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Fair tonlilit followed by Increqglng
cloudiness Saturday becoming unset
(led; little chango In temperature;
TEirnitATimK at kach-hqub
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icuenmo f&umtc maiaer
VOL. VII. NO. 308
t j
Mayor Heads War Council of
' All Factions Opposed to
Contractor Rule
A "
a ,
Administration, Penrose, Voters
"V League and Women Will
Be Represented
Efforts to Be Made to Arouse
Public to Importance of
Beating "Bosses' " Slate
50 Pretty Girls Continue
Registration Drive Today
Fifty pretty and appealing girls
arc nt the various rnllrontl stations
today to call attention o women
voters that their last chance to
register will be tomorrow. They
carry banners inscribed :
"To women voters of Philadel
phia. Your last chance to resistor Is
Saturday, September 10. Don't for-
Later in the day the young women
will walk through the central scc
tlons of the city spreading the gos
pel of registration.
The strong nnd righteous forces op
posed to contractor misrule joined their
arr)s today in a powerful, wcll-olfi-ccrcd
army, ready for the bitter fight on
September 20.
Kvcry clement of civic life opposed to
the Varcs and the "fifty-fifty combine"
entered into alliance nt a notable meet
ing In Mayor Moore's office. As a re
mit of this meeting, the most Important
held slnco the beginning of the present
primary campaign, a gencrnl committee
of sixteen, charged with the direction
h battle against the Varcs, was au
thorized and will be named tomorrow.
'The organization meeting, nt which
the plans of campaign will tnkc final
form, will take plnce tomorrow nt the
headquarters of the Voters' League, 221
South Broad street.
Full Alignment Present
The meeting today was more than, n
gathering of the Mayor's War Hoard.
Conferring with the Mayor nnd his
chief advisers were representatives of
the various powerful elements" which nre
sweeping steadily ngainst the contrac
tor combine. Besides the Administra
tion representatives were the spokes
men of the women, of Senator Penrose
and of the Voters League.
The Campaign Committee, ns decided
on todnj, will consist of sixteen mem
bers, four representatives each of the
Administiatlon, of the Voters League,
of Senntor Penrose and of the Republl
.can Women.
Though there was no decision ns to
personnel, It Is believed the chairman
ship of the Campaign Committee will
he vested in either Thomas Itncburn
White or rrnnklln Spencer Edmonds.
1'or lice chairman tlio name of Mrs.
Iles'le Dobson Altemus has been pro
posed. She is chulrmnn of the Rcpub
llcan Women.
The lepresentnttvcs of the four ele
ments probably will contain nt leabt
somo of these names:
, For the Administration: David T.
Hart, Twenty-third Ward; Harry J.
Trainer, Third Ward; Andrew Frosch,
Hrty-bccond Wnrd, and John Flsler,
orty. sixth Ward.
For Senator Penrose : President
Judge Urown, Fifteenth Ward; Oscar
toll, Thirty-seventh Ward; Ruck Dev
lin, Eighth Ward, and Robert Greer,
Eighteenth Wnrd.
Three poslbilities mentioned for the
otera League are: United Stiitcs At
torney Georgu W. Coles. Sheriff Lam
berton. and Kdward J. Hunter, cxecu
we secretary of the lenguc.
Women to Bo Represented
For the women: Mrs. Altemus, Mrs.
arelay H. Wnrburtou and 'Mrs. John
Wannnmker. 3d.
Political lenders agree tlint it is hard
W overestimate the importance of tho
meeting today. The pride of accomplish -,ii
.' '". Scnntr Penrose's fimil
declaration of support was visible in
every face. There was n marked spirit
oi co-operation evinced by members of
J Lf cIo,'11ent5- Enthusiasm, rndl
the mectl!" the Mayor, swept through
It was the resolve of every one there
Continued on Vage Two. Column Two
Judge Ingersoll Delays Action on
104 Defendants
Attor'Si'0!.0"?'. Scpt' "--Motion by
iSit.n'"i lerMo nml Nllt,cr to lcfer
sent , in.,cn8c't of defendants repre
S? l "'.em resulted in Judge In-
J morn L ,i ins nnnounccment this
Hn t,"t wntenco would be de-
dS . 8Cm'11, 1Qi defendants have
Pitnaed :ion vult. n,i,i ,i, n,.,.-
Pned shortly after 10 o'clock the
Bui C" '" t,w '"nteo Trust
""ding was crowded to overflowing,
to rni ro ff ,lawyers were present
bnoS P 'foro Mcntcnco wo"'
sin&. t'W0" announced that, no
nte? vou1'1 b0 mK8l today. "I
the On i ." y Rinnl I"""." tntod
UTn&,l,c,,t "111 hold
Bfe 83a? W'iaia&3Ss x
Tj, .
Afl it
Entered at Second-CIn mmi, at
Under the Act
,,,., . Ledger Thoto Scrvlco
William T. Tlldcn, tho national tennis lilnj;, opened up tho champion
ship tourney at tho (icrnmntown Crlilcct Club today with a straight-set
victory over Irving Wrlfiht, of ISoslon. J. O. Anderson, of the Aus
tralian team, is shown In tho oval
Speedy Millbourne "Judge"
Shoos Auto Club Attorney
From Court
IlObert W. Ilenttv, nttorncv for the
Keystone Auntomobiie Club, was given
tlilrtv sreonds to get out of the court
of Justice of the Pence I. Martin
Terkcs, tho "fining squire, " nt Mill-,
bourne, today.
Mr. Ilentty endeavored to put up
an argument, but did not wait for the
r-Miirntlnn of tho thirty spcoikIh. which
tl judge was tolling ofT on his watch,
'llefore ordering the nttorney out of
the court, the squire read the riot net
concerning legal tnctics ijt speed case
hearings, nnd the Keystone Automobile
Club In general.
"Judge" Yerkcs .came to court today
with "blood in his eje." ready for
trouble if thp Kc) stone Club's attorney
resorted to his usual obstructionist tac
tics. The only case in which the Keystone
Club was Intel csted was that of Cliapln
L. llarr, prominent Philadelphia busi
ness man, whoxc home is in Spiiugfielu
Township. Mr. Unrr was cited for
two alleged violations of the speed laws,
one August 11, the other August 18.
In reply to a question from the Judge
ns to his speed, on the lirst date, Mr.
Ilarr said he d'd not know how fast he
was golug, but took it for granted ho
wns going slow, as he had known about
the speed trap at Millbourne.
"So jou were another of those fellows
who knew all about It before it was in
the newspapers," snapped the Judge.
"Well, I'll just tine jou 514.20P'
Troublo Starts
It wns when the Judge asked the de
fendant how he wished to plead on
the second charge that the trouble with
the attorno started. Previously tho
Judge had warned the eluli s legal rep
resentative that he was not to interfere.
Mr. Ilentty spoke up, however, when
Mr. IJuu- hesitated, and said: "Plead
not guilty."
Judge Verkes sharply otdercd the at
torney to keep quiet. "Vou come here
ns the representative of tho Kc stone
Automobile Cub," said the Judge, "the
representative of an organization which
boasts that it bienks up more speed
traps than any uthcr club in the coun
try. That's a reemd to be proud of,
I am sure. I remember jou appealed
the case of William Harrow, whom I
fined two weeks ago. If that mnn gets
olf on appeal he and you both ought
to be horsewhipped. It was a flagrant
case; I saw it myself.
"Lnst night I had a phone conversa
tion with Coroner Drewes, of Delaware
County. He told me that in the last
hlx weeks there have been ten auto.
mobile deaths in the county. lie com
mended the woik we nro doing here, nnd
said I might quote him emphatically
for it.
Attorney Wimcd Aside
"Vou and jour club nio interested in
breaking up speed traps, which are the
only protection against these constant
automobile killings. Vou mid jour club
members share in a heavy lesponslbilitj.
Tho Judge continued by declaring
thnt the nttltudo of the Keystone Au
tomobile Club was an "Invitation to
break the Inw." Here Mr. Ilentty
tried to interrupt. The Judge waved
him aside
"I'm through with 5011," said 'Squire
Verkes. "1 heichy disbar you from any
further practice in this court. Nor will
I let any jepresentatlvo of the Kej
stone Automobile Club practice here
who tries to resort to the obstructionist
methods you hne followed. Now get
out I glvo you exactly thirty seconds."
This encounter had so "het up" tho
Squire that ho llnlshed all tho lirst
notice cubes on his docket He imposed,
however, oiily one other line. This was
SU.20 on H. Sinister, of Fifty-sixth
nnd Chestnut frei'ts. Six of the others
ho let off witi the payment of costs,
one ho dischnri .1. and one cube he con
tinued. v
Tho Squlro announced ho would hear
n big docket of second notlca cases next
week, r
- fL-. '.
.h. rmtofllce t riiliadeiphla, r
of March A IBID
Wants "Millionaire Kid" Kept
From Reformatory Despite
Admission of Guilt
Mrs. Kdgar T. Hoffinnn, of Collings
wood. pleaded todoy with II. L. Van
Itoden. Assistant District Attorney of
Delaware County, nt Media, for the
release of her son Charles, the "million
aire kid." who is In Media jnll await
ing trinl for larceny.
"Let him go this once," said the
mother, weeiunc. "and I will guaran
tee that he will never get into trouble
again. 1 won t once let him out of niv
The mother argued that he had suf
fered enough, and further punishment
wns In the nature of persecution.
Mr. A'nn Itoden told her thnt the
Inw would not persecute her hoy, but
thnt he must suffer for his own sake
nnd the sake of the community.
"He will plead guilty," shol said,
"and my onh fear is that he mfcy be
sent tn the Huntingdon Iteformntory.
This is n nice jail nt Media, nnd 'l
would rather lie hnd n six months' sen
tence here."
Mrs. Hoffinnn snld she would plead
with Judge Isaac Johnson, who will
hear the bnj's inse during tho Sep
tember term.
Young Hoffman wns committed re
cently to Glen Mills School for the
theft of 11 large sum of money from
his employer, who hail sent him with
checks and cash to bank. llefore thnt
he hnd been nrrested for drawing fraud
ulent checks on the Corn Exchange
Two weeks ago the boy ran nwny
from Glen Mills, stopping in Delaware
County to steal clothes and money from
tho homo of Henry Smlthson, nnd wns
caught In Lancaster.
Acting Detectives Charles Schwar,
head of the missing persons Imrenu,
and John Mnliaffej were sworn in ns
regular detectives today by Assistant
Director Tempest.
Fire and Pestilence to Siveep Philadelphia, According to
"Prophet'" of the Glad Tidings Apostolic Mission
Fire and pestilence will sweep Phil
adelphia tomorrow and many will per
ish, If n prophecy genuinely believed by
the curiously st.vled Glad Tidings Apos
tolic Mission comes true.
.The members met last night In n pub
lic hall nt -l.'U Hroadway, Camden, and
there prepared gravely for the scourge
that most of them appear convinced will
attack Philadelphia tomorrow.
Tho liie and pestilence, the mission
believes, will be a punishment of the
people for lertnln unspecified nets of
wickedness, and tho unrighteous will
perisli In large numbers.
The belief is based on 11 prophecj
made bj Aslihiirn Carr, of .lnr, Enst
Price stieet, Gcrmautown, a member
of the cult.
Carr Is a West India Negro who
hns lived in this city for u number of
j ears. Except for his wife, he Is the
only Negro "saint" of the Glad Tidings
Mission, the pastor of which Is a Scotch
man, tho Hev. Dobson Ilunnlford, who
lives nt -070 A street, Kensington. Mr.
Huuiiiford says he vouches for the "'n
splrntiou" or authenticity, of Cnrr's
prophec .
Prophet's "Inspiration"
Carr is tall, of powerful build and
about forty-threo years old. There Is
no affectation in his dress, nor emit
iu his speech. Ho admits that ho is
imliinnipil 111 the U'nrlv samko nlnl wlinn '.
...... ...v- v""' v, .. ....v..
Champion Easily Eliminates
Jrving Wright, 6-0, 6-0, 6-1.
Takes 17 Straight Games
Results of Feature
Matches in Nationals
William T. Tilnen. 2d, Philadelphia,
defeated Irving C. Wright, Uoston.
0-0, 0-0. 0-1.
Wnllnco Johnson, Philadelphia, de
feated Fred Mercur. Haiiishuig, 0-t,
(l-.'l, 0-1.
Hportn Kdllor Rrenlnir Public I.nlxrr
William T. Tlldcn, of Philadelphia,
world's tennis champion, opened the
national singles tournament nt Mnn
hclm today by decisively defeating
Irving 0. Wright, of Boston, in straight
sets. This menus three in n row- and
the scores were 0-0, 0-0 nnd 0-1.
Tllden won seventeen consecutive
gnmes which might be n season's record.
If It isn't, it should be.
Tllden wns entirely too good for his
onponent. IIo scored repentedly with
nil sorts of shotR, depending on none
in partlenlnr. Wright took things for
granted after the first set nnd seldom
mndo nn effort to lay his racquet on
Hill's hard returtiR.
After tnklug seventeen games In a
row, Wright finally won n game. This
wns due to the fact that Tllden wns
hitting the ball Into the net and getting
careless. However, he enme through In
the sixth nnd was nllowcit to lenve the
court with the first victory of the dnv
under his belt.
riret Set
T '' en 4 n 7 I 1
Wrla-ht a 4 5 1 1
,, , Kecnnd Set
Tllden 4 r. 4 4 4
WrlBht 1 3 1 i 1
, Third Set
Tllden 4 4 4 4 I 2
WrlKht 1 2 1' S 1 4
4 21 c,
0 in 0
310 a
4 2n n
21 11
Wnllnco Johnson Wins
While Tllden wns disposing of
vtrignt. Will ace Johnson, another
Phllndelphio hope, was eliminating
1' red Mercur. the HnrrlNhnnr iM.r,,-,!.
hoy, who recently won the Middle Stnte
Junior title here. Mercur succumbed
In straight sets, but he gnve Johnson
a much better battle than Wright put
up uHuniHi J.11UCU. J. no scores were
u-i. u-a, h:4.
The point'scorc :
I . First Het
I rnhnron 4 1 4 4 4 4 40 2S
I .Mercur 1 4 1 1 0 1 21 10
Second Het
Johnson 44444112 4 1 28
Jtorcur 21101444 2 3 11)
Third Set
Johnon 2 2T444411 0 31
.ucrcur 1431UZ2 44 1 1 2,
Weather Ideal
The day was ideal for the opening
of tho tournament. The sun wns shin
ing without opposition nnd n faint
breeze blew ncross the courts, making
It plensant for players nnd spcctntorn.
Although n record crowd was cx-
Contlnunl on Tnto Six. Column One
Declare Product Sent From IYllne3
Is Improperly Graded
Heading, Pa., Sept. !.--( Ity A. P..)
Voicing inanv public protests, the
Heading Coal Dealers' Association to
day -ent to the State Association n
complaint nsnlnst the coal companies
which send anthracite to this cltj .
It sets forth thnt large tuniititles of
pen conl ore mixed with chestnut size,
and that buckwheat size is slmllnrl)
mixed with pea, while us high ns
ciht pounds of coal dirt have been
screened from one on of conl.
Tho State Association is requested to
take up the, matter with the coal com
All the private brniuli exchanges
connected with tho Walnut Exchange
of the Hell Telephone Company were
out of order for about an hour this
morning, une exact cause lias not yet
been ascertained.. but the trouble wns In
the ringing machines. Telephone com
pany ollicinls said that the trouble was
not caused by any electrical disturb
ances, but that the condition wns some
thing not uncommon, although not
usually of such long duration. In
spectors hnve not jet turned in n com
plete icport on the scientific reason for
the trouble.
asked whal Ids occupation was replied,
"common laborer."
He gave an account of the "Inspira
tion whli h led to his propheev.
"It was the evening of tiio sixth
of June he snld. "I wns sitting in
my kitchen reading In the pnper about
the Hood disaster iu Pueblo. Col,,
when I found myself being sei.ed bv
the Spirit. I wns commanded to tnki
11 pencil. I found mjself writing over
the back of the newspaper these words :
"'I will pour out my wiath upon
this city not many da.vs hence bv Hie
and. pestilent e ami many shall perish
September. 11112. tenth day. Thus
biiith the Lord.' "
"Vlsl'n" Is Hevealed
At ll'st. he declares, Carr said noth
ing about, this "revelntion," even to
his v,vif. Hut some tlnys afterward,
during a meeting of the Glad Tidings
Missh iccordlng to Mr. Ilunnlford,
tho Spirit, "speaking through" another
member of the cult, commanded him to
tell It. Some time afterward Mrs E.
M. Endjcott. of North Fifth street,
Camden, announced a "revelation,"
which was:
"I 11 m the Lord of Hosts . I shnll
do whereof I hnve spoken to your
This wns Interpreted by tho "saints,"
as the mission members call themselves,
to refer to Cnrr's prophecy.
Alio unui Tjuings .Mission kept the
.. . -. -
tununufu on irate ontiwtta. Colnmu Throe
Afternoon Feature
Matches at Manheim
2 P. M.
No. 1 Wntson M. Washburn, New
Vork. vs. A. D. Thayer, Phll
ndclphin. No. 3 J. O, Anderson, Austrnlln, vs
L. 11. Iticc, Iloston.
No. 4 It. N. Williams, I'd, Iloston,
vs. Sidney Thayer, Philadel
phia. No. 0 It. Lindlcy Murray. NIngnra
Falls, vs. Hugh Talent, Ilos
ton. No. 12 JCcnr.0 Shimldzu. Jnpnn, VBf
A C. Neilson, Illinois.
1 P. M.
No. 1 William M. Johnston, San
Francisco, vs. Hugh Kellcher,
cw Vork.
No. 3 F. Gordon Lowe. Knglnnd, vs.
J. I. Werner, Princeton Uni
versity. No. 4 .1. M. Dnvles, Los Angeles, vs.
Stanley Pearson, Philadelphia.
No. 7 S. Knsliio, Japan, vs. Carl
Fischer, University of Penn
sylvania. U. S: AGENT SUICIDE
Seven of Greek Crew Wounded.
$90,000 in Liquor and
Drugs Seized
Ily the Associated Press
New York, Sept. 0. After a raid by
I etTcral prohibition nnd narcotic agents
on the Greek steamship King Alexander
tony. In which seven members of the
crew were wounded bv pistol shots,
Frank J. Fitzpntrlck. chief nnrcotlc of
ficer here, who had taken part In the
raid, committed suicide nt n nearby
pier, nccnrdlng to a police report.
Other Federal ngents were conversing
with Fitzpntriek In n room of n ferry
house near the King Alexander's dock
in Itrooklyn when he shot lilm-c'f in
the heart, the police said. Tho wound
ed members of the crew hail just been
sent to n hospital under arrest and the
prohibition nnd nnrcotlc agents were
returning to Manhattan with confis
cated drugs valuej nt ?".ri,000 and
liquor valued nt $1.T,000.
Motive for Stiicitio Unknown
Fitzpntrick wns twenty-eight years
old and before joining the Federnl forces
here lived in Hridgeport, Conn.
Other Federnl agents declared they
knew no motive for Fitzpnlriek'K sui'
clde. They expressed the belief thnt the
excitement nnd strain of the mid tem
porarily deranged him.
United States Marsdinl Power, thirty
dqiuty marshnls anil twenty policemen
were -icnt to the King Alcxnnder nfter
the suicide tn ainst ail members of the
crew on board and take them to the
Federal building for questioning.
The raid was under the direction of
Finest L. Langley. chief Federnl En
forcement Agent In New York. Agents
senrched the vessel thoroughly, the crew
fleeing below decks. There were inter
mittent pistol shots from both crew nnd
agents ns the Fenrch progressed. When
the bnttlc subsided three of the wounded
men were found lying in their bunks.
Mr. Langley snid thnt ?:i()0 had just
been pniil by one of the ndvnnce ngents
nnd part of the contraband art'cles de
livered when the crew's suspicions were
I customs
Ktiari s and police reserves, uho sur.
rounded the pier to prevent the crew
fiom fleeing. The prohibition .lgeuts
siild. however, thnt an, officer of the
vessel to whom they were to pay (lie
money hnd vanished.
The King Alexnmict participated in
a midnight race to port from bejond
the three-mile limit September 1 lii nn
effort to make sure tlint the Immigrants
on bo.ud would be admitted to tile
country under the monthly quota res
Dr. Nathan and Family Struck by
Borrowed Truck
Ilnbbi Marvin ntlian, .'1117 Ridge
menue, 01 mi. leuipie neth Israel,
Tlilrtj -second street and Montgomcrv'
avenue, appeared in the Central Sta'
tion tills morning before Magistrate
Itenslinw against John Ferre, fifteen
j ears old. of lllackwood, N. J.
The ilerg.unan testified thnt lie was
crossing Delaware avenue Inst night
vvith his wife, Dorothy, and her mother,
Mrs. M. Huckvvnld. when a truck
driven bv Ferre knocked all three of
them down. Mrs. Nnthnn wns taken
to the Jefferson llosp.tal, being the
most scrioiivlj hurt, and the others
wete treated nt their home.
During the testimony it developed
thnt Ferre had had no permission to
drive the rtuck. which wns loaded with
bonus and potatoes. Samuel Henkley.
of lllackwood, N. J., owner of the
truck, said that lie did not know it had
left his fatm until he heard of the acci
dent. Ferie was lndil in ;j!,-)00 bail for
11 further hearing Moudav.
FaU Downstairs Proves Fatal
Harrj Smith, fifty jenrs old. l.'IKI
Wlngohoeklng stieet, fell own tho
stairs In his home last night and htoke
his neck, lie died before he could be
taken to a hosii tnl. Ho leaves a wife
and tin co chlldien.
Regular and Special
Trains to Manheim
ltegulnr trains over the Ponnsvl
vanin ltatlroad for Queen Lane Sta
tion leave Hrnad Street Station at
1l:!IO A. M.i 13.10. 12:5,1, lm
2:20, :i:1.1. a. IS da.v light-saving"
time. In addition special trains will
be In Hroad Street Station from
noon and will bo dispatched as
rapidly as they are filled.
'"uur,v"- nephew nnd niece, whom she had been George Gemcnden prevented n telephone 1," . ? "'"K" 'r rcsponsi-,
Sroro of Shots Exchanged. renrlng. box thief escnping with the loot he took ,,'i , .1 ,'! , ',e,funl t0 tic nation for
More than a score of shots were ex- Failure From Start from a booth on the sixth floor of Citv I Th,, 1 ,?, "'n.i.l" """V ,.,...
rlinnged by the crew nnd fifteen prohi- Neighbors say the marriage was ., "all shortly after II o'clock this morn- I ,ile . J, 1 p . 1 rth,t f
bitlon.ngegnts. - failure from the stnrt. Thev declared I "'; , , , It2i a Eli, .wi"
In oider to obtain evidence, the pro. that frequently Mr. and Mrs. Dob-on ' , -menden noticed the man enter thr '". ) l ,.f NL.lf ?;V"'" ',nnwVl J n
I tuition agents said, two of them ur- were heard wrangling, and that at . ',"' !l '" the southeast corner of th, ""1 ' 1, "nnrro! . ??.. '.ia m1 I
ranged on Wcdnesdny vvith members of I times, he bent her si. severely th- Klxth lloor ni"1 w.Tirl that ''' remained ' . ."' l''1" , 1rw,falll,ll,llJ I"UflnWt
the .row to pay $14,000 on the vessel se. earned vv.th pnln. O,, one ,,r two ' '"r" "" ,,n"M'n"y time, strolle.l ,.VtM
today for the liquor and drugs. Thesv occasion, she showed bruises on he? ''" '" f," " 'ns wrong The X(1 "', n, nwc ,e, T be wee Cr?
two ment on the vessel alone. Menu- arms and face, which she told neigh- "i"V'n ,,,m wminciiil dashed -tu . i!rltn , ami IrHun.l n"viTo ns hV onn ?
whir. .1 member of the crew noticed bois had been due to the beatings bv -f "' '""th dropping seventj -live ."f"',, mUng hl Jthao'at
n lniiuch with the other rnrents nn. iit, ,, nickel, m his flight. ' . ' ., ,",,hl"i "- stipuumon tnac
ubllehed Dally Except Sunda).
Copyright id'il
Mrs. Isabella Dobson Killed at
Runnymode Highlands Two
Months After Marriage
Mr.. Imbcllu Dobson, thirty-nine
jears old, wa fo-unl murdered In bed
In her bungalow nt Hiinneinede High
lands, along Mt. Ephraim pike, eight
miles south of Camden, at 10:30 o'clock
this morning.
She hnd been beaten, apparently by
a man's fists, and ber throat wns dis
colored by bruises. Indicating she hnd
been choked.
I The police nre searching for her his
band. George Dobson. thirty-nine jcars
old, to whom she wns married two
months ngo ns the resiilt of nn adver
tisement he placed in n Camden news,
pnper. He was seen leaving the house
heading for the White Horse plkp. at
0:30 o'clock yesterday morning, taking
with him his nine j car-old son. Hay
inond. and. John nnd Ilnrbarn Mi -McKeown,
nephew and niece of the slain
woman. The boy is nine 3 cars old and
the girl eight. .. .
Mrs. Florence Allison, whose Home
is 1!M) yards-frtmi the Dobson bungnlow.
discovered the b'id. . After another
neighbor,' Mrs E Miller, ind told her
this "monirng' she henrd screams in the
bungalow jcterdnj morning. Mrs. Al
lison decided to investigate. The screams
were heard just before Mrs. Allison
snvv Dobsnn Jenve the house vvith the
She went lr the (, tigiilnvv, anil when
her knock was 1,1. answered pecicd in
the window. She -nu the body of Mrs.
Dobson lying on the bod. Her face wns
severly discolored The body was clnd
in n nightgown and a quilt had been
thrown over It
Mrs. Allison immediately gave an
alarm nijd Lieutenant E. McGrath, who
patrols Centre Township, Camden
County, wns notified. He informed the
office of County Prosecutor Wolveilon,
in Camden, and .Wistnnt Prosecutor
Hurling and County Detectives Dorn
and Smith arrived nt the scene 1 short
time later.
After an examination they said Mrs.
Dobxim hnd been dead slnte yesterday.
They found n blood-stained towel on a
elmir neor tho bed, and both burners
of nn oil stove were still burning. They
Immediately began the search for the
missing husband.
According lo detectives nnd neigh
bors. Mrs. Dobsou's lirst husband.
Charles Shields, died February 1. At
the time of his death she received SI, "00
nnd the bungalow ntltunncmedc High
lands. Answered Advertisement
Two months ago. Dobson, a widower.
inserted an advertisement in n Cam
den tiewMinpcr in which h
said he
was Sean hlng lor a wife
.Mi Slile'ds ensvvered the ndvei ti-o-nii'iit.
and Dnhvm left his home, be
tween Clnjton and Finnkllnville. N. J.,
and came to (lie bungalow of .Mrs
Shields. Their marriage in a church
at 'Hiinneinede followed.
Dobson brought his son to live at
the bungalow nnd Mrs. Dobson kept her
moitgage on the bungalow. Tills mouev
litis not been found in the bungalow bj
those investigating tho murder.
Immedliitelv after the County Prose-
! color's elk' e was informed of the crime.
detect iv (s &i 111 touch with the polhe
of Cl.ivtnii ami Friinklinvi'le. vvhcic
relatives of Dobbin live.
Baldwin's Gets Order From Chlfe
The Itiiidv.iii I motive Works lias
received an urdi r fiom the Government
ot Chile (ni ten Mikado nniiuw gangi
freight IncomoMves.
Richard M. Shoemaker, head of the firm of Robert Shoemaker
& Co., wholc&alc druggists, died last uight at his apartment iu
Gcrumntowu. He was eighty-one years old, oud death -was from
heart dlfcaic. Mr. Shoemaker wag one of the oldebt members of
tho Union Lcugcu, and had beired In the Union League Voluutccrj.
ijulps tb Civil War. He io survlvod by four brothers, and
two Utua.
"Tip" About Liquor Proves a Fish-
Box Story f
.icu.r,' .... u i co-not ui a squnn , Seven men and two women ere nr
of revenue agents left this ritj hur- I f'sted in n raid on un ice-ereani par
rleillv Wrdncfcil.iv niclit In ii,tr.,.,.,t ., . hu on Callowhlll street nbovr. Vi.,...
whiskv -laden schooner due to rriv
Wildvvood. According to their tin the
schooner landed a cargo of liquor three
weeks ago und was due in again jos.
The ship arrived all light and vvos
boarded nnd searched, but the ngents
found a hold full of tlshboxcs. They
learned she had been iu a shipyurd dur
ing her absence, getting fitted out to
resume her old place in a fishing fleet.
Euhnrintlon Price SO a Year by Malt.
by Public Ledcer Company '
Missing Camden Girl
Five-jcar-old girl inlsltig from her
homo sliuc early yesterday. The
jmiIIco are Investigating. She lives
at 1)12 Federal street.
Alice Monroe, Five, Last Seen
Under Bridge Talking to Man
Who Gave Her Candy
Camden police nre senrchltur for
Alice Monroe, live ears old. daughter
of Ira Monroe, a huckster. !M2 Federal
street, who is believed to have been
cither kidnapped or murdered. She
was last seen under a railroad bridge
near Warren and Wright avenues,
talking with n mnn who was, giving
her candy.
.John Kilnter, n city detective, ns
.. d today he be -
lieved the girl hns heen kidnapped. Kvl-
dence Is difficult to get and dccrip-
tlons nre lacking in details because the
only witnesses are thlldrcn.
Alice, with her little brother. left
their home early yesterday to gather
wood in the rear of the Hattery II Ar-
mory on bright avenue. After some
time tho boy returned nnd told his
mother he hnd left Alice with a little
girl neighbor. When this little girl
came back she told Mrs. Monroe she
lin.l Tnft ll.m tllL-l.lf. . i,l. n ..,... n ..nt.
'i"or i1,,p ago nnd very prettv. When sliej
I left home she was wearing a plaid j
""' "" "V." , , T, ""'c, """ " """ ie oniy guarantee tlint lie can
under tho railroad bridge. She said the, accept will be a guarantee of complete
man was giving the tot candy and that separation is voiced bv the Dally Ex 2
Alice called for her to come back, but press, which adds: "We believe a war
she refused. will yet be found to secure to Ireland
The neighborhood where Alice wns the liberty ami freedom within this
last seen Is more or les of nn isolated Empire that will insure" her every
one in the rear of sevcrn' large in-, measure of prosperity nnd development
dustrlal plnnts and it would be an ideal to which she nspircs ns 11 self-gover-spnt
for nn abductor to do Ids work, j ing dominion."
Alice hnd blue eyes, blonde hnlr tinilj
was of fair complexion. She was Innre Crave for Settlement
dress and apron r.uil was barefooted. lermine the matter." remarked the
LDaily Telegruph. "the Hritlsh Govern-
City Hall Guard's Vigilance Forces! prl! 'conferVnt'th'a sttne'nV tile
Thief to Flight Minus Phone Loot ' rutry is craving. We shall see how
The vigilnnee of Citv Hnll Guard
I ootli ami the polite believe that tin
tlnet thought this would drown tho
noise of the hammer he us(.,i to smash
the coinbox. '
. rn, 1 nvi4v i- uui iiuiif I1IMI IMP I '
Milton Solomon, who is aid to have Attack Youth and Loot Cash Reg
broken jail in Columbus, o. ),, month, , t , Charge
is i.mlei- ariest lieie 011 a eliarge of vio- ,. ,, , "';ac
latins the Mann ait He U uceused nl .' ''','.';'" .""',! ,,,,,rcd the workrooms
lir aging two seventeen-venr-old uirls
110111 vv i-m irginia 10 tills cltj reeentlj
Solomon was an ested here last week tin
a charge of impersonating n policeman.
Callowhlll Street Ice Cream Parlor)
Raided Hold Proprietor I
,','.,!,h !H'Jt "iK.ht ''" I'"."''" the Twen-
tieth and Huttonwood streets station
letier written to .Mnvor Moore bv
mothers of several .voting girls is snld1
b.v po'lce to have cuused the wild
ltiiblltuito D.tn.ilii i.lm. I .. l.i t
;" --......., MI..SVM iin neing
proprietor of the plnce. wns helil In
.S00 bull for court by Magistrate Car
ney nt o hearing this morning. Samuel
iV.i rn'",,'U' bt" t,H awM"nt, wan lined
SIJ.WJ. Th other people wero ills-
Message of Lloyd George Ha
Smoothed Way for Accept
ance of Parley Plan
lly the Associated Pi ess
London, Sept. I). Sinn Fein Ire
lnnd is called upon to state whether Itsf
demnnds upon the Hritlsh Government
contemplate separation from Grcnt
Ilrltain. according to the view of news
papers here.
The text of the reply of the Hritlsh
Cabinet to Enmon tie Vnlera's latent
note, made public last night, was con
sidered as a demand for n dcflnita
reply from the Irish Republican lender,
and a plain declaration that the writing
f notes between Dublin and London
cannot be continued.
It was be'lcved thnt Prime Minister
1 L'oyd George hnd smoothed the way foe
an acceptance by Do Vnlcrn and his col-
?JW $
UCZC1Z reply to
De v nlcru was prominently displayed In
the papers here today and the opinion
I was gencrnilj expressed that tne Uov-
ornment bod gone as far as possible.
Therc was considerable speculation as
I lo the nature of De Vn'era's reply to
, the note, nnd much advice was given
him by the various journals.
Hash Given for Discussion
"It Is Impossible to sny," snld tho
Daily News, "that the present noto
asks an.v thing whatever of Ire'and that
is not freely conceded bj Australia,
Canada nnd the ruling mnjority of
South Africa. This tuny not be the
basis (or an agreement, but it nppenrs
monstrous to sny it is not the basis
1 for n discussion."
The Daily Chronicle says thnt in thu
answer they send to London De Vnlcra
nd bis rlends must decide "whether
j they nie for or ngainst a settlement."
"They will do well." the newspaper
continued, "to clear their minds of any
idea thnt because the Government has
preferred the soft nnsvver that turn.
nwny wrath, It will yield in any dcjrree,
on the fundamental issue of unity
within the Empire."
i-mtitit wiiethcr De Vnlcrn will reply
I !.. .1.- - ....
"If the enrnest desire of nil but a
fraction of Southein jrvmnd could de-
1 ....... V" , n,crn an ." colleagues are
'unt.nuril on I'.urr ScNentrrn. Column One
, " lsnroi . 3pecter, garment
iiiiiMTP, ill ii'-. iuii e stieet, at 110011
tmljj and compelled n dozen employes
to stop work. It is also ehm-ifeil thev
looted the cash drawer of SK17
At that hour members of the Ann
and the foreman were at lunch and tho
establishment wns in dmrge of Louis
Specter e'ghteen, n nephew of one of
tho proprietors. Wheii the boy at
tempted tn use the telephone to summon
help he wns pinioned and held by two
of the men nnd his efforts to shout
stopped bv a hand held over. his mouth.
1 The building at 102!) Race street in
occupied bv the unices ami workroom!)
of u number of dressmaking loncerm.
It was evidently the intention f tbo
men to stop work in the entiri Hid
ing Thej went lirst to the Fnit nld
Waist Compunj, on the seventh i. or
of the building. Miss Lillian Mnser,
twenty, an office worker, who lives nt
42", Mantua avenue, was ulono iu the
She hnd seen the Wn coming up tho
stnirvvii), and before thej reached tho
lauding had closed and locked the door.)
Tho men pounded nt the door nnd
threatened MUs Maser with liana.
Their throat and their nttempts to
foico the door falling, they went down
stairs to the place of Weisbrod & Spec
ter. Three men hnve been nrrested, Thejr
arc at Clt Hull awaiting a hearing.
Register! Register!
Last Chance Tomorrow
Tomorrow is the last day.
You lose your vote if you fall to
appear at tho polling place and
The registrars will sit at all the
polling plan m in tho city from 7 A.
M to 1 P. M. nnd from 4 P. M.
to 10 P. M. tomorrow,
Those who have not registered In
the belief registration subjects thera
to Jury service are In error." Jurors
are not chosen from the registration
Fewer than 200,000 of the 700,
000 eligible men and women bars
registered !
1 1
m .
iT t-JA
i$pi--. '
v ,
tii 1
n ' i
&i&iT&ffi ?
"rim , 1 1 .

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