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Evening public ledger. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, January 29, 1919, Night Extra Closing Stock Prices, Image 11

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- -.-.
4-y?-.' vme&,ttYi,7rfcTt-'-'f''-
31 Hi
1 " ,'
vet Wholesale Co&t of
lutlcr and Eggs Doesn't
Aid Houscvifc
2xcliangc President Predicts
A? No Decline From Pre-Var
R Schedule 'Before Hanoi'
n Although uholetala pi Ices of Imller
Ind fgRS allow sharp declines since the
first of tho inontli. tho consunicra lime
not sliarcil the full benefits of the f.i'l-
Elm: markets.
nutter It sclllnc r! wholesale lit
Iflfty to flfty-nvu cents :i poumt. Ten
idaya heo ilcnlcrs were jinMnir BCenty
wand 8cicnl-two cents for tho Fame
Ilctatt prices liaic dropped to an ap
preciable extent, but not so uliatply as
tho wholesale prices Dealers explain
this situation by pointing out that they
bad bought biiBo HoeK at top-notch
prices and cannot stand the rntlro loss
that would tesiilt If they dhposcil of
theso stocks ill prices coricFpondini?
with today's wholesale market.
When stcrilas's m.uKet cloved the
prlco of ckss had adanced three tents
over tho previous day. T.kks sold at:
retail for slt-llc. heicnty and scv-1
enty-livo cents
(!oz..r,. Dealers liiilil i
'T, J , ,, V , , .V . 1
A further dc-cl no Is loo ted for today
and particularly in tho butter market.
.. U1..1. .IrM.Mt.rrenK.MUr.l.,.'
". . ,,, . ...
Bd .rrc.warprl.eswll no como- cast
f.lj'' bcfoic another b.incsl. Prices will not
lomo down to fast, and altogether it
lookn aB If 11c baic a pretty good car
nhcad of us "
William T Kilk piesident (..' Hie
(Jroeers nnd Importus' llM-hange, made
lhen declarallous in Ids opening le
marks as to.iMm.istrr or Hie e. iiange s
eighteenth annual iliniav last night In 1
tho llclleitic-Htiatrnid
Tim iinnru-scs weic mane ny .iiiugci;
William 11 r-i.uine. " jiiiiii-ii liens 1
Court So.
ncy and
Hid 1'rov.s iuiker of New
v-t rie filw if, I 1- I) iv Is iiiwl Hie l!ev
w o;.av'll;s"eTle "'nls","ll,loJ'"'
U,.Q 1?J , r J r. 1 . ,i, ..t,e.,ui. ,
'ma'i ,la ,1 ,X oen" e
prollls on tho IMit of (jioicrs tn belli
thu food adnilnistialiou in (onscrilng tho
food liupid.i. He spoke also or Hie need
of feeding Marling nations In IJuropc.
WHltl'D 'A,l"''S IIOIJ)
1 1,1.... i,.i "i- i-nitUniiih in x.ii-l
iiuantltles'and of all soils were moling
lodnv 111 Illinois stoiage bouses Their
iclease aeeo'nlliic lo 1 nrls of tin Male
food ndiiiUiirtr.itloii. would hale no 1 I-
Cstn iVlhev' :' T'H" Ml"'"
."agglug markus of ll " .Irn-i unions
steadied Foninnli.it tod.iv lollowmg tho
announcement of the H7.S0 bog price j
This notice that aihitraiv pricing Is to
be continued was aciepUd eiet.iwlieri'
as a good omen for tlm traders I
,Lh(!.rd-US,(.,.rklt "ZMX I
sagged four tents Tuenlav 10 inrti.elKlit j
1 cuts Mliolcsule I'icsli eggs had fallen '
thrto eJiita lo fort.i nine. I'otatoes 1
dioppcd flu- to $171', and cheese ',!1
eight and Pine cents
rim-loir 111 vlileli low reciiuls for two
veins wcro leached. Yards in the Mid
dle Wist are- clogged 111 the Iwhl
Cities' last week it was neee ssaiy to
declare. 11 gram embargo. Pood 1 xjierls
ailmlttid u treuunelous supply of nil
necessaries with onl.v nrlilb'l.il l'rlci fix
ing keeping tin.' cost up.
In round luunheis Illinois today had in
the leo box fi.iiOO nnn pounds of mutton;
SS.nOO.OOO pounds of pork; ln.rilin.niiil
pounds or llhh. Jl.onu.nrio poiiihW in
POUltri", lfi. Will. (Kill pnlllllls nf tlllseel-
laneous poultr.v . r.. :,no, nun cans of 1 ggs.
yml 7,UUO.ino pounds of bilttet.
, j MIibii.v, N. ., .Inn '-"' Stxti-sit
pliblle iiaU'houie 111 New "link Stall
nro overueiwing wnn .ii-i-iniiinai, ,1 10.1,1
jsjufffl todav while nlail fond PI b ' s
Bing RCnernily tn wittlnie e veN. If
thim MippIU'H wen plaei d on tin inarkit
,tli cost of living would fall i.ipldli
' Comparison of the iiiianlli. ol rood 111 ,
.BioraKO .i.innai j 1. i'o. ,111 nui.n.v ,,i
i:ii:i. shows ii tremendous linrcase
J Prcsteurc mai ho brought to bear,
ithrougli public opinion or leglskillou 10
place these) stored loininoilitloH on sain
Jnd thus break lb lost or Hi lug.
JSo Macittrato Passes (hiiiorshiii
J-m a a,' ....
jiJJccmon Along to Jliplicr Lourl
)6p'cin( DlTpolch lo rtnihi'i I'lil'ltf l.rilgir
a w York, Jan. ;'
..tvoulil bavo been
.- Solomon himself
lumped" If called
iitipoii to decide (hi tiership of ,1 dress
ijvhkh was prodii. in cviduice lu the
,y"otkillo police Conn So Magnttaie
iVJOtiruH coilldn t he blamed for passing
'II along 10 Hie special sessions, for'tliree
. In ll,,,. a' II...... ... .1. ,.. ..!....
JYliether It was slolc, ,. tho rightful
kTironertv of lis linssessor
i Mrs. PvOsa Waters, ulio-e husband Is
Swltli the American iirnn of occupation, I
ias accused by a in Iglibor. Mrs Selm.t
'vJ'Tnd. whoso apartment was robbed n
jSeeptly, of having bloleii tho dress In1
Question. I
The prisoner de. hired she had bought I
Ifbctober. whereas Mrs. Kind niowcd she
Jjinado thn dress In N01 ember.
no dress m a second-hand store liFt
tTW . 'no oniy way 10 iieteriuiiie 1110 own
werehlp Is to baie tho coniplalnant and
jMhe defendant tty tho drestt oil," said
t Hflt in.ihirii.iii-
ItJViyfiWIien each In turn retired in icll.'
f&JAnm find realineared in Hie ihi.ss 11
1s proiiouncid iieifect tilting in eneii
ClMtancp. T he in.igistiale'a blow wrlnk
' ilod. and, after .idmlttlng tliat It was be-1
if jond lilm, held Mrs Waters lu Jl'UO h.lll
to for tipechal sessions, le.iiing It tor tlioi
I'lenrned ones theic to ikildo her Imio- I
-xceiico or guilt
M -
?Grar .Imothcr of Kiiesiiiu Kevult'
Ta TTiirrirml -mil Iv ikb,l
y.i... ... 1 .... '.... . ...
'i f " lorK, aan. y. mv s n
MundredM of nnti-llolshevlk liuwsiima
Il.'flllai1 n lilimhor .if Amri'te.niu uir ..
jthe Grand Ontral Tern1l11.1l with rul
IVfCII HUM itll viuilrtnuim woi-ii .nine,
.'Catherlnn Hrcshkuiskaya, "tiraiiiitnothcr
fjtho liussian revoiiiiion. ' urilvcd here
torn Chicago on her tour of thn uuuury
ltd) tell Anici leans about inndllloiis 111
tr own country
SfAH tho elderly woman stepped from
irain inoso assemnicii to grtct nor
cnt forward nnd tried to thrust thn
luciueta Into her hands and to lilts mid
IK her,
Jlme. nreRhkoveknyn said she did not
pK 1110 teaco 1 onierenco Plan to
ng" the Holshevlkl Into harmony with
1 otner Jiussi.in lucuons would sue
id. Sho expressed thu bopo that tho
les would nid Itusslu In cstalillslilug
nnti-tioisnoviK uaiionai (lnsemoiy.
io othe Your Skin
rith Cuticura
rfatj.Soiri i . 0ltnnntC5 U. Ttlcum M.
hati fm of "CiUhii, rj. tl, liti."
Market Guide for Housewives
Prepared by the City Marketing it gent of the Ilurvau of Market,
United States Department of Agriculture
AHL'NDANT Potatoes, 0111011!", ciubagc, carrots, turnip., squash, lemons
ami I'lorlda orange.
NOIlMAt--Parsnips, grapefruit, California orange?, bannim?, beets nnd
sweet potatoes,
SCAIICI2 TonmtocK, cssplant. peppets, splnnuhi beans', strawberries, telcry
(ind tipples.
Vrnlurt, (Jm'I. fie
HMh-- rinrl"ll . . ... . . . .
Il.-rtn HdiTfl
ltiunli Sptiiut
c'iirrutii Nvv .Win, N tucket
N,'W .'ti-v, t,nrril
("HbliARP Ww V ttrk llnhlll
I'ulinimfr rnlifornu 1 P'orMi ..
lVkr Ni-w 11rk miftifil
l.rttuce rtortrlH ..
Onions New Yolk, N,i 1 irllgw . ,
ruUtocs lYnniKHiiin, No 1 mMIi' .
New Vork- No 1 while.. . .
New ,lrr?ei ( liHuket .
Sweet Potatoes New Jerwy, linket
, lioiaware, nimpTs ...
Turnips New .1tce, nt lHkrl . . .
Local. lak-t
lilt' ITS
Applrfl Npw YnrU 1latrlttlr
Nw York llreeitlnis
Yf,rk Imperial
Hell tl i
Weitem xarletles
rraiiberrlc!-p Jere Uarrel ....
(llnpefrilll l'lnrlil.i .
Lemon California
OratiKc5 rinrlla
And So They Were Married
lly itiZr.l. IWO UATCHLLOR
Lopyitylit. 1310, by 1'ihlm L'liutr to.
ii D vo '
1-sald Hi
ND po that s the way things are,"
uth that night.
"Ves, that's
tho way IhiiiKs arc."
SLOtt lccilte,. "r.lther wo Hie our
( s "early every couplo does or we
. , ... ,,,,- .
P'"" """ "lurnl ,,urm," 1""1"'f"-
"Ill W lllcll C.I'O llfiirlj' 11 "'" "?
mal Impulses mean filendshlp.i with
iti.ii ininuipes mean 11 r .ihihi'.i ......
ncn;;;; ,,';,,, M,ml,
"nuth, that's Pot fair; but t do want ,
(o know people, women as well as men I """ "' "" " e.v marry aim
r u 11 iiimi-i. Hi m the ckchaiieo or small 1 'pect more out of marrlufie than they
, t want more than I he exi nain. e 11 . Kf,, , ,,(,I,,;(S,, Ml U( ,,, n
talk that goes 011 when we h.iiptoplollV(ln (Iso , Ki(j , lll()1 ,a ,,
here for the cwnlng or go anwhere ,mr, rilr,h (p .nffrrrntlv, but now I
nllehes Won't loll plcad iry to 1111-
derstaiid my new point? Pon't always
ini .... ..11. A tiitmeii fisitn the per
.. t,anni. Ketinmber. there's no
( riii , ,ool on a , ,, jn. Kurel.i
J 1lp .,,, ,cllei me lo tli.it
. . ... ,
..., .,,,.. 1 :, tli went nn
thought 1
"When I was llr-l tlldirlcd 1
", , , , ,, 1... ,. iillitL' 1
.11..., .. 1. . 1 1 I, 1,1 1 1, tin w.i i tn In' w nmiL.
i""1 " ""' ' "" ' , ..,.
to do anMhlpg .1011 waned, go n ;
wiri oil wanted, ricn to the eMe tit
lnt "utll"R ,l,"" '""' If lw an ed to
, xou f(1. ,yyf.(. I learned that
lesson, and our slneo t ham trleil neitr
to be loo tired lo go places Willi sou.
whether I wanted lo ir not. Then 1
iti.i 1,. ,ii.i miii in .'mother wai. I
Hied to like jour fi iotin. nil, H wasn't
ni.ii. . rn Ml m life I bale been
"ved lo dirfeiriit people floln the people
mnirlii Him 11 was shiftless lo liie as
Ihei illil. fioni hand lo moulh I w.imi I
willing o sei 11111 thing Kood In
until 1 tir,i in. and then I did m
iPt)v ilR hlgger .mil luoinbi' 1 1,111
f f . , , .l1l( 1 rli 1l1.it
r If" iadd" ewer f thV sni.,1.
Hilags that . .cop Into people's Hies than
the people I knew and kept upholding
jht because 1 had alwa.is known them,
ol .cas 7 nkcil them particularly
0 FPrM1H , , t,.t ,-,c done all
. ,,,,. .. aina and mu h.ne
acCeprel'rthing'hout1 giiing up
.in.itblng lomself Her loice urohe
here and she turned 1111:11 Tin re wan
;i K,pelrhnes In per tone and :i llllle
lir-irt-lirciUlni; i.iteli in her voice lh.it
went right lo S-cott's heail lie would
I,.- " "' ,"H "'" '"" ,;"'"
drew li.uk.
".Vo, theie a no need if adjusting
mallei s that way. she went on click
ing back her tears 'f know I was all
wrong Ibis morning. 1 had no business
to speak aa I did to Helen. 1 told llelui
fa this afternoon. Slio ibn't llilng at
home, iou know, she's taken .1 place,
downtown, so you'll bo "-nro lo apptoie
nf her, won't loll, scolt'.' What 1 told ,
Helen, I want lo tell sou now I want '
to try lo make joii understand how I
feci I don't menu to fav the things
1 do, I m alii ,1,1 11 torn altcrward, but
I led tint I don't asl. icrv much from
inn, and the llilng that seiuia-to 11n.n1
most to inn you slmplv ignoio eiilnelv ' (
"piaiesl, I don't, list. 11 to me won't ;
von'." Scolt was puzileil bv HuHis .itti
Hide. She seiuied so muih nfiler, --lie
was Jlo !,.,.,
thn Utile j.hl, jejlotn
. . t
and piqued without anv reason . she was
tho uonriii now, and un unhappy j
woman. I
"Ilverxhodv seems to liao gone ahead
of me." Until went oil, "and Pie been j
lighting to stay behind, Of course, I ,
don't blainn you for admiring girls
llko Helen morn than nu do inn ; that
is, I don't In 11 way. I'll Just hale
to give up trjlng to belleie that nil I
mutter bow I think, or what I do, jnu
will llko mo best unyway because) 1(
,1111 jour wife. Men don't do that the.L
days, it's old-fashioned." 1
'l.ulli, stop; don't talk that waj '
"Hill isn't II true? 'ion know It ,
I rue '011 nduiiiK Helen becausn sho
is dolus Komcthihg In Ihe world, iou 1
udinlrn Hi tty because she has 11 talent ,
I ou vycn 1"In,l"i 1-ialwl more than jou
Hurt? No, not one bit!
Just drop a little Freezone on
that touchy corn, instantly it
stops achinj: then you lift that
bothersome corn right off. Yes
magic! Costs only a few cents.
Why wait? Your druggist sells
a tiny bottle of Freezone for a few
cents, sufficient to rid your feet of
every hard corn, soft corn, or corn
between Ihe toes, and calluses,
without soreness or irritation.
Freezone is the much talked of
discovery of the Cincinnati genius.
Your 'lutein kit Fiioont,
E4l4 Wtllf r Co., Cladaaill, O,
tnlr T'rlre
to Coniuiiier
Toil a v
M-i'to ,l
- in lb
in .w.i m
B-lin '1 r
a- no i, pit
S-I.V lli
2.1-a.le heatl
111-1(1.! Mlllk
R-K.c alalk
10 lfc bead
Ji-Jr 111
11-IBo ', pl(
lo-l.lo '4 Pk
10.Ho: H Pk
a-Wa 1 4 pk
ID-'jno 14 pk
4- .i '4 nk
7-i:io ', pi.
I'nM In Itelnlter To'liv
. n mi ( ;, cjii.-jn utnl
.1 i.VJ :.i iiM 11 Pi. mo tbn)
. l.V .'.U 1 ari Oiuarl)
. Ill- ..VI Lai (H.'J l, pk)
.1 ("l 'J . Iihi H0.4S I, pli)
.sm-siB libi tss.an tills,!
.'."J.vn no iralr tl'.'-lft Mi)
. t nn.i ,,( Im-Ii (IS pinlknk
J2- '." Iirh I Ml Klalkl
,.1 Ml .-, nil I, IiM lil.l.l.l Ms)
. 1 T.I-'J HI t,,iK (HI IH Ihsl
. i,n :i an t isi-sn ' pk)
, s .'ft-'.' m rt (.. ' rk)
. ." 1 1111 lam ih 11 ' pki
. 1 I..1-I 7.1 haa (S-ll Pki
.1" .M'J .111 limp (l'.'-l I '1 pk)
. 1,1. ..HI 1i.n (N-ll ', pk)
. Mi- n 1, 1 a (b-li ', pk)
.' on.v.;.-. Mit i:K (i pki
.T "II K .111 1,1.1 CIS.4J l4 pk)
.7..MI.1 T.I Mil II1S.4J I, pki
..1 7.1-7 ml Mil (.11. 12 ', pk)
. :i :; 1 mi i.o (iii-nni
.1:. nil . mi Mil (n.vns ii)
s :.n-l mi l nil vni
, I nn .", s lior (.inn-aim)
. 1 nn .1..M) l.nx ( I r.n.s.Mi)
. I .1U-.1 7: box (l.in.'jftin
ci :io '4 pt
Jl i'70 '4 pi
.'.Iie ', .
IT-'-W it pi
"1-7.V lo)t
io-a.v in
ft-lat- rarll
iii-ai 'I07
JS.IKIe ilo
311 (IJr llo.
do me because you dltcovereu that
she Is ii good dancer. I'm Mire I don't
Know what feeling men resene for J heir
wics tluse das, but I no know It Isn't
.1 1 1 li 1 1 1 .1 Moil. '
lluth's tcii;.o neri es had broken down
at I.ini. ami she was lolcing what
bad been In her hr.irt for nnin time '
nils Hum shp was risolied In keep
nothing ImiU. to haio no reset latimis
.... n -,..., ,. i,n,. i.u ivp. iiuu.i i.
..., ,Hthrr llanl on lni K,rN 1Q
hale neur been brought up tn do nns-
know tli.it we'ie exactly tint t.imo as
liny other collide "
Hut ilear. don't ion see (hat Is just
what 1 am llghllug against and what 1
want -.on to fight agaiust? 1 want 10 be
bigger luoailer than olhci men and I
want mu to lie bigger nnrl hrnarlrr tli.in
want mu to Ii
't her women Alice, for iustaiiie, would
""' alloH licit to ham a friendship "llh
,,,,v i"iier uiii.in 11111 la .ii ee a mi-
....... e . ..
esruii iviie. .nisi as 1 nam J oil tc
i,.uo he.illhi. noinial friendships will,
,,, ,,,, , ,t , un,,PrMHni
. IP ,UlPt , ,m0 fricn,,ip!, W1,
'Thru -.on do want me lo haie friend,
ships 11 Ith men" '
' frrlalnlv t rln "
To Si oil Ibis admission was meant to
he 1 Kiiiinelng. To Until it simply meant
that .'suit did not cue enough for her
to he jealous
(T miinrriiu, tllllh makes n atiijilru
nml riilhi'r ihkuo resolution, 1
Do You Want to Know Both Sides?
Swift & Company's 1919 Year Book, just out, tells you
What Swift & Company's profits were in 1918,
The truth about the Federal Trade Commission's
Why the prices of butter and eggs are so high,
And many other vital facts.
Whether or not you agree with us after reading this Year Book,
you will at least know both sides.
You will find it interesting; Americans like to hear about big
things done in a big way.
You will also discover that we are merely human beings like
yourself, doing in the best possible way a necessary service.
Legislation is pending in Washington; as a good American
citizen you want to know both sides of this question. It concerns
you, as well as one of the most important "industries in the country.
Do not hesitate to send for a copy of this booklet. Your name
and address are all we need.
Address Swift & Company, Union Stock Yards, Chicago, Ufinois
Swift & Company U. S. A.
Seven Wholesale Distributing Markets
Central Office. 9th St. and Girard Ave.
1. M. Hall, District Manager
I. Mlinl tun iinlifr.lle limn lulrK ep".
Ml iniirar Unit rxleml a nnv fl'Hl '
fnilf-llnr (o uumrll'.'
i. llefnre Hie nr It u fllnl.llnl tliat
Hie tjnlral frenili famll aiwnt ,1 1
rur for fooil. Tn hat Iiel8lil
Mil lli tilth ! n( llilni unit ml in
Trance ibirlne lUIH?
.1. VI but I 11 patlern line'.'
4, lloiv run n ulljht .eiirfli lie rfmoifil'.'
.1. Mhal III rrmoia it niln utaln from
w ooil .'
II, Wlmt l tho proper a. to li ut
Vlut l'arle.-Voui Means
j To hf 1 tltlor 0 ll'oinon'a Vnofl
Dear Madam Will nu pasn kHc
In the livi'.MSU Pi ni.ic T.utini'.lt the
, pronunciation and inanliiR of the French
word pntlcz-MiiiM? HUAPKIl.
I P,irlr.-iou. I'miiiMlM Is tho Krench
, for "Ho loll speak l-'reliclr' Parle and
lous nro to illMtlm't words, pailez
(oinliiB frem the French lerb purler, 10
hpi'iik. nnd 1011s iiu'.inlnK u. These
words are pronounced us though spelled
parhij -voo
Looking (ilasc .ind VcnUe
To the Ltlifor of Woman VaQt;
Dear Madam ttereniH in ou- anawera to ' Papera. that there til not bo nnv nuar
lnoulrle sou atale.l lnolimc Mlaa were tela. I,tn NPi reada our pane nnd ha
fllat mode In letib-e The lllble tella ua alwala aid that 0 Woman a pane waant
ir.iodua xxiMil si that 1toes tnaile 11 taier . worth remi'ir. but ho haa .muai rlurtrd
nf hriiaa and ti-ed l.iokinu islna. uhlih nn mlml.
iiannblert at in, dnnr or tlie lanerna. ie 111
tho t'onRrrsalioii I do mil ln-llmi that
1'enlre was on the tnnn .it the time Moses
hulll tho Tdbornaile nf tin ComjirBitJoii
1" -,uu" . (J,r" ' "
Yes. we do re.idlii the lllblo that mlr-,
torn of brass wero n-eil hv Hie Hebrews
but what till- Utile item on tile Woman
Phrii referrnl tn wan looking glasses of
real glass 'iiitsr wrin nrsi iiiauuini-
mrr.. I I,, VmI...i Ii, 1300 The linCiCtlt '
KRiPtldiiH, fireeks and ItniniiiiH used mlr
tors of brone and Praxiteles bioiiRlit
Into pr.utlie the use of iobslicd sllier
What Cheirnii Mr.in
7o (If LV'lor ii Houioh's 'ope
Dear Madam Please exp'alll all lh
marka on the mtrllirs .111. 1 rallora' uniforms
us r lire liaMni nn araumenl aj n their
slsnlllcnliee A IlllAllbll
A cold cheiion on the left sleeio Indi
e.itrs Mv months' solliee oierse.is. Tin
i obe rim Is Pointed ill the opposite Hirer
lb, 1, I., llui ,b,.rnii whleli IniliC.ltCS r.lllb
In tho ii' niv this clieirnn points upward
and in tin ii.ii It points down. A blue
elieiron on soldiers or sailors Indicates
less than sis- months' serilce osersias
Por ci cry month additional son lev mer
'seas .111 extra 1 orrespotiillng gold iheirnu
to the llrsl one is worn. gold hen on
em the right hleeio mean- n wound Iw-n
Iso wounds, eti. Silver ilvMona mil
calo mm who have tint In 0 oifrw.a
and till the .imouiit of mu s ut I"
their in. iters In Hie n-i v 1. , on this sldi
(me stripe Is for six mom lis -ii- ml
elieiion means illscliargi d trem the sen
lee The vat Inns InsignlH. such as Kev
slime. I.ile'llv Itell. si i en worn at
the Hip of ttie Wl sic, vi Indium He
division (o wlili h .1 nun l longs I' 1
said that thy wearing "f lli'-e nisigliia
1 has been foiblddcn
Dad Head's llic Ionian's Payc
lo Hr Lditvr of Honoi.- 1 'oye.
' D".ir MmiI mi - ir
frmti ftli n tn wliti '
I ,i btii't il MUiHch
Our t lull w MI ) -nr 1 !-i
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urn 111 as s.hrt
1) t 1 . m III
nil W H-sli iiyinn
mN nl v- wntiM Mir. ii ti ,
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if ItiM
not too I'Miniilh tl"! n'i ti kihh hr
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horolii -(r,,f ruU a iln f
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It The 1'rrnrh fnrlory moUir' N tlii nur
r mutton In rhiirtp of nursery f
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nmthrrn rmptnvrt! nrn hftlhftl, ffil nitfl
clifti rxurtly h mim t(ntlon '
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2. Tour Mnln runted nomon miffrm In
MH Thrfr. Mlrlilfiin. fniith Dakota
Hint nUnhmmi KMntnl full rn(Trlt.
nnd TfXHP. th fourth, primary uf
fniff, A. Ulnnr iln (if f nro trry popnlnr. A
timny mtrtd n rnn tvn n4iommodttrl
nr Invltfd for dinner and thtn tfry
oflrn othrrn nrr linked to join thr
touplM lutr for nn Informal dnntf
I. Mlim thmtf U rikiiI enrpft Hint dtinrrr
frft mlicht Injur MrMfl) lltipu rrnh
llshtlv nr It IhU not onlv irotwt
tt, hut mnkr mi frHlfnt dunif ftnnr.
Ultfii hrr ur no hardwood floor ttio
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3. In nultlnsr nwuy llnfn put thf lfnn phvra
on th bottom of tho nil In onhr ,
that nit the plrrf m.iy wear fTmb.
0, I'lar plllnwn nn th KM po that tho ('am
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that ln I ireo'l) cak w iirt ia r 0' iee;
telly between them of ourpe an.! clierrv
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paper anil u, aurelv dn . njoy it ,r our
hnu"rt tber, nr Hie rlilblren anit m ret ,n
.TlttsIA' p.r.vpuri wo
j ani Koini; to mull the sviKRestlons in
' .ion. hut I wntited to print at bast part ,
nf your letter, because it lsn t nlu.tis
"pap.i" will own up he reads the Wnm.
'ill's Pace, although I baio wn ,im
myself actually dolnsr that tamo thins
un mu omv n.
Wn wnnled to pass on tho suRgcjtinn
about the marshmallow whip
FRIhD funda and
panrics arc bel
ter than over
iilicn cooked xiitli
Ma:o1n. Get a can
from your grocer
today and ask lilm
for the Manila
Recipe I3ool.
cons rrtont c i
P O. Pox Kit. New York
Jan. 20, 1019
Big Plans Are Afoot in the
Millinery Salons
There's a great bustling and going-and-coming
in the Millinery Salons. They tell us
that interesting things are in the wind for
Saturday, February 1st.
All Ready for
Making Valentines
Hrrc nic cupid.0, hearts and
arrows in various sum and plenty
of crrpe paper and cardboard, as
well a.s any number of little teal.
Patriotic Holidays
aie ronuni: on apace, and eicn if
you aren't planning u party jou
i ill want to decorate.
Small paper flap; on vooden
sticks are 'JOo a do.cn. There arc
flags of Trance, Great Britain and
tho United States.
1-ai'ge cardboard shields of the
United States, red. white and blue
streamers and fotoons. place
cards, luncheon sets and crepe
paper are all moderately priced.
( onmifrrlnl stntlimrr),
All Winter-weight
Coats for Junior Girls
Are Much Reduced
in Price
lleie aie coats" of clour, of icliclccn, burclla,
cheiiot and corduroy in blue, green, brown and
black principally. The w-ill tit girls of 12 to 16
j cars, though, of course, theie arc not all sizes
in any one stylo of coat. Prices now langc from
.sV.oO to .$22.."il).
dooil choiiot coats, in sizes 1- to lti, aie now
I'oi'duio.i coals, lined Ihiougliout and equipped
with four generous patch pockets and a belt, arc in
green, blue and blown in sizes 11, 10 and 10.
Now $10.
Kxccllcnt (oats of iclictccn in black oi bur
gundy are bound with black silk braid and aie lined
and interlined. In sues 11, 10 and 10. Now ijtO,
Wise mothers will look ahead!
(I rnlral)
Babies' Flannellet
Nightgowns for $1
Warm, little nightgowns for infants lu children
of 1 icur are madit of soft, white flannellet. 'I hey
aie tiimini'd with pink or blue stitching. TheiV i
a drawstring til the bottom of each nightgown,
which iou can pull tight and thus kei'p the tiny
feel warm.
Children's Drawers at ;oc
ate surprisingly good quality. 'I lie nainsook is soft
and fairly tine and the drawei.i are neat. Tho
little knees aie finished with tucks. Other drawer.-,
-also for children of '2 car-i to 12 are tiinimed
with lace or embroidery and go up to 7"ic.
(( enlrnl I
White Petticoats
Fresh, flounced petticoats of durable white
uui.-lin with ruffles of emliroideij or of rows of lace
insertion and edging what a pile nf clean white
ness they niakel . In the pioper lengths for women
at $1 and ?1.0l.
Envelope Chemises Pink or
White $1.23
I'lie junk one is of batiste with a top of pink
satin run with blue ribbon and finished with blue
shoulder straps.
'Ihe other is all white with lace and embroidered
medallions trimming the top.
(I rntmli
Women's Good Shoes
Special at $2.85
a Pair
Their original prices were several dollars
Sizes 2'. to 8 will be found among them,
but not in each style, a.s the styles are many:
Black patent leather with champagne
kitlsUin tops;
--gray kidskin with cloth tops to match
and curved heels;
soft gray leather (like buckskin) with
medium heels;
and black calfskin with medium heels.
Children's Shoes at $2 a Pair
nro made of serviceable dull black leather.
Tho shoes button and have sensible wide toes.
Sizes are G to 2.
At $1.15a pair for sizes 2 to 5, and $1.U5
for sizes Fi to 8 (with wedge heels), you will
find many good shoes for children. Button
shoes aro of black or tan kidskin nnd of black
patent leather. Some of them have white
at Wanamaker's
500 Corsets at $1
Si.c ate from l!) to U7 with many models for slender girls and
young women.
The bu.stlincs am low and medium and tho skirts vary in length,
according to the model and theie are numerous models.
Most of the corsets ate in nhite, but a few arc in pink.
Pink Bandeaux Arc 50c
-And they are uell made, too; better than you iould expect at
this price. They fasten in back where theie is tlccp clastic. The
shoulder straps are of tape.
Sizes run from 111 to 1'.', inclusive.
(( rnlral)
Now Is a Splendid Time
to Buy Furs
Scaif.s and muffs of fox (in its various dies), lynx and
fkunk, and .stoles or catic.s of mole, nutria or Hudson .seal
(sheared muskrat) aie all marked at much less than regular
prices and savings often aggregate a romfortablc sum.
Metal Bag Tops
as Low as 50c
ric in the Art Needlework Section.
Thc open out into square or dia
mond shape and have chains at
tached. A bit of silk or ribbon and
a few stitches will make you a
handsome hag.
Other litrRe metal bag tops are
No Lack of
Frocks in
Springtime Modes
S'cige inaKc- imi-t of the-e frocks, but there aie
sonic pi ett j, lustling i lungs of taffeta, too.
The Practical Serges
begin at .I2. At that price there aie several styles
of navy blue and black serge. Neatly everyone Is
collarless, ami for trimming they boast rows of
braid, fringe or buttons.
Other fincks of navy blue and black serge take
attractive foinis. prices start at $iy,00 (a frock at
that price i sketched) and they go up to $16.75.
the inline bungs visions' of such pretty Spring
Two new one.- one .i collarless model with a
long pointed tunic come-, in taupe, naiy and brown
with a mu iou- ro. e piping around the neck.
Another has a little tucked icstco of Georgette
ciepc and a long tuerskirt. 5 1 0.T"i.
The Dance Frocks Are Lined Up
in all then' loi dines- billow- of tullo and silk
with gleaming ribbon- or rosebud-'. Colorings are
lovely, too. Price.- range from $1!).75 to $tfj.
(Ilnrkrl I
Typical Spring Coats
Are of Tweed
What a refreshing sight they are! Women
who tiavel much or those who go out in rough
weather say they aie the most practical kind of
coal they could have.
Seveial model, are priced S-0.
A Kough-Wcatlicr Coat at $16.50
i- of a tough gray mixture. Il is loosely belted
and has a large collar that buttons high, if
Every Winter Coat is Wearing
a Lower Price
than was on it originally. These arc coats of
velour or pompom, some with fur collars and some
without. Pi ices are now S1U.75 to 567.50.
(Hurt, i-D
Light, Airy Draperies
01 cm tains aie easily made fiom colored mar
quisette in patterns that give it the appearance
of madras. The marquisette is ill! inches wide in
ail-over Moral or verdure puttems, in designs with
borders, or in stenciled effects. 45c a yard and 50c.
One aitistic design at 45c u yard is reproduced
in cretonne to match ut 50c a yard.
Red Cedar Chests
Handsomely marked red cedar is used to make
roomv, f i iterant chests. You muy choose the
natural finish or tho high polish; both are attrac
tive. Some of the chests have trays and nil are fitted
with locks and keys.
516, 518, 522 nnd 52U.
(Ch.ilnot) r
e Mr.
le the
. i
- ".
iMf. .1
attflsas;. lItkaAM&tr-li-
, il
'. 4t-'
r.i , ..,
"-1 W"??J

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