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Euenma public led get
Fair weather and moderate tempera
lure tonight and Friday) ecnll winds,
mostly southwest.
TTd no in 112 i 1 i 2 i a i 4 i r. j
:. , ?
IS- friil7 170 177 1BU IBS z I I I I
If VOL. VIL NO. 307
a lAfoli!i-irrrn Ar.
Mayor, ai ..." '.
ftnges for Final unvo against
Varo Loaaeranip
Statement is expected ,
Volc Slackers" Don't
I Escape Jury Service
Jurors nre chosen from the ns
!'W HtH nnd imt from the rcg
Utritlon bonks, the Voters League
minted out today when It lenrncM
L. women " avoiding rcglstrn
C h the mistaken belief that
W.e IH permit their escape from
po-iblc Jury duty.
Registration. 11 voluntary act. St
vrts stated. Ik accessary in order to
vote at the primary, nnd nt the
pwral election. The assessors'
lists arc prepared systematically
It isaewors and are supposed to n
dude, the names of all men nnd
women of a voting age.
;' A resounding rail 'by Senntor Pen
rose for the eleeflon of the entire Vot
er League ticket ami tne consentient
imnimne of the contractor combine
allte is to he made today from Wash
ington. I 'inn iniormiiiinii wus iciciinnn"ii
m to fnends from the national cnpl-
Uipj.uajor .wniirc loiiuwini; .11 snr
Ufictory Interview" with the blg-chlcf-tiln.
The Mayor is to tnllt with the
Senator ngnln this afternoon.
Tle Mayor left here for the capital
on toe 7 o eioeic train lost night. Hi
departure, followed reports from Wnsh
Injton that Senator Penrose was work
Inf to close the breach between the
Miior nnd Judge Brown, of the Mu
nicipal Court, wlio saw Mr. Penrose
'.'Senator Penrose's nollcv. it is re-
jiorted, i to knock nway the Combine
Holding nnd to reenl the are or
jtnliation as the enemy on which all
element", hostile to contractor hossism
'itir spray n withering fire in the next
twelve days. -
Thomas W. Cunningham, who iins
been regarded as Penrose's cltief lieu
tenant here, wax toll! Hint tlin Kniitnr
Vm about to decintc for the Voters
"I'd want 10 hear tlint nfllelnliv." he
.sM. He laughed as he made the com
ments "Would yon need nn engraved invi
tation to turn in tor the A otcrs Lengtie
tillltV tin ivna .ilI'A.I
Ji "Oh, yes, sure." was the answer.
Ltapia In Another Hally Tonight
The Voters I.eozne will eontintie its
campaign toniglit with a big rally for
rora workers at mo league Headquar
ter, 224 S'outh llroad street. One Ids
object Is to get out n smiMhn.g big
rcjMratlon Sntnrday, the las. before
the primary. September 20.
Colonel (ieorce E. Kpmn. rnncllilntp
for Receiver of Taxes : Vivian Frntilc
Oable, for Register of Wills; Arthur O.
.Graham, for Cltv Treasurer, nnd I'l-
Mn Wolf, for Cltv Controller, will l.o
the speakers nt the rally.
The Voters League Inst nisht Invaded
are territory with a rally In the .1.
Jlamptoa Moore Republican Chin of the
Forty.dsbtli Ward. 2011 South Twen
tieth street. A big crowd henrl ad
dresses bv Mr. Onble. Mr. (ii'iihnm nnd
wlonel Kemp. Iteprescntntive Isaac I".
U Bmlnk presided.
v An allied committee, made up by the
joiera league, repreBcntative of nil clc
Wats opposed to th! Vnres, will con-
flOCt' a Rhnrt fill1 Ennnnv nnntii!(fi rt.
5alf of the League ticket.
aumonzation of this was given nt :t
Wtlng of the League yesterday, the
'njesli nnd most enthusiastic so fur
W.br the new organization. , At this
? iK. ''caP,lc candidates were in
wned by the full membership nnd plans
tatted to insure a bl registration Sat
tirday. fiThe fight ngnint (lie Vnres will be
toacentrnted in the ten duvs before Sep
tember 20. the day of primary election.
i allied rnmmittee in ehnfge of the
Wue will be icmposed of lenders in
,.' 1'WBUf. Penrose Ueiitenunts nnd
. iof Mnnr ""re. This commit
MI11 work for a complete fusion of
aou.inmbino elements.
It In n.ll. ...I ., .........
TWj v '"""" "ll regisirniion on
iSSSSr was between 125.000 nnd
W.W0. With 140 illvislmw tn l.o
w'd from, the total was 110.400.
Bdmonds Ue.-uls Itcnort
Indorspmont ni i, ..,.. ...... ii. i... i. ..
,.,..; --"-'.. ... KiiKnr i -uiimiiuirH ity
ifu. ei '. .. . "r "UK"'- was mill
P ' Sponcer Edmonds, nc
"I chairman of the Political Aciii
.r"."nln..f the league was made
immittco, rend the report. of the com-
I o. .
'tor..1! "p tht' iu'lnrsement of enn
'""m.'! . ll'aKl10 report read:
. -..mnirnie. um voters League de
Unee if .kfK0 Particularly the impnr-
thexi;;.'' ,'".""".. '""? vrmt time
j ""me 11 ine .nidge who comes
A ConUnufd on Phri. TTiorColumn TlirTe
'Secretary Reticent
Hour's rll
,Wahlnctnii ...., u
Wtrdlmr h,i '...-'.','" :
j... ". "" neurit" nn
uv ..!.. ..." ". "" i
lour s visit
ntlonV,t .-".",' u".nt' w,l, "' l',' I huld. hud i tin uwny.
"inter f '""nii-iiiiy as a posslDle
wr of the Amor ean lelri-nil,.,, m
prominently as a piissihle
armninent conference. Mr. Itnnr
ifptl,,,,,,, ""irillT, ,H-, IIIHIC
"Uh .rBI,.!,,,,,B "m "'JM'lH dls
V. ,, ' reMdent.
itii , 2.'''1 .'.'r ''. tiling from cub
F.l Pens. " kni, -vt- u..... .i
r.ss"?: " ";; v-niikrervf
"Uw. , . V""::?;! or "v ,,f
PuttMii ' i'""'ii-K or tne tier
Willi Til?' !'" ""i'l ke called at the
fc',;Ce '" I"" Ids respects while
'1W e R " "" hn"i" of the Car
iWe. cP'l0iei)t for International
! ih. M.r.,i .:
Hoot's first visit
"Wlna'iin, """.l' M nee President
'Welt I P"11'111''"' '"'t he met the
W. al n N" York luncheon Inst
lUhlln.). '" nmie s'nei
,,; "' V-'UUIIIIIO
I'O"." h tiqid,
T, , .
tl t
,vk x.
Enter-d at Second-eta i Mutter at th,-
wiiu (ii a rtwfc 4
Manheim Courts Are Fast
for Titular Tennis Opening
Australian Captain, Clad in Gay-Colored
Pajamas and Puffing Cigarette, Says Team
Had Strenuous TimeTilden, Primed
"The courts nre faster thnn those nt
forest Hills, nnd In perfect condition,"
said "Hill" Tllden today nt the (lor-
inuntown Cricket Club, Manheim, where
nnisiiing touches nrc being put to the
great stands which will Bent 12,000
spectntors nt the nntional tcunl chain
nlonshlps, which begin nt. noon tomor
row. Tllden, Phl'aelphlnn and world's
champion tennis player, wns nt the
courts early today, though lie wns not
playing. Several notables In the ranks
of world's tennis, experts already have
been there. .
'I came to town yesterday from Xcw,
York," explained 'Hill." "and played
nljlt lifter I nrrlved. I'm going to play
.U'"'" this afternoon.
"I'vo lost ten pounds," the chnni
plon continued, "but 1 never felt bet
ter in my life."
The champion hcems to be In HnwIcA
condition, his eyes keen nnd his skin
a deep tan. lie spoke In praise of
others who will take part In the chain
pion 'ships, especially tl' Zenzn Shi
inldzu. the .lap, whom lie described if
u very dangerous nla.ver. who nut tin
n line bnttlc."
Famous Player Arrhes
About a dozen of the most famous
of the visiting players arrived today,
making their hcndnunrter.s nt the
lJcllcvuo-Stratford, and ninny of them
hurrying off to the (Jorninntown Cricket
Club to look the courts over nnd
Mnrslinll Allen, crack player from
Seattle, wns on the courts in playing
attire this morning, knocking the ball
around yith one of the club members.
Another visitor, though not playing,
wns Philip Xeer. of California, inter
collegiate champion.
'J he Auti'iilinii players were very
comfortable at the I'ellevue today, rest
ing after the strenuous days of play,
and almost cqmilly strenuous evenings
of social diversion. All were on hand
save .1. It. Ilawkes, the youngest mem
ber of the team, wdio Is recovering
from ptomaine poisoning.
Captain N. Pencil, sitting up on his
bed In gay pajamas, smoking cigarettes,
spoke for his team when ho said they
lititl found life here strenuous, and that
nil of them were In nede of n rest. He
snld lie had brought n touch of ptomaine
poisoning with him from Xcw York,
lie thoiieht.
There nre two big men of Tilden's
size on the Australian team. One of
Survivors Rescue Body From
Burning Wreckage Near
Egg Harbor, N. J.
Frank Gordon, Seventy-first nnd
Yocum streets, was killed, nnd Walter
Whiteside, 0021 Woodland avenue, ic
eelvcd a broken shnulderblndc nnd ribs
in n motortruck collision at 4 o'clocis
this morning near Kgg Harbor, X. J.
Thomas Mahlon. 1020 Dudley street,
driver of the truck which struck
Oordonls car, has been held for the ac
tion o the Coroner nt Egg Harbor.
Those who arrested him assert his
breath smellcd of liquor nnd that he
acted as though Intoxicated.
fJordon was a driver for the Hell
Storage Company, of this city. He was
married and had a wife and two chil
dren. He iiad been to AtlanU fit
with n load of goods, and wns returning
by way of the White Horse pike.
Whiteside, nlso nn employe of the
storage company, was riding with lilni.
Malilon Is emplojed bv John .1. Con
nor. 201." South Eighteenth street,
owner of the other truck. He wic
bound for Atlantic City In nn empty
vehicle. With him rode William IIu
bcr. of 1120 Pine street.
Xear Egg Harbor the two ponderous
trucks crushed together, recoiled nnd
fell on their sides. Two of the men
were unhurt. Whiteside, the third mnn,
groaned as he dragged himself free of
tho wreckage.
The three men, Whiteside aiding in
spile of his own injuries, sought the
fourth. Hecause it was too dark to
neer Into tint twisted wreckage, one of
the men struck a mutch and set firo
to n newspaper, which ho used as n
torch. As the nnper tinted they saw
Gordon bing under the wreck of Ills
car. T he s g it of his nine tnee so un
served the man with the newspaper
torch that he dropped it. I he gas tank
of the big truck had Is'en pierced in
tho collision nnd the gasoline spilled
about. Tin dropped torch started a
gust of Hume, which swept the truck
with Gordon lying beneath.
The men got jacks from the other
truck and rnised the vehicle sufficiently
to drag out Gordon's body before the
tlames readied it.
Malilon, when arrested, denied thnt
he had driven the truck. He said there
Followlnq'hml been n third man on the vehicle,
, .li-ii-im. It. who wns dressed and looked
enough like him to deceive any one who
suw them for just a few moments In the
semi-darkness, this other man, .Miinion
Watchman Opens Fire on Three
Robbers and -Routs Attackers
Thomas Priie, a watchman at llie
Fratikford Hosiers Mills, Adams toad
and I'nilv stieet, was making his
rounds this morning when three men
I...I.I...I ,..li..j ,il flin i. tin
sprang lion, nviuii'i iin-i" - " '
of the fintory. lie imcm-u awin
opened llie on the men.
Leaps Into Niagara Rapids
Niagara Falls. N. Y.. Sept. S.- I Ily
. ii 'I'..... .,,,, iMinnrteil to NiniFMra
fMri ?"' oll!,l'' ler'zed as "idle filk" " reservation police today that they
!.",' .""'V"' H-r he inigl,;1 h s,, .. mnn leap tro intheioa Island
J?.ef.M "i '.' '""use IHs ieelsion not I "r"i"" " ,0 "", '' ' ,,""" " "."':
ftf i.-ii " V "' lh" luteniiillonnl o'Cocl. hist nigui ' "", ' "
Ua n v ,Vt . . "S'Ui.ze., n.roiigi, oyer ...e .";. - .,! -: ;-
"i. ''"i'"U". auoui iuij ji-um i'v -"' - j
L1.' "),vjtiudilou law to meet- weight nnd flvp feet tep inches tnlTT
IMtlU Wtt bMlUUUUJi uivoosv,. I
Aiarcu o.
How to Reach Manheim
k for Big Tennis Tourney
Ily Train
From P.road Street Station.'
Chestnut Hill branch. Oct off nt
Queen Lnne Station. All trains stop
nt West nnd Xorth Philadelphia.
Club within five minutes' wnlk.
From Heading Ternilnnl (let off
nt Wayne Junction. Tnke trolley
on Wayne avenue nt station nnd
ullght nt Manheim street. WnUt
west two blocks.
P.y Trolley
No. fill car on Thirteenth street to
Manholm street; walk two blocks
Pass from nil lines which connect
with Clensldc route (Hrie avenue) to
Willow drove; alight nt Manheim
Midvale avenue cars run within
three blocks of grounds. (Jet off nt
Wlssnhickon nvenuo.
Hy Automobile
North on Hroad street to Cnyuga
or Wingohocxin' street: ttwt m
fiormantowii avenue, then north on
(icrmantown avenue, pnsslng under
Wayne Junction bridge; turn west
to (ircene street or Wayne nvenuo to
Manheim street and then two blocks
to grounds.
lTp Hlver Drive to Nicetown lane.
L to Hunting Park avenue; turn north
on Midvale avenue to Munheim nnd
then east to grounds.
thc-e is J. O. Anderson. (! feet 2 Indies,
und much on Tilden's build. Ho wns
In the service during the wnr, nnd
bndly injured by an exploding shell In
barracks In Australia. He still car
ries the scar of a severe wound, but It
doesn't seeih to handicap Ills playing.
The other husky is K. V, Todd, the
same height ns his teammate, but much
more heavily built. He is the team's
strong man. He, too. served in the
Continued on l' Two. Column lrh
Lord Robert Cecil Declares
America Has Caused Delay
in Application
roilornce t Philadelphia.
Hy the Associated Prcs
Geneva, Hoi t S Clintges that t Ii
"purely nogith.'" position of the T'nite.l
Slates hud been responsible for the de
lay in the 'ipnlimtion of mandates liy
the League of Xntions were mnile by
Lord Robert Cecil. reprsentative for
South Africa, at today's session of the
Assembly of I he Le.iirue, which tool;
up n general discussion of (lie accom
plishments of that body to date.
A Hurry of interest spread over th"
nudiencc as the South African delegate
rose and announced he wished to speak
on mandates. Lord Robert icvieweij
the whole mnndiite question, during
which lie took occasion not onlv to
criticize the policy of the I'lilted States,
hit nlco the luck of publicity permitted
In th-! recent meet ins of the Council of
the I.engiic. ,
Heading the note recently sent by
the Stnte Department, lie v.n'il tjhut lit -leruatinnal
affilrs would hue been
better advanced had it In en received
Demands Action on Mandates
"These territoiics." lie said, f"ferrliig
to the countries over which mandates
were provided bj tin cownunt of th'
League of Nation, "must no lansep bi
ll ft in their present situation, dopiivci
of a definite Jtatus or a definite Gov
ernment." He said lie did ml want t appear
lo criticize the l'liitul Stales, "but the
inundates sl'ould be set tied in the In'ter
est of the peoples direitlj intrusted with
them, mill without further deim."
Charges that the League had been
extravagant and had discriminated
against countries which tcninined neu
tral in the World Wnr, were made by
Hjaliuar Hranting. of hweden.
He nlso critieired the nction of the
Council of the League in awarding the
f nntlmiril nn I net ininrrn i nieiiui in
c'ontlnutil nn r'iBr Thlrtffn. Coluinn Three
Navy Keeps ll irclcss Busy Trying to Get "Lost Bridegroom"
Back in Time for Ceremony
While the guests were wnitlng at
Gethsemiine Lutheran 'Church for the
bridal pair. Miss Anna Frank, of 1117
North Fife, -ninth street, waited in
vain at her home Inst night for her
fiance. George 1 1 ii Howell. The Fulled
States Xav made strenuous efforts in
its endeavor to get the ouiig man back
to Philadelphia in time for his wedding.
Hallow ell is an enlisted man on the
l S. S. Arkansas, ind tho-wind- and
the tide and tne wireless conspired
iieoln-t his rnnniHc I'.wn the power oi
tho iinv eouliln t liel'i Jiliu. nnil 'it last
Ml-s Frank and her frff'iu
is, who packed I
ii, ..imreli. Inid to go home
Thev will trv again this afternoon, ac
cording to the Rev. Henry Moehling,
of 1 -1.7.2 Xorth Fifty-ninth stret. pns
tor of the church, who wns to have of
ficiated at the wedding last night.
Try Again Today
"I iniiile a, brief announcement of the
facts to the coiigregntlon." said Mr.
Moehling today, "when It seined evi
dent that -tho young mnn cnuli) not get
to the chukh In time, Oethsomane wns
Treasurer Zell's Assistant Is
Accused of Juggling
Itiiralfr, Sept. 8. A second ar
rest, thnt of Frank E. Herr. the as
sistant treasurer, was made last night
as -a result of the collapse of the Agri
cultural Trust Comnnny with loses an
nounced today as S.SOO.OOO.
Tho company went to the wail last
.Tune. Its suspension wns followed im
mediately by the arrest of Charles D.
Xcll, the treasurer, who Is charged with
siicotilntlng with depositors' funds In
two Phlhidelphln brokerage home.
Herr. who Is forty years old, mar
ried, and lives in Millersvlie. near here,
lias been nsslstnnt treasurer of the
trust company since Its organization
several yenrs ago. He was arrested on
n wnrrnnt Issued on n affidavit sworn
to by C. II. Graff. Special Deputy Com
missioner of Hanking, who is In charge
of the affnlrs of the wrecked trust com
pany. On November 20. 1020. it is charged
in the wnrrant nnming Herr, the as
sistant treasurer was given a with
drawal check for $1240.8.'! by Howard
G. Greider. treasurer of tiie Sliver
Springs Cemetery Compnny.
Herr was instructed, it is said, to
transfer that sum from the cemetery
company's saving fund nccount nnd to
pi nee It with tin trust company's trust
funds to the credit of the Silver Springs
Tiie affidavit nlleged Herr failed to
place the amount to the cemetery com
nativ's credit nnd that lie falsified tho
books of the trust company. Since the
collapse of the institution tin assistant
treasurer has been aiding bank ex
aminers nt work on the books.
After his arrest late last night Herr
was taken to tho home of Alderman W.
S. Dnebler. who released him in S2000
ball. X'o date for a further hearing
was fixed.
Cell was taken from jail hero today
nnd brought in a motorcar to Alder
man Doebler's office. He litnl waived a
hearing n month 1150. He was pale nnd
unshaven when arraigned nnd appeared
greatly dejected.
Thirteen separate cliarees were made
against him at the hearing. Affidavits
set forth thnt he had traded at brok
erage houses In Philadelphia while pos
ing ns .lames Wilson. A separate com
plaint was made aznttist him by Hcnju
mln F. Davis, a lawyer of this cit.v.
who says Zell stole .OOO of bonds left
with the trust ompany. ,
Hank examiners. In announcing for
the first time thnt the alleged specu
lations totulled $.'00,000. said half of
that amount was taken in bonds, thin
.$100,000 was appropriated from saving.,
accounts and thnt Hell also flipped Inl
checking accounts, the Christians sav- ,
ings fund and miscellaneous collateral.
Aricgs rAHLtT in lunuun
British Officials Assert No- Such
Meeting Is Contemplated
Iintlcn. Sipt. S. IP. A. P.
What (iiaiter is re-ponsihle f o the re
peatedb etoed suggestion that pie
lliiiiiHir.v i onversations should he In Id
in London coiiccriilng the agenda of the
forthcoming conference In Washington
on limitation of armament appearing
again today in the form of an article
in the London Times remains a matter
of conjecture.
That newspaper tod'ij published n
statement to the effei t that informal
discussions hnve progics-cd so far that
conversations will begin as sunn as rip
resentatives of the Intel tcd Powers
return to London, and c.pn-.cd liopc
that they may rapidly lead to favorable
results so that the main feature- of the
agenda maj be decided upon In the
time the .laptnese mi-slon leaves 1'okio
for Washington.
lniiilrj brought emphatic denial in
Hritish official elides thnt anx such
conversations were in i out' mplntion. In
one well-informed iimrter it wa- de
clared that the roonrt wa- probably a
"feeler" (luanatiug III fonign ipiarters.
When Patsy Got Out of Jail His
Clothing and "Pal" Were Gone
When Antlinm Pat- liiii-hul a ten
dn j sentence in Mojauienslng je-ter-da.N
und went In hi- rnoui mi Fiaiikliu
street near Vine, he di-cowrcd some
one had taken elotliing alueil at SI. "(I
fiipii the room.
Patsy sii-pectcd his ilium, Wnrren
Keck, of Marshall street near Vine,
ile went to Keek's room. When the
tight was oer Keek wa- arrested on
the charge of lnrcenj mid Patsy wa
arrested on the t barge of drunkenne-s
in i i.. .
und .di-iuih'rlj iniidmt
crowded In-1 night. Miss Frank i- one
of the nio-t popular girl- in the congre
gation. Scvcinl church organizations
were there in iiliu i-t their full member
ship. Ever-, mi" s nipiithized with the
wing couple, and I uppoe the crowd
will be even gi eater todnj."
Romance and Tiyifirtlj
Hallowed and Mi-s Flank hnd lieen
Kwcct-hcnits for -ome time. Hnth are
voung and popular, llallowell, an en
listed man, wns -.t'ltioned at the Pliila
ilelnhln nv iii'd When lie niul hlu
finucee set .September 7 as the date for
their weddinz there didn't seem to lie n
single cloud to nil-cine their liouejmoon.
They had the invitations engrnved nnd
sent to their friends, llallowell bought
the wedding ring, and the goldsmith in
M'i'bcd it with their Inltinls and tin,
date when they fondlj hoped to he inadr
man ami wile,
' Then came, black tragedy. On Sep
JiMiiber J the young husband -to-be
wns ordered off to sea duty on
Contlnuctt on 1'k Two, Column Thrco
Girl Defies Bandits .
w-ffBBPsV . AtfflEb- Blll
LodKcr I'lintn HerVlco
.Miss Wclncr Is the girl who defied
two young bandits when they en
tered licr' mother's candy store at
Thirty-second and Oxford streets
und demanded incite)' tintl-r threats
Refuses to Yield Contents of
Cash Register in 32d and Ox
ford Streets Candy Shop
Minnl" Weiner. n thirteen-year-old
girl, defied two robbers who entered her
mother's candy store at Thirty-second
and Oxford streets jesterdny afternoon
nnd demanded the contents of the cash
register, while one of them aimed a
plstoi at her heall.
The chiiil screamed In -pite of tl-eir
threats and frightened them nway with
but a smull sum of money. Loter -he
ran to the Twenty-eighth nnd Oxford
streets station und breathlessly told her
ilorv to the house sergeant.
Thomas Hackiis. 204(1 Oxford tret.
nnd Roy Weightman. 1721 Xorth Still
man street, each seventeen years old.
were arrested on the child's description
bv District Detective Hartman an 1
1'ntrnluuiu Fnjrun. The child identifie I
botli youths and appealed against them
todav at a lien-ing before Magl-trnt-Oswald
at the Nineteenth and Oxford
streets station Thtj were held without
bail for court.
Girl Alone In Store
"I was alone in the store at 2
o'clock," siiid the child on the witness
stand. "Mother was in tin house.
These two men came in anil asked for
five cents' worth of candy. Iwent to
get it for them. I looked up "and this
one heie." pointing to Dachas, "wn
pointing a gun at me Thcj -aid to
give them what was In 'the cii-h regis
ter nnd threatened tne If I didn't."
The child looked accusingly nt the
two ouths. She wns not at all nervom
as -lie stood near the Magi-trate's de-k,
inst across, fiom the prisoners. The
Mng'strate smiled en. ouraglugly.
"Did jou gle it to them'" asked the
The child' hl.uk ce lla-lrd and -he
-hook bee bobbed head vigorous' .
"No." -he -aid. "I didn't give it
to them. 1 s, reamed."
"Did tlie try lo hurt jou?" nske I
tiie Magistrate.
"No," -aid the child, "but I was
terribly frightened. One of lliem picked
up the cash register nnd threw it on
the lloor. so thai the drawer opened.
Then I -cre.uwd again. Tliej grabbed
at the ninnev. nnd got -oni- I think
about the or -Ix dollars, but didn't wait
fur It all. Whin I si rmuteil. n second
time the ran out of the house."
Mother Han to Store
Mrs. Pearl Weim r. the child's mother
and owner o th nintlj store, testified
she hud not seen the robber), but had
run into the -lore when she heard tier
daughter's -cream-.
"M'lin'e was tin) -cared lo speak."
-aid her inetl.er, "hut .-h" knew what t,
do. She inn mil of the house, and I
w'th bee. and light to the Twenty
eighth and Oxford streets police sta
tion. 'I In re she told what had hap
pened nnd gme a description of th" two
Hiiku- and Weightman were arrc-led
after a hmi an h li the ii-trict
detectlw and pnti'dnian assigned t'i
the en-e H.ii lu- i- -aid to I"' from
New Yotk.
Now You eSe It. Now You Don't In
Forty-second Ward
Where, nil where, i- the polling place
for tile Thl' I' --econd Division of the
Foil' second W.irdV
Officinlh it i- nt 0"1 WinsohorUing
street. The Superintendent of F.lectinu--n
uot'tieil Mi- I mii in Wnrburton. of
the Republic in Women's Committee
Actunll). ii" one knows where it 1-.
Tim tir-t i egl -trillion da) women
could find no film nonaries to receiv.
them N" one knew wheie to go.
Then on the -muni registration ilnx
visitors nt the Wiiigohockiug street ad
dress found t liox oubl register there.
The nee--iir officials document'- niui
pen and ink were there. Dining the
morning al1 wa- serene, -o to -neak
For two hoiii- diir ng the afternoon
all wa- serene too
Then cwiMlllllg llis.ippe.ired. The
place wns i lo-ed
. Satunlaj I- loming the last regl-.
trillion iht) The women are wonderiiu
whether tiie pl,nc will a- in) -tcriou.-l)
reappear a- it disappeared.
Arrangements Incomplete, but Presi-l
dent Hopes to Visit Atlantic Cltx
Washlnton, Sepi .. i iij . i'.)
Picsidcnt Harding i- planning another
week -(lid trip on the pu'sldentlul .uieht
Mil) How er, to secure a few more days'
lecrentloii before Congress leeiinviiiics.
Arrangements, for the coming nip have
not been completed, and how extensive
a cruise mn he made is uu-ettled.
The Piesldent ami Mr- Harding
blue had ail invitation of ouK standing
to visit Mr. ami Mrs, lMward II. Mc
Lean at their Har Harbor home and
tho President nlho Impes to visit At
lantic City, where )J was prevented
fiom limdlng Ust weelby u storm,
Published Dally nrrt Sunday,
Copyrlfht 1B21 y
Stand of Mellon and Agricul
tural Bloc Sufficient to Hold
Up Smoot Plan
Htuff ( irrrsinnl"iit. I.tenlnir I'lilifc I.lnrr
Coiwl'ilit. I'i'. b ' V' 'ii r l.-rlifr Cnmpnwj
Washington. Sept. S -With Secre
tary of tiie Treusur) Mellon ojiiiosetl,
nt feasUfor-the present, to the snles tax
luni with the powerful ngrieiiltural bloc
against it, the clinnees are that Sena
tor Smoot's proposal will not lie adopted
by the Senate committee in tho bill
wh'i'h it is ifro'vtving.
Rather the lendenc) will he to cut
estimates t' the lowe-t point and In
corporate In the tax lull such of Mr.
Mellon's propo-uls a- meet with the
least political objection nnd put oft"
adopting a sales tax till Inter, when a
deficit in revenues ma) perhaps be re
vealed or when, for political reasons
before the next congressional election,
additional revenues may be neccssnry
for some soit of adjusted compensation
to the soldiers.
'The important consideration now is
speed in tnx legislation. Speed will be
out of tin; quest ion if Senntor Smoot's
manufacturers' -nles tnx Is put into the
bill. This provides for the payment of
.'5 per cent upon the gro sales of man
ufacturers. The fanner-' organizations
all over the countr) ore on record
against a sales tax.
l!loc Won't Discriminate
To be sure .Mr. Sin ot dues not ini-
mr mill T Bnii upon ngriciiltuiiil
sales, luce r doe not
lev iipnn raw
innterlnls. Hut the ngrieiiltural hi
refurs to ili-ctimii nil . As the funnel
Senator put It. ' It i- a question of
names. If Smoot had only called hi
tax a manufacturer-' tax instead of a
manufacturers' sale- tax. all would
have- been well. We could have de
livered the farmers on thnt. Hut that
one little word -a'es is too miicn."
The Trcusiiij Dcpnit.uciit bus tcli
nical tensions v In ii nld not at thi
date f.ice'u radical chaii,'e In the taxa
tion i.steni. Ii iiiu-t make prepara
tions for the coll'ction of a Miles tax.
And Po-tinn-icr General I lavs, in
speak'ng of lb" sublet at Cow'ninll
-aid innt tne roiintrx must come to a
rales tax, but
that it i mild onh do si
lute .
All that the
tee s'e- now
th- tn: l.iw
bonk - 'i
Senate Finance Commit-I-
ti'iit It liiiiif rewrite
t'i'it ine on the -tnttlte
mt of leaking it- new
ilnex ' - II iiise co-ninittee
bill. Mr. I
mercy tnn",feii with tiie-c ami Hid a
bill, whlih was a mess. intlly befor
the Senate Finance Comiu'ttcc.
Present i,;iw- Muddle
The present Ine I- hopeless 1) inild
d'ed. No one iinili r-tand- what most,
of it- - c Ibuis nn :in. '.r' of tiieu.'
inti-i be read in the 'n-ht ot iiri rnri-tn-lion-
b the 'o'i't and li Tie.i-ur
Di p rfient I'llh 1 1'.
V-. V rdne w m .linen ,is law
so that th" ne.v lew wou'd consi-t of
iiii.i tdi"i i.t . pi i- the o'd I iw. p'us all ,
the court deci-ious anil administrative
rulitu . Paving taxes would remain
as much of n puzz'e for bu-ine a
ever. The Fordtie) amendments tbe'n
sclvcs would bine tn be hit rpreteil I
the courts nnd the officials in the liht
of nre I Ii- iiiterp'i t ltio!.
The i oii-eiiieni-e i- that the Senate
Finnllie t'oui'i !! Iia- I- ii'he I the ile
cislnu tn iepe.ll llie oXM-ting law.- Illld
rewiiti ill, in in en iittempt tn intio
dm e e!urit in t" the -itiiatiou.
Smoot's Plan Clea
Sennloi Sin
nil ha- the maik of
wool 1 I open I till the
-I b litiite i'i r them
, me I'l.x -light!)
".'I.IHiO.OOO: second,
i mile tax of 111 pei
great i lea" lies- lb
x i- in 'a i i
five lev ie i i'm -t. I i
ledlli eil, to l,ll-c .
a Hal i in i,i ,iti ,n i
i fill to l, .-. l.'i IIIHI.IIIKI;
pei i enl nuiii'il H tiacrs' -:
third, u :;
o tax lo '
SI .2HII.I I', i.diKl : ton rt h. tin- in '
hei-itnii' e tifx i ' i,n
fifth, t I ."ii !.
ini-e .-"."'.".' ii" nun,
(Kill 4)0(1
Mi. Si. ni t : ,
Mini 'e th'it u i
tin h.i-'s of i i.
law- P.ut r '
mai'iifin tin ei -' -1
I C'led In I M
M. iii. iiiin, ihiii, ami
a- at mo-cut t
.1 1 't.ll ol S2.SSII, .
- -ii -b-ar an I
n nl a'll' lie inadi
, w , illu
ol tile lax
,'.'. that lii
)i I be a
iiinlttei' w ill !
I Hills IC j (1 I
i and pe I
pro'i. ' I
I t
t.IXi -it lie
( nnlliiiinl
I'iiui Iwn C nlioiin lnnrlinb bun
INVERNES, SCOILAND, Sept. 8. The Bntis-h Cabinet'-, teply
to Eamou de Valera invitis, leprcbentntivc- of the Stun Foin to n
further conference, suggesting thnt be held neio Srpttmoer 20.
Th Cabinet nbked De Valcia for n tlfmite reply a.- to whether he
xvns prepnicd to enter n conference to n&certniu how the association
of Ireland and the Biitish Empire can best be leconcilcd with
the Irish national asplvntioua.
The Biitish note, wiitten by Piiuie Minister Lloyd Geoigt,
then snys Goveinment Tiy censent of the goveiucd is tho basis of
the British constitution, Lut we cannot accept as the b.tsis of a
piacicnl confeience an iuterprttation theicof which would commit
us to any demands you might pieseut, even to that ut a i -public."
Later Buying Partly Restores Price
In New York
New York. Sept - ill) A. P i
Cotton broke l."H points nunc nt the
opening toihl) due to meuHght celling I
ord.'is and the continue I weakness in I
Liverpool. d loher dropped lo eighteen I
cent-. I'd heaw icliming aihuineil
pi ice- about (Ml po ni- trom llie opening'
Ic.iIh. i
n.'l,.t ItMlltll tlllll "1V I ll-l.t,,1lV .il... i
,,. ....... ...... .... ',,.,,., HIM,
bought freel) on the curly hicak.
i -
Cardlnjl aibbori ursed all Catholic to
ut the Manual of l'ra er-- rfv.
dub-vrirttnn Prlr , t a Tear by Mall,
Pub'lo Ida-er Company
Pretty Girls to Campaign
for a Big Registration
Lenders of the Republican Women
of Philadelphia County nre using
their brains to good purpose in the
matter of appealing for n big' reg
istration Saturday.
About fifty pretty girls will be
stationed tomorrow nt all the Impor
tant railroad stations in the ci,ty
w 1th bt-nners inscribed :
"To women voters of Philadel
phia Your Inst chance to register
Saturday, September 10. Don't
The tiling women Inter in the day
will walk through several sections
of the city spreading the gospel of
Civil War Veteran Succumbs In
Chester County Hospital
West Chester, Ph., Sept. .. Major
John It. Allen. cvonty-c!ght, prom
inent resident near Thornton, Delaware
Count), und for ten years nn emploje
of Hor-t Druthers, Phibidelphln, died
in the Chester County Hospital Inst
night wlii.e undergoing un operation
following injuries Tuesday evening
when -truck b) nn automobile.
Allen was n tnojor In the Ninety-first
Infantry, Pennsylvania Volunteers,
during the Civil Wnr, nnd nfterward u
farmer for several years In Maryland.
He was a member of Darby Meeting of
Friends, Gnrfield Post, G. A. It.. Ches
ter Lodge of Masons nnd the Knights
Major Allen came of old Quaker
stock. His father, Thomas O. Allen,
came from Delaware in 1H22 to t'ppcr
Darb). He was descended on the mn
ter..a'l side from the Pnsehnlls, who set
tled Paschallvllle.
lie I- survived by two sons and two
daughters, and one sister. Mrs. Mar)
A Di.ughert). of Aldan. Pa.
Intruder In North Darien Street
House Flees With $75
Mrs. Stephen Ko-kio. of HI4 North
Darlcn street, was awakened ii her
room on the second Hour nt (i o'clock
this morning when a Negro put hi
hand under the mattress and obtained
The intruder then pre ctl n revolwr
again-t the woman's head and told her
he wou'd shoot if -lie screamed. sne
-lioiitid for help and the man darted
down the stairs and into Darien street,
pursued bj Kjklo.
Outside Michael O'Hrien. of MS
North Twenty-third street, a railway
etigineinan. heard Ml-. Koskio's
screams, saw the burglar dart from the
In u-e ami attempted to stop him.
O'Hrien wa- felled by n blow from the
butt of the burglar's revolwr.
A patrolman captured the man nt
Darien and Callow-hill streets, lie said
he wa- F.IIjah .Johnson, of Tenth and
South street-. The police believe lie
pnscd the S7" to a onfederate. Mag
istrate Ren-haw in Central Station held
him in .sITil'il bail fm a lint her hearing
S"i teniber 1!).
Declines to Permit Investigation of
Conditions in Russia
.Mocow. Sept. 1 1!) A P.i The
Rn-sian Soviet Government iia- d
'ine I to iiitiii t tiie International R ,-
-.nn Relief Committee, recentl) ,ip
piint'd h tiie A'lied Supreme Coun
cil, tn iue-tlgiite conditions in Riis-ia
pi i pa ni t "i lo ailing in famine n-iief
Young Women Accused of Trying to
Rob Host In Bar
Two ;,l 's wile -ll'l'-tnl ill ! -al )
iii Thii li i nib ind Callow lull -tret- at
." o'i tin k tin- nioriiinj, op a cliaice nt
i.tti niptl'. : m ii, 1, the no'ket- of Wi -'i
un llni'-ii) ol Filbert -tieet ii'.n
Tin) nt" M.') Noil ei. nineii'i'ii )e,n
i'1'l. mil M Idled .Lick "ii. i went) -fo'ie,
I" til nl' Vim -ireit n ,ii Tb'-tie'ith. A
light filloei'l to alio- attcupt at
ibi l, . in I 1'ati diiino I'i iih'.'ic! ii
ic-iiil tin .-ii-. ',ho wi'ic -ini to tin
Moiai- t'oi'il
' I III I I- I. 'I i . : f'p mi ,i( . I it i.-lic).
w i di 1. 1 1 I 'i I a n 'I.' I Mill w Hue -s A'--
"id'li; 'o lll'l'j'ie . he 1,-j I II) lug
'iMl's I I i'i . s H I I II r " J-jj i
1 .
Guns, Bullets, Razors and Booze
Are Found In Machine
William L.miiis and l"iaiu Itus-cll.
driving a hirge iiiito.iinhlle, were ar-re-ted
in Uoxlioioiigh at 11 o'clock last
night on charges or iccklcs driving.
The two men, both Neigoes. mi.v thev i
live at Lebanon. All ii'itoinnlic ' pi-tol
mid a diiniin.v revolvei and six round
of steel -jailfeted bulletH. two ra. rs
and u, halt - pint of wlil-kv wn-e foiiu I
The men i ni n ..li-.n, ,, ln,pl.. ,...!..
, ... ' I."-" "'iiiih 1'Miaj
rflir,'5.,a'!iKtl"te ,,ru',''' who held them
In $200 bail ench for a further carlng
Not Surprised at Lloyd Goorgo's
Invitation to Attend
Hy the Associated Press
Dublin, Sept, 8. Signs of confidence
and good spirits were again apparent
nmong the Sinn Fein lenders nt tho
Mansion House here today. They have
tecclv-d kn ivvleds" of Mi"e conteVts of
Prime Minister Lloyd George's reply tn
Fnmon de Vniera. the text of which will
be mnde jiiihlic here thi evening "-it the
Mime time Mie note is "Ivch out hy the
Hritish. j.
So far as could be judged, the Irish
leader- were not disturbed or surprised
by Llo)d George's ot.tintinicntlon,
wdilcli. it is announced, contains an in
vitation to ntt'inl further conference.
Word from Inverness that the British
Cabinet had appointed n committee to
dcnl with De Valera's reply lends
strength to the optimism in Dublin that
the negotiations will not be broken.
The Sinn Fein lenders hnve been
showing some Irritation at what they
call misrepresentations In the Hritish
nnd American press of their position
in the negotiations. The elaborate ar
guments In their notes and In the Irish
Fulietin. the) declare, were not In
tended to convey the impression that
the) had rejected dominion status and
Insisted on separation. Their willing
ness to enter tin- Hritish commonwealth
nn satisfactory terms they sny they
onslder to have been plainly indicated.
The substitution of direct verbal ar
guments face to face with the Hritish
ministers for exchanges of notes would
be welcomed, the Sinn Fein leaders
InwMie-s. Scotland. Sept. R. (Hy
A. P.I Official confirmation that the
Hrit'-b Cabinet's reply to the Intent
not" from Damon de Vniera. the Irish
leader, which was dispatched to Dub
lin hist evening, invites representatives
of the Sinn Fein to a further confer
cnio. was given here todti).
Tension jver the ltish question is
over for the time belni;. .Members of
the Hritish Cabinet ,vho attended yes
ferday's mretin here have itit up in
different dlr'-ctuins. pending the receipt
of the Irish leader's rejoinder.
Lord Birkenhead. Austen Chamber
lain. Thomas J. MaeNamaru, Stanley
Baldwin and Sir Alfred Mond returned
to London last night and others went
to Hruhnn Cntli. with Llovd George,
expecting to disperse todny to different
Scotch resorts.
London. Sept. S. (Hy A. P )
Ncwsrmper. commenting on the fact
that the message sent to Irish He
i lib len n lenders, fo lowing the meet
ing of the Briti-h Cabinet at Inverness
.wsterdnv. wa- an invitation to Knmon
de Valein t'i -end de'eente- to n con
ferenie to be held on September 20,
on londitiou that Ireland -lioti'il lemnin
u .thin tiie empire.
"The Government has given the Sinn
Fein lender another chance to retrieve
the prn-pe t whl-h his blunders, and
those of the Dall Tireann lint so gravely
coinpi'omised." -aid the Chronicle, while
the Dallv Te'e;; aph remarked
"If this Indication of the contents of
t'. Cabinet-- teller i- urate, tho
mini, rnbl ' alienee with whiih Lloyd
Geo-ge bus o lowed hi- ottrpo-e is stlH
main- lined, d"- Ite the dailv stream of
povci'.itivc and iniurjous Inugunge
win. Ii niieir to be thought wl-e nnd
timely bv the Sinn Fein leaders." Th
Dai'v Mnjl considered" the invitations
to a i mi fen ie c "bii-ines-llke." and
dei tared it popped to the finality that
"Ire'nnd i- 'fferid tin- r nl thing and
the bc-t thing tiie l!riti-li empire has to
give "
The con moi'icati'in lo D" Vnlern
n-k- for an eatlv icp'v and jioints out
the ii'ipa "lit i-.'le-. ii'-- of conducting
is'gotmtioii- bv a fuilher exchange of
not"-. In o'lb'r f allav nin fears re
gn riling r'ste-. the deei-ion thnt
No'tbern Ireland niu-t not in anv cir
cumstiiiiees be c ,-ed was reaflirnied
liv tin Minister-
ISella-t. Seit. s ,ijv A ji ,
Private Hob- i. of tin- Fex Itegiiiient,
wa- kidnappeil at Hindoii. County
Cork, wsterdnv. and it is c'aiined the
kidnapping wns carried out bv the Sinn
Feiiicr- n- a lenri-al inui-nro. Two
members of the lil-h Itepub lean Army
we e -topiii'd earliei in the da) near
I'nndnn i'i idee bv two pnli'cmeii. who
liandi-bel ievo ver- ami threatened 'the
two men The kp'-iapping followed.
New Yirl. Sept - Leaders of
In ' lti po'i'l an sentiment in Nw
Yik inehidia ' .lu-t. e Dinlel F
t' ml in pr f -- i nt, re i;norani-i of
,,. pi',,p,i-e I Ir'-b i.nttic -nid to
hnve been fienied in I'i- country to
urge inn I'eln ii' oeninnee of the Brit-i-b
pi in. offei in the neijr futlir.
N'Mie of them bad heard of it before
thev weie informed b.v n reporter.
Thev inii-ldei it i In-.' iin-inki -ii, d nrt"
sure that no teal friends of Ireland nre
niembei - of tin delegation which ii said
in be mi the ive of depntiiie for Ire
land .lu-tii- O'hi.'nn. who i- bep of the
I'i lend- ol Ii' b Fnsiln,u, wa- portlcti
bun oits'iok'ii in hi- opposition to the
pi npiisi , den'if.it'on.
"I know notliine about II." lie said,
"I ni t i ni -uie ti ,il if -in b n commit.
tee to tnil'lv hn - been fnrmt i thev limit
; I" fi tends of l.lo) ' t boige. not of Ire-
i Inn, I Ni one intiri ted in Ireland or In
JAniericn liivlii'; the hi - inlerc Is of
hee coi'iitile- nt belli t would go oil
-tub n ini um I am -tronttlv opposed
to it." ,
Burlington County Epidemic VUlti
116 Homes and 23 Municipalities
Ircnt'it. Seit. s. (By A l.).Vn
epidemic ot tvpliold fever ,( centralized In
Bur ington Count), wtis'iittrlbiitcd to
dnv bv the State Foard of Health to
chlikeii sa'ad served nt n harvest sup
per 'ii u 'neobstown church July 27,
The hoard stated that IS." virulent
cases itno vlng 11(1 homes located In
twenty tin re iniiiiicipnll(ieK wera duf to
ine saiiiii. rour iiuikihus, pcrsotu
sc.eve.1 ill the ttiinrier.
V..s.. -- ." --i-f -
OILDAO Hi. VijrtU, Mrt JibrbWi Li,
a J
i v
i V-1
I 9,
i't". !''.
u .
jJlfL-fctjLMwiM - ,. j ,.fr,tik.f;ii-
l s.vrj
.rAviitw . .i-wi-iiS'-i
. .ii.
jS-t A
,'l N .
. ,V.. .!,.'?,'

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