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VOL. VII. NO. 305
Entered at Second-Claw MMl.r at h; PoMflfnc. at- FMLd.lphU. Pa.
. under the Act of March 8. 1BT9
Published Dally Kxtcpt Bunda, oiihivriptlon Prlrji t Venr by Mali.
Copyright, 10H by Pub lo lder Company
Thoroughfaros Now 60 Foet
Wido Will Bo Made 12U,
According to Plati3
0n of the most Importnnt highway
,fflPromcnts attempted in this or any
ethrr State, Is to be .aunched in Oc-
"ttr pfans nre complete. Tho ncccs
Mr; legal action will be undertaken
vlOiin aiJtty days.
Every automobile owner in rcnnsyl
unla Is directly or indirectly inter-
Highway Commissioner Sadler will on
date set, take preliminary steps to
den every State highway leading from
Philadelphia from sixty to 120 feet,
i when the work is completed there
iwlll be trackage enough to accommodate
Jhrie files of autos moving in each
' Commissioner's plans ara most
comprehensive. They not only contcm
tJite tHs great improvement, but he
proposes, in addition, to save tho Com
Senwealth millions of dollars in do-
"It8 will require some years before the
full fruition of his plans will be ap
parent. The preliminary work alone
will require a year or more.
Seeks Beauty With Utility
Lewis S. Sadler is the most prac
tical idealist in tho State. He proposes
both to build and to beautify. State
highways, according to his conception.
Should be something more than cement
roads. They should bo tree-bordered
avenues along which it will be a delight
for motorists to ride.
what Commissioner Sndler already
has accomplished is an index of what
he proposes for the future.
When he assumed chargo of the High
way Department at tho beginning of
Governor Sprout's term, there wero 141
miles of concrete roads in uso In the
Today there arc 1200 miles of them.
By the end of 1022. when the Com
missioner' term of office with the Ad
ministration expires, there will be 2000
, Already this year contracts have beeu
Igned for 1000 miles of concrete roads.
A' fact apparent lo every one man
dated or familiar with the accomplish
mrnts of the department, Is that the
Commissioner and his operative forces
are building a monument for the Sprpul
Administration. '
Pennsylvania's fame in this'respect
is country-wide. "
Spreads Fame of Slate
Scarcely a week pauses that Commls
tlonfrs, 'engineers, contractors or in
ipectors from other States do not come
to Harrhiburg to study the organization
ltd work of the department.
This State has built more nnd better
rtada in the last year than any other
elate in the Union. This is a fact
Mwd on official reportH.
Months ngn, writing of Commissioner
tidier s plans, I Mid that nothing but
concrete arterial highways would be
constructed In the future. The Init'ul
cost is greater, but they last immeaH-
urDij- longer man anv older kind.
, The Lincoln Highway, built under
' old system, costs approximately
7600 a mile a year to maintain.
Concrete roads cost $75 a mile to
The automobile llrcnso record weeks
ago passed the 000.000 mnrk. At tho
1me T.All!L.ot increase by the Ugln
ningof 102-t it will reach 1,000.000.
Commissioner Sndlcr Is anticipating
bs future. No two-wny highway feed
leg Into or leading from Pennsylvania!)
great cities can accommodate the traffic
of the future.
rJJf'-V"1, hort'y ,bp In every
M.niho.ip,an8.ni V10 'iHiartmcnt for
coanty "terinl sybtcms in that
V,0" Philadelphia there will be the
Wert 'L8 n"'1 t,,c "nmopo and
m Chester pikes as example.
boundaries to Be. Clianged
PlaTn8efnrJ,wf fl"KIc department's
Plans Tor these and other thoroughfnres
Is to establish the linos ami e, mole
R tiU?WrS in the future to ro.
tedarili8 O1,0rntlo,,s t0 e revised
New houscK will bo net back TVnri
Failure do this will be at the build.
e1Sliun,n:a,Ket,,US b in fu,-c
' SKSe.0' Vitih" boulevard"':
ArZT0"" h ta,i,,B thru, by
toinpletlnn of th
MthvMe. llnt Is l,1 engineers'
oj amoS,V;n11,(1H,,!f,Cf'i n.ooo.ooo..
artistic liiit nil r",,m'",lnner Sndler'n
W ire praeW'r W1 Idea U.
MtfmebflK ts ns'w", n"Vrh1 fnr '
The Inilini . (1 n" under font
Mghway. IIarrlRb,B-WnslilnKton
Tree, t ijno Uojulway
reeulnr Intmalfn r.l .?? "t
u.1ned nnd rang., ?
completi-il road" el,,,or S,,I tie
' Va, ... P,,rpnsp " I'-r-
14 ma U'n.i.i --- "oiiii iji'ii ii r i r it i
"" pian, -.- iiiu rest of,
W. Ha'! !)?m.n P"rp.?,p of r'""-
'II.A i ,
finU soldier! rlU ASnr of a 1,c-
7 l be a-tre'for every hero,
fWf $m PI PH1 if WM-Hlli
DDHIaK"'MPlllHlaS '3aal-''i''aaHa iMaK' aaRt- V'ifeaSafmtaBWa '.l
BrR'-L'l-:;: VBbllSBtWaaBaaK' VPVL .vMiiBATlaa ' BaH
VM.-X? (V; rv-T7:Ln a'HEaVttr a'l'Ha'iHrVaflaV k Ja'auUafKYW'a'iK Ua'KjV .' ''a'a'aaPaBaWHalf a'lW Jmmfmi
ffarJaVi -M 'k' Jtn,iSBb H !)a'i'a'l'awa'Htw9Hyaw "sJVaaaama'iHBmlMrVta'i'a'i'a'i'aVa'i'a'a'HKI '
BKBtit 4 '"JmmJB, -tlrKKUHK9m t A'" tv HaBnin I llaaAlaiaaaaaaVlt !
M PvrHaa...BMKxf HHII' I kTs...Bb'-: U
1,'H, if ', ,' f HVaBK i V'aaaW ' I itiiPHaaaaaaV
t aaaLfe-x? H':' $'1BKiriflHi''V.aal " I- K1SitflaaaaaKlai i
iMPWLtt.PMii'...a.M.Mbt'..M'mE'-li....M'i '
tV " BU 'ALaaaHaaaaaaaT!aaaaVaaHHaaaWataflalaaaaaVaHJ
Kv .'!' lilBaHUSal'aaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHa'Baaaaaaaal '
nwtaitrijiTrT, !!".t,m," """-viJ'.'s.i . '.' '(' mm.mmmmmmummmmammumummmimumumummmmmmmmmimmmi .
. Ledger Tholo Servlro
Several tliousand persons flllwl the street in front of an undertaker's place at 327 Pine street to catch a glimpse
of the funeral of Louis Wellcnbach and his wife, who were murdered Saturday
More Than 6000 Persons Pay
Tribute to Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Wellenbach
Tivc thousand persons crowded Lom
bard street, between Fifth and Sixth,
outside B'nni Abraham Synagogue, to
pay the last honors to Mr. nnd Mrs.
Louis 'Wellenba'ch. murdered Saturday
in their little store at 52," South nan
do'ph street.
Within the synngogue' nearly a thou
sand more persons, nil who could crowd
into the edifice. Fat In the benches
around three'xldcs of the central plae
form, or in the' gallery overhead' nnd
listened to Kabbl David S. Shapiro as
in Yiddish he elegized the victims.
Few funerals in thewoutlinrn part of
the cltyvhavc attracted as great a crowd.
The thousands who thronged the Htreet
were of all dwrtimlnntions. Within the
synagogue- tho women, bareheaded, and
the merfT wearing their hats an Jewish
custom enjoins, listened Milemn'y to tin
'words of the rabbi. He extolled the
virtues of the old couple, who were
known nnd loved, he said, by oil tu
tho neighborhood, nnd deplored the sud
den ending of lives that had been mo
long and useful.-
Outside the thousands who waited
talked of the crime nnd its victims.
Many of the women were weeping.
When tho funeral discourse wan over
nnd tho two p'uln black caskets were
brought out to tho waiting hearses, the
crowd surged forward so that progress
was slow ns tho coffins were borne
nlong. Then, with only a few car
riages following the henrscs stnrted on
their way to Har Ncbo Cemetery in
Frank ford.
Bodies Mo In State
Karlicr there hnd been n briefer,
simpler ceremony ir nn undertaker's
chapel at 327 Pine street. Thcie the
Mime great crowd of sorrowing people
bad made the street almost impassable.
The bodies of husband nnd wlfe,
showing few marks of the boating' that
hnd ended their lives, was placed for
their friends to view. From n quarter
to 1) o'clock a steady stream of people
passed through the undertaker'!) place.
The two coffins, uncovered, stood side
C'ontlnurd nn I'fiKc Two, Column Tuo
Read Messages From Harding, Ml!
lerand, Pershing and Foch
Washington, Sept.'fl. (By A. P.)
More than a wore of patriotic soplctic-i
were incited to participate in tho I.ti-fnyette-Marnc
Day exercises at Mount
Vernon today. llendlng of messages
from President Hnrdlns. President
Millrrnnd. .if France: (.'enernl Pershing
nnd Marshal Foch formed part of tin
program for the celebration of the lfl-lth
anniversary of the birth of the Marquis
ile I.afa.ictte and the seventh anniver
sary of the Hnttle of the Murnc.
Addresses nre to be dolivcrc.il by
Ileproontatlve 11. Walton Moore, of
Virginia ; Jiunes M. Heck, Solicitor
Oencr.il, nnd John H. Finlry, of New
York. Prince do Ilraru, the Fiench
('barge d'Affnlres, will inaki; the vo
sponso on behalf of the French Repub
lic. t
New York, Sept. . (Ry A. 1M
New YorkTa celebration of the 104th
nnnhersnrv of the blith of the Mar
quis .lo Lafayette and the seventh an
niversary of tin' Rattle of the Maine
centered at Lnfa)ctte's btatiic in Union
Diplomatic representatives of France,
Oront IMlaiu, Italy, Relsliim mil other
allied nntloiiH accepted invitntinns to
attend the ceremonial placing- of
wreaths on the statue. William Hay
ward. United Stntes Attorney, and
Major Oenernl John F. O'ltynn. of
the Nsw Yoik National Ounrd, were the
principal speakers.
Still, Forecaster Says, Weather Will
Be Unsettled
Tho rainy Fpoll which has been
threatening has been sidetracked for a
ifew dojs, according to the weather
trimi, im saws that although the next
two days will be unsettled he does not
cxiiect 'rnln.
Today is s-omowhnt warmer nnd tho
nun mnv pierce the clnuil nilstN, ol-
tlinugh the forecaster says that the day
"tu .. .. l.A ..wnnualtmli' warm lttif
It win in- Liiiiiiij i'.i.....v.. , .., i..-
Uiorron .!.,., , , .
Tho-col. n.g.us in jo n.ren y m 0
tier mark, for In the country the
iVnves on trees nml bushes in the low
place's are bosinnlng to turn nnd creek
anil swmmn'-hole bnthors report the
warr especially chilly for this time
water especially
of tho year.
QILDAd tb WorM's Beat Iiubrltant. Adv.
& Wv4NMM&Mb .AtvtijwM w
Message Concerns Classes A and B
Administered Under League i
Washington, Sept. C (Dy A. P.) j
J.U0 United States Oovernment has ad
dressed a new note to all allied powers
on the subject of mandated territories.
Official announcement thai the note had
been dispatched last week was made to
day at the State Department.
The note was described as covering
In full the question of mandates, al
though department officials declined to
discuss its contents until they had re
ceived assurances it hnd reached t,be va
rious governments to which ltnd been
sent. Replies wore expected within
twenty -four hours, officials said, nnd
arrangements were be'ing made for the
publication of tha-docuuicnt within that
The communication was understood
to refer "speclllcnlly to Class A and II
mandates as administered under the
League of Nations, and to reiterate the
fosltlon of the United States Govern
ment with regard to rights in mandated
Paoll Squire Fines One Motorist by
Wilbur M. Leech, Justice of the
Peure of Paoli, who issued summonses
for 1230 motorists to appear today to
be fined, conducted exactly two hear
ings this morning and one of these was
over the long-distance telephone. - '
Squire Leech, who can't as yefjt be
called a "fining squire," came in all
shlned up this morning and ready for a
rush .business.
The Squire waited as patiently ns
could be expected for a man primed and
ready for a heavy day's work that
doesn't develop. Then the telephone
bell rang.
"This is John Hlgg, at Reading.
Pa.," said the voice at the other end
of the wire. Whut's it all about, any
way?" "You were summoned for speeding,
and It will cost you just $13.50," said
the Squire.
"Fair enough," answered Mr. Rlgg.
"Much obliged, Judge, I'll send n
check. Rood -by."
Mrs. Nirkoff Smith, of Morris ave
nue, Rryn Mawr, came lu at 10 ;,'I0.
"The records show you were mnkiug
thirty miles uu hour when wou nnssed
through Panli," the Squire told her.
"I had my two children with me."
said Mrs. Smith, "nnd I never drive
fast with them. There must be some
The Squire let her off with the costs.
?:i.!j(). He thinks that maybe some
more of the l'.Ti will show up later.
Yank Civic League of Former Sol
diers Organized
The Ynnk Civic League, composed
chiefly of World War veterans, but also
Including Spanish -American and Civil
Wnr veterans, has been organized
quietly in this city nnd will take part
in the present primary campaign.
The league is suld to have been or
ganized by men friendly to the Moore
Administration. It is said it will sup
port several candidates indorsed by the
Voters Ix-ague. Among the candldntes
fur magistrate who will bo aided nre
Joseph .1. Knable nnd Kdwanl Daley,
overseas veterans.
The bodv of an unidentified man wan
found lloatlns' in the Delaware River
opposite Snyder avenue wharf nt noun
today bv the crew of the pnlirc boat
King. The man was nbout twenty
three venrsold nnd wore a gray bult and
ton shoes. The body had been in the
water a long tl.nc, the police say. ,
Ferries Jammed All Night and Morning as Record Throng,
Swelled by Excursionists, Pours Back Into City
Virtuallv all night long and all tills
morning until noon strenms of liomc
i omlng vacationist and week-enders
poured Into Philadelphia through tho
Delaware feirles.
Karly vestenlny evening railroml of
ficials found it necessary to abandon
oven the special holiday solwdules on
Isith steam nnd electric lines nnd to
stmt trains moving ns fast us they could
bo put together and tilled, which was
in almost no time nt nil.
Tens of thnusnnds were carried back
in this fnnhlon last night nnd tens ot
oil lilt' wily ur nun in
I..IA llAIIIAIIAK ltlfdtA fl
COIlie, Bllllie no", """ni unun- ii
woozy dawn had lifted his soggy fingers
tn mi
. . ",,,,,.,,,, on ,)(ltll !,.,, lvunlll
rl K, VlL.ilin- "lues 4intl been restored
nnd Rea H. " l",,J;n' 10b,,Xr ;hl,
Sll nslllt- 111" vvu in initio, inr
J,n" U,.V
n . "J " "
'its ills morning in tunc
sunt dux of commuters.
It '.van in no senso u holld.iy crowd uud
in evury sense an nftcr-hollday one.
Flivvers bounced over thu gang
-y'it,4!v) M .toivi&i' i'ui4rwZlKf6. wytfui i.
Albert Hellwig StrucrT Near New
Brunswick,, N; J., as Ho Gets
Out' of Own Car
, . , , , . .
As he stepped from his motorcar yes -
tertlay. Albert Hellwig. president of tho
Stool Heddlo Manufacturing Company,
of this citv, wns stmrk nnd fatally hurt
by another automobile. The nreldrnt
occurred at 4 P. M. on tho Lincoln
Ilighwav near New Rrunswick, N. J.
Mr. Hellwig. who wns seventy-two
5 cars old. was run down In the pros
once of his wife nnd daughter. Miss
Anna Hellwig. They were returning
ftom Rloomfield. N. J., where they
hnd visited another daughter, Mrs. John
The nged man wns unconscious when
Emll Dubois, his chauffeur, drew him
from the wheels of tin other car. He
wns rushed to St. Peter's Hospital,
New Rrunswick. where lie died nbout
S' o'clock last night. He wns injured
Mr, Hellwig lived at 1011 North
Thirty-third street and wns active In
the direction of the Reddle Manufaq
turing Company's plant nt Twenty-first
street and Allegheny nvcuue. He was
also an official of the Hellwig Silk Dye
ing Company, Ninth nnd Ruttnnwood
streets, and was n director of the In
tegrity Trust Company, Fourth and
Urecn strcctH.
Tho manufacturer was born in (!er
niany and came to this country In his
early outh. He is survived by two
sons, fJeorgc Hellwig nnd Henry Hell
wig, in nddition to his widow nnd two
ooughtcrs. He was a member of Her
man I.odgc No. ll'.'i of the Masonic
Also Your $20s and $10s, for Coun
terfeits Are Extant
Washington, Sept. (I. (Ry A. P.)
Detection of three additional counter
felt Federal Reserve notes was an
nounced by the Treasury Department
today and the public was warned to be
on guard.
The first described was that of a
$.")0 note of the Federal Reserve Rank
of Kansas City, which was said to be
identical with one recently detected,
except tho latter wns on the Federal
Reserve Rank of New York. The sec
ond wns n $20 note on the Richmond.
Yn.. Federal Reserve Rank and wo
said to be plainly the work of nn ama
teur. The third was a 510 note on the
Federal Reserve Rank of Rnston nnd
was said to be so poor it could easily
be detected by the ordinarily careful
handler of money.
Agricultural Commission Probablv
Will Hear Him, Baruch and Ford ' ??"' ' ' srvml' 'nsc8 "'seasickness. Mrs.
Vnahini.n.. 5n.t ii mi.. it? i Harding w as nuiong those reported af
aslington. Sept. (I.(R. . !.) f(.r,(1 bv tnr. rnllK;, -on
ino joint congressional Agr cu turn
The ehnirman exulained thnt ho hV
liovod the commission's study had
reached a point where it should hear
testimony "from n national viewpoint,"
and that the throe men named, among
others, had been mentioned as being
able to offer pertinent information of
the character sought.
7200 Autos in 24 Hours
on Pennsy Ferries Here
Seventy-two hundred automobiles
wore ferried from Camden to Phlln
delplila on Pennsjlynnln Railroad
boats during tho twentv-four hours
which ended this mornijig.
At times tho line, of machines
trniled back through Camden to the
Courthouse nt Sixth street during
the Labor Day travel crush.
plunks with all aboard fast nsleep snvc
hollow-eyed father nt the wheel.
The less fortunate but more numer
ous ones who had come bv train wont
to sleep nbout hnlf of them in th
ferryboat cabins. Most of them man-
Continued on I'att rir, Column Thrr
Lommiss'on prolinbly will invito Wil- ,,, ,,,", Atlantic Citv cHtcnla was
Ham (.. McAloo ami Rernnnl M. Ra- pid to have boon salved bv tl e lm
f'fy" wiJin "iV'un snitVs ft?LVj W m "'f B"'"" "range.l'at x'or ok
of nriraltural miPatl!L Tl Ifn,,"n ""Iw lnrl,,B thp Mayflower's stop
,lf...,"sxTll.LU1r;U...'.,.P',,Io,,s' (-''a""n in Hampton Roads. Director Dnwcs. it
illuriMin Mini loilll.) .
,Early Registration Is Reported
as Light, Despite Activity
of Women Leaders
Register! Register!
Don't Lose Your Vote
You must register to enable you
to vote nt the primary election.
After today thetc Is only one more,
registration day.
Don't .delay register today! -
The registration officers were on
duty at the polling places'tbls morn
ing, and will sit again-from 4 P, M.
to 10 P. M.
Poll tax receipts may bo had from
one of theyrtglstrnrs at each polling
place, j,
Assessors also sit at the division
hratlquarters today to add names
'to the assessor's list. No one can
procure a poll tax receipt nho la
not assessed.
A light tide of voters, estimated at
between 10,000 and 12.000 men nnd
vtomen, had flowed Into division polling
p'aces throughout the city up to 1
o'clock this afternoon to qualify for the ,
(omint; primary and general election.
Although the morning registration
I .ffiii f.ii frrwn Iinnvv TV T-hutoiici S,.ll
, ...... ... a.u... ... u . .. , .. .. .... .. . ..,
'chairman of the Rnnnl of Registration
I Commissioners, predicted that today's
j t()tn, WJ)lW rc,d t)p 27((Hln ,otcrK
enrolled -in Aujurt 30, the first regis-
tratlon day.
ttr. Fell praised the work of the 800
I wnnen .""Sl'trnra why form nbmit 0
,l,fr -'c"t ffhc entire force of registra-
Hon official.'.
Some Complaints Made
A letter sent by Mr. Fell to all regis
trars said, in part :
"Reports have been made which in
dicate lack of information as to tho du
ties and privileges of registrars. All
rnvtclrnfa nro rnniilrorl tn ftprve the fill!
nmnber of hours that the division booth
is open in nruvr 10 urnw muir pi.v. i e
believe that if registrars undtrstand
that working part time is deliberately
defrauding the city by taking money
unearned they will not do so.
"Fndor no circumstances is any per
son to touch or write in any of the
books for registration purposes except
the sworn registrars who have certifi
cates from tliis commission. No one
can fill any vacancy due totho absence
of one of the registrars until after per
mission has been obtained from this
office. If any one attempt.' to do this or
attempt to relievo n registrar by taking
over his work :it any tlnv. both the
rcgistrnr who permits it nnd the person
who does the work make themselves
llnble to fines nnd imprisonment.
"If nny registrar so far forgets him
self as to appear under the Influence
of liquor ar becomes boisterous and of
fensive to the citizens who nre roslster-
j ing, it is the duty of the other regis-
trnrs to immediately advise this office,
when an inspector will be sent to take
charge of tlie situation."
Shortly before 10 nVlnnL- ., I
voters began arriving in greater num-high with tho belongings of the refu
hers at the pollltiR plnees. The spurt ' Kcos. who wore driven from their land
wns credited to the activities of nldes nf . by he drought nnd the clouds of grass.
the Republican Women of Philadelphia hoppers that destroyed even tho meager
. grain that hail defied the bent of the
Conllnnrt on Pe Five, Column One terrible summer now drawing to n
Beneficial Effects of Week. EnH Maw.
finuu.r omlnn Dii-i., wi.iui.
..V..V. V....U . IMII,, T IBIUID
Washington. Sept. 0. (Ry A. P.)
President nnd Mrs. Harding and n
party of friends, Including a number
of high ofilelnls. returned to Washing
ton todny aboard the presidential yacht
The President plniniy showed the
beneficial effects of his trip. p wore
n co.u of almost ruddy tan and some
of the tired lines of his fnce had ills
nppo.irod. All of the President's guests
reported a delightful trip. Rough
weather the first night out. however
iil.w.l.n,t - .... i..i
was said, added much life to the unit v.
with mnuy anecdotes and tales of ex
periences overseas.
Little official business, it wns said,
wns discussed nn the trip, the President
and his guests having declared that
cruise a holiday.
The Mayflower arrived at her dock
at tho navy yard shortly before 11
o'clock, completing n cruise that started
Snturdav afternoon and extended down
the Potomac River and Chesapeake Hoy
anil ns far up, the const as Atlantic City,
where the President hnd honed to spend
Labor Day. A storm off the const,
however, prevented u landing nt the
seaside resort.
One Had Fired Several Shots In Air,
Police Say
Two snilnrs were arrested last night
near Strawberry Mansion. Fiilr,im,.i
(Park, after one hnd fired several shots
(from n. revolver In the air. They gave
I their names as William Conrov. of
t .. I.I.... n ,1 f Mil II till lf t .. .."
ItriMIHI!!. BIIU ........ V MIlKUl, X'll lift -
dolphin Ni.vy ard.
As the prisoners were belnc ..i....
I Ii to the guardhouse Conroy fell 4in, rt
His itenii, no wit um mi nt the 1. nnke
nau Hospital and then locked up. Con.
ro nun i no puiu-u ne nnu just been
released f rum a naval prison, where he
spent thirty days, nnd was celebrating
1113 II ttlllllll.
Omaha, Nfb., Sept. tl. (jjy A. P.)
Tho first front of the season, an tx
tromely light one, was rejtortod from
the lowlands in the vicinity of O'Neill
Neb., lait night. The lowest oillclai
temperature for the night was 40 degrees.
Wilson Now Recovering
Use of Paralyzed Limbs
Convalescence Marked by Entering Auto
Unassisted Rumor Democrats Plan to
Buy Paper to Exploit His Ideas
Slnff Correspondent Krvnlnr Tulille I.ftUr
Cowrioht, 1)31, by Public Ltiotr Compatii
Washington, Sept. 0. Authentic in
formation about the present stale of
ex-President Wilson' health is now
available. He is lo be seen riding about
Washington, osperlnlly about. Knrk
Creek Park, in his automobile. And he
looks much hotter than he did when he
retired from the pre'siderrcy.
A rumor circulated bore that ho had
recovered the use of bis arm and leg,
which uorc paralyzed as a result of his
breakdown two years ago.
This report aroe from the following
circumstances: Mr. Wilson was nbout
to-'sfart, recently, upon one of his auto
mobile rides. Tho greatest care is taken
to prevent his falllnc in ills movements
; nbout the house and to and from his
, Tohiclc. Accordingly nn nttendnnt is
i always at his ilde. The shock of a fall
i would bo certain to check his slow re
covery and perhaps bring vi a now
crisis in his illness. '
On this occasion ns Mr. Wilson and !
his attendant reached tho car it v as i
discovered that somethins had been for-
gotten nnd the attendant went back into
the house to repair tho mistake, leav
ing Mr. Wilson standing near the car.
Millie he was absent Mr. Wilson ad
anced to tho car and entered it un
aided. This marks the progress Mr.
Wilson has made toward recovery since
March 4.
Walking Still Dnffictilt
On that date the ox-Prosldcnt made
his trip to the Capitol to take part in
the inauguration ceremonies. He hnd to
be lifted into the car and again hail'
Barter All Their Clothes for,
Food With Dread Winter
Ry the Associated Ptess
Syzran. Russia. Sept. 0. Thrre-was
n time when Syzran wan thp.most color
ful city along the A'olgo. but that time
is "gone. Today it is crowded with dust
begrimed peasants, who croup -themselves
into gray mnes in their search
for fond. ,' J
There was n time when-, the air was
filed with a perfect babel of longuov
tUn hnttimnn. tf tl,r Tnlmilfla Alnn.
gnls. Tartnrs. Chinese nnd Russian
but the crowds that throng the streets
of the citv nt present nro mute, hven
the lnughtor of children has been
silenced in the depnlr thnt has settled
over these tens of thousands, who sit,
crossing themselves, nnd wnlt for whnt
seems to be the inovitnble.
Pictures of misery seen hero nr du
plicated in Samnra. Simbirsk. Snrn
toff. Tznritzin and every other city in
tho famine-stricken valley of the Volga
Docks and rnilroad stations nre piled
tragic close. Committees nre trjtng tn
move the refugees to other points where
t .... .. t i i. .... ii
.. t. . r t t.... ...
is necessary to use the limited river,'"' " lrosentntive. Slmone Tory.
nnd railroad transportation facilities '
i ii umnii iihiiiii nil III lirs
in into tho country nnd to i
into the famine illstricts. ,
, '
to send grn
bring bread
Monlng farmers MIent
fnnv urofes.sional becirnrM nf tlin ,
gypsy "tjpe are to be found here nml I UritNh Government declnres it desired
hi other lnrge centers lu Southensterii . '" )'"d. once nnd for all time, strife be
Russia, but tho starving farmers nsk iween Its country nml ours. We nNo
nn nlms riiiI utter no cry. Thev stand i wish to end strife, but are un Inr'WInr.
i silent nml nwait their fate with the
stoicism pieiiireii so gr.ipnicniiy and
truthfully by Tolstoy nnd Dostolevskj .
.MnrKois nnip siirung up musnroomiiKt1
here and there nbout the refugee enmns. ,
offering for sale vegetables, broad, (lour
Cmitlnunl nn Pace Flie. Column Onr1
llegotratio.is In the United States for rt 0.iu ot 5 10. 000.000 have
becu toiminaled by the Snlvndoiean Oovernment, it is declnrcd by
newspapers here.
MADRID. Sept. 6. LI DIario Univei&nl toilny. pi edicts nn
caily couuncuccinent of Spainsh operationb ngaiiiat the vt-biTilious
Mooiish t.ibihtncii in the Mclilla area. It bays: "louicnow, oi
perhnpi the day afu.- tomonow nml binely beioie the enU of the
eek, ail..uoL operationa will bu btaitcd fiom Mtlilla. Evory
tluny im u.uly, both niatcrialb and men."
Ywo Gunmen Hold Up Man on Way'
Home From Dance
IleriMn Soltross. IllSIl Kensington
avenue, while returning from n dance
early this morning, was held up nnd
robbed of ?2 by two joung gunmen ut
Front street nnd Cnluiublu avenue.
Pay Checks Sent to Guardsmen
Harrlsburg. Sept. 0. (R A. P.)
First checks for the State s share of I
the pay of National Guardsmen for I
service In tho camps this summer have
Hat An i1t- nllf fxntn iVin U a . i1.!. I I
!, v vui. t.u i w.m iupiioi. i
to bo lifted out of It. He could move
slowlv nlong the grdTtnd. but could not
rise from a. sitting position nor assume
one unnlded. He could not. moreover,
lift his left foot' from the ground. Ills
method of walking nt that time was
US advance his right foot about ten
.inches and then slowly dms his left
foot after It until it was nearly abreast
of It. Then the right foot Was again
advnneed ten inches and this process
was repeated.
Mr. Wilson's wnlk Is still slow and
uifllcult. Rut he has more use of his
left log than he hnd in the spring.
He can no'v pick up his left
foot from the ground In advancing It.
Rut his walk is still unsteady and in
secure, and It is against his physician's
advice thnr he performed such a feat
as entering his automobile unaided.
The ex-Prosldent is still under tho
constant care of his old physician. Dr.
Carey Ornyson. who has recently modi-
f'ed his treatment in an interesting way. i
When Mr. Wilson left tho White House
there followed a period of groat re-
laxation There were no duties to per-
form. There was nothing to occupy
the mind nnd engage the attention of
the former Chief Magistrate.
Many persons thought this was just
what was needed to promote recovery,
iricdnin from anxiety nnd irritation,
it was felt, would aid in restoration.
Rut tho complete letdown had just the
contrary effect from whnt was expected.
After three or four months it"""wns no-
1 ticed that the cx-Prcsidcnt was not
I .. 1 nnf Itn Mntlttry lillt It tl f rtl'itn lili
i , ' ii -,niinn wi slinnrwwl Thrrn
, Ial CllVttt uaa taia, - ....... ..,...
' ....-. a... tiinltlAn urintiirnu nn aijtl tiit
t'ontlnned on Vnte r,e. column Two
Meeting of Cabinet Tomorrow
Is Expected to Be His-
toric Event
Ry thp Associated Press
London, Sept. 0. Primp Minister
Lloyd Georso today hold conversation',
with meinbfrs of his i-nliim t nnd civil
nnd military authorities of Ireland rela
tive to the latest note from Ramon do
Ynlera. the Irish Republican !ondT.
The Prime Minister inetdiis colleagues
nt Inverness. Scotland, when: he hns
lxcn spending a brief vacation. It wsi.
I 9
"V,1". ,'lp I'W' siuuitioi: would be
Mimrii mrr ir ;illllll.ir, 11, mr omnni
meeting of the Cabinet at Inventors tu
Although London newspapers con
tlpiiod today to counsel forbearance in
dealing with the Irish question, there
were indications that tho Irish contro
versy has virtually reached a crisis,
and that tomorrow's meeting of the
liritisli Ministry would nrove histnrin.
.Many believe that Do " nlern nnd Ills I for the former Provost. Dr. Kdgar
co! engues at Dublin would be given n I',s Smith, who would meet the needs
certain limited time In which they ;mild and measure up the dignity of the in
eith'T accept or reject tho Rritisli Gov- , tittition
ornrnent's offer of jlnmlnlon status. The, Coniniittee on Provost of the
Hn-t. . - it, .. s r.- 'Committee of One Hundred, an nhimnl
rl t i- "'. A 'MSinn organization, suggested Oenernl Wood's'
rein Irelnnd s demand nnon fin.nt m. . ... ; i t... i.. i...
.. ;, , , - , i , --.--- t-"-
"i" 1 1- iii'ii'iiiiru in nn inrervinu
.T. " " ..'".n ' " n'"rn- Ppl"l:' I'"" b
I.J I IIL'WH RlTPr i UPlllTP. lilt iriif
mr iif rsiiunrr ij npiiTP. inr intir.
...... .--iii
V . , v., ",'!"" l" ue
. , . . ii . - ...-
Ins,',1 pJ'"hl!cnns nre bnsing their fight
""."' Principles of justice."
Our realism Is more prnctlonl than
,lhe opnortunlsm we nre ndvUed
lolopt. Do aleru is iiunteil. "Th
in practical spt.e heciiuse we know, as
eeryixHie in ireinnil Knows, that Insi.
ing iicnce con be made only on tl'i
principles ot justice
"'If Ireland is rifiispl riln
M ir,
s which
itlnl can
for her are primordial nnd es'.en
Continued on Pf Two, Column Two
Smashed Enrjlno Holds Holiday
Crowd at Maple Shade, N. J.
Nenily a thousand holiday trlnnirs
wore delayed sW(rul hours by an ,ief
uent last nipht nenr Maple Shade, N. J
The Pennsylvania train leaving As
bury Park at 7 o'clock nnd due in this
city shortly after It was Hulled ut
.Maple Shade for two hours when the
mnln drive shaft of the engine became
dislodged and tore off the piston and
virtually all other drive cuiilpmeiit
the right side of the engine. The ma.
a. tt II .11 a .. . ."
icriai an roucu uown tne cmuankment
"'ft VM
- h)i jM
o-,..... -.. , ...,..tf3 3
rresiacni-ciect ot universrwv
Accepts Trustoes' LlmitedVH
Leave of Absence
Major Oenernl Leonard Wood vW
come to tho L'nlvorslty of Pennsylvania,,
to take up his duties ns head of thtt
institution, not later than September
1, 1022.
That news has come in a cablegram
from the Oenernl, who is now servjnf
nt President Harding's request as flo
emor Oeneral designnte of the Philip,
pines. Tho cable was received today,by
Dr. Charles Custis Hnrrlson. chairman
of the Roard of Trustees of the Uni
versity. The cablegram follows :
"Hereby confirm understanding your
cablo August Ifi.
The cablegram to winch General
Wood referred follows :
"Tho trustees comply with the yts
quest of tiie Oovernment to release you
from your obligation to report to lh
t'nlverity for service before September
1. 1022. In holding the headship .of
the institution open for you in the in
terval the trustoes arc acting upori thj
assumption Hint you will nsume office
at that date unless tho President of the
United States declines to accept youc
resignation as Oovornor Oonoral. Pious
confirm this understanding by cable.''-
Dr. Harrison Relieved
It was revealed today for the first
time thnt ulinn tlip (rnt.ru f.iMrf "..
Oeneral Wood, fixing September ,lv
1022. as the date when at latest they
would expect him to lake up residence
at the I'nivcrsio. they knew definitely
his work in tho Philippines would.be
done by Hint time. "'
Secreinrj of War Weeks, in nsklnr
the trustees to cive Oeneral Wood
'; , &ZTni XvvdZ$
rnout stating that in Ids opinion cdn-
.ii.i...... i.. .i. t.t i , , . .i.ii
. '..iniuc in iiic iMnuus wuuifi ue pinuii
izod within a oar. The tex of tills
cablegram was not made public at 'the.
time of its receipt.
Dr. Harrison expressed pleasure to
day at the final clearing up of the
trustees' doubts concerning Oeneral
Wood's plans. '
"It is. therefore, now definitely ua
derntond," said Dr. Harrison after an,'
noiinelng tho text of the General'
cable, "thnt Oeneral Wood will assumn
his duties ns bend of the rniverslty'ot
Pennsylvania upon September 1. 102!.
unless the President of the UilHtal
States shnll hnvo declined to accept
his resignation ns Oovornor Oeneral of;
the Philippic Islands.
"The action of the trustees of the
l'nlvorslty has been so 'fully rccoi:
nlxed, however, at Washington chat this
condition U nut considered u serious
Alumni Pleased
There wns n f' cling of relief nu
even jubilntlon nt the I'niverslty, and
among the alumni nt the uews that:
Oenernl Wood's coining was nsRured,.
Oenernl Wood wns invited to become
bend of the I'niverslty ut the request
..F t.n l...nnl .wl-..ii,..lt l.lfV ... t 1. Y,A
,,.L, ...... ..rr...u ... n.,.i ano..n
nu ill.-. mi -iiuiii;i"i inti-iviT III llic
aluiuiif vns Albert lln.ukrr, of Chicago.
nm of I hf innt f nfltipntlft 1 nf ttm
' III llll 111
i -. i i jh. I J
i i. ...... i
! former president of the Federated
i .lumni (lulls
When the War Depart meat, at Pros1-
ldi'iit Harding's request, osked Oeneral
Wood to go to the Philippines to handle
t"1 the delicate situation there, first in nn
advisory rnpaclt), then as Governor
General, it looked ns though tho Uni
versity were doomed to lose his serv
ices. He had definitely accepted the I
offer of the headship of Penn, but S,ec
retarv of War Weeks asked that hcbep
ndeiM'd so that he could serve ta'e.
Nation instead. It was lifter consld?)
.. nil. Ill lll, .. il. .. ', .. . ...ii, v...,.j.
eruble disi'iisioii among aluninl artij
' trustees that the eablogrnm of August
, IS wns sent by Dr. Hnrrlson '45
With General Wood's assurance tha't
he will be here in a venr, work now
will go forward on the provost's house,
where he will live In this city
His Suggestions for Aides In Philip
pines Acceptable, Says Weeks
Washington. Sept. II - i Ry A P )
An rocoinmeiidntloiis mmle hi Major
General Leonard Wood us to his sub
ordinates as GoierilOr Oenernl of the
Philippines will in all probability b
approved. Secretary Weeks said today
In commenting on General Wood's an
nouncement in Manila jesterday that
ho would recommend appointment of
Colonel Frank R. McCoy. 1'nltejl States
Alin.i, as Vice Governor of the Islands.
Acceptance of the post by Co)one
McCoy, it wns pointed out by Wur De
partment officials, would operate ns In
the case of General Wood tn place the
oli'itiT on the retired list. Congress haVi.
Inu rcfii.scil to grant permission to offi
cers to accept such posts nnd still rtr
main in active service. "jr
CoIiiim'I Mcl'o, wliij has been at
tin boil to Wood-Forbes mission In ltd
Investigation of conditions In .the
Philippines, wns said at the War De
partment to have nn extensive knowl
edgi of tin' islands, hnvlng served Id
the Morn campaign ns aide to Wllliarr
llownril Tuft while the hitter was pro
lsiniiul Governor, and ns secretary .o).
Moro provinces.
President Savrez Jailed by Liberals,
Buenos Aires Hears ' '
Rurnos Aires, Sept (I.- (Ry A. VA
A dispatch to Lit Preusn from its ctfrV
resmiiiilent nt Ouito, Kcuador. tod
ipintes a repot t reelvei tin re from Riis
goto, capital of Colombia, ns saving ftefuA.
n ii'viMiiimii niin orinieii inj( uiertf.
by Colombian Liberal elements. rt
'JlieVOispntcii milled thatu tho rf
tmulsts hnd put Into Jail Pre4L
havrex, uisiiop lierrern and (he ii
irrvntivo canuiuote for the uresis
Pedro Esplua.
. mm i
ml .. ?i
liP'i '
& .
;.. f1ili.(
, HvJ'al. '
Jh -

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