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44 '
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4feWG OF
V ,
1 ' ..- is.ni. I. .11.!- i- i i i
. v . i .
ffi twir MoliW Tp5 Moi Them
$' f the Striving of a Wife to Make Up for the Defects
tt "F ' in Her Husband Head It
t. ' .-
fWMTlTT THREE little c rls nrp crow
'it " our row say she wouldn't let hvr Rlrl
i iplay with ours. Mine nie such Rood,
k- generous little slrls. Oh. I have trien
bo' hard to have things nice just ioi
them', and I seem to have failed."
DISl.Ul UAUli!'.
This Is the liuinlliK trnuedy that
" enme to our nace on a cold white piece
Of paper. First there vvns related the
tory oi ine "'",, ,tw f, line
people and then the e"t""l",nn.K
Btory or the vveciciins or two ynmiK
uiwn oeBan we uk..l ui ".""'"''"'" I
lift herself and her babies hlKh nhovp,
& W .t.rL,T.,,,:V'LV":,.
jiuiiaca in inn " in. im i !-.-v - --
on and tho one draK&eu down by (lis
filoatlon and despair. This womai
TH. ,,-n-ion
j . i i i ...ii ii i-.-.En !"
made up her mind she would lift thoso ,
bablea by the sheer mlBlit of he.
arm and keep them liich, where le .
III-. ......I....
. 1 Mj, ,1
pectablllty dwells.
; Qh, how hard she worked' 'fhero I
wero llUie wnue niri- inmuan mi i
.those baby girls leM. like nee petti ' "- -- - - '' "
Coats will, they might show and be- . nm
tray to the world a lack of mother """'
nTSamrbrus'! T'NH -M have pral.ed
mother's hnnd. And there were elenn. ! lv l woman fur her splendid
ruffly curtains in tlie window. And' effort ami her children will live to
tho baby Rirls learned to sa their prale her. for a rav of sunshine In
prayers and went to sleep each night I the letter ns the p.u.iKtnph that told
In" a great, big. white bed that wa - how the little girls loved her mid how
loving their God and their mother. 'she loved them. And thev will grow
up fine, splendid er. Indeed. ou
ND now they are grown up - not I
very far To nine, eleven and
thirteen years, let u.i say. They are
at the age when children begin to feel i
the hurts that the world --t 1 1 hnl.l and
no one will plav with them. Their
father has come back and started over I
again. But he Is the tvpe of a mill
who starts over again -frcnuentl) .
Tet for the sake of the children I
speak of. the mother forgives and tries
bravely to Rive their homo the look
or normal famllv life.
This talk does not aim to sole the
Adventures With a Purse
roisn TODAY
1 A aUtbiiml w buttonhole rritd.v-
maile, for children undrru-rnr.
S. Blackberry prenerTF.
S. Hooks for the boj- tn ramp,
HAVE no objection" o making my
child's petticoats," exclalmeil one
'but, oh, those nasty hutton-
holes! And with a panty body waist
thereare so manv of 'em" She has my I
Fnexun.ieiL sympainy. My nuunnnoies
Bt --.. ....... .- .......---
'(fr'lnerally look like accidents
Sn '
to tell her of a waistband that
i'j""'C0mes witn nuttonnoies reany-macie.
L;WBiThse bands come by size The twenty
KfeiBye-lnch waistband has seven button-
WXg?1Wles, tthe twenty-seven-inch one, nine.
EtJ V,1 A 1A tha hnnrlii nrtat tint on rinnti TTar
IFiWtXm time and labor Raving device worth
iflvknowlnB about, particularly for pchool
&&&? .ni1 ovpp'dflv TiPttlsU1rtft
.,".' ,owp In Jersey lives a kindly woman,
', irnuDU x iieier inivf hvt-n. 'iiu. niumi i
-"-i. P let MY e as motherly looking, with
sli bipom and beaming, friendly face
. can see her standing over a steaming
caldron of the blackberries she has tn
carefully cultivated, stirring them with
a big iron spoon and adding Just the
right amount of sugar and exactly the
correct proportion of water to make
1 clou, blackberr" preserves I I
totally -wrong about her an
e hut 1 Tflrmlv stnnd mv ground '
e, nut 1 nrmtv stand m ground
most delicl
may be
on me excellence oi ner preserves, .m.
fine ran Dnmunv Trie inai A ppnnrn a. '
! What well-known woman wrltrr wsih n
front fTnonrnt of the dllll film'.
S In baklne fruit cutt utint hhouirt he
done to ken raUIn nml fnilt from "'
slnklnir to the bottom of the butter?
S. Are oyMerft n ftuhMttttte for mrut?
A What 1 Hphacnum?
A? Defterlb a new dettrt fox washing
dliehcM. 3
6 Whnt noiel war U fur inted on mnnj of .
the new Hutt?
Volunteer Work for Reil Cro-
To the Editor of Wovmn's Pour
Pear Madam I read your article nn the
Woman's pane regard n aelf-.-oneloi;nni. '
n4how to overcome It. and waa vr- murh
Inleretted In same I would like tn gel In
tereated ln aomethlnc like -nu HUBKeated i
but do not know how to tin ahout it or tn ,
vrhetn to enplv will vou advlae me"
I may add that I im Iwilwn ,K'r,."y
Philadelphia, ao. vnu see I would only have
in in wmiicn. nuuuuK.i . mi. '....i"'jn. ...
veninca ana tauiruay anernoona tree
I am elad you found the article help
fUL If you will go to the civilian re-
yf.f52Ci1,0irn-Svl,.trePt and ask
?oUra.rss U.ASy'.lSWbV'ff.VS.V.S
toi-ou about such volunteer work. Your
evenings and Saturday afternoons 1 am
told can be put to pood use.
Tr.t.e.cle.1 in Me.-binerv
To thl Editor o Woman PatJt:
Dear Madam I would npprerlate It very
much If you could help me In reparda to ma-
ehlnary. aueh n the lathe, mllllni.- machine,
J; . ... e . a t
am- worklnor tn an autnmnhll- repair 'shop
l nm a no.v emir.i -".- -.. --. "-
In thia ahop wo hj-.e different klnda of ma- ,
r'.ehlllaa. I am Interested In this work very
T W....I nt lh. Hnrine- Clnrrlen InalltUte.
and I would like to know If they have eve.
nine couraea and their charaes.
Please give me some Information on the
subject, A. I- C
There are evenlnc classes Just such
as you are looking for In the iprlni?
Garden Institute, but unfortunately they
are, filled and you would have to wnlt
to get into them. There Is a three-year
course In bench and vise work and
''then later on In machine milling, etc.
The first term's tuition Is $7.60, and
the second and third, J 10.
There are free public evenlnc trade
.atchflols. the machine shops of which ore
mostly crowded, however. I have been
told that U might be possible for you
(w"1 r,,1o jet Into the machine shop of the
ftfWr c evening classes at Central High School,
t&vaV4 ,. Dm..,, onri OMan afreets. Annlv tn the
l J nrinclDal there. It might he well for
Y-CK 7iv yu to go and have n talk with the
Wii.'-ii' netnelnal afthe Phlladelnhla Free Trade
r?t, J .iohool at Seventeenth and Wood streets.
&l.irf w KnA ! lntei.pR.lnp meehnnli-nl
';-'". drawing for you to do while waiting to
i. ' tnto tne snop classes mere, urexei
-.' riiiltnte. Thirty-second and Chestnut
--;& atreetg, can admit a few more Into one
V r ef ita night classes ln machine shop
' kwrki This meets once a week. Tuition
Zi ,u lie for tne term.
" t Bprlng Oorden Institute has auto-
'""' '., mobile machinery classes, too,
;!'V "Xhe Soul of a Violin"
I1-' , I Ua. 4W JFAHnf ifilt'itttnH'j Vntt
b . ,.-". --" .' ...:" ... . W.-.
Utmr jJnuanti nm m jtiun man in nmn
oi ana am npvr snierinv inm i afnimt-
contMt. a zevr ny ago j neara oz a
matlon called Th floul of a Violin.'1
i peraan wna tola me or in piece wai
W to tell rn where to find the d'clama-
rnmpirie. nnu aiirf viiuruui ininii i
voabie to nna u anoh am wnwnn
id tne nop mat you win p aoi in
'whfra lax And this riftrlamatlun that
where to- nnd this declamation that
ua met inn u-iii n, anie rn la.
iwur carllft possibility where
"' "
l': ..V-i
';' v
!-.... i.i.i i i ... i -' 1
in a Letter Here. . a Story of
mouipra prouiem. rnriunaiciy u whi
posaime ir pena n persunm lener mm
mlKht help In a way. But It almit to
call attention to the knife older peo
ple turn In the hearts of other pen
pie's children when they Instruct their
own children not to play with them.
The shortcomings of a parent can
not soil the little white soul of n child.
And. after all. who are any of us "to
cast the first stone"? There U no
family that does not boast of Iti
family skeleton, of Its secret short
cotnlnK Sometimes It Is only a poor
relation, and then the things people
hide from the world run the Ramut
of all crimes and misfortunes that 0
. u,lmnn i,f ,,.,..
- l.ese th.nRs occur In the immediate
family and sometimes they are far
KAmn..A. tin 1 iu ....1! ... Ihn ..auIai
"""'" ""l " ' "c" '"' ,,,c ;
. . .,!,. ... E.1A nUIIVAH . .......
I'll wiime ml unit; L'linuitrri mi rrii.tMii
h , , , ,
lmmunp fmm thl. PVPIlt tliat MAra
, ,. ..,, .,, ,,, ....,
III UUIIII lllr 1 i l I H I Jltll ll- I- t I I L
i,h , . . k a ,. Pvlrienre In the
Vhino of
its lurkltiB Hometimes
. .. ,.,,. ,,,, ... ,..U,. ,.
'have not failed. "Dlscoutnged." You
have done the noblest thing of nli
raised threo little girls with their1
hearts growing bigger enrli .lay to
make room for the sorrow in the
world I don't think your girls will '
triin their children tn shun other
When vntir little ones grow tip they I
will meet the sufferlnus and the strlv- '
lng of human helngs with that quick
throb of the heart that makes Hie
' world a different place tn live In. No.
"Discouraged." you have not failed
Vnu haw succeeded beyond earthly
m.oil jar
f thesp may bo had for fifty
In thp box nu are .sending to ramp,
for the bnv who is chafing with impa
tience to he home Mth ou again, tuck
auay a book or tun to help him be
patient through any possible neriods nf
Inactivity. Those that I lme in mind ,
nrp llttlp snft tiottnri olitmpq -hlch ,-jin
he slipped In his nockcl Among thern '
are Kmerson's Essays, for the studiously
Inclined, some tales hv tieMaunnssnnt I
I fnr- the invnr of the Pri.,.h ..it.oo.nt, mi. .
bert's "Uab Dallads" for him who enjoys
rollicking verse, and the beloved Kipling! r-pipnany neiore ennes.in.v.
for the follower nf this great English Wednesday afternoon the annual ex
writer fn short, this collection Includes ' ''Ihlt of garments nnd meeting of the
a remarkable vorletv nf subjects at the 1 Bullrt wi" he held, and during the lat-
amazing price of
nere's suggestion,
. . .
rie1 of ten cents .. volume J
ton, for the Christmas
r '
En- the names of shnps wbej-e ar
tlcle,s mentioned In "Adventures
With a Purse" can he purchased,
address Editor of Woman's Page.
EvENisn Pt-BLif I.EnoEii. or phone
the Woman's Department. Walnut
Apple and Carrot Cons-erve
Carrots, ground or diced, one quart
tart apples, diced, one quart ; oranges,
hced, two: siruj,. two cup. salt
r"' "' carrots In sufficient water to
cAver tl,em until ,hfV "e tender, do
n(l( ()ran,hprn All, lne other ingre -
,, luui c.ok ,he mxtUre until It Is
Answers to Yfntrnlay's Inqulrien
I, Rnlnj'-dio bloomrr for rhlttlrrn run b
mmU mil f fikt-nrr mlnrnata
rniidf nut of rnftt-nff ralnroatH,
.in niiiuuiir inunri mu mr vnr n".ni
n n.nol.. .Inll. ., I.,.. ttim. nA
tnat iiuk not rnougn rionot Hiar rani""UR vimn-, m-riurm, i-nm-w "
be made from a window box emrred I other ndversltv. pass throuRh the'medl
wllh rolferJ trftonnp B,,d f,m,l,,hwl cal and other charltablp Institutions of
An attractive. roonomlral iclft that nn I the rit every year, inaro are Insum
he made at hnnin Is a rnmmon wooden elentl. rlad. These institutions and so
bundle for paekaifN. houxht In the fintlfH tarplv liaxe adenuaie funds to
i viiih. i.nni ituu urtviniru tiatit niiin f
rolorn at hnmp.
I. ScUMlaew ..lintil.1 nliia.T be rut on" r.r
tnrneil un.lpr. an they are niu n.
ilrnw In unhlnr.
.1. A vvnHhhnnr.t xtltli mrtnl oluans attarhrd
n It t thrit It mv Ii AbAHAtl tn thja
,,,, of ,hr ,b ,, , ,
n. SiiIIh that lire not helteil but hnn
nrlht from the houliler nre rirrrd-
jiiily ernnrt thla jear.
nr 'n "hat look I can find thia Would vou
Rlp0 lrt me Know where to miv the honk?
You can find thla declamntlnn In
"Itest Selections. ' which is in the refer
ence room of the. Public I.lbrarv, Thir
teenth anrt Ixicust streets why not
""" "" and copy It? A 'letter
. CbrBy,rtn,hTsnent1o7oUumeS b'
nouKnt "as been sent to jou.
Colors for Brunette
TO tl fc'dltoreO H'OmOll'a POffe-
. Dear Madam Pleaae help me. What rob
ore are moat tjecomlnu to a brunette' If
lone haa" n atnut face should Bhe part her
i hair In the middle or aide, ao that it may
appenr thinner? la there anythlm ou ran
prepare at- home to turn dark brown hulr
i blat-k" Thank you verv mueh for the advice
you may be able
to irlve m.
Oenprally Bpeaklngr, hrlght colorw, red,
vellow. bright green or purple, are mont
becomlnpr to a brunette. But a (treat
deal depends on the Individual. Rome
brunettes with pal complexlonn look
much better in lighter colors ; others,
with richer coloring, look better in
hrown. bronze or dark crimson The
color that sets off your eyes, makea your
coiorideen ir.he mosrS'Not tltat your husband Is no. very 'much
one, no matter what your complexion la.
Dark blue Is a cooa atnnaaru snaae.
I'artlnif the hnlr on the side with n soft
puff, not a large one that stands out on
each side, makes the face look thinner
than parting it In the middle. Unless you
use a regular nair aye, mere is no way
to change dark brown hair to black The
use of vnseline on the scalp turns the
hair a shade darker
Has Books to Give Away
To the Editor of Woman' root:
Dear Madam I have read the Evrjtivn
Prnuo IiKDoek tor a lenir time and am
itreatlr Interested in the Woman's RxehanK
I have a number of hooka for stria around
the asea of twelve to flfleen and would be
Klad to slve them to a child who la alek or
ronftned to the house. They are In good con
dition and hava been cared for by their
former owner. Perhaps you may hear of
some one. If ao would da pieaeed to lei
them have them.
(Mia a) F. B.
If any little girl will send me a
Ktamned self.addrersed envelope. I will
be glad to forward to her the address of
thin thoughtrui reader wno win give
away her hooks,
Canned Baked Apples
Wash and core good, sound, tart bak
ing apples. Kill the cavltlefl with one
tablespoonful of sirup or honey for each
apple. Dake the apples, until tender
In a pan containing a little Water. Pack
the baked apples tnto hot sterile Jars
and add' ther Juice remaining In the
pan. Fill the Jars completely nvlth a
sirup made by boiling together for two
minutes water and sirup ln the propor
tion of one .cup of water and half cup
seat tne can.
' 'S2 sff
The ttinilmv rani of tlie "Vecdlework
clothing for
1 J
Annual Collection and Distribution of AVic Cannentu for Poor
Begun Influenza Victims, Lacking Warm Clothing,
Menaced by Winter's Blasts
milE Philadelphia
branch of
X Needlework (Siiil.l again Is giving
those "who bac.' In n way everybody
can afford, a chance to help "those
who have not."
This week began the annual collection
nnd distribution nf new garments
through the local chanter, and several
hundred women throughout the city will
solicit for the needy
Sixty section presidents, each pledged
tn collect not fewer than 11" new gar-
nieiits. will turn in their collections at
'he parish hnu.se of St I.uke nnd the
'er pait or tlie ween tne garments wm
U.. .11.. I
be distributed to the various charity or
ganlzations of the rit
The recent Inlluenzn epidemic has In
creased the need for help, and guild di
rectors are hoping to collect more arti
cles than ever befnie Contributions to
home charities hae fallen off since the
war. and these charities are asking the
assistance of tlie guild.
rounded b rilllmlellihlnn
. ., ! .1 L.I I I
Last year the organization obtained ,
22.IOS new garments, which it gave to
2nd charity institutions.
The Needlework C.ulld of America was
founded by a Philadelphia woman, Mrs.
John Wood Stewart, and the little band
of workers has Increased to a national
organization of nearly 400.000 members
in the Cnlted States, with offshoots In
John Wootl Stewart, and the little band
Canada, Scotland and bnmchcH in I'arH,
r.ons and Honolulu.
Onrr a year tho branches roller t new
garments Including v. paring apparel of
nil descriptions for all a Ren of peoplft.
and blankftH. towels, sheets and pillow
rafiep. and thesp are dlptrihuted to thou
sands of organized rhartttes dependent
I !,-, tln eiiiiri
,14111111 lilt- jkiJiMi
Of the thousands nf persons who.
. , , .. ,,
MI lr li K. ,
Thero are consumptives under outdoor
Please Tell Me What to Do
Thai Question of Kiting
Pmt C'vnthla 1 1 pad our tnlumn vn
often, nnd am erv much Intfrettfit tn tho
prohlfms and jour solution of them. In
mnbt rnaen. the ndvlco m troort but thr lh
one thlnic with which I dlHaere. and that
Is nf a hoy and Kirl not kleslntr each other
before thrj ar enraeed
ThouKtindM and thousands nf tlrls and
lna kiis aeh other without a thouKht of
botoK nKBned. and thy nrn of good fam
11 leu. too I canno ee that It doe one
anv harm
fersonally. I un with m hunrh of hove
and jrlrlp w-ho are erjr "well flid,M so
cially and flnanclnlly. antl wuch a procedure
1 an understood fact Mori boys expect it,
nd thorp are many who will not so with
RJrl who will not allow them to kins them, I
think such irirls are rr!nn and miss tots of
Xow. Cynthia, kindly n!e me your advice
nn this aub J pot. and I would tlo like to
havo some of tho readers opinion.
r. n. r.
Cynthia has already olced her opln
ton on this aubjert. o 1 nm afraid I
Bhall have to agree only to the laat part
of your request and submit the ques
tion to readers.
Answer "Worried"
Worried You will forgive m if I say
I think you are at fault in this thing.
more at fault, hut you should not give
into sucn treatment. ion snouiu noi
In any way countenance such a thins
You should tell him plainly that his ac
tions are" breaking your heart and that
it ne noes not stop nis nenavior at once
you will not stay with him.
That ought to bring him to his senses.
Vou have no right to let him think you
do not care, nor have you it right (even
through your desire to efface self) to
allow him to do what is wrong. If you
can prevent it. Have a talk with him
and see what you can do. Write me
again If I can help you,
Wants to Be Proper
Dear Cynthia first. How old should a
5irl be before she may so to a show or a
ance wltb a fellow, that la, without a
Hecond. What should a tflrl tell H fellow
If he aaks to kiss her aood-nlahtr
Third Is It not proper tn refuse to ride
alone with a fellow In hla machine at
fourth At what time ahould a girl of
"'"JLVt '?", ,n "J nou"J", nlaht?
Fifth. Is It uroner for two airla to an tn a
danca without a chaperon If they do not
allow fellows to take them home?
Hlxth. tiometlmea at partlea. when mostly
every one wants to play kisslns games. Is It
heat to be sociable and play or to object to
theaa aamea? DAISY.
First Not under twenty. And only
then If her parenta allow It.
Second. Tell him no,
Third. Yes, It Is proper to refuse to
go alone at night.
Fourth, Never later than 10 o'clock
unless Bhe has gone to the theatre or a
dance, and then Bhe must have some one
to bring her home. Girls should not be
out unchaperoned In the streets after
I o'clock.
Fifth. Girls should not go to dance
I , .
v-v- 3. WflfV.KiNW
Guild calls attention to the need of
our poor
treatment, with its call for heavy wool
ens; the children lii day nurseries nnd
homes , rescue w-oik among men nnd
women; convalescent patients Just leav
ing hospitals -these nnd many others
demand h large amount of clnthlng and
household linen, which the Institutions
themselves cannot supply.
The guild Is designed tn supply them.
Only new articles are received, In the
belief that the effect of new, substan
tial clothing upon a peisnn destitute
from sickness nr other causes Is a moral
uplift rather than a feeling nf pauper
ism. The annual contribution of two or
more articles or. 'f preferred, a donation
of money, constlnitcs it meniheishlp In
this unique organization. There are no
dues, no monthly or weekly meetings.
Any member obtaining contributions
from ten persons (nr the cou'vulent of
twenty-two articles) and one nioney
meniber becomes a director, and thus
has a voice In the distribution of the
Noted H'nmen to Speak
Mrs. Truman H. Newberry, of Detroit,
. .1. I.I . !.. V..n.lln...nrb
.n.l'll.. Ill UfMieill III lir .IlL'lltllUin
(U1( nf Anl(,rlraj wi1 ,, ln rh,,-,(,cl-
phla for the meeting 'Wednesday after
noon and will be one of the speakers.
Other speakeis will be Mrs. It. It Por
ter llradford, president of the 'Light
house ' iii Kensington, and Mrs Vladi
mir S'nkhovltch, of Cricnwlch House,
New Vork.
Mrs. Cornelius Stevenson Is honorary ,
president of the Philadelphia branch ; I
Mrs. Alexander J. t'assatt Is thi ad
visory president, and Mrs. Kdgar W.
llalrd Is prepldent. Other oflloers are:
Mrs. Chnrles It. J'aneoast, Mrs. f. AVI1
mer Mlddlftiin. Mrs Hamuel S. Houston
and Mrs. Joseph M. I. urns, v'ce presi
dents; Mifrs Adele Bayard, secretary;
Miss M. '. Allen, assistant secretary,
ami Mrs. Caspar W. Hacker, treasurer.
The (lermantown branch of the
Needlework Guild Is also starting Its
membership eampalKn nn.t collection of
garments this week. District leaders
will turn their collections in at the I
Library Lecture Hall. Vernon Park, be
tween 9 and 12 o'clock Monday, De
cember 2.
without nn older person to look after j
them '
Sixth. You do not want lo be spoil-
sports, but It Is better to tr to direct ,
the games Into other channels. There
Is seldom a-ny real barm ln the kissing I
games but they bring about n certain
freedom among the boys and girls which
it would be better to do away with. ,
Proper Answer i
Dear Cynthia Will you kindly advise me '
thinuKh your column what Is the proper
thlnir tn replv whan one gentleman meets
another and eaya "I am very g.ul to aee
you. Mr. " Atsot after making- the
acquaintance nr a gentleman, as vou aro
about to leave him he says, "1 am very
grind to have met nu. Mr. ."
B. n.
"!t has been a pleasure for me also, I
assure you, would bo appropriate In
both cases, or "I'm very glad to have
met you, too, Mr. ."
Careful Washing Saves
Clothing '
Shortage of cotton for wearing ma-,
terlal with Its eonsec-uent high price i
has made the housewife take an un
usual Interest In the conservation of gar
ments. Conservation In cotton cloth means
saving a war material as well as tho
money and labor necessary to replace
the garment. Tho original appearance
of an article made of colored material
may be kept If due precautions are
Buy cloth which has the color dyed
In the piece or dyed before weovlng
rather than a printed pattern,
Set the color by soaking for at least
an hour In salt water made ln the pro
portion of two tablespoonfuls of salt to a
qtiart of water.
Avoid high temperatures, because
they make colored goods streaked,
nolilng or Ironing with too hot an Iron
Is a cause of fading and streakier-
Do not use strong soaps, as they dull
the color and often the alkali in them
causes the color to run.
Wash each garment seiiaratelv an.4
thus avoid any possibilities of dulling or
changing shade by mixing colors.
Dry In the shade to avoid fading ac
tion ui uircci sunugni.
Malted Milk
ro Infants and Invalids
3dgR W&
And So They Were Married
Episoile One (Intolerance)
CamrioM. 191S. hv I'ubllo Ltdatr Co.
EAKI.V tho next morning, Huth woke
and, raising her head on one elbow,
looked over at Scott. He lay asleep like
a big hoy, and she smiled tenderly. Then
she slid carefully out nf bed nnd went
over to tho, mahogany dressing table
that was placed between the two win
dows. The sun was pouring In, and
lluth's watch said 9 ;15. She wondered
what they would do today. Already the
vagueness of yesterday seemed a thing
of tho psst. Somehow she belonged to
married life now. Yesterday she had
neither been of one nor the other. To
day Rhe had no rears for the future.
Mttle warnings from other people, lit
tle mistakes that they had mado and
she had mentally resolved to profit by,
seemed unimportant this morning. Any
way, she would not worry for the fu
ture when sho had today, and she would
not spoil one minute of this glorious
honeymoon by borrowing trouble.
And so she hummed a little tunn as
she took her bath, nnd ruminated on
what they would ent for breakfast,
nnd when she emerged glowing, and
slipped Into her silken things one by
one, sho snt (town again neiu.u -dressing
table nnd laughed at herself
In tho glass as she did up her hair.
They ate breakfast In the big dining
rnrim In fi ut.nilV WlndOW. Iced KrBPe-
fruit. and eggs nnd bacon, and crispy
toast and coffee. Scott had bought a
morning paper and scanned it casually.
Ruth liked to have him do this; It made
her feel more sophisticated. It was
the first meal they had had together
when ho had done such a thing, and she
felt ns though she belonged to this mar
riage stalo now, nnd could look at such
things broadly. Why shouldn't he look
at the morning paper If he liked? She
certainly was not arcdng tn bo like other
women about su"h trifles, always mak
ing mountains out of molehills and In
sisting upon his attention constantly.
Sn Until snt and looked around at -the
different tables, and when sho caught
any one observing her she wondered It
they knew she was married. The tiny
gold band with no glittering stone above
It meant more In her eyes Just then
than nnvthltig else she had ever worn
She fancied that It made her finger
look very small Htid white, and she ar
gued to herself that she liked the effect
belter than an engagement ring.
Scott came to himself finally and
realized that he was being selfish and
lie swirled the paper to the floor and
looked across at her penitently.
"Sweetheart, did you think I hd for
gotten you'.' I wanted to see the news
of thi' war."
"I lilted you to do It; It seemed com
radely. You see," she explained naively,
"I don't want you to feel that you. have
to pay ine attention. I want you to do
it because you can't help It "
"Vou darling, as though any one could
help It," he said, leaning across the
table. And Uuth, knowing that she had
spoken wisely, thrilled at the knowledge
of power that his approval gave her.
"Don't you want part of It?", Scott
asked, stopping to rescue the scattered
She stietched out her hand . for the
proffered paper, although she was con
scious that she. really did not want to
read, hut she did manage to become In
terested In the woman's page and a
short article on a fashionable military
wedding that had Just taken place. Kor
a second she felt uncomfortable and I
wished that her own name might have
been featured In that way. After all
she might Just an well have had a mili
tary wedding. Scott, with his war cross
for bravery under fire, and his lieuten
ant s commission, would have been no
stunning In the wedding party. And
Do You Know How To
Choose Accessories?
Fine white organdr hand run tucis
embroidered oval dots and tiny
ruchti of thresd lace dotin't it need
just that uncspected bit ol black moire
ribbon, slipped throuih lliti and tied
in a nctliccnt bowl
And im't it cleverly cilculited to fin
chic to one's entire costume?
Where can one see It? And much mors
Ihlt U just as intereilini!
November 15 Number
Out Today
Price 35 Cents
O Votue
Soldiers Shave With
Cuticisra Soap
The Healthy Up-To-Date
Cuticura Way
, No rr.tie, no slimy soap, no germs, no
free alkali, no watte, no'n-rrtlon evtn
when shared twice dairy. One soap for all
ime atutrtng, bathing and shampoom:
Doubles raaor tfSciencT, not to (peak of
value in promoting skin parity, tain com
fort and ailn health due to Us delicate,
framnt Cuticura metkeation. Largest
Helling skin soap in the world.
mr- Catkwa ToiUt Trio -W
CoralstTne of Soap. Otntjoen and Talcum
are indtstxissabte erftmcts of the) daily toi
let in maintaining akin urtty and skin
health. BybrtrhtiiisTthewddicatelyratdj
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yvursldnaahiuiafor ell toilet purposes,
you keep the ostla. scalp, hair and hands
clear.swutandheaUny Keea. everywhere.
1 I J ' ll ,,,.,,,
!..- .... ,!.,... ... i .1 I I -.... tJ A. I.. ....! . 14 i -&. .., J-l
theji she remembered- suddenly her reso
lution that If Scott were, spared to her
she would never again be swnyed by the
selfish lovo of pomp nnd ceremony.
After all It was tho wedding Itself that
counted, not tho way It was done.
They had purposely d-eclded not to
make any plans nt all, but to take mat
ters Just as they came.
"That has always been my Idea of a
honeymoon," Scott had declared, "wak
ing up each morning nnd not knowing
whnt would happen before, night "
And Uuth had consented, ns she would
havo consented to anything he sug
.'s-'S'-in'TTs- ii hi ii ii '---- 2 J"jji p -rr rtri rs--'T''T''TTie
ilictor Bread
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y .
Your choice of any
(91eomargaiisie9lb 30c, 36c
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all kinds of cookins and baking than lard. If the
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it is sola.
, c
! c
! o
1 'A
Very Best Tea,
Y4 lb., 13c
Choice Peas,
can, 16c
Sugar Corn,
can, 17c
Choice Tomatoes,
can, 14c
Pink Salmon,
big can, 21c
Loin , Chops
Rib Chops
Shoulders lb. 30c
Delicious Fresh
Sausage lb.
And Throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland
-V' Nf ' ' '
r r "'.j mu.M "1-?T'
aOtwii all I, !
fl .n
gested, lluth, although she had excel
lent qualities, wna still only a stranger
living on the border line of Scott's ter
ritory. She might nssuro herself that
she would follow him nnywhere ho led.
hut Uuth really tacked the gypsy urge
that Seott had In his VelnH. Sleeping oft
tho ground under , n canopy of stars
would not appeal to her half as much,
If she actunl(y had to do It, an a soft
bed and the possibility of a hot bath
whenever she wanted It.
If Uuth had' but known It, Scott was
really not the same man that she had
known before he left for France, nest
less ho had been before then, hut ,not
sn restless ss he was now, not fio quick
to chafe at limitations, not so quick
to see the difference between the freedom
of the life he had lived nnd the restric
tions that civilization 'Imposes upon the
dwellers In cities, who must accustom
themselves to living within a given ra
dius. Scott was about to face, problems
that Uuth ns yet did not recognize, and
$ pk
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mi n.) ifiF-ynn'm 'y
p pfi
A.ifc, .
YlV -'''"V
S '..
It would take careful sailing and dell
cata tact on her part If she-, were to
help him weather them safely.
Chipped Applet or Pears
Hard fruit (apples or, pears), eight
pounds ; sugar, one pound (two cups) :
sirup, three pounds (four cups) ; -ginger
root nr crystallized ginger, one ounce;
lemons, three; water, two quarts.
Wash and prepare fruit. Weigh after
It In prepared. Add sugar to sirup nnd
water. Add lemon Juice and chopped
rlhd nnd fruit. Cook slowly until fruit
Is tender nnd pvodvict Is thick nnd dark.'
prr eJ&eTSttt
f For Chrlttrnai Cifti
fhi-f- SMWalnul St,
'Eggs 54
for their size and quality we
12 good eggs in every dozen.
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Kipp. Herring,
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1 V "T "" af J
iwwp: rjf v-y-1"-
rJ'J,ylr.. ...
u--. " ' - 1
- v.
:' 'j
" 't .., .K ,.. '" ,
- '':-i.,i!. i. -' .
aJv.. ..f ' ...j...J. . . ,-,
-!.Ul.M!.M(. i.T!rt, ." ' t

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