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-?- 'rron , - ? -'
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"frasi"'ership8 In Abington and
Cheltenham Sought In
Bitter Contests
( fTATrniiMD treasurers,
' . ,.t..i trtnr 'will bo nominated
morrow In Abington, ChcUonhom Hnd
rt' florlnrfieW- Because a Republican
M Umlnatlon is usually equivalent to
i.eSnTtHeso townsbips; the fights
.. been exceptions"? umr.
la Abington flro men
,Thoy were llascel-
..... rTVafiaiirer. a.,
?S. H Lever. Chief of Police; Dr. W.
cnnuiumu lor renuni'
( A'w ril.M.M
Bowara V. TJ a
InllHon: Iiurviu..,
Cross, of Rydal;
I " . .-- I . t--
n..M Denttlnfnoit, roemocr oi iag
K of Commissioners; William H.
52S, of OlenaWe,. and H. O. WU-
11 The office is worth $7000, yearly In
Ut Each condidntc had his platform.
4 fever opposition 10 unru irrra con-
fc trol of the offico ; Wilson, a continued
f business administration ; Cross, cf -
R flelent direction of financial affairs of
l the township; Bennlnghoff, on appeal
ii tot nomination to a compensated office
ifter twenty years of complimentary"
:l wrrlco to the' township, and Scatty,
lv that the office was "overpaid" nnd he
& would, If nominated, return all foes
fa or' a fixed nmount to the township
$T treasury. .. . ..
a Beatty never really eot Into the race.
T.over developed racehorse proclivities
h, and ten. uays ago ua iceu 10 vm.
R lien, it Is openly declared, prcasuro
ft was exertea wmen virtually compoueu
. him to drop out. This prcssuro was
in Indication 11 ne conunuea in me
fljht, reprisals would follow which
would result In tho loss of the Jobs of
many of Levcr'B patrplmcn( who had
been, it won said, doing effecttvo work
for their chief.
Tho decision tomorrow is expected to
uo between Wilson and Cross.
In Cheltenham Township tho tress
urcrship fight-is between Edwin Lim
son. of Ashbourne, incumbent, and Jo
wpli Cochran, an attorney, of Wyn
The fight for tho trcasurcrship In
Springfield Township Is between W. W.
Dclssicr, ot wynuraoOr, nnd w. Byshcr,
incumbent, witli cVery indication point
ing to Delssler winning tho nomina
tion. In Jcnktntown Borough thero are
bitter contests for every office from that
of Chief Burgess' to members of Coun
cil, nnd school directors.
Tho fight for Chief Burgess is be
tween Wllllnm Cornelius, a Jenklntown
business man, and Edwin Bcllls, bank
examiner nnd former town Councilman.
Thirteen men arc contesting for places
in Town Council, and tho school dl
rcctorshlpsare no le&n hotly, contested.
But three well-known women nro In
tho field for the- school directorships.
They nro Mrs. II. Norrls Harrison,
Mrs.H. B. Prest, Mrs. John 8. Gay
The Golden Mietat
MAGNIFICENT wedding gift,"
fluttered Miss Rocket as her
wrinkled white hands grasped tho quaint
steel casket and bore it to her own
chlntz-ihung sitting room.
Tho English solicitor for theB6oth
bys, of Scarrowc, looked very scornful
as ho went down tho stono steps of
tho stately mansion where Agatha
Rocket Ilvod with her orphan niece,
Sylvia. He knew the Rockets were very
rich so many Americans were rich
and that Andrew IJoothby'a marriage
to Sylvia was purely n love-match and
that the young pcoplo were to go to
Canada and begin their married life
on Andrew's ranch there. Ho knew
all thoso things, and he guessed that
Miss Agatha Rocket was a tuft hunter,
and he marveled how sho had ever
wheedled Andrew's sole remaining rcla-
tlve, Sir Angus Boolhby, of Scarrowc,
Into parting with tho family heirloom,
the Golden Missal, It was n wedding
gl.'t to Andrew, and his bride, but if
tlioy had waited It Would have 'come to
them anyway. But Agatha had wanted
It to flaunt in the faces of her hundred
dear friends.; It was so , old, so mys
tcriouB, so precious I
Alono In her siting room Agathn
thought of the triumph before her all
her Wcnrv vrnrs nt Hlmblnir tlin nnplnl
muuer were worm tno moment when sho hflu eiudea love, lor ne enmc in
sho could display the Golden Missal
among Sylvia's wedding gifts. It was
such n wonderful thing it was con
cerned with English history an old
abbot had written dark secrets on Ivory
tablets and Inserted tho sheets In the
pages of the ancient mass book. It
had then been bound In thin leaves of
gold and sealed with n great seal, and
no ono knew tho contents.' savo tho old
abbot, who bad been dead for cen
turies. Agathn Rocket fairly quaked as sho
turned the rusted little key in the lock
and lifted out tho packago wrapped In
gold brocade that a king had worn ; the
precious relic of n patrician race was
In her hands and she looked guiltily
around as If sho expected Sir Angus to
snatch it from her nllen hands. It was
a smnll flat book, bound between covers
of thin, beaten gold. The golden clasp
was scaled within splotch of red wax,
snd Agatha blushed as sho visuallxcd
Sir Angus grim satisfaction as ho
finally sealed It against her inquisitive
eyes. Tho sedrets guarded, there would
still bo secretn hugged closo to th
hcartH of the Boothbys, even the rich
aunt of Andrew's bride dared not touch.
Dared not? , ..-..,
Her hands shook as she hurriedly
wrapped tho book and thrust it into
the casket, locking it securely. Tempta
tion was very ncaV the proud woman,
who had always reached out and grasped
nil that sho nocuod all suo wanieo.
hmnMo ilrcM in other davs. and now
Love eluded her, savo that of Bylvln
and thero would be Sylvia's children
rami) day.. Tho thought gladdened
her thrilled her. ......
Thim the steel casket containing tho
Ooldon Missal confronted her. There v.
was n tasto of tho bitterness of failure;
In the sight of it. How sho una plan
niwi nhmit It ! " the ncwsnnticrs would
write . articles about it: the pictorial
sunnlcments would feature it; her own
nirtitt-A would be there, and Svlvla'
nrobably Andrew's, if that conservative
young BritOn would consent, which was
,lniihfii1. Aeathn wished she could
detest publlcltyas Sylvia and Andrew
did I uut sno lovca it.
"Here's , auntie,!' fluted Sylvia's
voice, and she came, bringing Andrew.
He was a tall, lean, brown young man,
very much In love. He bent over and
kissed Mis Rocket's cheek.
"Jove!" he exclaimed. "If you
haven't got tho family skeleton!"
"lour uncle sent' it to you nnd Syl
seal unbroken rather decent of my
uncle to Intrust it to usl"
"I wish we could send It back the
via." she explained lamely. "It's tile
Golden Mlr.sal of course you know nil
shout it.''
Andrew shook his head. "Heard
nbout It often, saw it onrc, but never
could get interested can't, you know,
in something that isn't to bo opened or
read," ho said practically.
Agatha gasped. "Not to be opened?
Didn't your undo your -people "
He laughed carelessly. "Never
heard of any ono bothering with It. Thd
old nbboi wrote If find then forbade any
one to read what ho hod written
matter of family honor to leave the
proper place for it Is In the vault at
the Towers, not In our farmhouse,'
said Sylvia.
"Right," agreed Andy. t "Come,
darling, perhaps thoso detectives will
let us look at the wedding gifts."
They went nwiy, so absorbed in their
own love, their joy In bring together,,
Mint: tlmv fnrirnt. Atinf Acntha sitting
there with thi hpirloom In her satin'
Iod. How little they cared for the'
hoarded history, for tho money awnit
ing them. Tho golden glory otf their
Apartments at
the Rittenhouse
Ranorated, refurnished
mod spick,' span and inviting.
Outside rooms, cool, cheerful.
Pick from these:
Two Rooms and Bath.
Throe Rooms and Bath.
Four Rooms nnd two Baths.
Rittenhouse Hotel, 22d and Chestnut
Calorific Power
in today's
Xll JL JLatx..N XXVa
""6JBmiKlijiaf t dtffittfeaMBaaV o
I 'aaHilaaaHfH ISIKKSkI
Heat is the thing that runs your motor. Heat is the
expansive force which drives your pistons, turns your
wheels, moves your car or truck.
The greater the number of calorific or heat-producing
units a gasoline has, the greater its potential power. But
potential power is not actual power.
Unless every particle of fuel burns, instantly unless
all the heat units are developed and utilized in one con
centrated effort power is wasted.
This year's Atlantic Gasoline is not only higher in
calorific power, but it is so accurately balanced with the
volatile elements needed for rapid vaporization, quick
ignition and complete combustion that it delivers power
to the utmost
And this high Atlantic quality never varies. Every
tankful you buy is just like the last.
Make a long-period test and note its uniform, depend
able performance. Also note the disappearance of fuel
knocks, the diminishing of carbon, the increase in mileage.
Consider, too, that with Atlantic there's seldom any
emergency need to "switch," for
"There's an Atlantic Pump on the
road you are traveling"
Beautiful Lighting Fixtures
That Welcome You Home
greeting you with their rich, warm
glow, diffusing soft, mellow light
that is so 'important to the physical
and mental rest you seek.
We can help you in assortment and
price to obtain this effect in your
The Horn & Brannen Mfg. Co.
427-433 North Broad Street '
"A Short Walk Along Automobile RouT
love wan blinding I Agathn hid the
coffer in her safe and hurried down
stairs after. Sylvia nnd Andy. They
saw her coming, a tiny lady with
snowy hair and wistful eyes, and open
ing their arms, went on, tnklng her
between them, shedding some of that
go'den glory over her, warming her
until the clink of money, pride of place
vanished and tho Golden Missal was
Among the wedding gifts It was con
spicuous by its absence.
... . UAU.utf..iy
1 Kow York, Sept. 10. The tfeAftWf
Council of Churches of Christ in Araer-,
lea, acting In behalf of thirty Protest1
nut denominations, today will Issue a
call for the observance of November 8
ns n special day of prayer in nil of the:,
chii relies. K
The Sunday Is the next before th)i
gathering of the international confer
ence on armament limitations.
I Stationery
For BoQkkeepers
Bound and
Loose I-eaf
THE bookkeeper who really takes
pride in the appearance of his work
will appreciate Mann Quality Supplies.
Such as for example
Stock looso leaves, Dtndcrn, Holders!
Blank Books, Columnar Books (2 to 30
columns) ; pencil;, pens. Inks, erasers; card
index cabinets and no on.
Complete stocks on hand for immediate
New York Offices: tGl Broadway. Founded in 188
1m!Z&'$2!4'J, jL '. siti.'2nv ..., ,.'4
Economy Basement Specials for Tuesday
Boys' S3.50 Oliver $1.95
Twist Suits...
Of extra good quality corduroy
in blue, brown and drab. Good
serviceable school suits. Nono
sent C. 0. D. Sizes 3 to 7 years.
Boys Norfolk Suits With 2
Pairs of Full-Lined Knickers
Of good quality corduroy,
strongly rhadc, ideal for school
wear. Sizes 6 to 17 (: Qf
years. At pU"0
Boys Norfolk Suits 2 Pairs of
Full-Lined Knickers Of extra
good quality fancy cheviots.
Strongly made and well tai
lored. Sizes 6 to 17 &: JC
Regular $13.75 Boys' All-Wool
Blue Serge Suits Full-lined
knicker pants. Sizes QO Eft
6 to 17 years )0.uU
Boys Knickers Good quality
fancy and corduroy. Well made.
None sent C. O. D. Sizes OH-.
6 to 17 years. At OVC
bNELLENDURGS Economy Basement
Three Biff Values for
Tuesday in
Sweaters and
Wool Slipover I fa
Sweaters.... vI.OU
Ass6rted colors.
Brushcd-Wool Scarfs Choice of
good colors for fall rto qj
wear $Lt70
Fcathcr-Weight Jersey Tuxedo
Sweaters In nttrac- (Jj'i qjj
tive heather mixtures. vV5
bNELLENBURaS Ecnmy Basement
Specials in
for Cooler Weather
$2.00 Long-Sleeved QQr
Gowns at, Each
Of fine lingerio cloth, with yoke
of small tucks and embroidery.
Women's Flannelette Gowns
Regular Sizes, 69c
Extra Sizes, 79c
Slip-over models in pink and
blue striped flannelette.
Women's Knit Skirts
Regular Sizes, 39c
Extra Sizes, 98c
In dark or light colors with
pretty colored borders. Slight
seconds, but no tears or holes
nothing to hurt tho wearing qual
ity some being soiled or slightly
oil marked.
Extraordinary Values Tomorrow Throughout
Our Entire Section of
Women's Apparel
Bringing Savings of Unusual Interest and
Women's & Misses' $15 Tricotine Dresses (tlft 7C
In Smart New Fall Models at, Each. . WiO
Richly embroidered or cleverly braid-trimmed tricotine dresses,
mostly in the popular long-waisted and straight-lino styles, finished
with Peter Pan collars or in collarless effects. Splendid values.
Women's & Misses' $25.00 Coats, Fur- fcQ QC
Trimmed and Lined Throughout at. . 10.70
Good, warm, serviceable coats of velour and heavy mixed coatings,
in the richest of autumn colorings, with fur-trimmed pockets and
collars. Very good-looking models and very low-priced!
Women's and Misses' S12.75 Jumner Ci at
Women's Bungalow Aprons
Of checked and striped per
cales, trimmed with piping
and finished with pockets
nnd sash. QC
Special nt OOC
bNELLENSURflS Economy Basement
and Misses' $12.75 Jumner
Suits at, Each
Developed in practical tweeds, tho dresses in popular jumper
style, the coats cut long nnd finished with belt and patch pockets.
Women's $2.00 Sateen Petticoats in the (M AA
$3.00 Corsets ...? 9Q
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coutil in medium bust or rubber
girdle top models, with long hip
lines. Sizes 21 to 38.
59c Bandeaux Tailored models
in pink figured 3Qr
materials 01
bNELLENBURGS Econny Basement
September Sale
of Furniture
$7.50 Oak
Kolld oak. high
back, full roll arm
rockers, deep eeutu
u p n o l a tared in
brown plant
leather. Pictured.
New Fall Shades at
. , Also black and white. Some flowered and figured effects,
ished with ruffled flounces. ,
Women's $4.50-Silk Petticoats at, Each. . . .fr? 70
Of silk jersey, taffeta and novelty silks, trimmed J). I 7
with ruffled flounces.
Women's $2.95 Blouses
Of striped dimity in long-sleeve style, their Peter
ran coiiars nna cuffs edged with colored materials. Others are in
white, trimmed with embroidered collars. '
Women's New Fall $7.50 Skirts of
Novelty Plaids at
In pleated effects, for sports and dress wear.
S'iEu.LwNBl'RcS Economy Basement
Everything in School
Apparel for Girls
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Very Exceptional Values in
Girls' Pretty $2.50 and $3.00 Gingham
Dresses at, Each
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Misses' and Girls' $1.50 Middy Blouses and A cn
Smocks at, Each TtOC
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wanted shndes, the jean cloth middies shown in white and Copenhagen
Misses' and Girls' $2.00 and $4.00 Afr to (7 nr
Gymnasium Bloomers at tC p.yO
Of serge and sateen,
kind for gym use.
Good, full-pleated models the regulation
A Wonderful Sale of
1000 9x12 Feet
Tapestry Brussels Rugs
Q- at $7.50 ea. "B
A rare chanco to buy room-size carpet rugs for tho prico of grass
rugs. Beautiful ruga in the much-wanted Oriental and nllover
effects. Seconds of $20 valuos. Wo reserve tho right to limit tho
quantity sold to any ono customer.
Girls' Jumper Dresses of Serge GUI A A & Ci ac?
Special at $.)) $l.yD
Embroidered and braid-trimmed models just the thing for the
school girl. Some dressy models in the lot.
Girls' Guimpes of Natural Color A A and fl 1 (r
Tussah, Special at 4VC a M.95
SIzcs0?tTl4fy?ttP.ed Fin'Shed Wlth devcp Pctcr Pan collors-
Girls' New Winter Coats at, Each OCAr
ur tancy cnovlots and mixed materials in hrlro,i tDtJ.Vn
SneTlenbUroS Economy Basement
$45 Daven
port Bed
I J4 jPJtZflJ''
-ii - t el sanitary
frame Guaranteed
spring1, covered In
beautiful cretonne.
$25 Wardrobe
at $14.95
$25 Library
Larpo and com
fortable, fireside,
wine Bides, hlnh
back with 'roll
head rent, spring
neata covered In
brown or black
Imperial leather.
$5.00 Diningr-
Room Chair,
Slip neat.
2-in. Continu
ous Post Iron
Bed with Ten
Fillers, $8.95
fzzunr. ..
Folding Cot,
at $1.39
All-steel com
structlon, k r a y
enamel finish.
$45.00 Brass
Bed Outfit at
A S-tnch Colonial
post bed with 10
I -Inch filler up
rlehta, provided
with all - steol
HprlnK" and roll
edge mattress.
$4.50 Foot
Stools, $1.95
Mahoga y or
ivory finish stool
' o v o r e d with
$18.00 Silk Floss and Cotton
Mattress at $9.95
All the refinement of a good mt
tresb bturdy art ticking, roll edgen:
E0 new Bilk flosB and 60 cotton.
bNELLrHbLfRGS Kcnomy Basement
5c Cork Linoleum, Special, sq. yd 3 a
3500 yards tho entiro lot from a well-lmown maker. 0"C
In. milend lengths, 2 yards wide Best burlap back; seconds.
Bring rocMurymenta with you. No Mafll or Phono Orders.
Our JFinest $25 Fancy New
Fall Suits for Men and
Young Men
Special Tomorrow at
$17.75 aa
Good styles, patterns, colors full liaf snappy and conservnttv '
"IWW" "ur always lowcst-in-town maker-to-wearer J!, th
suits in $25 they're extraordinary value at only 817.76! '
' vHi

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