 inches.
Splendid goods for dresses and suits. The 3G-inch
linen is in three qualities at 75c, 85c and $1 a yard.
The 90-inch linen is marked $2.50 a yard.
Based on today's market valuations, the saving is
(I lrt Floor, Chtatnut)
ARMY and navy uniforms for
nurses, correct in cut and of
white linene, are $-1.50. And ex
cellent black soiesette uniforms for
maid3 are here for $3.85 an un
commonly low price. Third
Floor, Central.)
DO YOU KNOW that evaporated
cream or milk can be used in
the lightning butter machine in
stead of the usual butter nnd
milk? The machine costs $1.50 to
$3, according to size. (Fourth
Floor, Central.)
PRUDENT persons are buying
oil heaters already, lest the
goblins of cold get 'em this Win
ter. Many kinds in the House
Furnishings Store. (Fourth Floor,
further than the liquid form,
and can be used for washing or
dinary clothes, woolens, blankets
and rugs; also it softens hard
water and can be used for dish
washing, 15c package. (Fourth
Floor, Market.)
AROUND electric table grill
toas.ts, fries, stews, broils al
most anything of an eatable kind,
and docs it well. Complete with
rord for $9.30. Attaches to any
light socket. (.Fourth Floor, Cen
tral.) ,
A MAJESTIC electric heater
solves the question of heat in
fhr chillv corner nt home. Price,
$10. (Fourth Floor, Central.)
EAT nut meats and save other
meats several styles of nut
picks and nut-crackers, each set
in a box in the House Furnish
ings Store. Prices, 35c to $3.25 a
set. (Fourth Floor, Central.)
A DEPENDABLE gas iron with
six feet of tubing will iron
anything from n pocket hanky to
a sheet, $3.25. (Fourth Floor,
THE Hylo light is made in the
Mazda type and will save a
goodly proportion of the electric
light bills, $1 a light. (Fourth
Floor, Central.)
MANY homes arc putting in
electric washing machines to
make good tho lack of domestic
service. Many types of such
washers to choose from. (Fourth
Floor, Central.)
A HAND vacuum cleaner which
works without electricity is
the marvel you simply run the
machine over the floor nnd thnt's
all, $22.50. (Fourth Floor, Cen
tral.) NEVER too late to plant bulbs
ns long as the ground is soft
enough to dig. Fine selected bulbs
lots of kinds in the House
Furnishings Store. (Fourth Floor,
SOME of the people who take
their lunches to work are find
ing vacuum bottles important.
$2.75 to $5.75,- according to size.
(Fourth Floor, Central.)
Save $20 to $40 on a
9x12 Ft. Wilton Rug
High grade and standard Wilton rugs at prices that we
do not expect to be able to duplicate when these are gone.
High Grade Wiltons
9 x 12 ft., $86. I 11.3 x 15 ft., $190.
8.3 x 10.6 ft, $83.50. 9 x 15 ft., $155.
6x9 ft., $55. I 30 x 63 in., $13.50.
Standard Wool Wiltons
9 x 12 ft., $69. I 11.3 x 15 ft., $154.50.
8.3 x 10.6 ft., $67.50. 9 x 15 ft., $95.
6x9 ft., $34.50. I 36 x 63 in., $9.50.
Axminster Rugs
6x9 ft., $19. I- 36 x 63 in., $5.50.
8.3 x 10.6 ft., $26 and $34.50.
(rletrntli Hour, f'limtnut)
Bright Offerings in Cut Glass
at Savings of One-Third
Opportunity sparkles from an interesting choice of pieces,
all of standard quality crystal in good cuttings. Prices are
one-third or more below our own regular figures.
Celery trays, $2.75.
Sugar and cream sets, $2.75 and
14-inch vases, $1.75.
10-inch vases, $3.50.
9-inch low berry dishes, $3.
8-inch low berry dishes, $3.
2J4-pint water jugs, $2.75.
4-pint water jugs, $6.
Donbon dishes, 85c.
Whipped cream bowls, $2.75.
(I'nurlli I'loor, riirklnul)
A Holiday Showing of
Men's Shirts and Ties
Because of the great demand for shirts and neck
ties for gifts, our stocks in these articles are always at
their fullest at this season. And never so full as now.
There are shirts of madras, percale, cheviot, Japa
nese crepe, satin broche and silk, in pleated and plain
negligee styles, with soft or starched cuffs. Prices range
from $1.50 to $10, the silk shirts starting at $4.
Of neckties there is a wonderful assortment, from
the good-looking ties at 50c to the superb neckwear of
Spitalfields silk, from London, at $3.
(Main rioor. Market)
' Men's Handsome Hats of
Velvety Velour
Men who like distinctive hats are partial to velour.
There is something very pleasing about this soft, rich
fabric and its Autumnal colorings are delightful. r
We have an exceptionally fine lot of American-made
velour hats to sell at $6 to $12.
(Main Moor, Miirkrt)
6000 Pair of Men's
50-50 Socks at 50c
Fifty per cent. wool.
Fifty per cent, cotton. nj
r uty cuius a pair ana an nrst graae. so gooa tnai
there is keen demand even for second grade at this price.
i.uc.y me mi: iwnu ui ouuivn inu uuvuriiiuuiii supplies j
its fighting men and they are fine for golfers and other j
outdoor men.
(Main Floor, Market)
Want Men's Handkerchiefs?
Ready ! Says the Handkerchiefs
and proves its readiness with new shipments of Irish
linen handkerchiefs in the desirable, plain hemstitched c
style. Thousands of new and fresh and snowy ones are A
here good ones at $3 dozen, and a still better quality
at $4.75 dozen. In fact, this last item is so remarkable
that an Irish maker, visiting us the other day wondered
how we could do it and he knew values !
(Unit Al.le) ,
YX7--.l Y c: 1 L K'M
vv airaiiiuvci xjuyst ouns'aiiu s.
Overcoats Are a Victory
for Good Quality
We have never lowered the flag of good quality in boys' clothinf
and we never shall. ft
We stand for wool fabrics, for good tailoring and trimmings, for
tho best of fashion und the best of fit. A
We stand for these things unwavering in war time, in peace timii
at all times.
Wo have now a stock of boys' suits and overcoats that if ,
triumph, a victory for good quality in every particular and at everyi
stniro of nrorlup.tion from the choosintr of the woolpns to tho anwlnr nti
of the buttons.
Tomorrow is boys' day and the selection is simply great.
Boys' Norfolk suits, 8 to 18 year sizes, $13.50 to $30.
Boys' overcoats, 11 to 18 year sizes, $18 to $35.
Boys' Junior overcoats, 3 to 10 years, $12 to $20.
(Srioml I'loor, Central)
The $200,000 Sale of Furniture. Is Just Full of
Handsome Gift Pieces
This is probably the largest collection of gift furniture
that we have ever had at reduced prices.
Scores and scores of nieces are comprised in it, at
prices one-third less than the regular rates.
Furniture is acknowledged to be a first-class gift.
While the choice is so good and the prices are so low
is certainly a good time to select.
The pieces here listed are only a fraction of the whole
We give them under separate groupings, to make it
easier for you to note the pieces you particularly desire.
All are marked with a special blue price-tag-
Group I
SIO for n wiilnnt Ktnnd with
drawer'and shelf.
$12 for a walnut stand with
shelf and Queen Anne foot.
$14 for an enameled deco
rated stand with drawer.
$14.50 for an enameled and
decorated stand with a cup
. board.
$18 for an enameled and deco
rated nest of three tables, ob
long. $19.50 for an enameled and
decorated nest of three tables,
$24 for a lacquered nest of
three tables, oblong.
$35 for a lacquered nest of
three tables, Irregular edge.
Group II
$16 for a lacquered ovul tip
top table.
$25 for a lacquered drop-leaf
sewing table.
$28 for a walnut pie-crest
tip-top table.
$29 for a lacquered tip-top
$31.60 for a lacquered tip-top
$32 for a lacquered sewing
tabic, Queen Anne style.
$33 for a lacquered sewing
stand, oblong top.
$39.50 for a canary and blue
tip-top table.
$41 for a yellow lacquered
tip-top table.
$46 for a lacquered music
cabinet, Queen Anne style.
$69 for a lacquered music
cabinet, with sliding trays.
Group III
$18 for an American walnut
cane seat armchair for a hall.
$19.50 for a teakwood side
chair, cane scat, for a hall.
$22 for a lacquered side chair,
cane seat, for a hall.
$23 for a lacquered side chair,
denim seat, for a hall.
$24,75 for a lacquered sida
chair, denim seat, Queen Anne,
for a hall.
$27 for a walnut armchair,
tapestry seat, for a hall.
$29 for a lacquered armchair,
denim seat, for a hall.
Group IV
$15.50 for an enameled and
decorated reading stand.
$17.50 for a walnut and lined
console table.
$22.50 for an enameled and
decorated eight-day clock and
$29 for a teakwood consol
$38 for a lacquered oblong-,
table, with drawer and dtm-
$54 for a teakwood cohm1
table. v
$59 for a mahogany ChiMM
Chippendale magazine stand.
. A
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K& ITU ,.,
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