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JUNE 3, 1021
tf v WyWia Tallcs About the Dance Given by Mr. and
Hirst-Charles Cnstis-Harrison, Jr., for Miss BrooJee
? 'Tonight Other Matters Discussed
.ii t.. . nnmbcr of dinners
T9T hrfow th dnncc which the
l.ooli before in glvln(f out nt
Jimetawopd, their '0I"nh , ls the
for Rhoaa, ",'V Trcnchard Nowbold
'"bJSJetort. fen hc was only
ijjgon Wiorc ' u ,.mmPr and winter
"entecn, nd ?t imm part of
ke "lcnt St Tspnln. ab 5J5
v.. tav being "' "' ... .n. nnd how
weJu'rf5ArbM "o mo .h
For,.. if nine to be away.
V? Juts one has been
if aln I roVn lonB time to be away.
' ! 'rflrt "? bo Preceded by a
ndwcBi'b Harrisons for
"nn?r jffthere w 1! be a dinner for
Bkoi.nlSw In tar her aunt,
EHnlr nalrd of Merlon, at the
j'lu Country Club, and the
SHtfmoto? up'to the Harrisons
fterward. Mnrcchnl Browns will
tt befomthe danco and Mr.
Idlnn,fwncnard Newbold will on
id Mrs; ? niece. Ellen Douglas
tertajn for their m , returned
Varope "nd who will make her
from Europe u , 0 m wm
debaD.fnXtnt dinner at Dolobran. Hav
"Erf and 1 SSrtheV " will be a gay
erford, ??,, "ffnlr. Augusta Harri'
,nd Vlfe Cbtll , Ilwriwn.' daughter.
' . last Mason, you know, nnd
?.t "Loftier debut next year,
a know that the tablet wh eh
the. Colonial uamc. i ,
aa?-n,F"finul,rfl nnd the formal
SSntiUon will be made on fejindnr
& tdb MIL" lnn nton niBhop
5 "who was Instrumental In
?2!7 0'1L. Instrumental In
wnau", " . ohtll tno flret mem-
The tablet
ATr,momnrntC3 alBO tb.8
??. ChrisT Church and Perm's
Si.tr "with the Indians. It has carjea
ft the arms of the Bishop of London
2!i tki Compton family arms, and the
tlT which Is on the Bishop'a tomb
. Mham. England, has bcon. placed
1 rt tablet. Mr, Horaco Wells Sellers
ta totaned the lablet, which is carved
fn"X marble. Dr. Washburn will
'..,. ecntleman to receive the
J,ft nX name of Old Christ Church.
Mrs. James Largo Is president of the
Cekalil Dames; Mb. Wllllnm Maaters
Croae and Mrs. Alexander an Kens
lelacr aro vice presidents ; MIbs Eliza
beth Gilpin, secretary, and Mrs. Joseph
Mlclle Fox, treasurer.
SPEAKING of church doings reminds
me that the Iter. George Calyert Car
ter and Mrs. Carter gave a delightful
little informal tea in their garden yes
terday at the Churrh of the. Hcdeenier
rectory at Bryn Mawr. Isn't their
daughter Mary sweet and attractive?
I law her out at the Horso Show ono
day last week tho very picture of spring
loveliness, wearing a frock of old rose
colored linen and a big black hat which
was particularly becoming, ns Mary is
fair and has blue eyes. Her 6istcr
Virginia made her debut last fall.
HAVE you heard that the Saturday
Evening Danclnj Class ls to be
leld next year in the Toycr of the
Academy of Music1 I think that is a
very- nice idea. The Foyor is perfectly
beautiful, convenient nnd for the bis
meetings when supper Is served bos all
these accommodations too. It seems to
me a wise move. I understand Mrs.
Jick Geary is not going to be a patron
ess neit" year., Mary will probably be
In Europe aud then she will come out
and there are no younger daughters in
the family so Mrs. Geary fecl3 that sho
will be busy enough without affairs.
Marj. or Bunny as sho is railed, wus
graduated this week from Springsid.
She was the class prophetess nnd from
all I heard of her work did splendidly.
Quite a number of nttractlvo girls were
la the class which received diplomas
Wednesday morning. There were Sue
Goodman and Virginia Carpenter and
Rosemary Howe and Martyn George
and Frances Bicknell, Amelia Seixas,
Nancy Stoughton, Marian Donaghuo,
Lucylle Austin, nnd ever so many
others, twenty-setcn in all, If I have
heard right
rpHE baby is just a cnr and a half
old, but that vholc year nnd a half
I full of love of one person nnd that
Is: Mother. Sho can talk very little
and juU put her words together, o
he does not sny much, nnd in moments
o! keenest joy she becomes very, very
julet: Tbo other day she sat on the
Boor plajing while Grandma was with
ner and Mother bad gone out. She did
ot seem to miss Mother but plnved
contentedly and quietly there till mul-
i ' ', front tIoor wnK heard to opon,
A radiant unile sprrad over the tinj
ce and in tho veriest whisper to
wandma, she snld "Here fho turns. '
tki,n-1ea??ment ot much Interest to
"its and other cltlcjj Ik that of MIbs
Aoic ready tvUh a
host o dainty
I sinmeia
'or our flrtt nclertimi (oilny
mid tomorrow
Voiles, Oryamlies
and Chambrays
$ Ji.00
In th
tho bill
Priced as low ns
$0.50 fSf
Gorgeous effects
In tho nowi'st
I Georgette
v trepes
?for Summer
fk U AND
I Kiwt
W ..Credit i,
V r wiicau Evenings
Mary McDe Mlkell. daUBhter of Mr.
and Mrs, William E. Mlkoll, of John
son street, Oermontown, nnd tho Rev.
Oliver Jamos Hart, of Mnoon, Go., whloh
'A, nnnquneed today. The weddlnjr- of
Mien Mlkell and Mr. Hart will tako
Place on Wodnosday, July 20, Ui Trinity
Episcopal church. Cnstlno, Me. Dlshop
H. J. Mlkoll, of Ocorffla, who is nn
"nolo of MIbs Mlkell, will ofllclate. Miss
Mlkoll la a Rrnrtuato of SprlnKSlde
School, Chestnut Hill, and of Smith Col
lCKO. Mr. Hart wcrved as chaplain of
the First Division In Pranoo and wan
cited for bravery. Mr. Hart and his
brldo will livo In Macon, Ga. Mr. Ml-
KejJ is dean of tho Uw School of the
iiiinerniiy or l'ennsyivnnia. Mr. nnd
Mrs Mlkell and their family will leave
he. latter part of this month for cnstlno.
Mo whoro thy will remain till autumn
nt their aummer homo.
Tho woddlnir nt MIm Snrali IT. Tl r.
rose, daughter of Dr. Charleo B. l'cn
toso, and Mr. Androw Van Tclt, son of
Mr. and Mrs, Charles E. Van Polt, will
lake placo on Thursday, July 14, at
5 o'clock at Devon.
TTio gueota who will attend tho card
party and luncheon today whloh Mro.
Tplbert N. Richardson will givo In honor
of her daughter. Miss Sarahellen Itich
ardson. at tholr homo. West Hohool lane.
Gormantown, will Includo Miss Mary
do P. Geary, jjlsa Ellrabeth Rofrers, Miss
Evelyn Martlti. Miss r.tltla Lnndroth.
Mss Luoy .leffcrys, Miss Klsa Krame.
Miss Margaret Hubor, Miss Caroline
Drayton, Miss Lindsay Pancoast, Miss
Martha. Barton, Miss Caroline Graham.
Miss Catharine Roberta. ZJIsa Margaret
o?an, Miss Kllwibcth Logui, Miss
Helen Hendorson, Miss B. Martyn
GeorRo, Mlsa Marmret Hamilton, Miss
Louise Weill, Miss Helen Chapman, Mlas
Julia Ross. Miss Agnes Clement, Miss
Annabel! Wood, Miss Elizabeth Pearson,
M s Betty Harris, Miss Lllllo Ferguson,
MIbb Emily Cookmnn. MIm Betty Bll
I'nKilcn. Miss Eleanor BIlllnKSlca. Miss
JlrRlnlft Carpenter MIps I,ufllo Austin,
MIbs Bertha Smytlie, Miss Marian Dna
Khue. Miss Mary Sailer, Misa Constanoe
Howe, Miss. Eliza Woolston and Miss
i.i jiV.c , .fi-m': ,r 'rh'aa
rnoto by Macnrcn.
neat for a short time ot her brother,
Robert D. Bawn. of 124 West Mt
Airy avenue, has returned to her home
in pji
Airy avenue, n
ew York.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford R. Hunt and
Mlas Betty Anno Hunt, of 118 Wt Mt.
Airy avenue, are at tho Oceania Ocean
City, for a fortnight
Mrs. M. Peustman, of 2122 Sprint
Garden street. 1b vtsltlne her Bon ant1
daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard
veusunan, of Baltimore
Mr. Anil Mm Walt n n.1.lM.
of the Royal Apartments,' at Broad"
street and Glrard avenue, have returned
irom Bpenaing noverai days with Mr,
and Mrs. Morris Kaufmann nt Phil
mont, Mrs, Ethel M. Junk, nt rlirkahnrn
N. J will give n dinner this evening
In honor of Mlfs Ida B. Powell, of TI26
Marlborough ntrcot, nnd Mr. nobert
Gibson, nlso of thl city, whoao mar
rlngo will tako piece on Saturday,
Tho member.i of tho Alpha Tau Slgnia
Sorority will hold a meeting on Satur
day afternoon at thn hnmn nt Ml. Anna
Larkln, .1841 North Rroad street. Among
tnouo prnciu win ne .Miss Helen urmg
land. Miss Mary Wrlcht. Minn Mvrtle
Sllverwood, Miss Martha Dlbort, Miss
ai,u.if ,, (iiLiiiuii, .tiiaa UUTia I-.CI,-
nlson, Miss Kathorlns Ferry, Miss Kattv
erlne Young nnd Miss Bessie Parkins.
Brown street, announce the betrothal of
their daughter, Miss Bertha KIrkel, to
Mr. Harry Stein, of New York.
Mr. ard Mrs. Wendell Swift Tredlck
and their family have returned to their
home, 610R Christian street, after
spending a few days nt Atlantic City.
Mrs. John H. Brown and thejr family,
of 1226 Fillmore street, will leave within
a few days for Ocean City, where they
will epond the summer nt their cottaije.
Miss Hlldn. Rterllnir. of Harrison
street, has returned from Atlantic City,
where she spent the week-end as the
guest of MrB. J. Thompson and Miss
Myrtle Thompson at their cottage on
States avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mill r, of Paul
street, are receiving conijratulatlons
upon the birth of a eon.
Mrs. Frederick M. Glazier, of 1T
Bridge Btroet, has left to spend the
summer at hor cottage In Wlldwood,
jne annum uincneon 01 inn nm;
fltlK nt tlm Tmn1 TTnlwrsltV Will DO
held at the Aronomlnk Country Club
on Trurcday, Juno 0.
Colonel James A. G. Campbell, Mr.
David B. McCluro and Mr. Isaac E.
Johnson, of Chester and Media, havo
returned from a fishing trip to the Po
tomac, where they motored n few davs
ago, accompanied by a few oilier friends.
and Woodland avenue, when Miss Helen
Marie Dempsoy, of 7223 Woodland nve
nue, was given Iq marrlngo by her
father, Mr. P. P. Dempscy, to Mr. John
J. Graham, of Riverside. N. 3s Tho
ceremony, which was performed by the
Rev. Father P. P. Dougherty, wbb
celebrated with a nuptial mass.
The bride wore a rown of white satin
and lace, with tulle veil arranged with
nnnm hlnnrnrnn. extending the .
nt hr M-illn trnlti. Him carried M sh
bouquet of whUc rosex and lilies ,511
Aiarin jjenipsoy, f
her as maid of honor She "
tie, wi
n. irnwn nf nlnlt irponrnfto. Willi nil OV
skirt of lace, pink hat and carried pH
roses. j
Mr. I. M. Graham acted as beat'ft,
for his brother. -n1
Tho Junior Cluh -Ml nniartnln Infor
mally at n reception this evening In the
Junior Room of tho Bcllevue-Stratford.
Miss Josephine Do Putron, daughter of
.nr, nu .rs. josepu uo I'utron, or mi
Porter street. Ii president of the club.
Miss Elizabeth Joncn hn-. returned to
her home at 1112 Christian street after
having visited friends In Coaldale, Pa.
W -I
f S fay m
M The W
m ownmer kjowti st
The man-loco of Mies Anna Cecilia
Hynts, daughter of Mr, nnd Mrs. Rich
ard L. Hynes, of Penn Square, nnd
Mr Jams P. Feeney. Hon of Mrs
Teresa i-eeney, 01 X3 ivisi intmiTOi
street, this cttj, wan solemnized In St ,
HpIen.x'B Churrh, Center Square, on
WpdnpsrlAv Tho bride was attended ,
by her sinter. Miss HarrMto Hynes ns
maid of honor, and tho best man was
the bridegroom's brother, Mr. John
Feene. A reception followd at tho
homo of the bride's parents. Upon their
return from a wedding trip Mr. and
Mrs. Feeney wilt live on Bumsldn live
nue. Jofforsonvllle.
Who ls 011 the Kxcrulhc Committee- arranging for the "Juno Fclc" which
will be given on tho grounds of tho Huntingdon Valley Country Club
011 Tuesday noxt
Nancy Woolston.
Miss Margaret H. Davis, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Davis, of 618
West Hortter street, Germnntown, will
entertain at luncheon nt tho Philadelphia
Clrcket Club on Tuesday. June 28, In
honor of Mies Frances Wharton Scott,
daughter of Mrs. J. Aiinnn n,t nt
2204 Pino streot. who will be married
tO the RCV. AlbatT T?!3.w1aV T.llraa ann
?m Mrs. Albert Luoas, of 320 South
Eighteenth street, on Wednesday after
noon. Juno 2D. In St Mark's Church,
Sixteenth and Locust atroets. Tho guests
will Includo thp bridesmaids. Miss Davis
left on Thursday for Boston, where aha
Is being entertained as tho guest of
her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and
Mrs Charles Rawloy, of Brookllne,
Mass., until the end of tho month.
Invitation have boon Issued by the
Pennsylvania Society of tho Colonial
Damca for their annual celebration on
Thursday, Juno 9, In commemoration of
the establishment of its nrst public
building. Governor William Cameron
Sproul will address tho Dames, and a
luncheon will be given by Mrs. Sproul at
her home, Lapldea, Chester.
,.,JIrJi,.WaIter P and hr daughtern,
Miss Elizabeth Copo and MIbs Nancv P
Copo, 200 Eaat Johnson street, Ger
niantown, will leave today for Saunders
town, R. I., to spend the summer at their
place. Miss Nancy Cope will return next
week to bo tho guost for a tortnlght
of Miss Jane B. Teatman, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Tope Veatman, at their
country place In Chestnut Hill
Mies Richardson and Mlsi Helen Hen
derson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Gwynne Henderson, accompanied by
Mrs. Frank B. Gummoy, win sail for
Europe on Juno 28, where they will
spend tho summer traveling in England,
France, Switzerland and Spain.
Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Harrison Fra
zler, of 201 De Lancey place, will Kail
on Wednesday, June 8. for a several
months' trip to Europe They will meet
their eon-ln-law and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs William Howard Hart, and MIbs
Eleanor Hart in Paris. Miss Hart will
be presented to t,ocIety at a tea by her
parents on October 8 at Arrow Head
Farm, their plnco at Ambler.
Mr and Mrs. O Hamilton Colkot have
sailed for Lngland, whero they expect
tr. remain Indefinitely They will not
return to tholr home 2010 Spruce street
Mies Norma Grey, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. rsorman Grey, of 18.10 Pine
aircei. win sail tor .uuropo on Juno 23
accompanied by her cousin, Mrs George
Borgen, of 2114 Pine street They ex
pect to spend aomo timo In Naples, Italy,
and will return home early in October.
Mlfcs Pranees Wharton Scott, daughter
of Mrs. J. Alison Scott, who will be
marrlid to the Rov. Albert Hawley
uunn, un -ji iuru. uDen iurns. or 329
South Llghteenth street, on Wednesday
afternoon. June 2?, In St. Mark's Epis
copal unurcli. Sixteenth and Locust
streets, returned to hor home, 2204 Tine
Rtieot, last ovenlng after a visit to New
1 orn.
ur. ana jure, ueorge J'nies Baker, or
1110 ociioYuc-ouHiiora, wno are occupy
ing their country place. Old Oaks. Rose-
niuni, win leave on rueaaay, Juno 14,
for Taul Smith's, where they will re
main for sovoral weeks.
Mr. nnd Mrs. George H. Earle, 3d.
have arrived in Paris, France. They will
spend several weeks In London before
roturrdng to tholr home, Orays lane.
Haverford, about the middle of next
An Inlorestmic wedding of tho early
autumn will be that of Miss Juliana
S. Baker, daughter of Mrs, Louis C.
Baker, Jr.. of St Asaph's rond. Bala, and
Dr James W. Nixon. Jr., of San An
tonio, Tex., which will br. polomnlzcd
In October. Miss Bakor hai rriurned
from a several weeks' visit to San An
tonio, where sho was tho guest of Dr.
Nixon's parents. Dr. and Mrs. James
W. Nixon.
The Philadelphia Chapter. D A. R.,
has extended an Invitation to Us mem
bers and Invited guests to a luncheon
nt Varnum Headquarters, Valley Forgo,
on Wednesday, June 8.
Mr. and Mrs. N. Joseph Marks, of
G10 South Kitty-seventh street, havo
nnnounood tho engagement of their
daughter. Miss Ruth Marks, to Mr .Her
man L. Coasoy.
A number of thn younger set of Oten
oldeu will give a play tonight at Sharon
urn. whlnh will bo n three-act comedy.
rntltlod 'All on Account of Polly." The
cast Inclines Miss Helen Deputy, Mlts
Miriam rcggiesion, .iib jnna rvuuor
and Miss Dorothy Hcpford. The pro
ceeds will be donated to charity.
Announcement Is made of the mar
riage of Miss Barbara B. McAndrows, of
133 Pleasant streot. to Mr. Thomas J.
Haviland, Jr., of 170 Pleasant streot, in
Holy Cross Church, Mt Airy avonue,
on Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock.
Miss Jcnnio Naughton was the brides
maid nnd Mr. James T. Haviland, a
brother of ho bridegroom, acted as best
man. A breakfast followed tho ccro
mony at tho home of tho bridegroom
Miss Jeanne Roberts Harper and Miss
Helen Roberts Harper, of 211 West
Chelten avrroe. havo returned from
spending a few days as tho gursts of
their brother and Blster-ln-law, Mr. and
Mrs. Daniel Roberta Harper, 2d, In
Chevy Chase, Md,
Mr. and Mrs Robert M. Barton, Jr
and tholr daughter. Miss Betty Barton,
of 143 West Durham street, have closed
tlvlr home nnd are occupying apart
ments In Bclalr Court, Atlantic City,
until tho late fall.
Miss E. Male Bawn, who was
The wedding of Miss Sarah Eliza,
betli Kolb, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Edward O. Kolb, of 4322 Walnut street
to Mr. Herbert Holmes Ttoahm. son of
Mrs. John J. Roohm, Jr., of North '
Twelfth street, by tho Rev. l-orsyth, op
Germnntown, at tho homo of Sir. and
Mrs. L. Meyers, C611 Lincoln drive, on
Tuesday evening n'rlnric nn Wodnesda morning In St
Mr. and Mrs s KIrkel, of 3332' Clement's Church, Sovcntj-fln-t streot
Graham-Dempsey Wedding
A nrsttv wedding took placo at 9
Black iWhite Shop
A splendid tonic
1 the
sbojO neab
Moderate Trice
Writ er fbra for Ensrarc
Clearance lale
75 Hat
A choice selection suitable (or wear now.
Values douBle and treble. All sales are final.
125 South 16th Street
One Couturier said "Make
it of Lace,"
Another said
Georgette." Still Another
"Make it of
"Let us put
the two together."
. . . .and so we have all three.
Laces take various tints to
match brilliant - hued Georg
ettes that are diaphanous as a
Butterfly's wings Gowns that
suggest moonlight, summer
night, glowing light and the
Priced Moderately
cJr4r Sfxaaltu Skp cfOnauwhonti
eggs in milk every
Gold Seal
of twelve
At all our Stores
UtcSfxciatlu ShfycfOnainalionb
Special for Saturday
for the Sports Slirt
for the Sleeveless
for the Sports Suit
Frill Blouses
Dainty affairs of French voile or white batiste, trimmed
with Valenciennes lace. '
Dimity Shirts
Imported fabric shirt, with gingham fluting?, in rose,
blue and tan.
Tailored Shirt, with Peter Pan or long roll collar.
Long or short sleevts.
lli.iiiii.iiiii:iii)iiiiiiiit !.. ,i. i.iii,i,iir '
uht tSpcdalbj tfhop gf Qricfiaationt
Extraordinary Offering
actual values
22.50 to 39.50
Jackets gay in
color for those
who indulge in
8 p o r t s, and for
those who watch
others play.
vjeorge Allen, inc.
1214 Chestnut Street 12M
Now-a-day's It's Allen's Hats
Summer Millinery
A re in Full Swing
Our Summer Millinery is marked at decided reductions for quick
clearance. These price should proc irresistibly
attractive with the summer months ahead.
100 Trimmed, Tailored and Sports Hats
for the weok-eiul at ' Price
Now $6.00, $7.00, $8.00, $10.00
Women's Pure Silk Hose, Special $1.45
Wck Whti drvii nj.jian a f nM Na -y 1 1 pir. aU itnrklnz
ith a llsl top ii j . riie 'e a hy grad unci ar a ery serlc
ililn nuilltv An t' ipdi 'our numnifr ui
Women's Lisle Ribbed Vests, 3 for $1.00
Now ip tfv tlm? that r t " ii an s di ous
'eta and w ha lust ri l a. .ot Lf t nr i -
1 'h tf-jirw nad rKUlar tnpn 1 a s f'nm ft 'n 41
f but in rinf eummT
ltln ribbed vrftta In
White r
The plaited skirts
reveal stripes o f
rose and purple,
purple and gray,
and gold,
blue and
the wearer
Nightgowns at Special Prices
Nainsook Nightgownn, special values, in three qualities,
.i0. SI. 65. $2.25.
Extra sire Nightgowns, of fine nainsook, S1.65, 52.2.", $2.50.
f'otton Crepe Gowns, kimono sleeve; flesh color or white;
others in figured crepe. $1.7." nnd $2.00.
Cotton Crepe Pajamas, plain or figured, in flesh or blue, $,1.
$3.00 Quality Fine Foulard Silks, $1.95
cMa SUk of Ann n')t t
1 m PK -rtTTlb i ("pr'lrraM i
- fh s a1
r i t'TTid n I
i i l p f r
ti n
n hr
j (i n
Annual Summer Sale of
Notions and Toilet Articles
Allen's French Hair Nets
Ifc rirli l PO a doirn
DurinR this sale onl wc will sell six dozen
Hair Nct.s for S.'j.OO
Wcll-Known Toilet Articles Reduced
lUnd !IMi, anl Alinon i i r.n
i u'fi t mract Null Si"t ili, urn
Viura Htlfl KloraniM" Sarin,. (H(
riraya "rem H'ic all IRr n C
t.ln lai
IKr. tax
tax 8o
Ptbfro or rfpo1nt Tooth rn.t,-, 3Ari t.x Je,
flna-flnel I lir. lrtallp ro"lh Uri.t,'. t
1'rnnhtlKrlli lnnih llrii.hr.
P irr Hm I It
t a'o 1" ih r,i,lrr
Dnrln 1 rrnrh I nmpnet P'trr Timdrr u nl fi'v cl-r
Vn .Mr l.mhauitr Talcum u-ualh 7ft'- ftSri x Sr
.Tapnnua OII Oil ami Hnap H.lrft a .ln?n ukii
l.aro Bpanlnh I umiln M,dp aprriui Mi akr
Tlrlilsh Hath tiiap qftr lr r rak.a for WV.
Uomlhnrr'H ,,r Oilllrura Paap, 2(V rak.
Honor t nanrt I in Poap. .n fc7 .rvial lOe cak.
Axura Trrnrh ral urn in.l zu , i! r
Dlr KU Ta' mn Poudrr i-rila1 5ri tax 1e
Cul' 1Orlciin rn-iidi 'll)r nvidrri all ahadra Vir pox
I n Air 1 inbuunift latco .
11. CO !. l."5l IK fir
Anu monr otlirr Itrm. ton numrrnu
' 1
" 1 h ti
. ." imrtpjr.nt handlaa tV. , M
pr ll ,1.1r. I ? II
nzzzz 1
r',1al 8'r; tax In H fl
a M
- . i r xB
raxular li i m
Jo rt I'M Compact Pact fowilar
la mrntlon,
i y
I M nM
II W1WinillllllMBllMIMiMMnML,Miiimii

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