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430,000 AWAITING
ifl 6 9 ssa m Oh ! I J nt vst a, 1
E.".!',, .1 -a sn i
w.' , ' In Itllinnl ftrit If ntlini.
less Children
Adopted Little Ones Send
s "Grateful Letters to God
parents Here
The Philadelphia committee of
fatherless children nf France In
deeding In Its effort to lime thin Christ
..mas season n time of special giving for
i the French children whose fathers were
'killed In the war.
Already the committee has receded
$30,000, and the stars which decorate
the Christmas trees In the public snunrci
. ... .. . . -, ,
of .the city represent several hundred
nnltnm nlpnrlt odati est unnli Ifno
dollars alrencly glen at each tree
Though the response has been cener
ous, the Philadelphia committee feels
residents of this city have done little In
comparison to those of other cities In
tills matter, ami wishes to bring up Its
luota of children adopted at this lime
to compare more favorably with the
quotas elsewhere
At the beginning of the present drive
only 3000 children had been adopted
cere In comparison to 150,000 In Chlcigo
IDS. 0011 nrnlt Adoption
There are In France 300.000 fathetleso
children for whom the organization
"Wished to make provision Of this num
ber, 102.000 hae alreadj been adopted.
P that there are still 198,000 oung can
didates for American godpateiils
The children correspond with their
godparents and send photographs of
Many Philadelphia women hae
received Interesting and appealing letters
from the little orphans. Croups of wo
men, and of girls and bojs also, nto
adopting the French children and writ
ing letters to them Yesterday the
pupils of the Philadelphia Normal School
adopted thirteen orphans.
Miss Charlotte Slter, 419 South Carlisle
street, who Is In chaige .of the Inde
pendence Square Christmas nee. and Is
one of the most active of the Philadel
phia workers, has taken two children.
Roymonde and Hene, ftom whom she
received the photograph mown above
and the following letter:
Mademoiselle end tler bensfMrtrsss I am
protltlnit by my vacation to r:te o" n lone
letter snd to thank sou for tn klmlnessss
which you hsve done me 1 lo not write
well and I am not verv learnp.t Put ther
Is one thing which I know well, it I thtit
you are very ffnod. ihnt ou l.se pome to
console us. to hIp lis in or misfortune, and
we can never tell jou enough what our srnt-
HUfle II,
We spenk of ou often with Matimn, und
often I think thpt there Is verv far avvnv.
a good lefly who Interests hersslf In us. nnd
X send her In thouirht my dserest thanks
H Is due to your nld that our situation Is
softened, mademoiselle. At first we oassed
some very bad dnys
Tspu Was One nf the first In Full
Mv brother and I s-e amonc the oldest
orphans af the war Thpt Is to sa tbat mv
poor papa was one of the flrsi fall In
1014 In the locality cf Lorraine We never
had news from him. bee-us the letters ar
rived verv nanl.v at the bealnnlnic.
My little brother wns two sears old nnd
does not remember htm nt all, hut I recall
fapa very well. He was sweet nnd cood
q iu and I loved blm vers much
Maman was overcome by our misfortune
She did not know whst would become of
harAslona with two ohlldfn Maman vou'd
hav been very nlvid to flrd n way to worl.
7nueh more to make n llvlno- for us. buf the
country Is, not Industrial and there Is little,
to earn OCierwlse tt would have been nec
essary for Maman to send 'is lo iMieril nt n
nubile home and ( nas not utlllnt lo leave
-Hhe had alread had ennuch in Ivtr In
loslnr papa Hhe preferred to be less nt
lilaure snd to have the satisfaction of keen
idk us with her and of bringing us up her-
'. Sf, 'J11" ' not Perhaps verj Intereallns;
rtjt I hope our dear henefnrtress that It
will expreas, at. least all our most sratef-n
Your little children
Julie Klein's Letter of Gratitude
The French love and sjmpathv for
dear lxrralne" Is voiced In the follow
ing letter from Julie Klein to hei mer
ican, godmother. Mrs. Charles K Huiih
of2013 DetJtneey street
Oer Benefrtress nnd Uoilmnllier 1 hnve
JUst received the allotment vvhk' vou hnve
teen so kind as to s-nii us n onl-r to came
to our aid during- this torrlhle war I iot
that you will be so rood as in lottttnue to
help ua for the times are verv Imrd but
1 hope that ver-.' soon thev nre irolnir to mi
sway afaln from our dear native ,'Ountr
for the cursed boche is there no longer It
ta now our dear French and Am-rlmns vv ho
are In our dear Lorraine. I should like to
have been over there on the dav when thev
entered, to have the Joy of receiving them
for the poor civilians who remained must
have been ery hsppy to s-e our brave sol
dlers srrlve We lived forty-ttve kilometres
.front Metz. In a vers pretty rlt
v nd now Dear (iodmother I hone that
you will never forget jour dear little god
daughter, for T shall be grateful to vou nil
ray life for all the kindness that sou have
shown me and toy family
neeelve from our dear little war nod
daughter mv best friendship Mv mother mv
-brothers and slater send ou also thetr i,eat
A Widowed Mother's Thanks
In France '.t appears that little bov.s
Of twelve years who attend the marine
school nlready wear the tinlfmm of the
:pav Wttle Rene Branbonne has hern
adopted by the Philadelphia committee
Ills mother, on paper with a hnnd of
black half an inch wide wrote the fol
lowing letter, expressing her gratitude.
to Mrs. John MHrkoe, ihalrmun of the
The Amerii-nn sorletv which apes aid In
the orphans nf war bns lust nnnounced that
aul ha.ve adopted mv child Jteue
He,, tn receive Mddume the exmessltiti nf
Tny gratitude and ni must elm en thanks
1 am happy that mi thlld shuuiil have
sin allowance, for the destb of my husband
ha left m nlono with sli ihlltlleu Your
Drolfgt, Madame will he eternally grateful
Tide wr will end very soon 1 hope, pv
th victory of our grmles The French will
jttteA Imperishable remembrance of acta nf
fraternity and of the aid which Amerliu
brought to assuage our misfortunes
1 send you, enclosed the photograph of
Ifiy son, Ha la standing vvlih bis Lrnthtr
in the marine school lie Is twelve eare
mid and siready wears the uniform u! oui
1 thank rou very slmeiely Madame and
bex you to believe In my most sincere devo
JW Jersey Authorities Want
This State to Euuet Law
Commissioners of Navigation ftum
5vfey Jersey this afternoon urged the en
tvetmeut of a bill In Pennsylvania to
authorize the collection of Income from
pand dredged out of the Delaware ltlver
The request was made to u. special
committee ot Pennsylvania navigation
tvommleslonors at u Joint meeting held
V- ir tnn nourse.
' Such a law Is In force In New Jersey,
y applying to the eastern half of the
' '. .fiver. The New- Jersey officials asked
t ier a slmlllar .charge of Ave cents per
oot be made on the Pennsylvania Bide
1 sir (ha, river.
'''" Sand companies, heretofore, have been
srollfctlng sand with dredges free of cost.
niner than paying tne r, n, engineers
t to? a survey. It was pointed gut that
the f.tnte would annually gain about
1JB.OO0 by such a measure, The of-
AnUls preset)' estimate that nearly a
jnlltlo-i yards are dredged each year.
The Pennaylvalilo commissioners took
. iio artlou. following the conference, an-
.fVl.W..!.... Sl.afr t. MAM., la halne t.el.
e rarsurJviiiK " " lHMt"V " "5ll,a.
' , s)Mr auvUemeiit,
. 'S- Muilcst Sorietv Wsnli Charter
,3 K,
it .vftwW;
sWs -
jYttie. Vlillharft'onlc Society- of PhllaUei-' pr,ie pjjc, for H,nJl ng of Crowd
W?i i?.HnlS!W ?"P,!4 :'d': Director VUH. and Bun.?lniendent of
'-''oSVltfScM MIU toda' tomplln;itd the re.
S.?lv,fJ)Rr.i.ruii T.tiie.1 Vii-." a 1 serves on their handlln of tha Chrlat.
II OW iTSfiviwi is, BiaiiTti ,uj ivj I
Glimiccllor Emeritus of cw York
Orlando, tin., Dec 24 (llv A I )
Henry Mitchell MacCracken, chancellor
emeritus of New York I'nlverslty, died
today In a hospital here. He was seventy-eight
year old. His wife and eldest
son, John H. MacCracken, president of
Lafayette College were with him at the
time of death.
1 The bodv will he taken to New York
I and the funeral held at I'nlversltv
Heights Friday morning.
Doctor MacCracken was a native of
Ohio, and was, horn nt Oxford, that
1 Sate. September 2. 1840, a son of the
Hew John Steele MacCracken. He was
graduated at M In in I diversity In 135",
, nnd pursued his theological studies at
the (.'. P Seminary Xenla. O and
Princeton Seminary, subsequently at
tending Hie I'nlversltles or Tubingen
land Beilln. He received the degieo of
I) D. from Wittenberg and LL D. from
Miami and New York Was ordained
In the Presbyterian mlnlsti) In 1 883,
and afier filling several pastorales In
, Ohio churches became professor of plnl
osoph and chancellor of the Western
i I'nlversltv of Pennsvlvnnln. nntv IMtta-
hurgh lie lyocame professor of phlloso
phj In New York Cnlversllv In 1884,
was vice chancellor from 1885 to 1891.
nnd chancellor from 1891 to 1910. Was
delegate to the Oeneral Aembls of the
Free Church of Scotland and of the Irish
Pieshyterlan Church In 1867
Dr. MacCracken organized Hie Hall of
Fame In 1500 and was made a life
committeeman of that body He was
the author of numerous hooks on church
economic, educational and social themes
, -- -, imi,auuiiai iiiiu nutiui lilt
He married Catherine Hubbard
f'rtlllmhiia r l l&'ft -! ... -. ..
Columbus, o. In 1872 and two of their
sons llenrv Noble and John Hen!
MacCracken. are college presidents.
Princc JJatoikn Brttip,iii: Artil
lery and Other Units
Washington, Dec 1M (Uv 11
Sailing of the transport Princess Ma
Inllca from Frunce on December 21. will'
3000 troops Including TOO sick and
wounded was announced todav hv the
War Department The ship will dot k at
Newport News about January 2
On board are the Second and Third
Battalions. Thirty-seventh Const Arlll
lerj regiments casual companies Nos
108, ion. and 110: 141st Machine flun
Battalion. Thirty-ninth division Cadre
headquarters Thirtieth Brigade Coast
Mnjor Oeneial Charles Menoher re-1
cently appolntetl chief of the air service
to succeed John D P.van, Is returning
on the Princess Matolka
It was announced that the units will
be sent to the following camps Thirty -seventh
Regiment Const Artillery to
Fort Adams. New port, II I. ; Casual
companies 108, 100 and 110 ontl the 141st
Machine flun Battalion 14 per cent to
Camp Pike, Ark , 40 per cent to ('imp
Benuregnrd. l.a.. it! per cent to Camp
Znchary Taylor. Kv , Tit rt -ninth Di
vision Cadre, tomposed of detachments
fiom several Infnntrv leglmcnts. 100 per
sent to Camp Beauregard. T'lhile'h
brigade headquarters 100 pel cent to
Camp Merrltt N J
Firet Court Action Tnken in Oliio
to Test It Validity
Cincinnati. Dec 24 ( llv A Pi The
first step to test the vaihlllv of the Fed.
I er.il prohibition amendment resolution
was tnken totlnv when nltornevs repre-
sentlng both sldo of a suit seeking to
I enjtdn Oovernor James M Cox. of Ohio,
from preent'ng the prohibition amend
ment to the Ohio Legislature began the i
presentation of nrguments
The plaintiff. Alfred O. Hrkenhtecker.
of Cincinnati, alleges, through his attor
nejs. that the proposed amendment Is
Invalid because It was not passed by a
two-thirds vote of both houses of Con
gress. The petition alleges that the
resolution on the umendment obtained a
two-ih rds vote of tho"e Srnatots nnd
Representatives voting, but that the law
holds It must have a two-thirds vote of
the total membership of both houses,
which it failed to obtain, and therefore
the resolution Is Invalid
Declares Wilson Is in "Eacer Pur
suit" of Eiitungiing Alliances
New lorL, Dec II. (By A. P)
Asserting thai President Wilson hat'
sailed for Kurope ' In eager pursuit" of
the entangling alliance of which Wash
Ington warned the nation, Colonel (leoige
Harvev denounced the league of nations
plan In an address at the 113th annual
dinner of the New Knglantl Soclet of
tile city of New York
Colonel Harvev also opposed the pro
gram of 'no Indemnities" for the L'nltetl
States, asserilng that for the Culled
States to tefraln from collecting the
neail Uli.niin.nnft nod the war has cost
would be tantaniniint to a vniuntarv
ronti lliut'iiii in Die war fund uf (Jet
Friend ?n He Will Run, lint the
.Sxtker Has Nothing to Say
Washington, Dec. 24 -tl A 1' I
Krieiitls of Slienker t latk In Congiess
said todav that the Speaker would tin
a candidate for the Democratic ptesl
tential nomination In 1 !'-, although 1"
fiirinal anntiuncement on the subject
t ould be ev pet ted for some tune. Mi
flail, himself said
"I have tin nnnountenient lo make ex
icpl tn sa that I know nothing about
It "
According tn the slnry going the
loiinds at Ibe Cupltol Mr Clark will be
supportul by U'iUlnin Jennings Hi.vtui
Friend of Former State Treas
urer Lrge His Nomination
Friends or Colonel James K. llatneit.
a veteran of the Philippine War, ate
boosting him for a place on the public
Seivlce ComiiiHslon. Colonel Harnett.
who is a former Slute Treasiiivt, lives
tn Washington, Pa where he has a linv
1 l.lt tlce
Another candidate for the Public Serv
ice Commission fiom Washington, Is
William Vance, also a lawyer, rleveral
candidate have cnteied the field for
the vacancy existing on the Public
Service Commission.
Term I'lniilieil Here, Burglar Goei to
New York I'riion
'This will be n flue Christmas for
This was the onlv comment made by
lilt Drown, alias Jake Harris, when he
was rearrested on a charge of breaking
his parole a lie left the Counlv Prison
today after serving one year for shop
lifting. At the lime Itrown was arrested and
sentenced for his crime In this city, he
wuh under parole In New Ynrlc, where
his sentence of five years for burglaiy
had been cut In two because of Ills
promises to reform. He will be returned
to New York to serve out the sentence.
mar -
EllUou Marriage License.
Llkton. Mil., Deo. 24 Twelve
rlas's were solemnized here today
contracting uartles were Reuben Mer.
v'n and Bina Kemp, Josenh Merino and
Katherlne Kearney and Unrrv F. Ban
hof and Agnes V. Ixing. Philadelphia .
i William H; Morrl
, B,liM",ve' "'
Morrison, Marcus Hook, and
ie. Mt. Carmel! Alfred Ttalne,
and Bertha. Parsons, Penusgrove, N. J. :
William 'J. Headley and Mabel (Iroff,
Hard'ngsvllle, N. J. ! Isaac Holmes, Jr.,
and May V Brooks, Cecllton. Md, ;
Walter Parker and Illlllan Turner,
Cheater j Lloyd Stoeckel and Dollle
Itogers, (leorgetown, Del, I Stephen
Beardsley and Jennie Johnson, Chesa
peake City. Md. I Itussall C. Shlndler and
Florence (Jlouser, Yotk, Pa., and Itobert
Courtney, Cleveland, apd Corlnne c.
Stager, West Caldwell. Jf. J,
mas shopping crqwala, There. xvere no
rrntlMea an A xel-V-'ow aerlituvl ja Ilia
.-,-.,-,-" -- -'.rtn ---- -."., . ,TV,
jliri i msiites. HauH aurip a mismmwWWPlSmsm,SL. "" WsJ.s
PrW.. ; I e
fwwmmv . MAw.'AWiw HiWiwi4i'iW"iW
,Wv-,5Wrf W Z?
ineritan solilicr" fnrniiiig a Riiaril
, .
I 1TJI finoiie IrllF
l4 fKlM ' tttt
Christmas Sock
Contlmied from Page tine
be entertained nt the Manufacturers'
Club, nnd Just that many children will
receive gifts Admission cards have
been distributed by various charitable
There were so man) events on toda.v's
program and also on the card for tomor
row Ihnt It Is virtually lriiposlble to
record nil of them, but one that proved
exceptionally good tool, place this aft
ernoon nt the Lyric Theatre
The "Oh, Lady, Ladv" company r.ilsed
mute tli.m $2000 with which lo buy
presents for jouiiKsters, anil nt today's
performance 2000 pour ch'ltlreti were en-
At the naj nrd the boys In blue be- ,
gun to wlioop It tip enilv today. The
Jewish welfare hoard gave the ho.va
barrel of vaudeville, and In the after-
noon Christmas packages were tllstrlb-
uted to the men who nre to be mus
tered out of the service Three religious
sei vices will feature lomonovv's celebra
tion. Kver.v ship at the .vattl hits been
'dolled up" In Christmas raiment
David Burpee, president of the Phila
delphia Seed Compan, pluved Santa
today to. more than 2000 children of tbu
Northern Liberties neighborhood. Pres
ents were distributed to the children
I In the Burpee buildings nntl entertainers
treated them to a little, fun. ,
Northern Llbettles Neighborhood Club
did not forget the poor children of that
section. A Christmas celebration vv.isi
given th s afternoon b the club at 485
North Fifth street.
This morning Christmas baskets were
distributed to the poor at All Saints'
Parish House, Twenty-second street and
Snvder asenue. The baskets vvero the
gift of Mrs. Ueorge W. t'liildh Drexel
Baskets of food likewise were taken
around to the homes of the poor b ,
metnbets of the Quaker cit.v Ladles'!
Motor Club
There will be other Christmas enter
tainments this evening Toys und candv
will be distributed this evening b.v Mrs.
K. T Stotesbur.v lit the Shot Tower Ilei -leatlon
t 'enter, at Second and Carp'nter
streetH. The Catholic Hospice, at eigh
teenth and Chen.v streets, will hold a
tvlebtatlr ii mis evening also for all men
In the service The Willing Day Nurserv
at 127 Pine "tree I will give a cllnnei
from B to ! odotk to tlnlr Pule charges
and their patents
Cscneral Kulni Writes Personal
Letter to Philadelphian
Sergeant Thorn M Kivel. fl South
Fottv -sixth street, has been commend
ed for bravery In a personal letter from
Major General Kubn. commander of the
hvrnt -ninth Division
"Ms attention Iihs been called," den
erul wuhn wrote, "to the coolness anil
hruvery displayed b .vou while op duty
,.. ,i.n ,.l.UnMinllin Hlnlliili f,r tile SHI,
i-nv. ninth Division, tin the second floor
the chateau at Mnntrnueon
i.,..,,., ha time inni I lie Hi.tiiuii
uu established until the division was
relieved ou were ; constant on dut,
and fienuently subject to shrapnel and
shell lire. Vou lenialned at our post
duilng the bombardment even while
nudlnJ1vou"o"'U,led1B '" " '
"I take1 great pleaauie In extending
lo you mv congtatulatlons for .voui ton -
duct on this occasion, and saying ttut
luct on this occasion, ano saying inai
rou have upheld the best tiadltioni of
he American ai my "
Sergeant Hlvel went overseas with the
Liberty Division In June
Bureau Chiefs Present Silver
' Service to Safety Head
Director Wilson, of the Depaitment
I of Public .Safety, received u silver serv-
Ittt set toduv. a Christmas gift fiom
the chiefs of the vorlous bureaus under
I his administration.
Joseph McLaughlin, chief of the Elec
trical Dure an, made the presentation In
?" " .X- nf he l.ureaii heads
I the .presence of the bureau Ilea s
Mr. Wilson's otllre at iil Hull and in
llinrv C Davis. Assistant Director of
Public Safety, wus honored also by the i
men under him. lie was given a bronze '
statue supported by a marble pedestal. I
In responding, Director Wilson told of t
his regret mat ne inusi booh part wiin
the bureau chiefs, now that the closing
year of the administration wub ap -
moachlng. He was the more sorry to
leave them, he said, because their loy-
alty to him and the department they
renresenteit nan neen unuuestionea.
Director Wilson sent cordial holiday
greetings In the form bf Christmas cards
' to each employe of the department to-
Officer,-and Men Become Civilian! on
Dischirie From Army
I Washington, Deft 24. -(By A. P.) An
opinion of the judge advocate general's
office approved by the Secretary of War
holds' that officers und enlisted men of
the National DunrtJ will reveit to civilian
status when discharged from the Federal
The effect of the ruling virtually Is to
wipe out of existence the National Guard
as It was organized prior to the wax.
Colonel Deitler Inaugural Chief
Colonel I.ewla T. ricltler, of this ally,
wan today named chief of alalT for the
Inaugural parade or uovarriur-eteet
JtnroiH. H will bsjnaie an the detail
ha denuvnalrulstn. Colonel lilll&e
. - .'. Tr-i :,.",' -.. i '- -x,.
, i , jLu " -ww, w 5 ii i i i iii siii i ii it I f I I i ' ' i li i i i i 1 1 i i i ill i ii ii i iii i mi i iii umm ii ii li'll'glllalaMgaiaiaMaaByilaasaaalMialgBMgBViasaagMBSMaMBMtagBBll
r,W s.M3tUjfcwaS4&n h s' , Ka A.MMVM'vW! -UttiKJjiUfc'ts,awaMi3W,'e ' sssihswsiii B
' eMat l J" w'""' .. .m.-vv- "- --,. - ,w," wk..w ..vwywvf w,,wn,vvwww,i(i, ywjgyyrsyy'2v'f'w-''T'''yitvg'--'y H
BBHBaftHatrifllbJrv&r f- & jaTaaTgMaV-sTavaaassaVsassMaasiaflJrSiawalMsarttMg
lHgggggK74sNssglBYMg styruBBNMBUBBEAdtn&UKnF'iijESXiniBKIBR Hi
hhhv SBmljBKkskKKBSBM ''"v etgsHagDggHil....DgBBksfgBlHgBg B
friiiWj)maiiiiiMi(,iL.;.,,j snsssrizssssTj:. rsXsf..fcfflta;a!5atE
""m'-'"' !'!
" I'.M "! ' J. i"'ii,ni'i'Wmi"siW'iwtn mil's MumuM i ! -., MI'.WiH')wl-.iwhh df-tewetf-tfPBB
iiZ AS,Aarfyv,, k Uj .&&v-iW".-.ie
of honor for President Wilson on Ills
arc the first photographs lo be received
Poor Horses. Dogs and
Well Remcmbrtcd With
tide Feasts Today
s. r. c.
I. Serves as
Stables and
in Many
There was great rejoicing In "animal
circles" at the announcement that Santa i
Clung today would visit tho stables and !
kennels of the poor hones, dogs, and
cats, as vvel us the homes of rent fntli
sotTlrtTfor the Pemto, VeV.m,B" Cil" Scout '" ""ted the Chrlst-
,1,, J , " Lv"ny "tag dlnncrH for the animals from the
dinner, w.tn'nr , .iT" . C1 rlstl"as Lighthouse at Second street nnd Lehigh
inr..., ", i th' ., "" m'"9- rh,i nue; from the dispensary nt 315
horses that have so nobly done double South Chadwlck street, nnd fiom lwrv
dutv during the war were given es-' llt.tne, Klghty-slxtli nnd Knstwlck
peclal notice. btieets. Horses In the police van and
J hero was a soil of thin, bo u py ' traffic squad stables wete remembered
mixture for first course, mixed feed for by tho women, too. The Chrlstmaa com
the entree and carrots and big red pllments were In the form of bright
apples for dessert. Dog biscuits were red npples.
"overs share and there was catnip In!
prettily tied bunches for the kittles.
Ned, a staunch old dray horse who
for the last year has been supporting a
family of eleven, had the time of his
long life Ned's master Is sick and has
been almost blind for many months
Ned'H steady work In hauling has fur
nished the only livelihood for the mas
ter, mlstres and the nine children of the
Dan Is another of the heroes who wete
decorated "Inside and out" for his
splendid services. He has been earning
the living fur an eighty year old man
and his famil.v
Message Will Tell Soldiers of
Rollcall Success 250,000
for Chapter
A Chtlstmas message will be cabled
to the American bo.vs In France and ,
aeimnny and lo the Allies tonight by
the American (ted Ciorm, telling them
the nation stands solldlj behind the Hed
It Is figured that the totnl enrollment
tlutlng the Clulstnias rollcall drive
which ended officially
at midnight, will
be '.'0, 000. 000 for the entlie country and
more than
260.000 for the Southeastern
I'ennsy van a Chapter
Had weather and Influenza have; In-
urferetl with the drive in many sections
,of ,llft coun A " "rive will he
'continued Jn many divisions through this
'week. Because of this und because they
are nusy with Christmas picparatlons.
are nusy wiin ftirtstmas picparatlons.
many of the division captains have not
made repoits, and definite llgurea will
. ha ';,,, ',, "Vi. .5 . .1"
not be available until the end uf the
Returns from all division were far
from complete, and oflleluls said It prob
ably would he another week before final
reports on the enrollment would be In
band. The central division continued its
lead, with more than 4,000.000 members,
and the Atlantic division was second,
with more than 3.000.000. Ileports from
other divisions showed:
Lake, 1,641,600; southwestern, 1.228,
100 ; Pennsylvania-Delaware, about
1,000,000 and New Kngland, 985,000.
Deaths of a Day
Mirthall H, Smith
Marshall H. Smith, a well-known real
estate operator, with offices In the Mutu
, al , ,, insurance Building, d ed Sunday
1 ' ' r.ult or a ,,dden attack nf h,t
a rB" ,,,.,," ,' T ,""". of hea"
disease at his home, In Wayne.
Mr. Smith was prominently Identified
with civic affulrs In the Main Line sec
tion. He was a member of tho Wayne
Presbyterian Church. lit widow, also
a leader In welfare movements. Is nresl.
lent nf the SaturdAV Cluh. nt Wu,nA
and took a prominent pan In Liberty .us the month pf December lias been the
Loan campaigns and other patrlollu busiest month this year and the great
drives in Wayne. ,est December In our history of more
Rev. Clurlei C. Waugb
Following a week's attack ot Influenza,
th Rev. Charles C. Waugh, an Kplscopal
clergyman in charge ot St. Gabriel's
Mission, FeltonvlUe. died at his home,
1012 Chew street, dermantown, yester
day. He was thirty jears old.
Mr. Waugh, who wa born In Scotland,
came to America Are years ago. , In 1616
he was graduated from the Kplscopal
Divinity School, In West Philadelphia,
and was Bhortly after appointed an as
slstant In Calvary Church, aermantown..
Th .funeraj will be held from his
home on Thursday night, with services
on tho followlwr My at lM50m an. at
(c International Film Service.
arrival at lire!, Tito President has jutt taken his place in the first automobile.
in America nf the President's arri val in France
s W 1
Members of the dispensary committee
of tho women's society invcHtlgnte their
"horse families" Just as conscientiously
and carefully as social workers Investi
gate the homes of the cltv'n nnnr nn-
ple. Wherever the people are poor and '
deserving of help, nnd their horse or I
animals are hungry, the xoclety gives Its
aid. Mrs. Udwin O. Lewis Is chairman
of the dlpensaiy committee, which In
cludes Mrs. Joseph T. Bnile.v, Miss
Laura Blackburn, Mr, Klsle Ballard,
Miss ICllena Frlckn, Mrs. Samuel C. Ed
monds nntl Mrs. 11. U. Iloberts Miss
Lyda II. Ashbridge Is president of the
Woman's Society for' tho Pieventlon
of Cruelty to Animals.
Tanker Gulfland, Recently
Launched on Delaware,
Saves Crew of Scotia Queen
'cptaln FUchaiUs and IiIh crew u -
i III till rlErirlnc. flehtlnn- n train at dlmnoi
, .nevitabtiea,.,-. ., the..- sw-,aed
t"""" nt"lm viueen, vvaa siovviy sink-
, lug under them oft Cape Huttera De-
ceinber 17. when the tank stean.slilii
j iiuinand, recentlv launched In Cumilen,
. made lis appearance.
Standing by In lifeboats, while the
! heav.v sea buffeted them unmeiclfully
.me lescuers manageu to picic the crew
of Hie doomed vessel with the aid of life
lines ,md belts.
The story of the- rescue was told today
when the ilulfland steamed Into Heverl.v,
Mass . with the rescued seamen aboard,
none the worse for their experience. The
Scotia Queen Is now believed to. be
floating somewhere off the Noith Caio
Una headland at the mercy of the seas
Tlie Scotia Queen vvas hound from
Jacksonville to Norfolk when It came
to gilof. Heavy weather was struck off
the Curollnas, and, despite tin; efforts
of captain and new at the pumps, the
ship became waterlogged and failed to
answer Its helm.
It began to settle and when It sank
to Its deckload of lumber, the seamen
were forced Into the rigging for Mfet
They had been hanging there for houts
when the aulnand wus sighted.
The actual rescue of the men was a
dungeruBs undertaking with the heavy
sea breaking on all sides nnd the threat
ened ciew unable to lend much assist
Th. oulfland Is owned by the Oulf Ite. 1
fining Company and piles between Pott
i Aithur and various Atlantic harbors, of
I which Philadelphia Is one. It was built1
I by the New York Shipbuilding Com
I pany, Camden, and Is operated by the
I 1'nlted States shipping board.
Thrift Tempers
Generosity Here
I Continued fram I1 On
tnan loo years.
" big share of the new business has
come from the foreign element. Many
Germans, fearing that the Government
would confiscate their savings, with
drew their deposits from the banks, but
p6w that the. war Is over they are re
newing their accounts.'"
As a further Indication that the "little
fellows'1 iare actually saving money, Mr.
Wlllcox' pointed to the vaults where
Liberty Bonds valued at $4,600,000 are
held for safe Keeping. "They represent
savings," said Mr, Wlllcox, "and are.
carried by the bank; a deposits.'
In the vaults of thr. Western' SavlnM
-unn society tborr i a pl, pf
on vatue t, 'iLwm i'
No Help for Russia
Till She Helps. Self
Continued from rage One
newed his wishes for the prosperity ot
France and expressed tho hope that the
co-operation of France and Italy always
would be most cordial.
In reply the French President said
that Paris never would forget the xlslt
of the Italian King nnd that his sojourn
In Franco has contributed to the
strengthening of the bonds of friendship
between the two countries.
London, Dec. 24, It Is expected that
the entire day Friday, the day following
President Wilson's arrival In England
for his xlsli, will be devoted to a dis
cussion by tho President with the Brit
ish war cabinet of the terms to he
posed by Oreat Britain at tho
allied conference preceding the
The cabinet. It Is said, will be able'stcck.
(o finish by tonight the task of framing ! Employes of the Colonial Knitting
the. terms, and the final draft should JI1"8' Hunting Park avenue and Stoke
bo ready by tmorrow. ley street, received as a Christmas bonus
Tho "Belgian suite," reserved exclu- trom tne company 1 per cent of their
slvelv for royal guests until now, will he learnings for the last year. There are
occupied by President and Mrs. Wilson 1B7 employes, and the gifts will approxl.
during their stay In London. mate 310 each.
London Hlnborately Decorated ' Olren Insurance Policies
Tho ofllclals In charge ot London ' Gifts In the form of Insurance policies,
street tlecotatlon In honor of the visit ranging hi value from ?500 to 31000,
of President Wilson are aiming ,at ar- were received by employes of the Frank
ilstlc efTect as well as brilliant color lln Sugar Refining Company yesterday.
scheme. In addition to the Venetian There were 1400 policies distributed. To
musis, supporting royal crowns, shields all policies under JI000 the company has
and flags, and connected with festoons ' nlannert lo add 3100 each Christmas
anil bunting, the Important buildings
along the route will be treated In a
manner to harmonize with their archi
tecture. Wellington Arch, on the top of .Con
stitution Illll, will be decked with Inu-
lel festoons and crowns combined with
merican flags and gilt eagles.
Part of Program Cut
The central passage of this arch Is
only open for rojnl and state proces
sions. President Wilson will be the
first uncrowned he.atl of a government
to pass through the arch In state.
At the tequest of President AVIIson,
who evidently found that too much Is
being crowded Into his shott stay In
England, the proposed dinner at Lan
caster House on Saturday night has
been eliminated, This was ta have
"Ci:, 0&VcVn;
night. Instead of the Lancaster House
'banquet Ptemler Lloyd George will en-
tertaln the President at dinner Satur-
day to meet the w'nr cabinet.
j The President will attend the (Iuld-
hall leceptlon Saturday morning, after
I which he Will have luncheon In Mansion
nouse. At the uuuuhall leceptlon will ,
1 u' representatives or ine Ameiicuu
Kmbassy nnd Allied Governments, the
urniy and navy, the war cabinet. At the
I Mansion House luncheon theie will be
I 250 guests,
I Upon their return to London from
Manchester Monday evening. President
and Mrs Wilson will aguln be the gucsis
1 of King Cleorge and Queen Mary at
llucklugham Palace, and will dine with
I the King and the Queen. At nine
'o'clock Tuesday morning he will leave
the palace for the return lo Paris.
Carlisle, Kimland, Dec, 24 (By A, P.)
Tho visit of President Wilson to the
home of his maternal grandfather In
Carlisle, Sunday, will be alm6st coinci
dent with the President's sIxty-Necond
biithday, which wilt be Saturday, His
visit will have a double object,
The President wll latttnd worship In
1 i-w ir .street ton.reK ,
pastor fifteen years, and will visit the
scenes or nis moiner s egriy childhood.
The pastor ot the church has Invited
him to make an address' at the indin-
Ing service. Arrangements are not yet
i.onipieiea io oner tne rresment the free-
.l. ,1.- -,... -...i j. ,-T.'i ..'...
uuiii ui vim enj, unu 11 JO aoupiIUI IT
the presentation can be made when, he
Is here
nWttr&ntiSZWM. feW
Alleged Embezzler Arreetcd
He Greets Wife ut Train
His anxiety to have hie wife with him
,f?LC:h:,,t.m",,J.e.,1.!0 "ot m"K
Hlmmel, twenty-flve year old, wanted
for embezilement In Denver, at Broad
Street Station today. ' t
Hlmmel deft Denver on December IB
with J1000 belonglnb to tvv other men
and entrusted to him. for deposit,, the
poiico say. uecemiy ino Denver poi Ice li, ' ', .0cks and other small s.r.
Intercepted a letter, from Hlmmel lo e.t(."' B0p 80C" n oln'r "" r
Mrs, Hlmmel In wlMch he told her to tides. ,
entrain for the East at once, as he would Aside trom these, Commander Ora
meet every train arriving at Broad ham VIH present each man with a box
Btreet, Station from tho West until she cigars and' a box of candy, Th,e
Detective Andrew Kmaiiuel also met money for these ,to raized through the
every western train rfnd when he saw rfcreatlon department,
it-man answering Himinel'' description Commander Graham Isn't supposed to
ruait up im emnrace a woman sugnt.
i Stetson Company Distrib
! utes $300,000 to 'Em
ployes in Auditorium
Insurance Policies, Presents
of Cash and Bonufcs Re
ceived in Every Quarter
Gift amounting to more than 2,000,
000 were presented to workers In mer
cantile nfl Industrial' establishments to
day by their employers,
In many Instances the presentations
were made at enthusiastic meetings of
j the various plant and an emphatic spirit
oi ioyny prevailed at H.
It was a bit day for the workers of
the John B, Stetson Company.
Gifts amounting to more than $300,000
w-ere presented to Ae employes at an
enthusiastic meeting In the Stotson Audi
torium, .twhlch J. Howell Cummtngs,
president ot the company, presided.
War Heroes Honored
"Tributes to the memory of fifteen em
ployes, who died or were killed In the
service, were an impressive part of the
For many years the Stetson Company
has made It n practice to reward their
employes at Christmas time. This In
stitution has been steadfastly adhered
to year In and year out', regardless of
Industrial conditions.
In reviewing the deeds of the company
during the war, Mr. Cummlngs pointed
out that the flrm'and Its employes raised
(2,400,000 during the various Liberty
loan and war savings stamp campaigns.
In addition to 27,000 which was devoted
to helping the soldiers overseas In other
Six hundred employes entered the
army and navy and there were nix hun
dred more engaged Jn essential war
The spirit of patriotism which marked
the meeting was emphasized by the
presence In uniform of sixty soldiers
apd sailors who laid aside their tasks
at the plant to answer the call to arms.
Among other speakers at the meeting
was John M(skell, of the Fourth Ca
nadian Regiment, who reviewed some of
the1 thrilling experiences of the men who
engaged In the campaign of tho Dar
danelles, Cash bonuses were awarded to the
amount of $250,000. Liberty Bonds and
171 shares of common stock In the com
pnny were also awarded, together with
three policies of life Insurance.
Those who received llfo Insurance
policies are William Webb, Albert Tern-
pro-lkovlts, nnd James Itoblnson,
other things distributed were 351 hats,
2448 turkeys, 938 pairs of gloves, 117G
pounds of turkey, 31 watches, 39 chains,
onri ISO uViaeen nf hlllldlncr n,iH tnnti
until the maximum has been attained.
Cash presents- vvero given to the em
ployes of areenbaum & Co., Twenty-second
and Arch streets. Smljar gifts will
be distributed among the firm's em
ployes at Brldgeton and Mlnolola, X. J
next Monday. Hundreds of mercantile
establishments distributed gifts among
the employes, and In most lnstunces they
wete In the form of bonuses
Queer Looking Packages in
Commander Graham's Offices.
lommander Graham's Office!
Whispering Groups Outside
All the mystery that usuully haunts a
happy home before Christmas Is preva
lent at Pier 19, North Wharves, where
Commander W. J,
Orahani, V. B. N is
having all sorts of nueer-looklng pack
ages stowed away in his" offices, and
the hundreds of sailors break up their
whispering groups whenever the com
mander comes in sight.
Kven the few fellows who live In or
near Philadelphia ale ldath 'to take
chilstmas liberty this year because of
the gorgeous paity that Is planned for
the 000 or more who will remain over
tomorrow; at the pier, which Is located,
at the foot of Vine street. .
They know there Is to he a "regiar"
Christmas dinner, with turkey, cranber
ries and "trimmings," and they know
there Is to. be a hand concert and a
home talent show in the afternoon.
But It Is the unknown part that reully
Is the drawing card. Kvery one of the
boys has his suspicions about those gayly
tied bundles that have been going, by
circuitous and secret routes, to the com
mander's office.
Commander araham had to "spill the
beans" late this afternoon to a few or
derlies when he called them in to help
him Unpack and prepare the Christmas
""cUsl'wh ch will be .Iven to ie boy
?av55'JL. ,-il .
'"""-" .
1l,M.lM.a ,S the men u,a Sue au'n"
HUiluicue w . ..... .... ...,..,
from friends and relatives. . Most of
them have aeen overseas dutv on con-"
V" UllV th' "' NOt "e ,Sl" be
lUlftUUCII 4",,,w.,u,,,
When 'William Khrenberg, recreation
director at the pier, appealed lo some
of the women's war work organization
to help giVe the sailors a merry Christ
inas the, response was immediate and
generous, The tlctory star service of
the Emergency Aid sent 300 kits or
CroVs. unr MrrrrTHtotVsburV', sent
, cK.ts-
J,00- pa(' V ,
Cross sent 10
Urquhart Auxiliary Red
00 boxes; the War Camp
Community flirvlco gave nearly 1.00
tfullv decked tiackates. Contained In
gaily decked packages, Contained
these are fruit, candy, cakes, cigar-
know what tne. men nave un wmspe
)..,- VL.... aSsAs. utlsillha
- i .
Capture Dorpat and, Foi'cts
Retreat Germans Maxell
Toward Riga
British Publication Declares
Reds Arc Effecting Res
toration of Russia
, Hy the Associated Prets
Htoekhelm, Dec. 34,
The Bolehevlkl are making consider
able progress -vlth their penetration of
Esthonlan territory, the omdat atate-'
ment of the Hsthonlnn republic for lton-j
day shows. They have taken Dornat.
about twenty-flve miles west of Laks
Pelpus, and liave forced the Esthoniann
back on the Wesen.berg front northwest
of Lake Pelpus. The German force's In
this region are continuing to fall baelc
upon niga. The text of tho statement
reads :
"The Bolshevlkl have taken Dorpat.,
pur troops are retreating on the Wesen
berg front. German tsoops are march
ing toward Pellln, en route to niga,"
London, Dec. 24. Capping a growing;
wave; of suspicion, evidenced In the)
liberal Drltlsh press during the last
month, the New Statesman makes tho
Sensational announcement In Its current
Issue that the Bolshevlkl, supported now
by many former opponents, are affect
ing a real restoration qf Russia and
Itusslan order.
Tho New Statesman, far from being:
an organ of the extreme radicals, Is re
garded as a sober and serious publica
tion with r large circulation among
liberal Intellectuals.
The article has undoubtedly height
ened the spreading impression that the
full truth has not yet como out of
Agitation Is Increasing In favor of
compelling the Government to state ex
plicitly Its attitude toward Russia. It
Is now regarded 'as virtually certain
this agitation will result In President
Wilson being urged to declare his slantl
on the Russian situation during his
visit here.
"Order Is more thoroughly re-established
Ip Russia now than nt any time
since the fall of Czardom," said the new
Factories Resume Work
"Food distribution Is better organized
than nt any time during the whole
war. Factories are rapidly starting up
again, ns fast as raw materials can be
obtained. Management of the factories
by committees failed for obvious reasons.
Management by the Soviets, with con
sultative committee of employes, has.
been substituted with growing success.
"The Bolshevlkl, though hampered by
undesirable, tools, are cleaning the coun
try of bribery and corruption. 'Terror'
has ceased. It has been greatly exag
gerated, if Nikolai Lenlne had not
been In bed ns the result of a wound,
here would have been no 'terror' In Mos
cow. There 'has been no execution tn
Moscow for two months. During file
'terror' there were 400 executions, of
which 60 per cent were corrupt Soviet
officials. Inefllclency Is being remedied
by rapid recruiting from tho educated
classes x
"The Red army has become a real dis
ciplined force, with a new spirit of revs
olutlonary and nationalist enthusiasm.
Its numbers nre uncertain, but there nri
at least 00,000 men in its ranks. Itiini
rifles, mnchlue guns and ammunition In
plenty, but little artillery. Np Russian
army has a chance against It. It. has
experienced nothing bu.t success slnco
Masses Join Iteds
"Great masses of professional men
and petty bourgeoisie have gone 0cr
to the Bolshevlkl during the last few
months. In the largo town's the work
men almost unanimously support tlm
Bolshevlkl. The peasants were hostile
for a long time, but the formation of
'poverty committees' and the adminis
tration of tho affairs of every village In
the Interests of tho peasants has re
sulted In a great majority now keenly
supporting Lenlne.
"The invading British' army, which 8l"c
months ago would have found many
friends, now finds only a very few.
These are mostly property owners.
"Where the White guards (antl-Bol-shevlkl)
temporarily occupied districts
they have carried out 'terrors' on ft
Scale the lied guards never dreamed of,
"Any government established by .uu
will need the support of foreign bayo
nets, as the Russian proletariat are
.thoroughly Imbued Willi Bolshevism,"
Tarla. Dec. 24. fBv A. P ) Prince
Georges 13. Lvoft and Vladimir N. Kokov
soff, both former Russian Premiers', are
among tile prominent Russians whp
have arrived In Paris to assist the move.
ment of unifying Russia and restoring jiiFl
order there wilh Kntente aid. The Rus- r I
slaus here, representing many parties.,
have apparently reconciled their political
differences and are working toward a
common end,
Neutrals arriving in Paris from Petrol
grud, which city they left early In De
cember, say that food conditions there
are constantly growing worse and that
the position of foreigners Is especially
hard since all the neutral legations have
been withdrawn. Neutral caretakers in
charge of embassies and legations are
unable to obtain food ana w.ill probably
be foieed to leave.
Do)Ietovvn and Buck?' County 'Will
Establish Park at County Seat,
UoylestovTii, Pa.. Dec. 24 As a last
ing memorial to Doylestown and Bucks
Countv soldiers, a soldiers' park will be
established at the county seat. This
was declned at a rousing meeting and an
organization known as the Great War
Veterans' Celebration Association was
effected. Plans were also made for an
Unprecedented reception tn the returning
Doylstovvn and ' Bucks county troops.
Company O. of Doylestown, as n unit 6f
the 111th Regiment saw Intense action
and this town suffered casualties corn-,
mensurute with the action,
The plot for the soldiers' park will be
donated by various Doylestown, organize.
tlons and private citizens.
At the organization meeting, these'
officers were , elected i Mayor John
Vardley, president; Oscar O, Bean,
Thomas Ross. Judge llermon Yetkes and
Judge William C, Ryan, vice presidents j
rcimer H. Funk, secretary; Walter M
CarwHIien, treasurer.
tmr-n automomu.es
FORD, '.'-ton trutk, good order, Btronr, aquarfc
boy, 140-baaket capacity. Preston T, Robs
erts. Mooreatown, N, J. Moorsstown 274-H-2
nrir totmjwsi n. 01 r wan,. . I.
wife, of William ClT HchatlJT.r. ri.lVtlV.a ami
friends Invited to funeral service Yt. at
8 o, mi at 1423 , Brown at, lot ftS't'rljU
KvahS Cem neadlnr. r Bat 10:80 'a.' nU
FlTZPAraiOK. J)eo 54.' KI,
daughter of Michtel and the latit 1
5' KLIZAhRTli,!
.Wiachy's II. V. Jt. BotUllly and UttleVTf
I, H, Hnclety 9l tl Ascension ami l.adleV
airicK, iieiaiivea ami ,, irisnas also m
AuxiiiAi-v i:
luntrftl FrL, M.
r-rii.rv."' j""iv'"f'Junrit
rrair i (,
yatn ar; ., rM,
mA Mil hl II
, -,,
1 -i
ijU ill
' ll
.; ? u'J
CUIIUMH-IHW asi wueiisssss.
funiiwl later.
aaed.ra. Kelkk((

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