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British Golf Champ
r 1 n '
Polish Farm Laborer Formally
Charged With Murder of
10 AID SIE1 fill
Congressmen Will Be Asked byJS
Highway Bureau Says Thoy
Will Bo Closed if Booths
Extend Too Far
Both Gompors and Lewis Confi
dent as Hour of Ballot
ing Arrives
rums xo tmcK Measure
for Veterans
v"" ' ' ' .-re;' ,7 r Kl " ,
mmmmm " ... ' ""' - r-
1 1
Alt cnrimnlN with booths In the
utroots or projcrtliiK raoro than four
feet three Inches from the building Hue
will be forced to close tonight.
Thnt order was Issued by Chief Dun
lap, of the Hnrcau of MlgliwnjM, fol
lowing the transfer of that Hitrrnu from
the l'ollee Uurenu of authority ocr the
neighborhood fair?.
The purpose of the edict Is to present
the blocking of street by ioihmwsIoii
nnlren -wlio nell euts nnd soft drinks to
tho crow do, let their pit Irony toss the
nimble rings or knock down the "ba
bies." The order will nffect directly profes
sional carnival men who arrange the
affairs for various Institutions, retain
ing n generous shuro of the proceeds
for themseHes
Nearly n hundred carnival manager
called on Superintendent of I'olic Mills
and on Director of Public Works Cnven
today, Tho Highwnjs Iturcau i in Mr
Caven's department The Cillers wore
told they must oompl) with the vules or
close tip tlieir buslne"
Detective Shoots
Assailant in Fight
Continued from Pncr On
"T ltnvn nnnr." tho nriinp ilotootlvo
nnlrl !
"Get that guy." onj of the mcit Bald,
nnd they both flushed nerovs the street,
drew blackjackx and hnd Mtruck Adnmi
twice beforo he had time to retaliate.
In tho fight which folloued Schrleber
?rnbbed AdnmlV blackjack nnd tore It
rom his grnsp. The detective then
drew his revolver and fired three shots
in the air
As Schrleber aimed another blow at
him, Adaml fired a fourth shot, wliich
struck the mnn. Sohrieber fell fo the
Adami run to n patrol box, and IV
trolm'in Kd until Deluney, of the J'hird
fctrcet ami l'niru'oiuit uveituc t:itiim.
who lied heard the shots, approached
nnd mistook the detective for ! high
wayman After Adami had shown lus
badge he and Deluney hurried b.ick to
The man said to have nided in the
attack. Kdwurd Ouiton, Sixth street
rear llrovtn. wus bendin? ovei the
wounded mnn Two other nen hnd
joined Carton, nnd when Adami ap
proached they cursed him
They were ntres-ted with t'nrton and
raid thev were IvJward "!rabi nder,
Sbcth street near I'.iown, and Alfred
Homes, Mtrtle street near Fifth.
Schricber's condition is not nerious.
Magistrate Wagner, at the Third
street and Fairmount avenue station,
held Carton in 1000 bail for a further
hearing Jul ii. and (iruybendci- and
Ilarnes were each held in $500 ball for
tho further hearing as material wit
Proopeets of Speedy Passage In
House Considered Favorable
Washington, June 'Si. Agreement
was reached In the House yesterday to
consider on Monday, under suspension of
the rules, tho Campbell - Willis -bi.ltg
prohibit the use of beer as inrtlicrnr.
While decision was made to IluiTt- the
debate on the measure to four "hours
the arrangement under which it will be
called will make amendments iinpus
With the removal. from the bill as
originally proposed by Itepresefilativc
Volstead, of Minnesota, of provision
objectionable to manufacturers using
alcohol, the proopeets for speedy
passage are considered gpsd Advocate'"
nf the measure hone similar action li
the Senate will follow rapidly in order '
the bill may become a law before '
the regulations for pucnptious of beer
under the Palmer ruling have been
Hew Jersey Eagles Send Memorial
to Congress
Atlantic City, June lil. The fiov
eminent of tho I'nitod State- was asked
In it resolution adopted yestordaj at the
New Jersej Stale lonventlou of the
Fraternal Order of Kitglos to cMiiMMi
old-age pensions in the Nation The
action was taken after debate m uhiili
stntiftics wore produced to Mum mure
thnn a million workius men in the mun
try were itieapaoituted through nee and
were destitute through no futilt of their
The coinentlon elei tod Mule otliioi-.
and adopted resolutions ifiommeutliii.;
to the (irnml Aene that women's mux
lllaries be established all out the eoun
try and that a roster of nil the Ilngle
members who ln-t their lins m the
service bo piepined 'I he lonwntioii
also recommended the adoption of a
uniform enililom to bo worn h niem
bers. Arthur W i'linton, of Ifohoken.
was chosen president of the State
Fair Canoeist Rescued by Autolst
Who Plunged Into Water Dressed
Atlantic ( lt, Juno J.'i John l.ony
Inotti, a news dealoi of this citt, fully
nttlred. plunged into Lake J.emipe
May's Lauding, w-tirdui and -vpi the
llfo of Agnes Harper, who hail been
thrown into deep wntei when In i mi
ovctturni'd I.onginotti got the girl lit
diving altoi she had gone clmwj auo
drogged her nsliuro uunMiMnl
Friends attending a phiue took
charge of the cirl, who leviud after -i
few minutes llei losonei. ieing he
was In good hands, stepped into his
automobile, from wliich he hml leapt d
to make i lie lowiio, and tlrote away.
Lehigh Gap Forest Fires Out
Allfiittwn, I'a., June Si - The fun-.)
fires on the lllue .Mountains in the i
Clllitj of l.ehlgll illi were extinguished
at '1 o'clock Ihii. illuming. One thou
sand men nnd hots wcio eiigngi'ij nil
day jcstctdii) nnd last muhi in digging
trenches nnd "bai I. linng " The result
of their effort n beoame nppureut during
the night
Stato polite mo still engaged in con
ducting un investigation into the in
I't'iitlliiiv phi se of the tiros, but no ai -rcsU
hno hoi ii matle
Charne Two With Dynamite Plot
San Frniirist'n, June 'St lllj A 1' i
TVO n"i ueio Ul'iested lothn
charged v t' . oiiMiiniey to blow up the
Federal l(o e r (lank ltiilldiiig umlor
I'OUstl lift loll here The men, woie uc
cused b. the iioln e ot ofteriug (Jeorge K
iJtnMl.. .. ...... .,. I .. ...... i.t ........... ...
k'lUVIU, 1 pMUlM II "Ulll HI ItOUIt-- IU
put dyimiiiito lu the bullvru of the
M vl tln tt sLftK4r j . i
Chicago professional golfer today
won the llrltlsli ocii title over tho
St. Andrews links
Philadelphlan at Des Moines Con
vention Pleads for Innovations
and Initiative
Des Moines, June 1V ( lty A. IM
Payment of saluiies to Sunday school
teachers was advocated here today be
fore the Northern Huptist Convention.
Tho speaker, Dr Henrj B. Tralle, of
the American Baptist Publication So
liety. Philadelphia, made a special idea
for initiative in trjlng out new idcus
"Pattern nfter Ktllson." he urged
"Workers must undorstund that the
objective of the Sunday school is a
Christianized, drveloped, socialized re
ligious life, invo'ving far more thnn a
mere acquiring of biblical facts.
"(lot imiij from the penn basis."
The average contribution in the Sun
day school is about three cents per mem
ber, according to Dr. Tralle. who
warned that the trolning of children to
this sculp of giving means disaster to
the future. He told of one church which
spends S2,"00 yearly on its choir nnd
only $2."0 on its Sunday school.
"tiood church business," the vpenker
eiclaimed, "demands the payment of
at least nominui salaries to Sunday
school teacher"."
Church architecture, he said, needs to
bo changed to provide adequately for
rducatlonut and recreational needs of
members, with twice ns much floor
space for these phases of work as to the
One Used Soft-Drink Bottles as
- Container In Selling Liquor
Atlantic City, June 'Si. Judge In -gersoll
esterdaj found three Boardwalk
rafemen guilts of selling liquor when
tlies were arraigned befi.re him on
bulge preferred b detectives em
plo.iod b Special Prohibition Knforce
ment Prosecutor Iturton (iatkill
Mua William", of the Palais Kojnl.
Ktntucky avenue anil t'le Boardwalk,
was lined $!!'(; (ins Sparrow, head
waiter at the lleauv Arts cafe. Sli.'O,
and Albert Clark. I. a Manic cafe.
Ocean avenue and the Boardwalk. $100
Joseph Mos. proprietor of the Beaux
Arts, at St. James place and the Board
walk, who uNo operates an establish
ment In Philadelphia, pioduccil ei
donee that he was unaware liquor wus
In tug dispensed in his info Witnesses
testified that Sp.inow had supplied
them, using soft -drink bottles ns the
Representatives Attend Meeting
Celebrating Second Anniversary
London. Juno -J."i -tin A P. i
Ihde Park was the scene of a lemuik
able League of Nations muss-mooting
todut. the ot'.isicin being the swom!
iili'ileriir of the formation of the
lu addition uioie than fiftj of tho
Heist distin.'tiishoil sjiinkois (Jicm
Britain then- wire in attendant e iep
lesMtiiatni's of twohe for. ign counti les.
un imltiig M '.iinmevt s ,,f J f Ikiiiih
Mi 1 I in ii of Ciiiii.i It I'oi-ho-
bratlskv t Coi l.t'-so,ikin , Tio.
mill of l'liiljud A (iiigislmli, f tic
(imlKlllU itoplilillt I It mi Stuiuo.
of lliil'imtl J Mauifft , of Itnh ; I".
Miiisoinoto, ot J n pa ii Naoii Mirii
Isphuiii of Pn sli W J Swietochow
slu. of Poluuil , 1) .Mitriin. of Un
muniii. nntl Dr OlesnitsU, of I'kiuuie
Three Hurt In Auto Collision
Hours W titubei of l.'ll 1 Xoul, AI -Isciii
stro. hi- sun Hi in (Sruber, Jr
mm Teltoul Mot I tie, of s,(i North Poi
i-lirst strut Inst niglit ver indued
v In n -in automobile m hi, h il(.t WVI,
i ding iiil.iilnl with a mitk in Wviim
v on I AI' tlui i wore in .i t tit in tli
low muwi Hospital .mil s, pi home
Mis. Mary Hon Denies Women
Standard to
The 11101 al standard of both men nnd
w oiui n has till' 11 a serious Mop down
ward It is caused, however b the
nftortiiuth of the war and not because
women wote granted etpial rights and
privileges with im 11
This lias been the finding of Mis
Mary O'lloillv Ilea, f tho investigating
fone of the Legal Aid Kurcau At the
Social Sort loo Conferouu lu Milwau
kee, now In ins utleiideti by many Phil
ttdeliihiuiis. It was declared by Clara
Buriisido, of Indianapolis, that the de-i
line 111 morals spi dally pertained to
womtu ami Mini it was title to the I
Kpiali.ation of m"ii and women. Miss
litirn-ide is 11 police captain I
"There luix been a deplorable tie-1
dine ' Mrs Ilea commented, "so de
rilorablo that it makis the hi art sick,.
but It cannot be registered bv ex. It
pertains to both sexes, In fact,, It lu
By lite Associated Press
TlnrAi T,.A tin rtii.. ...... ilAM
....,,,,, wuiiti k.il, 'J.1IU LIIIIl'llllUll Ul
the American rodcrntlon of Labor had
it decks cleared today for the election
of n president and others officers.
Both candidates for the leadership of
the American T.ntinr movement Jinlm
i L. Lewis ami Samuel Gompers went to
'the convention hall claiming that they
,hail sufficient votes o win.
Lp to the hour of election supporters
of both candidates kept up their re-
lOtltless ontmvntffn ttil1t ,.am l,A,n Im
-"l"'I" ,,,,s.. 'inn uvsii ill
progress during Hie last week. But up
to the hour for the voting neither had
made nn public announcement ni to the
lossiblo support they had enlisted.
Labor leaders declared that the con
test would probably be a close one. as
many of tho delegations were splitting
their votes.
The convention In Its first night Ms
sion last night disposed of the question
of future relations with tho Interna
tional Federation of Trade Unions, nntl
the recognition of the Itusslan Soviet
Almost riotous scenes marked both
actions of the convention, which sus
tain the action of the executive coun
cil. In severing relations with the Ku
ropenn labor movement nntl In con
demning the Husslnn Soviet Govern
ment. When lie put the Russian ques
tion tn n ..nix 1- -!.......-..
i , n'.u, .in. vriiiiiifrin was
ennrged with "machine rule" because
u iiet-iineu to permit delegates to speak
in defense of the Soviet government.
D. 8. Smnrt. of Chicago, withdrew
his accusation of "gag rule" when Pres
ident Gompers threatened him with pre
ferment nf o)ini-ri.B
The International Relations Commit
tee recommended that tho Executive
Council continuo its negotiations in an
effort to have the Internationale amend
Its laws that the Federation "may have
that opportunity of affiliating at the
earliest possible date "
In adopting the report on the Pnn
Americnn Federation, the convention
declared that it "hns from the first been
the ntdent champion of freedom for tho
Mexican people" and expressed gratifi
cation that "our hopes are finding
fruition," though "mindful of the greed
which still seeks batlsfaetlon in the rich
resources of Mexico."
Owners and Employes Hope to
Agree on Terms Monday
London. Juno 2,"5. (By A. P.)
The request of the coal miners' repre
sentatives for n new meeting with the
Government and the tonl mine owners,
decided -ipon last night with the ob
ject of obtaining n settlement of the cool
strike, brought u quick resiwnse from
Premier Lloyd George. This morning
he invited the owners and miners to u
joint conference Monday.
The newspapers today are more op
timistic over the possibility of an imme
diate settlemet t of the strike, which
low hns been in progress nearly three
The decision to nttempt the reopening
of negotiations was reached at it meet
ing of the Executive Committee of the
I minor union lust night. This steji was
influenced, it was dcelared, by the fail
ure of the miners to secure financial
i support from other.tradjj'unions and the
reluctance of other labor organizations
, to join with tho miners for industrial
I action to enforce their mutual demands.
I The hope wus ev; res-soil that the
.Government would wv its offer to
I grant a ten million Psoind sterling sub
stdv to the coal industry ns nn aid to
the settlement
Botli the miners and owners promptly
I accepted Mr. Lloyd George's invitation
I to the conference.
Subterfuge Charged to Get Posses
sion of North 52d St. Property
Charging that un intricate scheme
1 was adopted to make possible the use
of a property as the sit0 for a motion
. moron, tliontre nnliilllictnnilmi? n .
,-.. ..... ........, .. .. ,i,ir.it4lllll. I, ..
sti lotion against such use in the deed,
the former owners appenred toda be
fore Judge Stern and nsked that the
hii ers bo enjoined from currving out
their plans, and asking further' thnt the
property lie tinnsfericd back to them.
The plaintiffs wire Charles and Sam
uel S(gal'. The defendants were Samuel
Soifer. William H r'urtley and George
(' Allen Tlio property In dispute is
lli().--()7-(l!i North Fiftv -second street
When Soifer took title to the property
it Is charged, lie expressly stated he
was bining it for tho Republic Trust
Co . whnh would treot u bank buildiiu'
on the site Then, it is further charged,
to get rid of the resti lotion in the deed,
the defendants allowed the first mort
gage to be tori closet!, after It had hot n
transferred to Htir-v. It was thin
put up tm sU in tin, su,rjff Tin
pluis-tiffs nsk the Court that all Hiom
proteedings h.. nudum. Tho defendant
denv hautig represented that the plan
was bought lot a bunk mid not u pntuio
house . and id dure the course of cunts
alone Inlliietictil all their actions Jutlge
Stern V h'inil tlow n a written doi lsion.
Marriage License Tax Effective
Hairisbuix, June 'Si. (By A P )
The now Suite tax of .10 cents on mar
ilnge Im uses will go Into effect and ar
inrigenients are being made to enfoteo
on and after next Fiiday This
ineiiMiio wus one of those designed tc
iisi nililitioiiiil funds for the St ito and
Mil I. Hotted b county nlln i i!s and
i win did to the State as utlu-i taxes
ui" handled.
Alone Are Affected, but Expects
Be Lifted Soon
impossible to have the ne sink morally
without having the decline manifest it
self In the other. The whole subject of
moral conduit Is interrelated."
Mrs. Ilea is of the opinion that
equalization of right-, tan have- nothing
to do with present -day conditions. If
suffrage had not been granted, she
maintained, things might huve grown a
great ileal iorse
"The interest of women In questions
such as ilu- " Mrs Ilia mid, is going
to sine the iiin to bring linck contll
twins to iioiinal and perhaps inli-e
standards to own greater heights than
ovei befme Suffrage caiuu to the res
cue of th ivilUcd world
"The decline in mornls i due to the
letting down of bars during the war
Mora! conduct that was exceptional
before is looked upon with indifference
W'lrrtliOT all jj.
; the CdmiX Shdfi CateX . ' 11
irrnriBiismiiMii in
ttliM.l.iIlil.,l,,7' m 1 h,n
The large picture presents n scene in the Franclsvale Homo Cemetery
for Dogs on tho old Gulpli road, where thcro are 215 graves nf canine
pets nnd at least one of a cat that was dearly loved. In the picture
below Is shown the monument, with its epitaph, above one grave
'Doc" D. D. Murphy Is Identi
fied as George Massen
berg, of Florida
Special Dispatch to Evening Public I,rtlgir
Atlantic City, June Si. A friend
here has Identified "Hoc" D. I). Mur
phy, the Negro faith healer, who was
hilled estcrtlay afternoon In n house
In Disston avenue, in which he had
barricaded himself nnd held at bay a
score or more of, policeman and two fire
companies, wounding two policemen
and seriously Injuring n woman.
Thomas Baltimore, of Pnlatlca, Kin.,
said today the zealot was George Mas
senberg. who took the name Murphy
from the family in Palatka. which
adopted nnd raised him. He hud been
11 hotel chef in Florida.
Ho accumulated a unall fortune
through herb medicines and faith cures.
It Is Mated he had ns initnv white
clients as colored. The police today
are seeking the funds he Is said to
have banked in this and other cities.
Telegrams have been sent to his icln
tives lu Florida and nlso to a sister In
New York by the undertaker who bus
the body.
A post-mortem examination disclosed
that Mnssenberg hod died from loss of
blood. The bullet entered midway be
tween the bhoulder and the neck. An
other slight flesh wound was inflicted
011 the face.
Detective McDowell, who was thought
to hne fired the fatal shot, totla snld
"I saw him at the head of the stairs
and fired. He was fnclnx me. lit fell
toward me I jelled that 1 had got
hint in ortler to stop the hall of bullet"
wliich were -zipping through the win
dows nnd were bringing down the wall
iilnster in showers over nll of us in the
house. We dragged him out of the
house "
I'ounty Physician Souder said he
would not take any further action In
regartl to the shooting of Murphy ex
cent under direction of County Prose-
r Cnskill.
T woman. Iilbnbeth Chappfclle,
wo 1 1. d by one of the maniac's bul
lets, is in the City Hospitul and is not
in u serious condition.
Lieut. McBride and Detective Ac
cused by Saloonman
Lieutenant William McBride nnd Dis
trict Detective John J C'lnv . J . will
appear befoie the Police Trial Board
Monda on ehaiges brought by Dan Id
lien.li. a suloonkeopoi . Soioiitl stiect
near Market. Hersh charges he gar
them $1000 to uwdd nricst for keeping
liquor In his cellar for which lie !,d
11 (Jovernment permit
Following u confennco with Diroctoi
Corteljou, Lieutenant McBride Mini ho
was innocent of the charges; that ul
thought he went to Hersh's place it was
simply to investigate the preliiumur
oliorgos lnnde ugainst one of Ids men
Clay is charged with nctuullv having ie
ceived the liionej . Moth men woie ns.
ponded from duty several weeks ago
Editor Who Died Yesterday to Be
Burled Tomorrow
Man men of prominence will nt
tend the funerul of Colonel James II
Lambert, which will take plrcc tomor
row afternoon at 2'!U) o'clock, from Ids
homo, .'111 South Fort -first street
Colonel I.nmbeit. who wus nn editor
and wide! known in newspapers circles
for nenrl half .1 century, died osterday
after an illness of several months
Deaths of a Day
The Rev. Robert E. Johnson
The Ilcv. Ilobeit K. Johnson, tho
"raiding parsons," who died nt his
home, 1185 South Fifty-second strict,
isterday. wdll be burled Monduy from
the i:beneier Mcthodibt Episcopal
Church, Fifty -second nnd Purrlsh
George C. Hazelton
New York Juno 'St. (leorge Coch
rane Haiielton. fifty-three jears old,
lawyer, pla wright und uuthor, died
in his home josterduy after un illness of
several months He wrote ' Misticsn
Nell," "The Yellow Jacket," "Captain
Moll" and "Aphrodite."
He was graduated from Columbia
Unlverslt). In 1800. He practiced luw
in Philadelphia, Washington und New
' . r , I.
; n iimi irnirtririrTinT it'i fmii" t ii iiiihitii ' r 7
iifrJ -" ' " ' '&isS.M3ifi
Chicago Distillers Sue for Per
mission to Sell Liquor for
Medicinal Use
By the Associated Press
Chicago, June 25. A suit to test
provisions of the Eighteenth Amend
ment and the 'Volstead law was brought
In I'nlted Rtates District Court today
by former Senntor J. Hamilton Lewis In
nn nttempt to recover whisky, uiluod nt
$.100,000. noted in Chicago warehouses.
The plaintiffs tire distillers nnd 100
owners of bonded whisky. Tho bill docs
not nttack the validity of the prohibi
tion amendment or of the Volstead lnw,
but alleges no provision of cither meas
ure can npply to whisky deposited in
Government warehouses by the direc
tion of the Government before either
measure was passed, where tho goods
are now owned by the same owners who
deposited tho liquors on a contract to
hnve It returned when the. Government
tax was paid.
The principal new point of the com
plainants Is that the provision of the
Constitution against mnnufnrturo of
liquor referred to munufnotuio after,
and not before, pnssugo of the amend
ment. The complainants, who state tho do
not disire to use tho liquor for beverage
purposea, ntJc for 11 mandatory injunc
tion compelling tho Collector of Internal
Kevenue to order Government unro-
houses to deliver the property to the
holders of the ecrtlfiiates, ami enjoin-1
ing national and State olllceis from in-'
terference nfter the owners have taken '
possession. The plaintiffs claim I hey!
have a right, under the law. to sell this
whisky for medicinal or mechanical pur
Von Schoen Victim of Imagination,
Former Diplomat Asserts
Wiitervlllc, N. V., June 2.-. Baron
on Schoen, former Geimiui Secretaty
of Foreign Affairs, hns included in his
memoirs "conversations" that never
took nlnce.
. That was the replm esterda of
Charlemagne Tower, former United
'States Ambassador to Germany, to asser
tions 111 the Boron's book, in which Mr.
Tower is sold to have opposed tho ap
pointment of Dr. David Jnyne Hill ns
, Amhnssador during the Itoosevelt Ad
11 tnistrntion because "lie was a poor
man," nntl would be unable to entertain
in the grand stjlo wliich the Kaiser do
sited of foreign rcpreentuiies.
"I am willing to declare decisively
that I noer heard nn proposal made
b an one conneited with the German
Govtiument that 1111 ollitial icquct
should bo sent to the Piesidont to ap
point any particular poison to the tim
bttssotlorshlp insteud of Dr Hill," snld
"Ii Tower, "Neither did I ever hear the
subject discussed b an hotly in Ger-
, many as to whether Dr. 11111 was u rich
man or a poor man."
Channlng Way, of West Chestor,
Parked Car In Wrong Place
Burgess Chaniiing 'u , nf West
Chostei, followed 11 polity of "do to
ourslf as ou would do to others"
When he wiib notified that lie hud
1 parked his nutomobile in forbidden tcr
! Oritorv slightly over u "dead line" he
reported to Chief of I'ollco Entriken.
The latter dismissed tho Burgess on the
ground that it was his liist offense.
Patrolman Chuiles Dorse saw Wnj's
car on the forbidden nrea and lie placed
tlio following notice on it.
I Itepnit to police hcadqiMitcrs and
tivoiti tioiiDie. annulling waj, Ilur
gess. ' '
Daniel Hertz EstateValued.it $5000
In Will
1 Among tho wills iinibatiil lo'lm
'ilios-o of Daniel Herts-.. 21.'."i North
(Twelfth street, ,?."(I0(1, Hid Ciuoline ,S.
.lone., who died lu tho Chestnut 1
.Hospital Wl.iiOO
lliventotles were filed fur the personal
o-tates of Logan M. Bullitt. SI.'.S'K) 71,
I and Bessie II It Van S.-uit, $."8.'l()
1 Letters of administration woie granted
for the estates of J. Alfied Clark. -11125
Catharine street. $1.1.000: Daniel W
ltadcbnugh, 2()."1 North Twenty. sUtb
street. $17,000, nnd Christopher Far-
rc.ll, Brockton, Muss., $2U,-U2.
t ""tt
Dogs Sleeping Here
in Honored Graves
Contlnurd front rug One
rrnnclsvnlo Home, founded about
twenty-two years ngo by Mrs. Geor
McClelland. Follow the shady path
pointed out to you, nnd you come upon
the cemetery.
Strnngcly enough, the very first
grave shelters no dog of any breed, but
a cnt Instead. Huckleberry Is the
name, nnd ho (or sho) Is designated ns
a Liberty Bond Cat. n term which no
one seems able to explain
Huckleberry died August 3. 1010, ac
cording to tho simple Inscription on
the marble slab, which also bears the
nnme of F. II. Chatficld. Huckleberry's
owner. The grave has tlow ers growing
around It.
The largest stone in the cemetery,
flvo feet tall and nearly as wide, bears
tho following Inscription :
"Thin Stone is Erected 6y Arthur
Peterson fit memory of hit Uco dop,
Band, a Scotch collie, died August 17,
1Q1&, and 3a:amlique, a St. licrnara,
died t March 11, 1!)12, for many years
his affectionate companions and faithful
. Grnvo of "Bugs" Potter
No visitor can help noticing the stone
inscribed with the unromnntlc but ex
pressive name of "Bugs" Potter.
"Bugs' " grave Is surrounded by a
well-trimmed low hedge and geraniums
nnd daisies blow gently in the wind in
front of the stone, which bears the fol
lowing verses :
"Dugs, our dear doggie, is here;
I nder the sod he it lying
Grief can but pootly express
Sorrow ue felt at his dying;
Perfect companion was he,
One big man tee called him.
Time cannot make us forget:
Truly and sadly tee mourn htm,
Ihiduring irith patience until the end,
Ilcfjuicscat in pace, dear little friend."
The founders of the cemetery have a
largo lot with four graves. Chief of the
stones in this McClelland lot is the one
In memory of Gobbo, born In lSTfi and
dying in 1S30. No occupant of the
remoter goes back In lime ns far ns
this dnggiu, who was for fifteen years
the pet of Harriet Hare nnd George
llcClellanil, according to the inscrip
tion. Also In this lot is the grave of
"Francis," for whom the cemetery is
named "Francis." died in l'tlO.
"Quits" and "Carl" He side by side
In the same lot.
That fumilinr inscription found on
iiianv stones in most gravevnrds. "In
tho Hope of a Blessed Immortality." is
nor lacKing In this eemetcrv. It is
written over the grnvo of ''Prince."
who Is further described ns a "Dearly
Beloved ami Faithful Friend." The
date, March 10, BIOS, Is nlo on the
Sweeter Than Candy
The pi-i7.e orse. though not tl-o most
touching, surmounts the grnvo of
"Snonkie Middendorf." who dietl ut the
llpe old age of fifteen. This Is what
some one sultl of "Snoukle" :
"Our Dai Hug Pet
B'c trlf iirt'tr forget
Sho icat sicecter than all
The tandy she 'et' fate).
Of "rYklbo," who died November 30,
U)lfi, some one wrote in it kind of
blank verso :
"Skibo loved us, ice loved him
He has gone 10m oar Aomr
Hut not ft am our hearts."
There is onlj a wooden shaft over
tho grave of Quecnic Bhondcs Muttson,
but it contuliu a llurld tribute in erso
wliich says:
"In my heart youi memory lingers
Tendetly kind and true
Thcie is not t day dear Qucenie
That I do not think of you."
There are altogether 245 graves In
tint Franclsvale Cemetery, ami uwjut
thirty of them have shafts of stone ant!
mm hie. Man which have no inscrip
tions sao the names of the -logs, m
trnet intention bocuuso of the otldlt
of tho names.
For example, who t ould help hut
notice the quaint but expressive name
of "Batin " nnd wonder whether hl
famous uppctltn was tho cause of his
demise. Then there nio Toddles,
Toodlcs, Bed Popper, Teddy. Jock,
Tuck and Tootsie, UafTerty. SapliG
Brightly, Chin Lee (nationalities are
evidently unlimited), Gypsy Girl,
Skccts Diva Cerberus und Misslo Ens
lis The funeral services ate not elabor
ate; in fnct, it is seldom that tho
owners accompaii their nets out to the
But it is not nn uncommon thing, ,,f
n bright Sunday afternoon, for a mo
tnrcar to drive up, an occupunt or two
alight and go up into tho cemetery to
lay 11 bright flower or two lu token
of affection and undimmed memory for
a faithful, dumb friend,
Man Convicted of Shooting His
Despite n plea of self-defense wliich
he cnteied, Alicimel Fortnlgliii. 170S
South Bancroft street, was found guilty
of obsault and buttery with intent to
kill befoiti Judge Ktcrn estcrtlay. Sen
tent e was deferred.
1 ormigliu shot his brother-in-law,
Konifinn Glainusso, during an argu
ment, March 22, which resulted from
the latter upbuilding his slxteett-ear-old
sister who hud eloped and married
To Fight Anti-Fraternity Spirit
Atlantic City, Juno 2.". Closei 0
operation with the school authorities
nnd purcnts as a means nf combating
tintl-frateinity sentiment In the high
and preparatory schools of the country
was urged In resolutions adopted yes
terday by the Phi Delta Sigma Frater
nity In national convention Iiqio at the
By the Associated Press
West Hempstead, N. V June 25.
Lawrence Kubal. Jtwcntyslxi a farm
laborer, who, police said, confessed Xo
the murder of Mrs. Winnie S, JBart
lctt, wealthy widow, In her homo hero
last Wednesday, was formally chnrged
with tho crime today after ho had re
peated bin statement to District At
torney Weeks.
After his arraignment Kubal led
policemen to the chisel thnt he had
thrown away. Ho also took them to a
mnn 'vho hnd given him ?5 for a watch
taken from tho Barllctt home. A wed
ding ring with Mro. Bnrtlctt'n inltlnls
also was recovered, Kubal had sold It
for $2.00.
Kubal's alleged confession contained
the statement that ho killed Mrs. Bart
lctt with a chisel while on his second
visit to the house under pretext of pur
chasing tho property. Police said Ku
bal told thorn ho had never heard of
Mrs. Bartlctt until the morning of the
murder. Ho was oh his way to tho
houso to look for work when ho noticed
small boys stealing cherries from tho
orchard, he was reported to have said,
and asked them if they wcro not afraid
they would be caught. The boys gave
Kubal the first intimation that n
wealthy widow lived in tho house
A fountain pen twirled nervously in
the hands of the murdered woman, the
alleged confession said, supplied the in-
ci'iuivu -V mi 1'riiui:. jrkuuiu un sum iu
have told tho police ho had nsked Mrs.
Bartlett for S0O0 and thnt Bhe refused
and twirled the pen nervously and this
caused it to come into his mind to kill
her. First, however, police said, he
confessed to struggling with her nnd it
was nfter ho had thrown her to tho floor
that he saw her Irvine to unloosen the
cap of tho pen.
Kubal was born In Poland and hnB
a wife and two children. He hns served
short prison sentences In New Jersey.
Religious Ceremony Performed by
Scotch Minister at Bride's
Cousin's Home
Porto, June 25. (By A. P.) The
religious ceremony uniting in marriage
Glachs Marin Deacon, of Boston, und
the Duke of Marlborough was performed
this noon by tho Itcv. T. If. Wright,
pastor of tho Scotch church In Paris,
at the homo of Eugene Higgins, a
cousin of the brldr. About 200 guests
were present, Including Ambnssador nnd
Mrs, Wallace and a distinguished com
pany of French, British nnd American
friends of the couple.
Mr. Higgins gave the bride in mar
riage, and Judge Walter Berry, presi
dent of the Amerlcnn Chamber of Com
merce of Pnrls, was the best man. The
bride was nttended only by twelve- ear
old Christine do Bolsrouvray, dnughtcr
of the Countess do Bolsrouvray, who
carried her train.
An incident of the wedding was the
bringing into the salon of seventy-nine-
car-old Madame Irmii Dcodat,
the French nurse of Miss Deacon's
childhood days. She was given one of
tho pluces of honor near the altar. Her
presence nt tho ceremony hnd been
especially provided for by the bride,
who sent her own motorcar for the
nurse. After the ceremony Madame
Dcodut. assisted by two maids, super
vised the nrrniiKemcnt of the bride's
dress nnd her veil. When she wns
asked to atteud the wedding breakfast
and have some of the wedding cuke the
nurse exclaimed :
"No, tlinuk ou. mndamc! Onlj n
little bread for me."
Weeks Acts to Check Accidents
After 12 Deaths In Month
ll'dclilntWdtt fniin Vr A1nrmnrT In
the series of accidents whicli havo oc
curred in recent weeks in the nrmy nlr
service. Secretary Weeks has sent un
order to Gcnernl Charles T. Menoher, I
chief of the nlr service, that all planes
and equipment be thoroughly inspected
beforo lllghts in order to mlnimic (
future accidents.
Twelve denths hnve occurred as tli '
result of disasters to uriny planes
within the last thirty days. Seven men
were killed In the crash of the Curtlss-
l-imtft nmVilltnTUl, lllfltll rPhren lltoil In
the explosion when n bombing plane wns
being sent nway In Aberdeen, nnd two
dietl on Wednesday while practicing for
the bombing tests.
Mr. Weeks said his action was duo
to the belief that more safeguards would
serve as a preventive.
Chicago Woman Held on Murder
Charge Is Acquitted
Chicago, June 2.1. Mr, Coin Im
hello Orthwoln wns found not guilt b
a jurj 0Htcrda. at her trinl on a churge
of hiving murdered Herbert P. Xiegler.
The Jury reached it verdict after Iosh
than an hour's deliberation. Mrs. Orth
woln thanked tho Judge und jurorn und
then fell bnck in her seat in 11 faint.
Tho verdict followed the re-enacting
In the court room of the tragedy which
took placo in MrB. Orthwein'H apart
ment on the night of March 1. In Ins
closing argument, George Gucnther, nt
torney for the defense, donned tho bullet-pierced
oveicout of Zicgler to show
how ho met his death while attacking
Mrs Orthwcin.
You'll taste the difference!
At all our Stores 0
n the nnrt
5k the 027 Lo!
R'on post, i th.
department "!
address com.nunl.
cations to t h
Coc"V"- and
ngrossme,, -on.
r.?Hontinc ,E.
ington In nn effort to t,r "l, AVn,"
ypceciV passage of ho S wiTllin"" tt"
ing the Veterans' Burenti tn t'11 rcnt'
affairs reIntlnB to (l'sabled ,,'"?'? D"
service men nntl women "n "E1,,tr
Department is ac C on lh' 8.,nt
office, to be established nder ti,10"111
como beforo it. The activity L "i?y
Commander Davis, of NerniiiVn nmm.
William G. Murdock? of Ph linTir.M'1
Department Adjutant. X ',il,u,c,nl,i.
The Shubln-Buschhaum Post IT, ttlii
have nn outinR nt Grecnlocl . N 3
tomorrow. Tho post and t! e ladib
nuzllUnr will start from the South
St..Fcrr,nt "'dock. am
mlllam T. Shctzllne Poit nn
ducted tho funeral of William A W
dan, formerly of Co. A TOU "infant
Cth Division, last .Monday. Sm-
were held nt tho Enlphnnr CliureT
I-.levcnth nnd Jackson streets. nndthJ.
body was conveyed from there to IM?
Cross Cemetery on a gun-calsson. Tl
burial took placo under the final muTte
of tho firing squad tint! the blowing of
Special for Monday Only!
(June 27th)
When Print! Arc Ordered
Photographic Depi.
1713 Walnut Street
Volume production makes
it possible to give such
extraordinary value as
you fret in Hupmobilc
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nbillty to keep going, and
high re-snlc value.
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o al
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raw- --- -irn"H
The Original Marimba (
Band of 'Guatemala l
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Appearance Anywhere and l
Hugo Savino't Celebrated (
String Orchestra
Two Dance Floors i
Coolest Spot in Town
Good Food
Dancing From 8 to 1 P H
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y 4 wt well pl.mii it t im '
hurilwnti.l tltiorH, cb o li ' "
puri'lieN. 40x1.10. on Il'fie r"
from Htutlon. Iiuinoil i - '
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Sti1ir mil " -' .!
nAKUH. t.loi.)U liUHh.i l 'rn,,Jy,,I
i.Uo memt of tKilIti' '""'it i . i i na
fvncrol rvlce. Monti.uj. - I ' " ni.r.
lata ronldente 11 ION J " ' '. , , wln
mint North CVdar Hilt I''"" "
Sur.f.ny eveiilnil oftel 7 o c loiK f it
t-AimuTii. -At ui. "tfpr S f. Of
ntiMN nnd friends iti Itert t. I " og
.ta, 8 I. St. HI If' '''V.ri.Hi
HOUN June '-'J! i'IMI';' , , . , r nnd
of Anno Horn (n. M'1 'rJ ', ," '. ief!
frluid- nra Invited to ''t""'!,.r"j1,, ,,. I"'1
Monday. B I'. M... . '"l.la. '," d "
V. HI ver at. inierni." ''."; ", v nui.
" KCANH - June i'l. , '! J .ow. r H-tJa
ldow of I. J. Kmne (ret- 1 Jw'r..,n, (u
tlve- nnd frlcndt. .rj 7f , ,' , tlatu
noiftl, Monrtai, 7-411 A, '.r '" .,n li "" J
of John V huehr. 10 ) " im.'-h.
k. Henu rin man" '.''. '! '..... i., t uf -.
II o'clock. Interment inn1 nl""'
'"itcCAliTNI-JY -SU'W'l Ju
IlrldKft Met artnev (r,i. 1'.U"" ,.
.n tI
I, if,
111 !
in m niri hi niiiviii- ---
.7.-.IM.V ivl Krl Illicit
fimsitt Htrl.tlk lulvatc N
.i '
fefclKKKT. Jimr
! Clhl" Y: ' not.- .1
ftn." :.,,,..,."T.H,--r iriviieti '.- . ;,.!. 4
. r.l a U Inla I'llialit ' ...I flU i
2330 n .CII?f".tsL.v,nivlliir. Tft,
Si R
8 , Dancing From 8 to 1 P H 'a
3 B, OS' Till. H P
?j a' nivui uimi: ta 6
3 BB-gi-a"pa"ataJj
l rienaa may u .... - fi
A I f
jlll'l''' ')' '- T ! I ,
-A' 'f'l . ,ff A'l., 'itr
. rl- F, !? l-
ytf. n -N,,. iA...N.-fv.lwfttgjij'trfe.-'wtt'--'

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