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f VtMME 188
?J.V. . 'f Culkf n, Merlon J.
nwiri c. jiciinrya jenn a. mackcmic, Anns
C. Maet'hortoft, Vlrtlnin V. MftcVaush.
Marlon it Melrose. Hum Middle!, aiSifl
11.. Moore. Murnret K. .Mnr l.v. Wlllettn V.
MorrU. Alhons U Munns. lsttbelli K. Mur
th, Dorothy-OelechUKer, Kdith B. Pnullln.
"""o" v, leirillo, Alice I'nnn, rriiiei r
liorl' 2r.r,l-E. -'rlckelt, Msry C. nnnle,
!!. I ninka, Bletnore M. Illlrhle. EllMletti
. .ooineon,
Doreen U.
; Eihwartseteln. Jan C. Shannon, lllarere
oiiniiira, Msry pnmmay, noee Hnmumer.
bdnn a, Smith, Helen 11. Stevens, Blliabeth
QtffiAVu "aowln. Katharine qoenp.
WffK.luSltSm;' n: Ham.
?erj, Hl'M.'HaspVl. Oertrude lA. Hay.
9! V'ood.lielen Ct Oracer. Dorothy M
... -. -my -.., , nrtvti. Florence a
' "-I...
ttinil ii. "urn
Oood. Helen u. v
Eleanor H. Or
ISJIi QrVce M.' Haspel. Oertrude M
2!JBthl J. Ilewelt. Alice E. Hook
B'SfShieJi. Mary II. Howes. Ar
X'.iKmnle MJohnston. Julia C.
txercl.es at Olrto' Institution
Will Bo rieia a " --"
r . u fannnl for Olrlfl will be held
Aft cvenlnr.n the audi.
ffw.lnut rtrccte.
lM WlHJi 0,ven ntniotruw
Te txercisen will open with prayer
PWSSSton Ye dWed bynna
SiSf'Say. "Phllnnolphla-a
-5?. Sstmilc," Which was written
Center 01 - . nnrnbenr.r, will be
M riot"1? ? ill". T1i.nii-.ri, (Irons. It Ella McClftln, Eleanor 8. McCloud, Mariaret
Aettftzti by Bebccca "JftM"!! M. McOlauehlln Huth K. McKee, Edith N.
C... written by Mnrv Hilda HOWCS. Vt. Sadie Manelee. Claxa U. if. Martin,
'i .-. Pnrke Bchoch. princ pal of-"Dorothea Meer. Dora Moskowlti. Mildred
Professor IftrKeDcowi., i. h Dorothy p. Myere. fjessle. n.
W& d the exercise, will be
F,TMpnduatM fol,ow:
. i AVmtle Lillian Apotheker, Norma
!MtfJir Mary Darlow. Helen P. Bar
ibmberser. M7tlsteln. Bar A Duck.
K IXV. fcaptefr Anna &' Carroll.
B'u.rtn. T. Crawford, Mary Davenport.
'! nti Mary O. Desmond. Lenore
rr.A; 'n "W. hT Downln. Esther E0
niilintr..,"',n5; A. Dunlap. M. A.
"""SS?" Lillian Edwards. Catherine
WWh. E sabeth J. Gardiner. Myra t,.
'.Sn,ftatharln R. Oesn.r. Neflle C.
Institution, woh chairman of the excr
clseii. Following the Scripture reading
by Helen Dorothy Freeburn, prayer was
offered by the llev. Corydon G. Tyler.
DemonHtratlons then were given by the
primary class, the deaf-Jpljnd and the
Intermediate class In llp-rcadlng.
Eleven essays were given, by the
graduates. Mr. Montgomery presented
diplomas, and John Lewis Evans de-
Prltes were awarded bv the Ladles
Committee, and the benediction was
pronounced by the Rev. O. Orvls Dant
Man Drulsed by Auto
John Onepsky, twenty-four years old.
327 North Second street, was struck anl
severely brulTil by an automobile at
Eighth and rhestnut streets last night,
lie Is In the Pennsylvania Hospital.
C. Stroud, Ella A. Rtuhre, MyrUeK. Thomn
!S',n'. ''".A. Wnteon, Louise D, Weadon,
M.'Wf4 ' Whllacre, Lucy U. White, Ixulso
Williams, Marian M. Williams, Kathryn L.
Wood, Leonora Tounr,
Alberta Etwell, Kathryn E. Harris. Jean,
pelta II. Keller, Mabel II. McCormack, Eva
lyn H. McCracken, Marie II. Plckard. i;il i
v. iiomrocH. wary i;. acnaeier, way u,
Thompeon. lluth E. Van Lelr, Martha II.
Isabella Adleman Yetta J. Alman. Lillian
Italian, Marraret . Darctay. Itose M. liar
ky. IJebecca Q. lleattle. Qrace Decker, Hoee
M, Blllsstetn, Florence M. Jiowman, Frances
Brenner, Marlon M. Cain. Thelmn. Chandler,
Madeline K, Chaeln, Gertrude M. Clark.
Erna H. Crebs, Cecelia Cupersmlth, Klhrjn
O. Devlin, Esther Diamond. brncea II.
Earnest Janet Z. Miller, Bella Klsbman,
Halome Qasnon, Dorothy E, Goodwin. Qer
trude It. arosa, Florence E. Harper, Fran
ces Hasetmuss. Helen V, Hlckey, Helen II.
Hlndle. Helen Hauser. Marlon Ilnwley. Marv
L. Hunter. Wanda J. JafTcntt. I)ornlh Kn.
del, Sarah Katie, May Kanter, Matilda Kap
an. victoria m. Keiser, I'auiino v. Kelly
Mabel It. Klley, Marlon Klnr. Pearl A.
Knlthton. Amy Knorr. Florence M. Leonard.
Mae V. Lindners:. Anna M. Llnnlnc Edith I.
Llvlnsston. Ethel U. Ixds;e, Maraaret C.
Inv r!ftlhrlnu V 1 jmnh Arfltntt It f.t,t,a
Ella 'McClnln, Eleanor S. McCloud, Marsaret
U..I. f Ijll.la. XPm.a nMl.la t r...la.H
Gladya Iteed, Dorothy lielsa, Dorothy Rey
nolds Helen K. Rlchman, Anna K. Scheuh
Inr. MyrUelC. SchrefTler, Ella K. Hchroeder
Anna II. Shapiro, Reda Shapiro, Mae Sharp,
Marlon Statcher, Anna R. Hmller, Alice Sny
der, Jeannette flnroule, Maude E. Stevenson,
Dorothy E, Stocklln, Anita Wlest, Elizabeth
jMXsen. Minnie
Ariel K.
Mount Airy Institution Held Exor
else This Forenoon
Commencement exercises for the
graduating class of the Pennsylvania
Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, at
Mt. Airy were held at 10:30 o'clock
this morning In the chapel of Wlssl
nomine Hall, Mt. Airy.
A. II. Montgomery, president of the
BUT White Shoes designed and made by the same
kill that make Walk-Over finest leather Shoes.
There are types of Walk-Over White Shoes for every
type of foot.
uver mis iounaauon.
the) ultra, smart. In
White and White In
combination have
been originated.
Heel ju.it right, toe
shape and perfect
modeling Insure cor
rect treorf and poise.
Always Moderately
$7 to no
V 1
staus. VsH
is the new price of the open types of the
STwn(y-Fftk Year yef-
TO THOSE who know Stanley per
formance, the Stanley has always been
the best value obtainable.
Stanley performance and endurance are
unmatchable in any other car, and it is
this superiority over gear-shift performance
and endurance which measures the value the
Stanley buyer has always received, in a
proven quality product, in addition to the
excellence of materials, workmanship, de
sign, finish, and character, which one may
expect in any high-grade car.
The standards by which motor car values
are judged are: comfort in transportation;
ability to serve; character in design; and the
factory's consistent progress in one direction
long enough to warrant the public's confi
dence. By these comparisons the new price
value of the Stanley becomes perfectly
$2600 at factory, plus war tax. ,
Twenty-Fifth Year
Stanley Motor Carriage Comb any
Factory 't Newton, Mass.
Telephone Preaton 1415
r Jl
ate, u. a. pat, are.
It is used by the
The safest
steel file!
Two walls of steel plus
two layers of asbestos
plus an automatic safety
latch on every drawer.
IT is only a little thing the safety
latch that keeps a "YandE"
Fire-Wall File shut tight yet this
little latch may some day save your
Without this latch, the steel-plus-asbestos
walls of a Fire-Wall File
would be little or no protection.
With it, these files have at least
double the protection of an ordinary
steel file.
Fire- Wall
Filing Cabinets
Ask us to show you these four valu
able "Yand E" features:
IAn automatic safety latch prevents
drawers from opening accidentally.
No other file has this latch.
2 Real Roller Bearings make every
drawer open or close at a touch.
3 Water or dust can't get in. When
closed, the drawer fits tightly against
an inner flange.
4 Steel - Plus - Asbestos. Two steel
walls, with a double lining of
Telephone for a copy of our
new Fire -Wall Booklet.
Yavvman and Frbe Mfg..
Filing System Service, Equipment and Supplies
1013 Chestnut St., Philadelphia
I1EI.I.. WAI.NUT 0151 and 0167 KKYKTONK, BACK 4JM
Thousands of Philadelphia Men
Are Saving Money on Clothing
in the Great Anniversary Sale
This is the busiest Clothing Store in Philadelphia, and you may be sure it is because it deserves this
distinction. This Store is headquarters for such famous lines of Clothing as Hart, SchafFner & Marx, Stcin
Bloch and "Alco," with our fine "Wickham" Clothes steadily growing in favor. Other lines of through-and-through
reliability, at somewhat lower prices, are made for us with our label which means they are
sold under the guarantee represented by our SEAL OF CONFIDENCE. This diversity induces a constant
striving by each of our manufacturers to get a large share of our trade, which insures for us BEDROCK
PRICES on each of the various grades. And during our Anniversary Sale it means unusual CO-OPERATION
with us in procuring the EXTRAORDINARY VALUES which have made these Sales famous.
Men's and Young
Men's Suits
Tailored by our regular sup
pliers, of all-wool worsteds, her
ringbones nnd tWeeds, in styles
to meet the exacting demands of
young men and men of conserva
tive taste.
Suits With 2 Pairs
of Trousers
At $24.50 Suits of dark blue
serges, all-wool herringbones and
tweeds. $31.50 of blue or gray
serges, neat worsteds and fine
Iridescent fabrics.
Men's and Young
Men's Suits
An extensive collection of Suits
from our nationally known sup
pliers. Tailoring of finest type.
Styles of assured smartness and
correct in every detail. Fabrics
as fine as can be woven.
!- Strawbrtdxe A Clothier Second Kloor, Kal
Men Save One
Third on These
at $1.95
They are made of fine
woven - stripe madras chiefly
imported weaves and arc in
the nent patterns men prefer
for business wear. Amply
proportioned and carefully
Strawhrldne & Clothier
East Store. Klghth .Street
A Lovely Lot of These Fine
Swiss Dresses
At $1 6.50
These are of the imported Swiss, with the
embroidered dots in black, navy, brown, red,
rose, Copenhagen blue and orchid, with white
dots nnd trimming of white organdie.
Voile Dresses at $17.50
Regular and Extra Sizes
In the Toy Store-
These special values:
4-passenger Lawn Swings $9.75
Children's Roller Coasters, $6.00
Children's Automobiles $8.75
Paris Express Wagons $3.75
HtrawbrMKe & Clothier Fourth Floor
A little smaller than the regular-size
Pullman Coaches, but ar
ranged so that they are delight
fully comfortable and roomy.
Graceful in design, wonderfully
balanced, so that they can be eas
ily pushed and lifted. In the Sale
at $25.00.
.Straw lirldno & Clothier
Tourth Door. Centre
Light colors, woven and
tunic and straight-line models.
printed designs,
Voile Dresses at $12.75
Regular and Extra Sizo
With organdie plaiting and pipings and
dainty lace collars.
Voile Dresses at $9.00
Foulard designs in black-and-white, navy-and-white
and navy-and-tan. Long white roll
collars and vestees; sashes of the material.
Pretty Voile and Gingham Dresses,
$5 to $8.75
Light, medium and dark; tucked, ruffled and 'trimmed with white
organdie, some with white sashes.
Extra-size Taffeta Dresses $35.00
Tunic and panel models, long-waisted or surplice effects. Black,
navy and dark brown, as Straw bridge & Clothier Second Floor, ifarket Street
A Manufacturer's
Clearance of Men's
at 25c
High-class Neckties securer!
at a great price-concession
from a prominent manufactur
er who wanted to quickly clear
away his stock on hand, in or
der to provide room for autumn
Strnwtirldro A Clothier
Aisle 1, Market Street
Black Surf Cloth
Now 60c a Yard
FAST - BLACK, an excellent
quality for bathing suits; 32
inches wide 60c a yard.
Black Surf Cloth, 36-Inch $IM
Venetian Cloth $1.25
A saving of nearly one-half.
Fine and light in weight. Black,
gray, brown, blue, rose or flesh
pink. For skirts, bloomers and
linings; 36 inches wide.
White Satine now 50c
A saving of one-third on fine
petticoat Satine; 36-inch.
Strawbrldxe A Clothier
Aleln 7, Filbert Street
400 Pairs of
Men's Fine
Remarkable Value
a -r..t..tntn ni.nUcii ft.rttvt r.ri if ntir TYinniif iipttirprH rtf lontf
standing enables us to dispose of these fine Oxfords, under the
Golden Special sign, at a saving of very close to one-third. Two
English lnsts; of chestnut brown calf; straight tips, centre
perforations, invisible eyelets and rubber heels.
English lasts; of mahogany-colored calf, with straight tips,
invisible eyelets, and" rubber hocls.
They will go quickly at $5.40.
--- HtrnwlirldKo & Clol'u.r F.UMh nn.l FIUrt Streets
Cream Wool Dress Fabrics
The Season's Pet Fashion for Sports
Broadcloth, 50 and 54 inches $5.00 and $6.00 a yard
Gabardine, 46 and 54 inches $3.00 and $6.00 a yard
Tricotine, 46 and 50 inches wide $3.00 to $5.00 a yard
Jersey Cloth, 54 incites $2.50, $3.50 and $4.50 a yard
Mohair, 36 to 54 inches wide 80c to $3.00 a yard
Crepe, 42 and 44 inches wide $2.00 a yard
Bedford Cord, 42 and 50 inches $2.50 and $4.00 a yard
Twill Serges, 36 to 56 inches $1.50 to $6.00 a yard
-- Strnwhrldge A Clothier All 7 Centre
Vacation Millinery
Greatly Under Regular Prices
Trimmed Hats, White Predominating $4.75, $5.75, $630
All white( and white with black and navy. In Milan-hemp and
fancy straws, in black with white flange and white trimming.
Hundreds of Sports Hats,
$2J95, $3J0, $4M and $4J95
White, pink, navy-and-white and black-and-white.
All-ribbon or ribbon crown with
straw brim.
Large Garden Hats, $35
Of open-work straws, in white and every
fashionable shade of the season, trimmed
with flowers.
Sailors, $U5 to $10.00
White, black-and-white, navy-and-white
.. aa . nlain ol.n Jnn I. I. ..naif U .. fr B ..
. (Will 1..U.I. QIIHUvO HIV III... uuv.1 niwt
i.rnnpd hands of crenu Georirette.
T- Str.ilirlJe i. Clothier fceccml Floor Market Htreet, West i
Pay Less for Smart
New Bathing Suits
In the Anniversary Sale
Not one style but mnny, the prettiest Bathing
Suits in years. A woman will enjoy hor swim twice
as much clad in one of these becoming modols.
Bathing Suits with panel front, piped in color
now $2.95
A model fastened at one side nnd piped $3.95 j
The style sketched, colored panels inset $4.65
Bathing Suits, bodice effect with ru filed skirt
$5.00 I
Models with Bloomers now $5.50 and $7.50
Wool Jersey Bathing Suits, two-in-one style
now $4.50
Smart Taffeta Silk Bathing Suits now $4.95
Two Attractive Taffeta models $8.50 each
Black Satin Bathing Suits, narrow girdle
$6.90 ,3A-i,8lrwbrldee Clothier All IS. Centre
Women's Coats Reduced
SPORTS COATS of tan cloaking, in two excellent styles, one
model lined throughout, now $10.00. SHORT COATS of dark wool
velour, plain and silvertone, silk-lined throughout now $13.75.
Clearance of Odd Lots of Coats, $15.00
Three-quarter length Coats, in many styles, some silk-lined
throughout many worth double this price $15.00.
- rttrawlirldir Clothier- Secrfnd Floor, Centra
Silks Exceptionally Low
The Anniversary Sale has no better exponents of its good values
than can be found in the Silk Store to-morrow:
Imported Pongee, 33-inch now $1.10 and $1.35
Canton Crepe de Chine, 40 inches wide-now $2.65
Black, white, pink and navy. Width, 40 inches.
Wonderful Values in Black Silks
Taffeta, Satin, Jnpanese Silk and Crepe weaves.
,-- 8tratirldre 4 C'othler Atele 0, Centre
1000 Boys' Wash Suits
One-third Under Price
Oliver Twist and middy styles of fast-color fabrics, (JJ1 OC
for boys of 3 to 8 years. vAeejO
Oliver Twist and middy styles of plain color fabrics, (M QC
for boys of 3 to 10 years. vlD
A great variety of becoming styles and fine fabrics, (IJO OJ
for boys of 3 to 8 years. P.u..uD
l Htrnw bridge Clothier Heronrt Vloor, Filbert Htreet, Beet
Strawbridge & Clothier
. '
ftv :.: ,v r-.-r r iA
(.rrttTijiuii 4v4 "
, niSV'K..l ,-.
MV&l I i
r$4 y
V I - TT .. -Wli

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