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Wlr WW't iwitht and
Salarday'S "Merte northerly winds.
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Snterea is Second-Clam Matter at' the Foatofflo, at Philadelphia, Pa.
. Under tha Act of March 3. 1870
Publlahtil Dally Eicept Sunday, (Subscription Price 18
I UMlfTWU w'50r)Kgi ipai. by Tubllc Ledger Company
(Subscription Price $6 a Tear by Mall.
gfflg LEAGUE
'Raiding Parson Dies
fffritrt Now Body .Can, Help on
1','fcV,'. . -.--.-!- Toh.lt
kafr street uiBanmui, -
and Bridge
W. .,-.. i-riAIll rAMrC
i.T:ie- ni n Hill I I IOHL. UHI1UO
WJr.1? UUVV . -.'... ..-..
r'ARE AGAIN RAlbiwb n-Huc
AT ' 5
mowpoiitiwi thnt T.rn ,Tr,"
t ftfMm two yea" ago are rnlslng'thelr
S3 Mala and should be beaten down
ffl !.A ottiiens, wrote Mayor Mooro
rig. tie, organizers of the new Voters,
'li'He appealtd for the Lease's support
'WM Administrations work for mu-
V(fnl street cleaning, oewer
'$& and the Delaware
(r fje
ft Via political matters," he wrote,
' Is now probat-iy more neea lor
ifct itrrlcM of an active, virile, eon
FitoW wke organisation of publlc-'."j.i-.MHenB
than there has even
,-i'kSsi In this city.
OAD. Indications point to a comblna-
t m ,.,. that -..ami AvAfnrnvrn
taflle slectlon to establish the new city
eWttr, with those forces which desire
aeonunuanco oi mo uiu ""B " -
tnctor-controlled methods, and an
tinkering of good citizenship is desir-
171 F . . f
jay .rijgte
lRWrf fe
I' hS 'I
A ,
Alloged Murderer of Josle How
ard Assailed by Her Parent
at Coroner'3 Inquest
Alien Ideals Are Melted
In U. S. Mold by School
Dr. Lucy Wilson Tells
or Aim to Inculcate
Americanism at So.
PhilaHigh for Girls
Best of Traditions of
Europe Made to Con
form to Standards
of This Country
Who died this morning at his home,
1135 South Fifty-second street
,$, Mayor said in his letter:
'k. "With much satisfaction I n
Mayor's Letter
nntM ihl
fUMiuttnn of the Voters' Leajme. The
fBtotform presages Important service t
f'ifi' city. The work you have under-
siMt vital to good government.
1 1 , "yon propose to enter on mo csiao-
- Ufchxnent and maintenance of a 'clear-
hiiM .noma for citizens interested In nub-
MiriiralrR ' nnd vou intend to encnec in
M th' work of keeping the citizens nnd
..tiipaycrs posted upon matters civic and
(X "Bo far as I may be of assistance, I
I Unit you will confer with me.
. v"As to matters in which you can be
I, pl tmmcdiatp nsslstance, I suggest, first
irtti foremost, the enforcement of the
I' " eaMF nhirrno lrli VAdnAnf f-i-i mitninlnn I
jiitoiet cleaning.
. fi)"The city Is ready to take over the
work. It has its nlans laid for enuin-
(yntatjand desires to proceed October 1
jJarlng favorable' weather rather than
nwalf'untll January 1 when the weather
wflljiotbo so propitious.
iffiV Amntn finUrn in Cnnnrlt
MMThe Director of Public Works has
'J.mcn amnio notice to Council and has
Viiifd the nccceaan- annronriation. bui
aVOoudcII has refused to make the appro-
prlatlon and now threatens a delay to
Jinuatr l or later for tne convenience,
apparently, of the contractors and
iilnst tho Interests of the city, which
will bo put to a great loss If tho planH
of the Administration ore not maau
"The Administration is ready to gi
tm aro, oui council is tne stumDling
.. Another matter of great concern Is
.the frequently raslreprescntcd problem
of rapid transit. The city has spent
approximately $15,000,000 to build tho
unnwora it. As it now stands, tho
road cannot bp successfully operated
by tho. city without great loss. Tho
toniensus of public opinion and of good
Mppeerlng judgment has been that the
,Hapld Transit Co.; with Its connect
(nj lines, should operate the Frank
wrd L.
.'."A tentative ngreement between Uie
oty and the Rapid TrnnMt Co. was
fwwarded to Council In March with
'the expectation thnt its approval in
original or amended form would ncr-
JHt of the operation of the Frankford-
u xor tne beneflt ot nil tlio people by
th coming winter. Council has not
acted upon this agreement, but now,
after tho latse of three months, pro
poses numerous amendments' which can
only delay the operation of the road.
Lcaguo May, Be of Service
"It may be that the Voters' League
Mn be of servico in this matter in help
ing the public to a better underhtftadlng
of the situation and In ' forcing to a
tpneluslon tho legislative hindrances
that now block rapid transit."
The Major. In his letter, also called
attfntion to the gas eituntlon and haid
the Voters' League could help public
opinion to a better understanding of nil
the facts invnlcpil.
Thomas Raeburn White, a director
of the Voters' League, will issue u call
uimoamteiy tor nn organization mcet-
L tlle ,ca8uo's directorate.
The election of women to the mag-
i !Jy as nmons the steps advocated
oj tho Voters' League at yesterday's
organization meeting.
l "orolnatlng committee was up-
jointed nnd selected the following
airectprs, nnd the choice of tho
M? I1,!', was ratlfled ns follows:
M iVi1110', Richard L. Austin,
ru'. Lnwar1 ,W- BWdlp. ergo W.
Lots, Percy II. Clark. Mrs. Frank
iu "ay. councilman James A. Dcvo
The Rev. R. E. Johnson, Foe to
Bootleggers, Had Been
III Since May
Raider's Death May Save
Many Liquor Defendants
Scores of prohibition violation
cases slated for trial In Fodprnl
courts may have to be dropped be
cause of tho death of the "raiding
parson." the Federal District At
torney's office snld.
The Rev. Robert B. Johnson wns
ohe of the chief gatherers of evi
dence against violators of prohibi
tion. Although officials havo his re
ports. It is doubled if they will carry.,
as much weight as if he were on the
witness stni.d.
The Rev. Robert E. Johnson. "The
Raiding Parson." died nt 5:30 o'clock
this morning nt his home, 1135 South
Fifty -second street. His health was
shattered by his strenuous work as u
prohibition enforcement aeeut.
At the clergyman'tf'-bertsfde'whrn he
died were his wife, his two sons and
two of his daughters. A third daugh
ter, Miss Irene B. Johnson, is In
Florence, Italy, as director of recreatiou
work for the Y. M. O. A.
Dr. Johnson was fifty-seven years i
old and was in tne ministry iniriy-
three yeara. All during nis minis
terial career he had been a foe of liquor,
nnd when prohibition came ho literally
threw himself Into the fight to enforce
the law. ,
Physically he appeared wen quniincti
for the enforcement work, which took
him to numerous towns in Pennsyl
vania and New Jersey, and in which
there was always an clement of dan
ger. He was five feet, ten inches tall
and weighed 175 pounds.
"I will be glad to die with my boots
Lester Ncwhnll. accused of the mur
der of elghtecn-ycnr-old Josephine
Howard, 408 North Eighteenth street,
on Mny 28, was held without ball for
the Grand Jury by Deputy Coroner
Sellers today.
lc was pale nnd hnggard ns n rccull
ofxhls Imprisonment In Moynmcnslng
nnd seemed utterly oblivious of the
Newhnll, wearing the old green suit
which he had on when he wns first nr
rested for the telephone girl's murder,
was brought to City Hall at 0:30. As
soon as be was taken from the van he
begged for cigarettes and smoked nine
before the opening of the inquest at 10
"It's great to be' able to walk in the
free air," he said on his way through
the courtyard.
GlrJ'8 Mother Testifies
Mrs. Mary Howard, mother of the
murdered girl, was the first witness
called. She wore mournmg and her face
showed deep lines of grief.
Mrs. Howard glared at Newhall, who
sat within five feet of the witness stand
when she was called. There was no
trace of pity in her glances. When
she nnswered questions she looked
straight at Nowhall Instead of at Sel
lers. "He often threatened the life of Jo
eephlne," testifies Mrs. Howard, "nnd
enured us continual trouble. A year
ago he broke a window of our home to
Bhow his hatred. My son, who was
then a policeman, arrested him ; but we
did not press the matter. He promised
to reform."
Mrs. Howard paused and her eyes
flamed. "But he kept right on In the
same way. Later he threatened to cut
Josephine with a razor. He was ar
rested, but we let tlint drop, too.
"Joseph Skcptln, who boarded with
me. told me he met Newhall nnd New
hnll told him ho would kill Josle unlet-r.
she married him."
Tears In Mother's Eyes
There were tenrs in the motherV
eyes, but she fought them bnck.
Cornelius Howard, brother of thu
girl, testified that two years ngo he had
tried to keep Nowhall from coming to
the Howard home. He sold the pris
oner repentodly annoyed his sister.
Jamqs B. Sullivnna college student,
who wits' with Josephine Howard tin
night she wns killed, wns expected to
by present, nut uia not appear.
. . i i.l.. In mh I nil
"Wc all go forth to seek Americn.
And hi the seeking tec create her. hi
the quality of our search shall be the
nature of the America tec create."
eeT J?4 '9
r a n " 3k. ."
' L k $W -H
ie!Mr ' ii
MP Vr tfflmk& yL
LLfeL &itk3k. ::-s iLHLl
LM m 1 & LB
'HBr &&M w JBflH
HHBiJbk jeV a aBHTHflHEH i
, -,Ty
Operatic Singer Dead R AMfP HAM ffl (
I LniiLu unn i uil i
At Broad street and Snyder avenue
stands tho South Plillndelphlu High
School for Ciirls. From the outsldo It
docs not look n great deal different from
any other erav stone building. Jn
realitv It Is a huee mcltine not.
Hcvcnty-tnrec ncr cent of tne !"
girls who attended during the Inst year
were of foreign-born parents, titlccn
per cent of them were foretgn-born
themsoH'CS. The girls come to the
school unfamiliar with American cus
toms and manners, not even speaking
tho langungc without distinct accent.
Tremulous crusndcra they enter Its
gates groping for now Ideals nnd
methods of living. They leave It full
fledged Americans.
The prlnclpnl of the school. Dr. Lucy
Lancdon W. Wilson, hns earned for
herself the title "maker of Americans.
"How is it done?" Dr. Wilson re
flected when just thnt question was put Continued on rae Twenty-one. Column Three
"Honoyfugling" to Stop and
Required Funds to Be
Voted at Once
Council lenders pledged today thnt
there will he tic. "honevfuglliig" or nb
structionl'-t tactics by them In the mut
ter of appropriations for tho Franklin
Snnnr'-Pearl street
HV .r
INK - a - '? !
mM J - wa iHI
wSm'wk-' 'vll
K te-lPMjLt 'XPR JWt 9
American Naval Experiment In
dicates Warships Aren't Safe
Even in Own Harbors
over the
to her in her busy office iu the South
PhiMdclpliin insfiution. v"Wnlt unci
I'll shew MI.'
She left the room nnd
brought bnek the little book. "Our
Americn." by Wnldo Frank, nnd
pointed to the pn .age quoted nhovc.
Ideal of (he School
"Thnt. you might say," she con
tinued, "Is our ideal, not to copy
Americans, for that might mean soiii'j
tnmg, inferior. Amcri'-a Is not all tl.ai
Morris Basin, North Fifth
Street, Philadelphia, SRbt by
Shore Watchman
During nn altercation nt nn Atlantic
City gnrngc nt R o'clock this morning
Morris Bnsin. twenty-four years old.
of 708 North Fifth street, wns shot and
killed. An nl'eged nttempt to rob th"
till of the garage figures m the tragedy.
Martin Pitts, of 212 North Penn
sylvania avenue, Atlantic City, night
Accused Bank Official One of
County's Most Prominent
Business Men
r1......n tHenf
, The significance of this pledge lies
In the fnrt thnt Council, nt the eleventh
I hour vesterduy, pnssccl n resolution urg-
1 ing ndoption of the Spring Garden
Uiclmrd Wegleln, president .of Coun
cil nnd a member of the Bridge Com
mission, sulci appropriations will be
mnde ns freely ns In the pn-t.
"As fnr ns the selection nf n site
for the Delnwnre River bridge Is con;
corned. I consider It n closed incident,
sulci Mr Wegleln. , lL .
Tudor the net creating the commis
sion, it required live members from
New Jersev and nn equn' number from
the Pennsylvania commission, voting
,nnnrnt,lt. In ,1tllll (111 tllC SltC. SCVCn
New Jersey inemuors vuu-h im ,"
Franklin Square site with five from
Pennsylvnnla, thereby legally deciding
the question.
Will Accept Verdict
"I hnve no doubt this dcrMon will
be received by all rtiir-minded citizens
in being tlio verdict thnt is final nnd
c inclusive. Council nlwnys hns stood
for order' v nnd constructive processes,
nnd to ni mind there will be the henrt-tr-'t
co -operation from the members to
cuitj out tins big idea whicli is to
Imll.i tin. lirlilirn ni rntiidlv ns i)0Miii)le.
... i , ,. t.-i.l rrlt... ,l...n
l.cl UH UUIIU llic uriusu. j ii liinv
hus passed for tnlk."
Councilman Burch, chairman of the
Finunce Committee, said thut pro
visions for the bridge funds would hnve
to be made undoubtedly by means of
n lonn. He said he would prefer to
have the money authorized by direct
vote of the people rather thnn hnve It
rhnrged up ngnlnst Council's emergency
borrowing capacity.
York sonrimo nnd wife of
elK Wclncartner. orchestra con
ductor died in Vlcnim yesterday
Man Cnrrcdiioiulpnt. Hi mine 1'uMlc 1,lKfr
Corvrlnht, 1021, hv Public Lertncr Co.
Washington. June 2. It Is possible
now to draw eertntn conclusions- from
the first tet of the nlrnlnnc against
naval craft mnde Inst Tuesday.
First, grout progre"i hns been mnde
with the nirplnne since the close of the
grent wnr. espcclnlly In the nccuracy
with which bombs enn he nimed nt n
target. "Aimed" is the precise word
to be used, for nn nirplnne no longer
flies' over nn object nnd discharges Its
bomb at random.
tlorlniMi orlvl- fnr illreelln'r fire from
vil'I. -1 ! Jin m were ent out the plnne just ns from the deck of ships.
chief here. They received their uniiges '" "- "' " - -
which they hnd turned in wncii ui:v
Part of Men
Laid Off
on Job
Last Month
Thirty of the fifty-five Federal pro
hlbltion ngents who were given lenves of
nbsencn Inst month becnuse the depart
ment hnd no funds for the payroll, were
returned to duty.
1 !.., .1n..l. .!.., .4 n H.rt ll,ltttt AF
, ' I.UUU IIUUUC CAHin JL 11, MM...-.. "
Kl1' the nir wnrriors to hit the navnl vessels
of the enemy. In the coming tests the
cruiser nnd the bnttleshin wlll.be hit by
bombs from the nlr, hit repeatedly,
whether moving or lying still.
And the cruller will uimouDicoiy dc
Mrs. Anna Doyle, Mt. Vernon Street, sunk or certainly can be sunk by larger
nomos innn muse iu uc uwu i"
Sprcinl Diipntch to Eventno TufcHo Ledatr
Lancaster, Pa., June 24. The arrest
nnd ultimate confession of Chnrles D.
watchman of McElroy's garage. 3201) reup ol loe cl nna "umy.
Atlantic avenue, is in jail, charged with ZcI,; n ,na" of high standing In Lnn
the killing. caster s business sphere, a member of
Mrs. Bnsin, who, with her husband. mony civ'c orgnnlrntions. prlmnrlly n
lived with her parents nt the North home-loving mnn, the father of two
Fifth street nddress. does not know " B uuugniers. icinnuucn wit I mnny
$1,700,000 Is Needed
The sum of $1,700,000 is required
from Philndelnhln to match sums
Zcll. treasurer of the Agricultural Trust SUSSi-SSUT-1'"11 "
Co., who is in the Lancaster County I "There wns no reflection unon mem-
jail for theft of the trust company's bers of the Council excepting to thut
funds amounting to nrobnbly more ?f delay. When one refers to Council
en-nnnn , .. i u. !..' ho rotors lo tie mnjorii.v. me .'uijui
$l.iO,000. hnve stirred business, i,. ,,. .,ii,i.. t votrnet if he had
... ...... ... -. - ."- - --
been quoted correctly.
The Ki!irinoeriii2 Committee of the
Lay on Beach Too Long
A severe case of sunburu. contracted
at Atlantic City, mnv result in the
denth of Mrs. Anna Doyle, twenty-six
voars old, of 1"32 Mount Vernon street.
'She is in the Hnhnemnnn Hospital, re
ceiving prccisc'y the same treatment
given persons burned In n fire.
Mrs. Doyle spent the laht two days
nt Atlnntlc Cit.v. She dressed In her
hnthlne suit nnd went Into the ocenn
(ntnrvnls throtichout tlioclm. lying mot
of the time upon the sand, enjoying n
"sun bath." for n nice coat of tan to
bring home with her.
So hot wns the sun. nnd so tender
her skin thnt she begun to lilistcr. and
soon the burns showed up so seriously
Continued on Paie TwNity-one, Column Four
"Loan Shark" Only Acrobatic One,
Say Gloucester Fishermen
There is no Mich thing ns nn acro
batic shark, say fishermen ulong the
Delaware, unless it's a loan shark
thev nro convinced that the fat black
fish' seen near Gloucester. Nationnl Park
nnd other places nro porpoises. ,
As n porpoise is regarded ns n friendly
fish, efforts lire being iniulo today to
enpture them. A dozen bonis nre out
this afternoon.
The porpoise nunters nru nm. Htuniiuu
bv mere love of sport. They nrc awnrn
of the fnct that the porpoise may be
converted Into shoelaces.
And so there is n possibility. If the
porpoises stick around, of a big porpoise
Unalnre factory on tho lower Deln-
TTn emit n teleernm in which he snid
Detective Bclshaw would furnish hl.i
testimony. ......
Up to this time Newhall sat gazing
nbout the room. But when Belshnw
was called the youth sat up. His eyes
narrowed. Belyhaw looked the pris
oner in the eye. .
"Newhall confessed killing the girl
to Cuptain Soudcr." said Belshaw.
The prisoner had frequently stated he
was not sure that he shot tho girl.
Newhall wns then nsked to stand up.
He answered formal questions regarding
his age and address.
Tin ni,i h lived nt 2831 West Har
row" street. Asked if he was married or
single, the youth hesitated for several
seconds. Then ho said "Single.
Professional Bug-Eater Was Left on
Reading Train
A hoptoad was turned in to the lost
and found burenu of the Readiug Hnri
way nt the Terminal ftls morning. The
toad wns lu n little box with holes In
the lid nnd wns found on n se.it in the
New Hope locnl.
When the box was opened for ex
amination the toad hopped out.
After much scratching nml scraping
about tho floor It was gotten bnck into
Its box. About that time the tond was
claimed bv Snniuel Rnymore. of New
Unne. Snm snid his friend. Fred Wll-
T. . 1 . 1!.. I-.. ..-.I
her husband has been killed. She has
two children, Sol, 5 yenrs old. and
Rose. 2 years old. Another child Is
expected today or tomorrow.
Bnsin, formerly u chnuffcnir, was en
gaged yesterday, according to Mt
mother, to drive a man to Atlantic
City. Tho man called casually ut the
house, and Is not known to her. Tho
car Basin was driving, however, when
the shooting took pluce. is said by the
Atlantic City police to have belonged
to R. C. Williams,, of 022 Parrlsh
street, this city. T
It is declared that Basin, ulth II.
T.ntrinann nf r.:t.t North Second street.
nnd n mnn named Dertlebnum. drove
joint Bride Commission conferred to
dm with Ralph Modjo-ki. George S.
We'ister :ii"'- I.iiciPiiee A. Ball, the
hriilgc engineers, and reached nn ngroe
ni !' v. In i oby the sill. io hoard win be
cut rusted w it li the til ' "f building the
I'' ii' eror pushed indin for the
coming experiment, for in the test
ngnlnst the Frankfort the bombs will
be limited to 000 pounds of TNT, while
planes enn ccrtninly drop nomas con
tniniug n ton of TNT nnd perhaps
All Vessels Kace Peril From Air
Apparently nil nnval vessels, from the
crismall submarine up to nnd including
nttbo cruiser, nrc nt the mercy of nttnek
from the nir under certnin conditions
similnr to those in wliidi Inst week's
tests were mnde.
As to the more powerfully protected
bnttlcshlp some doubt remnlns which
may possibly be solved when the test of
tho ulnnn npninst the Ostfrlusland is
thnt she was tnken to the hospital. The llcU.
physicians there diagnosed the case as rpl0 nr service gained In prestige as
second-degree burns. ...In result of the demonstrntfon ngninst
Physicians nt the hospital explained tM(! submarine. The nccuracy of the
such enscs bv saying that a person who flrc t,e promptness with which the sub
goes into the ocean nnd then comes on U mnri,. ent down, the smoothness of
again is covered with tiny drops of salt 1 1, , , Op0rntlon which the planes
u-nter. The natural oil In the skin , " .. ., ,'. ...,... .t. nijt
causes these drops of water to take n - ' - "". irp W
more or less giobuinr lorm. inus oncn , -" ." " ,ata,..n
d,v.P becomesRn mlnlnture ningnifying ." o"t defense
small businesses, is now nn enigma to
ins ncqunintnnccs. .None of Zeus busi
ness pnrtnurs, friends or relntlvcs can
understand how he becamo luvolvod in (ulull.U(.a ,, . Tei one"
iiiiiuii-3 iuui uiiiuuiu 10 mure man i ,y
$1?!!,T- .... .- IWHEN IS A POLICEMAN?
.. .. i.-iii. iu,:iuucinuii , uilliillBi.
conducted by the Lancaster Chamber of
Commerce, in whicli hundreds of new
members were secured, Zell and his
crew of workers beaded the list of suc
cessful member-getters. Indcfntlgnble.
ever ready to nsslst his fellow business
men nnd n zealous worker for tho wel
fare of Lancaster County, his birth
place, Zell wns the idedl man to gather
nbout him hundreds of farmers, who
Column Onr
to the garage in the car. IWO quart rcuuuy iuucvu mi-ir rauuej iu uic iriiBi
of whisky were later found in the car i company
bv the police. The men became Involved
in a heated argument over tho liquor,
It is said. , . lU
The night watchman ordered the men
away from the place. Accounts differ as
to what happened afterward. It is
said the watchman, when threatened
with n revolver, flrcd in self defense.
According to John Wolff, of 3304 At
inntin nvnniin uliii henrd the shot fired,
Pitts stood in' the doorwny of tho gnrage
brandishing his revolver ufter the
shooting, and would not put h uwu.
Turns Over $34,000
"I don't know how much I hnve
taken, " said Zell, tremblingly to Chief
of Police Bushong as he was led into
the station house yesterday. There he
turned over $34,000, nil he possessed.
His home mnde up pnrt of it and, the
rest was In cash, nil of it money be
longing to the bunk's depositors.
"This trouble is too bad; It hns
hounded me for u year." wns nil he
would say to newspapermen nt tho sta-
untU ordered to do so by Police Sergeant tion house Into in the afternoon, as he
Menamln. , Continued on I'agf Trnlj-one. Column Six
Pitta told Captain of Detectives i .
Barnshaw thnt Basin. Lcvlnwn and pni n DATU SLUMBER AID
the third man enmo to the garage atULU DHin ouuuiDun hiu
about 2 o'clock In the morning and left , WHEN NIGHTS ARE TORRID
several tires for repairs. j
At f O CIOCK lllCJ iriiiiucu ......
argument ensued over the tires, whicli
finally resulted in n charge that Pitts
or burning g:uss, wiucn concciuruwru
the rays of the sun upon the skin beneath.
had taken two bottles of whisky
the men. , t ,
Pitta Knvs Bnsin nttempted to rob
ihe msli register nnd. ns n result, ho
linmsnn. nns duss in nis gnrcien unu .",", "". ;ni.,n, i,. th,. onr owned
asked him to import a good rellnble hop reached . roWer In lh - owneel
This wns the very toad, snid Snm. for
he remembered leaving it on the sent.
n. it ' ""'".'jinan oames a. uevo
,"?, Mrs. George Dunnlntr. Willlnm D.
D;0n'n IrB;.(i; B' Dlckcrsdn. Russell
Fn,e'0T.e11 Evans- Franklin Spencer
fcdmqnds, Samuel 8. Fcls, Joseph II.
&"' J.nraes Colllns -Tones. Sheriff
rKl "obcrton, Mrs. Max Margolls,
J0higTtDnPuortcr' IIul?i Mi'Ilvniu, Mrs.
Jonn B. Roberts. .Tnhn i ni n.i-
oh WIi,tBtM,a' r8' Sa",ut!l acott
John Walton, Arthur H. Lea and Buv
o uenry. , . '
Camp Dlx Surgeon Drowned
Pirlr' N' ;- Juno.24.'-iBy A.
ianV. S." Hi BWJiman,
Rmthr W?.ho8 spend.
Ir.!lrth ?JS?ve hare. ws drowned
noonnd1!uB01 tmt lat0 yesterday .ft.
bcZ.'.nH ''S,'" rowboat and
Winie entangled In weeds.
Civil Weddinp, Takes Place in British Consulate in Paris.
Religious Ceremony Will Be Held Tomorrow
By tlio Associated Press
Paris. June 24. -Gladys Marie Dea
. ..... tnu ninrnlncr became the
eon. or noM... . .." "-"'. ,.
Tragic Tale of Baby Whale,
Shin With Gun and Knife
pJ-aTS?' J,u?a 2' y A.
thK. y,w;hft, swom through
bar yn'ff iVh."e U '"y P"n "
and 8 aten l8laml watchman
'hotrnt ta,Uront ow,,c''' "'frying a
jW nnd a cnrvlng knife, ended
ten' in h?l.o"S nnd apparently
111 . .'.K to kn"w t,,at " oulKolus
'tuc. nlts for o JiUL-,
r..ni,na nf jmriDorouK"
a i.M... irl to assume, the title
civil ceremony, which lasted three mln
utes. took place lo the British Consulato
Z was performed by II. O. Mackle.
the British Consul. ,
There, were two witnesses for the
Duke Judge Walter Berry, president of
So American Chamber of Commerce
the Am mean w Dukpl()
,PJCl adviser. Leon Renault, former
M?n UteJ of i.o Interior acted us wit
.Minister i sl)e wn!1 attend-
"rb the Countess du Bolsrouvray nnd
.' yir other persons present were
I'eno Iligglns. a cousin of Miss Den
oonf and "emoi American and British
..eremoi v was 3 o'clock this nf ernoot,
OThTtlme wns changed at the last
n'elock tills morning i
." ... . . n
"rner to avoid a crowd of spectators
order to avoiuu ,, mov,
&fflSBSS mi&Thi copic.
ing-piciur., u.v.. .-- - , . - -,,
thev waiKiu iiimi - 7,;v .., ,
i.:i. nn.l DurllCSH smiieo nnu uri"-"
ceremony will be celebrated at noon to
Tlio Duchess wore n costume of "Good
Luck" blue, consisting of a simple silk
dress of deep blue nnd n large blue pic
ture hat, the shade having been selected
by her to bring good fortune. Imme
diately after the coremony tne witnesses
hailed the bride ns "IJiiciicss," and un
Duke laughed and said he wns greatb
honored in mnrrying nn American girl.
The I)"' gave his name as "Cbarlen
Richard , nn Spencer Churchill, Duke
of the ..vnlm." and his nge as forty
nine. The bride gave her name ns
Gladys Mnrie Deacon, daughter of Ed
ward Parker Deacon, of Boston, spins
ter, gentlewoman. No ago was men
tioned, The Duko would not confirm nn nn
nounceiueut published by several of the
Pnrls morning newspapers to, tho effect
that Lord Chancellor Birkenhead, of
Great Britain. wouWl piesldo nt the re
llglous ceremony tomorrow. He snid
tho Chnucellor wns a personal friend of
his, hut would not sny that he hnd been
invited to the wedding.
Scores of presents continued to nrrlve
today at tho homo of the Duchejs from
American, French and English friends,
Ills Grace, the Duke of Marlborough,
threatened to shoot to kill if Basin in
sisted on openiug the till, luu mree
men then left the garage, but imme
diately returned, coining to a side win
dow, through which Basin is alleged
to hnvo pointed n revolver, whereupon
Pitts fired. The bullet struck Basin in
the chest. . ...
Tho shot aroused the entire neighbor
hood. Miss Lorraine Wolff says she
saw the fatnl shot fired. Mrs. A.
Sontag, of 3308 Atlantic avenue, tele
phoned for tho police. Levlnson wns
arrested soon afterward and the police
expect to arrest Dertlebnum very soon.
Ernest Ploether. of 3303 Atlautic ave
nue, nnd M. D. Deitillnr. of Phllndel
phla. nre locked up a, witnesses in the
cltv jail. An investigation is on to
find whether the car wni, used in boot
legging operations.
So Advises Director Furbush, Who
Issues Heat Don'ts
Have nny tiouble getting to sleep last
Yes. it wn pretty hot.
Well, here's a tip from Director Fur
bush. On hot nights take a cold bntli
before you hit the hay. Tlint helps a
lot In promoting slumber, suys the doc
tor, who nlso issued these hot weather
"dofi'ts" :
Don't expose ourself unnecessarily
to the sun ami don't work in it with
out sultuble headgear.
Don't burr), and avoid bvcr-excr-tion.
Don't cat too much. Eat spar
ingly of meats, butter, pastries or nny
fjitty or starchv foods. Fried sub
stances should be omitted eutirely.
Don't eat too fast.
Don't forget to drink plenty of cool
water. Ice-cold water is not recom
monded. Weak tea or lemonade will
lccson the lluist
Don't forgot to bathe daily.
Don't wear heavy clothing.
Don't indulge in alcoholic bever
ages, and don't forget to keen occu
pied to divert attention from the heat
The temperature ranged higher tocla
than yesterday, hut tne aosence of nu
Town Has Two Forces and Supreme
Court Will Decide Who's Who
When is a mnn n policeman'
This 'iiiesticn is puzzling residents of
Nationnl Park and will be decided ns
far us tlint place is concerned bv the
Supreme Court nf Now Jerspj . Mem
bers of Council were notified today to
appear tliere on July ll.
Although t In- population of Nationnl
Park is only 37S. thoio nre two police
fores. One w.ns nppointed by Mayor
Waters nnd tlio other by the Town
('oininlssir.il. The Mayors police force
hns three members, that of the com
mission numbers six.
The coinn'ision's policemen contend
thnt the Miivor's fori e is forceless for
the ro.isen that it hap no official power.
As the Mayor's gunrdl ins of the pence
hnve soul 'ovornl persrns to juil and
regular judges took official notion In tli
i-.ises, these i olicenion would like to
know iheir icnl status, "if we'ie not
jiollci ineii." ll.oj i. "what are wc'' '
The oontrnors eanio to n rlimnx
win ll Cii'llii'il Miti'ii to Inke np.ini"! -incut
ni pdi em 'ii ".U of tlio hniid- nf
fie M'l.M'' end ii):v siirh pnwoi Iu i
loinuiissiuii. oi whieli Hurry I lrii-Ii is
chaiiuian I ,-n irN of the Mnjur got
busy immediately.
of Hyacinth Stringer Against
W. E. Duff Is Dropped
The case against William E. Duff,
millionaire tool manufacturer, York.
Pn.. for fnilurc to contribute to the
support of a dependent child, was
dropped today when nn ngreement wus
renrhed between Duff's counsel nnd that
of the prosecutrix. It is said S2.1.000
was the sum fixed for settlement.
Hyacinth Mny Stringer, twenty-one
years old and nttructive, formerly n
clerk in Duff's office in ork. snid Duff
is the father of her year-old child and
hnd fulled to support it.
She testified todny she desired to drop
nil charges ngninst Duff, hinting at bet
tlement. Judge McNIcliol, of Municlpul
Court, osked the girl If she hnd weighed
the facts carefully before deciding on
settlement, nnd Miss Stringer, who
eemed perfectly nt enbe on the stand,
replied in the affirmative.
Miss Stringer's father, a few months
ago. brought civil proceedings against
Duff, asking $100,000 damages. This
suit wus also called off as a result of the
agreement today.
The Stringers live nt -1007 (ircen
Home Robbed In Woman's Absence
Whop Mis. Anna ''arr renin "1 t'i
her homo nt 040 Enst Wishart street
last iiiglt, uftir .in absence ol 'unl
l.is. -lie ilisinvcroil that thhM's hnd
taken $"" and silverware valued nt
St.'O. .mil hnd then robbed tho stis
meter and tilled the house with gas.
t oso for nil instant. A lui.cheou for
to poso i'r , fallowed ut the home
(he weuu'"i '."'.'' ...i,.. n,n i-olk-lnim rnniini nn l'nce Twtuly-ouf. Column Xw
Retired Contractor Succumbs at His midity eliminated much of the discom
rieiirea uonimnui t The temperature at noon uns S7.
Chestnut Hill Home
John II. Hiukle. n retired contractor,
died at 8:40 o'clock Inst night at his
home, Springhouse, neur Chestnut Hill,
following an Illness of two weeks, dur
ing which he slept nlmost constantly.
He was fifty-three yenrs old.
Mr. Hinkle was n native of Bucks
County, nnd came) to Phi'ndelphln
tliirtv-fivc years ago. for n time he
wns Identified with the contracting firm
of William ICraute & Sons, but he
luter conducted his own contracting
Ho was vice president of the Home
Buers' Building and Loan Associa
tion of Philadelphia, and was a mem
ber of Lu Lu Temple, Mnsons and the
p O. S. of A. lie is survived by Ills
mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Illnklc, his
widow nnd three children, nt homo:
Lillian, Wtilluco G and John 8. Hlnk'e.
Funeral servlres will be held ot the
house Monday afternoon nt 2 :30 o'clock
Interment will ,bc in Hillside Cemetery,
as compared with 83 nt tho same hour
yesterday. . nortueasi ureeze seeiueu
to moderate the ncnt. uoiuiuucd mir
nnd slight! cooler is the forcenst.
I Temperature Table
Yesterday Today
70 0 A. M 7S
7.1 7 A. M 70
70 S A. M SO
77 0 A. M SI
78 10 a. m. ,.rr. 81
81 U A. M S.'i
83 12 Noon 87
85 1 P. M Oil
87 2 P. M 01
00 3 1'. M.
80 1 P. M.
88 fil'.M,
87 P.M.
All pleas for n suspension of sentence on John Tnlly. twenty
two yenrs old, 41 North Slxty-fhst street, who shot Mildred
Baily, 31 North Sixty-first street, in September, 1D20. nnd then
shot himself, 'failed today before Judge Stern in Criminal Court
No. S. He wns given one to two years in jail.
AGREE ON $414,067,440 FOR NAVY
WASHINGTON, June 24. A t.otnl of $414,067,440 Is ennied
by tho Nnval Appropriation Bill under final figuies completed
todny by Senate and House conferees. This is nu increase of
818,005,000 over the origlnnl House nppiopiintlous aud almost
880,000,000 less tlmu the Seunte provided for.
TK I'.SM'A' A M'BSIJX. Siirlne l.iike, N. .1,
On Ocean, now uieu, C. a, Krom, irur, Adu,
It Takes Nineteen Minutes to Get'
Wagon Off Tracks
Traffic was delayed nineteen minute'
o Th ml mid Market xlrects nt 11:15 1
o'clock this morning, when n two-rrsel . ..
lenn. helougtn:! to Snelllng . Kj m. ' Heading Terminal tin
dealers lu domeMie and foreign fl Is War Mothers of t
nt Scow! nnd cock streets, ios n
wheel, allowing the whole side of ',
hca -laden wugon to drop on the '
A call for tlie P. It. T. emergency
pntiol was hcnt In ami utter unloading
(II llllllS W IIJIHItlUl'S llll
rcinood to tlio side of the
traffic permitted to pass,
a milliner
wugon wn
otrcvt and
Five Scheduled to Arrive at Reading
Terminal This Afternoon
The bodies of live soldieis who were
killed In France will nrrlve at the
is afternoon
lie American le
gion will be n't the station to place n
rcnth on cneh tiag-drnped cuskei ns
it is remorcd from the train under
guard of soldiers.
They will he turned ova to the re
spective families for burial.
fleet will be able to approach the coast
of a distant country, which has nn am
ple air service of up-to-daUi fighting
and bombing planes.
Could Protect U. S. Coast
Tnke the coast of the United States.
An enemy fleet approaching this coun
try could be met by a swarm of planes.
Irtchtini? nlnnes to nrotect the. slower
bombing planes, and bombing planes
In sufficient strength to sink every ship
which would yield to bombing.
Grant thnt battleships cannot bo sunk
from the nir. which is n big concession,
for the airplane Is capable of still fur
ther development. If sufficient airplanes
I went out to meet this licet 100 miles
j from shore nil its smaller units would
be soon destroyed, its submarines, its
' destroyers, its cruisers.
I And the life of the big ships depends
upon its smaller attendants. Once tho
destroyers nnd other scouts nnd pro
tectors of the capital ships were sunk
the enpitnl ships themselves would be
i nt the mercy of hostile submarines.
No nation would risk Its battleships
under conditions in which the other ele
ments of the fleet were certnin tobo
sunk. So the question whether the bat
tleship itself will yield to bombing Is
not of the relative importance that it
seems to be.
Cannot Insure Fleet's Safety
Nor could airplane carriers with the
hostile fleet nrotect it from attack from
n distnnce on a const like tlint of tho
I'nlted States. It is true thnt a fow
fighting plnnes oould hnve destroyed
the bombers which sunk the submarine
last week nnd a carrier could bring
with the enemy fleet fighters ns well
ns bombers of Its own. But so mnny
more fighters could come out from the
shore tiinn could be carried by carrier
ship that this defense would soon he
The lesson if the last war was that
, the submnrine hnd greatly limited the
operation of nnval fleets. The develop
ment of the nnval bomber hns still fur
ther limited them A fleet ennnot np
proach nnd nttnek n country well
equipped with plnnes. And when two
enemy countries are close together, as
England and Germany were in the Into
war, it is n question whether fleets can
Ho at safety in their own harbors ns the
"English nnd Gcrmnu fleets did during
that war.
Flying Range Increases
Bombing plnnes now hnve a much
greater flying range thnn they hnd dur
ine the grent war. A fleet lj Ing nt
rest behind submarine nets nnd mines.
as the grent fleets did during thnt war
I would he subject to constant bombing
I raids by airplanes dropping from 200()
I pounds of TNT upwnrd.
Where the distnnce N ns great as It
Is between this country and Europe
hostile fleets might muintnin themselves
rHIH'lat UsTllliJII ll'lliv-r (Mill !t'st lln 'ii
tectlbn of land fortlficntions during u
wnr. But thnt would be nn extremely
smnll role for a nuvv to piny and ono
which would not justify vust cxpendl
And there remnlns the iiossibillty
that battleships themselves will bo nt
the morel of the nir bomber, if not ns
now developed us It will soon he (level
oped when It w ill dlschnrge two or thrco
tons of TNT accurately from the air.
In addition, there remnlus another
niore formidable missile which may ho
dropp'-d from thu nir. the gns bomb
loaded with the gnsrs developed jllt
ns the European conflict ended, morn
dendlv tliim tin-thing used in that nt
nnd ngninst which gns masks nnd ordln
nrv clothing are no protection,
No plan exists to test lliose uomos,
which could only bo tried with a ship
on which nnlniniH protected to the best
of the nnvy's nullity would be the only
Th '"I,, wrltlnir papers
are IVUn'Ua.l'Al'KBS-idu.
Baby-Bll Hearing Opens July 12
Washington, June 21. Healings bv
fnre the House Commerce (' iliiinitl ''
on the Sheppard -Towner uiutcrnljy bill
will-begin July 4-.
lllglJWia, nus.u v- . . -
l "(Mil
'.is &!!
Wi '-

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