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J, 111
Fair tonight anil Thursdays slightly
cooler tonight! gentle- northerly winds.
rgTuMQ 111 118
hrrVnTlii 174 177,
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VOL. VIL-tD. !0G
fTnf1 . - -.
""- OBCOna,j'VA Vif ,l,Ar ?' !hs .Po'tofflc t phii.d.iphi.. r.
I'ubllihed Dltr r.cD Bn(, Siib:rlplon Pr!f 18 Tr V lll.
Copyrliht 1921. by l'ubilo Lllr Company
...v. fc ui AIR
Arch 8.
t '. 'jfE' ' . V'i . . ., . .1 ' ,. rk '. . .. . C .' K . . ?, ,".-"- -i ", "
Hv'vW'V .W-JJ '''.' v -rw, ;m--W,.vV' - r h'' -"
.fiy . -'di-. . ,. . . ii - . i . . .. s a. !?" ....). i '. , .-' ?. .-
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1 RRHWN SUMMONED WEST HASN'T ALL e ,bathing beauties
: Senator Makes First. Movos to 'PlM M LkiW
3 Reunite Judge, and Mayor -& M$j$m JSESS .HHHBHL g
V- ' Against Combine - .KVfeB HHHF '''MBL
WITH MOORE uh smTiri
?YJudgc Rogers Discovers
i I ' mm ...
He'5 Sort o Magisiraie
JudRe Joseph P. Rogers, of Com
mon Picas Court No. 1, went to res
rs"r lat evening at hi poling
In tto Thirty-fourth Word.
He itnvo hh name and ndilresanntl
nnvcrcd the ncorc of questions on
(he reuietrfttlon blank.
"Occupation?" demanded the reg
istrar And then, without Riving
the Jmleo a chance to reply, added:
"You're some sort of a Magistrate,
Sh,Twell, let it ot at that,"
judge Rogers laughed.
A summons from Senator Penrose to
Frtiident Judgo Brown, of the Munic
it,al Court, for a conference nt .ash-
on today indicates n crisis for the
Urt combine here which will renin
the lurJnce in a few days, according to
dispatches from Washington.
" T..4 iimwn l pinectud at vash-
..tn lntn this afternoon. Senator
-rwrosc alRO plans to be visited in n
f days bv Mayor Moore or City Solicitor-
Smyth as the representative of
ttj Mayor.
Senator Penrose's strategy, it Is said,
Ii to isolate the Varcs, to defeat their
rtndidatw for county offices and to up
Mt the Vare control of Council. To
Kcomnlish this tho plans call In part
for a reconciliation between tho Mnyor
ind Judge Brown.
The .Municipal Court head has been
'regarded as n member of the trium
virate generally known as the arc-Brown-Cunningham
Combine. lne
judge recently dednrcd he was not n
. party to any combine. This was after
i Senator Penrosn voiced his opposition
,to the so-called "fifty-fifty" ticket.
Penrose's Apathy Vanishes
In the last week or ten days, ac
cording to the dispatches from Wash
Jniton, Senntor Pcnroso has pnssed
from-virtual apathy to Intense intcrcHl
In the Philadelphia situation. He hah
been aroused. It is fold, by the strong
poriiblllttes of desertions from tho ranks
' of his followers.
The Senntor Is now about to insist
on a genuine "show-down," It U
stated, and will demand forceful op
position to the Vare candidates as
proof of loyalty to his leadership. Such
proof aill be required of Judge Browa
and Thomas W. Cunningham, it is In
timated. This situation will materially aid
Colonel George K. Kemp, the utitl
rontractor candidate for Receiver of
- Taxcj, who is opposing AV. Kreelnud
Kendrlckt the Vnre incumbent. It ii
tdlered it will also heUiKilw in Wolf
as a enndidnte for City Controller
ajalnst Controller Hadley.
The effcu on the i'arc control In
.Council will flow from a possible uu
ilcrstaniling between the Mayor ami
Judje Drown, it is said, become tho
Judjo Is influcr.tinl with ltichnnl AVeg
lein, prMident of Council, and Council
men Montgomery and Ltmehurncr. wlic
wake the Varo Council control possible.
Voters League Meets
Memhorn nf fhn VnflTQ T.nnf-nn mot
, this afternoon at 221 South Broad
Jtreet to give formal indorsement to tho
row" oflico candidates selected by the
'"Sue's political action committee.
' Thomas Kacburn White, n member
of the Political Action Committee, called
on Mayor Moore today. It is under
Jtood they went over u list of candidates
for Magistrate to whom the city Admin-
hjtration and tho Voters League will
' Jive united support.
Tlie Mayor was Informed of the crea
tion of a branch of the Voters League
in the Fortieth Ward with flurry H.
nhaw as chairman and (Jeorgc V. Hoi
idy ai secretary of the Executive
These offlrinln wrolo tho Mayor that
w branch indorses his stand on public
questions. One of the purposes of the
ew body, it was stated. Is to nssin
nd encourage the Administration.
,u0t f,atis,lt,d with placarding thocitv
wn admonitions to women to leglster
" Itepubliean Women of Phllndelphin
ContlnnrU on PaBo lire, (olimin rie
Wo Permits for Americans to, Buy
"Real Stuff" In Quebec
Washington. Sept. 7. (Hy A. V.),
Americans vlHltlns Quebec 1irobabl'
.i i "r. '" ,ako thclr hanci-H on oh
inning liquor without assistance from
WIS (invaiiimnn. 1... i
Cn, ,:'"""". iiucrnni ivcvenuu
ommii(mer ltlnlr wild tt.day in com-
ll, ''" ,llu ncti,)11 f the Quebe
lr.n0p- f-l1i'-iL'ii in requiring Amei
.? c'tizen to obtain permltt. fiom
S l'vi'rnment to purthniis intoxi
P, 'B'..',x,,ePt i small quantitleH, in the
tanadla,, province.
uniw i !nil', "M tl,nt hehnd received
nooBjchil advice of the Canadian com
S'"! netioi.H, hut, that he did not
ffif ,llat Annricnn authorities would
krl! In1nt'l,lni'ry to handle applications
i..Pirm Is ,. !,1"clFe alcoholic bevei
all ." ,!cll( as the prohibition of
lll . ' l,robnbly be Rwamped and
Si?W lmv'' (vl1 ll,e worl I'" "
Elklns Park Man Who Killed Drother
Gives $5000 Bond
luH" I'enrose, who shot nnd killed
',, ,V,hAJ,n. AJ15f!. "-
In rllfi . "' '"vir iiour.uiiK iiousc,
rem tlL v11'' W,,H released in hail
IIt k ,rristown J11 t'l morning.
'ui.uiiiiinn, to the amount of
'J the Jcnklntown Trust Com
ills release, on tittn, nt...i in
Di"tH,Ji l7.'lny WQS neceptable to the
bj A&u!itt?ty'r' "'fl1''". it wan said
-'Srleki tf"1 1)'strlet Attorney Hen-
irrnntei was satisfied tlie testimony
iot ininvi.. ur!,,, niansiaugrucr a"
i1 (ni"H "VI,
S,.trJ?lT listed 'for the September
cj-V-s-ii wnicn ocjems
' Hjv2Bp j'
0 ;:' '4. y ;-.,- X.1", '.!j ':'li:i t-BBf " r "
'"M . p l- 4' t VST
Itf 1::i "'vjis:; PniinFQHAKFMIIP
,.". .J AV . I Hr ': X7V 1 T" twm
Noise and Beauty Chief Fea
tures of Formal Opening of
Atlantic City Fete
Eu a Uluff Cormpond'i't
Atlantic City, Sept. 7. With a blure
of buglet and wild cheers for a wel
come, Father Neptune came from the
sea here just before noon today, and At
lantic City's two-day pageant was for
mally on.
Hudson Maxim, the inventor, lobel
In green and carrjing a trident, took
the part of the venerable Cud of the
Sen ii ml he wi's welcomed by Mnvnr
Bailer, who stood lit the water's edge
to uivc Neptune the kej to the cirv.
Despite a heavy sky and spntterings
ol rain the Knnrilwulk was crowded
early this morning. As time nenred for
the ceremony of greeting Father Nep
tune, the crowds grew thicker. When
Mr. Maxim set his foot on the Hoard
walk the famous way 'was as crowded
as on an Faster or Palm Sunday.
Lands at Million. Dollar Pier
dust east of the Million-Dollar. Pier
ii smnll space was roped off at the head
of a flight of steps leading to the bench.
Down the steps nml cienr oui 10 me
water's edge was stretched a long green
carpet. At the top of the steps stood
n huge blue shell. Neptune's throne,
awaiting its occupant.
The throne was guarded and enriied
bv nine husky slave-. An escort of sen
scouts stood ready to march behind it.
Just ns the launch cariyitu: the ruler
of the fete hove in sight. Thomas P.
i?r..ii..r.it Pi-nnil chairman oT I he
'pageant, came into the open .quare and
announced the beauties who have bee-i
selected bv tlieir several cim-s i" i.i
resent them here. One after another
the girls, eadi accompanied by a local
societv woman as chaperon, were
pushed into the open spnee In dec
orated wheel chairs.
Fncli girl received a demonstration
and all stood up before the battery of
enmerns without flinching. In the
midst of the excitement some one no
ticed thnt there were only eight girl
when there should have been nine A
check-up wns made nml It was noticed
that poor little Miss South Jersey,
otherwise Kntheryii (iearson, of t am
len. bad been hut in the shuffle. A
quick search ensued and she with her
chair, pusher, chnperone and all. was
Conliniird nn
IMse I'lir. Column ruur
Chlcncio Institutions Plan to r reveni.
. . n .
Hold.Ups of Messengers
Chlcaso, Sept. .. do" ''77
Tunnels couneeting downtown luiw,.
downtown banks.""1
wlih thn Federal lleservo isaiiK mi
being nlaillied to pieveni s ueei ihm.i-
tips of Panic mcssc-iiiivii.. ii ....-
nounced today.
The first lo be constructed will con
nect the Illinois Trust and Savings, the
Merchants' Loan and Trust nnd orn
Fxehango National Bank, it wus said.
Mayor Enjoins Economy
on Department Heads
The ".ui t tho bone" program
of municipal ccononi) was discussed
tit length today by Mayor Moore and
the heads of city departments.
City Solicitor Smyth, head of the
law department, and Directors Cor
trlvoti, Cavcn. Furbtish. Tustln and
Twining went into the Mayor's ollice
shortly after ll o'clock and ic
ninlned two hours
The department hinds weie in
structed In prepnic budget estimates.
The Mayor repeated his orders to
dispense with all employes not nc
tunlly needed to conduct tho city t.
At the lop (Itf!) is Tot ii;iltcrs.
of New Vorli, in the bathing suit
she has prrpnml for (be Atlantic
City carnival display. On the right
is Miss Katliryn (ieajsnn. of Cam
den. South Jersey's entrant In the
beauty contest. Below Is Miss Ada
i'ajlur, in the latest of bathing
novelties, tho pompom suit
Drivers and Guards Admit Employ
ment by Bootleg Syndicate
Chief of Police Cooper, of Media,
helped b. one of his officers and two
deputiii, captured (wo automobile
trucks loaded with bonded hiky on
the Bultimurc pil:e early today. In the
raid 2.10 cases, mined at A'10.000. weie
seized. The duers and three men
who accompanied them were locked in
the count) jail.
This morning's raid had been planned
by Chief Cooper considerably in ml -vnnee.
For some time rt had been
known thnt a great interstate bootleg
ging syndicate wits sending nppioxi
mntel) a half dieen truckloads of
whil,'y through Media each week. The
stuff was si nt fiom Ilaltiinoie, but its
intended destinations vw not known.
The men tiriestid l'"V" their names as
Ilarrv Brown. .Philadelphia; M. U.
Pinil. Alonn .fani)iies. Suinuel Sen-
formnii and Simon Friedman, of were sent back to tie. r ; districts. Di-Wllkcs-Barre
1 triet Detective L. lanes goes back to
The meii admitted ihe weie emiilo)es ' the Second and Christian streets sta
of a bootlegging svndicate. but iefu-cd , " ' b'ain clothes, and Andrew Me
to sny of whom the syndicate was com- I Clure. another distilct detective nt the
posed or whither the liquor was con Lb-veuth and inter streets station,
signed The) said there were tine" goes bnck to Fifteenth street and Sny
trucks in the i-nmvnii- tlie tlrst of which ' der avenue station in uniform,
managed to slip In the 1 alders. 1 One promotion w as - announced to
Disposition of the llipior waits upon couiiteib.ilance the two demotions and
District Aitorni". Tailor, of Delawaie the main shifts. Andrew M. Scnnlnn.
CVjunti f '1" Twentieth and Federal streets
1 station, patrolman, was ordeied to re
Palestine Commissioner Reiterates
His Policy of Harmony
Carlsbad, Sep 7 --(By A. P. i-Sii
Herbert Saiaavl, Biiibdi High Commis
sioner for Palestine, has sent n mes- .
I sage. of gieeting 'o the worlds Zionist
! .- ' ....!.... 1 'CI w,- ,
Longress in si-mimi ,ni.-. in.- m--t-us'
sain :
'l send n col dial gieeliugs to I lie,
Zionist Coiigtess, and rejoice thai con-
.I'iilrinu nermit its leasseiubliug. 1
trust its deliberations will conduce
' .,..,.ri.t.ii nni llliniouy ill liiivsnnc,
II. -'Mt --- . . ,
, lch mj
j Vr " "c'l... M.. Welsenmnn. head of th-
I ,.,.i,rk Zionist organization, which has
kll,ieeie.l to some criticism by
,,.,, ...tending the congiess
a li
. . ,h(lj!,. ,.ritlcs. He nssure.
that nt all 'times he had done
In ,'l nml nail ijiviu ins iiuunii hi
Jewish people.
Charges Against Police
Not Substantiated
The Owl Service Commission today
acquit led Lieutenant Charles W. Ilui'li
lei, of tlie iralhe squad, on the .hiirges
of conduct unbecoming an olllrer, use
of abusive language mid neglect of dul) .
The charges grew out of nil occur
rince at Broad and Walnut stnets
ugust II. when, iiccoidlng to the ill
ieiiilions of F.lward Weiuer. a tnxluib
dfher. the lieutenant rode him down,
punched him and cursed lilni, bemuse
he did not ienioe his taxiuih from the
cj.st side of Broad street.
In nteiltirt liuenier sun unci- i-r
..... loot "iM-iii'd the
reins of his iKii-so i
and tiWluvneii wn- uiiiiiiiii, in- um
mounted and grubbed Werner by tho
collar. II" 'old ho took the taxi driver
lo see Superintendent of police Mills
nt City Hull nt'lils own request
'did not.arrcst him.
, . . . r- i i
Lieutenants Fenn, Wagner and,
Le Maiter Shifted on Cap
tain Van Horn's Advice
Lieutennnts. street and house er
ueants -and jintrolinon were shifted in
the Second Police Division today by
Assistant Director Tempest, acting on
ref'ommendation of Captain Joseph Van
Horn, in command of the division.
The Assistant Ditector said he was
actuated by a desire to get the best
possible service out of the men moved.
The lieutenants transferred were Theo
dore Fenn. from the Twelfth and Pine.
i streets station lo Pnrk and Lehigh nve
i nues station : (Jeorgc Wagner, from
! Fifteenth and Vine streets to Twelfth
' and Pine streets station, and Fred Le
i Maiter, from Twenty-second street mid
, Hunting Pnrk avenue to Fifteenth and
, Vine streets station.
I lie billowing street sergeants were'
I transferred : Frank Kennedy, from
Fifteenth and Vine sli"ets to Twelfth
and Pine streets; Lmll Weltzcl. Twen
tieth nnd'lBiitloiiwood to Twelfth ami
I Pine: Frank O'Brien. Klevcnth and
i Winter to Tenth and I'littonwoml ; .1.
' I. Conleii, Third and l'liirmoiiiit ave
nue lo Flevemh and Winter; John A.
1 L)on. I'oiuth and Knee to Kiev nt.i
aim vt inter : r.wwmnn Simpson, Llev-
in Ii and Wi.iler to Ciirard and Lehigh
aieniies; Harry M. du llojce. Twn
t fl Ii and Berks to Lleventh and
House Sergeants Mord
I House Sergeant James .1. Taggeit was
I sent from Eleventh and Winter to Fif
I teinth and I.oiiisl, and House Ser
gennt Thomas L. I.onergnn from Flf
, tientli and Luuisi to Llvxeuth and
, Winter.
I I'iifht patiolmi'ii weii iLinsfc.-red be
I tween station houses
Two pntrolmen who had been sta
ll limed nt the Lleventh and Winter
"iccis siaiion as uistricr il-tectlves
port to 1 apiaiii Miuuer lor service on
the deteetjve force. 1
A pre-election ileau-up o'dered by!
Cnptniii Van I lot 11. and comlucted by
lieuteuunts and poliic details in various
('iintliiiiril un I'.ici' the. Column Tlirrc
' Tokio Experts Plan Demand for
Similar Action In U. S.
. Tolilo. Sent. 7. (By A. P. .
Japan's naval experts wlh to insist
upon a positive limitation principle- at
the Washington . onference. says the
press., and they plan to announce
Japan's willingness to reduce the pres
ent 'eight and eight" capital ships
program to one of eight battleships nnd
six battle cruisers. This is described
as the minimum limit of safety to the
empire and would be advanced as the
Japanese standard, provided the I'nited
States and i.ieut Britain made similar
redm tions.
Aiiording lo ihe Auhi, the Japa
nese naiil delegates will liuvd on the
abandonment of all fortifications on a'l
Pncilic islands and at the same time
will propose that the I'nited State.
suspend her piesenl iinml iirogiam.
spread over the next three years.
I Katie Molner, Allen, Must Pay $J0
I for Possessing Pet
Miaiiin. Pa., Sept. 7.- Katie Mol
ner. lid." Ijuimhy sheet, was nriested
jcnteida.vob) liaiiie Wai.len Ii.scui. She
is cluuged with owning a dog. She is
an alien, and under n new Sta;o law
' Alderman Thomas lined her J.'IO.
! Shoots Man Mistaken for Burglar
Mrs. Lmmii Jones, 1 1UH North
.Twentieth stieet, shot nml icriously
wouiidc.i vv iiiiam nnuin, -.'iu,i .Master
street, earl) Ihls morning tor the
Inst few days thero have been lobbery
scares in the neighborhood, and when
Binlth, a relative of Mrs. Jones, entered,
without .ItagiiiB tins bell he vvns mis
taken forM; burglar,
IN $15,000 BLAZE
Probe Starts in Rendezvous
Park Fire, in Which Three
Firemen Were Hurt
Hu il Bla' CortraponAril
Atlantic City, Sept.- 7- -Tluee
sted toda in connect inn A III. i
were nrre
the tire which swept u section of
the iiiv Rendezvous Amusement Pari;
at 1 :..0 o'clock thl.s morning. -iiuitig
SIC, 000 damage and injury to three
llriueii. on6 of whom tuny die.
The m in building of the pnik. which
extends from Ceotgln to Mississippi
avenue and from the Boardwalk to
Pacific avenue. va reduced to ruins,
but oilier buildings welt saved after I
hard fight. !
No charge ha" born made igninsl the
men arrested. Thcv are Harry 'ar-
lain. Xorth Florida iivenue. proprietor
of the shooting gnllerv in (lie ile.-troyed
building; Robert Vollle, Hnddon nve-
nue. special officer nt the park, and I
Frank O'Brien, also of Hnddon avenue,
a clerk. The 'police mi.v the men wrc'
een running from the place earning
lifles. The rilleR nie l.uiiwn to belong
to Vnrtnin and the police snv they be
lieve the men will be released tonight.
The lire has brought sonowto the
little home of "Johnny" Brown mid his
wife, mil ix-yenr-old daughter Mailoii.
and to the homes of "Johnuj's" many
friends, for Brown is the 'ir'i.mii who
ir.ny die.
"Johnnv" I'rown is iiboiit as well
known as any one in Atlantic City and
I ".folinnv" lies In diic peril iif-the At
, Inntie City Hoipitaf. At twe've the
1 winner of n Carnegie medal for
i heroism in rescuing a man from the
surf, winner of n dozen cutis for
dancing mid veteran of the' war.
".t(IMI,vv' (ournRe as a tirnmn. forcd
lihu too i lose ti) a trembling cornice
on the Palace of Fun at ltcmlc.wms
Park. A minute later he was ciushed
beneath the heavy fall of tin- twisted
Patrolmen Discover M.uuts
Special Oilier Ilurr.i A'ler. a Piu't
uard. and Patrolman Fuitie'c iliiov
tred th flames almost simultaneous!).
Their dun! alarm was' followed by
anotfier. and all the apparatus the
itsorl could sMaic was soon pumping
water on the llira". The lire was cou
fned to the Public of Fin. at the l'a-
.11.. .....I I !i........i ..funnily mwl ..' llm
I 1111 .111.1 ...111.111 ll.lll.11- "III. "'I ,.
big nark. Much of the ho, wa- due
to the fact that smglcal instiu-
ments and other eiiii'.ineiil liiirned with
thc Pail; Kincrsciicy Ho-nilnl. whl. I.
was Ineiied at the southern end of the
building det-ti.-y.il. -
The Palace of Fin." one of il.e two
largest buildings in tin- park also ,
included the Fiisc'ii World, the Tem- .
pie of Mjsterv and the shooting
pallei). The bu'lMInj; was of steel and
concrete co.istiurtioii. but the equip-
menr ilide was of higl.lv luf.iin.nabV
material at.il tne flames shot sk)wnid
for hnndruls of feet before the cm-
centrated streams ol the firemen sub-
clued thn.i
Just -is the bin..- seemed under i on- l
t-.il 11 hi" idee" or the l,eai i-uni n I
the nntl'iern 'ide of the nig building
enlla-ised T'he flremen inside had !
.. ; . 1 ... . 1 1
stiiftit wariiinic ano niiiiur,-eu 10 nonuc ,
lack be'ij-e the iva'anche of cr lshing , bracelets, one set with thiit) -si- s.ip- concensus ot opinion ot its pnniotic cit
nietil The men on the loot of the phire-. and anolhcr with fortv-eight , iwns of whatever utlillation-.
I building adjoining il.e b'axi.ig stn.'-t'iie
i did not lni'c so well. The heavy n.r-
inlce smashed down upon .1-jI.ii Brown
of I'ncine N' -I: ICuui"tl PIckc.
William Dean. Fdwnrd Wood nnd
.fame-. McDonoiigh. all of Truck No.
I 5. Only P.rown. Pierce and Demi were
1 cnucht 'in the falling debris. Brown
was uaoiv nun; ne may me ;
wns treated on the spot by Polic
1 1,.,,,, ;
genus David Allman and .1. B. Heck
with, and Pierce was taken to the At
lanlic Cii) Hospital with slight ln-jurie-.
Wood and McDonoiigh escaped
Crowd Is II01 rilled
The 1 cues aroused the men on the Resistance plin kily ..fieied bv Mrs.
ground, who stood horrified as the I Wilheln.iiui Augista Iliyiu. of -l.T!
falling toof border completely covere 1 Diamond Mteet. prevented two high
thc tlve men. Seeing two of the buried wn. men from obtaining a strongbox
niiiggle free und unhurt the twoj
nollie surgeons rushed up the ladder to
see the extent of the Injuues of the1
other thtee.
Here ".Johiin)" Brown was found,
crushed fiom the hips down He is '
the most popular member of the fire
dcpnit'ii'iit heie. News of his injuries'
spiead qllickl) I
Lighted by caibide Hares, the white- I
faced mil u was lowered snapped to I
n laddir to a point nenr the ground j
lie was placed In mi nmbulame. ;
The guns on the faces painted on '
the fence seemed to soften ns- the un
conscious foim of the idnlled lireman
was lowered. Another outstanding fea- ,
tine of the flames was the manner in
whl.li (lie Salvation Army responded ,
Clad in white i libber coats, emblazoned
I wlih tin insignia of their order, 'the
lassies led hot coffee and doughnuts to I
the tired firemen just ns they had fed!
cxhuusted doughboys during the big war. I
iiernai.i .Mivcmucr. piim-ipnl owner
of the park, which has been in opera
tion since the beginning of the year,
was on the scene short Iv after the first
alarms weie sounded, lie found there
was littl. he . oitld do except take care
of tho injured.
Oscar .lout ne, I lie constr-ctor and
general manager. wnti also on hand and
led the emploves of the park in their
light lo M't the electile wires conne.'ted
so that ih- til emeu could better m-c to
Soon ..tie n.e lights in the park weie
tet to bui ii. ng ihe tlanies In tlie palace
of fun we e under . onlrol.
As daylight dawned the lire was out.
'Inn a muss of twisted wreckage was
all that marked one of the largest build -Mugs
in 'he newest park ill the ysoit.
His Teeth Fall in Sewer;
Horouli Recovers Them
Nonistovvii. Pa., Sept. 7 Boi -ough
workiiim recovered fiom u
sewer inlet today ll set of false teeth
which a prominent citizen, named
Bailiff, lost while at a street corner.
Hv was standing over the inlet, into
which the teeth fell when he. opened
his mouth.
He made an appeal to City Hail
and the authorities sent tho sewer
cleaning gang to the inlet and they
found the teeth.
Rival Parties Pick Issues
for FirstJTest Since 1920
Trend of Public Sentiment to Be Sounded in
New Mexican Election September 20.
Harding Stresses Economies
MiIT CnrffMiondfnl l"nlnr I'nbllc l.rtlcrr
Coplrloht. Jltl. h'J Public Lttlatr Companv
Wasliliiiloii. Sent. 7. The Republi-
cans and Democrats ate picking Issues
for the first t -st of public ocnUmeiil
since lat November the coming M
cln! election on Heptemhc" 20 in New
Mexli-out which S-nator Bursuni. ap
pointed to sueioed Secretary' Full, goe.s
before the volerc
J're-iilenl Ilnnliiig in his letter to
Sen .lor MM'oim'.ck. of lie Rcjublicuil
ftimh. 'mn :oniiilttee ou me.
his Idea of the appeal his parlysl
make for popular support. This.
President holds, should be based on th-,
work that hss beeff done since Marcu
I lo reduce expenditures. .
Curiously the Democratic National
Committee :",'', f"r alleld. and in tlie i
statement put foith by Its pulilieiiy
director assails the pneillc anil (llsaim
ament confeience in mnUns Us nttaeU
upon the Harding Administration. Jh'
charge thnt thn lotifereiiLc has been
iniUle too cuuiplii ated and that the
prospects of dlsaimament have been
threatened. Is taken up w'.th visor.
Sniping at I'oreljn Policy
Take $6000 in Gems From
Home at 5336 Market
Bandits In n rapid mii p-muii of
raids on several homes an I in street
hold-iins (ihfaiunl in"'i, jewels and
othe- loot, tot.iling Rsi'.itM. la-t night.
Th'ee of the Mlms w women.
Mis-. Sa all Weiss. ; ,.iiH -sj;.- yeai
..--... ....- ...-..---- tr
othe-loot, tot.iling KsV.ilM. lust night.
Th-ee of the ,:. Urns w women.
, ... . . ,. -,. ,.,,
5'"'- !a ':' U "'- -"'t'- .wais
old. nas cttm-ljed in her aiiartuient on
thLu.-d floor of a lies, .,1 .-,.?.(? Mar-
... .,,.,, .., .. .,..,.. ., .,, ,,,
Ur , ' .' .'" ' ,' ",J
'bhftd ot kws mined nt M.1..0.
'I Yuee bMi.li- -i- el '.ie :,-it. .en of
Uie ap.u-imeiil In a mni- ilr.-es.n-..- and
.. ' ... ,, , , ', ,..
'"l ,l'"'"'1 '' ''- '""r" ' MrN-
" e.s. who had been -ml for in" eve-
As se in ned ..u the I hl m the
k.t.-hi-n the linee rubles f prang ar her.
Wh'le one man hoi . d he nnither p i
his hand ovr lur mmi'liMii stifle her
s.-reams Th" thit.l 111.111 took 11 ilia-,
mond ling valued at SVOO fiom her
,'. ....1 ...........1 1 r ....n
ooi- mm moiiiivu un nini- 111 iml
(I:liiii.uis lie lire a tjarpin si 1 wun'
ixty-s.v diamonds from her gown
(hes Alarm Too Lale
Ordering the woman to make 110 out-
,ci-). 1 he men left by the tire-es.
It was scicinl minutes befori' Mi
1 Weiss reciAeud suuVientl) to give the
n I a nn. i.v inc lime tne poiue nrrixeu
the robhiis had fled fro. 11 il.e neighbor-
1 IIOoU.
I Some li'iie lietwis-n " and ! o'. lo. U
last evening Ihi. ve- with a duplicate
I key enter..! the home of Mrs. J. G.
Burns. J(i South Sixtieth streef, and
obtained ii-els valued at .sl-is. which
were 011 fue sicmui noor.
wiiii-n s.'.e wr.s .arrying itom tne i o-
hoi us iik i in, -lire, iierninnto'vn avenue
above D..mind. to the Noit:.ein Trust
Compaii) . at Seventh and Dauphin
stretts. ai in :.'!' o'clo.-l; last night.
Mis. Ilium's -. a halted by the high
ua.uiii'.i as s'i" .wis passing the Wash-
onlln.ifil nn Pare liTe, Column Ihrre
foreffip :icih;dtmJ,dob?nmi"tte "'?"" ' .""" 7 " "l l"'.'1;"01 .U,Bl ,hey 0"VeI8C,, n th
rnl,.7l nvi.1- thi. wis.lnm nml iiuccess of thc ar College, that much in the whj Irish luation.
Ih s Ldlcv f thcv are to succeed in i of dlmrmnuipiit cannot be expected nd. . It was said at the hour the Cabinet
Sei.tember mid iisuin in November of pren though there will be some lliiiitn- , lVeiied that the Ministers were not
neir venr .OMinoei , on it . of RrM,.y ....j,,,.,. , . nll In n;5rPPn(,nt nK to tie bc(tt method:
This is I lie nimiinn'i Hnressed view P""nl tns bill. It is hoped that future 0f procedure to be adopted, some favor-,
.:. i..1 ..! . I 1. .i! me, nv' '"Petition in inmame.it that might ing further exchange of notes with the
thai the calling nt the loniing i-itei
A delegation of Jews of the Fifth Waul called on Mnyor
Moore today and asked him to suppoit Morris Bush, 3t3 Spruce
stieet, a candidate for magis.tr.ite and n neighbor of the Mayor.
Mr. Moore said he ib not setting up candidntes, but that he was
inclined to think he would vote for Mr. Bush.
INVERNESS, SCOTLAND, Sept. 7. The British Cabinet nt its
meeting here today unaninously npproved the reply of the Govern
ment to tho last note from Eamon de Valera, the Iiish Republican
leader. The reply was handed to Robert C. Barton, thc "STnii Fein
courier, who started for Dublin at 4 o'clock this afternoon with it.
Diamond Street Man, Found in
Home, Dies In Hospital
.lames Hull, an instrument m.ikei.
1115 West Diamond street, was fuiind
dying in the gas-tilled kitchen nf his
...... inwuit 1hi iilolii when . fei..n. . ..-.,.,
I ui.,, to n m..i Im. mem.-.. i....v
I llll had been avvav over the l..,li.l..wi
..in. i.. . tut. I il.i-of. .ilvililfv., ii.,K
Willi lit" ii- ui". . iiiiuicii. 1 1 r
leliirneii rimy jcsicrimj, wuiu in worn
for a few hours, an.l theii went hack.
to Ills upuriments. unit ll"d in the
Women's Homeopathic Hospital. Dep
uty Coroner Blum pronounced It, a sui
was s sp-endldly
iinnrcKMlve nlnv which will be suiie to.
distract attention from fome of the
weaknesses and failures of the Hard- i
ing Administration. '
Mr. Hard'.ng on the other hand does
not stre.ii his foreign policy nt nil.
evidently believing that the teal in
terest of the voters id directed lo
question that touch them more inti
mately than world agreements or mien ,
a measure of limitation of arinantenl (
as he feels he fs likely to get from i
the '-omlng conference.
IJorlj sld's nvolil'the question which
Is r'ally tippermuft in the minds of
,le voters, which is the restornt'on of
prospeiitv iind employment, and what
Is ashlngton going to restore il .'
Their i an be no d'fiibt that this is
what the voters are asking Congress
men who aie coming bail: from their
l.lttli, Interest in. Far Kasl
What one hears from i-vevy returning
vacationist is that the people aie not
Conliniird "in I'atr Kite, oluinn Two
Labor Unions Weren't Only
Ones, He Replies to Speech
by Gompers
B) the Associated Press
Wu.slilngtou, Se;il. 7. Ceneral
Pershing and Samuel Comper.s had a
I.... . ..
" i"I,,1,'?'V ,, '"""" .-?"'" as'
lit last tnglil nt
the conclusion of
i ' i w. i i iV- . , ".. '
, leas official ashmgton regards it as:
a claMi oer the iuestion of whether.
ltt 'T f'1' ' i'Ii.'.'-.! 2 ., !
,J''l"lt "' f '""' "'
(1."l,nr:' '",s nn a'"' wllr'" l llin,le "
calm that labor won the war he did
i 'ell y( the le.-ord of (he American Fed- (
I 7'",""", "', I;"bor during the war and
'declared thnt irei1ous lo (he entry of !
. the I ni.ed States its sw.ipathy was,
with the muse of the Allies.
I ,1""'fal Pershing, howevr.apparenth ,
i regarded .Mr (.ompeis remurks ns a
claim that labor had won the war. Some
-" 'bose who heard his remarks quote
nim as lmvirig said stiKstanti !v
"'hi- policies of this lepubhc are
' not determined h labor unions 01 bv
ntir ntllM nrin nW.ltiiinu Iml li t 'in
. ". . .:
' iuh m -, w,;n nm .iii.iTn-aii
is a patriot wnetner lie belongs to some
labor organization or is iu-t an ordi-
rinvi- .ll7f.n mil m if isti i n n.u.
f ion" of labor unions, it isn't n question
of anv organization, il isn't a .mention
of whether we belong to some os.r In.
tion or not.
'"It is 11 question of whether we are
loyal citizens of he I'nited Stales. J
am here lo sav to von that the membets
of the labor unions weren t the ori'v
one- who vvon the wnr
"It was the citizens v. ,0 jnlieiiiel
their patriotism from their forefathers
who i ame across in the Mavtlovvei- and
helped del. -i mine and tleeid,. t Iio in
dependence of America as well as those
who h-ve adopted American institutions r"
national gathering
ns .then- own .Colony in Cuba Organizing Leglen
"It seems to be nbo.it time for us' . u . eii,f -rm. ..-,..-
lo lise up and sav that Ameri.a shall. to Help Flht Tribefmen
be ruled and governed by American! -Madrid. Sept 7 -I By A. P.)
citizens nno not bv organizations which ' Spanish forces in Morocco have ad
have their own so-fish purposes to ion. d against tebellloiis Moorish
serve." j tribesmen there, and are reported to
The incident, howeier. did not .'e-
int.. i.
debnte and ended with
Oencral Pershing's speech.
Gailor Says Pastage of Eighteenth
Amendment Was Unpardonable
Salt Ij.I.c nt), Sept
7 il'.v A P i
--"Tit lne (lift ui'tll.iv '.ii. ..... ...
............ -, .... .. . . '.. .
.IltO Olll- (Viii
Simmon oi uie i.igiiteenili atnrndmrni
stitution of the Flghteenth
'nK unpurd .liable, said the Itight Bey
Itight Bey
al Bisho-i!
! 'll,nn,i,s F ',,,itl,r- Kp''OP
f TcniK-Hsri'. tin IIia iv it tli I
- - " ---. ... ..., .,. ,,,. t(l, 4
tsyuiHi oi tne t'roviiirn of (he Pacific of
,i10 K,,is,.or.al Cnun-h. hM. nn.... .
bent wrltlnr
ll'lltTINO rAIXltS
1 1
British Ministers Convene Aft j
Lloyd George Discusses Sit
uation With Monarch
lly the AsMiclaftcl Pres
Iveiness, Scotland. Sept. 7. The
momentous Iirltlh Cabinet meeting,
beM today In the council chamber of
the ancient town ball hc:e to consider '
the tfOVernmenl'H leply to the last note
fiotn Katnon de Vnlern. the Trlsh lend
er, had settled nothing when adjourn
mem was taken for luncheon. Those In
i Ice touch with the situation, Iiowever
"jpected imj ortaist decisions at the
Afternoon stshion
Prior lo the Cabinet meeting, upon
which the fate of Ireland may hang.
Prime Minister Lloyd Ceorge took
Irl-h Sinn Fein.
Others were said to be proposing that,
a viiluul ultimatuiii be sent De Va
lera. giving him nnd his colleagues
a fixed time In which to accept or reject
the British offer of dominion status for
De Valera hnd apparently served
notiie In a stutement issued to the press
in Dublin yesterdnv, that such an ulti
matum would be tantamount to a de
nunciation of the truce which has been
' .n force in Ireland for the last two
months. He stated that an ultimatum
would be "the imposition of force, and
would mean war. not peace."
This statement did not tend to make
asler the task of the Ministers, Tiut
Lloyd Oeorge was represented as being
opposed to breaking off negotiations
with the Sinn Fein.
King Oeorge js Maying at Moy Hall,
near here, and his presence In the im
mediate neighborhood l looked upon as
most opportune, as he has in the list
few months plaved n particularly infills
eutial role in the work of handling the
Irish question. '
John O Hlieahan. Minn rein agent in
Scotland, and Jame-j Barton cume to
"'rsness ins. n.nt to awn.c ueveiop,
Indon. Sept. .. (By A. P.) In
n editorial Ibis morning on th Irish
' ' LV,,doU J1,nW V:Mn.0n
oe Valera's latest pronouncement, de-
Hvered on the eve of the meeting of th
lit itit-Ii Cabinet, has not rendered tu
r.oTerumenfs pnit In the neSOtifltlOM
anv easier of performance,
-He has. it true." says the Time.,
reiterated his profession of a desire
f.)r fticndsljlp with this country In vol-
,.ntary co-operation, but he has flatly
denied its right to put forward any of
those demands which the Premier stated
OI, Us behalf. Voluntary Co-operation
through the acceptunee nf treaty terms
lii.-h he has been offered Is, It appears,
....!.... w.llnlila xvltl, lite nr!-s.,nt ntllt.,.1.
iuniiu.wK ....... ...a ,....,, nmmu,,
Therefore the deadlock Is complete, and
until a new- basis for discussion can be
tound it seems likely to defy every sug
gestion for resolving it."
....., la. s:n... ...n ..I
i imiiiiiii. .-i.-.ii . I 111.1 n 1 1
s'"" 1t'1" publicity department today
, pointed out that some of the headlines
I ' headings of paragraphs in Ameri
.nn newspapers referred to bnmoll de
Vnlein. the Irish ltepublicnn leader.
refusing dominion status and holding
out foi separation, dierens his actual
position, it is maintained, is that a
dominion status has not been offered,
and therefore could nof be refused.
i""'1 'ea'hed helunn and Nndor. says
tlie uiario I'niversn
Dispute lien to Fl liernldo from Me-
; Ulln stale (he Moors have threatened
' JWJ'1 death ouv Moroccans friendly to
J (Tfiin who endeavor to approach the
i ( el leaders with offei of1 money for
1 r liberations of Spnnisli prisoners,.
'Inis newspaper stales the IS '2 e'ass of
i lecrults will be called (o tlie dors im-
I Tomns Srrvainio (iutierrcz. 1 lltor of
the Dlario de la Marina, of Havana,
'who is visiting In this ( ;ty. has an
nounced th.U the Spanish colony in
Cuba Is rg.ui1-.ing n Cuban legion which
wil io me to Spain and join In the tight
.against the rebels in Morocco
Melllla, Morocco, Sept. 7 - illy A,
I' l- Itebel In beam u occupying ad
vnuced posts before this It maintained
1 a heavy tire upon the rj anlsh troops
I vesterday. Spanish sirir.anes bombed
. enemy positions and inflicted heflty
damage. s . v
Abd-EI-Krin. .ommandr" of th
1 tribesmen, bus established customs bar
tiers In the region under his control.
, and Is imposing taxes on natives for
merchandise exploited or Imported-
- - - v
Electrical Engineer Says Mara Mes
sages Are Improbable
Schenectady. N. A.. Sept 7 -"The
statement of a Mniconl official, recently,
that lot has Infrcepted wlielcss mes-.
ta'ges from Mars Is very Interesting hii
statment." su) Dr. Charles P. Stein-
metv:. consulting engineer of the Henerul
Klectiic Company, "but It is only M
statement. A scientist must have om
nronf befoie he Rives serious consider.
Hon to a claim thnt messajes of this
Marconi would make an exact record of
Oliuiie iiaiv uri-ii loin ccjlir.l. j jr.
1 ..-.,... 1, rmvlvM in. w,lv. i. .,!.
j the regularity of the Intercepted mew'
nieH ani1 "tl"'r ,In,,n nml l,UD"h tlWe
I the regularity of the Intercepted m3tt
i r.-,.fir.l. fill, stleiillsty u'rmlil Ii.....
' ...iniirlnnttr to U'elirll IIia nvt.1...ij.
is not impossible that there Im life
Mara and other planets and jt is jwst ' ,.
toipotslble that (he Inlmbltanls o'-' j
wdnicate by wireleia.
,wlrele measajrea f.rom
provable, out
5 fwPPy ' tltfi!'.-
fi't-ii i i

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