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vhVn ij
' . .
jifiMtoring Sunday Sports, Dr.
erg Says It Is Preposterous
-...SVr xo aiana Dy ancient net
R-'t 4:?L '
ffe-A- SabbaUrinn Sunday a la Mutchler
VW a modem Cliristlnn huniiay.
a mortem
tfU. Thla. according to the Rev. ur V il-
l't Ham V. Berg, secretary of the lnter-
fhurch Federation, is me qiirauou
which the Christian leaders mint come
t,t. ' toretner ana deciue.
"It l fundamentally n pripoliinti
clown to the riverfront to eaxe longingly
and reflectively upon the fishing smack
and rowboata moored there. A couple
ot cans of "corned willy' and a row
boat, was the thought that came to
Nantes Harbor Taunted Them
As If to taunt us, the harbor at
, Nantes, forested with the mnBts and
" , funucls of ocean-going vessels, was
This li the cccnnd of a series of aitl- limine and fought" like fury to finish the! alive with the blast of whistles and the
rles covering the dial of Sergeant Carl vvnr in a hurrj, so that they could go i creaking of cranes. Boats passed up
Nantes Harbor Taunted Men Because It Reminded Them of
Home, Says Sergeant Zcisbcrg One Moved to Verse
lesherg, of the Seifiity.nlntli DM
Such a dlnry would be too long. It
'tinnlit fnllnvr t)i irifin division fiver-
Keje-les-Vantes, France. Maj 1(1 I sen to Brest last July : in box cars to the
It seems like (he vvnkinu hour of n' J'mtKhoy training area, in Haute
, , , , , , . I Marne, for lx weeks hurried season-
long, long dream to be beginning ", lnK! by rnl, ant? lnotorlruck t0 the front
diary of tlie homeward Journey 01 tiien,t f Verdun, in the middle of Kep-
and down the Loire, of which the forty-
mile strip connecting Nnntes and St.
Nnznlre is destined some day to be
come one great port, according to the
Breton, just as the Delaware river be
tween Philadelphia and Chester Is des
tined omc day to become one great
poit, according to the 1'hiladeiphian
BsJ position to stand by the Sunday tows of ' SunMirj. IN. . who was g,
f& 3704." Doctor Berg said, in nnm-r to V... hem-nillo. i.p on oi.r In.t r
P i." ' ...i .. .1- ,., ., ,, ,'lnkiMi me omi to Nantes for n
Sevrntv -ninth Division. ' t ember, and through the fit Rt blood- ' 'e shipyards of tne J.otre revcrDerated
The'drenm burst into lealit, today, ' ap"HnB. ive-dnv plunge Into 0V "Uh the f sound of the riveter junjlke
.. , .. , . ,, f ,, , . "" strongholds mid the capture of those of the Delaware. Ferryboats
smldenl through an incident that ills-, .... ,, ,,, , . ... , ,.,os,P(i ,hc rlver, W like the Phlla-
pelled nil doubt caused bv antagonistic ( ,ipMcIih1 Tihvun sector dm ing October : ' delphin-Cnmden boats. Even the nn
iiimors and the oft-ihntiged nnillng n hieathing pc1l. then the Inst ,Ke I fient cathedral at Nantes reminded one
. lo.lnl.. mihlished In dlv Nionnl orders, at the enemy -held hills In the flrande I'Miaaeipmn, lor u is aeaicaieu to
Sergeant "jlajor Walter HAIannoi Aloiitagne sectoi. ended with the SSIVter and Paul, as 1, Philadelphia's
gushed at iinnisnir ,-...,........
rout, had -jtt th,. miv would be of the mud i I Here was nolliing to no nut wait.
sulphur duetlec and the tumors and home I Inspections of paperwork nnd equip-
hath nnd wo had stntched our mss slikness, of the i.hoit moe to the11"01" nan neen compieieu ov uie unit
to he able to eat our first mess of lish Noulllv urea at the end of December for I commoiideis and by the inspectors of
in Train c. and wcic sitting in ii Span-, three inoie months of mud-duelling and I ,ne S- " S" or Scrvice "f SuPP'Y.
ish restauinnt nvcrluoltinK the i.one waiting, nnd of the overland hike, be- "u,ler whose jurisdiction the division
Kiim ft out . puking at me nones oi (inning April 1. thtnugh tte dnvs of,""" !"""" "'"" '"r. ""'""" """. b
the nfoiesnid tish. when a long train snow mid rain, to the Audelot men
,f Aineiniin boxiuis. hllcil with i-liuiK nbund.int with eggs mid inedienli hnriii.
the criticisms of the feileintlon In
Bishop .Toscph T Beiry, of the Metho
dlst Episcopal Church, and to the senti
ments expressed by the Ite Dr.
Thomas T. Mtitchler. of the Phlladel
phla Sabbath Association.
"Personally, 1 am in entire sjmpntln
with Dr. Carl E. Grammer's position I soldiers, passed on the other side of nnd. finally, of the "GO -mile mil trip
The law of 1704 Is antiquated. It needs (10 ,ml s rnwN of hulk iiioilaimeil nuoss Krnnre. about Easter, to the,
revisions. Very good, let us make sme that it was the Hllth InfiintM The N'mites Cholet Si Niu.nire men. In
that It will be revised In friends tiain ns going west, toward St N'a Itiittnin. to nnmt embaikntion
"The qhristian people of the.ih are ane out Pi t ,,f ;;'"'' " ;"''';" J" DUislonal lleadqu.irters at Kee
opposed to commercialhed Sunday base .i..l -"" -tie, at the mouth of the
oau ano 10 niinony moving picunes. ,. , , ,P11,icllIlil ,,,,., .,s ps,n1l!B1P, ... I
e iniihoi ' vnr ...........
isie. n uinge iicioss the uer rrom '
Vnntes. which with its 'JOO.000 itihabi
had'tnnts. is one of the iiupiiitant liver sen i
These things must be kept out
"It seems to me the duty of the
Christian leaders is to come together
and endeovor to decide whetliei the
Christian sentiment of the communitt
demands a Sabbatarinn program, n la
Slutchler, or a modern Christian Sun
day. Clergymen are divided in their
opinions upon the subject, and inn in
members of the Interchurch Kedeiniion
Incline to the Mutchler idea ''
Doctor Berg, who is pastor of the
Central Congregational Church de
elared that the reason the lnterstnte
dissolved in the middle of April. These
S. (). S. inspections were one ot the
final snags in the way of embarkation.
.Mystery of That Pack .Solved
In the linnl showdown inspection of
equipment each soldier wore the fol
lowing. Overt oat oveisen lap, wool
coat, wool bie-ches. waist belt, gloves,
flannel shitt. drawers, undeishirt, socks.
Minn. . v . V- .J, ,,;. . , T. IcBKl"". "hoes, two identification tags,
T menus g.l on the l,ot Nn.i.es. win, I, ,.h its JOO.OOO mhnbi- ,.,. PnllmPnts, ,n ornninent ,
T.ulv, the l.o.iu.ne Division had I (ants. , , one of the in.po.tnnt 1 iver ;sen I nml he wns reoulied to disnlnv the fol-
.tn.ted liomewmd Vt tsot trance Hemquai teis I roop , , Hmn-m-k nnd pa. fc"or fquh I
nnd Hi in Ifiiiiii t is Detiii hiueiit weie i . . , , . . , .,
),te of I)i...y Is Conip.oinlse ,.,,,, , ',, , e nlent. cartridge belt, h.s.-a.d packet!
To henn the clin.v on this date ,. a (,., . of the division hrln. s.ntte.ed fne""'1 ,ouch- ,,1H,,t,.n "ml ,?'.'- vn"t"'u I
- - .. ----r- i . mi ..m. .... I.H.... r..Hi ,.. i
. .. . ....... u. I....... .mi n, .1'UUU, '
shelter half tent. rope, tlnee blankets,
two pairs ettrn shoelaces, slickei, flan-
nel shut, drawers, uuderbliiit, three
PHlrs socks, and toilet kit (raior, mir
ror, shaving Lrush nnd soap, toothbrush
and paste, hand soap nnd towel), A
mass of detail It wag; fear, and trem
bling it caused. Toothpaste could not be
tootnpowdcr. Itnzors could not be
straight razors. With other homeward
scheduled divisions at our heels, missing
trifles could delay our soiling. Word
come In at headquarters that some units
passed the inspection by substituting
flourpnste for toothpaste and disguising
candles as shaving sonp. The division
met the emergency. It passed.
The event so thrilled George (5.
Brooke, JOIB North Klfty-lifth street,
of the intelligence section, who got n
Bevere dose of mustard gas at Vochernu
vllle, that he wrote n poem about it.
Incident Moves One to Verse
Here It is:
Inspection days are o'er at lat,
Our whole detachment has been passed,
We're ready now to sail ;
The S. O. N. came 'round today
And nil our stuff wns found 0. IC.
We soon will hit the tVnll !
Some say we start for St. N'azaire
VA TNI MtTiUUtNT t QlC'llTf V. &V
mr CLtAR At A ILk
Thi Ponora Is a
ronptnnt aourco of
prid As noon as
om iiftir its matt
nlflrent r 1 c li.i
)7nl(n tone you'll
know whv It won
highest score tbr
tone quality at
th Tanama Pa
t Iflc Imposition.
$50 to $1000
Cnnicnirnt Ttrmi
Oven Eicnlnos
S. sand ST.
Within three days, but we don't care-1-
We know we're going soon.
We do not know the style of ship
In which we'll mnkc our homeward
A rovvbont or Half Moon.
A few more days nnd we'll be free'
Krom Krnnce's slogan: "Par Comprcc."
We'll sell our gol -darned frnncs,
Then we'll buy apples three for five,
The Frogs on us will cease, to thrive
Our change we'll put In banks..
Our homeward trip will sure be, great;
No submarines to make na late (
Our course will bo duo wt.
Wo'll take our turns clown fn the hold,
We'll fire that tub with fuel untold,
We'll make it do Its best.
We'll, feed the fire with stateroom doors,
We'll climb the roasts in haute
(We'll never think ot suits 0. D., ,
C. O. pills cr blankets three, j
Nor corn-bill that we waste.) ' i
. -
Camden Man Robbed '
James Nichols, Second nnd Pcnn
streets, Camden, was robbed of 527 in
money and n gold watch while asleep
nd when we sight our own home shoreslg Second and Pin
Store ,
Closed Today
logicians as to ntst when the Scvenlv 'ill.-ges; . tH,P nrtilleiy leginients
ninth re.ilh did stun for home. Some h,,d gone dii.it to St. N'n7nlie. the
nuiv hold that the hovs from I'einisvl deep wntei advanced port of N'nntes.
vnin.i Mnrvlninl. DistiRl of Columbia. wheic our ships were to take on their
Ohio. New mV. and all ovei." who human migoes,
rnninn.nl the division, weie honiewaid-. Free fim the suns of wnr nri.,
, 1( . . , , , . , ., . .. ' , .. i..'"m
eneranon nan iHKen no action on the, hound when they "stepped on in tne tune lliittnnv. Celtic land of inelan
C.J.M n,U1nfln none, Inn .. n .. I ' . f .1 .!.... .!.!... ,.!... . I. .. I I ,. . ...
euuun nunctiL 'luiui'u . o''eiiusP opening oi men lie-si iniu- imni-is inn, ,ihm nun icgeno unci primitive supei i
the committee on s-nhhnth ohsei vancel mmntain that actunllv the l.uls stalled stition. with its greening hoi se chestnut
is under the process of reorganization for their own hicsides when thev nil-i( , tiees and frngiant lilacs nnd wisterin.
and at the present time is without a for Kimue There is much to he s.nd to sv nothing of the more important
'chairman. s m favor of such argument bemuse home plentv of eggs .nnd cheese, offered n
Professor I.ightner Witmei of the'w.is ever in the thoughts of the men . plesnnt stepping Hone in the journey.
University of Pennsylvania, nnd prom-.they sung "Homeward Hound ' Inn k in toward home Hut we were impatient.
inent clubmen, rallied to the defense'' r.unp Meade, and ilienmed of home m , We wanted to go home It was not tin
of Sunday golf in stnfments tj.lny dugout and shell hole, and longed for i omntnn to see a solitarv soldier wander,
I b-t; r-v; n
'. (fB I ""' Bitkrooni
S II Tirn. m-1 wiii,ei n ineir
U, 1 F Ifi Lihling Fixtures
WLl K 1 lid 'f( nl sttmv yon
Iffwr i iM siimpls In neir
llllsuv T.LJ i-liow rooms that
hV5H?i Ji1vtl3 nre jcisi tne nunc;
IBSfeJ S3 " or "'" ldlv
ifi ' JmpwJi. JSni estimate on Tour
5a. g Jp?f wlmle hoii(P. I
kV )
b ' K? t
W vVJh '".--., ,sSwA fiMSCTSyl
w illlr
v ...
.V J.
I 1
You human dynamos!
Let out that reserve power in '
the Active Man s Underwear
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v .
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SO fays tiis
s- e far. Wall 'lent ImludltiK rop
pole, complete lust the thins; to
l.een the kiddies f the street
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vimi mm iwlit rtff
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hours. No fuss or bother with J
m liquids. Just a thin, close-fitting W
m plaster, with a linen back to keep
me nesn clean ana protected (rom -so
irritation. Stops the pain almost OK
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HOTELS STATLER Buffalo, Cleveland, E)etrpit, St. Louis ., ,
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iujyi, vjp&', . vrf&
i U&itf -M I
fcfifrn -i
miMMmt? .Luifx&d

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