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'rkwfr'MNl 'tptWd thta afternoon,
jJSSkt IMS' IvSw probably local
Jt25enowere slightly cooler Friday.
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, TTglPEKAHJnr, nM. jwv. mvui
rs l o 10
11 112 I 1 I 2
81(83185 1 87
VOL. VII. NO. 242
Entarad aa Sond-OIi Matter at tb rontoflW, at Philadelphia, Pa.
. Undor th Act of March 3. 170 """""".
rubllahJ Dally Kxeent Sunday. Subscription Price IB a Tear by Mall.
CopyrJirht, 1D21. by Public lidtr Company
yrpjj1 "gyg y 'liyfayp
ifFW 7 ri''i"TWw!'p ;.'T .
tcuenmg Bubltc
Re9olutlon Wou,ld Establish
Street Sweeping by City in
All Sections
A resolution authorizing Director of
'Public Works raven to end all street
dranlng and gamago collecting cu..
tractd by October 1, so that municipal
clwnlng and collection may bogln on
M..t date, was offered In Council today
V Councilman Roper, Administration
Gouncilmanlc sanction of this plan
mutt be obtained by .Tuly 1, as under
tbe existing contracts ninety dnyB' no
tice must be given the contractors of
the termination of the agreements.
The resolution follows:
"Whereas, the City of Philadelphia
tntered into agreements with rortnln
contractors for the cleaning of streets,
reads, alloys, Inlets and markets mid
lor tbe collection and disposal of ashes
and rubbish tor me year ui :
"And, whereas, It was provided In
uld contracts that they might bo ter
minated on October 1, 1021, If the con
tractors were given tire months' notlco
br the Director of Public Works that
the city desires to exercise euch option
and terminate euch contracts, and said
contractors ngreed that they would ac
cept as full pdyment for all claims
atalnat the city nine-twelfths of tho
,. contract price;
"And. Whereas, If said agreomenta
are terminated on October 1, in accord
ance with the terms of the contract, the
city of Philadelphia will save at least
jlBO.OOO by Instituting munlcipnl
cltanlng for the balance of the year
"And, wherons, municipal street
cltanlng and ashes and rubbleta din
Anal can be nut Into effect much more
.cfidently ana expeditiously If com
menced October 1 rather than January
1,"1022, when weather conditions are
apt to bo unfavorable ;
"Resolved, by the Council that tho
Director of Public Works be, and la
hereby, authorized to notify said con
tractors that tho city desires to exer
cise the option provided in said con
tracts for tho cleaning of streets, roads,
alleys, Inlets and markets and the col
lection and disposal of asfaea and rub
bish and will terminate all contracts
.October 1, 1021."
A veto of the ordinance appropriat
ing $25,000 to hire extra clerks In the
IleconliT of Deeds' office is expected
from Mayor Moore this afternoon. The
ordinance was nasaed last Thursday.
Councilman Hall presided at today'K
session because Richard Wegleln, presi
dent of Council, attended tho meeting of
the Bridge Commission, of which he Is
t member.
V . I -
I.'.-. "
Small Shipping, Crops, Wires and
Railroads Damaged In Toxas
Dalbv. Tex., June 23. (By A.
P.) After curving along the Texas
Coast for more than two hundred miles
from the mouth of the Rio Ornnde to
Port Arthur, the Oulf hurricane,
which had been raging since Tuesday
(Toning, apparently passed inland over
Matagorda Bay last night.
The greatest damage was to small
shipping In tho vicinity of Frecport
and Port Aransas. Crops nenr the
coast In the affected area suffered heav
ily. Wire communication also was
crippled in sections of the coast coun
try and rill traffic on lines skirting
the gulf wns delayed. Several fishing
craft and launches wora snid to have
been sunk-
Congress of the Third Alms at Com
munism and Revolution
Riga, Juno 23. (By A. P.) The
conference of tho Third International
of Moscow opened In the Soviet capital
jesterday, according to a radio me--. go
through the offlclnl service from Mos
cow under date of Wednesday. The
message says:
"The congress of the Internationale
opened todiy. Its aim is communism,
its weapon revolution, and Its' strong
hold Proletarian Russia."
Mystery surrounds the nrtunl Imp-"
imngs m the preliminary conferences
and wlint happened In the five days be
tween the opening ceremonies of the
Internationale congress und, parade of
Friday Inst and ycftcrdny.
Scattered on Old Warship at Scene
of Yesterday's Explosion
ANgvprt News, Va., June 24. (By
, ) Nearly two-score array air
J'?V;. commanded by Brigadier Gen
'".Mitchell, assistant chief of the air
?,";, covered the wreck of the old
wtieenlp Ban Marcos and the waters
;.i:lieJlnMlte Bay nearby with flowers
fuiVfi ,n ""ory of Captain Howard
W?ii5la8 1nd, Weutennnt M
.. ;"ter(ly ln one of t
Sir accidents nn run.J
J. Plumb.
the strangest
n.r. ?.00-P1anil TNT bomb exploded
tK. J.. aiImen ns their machines hit
It 1. k ft Bf'" colliding In the air and
At... vw1.;that both mcn and ma
f.i luwer.e ,,,own t0 Pl'ce. Only a
lwi, i of wrcsaie have been found.
iVii rm,n w"e considered pioneers
tWr honeUTerB b,on pu(in('n(,ei1 "
3rde Announces Continued Im
provement In His Health
.""grade, June 23 (By A. P.)
Pet.rmn&ment l" Ue health of. King
111 -Ii- 'u'n' wno "as been seriously
-? vvuil
thewfekw" d,It of Tuesday quoted
Mfniy .?ewB5B?er' the Near Ent.
blan l7..n0r ,0UK daJ'" a- The Ser-
theTlKnK th.f.,K,EK " repnrtcl death.
wi S m tfald-. h0 1,ltebt Previous
raa,i!5! K)ns s condltIou from Bel
KlnV'a hm d,,U' of ,Tuno " '' tl"
nd that ulthu w?s, Improving steadily
out of dJilgc? 'sIdanB lm(l sald he wnH
Temperature Table
70 .'.
70 !.
0 A. M 70
7 A. M , . 75
8 A. M 70
It A. M 77
10 A. M 78
11 A. M 81
12 Noon 8U
1 P. M 8r,
2 P. M 87
.'I P. M.
4 P. M.
IS P. M.
0 P. M.
Mercury Pops Up to 87
Adds to Discomfort of
the City
Showers may fall tonight to bring re
lief from the hot wave, which caused
two denths and several prostrations In
the city early today.
A high percentage of humidity wns
this morning added to the hot tempera
ture to Incrense the discomfort. The
humidity is 80 per rent today, as com
pared to 70 per cent yesterday.
Cloudiness mny keep the mnxlmum
tempornturc lower than 03. the high
point reached at 0 o'clock yesterday aft
ernoon. At no time during the night did the
thormomoter rcaiBter less than 75 de
grees, and nt 0 o'clock this morning the
mercury Dognn to rise.
A slight breeze from the southwest,
never greater than eight miles an hour,
was ineffectual in giving relief.
Scores of families deserted their
homos and slept In Fnirmount Park.
"On Washington avenue, between Broad
street and the Delaware, families spent
the night In their hallways, necking n
breath of air.
The maximum temperature for this
dato was 07, in 1880- and the .lowest
ivuu u, in ivio. ine normal tempera
turo for June 23 is 73 deurcoH.
Six-year-old Edward Link, of 70."
East Miller street, died early this morn
ing of convu'sions superinduced bv the
Thomas McCartney, of 712 East
Passyunk avenue, died at the Pennsyl
vania Hospital shortly after midnight.
Ho wns found unconscious near his
home. According to the police, he hnd
been drinking, and the excessive heat
aggravated his condition.
John L. Stewart, assistant superin
tendent of mails, who lives nt 0800
Cedar avenue, wns stricken with paral
ysis last uight while visiting Bartram
Gnrdcns. The stroke was attributed
to the heat. He was taken to the Uni
versity Hospital.
New York, Juno 23. (By A. P.)
The first death here from the season's
excessive heat, thnt of Annie Drozioza,
one yenr old. was reported last night.
The mother found the baby lifeless when
she went to the crib to feed it.
Michael Marano Ravea Like Luna
tic, Calling for Woman
Michnel Marano, twenty-seven years
old, under denth sentence for the mur
der of his wife, has apparently lost his
mind. He is in a cell In the deathhouse
at Movamcnslng Prison.
He has made several attempts at sui
cide by thrusting his hend ngalnst the
bars of his cell, but has been frustrated
by the guards, who maintain a death
watch on murderers' row.
Marano. in his ravings, calls con
tinually for his wife "Orazlo is dead
and I want to be with her," he cries.
He wns sentenced April 28 by Judge
Ferguson, but no execution date has
been fixed. He was convicted of stab
bing his wife eighteen times. His hom
was on Waehington nvenue near Eighth
Because of the man s notions Dr.
Horace Phillips, alienist nt the Etstern
Penitentiary, has be'ch assigned to ex
nmino him. Tf lie i found to be in
sane, he will be removed to an Institu
tion for the criminal insane.
Man Was Shot Running From
Garage by Patrolman
Benjamin Fogelman, twenty -four
vears old, wounded by Patrolman Doyle.
June 0, nfter n ohnse, was today held
bv Magistrate Jtenshaw in Central Sta
tion, In $1500 bail for the Grand Jury,
charged with attempted larceny.
It was testified that when Doyln
discovered the man removing n motor
truck from nn Oxford street gnrage at
8 o'clock on the morning of June 0.
Fogeglmnn (-aid he hnli been hired to
remove the truck.
A short time later he fled, and was
wounded by a shot trom tho patrol
man's revolver. Fred T. Fisher, owner
of the garage, testified today that he
had nover seen tho defndant before.
Henrv B, Nightingale Attended
Many Prominent on Stage
Dr. Henry B. Nightingale, known in
mnnv parts of the country ns "the
actors' doctor," died nt 7 o'clock this
morning, nt his home, lfi07 Fnirmount
nvenue. He had been in falling health
for some time, but his death, it is be
lieved, was hnstened by the hent. He
was sixty-six years old.
Dr. Nightingale was one of the
founders of the Charity Hospital.
Twenty-second and Chestnut streets,
and was connected with M-veral other
Institutions. He was physlelnn to the
Actors' Fund of America.
Lad Catching on Rear of Machine
Falls Beneath It
Leonnrd Craven, four years, 0020 t
street, was crushed to death under
n truck near his home last evening. The
bov climbed on tho rear of the truck
nn'd was jolted off, falling under th.i
wheels. The driver. Ernest II. Tom
nnnn, 0132 J street wns arrested.
Klmor Burliart, six years, 1110 Lev
ick street, suffered a broken right leg
when he was knocked down by nn auto
mobile bolonglng to his uncle, Leonnnl
Viilklrt, 0430 Rising Sun nvenue. The
boy was taken to Frnnkford Hospital.
Some Crops Already Ruined.
Only Heavy Rains Can Pre
vent Disastrous Damage
The loss to Pennsylvania New Jer-f-c.v
and Delaware farmers ns the re
sult of the )ong drought already nmounts
to many thousands of dollnrs. Heavy
fains must come within tho next two
weeks to prevent the damnge doubling
and In some Instnnres tripling.
Hay, grain, garden truck and pasture
lands are burning up. Some crops are
already totally ruined, while othors are
damaged nt least one-third.
The formers say that garden truck
and liny are hit the hardest, in some
Instnnces the pea crop Is n total Ions.
Hay in Pennsylvania and New Jersey
has already been damaged one-third. A
few farmers oxpect only a hnlf crop.
Pasture land In some sections Is vir
tually useless for grazing nnd farmers
have been obliged to turn rattle into
the .fields.
Potatoes are drying up. Mnny grow
ers tay they will be fortunate if they
get enough out of their crops for seed
purposes next year. Markets are al
ready feeling the effect of the drought.
Conditions at Lancaster
W. W. Hurley, Lancaster, president
of the BuckB County Farm Bureau,
nnd owner of a inrgc farm, snid: "My
crops are in bad shape. Peas, beans,
tomntoei, onts, hay nnd other grain
arc burning up. My pen crop Is al
ready ruined.
"Ordinarily I cut about seventy-five
tons of hay. The crop Is already dam
aged one-tnlrd. Iottuco and corn nre
nenrly ruined. My loss will be between
?5000 and 50000 unless we get a heavy
rain Inside of two weeks."
Hard on Cattle Men
Cattle farms with pedigreed Hoi
steins are hard hit and where land is
under cultivation In nddltion. arc suf
fering doubly, according to Clement H.
Congdon, wild has a 100-acre farm nenr
"On my farm," Mr. Gongdon snid.
"two of the wells have gone dry. In
the pasture land, which would ordln
arlly feed the seventy Holstclns I have,
the grass has been burned through the
lHok of rnin-
"I've had to turn my cattle into
fourteen acres of perfectly good liny
which I would otherwise cut and use.
That means I nin not only losing now,
but will have to buy hay next spring.
"Some of tho farmers near here are
suffering terrific losses to their corn
crops. And others nre rosing on those
products which need large nuantities
of moisture. Farms raising tomatoes
and potatoes and produce of that char
acter may suffer a total loss unless we
have rain soon."
Farmers through South Jersey arc
not suffering quite ns much as those in
Pennsylvania, according to E. A.
Mechllng. of Mcchling Brothers Manu
facturing Co.. Camden, nnd who has
fnrms nenr Moorcstown.
Big Lou In Hay
"Peas, beans and potatoes are af
fected most," Mr. Mechliug said. "The
pea crop may be a total loss. Some
farmers don't expect to get more thnn
their seeds from the potato fields.
"We've just finished harvesting our
hay nt a loss of about ona-tliird the
total crop. I think that applies to
nearly all the farmers in Burlington
"About two-thirds of my land, 130
acres in one place nnd sixty acres in
another, is planted in orchnrds nnd ber
ries. So far the drought hns not nf
fected them to any marked degree."
Phlladelphlan, Arrested on
Charge, Escapes at Perryvllle
A prisoner being taken to Mount
Holly, N. J., from Knoxvillc, Tenn.,
made a spectacular escape early this
morning from a rnpldly moving Penn
sylvania tralu at Perryvllle, Md. He
Is James Fletcher, Marshall street near
Oregon avenue, this city.
Fletcher, with his brother-in-law.
Owen G. Wells, was being taken tn
New Jersey on an automobile theft
charge. They were in custody of Deputy
Sheriff Stone, of Mount Holly.
As the express was clearing the bridge
nt Porryville, Fletcher, who had been
handcuffed to the deputy, was unshack
led. He went Into a lavetory and leaped
through the window.
The auto in question is the property
of James La Rose, and was stolen from
a garage in Rlvcrfpn, N. J., June 0.
envyThese youngsters
250 Are Forgetting the Heat at Red
Bank Playground
If you're wishing ou could get awaj
from town theso days, you'll envy 25l
youngsters and some mothers who almost
fought to get nbonrd the good ship
Elizabeth Monroe Smith nt South i-treet
wharf this morning,
Seven miles down tbe river nt Red
Bank are a playground and a hospital
and n s'oup and milk kitchen, all nvnd
by the Sanitarium Association. 'The
trip is free, and evcrj thing else is free,
Including the trip back tonight.
Today was the first trip. The boat
runs up nnd down three times a da
from now on until the end of August.
Schools close officially today, nnd maybe
If a few truant officers hnd gone down
to the wharf where tbe boat leaves they
could have found boys who should have
been thinking nbout geography or his
tory instead of n merry-go-round anil
sliding boards and a swimming pool
and lots of cool nir and trees to climb.
Thoso youngsters weren't dressed up.
Thy were fixed so they could wriggle
their toes in the sand nnd lose no time in
getting into the swimming pool. Bnre
feet were in the preponderance.
They Just fcflt around on the benches
nt the wharf und waited for I.ouis
Schwartz to jell, "All aboard!"
Schwartz is n Mire enough policeman,
but he's been herding thot-e kiddies on
the boat for twenty-three years evcrv
Trea8urer' Weekly Report
The weekly report of the City Treas
urer shows receipts of $.'100,015.10 ex
penditures of $1.3.'!2,nf50.ni ami n bnl
nice, not Including sinking funds, of
Need 1000 Men to Build
Great Bridge to Camden
That Will Be Maximum Number Employed,
Says Modjeski, Who Declares Undertaking
Very Simple" Like
"Bridging the Delaware, all- things
considered, will bo simple; It will bo
like the spider spinning a web across
a broken window pane."
With n shrug of his shoulders, Rnlph
Modjeski, chnirmun of the Board of
Engineers for the Delaware River
Bridge Joint Commission, summed up
nn outline of the vnrlous steps which
will mark the building of the huge
structure which is to link Philadelphia
and Camden.
As he spoke the bridge' seemed to be
realized. Mr. Modjeski made it appear
"Just like that very simple," he
The chairman of the Bnnnl of En
gineers, neither In speech nor nppenr
ance, suggests tho dashing engineer of
fiction. He looks nnd tnlks like an
artist. Showing temperament gained
from his mother, Helen Modjeskn, the
fuinous actross.
As Mr. Modjeski pictures the Phila-dclphln-Cnmdcn
suspension bridge, it
will be n "giant thing of masonry nnd
metal, formed with graceful strength
nnd beauty ; tremendously strong unil
yet tremulously susceptible to seemingly
Intangible forces."
Dangers In Task
"Yes," he said, "It will be a highly
picturesque undertaking,' drawing
heavily on the resources of men and
machinery. When nctuql construction
Thirteenth Street Tire Plant
Scene of Nearly Fatal
Three men nnrrowly escaped death
nnd more than $1000 damage was
caused by the, explosion of n steam tire
mold in the shop of the Rnmey Tire nnd
Rubber Co.. 23." North Thirteenth
street, nt 8 :15 o'clock this morning.
I.nrge fragments of the heavy mold
were blown through the celling nnd
walls of the shop, nnd one lnrge piece
of steel was hurled through the win
dow and crashed through a window of
the Knncs Art Shop, dlasonully across
the street nt 2T54 North Thirteenth
The effect of the explosion was like
n bursting shrapnel bhcll. Pieces of
the mold whizzed ptrst the heads of
Elmer C. Waltz. Harry Mackintosh
nnd Stephen Scbofleld, who were stand
Ing at the front of the establishment,
Windows worp broken ns far away
as Summer street by the force of the
explosion, which was nlalnlv heard by
patrolmen .n't the Eleventh and Winter
htreet,s station, more than two blocks
The piece of mold wtitch wns blown
through the front window and into the
art shop across the street demolished
several hundred dollars' worth of vases
and other art objects.
The raotal ceilinr of tho tire shop was
tattooed by the flying shrapnel-like bits
of steel.
The cause of the explosion is npt,
known, A short time beiore it occurred
Wait., one of tho workmen, examined
tho steam gauge on the mold. It reg
istered a pressure oi only ten pounas.
College Pure-Bred Stock Exhibition
Interests Visitors
State College, Pa., June 23. (By A.
P.) More than fifty demonstrations,
eovcrine many phases of college work.
were held today as part of tho first lull
day s program of tho nnnuni tanners
Week nt Pennsylvania State College
The college pure-bred poultry, horses,
dairy and beef cows, hogs nnd sheep
proved one of the most interesting at
tractions. Talks on feeding, breedlnis
and management were given by the col
lege specialists. The pure-bred Perch -eron
filly that weighed 12S0 pounds on
her first birthday ns a result of milk
and grain ration was on exhibition.
Fanners showed interest in the pas
ture improvement experiments conducted
by the college The young farmers'
section, attended by more than 200 boy
and girl farm club members, completed
its program today with competition In
the State championship livestock judg
ing, fitting nnd showing contests. For
tj -five teams entered the judging rings,
and the results will be announced to
night. . ,
Former Penn Football Coach Is Mar
ried In Baltimore
(Icorge W, Woodruff, lawyer and
former footbnll coach at the Univer
sity of Pennsylvania, wat. mnrrled in
Bnltimore yesterday to Miss Elfredn
Foster, of Warren Pa. The Rov.
James M. Wullace, pastor of the As
qulth Presbyterian Church, performed
the ceremony. The witnesses were
members of the minister's family.
Mr. Woodruff, ns football coach, orig
inated several plays which brought vic
tory to the Red nnd Blue team In 1802
nnd 1804 over the Princeton eleven, and
from 1804 to 1807 over Harvard. He
has served as an Assistant Attorney
General of the United States and ns a
United States District Judge In Ha
wail. Ho resigned the judgeship in
1000, after Mx months' service, to enter
private practice.
Retail Dealers See Small Chance for
Early Reduction
lUrrMiurg, June 2.1. tRy A. P.)
Opinion was expressed before the con
vention of Pennsylvania Retail Coal
Dealers here today that there is smnil
chance of any great reduction In an
thracite prices before next spring. Wn?e
scales In effect at that tlmo, freight
rntcs nnd other factors not easily
chnnged were given ns reasons by W.
N. Williams, New York, representing
a lorgv coal-denling firm, for this con
elusion. Other spenkers today wcro Mayor
Ocorgn A. Iloverter, Ilnrrlsburg: W.
B. Knlser, Chicago, and E. B. Chase,
Spider Spinning Web
Is begpn men will work nt dangerous
Jovols under the water und Inter they
will work nt dangerous levels high in
tho nlr.
"The first thing we will do," went
on Mr. Modjeski, launching Into a de
scription of tho bridge construction,
step by step, "will be to make additional
test borings for the river piers, the
anchorages and the approaches. While
that Is being done, wo will prepare pre
liminary plans nnd specifications for
the river foundations.
"It will be our endeavo at nil points
und nt all times, to carry on ns much
of the work simultaneously as possible
so thnt both lime and money mnr be
jSavcd. While worklug on the river
foundations, for exumple, we can work
on the anchornges on land. When wv
are' working on the main span wc can
be working on the Camden nnd Phila
delphia approaches.
Plans not yet completed
"It will take n few months to pre
pare tho plans and specifications for the
river foundations. Then will come the
letting of the contracts; thnt will take
up another three months. The first
construction work will be thnt of sink
ing the cnlsnns for the river piers, The
caissons, made up of timber nnd re-enforced
concrete, have to be sunk through
the water and the underlying snnd and
silt to bed rock. They hcrvc at once
Continued on I'njre lOehtrColumn Two
American Golfer Who Broke
Record in British Golf Springs
Another Sensation
St. Andrews. June 21. (Bv A. P.)
Jock Hutchison, of Chicago, playing
rcmnrknhle golf, led the field at the
end of the first round of the British
open golf championship tournament here
today, turning in a score of 72.
Hutchison played a particular!;
strong game on the outward journey In
this round, creating a sensation by doing
the 130-yard eighth hole In one and
taking only two for the 273-ynrd ninth.
His score to the turn was .14. Hutchi
son used a mashle from the tee on tin
eighth hole, holding out amidst great
Walter Hagon, Detroit; Oeorgc Dun
ran, British open champion; Jim
Bnrncs, New York, and Arnaud Mas
sey. French pro champion, all had cards
of 74..
Charles Hoffncr, the Philadelphia
star, made theTonnd In 7f5. and Clar
ence Hackney, of Atlantic City, Tind a
card of 77. Bobby Jones, of Atlanta,
Southern champion of America, needed
Two rounds of thirty-six holes each
will be plnyed today and tomorrow
the player having the lowest medal
score for the seventy -two holes being
the winner of this classic
Jim Bnmes, the Pelltnm, N. Y. pro
fessional, wns rcnsldered today aB one
Amciican who would give on excellent
account of himself In the tournament.
His game has decidedly improved
since nis recent illness, and British pro
fessionals admitted thnt Barnes was al
most certain to be among the leaders
when piny closes tomorrow night.
The famous seventeenth hole wns ex
pected to give all the competitors real
The excellent golf played during the
qualifying rounds made the Interest In
the tournament much more intense, nnd
there was an air of excitement nt the
course when the players appenred.
Scores :
J. DoufIik Edgar. Atlanta. CI,. . .
Walter Hisra. Detroit
uYe jjunctn urnmn opon chnnriDton
Dr. Paul Hunter, .California
Aleinnder lien; former llrltlsh open
Joeeph II. Kirk wood. Australian open
champion . . . ,
Arnaud Martey, French profeealonal
Jack white, Hunnlnicciile
Abe Mitchell. North Foreland
Tom Kerrtvan 81ivanoy
William Melhorn. Shrcveport
Harry Varrton. South Herte
Bmmett French Tounmtnwn, O
Charlea Hoffner, Phllodslohla ... . .
IVjbert T. (llnbhy) Jonm. Atlanta
J. H, Ilatley lxndnn Country Club.. .
J. HurtfiK, Aihevlllo, N. C
I. Ahlu C'lyne ... ...
Oeorte McLenn. CJrawy Sprain, N' Y .
W. It. Uourne Stockport
Arthur Kutrhnrt. Ilaraiele ....
Fred AtcLeod. Vnhlnrton, PC
A, C. Have. W'rat Lancaehlra
Clarence Haekmy Atlantic City. N. J.
II. C. Klnch, WooHcote I'ark, Encland
Edward IUy. 0hey ....
Jlme llnrnfi. Plham Cluh. N V .
A. J. Mllee, Derton Park. England
Men Interrupted In Building Where
Pelrce Was Murdered
Two robbers tried to crack a safe in
the office of the Torr-Williams Co..
2007 Market street, early this morning,
but were routed by n night watchman.
It was on the second door of this build
ing that Henry T. I'eirre wns murdered
last November.
It was evident from the mnrks on
the safe and the prenarations made
to break It that the robbers worked for
several hours. Determined to gel Home
thing for thiir tinuble, thej stole n
box of enndj belonging to a stenog
rapher. She expressed regret that It
did not contain red pepper.
Indications Point to Compliance With
Plan for Allied Mediation
Athens, Greece. June 22. (delayed I
(By A. P ) Indications tonight
pointed to acceptance by JJreece, In
principle at least, of the ofTcr of Great
Britain: France and Itnlj tn mediate
between the Greeks and Turkish Na
tionalists in an effort to forestall war
fare in Asia Minor. .
The offer of the allien powers was the
outcome of the conference of Saturdaj
mid Sunday Inst between Premier
Brlund, of France, and Lord Curzou,
the British Foreisn Secretary, which
resulted in the dispatch of a note to
King Constantine, asking nn Immediate
reply ns to whether Greece was willing
to permit the Allies to settle the Turkish
Admiral Presents Written State
ment After It Is Demanded
by Secretary
ll the Assorla'cd Press
Washington. June 2.1. Rear Adnilrn'
William S. Sinw reported personally to
Secretary Denby today thnt ne nnn oren
misquoted in press accounts of remarks
made in London touching on Irish
sympathizers In the United States. The
officer was recalled from leave of ab
sence to explain these remarks.
Secretary Denby directed him to make
n written statement giving the correct
text of what he had said. The state
ment apparently hnd been already writ
ten as It was very shortly submitted bj
the rear admiral.
Admiral Sims arrived from London
yesterday nnd called on Mr. Detibv at
the Nnvj Department this morning. Hi
wns with the Secretary only a minute
or two, then going to the office of Ad
miral Toontz, chief of naval opera
tions, The admiral refused to comment on
the ense In any wuy, but hecretar?
Denby snid after his interview with the
"Admiral Sims haf denied the accu
racy of the statements attributed to
him. He stated that he was Incorrectly
"I gave him a written memorandum
s-.tting f rth those statements nnd ask
ing him to Inform nic in writing where
he was mlsquotitl nnd to tell mo, if
he could, what he did av in that speech.
I nkeo him to give me an early reply.
M memorandum wns an official coin
uunieatinn to Admiral Sim-, in the form
of nn order."
It was Indicated it tbe department
thot Mr. Denby would require Admiral
Sims to show thnt he had been sub
utnntlnllv mtsnuotcd in published re
ports of'his London speech, nnd would
not be content with repudiation of
certain words.
Admiral Sinis was with Admira
Coontz only n short time, and it was
learned that their conference wns not
connected with the controversy as to
Admiral Sims' London speeches.
On his arrival at the Navy Depart
ment. Admirnl Sims posed for news
photographers, but smilingly refused to
talk with the group of newspapermen
lie again refuse! to diseups his case
after leaving Admiral CoontzV office.
He did not Indicate when he expected
to have lendy his written statement, as
required bv Secretary Dcnb.. and no
copj of the Secretary s order was given
J. Eastman Llndsley. Insurance
Man, Surrenders to Atlanta Police
J, Eastman l.iiid.sle., t wen I. -seven
venrs old, Jformerlj n West Philadelphia
insurance man. surrendered to the At
lantn police last night, saying he wns
wanted In thl cltv. according to n re
port reaching here today. Investiga
tions of hW dealings here are being made
by the police.
Mrs. Michoel A. Maloncv, 1021 South
Sixteenth street, said Llndsley gave her
husband a worthless $3.10 check some
time ago in connection with a business
It wns reported Llndsley hnd em
bezzled n sum of money from tho North
American Insurance Co. A representa
tive of that firm snid today the com
pany had preferred no chnrge agnlnst
Mrs. John Scott, Llndslej's tJstcr,
0040 Webster street. nid today her
brother had gone to Atlanta last Chrlsl-!
inns to visit an aunt She sal. she had
heard of no trouble that he might hnvei
!.... in
coasting Down Mill, &man Wagon
Runs Under Cars
HrMrerllln Pa. .I.me ''T rvrn
Stele, three ears old, wok killed by a i
fnllmnl fpntn npnt lint tit, mi, Kprn .nd. '
terdn Dora and her brother were
coasting down a hill in a small wagon.
when the brother wns thrown off
Unable to -top the chicle, the child
,, '.u.. ".' "' ... . ,?..-
clung to It. It dashed under the wheels
of a passing train Pedestrians nl
tempted to save the child, but its speed
wns such that thej were unsuccessful.
"WASHINGTON. June 23. The Wilhs-Cnnipbell Anti-Beer
Bill, with minor amendments, was lepoited todny Tiy the House
Judiciary Committee. The Rules Committee is expected to give it
right of way in the House within the next few days.
HAVANA, June 23. Various port duties nie eliminated by a
decree signed by President Alfredo Znyus. They include extra
charges Tor demurrage anil inspection oT bills of lading nnd are
revoked as part of the Admnu&tmUon's campaign to decrease tho
cost of primary necessaries. The decree cancelling the payment of
of cost-of-living bonuses to TedernT, Fiovincial nnl Municipal
employes was returned by the President for revision when it
was found that it did not include the national police, soldi era nnd
Red Cross Issues Statement of Suf
ferers In Pueblo Inundation
Puebto. CoL, June 2.1. (Bv A P
Nearly 0000 persons suffered as a re
suit of the flood here, according to an
official statement issued by the Red
Cross today. Thnt number includes
dead, injured, homeless nnd persons who
lost property. Among the number were
800 foreigners.
Up to June 20, the htntemunt said,
1702 families registered for assistance
nnd .IS." homeless men applied for aid
Six Hundred houses were destroyed.
Sells Opera House
The Impresario's widow, who sold
Manhattan Opera House In New
York yesterday to her stepdaugh
ters, still retains physical posses
sion of the great structure and
hopes to rognln it next year
Measure Embodying Mollon's
1 &
Plans Introduced in Sen
ate by Penrose
... "
By the Associated Press
Washington. June 23. A bill em -
bodying plnns of Secwtary Mellon, of
the Treasury Department, for refund
ing wnr loans mnde to the Allies wns
Introduced In the Senate today bv
Chalnnan Penrose, of the Finance'
Committee, to which the measure was,
The blanket authority would be
given the secretary under the bill with
the President's npprovnl to reconvert ! chinery necessory for him to direct the
or extend loans or Interest payments. I roform of governmenr business admin
. ..., r. .i . ..!.! . . Istratlon and save taxes.
, u.v.,, ".. -r.....e.-. ... ,.n.vn,em -jt0t Fec whU Congress has done
and to settle all claims not niw secured.! to give tbe director of the budget the
i machinery to nttempt this colossal task.
DECISION ON BRIDGE SITE !?,&l8,Rlven on "PP"prtion of $225.-
rvDcoTrn xuio r-Ti-niai for "P"1 anl employes, and
EXPECTED THIS AFTERNOON nn assistant In each department ap-
pointed by the cabinet head. But from.
Joint Commission Meets and Will ,nc, $22T..q00 appropriation, beside the,
. , assistant director of tho budget, ho can
Pass Finally on Terminals employ for this stupendous work only
Final decision on the locntion of the 'four men of his own selection nt not
Delaware Biver Bridge tcrrainnls is ex- m"r? 'J"1" ? Cnh,n .r '.h? ff '
r,,w.f,i f.. i . 1 .u- . t ' of his force, he Is compelled to take hl.a
pected to be made this afternoon by ci,ances on men to be certified to him
the Joint Bridge Commission, which by the Civil Service Commission, "
is meeting In the Widener Building. I ' "One might ns well tie handed n,
Knlph Modjeski. George S. Webster. &fl,u,pi('k w,th wWch ' ,UnnCl k' "
and I.Biirence A Ilnll. who comprise the i ' , , , .
Board of Kngince.s. me. this morning) Iegal .Madilnery Inatlequate
nnd conferred on the pronosa, to change Lrt'l-" tft,:
Uic ucomimiided .site on the New Jer- nient hns ever confronted, is to be prop
sey side. It is said the board is unnnl- ,.riy met, chief reliance wi'l have to
mous aguinst the change. , piftced upon something else than
At 1:10 o clock this afternoon the the pitiful machinery provided by vr
EngineeringCommittee of the commis- with which to exercise the wide pow
sion met. The members are Mayor I Prs tended to the budget bureau.
Moore. Samuel T. Vnuclain. Thomas I "I 8m. therefore, accepting the posi
J. Jefferics. T. A. Adams nnd T. J. S. tion 0f director of the budget only with
nL0W' ... .. , I the idea that the patriotism of the. bu-
The committee passed on the cngi- rfnu PhPfs nnd the country as t
ncers recommendations regarding the'wnop nin be so nrouscd In this cmer-
ii'i...Min. luiaiisiii vuui.fcu usiji-u UJ lr"p
niviinrw ntirt p ntrh iTttccect. rf
North Camden. The committee's find-
ings then were reported to the full com-
:, u . . . .. i 1 1 .
If thn hr!ili- Irvntinn ii. iWlilod r.n
lni nftnoon" Mr Mndjcki plans to; "'"' X ,n lor, ! I
leave at once for Pun Francisco. The' " j",, r"i,.f for tw-o years is
Chamber of Commerce and other rtvle1"" materia I reiiet ior io t
I . "11 .1 ........ ii. ". ui.. ...."
bodies there have invited his opinion
. on the proposed spanning of Snn '
I Tffivo"?.5' JZ
1 two weeks.
- -
Washington. June 23. ( Rv A P i
Washington, June 23. (Bv A. P. I '
was indicated at the Treasury toda i
nt nnnnittixnniont r.t l,n nnnnl .......'.'
' of the Under Secretary of the Trcasun
! would be made within a few days. At
the same time, it was reported that It
C. Lcflmswell, of New York, war-time
Assistant Seeret.irv In .hnrt-o f fia,.,il
attain--, was under consideration for the
. --.-.,,- ...........
which was only reccntM
Seriously Wounded While Question
ing Three Negroes
Chicago, June 23. t Bj A. P. ) Two
policemen were shot and seriously in
j i ..i ...i.... .i .."-.-!
t.. ..iieHilon three t,ern.. nn. ,.f ,..!.
w viii... mini., iivii uic uiivmnicr
was killed a short time Inter hv n,l,.r
policemen, a second .cgro said to
have participated in the shooting was
The Injured patrolmen, Thomas
Dennis and John Hngnn, were reported
In a critical condition.
. . .... . ....... ,
mrdlniit filhpoos urgKi all Cathollca t
ma lh .MunuiUJof Vtajm.-J.iv.
Industrial Leadors Will Bo In
vitod to Serve With
out Pay
By the Associated Prcsa
Washington, June 23. Charles CL
Dawes, of Chicago, chosen by PrcsK
dent Harding to head the new flovern
ment budget system, announced after t
conference with the President today
that he would rail on n number of ex
perienced business men to mtvc In the
Budget Bureau without pay because hi
considered the staff provided by Con
gress wholly Inadequate.
iJr.rirI?!,W(i" ,1lr,Inrc'l In n statement
that If the budget syteni was to be a
success, reliance must he placed on
something else than the machinery
provided bj law. One mljht as well be
handed a toothpick. " he said, "with
which to tunnel Pike's Peak."
Mr. Dawes nld 1,0 would ask that
I lu i "uieers. wno distinguished
themselves for organization work In tho
, ,,,ne1r,irn" peditionnry forces, be
detailed to the bureau and thnt he had
requested his business associate in Chi
cago. William T. Abbott, to serve)
temporarily as nctlnp nRtUtnnt ,11, ,.... '
The tw-o army officers are Brigadier.
ICenernl Oeorge Van Horn Moseleyi
former assistant chief nf aff ! ..
Prfl Pershlng'a headquarters In France,
innd Colonel Henrv HmlHier rnrm -
"'"tnnt dlef of staff In the Service of
Supply. Both were nFsodated with
i r" 1"lwc'" ,n trance during the war.
D.iwcs Issues Statement
?.- I)"wrs' "Moment snid In part:
c all know the desperate state of
the business of the country nt present
mercifli-and "
dor a tremendous burden of taxation
from which it must be relleyed If It In
to properly revive.
' Congress has passed the budget lawf
in oruer to give the I'rcstucnt the ma-
-pnpr til II f it Will DP ITlOt ilR WB8 in
" t ,
; ..ini0ils the bureau chiefs of tb.
(Utm,.ntR ml thp lomiipg business
men of the country respond to the' call
. . . j .. .1.... .11.1 r ...-
...m..a... nf int rnir vphth iiitii.
concerned irom mis su.in.-v
Organization Plans Outlined
"Mr plun is this: I propose to or
ganize my office, so far as I can go
nnder the law. as quickly as possible
nfter selcctinc the onl four men upon
, whose qunlificutions for service the law
' presumes me enpunie nt passing.
presumes me capable of .passln
""t of thoe wil' be my busine
PintO. Hlllllllll 1. Ab.Hltt. W t)0.
ness asso-
us act-
1R assistant director, will for a few
months aid me in the organization of
'the work pending the selection or a.
permanent nssistant mreetor. Besides,
1 shall ask the War Department for
' the detail oi iwo preai .-o-uruiiiiiwjra.
ii. .
General George Van Horn Moseley, as
sistant chief of htnit, and i oionei iienry
Sinitlier. ussistntit chief of staff
"On or before August 1, I shall ask
th" President to invite u number of.
lending American business men to
Washington to serve without compesa
tion in nu advisor capacity to tbe
budget bureau
Was Called "Prettiest Girl In the
South" by Roosevelt
Now York, June 2.1.- -Adelaide Allen
Day, once proclaimed by President
nooevelt "the prettiest girl in tbn
South." was granted a divot ce yester
day by Justice Guy in the Supreme
Mrs. Day. formerly of Atlanta, wns
married in 1007 to Leonard Day, an,
electrical engineer nnd patent luwyer
nnd former chief of the New York Fllo"
larm Telegraph Bureau. They have
two children.
Expresses Admiration for Spirit
Shown by British Strikers j
Brighton, Kng., June 23. (By A.
P.) Resolutions were unanimously
adopted by the Labor Party confewva
1. . iAiInn avnpnuulnit nrllnlion ir
the spirit in which the coal in
Uvl v U'Miu CAyi i nm life nit tu it a
"faced tlie amicus launched i
the Government and the ow
rlnntnrlnf- rhnl tlw strntrcrlft'
1 one lu which the interestic t
n whole had been fought fjr.
I for the miners' interests alone ,
The conference wns asked to
vide all possible facilities to
. t ne i.auor i-ariy coin nine us sur
.. i - , ,. , . , ..
to tne miners anu ClimilllSlI I ne su
i '"K in the mlnln8 district
Think Man Had Dope on Him
Harry Zimmerman, of Winter street
nenr Ninth, was arrested today by Dis
trict DetcetlvcH Orimbly nnd Neasu anil
nn ounce of a substance believe.) to ha,
cocaine was found in his pocket. Mug
Istrnle Jtenshaw held the mail under
$S00 ball for a further hearing June 2Sr
v n
:. !
l "i!
. 1
...- n
J-S -v
it.,V O '
..y sfrv
' u'i
ft1 J!....,,rfi

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