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Evening public ledger. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, January 29, 1919, Night Extra Closing Stock Prices, Image 15

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Pinions Varied in Local Brokers' Board Rooms Before
Announcement of Cut in Extra Utility Prob
lems Discussed Gossip of the Street
KXT lo watchliiR tlie upcctnculnr
Oenernl Asphnlt, common nnd
brokers' ofTlces nnd hoard rooms
e United States Steel Corporation's
vv who claimed to have Inside
ihanfic. Tho cues which seemed
rmnil 1 per cent extru, bilmjIiiK the
cent basis. There was no difference
corporation had the money lo pay
extra which It had been paying for some time pat If the directors
desired to do ho. Here and there could bo found nn occasional Indi
vidual who cherished the Idea that, besides the regular of Hi. there
would probably be an extra voted of 3 per cent ns a hind of an oftset
to the action of the tteth'ehcm directors.
Thoee who field UjggBlnion that the tegular l'i with n 2 per cent
extra would bo dodot before were In the majority and belonged to
the conservative cNss of bankers. They based their conclusions largely
on tho optimistic sta "ment of Judge Clary as printed In this column
yesterday, In which he si.M the corporation was taking back tho men It
ITiive to the nrmv as fast as they were being discharged.
When the dividend was announced at I'.i reg-ilar and 1 per cent
extra the stock exchange v. as closed and brokers' ofllccs generally de
serted, with the exception of a few who h.xd guessed right and who
waited around to say, "I told yon to'."
liscuss Reasons for Marine s
There were not a few bankers
who saw a reason for the declines
shares In the announcement made on Monday last that freight rates
between the United States nnd (lieat Hrltiiln had offered a. reduction
of 06 2-3 per cent, to go Into effect lnslnnter. One banker said he
understood that the former exorbitant war rates v.eie the cause for
holding back of buyers from other countilcs. He said tho mou would
Unquestionably result In a great expansion In our- foreign business.
A certain broker had a new Idea In connection with tho depression
of the Mercantile Marino stocks. Ho said thai in u few yem.4 ships pro-
(M pclled by steam and using coal vvoikjil
nd that most or the international .Marine crans were in mm .-n.-.
Most of the new vessels now being constructed were of the oil-but nine
class, he said, and the sating lit cargo space, not to mention the suvltig
of space In tho forecastle occupied now by a small army of stokers on
tho coal burners, would in Itself be a large source of protlt. Add to this
tho saving In the cost of operation, where two or at most three men In
the engine room accomplish as much as lifts or sixty stokers, and It Is
easy tu see, he remarked, where the coal-burner will come In.
''if Charles S. Cahvell Says: ''Plan
As usual, The Corn Exchange, published by the Corn IKcltniige Na
tional Hank of this city, In Its latest number bristles with practical, pro
gressive Information on a variety of subjects, eo.'y olio of which Is ait
appeal to the citizens of Philadelphia. The' foreword, ocr tho signa
ture of the bank's president, Charles i. Cain ell, Is particular l.v oppor
tune. It says:,
"It Is natural for business to hesitate under present conditions. Hut
do not let us hesitate too long nor expect in the near future to see pi Ices
back to a pre-war basis. Trices will decline, but remember for four
j cars, as every one knows, tho principal nations of tho world have been
producing little for general use, consuming and destroying rnurli. liven
today In many countries little Is being made, much Is still being dpsttojed.
"Pan for business, flguro tin a closer margin of profit, and If ilo
mest "lines are light, look to foreign Melds. Poods nre high, lliercforn
nil our labor should be quickly emplojcd on a fair basis. American busi
ness men solved the problems of war; tho problems of peace should not
scare us. Plan for business."- ,
WHKAT Ilecelnts. 3S.003 bu-h Th
' murket ruled firm but nult Quntntlon-i Cur
jots in export elevator Koverntn'-nl Kinnti-
Inc Insperiinn utHnrlard price- No. 1 r'.l
.winter, JJ.3U, No. I. northern -prlng. $2.89;
No. 1. hard wlnlHr I 'J 3'l, No. 1. ml w liner
carneky. iL'.aT. .n. l. r.d. mnuttv. s.- ;iu
J.' .111!
Nn. y. red wlnler, IJ.llil-, No -. northern
I -prlnif, K' 3a. No -'. Imnl winter. tJ.:iil.
'No. J reil winter. KiirlleUy. $U'3I, No -.
-.l .. ..... rt .4 &. .. ......... -
MNn. 3. northern -prim; $" 3J No. 3 hard
wrinier, i'j.;ij, .no a. red winter sariKM.'
J2.Sn, No. 3, red sinutlv. Is.ia, No 3 red,
2310, No. I 3rtrliUv $2 .s No 4 smuttv,
1 2,117. No I Karllcky, iimuit, 12 el. No
i'Ted. J2.2S; No R. parllekv, J2.2H, No. i
,'iemutty, $2.23. No, r, garlicky, smutty,
"ftfA.- . . .. .
.CORN Tlecelpt. 3511 buldl There whs
iQ..chanRe In intea and elemnntl waa Ilpht i
, Va nuote eilow In ear lota for loeol Ir.ide. I
.tto iualit: nnd location, ut S13syi 45
lt .'ll18'1' .. . .-..... I
L'UA'IH iteeeiprs, -.-J.4UII inisn 'irna.i was
Ulet. but nrlres rued, atemh VV e eniute. I
Krlots, as to locatlim N.i 2. while. Illl'j
l0; Handard while, elllljl.lli, e. No. .1
llp-. .?.N ''"'i e- -No- white, 111P4 n,i,c.
rijuri lie. eipts, ;i irio.s.-h idh. in an.
irers larked Interest and the market 1
iwe.1 ll(tleehanie. rollowlnB are, the
ptatluna. In arrive, per lllll pounela In
lb . Jute e.icki VV Inter straight we.l
en 'i'.fffc.'T -.11 .1.1 m.D.hi T.iirn, l n
t. .....,- ........... ...... ... T .-..
(10 SOW III 75. do, short
Kl. breakfast" baion, elt cured. I'.'c. break
! l,.,n western tured. I'-'e . lard west-
rtrn relliv.1 !!IU ItVMr lard tniro ill. . kettle-j
endured, .4'3iUi;.ic
o in
U, J1K .US It Oil prr (hp, tlrHtw, IH per
mi inrsrior iota lower, uomnern. it ("'
7n nr caB, selected frtnh JobblnB ut (IS
Oo per dozen
LlVU SupplleN ami demnnel were both
Hi, rrn.es were unenunifen, ine roiiove
were the quotation! Toutee, fancy. 3J tic
l. exreptlnnal Inte hlaher. di. Inferior. Ihl
2c. hreilllnff rhlokene. fune' infi menteel.
mnir nier iie. npiete, miTiiiic. aprinir
lleani. sofLniefiteel. laraer alzea. MtiffllLir:
ay ounu ruoaiers. 'JilSi:'8r: nl.l rooetera,
lli'.'ei elurlee, I'eleln. HStolnc; do, Indian
Bner. SUW.ITr: aeeae, a'.'WSllc. turkeye. Rl
oc: Buinrav, oueia. per pair, weignina l
ll.M. Btllecn. 11.1091 .Silt kniMllne .!..
otlll. uulneae, old, per pair. OOctS'llt
ieone. I lei. per pair, OU45ci do, jouhb,
na r. SvanO.v
3llfclHfllCD waa autet anil wllhAnl lm.
rtant e-hanae. .The eiuotallonti Turkeya.
aroy ranry. -uniioc! ao. veestern faney,
IMial lift A ! An .wAA fluHh iA .. "
I viv inn in itiniu, tllUft.P, DO.
rommon. :i(tf H.'ie: tin. nlrt luma 'AuihAn,,
old hrnti, :ilV41e J'owli. frt-Hh-klllod, in'
lea. utMirntncr tbi. nnd nr nniaro
kct wilKhlnii 4 l). npln?t. 34c, smaller
bt. SMWa'-'pi freh-l;,lo1 fowls, In hhla .
... , r.n', l.a.1 uul. . .... .... .. .........
Iba ullil over utile (.'. .Ill uevhlniz 4
nnleei.. Ule'i elll.ill h1lh. L'sffi .Inc. !,! ,
tern, elrv.nle krel. J7o. tejieMtliiir rhl.t......
Itern. ilry-iilelosl, In hme-a welKhlni A ' I
ItOaVi lbs, p.r.dqxen. 18041 dark.
.neei small ana No. .2, llai.kOl
oung, uer pair. uvi.TBi old. tro
4PpviB.tn nire.K.
fjnni. sin (..wii ei sprina snori raieiie, i 1H1nPr -n i : No x I -.0 ', 1 iio "nn KnnMje iMty t.'Eht an 1 Power "' and reedr iiow. neer e-attie. booiI compiaineel to the Mnvnr about police Miiiiu aoeiiie ine mmi pain mm nj .viasis- - .....v Un e me in
msoffll ai, el.. iiBtent. Slli.VitrilO ,,1. do c'ahbsae. ini,ii e.e'..l, per ion' X-.'ntf.tn.'.io Coin panv .1 per lent. Ills' choice and prjme. ii s.1 j, -jn .ommon and in politics In the Firth Wnrel the Mavor "to William C Campbell, described on n socialist republic, but the olel tier-
Trr!TiEA0?.;jduii n. niioted rate, i :xh;r,,-,-?,ri.5i,i,,.""u,.,i!!, '' -wsr;-dviriW J"nu"M 7,1 WTtu.WNWh'iuxi'x: my , vi? .:;.!"" " ,s;h" (lurlK ,he v IZS d70rr,,.obu,,c,,wh,,' rV" ar,
m quote at ISSfS.SO per barrel in sn.ks, .. .!V s-0 ' 7,1 .l$i aima auin Missouri. Manias nnd Teu,- fe.ders, unml. choice and fanej. $lo .-.nil and told him he had recelveel complaints Commonwealth's testimony by Mr ' d' ' "' "e again dieam of
mto lual'H - llallroad fompanv I', per 14 ! inferior, common and medium J7 7.1 . , for him to go dow 11 Into the I-Tftl'i Campb-ll , ,ll",t ret Kaiser, and while l,v no
t PltnVIsins ""'. ceneral inortiaire, eou 41 in SO. calves. Jt I !Wt 14.7.1. ',,... ' . ' " h ",'"" ',' ,' J ! , , ,,,.,,. I n, fans tj ing ourselves to the person of
jgF 1IIU1SIU4B vrtr vnitv nrTTi-n imiivccj pons .lanuarv and Juiv. dii SI1KEP Ileceipts. 70nn hed strone to I VBrJ un(1 h'P an.v abuse li might find. ' Did vem j 10 Campbell ' asked Mr , .... -.',,, V.7..,". J,, , ,eron ,nr
WTHs market was nnlet at the late deUlt.e '''w "UKN C ' '- AJMJ fclti.h 1I181I feoupon. from Jnnuuo 1,1c hmher Pat xmb- and jearlhiKs most- I At that time the Major was busv with Scott 'Hill. If vou eon get Caiev out r ieinl.. . . . .. , . ' ' v" tor "10
Eeiotatlons e'lty beef. In set, smoked and 1 n... Vo.le. .inc. ") m-TTuii u..i. 1 H11. attached) . .ID ! '.Mc hlnhrr. 1 ,-.. ,,i,i.. .,..,, , .. ..... ... ....... .,,. ,i,,, , ,, ,,,.,1 .. ,.,.., .,,.. k,., Itllllllmelit of thin elream
mrXt 0VCTI,,?:ttK:- WW 'XrrVAc1". "IIVSW7 ' r", ""r.,,,S0ui!;r nJ- , ,,. ra .n ., . 1IO(ls.R,. I reported ll.' -nZ,r he' UiS not 1 ,;;;' - "We w he Present .ham govetn. , I
SKIS'.- Sk't,,'7ir.'1.,4,'ri'.n';f !,', .'nSi. i.Vlk.ft?;lS SW4ik? in,?:. r'y SnTKfi? CT5S J""" 73', ' W " hSj" jn.n-.V lleTvi'e. il"0"y ot the ward , .., fll(, n0, , never heard of It until Ken!,",rl.?I Ipowcr1 wlth ,our bc"' ' 3,
SS?'ipiLkl.' -!Viiyffs iT.J ,fe'i '.ileVnert i..n. ' l,a" cre.imeij, 2tmtc 100() citu.ns Wati r Companv , Philips- i t,"1r' "r" I1S1h in. jieht orkrs. When th famous "Carev letter' ar- camnbell mentioned it on tlio stand" In 'valserlsm nd empire and ml for its
.fra. "W. . KS """"-""' 'int.. 07ni ra.es. k,.I 10" Utou'rS? II "pif VSSTnrlt rno?t". ' 1$ ,.P', A'.f ,??.. ... rived the Major cave It to his brother C"S, ! LVL,," ., day when the German nation will be S
irSnr.ie'Vii'-oV hu.r,n's' ;ir,,",:?:-s,is?i;yr s&'r ;iu,onJ"iArf'.,.u.nrt ? i hTSd,&drwT.p,vfi,pr.?:t.Ti.m?: ziTT J",s:",", ;':",,,,,; T,,r, re-'cM m which h..ai... -Are, go- iiTiLnZVnT1,?,
Mere. .ae, nams. srnpKea. wesi.rn . ,...,. vn. . .',n.i.ie. eh.ei... jtwiq -.r.n riev.Und nnd Kri n.iiw.v J17. retary read It and told h m If condition?) ... .. v.- e i-...,.u r... ..... .... heart" The Ilohenzollerns' great achieve.
aSenle slemlder- rl I'."r.d loo".. S74 -I storare, 2W.MVc. Stnte anel nearby h-nn.rv r;nlm.anv. .1 per cent, ftr.t WkVCe-nwIpU, ISO h-ad Itleher were as .tateel In the letter that ho was L'" " , "i, " ''d ',. .i'e "..;.," n"'llU 1,nve co''P'ed seemlnglj so
SB, .,T2 .".., I,. Hi. .. ,,i, ui,; .-,. i whiles. 7i)f71c unthered whiles. (Ufflelfic iflo.naiii.-e .coupon. January . , Top. fl. , ,,. ,.in ,i, ,,.,,, been such a goon friend of jours. tmlcklv but we shall never fnre., .. i.
w nriTivrrv s.1 'Ails;
Srn. . we,e s.eadl.y malntahicd on a basis " MI.HOAI) KARMNGS -- - h Z h'eh? of '" !1 ? I "?'"'' ?:! -- ill, I,." 1 el o" he' s '" e " ffi 1 ..Id no. iiave anj suU, conversation nnml n
ft Do for line Rr...ulHt.d iiai TI.Ml.lli; AMI OHIO Ir'oevuvV-rTs'follSw, "" U "" mfnM?f"$k "i"".lti-itei,s loon t li Sou e -' em t e phone- acce. eg "ih X,r' ,"'nihell "" that day or an, DQCT MQT CQD MTflDMrfK
UAIKY PR011UCTS ji.'R'aflEr'I.i '" M'W2 Sl'KS'I?., UKHCHASOiai: hefiLRV'-W nor was Mr Campbell rU3l nUl TUR HI LUMlltA
ft.lBBSK was nulet and bare,. ..M,l. ""n."' '. 'Income' sis.slif '?1m December .1018 U..7 rVil.'rs l Vlie.'.'S.'tfff ni 'll",' .n.ep' ' "'"'I""!". I "ant jou to go to the m'""la,,ai;- . WilsOM Has OfflTCll Frcill'Il Alll
Siotatloas New York and VVIsronsui. whole, i Twelve months' urns, 174,IM.44N tn,r.7S.!27 Import. . . 2lO,H7H,nnn J7,0I t.ono f lo 730 Jl a'v " """ n 'P. ,.,,, WHn, nn(j un.-thiiig wrong Ml' Slpni hiw 'thlrd '' be met " "" , , v ' "-" ', "" 'lm
ttilk. fancy, hsld 3Se specials niatier. fair Halnnce after taxes. . s.7nr,:5t)2 t7,am,77n Kiportu .. . .1il.(iii7.nni iinn.inn.oon I ,,,, .-i .hero nn insii.e wbnm it ' jou on tho Atlantic City lloardwalk ll.tSrtnilor t I I.U'C til Another
Kuoji I, 37374c. current make best here. Net oper income 7.227.S7.1 M5.S0H.OfU , Hscy.. o ' ep. 3.1o,o:s.i,00 S7f.lBO.W0 st. I-llIllf j,n. -je -H0.7S- Itecelpts. w fl " ' ' .and lh.it he said I 'You are punishing ,...,, ,. .,,, . ,. . Tl1 ,
fe,naV'ffi,.,'-An n &SaS?fc!!lKr&-,tfK"' ". ' To,d.l.on,nslop Carejnuntie. of-;
haiirA tn uh! OiuMjI nnai Mnl .fl.liiwkitil ' .i .nll.HlJ 1.1(10.2117 r-vnaiaea vf An n 1U BQ1 fli 51 "B1 nl.1 imfi t ". iy " ' fin Riir,lamhr 1 fl Mr Srfltl lPn K.I I .. . - .. - .. . s .s ... .. r . - . ..,-, TTI1II- . I
mdMtmrv Lit if7 hlhiV rnrinir V.mriV ThIa rnoi.thB iros 17 !i3T O'.T ."i 14 3fl ""-v "-" " -" " CATTll-; llfCflplH. i300 tt. Blrftdj. , v" ,v , ,, V ,Vi "Mem xuriiHT wain mat w lien inn r.uivw ij buvicu " iiw.iiu viruvea Miarp JMk
mffiP-ttfRxbtr fo'r VdiMTX..!?,". T N ... .V . Ttm'Sn MS OlSiiSl oor'u nxctyaivil OF one Native steer. ".yS 18.50. heifer- to sow be would show-, the Major sent for Hi- teK,sa,uro adjourned IM Vare cam. to , , K, undee Ided upon. Tresldent Wll- FNM
Bts. 4c. drts. 4443ci seconds, 4H?(4.lc IX)VO ISLAND ' December J018 1017 " ,.l5,."i.'.',MB ! 30i.Jt;Cftl; A1"1 feed' rector Wl son In City Hall and told lilm . .. .... ni,p,i permission to ko after I t ,,. ..er.re.l the ,e .,..;;. I )l&
'."!!. tfJfiS!' Jobbln' l S1CMc' December .f . "Km Mt nM.fl0i. LIL" ' M.5'o' ' T.2"22" I ""hi. rf.'eVo" .."' ." Vii " ....-v. h. was ,old by citizens that tho police , -"' v nn,l rhat rouTo ,t him ?go a Wll ,?" T, LV",?!" "h,E
Sll .'.",. :?'" "UU1" .. , . , ...... , Tiialv. mnnllia' trwnmm ' "11 Jil i hlfir;. ,! . . ."''''" .J f'Z'l'VV .... I i. Tr rt or.. . au .tj.1 A -a ' U-ara nnt t In ( H. 1,'lftll Wll Tf nn ha- ' .. ... -. . - . .r. ..ww . - . .n -.. --,.,...,.. nil rVMil
wj.u?(-iifmBn. wii iicui riui pncf e- ,,",'"" "V,;V ,;,," 1 1 ' tJo ' "ZVZtil KetM or imp ihd.uuu i'.'.&S7.ooo 1"'. " w - '" .! v uw. . ....,. , - "" . " v j. ' l iivy to ino i mu. im you nave any accent U. Th s mnn. t may be Kal.l
Ab.ei 0(V per . Quotatlnna; Tree raw, Uftvl? nVJ nVomi' -tisroitT n2?'32J tJ month I half of Deutpch ami that he heard they, h ' . ,,.,,. . 'Ji, '' MVrrt. i.w h!I JJLV
HMrby flnti. $1S 0 vr rratu, turrfnt re- 't oner Income ...S84.9H7 381,087 mprt- . . (.-n42,nn, r..2.4r4 onn Knniai 'l(. .Mo., Jan "t IIOO- 1. wn Rolirltlnir votes and Intlmld.itlnir ' . ? .,, i not anc0 M0"1'1'". v no recently
wihthing ;m Ihs. niilise-, H,l.. v,.hhiit l."',?1 ,rVr, ,l ' le annual election of tlie I 'f;r'r..d s'nek. wldle Mr Kv ins lilinse f is eirn
M IU lenle,,. ,i2u, etuiwy' 27i '" I'lillnelelphlii Stock MxchnnBe Monday i.ce liolVler of the nrefemel WSarhesei
tlnu- ihli'kena western, nhhls wei,,!,: Mnrch .1, follow" For president. Charles ft ' rg preferred Sm,r Pel
Th i iiiier." sie. ueieeh'inS -ne T" " "can; ror secreinry.ireasurer, Horace
:r"";snHd2e,brinS'!.hi.'k?n.: inrr',;M,h"'nRIL,'j?1'V,"'ns,ryb' Woul.1 Quit nailroa.l From Ohio
12 lbs. anlee-e. 43Jl4c. ducks, we.tern for vlco chairman, Samuel I Dawson r- .... . .
Ipei aeese western, choice. 2U0.1nri for members of the uovernlnK committee, foliimbiis o.. Jnn. 29. The suit to
l..J!in1r-JM,.?K,';.' 1rnu"b"-' V" doI'n Kdward Brylavvskl. Oordon S. Carrlgnn 0UBt the HocMwr Valley Itallw-ay Com-
LrTnfhlJ.?i.,hi;.linsin,!nr Jo"ni 8" Heatly C. Dulles. David A. Freed ftank PanJ' 'rom operating- In Ohio for i ola-
K'wbK.,'wtewS,8.,ii:' ?'., 3?U' C. Matthews. Kdward J. MmiV,' F?SSk ',0.n of. l.h9 ua,,e law, ,flxln VuaZ,nir.
no. 'iio It 16." nerVe..Vn,"ii sn5J?'. Ij. Ntwburaer. FtederleW P ni.ti,. rates at two cents a mile was Instituted
Increases In the quotation for
preferred, tho favorite "Indoor sport"
yesterday forenoon was rucssIiib what
dividend would c. There were, n
Information that theic would bo no
to he the favorite, wan l'i reRUlnr
dividend down to an even 10 per
of opinion on the question that tho
the leRiilar dividend nnd the came
nnd brokers, as well as their clients.
In lnlernatlon.il Mercantile Marine
not be In tho piotlt-carnlng eiUsa,
for Business'
The murket whs uenrrnllj (Inn uniler nml.
ertt- offerings Hnil a fair d liunil the
quotation- Apple" N'etV York. pt birrel
Klnt. Jilih.".n liAlJln. I,',i s .VI, North
ern Sn. Jilt? ".-"0 'Ilul)barJletn. JilT:
llpp-nlns Ttiilt 7 7. Annl.-M I'litis. linl .
and VlrKlnl" n ' lit Hen IMvIs 4 7.1W
rt .-.fl. el.no ", ".0: W'lnes.o. $711 S. ".II.
a ,-(i.
IMnplli" a (if 7 .Ml. SliiMnan Wlnctap. ITW
e .Ml, York Imperial S7feS.-l. do. .ouulrv
.!...,. if ,n(3? -.11 t. n.a 11a . ... . .. H. C.3
(a in Apple, western, per box. S2ir0ff I -.'.-,
i.emonn. per n.v .;i" i nrnee i-iori.i.-.
per eraie. J2 .ViTiS.V-. .to. fallfornU, per
10x, $4fi3. TutiKerlneH. l-'lnrlda per Htrap.
3i7."n tlrniu-frult. iier box. T2 80 i I nn
CranherrleM. Jmej. per Mmh.l bos. 1,1 ;nv
ei, do. do. tn-r barrel, si. let 22. Mranbcr-
rlis, riorblj t'T iu.irt 0Ob;jc.
i-pr.-'p ill yj
' i.cjii.m.r.a
SuppII were fairly liberal, and prue nf
potatoes and eabliace were a ahada easier
(untntnnl. while iotato:ie. Rastern Shore.,
,.w i,i.- vrt 1 taeTf.1 7.-. Vo ' i,wi.. -.n I
While rntatoe. ' Jersev. per . -hushed "lues. '
... N . snflllde. No ROifi l'.n. While
.,n,,lr,e,. Pernsvlviuii.i No 1. per ion Ilia .
S2ct2 20 White potatoes eBtern, pr 11)11
n... e,ft..n .in v-.. v..ri - ...e ,u.
,. s,r'. "sweet pn'l .loes. .Ii'isei. 1 I,-,.'.
u, v. . ti jnfi 1 :s. v., .. seihi-r.
. : ,,,. Kul.rn Mmr. Ul
"..''- ..;- .. ..i. ..,-
vo , 5A.i -.0 -. j-j .ai'ee a r,ii
Sweet pn
Pullet whites. filWll.lc. Psclne t'oaet whites
.i'.'(.1.c ..vv .stent and southern whites, Bath
jre.l. 'i'"'"" stale nnd t,nrhv h.nnerv
..iu.-mi- ..,,.-.,...-, rm.r,, io,or .'i'aei.-c
Ilecemher arojs .
llielanco utter laxes
110.737,37.1 J2 nST.snel
J.llll'.iiein lint.N17i
Tevelve monthn' aro 12(l.r.74."n7 ns.kST.Tna
"Iv " ' ''-
llnlnnfo ntler mxra . S0n7il.il'.'. 3,tns.7.vt
Net uner Inrnine . '.'ft.SAI.HTO 3,20(l.!Hil
ATT.AVTie- eeids. nvn !
De-e-eniber uroas . ",ilin.S2
llalnnre after tavea, 1.107.271)
Net operating- In
come 1 iri2.C.T
Twelve moi, gross., rift.ftc.S'jn
Ualanee after laxei, U,37U,120
Net operating In
come 11, 178.148
M7.741) ,
Rtll.tMIt ,
11.17, U22
December groa $7111,113 344,!V3s,
Twelve rnna, grols., lO.StW.M.H 2,1)44,401
Ualanca after taxea 7.151 1,OSO,U70
Perember arose ... 2,7(12,001 Ml, 080
llalance after III,. 40.1,874 R7.731
Kn oner. Income. IINS.OL'I n7.4iu
12 nionlha aroes. . . 32.0D2.27J 7.S70.010
Ilnliincn after tax ,
Net oper Income.
I., ii;, emi
J, 1 oh, no.l
No Contest in 'Change Election
Tho nominations for oitlcern nnd mem.
ier of the Kovernlnif committee lo ho
Harrison S. Heeler and Itobert D. Tsvinr
Ai ten numlun r tn k. j.1..t..t .V..'
"r..'i. ."":7 - -" "- "
will be no content.
That Jones ,.. ,Wr.ee,n
JjTidge nnd other steel companies nn '
rile Ut)lMr Ollln ll.a .Inrlnn i.n.1 tin.
evidenced by the receipt In the Inst two
"s of M5.000 tons of coal from Monon
Biihcla Valley mines.
Tho "favorable, trail, hnlnnee" of the
unlled states during the war period
exceeded that of tin, 125 years from the
adoption of tho Constitution to the be-
(rlnnlnir of the war. A compilation by .
I the National City Hunk of New York '
I snows that the excess of exports over I
Import during the flfry-one months of
I the wnr aggregated $10,900,000,000, 1
I while that from the adoption of the .
ran-imuiton ro tne heKltinWB or inc '
was vwis hut l9.00T.00O.000. These IIk ,
ur-s of "trade balances" nre based upon
n comparison of the total Import, with
mo total exports or both uomcstlo nnil
foreign merchandise. Prior to the wnr
this country's -xrps of exports oxer lm.
lorts, .although Inrger thnn any other
I country of the world, never i-xcceded
1 ?G5,OOn,(lOO In any single cnr.
f Inr nnil tenet ores nre tiiirlnvtiKeit.
, S.lnu Is quoted at $10 to 5'i nnd lead
nt G0 a ton. Shipment are larger, but
demand is quiet.
'niton seed Interests lime l.een untitled
by the food administration that the price
I sinniiizntion plan lor eottonseeii nnil
i Its products, put Into effect In .Septent-1
her, will continue through the ptesent
seiiKon If all elements of the Industry
eemtlniio rn co-operate. Tlie admlnlslr.e-
lions slntenient says three-quarters e.f
tlie crop nlready has been purchased by
in- iTu-ning mills anil mat me tntius-
try Is following normal lines.
I The Suweiuetieinnit Collieries Ceimpnnv
; has completed plans feir electrlilc.itlon
e.f its anthracite operations In the Mount
I'arincI unit Shamnkln eoal llelds. It Is
proposed to erect one ictitml power
plant, to cost 2,OO0.0OO. nt tireeii Itldge,
iii-iii me retinsyivuniu colliery, with nigh
j voltage transmission lines to other col-
OHIibi.'. ,,f Mlnncota Meel ('. ,
fear that substantial curtailment In eipir.
ntlons eif Its blast nnd open-lnarth fur-
ri.ii'e pl.intH will be made necessary
i within a few das unless the tle-mand for
i'lns oM.mrLe?'" 'I1''81"''1 "U'1'1 l-l",w "
signs or improvement.
('ntimtriirllnii of twent- lef ennililna.
. VW "v-ifJC "J'.'1.1".1:0 ',ar8 f"r ,h
- - K'llt PtrtlC OilIKU .lllill UIH
1 authorlzeil today by Director Central I
nines rney will be put Into operation
In tho spring by the railroad iidminlstrn
, tlou.
Tho following securities were sold nt
auction today by Parties A l.ntland .
15 .Mine hill and SchuUkill Itievin
Itallrn.id Compile, par 5m.. ,"n5
3" I. II elllmer e'omp.nn, 10m-
mull- 11.1t 10 . 30l2
I ill.. It K. Mulford eiimpni, par
" . . . . RT
inn Tonopih lie0pment e'ompaiu .
. par $1 3
.in Olio l.laenliilir ,V 11ms. pre -
fern el. par sino . ... Us
2..11 .Viui laa e'i.nip.in pir tin Ixit 5
.1,1110 Dein VVemil, r .MI11I111. 1 nmpani ,
3111111 IPj .Nation il e'opp. r e'ompanv.
. par IJ.nn . .,.t 15
1"2U Panama MlnliiK and Mineral
Land I'miipsns par 1 ..Lot ",
..110 Ooliirteid c'oiuhlniil.vii 'Ira. tlnu
...i'"1 Vlnln I'limp.iin, par $1 2.
3.1110 ltlKhlamler .Villi and .Vllnlinr
.. . .. Cnmiwenv par J". . . .I.ni Sit
tlVlicin .Nne,n,a Alpine .Vtlnlnu I'umpani.
I'-n l l..t $7
llnoel Vernal Mining I'oiapanv of Hold
lie I.I. per It . . Lot $;n
mini i'rstal Sprln-.- lireuin I'om
.. pan,, par $25 . Lot J 5
Kinon (i.iidiiei.i iieimunt .MIiiIiik eun
.. ,. panv. par 1 . . Lot JI2
e .0 Keen-o-Phone e. omtan-. pa
., ., 1" . Lot 2
,ln .!,. TI10 nnd llubli.-r Com-
panv . -j
21)110 Mlpah Rxteuilon e'nmp.ini of
Tonopih par $1 . . 5
12'! Vh lorla e'oiipi r and .Minim.-1 -om
panv IrenriMnl.il stork), lait $5
2.. JViiirtn Stieel Niulon.il II ml,
par Jinn . 3Ill
.'!') .Vl.irkel Mriet National Hank
pai (Inn 1-0
1e) 1ntet;lll. 'lltle Insuraliee 'trust
end Safe peposlt C'ompvnv ,
Pii- (Ro . . 2211' e
I Philadelphia Trust e'onip.in:
p-ir (inn . . . Tin
s Central Trust e'timimm e am.
len, N .1 . par (2.-1 In)
1 Uuiiral.t.e Trust and safe p.--
posit I'onilMliv pnr (Inn, It'l
"3 rtnsn'o ronipan. of tentis I
i.inla nciond ireferie.1. par
lino ur.
."'I llcuranee I'eitnpanj of North
merler par 10 . 2s
20 Italdwln Loeomntiee Work-, pre
ferred, par linn 102'j
7 I nltd elm an I Kl.etile 1 ur-
tutratlon tlrst pr.-f. rred ll)i4
(Jeinii e heuaraake and Delaware e anal
e'eunp'ir I ter eeni tlrst
rnorlKaiee registered (nl'-revt
.Tanuirv Htid Jul. eiue P121I -11
1250 Tc ruilil il h'oirase and lee I'om
i.en d p-r lent lllacerstnwn.
Marjlanell. tlrsl lien, eo'll-ons
.lime and Perember 25
I01IO L'nlted LUIlt and Rullwav e om
panj. It per lent, tlrst Inert
nape, ronveillble. coupons
Va and Nnvendier due lle2U SS
Kbiii PhllulelphU and llarretlford
str.et ItallWHV e'ompan, 5
per i.nt first inortKiLKs. 1 ou
twins P. hruan and Auuust
due pl.15 . . . pu,
SHIM) Allalllle I'll' (las I'mupam. 5
per tent, tlrst niortanire. eou-
iHina January and Juh, due
I'.imi . 4P-
plilil l'hes,tpeake anil Polotlli, T-h
phone Companv nf V'lrulnla
R per eent. first morttfaae
ilue Ili.-.il ... v
loo Kansas e lt Kallwa 1 ompam
5 per. 1 em ilrt moruace
eouism.. januer and ju
Hue 11144
rnni.'rrv Tninr ncnnirr
. "5hl.VJi-.i".. ..H,.'.-T.h',,.r.r'lni'.".".
iiuuirs tri iik' l vj i ti i vniiir in c iiiiru nisirn
Cxcese of Imp. 20,072,000 18n.B70,0OO
911.VKI1 nxi't.rmvn nr nim
t.... .,!. inee
l.xee.e or exp.
l'J months
Exports .. .
Kxtees of exp
71. 37.1.000
1S1. 470,000
Cuba Cone Suitor Financing Opposed
New York. Jnrr. 2D. Opposition to the
plans of the management of thn Cuba
Cane Sugar Corporation to mortgage
the property for !B,000,000 throusn Hn
Issue of bonds of that amount has de.
veloped. Henry Kvans and the Conti
nental Flro Inaurance Company, the Fi-dellty-Phoenlx
Fire Insurance Company
and the American Eaijle Fire Insurance
Compnny. of which he In the head, have
advised the suear compHnv that they ns
laruo preferred stockholders will not
allow their proxies to he used nt the
meeting: called to authorize, the hond (a.
sue. At the samo time tho company Is
BBi.cii in lurninii mipciiic inrormation
regnrirnK rue pinii. inp insurance com-
day by Prosecutlnr; Attorney Hugo N.
Kchlcsslnger, representing the State of
. rtnnlea rnnreselll lH.llin .in... Ar n... -..-.. --
In that iTHnUlln Pnlintis oaiiMd kara tn-
Early Rise Followed ly Move
ment Downward nt End of Ses
sion Receipts of Oats Small
-New York, Jan. 29 The corn mar
h , crrntle todnv The stnrt was
em"10 Ioa- '' start was
strong on a general rush to buy, fol
0unir th e iiiiiinuni'emrnt mucin nftrr ilir,
' ",. ,,., ,i . o ? . i i i
clo,, '."'.' r,lnV that It had been el,..
termlned by rhe Joint meeting of the
puckers and llc.took men, the food
administration nnd llurenu of Agricul
ture advisory committee to maintain
tho price of bogs at $ 1 T.r.rt for Feb
ruar Nearby deliveries then led the
movement upward.
(in the rise, there was liberal selling
which forced all deliveries down sharply.
Commission houses with cistern con
nections led with offerings. Later prices
milled ngnln em covering by shorts.
but suffertd another move downward
'"c inn oi me session nppro.icncu.
Overshadowing nil bullish features Is
tho antagonism of the consuming pub-
ii., to ...... ...,, Tni, ......i.,. .. Ilh
. ' , ''rl' " ' ' "B "'.,.
u" ever-lncteaslng number of uncm-
Plojed throughout the country, causes
niirui on me nuing sine tiom nn in
vestment point of Mew. Ilcoelpts re
mained small and onl eighty cats C
torn nre epected hire, tomorrow.
Oats followed the trend of iiirn. The
stnrt was firmer on gem nil having nml
lark ef offerings. i:.iseiu InteTests
were good sellers on tlie- advance and
I forced lower prices, on tlie lelci Hint
suiipll.'s are more than ample tu go
at mind
'I n repolteel In the c.iMi erowd
' 'bat time had been good sales to eto-
mestle inlereslH over night nnd pre-
niliiins were higher. Offetlngs from the
cnuntrv- showed no Inere.ise nnd receipts
e smaller. Only slMj-llv.. oils arc
specie,! here tomorrow.
J.-iBrtlni- futures r.ince.l n feiliows
"rn """ineu iTll-lT !. Cln.e
1 llii
M.iv T "l 1 1 171. 1 TL
Julv . 1 s'j I 211
1 lit. 1
4', 1 III',
. Rn', rin
Juh- .-.11 .'"
Ian . . 2.1 17
.Vlnv .'.1 I" 23 IT
21 17
."I IT
22 7
!"" " 21 15 21 15
; in .".' in
:i 15 . 1 ii-.
. It on
.IIS elel
II IHI ,1 llll
,ts 1,0 -37 lIU
3s 1,0 3s eto
Financial Briefs
The rnntiH repot t nf Inl.inel Steel
Ce.nip.iny for the vear ended December
31 shows net prollts. nfter chaiges nml
war t.iMs, .if J5,leiei.54n. eepitvalent to
20.f.r. a share eatneel em the 23.0l.5no
e.ipltal Mtock. as comp.ui'il with $10.5.15,.
eii'.S or J CM I a Mime-, In the preceding
Coupons ror l.iletest due I'.bruary I.
on the Philadelphia llleitrh- Companv
ti pr e'ent seeuieil geilei mites will he;
paid at the Ulrarei I rust ompanj.
The .1111,11. il lenort of the Amei lean
nniFH CeuuiMnv for the j ear ended De-
ctinl.fr .11 sbovvsnel Pndjtsof $.1.9ti'.'2l!i
IVlf.'.'Bn'c'.Vr.'7-3'' " K"ar" '" "" m-
Ciilteel States Steel ttatixfer books
close Mnre-'.i 14 nnil reopen April I. for
tho iiiimi.il meeting to he held April 21
Tlie New York SHblnasiiiv gained
$l.i!i;i.nnn fiom the banks jeslenlaj.
nfaklng a cash n.'l gain sin.v Krldaj of
5 l.81.1.i.in
A special meeting e,f De Long Honk
nml lljo i 'ompanj- stockholders will be
held Apt II 3 In vote em increasing the In-eleble-elne"-s
e.f the companv bj $4nn,iion.
secuird In inollgage
The New York Steak llvehange has
stricken tiom the llet N'orrolk anel West-
em ll.tllwrfj Company ce.nveitlble ten-
jejr ei iier tint bonds due September 1.
t -mipahv part-paid and rull-iiild sub -
hiripl'.on leceipts for convertible ten-
j ear e per eent bunds due September
rn..', to tie itaeieei in, anel iniercst.
Daviel e' lllggi. of St. I.ouis. Ins
been selected as governor eif the lliglith
federal lleservc District to succec-tl
Holla Wells, resigned
( lile-uco. Jlin L"i UOC1S Reeelpts. Set-
Jlin L"i UOaS ne.elpt. Sit
elna lie.irl Mtemlv to ptronv' with vetrr-
elB'a averiiKi on hett.-r eraijei.. others low
I'tirn .lOc to $1 hiuher thnn Mnndaj milk.
ill 1-.SI7H! I,...v l,,.erh..r. Ii: f.V.l
17 7.1. nu-dlum and llaht butchern. S17 S1W
17 (15 lulu, good to choice. $UI .vtidt 17 So.
.. ...... .---. -- --. - ---.
heaw r.eeUIn,', Slilfnt, 17 medium and
mixed p.i.Mni,- Slel S.-.W 17 3',: throwoutu,
Sl 7S1"i 111 .10. piss C .11)0? 1.1 .in
C'ATTl.i: IteeelPtH .1.100 he-ad llttierHllv
steady on pteere. and ,'hpe't wtoele. ElullH
and velil eahe-e strong to il.ii' hltfher. sloek
Ka.l nnn-oln. N. V. t. "S , nTTI - -
nereipts. lino head slow faUes rec.iPt
licht mc.i, lift 17 '
ll.'J'r BfflliV'V l "SI? sn ,: ','r:,
... - jn. . . i . - - t . . . t :
y. 117 :
17.".0 huh hers,
117 !!.".i;
Ml. lUhta,
nil 7.1W I7.ro. nias
l--ne 14 2 i
n.l-Tf '-ll. Inl. iniii.. i.B.,t .,...-.
lrlm .tier. JIK4MII ...iilhvrn .t.r. nnml.
i!!'i"ion!liVJ",aiI?.Ui7u' ",-''f,4 1"1"," HM
a.nfoiooo ' SliKUI'-'-ltereipu, 3ono he.nl Hie,,!,
Miiiinnn i'SthKs fMJ, n"-,n"'ew,,',,,ri,sTin v!""1' '''"'
iJ'isn'SSS wc""" tncu ..ii. eJ2' 's'""""
Hnuth (lin.ih.i. Jan 2D 1IOUS llerelrts
.in.iion head, prices unchanged Hange flel
I'ATTI.E Iterelpta, 7000 head
HHKi:i' Hecelpts, 10,600 head.
Jim Dutller 3.1
MarNamara 2R
Midway , 34
Mlzoah Extension Oil
S'orlh Star
Hescue Hula
Wi'st Hnd
noi.uriEi.n stocks
lilue Hull
... Ill
.... IIS
Arliona United . ..
Vevada wonder .
Tecimsv Mining
Chicago, Jan, 20. IlUTTEIt rtecelpts,
870 tuns. Kxtras, 4Bc firsts, 42044ci sec,
ends. 4041c.
liKios ntcoiots. 1ST c. Extras. M
in ei
,...1.1. ......
Mayor Denies Plot
In Fifth Ward Case
Continued from re On ,
Joseph MncLoughlln. director of the
trrpartment of Supples. S-ni In and
after chatting a few! ,' .J,10 ..",, "V, ' ,
Mayor took n sent back In the court
City Controller Walton Rhonlt li-mi.
with the Mayor and took n seat In the
Dony or tlie courtroom ft illil JnMnh1
11. Mel-all, president of the r Xdelphta'
r.lcctrlc Company. - nuHueipnia
Hows In Judge
Maor Smith whs standing beside the
council table when Judge Audenrled
enme In. The Mayor bowed to the
Judge, who returned the greeting with'
a slight nod. I
Counsel for the- defense had arrived ,
early Assistant District Attornevs Tan-
lane nnd tlordon, vvlm are prosecuting
for the Commonwealth, rushed in nt the.
LmT,lnh "" n'.'r " !"'n,'1' ,
.this time nl the Major'a otllrlal ,
family wero In the courtroom, most I
of them oceiipylng seats well up ro-
lllill'r, Si'.. ,i'r,,l,; "'"', ,Vl,""
we e there besides the persons alrea.lv
iiir-uuoueii were i.eorgo i; oatesmnn. .
Olrector of public Works, tieorce S
slst.uit Dire, i, ip of Pnhll,, n.'.fen . !....!
Itoblnson. Superintendent of" Police: '
William II Murphy, Chief of the J'lro '
Department, William McAllister Super-
i.j-. .., .i. t...M.i',..i.e . ..'.....,
Hospital, nnd II. llolgate Herrv. Super-
intendetit of Maintenance, llure.iu of
ritj Propertv
Majnr rtiulti, was wearing bis favorite
and most becomlnc color-brow 11. Ills
vest was plpeel wilh slllc ami he wore
1 Jewelleil re-arfpln In his tie. Prom the
hi east pocket eif his coat peeped the
lilac-striped eelge of a carefully folele-d
white silk iMiidkeiihler
l-'oriner Conensmun John 11. K. Scolt
made the opening aehlres for the de
fense Mr. Seeiit promised to prove that. 1111
.1 ,,.-.,..,...
in-i em- e.uiiiii iiiuii.-i. ent- ..1.1...11 11 urn
lenKiosinie mr uie ai is in ins uiretiois
or those under them
Mr. Scott piomlseel that tlie elerense
vvoulel be brief. He congiatulated the
Jury on the approaching end of the trial.
"We will be able to submit testimony."
salel Mr Scotl, "w htrli will show' the
innocence of the Major of any crime"
Hold- Director lte.pnnslhle
The attornev for the defense went on
' lo say lluit he woulel go Into the pro
" ' visions of tlie city charter at tliey relate
t the iirganlratloii of IMill.idelnhla's
I Jovernnienl 1 e ".,1,1 he exnec ed to
i (,mm,n" ' .. " '"" , ., p.?a", .'"
i""" '" -'.". ..u.i.- m.. ruin
executive nnd head of the city govern-
nieni, is dhsoilated from the directors
hmder lilm in the inutier of respotivi-
llltv fen their acts Mr. Scotl eon-
' ,',,df'tl !''u ,l,e c "": themselves
I reiponslble executives.
.Mr .icon reierien 10 cue testimony
of James A. I arey concerning tlie visit
I wlile.li Mr Carey paid the M.ij-or at tlie
I latter s office. .Mr. I'terey had testified
that he spoke of his canelkiacy for
Select Council to the Major, and the
iMra'agaTtisV'.fmMr1 s'S,,"" a&
te'feireel to the testimony or Isadmc
Stern e-oncernlng the e oiiversatlon vvhlcli
Mr Stern had with tlie Major at At-
grille City.
i Mr Scott ilenieel the truth or the tes-
tltnonj of both Carey and ."icrn that
the Mayor had said he woulel 'go the
limit " against Carey a c.ii..ll.l..v.
I "The! Department of fubllc Safety is
tinner me executive inntroi anel power
or the Director or that deiiarttnent.
salel Mr Scott, tlius putting the Issue
up to Director William H Wilson
Mr. Scott said he would show- that
e.irlv In August Senatrr McNIchol ask-
I 1 '!' Major to help Carey in Ills flglit
In the 1'lfth Uaid, and the- Major had
said sueli aitlon would be Impossible.
becatie he had publicly censored Stern
I "f,dN1"r,,, '! ''rilshurg and he woulel
"ot "-P v-aicj, Sterns political part-
i...Ki in .wbusi, .ur. Hiott snlel he
woulel prove to the Jure, c'arev visited
j """ Major In his olllce and asked for his
support The Major gave him sub-
stantlally the same answer he gave JIc-
i Nlchol Carey nngrlly demandeel If he
"''s KOlnB lo .he,p 1"'"t'"'b anil tlie
.......m ..-,, iuiu ei.e le.ieier tn.lt -l
he way jou feel about It there's
no use of anv further mil. m,, 1 o. ,..,.!
, i.. ... .... ......
, ".'.. ieiin.
At no nine was tliere a statement
,iu,l l II,. t.... .1... t. , ....
- " , ..,......, tune i,- a hi i,,-e
iielmlnlstiatlon would 'ko rhe limb'
against Carev," Mr. Scott raid
lllly Mill, I'atrleille Dulles
Stott said he would show that
llarry McNIe-hol In September
' -."...- ....-, ,,,, ,Hr. .-COU Sam lie I
Ul.n.l,, .. .. ...... ... .1 ..
' would prove the Major met Stern In
, an Atlantic I'lty cafe and got blm lo
-M"' th- letter Hie, fully and also
r .... ..... ,l.t. Ih..ii,ia.i T
l I "IVlll- IHI' HHHH llll ll-Uhiru.
Wllllt VOUT llepnrt IIICIl t to nUPPrCFS it.
'I cannot be allowed. It will not he
allowed." Mr. Scotl snld he. worilel Minvv
the Mnor told Llrevtor U llsou at that
He would show further, lie F.iiel. II
when Deutsch vlHlteel the Major lit
I.intlc City he wns tolel the Major woulel
not nllovv any person to use the- force
of his administration lo gain political
Director Wilson sent Assistant Dlrcc
tor Davis Into the ward to make a
private Investigation, nnd got a good re
port, Mr. Scott said ho would prove.
He nald ho would also prove that ths
Mayor called a meeting of his entire
(17 , ralilnul It. Srntember nllel read n. letter
I telling them that municipal employes
must be kept absolutely freo from poll,
On Tuesday before the prlmnrj'. Mr
1 Kcott said, he would prove Director WIN
nn wild tn the Mayor-
M ll.on ltenssiirrd llliu
I assure vou that the reports of pn-
I'tlcal activity hy police nre not true.
ei The newspaper articles telling of those
h conditions nro written for political uur
il..n... T n.SHilrn loll there, nro em nnllA
In politics."
After the raid on tho Flnletter Club
the Mayor called up Superintendent Hob.
Inion and told him he would be held
personally responsible for the raid.
On election day, Mr. Scott saldsjte
Webster. Director of Wharves. Docks ""VJ" "'' , youraged .-ity empl,e, , -; - '" ,e lymeu over
Krrsen. n!?ee2r"o"f HeaUI. TnJC "' , '. J"tl.T in the Kif,,, Ward ! "" "' " "" again '
ties; Joseph Hasekarl, Assistant Direr- n,or ln "nv 0,llrp wa'- or "arels," was I ' 'l "'
tor of Wharves Docks and IVrrles ln" rnl, ' ... , "r lu,',r'' of u i,K,,ln
William II Krelder o ! ."Ill Aen'cV ," eply to nes,los the Major u " ' was produced In Judgn l.iown's
i' .i..i.. ,. ....... . sated that lie had Known .tames A . court, the Mavnr replied.
would ivhow, the Mayor visited City Hall
and then,( after finding everything was'
quiet, went to his physician While there
he was notified by bis brother of llio
death nri:ppley.
He retUrneil to City Hall nnd met
il,,nrr.y MllN'lcl'P'' wll "I'1 blm tho p..-
f. ,rnnB "r'd ' .om l Thlrd. "f,Tlct
had not been returned as ordere.l by
the Mid or.
Director Wilson was called In, Mr.
Peott said, and said the men had been
! transferred again. Me.Vlehol denied
. '. aM,M" i.ip, hiwihuihi nirrr-
I"' ,0,w'""' Director Wilson had given
,ile, order, was called and bore out his
1 inei.
Major Thews f.nieiure
stnnd at 11 o'clock he had n toienge In
his mouth, which Mr. Pcott asked him lo
remove, as It Impeded his utterarue. The
Mavor comnlled with this reonest. etenr.
ed his throat nnd sat down. He then
began his testlmc-iv
Mr ,s,.ott recCfi ,,, charKe, m the'
Indictments He then ask eel la direct
nuestlon as to whether the Mayor had
.-onaplicl will, the men who were tried I
, convicted nt West Chester to violate
tho Shern law.
"t did not.' answered the Mayor
nrml ',,,or
,, L . . .
"' lo" ",p" "h wuerner the
'"arv for many je.irs nnd Isaac
D.1""1'. Carey's rival, onlv slightly.
'''""g talKeel with him only a few
times, lie Mntee! aIo that he had never
seen I.leoiennnt llennett or the other
lo''-ted '''f"' Ward policemen until, On September . tho Major s.Uel. he
tbe time of the trial ,S,"..Cr. ll'T,', ""T ""i'1 ,oM. '""'
I)i(l 0IJ rxrr Promise 10 alel the "r the Carey letter Ho asked Wilson
"""'' of Mr. Dcutseh or promisee ' 7';1;'1" V'0 transfers, nnd was ad-
'.ln'..1"" ""PPoft of your admlnlstr.i- hls-d that they were made for tin- po-
' t ellel not I son asaurcel lilm, he t,ald. that tho run-
ditlons ns reported In tlie newspapers
Denies Mate lestlmonj v.era newspaper conditions for campaign
Mr Scott questioned the Major con- purposes only nml that tho conditions
coming eotiversatlon.s with James A., alleged ellel not exist
Carey. ls.idrro Stern and Magistrate "I told him to make it plain all deiwn
William !'. Campbell, embodied In the' the line I would not tolerate such condl
evidence offered by tlie Commonwealth, ' tlons," the Major said
Cnder ouesttonlnir of his attornev. It. then referred t, eiie ..im., ne t
. ..... -... - '
eiajor finiiu macie'ausoiute cieniai of a
largo part or tl-.ls testln.onj I
Mr. Scott nsltcel: DM jou meet Mr. I
'I'dld, sir '
"When? '
am "riot positive. I think It was
about August "0 "
"Carey has Testified jou said jou and
vour administration would oppose him
nn a cancueinte ror select council, was
therev ever an.v nuch conversation"
'Absolutely no, sir '
' Up testified further j-ou said,
'T ',,,-lJ",u. ""'" you s.iu., .
' J .'' '" l' fnln,i ,Vllh 5U' ' am ,he "
ho starteel the Vnres after you' !!
jouevers.iv that?'
.. ,n(1 not' .
' tiuve o I'ermUlon
"He further testified Vare e-anio to
jou nnd said 'Are jou going to let us
go after Carey now ;' and that jou gave
permission to uo so
Dlel j'oir give blm
"1 did not '
"He further teslllied that .vou told
them to go nfter Jim C.irev and that ou
nnd your administration "would go the
"mi. Was there ever any such con-
' "ev'
"He mentioned lu reference to Deutsch
where vou declared vou had taken of-
fense at Deutsch for'dodging a certain
hl'l Was theie an.v such conversation,?''
.-0 sir" '
"Di.iou ever sav at that or any
nrev loin or rtibsenuent conversation vou
Sm i7hVr m rtv'
- dlel not "
'Did you ever say that to nnjbody?"
"No. sir" '
'Were jou against Mr. Carey or ror
Mr Deutsch?"
"I was not against Mr Care.v nor for
Mr Denlsch. Nor was r lntereied In
nny pnlltle-nl ward fight "
llurbnreel No lll-M ill
'arev testlflcel that jou were sore at
and that vou w
Carey for that reason."
"I dlel feel hurt at
ere opposed to
the action nf
Stern In tho legislature, but I told
earcy 1 harooreei no ill-will toward him
In answer to further question" about
his conversation with Mr Carev the'
M,ij-or said
-jir. Carej asked me lo support his
candidacy for Select Council, but I told
him . ouel be Inconsistent for me lo
ci,p 1,1,., ,.. indorsement
'(arey sahl to me. 'I know whom
enure' for vou're for tiiat Deutsch.
rn (,i,nvv sou what will hnnnen if von
'" """" J uu ' " "' napiieii 11 JOU
in ,m l .1,... , o.l "
-ei t-.. .i.i. ' r.u . . .
pose Carey or support Deutsch"'
"J nelthir opposed Carej or supported
Deutsch,'' answered the Major.
Mr. Scott then questioned Major
Did jou ever have su. h a convcrsa-
tlon wilh ampbell?-
Did Sol ker nmpbell
"riliTn further testified jou said Lane
.. .. ..... i i.. ...... ......& . i
S il eUll.-IlUK UlU lllllie 1HIII lll.U JOU
ellelll t Wllllt til 1.1 lllll). Del VOU 8.1V
"I ellrt nor. '
..wlmt ,, co..veiMtioii with
"On August 13 I una approached by
Stem '
"How do vou know It was August 13?
"It was the day before mj daughter's
birthday "
"What conversation took place?"
"We talked three or four minutes.,'
stern said tarey was nndlng fault with
him becauso Carey believed I was un
"I eald to Stern: 'I am not holding
Carey responsible for what you did.
Kvery man Is respevnslble for his own
Wouldn't nlseuss t'nrej-
"Stern then nsked me If I woulel In
dorse u'arej's candld.vc.v. I salel, 'I
wouldn't even discuss Mr. Carey with
you ' "
"Anil thai was nil the lonversatlon'."
"Ves, sir "
Mr. Scott then brounhi tlie Mayor lo
the neu conversation on September
when the Mnj'or said Senator McNIchol
told him the Fifth Ward police were
politically active and that he (McNIchol)
had not been given a square deal.
"I told the Senator I would not stand
for any such nonsense," the Mayor said.
Mr, Smith then told of seeing Captain
Souder and directing blm to Investigate
the conditions. Rouder reported that ho
had Interviewed Carey, Stern nnd Magls.
trato llnrrlgntr and that they would give
no Information as to who was politically
activo ancr who Had been assaulted. Tro
three explained to Captain Kouder, ac
cording to the Mayor, that what Informa
tion they had obtained had been given
to Mr Cordon.
When tho Mayor started to testify with
respect lo the famous Carey letter, given
him by Stern In Alanttlo City, thei
Mayor's )olcn dropped to a very low
"Keep jour voice up." said Mr. Scott.
Whereupon the Mayor enoko In a very
loud voice that could ho hearel all over
the- courtroom. "Now vour nlen la n
1 llttlo too high," Mr. Scott said, nnd the
Mayor then lowered It to his normal
Major Smith snld that when Stern
visited him with the Carey letter, Stern
' , T'"' , ,' ."
?.'." te. ."'"' ho a'"1 Cor,lo" ll"'1 ''"
,,, '" I" -MeMelml
"Was anything at all said to vou
about the publication of the letter-'
Mr Krottnskert
"No sir- was tho renlv
Mayor Kmlth then explained that he
called up Senator McNehol. who
,.i,0 n, Ailnnii.. i s.-vi.."7
."".: ... ., ' . .Ivn"1
continuing his ellreet testlmonv. thn
Mnjor snlel lie telephoned Sollder
from .tlantl- e'ltv and teviuested lilm
to lieep his men in tlie 1'lfth Ward
until after elect rem
liremen's own protection. Director l
-'-. ,.. t ... ,-.-,-
sistant Huperlntendetit Davis, who told
him that the reported ccnelltlons were
untrue and that everjthlng down there
was quiet,
.t-lehl.nl.l Innl-A l.nm ..It,- ....,l. .... ....
prlmarj election da.v.
The Maj-or then testified that .it a.
cabinet meeting lield shortlv after he
sent out his "no polities' letter, be bad
told 1,1m llleeeexr ,1tr,..l,- nn.l I... .
...... ... ......, ...... i,. ,,,.-
lcally that he meant everj- word he salel
In tho letter.
I Jfltin0Jnltil C
Il ItflolUflU. OLllL
Loves Ex-Kaiser
Continued from rase One
year administration of the Kaiser, with
,,. expBnon y n , len8,on
! "- " only one object
In view that was the preseivatloti of
peace in Europe and In the world."
This journal then turns Its wratli
I 'ofcH "e present government
I '
e.. ; - i i . r ., i .- . ,
Special Cable In l.icmng 1'ublic Ledger
t-onrlaht. Dii. b3 X. i . Times lo.
Ilerlln, Jan. 19.- Only the reactionary
I iwpers mention the ex-Kaiser's birthdav :
i foremost eif these Is the lteichsbote
which deplores the fact that of nil the
conservative parties onlv tho Dcutsch
Natlonale Volks partel had the courago
to suggest in its election program that
even tJe-rmanj'a new- democratic con
stitution ought to provide a mnnarchlal
bead rising above a party strife and
corresponuing to what Is termed the
historical pecullarllj of the Cierman peo
,-'t is said. Indeed," adds the ITeichs-
I no'e. mat even tins surely very
, modento sliL-iresllon una kimnr...,,,! en '
"early all the conservative papers "
To thin Vorwacrts replies; that the fart i
only proves that tho mnnarchlal Idea
1,a" become "damned unpopular."
The Deutsche Tages Zeltung frankl.
iroiesses Its Ullelylmr be ef In K.iluer.
ism todaj but It makes It eiultn nlr.in
that William II, "who fled the countrv
and whose peisonalltv may not have
been to cvervbodj's taste." need not be
tlie Incorporation of Its Ideal of Kaiser
"Tor centuries sajs the Tages Zeit
ling, 'the (Jeim.ui people- dreamed of a
"'"let Kiiler arising some day to uru'e
.ii eiiei t.eriuan irioes
t Ik V (Hit in fl i-.itit nrla .if m A.. ..-..,
ati ir.it Kredemk the ijreat and "'d
Kaiser Wilt.elm did for Prus-'a and
crntlc National Commltttee.
lml,..wUr Kh.iriv ho lia.l K.-,,,, ..
UM to the Trilled Suites. Fniled for
Kr.mco on the tr.insporl Leviathan on
, January 2 4 WashlKion n.hlces ,,re-
Mous to hia a.iilliiR c.urleel reports thnt
, Maj-or Smith then told of the letter I ,....' .'
he had irltten In nil 1.1 lilrn... . '"""'''" r
feptember 17, warning them to keep . '', , ' '"" ,m'at industry was con,
city emplojes out of wlltles. Another, ... ,0ll-v- A statement by Kelvvnrei;
lerter. signed by Joseph Smith, thn ' . ' , ,l !iy' of ''utlaby & Co.. waju
Mayor's breither and secretarv, was put ' , ''' m-s attorney. Thomas CrclglM
In evidence nisei. It eonvejed tlie ' . J '- " ''son. eif Wilson & Co.J
Mayor's orders to all bureau chiefs lei i !.''.. , a I" 'Parcel statement nnil wuli
v Ions to his sailing e-.urleel reports thnt'Tavior penooi i - no nit.eir.miai vear
' Mr Sharps reslfm.itinn had hem ,.... o,l pW-'..'".'".!".'. onU"" l'5.,hu, ''fr'alnSu'
in the hands of the President nnd that Gregg Shorthand and SeeretarUI -tJourses.
Mr MeCormlrk was understooil lo r.n
under consideration for appointment as
the ambassador's ruccessor.
Sailing About February 5th
For Freight Space and
Hates Apply to
Gailey, Davis & Co., Agts.
316-320 Walnut Street
rhOM Lombard fOOS.tM
Committee Cross-Examines!
Swift on Share-Buying
Witness Admits Advising Em-'
plnycs When to Purchase 1
ririn s Issues
lly the. Associated Press ,
Haslilnglon, Jan. 2!. Speculative
transactions In Swift stocks wero In4
'lulred into today in tho cross-cxamina4
tlon of lnii, v. Swift, president of
swift & l -o , packers, before the Senate?
Agriculture. Committee by membem of!
mission 'r "," n0craI Tra,, Comj
news';?..?.'', N'rrl!'' "f l. read a
m ",nui"1111 lo "How thero wag a-
. iv.aiv.iivu Ram m
ur ibrre' n'U,,l,r" ,U"" "- "P-'rateSj
action ' " '"'In l 1"'nni by Uw trans-
.teil'i," e""!",,"'"'1 '" l''foi,ally had not
doalt in swift stoeks to affect tho mar;
Mr lle-nev's eiuestlona eleveloped that
one einploje f Svvft e. Co engage!
h bujliig and spuing Swift shares for
?nJ.friicmp oy"' "" n!"'1 for "''" fay
Itistallmrnts. nnd that sometimes this
stoelcbuvlng was recommended to em
ployes by Mr. Swift.
Mr. Swift testltl,,! that h,s family had
owned only about 33 per cent of ti,a
''''"H'anj's steick In tlie last twentjf
' '""' "i "' nve leatllng packers
..trwig oi tne iiouso Interstat
Committee em legislation to
I 'lUeHtlOlteel llV rOmillltteo ,l.nml.,.u
I ,,"1 Presidents said that legislation
ll"lp,, '" the meat Itielustry was unnec-
"fi,rv ami that government regulation
',r ""''crshlp was nit warranted or
, practicable.
.,, .... , ... .. ... . ,
..ctun,,K , ,, i.i 1 1 anvooatea uy the;
1 ederal Trade Commission Mr. Cudahyl
said if profits were limited nnd prices'
fixed ns propo.e-d. the Industry would,
be restricted so much It could not
servo tho public He referred to the;,
I ederal rallreiad control ns an e"
ample. ,,
'Our Interested nre common with,'
tboe- of tlie consumer anel the pro-i
elucer." his statement said "We must1
ail have tho welfare of the others ill"
heart. Kach depends absolutely on the-1
other two. Complete anel better pub
licity of the real facts, coupTed with
friendly co-operation, will In mv opinion
Meld far better results than more legr
Islatlon ' Kr
Seeley's Adjusto Rupture Pad
increases efficiency of a truss 50
Thumb -0
Strtir ?
The hrlf-adJukttnr fenturen er thU ia
make It raiey to vvrur. and thee Tbtunb- 1
ure at will. Atost ruutnreM crow Hiowbr
worete beraaie truNHeie that seemed rlxht
In the beclnnlne were not. Our Itnproveid
ppltanreit and adranrrd method losnn
Imnriivrnifnt fear every cas and eetra
""b. SEELEV. 1027 Walnut St.
Cut aut and keeo for reference ""
Until Seven
Acerwood Tutoring School
n t thf nM of children Mho r
nuir intl Id'Jai iimtrurtion to ml-
in (n hool vork laxrlleitt rar
frti ph.i. a, uaj nnfl iinfJ-nHopM
i tiri Manual work pardoning-.
ah'' Mitloor iif Uaree
n "liiriM Pnn I.i L", minutes
fi 'in i'hi!akielihia fatalou
Mil DevereuK, Principal
o . nr.o.N( v.
Our crinluates are In constant demand. Qoexl
Saving positions await sou Uregg Short.
and. the easy, speedy sv.eeen i!nmnl.e.
to night classes Intensive training.
i.nron any time. Call or writ
for futl particulars and eatalog
rinuv. nrsiNRsK) coi.i.KdB
anel College of Cemmeree
1317 (lie.tnut St., Philadelphia
i.i4i i nrsrsi t .t.
el.niraneo nn KHh St )
7'fe 1 r.-n. h e'oiierrs-etlon V'lrclo for
...i.lnnl. nnd ihelr fl leniln
mw VV ",: "l:,"'N AT ANV T'K
.." , .. ."iirvrro IltFI-ltrn f.,r iTr
"Vrahn-.l ' Vn the thon,V,.Vi !,,pe,nVv
' Tavlor Fehool .'-nn hlt-nr-mlss vrar
UY. d Rvenlna . r'; for lllusrrated
'luVi, ta VI HTJ Qnii..r.l loot
1 n 'A' '-""It, Ov-nuui Mrll,t HK
Teacher. Wanted 1'nsltlona waltlns. Frea
retlstr'n for rollese & Normal graduates,
MiMlern Teachers' Tliireaii, 1008 Market Ht.'
QTR AYFR'S The Uest Uuslness School,
j 1 ivm. a . ' o7 CHKHTNtrr ST.
ruPII. Nl'llSES warned for Northwestern
I neturil Hoenltal ;ni7-5nin N. gM st
1 ..- l-m
J Yneinr lVooien anel filrla rj
I School of Horticulture for Women
I Practical and Theoretical ,j'
Instruction in Ail Garden Work 3.
, Vecetable and flnever Kardens, (lreenhousa
Orchsrels. Phrubhery. Toultry Plant, Aplsr,
1 CannlnB Kitchen, etc Two year Diploma!'
I Course starts January 21st. Short course
of 12 weeks starts In Anrll. Catalogue.
KMZAIIKTII I.KinilTOV r.V.F.. Ulrectsr
(lennirr. rnii.ir.iiis,
K. "Poall fnnnoi'Vflfnvv
market value. Ini
tlooM ,, i ,,rt & ''"' s"lft Interna-!
No em? e V-y' ylpXfil I'lbb-- from
.November. 1917. to November. 1918. j
' 11 111 III! 1II1I.1 r II i It-a sn. l
rSKa '-sX tummt
fc is ."-. r wiii.
" -cEmK-" . iir i
v was rsiX jr.mmwm
,,.. "i!i
All wind and strlna Instruments Ulurtit. AltU -Arian
Voice Kletlon Dranuflo XrVI
' Phone Tl0 W-X". . . rUJeist. "
IM4 -'
Jl '
a-w; 4-..- .,."''.'.w,...rt.. i, ......
. .!
jJgaiifctattitAiiiiiiiTi iiim in 1m - f iV" ' "" TifteVv-V'r.V.
-f J
iil J
iw. . -$?.mw.imwg!i!gyfw ' '" '' r

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