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" ( v(v ?ij
AoBta Asks That Fiume Opera
tions Be Hold Up Till
Allies Decide
Ity the Associated Pros
rrK Oct. O. The Duke of'Aoctn
una Rone 10 r nimci ncniK rnnrum u.v
the Rovernmcnt to ask Captain Gabrielc
D'Annunzin not In extend his opera -tions
about the olt.r, hut to nivnlt n
ilecislon by the Allies relntlvc to the
situation. ncoorclinR to nililecs from
The Duke of Antn Is n cousin of
Kins Virtor Kminnnuel and Is ram
mnnder of the Third Army of Itnly.l
New Appeals for prompt action "to
save Flume from ruin" have neon laid
before the Pence Conference and rep
resentations also will he "-cut lioitl,i
to United States Senntor Lodge hi Kur-
gero (lothaidi, who claims dlrcilly lo
represent to-tl,inls of the lolcrs of MISS MARY GLASS ENGAGED
Fiume ind indirectly mote than nine-
,3 ' -iiSii!
v&s&' .- mm
f i i ni-ilinnt
Mtt'llKIt MASS '
tenths of them.
P. R. T.'s Ability to Carry Riders
I at That Rate Deniod by
I Transit Chiefs
I Sprrtal Vllpatfh tn EveniH0 Public J rcltfrt
llantlc City, Oct. (i. Philadelphia
Hapld Transit's rililllty In enrrv pavscn
Kcrs nt n niiUel nnd c-onpe bnnkruplc.i .
or at lcat a "grave fiscal situation," I
the large tl in the ointment of HOOD
electric railway managets gathering here
lo discuss the "desperate niluntion"
confronting the traction lines of the un
t Ion In the thirty-eighth annual con
icntlon of the American JJleetric Hall
uny Association which launched Its
preliminary session on the Million l'ol
Inr Pier this aftci noon.
There are some indication that
Thomas K. Mitten, president of P. It
T.. would not recede an thing mole
than a per functor) welcome, if he hnuld
come here, after the disconcerting stale
suitable provisions of laws regarding.
I nutomohlle parking. I
'The ue of MrcctH should be clearly'
drilled ami defined both as lo char-i
ncter of trafhc and the rights of each j
.lohn II. Pardee, of Pottsllle, pies ,
blent of the natlonnl association, will
tnnko labor the oiilstnndlng topic of his
minimi nteage liefore that body tomor
Passengers Declare ReporfWill
Be Made to State Department.
Wilson Caricatured
N'eiv Voih, Oct. 15. - Passengers who
nriiied here lnt night on the stenmvlilp
Ptisnleiit Wilson, which sailed from
Trieste on September ".'!. after having
been delnjeil In the hnrbnr there elcirn
dai, asserted they had been nnnoved
and uiinecessnrlly delayed In Italian
nllicial". One of the passengers. Wil
liam M. Sulllvnn, n N"eiv Ynik lawyer,
aid he intended to ptolest to the ntt
thotities nt Washington.
Italph ('. Utissor. t'nlted Slates
mnml nt Tiiestc. who was iimoiig the
I ii'sengers, Mild lie would make no
statement until he bnd reported al
i nshington
to Wed October 6
Washington. Oct. fi The Seeretan
of the Trcnsurj and Mrs. Carter Olnss
Kliiine. Oct. " (delayed). T.egioiis
of riume girls nre enticing soldiers to
desert from the ranks of the Italian
army forces stationed nt Ahbnzin and
otner points on tne armistice line in ,. . , , .
order to increase r.nbrlele d'AnnunzioMnnnouni'e ",e "'"RW"''"' f their
army of occupation, daughter. Mi.ss llary Archer Glass, to
The girls leave Fiume hidden in , jhn (Jucrrnnt Hontwriglit, of Dan-
cTnrUrokutr?nat7V7o ard"e "t 'V- ,T"" MI '.k, ""T
watchfulness of tne carabineers who are10" '"turdny, November t, In the
stationed between the regular Itallnn ' Church of the Covenant, and a reception
army and rjWnnun.io's force'. When will he held at l.".!l N'ew Hampshire
they leave the motortrucks at various aieime, the new- home of Mr. mid .Mis.
posts the gills begin worn quietly by (;(,,
talking to soldiers on the street and the I ., ' p.. , , . , , . , ,
soldiers In turn convei word to their , iss CI, ss , perhaps more w idclj
comrades. Sometimes through this ktiniin in aslnngton tlian any membei
method entire battalions have gone over of the fnniil.i. snve the seeietnrj liiui
to the Fiume nrnn. among them one self, as she was educated at (iunstun
battnlimi of bersnglleri and another of UM ,. . gn.nl ,jPa .,., .,,
machine gunners fnih.-i- while he was serving in Con-
Bari. Italy. Oct. 0. Tlie report that Kress. At this time Mis. lilnss and
the Italian steamer Kpiro. with 'JIIO , Miss Augusta t;inss spent most of their
Italian troops and other passengeis ,mp nt tlpir ilolne In IjJI1( i,bnrg. Va..
?brIT?n,n,,iruini,,,?n Sl.:,U;I" '""' i( llf,t " 'r. Class onlerwl
from Jtondoni Island, near ( attarn, i . , i . ., .v , . , i
September 30. is coufirmed. Oulv a few Ul" ''i',l ""' " " ''-'' '"
shots were fired against the steamer. Washington for his family.
then only about 100 jards from tlie Mr. Itontw light is the son of Mr and
shore, but a cnvnlry soldier, Kugenlo Mis. II.. I.. Hontwriglit. of Danville.
Balliani. is in the hospital here with i1(. ik c,aduate of Washington and
?i'iI(tLTn,ldS ' ntteSt the tni"' f I I-" ' "'versi.v and has centlv b,en
the incident. , , .
According to renorts circulate here, released from the army, having scried
the .Tugo-Slnvs attacked the steamer I oierseas as n lieutennut of infmitri
Mr. Sullivan declnreil while tin
Dauahter of Secretary of Treasury incuts he made in his written testimoin kteainship was held in Trieste -trarboi
I stihmittcu to tlie leueiai piou' iimmu- iniiiiv irauan snips ucpr
sion which is pinning the electric mil
way "crisis" in Wiishington.
"Hut Philadelphia does not haie n
liie cent fare," an authority in the
councils of the national organization of
the traction interests said todn.i. "Os
tensibly, Philadelphia riders are al
lied for a jltiicim but. in fact, as was
show u b
nited for Amer
iin. nnd that when thev protested to
the Italian officials over their delay the.i
lould not get any satisfaction. Al
N'nples, where the President Wilson
stopped to take on passenger". Mr. Sul
livan said the chief of police would not
incept American passpoits.
Air. Sullivan nnd other passengers
ml thnt President ii ilson was carica-
ilm n.luitiiil test nionv ot i tmed in the slieets of .nn e. One pie-
Moitimer. of the N'oitli tore depicted the President wearing a
American Conipani. before the fedeial "" """' ""m "l"1" "'" ""
probes, the leturns from transfers ,,,. "W, s ,,,, of 1)rolo
the P. U. 'V. a fiie-nud-one ""', nirtjnK loi,i on the ship in Trieste
amounting to a six-rent wile 'harbor nnd said that it was mill when
In revenge because iluring tlie war a
squadron of airplanes commanded by
D'Annunzio dropped bombs ou Fort
Mamula, on Tionrioui Island.
Ilome. Oct. 0. (Hy A. IM Accord
ing to reports received by the miuistry
of the navy, only one shot was tired at
the steamer Kpiro when she was enter
ing the winding channel leading to
Cottaro last week. This shot, it is
said, was fired by a Serbian snilor vol
unteer from the Hock of Ilo'ndonl.
situated on nn island in the channel.
Italy has obtained the punishment of
He leturned to this country in .lulv
He is engaged in the tobacco business
It Is virtually ceitain the "Pliiladel
phin situation" will figure lnigelj in
tlie discussion of ones nnd zone fates
before the national association hcie on
There were indications todav that
the trolle) men's national bodv will
make the fight of which the Piibli'
Service U.'iilwii.i is now the storm ecu
ter in Camden. Trenton. Newaik and
other .lerse.i cities, their light in the
first conieiitiou held in neailj tluei
i en is.
X'alls Zone Si stem Tlienretlcall.i Pcrfrct
Todny it was said on tlie utithoiiti
of propagandists of the Natlonnl An
ciutioti that the Jersey 7ne sjstetn i
theoretically the most pet feet method of
soiling the problem of the urban ami
in Danville.
He and Ins hi ide will make their home i intcrurban lines that eier has bee
deiised. If if can be justified through
the fire of prnctical application in .lei -sej.
it will be adopted gdicialh
thioiighoiit tliV country as fust as pnic.
ticable. f
"There is nothing like it in the
world," the experts here assert. "At
three (cuts for the first mile and two
cents for each additional mile it pio
vides the cheapest trolley transporta
tion for siioit -distance riders in nnj
Bishop Bell Delivers Eulogy of Wil
son at Christ Conference
Reading, Pa,, Oct. (5. Prayers for
the recovery of President Wilson and
a eulogy b.i Bishop William M. Hell, of
California, the president, marked the
., . ... .. . . .i . . ... . .a,....:...... 1. l.-. t I :
rne guilty sauor ami tne siiDsiituiion ot " .' " L, "" . VJ , " I unit of the uniierse
i mi ell n ' iireii ill iirisi riiniprnnrn '
Serbian regular troops for volunteer
M:iBM ..,! .l rrt, . ,i. which cioseri vesicruuy. iisnop ien en- .-.v.. ... .... ,
sailors as guards of the forts along the lMrS(1(, ,hp . of ,-ntions , ,yPms elsewhere nre "aiea s.istems.'
Dj? lt tux.. . ! "The coienant of the league of na operated upon the flat rate of live (ents
A dispatch to the Idea Nnzionnle from tions is not a peifect instrument, hut I f,. ,lrban limits and two cents for eai'li
oiJaiuio j i inn. iiwiuk .. mo rrceui , it m liomtlllg 111 tlie ngllt direction. i .i.,:.: i ...:i i...l l l.-l,l
and on tlie continent of I'm ope the
trouble nt Trau. .Tugo-Slavs are des
troying Italian property' and maltreat
ing Dalian subjects there.
"An Italian girl was killed in the i etKcrenei
street because she was rearing the First Church. Palmira, Itev K. O.
Italian colors," the dl.-ipatch adds. Burtner. pastor, was selected for the
"Italian sailors, who landed for sup- .conference next year. Bishop Hell im
plies, had to be escorted by American nounced these appointments :
sailors in order that thej might be pro- Confereme superintendent, Dr S C.
tected from the insults of the mobs." Duel;. Philadelphia; Philadelphia Pnst,
The Idea Nazionale publishes. a'C Y I'Irich; Second. N. 1, Dime
proposal for a solution of the liaugh , Third. D. K. Young.
i( mme problem tlratteu last July
ii the right direction
he said. "The coienant must be open
nu llui lif-Iil In mi in i nil t-li.t on. I I
methods of forwardinc social iustice !inl '"' sjstem is the onl.i s.vstem known
They ( barge by stages, having no mii Ii
thing as u tint rate."
lersey Sjsteni Siientille
"The Jeisej one sjstem has been
worked out upon a scientific scale. It
is based on the theur.i that the cost
of transporting riders should be two ele
ments, the 'stand bj or teiniinal chars
yn&s'1"'-! B0YS SPENDING BANK LOOT f lig the line in iedi.,ess , sen ,
ol'RamVnot.Uh!, " , and theiujditional ,. for distal
thej threatened to lodge a protest with
the American ambassador that the
steamship was permitted to sail.
The pnsM'iigeis ilnimed thej weie
herded in one room bj the ship's doc
tor, who informed llieni that It was
necessary for Ihem to be uiccitintcd
before sailing. Oicr ilgorniis protests,
the passengers said, they were com
pelled to be vaccinated.
While the President Wilson was on
tlie high seas, the passengers said,
Italian stokers threatened to sti ike
and only resumed their work when
Y. M. l A. woikeis on board ofTettd
to take their places.
Henry Arehinnl, aged sixty jenr.
died nt bis home. f!"T Vol th Thirtj -seienth
street, at 11 o'clock last nighl.
after a long illness. The funeral will
lie held Thurscliij morning at the resi
dence. The Itev. Dr. Benjamin S.
Stern, pastor of Dmmiiiiiicl Iteforincd
Chinch. Thii ty-cighlh and Baling
sheets, xx ill conduct the services. In
terment will be in I'crnwnod Ceiueterj.
Mr. Aichiual was born near Hescn
Castle, (icrinany, Mnrch 7, 1h."fl. He
came to this country ne.irlj forty jears
ago, settled in Philadelphia and be
came an American citizen. In 1RS1
Mr. Aichinnl married Miss Klizabeth
Schnider, also a native of (Jcrniany,
who survives him, For thirty jears he
conducted a bakery nt the Thlrtj-sei-cnlh
street address. Besides his widow,
Mr. Arihinal is survived liy three sons.
John .(.. Ilnrrj .1., and Chirence, and
six daughters: .Misses Kliznbcth ('.,
.Mathilda t., tlertrude and Catherine K.
Arehinnl. and Mrs. Henry Hoesch and
Mis. r. I. Annsttong, all of Philaclel-
phia. Two of Hie sons served in the
' war, llarrj in the nnv.i, and John, who
, is n captain in the Amciicnu Bed Cross,
i stationed nt Olccu, C. .Mr. Aich
innl was a member of Kminnnuel Ue-
fmmed Cliutclf, and of seiernl fraternal
I sic ieties.
ill JkUIIIV, X1IU MIIU 111 I'll. llll, IliK' '
has been active in war and lellef woik Found $5000 Stolen at Wllklnsburg , traveled
Belgian King Kisses Little Baby
Before Viewing Wonderful
By the Associated Press
Niagara Kalis, N. Y.. Oct. (1. King
Albert nnd tjiircn Klbnbeth of Belgium
nnd the crown prince nrrlied here nt 11
o'clock this morning nnd half nn hour
later were ilewing the wonders of the
grent cataract.
Haiti drizzled nil mottling as their
train sped westward from Boston, but
Just as they crossed float Island bridge
the sun broke through the clouds. When
they i cached the parapet overlooking
the blink of the Ameiicnn falls, thej
saw the cataiact in Its mnsl brilliant
eolots, the rajs of the sun nnd the mist
fiom the tumbling gieen w liters forming
a beautiful rainbow ovg- the drab
mound of rocks in. tlie chasm,
At tlie l'hnln station, where the
rnjnl pnrt.i left tlie train, a womnn held
up her I w eli e-weeks -old baby and King
Albeit kissed It. Prom the station their
majesties were taken at once to the
falls' show place. After crossing Oont
Islnnd bridge and getting their first
view of tlie American side ot the falls,
the partj pioceeded to the Cave of the
Queen Elizabeth, clad In rnlncnnt and
wnterpioof hat, green velvet and gray
dtess, was nine li interested in the
panorama, ami frequently used bei
camera to simp views. The crown
prince also took it number of pictures.
Lieutenant (icnernl Damn .laccpies,
commander of the Third Division of the
Belgian nriin. leaned fur over the rail
ing to lake a pic line for the crown
King Albert in the meantime hniki
unlKcci on nliencl unintended and was
first to an lie at the Cave of the Winds
'finding, lie at once began to don oil
skins preparatory to a journey on foot
down the maze of stairs that lead to
the caie beneath Ihe American falls.
"All light, king, you're ready," said
the attendant, disregarding the cere
mony tint usually attends ropalty.
Toledo, Oct. 0. (By A. P.) To
ledo, tlie home of Brand Whitlock.
American enun to war-stricken Bel
gium, will gieet the king of Belgium
when be visits the city tomorrow,
Boston, Oct. (1. King of the state
and prince yf the church, Albert of the
Belgians and Desiderntus, Cardinal
Meicier, worshipped jesterday in Holy
Cross Cathedral. The two most heroic
figures of the little land which was the
cniliest prey of Germany met hero for
the first time upon the boll of the laud
which succored them.
The towering figure in the khnki of
a lieutenant general and the venerable
prelate in his crimson robes, each in his
own waj typified n courage which was
uneouquernblo. The fcene was unique
in the annuls of the Western World. It l
might have been a production of n me
dieval painting. Two cardinals sat
upon their thrones nnd witli them the
king, his queen nnd heir apparent, o '
was their ro.ial right under the laws of
the church, ' i
The king nnil queen knelt ns the solemn
mnss begun. They stood as they
touched the nspersniiuni and made the
sign of the crrcss. They raised (heir
ejes now nnd then to gaze into the cnlm
but cnieworn face of their own cardinal. .
After the blessing of tlie incense tlie
nionurcbs wercVnccnsed with tlie two
cnidlnnls. us tlirir ro.inl right. It
was the Hist time such a ceremony had!
been enacted upon Ibis continent.
Family of Five Perlshln Springfield.
Another Crash In Connecticut
Springfield, 0 Oct. . A man
thought to be, S. C. Creek, Wyomltigt
til., nnd his wife nnd three children
w-ere Instnntb killed nt Donnelsvlllc,
near here, yesterday when the auto
mobile in which they were riding was
struck by an Ohio Electric. Interiirbau
New Britain, Conn., Oct. 0. Tliree
persons were killed nnd four Injurcdi
Inst night when nn automobile was
struck by a New York, New Haven
nnd Hartford Bnllroad train nt Clay
ton crossing, In Newlngton, The dead
are John Aulsko, thirtye'ight, of New
Britain ; his dniightcr, .Tniilun, eight
years old, nnd Antonio Iloryntt, thirty
seven, of" New Britain,
Two of the Injured may die. All
were brought to the New Britain flcu
eral Hospital. They nre .Mrs. Aulsko,
Mrs, Horvatt nnd two daughters of
Mrs. Hormtt. aged five and eight
jears. Mrs. Aulsko and one of tlie
Horvntt children nre thought to be
fatally Injured.
Campaign for Restoration of Roose
velt's Birthplace Begins Oct. 17
New Yorlt, Oct. 0, Major Oenernl
Leonard Wood will be the principal
speaker nt the public meeting here Octo
ber 17, to Inaugurate the campaign of
the Women's Itoosevelt Memorial Asso
ciation for the restoration of the birth
place of the former President at 28 Kt)
Twentieth street.
The plans Provide for the aeoiitslflrinl
of the property nnd the reproduction of lJ
the inteilor with the original furnish-JlB
lngs, portraits and heirlooms nnd thonj1
purclinse or tlie bulltling adjoining, to bo '
untied with tlw birthplace iinclcr the
name of Itoosevelt House and used ns n
national center of Americanization and
n school for citizenship.
$20,000 Post for Reinsch
Pehln. Sept. 'JS,f delayed). By the'
Associated Press. Paul S. Beiuch,
formerly t'nlted States minister to
China, lias been appointed counselor i
of the Chinese (iovernment nt a salaiyl
of S'JO.OOO n year, the ngi cement dat
ing fiom August J, according to an
official statement.
Blank Books
that arc more efficient
Hound slid
T.oo T.enf
nnd Supplies
MANCO GUARD Blank Books nre
the result of over seventy years
of experience in Blank Book manufac
ture. '
Tho Guards keep the book open flat
nt any page! No bcndititr or rolling
up no flopping over of pages!
You nre always nssured of the high
est in quality and workmanship when
your blank books or other ofneo sta
tionery or appliances are ordered from
Xeiu York Offices: 261 .Broadway. Founded in ISiS
Does the Opinion of Over
Six Hundred Manufacturers
Mean Anything to You ?
Over six hundred manufacturers of widely
diversified lines of merchandise are ten-
ants of Bush Terminal Sales Building.
They came with us because we sold
them an idea. They arc with us today
because we are selling their goods.
Do you want any better reasons for join
ing this great merchandising movement?
130 West 42nd Street
New York
in loi.y ana is vice pres,,,ei,r ot me and Come to Gref
literary section of the Itnlo-American ... , ,,,.., .. , ,
Union, was submitted to the IVacr-r- Pittsburgh. Oct. I.. Sudden riches
Conference before a similar pioicct """ ",'; 'l""'11 "robins r xvukiiis
drafted by Andre Tardieu, but. acrord- llllrK ?" "''livioiis to values that thev
ing to the Idea Nazionale. Pj-esident !?-' lmml ",g "", S," "n," X1Ri ,VllK
Wilson refused to accept the scheme. ' S'H' romnl!,,r nbandon 11 ben Wallace
ti. .1.. u i,- i .1... :i Bishop, chief of police, became an-
. L ... . . n .... ... ti.ilui ef ilia v CimCifin l...... tl.....
lti.li. !'..-.. ' - -iiiihiiuii .IIUK' WIIUJ
j. ...j o--cinn . ni.i
of Fiume, with its local port, to Italy
and nn international port with the
railway lines from l'iume to Agram and
from Fiume to Saint Peter to the
league of nations, thus complyint;, ac
cording to the paper, with President
Wilson's idea to give the .Tugo-Slnvs
and residents of other neighboring
countries a free outlet to the Adriatic.
Says Labor and American Legion
Oppose Mob Rule
Chicago, Oct. fl. Within a few days
General Leonard AVood will relinquish
military control of Omaha, where a
week ago a mob rjoted, lynched a ne
gro, attempted to hang Mnyor Smith
and burned the courthouse. The gen
eral said last night :
"The original disorder, which nrose
from a specific cause namely, the as
sault on n white woman by n negro
wag seized upon by the organized ele
ments of disorder which nre to be found
In the population of every large city
with a view to overturning the consti
tuted authorities of government and es
tablishing a reign of terror under mob
"Jviibor organizations came on
squarely on the side of luiv aud older.
The American Legion icspnudd
promptly in support of the civil au
thorities. I hope that through the
length nnd breadth of our laud the
American Legion will make arrange
ments promptly to meet any situation
of lawlessness which may arise when
ever called upon by proper civil authorities."
S.'OOO. identified later ns nart of Slid
000 of which the First National Ilnnlt.
Wilkinsbiirg, had been looted, was
found by several boys in a lumber vard
There was .f'J.'OO in one bag and .$,'1000
in another.
One bov announced that he had lost
SlfiO of the money assigned to him.
"Oh, flint's all right.'' remarked a
companion, "I'll give you that much."
' Chief Bishop and Constable George
Clark have recovered virtually all of
the money nnd turned it over to the
First National Bank Further senrcli
in the lumber jnicl failed to icveal anv ' ' , . .
more. ' ' Greatest Good
Royal Decree Will Give Assent to
I Treaty With Germany
i Pails, Oct. tl i Iv A. P I -Accoid-I
ing to a dispatch from Rome, a royal
'deciee retiring the peiae tieaty with
i Germany will be signed todav.
A dispatch from Paris last week said
that Italy would ratify fhe peace treaty
by royal decree, regardless of any change
In goversment.
Convention leaders were ilisturned to
dnj by report that Thomas Mit'iu
If r, piesident of ttie Public Service
Compnn.i , lins cnnceled his engagement
to appear lief me tlie convention cm
Thuisday nnd defend that conipnui's
II. It. Flowers, of Hnltimore, report
ing before the initial session today of
the American Klectric Engineering As
socintion upon a model code of trnfhc
principles for cities, said the elements to
be considered in the drafting of n model
ordinnnce are trnffie rules regarding
parking, keeping vehicles off tracks, one
way trafiic streets, limitation of kind of
traffic on certain streets, safety zones,
skip stopes nnd genernl rules regulnt
ing vehicles witli reference to street
to Greatest Number"
The committee said:
"Ilegulations must ,be founded on
the base of the greatest good to the
greatest number. No one class is en
titled to the exclusive nsc of iiuy street
nor should there be discrimination
ngainst any user of nnj street, snve as
the needs of the user make such dis
crimination a matter of public interest
"In preparing an ideal frame ordl
nance the municipalities, railway com
panics, automobile clubs mid various
mercantile industries must co opernte
One weakness in many cities is the dlf
j Acuity experienced in even the most iea-
Founded in IC65
The House that Heppe built
C.J.Heppe Re Son (Two Stores) Downtown, 1117-1119 Chestnut Street Uptown, N. W. Cor. 6th and Thompson Streets
Mason & Hamlin Pianos Weber Pianos Hcppe Pianos
Aeolian Player-Pianos Pianolas Duo-Art Pianola-Pianos
ThePhiladelphiaArt Galleries
S. E. Cor. 15th and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia
HEED H. WALMEK, Auctioneer. '
Exhibition and Sale Extraordinary
Paderetvski Sacrifices
Art for His Country
Paris. Oct. 0. (By A, P.) In
terviewed nfter the signature of the
Austrian treaty, Ignaca Jan Pade
rewskl volunteered the information
that he had quite forgotten how to
play the piano. The journalist,
after asking the Polish premier nu
merous questions relating to the po
litical situation in Poland, finally
queried: "And your art, Sir.
President, have you given it up
"iTes," replied the former artist,
"I have fomotten it. I have little
time to think of it. I have not
played a piano for two years and
three months. I do not regret it."
Then he added with a tinge of
pride: "I am happy to hare sacri
ficed to the cause of my country
what I held most dear."
f v v1- 1
A Remarkable Collection of Antique and Modern
Oriental Rugs and Carpets
nv oiti)i;ns of
The General Adjustment Bureau
of Insurance ,
Jir. J. Milton Young, Manager, 308 Walnut St., Philadelphia
This Big Important Sale Will Continue
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Afternoons,
Oct. 6, 7 and 8, at 2:30 o'clock Each Afternoon
Ami I ii ill afford to buyers an exceptional opportunity to secure elegant exam,
plea ot Uastern booms included in this sale are:
Rare Kulas, IJergamos, Anatolians, Cablatans, Rijars, Mir Serebenda, Bok
haras, Kcshans. Kermanshahs, Tabriz, Dozars, Persian and other Silks
and Imperial Chinese Carpcta.
Forming one- of the flneat collections we have had the pleasure of ofterlns to
the public, aild must be aeen to be appreciated. , vwi cv
Defr!?Ui Ctloiu Melted Cpn Bcanett " t4iM.4l
A genuine
Heppe Pianola
In these days of increasing
prices it is most remarkable to
be able to secure a genuine
Heppe Pianola for only $725.
This instrument contains the
famous Aeolian-Pianola patents,
is guaranteed for ten years and
in addition it has the warranty of
"the House that Heppe built".
Settlement may be made by
cash, by charge account or by
our Rental-Payment Plan which
applies all the rent toward the
purchase price.
Catalogs will be gladly sent
on request.
Buy your Christmas Victrola
Conditions are such that there will be a
scarcity of Victrolas during the coming Christmas
season and the demand is sure to be greater
than ever. You should select your Victrola now.
We will gladly store it for you until Christmas.
A purchase now will prevent possible dis
appointment. Settlement may be by Cash, by Charge
Account, or by our Rental-Payment Plan, which
applies all the rent toward the purchase price.
Three attractive Victrola Outfits
Heppe No. IV Outfit
Victrola IV - - - $25.00
4-IO"doub!e-face recordi 3.40
(8 .election.) $28.40
Heppe No. VI Outfit
Victrola VI -v - - $35.00
5-10"double-face records 4.25
(10 selection.) "tTO oe
Call, phone or terllt for catalogs and full patllculan
Heppe No. VIII Outfit
Victrola VIII - - $50.00
8-1 0'ouble-face'records 6.80
(16 .elections) $5680
The Heppe Piano is an ,,
advanced type of
musical investment!
The Heppe Piano is superior to the regular
type of piano, it has three sounding boards while
regular pianos have but one. Thus the Heppe
Piano is particularly qualified to produce real,
distinctive, deep, resonant and powerful music
a tone that is greater than all other upright pianos.
Your piano should be a Heppe.
Price from $395 upwards
Catalogi will be tent on request
1117-1(19 Che.tnut Street
C. J. Heppe & Son
Founded in 1665
N. W. Cor. 6th and Thompson Streets . ,
j.. -.y -i-Li j
u '.
i r. '

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