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Si?r tonlfil'ti roolcr Saturday.
lrtiifWT I7fl 177 I 1 I
Eitenmg public Ife&ger
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ynT,. VIL-NO. 225
Entered ai Btcond-Claes Matter t the J'oMofflw. et PhlladclphU. Pa.
Under the Act ot March n. 1870
fublUhod Dally Kxcept Bunaay. Bubeerlptlon Price 18 a Tear by Wall.
Copyrltht, 1021. by Public Ladcer Company.
. . .. . h
t,t,--i rn.tfrv nnmD )'
ri.Ljtli XWU Vv.CiJcxiAO J,
'.ester Newhall Can't Remem-
ber Shooting "
Ho Tolls Police
.., -rnn nCARI Y
inVED Htn i"" uun""' ;
Button Picture Oavo Accused
Man Courage wiu..
After Flight
Drank Himself to Unconscious
ness After Phono operator
fused New YorK i rip
fad Lifted From Heart,
Says Slain Girl's Mother
"JfowhaU'a capture has lifted n
ltd from my heart." said Mrs.
KuyHoward, mother of .Tospphlnc
gotrwdYtho murderrd telephone op-
5 fwl ne is PHy despite his
mteiUtlooB ef innoeenee."
lbt Howard. Josephine's pld
i bother, said: "All his plens
mot tare him from tho chnlr. no
in.J .(tf.r Ercrxr one in the
tHjjnborhood believes Newhall shot
Jowphjiie. IM'll nave a lougn crac
tmUunlng to th detectives and glv-h-i
an account of his movements
tint tltht."
Cortelyou Name3 Lt. Van Horn
Acting Captain in Northeast
and Orders "Clean-Up"
Pollrp reorganization. In the Northeast
w-ns ordered today by Director Cortel
you. with Major Moore's sanction.
Lieutenant .Tosoph W. Van Horn,
known as "a clenn-up man." wan ns
signed as acting captain of the territory
from Poplar' street to Ichigh avenue
lietwppti the Prlnnnro and Sclnijlklll
Tlip ininieilinte rnile of the nplienvnl
ero Hip rnnditlnns found in the Iilglith
tonnnt Thniunu P HiirL-n nnrl fnlir nil
Men In Motorcar Stage Series of'trolmen. oiip of them Director Cortel
Robberies In Northwest ' ''""'l fhniiffpur and ho.l.vKiinrd.
,r . , ... . , , , . . , I Seizure by the pollre of tlint ditTiot.
Motor bandits held up and robbed n , of n n,,,,.,,.,,. idp(l with $10,000
half dozen pernons early this mornlnB I v.orth of whisky and the perullnr rir
tn the territory bounded by Twenty , ''iimMnnrps n round the relraf-e nfi nn
second and Twenty -ninth streets and I ?."''" . V7r.r 'a"S' ' '" ' "K
AlIeRheny nnd J.rhich avenues. Actlntr Captain Van Horn win in-
Street Sergeant Holton nnd Patrol- -tnietpd today to make bii headquarters
man Miles, of tbo Twentv-serond street ! ".' ,l,p l-iRhtli and .!'Teron Mrepi sln-
Who Is ncruscd of inurdnliiK .In. '
seplilno Howard, jnuii? telephone
Can't Get ToerHold on U
in Rush Hours, is Kick
P. ?. 77s turn-Back System Also Hampers
Suburban Growth, Public Service Com
mission Is Told at Hearing
During thp rush hours of early j ago and of thp growth Ihat the district
morning It Is almost impossible to get i has had since them. Hendded:
"even n too-hnld" on the plcvaled trains "The 1 It. T.. Instead of keeping up
leaving the Sixty -ninth 'street tcrmlnnl with this normal and healthy growtn
nf thn T If T I nf flin ..linlo tlllilirlmil iltstrlCt.. HaS
This wns oidv ono of the mass of i actually cut thp servlcp in half about
complaints laid today before the Public
Service Commission, which Is hearing
"k'fpL'fi IKTlltli.l ,f. l I .1. ..
seventeen months nco In the Irftnlln
lln.. nt tlm 1 1 1 ni tin r-lr urntnm. As PVer.V
l "' ,,t' ' " v v . . .,.:.
"kicks" nsnliiM iIp tm'baek system i !" ( train turns bntc m
now in operation on the subway and "l. there are Just half M mnn
elevated llnex. trains to handle our traffic ns there were
I'lldpr the i.rnn.,i . -,.. ntl.nr I when 1 move, out there tour ."
train Is tnrnn.i i...i- - ti thint "K". despite the Tact IJiat tne iiimuk
rain is turned buck at Hiyty-tnlr I . ,.,.' ,i ..-,,i.i in nnnuln-
trect during rush """ "" "
street niirl nt SpmhtwI m
hours, instead of being sent through
to the terminals.
Husiness men, borough officials, rep
resentatives of clue organizations and
petiple coming from the suburbs crowded
the hearing room In Citv Hall to tes
tify to the "oiitrngeous" conditions.
in- hviiim' in tne majority oi ine wn
I Inn
"This, of course. -makes for dreadful
overcrowding. Between R nnd 0 '"
tho morning, unless a person for
tunate enough to gt therp nr mj- ia
net instant
filmnnt pprtl
onl.. that, but 1 lune personnl'.v found
thnt very frequently the train woum
Company Said to Have Got
$17,000 From Father Tim
mins, of Chester
Loyal to Bigamist
HOT" POLIHF HUNT R&WniTi ,lm' TefTer-on streets station, which
nui, ruubL nuiMj DttNUMi'SIJ,(r(Ml) lllcmiHu,nslnn of ArtlnK I(!
and Hunting Park avenue station, saw
the car at Twcnty-hTlh nnd C'lenrfield
streets. It. skidded around the corner
nnd speeded down tho street at fifty
miles an hour.
Suspecting the men to he bandits from
nrfBhlUVhond.Thollmrni Ml L Hr the same order Captain Andrew
. 7, ' ' I ! .Tnllr u-flB trnnufnri-Cfl frnm theAOrth
lion, which polices the Twentieth Ward,
where David H. I.ane is lender. He
will have supervision over twelve dis
tricts and has been ordered to dean
them up.
Captain Jolly Transferred
Two motorcycle bandit cars were sent
nt Division to the Traffic Division.
i wo iiiuiurrjcic diiuii i cars were Sent .. . r t r, n, iv: ii:..t.:..
to the vicinity immediately hut wnrch ( nptnin ,,T" J- "w'Vi V.lt'..,rU
of the neighborhood was futile. Police 7'"nniiliT. xyas deta led acting As
brieve, the car headed for F-lmountK
niiylje I did kill .Tosin Howard. Tf
I" did I am oorry, because T never
mesnt.to harm a hair of her head. t
lewd her too dearly to Kill ner. inn ai
thwjhrtey tell me I shot her, I cannot
tunember doing it"
These words came with n sob from
Tm'p Nnrlmll. nf Unroll? street nenr
.l,.W. ........... . -,-
Twenty -eighth, who last night sur
Mnilfrrrl to the nnllee In ITnrrisliure.
iad was brought to this city early this
morning by Detective lieishaw , charged
jlh'the murder of eighteen-year-old
Joiephlne Howard. She was shot nnd
killed shortly after midnight last Sntur-
uij morning, u nigimriiui onu tnerry
I' Tears streamed down the cheeks of the
'iming man rnargeu witn the muruer of
m weetheart as he p'eaded with Cup
ula of Detectives Souder to believe his
terr that he had no iccullectlon of
slylng the girl he loved.
For two und a half hours during the
night rsewhall was subjected to n most
thorough examination b Captain Souder
nH rii.tAi.tlfAu 1,I.U.... 1 -W..1
-- w...,.., .,,,,-iiiiu mm ,tiiii);rew
nroa?ioiit the trying ordeal he Muck
luui-iauirj innr nis mind wns almost a
blflnk filncn nnrlv In.l LVMn. 1....
m he left .Tosle Howard nt Kight-
' ii,,.an.a -"nrKet streets.
V i ii ii - iiiiuim-i ueuriy. sum
Abill V,P Were to he married de-
vh nai pvcryooii) says to the pun
Wry. It was only ten days ngo that
ie.ad ' P'anned to spend .Me
mortal Day in New York. Later she
Manged her mind and told me we would
lire to go oer Sunday because slie
;"'?,( nin ocner place on .Mon
HIT. wniih nc r .i -. .
i.iV, ,'" "" . "'"rniion unj I
fSrfi mMnt Krt off Sundax mid
Wd her to go Monday. She refused
k.t , r". i"1? S(,r"ii At i.is
I III! .!. ". K . "' '"" I100"0'. "Ut
1 Sid not threaten her in anj way.
She Still Refusal
"Ijl.t P.IJ-- ..:!. ,
bi. . "'K'u ' mp Mr h ap-
. v. j ',l K" OVPr ' '' York
,5fr. ' told her I would take
M'vli V '"". ,,Ue lRhed and
r.r.0ins.!lolnK- Then I told her
ft. .'.ii "?", ' """I1"?, fair with me. I
with mi, . , lf",llsh nml talked
Mi?k.t.tr..8t.f"ri "- EIBlitt....ntli and
ii " f ,r"'ts- w''erp 1 nnre more trie.l
jworation Da without anv luck I
I lr.,Jl .. "" -nt west'on
I , i- ' "'"' ..WPn p,,s l-nter
ttw'J. '""k .'nme linuor.
ing-Dlcturn :"nn,"'r Knjns to n inov-
'I VriMr Inci.
incit Vlf..,r .,l.01.1 ' remember do-
!.' siiuuk K her' Wcrm.'t
mlJ ' I":...:mr "edding? I had
'Sew York1 i." "mp "" 0I" trip
PoetttVe proof i!m ."'i l.p" mo " l
you havn 1 '" 'rtifl fhoot her nnd
wntaitiYii. "."" ou are iiclit.
" FroiklR M ! ,lrn,,k t,p li,lu,r
4tttaVtro,,nfi'n. !'"
y rVcitinJ ,i11.,n. ? bl,p '"IK' suit.
,Mi If h.71 ,nl"",h " '""
"I""1 them t he , nf,; ''JTf " ""l"p-
Tolephnnes in the Motion house weie TI",.in . '"V.." "'..J"s "';"".: '"
SffiaWW - WExWM
In their anxiety to locale the hnn. leaves tomorrow tor a poi.pt .h;
cnnvenllon nl l. l.oilli. vhsisiiiiii au
dits, police only got the name of one
mnn who hnd heen rohhed. lie is Kd
ward lohring, ,TI2.'t Nortli Hambrey
street, a milk wagon driver. I.ohring
wns held up at Twenty-fifth street and
Lchigti avenue and robbed of .?,".
ncs.es seemed to be that the overcrowd- ,"" vrr in-nwrnij ne .i rain. ...
lug nnd ehnnglne of enrw wns directlv bp sn erow'led before leaving the tor
hindering .lunra , A rto pmen t nf thr I """"I " ' . & '"
residential district around Sixtv-ninth n,,,,,pr' ,,n',,nK " ' nP"-,lh'p '.nK,Pt
Ntrcel. nri.iinii nui) '"UvPn as much ss a toehold on the plnt-
.. form.
Tells of Suburb's Growth
W. H. Metcalf, -14 Ashley road, Stone
hursti president of the Stonehurst Im
provement Assneintlnn. nnd n downtown
business man. testified In mnnnrr clinr-
::Ji:"r L' X eat, be easil, imagined. If n person
' r koiii.i ,ti j , .tit'Lv.ia i imu vi
Ilavn to I'rirro Way Out
"If this Is the condition at the time
thp train leaves the terminal what hap
pens nt all the other stops where work
ers try to force themselves into the cars
buying n, houe in Stonehurst four yenrs rontlnnrit on ie r.lctitwn, Wumn Ttinv
Hardings Will Visit Senator and Paoli Man Overcome by Chloro
Mrs. Knox at Valley Forge form Fumes Intended
Over Sunday for Pet
Rv n Staff Corrrjpomlrnt
Washington. June .'t. President
Marine Engineers Insist Men Who
Quit Posts Will Be Reinstated
Washington, .fiinc 3. (Tjj A. P. )-
V -.. ,. .i.-i; !.. !..... ni.il I
. unn'i imj.. i llllini.c pricis mi' ..
in rienrb.x towns bouglit -.lock In n com
pan exploiting metal bearings, whose
"secret ingredient" wns found to be
oil from horses' hoofs. The revelation
of thin has resulted In the arrest of the
coinnam's nroinoters.
t the train arrives, he 'is, .ni defendants. wbne cases will he
nln to luie to stand. nl , nj, )pforf t)p T)om,rrc County (Jrnndi
lurj at Media next .Monday are
Thiiiiin i: Hoyle. POli N'ortli Sixt
third Iroet. prerldent of the Cmniici
Melnl In . til', Wnlnut street, and .lohn
H O'lJorinnn. 710 North Sixty -third
stieet treiisurer of lite enmpntu
Holiglous Appeal Charged
Tlo.x le nnd O'fiortnnn arc said to bavei
sold several hundred thousand dollars
worth of stock. They carried on a ales
campaign among the Catholic clergy
"f this city nnd arc said to have used
Mntionery tending to show their corn
pant had official church sanction.
The specific complaint on which
Hmle nnd (('(Jonnnn were arrested wns
made b the Itc . .dimes Tinunln", pas
tor of St. MIHiiicI'h Catholic Church
of Chester. lie bought v!17.7liO of the
'oinpnnj "h stock, lie elmrged convpir
m to client nnd defmtld
The ilefemliiiits were given prelim
innr, he.-iriiig Aim "JH liefme Mngi.iinle
Yerkes. of Millbourne The facts were
closely guarded.
The ev. .Inines , lliggms of this
li ll.lll illesr. S'J.'IMI in dr colll-
panj's stock, hut the promniers re-I
ci ell lelur.Kil hid s."ini in dish and
gnc bini n note for S.ino.
In Itecelier's Hands
The Cosmic Metal Co is now in re
reiversbip. .ludge Mntinghim last week
apiiolnted John ,1, Ureen receiver at
the request of AlpMinder Conn, attornej
for rather Tiniiuins. of Clictcr, nnd
Mr. Conn niil tndav his Chester
client described tli(. company's property I
fit Sixty-first street and tireenway avp j
a cowshed. in which some
Prank Soudrr. sixtv yenrs old. of
Central avenup. Paoli. gnvp his life to
day in n fruitless attempt to cihj Hint
of a sick cat in n humane way. Mr
pcrintPiident Tempest will become acting
rtn. - .llx.a -.- 1. nt t,!nnfli1 f tniifnnnnf
i in ii i renin n" iiihim-u i -" - -- ,, , , , , in i?mn
John J. Kenrns to romnnd of the Richth Harding is going to visit alley lorge
nnd Jefferson streets station, replac- tomorrow as the week-end guest nf
ing Hurke. who is under suspension. t$pnntor Knox, and (be inunt hns
lY,1!1 ,!5:"ra:l!?" blT" .iL-i",1' V.-!!; -roused the interest of the capital.
PUIier lll'UI Olliniri, m mn v.. n . ......
. i f ! a.. int.B it tr imnii rr nrrann uiiiiu
-r'Sp l,HJ.r.,n. L'Li-:.0""'!..! ...",".".',: .'I ": '. : .7., : .. ; , Tl,'e in. l,..l been h,pl,l,l net for "' for the ,nanufnc.u,c of metal hear- I
I IIP ' ivil .-serine i mi win nil i en I s glliiu'lll cc in nn- iimi, nui : - - - '-in.... Tor iiiiloniriliiles nml ilninnns Hint
m,..c.i tn.lnv it will ..lace thp five sils- 1lo nmil , nrs!onv is thnt the Prcsi-1 "p'Tp. yenis. and ever? member of '-. '" ." " r,,n' ".,""''. :,.'""n,n0V,J "
pendetl policemen on trial before th" dent and Mrs. Harding arc going to the homier s fniinly was greatly ntnclietl to
i -x. II Service Trial Hoard on .Monday Senator's farm for a rest from social
Negotiations between the marine en- l nt 10 A. M. ... land official duties, anil thnt they desire
gineers nnd thp Shipping Board for a j The men suspended are Acting neu- onv to C(,t 0(r rr n ,jny or two inn
'?? Bff
mni nriimn i mm
tried to chloroform the animnl. but in- ! machinery hnd been placed
lu.lcd the fumes himself, with fatal re- P.oyle and (TConnnn nre sail to har
epri'M'iueii mni inn nun a f-rrrrr ior
' "I'll Stick by Him," Says Julia
Rodgers After "Husband"
Gets 5-Year Sentence
settlement of the dinute on wages nnd i lennnl TIioiiiiih ! . llurke. of thp I'.iglitn thp country, where they will sec no
ikon I and .lelTerson strePis sinimn ; i nirm- callers.
working conditions have bepn hrok
off, W. S. P.rown, president of the
Marine Engineers' Beneficial Associa
tion, deelnred today.
t .i ni ii frttrf i,t haa i
mnn .iniin vtmiirn. m. im-ni ei.....
I'nttonmu Clarence l nrenneu. i.ui
Senntnr Knnr. who returned to Wlisli
ington from Vallej Forge yesterday
ti.- rn . i. ..,.i r si,, .nn i- r' ! : Nnrt i araln sirepi.
iim- uiiiiiiu in rciii-ii ji seiiietnent. " "'' - -- . . ,
Brown said, was due to the refusal of I nnd Kdwar. ( ";? "P"'.1" "": '
thp shipowners nnd the Shipping Board tniled as Director f orlely on s chnuf-
street: Patrolman t harles ; .f(Pr n Week's rest on his estnte, will
motor up tomorrow with the President
to include a clause providing for the teur ntui nniugiiiirii.
reinstatement of strikinc encineers. Discussion of the matter ny Wirec
"We could not sign an agreement Jjr (.'orlelyou. hupor.ntcm iPni .uii s
that would force our men to work with rnptnm Souder and I. eutcna I.
.he strike breakers who had taken the " V L. " M n IKVVn
jons oi union mm, nc saiu.
Executive Body Rejects Strike Set
tlement Proposal
liOlldon, June .". (By A. P.) The
executive body of the striking coal
miners today finally rejected the tJov
ernment proposals for a settlement of
the coal strike.
Premier I.loyd fjeorge last Saturday
proposed a temporary arrangement in-
tnken n hand in the incs(igntion earlier
in the day.
Mayor fiivc.s Opinion
Afler the Mayor had heard the de
tails of the afl'nir he said it wns the
worst police scandal in the history of
the present Administration City So
licitor Smlh wns present when the
Mayor discussed the mailer with Di
rector Cortelyou.
The arrest of seven men implicated
in the whisky transportation and seiz
ure was an earlier development.
pi... .irv .if the whisk spl.urp. doiihlcd that thprp is nnotlier mnn out-
I tended to lend to a 'permanent scheme ' which led to the suspensions, wns nf 'side of the Administration circle proper
for n solution of the coal strike. The licinlh loll hv Lieutenant liurko. wuono enjoys ine mnnuiiiK '''""" """l
temporary proposnls provided for a nckno'wlcilged' thnt he had released , does at the Executive mansion
rndual scaling down of wages until they i i.,,. j,! Itose. of itm oulh rournii i ms nns iiiuuriuiy -.ni'i -
nml Mrs. Itni'ditie. Thev will he a.
companied also by (ieorge Christian,
secretary to the President, and Colonel
Sherrill. his military aide. .Mrs. Knox,
who is now nt Valley Forge, will re
ceivc them.
Wants Alisoliitc Best
It is the President's purpose to take
an absolute rest, lie and Senator Ino
plan to motor through the valley and
over I lie camping ground where Wash
ington and the Bevolutionarv troops
spent their darkest and hardest winter,
nnd possibly islt other historic spots in
the neighborhood.
On Best or Terms
They are on the best of terms nfli
clitlh and personnlh. Among close ob
servers of White House and govern-
mental affairs in Washington, n is ' life quickly . Mr Souder bent low over
woimii Mmiam reoiutionie tin
hearing industry.
According to Mi. Conn the 'ecrct
formula" was found to cull for the
manufacture of melnl hearings' ns tnoy
arc iuriIp ordinarily, cvept that oil
presved from the hoofs of horses was
intermixed with the metnl. This ()il
wns snpp'i-eil In do iiwim illt the in id
of lubricating l he IiciiiIiies when n-H
In nml in i ,t- and r ir;i'tini -
ssets Called N'pgliglli'e
A-kl'l Wlllll .-s(ts III IIIH,I.I ll.l
ll. several week" ago the cat dovoloncd
tlistpinper. A icterinnrian's ntlicp was
sought, and thp cnl's owners did every
thing they could think of to aid the ani
mnl. Instead of improving, the cat became
weaker nml more helpless, anil at length
it-was decided that the only kind lliiiu
would lie to put it out of ii inisrrx .
Clilorofoim ,mih decided on. Mr
Souder volunteered to perform the tiuiil
act of mercy for the sick ntnmai.
So upset wctc Mr. Soulier and other Mr. i 'inn. renin !
ineniberj of the family over the thought I lnii.i nothing i m n, !h. v ,,
of being forced to sncrifiip thpir pet I slaMc w Inch I'lilher Timmiiis described
that they left the house teninrni ily I n .i c.hed."
tl is morning while the head if tin house ' Mr. t onu s.ml Boyle und ii'iimmiin.
prepared to put the int to death. ! who organized the mltnl compirn about
He took the sick animal to the shed three years ago, also nrgnul.id the
nt the rear of the house, while the mm- Cnthnli'p Pioteciive Assurance Asocia
lly went to visit a neighbor. Mr. mmi. They weir oflii i iv nf that enrpor
Sonder took along a holtlp of chloroform ntion also, he said,
and some absorbent cotton. ' n,v anl linllasl.pr is sccicIsm ,f the
Holding the snl. he poured a nuantity Cosmic Metil Co. It is said he" will in
of the drug ocr the cotton and tried culled nn lr produce nil the Imnl an. I
to place t oxer the cat'n nose nnd records of the concern -.o that tne .
mouth. The cat pulled away from the tent of the s.,,c nle can lie ib-tei nunc.I
choking fumes. nml It was all Mr. m eiiramlv Collector of tlm ln Wil
Souder could do to hold the struggling , timn II Bury i- sn.il to bac houghi
iioiiiiiii. in nis enori in phi Hie cut s sll(.. in In i.niiern
Villlnni IJnilgers. who wn an avia
tion lieutenant during the war and shed
his blood for his country in the Argonnc
fighting, was- sentenced to five to seven
years in the Eastern Penitentiary to
day. He is n confessed bigamist nnd
automobile thief.
Mrs. Julia Margaret Brexa Itodgers.
the atlraetiic blonde whom he married
April !!!!. huriicd into Quarter Sessions
Cuiit jusl after Judge Shull had im
posed sentence
"(Mi, win w is .he judge so hnt'd Oil
IliiuiV" the ymiiig woman exclaimed
I w lieu she heard her "husband" had been
gixcn a minimum of the ears "Will
was n good fellow, and I'll suck In
The young woman who is petite,
f went! -ono and !micniis. went weep
ing to be sheriff's cpllronm with a pass
to get in to see Bndgers She dried
her eyes when she was told that she
could not see him if she were going to
uinke a scene.
After talking to Rodgers she said he
"meant right 1! her." and prnbablv
would mnrri her when he came out of
prison. His wife i I lorenco (Jreeten
Bo!I. of Trenton. V J., who is snid
Declares Funds for Operation
of Fleet Are Used for Pri- y'
vate Purposes
By llie Associate! Press
Washington, .June :t. Operation tt
t he (Joverniiient mcrrhnnt fieet by thf
Shipping Board Is "reeking with gnft,"
Senator Kenyon charged today In the
Senate In opposing a deficiency appro
priation of SVI.IIOO.tKrO for the board,
for the remainder of this fiscal year.
Beading n list of salaries paid offi-
ials hi the hoard. Senator Kenyon
said they "make the salaries of Cabi
net members and Senators look lik(
thirty centM "
'I lie list, as rend, showed salaries In
the General Comptroller's office amount
ing lo SlOll.fKVl and in the Division of
Operations totalling S1.T7.000 annually.
I'he Senator said the auditor of Ship
ping Board was pnld S1.".MH), and tbat
nn assistant auditor, at .?."000. acted as
his chauffeur.
Charging that funds were being used
for prlinle purposes. Senator Kenyon
read a series of telegrntns which he
said hnd been sent by board employes
nt Government expense. (Ine telegram
related to an engagement to n girl in
irginin. another to the obtaining of
tickets to n Yale football game and
still another, evidently from a husband
io his wife, rend :
' Leave the door open. Will he home
about midnight "
Door to Treasury Open
"Thee gentleiAen," added Senator
Kenyon. also are interested in keep
ing open l he door lo the Federal
treasury "
Senator Borah inquired who consti
tuted the Shipping Board. Senator
Ketnon replied thnt there was no board
and Senntor Borali then wanted to know
If t lie proposed appropriation was for
"nobody to spend."
Chairman Warren, of the Appropri4
ations Committee, explained that thf
appropriation was to meet n deficiency.
Disagreement in the Douse over the
Borah disarmament amendment blocked
today reference of the Naval Appro
priation Bill 'to conference. When Itep
lesentatiip Kelly, of Michigan, in
i liurge of the bill made the routine
i (inference motion. Representative Gar
rett, of Tennessee, ncting Democratic
lloor leader, declared the House con
ferees hnd been instructed to ngree to
the Borah amendment, brondened to in
i hide invitations for disarmament ne
gotiations with other powers besides
Grent Britain and Japan.
Republican spokesmen contended thst
the conferees should bo given frep rein
to work out an agreement, but did not
press Representative Kelly's' request
which was left on the Speaker's tabic.
Criticizes Borah Resolution
Rcprcsontathe Mondell. the Republi
can leader, characterized tho Borah
proposal as "narrow, restricted and
uiisatisfactnr! " He said the House
should insist on broadening its pro
visions hut thought it a mistake to
instruct conferees in advance on tht
Representative Oldfield. of Arkansas,
contended that if the Borah amendment
were broadened to include land dis
armament discussion, ns urged by Mr.
Garrett, both propositions might be"
killed. "If we can't get both we ought
to take one." he said.
Republican leaders assured Demo-
Berlin Jury Frees Young Armenian
Berlin. June .'!.-i By A. P.) Salo
mon Teilirinn. the rmeninn student,
who. In March Inst, shot and kil'ed
Tnlaat Pasha, former Grand Vi.ier
and Minister of Finance of Tin key. was
acquitted in the nssie court here today.
the cat as he tried once more to hold l lie
i iiloriiiorm-satiirati d cotton over Its
The int continued to struggle und
finally got free Mr Sunder hnd in
haled more of the cholornfnrm fumes
than the cat ,s the cast bounded
away. Mr, Souder fell over in a stupor.
He Iny there urn onsciou until mem
bers of the family returned, thinking
... , ...lAmnni r. f iv.ien nr inp.io owinc ine c ccimn. iim rnniuc-inn wn ii ni ine enf .s ire u ntiisi u, iimwi i,v i mi
uic nn, ........ "'"'",''. I , " -.!.,, . . .,e,1 ns- .,,., V,J' J" .. .", '
Director ot l'uuuc r-niriy. a iiqiy ui . vi...,i..i ...... ... ,", .. ... ;..' " o mi-, ci. r us nm mum
the charge firings n temporary release uniinma mui mc .-i.n- .iih..i. .... Ml n1P nousc some one went io rue sheij
when signed bv n magistrate, who ne- mm nm i rcsnu-iu iiurmiis "..,., -. i , nrre iney saw mm, stni nconscious.
cents hail ns if 'there had been n hearing the affairs of the Administration, got pr, (;rorK0 lngP ns summoned.
Burke also said he permitted two of , himself hopelessly "in bad with the ,t o Hroise the victin, Mr. Souder
the men relensed on copies of the charge Executive nnd hns not been able to died nt noon.
to sleep on the whisky truck. 1 lie! 'l"' me su.ic cican or v 'n""ii
told- him. he snid in his report, that the entente cordinle.
the! would lake nil responsibility for In conspquence he has obtained notli-
. ing in l'cdernl palronngc nnd has had
rontlniifd ni rnae KIRhtren. imumn inree
should reach the economic leiel which creel before receiving a copy oi ine puasu.c ine esiruiiei-iiicm, i...-".....
the coal indiistl'v was capable nf M1s- charge i nn'1 politiralli, between I resident
tnlning, lmed on the giant of 10.000.- ( dr. police regulations prisoners nie ' Harding nnd Senator Penrose, to tlie
000 pounds from the exchequer. nn( )n ,e released unless admitted to hitter's obvious disadvantage. Seun-
- --- i,nji ,v n magistrate or on orders from j lor Penrose, ns a result of his altitude
KnniiT t a i aT7r e avr-n ,i
ui.uiiii iui uui 7s i u i r- n
to be getting a dixnrce
Rodgers' home is io Elizabeth. N" J I er.ilu Mil., rmnrnl H-io Itnrali amend
Thursday of last xveek lie entered a plea , nient that if conferees were uninstruct
of guilty to the theft of nn automobile , ,,, tnx would not have power to agree
ot disagree to the proposal without
Worried lov (her What Friends Will Thinh Because She
Rode in Patrol Wagon
no invitation to call nl the While House
except ns a member nf the Finance
Considerable interest Is manifest in
the President's visit to Senator Knox
j and Senator Penrose's return to Phil
adelphia, coming ns (hey d" almost ,i
the same time, Tt has been cnniectured
without .iny official Intimation to sup
' pot1! it that the trip was arranged io
! bring xProsldent llnidiiig and Senator
aa ? i il
I riirni inpcmn
Pnlirn sa ho i 'UHitnl fur stp;,1in:r
I no ntlirr rar. onp in YnpU. Vn ;inrl
OF CHRISTIANS IN ARMENIA ,,p "!,,7. in V"rk-, , , ,
Detectne xlnliaffex learned of the
. . , ., . . bigamous mnrrhge and tned Rodgers
Streets of Trebizond and Samsun ( ,t, ;( ,efre his second w ife Head
Strewn With Dead Shops Looted 'milted that the chaise was true His
London. June .'i. (Bv A 1' i The ;pr"'u "ifp "nrk "' a waitress in n
Mhen- correspondent nf (he Pvcbange Market street restaurant Mie niet
Telci-rnnh m miller dale ,.( 'I'l,..r. Rndgers about a y ea I ncn. and heliexed
that thecal surely musl be dead by- that ,,, , ,; ,. ,,inl.,e,l from Con-tun- ',r "n,i " Ki"C,p mn"
time When Mr. Souder was not found tlnp P frightful massacres of Mmrnev Epbra.ni I.ipsch,,.. ap.
I Christians Irnr occurred at Satnun fearing lor Itodgers. nke.l mercv onl
ami I'll' i 'nnd nn the Black Sea ennsi rhe s, ore of his mililarv rei onl and the
n rni'ii i 'I he streets ace ttimui l"n- I alleged by the defeiisi that he had1
Ullll l'i bull's of I, ricks, ,. adds
Manx Imps in the nvo cilie- ban
v i ii i'.inai keil lccnrding to Ihe repnrls
reaching lhens An American de
stroyer has nrrned at Samsun to jiro
lect the Americans there.
In in tempted to steal the automobile m
git uiiitn x for his business, which xxas
that of tubbing dresses It xxas stat,.,
that he had put the monex he got Ironi
the automobile into his business and
had lost it
Decides to Report Resolution, With,
Democrats Voting "Present" i
Washington. June .'i. . Hi A P.) I
The House Foreign Affairs Committee, I
with Democratic members dissenting,!
xoted today to report the Porter reso- '
I it t ion tor le. mlnntioii of the stale of I
war betxx ecu the I niter Slates and Ger
many and Auslin-llungai v Renuhli- I
can members xoted solidlx n adopt the'
Jennie McCnnmb. nineteen venrs old,
JOXi East Adams street, look poison
last night, police say, afier her parents
scolded her for dUohexing them by at-
tcndlnc a n cnic yesteruay
lo'lisd on p.
'' '"ishlwi,, Cnliinii, One
''ion Plw Frpo n!.
Means a Glorious Time
"Si,nioufn?1 rts nut nnd
ih'''fr He S M ,'1" l-l
When "' Vlmn,PI' -
,Mf ball fir i u,nur ,,PW ''
loimtry ar 'r " brp"h of real
,fi" crWbns8 1 ,,.h,rt"
Jirncrn bicvci "In '"""ia
"n-l mo n ,5"" ,1u " tliwo things
tofthe picnic. Her father iisuallv gives
in to her every whim, and she is pretty
well spoiled by it, but last night he,
too. joined in the scolding thiit I gnve
her. She llnnnccd out of the room and
rteneninnt nnd much chastened by ' ran upstairs.
her attempt nn her life, she is lying i Father Ran After Her
today in SI. Mary's Hospital worrx - "Her father ran after her, and got to
ing. her room just In time to see hei put a
i i. .merries nre of rather a bottle up to dor mouth. He knocked it
stiaiigp nature She Is dreadfully morn out of her hand, but not before she li.nl
lidl at the fact that she will haxe lo face , swallowed some of Hip, poison that it
her friends alter riding in n i"'
wn-on. and she is extremely troubled for
fear that hpr act will haxe some effect
on the standing of her two brother",
Elmer nnd Raymond, who arc both pa-tiolmen.
The picnic yesterday, which was con- .'
ducted by n men's social club in lie " ""ui.
M'lghboihood. did not meet xxim un-
-oxal nf the girl's fathVr. Mallhcxx
Mcl'onmlis. or her mother. Annie, and
she was refused permission to attend
Left Home Early in Morning
., i . ,i i ,i i i mm iim nil" i r i "i ' m -s
!Mth senator miri'.p nm . ...; g .nr,.,. mns,m. n subsiiinte fr the
led car in i-niiaueipui... ..iiu . .... v , Knx 10snlulinn passed In the Senate I
I" III UI II11I II 11- llll I' 3 '!, M. ISllTllill I,.. I... .!..
easily "happen" that Penrose should
drop in at Valley Forge, have n cup of
Force hut a few miles out. it might
tea with the President nud "fi it up
for tho future
One Ambush Last Night. Another
This Morning Nine Wounded
Dublin, June ::
contained. The stuff burned her and she
screamed, but slu was able to xvalk
downstairs. Her father culled a patrol
xvagnn nnd she xvns rushed to St.
Mary's Hospital.
"It may be a lesson to her She hns
always had her own .way and she is
Early yesterday morning Jennie
Man DIcb on Way to Hospital In
Frank Osieck, forty -two venrs oh),
dressed am m "le no w '. i m k . o0.,0 Mprcer , t Pr Richmond,
mother that sic would be back in Hall '
ii ii i hour to help witlnthc housework , wiin found unconscious on the second
Instead she did not irturn until. lifter I
o'clock. Tills time file snppcu III quiei-
lj, went up In her room, dressed up
again and slipped out without saying
'anything to her mother cording to
the mother's sialeinenl. She did not
i nine liuine until nflcr !l o'clock ami
then piiU'ItiI Ihe house with a delimit
'attitude, '
i "I nsked her where hip hnd been,
Hie mother nnld, today," and she, ap
floor of his home by his wife, Frances,
early this morning.
The man died nn the way to the
Northeastern Hospital in the patrol nf
the Belgrade and Clearfield streets po.
lice station
Aiciirding to Mrs, tlsieck. her bus
baud di'iiuk n large quantify of alcoholic,
substance before rpturniiig home, Inst
nlk'ht. . . .
PoIIpp say that the man nan turnei)
swered pert enongh tha.t she bad been on a gas jet and bad failed to light It.
conslnhlch were killed and fixe wounded
in nn. ambush bv J(Hi cix iiiiins this morn
ing, nt Kylobrg Cross, County Tip
lierary, say's an official statement issued
here. The constables were in motorcars
and nn liicycles when attacked by the
civilians, who xvern concealed in the
repealing the di chi rat inn of xxnr
IJemocrnt.s merPly xnled present.
Chilli mnn Porter nnnonnce.l that ths
resolution would be nresentnl to the
House next week for Immediate consid- l
eratlon A minority report will be filed '
by committee liemocrnls House lead
ers informed Chairman Porter that the
resolution would he gixcn the right of
xxax when preetitei
Republicans weie snhl to haxe been
( 1 1 x A Pi I 'our ' unwilling to mushier an out ,unl out re-
...nl ..I II.- .!..! I..... ..r .. .. I.. I ...
!" ii i iii in.- ii. iii . iii i . ii iii xur i" iii'xiug
t might lie cniiMn.iHl as a nimdiatinn
of tlie war itself No nctlon xxas taken
on a number of amemluients lo the lno.
resolution proposed bv the alien prop
rriy iunioiiiiiii
fork, .time .I. ! By A P ) District
Insiieclor Stcictisnn. a pollcp sergeant . Son of Judge Recovers Watch Lost
.l . . i i :ii..i i
nnd lour constanies xxrrc nuii-u nnu innr
nllicers were seriously wounded when a
police patrol was ambushed by 100
nrmed men at Carrowkennedy, near
here, last night.
Arms and nniniunltinn carried by the
police xxere taken, nnu three motor-
First Belmont Beivington, 110, Robinson. 20-1. S-l, -1-1. won;
Margnvct White. 107, Cnllahnn. 12-1. 5-1. 5.2, secoml; Hypeibole,
112, Hnyne's, 20-1. 8-1, 4,-1, third. Timt. .53 1-5.
Second Belmont Dienni of the Vnlley 122, Kummer, 13-5, 2-5,
out, won; Fniv Gain, 113, Turner, 2-5, out, out, second: Joan Mnne,
101, STooney, 12-1, D-2, even, third. Time, 1.38.
Fii'&t Montreal Nellie Harper, 108, Hmpliy, !?6.75, ?4.75,
S3. 05, won; jSIIss Tinuiancl, 108, Gruneisen, S10, Sd.80, second;
Naomi K., 108, Thuiber, $3.00, thiid. Time, 1.08 3-5.
HARIUSBUHG, June 3. Members, of the Public Service
Commisbion will Unv; tneir fir&t formal Monday attPinoon (lelivei
ance ol oniuioub on June 0, according to piusent plnnb. The coni
mib&iouers will bit for the purpobe immediately pittediny. the
hearing or arguments and nil rfctfonb in executive btsbioiib, in
cluding declbioub and oidu'b, will be announced tioui the bench.
uirs In which they were riding were
New German Steamship Launched
Bremen. Germany. June 11. (By A.
I)- TJic Bayer.i. Ihe Hnmlnirg.Aiuc.l
can Line's; new I'-'.OOO mn freight
steamship, was launched in Ihe Vulcan
shlpy arils here today . Dr Von Knhr.
Ihe Bavarian Premier, christened the
Whn you ihlnlc of wrltlnj.
think ot AUlTUx'a 4Ji,
or Stolen Weeks Ago
Sldliex direr Gcsf, son of Judge
'icst. of Ihe th'phans (Hurl, turned I
up in police reconis again tndav as n i
About a month ago his. father s nil- i ss7
tomotdle xxas stolen from in front of
'i central hotel while young GpS( wn,
at n roof garden The car was re
covered. Just prex-ious to that time he hnd
lost or had beet, robbed of n gold watch
valued nt S'J.'O. Yesterday Detective
Mi Milium aripsteil iwo meti trying In
pnxxii it. They said they had found it
outside u fraternity at Thirty -sixth nml
Locust streets,
Their story was not disproven before
Maifistrate Renshnw and they were dls-ebarged,
ITARRISBIIRG, June 3. Members of the Pennsylvania State
police force have the powers nnd duties piovldcd undei the fire
prevention acts for investigation of origin m clrcumstnnceb of
firh. according to an opinion given by Deputy Attorney General
Swope. If it is proved to the satisfaction of the court that con
fcbslons made by defendants accused of incendiarism weie volun
tary, made with n full knowledge of their rights, they would be
admlbsiblo In trial in court.
I'Aw Vli C-Uta',U
bringing the proposition back to the
House for n xote.
S. S. Providence Will Be Largest
Seen In Philadelphia Port
The Fabre Line pnfsenger steamship
Prox idence. snid to be larger than any
xeel xx Inch hns entered this port, will
dock Sundax morning at Snyder av
nue nn her wax from New York to
Italian ports, nnd xxlll take aboard forty
cabin and "no steerage passengers
With a gross tonnage nf 10,000,
the Prox Idence is ."11 feet S inches In
length ."it feet 7 inchi s in breadth with
a depth of I'l feet " Inches
She xx ill lcn!o at ." o'clock Sunday
Southerners Enshrine Old "Whits
House" of Confederacy
Montgomery. Ala.. June .'! ( P )
The Soiith of the sities nnd its chil
dren dedicated here (ndnx one of Its
most precious shrines the first White
I louse nf the Confederal The old
mansion in which Jefferson Davis
lived as the president of the Confed
eracy. Descendants of Jefferson Davis and
General Lee, mnnv of whom now Urn
in Northern States attended as guesta
of honor. Governors of all Southern
States also were Invited.
Judge Sentences Man Who Says He
Paid Vice "Tribute"
John Bodson. a Negro, charged with
keeping a disorderly house at 1307
Poplar street, xith hnxing old liquor
illegally, and with having bribed
patrolmen, xvns sentenced to six months
in the cnuntv prison by Judge Rartlett
today in the Municipal Court
Bodson was found guilty on all three
charges and receixed a. light sentence
only because of the circumstances.
Judge Rartlett. In passing sentence.
said that all grafting pollceifi.in
"shouin ne put in a mincii and cnaMd
out of the city.
Today's Developments
in National Capital
The House Foreign Affairs Com
mittee lnted In report thf PortCf
peace resolution
V. T Whiter of Philadelphia, toll
a Senate committee the railroads hnd
Inst t(l. M,ri.tVS8 in six month n
I result of the "rlock-piiiiphitig" ru,le
chirlnr Government control
durlns Government control,
f V
Il'.f.s, i'l ,1 1.1,-C J. (.. '.-" -1, . .- , VUHI
i .

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