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ONE of the prominent cliaractcrlMtiesi of Hill Tilden's
tennis jilay Is not in tin- nsfct roltiinn. Tills i Ills
Inability or fnllurc or whatever It Is to win over Ills
opponent in straight net. If it in a habit, It Is n dan
gerous one; If purely u fuult, he should muWo every effort
to correct It. Hut nppnreiitly lie docs not enre to do tills.
It Is certain that when lie drops a ct. and It usually is
the second or third, the cau-e primarily is not phlrnl.
Tilden has as much .stamina as any athlete In America,
consequently his physical condition cannot be blamed.
lie Isn't resting because he doesn't need the rest.
Iyooklnc back over Tilden's wonderful record for the
last two years, it Is hard to tind where he won any match
of Importance without losing n set, and In most of them
the contest went the limit. Therefore It Is not surprising
that Hrookes took a set jesterday in Australia. If there
In any cause for surprise In that 10-S, tl-4, 1-0, 0-4 vic
tory It is that Hrookes didn't take two sets. The last time
TiTdcn and IUooke.s met was in the fifth round of the
national tournament at Forest Hills in lM'J. That day
It took Tilden five sets to win.
Last summer in the natlonuls Hilly Johnston took two
Mts In the final round from Tilden. lie failed to beat
Wallace Johnson in ctralRht sets and he dropped one set
to Vincent UK-hard, the Junior plnjer.
early last
through the Wimbledon
summer. Tilden fairly
llritiih aallcrici that saw him piny,
failed to win impressively in irt'crnl of
Lost Many Sets in England
T7OR exonilile
he (lroi)iied the second
JC match with Randolph Ljcctt. the Australian.
.... i. n .nn.l rlnutili's nlater. is not
elite of teuuitsdom ns a strong singles plajer. In that
game tournament Hill lost the second and fourth sets,
each 5.7, to A. R V. Klnpscote. and while lie didu't lose
one to the Jap, Shiinidxu. he allowed the Oriental to carry
the final set to 13-11.
In the challenge round for the world s chanipiouslilp
he lost n set to lutteroii. jet Johnston, who ranks below
Tilden, jesterday plajed all around 1'ntter-nn at Auck
land allowing him but five games in the three sets.
i-erhaps uu explanation of Tilden's playing against
men who are beaten by hi inferiors on the court in
utraight sets is this : Tilden it temperamental and he has
confidence. In the first place, he doesn't care to win in
successive sets. This makes him mentally lax, which.
combined with his winning confidence, often causes his
game to drop to mediocrity. Another contributing factor
Ik Tilden's habit of practicing difficult shot. He often
does this in a hard match after he lias won a set or two.
Luckily for him. his Miner-speed and uncaiinj cleverness
often get him b when he takes the longest kind of
T IS just a caic of eccentricity gettwg the letter
of judgment; an example of mental laxity af
fecting the physical. .Johniton, on the other hand,
altrnyi keepi his game at the pinnacle, and there
fore wins moat of. his matches far more deciiircly
than Tilden.
Spears Should Help IF est Virginia
THE appointment of Clarence V Spears as head eoaih
of the West Virginia football Hum mean much to
the Mountaineers. The former Da.tmotith mentor has
been' very successful at Hanover, turning out some very
good football teams.
West Virginia ha been in need of a new coach for
tome time. The material down there ha been of the best,
but Mclntyre did not seem to be able to get the most out
of it. Last season the eleven was a big disappointment,
Is Matched T ith Jackson in Milwaukee Also May Box in
St. Louis. St. Paul and Other Cities
T F.W TENDLER is preparing for
J nn. nf those barnstorming thing
A schedule i being
Ininl nnntrinnn,' StflT
arranged for the
during the latter
part of Jnnuary in the West nnd prob-oKi,-
,,.111 win,! 110 with a fifteen -round
setto in New York some tune in Febru
ary. , . ,
A number of offers have been received
liv Phil Olassmnn for lennler to appear,
in western oolite me nates are i,.,l
definitely selected, other than Lew- s
ten-round encounter with W il'ie .TacU
nm in Milwaukee Jnnuary M.
Two tentative match for Temlkr
are on In St Louis and St. Paul. If
the bouts materialize, nnd ilasman
thinks that they will Lew; will meet
t.).ii hnnnn in St. Louis nnd
Ttohhv Ward In M. ram
Promoters in
n.lln Tex. : Denver
Tuledo and one
or two other cities alo are negotiating
for the Philadelphia cni.k' sei vices
Tex Rickard. of New ork. wanted
to match Tendler with Jnrkson at the
Garden for .Innuarv 7 but be was un
nble to get this contest because the
borers had been original signed to ap
pear at Milwaukee Pinkev Mitchell
Mill meet Jackson on that date in New
York .
Tendler has neer appeared in a
Now York match. Rickard has been
trjing to sKn up the local man for
home time, but his views, ideas, eU,
as to opponents, nvmev. weight, etc .
km- 1 .. 11. Ur.u, nf f lliik.mii n
liave nmereu "iiu "'"" "''::,"" '
However. It is a certain" tnat leniin r
will be .VI per cent of a scrap
in New h
York next month. , ,
ProbnbU the winner of the Jackson -Mitchell
setto will get the call to face
Tetid'er. There is h.irdlv a chance for
a Tendler-Penny Leonard contest-just
now The may nn et some time in the
future then agnin they ma not
Classman is holding "'it for - '"
cent of the gate receipts, and tins is
pioMtig a hitch in cllti" lung the match.
Scraps About Scrappers
Hm MiMrr' knork it
Sharkei In New York
hould nut him In I n
ouiioneiit for to l.'l
'-or ner Jaik
W -dneda nifc'h'
.v ,., uf lke r-e
h when th, n. w
Into a tl.iri --tl 1
tianniin tn nets bark
tov 'a weUtit inlicht
t.antnm dlvialon II
pounds a i-lr st h.lrk'
tnit nt hlln f rorii tne
tame In at Ui.'S
Al Nelson p'ana t, r.iK- l.w brothi r Jw
th. Iiuilem Imnt im In thin vU lnlt A Me
Is dlck-rlnu wllli " ' f the lora! m.Uet--loakera
for Joe s serl,ep, as well as with
Wlilus Ilrllt and 1 ' Kennedy who are pro.
Mntlns ts'Xlntr in hi er nnd FUailna re.
,, mel also vih whtsI other out-of
town inat,'hniakers
Irish I'llta rlllir 'il start the nw jear
b r, nt, rlns the i.na It. wl'. be the other
principal In the seminna ti the 1-w Tendler
Otto Walliuv inateh at the Dlympla Hatur
d.i' jfternoon Johnm rfiitnni, rs will te
the parti of the Srst oart Preiimlrar
iratr'ies ir, Stanlex Meiuhan vs Whit,
riiK-rald rrankl,. III.-- J - M.ndi.l
nd Willi- Fpcmer ih Mu-liev Hussell :
l'ranklr lnulre and I, en Itawilns will be
the prlnetfUsi In the star Isut at th Vn
tlonal tomorr m aft. rnoon MiitehtuaKt-r
i llrle-n waa forced to take out tho Hurry
llreh-Paul Snnaom liut when he was In
formed ttiat 'he former had eufferesl a rpllt
lln while tralnlnar and -rni that htf had kp'Ii
wilh his nvanairrr Jimmy Mason O Itrlen
wan unable to net n. suitable opponent for
ttrnsotn, and la a result pnlreil off Ma
irulre end Ilawllns at the eleventh hour
In lh othr twutH Kldl Waaner meot
Tommy nrir. Kid Wolf boxes Jack Terry.
Johnny Jetton taken on Al Heynolds and
Matty IftYatT otvna tha show with Bobby
Johnny Alisthr lriil be unAbU to box for
about Ihua wetfta. As a rYlt Uobby Qun-
Sport Kdltor Kvrnln l'abllr 1-ednrr
losing to Yale, Princeton, Pittsburgh and Washington
and Jefferson and tying Lehigh. The alumni became dis
couraged, decided to make a change, and after looking over
a long list of applicants decided on Spears.
The new coach is joung, has a lot to learn in some
lines, but when it conies to football no one can deny his
ability. He succeeded Frank Cnrniinugh as head coach of
Dartmouth In 1D17. but did not produce results until 11)10
because of the war. Last year he had one of the beet
teams In the East despite two defeats. At the end of tho
season It wns good enough to give nny team In the country
a stiff argument.
Looking over the last month of the season-, we find that
Dartmouth made a wonderful showing 0 showing which
apparently has been overlooked. Getting off to a bad start
against Pcnn Stntc, when Captain Robertson and other
stars were injured, the team staggcTrcd through tho month
of October, losing again to Sjracuse. Then came a re
versal in form. Cornell, Pennsylvania and Drown were
plajed on cotisecutive Saturdays and were defeated. On
the following Saturday the team traveled across the con
tinent nnd bent Washington by the score of 2S to 7.
This game was something to be proud of. With a
partisan crowd of .10.000 western fans watching them, n
score of 7 to 0 ngalnst them at the end of the first quarter,
the Dartmouth plajers woke up and shoved four touch
downs over the line before the final whistle blew. Win
ning four tough games in it row Is quite nn achievement,
and although the players were directly responsible some
credit must go to the coach. '
T IS reported that Harry Bankhart tcill coach
Dartmou h next fall. If such is the case, it
means the Green team will play some high-class
football. Ilankhart is in business in -Vote VorJfc
ami is said to he willing to accept the position.
dassltd the
hut at that he
his matches.
set -1-
tJ in his
considered by the
White Sox
will play first base.
ANOTHhll home-run king Is about to make his debut
in the Amerlcnn League. He Is Karl Homer Sheely
of Salt Lake, and they say he is a regular fence-buster'
He was purchased by the White Sot n mnnrh n .,.t
Funny how Sheely has been allowed to remain in the
bushes for such a long time. He has been busting the
ball with vim and vigor, to say nothing of zest nnd fervor,
for the last four jears, but not once has he been given u
tumble by the big league scouts. Ho always hit
over .:t(X). every jeur he leads the league In home runs
and his fielding average is around .H00. It took the big
gest baseball scandal in history to get hlui into the Ameri
can League.
Sheely is twenty-five year old, six feet four Inches
tall and weighs over 200 pound. In 1017 he hammered
nineteen homers, twelve in 1018 and in 1010 find 11 total
of twenty -eight. The averages for this year have not yet
been published.
A hi. of which poei to show that ball players can
be discovered in the minor leagues if a thorough
search is made.
Sharkey Is Bach Number Now
YOI'NO JACK SHARKET apparently has hit the skids.
The defeat handed him by Roy Moore in New York
Wednesday night puts him further back on the shelf and
no longer will he be considered a championship possibility.
However, Jack should worry. He stepped Into fhc lime
light about a year ago when ho gained a newspaper deci
sion over Jimmy Wilde in Milwaukee. After that he was
considered a star, received good money for hi services
and should have enough aved to retire comfortably.
Roj Moore is the big noise now. Wonder how long he
will last?
CovvrigM. i0, by ruoltc Lttocr Co.
with Stanlov WISlua Th.
-Her Ills l"ft e. Iiv Mnl
thin nun ut flrst circt'J
I more arluus
KerfT-two rounds of hoxlnpr htp scheduled
tnmo row aftirr.eon t the CnmhrU Club
'm.u'tln- ih'n eUht-rouml but nml thru
six.- Jtw Itnizzo metM h.ir!v Turner in
th nrlnrlrrnl eluM wlfi Ynunir MullUan vs.
Mike r rrurn anrt Jnl'nnv nazal HUH
Oannon us the others In the plx-rouml
neiuitr Ilohtiv Ilurn fliers .'ohnn On!-
KhT Kn ll Murtl'i mwli Jlmmv I.Kiin unit
Vnun Shnrkev tnrli nillv
1 1 Ik. lis-
I.nljsl llnntlr, r frenrh uhnru-ets-ht ultl
( on., of th Drln-ln.il In th ml nt th-
utttrirtum tomerrtiw afternoon The ntr
bi ut will he hfmern Ilohtiv llarrott ami Al
Proivn Iturrt ! opponent M Kox
Cither tioutii K O frank trnttti lh"i
iK)) Krne J mmv D nes v Ifnrr 'Kj1
1 n.kr nriil KM Sunn m Ynunir Jo.- HraJIt y
'All of th- biuts will bo 1 leht-round-ra
llArr Smith, local southpaw. Is to ro on
a tour throuich the Northwest and rnad
i)m time .iftr ih new "ar H O Kin-
1 u'crnte ' I U In rharir of the feather-
I welirH trip Sn.l-h haj not boxed reKU-
tarl for , eral yen-
Joe Wallace, brother of Patay hia ben
matched It a bout at Allentown Jov nava
January 4 Is the date but he doeen t know
i who hl optinent will b furthermore ha
d.n rare "Zip' If taklnc can, of Joey's
M'nllvr C
mat, hea ora
J.s. t.t-nrr
I'ndrrwood n
behalf of Perry
5can! on
ThtTe ts a Irtter In the Sporla D'in,riment
t the Kw.njvj Im iilic LKixirn for Johnny
Johnny Wolgaet Is Winner
rulln. Trt . P.r .11 - J hnnv Wnlimsl
Wllll Wr,,r ,n ,, n r0Und ..i.t Hu.i l.nusn
itei nih- Wo uaet wua handled by
Duke Kelly uf Philadelphia
Many Sporting Events
on !etv Years Day Card
lOiiow street run. under dlrrrtlon of
the Nouth Mn-ft lttienes Men's Aseorla
tlon. Htnrt Slxlh and leimbird streets.
10 st. ('nrth.iire '. . rns-muntrj
runi stnrt SUt)-llrt street and Cedar
Iie-fiprmnntown llos Club Juniors
rrosivH-ountryi Nturt 2.1 West Penn street,
Ilro-ul and Italnhrlilce streets,
tue lionts,
Nutlonnl, Kletentli
afreets. Hie twills.
mid Cutliartne
Cjmhrla, Kensington utenne nnd Som
erset street, six hotits.
Aiiillturlum, Slath and Ilrown atrreta,
tile Irtlllts.
I, lord's Thentre. Chester. Pa., Are
Watson's A. C, Healln, Pit,, (lie
Ml shows start at 2:30.
riKi.n irocKjn-
1:80 All-PhJIadelphln women's team
ti. Philadelphia Women Tourists, Phila
delphia C. C . Nt Martins
l:M lllll-ellmblnr rontrst. west bank
of Hrtmrlklll rtter, four mile north -if
3 iSO Contests in ull I oral leamea and
eihlMtlon rames.
Ciermantown t. PhllodrlphU, al Mil
elrnl I'uud Mali, Klfhth snil Loeust
Kast rll t. First Naiuulrnn. ut First
Cavalry Armory, Thu-tj-sercnd atrret and
Iincaster atenoe.
CKOHH roui?Titv
2 p. in. St. Ortory' C. CI. fourteenth
annual run. Htart at 1404 North t'lftj.
I sreond
in iuwi,
Sign Home-Run King
UM.I, 41UI1
Basketball Looms Up as Major
League Sport Squad Cut
to Sixteen
Ilasketball looms tip at tho Media
High School ii a major snort. Candi
dates wore called out xeveral weeks ago,
nnd the squad of thirty had to be rut
to sixteen by roach Chapman. Three
vetemus remain from last year's high
class, team. They are Mathm-H, at cen
ter; IJtirboraw. at guard, and, after
Oiptain Tuohernian recovers from a
football injury, he will be seen at for
ward. Tho Girls' Varsity team has two vic
tories to itn credit, one over Haverford
High score, ,r"-2 and one over Ches
ter Y. V C A. score, 17 -li. The
whole team in intact from last jear.
The (tirls' schedule includes Temnle
Reserve"1. Alb-ntown H. H., Swarthmorc
II. S., Darby H S.. Radnor H. S.,
Lansdonne H. S., Contesville II. S.
and many other first-clans teams.
The Roys' schedule follows:
January 7 Wllmlnictnn Krlenda' fcchool,
January 12 Narberth Hlh 8rhool. away.
Jinuary n llldley parK Hlih School.
i 1 1 M p m )
January SI Chester Utah School, homo
January 25 Lsinsdowne High School,
h .m 13 .10)
January 2m, Swarthmoro Hlh School,
Pebruary 2 Narberth With Brhool. home.
Kehruary 8 Harwyn ltlKh ychuol. hums
t'.bruary U Upper Darby lllnh School,
hnnvi (nlcht)
I-Miruaiy 12 C'hJster Hlnh School, away
Ir lahi)
February It) Hldley Park JIIh School.
h"tne 13 30)
lhru.irv is f'oatrsvllle Hlarh School.
ami 'night)
Kihruirj JS Hahnemann College of
H i. r.-, borne
Mar-h 1 I.ansdowne lllKh School, away
(3 Vn
Mar"-! t 1)ltwti Hla-h School, away
(r irllt '
Murrli , p I D . away tnluht)
M.irch s fiarhv lllnh s hwil home (.1 30).
Mirrn 11 I'pwr Uarby HlKh School.
awa Inlffht)
March t" Flryn Ath-n Arademy away.
March is lurby Hla-h School, away.
Sports Served Short
Annaoolla The. Naval Arademy will oi,.
I serve all tho eligibility requirements reroa
med by representative educational Inatliu-
! ttons In Its athletic relations with other In
stitutions Hear Admiral Scales the superin
tendent unmounted In a statement Issued
I today
Columbus, Ohio State a basketball quintet
rr-eets Cornell here tonlrht In Its llrst Im
portant contest of the season With seteral
members of tha squad with the football team
at Pasadena Calif , the Jluckeea eipect to
b somewhat weakened, but Coach Trautman
declared today that he expected a cfoso game
with tho easterners
Keottle Coach
Ham Wlllaman and Man-
aged a. 11 frost
with eighteen mfmleiu uf
the East Tech High Srhoni football team, of
Cleveland have, arrived hero and will have a
final light work-out on Denny Field nt the
t'nlversltv of Washington today, in nremara.
I tlon for tho game with Kverett Wunh , High
I School at Everett tomorrow.
Mlnneiioolla. It was decided to place a
team representing M nneapolls In the t'nlted
Slates Amateur Hockey Association's west
ern loop, If the rule requiring that cards at
testing the amateur standing of the players
be presented thirty days before the start of
league competition could he waived The
Drouosed Mlrneaoolls team would renlac. the
i disbanded Pittsburgh seitet
noitnreit for
Arrangements have been an.
entry of a new Iloston ashing
vesMl Hi a challenger for the Upton CSlP
for New England -fishermen next year as a
prellrrlnary to the. second International rare
.-., ... . . ; .a"
for the chnmplonsi
nininu- liMta,
rrhonnef lisperam
tup or in, noun Alls lie
mjo ujr m uioucesier
olfrom the Lunenburg-, ti,
lithls year, , ,
., DPl Pui
Cage Game Made Great
Comeback During 1920;
Commission a Failure;
Many Little Leagues
BASKETBALL during the year just ,
cloning as elevated to the plane,
on which It rested prior to the war
In nt least one respect, the number of '
big professional leagues that onee more 1
sprang into existence. The Tnst is
the hotbed of the cage sport and no-1
where does one observe the interest
displned hereabouts. One of the en-i
couraging factors was the remarkable
growth of basketball in the vicinity of
New York, where the public hns taken ,
to the game nnd crowds of 8000 to
10.000 ore witnessing Sunday night
contents in the armories.
The "big wheels" in operation were I
the Eastern. Penn Stntc. New York I
State and Interstate, the latter cover- i
ing New England. The professional
bodies were few compared to the
smaller leagues. A number that r.-ere i
compelled to disband owing to the bojs
ImliiL- In the service were revived, anil
with the advent of September, then
were more organized basketball bodies
doiug business than ever before.
Camden Was Supreme
Camden captured the highest honors
in the Eastern I.engue. The "Skeetcrs"
did the unusual in winning both the
first and second half titles nml only
one club gave them opposition. That
was (iermantown nnd tlie suburbanites
managed to split even with the title
holders on tho season.
At the start the Camden management
was in a quandary for a forwnrd. as
Friedman and Sedran refused to come
to terms, but Roy Steele imported a
newcomer in James ("Soup" I Camp
bell, a Miungster from Homestead, Pa.
and under the coaching of Rill Kennedy
ho new urrivttl proven a rem inn
nnd Rov Steele doelopo into u sen-
satlonal nluyer. He led
the league in
nolnts scored with a
total of 2"."i for
tu'enti -seven iraines. aim niiu-tj -one
of these wete Held goals.
There was one change in the circuit.
North Phillies dropped out after two
mouths nnd the plm-e was taken by
Bridgeport, Conn. L'ague basketball
was new there and it failed to pay and
,,er,L-,.,l o hnil move on the Hurt of the
magnates. Jt was
local players to lose un entire day in ,
i - ,.--. ." L- r... i,
making the trip
Fonn Cage Commission
During the seaon there bad been so
mau disputes about plnjeis playing
m several lengues that a nmvinient was
atiiicbed for tlie torination ot a i-ngu
body on the snme order as the national
baseball commission. 'iiu men up
peared to be a good one and the organi
zation was formed, but already has
practically fallen through for lack of
a responsible head.
At various times Ormaiitown nnd
Philadelphia in particular nppeared
with a club composed of a number of
pickups while their stars were per
foimlng elsewhere. Ceiiniuitowu and
Philadelphia were practh ally stripped
of the best plajers. The three leaders.
Camden, Reading nml Trenton, re
mained intact and with veternn teams
had little trouble in taking a cum
ninuding lead. I
Oe of the drawbacks of basketball i
is that it is worked on too smoll n
scale. When the commission held its J
first meeting It wns agreed to post n
sum of S200 as good faith money on i
October 1. This tnrtiio was riilieu-
loush small if the body was to menu,
mi) thing. Rut the Penn State League
never made its deposit.
After two or three wrangles, re-
lotions iK-camo strained and a break ,
was imminent. When the breach
linnllv arrived Eastern League moguls
were Inlormeii tnai nn- sum- iriiitui-p.
bail nothing nt stake, hh they had
never jvosted an money, therefore the
National Cage Commission wns hardly
ever a reality.
Ml tin Leagues Prosper
All the interest was not centered In
the professional cage circuits. During
the war the cage sport was kep going
through the efforts of such wel-con-ducted
bodies ns the American and
Northwest Longucs and tho smaller
wheels are now In full blast.
In this city more than mm dozen
leugucs are plajing n regular sched
ule of weekly contests and all the cities
in the East have industrial organiza
tions and other club teams in organ
ized circuits.
The teams playing independent ball
are among the hundreds and through
out the nearby 8tatc some of the
small towns boast of star quintets
that are every bit as proficient oh tho
professional ipoBnerH. in mo viein-;
Ity of New Y.ork ttic faun tlo not
I i- T- LI t
relUli leaeuo bdll. but prerer to mLA rS"T Virt"iil: i5.V i!?0
n ii r r miiwsii r r t i ran i ri mi in i
Death Claimed Two
Cage Stars in 1920
During the bxllictliall season tho
sport suffered a severe loss In tho
death of two of tho most popubir
pl.ijers ever Identified wKJi the
game. .Tackle Ailnim, former Cam
den captain, died at National Park,
N. J., a victim of ttilierculosts. The
silver-haired star was llilrty-flve
years of age nnd hud long lecn
playing, getting III Mart when the
Central League wtus In its lieydey.
Jackie came hero from Homestead
In 1012, and brought Eddie Dolin
and Jinmiie Itrown with him.
The other player to pass away
was Horace "Hohey" Kyfe, of
ficrrnantnwn. He was stricken wl'.lt
Intluoiua last February and after :i
struggle of six weeks expired in
Christ Hospital, Jersey City. "Ho
bey's" homo was In Ilnholten. He
started his career In HM2 wi'Ji tho
Carltnns. of Hnhoken. and his work
won them the pennant of tho Hud
son County league. Fyfe played In
nearly every league of prominence
and was rated ;us one of Uic best
scoring guards.
Averages 222 3-10 In Ten Games
Against Leo Lucke, of Brooklyn
Charles Trucks gained n leod of 4,"0
pins in the first half of bin special
match series with Leo Lucke, of Brook
lyn, on Casino Alleys, last night, win
ning every one of the ten gnmes, total
ing 2223 pins to Lucke's 1704. Trucks
was in remarkable form nnd rarely
failed to hit the head pins, and had but
Olle miss, n nick in the HPCnnrl frnmn
of the ninth g.ime. Lurke, on the other
". vrniue, anil ins curve Dnll
hand, was erratic, and his
failed to liring results. The lino! ten
games of the match will be rolled on
the Broadway Alleys, Brooklyn, next
Wednesday night.
Trucks averaged 222 .'1-10 pins, nn
107 in the eighth game was his InwcRt
score. Ills best game, the fifth, netted
207 pins, when he started with a spare,
fo.lowed with six strikes in succession ;
got another spare in his eighth frame
nnu men shuck out. liicke'H iiest game
was the second, when he got 227 pins,
)n(, ho avor ,;,, 17..,0 ' ,n,
Trucks 21(1, 247, 210, 235, 207, 2015.
210, 107, 20:j, 227,. Total, 2223. Aver-
L'JJ .S-1U.
Lucke in."), 227,
177, 1415, UI0. 171.
age, 170 1-10.
1.13, 102. 188, 100.
Total, 1701. Avcr-
Hornsby Not on the Market
St. 1ouls, Mo.. Dee. HI Ilranch Illckey
manasrer of the St Louis Nationals lias
reiterated thnt Honors llornshy star In
tlelder Is not for sale The announcement
followed one made in 'w Vo-k that iv itTe
by the (Hants of 1200 00 and four players
fur the i al star had bpi n turned down.
RICE vs.
i.r.w otto
Feats on sale now, Hotel Walton buffet
Urn id and Locust Sts. ItiKUlar prices'.
Matty Detcher v. Bobby Wolga.t
Johnny Paxton vs. A! Reynolds
Kid Wolfe v. Jack Perry
Kid Wagner vs. Tommy Cleary
l-lttsbumh New York
In Line to Meet A I-eiullnir I,ht-
f'liuninlnii Dempsey IlriivyMelaht
Auditorium A. A. i,rH,,J,Sr?I
New Year's Afternqpn
MASQ BALL, Tonight
pALM GARHKM soh ""Wet .
1 rAJ:',1iJJvulJ!lW imin't .iiiss fit
uwi vrtnii mriwAWAV
Both Foains Will Bo In Best
Shape of Season for Inter
sectional Grid Battle
Pasadena, Calif., Dec. 31. Ohio
Htnto and Callforna football teams bo
gan the. linnl tapering down work yes
terday which will put them nt top form
for their game on New Year's Day. The
heavy practice is over for both squads.
Coaches. Jack Wllce nnd Andy Smith
spent the entire afternoon getting the
mrti ilmvti to ,, flntiHt,. n.litn tI.a-a
tire minor Injuries on both tennis, Wil
lnmnn nnd Blair, of Ohio KUitc, nnd
McSIIIIan of California, being on the
battered list.
The elevens will line nn In better
shnpe than nt nny time during the sen.
eon! Wlllnman. n 205-pound fullback,
is tnklng care that his knee gets no un
necessary rough usage until the game,
while II nlr nnd McMillan arc nursing
w-rcnciieti ankles.
Workmen have finished construction
of the additional stands nt Toiirnnnicnt
Park nnd officials pronounced the arena
snfe for the huge crowd which will nt
tend tho gome. Every sent hnH long
been disposed of with the execution of
2.100 gcncrnl ndmlsslon scats, whlc1
will be sold without tickets nt the park
to prevent speculators from getting
possession of them.
Ohio will lmve n slight advantage in
the weight problem. The team avcrnge
of the Buckeyes is 1S2 pounds ns
against n 1711-poiind nvcroge for the
Collfornlans. In the line, the nvcroge
weight of the Ohtoons is 182 pounds,
while the overuse of tlie California for
wartl wall Is 183 pounds. The bnek
field of the Buckeyes also Is the heavier,
tho combined weight totaling 527
Cnllfornin will not have n plnyer in
the game weighing above the 100 mark,
while Ohio will start two players scnl
Ing above that figure nnd two others
tipping the beam ut exactly 100 pounds.
Williumin, the plunging fullback of the
Buckeyes, scales 20," pounds, nnd No
mecek, at center, weighs 203 pounds,
Trott and Spiers, two linemen, nre 100
pounders. "I'ete" Stiticheomb, the sen
sational halfback, is the lightest player
on the Ohio squad scaling only 102
The weight of the California buck field
Is more evenly distributed than that
of the Ohlonns. Morrison, the full
back, is the heaviest of tho trio, weigh
ing 17! pounds. Hprott nt left hnlf
weighs 107, and Toomey, at right hnlf,
balances the benm nt 158 pounds. Erb,
the quarterback, is the lightest-player
on the California eleven. He weighs
only 1-15 pounds.
Good Rolling Continues to Feature
Central Tournament
Indianapolis, Intl., Dec. 31. High
scores continue to feature play in tlie
Central Stntes Bowling tournament
here. Al Striebeek went into tlie lend
in the singles with 02(5. nosing out
Frank Spencer, who had rolled 025.
Striebeek totaled !" in his first two
John Cook in tlie doubles bung up n
20!) for high single game record. Noeffke
and Schmidtt took third place In the
doubles with 113r: Martin nnd Tucker
fourth with 11211, Tucker and Coval are
sith with 1115. Cook and King hold
eighth place with 1008 and Ochiltree
and Soltau nre tenth with 10S7.
Almost Spoils Walker's Record In
Second Round
Kansas City, Mo.. Dec. 31. Cnp
tnin Bob Roper, of Chicago, and Hugh
Walker, of Kansas City, heavyweights,
fought a ten -round no-decision bout
here last night. Newspaper critics gnve
Roper ii shade. Walker made n whirl
wind finish, and Roper seemed groggy,
hut fought back gamely and finished
fairly strong.
Walker's record of never having been
knocked off ills feet in more than sixty
battles came near being spoiled when,
in the second round, Roper landed two
hard rights to the jaw nnd Wnlker
slipped to his knees, but was up in un
Davis Pocket Billiard Winner
ltrrtnr Davis defeated Al Armstrong. In tho
cltv championship iirkt bill ard tourney lust
night at the Murket Htreet till. lard Ai-ademv.
by tie i- ore of 1J5 to SH Armstrongs high
run i !!H r.nd Davis 37. TonlKht Harman
und I Is cross cure
Sawmakere to Play Silk Sox
nifcst. n A A Horror team will miet 1'ut
erson in a National league game nt Tacopy
baseba i ground tomorrow afternoon.
:M. & H. SELL
Oh, Boy! Skating Time Now!
The creeks nnd lakes in tho country nre filled with merry
skaters, rosy-cheeked lnds nnd lassies, enjoyinp this healthful pas
time. "Cold wave's on tho way," says Weuthor Mun. Get your skates
now, wo say, when tho assortment Is complete and prices low.
Shoes and Skates
Complete. You will pay
as much and more for
the shoea
Fitted vllh esieclJlly
lilch-ernile runnrrs. M.
j&r i J
thu thine for the skater
the athletic boy, the liluh
arhool Klrl or tsiy.
lOe, 3 for S3c
.$7 Sweaters,
$:$ Hockey $9
Skates, Now
Nlckol Mated, hlRhly pol
ished MU' h In demand
Now $4
Sleeveless, 32
$2 Ic Skutes,
All Wool,
Only One
M. & "
That's at
TOUWrk .Mm
Corbett, Jeffries, Johmon, Willard and Dempsey All
Came From Other Side of Mississippi River.
Why? Just a Fact; No Apparent Reason
The errors through my Score arc thick,
The hits arc vent etc, fttnYrrt:
I've leen no Hale" Ruth tcith the
iYor any Cobb by way of speed.
And yet I have no vain regrets
To toss into the face of fate,
The vanished year has cashed in bets,
.Did have wiped them from the
A new road opens on my gase,
Qray-hung with fogs that shift and
Where none may read the future days
Nor guess the answers on the chart.
And yet I have no haunting fear
Of wrecking gales where seas are
rough :
For as we start another year
A sporting chance ft good enough.
Farewell and hail the road has turned;
The future has but this in store.
That ench shall get what he has earned:
Who has the right to ask for morct
Tlio Rule of tlio West
WE HAVE commented upon the fact
that Orcnt Britain, Including Eng
land. Scotlnnd, Ireland, Cnnndn and
Australia, 50.000,000 or thereabouts,
with all her records In sport, hnsn't
put forwnrd n good hcnvywelght lu
thirty yenrs.
(Barring Fitj-.'Immons, who left
Cornwall for Australia to make his
fighting fame in America.)
But what nbout thnt section of the
United States resting east of the Mis
sissippi river?
In this section more thnn 80.000.000
of the 110,000,000 Inhnbltnnts llvo,
with boxing encournged in ninny stntes.
Yet whnt first-clnss heavyweight
have these 80,000,000 furnished the
game since the passing of John h, Sul
livan, nearly thirty years ngo?
Among lighter weights Orcnt Britain
hns furnished Freddie Welsh, Owen
Mornn, Jimmy Wlldo nnd others,
Among lightweights the East has
furnished Joe (Inns, Terry McOovern,
Benny Leonard nnd others.
But the heavyweight mystery still
Tho Monopoly
THE eastern
States, plus
half of the Tnlted
the portion of Great
Erie A. A. Complaint In Robin
Game Will Be Discussed Later
Now York, Dec. 31. Pnirings for the
fifth round of the national challenge cup
competition were held nnd protests heard
at a special meeting of the cup commit
tee of the United States Football Asso
ciation, held at the Hotel Astor.
The most important protest was that
of Erio A. A., of Kearney, N. J., in
tlie mntter of the game lost to Robins
Dry Dock in the fourth period nt Todd
Field lust Sunday. George Young, of
Philadelphia, the referee, submitted his
report in writing nml the testimony of
tlie two neutral linesmen, J. 1-3. Scho
tield uud Robert Mc.Mahon. wns heard;
The committee decided, however, tliiit
the only valid ground for protest ad
vanced by Erie was the question of en
croachment by the spectators, und on
this point tlie referee's report was silent.
The linesmen were then instructed to
reduce their version to writing, and
tills will be submitted to the referee
for further action, which will be token
up at u subsequent meeting of fhe com
mittee. Hendricks Backs Hlckey
Indianapolis, Ind.. Dec, 31, Jaclt Hen
clrlcl.s. mumiKer of the Indlaoapolla Amrri
inn Assoc ntlon baseball t-.ub in dlscusslnff
the possibility of the A. A. und tho interna
tional I.c-iKui- pulllnc av. from the Na
tional AttaiKMnllon. heartily Indorses any ar
linn President Hlckey. of thu A. A., mlKht
take 'o iffect such u rhanKe. "Tha Indian
upoIIh club Is hoI illy liiuk of nny move that
President Hlckey muy tnkv to lead the Ami r
lian Association from tho smaller loops tnto
a lamer ono," he raid.
Bucknell Retains Coach
Iw1sMirir. !., Dec 31 C. W. ("P.te")
Reynolda has been re-'-niraKed as hviid touch
of football at llucknell I'nlvorslty. on a
thrre-yenr contract. This action Ih univer
sally approved, for Heynolds' success hero
durlns the last two ears lim burn con
spicuous. St. Gregory's Annual Run
St. Orcitory-H c. t will hold Ita fourteenth
r.nnual tlosisl handicap rross-country race
trom the clubhouso tomorrow, at 2 P. m.
There are over twenty tntrles.
Ladies' Skating
$10 All-
Wool Pull-
now n
V. x t r a
heavy ex
tranrdlna r y
value Just
ulue g3
llaiidhomily llnlshed In
russet leather, heHUll
fullj tlt(livd. at) Hah
The shoea alone are
worth tho jirlre. Com
nli'te with skatea,
$4 Skates Now
I-nmuua extension skates
ean never Ket too small
lltllu brnthur or little
"later, and bl sister or
mother ran lies them
-lamp too, hlarh leather
Caps, $1
to ma mm
'"i ntrnf,
kt cHr
TiliU jjffcsrnrsjSjft
Britain mentioned, hns something moe.
than 130.000,000 ouls. ' nou
The western half of the Unlr4
States hns possibly 25,000,000 on S
roster. '"
The margin here Is 5 to 1 AE.tni
the West In the way of population,
tcr "n detnll!C hcavywe,1,t lh-
J. J. Corbctt, California.
Robert Fltxslmmons, Cornwoll-Atn.
.7. .7. Jeffries, California.
Jack Johnson, Texas,
,7cs. Wlllnrd, Kansas.
Jnck Dempsey, Colorado.
In other sporta and ot other welchti
polo, tennis, track nnd field, golf
long-distance running, rowing, football
there has been no such prcdomlnanisj
on the part of the West. n
But In the way of heavyweight boxen
the monopoly has been complet--ioo
per cent complete.
Among the lightweights the East hu
ft Onns, a McGovern and a Leonard to
match ngnlnst a Nelson, a Wolgast and
But the Enst hns had no hcavywolxhl
worth mentioning to match agalnnt t
champion produced by California
Texas, Knnsns or Colorndo,
Why? By way of killing an Idle day.
you n do your own conjecturing. Your
guess is ns good as ours,
tt WOODLESS America," wrltM
Tl GifTord Plnchot In Field and
Stream, "would bo a stricken nation."
The point Is to mako a nation set It
that hns been blind for fifty ycara, and
Is still In the net of stifling a yawn as;
time the subject Is mentioned. Thi
only rebuttal we ever got to the arpi
ment was this : "What does any one cart
what happens to tho country fifty yuri
from now?"
FII. D. Beyond any
e nnnolls nnd West Y
doubt, Aa
nnnolls nnd West Point SnnM
adopt the three-year rule for intercol
legiate competition. A fair field and no
favor Is the foundation of sport. And
"no favor" means meeting under tin
"nine rules and regulations that govern
oil tho others.
Sidellncr We ngrce with you that
tho gonl touchdown, ns now handled,
is a useless ndjunct. But neither of ui
is on the rules committee.
ConurtoM, IPto, .All riotiti rtttrvtt
Pittsburgh Middleweight Now Under
Direction of George Enrjel
Pittsburgh. Dec ,'U. A bombsbill
was exploded In local boxlnc circltt
when Harry Grcb, tho mifMleweUbt
fiBhtcr, announced that ho had broken
with his manager, .Tamos Mason, and
would hereafter be undor the manitie
ment of Ocorge Engel, of New York.
Engel has canceled most of the bouts
arranged for Greb by his late manner,
Including that with Tommy Gibbons it
Madison Square Garden.
The neceuarjr thorough koovrlio'fe (of
the Enfiaeering profcuion it gained It
meeting in Ibe claiiroom lac itni
proMrmj the engineer facet in bmintii.
The Drexel method of Action Training
brings yon thue problems and directs
your solntion of them instead of explain
ing theories in general lectures to orif
crowded classes. The work is luperriitJ
by some of the best practical engineers
from Philadelphia industries.
Classes Keeume Jnn. 3,
Vou Can Enroll Then.
32d and Chestnut Sts.
la Only a l?cB iflnutei to Preiel"
lloth Hexes
Scf)ool of
Occupational fjcrap?
2131 Spruce Street
The course offera ooven months'
training In Design, tho Crafts,
and locturea In Psychology,
Anatomy, I'atholoiry. etc. with
two monthn' additional Hospital
Practlco. High School education
or tho equivalent required.
Many positions for aides are
waiting to bo filled. A second
courso will begin January 17,
Miss FlorenceW. Fulton, Dean
2131 Spruce Street
Strayer'i Business College
Strayor'B Business College has
room for n fow more student nt botn
Us day sessions and Its night sessions,
TIiIh in the school that gets mucIi lurgt
salarlen for Itn graduate!, lii-cau"
they are more expert than other.
you want a business education wj
would HUKgest that you surt"
Strayer'H at once at cither Uie day or
the nlcht sessions.
Business College
807 Chestnat Stritt
Phone, Walnut 3H
FenniylTBitlft, Mnaeum ana
School of Industrial Art
livening Classes In Illuatrauon
Conducted by
Thornton Oakley
M. 1tfsln JnnilMrr fllhs 1
!( w
IMI'OUTANT ori'ICK '08-f8
A. ...J I alannvrUDI J -
students In tno rapnir -, ,.
" - ... l tivr
iven rrai """.: - j.n od-
qualify them to accept i '""': or ""
Individual lnatrucllnn
'"' -.l.
1017 rh
r-ii estiint rt "-" rr
H- rr...i C.LaaI iw " viVU
i no i yir " -', ,i
Ursent veanele for 0'$?ix Vrt '
L't.. -. . Jriwtiah. mfsMfiSt j
rrivaie Ljreaxjia Miiifnif"-.r
:...:... I . ..7. si IMt"
BawOnUf , ..ffiyMammi-i
SUM yiUtfkAM. Il " " .k
j-ri'' 'J -Vf-" -

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