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I 71
ft- f
W 'r
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1 9mj. ';&
In the Garret
Th. carrot wns very old nnd very
. "B frtA.ipli tho little dormer win-
- Vhe mfn Btrenmed In long, Blantlng
SS!" n which tinned millions of tiny
1 u.ii motn. I" thp shadowy rccesRcs
"! n,iMr. dim objects; n spinning
."..i .' nllflpt on of old trunks! somu
broken furniture. Surely there was no
jSro dewlnto port of the house than
hvit on this particular Saturday
.ftcrnoon there were signs of life In
hi inrrrt. rirst the trapdoor at the
head of " '" 1,n1 been, raised, and
with Vent caution a head had been
taierted Into the. roomthe head of a
leant mnn' an'1 n v.wy hnnd,,ome young
min, too: but as there was no one to
Sa except a few ancient spiders, his
"1j iJb went tinanprcclated. The
' .,.., Jmil ontcred tho room nulot'
It and gone to an old trunk In one of
h dormers: there ho had remained
M a lon? time, sitting quite still nnd
Asking out through the dusty panes.
r At last the young mnn rose and
iMtched himself. Then lie spoke, In a
Voice that was defiant. Apparently he
u addre-elng the spiders .
'I don't care." he announced. "Let
i,r go riding with l'cter Wcstbrook If
the wants iu. ..,. .. ,.. .. v-....
-.ini itlinnnmv-ilear. '
ThU defiance seemed to make him
more cheerful, anil no Degan io rum
.. niwint the ilitf.tr nlaco. In a few
minutes ho had unearthed n number of
indent habiliments nnd was clothing
klmself in them. From a dusty recess
came a long-skirted coat ; from another
i cocKCu lint ; ami in a wns " ww
invta near the rafters he discovered an
'old dre rapier. When he was clad he
turned about admiringly, trying to see
himself. . ....
"I'll liet I'd hate knocked them
diwy in Oeorgu Washington's time," he
chuckled, swaggering up nnti downturn
t,,rinff low to nn imaginary compan
ion. Then he whipped out tho rapier
IDU VAUimun.i. v.." i i -..
And do you daro to Insult the falrent
c( tj1L " a slight sound mode him
jnuse. He listened lntontly. It was re
' reated soma one was certainly coming
up the garret stain I In n sudden
panic, lest tho unknown find him In thin
ridiculous masquerade, he looked wild
ly about for a plnco to hide, nnd just
an the door swung open ho dropped1 out
of light behind tho largest of the
trunks, wbero he could see without
being seen.
Tho newcomer wns a clrl : nn? com
petent judge of girls would toll you
that she was a very lovely girl. Hut
lr loveliness alone wns hardly suffl
cient for the gasp which the man behind
the trunk gave on seeing her.
She went to tho snmo dormer which
la bad occupied and stood looking out
of the window for some time. Then,
II be had done, she spoke:
"I don't care!'" she nnnounccd aloud.
"If he wants to go off and sulk all
day, let him ! Just because lie thinks
I'm going riding with Peter West
brook! I I d-don't care."
Thero was u suspicious quiver in her
voice tbnt belled the bravo words nnd
the man behind the trunk wns within
an ace of stepping out to comfort her.
But before he could follow his impuli.e
ihe had risen and was moving restlessly
about the dim room. She peeped Into
trunks, made the spinning wheel whir
a few times nnd came so close to the
hidden wutcher that ho wns In mortal
terror lest she lind him; but he went
und'scovered. At last, as she was look
ing Into a trunk in n fnr corner of the
farrc. sue uttered n cry of delight and
drew forth somcthluz hi lowv and lovelv
a creation in purple silk, with huge
panniers nnd n number of rottling
coops. Miip cast a quirk, apprehensive
llamenround the znrrct, nnd there wns
i swishing nnd n nibtling and a great
reaching for hooks which concealed
tlicmselvis In odd places ; and io ! thero
itood the daintiest nnd demurest Colo
nial dame thnt ever graced the minuet
with George Washington or any other
hero of bjgone dns. As the man be
fore her hud done, shp tried to sec her
ie)f by dint of twisting, but unlike him
the wa not satisfied with the result.
in n fnr corner s.tood n mirror, which
he had overlooked j and to this friend of
all women she directed her steps unhes
itatingly. "Trust a girl to find n mirror!"
thought the concealed watcher.
Up and down the floor she pirou
etted. At Inst she fell Into some steps
of the minuet, curtseying to nn Imag
inary pnrtner; and then, with grent
uddennefs, she tnt down on a trunk
ind burst into tears.
This was mote than the man behind
the trunk could bi-ar. With great
caution he stepped out, and when he
had teached the middle of tho floor he
cmi?hed She looked up with a faint
ihnek, ind heswept a bow thnt wns a
''You will pardon me, madnme," he
laid in n strained voice. "But 1 bae
mer been nble to look on the tinrs
i( a beautiful woman without nt once
UTing to the rescue. Is there aught I
cm do?"
"Whj uh llnrr I'ahnestock '
w )ou K-nird mo!"
"I cry jour pardon, but I wot not
eithls Ilnnj rnhntstock. I nm the
Srms nS'nl8 thJ 'ace. hands, nect or
by th0 "- nnd yulhfu than
ty Diei.ri,of, Ii1,aolf an vnMo Boau-
Eliot c,Vn? a5k Rnil White Soap,
move- tVShl" Uuaty Bleach re
hhcllii'cml)arr.'isalnT skin blom
It is riT, i5ntei".s, 1nd. softens tho akin.
xoui?i1HllBlimi1' flesh-tinted cream.
Mho. ii& Peffumod which can bo
Say ifo,ro "tlrlns: or durinjr the
with fLn ,uscd beforo makeup
i i co Powder or rouco.
cleaner ftIaM,WhM.SoaPls a" ia
hhes nr;,viln aloi.ln removing blcm-
Mc?SdltlemP comP1lon n
sell uen ntePrtment storB
Black ?5 n,n,(1,.AV,llt0 Beauty Bleach,
nr n2.?Vhlt0 ,Boi'' Cold- Vanish
llfo i'n2nBlnf 1na Contnl Creams. a
5arlv?.H n!,lrtlcum Powdora pon
iro yAri'ced nt 60 nnJ 26 tho pack
fnent tT,, ttml ,nl1 thla advertlse-Mtmn1?-I3l5ck
and W1110' Ilox "07.
"f ' nvi;,.T?J,.n" ,for fr literature
Face to,yrrn,leaohnn1. "inwles ot
Baa Talcum Powderaj Adv
the whd tho deuce am I? Oh yes
the Marquis do Lafayette, nt your
A little smll6 made itself visible nt
tho comers of tho girl's mouth.
"I thank you, Monsieur do La
fayette, ' she replied, rising and exe
cuting a curtsey. "I nm Martha
"Delighted, I'm sure. I wonder if
that was what those old Johnnies said
when they met a lady7"
"I'm sure I don't know Monsieur."
"Er ahem would you I mean
wouldst care to trip tho maics of the
minuet with the humblest of your
"Why, yes If you think you carl."
Sho nrone and extended her hand, lie
hummed tho beautiful minuet of Pad
ciewskl, nnd up nnd down the floor of
tho garret they went In the movements
of thnt most, graceful of nil dances.
At last she nppronched him and bowed
low; he also bowed, but ns sho rose to
her feet she found herself caught in his
aims nnd fdt warm kisses on her lips.
"Monsieur I menn Harry let nvj
"Martha I mein Phyllis dearest I
won't till I've had n clinnco to tell
jou what nn awful ass I've been nnd
to nsk you to forgive me."
She turned her head nwa.. Then
slowly she looked nt him.
An Old Friend in a New Form
II l J4rT " rV
Fruit of the Loom
"Monsieur do Lafayette, you are for
given I But don't do it again."
"I promise -- Mhrtha Washington.
Don t turn your head nway this time."
was bjicupo in the ghostly
Adventures With a Purse
rND persop will tell us that bobbed
" hair is no longer going to bo the
vogue, and the very noxt one nssureH
us thnt more women nre haying their
hair cut than ever before. Just who
nnd what to believe Is the question, but
the fact remains that thero ore n grent
many "short-haired" women. When
tne shorn tresses begin to grow there
nro short ends to tnke into account, and
It h quite n problem to get them all
melted under. Tho easiest and best so
lution is. of course, the bnrrettn. Mnnr
styles nnd ehnpes nre displayed In th'e
stores and there'd a large choico for even
mc most fastidious, x nave seen some
jeweled bnrrettes which would bo quite
nlco for evening wear and which are
Inexpensive. Thero woo one about nn
Inch nnd a half long nnd perhaps a half
Inch wide which wns studded, with
sparkling stones of emerald green,
priced nt Sl.ftO. Cauirht In the omt nt
shiny blnck hair nnd catchlne the llnhts
of the
c night time the stones would be
For three generations Fruit of the
Loom muslin has been a trusted friend
in thousands of American households.
Women using it for their white sewing
have learned from experience how well
it wears, how fine and smooth its finish is,
and that after washing it; looks as well as
the day it was bought.-
Now this old friend can be had in a
new form. Leading manufacturers are
making up Fruit of the Loom muslin in
such articles as nightgowns, nightshirts,
pajamas, sheets and pillow cases, men's
and boys' shirts, and handkerchiefs.
This moderately priced muslin is excellent
for children's clothes, aprons, niehtgowns,
men's shirts, and all other Garments that need
to be made of a strong, durable cloth that will
launder easily and well.
It is worth your while to ask for Fruit of tho
Loom in ready-made articles as well as when
buyine by the yard. Look for the label.
Alio KUkcn of Wlmhot Crfpc nd OdW Fine Cottoa Fabric
ConvctM & Conpuir, SitHmi AtMi
88 Worth Street, Nw Yotk
very effective. For the girl with the
hair of spun gold there Is a smaller one
with scintillating stones of cornflower
blue, for seventy-nvo cents.
I have a new drew of Jersey cloth
.wi it ! n mnnt. ntnrtllnf shade ot cm
t.i j.ka i wa f trimming. niiT.
v.. n1o,. la relieved bv white cuffs and
collar. When I purchased tho dress
whlto linen was tnrf material for the
cuffs and collars, and I bad nn idea
thnt uiowr whlto satin would go well
with the green of tho dress. And it did,
but, nlasl the satin did not stay white
- nnv crMif. lensth of time. It
soon became yellow after n few visits
to the tub, and that I did not like. Ho
t t,... hntiB-ht ome white baronet
satin, the sort that is used to make
the smart skirts so much in evidence
this summer. A quarter of a, yard will
be plenty, and it c6st me but slxty-nlne
cents for a new collar nnd cuff set of a
antin with such n lovely sheen, and
will not turn yellow when washed.
For nftinc of lini mUrun Woman's Paii
fcdJ?r it nSw WBlnnl 8000. or M.ln 1601.
County Homeopatho to Meet
The Philadelphia County Homeopathic
Medical Bodety will hold it monthly
rrtP.tlnc. ton htht at 0 o'clock In tho
Hahnemann Medical College.
Pure grape juice crushed
out of the plump purple
fruit fresh from the vine
yards of the famous
Concord grape district
gives this Abbotts frozen
dessert a delicious flavor.
YouVe never tasted any
thing half so good, so re
freshing. All this week and
next, at Abbotts dealers'.
"You'll know that
it'a great
When you've eaten
a plate."
Wanamaker' s Down Stairs Store
Delightful Hats at $8
Hold a Prominent Place
in the Opening
Display of New Autumn Millinery
Little puffed-crown toques of duvetyne in softest shades
of tan have bows of brown cire ribbon and streamers which
reach to the shoulder.
A jaunty little hat of navy blue panne velvet has the
upturned Chinese brim which sparkles with iridescent beads.
At the side is a long tassel of beads.
Then there are large hats and small ones of black velvet,
henna, grape and russet browns, some with burnt plumage,
some with glittering beads or shiny black ribbon.
It's a most charming collection of becoming hats of the
kinds that every woman enjoys owning and wearing.
Corsets at $1.50
W. B. corsets for average fig
ures are of pink or white coutil
in three good models.
Boys' Suits
$1.35 and $1.75
300 suits, all of which wero con
siderably higher, are in a clear
away. Included are romper-suits,
button-on and Norfolk suits and
middy regulations. Materials are
mostly sturdy gingham in plain
colors or stripes, blue, tan and
brown among them. Some white
jean sailor suits arc in tho lot.
Sizes 2 to 6 years.
Velvet Rugs
Half Price at $2.50
27 x 54 inches
Heavy-grade velvet rugs in
blue, rose or gray, offer a choice
of three different patterns.
Fresh Japanese Straw
Rugs Half Price
27 x 54 inches, 75c
36x72 inches, $1.25
Of exceptionally line grade and
woven with a close warp. The
designs are woven in the colored
threads of the warp, adding to the
durability of tho rugs and making
thorn reversible.
Girls' Gingham Dresses
Four different styles of ging
ham dresses have snshes to pleaso
girls of 6 to 14 years. They are
pretty school frocks, being of dark
or light plaid, club-checked and
plain-color gingham with becom
ing collars. All have long sleeves.
Slip-on Aprons at 75c
Bright and cheery and very
efficient, with nothing to get in
tho way pf tho busy housewife.
Of plain-color, checked, figured
and striped percale in blues, pink,
yellow, brown, etc. Belts, pockets,
sleeves nnd interesting necks are
bound with contrasting percale.
Undermuslins, $1.50
It is the soft fineness of the
materials, as well as tho dainti
ness of the styles, that makes
them remarknble.
Nightgowns nro of white, ba
tiste or of pink or white crepe.
Envelopo chemises nro of pink or
whito batiste trimmed with cm
broidery, pink or bluo dotted
Swiss or lnce.
House Dresses at $1.50
Two neat styles aro of plaid
gingham. Ono is trimmed with
whito plquo and the other with i
pleated organdio frills.
Charming Autumn Skirts
Men Have a Choice of Three Kinds
of All -Wool Suits With Two
Pair of Trousers at $35
Flannel Blue Serge Cheviot
If you like long friendships you'll like one of these suits, for it will be your friend
for a good long time of satisfactory wear. First, the all-wool materials ; second, the two
pair of trousers; third, the amount of reliable tailoring those three things mean
As for styles, they are all semi-conservative suits of exactly the type that business
men like. Coats are single breasted and half lined with mohair.
Principally blues, browns and green mixtures.
All regular sizes.
(Cullrt? Miirkcl)
Men's Cheviot
Pajamas, $2.50
Good, durable, comfortable pa
jamas, they are in colors men
like: blue, tan, lavender, green
and pink.
It takes quite a little to boat
tho combination of Wanamakei
dimensions, good material and
reliable workmanship!
(Oullery. Market)
Men's Half Hose
35c a Pair
3 Pair for $1
New medium-weight half hose
for Autumn are of highly mercer
ized cotton, well leinforced, in
black, gray, nnvy and cordovan.
((.ullpry. Mnrket)
10,000 Yards of Gingham Special at
18c a Yard
26 Inches Wide, in Checks and Plain Colors
It is all unusual gingham both in quality and patterns at this price.
Half-inch checks so popular lor tcnooigins irocKs are in brown, red, navy and black with
Smaller two-tone checks nie in almost every imaginable color How pretty they are for
guimpes for one-piece dresses; for blouses for the button-on serge skirts of schoolgirls; for collars
nnd cuffs; for house frocks and so on.
Plain colors, such as lavender, light blue, gray, pink and green, have as many uses rompers,
boys' blouses ard men's shirts, a-? veil as the manv things for women and girls.
Underwaists, 50c
Strongly-mnde little undergar
ments are of sturdy white cam
bric, reinforced nt the seams.
The buttons aie put on with tapes
that will withstand impatient
Boys' waists are in sizes 1 to
6 years; girls' are in sires 2 to
14 years.
Boast Stripes, Checks
or Plaids
As youthful nnd gay nnd charming ns
tho young women who will wenr them!
Some arc box-pleated, homo knife-pleated
and some gathered, they are of
black-and-white checked volour;
b!nck-nnd-whito plaid velourj
bluo volour with multi-colored plaids;
striped prunellu in woodsy shados of
Most interesting choosing at $5.76,
$7.60, $8.75 nnd $9.75.
Smoked Elkskin Golf Shoes
for Men, $6.50
Not only markedly good looking, but
as durable and comfortable as only elk
skin can bo. They have saddles of black
or brown leather to support the arch of
the foot. Toes arc broad and very roomy.
Soes and heels are of rubber composition
nii.ii uiuuiiivu miKB wmen grip tne grouna.
The some shoe in tan leather is also $6.50. j
Shoes for Big Boys, Special, $3.90
Sturdy school shoes of heavy tan leather, blucher cut, have wide
toes and thick welted soles. Sizes 1 to 5:.
Small Boys' Shoes, Special, $3.90
Tan leather shoes in sizes 10 to 13l are in blucher or straight
lacc styles. They have round toes and the lasts are on the correct
lines for growing feet.
(Onllfrj. Market)
Women's Coats at $45
to $57.50
This Year
At the first touch of the
materials one's fingers
learn that fabrics are bet
ter and linings aro better
than they have been in
years past. Velour, soft
Bolivia and its variations
are the materials best liked
for sorvice nnd warmth.
Sketched nt $45 is a cont
which is a good example of
tho valuo to be expected in
cents this season. It is of
navy bluo or brown velour,
silk lined throughout, nnd
topped with a very deep
furred bhnwl collar of rac
coon. Other coats are trimmed
with collars of wolf, raccoon
or mole und same nro en
tirely devoid of fur. But
every coat in tho collection
is excellent vnluo for the money.
Long Chamois
Lisle Gloves in New
(Made in America)
$1 for 8-button-lcngth cloves,
in crouse, white, tobacco brown,
mode nnd gray, with Paris-point
embroidery on the backs,
$1.25 for 12-button-lcngth
gloves, in blnck, gray, mode,
grouse, white nnd tobneco brown,
with Paris-point embroidery on
the backs.
$1.50 for lC-button-lcngth
gloves of tho same kind in the
same six shades.
Imported Chamois-Lisle
Gloves Bear Lower Prices
So soft and fine, so much like
leather in appearance that ono
guesses the name of tho well
known glove maker beforo look
ing inside the hem.
50c and 75c
."Oc for 2-clasp gloves, in whit,
covert, gray and black, with
spearpolnt stitching on the backs.
7(5c for Btrap-wrist gloves, in
brown, covert, white nnd gray,
with spcarpoint stitching on the
Junior Girls Will Like
These New Jersey
Dresses Typical school dresses, com
fortable nnd easy to wear.
Some are in slip-over style with
guimpes of tan crope dc chine.
Others are in one-piece style with
contrasting leather collars, cuffs
and pocket-pipings.
Mostly in navy, brown, Copen
hagen or henna. $15.
Chinchilla Coats
for girls of 8 to 14 are in navy, j
broun or gray lined with bright
red flannel. $16.75.
- Hi
'I -' ;
i . m i- ri-jt- -. i r fry v&v-. vij; v '

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