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Euenittd public fefraer
Washington, Aug. 12. Fnlr today
nnd tomorrow.
llill j7() I7!l 7Til7S MI H1 S1 1M S() I
VOL. V. NO. 283
Enttrtd Stcond-Clan Mutter at th roitofllco, t Philadelphia, ra.
Under th Act of March I. 1879.
rufellthtd Sally Etetat Runclar. Fubiertptlon Prleo 18 a Taar br Mail.
Ctpyrla-ht. 101. hr Publlo Ldrr Compaar.
r-4t v -i--n v.
Indorsed by Republican Alliance,
Candidate Avers None Will"
Be Able to Control Him
Declares Present Mayor Was
Traitor to Those Who
Made Him
"I nill go into office as free of
pledges to Penrose ns to Vnre. My
only boss will he my wife."
Congressman .T. Hampton Monic, In
dependent candidate for the Republi
can mayoralty nomination, made this
promise this afternoon to the Republi
can Alliance.
The Alliance met at 1 ISO South Peon
Square nnd unanimously endorsed Mr.
Moore's candidacy. The congressman
was given n tumultous ovation.
Another speaker was State Senntai
Augustus T. Daix, dr.. who, assailing
Mayor Smith's administration, said Mr.
Smith was "n traitor to those who hac
made liim, like llcncdict Arnold."
Cheered From Street
When Sir. Moore reached the head
quarters of the Republican Allinnce the
rooms were crowded to capacity, men
standing on the window-sills and Hre
esenpes, while more than n hundred
,Othrs, unable to gain entrance to the
building, btood on the pavement and
Congressman Mooie's address to the
meeting folluws:
"I am glad to talk' to the bone and
sinew of the Republican party. We
must let others know that we want rep-
icscntalho Republicans In the Republi
can city committee nnd we expect to
hate them there. Ket it go forth that
wo aro not Idle dreamers and that we
are In this fight to win.
Must Register and Vole
"VhiIe I appreciate all the glowing ,,, t f 1Iln,,.lssadm. to ,hp
tributes paid inc. we must remember . . . . ,,
that we must get out and register and l ""''1 M!ltos' An nnnouneeineiit tell
ote. Talk is no good unless backed up ing of his acceptance is expected within
by practical work. If any success hns'n
-...---- - -- .
como to me it has been due to the
support 1 received from the men who
Sot out the Mi.e. '
"IVIienever I waul prarllr.tl Help in
the world's affair I will obtain it from
the door-bell piillcis who are on the job
daily. The worker is the rock on which
great public nioNcments depend.
"If 1 am elected Ma) or the oilier of
the Major will be conducted on u plane
which will reflect honor on a united
party. I will appoint men who are in
sympathy with tho Major.
"The. Major will be on the job dining
regular working hours mid if William S.
Varc, or any others, hac anj business
with that office, they may come and
seo the Ma) or."
The congressman then touched on thcv
necessity of the workers being con-T
stantiy ..n the job. i
In Part ns Well as Law I
"If I am elected," he said, "the
Ma) or will be the Ma) or in fact as well
Co in an IVImt n mil.l a.,,. II. '. . .1 I
A man who was so ticklish about his job
u .,!, .,. ,.,i.i.s -. i- i.e.
....... .,..s.. ..... .............. ......- , nil,
his office and let others determine the
tax rate?"
It was at this point in his address
Continued on Tacit Tun, Column line
Ballymooney Romps Home First In
Opening Saratoga Race
Saratoga Ilaco Traelt, Aug. 12. Ral
ljmooney came under the wire first in
the opening race here this afternoon.
beating out Airnh Oo On nnd Sam Itch
In ,. elnse finish Tho !., i.i '
IB to 1, to 1 nAil .1 to 1. The race
wns for Ihrec-yeai-ohls. The purse
was SM3(i.70. The tiine'vins t -11 :i.n
... .. ....-, 1MIIIM I I fillM
KlftST IIAI'K for thrce-jenr-nhls nnd un
rlalmlnv purne man 70 n furlonH.
tlallymoonty 107 .Mub-
eriu'e . l." to 1 C lo t 3 lo 1
Arrah Go On 120.
Kator ... J l to in 2 to a t to 4
Bam Huh loo. Hoile 0 to t 4 tcr I s to n
Tlma, I 11 S-S Allele, Drntoon. rte.lm,
Elected It, Hedan, Jllaa Kruter and Welle
Yorka alao ran,
hECONI) IlACB. teepleehaiie, for four-year-otrta
and up, $700 added, about 2 miles:
iluB-houee, 136, Craw
ford 3 to 2 1 to 2 out
JJarhelor'a lilies (imp).
150, Kennedy . 2 to 1 3 to 5 out
North Star, Ul,- lly.
era , . ..... . 0 to 2 7 -to fi I to 2
Time, 4-10. Saldeia and 'Toppy Nix nlao
Toppv Nix lost rider
THIilD HACll. for three sear olda and un
felllim, purao 11480.78, 1 mile ami a furl
llenevnlent (mp), 10S.
Kneor . . . ,n to J 2 to I even
Queen of the pea 107.
ISchUltlmcer . In I 4 (o .-. 2 i,, .-.
IV ty. ins, Kuiiinier . -I to I 3 lu 2 7 in In
crime, f.51 2-.". Ihin ll..,lern t.'IIL.......
Wlaenl rpol. Hone Kcinif Cllelimer. I.oltor
Captain llodac. Uello and Leap Croc hNo
IWRTir KACB. Ihe Kentucky, (fuarau
leed laeh value, lajno for miles two cara
old. aelllns, SVi furlnnga;
Itla Choice, JIIK, Hcflllt.
tlnaer .. ........... 4 to 1 7 to r, S to r.
"""i'V, MVinir,ef to 2 M to S U to JU
Lp. flablee clninl. 107.
Tline, liOB. J!ett- ) , J-ulce'ii l'et.. T.
s''V 'i,"'oW o'Oaunf, Buafn,lnt
5?iiaVia,f. r-"" -" "-"
M,"."' "'i
Highlights in Today's
Political Arena
.linlgo Pat let sou sioh lie will give
no pledges to ntij one if ho decides
to be ii candidate.
Congressman Mooic says lie will
run for Major on IiN lecord In Con
gress 1'ormer Congressman McLaughlin
i omen out for Moorr.
Mtndocli Kendnck to manage In
dependent campaign.
Republican Aliaiue indoises Con
gressman Moore and pledges tclent
les wM- against the Vntes.
Detroit Scores Four Runs Off
Athletics' Hurler in First
Millie P.uh. Aug 12. Tv Cobb and
the other ha f of the Detroit dub got
., . .,.,.., , ...
me jump on me .a s in inc rari.v in- .
ning of the series final here this after- dent of the New '.oik National limn -noon.
The Tigers grabbed four iunsaI1ce Cninp.un. whiih went to the wall
in the lust liming nnd added another i af(pl. )l(, ,,,,, 0f the North Venn.
Ill IIIC 1 II 11-11 . I IH'V 1CII IIIC- .Mltl-llll.'ll
i to 1 when they started to swing bats
at Kinnej pitches in the fifth.
.ling Johnson started for the Mnck
nien, but he went bad in the first in
ning. lie allowed four hits, passed
one batter nnd contributed a wild pitch
for the quartet of Tiger tallies.
The Delioit inn in the thin! was
n result of sensational and tluilliiig,
nut to mention thinking, base running
on the part of Ty Cobb. lie hit ocr
third and lnnde a double of what would
be nn ordinary single for an ordinary
limner. He went nil .the wny from sec
ond to the pl.ijc on Turner's fumble
oh lleilmnn's grounder.
Walter ICiuney iplievcd Johnson in
the fourth and managed to hold the
Tigei s.
Dutch Leonard did the flinging for
the .Idlings tilbc. The A's got u run
Continued on race fifteen. Column 'Iwu
Ambassadorship to U. S. Is Offered to
British Viscount
London. Aug. 1-. It is now uitunlly
nssnml ,lt ,ho British (inurnment
has nffcicd to Viscount ISiej, who was
fnrcien ininister at the outbreak of the
few dajs,
i. . ,. j -.
, l,.,s been gene, all, known that Vis
, , . ,, , ... , .
"" l.l rot.ble.l with "-
i sigm lor inonins. inn niter oeiug ire.ucci
n the gieatcsf of the ISiitMi oi uhsts
,P is no longer thieatened with mini
'l.linilness. lie has been sufTei ing with
i u,t js 0wn at loss of central ision.
from which he will neer recover, but
when he winis colored glasses, to which
he has now become accustomed, be is
able to walk about and carrv on his
ordinal) iuocntion as well as the ner
nge pet sou. Rut he cannot read pi int.
it is said.
The Viscount is not a rich man. but
if he accepted the Washington post tho
salary for that olhio would be increased
Dismantling of West Virginia Sti
Leads to Murder
r I f-.a.... 4 a .a ill
v ,.,,. -lVlll Ciulev of thc!""T"r ,V u" 'i'""" ', :M:',,"n" "'
A- ) "''Piit) ilill I alley, of the .sonic nf the s. kliulders (hat the out '
. ... .. , . . I...,
sunt n iiniiniioii iiimi I iiiinl , inn shim
nnd killed by tin oo moonshiners an he
la) in bed at his home on Unit's cieek,
near here, last night, accoiding to ic
poits leceived here this afternoon b)
W, S. Ilnllannn, state prohibition com
missioner. Fnrlcj's wife, who was
asleep in the bed beside him, was unin
jured. The shooting followed a raid by Car
ley and Deputy (!. S. Johnson on
Hoover creek yesterday afternoon. The
""' f n , . , '
'"?k lf l? ' nr r ,s '"
bliiuers Inter bioke
o liners select n still,. iliHrnniitlcd it and
onic. Tnice moon'
tliiuors later bioke in 1.0 the home and
'!"?" ' '"'" ,'ar",Jr.",y nw, m w"
!olln"n"-, wll "n "' nncitlier loom
,,"e,i Ht 1"' ""'sius. but the) escaped.
! - a a a t t t
A posse was organled cnrlt today
and stnited in pursuit of the moon
shiners, who uie believed to have lied
toward the Kentucky bolder.
Boy Flew It Over Ford Building,
Where It Stuck
A boy's kite, caught on the top of the
Foul Rulldlug, it nine-story structure.
at Rrond street and Lehigh iivenue, nt-
tiactcdv n large iiud fnselnalcd crowd
and blocked tniflic late this afternoon,
bifoie It was lescued.
The owner, Russell Reuson. 1!7.'!(! ,
Wui'iiock street, nine jears nlel. had an
unusiinlly long string on his kite whiih
got out of his cnutiol and i aught on the
roof. In trjlng to irsciie It, the stiing
got twisted near the mof of the Junction
Hotel. A patrol of the latter climbed
from n window and freed tho precious
As It Puttered down, the crowd of
nnlomobillsts and pedestrlaml whc.'h had
Eatipjrcu gavo n rousing cheer anil Rum
'm was liappy sgala, ylM.Ukn to tho Cobi,
Attorney and Associate of In
surance Man Here in North
Penn Inquiry
State Investigator Refuses to
Comment Upon Nature or ,
Result of Session ,
Colonel I'reil Tajlor I'usej .mil sev
...,1 .i..i .ni.nH Imi.i tin. nfluiis of the
1111 Slllll lllll l. .III.. ....
defunit North Pcnn Rank todaj failed
to ohtnin a settlement fiom .lames .1.
Roland, insurance "wizard."
Roland's lnvvver. Trunk T MiCor-i
u ,,- ,,,.,
inn k nnd R S. Ilourl.
S. llouck. a vice piesi
came to the city and held it stormy ses
sion in Colonel I'usey's offii e.
At times the oices of the men indi
i,i il.i.t I lionlcd discussion 'was tak-
. . .
ing place, at other times it icsmubled si
little lint as Colonel l'lisey. Peter (J.
Camei on. depute banking coniinissinner.j of Ins brilliance, viillc.ving and killing
and James T. Corlrlvnu. bend of thelwith that leikless abauiloii that mnilc
district attorneys detective foice, cor-1 him famous through the tennis woihl
. .. l 1 -s.l 1.n l.ntnml, Itllt lit llml Mi'I .(ill rlil ill niililn tii.uu '
nriPfl imp men nun imn-u '
scheme of high finiiuce.
After the meeting llouck lefused to
be intcmewed.
l'lisey Dncs Tnlklng, He Sajs
"See Colonel Iusey." he said. "Ho
usually dod'thc talking."
And fiom Colonel I'usey It was learn
ed that he did the talking to the law
jernnd insurance mnn Me (list wanted
to know whv r.oland did not appear
after he had been mimed ns "the big
cinok in me laiiure oi inc ii.niu.
The men fiom Scialitoi. heilg.d and j
said that the p.csident of the lofiiiirt
insurance coiupnnv was in New link
tr)ing to save mouc for the polh) .
"As fm as the innfeience was inn-'llni
ii-iiieil." sitid tin colonel, "it was of '"
Imaiii nil Milne whiitsoetei Nothing
that lliei s.iid as clear to me. I'er
haps the thought it was cle.li, but I
did not "
llouck later saul Hint be woulil lie
willing to give an) possible infoima-
I l Mill ill lilt- ll lllll-l s llil'tlll'tUIII
quite il.nrlr. howeiei. that Roland ,s i
the man wanted and it was binmlh!
I,,,';..'.""';... I.o ,.l ,,.:, !i!!i
lion in me primers i ne were told
ivnnsihanin. lie is alleged to
, ,riowed at hast .ViMMiiio fiom
j bank on iitunlh woithhss paper
' ... , . ,
xn,l"cl" ' "ls "' Appearante
llouck .'ind the law mi- had been ab
sent but a few luiniitis befnic llnri)
Aniblci put in Ins appeal am e. lie is a
binther of Charles A. Ambler, foi mei
iii-iii itiif t commission! r, who owes the
bmk n. me tlinn SI 0(1 0(10 and who bus
repentcslh piomisci! to liquiilnle his in
debtedness but failed.
' "lie mine," said Colonel I'usc .
"with 1 lontliiuatinii nf the puftniises
to pa) up later in the week."
Men liliohlcTs Meet
Yl Sloiklinldeisaltiinplid today to work
lout a plan for reorganization of the de
fun. t Not Hi I'enn ISank.
TIicx mil Hum iiflrinooi. in t.uinil'
ria(i'iiMl .lull, HJ'Jti Areli strool. Tin
!!.. ..r .1... I I i...
riiiiiiiiii ii.i.'iinn in nn' ijiiiik call lie
managed in such a manner that losses.
to stockhoideis win be small and ten,-1
jniiiii,,. linn iii.il nil: ne.iu.-iiu 1 icceive
'dollar for dollar.
There aie no holdeis of big blocks of
stock in the looted institution and the
committee In chaigo of the meeting to
day has uiged all stockholders to be
present so that the outstanding stock
ngisteied at the meeting will constitute
n clear uinjoiit) .
The meeting was held behind ilosed
Continued on I'nie hU. Column M
Camden Patrolman Brings Traffic" ""' ., rv,"",nl ';" ,"" J;"' .""
U ain. .... . i hi.swn. nfli.i I, ...it llf. line
Violator to Halt With Revolver
Incitement was furnished shoppers
along Iltoailwii) and Kaighu nveniie.
fninden, tl.iu afternoon when a tratllcJ
patrolman pursued il boy driver of a
truck, was knocked down by the boy
nnd linall) ended the pursuit by shoot
ing the fugitive.
The bov driver was Samuel Himp
ton, fourteen jears old, negro, 5311
Washington street. He was driving a
wagon which collided with another team
at tile comer of Rrondwnv and Kittghu
avenue I'ntrolmnn Thomas Riutheiii
culled to him. but the driver cuiitliiinsl
ilnw n Knighn avenue at n faster ii.n e
llrothcis pursued the duck down
Knighn avenue nnd jtimncd on the
tiuck. Illniptiiu tlncvv him olT und the
patrolman fell to the street, IfTltlug
the corner inlet nt Fourth street nnd
Knighn iivenue.
Himpton nsaln put mi speed, but
Brothers recovered, drew his revolver
nnd shot tbn driver in the, leg-. The
team bad nrrived at Second and Wni.
Lwit ittrfeta; by thU tlnte, Tho dtiyer
Iji3..taken to tho Cobner JlbspJjUI.
ivers Lodge Makes Show
of Self; Loudly Hissed
Washington. Aug. 1'.' (ltj A.
I' I When Senator Williams,
I'einoiiat. of Mississippi, begin
mug n icph to an nddicss bj Sen
ntoi Lodge, attacking the league
of nations covenant, ike lined the
Miis-m luictts Senator "nlwn.es
hail iii.nle a show of himself," he
w.is mil i riiptnl In Idii it hisses fiom
the galle
Si ii.il.n I uilgc had been np
phiiiilnl Im ,i full minute when
hi null il Ins addtcss
California Tennis Players Defeat
Doyle and Harris in National
Doubles Match
Newlnii. M.iss.. Aug 1" Mum ne
I' Mi Loughliu and T C IlimiU. Call-1
fin ma liMiiiiiniis, defeated C. IS. 1 lot le
and I'. II Munis, holdeis of the uiiihlle
Atlaiilii siitiomil i hniiipionship in the
si i nnd iniinil of the national lawn ten
nis toui miinent hue tnda. (!-.".. (i"J
--. I
McLoiighhti whs nun Ii betlei train; J
than he was csteiihi. when he and'
I'.iimh ill finicil Willis, Davis, fniinerlj
oi me I nicisit or I
,, V;( ,)ik ,,.
f the I incisit of I'ciuisjhnni.i, auir
iciresenting tin
West. The Count tndav showed Hashes
incur enois in todm's play than h
slioiilcl, and the fact that he and Hunch
weie piny lug agniiist u pair of cnmpiiin
tiel) weak pla.M'ts, gne him the op
pirtnnit to "cut loose." something that
lie has not dobe before in the Knst this I
The future1 match of the dm was
between N'ormnii R. Riookcsiind (ieraldl
L I'attrrson, Australia, and U. N'onis
Williams ami William M Washburn. I
l'l cl It MnTHiwlor nn.l s! II . .l.nll I
tri-Slate title holders, defeated ll-m-
,,,,,,, ,jU(,tt mi, ,, '. ,,.,,, M)'
rilIiInns hl Ilnill.r ,, ,,lm .rnitcl. '
o (...j ,. () .,.C, (i .", i
tLii"'.,,. '", , ' ,, ' ; " I
Tlnllicnncr and Jcstir weie
eat when thin uialili with .lukn-inii
(;llf,, IW ,, ilh
i rloTaii It ol
hi 1 Will
Heir to British Throne Lands in
Newfoundland '
., V ' 1. I,
j I,,'",.',",,, .' ol" Wahs h,,,,!,',! I, ,.
' ' ','"" "' """s laiidul hue
""""" .""''" ','". '. ""''' "
l cntJiiisiasii c lining tun miles nf
,cit) studs cmi which dec ni.ilul an lici
had been en 1 1c cl
I At the I. Hilling the piimt lurnul mi
liidcliess of wi Iconic fiom the imiciii (i iid
Mil) i nunc il. iiiinl midwa) nf die dine
anolhu was pieseiiled In the ( 'li.i nilici
nf Commeiie. wjiile the gmei umeul's
welcome was iehered at the I'.n li.iiui in
building while the ride unlcd
Relumed solilius and sailors of (he
Newfoundland contingent paitiu.iated
in the wc h onung ccicmnniis The piim e
was isihh plcaseil at the reception ae
i cnnli d him and expressed Ills appiriia
tion of the popiilnr cleinoiisliatiiiu i
r!llir ilUlll Sli" I
Committee, Denied Information
by Wilson, Will Shift Re
sponsibility for Action
llv CLINTON . (.11. Ill.lt I'
stuiT CorresHnilent of the l.veniiii; I'uhlir
I edser
Wllsllillglon, Aug. f" The stellate
'fuliigu I flat tons luminittic will slmitl)
liepoit the (real) with (iciiii.iuv to the
decided thai the adiniuistratinii will not
furnish to the lonunlttce the iufm million
it seeks,
Tie faihne of Seeretni) of State
Lansing to nnswer vttul iiuestinns, his
constant repl) that oil) the President
oi Colnnel House was in possession of
the knowledge the lonmiittec Miught, the
refusal of the Piesident himself in his
most leeent com uiunicu tion to send to
Jlr Lodge essential documents asked
for b) the committee are proof nough
iu Mr. Loelge's mind of tin' futility of
further liupilrtes.
Cannot fail Piesident
I'llilell one innu govciiiineiil oulv ihe
one mail knows, und if. as in the ease
of the Piisiduil, he cannot lie called
upon Ihe witness sluiid, it is luipcis
slide for a theorcticall) lonchithi'
brniich of the government 1 inform
Mr Lodge points out that there has
been no tiuwnrrnnted delay over tht
treaty. Under the constitution it Is the
duty of the Senate to "advise" with
CofltlnaccJ e(i ?we Tumt. Colttma Six
Would Plunge U. S. Into Every
Conflict in World, He
Tells Senate
Present Form Would Kill Monroe
Doctrine, C. 0. P. Leader
It) the Associated Tress
asliiiiKlnu, Aug. 12. Describing
I lie league nf nations as a "deformed
e)iei inienl upon a noble pill pose,"
Senaloi liiilge, nf Massachusetts, chair
man of the foreign lel.tlions committee
and Hi publiiiin lender of the Senate,
deflated in ii Senate speech today that
theie were featuies of the league coc
nant which "as an Anieiican," he never
could nicepl.
Ci eating, not a league of pence but
an iillinnie einbiniing man) "prousinns
for war." the rmemuit in its present
fm in he asserted, would kill the Mnn
ioe Doctrine, nullif nn possibility nf
w ithdiawiil fiom incmbeiship, inipiiii
Ihe soiereign power of deciding do
tnestic- questions, and "plunge the
I lilted States into eery conliorers)
and conflict on the face of the globe.
"Let us bewnic," he saiil, "liow we
palter with our independence. We hnve
not leached the grent position, from
which we were able to come clown into
the Held of bnttle and help to have the
win Id from tirnniii, b) being guided by
othcis. Our nst power has all been
built up nnd gathered togethei by our
elcs alone.
Indebted Only to Fiance
"Wc forced our a upwind from
the dins of the nnohilioii, through a
win Id often hostile unci nlwas indif
fcient M'e owe no debt to itii)one ex
cept to l'l nine in our i "v il u I ion and
tho-e polii ies and those lights nil which
mil power has been founded should
neer be lessi neil oi weakened
"It will be no sei uc e to the world
to do sn nnd it will be of intolerable
injui) to the Tinted States We will
iln our shine We tne lendy nnd
Hiixioiis to help in all wus In pieserve
the w.orld's pface Rut we tan do it
best In nut u iuplnig nuisi es.
"I am as aiuioiis as inn hum. in being
i an be to have the 1'inlcd Slates lemler
ever) possible riun' to the 1 1 illation
and the peace of mankind hut I am
ceitiiin we i an do il besl In not putting
uiiiM'lics ju leading sti mgs m subjecting
our policies and our smi n ignti to other
nations. ,
"I will go as far as ninniu in win Id
sei ice, but the til -t step tumiiil world
scrice is thediiiiinleniiiii e of Ihe I'nited
Stales, loll nun call me selfish if'you
will, conservative or reactiuian, but
nn American I wns.boin, an Aineiicnii
I hue iciuainid all an life
"I can newer he an)lliing i Ne but nn
Continued nil Plice sj, tiiliimn rhrei
Government Compelled to Read
just List Because of Rapid
It) the ssot kited Pi ess
Washington, Aug. 1- 1'iobleins of
the high ios nf living cniiliuucd tuda)
to absnib chief attention nf Cougiess
ml government authniitics
While t'ougiess went abend with eon
sldeiatioii nf vaiioiis bills auel sugges
tions fm- legislative icliif. Attorney
(ieuerul I'al'nei continued negotiations
with representntives of his department
and state, city nnd county agents
throughout the country for co-opcri-tion
to bring about lower prices for the ne
cessities of life.
Prices Already Falling
Retail food merchants aie beginning
to feel the eflects of the distribution of
surplus foodstuffs by the War Depart
ment, It was indicated todav when the
depnitment niinniinied offiiiiiHv that
prices on ceitain foods weie nelng leail
justed "tn make them neenrd with le
ductlons which have occurred (since
August S) in the lelnll market on simi
lar commodities of like guide " The
nuuouueemeut udded '
"The War Department will continue
from time to time to change prices (Wed
Conilnui-il on rr Twenty, Col.nnn ,Snen
Rpteltl tialn ejcur'iion RupflKy, Aut, J7,
Ievlnif nactlnir Tennlnal 7.1S A M rtop.
ptnir.at Pprlnr fJMn Ht., Columbia Avm,,
Huntingdon at an! Mjnu.ujk. tS.BO. War
stfimtoi Lodge in a speech today in the Senate desenbul the league of
nations loveunnt ns follows
elcfnimed experiment upon n uoble purpose
Not a licgue of peine, hut an nllinnce embracing ninny pinvisions for
war, ilnmiiialeil at piesent by live grent powers, renllv hv three
An ngreeinent which would plunge the l'niteel States into evnv conlto
veisy nnd conflict nn the face of the globe
A league to enforce peace, which does a gie.it denLtor enforcement ami
vci v little for pence.
VTlIir.TKS i- h n a c ri KOFI' r Ii o ;i ,.
Ropp, If. 2 0 ? 0 1 !'.: In rs. 10 5 11
Thomas, :)b. 0 2 2 3 0 Young, 2b. . ..00430
Walker, cf. .13 3 0 1 Cobb, cf 3 3 3 0 0
nurn&.lb...' 1 ? 7 ) 0 crli, If 2 3 1 0 0
ISavrub, rl. .. 0 I 0 0 0 Hrilinnn, lb. 1 15 0')
ltt, 2b. ... 0 12 1 ') .shorten, rf 1 2 1 0 0
Turner, ss 12 2 2 1 .loins, :i!i 1 ?. i o n
I'crkinsi, c 7 17 10 V'lis.iutln c. ... 0 2 5 'J 0
''limon. p oi 110 U'viinrd, p ' 0 .1 0 0 3
ix"";,:-P 10 13 0 Fi.tt'bttMtl, rf.. 0 0 2 ! U
6 53 27 11 3
DETROIT. ... 4 0 10 2 0 0 1 1-9H1
ATHLETICS. 1000 1202 0-6 13 3
Leonard and Aintmith; Johnson nnd Peiltins. Evans and Nallin.
CLEVELAND 0000020002 S 3
NEW YORK 0 000000101 7 i
Coraleskic and O'Neill; Mogridgo and Buel.
BJ. LOUIS 2 0 4 0 10 0 0 3- 10 13 0
BOSTON 1 001O0100 3 10 1
Shocker nnd Seveieid; Jones nnd Schaug.
NEW YORK Oi 0001000-2 8 3
BROOKLYN 10000000017 4
Barnes nnd Gonzales; Mitchell and HiUex.
NEWTON, Mass, Aug 12. In the finnl mitch of ttc
second round of the national tennis doubles Norman E. BiooH:
and G. L. Patteiton. AtibtiaHa, defeated R. N William:., 2d,
and W. M. Washburn, New England section champion.
(M-2. 6-:? rl 6
NEW YORK, Aug. 12. The War Labor Bonicl at its fiml
session hcic today granted an mcrcusc of 12 per cent m wages
to employes, of ten ti action companies ceiitcung- in Boston,
Flttbburgh and Cleveland.
COLUMBUS. 0., Aug. 12. Sti Ike of trainmen of the Ohio
Electric Railway Company looms up today. Employes, of various,
divisions voted in favor of a walkout nt meetings last night Is
Zanesville, Limn. Dayton and Spiinjjlicld Wage inciutFcs nf
ten cents an horn aie sought.
CHICAGO, Aog. 12 -Healings in the wage disputes of the
packers and their employes weje icsumed today bcfoie fc'cial
judge Samuel Alschuler A foity-fom-hour week and a minimum
wage of seventy cents, an houi aie demanded by the employes
the demands embincini; n clause thnt the packets shall not laise
the price of meat to ioei the itm in hii.i -.
NEW YORK, Any 12 -Eleven lucmbeis of the crew of the
Auutican steamsluii Kctwood cleseited when the vJssel was
about to leave HaiabuiR July 27, accoiding to officers aboard
the Unci upon its at aval hcie today 1'ive German siilorb who
had been luteined in England moto than four years, glad of an
opportunity to ship, e.ic taken abcard when the Kerwood
tcuchod at a Bntish poit.
Hands and Feet Missing Identity
Is Still Mystery i
The boih of a woman was found'
llont'iic in the Ilehiwaie iher tndaj i
near the I'mnilcn hip.iaril of the New- ,
York Khiphiilhlinc ('nnipan.v .Inhn I
Wilhe. an employe of the compaii'.. !
who made the discoirrj, ilrcr the bod) '
Bhlinre. !
The woman had upparentl.1 been in
j the wntrr a Inns time. Her hand and
it-ei wcib "',:li" . " l """ wiiri
thot-they mljht have been cut off, until
Coroner Pratt made an examination.
Ho decided thftt the cendltlou of the
body w4 dge, to tJexar...
I Clljl'.
9 1 ! 27 C 1
One Valued at $800 Taken From R.
G. Weir, 237 West Girard Avenue
Three automobiles left slatiillni; on the
strcetH in different parts of the cify
weie stolen, nee online to reports ub
niittcd to the Miiirrintetieleiit of police
A machine nlued at ?K00. the prop-
, erty of Robert fi. Weir, i'17 West (i
rnr,i aveuue, was the most aluable.
.. , u,, .,,.. . ., , .
0Afr at"'b,s belonsed to
Walter Tierce, of .Salem, N. J., and
Henry HaBi.0933 Caaacelloir street.
PI 1 iB
House Committee Hears Gift
Issues Were 450 Millions
in Ten Years
But Compromise Is Needed to
Prevent Birth of Work
ers' Party
1! the Associated l'rcss
WasbiiiBtoit. Aur. Ii'. Charges that
eishteen iepicrtitatic railroads opcr
atiiiR in all pails of the I niled States;
Rae awaj s(oi bonuses aKKtegalini;
.V4.-.0. 11 1.IH10 fiom IfXMl to 1010 tncj
hnte panl millions in dmdends ou these
bonuses, were made before the House
inteistale conimeree eommittcc today
n.v ciienu i.. iiiimn, oi Liiicaso, autlior
nf the I'lutnb plan for tripartite con
trol of the loads
Mr. I'himb e liaised fuither that
"these- railroads, which hac so lav
ciea-eel their properlj ineitincnt Mq
tnunt at the expense of the public, are
now i init rolled iu whole or in 7irt
In the Morgan intcicsts, the Rockefeller
interests and the (inuhl interests,.''
"On behalf of all the employes of
these Kjhtcnm of transportation and tjiii-itf
..,.Ki:n ' t.:.t m to i, ...- j...t.i t
i'.i"." . i-.n ..... . .iiiiiu, ,i; wnnanu .J
that Congress shall make a tjiorouali, t j
im estigatiou of the charges herein Rettflpl
forth. on that thcr Ahteric-aii p?opIi,''i
may know to what extent it Issougbt'
to subjeet them to exploitation nudfi
tho plans proposed to this cpininfUde of
Oungrcss, plans whiih would lunkc'law
ful the fixing nf intes based ou the tfonf
unlaw fill aggregate pi opcr! tincstmcul:
iiccounls of these sjslems. '
Speeitualh. Mr. I'luinli charged thrit
'the t'lnengo r.uilingtoii mid Quiucy,
the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul.
the Chicago Northwestern the Great
iNoitberii. the Illinois feudal and the
iSiiiithiin Pin ilii r.nli i.ihIs gae away In
bonuses tn t In ir t-loekhnlcleis more tbap
I's'.'.'O.tHIO.tMiO during the ten jcar p;
1 1 ind uieulinued ami "that the actual
1 dmdend clisbiirsenients nil this excels
inpilal fnr the car till." alone amoliut
I eel In mine than Ml Dili) (Kill "
I He -ilsn alleged thai the l'ennsjlra-.
, nia. ltaltimore ami lllno. New York",
I New lliueu and Hartford. N'ew York
t'enlinl and lliidsou Itier, P.oston and
Maine and 1'ie Delawnie and Iliul.son
jfnmpim "issued new Mock for $101,
I OIIO.ODO less than its market a!uc, or
gae nwa this euormniis amount In
bonuses tn stockholders ' and that "the
dividends paid on these liellliout, stock
issms iu 101". alone nnioiinted to more
than .ri,:!17,tMKl."
Read to Supplj Ihicleutc '
"riii lnt r inilile e ertnin elmrires wlthw ,
mil (.Iiin sui.f'ilii ii I inns. " flmirmnn
" h n i - ..............
I'srh saiil iii the 1 onelusion of Plumb's
stateiueul "Il is ,cnur idci, if an in
vestigation is oidcn d, In supplj speci
fic llllolis''"
"We eillni hne the ei idein e nr klloTTs
when il i an be obtained.' Plumb re
plied 'Sn il will be mailable it the
i iiuiiiiilli e calls for il
'1 lie c hail man Mini nine nf the:
i lunges hail In imi iiimti'iI ill previous
inv est igal ions He diil not indicate
w hethei the i-oiniiullei wnuhl ask lll
tlinriM In make an imcstigadon.
Resents Attempt to Drive Him,
but Votes Arc Needed
spin C onesiMindent nf the- r.renlni I'libllo
Uaihlngton. Aug 12 It yriis an.
tiouneed todaj thnt the railroad labor
unions hail not applied for an appoint
mi'iit with the President to discuss
either increased wages or the nationali
zation of rnilwajs. It was said that
when they did the President would talc
his time about replying, nnd before Beo
ing them he would consult with "ereryi
This means that not only the Presi
dent's uihitceis. who are struggling wlttt
the problem of i educing the cost of
IMng. but also shippers, railroad own
ers and operntors will havo a I'Uan'jt
to make tbemselen heard before nego
tiations begin with the workers.
It iu iiliiln Hint I lie 1realli.ii M. . i
veins uie iiticmpi ci l no rnnroau unipns i
to drive him Heualor Jlyers ytster-- i
day charged thnt the railroad unfons
were conducting a ast propaganda, J
whose purpose was tq frighteen lh, ,,'
ioverument Into acceding to their !!?.!
mands. IIir sudden yaisllis of th& tewrt- ,Sj
Co&Uauc4 s i
Clwnji tf
l Jr '
V r
.J .v - t'- tk " - . . V V
i-. .. ., r . t. j irfilrlF
.p-ur.,i t
,4, jj"

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