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0U Never Can Tell When You're Going to Hit on That Lucky JJneJn tiimer-eePe2 .
rcuenma Jhtbltc gfefrger
i.P.icrall) fair V1'1' ''"',r''p Jr.nJ
in. intifctit iini Tuesday with cold
rtou 'w Mo.lfr.lo winds.
tV -in "run at r,An mint
sT mi .innn 1 1 m ai n .-.
n i:T u 1 1 l'i I"' I I I
VOL. VIL-NO. 95-
Utitcreil ns Second-CUme Matter nt tin- roMofiVo at Philadelphia. r.
Under the Apt of March n. 1879
I'ubllahcJ Dally Uxwpl Sunday Subecrlptlon Prlco Id a Year by Mall.
Vnnyrlcht, 1P..1 by Public ledger Compnn
pu by mm
anel With Stenographer Foro-
-..J-. Man fill! tV Ifl NOW
nan rmu
P "Bandit Court"
-r. nur rilll TV
NE SET l-Htt, Jinc uu.l...
n woman foreman of the first jury
..,, new "bandit court.' trying the
lcl "' , .i.iit.nrnilnn. Another
Ine .ceoww '"""""....,
,B,fervo(1ns.. -''
A .eroncl woman lomiiuii. ;-- -
A ".in the rrlmlnal division of the
....1-1J1 Tnurt. found ono of two dc-
tjiidants guilty and exonerated the other
thirty-five minutes.
The foreman in me iriuuu xuu..
... T 11ll.nn of 1802 SDrlUg
;J J1C 11. in".-! -
.rn street Her fellow woman juror
Z Atvmn R. FJbhei, 1224 South
vtlnh trcet. The prisoner who had
,"!' ..tn nf fpmlnlne justice was
"chard I-eo Steiner. alias Edward Lee, I
u.." i t .m nit nicked thin
X of Ite-e limon of '082 Holly
Set. on December (1. The formal
h,r against him was larceny from
he persons and receiving stolen goods.
Th rhnloo of Miss Patterson, who
a stonographcr, as foreman of the
ury. was ot as great hiuti-si iu w
.'.'... ulw. nreslclcel. and to James
Bit Gordon. Jr., assistant district nt
lorney, who pinsetuted the ease, as to
hc large crow, m w"" '"""V"
or the tirst sluing oi cue mumi. wmi.
Vare Legislators F$ked
or Weakened on Charter
Present Position of Fighting for Phila. Code
as It Stands Causes Comment in View of
Last Session Effort to Strangle Bill
in ,.
"Indies and Gentlemen"
iinik iii.liro nnd distiiet attorney look
,..;,, ,.f the fm f that women jur-
-. mw sittliiL' fir the first time, In
their more careful and dctanllcd pre
liminary liistiirtlons.
vi- Cmiiiiii. In bPLMiuilnc liis rcinarlis
to the jurj. addressed them as "Ladies
ind Uciitlenieii. wmiii cauncii u riiiimj
of amuspimnt In the court.
Judge Keiciison In his instructions to
tie jurj. laid jiaiticitlnr stiess on the
fact that (lie shntild render n verdict
according to the cvidenie, nnd not be
iviaud b sjmiiath) or compassion.
When the ease was given to the jury
in the bandit ( mitt, Judge rcrguson told
Miss 1'atteri.on that it was customary
'or the foi rman to go among the jurors
id get their wtdiit. She went briskly
iout the box and in just thirty-nine
conds announced that n verdict had
!fn rem Ik d and that the jury found
ill defmdnnt gullt lie was Hcntenccd
a nine months in jail.
The heennd iai' i ailed in Uie bandit
ourt .f an alleged "dtlck up" man,
iVilliaw Smette utilised of having
ibbcd William ltrooks. of Twcnty-
ourth and Tedeial streets, on the night
f October 21 at Twenty -fourth and
wford stn i ts.
Senator "Sam" Salus, representing
le prisoner, pie unntorially challenged
If two woinin juims, and men were
if In tlulr nlrnes
The hrK him- tilid in the criminal
Jhlpinn iif tin' Mimic inal Point, where
Miss (iftingcr M'lved as foremnn, with
Miss imlc rieming of 1336 Crcsson
Mreet as nnntlier member of the juty,
i-ren out of a collision between a mo
tnrrflo nnd n trnrlt.
Jlnrthcw Tucker, diuer of a truck,
nfl (Jsenr Mnarer, the motorojclist,
i re nenbocl cif nault and battery.
ccause a man and his six-j car-old
raudilnimhter had hepn inliired when
he two u hie lex mlllded.
T " jur delhierutid thirty-five min
tf kfore Miss Ottinirer announced
m ihc hud readied u erdlct. It was
I l' the case of Tucker and
n' Riii ' in that of Shearer.
M (it iii0'cr, who whs sworn In a
miii iMrllc-r than Miss Patter-
n wa lie lirst woni.in imnr. as well
n the fi i woman iur foieman, to be
liown , the I'liiliidelnliia courts.
Crowd riodis to Seo Foreman
The iriininal braiuh of the Muuicl-
a I )lllt ulliili linu in .1 i, till cinfill
Ifflldcrs lieuipst. tlm Inuo dtu l llnnm
'711 flic neWK M)nn uctil rnnnil till)
orrldois tlmt Mivs Ott-lngcr hnd been
pi ns liireninn of the jury wliicli
i j cases more toiiny, ami tieopio
'd to tlu ODiii t loom for n glinipso
ne nttructiM' joung woman who
id haie to M't piisoncrs free or send
n to jail
11S.S OttillCPl linrn Imw liAnnra lRnrl.
vl, thuiiih not riuito unbjushlngly.
" us uiiirougiilj "game," liowoer,
nl took her seut in the jury box with
nt U tremor nflor im l,i linnn nvitm.
nrd and accepted for hervicc.
i6s i inning upccptcd service on tnc
irj Willinjjlj also, nnil pntprpd tlm
mm uiieinbarrasd by the stares and
Miles of the croud.
h m ,..
'-" l'l ' T l lllnnn n (in ,nnnl
... iMiiinti ii,, it,,- i,llk-
Ilarilshurg, Jan. 'A. Somebodv has
been doing a prodigious amount of fak
ing about the Philadelphia charter nnd
Its nccotnpanjliig. statutes.
This Is appiuent on the eve of the
opening of the Legislature.
Hither thai or there are soini' l'hltn.
delphla politicians who lire iincou
scloush conceding that thev niiicle wit
lings of themselves.
Tho outstanding fenture will be the
very instructive lesson that all this will
teach flic people.
The nronli. of Philadelnhla nniticii-
iill'lj .
It will show how rapidly professional
politicians can make n rightabout face:
Defy the people at one session and then
playfully chuck 'em under tho chin nt
the next.
At the legislative session two years
ngo Senator V'nrc and his friends fought
the amended charter with teeth, toes
and clnws.
John It. K. Scott, the Cicero of the
Vare delegation, made the three-ton
chandeliers of the House fairly tremble
witn liis Jctiunciations of it.
According to Ilcprcscntativc Scott, It
was a misbegotten thing and he called
upon his fellow members to strangle It
at its birth.
He put the gipsy cur.se on it all right,
all right! Hut It wouldn't stick.
It Is Falsehood or Mistake
Now, and this Is the paramount
question. Was John It. K. Scott tell
ing a falsehood then, or are the Vare
people, since dwakencd, acknowledging
that they made n spectacle of themselves
when they fought the charter?
Ilccause Senator Vare Is for the
charter. , That is, he will oppose nny
changes. This would signify that he
nnd his friends ar' satisfied with it.
According to published Interviews,
the senator and Ills friends have joined
hands "with the opponents of Major
Moore's plan to make some changes In
that instrument.
There arc provisions in the civil
service law wlilpb Mnor Moore feels
hamper ids work. They defeat his de-
Hire for reform.
The Vare people in the IIousp who are
now linked up with the Judge Ilrown
Cunningham combination will see to
it, if they can. that the .Major win
lime to wish for thesp change.
Thin!! iiai ni i ....in if stiiiititnr Viire s
ffrlcnds nnd Judge Ilrown enn help it.
Of (ourt.e. tlmt is perfectly natural.
It is strikingly unnatural, though, for
the Vare people to fight for the new
charter this j ear when they fought so
xtrpimnimlv In hrnln It two onrs, ago.
Meantime rx-Representative Scott
has offered neither alibi nor defense.
The session of lllll) was memorable,
for It produced the new charter. The
present session will be mixed, or per
haps I should say scrambled.
All Fixed for Cnucu
Philadelphia v. Ill (loom large. It Is
bound to llnp not only a finger, but a
whole fist. In the legislative pic before
Speaker Spnngler announces final ad
journment. For "Speaker" Spongier it will be.
Hvcrj tiling has been laid out for the
members of the Legislature In advance.
The details have beep mapped with the
accuracy of a blue print.
When the Republican caucus meets
tonight its members will do ns they arc
told. All the officers have been chosen.
They'll merely ratify.
The Democrats arc so few and so
badlv scared over the tremendous Re
publican majority that they nrc not even
going to go through the time-honored
farce of nominating n speaker.
There is one proposal to come up
later that will touch every home In
Philadelphia wherp there are children.
It is to Increase the school jenr to
ten full months instead of nine, or ap
proximate!) nine, ns nt present.
July and August will be the only n
catiou months.
In the country schools n nine-month
Will Confer With Sproul and
Seoks State-Wide Support for
Laws to Break Vice Ring
Continued on I'nice Nix, Column Two
Discovery of Canaries Leads to
Proof of Accidental Death
on Parrish Street
Vara Would Keep 'Kick'
in Sick Man's Liquor
A bill designed to present tho doc
toring or ndultcmtion of the sick
man's liquor was Introduced today
by Representative Vare in Washing,
ton. Specifically, It would stop the
manufacture or sale for medicinal
purposes of whisky containing less
than 45 per cent of alcohol.
In n letter to Chairman Volstead,
if the House jildlclary committee,
Mr. Vare declared there had been
wholesale violations of the medici
nal provisions of the enforcement
nit and that great harm had resulted
to pntlents for whom liquor had been
Declares Britain Would Have
Strongest Sea Power and
Alliance With Japan
Tustin Lists Five for Decapita
tion as Mayor Confers
With His Aides
1" new li.indit Court.
ue excuse ci
Three asked
I'd)) at Home Good Excuso
The Six Wllllll'll Clllll.,1 fill. lupiImii i.rn
"'lies Diamond, stenographer, :!8.'10
':" "",", eitii. i;hlmiu, btore-
?Tt: "'-l Woodland avenue; i:iba-
iu!,l,li)", 21:11 Green street:
"VinO. I I Is II I Onn.u I,,.. 1J.I1
;0'itli lorn sixth 'stieet; May "ft.
i,i " " ""Potion, 1K02 Spring
'anion 1 ,.,,,, .,,. ,,,,, .,' .
,crk "ii mi. ...i,..nw u, -,
M i. 1 U,,," sllctt
.!".' imm '"'Kged to be excused.
nm.?."i.S,.l ""N- s1'' lin,l ' -hHll at
"ni'i nli 1 1 i-iiniiro.i ..,-.. 1 ..i. .11.1
'nut .... . -,......, .ui., miii our mil
C ?""' ,".. ''"i'V? Hicrifice lier baby
i,(tjz. " lining ner tuny ns a
r'rgnson M nm ,,,. ,, . ,,!,,
''"in" to hri b0r,. ml ).,. uttlu
ninpx'!,?,r''.rf ;'J'."p?.r"! ,'"1 MI vnni
...' " "i" men was iiiikcii v
'I'l... I. ..!.... .. '.
CAnni Itnl.
I he judge let her
"Win 1I11I Herself Slili"
Ihe Hind reqii.st 1r exemption enme
i,r 1 , ., 1 "i. f'" woikk ns a
in r. "; ,' V"ty """"" k. her
"' T MM II II lllll, II, II1..I
, .l . .. ' '. J""h'-, llllll
'l llllll II ll,.r
unpi I. .. 11
'"' 111111 her
nIio lias
ier Imnendiiii;
health Is in
clmurer i "' '" ' I'dHlll is in
liottril , 1" ',,lr"!,',wns uirt. and
iff ',", ",'l"f h..i the indge
.!.'" '" 'I I III '-'il mi I 11. inv
:. ,! fn' ',!!' ""I"1" 'illul In appear
Court n . J M'r'.1" '' "oiiimou Pleus
1.1 II. ---.. .a.,.,
-' ... nu Niroi.t n i.... ...Kn en. .
---., . Hii.uinuiiirr. nne
"illnurri cm l'ai Two. Column n,f 'qui-N', xvbh nmJc'
Twenty dead canary birds in his room.
enabled detectives to determine that
the death of Theodore Pfund, fifty-five
years old, of 018 Parrish street, had
been due to gas.
Pfund, who roomed on the third floor
of a lodging house conducted b Mrs.
Reekie Weiss, was found lying on the
floor at 8 o'clock this morning by Pa
trolman Herman, who broke down the
door after Pfund had failed to respond
to Mrs. Weiss' calls.
At first It was believed Pfund hwl
died of heart disease, as there was little
or no gas in his room. Detectives 'lltus
and Kearse, of the Tenth and Huttou
wood streets station, later discovered
that Pfund's twenty canary birds laj
dijAd In their cages.
A further Investigation showed the
jet of n gas heater was open. It is be
lieved Pfund lighted the heater, the sup
ply of gas was exhausted, and a quarter
was placed in .the meter causing the
gas to How again while Pfund was
The detectives uencvo ne wus uwuk
ened by the gas, and was trying to reach
the door of his room when he was over
come. He was pronounced dead at
Hahnemann Hospital. After the mun
had been overcome, It is believed, the
supply of gas again was exhausted,
explaining why the gun bad clcured from
tho room when patrolmen discovered
Pfund's body.
Seven other persons were killed by
gas in the city jesterday and last night.
IMward W. Jenney, fifty-three jeurs
old, of O.'U Iluttonwood street, a
chemist, was found dead last night by
his wife and daugtltcr wnen uiey re
turned home. He was discovered dead
in a chair in his room, das ebcaped
from a jet. The police believe death
was accidental. . .
The other six victims weie:
George Morris, thirty-eight cars old,
a roomer nt a house on Mt. Vernon
street near Tenth; Florence McAvoy,
thirty-eight jcarH, of Florence, N. J. ;
nn unidentified man. dark-complexioned,
about forty-five j ears old; .lames
Glenn, thlity years old, of Elmlra, N.
J ; Frank G. Raucl. of Mnth street
nboo RcrkH, and Nathan A. Stras
sinan. twent) -seven sears old, of
Elghlli street near Rockland.
The tragedy in which three lost their
lives occurred in Morris' room nt the
Mt Vernon stieet house; Glenn was
asphyxiated In a house on Arch street
below Eighteenth.
Tin. police believe the denths of all
but Rauol and Strnsslnan to have been
Marriage Tonight to Result From
Peculiar Legacy
San Francisco, Jan. JL-r-To have a
husband left ou b) a woman friend ns
n deathbed legacy is a proceeding with
n doubtful outcome.
In the case of Mrs, Lillle 1 I errls,
of this city, the secpiel upholds the tes
tator's plan The man in the case.
Orren V. Shenfer. w.is willing, mi the
wedding bells will ring tonigni.
Mrs. Shenfer nnd Mrs. Ferris were
lifelong friends. In Mrs Sheafer's
IHiiess a J ear ngo Mrs. Ferris gme
her devoted caie. With the realb.a
tion that her life was ebbing 11 wax
1 nine the leiiieinbrnnce of the old prov
ib; . , .
1 I thou Ime thv fneiiil. then
give him that which thou dost value
Of" her possessions Mrs, Shcafer
prl.ed her husband most, 80 the be
Finthcr in pending changes in the
city departments were announced by
members of the Mayor's cabinet today
after n conference with Major Moore.
Directoi Tustin, of the Department
of Welfare, said he would dismiss about
five, more men, connected with the
bureau of iccrcatlon, who he is con
vinced are dlslojnl to the administra
tion. About thirty-five dismissals have
been made to date in Mr. Turin's de
partment. Director Sproule, of wharves and
docks, said he Is investigating the lojal
tj of employes there, and would dis
miss nny ho finds nre not gUing t heir
undivided alleginnce to the administra
tion. Director Cncn, of public works,
hinted that he, too, may have wrac
dismissals to announce a little Inter,
but was not jet ready to make nnj -thing
Corteljou to Add to Forco
Director Corteljou had no dluniihsnls
to announce, but, instead, made public
the fact that about scventj new patrol
men are to be appointed during the
present week.
"Only men of the highest typo will
be selected." said the director, "men
itv n Staff Correspondent
Ilnrrlsburg, Jan. .'. Phlladelphlans
arriving for the organisation of Hie
Legislature tomonow bring word that
Major Moore and (Soxeimir Sproul will
discuss the city administration's pro
grnm ot legislation in conference
Those here who have talked to the
Major quote him as saying Philadel
phia will ask for borne legislation nt
this session, but the Major is not going
to stand about In Harrisburg with his
hat In his hand. He will look for sup
port from the decent, law-abiding citi
zens of the state to help Philadelphia in
the battle for clean city go eminent.
It develops that ono of the reasons
for the Mayor's appeal to the state at
largo is that he wants state-wide co
opelfttive effort to win legislation di
rected at wiping out nny collusion ex
isting, bptween police nnd the vice and
gambling rings nnd alo agnlnst drug
selling and using nnd the currying of
A call for enactment of a law sim
ilar tn the Sullivan law of New York
Is in the minds of Philadelphia' officials
a law which would encl a thug to'jau
even if his only known oiTenM was the
carrjing of a concealed weapon.
May See Harding In South
While in Florida the Mayor expects
to meet not only Gowinnr Sproul, but
other nrmuincnt men. Including John
Wnnnninker. It Is not without Interest
that President-elect Harding also will
be In ITondn and near the same place.
City Solicitor Smjtli will accompany
the Major on the triu South tonight.
While they are awnj they expect to
map out their legislative program and
get the data in shape for drafting into
bills. The Mnor looks for no difficulty
in having his bills properly Introduced
Into the Legislature. He told friends
n numluip n( Phll.'i.lpl nlilii leclslntors. In
nddition to his recognized nllles, had
voluntaiily offcid to handle legislation.
Governor Sproul is exectecl to nr
ric from Philadelphia this afternoon.
Upon his arrixal he will ge Into con
ference with Stnte Chairman Crow,
Members Caucus Tonight
Philadelphia's complete delegation of
forty -one representatives nnd eight
senators Is expected to take part In to
night's Republican caucus for the har
monious organization tomoirow of the
Harmony appears to be the watch
word, but ecn so there Is 11 ripple over
the apparently smooth sea of state poll-
tlru 'I'liW IS COUHOU DV 11 Ill-U-linmuil
among the lenders as to whether or not
to adopt Senator Penrose's suggestion
for an adjournment on April 2i. Gov
ernor Sproul and his friends uljo wnnt
an earlv adjournment a "quick and
snnppv 'legislative session" ; but they
do not waut to be caught in a trap;
thev don't, want their legislative pro
gramthe chief items of which arc
revlbion of the 1 onstitutlon and a larger
provision for the Mate's school njs
tem backing and filling about the
11ini.n nii.l Simintn nlllv to 1)0 faced in
the last days of April with a definite
date for adjournment. This, it is
His Dramatic Appearance
Causes Mild Sensation
on Floor
Ry a Staff Correspondent
Washington, Jnn. ft, Senator Pen
rose made a dramatic and unexpected
appearance on the Senate floor today,
causing a mild sensation nmong Senate
attaches, clerks and fellow senntors.
He reached the Capitol shortly before
noon in his big red car, and was
wheeled to his office and from there to
the Senate chamber. Reaching the en
hance to the Senate, he walked to his
This was at 11 ;fi0. He was at once
the center of a throng of pages, clerks
and officials who crowded up to shake
his hand.
"Penrose is here."
Word went through conldois nnd
galleries in n moment, nnd there wns
n craning of necks to see him. Senator
Smoot. the oriTv senator in the chamber
when he arrived, wns the lirst of his
colleagues to greet him. A few minutes
Inter Senators Kellogg, of Minnesota,
nnd Phipps, of Colorado, hastened over
to greet him. Other senators came up
singly or In small groups as they arrived
and recognized him.
Senator Thomas, Democrat, of Colo
rado, leaned over his desk and chatted
with him for several minutes.
Penrose brought n packet of resolu
tions and other documents with him.
He got to his feet nnd wns about to
present them, when Senator Hdge, of
New Jersey, got the floor.
Cordial Rut Dignified Reception
Penroso looked over the galleries,
chatted with Senator Oronna, of North
Dakota, who sat beside him. and np-
neared to take a normal Interest In the
proceedings. The Senate, always re
served, gave him as cordial a recep
tion as It would accord to any member
unckr Ilka circumstances. In the House
a lender returning to service after a
Contlnurii on Vngr Three. Column Two
Former Forestry Head Calls on
Marlon, O.. Jan. a. (Ry A P.)
Again centering his nttention upon do
mestic problems, President-elect Hard
ing gavo most of his time today to a
minute canvass of the legislative sit
uation. Resides consulting Senator
Cuitis, of Knnsns, Republicnu whip in
(lie Sennte. cullers 'on his engagement
t wero Clifford Finchot. former chief
date for adjournment, aius, ii ia )ist uoru oifford Finchot. former ciile
figured, might conceivably result In u ((f tIl1 for08try service; Paul I). Cra
blocking of -ome portions of the Gov- i of N(w Ynrki ,, uoprr&t.nta
ernor's program. 'lie Governor does T 1P of Iown,
not want It blocked, explained his ""
friends, and he doiss want his program
idoptcfl as soon ns possible.
Penrose leaders aie meeting opposi
ttnn tln iilnn of tixinc a definite date
'nf n.Hnii rnim.nl xilth the argument that
I tho dltte maj be changed later if that
li. npppsmnv.
"The Legislature," said one of tli'
members, "controls its own net ions. It
can chalige the date. Meanwhile the
setting of n definite date will spud
things up."
Dr. James .1. lleliernnn, icpreseiu i
ihn will oUi their best efforts to liollco l-lin from Hie Fortv-foul th ward, in
business, nnd realize its importance to Mvecl this afternoon. He urged quick
tho community."
Major Moore said he would issue a
statement later.
Capture One of Six in Exciting
Scramble and Many Upsets
Residents near eighteenth nnd York
streets were amus,etl earlj today by the
efforts of five patiolnien from the
Twenty-sixth and York streets station
to capture six squealing pigs. The pigs
bud escaped from u herd of 300 being
driven to u pork pinking establishment
at Germantown avenue and Ljcomiug
After numerous futile attempts to
capture the pigs one of the drivers no
tified the police. Street Sergcnnt An
derson, together with Patrolman Har
mon, Russ, Kravltz, Funds and Waters,
answered the summons.
The playful dipnsltlrn of the pigs
caused several of tho patrolmen to lose
their sense of dignity us well ns their
balance. Sergeant Anderson proved to
be the hero of the ocensiom He mic
cessfullj lassoed one of the iiigs. The
remaining five eluded the police. The)
vunished nnd pork meals bccmed to be
In prospect at five homes.
Customers Waiting for 'Shave Get
Thirty Days on Gambling Charge
Thirtj duj.s is n long time for a
Two patrolmen from tjie I ninth
street and Snjder uvenue station were
passing the burner shop oi liniij mi
Ui ni "111 South Seventh btreet. jes-
tcrdav afternoon when they heard tho
loiind of falling coins and galloping dice
mining from the floor within.
When thev entered to investigate they
found the barber's chairs occupied, a
waiting group of "nexts," and tho pro
prietor politely asking of the custo
mers Now will that bo all, gents?"
That was not quite all, Hach of thu
seven "gents" wero given thirty dujs
in jail by .Magistrate Raker this morn
ing, and the polite barber was held in
$1100 bail for ii further hearing Sundayi
Itrlstol, Va.-Tcnn., Jan. 3 (Hy
A. P. Republican leaders from the
southeastern states who were under the
jurisdiction of Congressmnn C. Rns
com Slemp during the national )oIltlcnl
campaign have been called to meet in
Rristol next Saturday to indorse Mr.
Slemp for appointment to a portfolio
in President-elect Harding's cabinet.
action nnd a speedy adjournment.
May Ro Test of Strength
Philadelphia's forty-nine legislators
nre expected to help in solving this
problem today before the caucuses be
gin at 0 p. in. The situation Is this:
If the Governor's friends feel that the
earlv adjournment idua is onh a Mibtle
scheme! to stifle tho administration s
plans, then a tebt of strength between
the strictly Penrose members and tho
Governor's friends may develop in to
night's House aliens. It was said that
that was not ceitain It is only some
thing htnt uiiiv happen. The question
will be settled hnnlly in n conference
between Governor Sp.'oul mid State
Chairman Crow. They nave vlelcled to
Senator Penrose on the speakership and
they will decide now whether oi not
tiio enrly adjournment date of April 27
Is satisfaclorv .
Some friends of the Governor pointed
out that by cutting out the recess for the
presidential itiaugurntion unci th cus
tnmnry I'nhter recess they could get
everj thing thiough to a ical vote and
still udjniiin on April 27.
If il Is ugreed thnt no berioii" ob
stacles will be encountered bj the ad
ministration forces a resolution will be
introduced In tonight's caucuses, fixing
an enrlj date for adjournment, unci this
will be unanimously adopted. Other
wise there may be a fight. It appears
tnnt the Governor and Chairmnn Crow
weie not represented when Penrose
named Apt 11 27 as the day.
Onlj two Phlladelphlans had arrived
( nntlnunl on I'll up SU, Column 1'our
Postponement Granted After Cor
poration Denies Insolvency
Judge Thompson In the Federal Court
today postponed indefinitely hearing on
the netitloil of creditors of tho Philn
delphla Auditorium and Ice Palace
Corporation, Fortj -fifth and Market
streets, that the corpoiatlon be adjudged
n bankrupt. The solvencj of the cor
poratlon must now be decided by jurj
The corporation in its answer denied
insolvency. It pointed to nominal ns
sets of ffrm.im and liabilities of
S.1(lfl.!HI7(. showing an apparent net
bnlniicc of ?2l:i,:i30.
Welsh Girl Who Nearly Lost Her
Husband Weds In Texas
Miss Ann Helen Ilight. the Welsh
cirl who cume to this country four
weeks ngo on the Amcricun Line steam
ship Haverford, arrived in Troupe,
Texns. on Christmas night nnd was
mnrrled to C. R. Mnlors the next day.
This information was received nt the
nptentlnn House of the Immigration
Riireau nt Gloucester, where Miss
Hlulit w.ns held for n week due to in
biiflieient funds to proceed to Texns. In
a letter from Miss Hight to the matron
of tho Detention House.
Miss Ilight wroto that "her sweet
heart had met her nt the station, that
ho had a nice home on bis form nnd she
is mire she is going to be hnppv."
Tho Welsh girl, who Majors met
while overseas, came to this country
expressly to marry him.
Alleged Peddler Wounded When At
tempt Was Made to Kill Him
The trial of Felix Cnrdiillo, alleged
trafficker In drugs, wns postponed in
definitely todnj by Federal Judge Dick
inson, because Curilullo Is confined to
his home with n bullet wound in the
Cardullo wns shot when two meil
tried to kill him as he was eating m
a restaurant on Chrijtiun street, cast
of Ilroail, several nights age?. Six idiots
were fired through the restauriint win
low, but Cardullo dodged under n table
at the first shot and only one bullet
found Its mark
When Cardullo wns arrested nnd fed
eral agents declared they found quan
tities of drugs In his possession, Car
dullo refused to appear In Federal
Court for trial when summoned, and
Ins .f2,"00 bail bond was ordered for
feit d He was then anested nn a
bench warrant ami Judge Dickinson
placed him under $21500 ball to appear
for trial.
New Director of Bureau of Mines
Washington. Jan :t (Ry A P 1
II Foster Rain, of California was
nominated today bj President Wilson
to be director of the bureau of mines,
lie succeeds Frederick O. Cottrell, who
rcslgtied last week.
Ry the Associated Press
Washington. Jon .1. Sccietary
Dnnielx xnlcl tnilnv Hint so far as he
had been advised Piesident Wilson was
not considering the calling of n world
disarmament conference.
Reiterating his opposition to the
Roroh resolution looking to n reduction
of naval building by Grent Rrltnln, Ja
pan nnd the I'nlted Stntes, the naval
secretary said :
"Such a move would amount to noth
ing less than another alliance, for these
three nations fr-ould still wield the
nnvnl balance of power of the world.
"The remainder of the nations could
reasonably be expeetul to form an en
tente," snid Mr. Daniels, "ana thus
we would soon have a condition Identi
cal to that which caused the world
Wants Navy First In World
"As for the 1 'nited States talking
about ledui lug or limiting its navy until
It is seu)ond to no tuition in the world
in seapower such a move Is almost be
vond thought. We hnve no thought
thnt Great Rrltaiu In insisting on the
mastery 1 of the seas menaces the
I'nlted States, but Great Rrltain could
well nfforcl to favor un ngrcement to
curtail naval building today, for such
an ugreement would leave her with a
navy ulmost twiie as powerful c nnv
other in the world, in nddition to the
fact that she has an nlliance with Ja
pan. "That nlllnnce probably does not
mean danger to the I'nlted States, but
it exists, mid if these three nations
should agiee to limit nnvnl building to
day the Riitish nnvj alone would be
much supierior to ours, while the com
bined Japanese and Rritish navies
would overshadow- the American sea
Defer Action on Rorah Plan
Senator Roioh's disarmament resolu
tion wns eonsideied today bv the Sen
ate foieign relations committee, but
finnl nction wns deferred.
Senntor Rorah said after the com
inlttpo session, which was secret, that
considerable sentiment developed In the
commltte to Include Francs- and Italy
In the disarmament negotiations, which
the President would be asked to ini
tiate. Another disiiiuinuient resolution, thnt
of Senator Wnlsh, of Montana, will
come before the committee. This resolu
tion proposed thn tthe President be re
quested to appoint nn American repre
sentative on the disarmament com
mittee of the League of Nntions
Senntor Hitchcock, ranking Demo
cratic member of the committee, an
nounced thnt he would request Senntor
Walsh's appearance before tho commit
tee when the latter's resolution wns
taken up. Democrats genernllv nre dis
posed to favor the Walsh resolution, al
though they have indicated no hostility
to thnt of Senntor Rorah.
Tariff lllll Taken Up
With Siiialor Penrose, chairman of
the Senate finance committee, back in
the Semite lifter nn absence of more
than n jenr occasioned hv illness, the
committee prepaid! to begin lousidera-
tion today of the emergenc) tarill lit 1 1
recently passed bv the House. While
other members of the committee have
not revealed their attitude on the meas
ure. Si nator Penrose, in n statement
made after his arrival here several dajs
ago from Atlantic Cltj , indicated he
did not look favorably on the selection
of a few commodities for nppliciition of
high tuiff rates in advance of general
tariff levlsion He expressed the opinion
that the uitlre tariff question should be
given di libel ate consldeiatioii as a
"Thirteen" a Hoodoo?
Not for a Limericker
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Delaware County
1trf llcrc'n Her lAm'rkk
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knead douqh, but doughnut re
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Of course, if you don't want
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you do
Secretary Merely an Appreciative
Guest, He Tells President
Riienos Aires, Jan 3. (Ry A P)
Mutual declarations of warm friendship
between the Lnited States nnd Argen
tina nnd the exchange of toasts to
Presidents Wilson and lrlgo.ven marked
brief addresses of Seneir Torello. acting
foreign iiutilstii, and Rainbiidge Colbv .
American secretary of state at a ban
quet here last night. Members of the
Argentina cabinet and of .vir. t olbj s
party weie present.
Mr. Colbj, who visited Itrnzil and
I'ruguny as a personal emissary of
President Wilson, returning officuil
visits, de'ciibed his cnil here as thnt
of "emlj nn admiring anel appreciative
guest pnssing a few brief hours in jour
midst, but long enough to deliver a
message of the friendship and good will
I benr joii "
Senor Torello described as an "un-
forgettable token of friendship" tho
courtesies extended by tin- I niteel States
during tin- war when she offered un
escort of war vessels to the Aigentina
battleship Rlvndavia during a visit of
that vessel to the 1'iiitcd States on nn
Important mission.
Mr. Colby's departure for the United
States has been tixed for tonight.
Mother Thinks Eccentric Son
Start for Italy
No word haB been received of Elliott
Penrose Junes, of West Chester, Pa.,
who left his home, despite the presume
of u polies guard, last Thursday.
I lis mother believes that he inicht
have gone to Italy . where his cousin.
Count Maurice Kzlemit-ekl, icsldes.
Mrs. Jones sa.vs that she did not think
that her son had enough money to see
his way clenr te tnke tills trip, but that
it was possible he might hnve bonowed
from friends. She tei ins his condition
us un "illusion," uud thinks that he
will return when he realizes that he is
neede d by his fnmilv .
A thorough starch of Philadelphia
hotels nnd the surrounding country is
being made bj the police.
Cabinet to Take Up Scheme for
Rectifying Exchange Rates
tandnn, .Tan 3 (Rj A. P.) A
comprelieiisi.-e scheme for the establish
ment of credit bonds and oilier pio
posnls having for their object rectifica
tion of foreign exchange rates is under
stood to hnve been submitted bv Sir
Robert S. Horue, president of the bouiel
of trade, ut a conference todaj with
leading financiers of the imiutn.
Sir Robert invited criticism, as n ie
sult of w hiih, it is nntii ipntid. a plan
will shortlv be placed before the eub
inet nnil. If udoptecl, will have the buck
ing of Riitish fiiiiiucii is nnd iusiiriim e
magnates It is hoped the scheme niso
will nssist materially in solving the
unemploj ment problem.
Wilson Not Convinced Benefit to
Farmers Would Offset
Evils of Method
Ry the Associated Press
Washington. Jnn .". President Wil
son today vetoed the Gionnn resolu
tion to revive the war finance corpora
tion. Hl message aciompniiving the
veto follows;
To the Senate of the Fluted States;
I am ie turning without my signa
tine S J Res. 212. "Joint Reso
lution eliiecting the war finnne
corpointlon to tnke certnin nction for
the relief of tlie 'piescnt depression
in the agricultural sections of the
country, nnd for other purposes."
The joint resolution directs the rr
viwil of the activities of the wnr
llnnnce corporation This corpora
tion is n governmental agency Its
capital stock is owned entirely by the
Fniti'd States. It was en ntcd dur
ing hostilities for war purposes. The
temporary powers which it is now
proposed to revive- were- conferred in
March, 11IRI,, to nssjst if necessnry
in the financing of exports.
The general powets of tho coipora
tion expire six months nfter the ter
mlnntlon of the win, and the special
poweis, with respei t to the financing
of exports, expire one year nfter the
termination of the war. While wo
are teshuicall) still in u stnte of war,
it unqiiestionablv was presumed,
when this added power wns granted,
thnt pence would have been formally
pioclaimed before this time and thnt
the limitation of om )cnr would have
Suspended Advances In CMny, 1020 '
In Mil), 1020, in view of the fact
that expent trade had not been inter
rupted but had greatlv expanded, ami
that exports weie being privately
financed in large volumes, the war
finance- corpoiatlon, at the request
of the secretarv of the trensurv nnd
with ni) uppinvnl, suspended the
making of mlviiiues.
This i (-solution was passed by the
Congress apparently in view of the
lecent sudden mid considerable fnll
in prices, cspcciall) of agricultural
commodities, with the thought that
some European countries to which
certain pi mine ts were customarily
shipped before the war might again be
enabled to resume their importation,
and thut larger musses of domestic
exports' to Europenn cviuiitries
genernllv might be- stimulated with
the li-siilting enhancement of domestic
I urn in full svmpatliv with everv
sounel proposal, to promote foreign
trade niong sound business lines I
am not convinced thnt the method
propositi is wise, that the benefits,
if anv, would offset the evils which
would ri'siilt, or that the same or
linger ndvniitngcs cannot be seemed
without lcsnit to government inter
vention. On the contrary I appre
hend thnt the ie sumption of the cor
pointum's uctivities ut this time
would exert no beneficial influence on
the situation in which iiupiincmcnt
is sought, would tillse false hopes
among tin- veiv people who would
expect most, uml would be hurtful
to the natural mid niileil) proc ossi s
of business unci linnnce.
WASHINGTON, Jan 3. The leoolution to levive the Wat
rinauce Coipointion was passed today by the Senate over Piesideut
Wilson's veto. The vote was taken immediately after the Pie&i
deut's veto message was lead. Similar action by the House vvni
forecast by suppoiteis of the lesolution, which was designed as
an aul to t'armcis ami othcis in the juesent peiiod ot declining
pi lies. The vote to ovenlde the Piesident was 03 to 5, or nine
teen moie than the icquiied two-thirds majoiity.
D'Annunzio Legionaries Are DIs- Negotiations for New Wage Agree
armed by Provisional Government ment Expected This Week
Trieste. Jan. 3. Exchange of prls-! Wilkes-Rarre, Pa. Jan 3 -dtv A
oilier taken during the lighting atP ) It Is expected Hint negotiations
1..I.....A l.iiu Itnnt.n lit) ....!...... 1...I I . .
r Willi- - ... h. ....... iriiuicii. win; mr nn increase in wages asked for In
suri.iiu.-ir.., ...u, ..... ...... iuiii-1 iwiiig ti, tutted Mine Wenkeis will be re
returned o Hiune Order is being Hmf.( IlDollt ,. ,,, r ,
maintained in the cit) bv special po ll(.,or,,I1K , ,,,, Ullrk(rs ,, V,,'. ,
lice organied b) the national I'ouncil , , , .' . ' " '"
The picnisional government of Fiu.no '.cores i.t iri , tf ' "''i'1".'"
began disarmament of the legionaries , w J r ' ,, l i, I', ".1"r"1 '"
today, and the regulars entered the cltv "uJ,"'t n"J '"'luai.ities under the p.es-
lnst nicht to collect the arms Inkeo
The legionaries will leave Flume today
uml will 1" Ink' ii lo I Villi
Within live dajs nemo of the poet's
troops, with whom ho has held Finnic
agaiust the world for sixteen months,
will i cumin,
cut awurd
The board of mu illul inn conipoei
of opei Blurs mid miner. is inciting
here toduj to tBke up miHine niutterH
It 1b expretcd the question nf fixing
a day for resuming the wage confer
ences will be considered.
Opposes Further Credits
Large government credits urr
extended eliiiing the wnr to tertmn
Eiiiopenn governments nssoi iiiteel
with us in the stiuggle These eeusecl
several months after the armistice,
except foi e oinniitnieiits nlreadv iniule.
Thev slnuild not now be- re'simml,
e Itln I elite etlv or llldiree 1 1 . The re
cent Rriissels conference, composed
of experts from main European conn
tues uml from either tuitions iisi If
cxpressid tin- opinion thnt fuillier
e ie dits- should not be ui c circled di
tcttl) bv governments I do not he-lie-ve
Ihiil they should be in corded
iiuliK i th
Expeu is of domestic products have"
ur declined Sinn tin' urmistiic On
the eeiiitiarv ilov have grciilh in
ci east i I'lom un aggregate value
be tore tin war of .s than two and
a half billions of ilolluis unci of about
six billions the lllsl vear of hostili
ties, tlliv lose in the clllenclai M'llr
I'll'.l to moie than seven billion niim
hunched million, md this limine will
piobablv be exceeded for the lust ,nl
einlur vear For the first i Ii m n
mouths of the lust iiilendar win wo
evpotttd mole 1 1 11 n seven mid i lul'f
billion clulliirs worth ot doine she
I mil lout il tin I'hkp Two I uluinil lliren
Governor Again Calls Special Ses
sion to Act on Appointments
Trenton, N. .1.. .Inn 3 I Itv P )
lioveinor Edwards toduv again niileil
a spuiiil stssioii of the Si nine foi Weil
oesiiav nt noon to . onsidei niiriiin -tion
of his appoint, os to the st.iti board
of public utilitv c mniiiisHioners in phn e
of th" members In ousted nnd whose
uppeul is now p ndiiig in the Court of
Eirors Tin Senile ut u special scs
-loll lulled 1 the goveriioi hs nf.ll
re fused to eouliiiii tin- iioiuiuntioiis
It, Is belli'ved Unit tin- goveiimr in
e tilling IlllOtllel spei llll si sse)i lilts i eu
son to belii'Ve that llicie will he suffi
cient votes now lo i onrtrm his appoint
ments i "
Today's Don'loinnent'i
in "atiouul Capital
Piesident WiNon vetoed Hie reso
lution to revive tin win limine e cor
pointlon Secietnrv Ibnm-ls nguiii attacked
the proposed "nnvnl holiday."
Tin I torn h ilisaruiaiiient ii-snliitlon
wns i ciiisiilered bv tlm Scuntc For
eign Relations Comiuiltee. No finnl
il. e isloii wns rem heel
The Semite eoal 'iiqiilrj will be r
silinecl tomonow
The Semite immigration eiuninittest
began hearings on the Johnson bill.
When you tlitnh nf wrlllnr
think uf VWUIIMI, -Adv.
' '(
j i
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