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j.8.- 'ryifimp
L 3
rmt' Kaiser's Adviser
Appeals to liibert 10
Avert Disaster
ITf...C;l,;0,.,.,i.ii Mikns Pirn I
for Restoration of Law
and Order
ByJPirekss to Evening Public Ledger
CMlirloM 1911. to Veto Voik Time J Co.
nSUlt tw in M f-nnenhacon). !
.w...V tv ,. r , I
rrof.vtfheodor Solucmann, onco one oi
the .Kaiser's peisonal advisers, ad
dressus an open letter to Commissary
Ebert Appealing to Ills patriotism nnd
good will "to rescue some sort of law
and order from the chaos created by
the criminal conduct of the sailors and
itha conseuuencea of tne cinasirous
'"The measures taken," lie says,
f'ntake rue arid all moil-and women
,.;" fcolnTimnn- tn Hip flfiver iinenT nartr
... . . r ,, ,f t
blush with shame. I n.iui .onfes. I
am ashamed of the O.eima-.j o. todnv.
''Our petitions to the leading men of
h r.ntinto nml tn President Wilson i
Oack all dlBn.tv, are In a whlrsJB tono i
;nd only Increase the rontwipt with
which the enemy is treating us
Our officers havo been ilsmissed In
the most ubomtnablo fnshloii, and noth
ing has been done to nid them to main
'tain discipline and suppress tho law
less elements that will be found In nny
army of millions. The amnesty, which
p-os Justified tho crimes committed by
the sailors looting, mutiny, theft and
murder and for all time has placed
them beyond the reach of punishment.
also has created an organization of
bad men, who now teirorue Oermanv
"You. Herr Ebert, yield in all ques-
tlons to Haase, and Haase is afraid of i
those madcaps, Llebknecht and Kuxcin-
burg. Kiom sucli weakness the.
flAWA.f tiifllt-nlam nun unlftnevmni
must result - I
"You ignore the law that was estab-,
llshed at the beginning of time, that I
the sword was -given to tbo nuthoil-
ties to use It Tho consequence is .
i-vjfc ....--..- . ,
that the impertinence of our enemies
knows tio limits. Poles Czechs and
S.1nffjS!I'wl,h n hick S Umt i
onb favors with a Kick.
"We demand the arrest of Llebknecht '
nd Luxemburg, who must be placed'
lZZ measure ,
the lawless rahble, who, though- almost '
children, yet form their hodj-goard "We i
want virile action instead of mere
phrases that may fire an uncritical as- ,
semblage, but mean nothing to serious
1 am virv Tniinli wnrr rl nmf Tlorr
Ivbert, because I know that nameles I
misery, worse than anything suffered so '
far, will befnll Germany if the social
democracy, which Is yet in power, per- t
mlts Itself to become the slave of the!
Spartacus group.
"Your name now belong to history, ,
J You, will be Judged according to deeds '
not principles anu pnrases
Allies Agree on Sea,
Says Clemenceau
Ccntlnned from race One
nbout the time the treaty of peace was ,
"NChlngo. th. Sort"
M. Jlenaudel. Socialist, brought about
Premier Clemenceau's statement on the
league of nations by expressing his re
gret that the Allies had decided not to
organlza (he league until after peace had
been declared.
"Nothing of the BCrt," was the answer
of M Clemenceau.
"Whether this chamber gives me a
vote of confidence or not, I am ready
to resign ofllce." ha continued. "If you
have a minute's hesitation, now Is the
time to change your pilot You cannot
do It when we are under way."
ITteplylng to charges made by Albert
Thomas, Socialist leader, that ho had
kept tho chamber without Information,
Promler Clemenceau Bald :
"The question of peace Is a tremendous
problem, It Is a question which is ono
of the most difficult ever submitted to
tjio nation at any time. In a few days a,
' conference of delegates will meet at
fEars which will settle the fate of na-
Mtons In all parto of the woild.
. "People say 'Premier Lloyd George
lias spoken, President Wilson has
spoken, but you have said nothing.' I
have given explanations whenever you
have asked ine. But It isn't because Mr.
Lloyd George has ipoken or because
vnn eieuueu tnougms i nat i am ouugeu
to explain myself and keep running to I
the speaker's rostrum.
trench Situation lilitlcult
"France was In an especially difficult !
.,i. i. ,,.. it,. ,,!;, ,,....,
;S,?v aJ lr,V rr'Vn'v"'8,
Germany America, was far away and
vtaok' ,her time to come Into the war.
1-ingland came at once at the call of
JI,r;fAecrulth Y,e suffered and fought;
uur nii ...otveu uown u, m our
..- . . T .,.
IUIIIID Mill 4ilttCCi vT7i7 urgityj ru(
"There is an old s.vstem of alliances
culled the 'balance of power' K seems
men m nllil i llln irsii i ua I n . I
-"fo be condemned nowadays, but if such
o. ijiiiuiita nu prrceucu me war, u
4r,i. ' , Lil , U . .t-'i V " .
rTtlflMiad ag-Tded, tay, tli.Il vhoever at
tacked one of them attacked the whole
world, the war wouhl notvliae occur
red. This B.vstem of alliances, which I '
itlo not renounce, will bo Any guiding ,
thought at tlie Peace Conference If your
confidence sends me there.
"I have been reproached with decolv- J
Ing President Wilson. I do not under-
jstand why I have made It a rule not
to quastlon him, but to Ji hi in develop
hla-y'evvg. That Is what he did. Presl- j
dent Wilson, to whom certain persons, in
:the Interest of their parties, attribute In-'
'iieuiiona Wlltcii. ucruuuBt are iiul his, hhs
opened his itltyl and bus Inspired respect
1 throui'h hla simple- speech and the no-
lilllty of It
- "President Wilson said to me- '1
will try to convince you, but perhaps you
win convinco ine.-
mornlng'iiowuDaners generally an- ,
. hj ,,.., T1....IW. .T...l.T.i.l. l . I
prvvv villi' K iciltt:t n De3Ct;il Wltll ilio c
uentlon of the unified Socialists and .
I qid radical ,prsns. The Figaro says.
that 'lite Premier told' the chamber and
High-Grade- .
t)itAalv AttMfrAtfn ntlM 4 in enli wit. .
4tt AMltlui with lt& 4hstIB(l. ri-AAu
xUinU ji Eteriv I?cnniiylViinlft. Kpv't
.usau kW.1 nle tvAaA nn nhVMn Ira At laan
itW3 HVi J"4 v i.a4 itton u.mii
h ra handltnff ,. natiVnuiiy advertued
"iTXlXuL . ' ii- i - w. -..
... ' .... ! Ill I l V
A' .1 BU IJ. . Ml
the countrv what lliev should bo told
and "hla words should he read nnd-f
meditated upon by tho wnoio lanu.
"This debate was not.usolasi," sayi
thn Journal, ''since It assured to the old
patriot who has Itnonn no well how lo
make war the necessary nutlioilly to
conclude a gobd peace."
Jl Is understood that tho text of ihe
Premier's speech will ho telegraphed to
President Wilson.
Tho Chamber completed Its con
sideration of tho budget at 3 nYloclt
(his morning, adopting It iy mi orr
whelmlnir majority after twent-four
hours of litually continuous Bit tin?
1 ml.. .1 ..It-.. ..lit .... ..... In fit U
o' oc kTuV dav nor InV toscus the
reIslon of the electoral Hats prepaia
' tory lo a jrenrnl election.
Th" storm which hai lfn threaten-
hrnkn wIihii m. Plclion. Fori'litn Minister,
stnld Iolent Interruptions bv tho Ho- I
clnllsts and counter-dcmonitiatlons by
the Government supporters, outlined
Fiance's penco terms, as fnllotts
1'lrst. That the C!oenimeiit was In
lucoid (hat the utmrnt publicity
should be KiNen to the Pence Confer
ence. Second Thai the French lioorn- i
!ct has adopted tl. principle of
eautie of nnttoiiH and Is now busy
wnrMnR tnwaid Its eirectno leaiia
tlou. Third That the Government does
not desirt juiv annexation, but re
serves tho tisht to fl tile Alsace
I.oirnlnn fiontlei. to uusid against
future attai It.
Fourth. That the rhnctnmcnt does
not think that the question of diplo
matic lepresentutlon to the Vatican
arises at the present moment.
Fifth That intervention in F.ussla Is
fp.ni Itusslun intervention. M I'.chon I
t.p!nllled rending from Institutions ls-
ued li.v Preii i.-r Clenioncenii lo thr gen
erjl loin nai ding, thai sin h ,ntitiittou
nof orfns,' fup ,,, lmc ,
,,!.,,. , olll,. to ,rx,lt the Bol-
sheslkl lnm lii.idlnir 1 kialne, the Cau-
casus and wutrn Slbetn In the t"it-
lurc a" ""h
necessary n ord
inteMentlnii nilRht be
er to destroy Uolshe-1
vlsm. Sucli an operation must be oar-1
iled out bv Russian troop", of which!
100 000 vvero at the present time leadj. I
"NshTrlMchon was reading M Clemen-1
ceaus instructions, pandemonium biokel
looje on tha Socialist bench
The war Is beginning anew," they j
ItepMng to
tn- rnticisins ..f m i
Franklin Houilloti thaf the (lovi inment '
had not announced the
ed the names of the j'Jproacli'S when the Russian and
to the leace Coiiftr- , 0c,rmall oxtl., mists ivill unite In a n?v
sdid that none of thecrUBadB fo,. auarcliv. That tlnio has
French delegates
ence. M. I'lchon
Allies had as yet officially announced
their delegates. i
jj. i.-raiiklln Bouillon insisted elic-!
.,.. i.. u nn..... ..e ,v. a....i...
mMniiv liimi. iiic names ,., ,,,m .i iiiiri i, un
and British delegates were known The
ForclB M,ibter lejolned that no nomi-
,.llt0n8 r ))eacd lilenipnteutiaiiiv hail
b notified officially to the. French
- Tllft cllilmber was again an an up-
n hi(.h wag ,,,,,, tmU others
joined wnh tlu- Socialists.
J .
.c,nTTirm MI?M .
. .T.
lnniMclnill KlIMIrtt I hot H AKinnK
1 ClSlSltlll xiuiiiui aiicilj "lillVl
Premier's Followers Will
Support Government
i.. .;,. Anrintrd 're
oj JHe yissociaieit i reis
London. Dec. 30 neuter's. Limited,
sav.s todaj it understands that tho As
qulth men elected to Parliament, and
also a rjumber of coalition Liberal mem
bers, will be Invited to meet the defeated
leaders of the Asqulth group before Pari
Iiament convened. It Is recalled that
, , , , , , , , ,
i former Premier Asqulth declared before ,
tho election that the support of tho Gov-
,rnmnl was not inconsistent Trlth T.fh-
eral principle.. It is persistently '.SfJ Z rSlS
morcd today that the Asqulthlans may ,-. n,at tho extremist party In Germany
reunite under Premier Lloyd George.
Complete returns from the
give the following results:
Coalition Unionists, IHi
Coalition Liberals, 117
Coalition Laborltes, in
Unionists, 4.
Asqulthlan Liberals, 37
Laboritea, 65.
National- Party, 2.
Independents ii.
Socialist, 1.
Sinn Felners, 7.1
Irish Nationalists. 7
All 'the coalition with the Unionists
and national patty may be regarded
loughly as supporting Llojd George.
Tho only opposition will bo formed by
the Asqulthlan Liberals, laborltes and
A remarkable feature of the elections
(or the new Parliament is the ononnous
tiiajoiltlea received by many of the win
ning candidates and a dearth of vcrj
small majorities
Coalition leaders claim that the two
principal fat-tors that contiibuted to
their triumph are the votes of the women
nfirl nlfltfif Tho firnni' innrl f fia mo
,.orjns t0 one leader, came later as a
tidal wave In favor of Llovd George.
Ctt tli 152 tlefeateil panillrlatu wlm
were members of the last House fifty- I
?'no ?",i,l?'?!-hn Sj.t"1"?!! ?"!
lsts, fourteen Laborltes, nine Coal
Liberals, nine Coalition Unionists
oalltlon ,
Is and
sK Independents. Of the Nationalists
thero only remain Joseph Devlin, T. p.
O Connor, Captain Redmond, P. Don
nelly. Philip O'Doherty, 1J J. Kelly,
IICIO m, I' UWWIItttJ, ,. u. VIIJ
,.,. MncVoagli and T Harbison.
I .
For the nino Belfast seats six Union- I
lsts, two Labor 1 nloinsts and one Nat
ionalist were returned The t later con- ,
sttuencles returned tvventv-thi ee 1 nlon-
latSj clel)t slnn fe'neiS and seven a
I tloua sts.
In buying a piano judge it on its ability to pro
duce true tone quality; not by price alone for
The Tone Tells the Truth
You only have to compare
Heppe Piano and its three
other piano to realize that
H4$pc Pimm. fJTS and up .
MMiMMnnm mi i m i
'- h Mmkx&!i,,,.mi
French Business Man
Warns Allies of Grow
ing Danger
. .... .P-..A.-,-4a1.-tri-1
L'KlrKS hl'I.Ul'J', 'I U WAM'.
Ri'tl Terror Spreading Under
Able Leadership of Lcninc
With His New Tdcn
Special Cable to Evening Public Ledger
Copttioht, 1M. by Sew 'oh 7iM"f Co.
I'urh, Dec. .10. "Vou people aie
livlnff In a fool's paradise. Ton tejoloe
about peace, .ind there Is no peace.
You tnllc of a Society of Xatlons nnd
universal "brothel hood, hut fall to
realize th.it Just acroi the eastern
hoilFon theio Is ifatherlmr a storm
cloud that may sweep away all your
relolrlnu and jour theories In a broth
mi hood of ruin."
Thus a French business man, Just
i etui lied fioin Moscow after three
'V0111,!'?' , l"y;l.-pnn,Pnt by the Uol-
vhevlkl. intioduced his appeal against
the Hed 'i'enoi, which, lin asserts. Is
pitadillg over eastern Kuropo to tin
extent undi earned of by the majotlfv
of western nation"
"What no one heie In France seems
to understand," he continued, "Is that
TtnltthpvlFm 1i ha.eil on n. new Idea
tho i.ip,, nf tlio sumemncv of tlio under
lue iul ns tho T'lench revolution
,,a, lsed on the idea of the rights
0f mnn and democratic fiecdom from
V l'r" tor ;,!,r,,,-v
"Alrcadv they have beaten to the
ground the opposition n IU'Mla and
havo begun to over, .untie Baltic proy-
inces of Poland nnd eastern Germany.
..,,. ,.,,,. Il, nntliavlalu
'""''' 0,:,j'.' ":;.:. .;..,
II1JL IS. Ill' Ol'lll ltVi.lt "I HUllVlCtllO l
catherlng grou.id eveiv dav, and the
ot vet C0-nP. but unless some action
la taken ly tho rest of Kuiopo nothing
,.a nrpveiil It."
.... .-.i .t.. .tt.A..- mn
. v.irp.ira fu um mis niniruti.-ii v inu ,
appear .it Ml st sight, and as it seemed
t0 me, attributable more to the suffer
,Ba uhich the speaker has undergone ,
.nther than founded on a dispasslon-'
. , ,,.- nf tl, situation these views .
were conntmert to a gieat extent bv
,he r,,mavi;s of a Danish diplomat.
lust returned from Russia, which ap-
neared In the even tig newspape.-
I, L ei,,i.im, niv tiVo lin
' "T''serted that Ininc was a ma n
a P"r8U,BU lr."' .. "! ":"'. ' b..."
carefully planned course, of which the
.....,,, ,.,.Ai,l ivpro lint the topical
l""tl11. - - -
conclusion. .. ,,,.. 1o , f,elgn Minister, arguing the necessity for
inquiries In omcial circles lend to I intervention in P.ussla. related details
n i.. T1..Hn(n .. ..telafn f'oi'lil'irn
uailOU ill liussia nuu 'nain v..m........ ,
i. -i, I.,, n,a f,iif1inriHn n Erond deal
,., nnviptv tlian the nubile Imagines.
moieanxiet inamne puunv. iiiubin".
Uinicultlrs of Opponltlon
, , . ., ,. v,,..i i...
Anti-Bolshevist notion is hampered bv
thiee factors, first, the dllHculty or the
Allies agieelng among themselv es on ex-
actlvbow and to what eMcnt it is to be
ralrleil ou, . M,coud, tho reluctance of the
troops and the French people generally
i . luton untrini (CM In Plla.
to cnB3B" " "- ...-... -.
sla. fiaught with the ominous memories
of tho Crimea and of Napoleon's letrcnt
from Moscow, third, the fear that such
action, If carried out, might defeat its
own object by causing Bol-heUst ideas
to spread and be disseminated more
. ' ,hrnuh tllB advertisement or ap-
i,eai t0 public attention, thus afforded
l3 calnlnc ground and that serious-
minded persons both In Germany and
Switzerland are nucauy loouing lorwaiu
with horror to an alliance between Rut
elan and German "Beds" against the rest
of ilio world.
"There can bo no futute ahead of the
league of nations' proposal," my In
formant concluded, "unless the hugo
mass of the population east of tho Itlilno
to tho Ural Mountains Is Included. Vet
does any ono seriously Imagine that
there can be a union between such Pow
ers as France, America or Britain and
Leninist BussU or Llebknecht Germany?
A high official at the P.usslan Embas
sy confirmed the main points of the
ominous condition of affairs In Itussla.
"it Is certainly true," ho said, "that
tho Bolshovlki are better organized
than most persona here Imagine. They
havo forced ofllcers and oftlqlals of the
former regime to work for them unuer
pain of death. According to tho latest
Information we have received, they do
...... o bo spreading westward, and
! mav create a grave state of affairs for
, western Europe by Joining hands with
!.. .... i ..... n f ..Mn.ia awlilnh
For New York
Our truck, 7 tons' capacity,
will leave Tuesday night, De
cember 81, for New York city.
We will deliver merchandise
in New York city or vicinity
at TOc per 100 lbs. Box A 318,
Public Ledger.
the wonderful tone of a
sounding boards with any
the Hepprl tonal quality is
far superior.
Uepp Pitnoi may b'$ pvr
chattd on ndvanfxiffsoiis
ferm, eath, chargt account
or rtntal payment plan, by
which all rent t applUd to
ward purchaie.
C.J. Heppe & Son
1117-1119 Chestnut St
. , -r ,, - . ,
r .
"l -J
. uiv
Russiun Warihipi Torcctl
Aground Near Wulf Island.
Hrilisli Also Land at Hign
London, I)e,'. JO. A dispatch from
llerlln says that British sailors nnd
Esthonlan troops effected a landing near
N'anri. On Thursday, the ndtlces said,
the Hritlsh muled and forced aground
,Holshelk warships. Including the Par-
pole, which wero discovered shelling
Wulf Island.
A dispatch from Copenhagen snys lliat
Hritlsh forces have been landed lit
Ulca Khottlv after the landlnc theie
was an outbreak In which several per
sons were killed and wounded Bolshe
vik anllators ko ruled the crowd, as
sembled outside the building where
Biitlsh were conferring with Govern
ment heads until a cry of "Away with
the English" was 'set up. The crowd
was dispersed.
An Amsterdam dispatch snys the
North German Gazetto icports that Ger
man troops will lenialn In Lithuania
for the present and will continue to oc
cupy Vllnii, the Lithuanian capltul.
These, slops weio decided upon, tho
paper sas. afier confeiences between
tha German Government and the lead
ets of tho Lithuanian Government con
cerning measures to combat the ailvanco
of the Bolshovlki.
In contradiction of this a Copenhagen
dispatch to the Mall, (uniting J'ettogind
reports, says Vilna has been captured
by Bolshevist forces.
l'srN, Dec 30 (Bv- IM Russian
(loops hnvo raptured I'erm fiom the Bol
Klleviki. t.lkluir J 8.000 nrlannnrn M
TM'hon. the foieign minister, ipade this
aiinrHUH-pmeni in me i iiamoer
I)niutli?s yeslerdav.
Depaiture of Guest Would Not
Be Displeasing to Rcnliiick
Amlerilnni, Pec. 30 By A I )
It is an open sectet that Count Bcntmek,
at whoso castle In Ameioligen former
Uniperor AVllllam is stopping, would not
bo displeased with the departuio of h's
guest, accoidlng to tho AVngenlngcn cor
ruspundent nf the Nieus Van Den U.ig,
Hven In the house of his host the e;
Imperor hns all the honors shovvn lilin
which he fnrmpily claimed This, thn
i-orrespoiideiii leports, is especlallv evi-i
dent at ineiiN, wliich are taken wlih tlio
Count's fninllv- and to which the ailsto
i rats of the neighborhood are sometimes
, ...... ,,. . . .
gardcdind tieate l as tlR-Jhlef iIbuib on
These o.uislonF S
Tin, couespuniient ndils that it Is le-
"ew-il hi the nelghboiliood that tlio
S ,Ml': .t)0.. e"'". "'dv. eventually he
,,emeu ,0 r UoUe'"'-""e'"-
f7ll)'C pAMIY TflRTllRFD
J;,lcd Willi Bayonets Through.'
; . Mgi,t prece'di,,B &cn
1'arU, Dec. 30 fBv P)-lnthe
course of his speech In the Chamber of
Denutlei vnsrcrilnv "T Plrhnn. llin 1,'nr. i
ft-nnnxlnl tlimulnn nln(1i. M'l M.t.n... '
of the former Itusslan Kmneror's famllv
...,,..,. ''"iiui mum i mi 'iicinuns
'"cre P'actil as prisoners tn a siiiull room
ad JnllbeU wlll) )aonctB t1(,ughout I
(he night. The net morning revolver1
sliots ended their mlserv.
h. ,,,,.,.,,,, nlr -r ,.,n i,,i
heen -el.ea througli Piinco l.voff, tho
former lUtsr.lan Premier, while he was
on a vist to Paris recently.
J0g 18uiul Worker KilleJ '
. . i
Henrv Harrison tVhlteley, an emplove.
' . ,,, tInir IsUnd shlmanl. vv.i. iV,,:,u
)V tt p. t. trolley car on tlio bridge
near J.eslngton into last night and fa
tnllv Injured The crew of the ran
brought the man to Chester, where ho
died yesterday In the Chester Hospital
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LI -,v(fsv'f-(-,.-
?tV '
A i.
. . '
Men in German Uniforms
Fired Tnlo Entente Com
mission's Aulo
Women and Children Among
Victims of Fighting in
City's Streets
Special Cable to Evening Public Ledger
CoMr.oht. t!t. In ,fi J'orfc Tlmn Co.
Berlin, Dec. 30 The Local Anzelger '
Publishes the following account of the
riots In I'osen
"On TJiursday at B p. m. an automo
bile containing the Entente commission
nml flvlnc; tho American flag entered
Posen. tiaveilng from the direction of
Warsaw. Young men dresed In Ger
man omccrs' uniforms toro the flag down
and then shot at the auto. Tlio Germans
bellevo they were really Poles dligulsed,
who wished to discredit the Gflrmans.
"Almost Immediately tha Polish civil ,
guards wero alarmed nnd the Germans
and Poles begun lo shoot at one. another
until midnight, killing thirty-eight
women and children and 100 men of
both nationalities.
Soon aftor the automobile was at
tacked, an officer of tho Polish guards'
rninc from ilie castle, announcing. 'I'osen
Is now pai t of old Poland.' The hme
nlcht the German Workers and Soldiers'
Council declared the telegraph otllce '
abolished All other public, buildings
am In possession of the Poles.
"Friday morning there was also shoot
ing at the railway station. All trains
Arriving from tho German front were i
stopped and tho soldiers wero compelled j
to give up their arms and equipment,
"Different from others"
ROVsr Tt'RKr.Y DINMCK, $1.25
Inrludins l)esert .. . "-"
KOAST 1IKI.1'. I..V.M1I OK 40r
Iiichnlllnr llreail, lluttrr ami Coffee
Trv n "llliiiN rinrrlal'l Kitrn Thick
Meak, wttu harntncii Clilit. Bread.
Ilulter and t'nflfe, .15c.
36 N. 11th St.
NTer t'lo,pil
Din out the old S.
. Jtcing in ine new
Old Style
Home Cooking
(irntrou rertlons
Mmlerute Trlren
v"fl Sunner and Dinner
2G North 9th
A. O. Stoerrle. rron
rttr V
I ' " J"
laWtflltliiiii' iiUiiMStiilMaie?-'-i'iitii''"'- ":m
I irL & xra4XHr!MI!A rH AMT&rM A
WW mtM' welcome, m'laH, "I
j$ "V xSSESfaSwB- than wns ever Riven any of your brothers. Ushered in by x. TTgai
I IHII lK4aiV .T 11.1111 V. Villi II 1H I II I' I I'f AVn ll'lllllll II T llll II HHI. VV ! lin.VH II1LUQ1CU VBI
Jr WSSSf for you' Iav yu K foltn amongst us into a year of Peace nnd NljJSiM
w -v . i'1'ninnitiitt .il m niiti l. .. t- ai .- i An k m hmm n noni'r x n n r r i j
I KauJP knows no aching. x mSm
The following hostelrles are well prepared to joyfully serve you:
, Sri65
i tHl "XjC0 v 8Ukiu3 mP
9s9 Ib ML
Ujaii TT l f JEg
jUl PH "h. I 1 ft
"I ?itiW&&2) H
M ' ' - I
Locust 4300-assured.
12th and Arch Sts.
Entrance on 12th St.
' 'Sfl iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
,-., ,- - 1
Turkey Dinner
With All the "Fixiiu"
New Year's Day
SI. 25
Homo - style cooking.
White service. Good
m u 8 i c. Refined sur
roundings. 33d and York Sts.
Opposite Stravberry Mansion
i.JMaiUtA. in,
' VlW3 OYSTER HOUSE) WSH ContinentalSpirit of 177C HBSli
!W'Mf I Wlmm ,lal1 brought i u glorious vlatorj- jina we nhall BB
wr rtriAn All riav I Wsm U,her ,n tlle new 'ur o 1,eace Ilra wllh tt irty vSKRv
WT-Kirxn "wxc I New YoRr Victory Celebration 1
W NEW YEAR'S 1 roof garden . in the cafe II
Stewed Snapper K(c j Nsw rear' nverSpeclal Km 3& SSLAl nd 11
W Bread and Butter OUC JM II A 9W ' BpeCYea?fln Day H
Tl,r- V,UA Ot- m$ i Augmented Orcheitra ot tha Ulnd?or which tl II
I Jl "J? ". i. ,, ' 25C 'AltaTt Handiome Souvenirs cafe Ib ho fuatly ramous1" J
B..B.& Coffee jVtf IOTEL CONTINENTAL, 9th and Cheibiut
- i - i . I..-.I !! i , "- "i i .i ,.,.- ej
J ', " '" fS n ft W
One Dollar
Will Reserve You a
Table With Souvenirs
For New Year's Eve
-Phone at once if you want
This year we are "Hooverizing" on the price no $4 or $5
per, with a lot of ready-to-eat food that nobody likes and nobody
We have made a nominal charge of $1.00 per person for
reservations, with souvenirs, and prepared a special a la carte bill
for supper at popular prices.
j j
New Year's Eve and New Year's Pay
With Plenty of Turkey, Sea Food Specialties, Oysters, Etc.
Come Here and See
1 iif ' mi Am isstt I Ii , iiiih In mwnll I itaMni ii !l -il 1 tfMi-ji-1iairViriftY' ra Jfty
your reservation
Special Programme
Dec. 31, 1918, Is Welcome 1019
Droad Street at Girard Avenue
Attractive Celebration
Iteclpti to b xclionetd tor lm
llar amount! at purehaie at (od,
cigar, llquora and other Cafo sup
plier r
Kindly nd registered cash or
check with ordsr.
Accommodations for 1000 Individ
ual. All communications promptly
JAMES A. MEAD, Proprietor
James H. McCartney. General Mtr.
r Ifmr. ;, PnifA
rfiwes "at home"
New Year's
ga Dinner, FS
L Ten 1 Vnnn tn R P.M.
"DnriAlt. 35-37 South 16th
Rah! Rnh! Welcome, 1919!-
and Restaurant
Is Ready for You
What Good Cooking Is
Come Take, New Y:'
Km WitVUi. .
1 1

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