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rubllihed Dallr fexcopt Sunday, fluhaerlptlon Prleo la a Tar W Mall.
Copyrlaht. 1021, W Fubllo tidier Company
)?Qiiffyld Pledge of the Ku Klux Exposed to Show Members Bound Only to 'Law' of 'Emperor'
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i Follower of 'Emptor' Swears Not to Reveal Anything
Done by Fellow White Robes Except Treason
or Two Other Inexcusable Crimes
'Colonel' Simmons Also Cannily Obligates His Followers to De-
tray ah expenses ui ms mystic urbanization wnen
- Kleagles Whistle or Groan for Cash
I EXAMINATION of the four-fold oath of the Ku Klux Klan shows the
togs of this secret, "fcmperor'-ruicd order, which is reviving the
inditions of masked terrorism.
T6C oatn, wnn us tnrcais oi ucnwi una uisnonor ior n violator, is
rin in lull louay.
The first section binds the Klansman to unquestioning obedience to
William Joseph Simmons, the "Emperor."
The second obligates to rigid secrecy.
Tho third section requires fidelity in fostering "every interest" of
tie Klan.
.. The fourth binds to "Klanishness."
" Kln this amazing screed violation of "this sacred oath," in tho eyes of
the ruler of tho "Invisible Empire," is a crime on a par with murder or
ith.treason to the United States.
4"il.. n t. -i e it.- T.'ll- x! ...!J ...i i-. .t . .
, 'in mo iirst aiuua ui uiu iyiuii s nuiiuii-wiac extension mo lOUr-IOlO
ma usuuny us uuiiuiuaieieu uwc bculiuii ul u nine, ine lnicrvais ueing
(lWby "mystic cave" assemblies and the marching and counter-marching
hooded and gowned "Terrors."
Noyir that the Kleagles are hurriedly organizing all the candidates
obtainable, the entire oath frequently is administered in one dose. Amerl-
ttn titizens are thus swearing to it unconditionally at the rate of 5000 a
rijtaaccording to Simmons.
S&Tne newly mado Klansman not onlv nails with n .tin 'Mnnnfi'nn ,.
tjja'iropBgatioiv of Ku-'Kloxism, but he also obligates himself to meet
ofunas ior tne expenses oi the order.
ImHERE is no doubt that Emperor
1 81mmon, or whoever wrote the doc
ument, produced a "rcnl oath."
'Hwdenw "joiners," members of ns
I mm? tititi ns they have fingers, hnvo
eiaminedtfand found it the "stlffest"
cblritlon they ever bad heard of.
The tint nnd Inst of its four sec-
Itwnj ire as dangerous matter as could
tie worn to by a "fcroup of American
Unconditional obedience to the as yet
ufaown "constitution and laws, regu-
lttlona, usages nnd requirements" of
tae Kntxhts of the Ku Klux Klnn nnd
totke "mandates. decres, edicts, rul
lift and instructions" of Emperor
Stomoni. la the first obllentlon sol-
efflly sworn to by the candidate, "In
e presence of God nnd man."
t Secrecy Main Obligation
Rirld uprrnrv. pvn In thi fnrfi of
ih, in regard to nny nnd nil "mnt
tjrt and knowledge of the Knights of
st Ku Klux Klnn," Is the second ob
ifitlon, also assumed by the candidate
Wore any "mntters nnd knowledge"
km been intrusted to him.
, Fidelity in faithfully fostering "every
wwest" of the Knights of tho Ku
Wax Klan Is the third obligation, ns
lamed "before CJod and In tho prcs-
of these mysterious Klnnsmen."
KlsnlshneHH," to the extent of
Wing the secret of n Klansman, with
UI sole exceptions of secrets concern
JX the violation of tho Klnn onth,
KMSOn nrnlnHf tlio TTnltcil Stntps rnnc
Md malicious murder, and to the ex
wt of uMng nny nnd nil "justifiable
WMM and methods" to preserve "free
PtMIc schools, free (-peech, free press,
jtMretlon of church nnd State, liberty,
JWte supremncy, just laws nnd the
JWrolt of happiness" ngnlnst nny en
Wchment of "nny nature" by any
iPJtton or perbons. political pnrty or
Mrtles, religious sect or people, native,
Mturallzed or foreign of nny race,
"lor, creed, llnenco nr tnniriio. wlinr.
y," constitute the fourth nnd final
T,1,'??" nlcli ends:
iit i '. "-ii nn dworn wiin litis
'lilt I nlll ll U-ltli m. Mnn1 (.a Tl,,.
jritns. Almighty God. Amen'!"
' Use "Loyalty" as Cloak
..-- .... luuiiu ncviiuu i ue ruiiuifinic
JW wears to support the Constltu-
frit, . ? constitutional Inws" of the
w mates and any State where he
a..""0, nnu the Klun organizers
BlUCh (MUll till nt Ilm fnnl- llnf
Mnsldtring their patriotic profes-
SmU'.'i1.0.1.1'1 be, borne ' mlll "'t
!?' of the or hrlnnl Ku Klnv Klnn
Krl." 0Un.1 alPcnr I" the few
iftv. "' '""tii Mi-iKiii wuh nrrnriipii
SS?.i.V,,.,t!on ?f the United Stntes
f)Tnr" "nniH wnicli made "Ku
K-S1L- ? n A.rlrTr?l! i
wrmnV.. 7 ,UIMB, mnfllcCl1 violence nnd
i ,i,::"7,"vu VaHt' oi wimt linn.
M'Put I if f...y,eW. " "ecessnry
iJ "ie fear of God" Into n onrnntl
M&W".w n Negro.
4nd Mi-. . " or n Negro.
rotei'T', V'e,s,,t their niodern
e docul '"' "'I, nttneh to. the
'tiJli ii XX1 "' "" bil1 ,of rIht9
iZ. ?.e.".ry Pei son w tliln th..
from the infliction of any cruet or un
usual punishment, will be abundantly
shown by the Evemno 1udxic
nJmnledi!,tcl? nfter t,,ls nrticle it will
warnings forcible nbductlons, tnrrings
nn,1 fhi5CriT' la8hin?8' mutllat Sm
and other outrages nnd v olatlons of
""tlonal rights nnd prtwfeges
which have been occurring in this freo
1 within the last few month
while ku Kluxlsm.lnc, has bwn bonst
".?' the rush of "PURE AmeHcon-li-m
to seek :ts levels.
Danger Always Present
., PM?8C?,tl"S n critical analysis of
the obllgnt on n ready .,,, i u
500,000 AmericanS.XyEvnESCPt;ny
nn?nME?fn h08 n,waW In infn.1 the"
potcntinl danger to the United States
S5S.A '"'? oran!"tlon bound to
gether by such nn onth, under the nbao
luto domination of one mnn an,? ?lkev
at any time to .draw Into its r.n '2
or no regnrd for anything but tho Ku
Itnlc.. atandard8 oi conduct and
The inherent viciousness anil nnn
tlal danger to Amcrlcantamf
Erfctfon1:0 oath aru "lnJe
Brne1,tIn,Ilffleultva.Snne7f,i Becn n" fl"d
great (iiuieult In getting a chance to
see even after he has been ndm ttwl .,
many a "Kotop" who rends hlokno"
from h s own experience; and it : furthw
binds him to obey any Ku Klux laws
U'int..may. be enacted in the future
whether he npprvc.s ,of them o '
A man who takes this obligation ami
keeps it gives "Emperor" Simmons n
blank check on his life and hb entlrS
liberty of thought and action.
Under tho second section jn tho first
clause is found a promise to "dill,
gently guard and faithfully foster every
interest" of the- Klnn. and "maintain
its socla caste and dlgnlty"-whlch las
Pledge, In view of the facts that arc
jiuw turning our, is notll ng less thnn
heroic Hut the whole clause is a
sweeping declaration that every Interest
of the order must bo paramount to
other considerations.
"Emperor" Demands Fealty
In rigid interpretation nnd Ku
Kluxism is rigid any slightest devla
tlon from absolute personal obedience
and loyalty to Emperor Simmons is n
violation of the oath.
"I swear," says another section
"thnt I wi I nny .nromntlv nil .i
legal demands made upon me to defray
the expenses of my Klan nnd this Order
when same are due or called for."
"Kick In. boys!" says the Tmn.i-
Wizard. "We need some money. Tf
rmi itnn't fc vnn nni wUlnl..
'" i. V"" ..-,'"'i.i'w"i.. :.' V"!"' f.nr
ui iu wiu jiuidf if i mi, mm nny viola
LV&fPC Wmsi'
mfff-vv nL .LLLLVlLLWi
The "flcry cross" of the Ka Klux Klan Is tho rallylhgTilgnal when tho
brotherhood Is called together for its secret meetings or "excursions."
Many victims of outrages perpetrated by white -robed "regulators" saw
this smoking, flaring symbol as their persecutors applied the lash or
tar and feathers
Bishop Berry Joins State Ex
ecutive in Scoring Methods of
White-Robed "Regulators"
means tiinKrnre. (UMinnnr nn.i
death,' ns we told you when you Krl.
',i,i in,i ' " "cre
"I swenr thnt I will keep securo to
myself the .ecret of n Klansman when
same Is committed to me in tho sacred
bond of Klnnsmnnshlp the crime of
violating THIS holemn oath, treason
against the United States "of America,
rape and malicious murder alone ex
cepted." This clause demands careful think
ing ocr, particularly by well-meaning
Continued on rase Six. Clomn Two
The extreme danger of such organiza
tions as tho Ku Klux Kln;i, Inc.. was
pointed out today by Governor Sproul.
He expressed surprise thnt n body
with such views and purposes could
gain any headway In these days of en
lightenment. He said there was no excuse for such
an organization, whlcn. ne dcclnrcd, Is
contrary to everything American.
"I have becn reading the accounts of
tho Ku Klux Klan In the Evkm.vo
Punuc Ledqeh," he said, "nnd wab
surprised to learn what the Klnn's
purposes nrc. There Is, of rourse, no
necessity for such a body In the United
Stntes. Its existence Is to be deplored.
"Secret organizations which seek to
rcgulato the action of the people in
such n manner arc in conflict with the
constituted authorities. The Constitu
tion of tho United btntes bus provided
amplo safeguards for nil Its citizens.
"Such an organization as that de
scribed in the Eve.ni.no Puulic Ledoeu
is undemocratic uud dangerous. I was
surprised to hear of it guinlng so much
Dlshop Joseph I. Henry, of the
Methodist Episcopal Church in this
city, said :
"How any one who is not cither
ignorant or vicious can be ahhoclated
with such a movement as the Ku Klux
Klan Is more thnn I enn understand,
If recent exposures from the inside by
those who claim tn know the actunl
Bplrlt and life of the organization can
be believed, It would seem that the
whole business is to be tuboocd by good
"I would t-ny the snmc thing nbout
other nth-bouml institutions which
assume to take the execution of law
into their own hands. What wo need
in this country is a great revival of
patriotism, and patriotism ran only be
secured by loyalty to constituted au
"H what I nm told about certain
other ecclesiastical nnd political or
ganizations which have large member
ships in this country is true, then I
would plnce them in the same category
as the Ku Klux Klan."
Organized labor tn Philadelphia is
lined up bolldly against the Ku Klux
Klan. ...
The warning by Matthew 'Woll, vlco
president of the American Federation
of Labor, concerning the Klan found
a reuily and wnoie-nenrtcu reiteration
from labor leaders here.
Mr. Woll declared Ku Kluxism "a
mennco to American freedom." He
pointed out that trade unions t,tnnd for
democracy, while the Klnn "stands for
a sneaking, cowardly nutocrncy, work
ing in the dark, striking under cover,
Beaston, Mace and Walsh Fol
low Connell Out of Pen
rose Camp
George Dobson, Runnemede
Highlands, N. J., Nabbed by
Sleuth in Ontario
Detective Doran's Wire
Reporting Dobson Caught
"South Woodslcy, Ontario Dob
son in custody. Night letter will
follow. Dornn."
Thnt was tho brief message Proe.
etitor Wolvcrton received this
morning announcing that a chase
covering many hundreds of miles
was ended nnd George Dobson, sus
pected murderer of his wife, Isn
bella, in Ilunncmcdc Highlands,
September 8, was rnded nnd a
much-wanted man was under ar
rest. ft
Three more lenders who had becn
counted on ns supporters of the Voters'
League at the primary deserted to the
Vnre.s today, nccordlng to announce
ment made with great joy by the
"Fifty-fifty Combine."
The three arc Harry Hencton, for
many yenrs a Fortieth Ward leader;
Harry Muoe, member of the Honrd of
uonu lowers, nnd William Walsh, n
member of the Hoard of Registration
The three nro nil Fortieth Wnrd lieu
tenants of Councilman George Connell,
tho "big leader" there, who Is presi
dent of the recently formed Leaders'
League, the Penrose organization formed
to back up tho Moore Administration
and the Voters' League.
The expectation was that Heaston.
Mace nnil Walsh would follow Connell
into tho Penrose camp. When Richard
Wcglcin, president of Council, nnd
leader of the Twenty-ninth Ward, de
serted tho Mayor for good und took up
with the VnrcH in spite of tjenntor
Penrose's orders, he wns fol'owcd by
oil the leaders of his ward. ConnelPi
accession to the Voters' League ticket
was expected to result in Ilenston, Mace
nnd Walsh going over to the league
During the Moore campaign the three
who have now deserted to the Vnres
Continued en Vast Four, Column Four
Af. J. American Legion
Denounces Ku Klux
k 1 V tV,?una' nd safety eudai Too World' lini l,ubrlft,-i!. his body.
Continued on I'e Nix, Column llic
Snow Dank la Tpurlat'a Qravo
Fort Collins, Col., Sept. 17. (Hj
A. P.) Gregory Aubuehon, eighteen,
mUsIng tourist of Mlchignntnwn, Ind
found n 'grnvo In a midsummer mow
bank at the beso of n liOUO-foot cliff
of Loin's I'enk. Itocky Mountnln Na.
Ilonal Park. His body was found yts-
terdsEaiy forest rangers after rain and
iPKW mcitea mo enow wnicu covered
Asbury Park, N. J., Sept. 1".
resolution denunciatory of the Ku
Klux Klnn was adopted today by
the Anicrlcnn Legion convention
nfter fervent pleas by It sponsor,
T. Hubert McCauley, of Newark,
nnd Edward Carroll, of Jersey City.
o hooner nau it occn read than
there was an uproar on the floor.
After the oral fireworks, had sub
sided McCuuley delivered his specen
In moving adoption, nnd wns fol
lowed by an eloquent second from
Carroll, who culled the Klux "u
damnable organization " On tho
vote n unanimous storm of ayes
supported t.
David W. Jameson Post, No Kl
American Legion, has instructed Its
delegates to the Pittsburgh conven
tion, ns'follows:
"Inasmuch ns tho Ku Klux
Klnn os exposed in the Evenino
lum.10 Ledoek seems to bo un-
,nr,.Cnn' ,,'", ,hnt " demand!'
swearing allegiance to home other
Power than these United Stntes of
America and in other manners ns
tr-Jl". .,thn.t, nwl"P and con
trary to he ideals of the Ainorlenn
Legion, thnt this matter be brought
to the attention of the Department
of lennsylvnnln, American Legion,
in cantonment assembled."
George Dobson, wonted for the mur
der of his wife, (sabclln, in Kunnemedc
Highlands, N. J., September 0, is
under nrrcst.
He was caught in Canada after n
.chase through Western Ontario which
covered hundreds of miles by Law
rence T. Down, a detective attached
to the County Prosecutor's office in
Dormi has returned to Cnnndn to get
the two children the niece of the denil
womnn and Dobson's son whom the
suppojeu slnycr took with him.
Dornn lodged Dobson in the jnll nt
Uctrolt police headquarters last night,
and will proceed to Camden with him
without delay.
The chief of policcnt Detroit, talk
ing on the telephone this morning, was
unable to east much light on the case.
Prisoner Sullen
"Dobson is here," he said. "The
New Jersey detective brought him in
t P!sht' nml wc locked him up for
him. Tlln mnn'lu uitUn h.. - ...
v .,,,,,,., uul ocl-jj,3 will-
'"B enough to nccompnny the officer bail
to Camden. Not being our prisoner, we
have not attempted to question Jilm, but
it Js only natural thnt some of our men
have tried to talk to him. He refuses
to discuss the minder or the chase that
resulted in his arrest.
"I ennnot tell you wiicrc Dornn is.
Jlc merely nsked the courtesy of the use
of our lock-up. which we. of course,
granted hirn. He did not mention what
hotel he was stopping nt. He merely
left Dobson nnd said he would call
for him some time Sunday."
when Dornn comes home there
s no doubt the talc of the chase will
be un epic ns Interesting ns the stories
of similar pursuits thnt have reached
to the far corners of the earth. Dob
son s trail wns fo lowed without osten
tation nnd ndvertlslng nnd Is n splen
did example of the type of police work
thnt hns made "Jersey Justice" famous.
Nabbed at Rrotlier- In -Law's Homo
Shortly nfter Mrs. Dobson wns found
brutnlly beaten to death search of the
Runnemede bungalow disclosed the fact
that Dobson bad relatives In South
- Contlnurd on Vnie Four. Column One
North Seventh Street Family of Nine
and Visitors Flee
Samuel Mostovoy, a grocer at 1400
North Seventh street, his wife nnd seven
children, and two relatives who live
with them, eeenped from their smoke
filled dwelling over the store nt 1 o'clock
this morning, nfter they Iind been awak
ened by the crew of n passing trolley
Tho fire origlnnted in the sugar bin
of the grocery store. The trolley crew,
whose names were not learned, saw the
ginro or tne lire turougu tne store win
At first It seemed Impossible to arouse
the sleeping people, AN ltb the aid of n
neighbor Harry Kandus. the crew pro
ceeded to break into the store, ready
to go upstairs and rescue the sleeping
people. If necessary. The crash of glass
as the front door wns burst In aroused
Mostovoy and his family.
The house wns full of smoke, but
with the aid of the enr crew and neigh
bors the eleven persons in the house
groped their way down to the street und
escaped without mishap.
Mostovoy nnd two of his mi m-
,.. . ... .; - ' '"!
wn, iwriiij-uru jfurs oiu, nnd Mar
tin, twenty venrs old, got buckets nml
with tho aid of their nelghboi Kn, .
dus put the fire out before the engine
arrived. The damage was trilling.
Philadelphia Girl Brought Home by
Dotectlve at Mother's Request
Violet Doris, sixteen, !)0) Moynmen
sing avenue, ended n brief two. week
stage career when n Philadelphia do
tectlve went to her theatrical boarding
house in Rnltlmore nnd told her ho had
been sent by her pnrents. She nrrlves
home this morning.
. 'U,,1,' .n'" "?.rry mJ. theatrical career
is blighted," he girl said, when she
reached the police station, "nnd all be
cause my oldest sister Is going to be
married and leave home. I was just
beginning to like life on the stacw
too." '
She is the third oldest girl in a family
of ten children, four boys and six a W
She lived with her father nnd motile.!
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Doris, until she
joined u musical shotf. August U7
Her mother allowed her to join a
musical comedy company, but-whcn
It left the cltr. wnntpH hr.r n ,...
i :- j isi v. -..- " .vmB
uuiac, sou uuuucq
Woman Burned to Death
As Family Sleeps Nearby
. ..
Husband Wakes in Time to Carry Children
From North Howard Street Home.
Injured Trying to Aid Wife
Mrs. Michncl Gumcnok', C07 North
Howard street, was burned to death
enrly this morning while her husband
and three little children slept in a room
within n few feet of her, unaware of
the .tragedy until too laic to do nnything
L'ut snve thcmclves from the flames.
Michael Gumcnok spated in the
kitchen of the home, holding the hand
of his daughter Anna, eight yenrs old,
told the tal of the tragedy, this morn
ing. "Anna, my wife, nnd I were nt a
party over nt Pelr Dychuckmz'n Inst
night nnd came home nbout 11 or VJ.
I had had n little too much, nnd Anna
undressed nnd went upstairs to sleep
In the front room. I went to bed In
the back room with the children 'and
got to sleep right off.
"Next, I knew the children were cry
ing, nnd I smelted smoke. I went to
the door, which was locked, nnd opened
it. Flames nnd smoke came out und
burned me. I henrd nothing from the
room. I ran nnd got the children nnd
took tdicm to the street. Then I went
bnck. The flames were worse nml fntlier ns ho lnhnrlmmlv tnM th clnrv
burimd 'no more: th( n the firemen enme1 of tho tragedy through the bnndoges
nnd took nie downstairs. Then I wns that swathed his fnce. In his attempts
In tho Roosexelt Hospital with doctors to save the mother of his children the
"Vim"1" ,"u" i n an had received serious burns on his
When the firemen extinguished the . hend and all down the right side of his
blnze, which was trilling In itself, they body.
found the body of Mrs. Gumcnok hud
dled in the corner of the room. She
hnd evidently tried to get to the window
nnd cscnpc from the blnze thnt caused
her death before she collapsed.
How the blaze started Is bard to de
termine, but the theory Is that n small
oil lamp, which wns the only Illumina
tion In the room, overturned In the
night nnd stnrted the bed burning. The
womnn must have becn awakened by
the death-dealing flames.
This morning the narrow alley on
which the house fronts wns littered with
bits of burned bedding, nnd when the
reporter arrived ut the house.
Catherine, seven years old, another of
the daughters, was sweeping similar
litter out the door. It is probable that
the bits of bedding on the ground floor
had dropped from the body of her
mothcrn when the firemen carried It
from the house. With the stolidity of
the dazed the little girl was mechnnl
cnlly brushing nwny these grim evi
dences of tho tragedy.
Inside the house, Mnry, nine years
old, the third daughter, watched her
Philip Corson, Plymouth, defeated John Arthur Brown,
Philadelphia C. C, 1 up, 10 holes in the St. Martin's cup golf
semi-final. Corson met Norman Maxwell in the final this afternoon.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 17. Nationals of Italy took the lead
last month in obtaining naturalization as American citizens, a
position held for many months by Germans, according to figures
mftae public today by the Department of Labor.. Total certificates
of naturalization issued in August were 16,481, of" which 1028
"were obtained by Italians as against 8SS by Germans.
Impossible to Hold Parley Under
Conditions Recognizing Sev
erance, Says Lloyd George
Peter 'Wancuskl. ten years old. Ontario nnd Beach streets.
was restrained in the act of attempting suicide by jumping into
the Delaware at the Ontario street wharf this afternoon. The
hoy said he wanted to kill himself because his mother and father
had beaten him with a rubber hose. Detectives found his back
covered with welts. They turned the boy over to the Society to
protect Children from Cruelty. The parents had accused him,
unjustly, he said, of taking ?2 from his mother.
SAVANNAH, GA., Sept. 17. The Norwegian steamer Bjor
stjeme Bjoruson, 3200 tons, which cleared this port la&t night
for Hamburg, put back today on account o: a fire which is "re
ported to have badly damaged the ve&sel.
Actor Will Appear on Man
slaughter Charge While Mur
der Accusation Is Pressed
the police.
Champion Slight Favorite Over
Wallace Johnson in Tennis
Title Tilt Today
William T. Tilden. of Philadelphia,
nnd Wallace Johnson, of Philadelphia,
are all set to piny for the singles ten
nls championship of America at Mnn-
iieim mn nfternoon, provided the
nniiiirr unc, not iiitertcre.
Dark clouds hovered over the nrena
nnd there was every indication ,if rnln
San FraurlM'i), Sept. 17. Roscoe '
rbuekle wns cast today for u new I
court scene in Ihe tragedy of Virginia
Nappe, motion-picture actress, who
died, necording to nccusc-s of ArbucMc,
following a driiikinc "f?v 'n : ncior's
apartment in n Sun FrnncNcn hotel
and ns n result of inMrciitiiicut b her
Todny Arbuckle s to be arrniencd ' ", . rs b"fori' .'he . match, but tho
in Superior Court up.ui an Indictment i ,.,,, "" ,""",,'e" , tnilt tllP "mtcli
charging miuiHliiughter. returned bv the i pmye.1 unless the downpour
county (Srnnd Jur. Rut this arraign- Uo,'"mc t0" severe.
ment is mere formality. It was saldnand Tilden is favored to win the match
District Attorney Mntthew Rrady was nn" is tllp ol,,'s ",l choice of the wnaer-
"cncdtiieu to nsk a continuance of the '"C gentlemen, but Johnson nlso has
.-iiniuuKiurr cusc uiuii iicuon uns ucen '"". miiiuriers. , close match is ex
pected It It Is played.
In case of postponement the match
will bo layed on Monday,
Johnson litis been the dark horse of
,.!! it"Vir"T . Xobo!y Plekeil him to
reach the finnl round, and his survival
is a surprise to the gallery. He loomed
tnken on the ehnrces of first. iWvp,.
murder pending ng"nlnst Arbuckle in
connection with Miss Rappe's death.
Tlio Dlstrlf t Attorney had announced
the murder charge will be pushed and
It Will 111 loft nil tn n Inrr I,. ,1. ..,!.!..
whether Arbuckle shnll be convicted of
j- - iHuiiivi, oi-i-umi urgrcG niur- ; "i' "'s. now ever, wnen it. rsorrls Wll
Hu. rt'h was also one othe'hat he had a o "c iane Wn'.iiSS!
& 'r,' lc - wna that If the Police I?. Anderson. 'the .As"ralfi "wliom he
of Ah ib A"', ' I " I'""?', .." J""""" "; "'"J ester, ay in four sets.
ji. - " ""in inc come- niince never Mas won n nn
2'!i" L "n:w,r 'f ".T "P-lor Court on championship and never h.
CoatUutd'tn re JFonr. Column Two
beared vr?. ' "'r,"r.l:?w r?n.kf''.-. l i,c mways'is
slaughter lMdlctnL-7vWl ,.' or'SSS: our, irZi "m0?if. th. '"!!?." '?.
' m ........ kuu inn v ! w fin fat n
Continued on Tate rur. Column Xhr'ee
Ry the Associated Press
London, Sept. 17. Prime Minister
Lloyd Ocorge, replying todny to the
communication of Eajnon de Valera
yesterday, says that to receive the Sinn
Fein delegates to the proposed confer
ence as representatives of an indeflend-'
ent nnd sovereign State would "con
stitute formal and official recognition
of Ireland's severance from the King's
Lloyd George says that so long as
De Valera insists that the Irislj dele
gates should confer ns the representa
tives of nn independent nnd sovereign
State a conference Is impossible.
Sinn Fein acceptance of membership fn
the Rrltish Commonwealth as the basis
of negotiations with Prime Minister
Lloyd George is seen as the only way
out of the present Irish jdtuation and
deadlock by London newspapers.
Tire Dally Chronicle todny said ac
ceptance by the Irish Republicans would
mean thnt pence was In sight, the news
paper nddlng that "until the Sinn Fein
does accept pence is unattainable."
"There Is satisfactory evidence in
both English nnd Irish newspapers,"
declnred the Dally News, "that the ri
diculous dispute which brought nbout a
temporary abandonment of the Invcrnes
conference is not likely to have any very
serious or permanent effects."
..The Dally Express asserted that
juggling with n phrase" I ml to the
dendlock. but said thce was little doubt
since receiving De Vnlcra's latest let
ter the Prime Minister would "find
means to accommodate Mr. De Valera
and his friends."
Tho situation assumes a more hope
ful nppearanre since De Valera In his
itJr yesterday seemed to place a
different construction on his own words',
in the opinion of thp London Times.
Onirloch, Scotland. Sept. 17. (Ry
A. P.) The receipt by Prime Minister
Lloyd George of Enmon de Vnlern'H
teegram of yesterday. In which the
Irish leader expressed the view that
the peace n-gotlotors should meet un
traminelcd by nny conditions "except
those imposed by the fnctH ns they
know them." is considered to have
brought about a change In the situa
tion. Lloyd Oeorge passed a good night nt
IiIh vacation home here nnd was very
much lettcr this morninc. thn ilni
cal'.ed to Onirloch hnvlng lanced the ab
cess which caused his Indisposition.
Ihe date of his return to London, how
ever, has not yet been fixed, nnd the
next meeting of the Cabinet whether
it meets in Iondon or Inverness de
pends upon the rate of his progress.
Dublin, Sept. 17. (Ry A. P.)
Enmon de Vnlera's telegram, sent yes
terday to Prime Minister Lloyd Oeorge,
was today declared by the Frcman's
Journal to make it more evident that
the Prime Minister had been "too hnsty
in his conclusion that the Sinn Fein
letter eonvejlng detnils of the Irish ac
ceptance of his invitntion to n confer
ence implies n demand for recognition
In advance of the Irish Republic."
The newspaper asserted one encour
aging fact was made clear bv the cor
respondence, nnd thnt wns that "both
the Rrltish Government nnd the Irish
lendent desire nn honorable p-ace. nnd
that the people of both 'countries are
overwhe mlngly with them in this com-
"To nllow such a position to be
lost would be a hideous blunder nnd a
crime ngalnst civilization." the news
paper continued. "We are expressing
the unanimous wish of the Irish people
when we assert n method should bs
found to resolve the deadlock without
threat or force, and that the confer
ence should proceed untrnmmeled br
i (Terences thnt will almost certainly
disnppcnr 0n the dny the conference
In official quarters here the most
fnvornble construction is placed on De
alera s telegram. The Impression
Tontlniifd nn Pan ronr. Column fiinr
Struck While Playing Ball on High
way Near His Homo
l.ancast p., sept l7.nv
lied in n hospital In this city enrlv
this morning of injuries received when
struck by the nutnmobllo of W P
Stnrkey. 17:.'!) North Front street, liar-'
risburg. ' r
The boy wns playing ball on the Lin
col,, highway, near his home In Onp,
rrldny nfternoon and fnlled to notice
the approach of Mr. Htnrkcv',, rnr
which wns running slowlv. He wai
fractured. Mr. Starkey assisted the
Injured boy to n physician's office
Who Won
the Prizes
In the I'ubllo Ledger's Content hv
tnBt answering the queitlon. "WhV
Woman In History Would You Wi
to Have Deenr u wl"
Read tomorrow's
Sunday Public Ledger
and nnd out all about vthem and
don't fall to road the prlse-wlnali
..' A
V" ' 1
f.h. .i.U.,M-,
rfv f V4i'.:cafrTv
i"s ..-jtett i- -VA Aa &U& -.i ..
. -iM.ito, A
yj: V. v 41.

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