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Fair ntiilfentlnued cool tenights light
frost en lewl.iitMJ Saturday fair itntl
ieiiiciU'f.t vrniincr' modcrnte winds.
r"s i II 110 HI 112 Ml 2 I 4 I p"j
"SnTnii ir.n r.i na is:, fii .
Entered as Gecend-Ctnus Matter at th Foitemce nt PhlladslphU. Pa,
Under the Aet of March 3. 1ST9
Published Dally Except Sunday. BunrtPtlpn PrleJ 10 a Tear bjr Mall.
Copyright, 1021. try Pub'le Mder company
"Bootlegger Ring" Here Gets-
k Whisky Cargoes by Juggling
Pnrmits. Is Charge
McConnell's Fermer Aides Ar
firmflfl With Alleeed Heads
of "Beeze Trust"
Supposed Mythical New Yerker
f I M.nl n fnt-
U5BQ 113 -iuur iu wws
Contraband Stuff
Jehn J. Boyce, truck driver, nnd the
UeTcrntnent's star witness in the prose-
ration of five alleged mcinbers of tlic
"bootleggers' ring," and two former
mferccment officials, testified at the
Federal Building today that he had been
I pirsenally ordered by "Sim" Singer
' L ..1.Ih1 u-lilnl. ltn tiH,li4- In
OlTert HIUPIVJ nun... no u.u6m, w
Ills city.
Singer, nccerding te the witness, hud
fen four different occasions met Boyce
bp,woeninnu avenue wncu ui miivt
lii coming In from Baltlmore with n
ItrncHead of whisky, nnd hed told him
te take it te ene of five places.
"I de'ivercd fifty cases te Maurice
berta In Camden," the witness testi
fied, "MO enses te Emanuel Boekbind-
i'r', near Second and alnut streets ;
Rfhr ruses te Jehn Frcdrieh's nlaee nt
fchh street and Itlslng Sun avenue;
KSO cases te Rebert McCarter, 1812
Rirner street. Once I left 250 cases In
vacant heuse ut Sixty-fourth and
ftlarket streets.
'When I would go south for a truck-
ead of whisky I would telephone en my
i-ay home te Mr. Singer and tell him
rhere I was ut that time. He would
hen meet me personally and tell me
rhere te go.
"On one occasion Sam Blumbcrg, his
artner, was with him. I have known
Ir. Singer for many years."
Herts is net one of the defendants
b the present action let. All the ethers
pentieneu by Boyce arc.
Tney were arraigncq for a turincr
earing today befere United States
'omtafisiencr Manley. They were ar
eatcd last Monday, en Federal war
tnts, charging conspiracy te cheat and
(fraud the United States Government
diverting whisky. The whisky seized
various raids nnd connected In one
tay or unethcr with the defendants was
1 sold, according te the Government,
m a New Yerk man, a holder of n
Class B ' permit, which permitted him
lebuy a'l he required. One of the wit-
ctses hinted thut he believed no bucu
ttsen as the ostensible holder of the
ermtt ren'lv existed.
j A. F. S'ater, State Prohibition Dl
, ecter McCenuell's private secretary,
j ntll he was summarily fired, and II.
v, Benner. discharced n little later an
ermit p'eik, were present nt the hear
ig. under arrest. Warrants were
vern out for them late yesterday, but
ey could net be found. They walked
I and surrendered shortly befere the
wring began this ninrnlug. and were
ijen into court. Their nanicn wcre
llled bv t lie fieri.- Illnlli. ivllll thii nllini.
lefendants. 1
Slater and Benner seemed nervous
ltd Worried iliirlni- lin nrwrnullnn.
ley spent much of their time trying te
mm the canieremen nnd frequently hid
r faces beliind their hets.
BUter, Le was Prohibition Director
icCenuell's privrte secretary in the
nUnud en Vnee Twenty. five. Celainn The
'v. W. E. Robinson, Brooklawn,
' Told He Mau Stamn Out PuIIb
The Ite Villlum B. Robinson, pas-
r of the Brooklawn Methodist Kpia-
. Pal Church. i,nB become u member of
' ie Brooklawn Community Club, which
nau attacked for many weeks be-
!m ct Su"lay Lesebnll nnd Sunduy
The ,n,ll5,Pr was im lte(, t(( nUeni n
,' .11 iS0,,the Plub 1"ftt "'Bht, and ex
mined a letter he read tu his purifh
wr a Mk age.
wr. HebiiiMiu told the members of the
1V.w.ns11'"cvecnbly opposed te Sun-'
en full,,,ml l0 s'(lny dancing,
i 4h. flaa '" tl10 dances.
i inV '.!' minihr w offered a
- "ffiaM Ji"lS ,1"' C!ub mI t0''1 ,mt
i? K 1'0.' c.eu.ld l merc te Hloi
ian Hi.," ... r "u wnB "I'l'eseu te
edinM5,."' a,'k from without. He im
S I,u'cntei ''Is MHine rind was
! Emild smallpex'cases
' 'section of haddenfield
Th8 Pel"t" Quarantined, Schools
, . Closed ae Precaution
Mne mil.i . .
0verel in s 0l t """ I'0' ""e li'n
oel ,, '!l'!!lnc'!. "I' Hudder 1
subml T. A' ",.,l y ? ."c '" ?wn
the cemmm,- 'T " vumiiut.un
iSSL Par,,!fut!' re whlte and .We
hh..i nT"X,a wcre eriglna y
Woodbury, in ,;;,i; .." Iy,1"'
iyan.1 h .i,-... .""" ""' yester-
A no. ... " .K".r" "'f'w "s sinalliiex.
-HweLTn, Si0 .tl10 1!e-ush
td et ii. " ' ,0" " S'""sc the
ffeers were ..;;. Ti J-vele Hpeclnl
l'nu,i i" ""'" "" ' no one wl I
MM K.0Ut ui bcctle with
Km a..S..,,re.I,,Pt,y '"ve prelec
r t r ;,,:,. "',' l"'e" ,,mt ""
"Mtc -iuuui n Hpremj of thu
ledger Photo Servlce
II. W. Benner (left) nnd A. P.
Slater, former prohibition officers,
nre shown nt the top ns they were
arraigned today accused of part In
ii huge liquor conspiracy here.
lSmanucl Boekbinder, also a de
fendant. Is shown below
Customer Objected te Lather Diet
and "Round One" Started
Kmil Hertz, a jeweler, with n btere
nt 101 Seuth Thirteenth btreet, re
buked n barber today for poking the
lather brush into his mouth.
The barber followed him te the street
nnd knocked him down, loosening bev
irul teeth.
Mr. Hertz had hurried into n shop nt
Bread nnd Sansom streets and naked
Frank Napoleeft for a quick shuvc. As
the creamy lather wnR daubed ever the
customer's face the brush slipped Inte
bin mouth.
Seme snappy dialogue followed. Mr.
Hertz jumped from the chair, rubbed
off the lnthr and left the shop.
Napeleon started after the jeweler
nnd renciicd him in front of the Manu
facturers' Club. A hard right te the jaw
knocked Mr. Hertz down, breke his ejc-
glasses and loosened several teeth.
Napeleon was arretted and given a
hearing befere Magistrate Mecleary.
Mr. Hertz said he thought the barber
vtus- watching several girls pass tlip-tshcp
when he let the brush slip. Napeleon
was held in .500 ball en n charge of us
sault nnd battery.
Falling Off In Security Values
Cuts Assets in Half, Re
ceivers Say
Fermer Minister Mnla Alse Victim
of Military Outbreak
Lisben, Oct. 21. (By A. P.) An An An
toneo (Jrnnje, Premier and M'nlster of
the Interior, nnd Jose Carles Mala, for
mer Minister of Marlnn and Celonies,
were assassinated during the milltury
outbreak against the Government en
Wednesday, which resulted in the bet
tlng up of u new administration.
Newspapers here print un official netp
from the junta directing the national
movement which placed the new govern
ment in power, vehemently protesting
against the assassination uf these two
.pub'le officials and ether devoted re
publicans. It is asserted that such acts of vio vie vio
Icnce must be considered due te the
enemies of the "generous notienul
movement," which is declared other
wise te have established its government
without Woodshed. The note adds that
these guilty should be delivered te
Londen, Oct. 21. (By A. P.) Pe
tal's of the revolution received here to
day by the Cvening News from its Lis Lis
eon orrcHyendent pointed out that for
mer Premier Grnnje nttemptnd te re
strain the revolutionaries by persuasion
when they demanded the resignation of
the Republican Government en Wed
nesday morning. The soldiers, liow liew liow
evcr, seized him and carried him aboard
u cruiser as Si prisoner. During the
night wurshlps had bombarded Lisben
ami suhsequcnt'y it bernme known that
former Premier Grnnje. Admiral Mu Mu
chude des Santes, Cnptaln Carles
Mala, former Minister of Marine, nnd
Carles Silva. former Minister pf War,
vicre assassinated.
Only five cents en the dollar will be
paid customers of Chandler Brethers &
Ce., who were caught in the failure of
the company July 25 last.
Investigators who have been going
through the affairs of the company have
learned that the assets, originally set nt
$1,180,000, have shrunk at least .half.
At the time that figure was set it was
announced that ten cents en a dollar
was all thnt the creditors would get.
The shrinkoge is said te be due te
fall in value of the securities. This is
also true of securit'es pledged from leans
in various banki. ameunUng originally
te about $200,000.
It is even pebsiblc the shrinkage may
get even mere acute.
The receivers have been troubled very
much by II. O. Little, manager of the
New lerk brnnch of the firm nnd n
part owner in the business. Hc lias
persistently refused te render them an
accounting nnd reccntlv answered one
of their communications by merely
V, , K. . "unl -ee across one
of his letterhendH in big cnpltnl letters.
He is nlse hampering them in another
way. The firm had a number of peo
ple who owed large sums nnd when
these people have been written te and
linked for payment they have, with u
startling unnniminity, teferred the re re
eclvcrs te Mr. Little. Many of, these
people wTe women.
Lnrl Mendenhall. president of Chan
dlcr Bres .& Ce., who has been in Wy
oming en n cattle ranch, returned te his
home in Ardmore today. He has almost
completely recovered from an Injury re
ceived while hunting. His horse as
he prepared te mount, shied, and n
gunbutt brek two of Mr. Menden
hall s ribs. He will attend the meet
ing of creditors before Jehn M. Hi'l
referee In bankruptcy, in the Federal
Building. This meeting will be held In
Roem SOS.
Husband, Dazed, Carries Her te Po
lice Station
Mrs. Bridget Messncr, forty-eight
years old, 1029 Spring street, was found
In bed early this morning by her hus
band, Charles Messncr, apparently un
conscious. '
He became hyatcricel and picked her
up In his arms and carried her te the
Eleventh nnd Winter streets police sta
tion, where it was found she hud died of
u heart nttackv
Robbers Bind Watchman and Place
Him In Vault
Pittsburgh, Oct. 21. (By A. P.)
Whisky ulued at $12,000 was stolen
from a warehouse here tedaj after the
robbers had- bound the watchman und
placed hjm lit a vault from which they
were removing the liquor te li truck.
The theft was discovered when the
watchman failed te iniike his hourly re
Twe Charged With Killing One of
Seven Detectives
Williamson. W. Va., Oct. 21. (A.
P.) Rec.-e Chamber nnd Fred Bur
gruff went en trial In Circuit Court hen
ledtiy for the second time en n charge)
of being implicated in the kll'lng of M
.1. Fergusen, emi of xeen BaMwin
Kelts 'lelecilw., in the ,.IU hnttle 111 I
Matewiin lu Muy, 1020. '
R. O. Pervls Dragged Forty Feet
Before Halting Animals
A pair of runaway horses, attached te
i. Ay ?,nrbaSe wagon, were stepped by
!i(.0, vlH' f New Yerk- " Unlver
n J .of, l 0nRvania student, near
?n.nny"'Vr,i1 ."'J'1 Markpt htreeti. t
10:30 -'clock today.
TllC hePRPM lft!n tifnn.ll 1.. r . .
"em i i v v"" ".e.iu.iin in ireni 01
be'ted ct n thuy Ml(,(,cn,y
The contents of the wagon were scat
tered ever the street nnd the heavy cart
smashed into an nutomebl'o owned by
the Railways Company Bank. With the
cart swinging wildly behind them the
u,lZH, T,M1 ,1 n Market street und
turned into Thirty-fourth
Pervls jumped in front of them, wav
ing his arms. His gestures did net
step the horses, however, und when
lyt,rCinCtl h.lm I,c. BtePPcl Mdc nnd
grabbed the reins. After being drugged
about forty yards he managed te sten
n.. i.i "' Hp wiy net 1,url although
his clothes were ruined.
Expects te Arrive en Opening Day
of Armament Conference
Londen, Oct. 21. (By A. P.)
MriT.Anlis,,cI ,Tj,0J'(1 ,ivW !' 'lo 'le
aded definitely it was stated todev. te
enve for "Washington November i. en
the liner Aqultunla. nrrivln" In time
for the afternoon session of the Armu
ment Conteicnce en its opening uay,
November 11.
It is expected A. J. Balfour will nc nc
cempany the Prime Minister. Mrs.
ijiej-ii ucorge prehably will wail with
her husband. Jfr. Lloyd Geerge ex
pacts te be ubscnt five weeks, Including,
the time required for the journey te and
from America. '
WaAhlHgteH, Oct. 21.-tllj A. P.)
Lhe American delegation en the con
ference en limitation of tirmumcnt tirmumcnt
Secretary Hughes, Ulihu Reet and Sen Sen
feters Ledge nnd Underwood planned
te held their second meeting today In
Preparation for the conference.
Additional data, prepared by different
brunches of th0 Government, was ready
for their study, and It who expected
that, thus equipped, they would make
cussleT Pr8rc(ja "' their Joint dls-
Eadom St. Weman Sheets Him
In His Mether's Presence,
Then Takes Poison
Reply en Shantung Will Be Sent te
Japan Next Week
I'eliln? (lnl "1(1V. A n
China's note rejecting Japun's proposals
for direct negotiations en .Shantung re-
teply te thnt nete does net present ar
guments sufficient te induce China te
reconsider her position.
This position was taken bv the Chi
nese Cabinet jesterduy when it In
structed the Foreign (Iffice te draft a,
reply te Tel.u, which will probably .be.
ticntcxt week '
A haunting fear that death from ill
ness would seen icpnrate her from her
husband 'c,d Mrs. Gertrude KMfer te
sheet William Kel'er, her husband, at
5 o'clock this morning as he lay asleep
In their home, 5330 Eadom street, near
their two-weeks-old baby.
After Kelfcr, seriously wounded with
a ,38-calibcr bullet In his right side,
bad been taken te the Frankford Hoh Heh
pital, the twcnty-four-ycnr-eld wife
went te the bathroom and swallowed
trhe Keifcrs lived with the husband's
parents, Sir. nnd Mrs. Augustine
Keifer. The husband had gene down
stairs te get milk for the baby and lay
stretched across the feet of n bed while
his mother fed the Infant.
Mrs. Kelfcr, the wife, who had been
sleeping in nnether room, crept Inte
her mother-in-law's bedroom after she
heard her husband come up from the
kitchen. She fired the revolver nt close
range, the bullet entering under Kelfer's
left arm, dellectlna: downward and
lodging In the right side.
Mrs. Kelfcr contracted tuberculosis
been nftcr her merrlagc, in September,
1020. The true nature of her illness
had been concealed from her for some
time, but when she learned the truth
and her condition grew worse she be
came despondent.
The wedding a year age, the wife's
Ulncsi and the sheeting early this
morning were described graphically by
'the wounded mnn'e mother as she sat
sobbing in the parlor of the two-story
frame dwelling.
Nature of Illness Concealed
"Nene of us enn imagine why she
should have done this thing," Mrs.
Kelfcr said. "We were nil se geed te
her nnd my boy was a model husband.
I ought te knew, for they lived here
with us.
"They were married last September
a year age und my boy never uuspected
she was in tills condition. He does net
knew it yet. She started te cough und
became ailing very seen after the wed
ding. My son took her te one doctor
after nnether. Nene of them told him
the truth.
"We obtained the same dlucnesis
from several physicians, but we never
told my boy, Mrs. Keifer con
tinued. "He had had no experience in
such matters nnd never suspected the
"Well, ae J wan saying, she became
ailing, and lajt August she asked my
boy te take her te the mountains, which
he did. Hc paid $17 a week for lief and
she teemed te improve. The doctors
kept telling her it was nothing terieus,
nnd she kept up her spirits until ene
doctor. Inadvisably I be'leve. te'd her
the truth. Then her spirits drooped.
Baby Weke in Night
"She went out yesterday te make a
call, nnd when she returned last night 1
met her as usual and geve her u glass
of milk before she went te bed. Sim
occupied n room te herself, of course,
juft Itnvlng had the baby, nnd I waa
taking care of the child.
"About 4 o'clepk this morning the
beby weke up. I nveuseil mj en nnd
told iim he had better go downstairs
and get a bottle of milk for him. Hc
went down, nnd I could hear him rat
tling around the gas stove, getting n
pan and heating the milk.
"My laughter-in-Iaw was apparently
asleep in her own room. Sly ley came
up with the bottle of milk and I gave
it te the baby.
"The light was turned low. Sud
denly there wns a Hash of fire and a
shot. My seu rolled ever suddenly
with n bullet through his body. We
did net knew who tired the bullet or
where It came from. We sent for the
doctor, who took my boy te the Frank
ford Hospital in his automobile.
"We went te tell my dau?hter-in-lew
as she was lying in bed. She said,
'I did it.' "
Mrs. Keifer yesterday vislied her
mother, Mrs. Mar Webb, 2822 North
Third street. She get u revolver there
without her mother's knowledge.
Feared Sanitarium
"My daughter has been ucting qucer
lj for ome time," Mrs. Webb said to
day. "She told me her husband's fnm.
il meant te send her te a sanitarium. I
told her she could come and live with
me if she didn't want te go."
Is Charged With Driving Aute While
A jelly wedding breakfast in a house
at Thirty -eighth and Baring streets this
horning indirectly led te the arrest of
Frank A. Starr, 1M7 Lnnehnm avenue,
Camden, en u churge of driving u nie-
lercur wiiue iniexicuicu.
Starr, a guest at the breakfast, was
driving his touring car eust en Market
Strep. U'ltll NPVftn ntl,ri t.nD... I
Traffic Patrolman Samuelwltz halted th.
machine nt Thirty-second street.
Sanuiclwitz told Magistrate Mecleury
Starr was drhlng straight toward n
telegraph pole when the auto stepped.
The seven ether guests were ullewed te
go, but Starr nun taken te City Hall
Magistrate Slecleary held him in $000
bail for court.
Finds His Pocketbook en-Man Who
Jostled Him In Trelley
Jetty Brown, twenty. eight years old,
who gave an address ou Seventeenth
street near Fitzwatcr, was held in $1500
bal' for court this morning by Mauls
trate O'Brien, of the Twelfth und Pine
streets station, en u charge of plckine
the pocket of J. fT. Freeman, 1010 Seuth
Paxon street.
Beth men wcre passengers en fin
castbeund Chestnut street car. Freemnn
man said he felt Brown jostle him ami
then start te get off nt the next corner
He felt for his pocketbook centuln'nc
$1H) niul found It wik gene. H0
jumped off and grubbed Brown, heldlnc
him until n patrolman uirhc.l. Fm,;
man s pocketbook was found i.i I5".wn'
yuuwi, (IVUI'U Oil"
nrtYtu.AAci.ua vriitJ
wSi'i v.'
She accompanies the distinguished
Briti.Mi ndmliul who arrived nt
New Yerk today
British Naval Here, With His
American Wife and Sen,
By the Associated Press
New Yerk, Oct. 21. Admiral Rail
Beatty, of the British Navy the gal
lant sea fighter with the Nelsen touch
landed today in New Yerk from the
liner Aqultanln en his way te Kansas
City for the American Legien conven
tion. Rising at 0 bells, the here of Heligo Helige
land and Jutland Bank was waiting In
his full-dres: uniform te meet the baud
of notables that journeyed down the
harbor en the tug Vigilant te bid him
weleome te the New World.
Admiral Beatty, his Amciican wife
and their son hoarded the Vigilant, the
tug heisted the udmlral's Heg nnd, es es
ceited by seaplanes nnd destroyers, the
party dashed te Battery Park. By the
admit ul's side was Ids heiuirnr.- aide,
Rear Admiral Hugh Redman, who com
manded the American squudren thut
served with the Grand Fleet when guns
were flashing en the North Sen.
Thousands of persons were mussed ut
Manhattan's tip te greet the sea here,
who was welcomed by Lieutenant Gov Gov
ereor Wepd. Te resounding cheers the
admiral metered te Citr Hall, where he
was given the freedom of the cit-before
continuing te the 'imiic eY Marshall
Field, whose guest he will be.
While the Admiral was taking leave
of t nptain Charles, of the Aqultanlu,
at quarantine, another demonstration
was going en in honor of former Pre
mier Venizelos of Greece, also u pas
senger en the liner. Half n1 dozen croft
bearing Greeks eircV-1 the ship, te th
cry of "Zeto Venizelos."
On the way up the harbor. Admiral
Beatty steed en the deck of the Vigi
lant chatting with Admiral Redman like
old cronies. Near him was his jeting
son Peter, who announced emphatically
that he liked America.
Turntne te newsnaner mi. th- ml.
mlrtln told them he hud net seen the
I'nltcd States for mero than fifteen
"It Is u great pleasure te icuVit thi
great country, te whicli we are se much
indebted for assisting civilization te
maintain itself and save the world from
disaster," he said. Then, smiling he
continued :
v "I place myself in the hands of the
Amerlcnn press. I leek upon them as
my friends and I nm sure they will net
let me make any slip."
Of the armament conference at
Washington, which the Hurl will at
tend for n short time, in an adviserv
capacity te the British delegation, lfe
said :
"Everybody Is Imping for great
tilings. Certainly we are entering it
with that idea.'1
Explaining that he would net be able
te stay until the conference ended Ad
miral Beatty said with a smile that
it was necessary for seun- ene te go
home and 'keep "shop.
Eleutheries Venizelo-, t' nierly Pre
mler of Greece, termed b his admirers
"the modern Ulysses, " ulu was a fel
low iwssonger of the Admiral's, was
accompanied by his bride for hh
American honeymoon.
M. Venizelos married Mis-, Helena
aciuuzzi in j,ou(leu, .Neptetulier 14 v
She Is a close friend of Princess, Anua-
tasia or tirecce.
Man Escapee After Accident at Bread
and Parrlsh Streete
The police are Linking ler the drhcr
of a truck who died In the machine after
knocking down Edward Gilding, of
.r73S Wayne avenue, near Bread am
Parrlsh streets tills morning.
tillillng vus tnken te the Hahnemann
Hospital. His condition is serious
The driver of the truck did net step
ufter the accident
slayer Attempts suicide
Physician Prefers Self -Infflcted
Death te Legal Execution
Ueseburg, Ore., Oct 21 - (By A
P.) Dr. R. M. Brumtleld, facing sen-"
t( nee of death for inurdtr. attempted te
Commit Kllll'ldn Inn. nlclil I... ..).. ii..
his threat. ' "' """""
Sheriff Stunner found Ir. Brumlield
lying en his cot in the jail cell with his
threat cut. He was semi -conscious.
cecil leitcFleads
Nine Up en Mrs. Hucknall In Belle
clair Gelf Final
New Yerk, Oct. 21.MUS Ciell
Lelteh, holder of the British, French
nnd Canadian women's K0f champion
ships, today had n lead of il m, vcr
Mrs. Themas Hucknall. of New Yerk
at the end of the first eighteen holes of
Bellcclnl Invitation tournament. fa
Hucknall had enlv en hole te k.
credit. ""
Pilet Who Guided NC-4 Acress
Atlantic Among These De
nied Commission
St Jiff Corrmpendrnt KTfnlnar I'uliUc Ltilarrr
Copvrleht, toil, lu 1'ubl'c Lnlatr Cemvanv
Washington, Oct. 21. The plucking
of mere than 100 naval aviators In a
recent examination brings up aguin.
as did the controversy between General
Mitchell nnd General Mcnehcr In the
urmy. the question whether a genuine
air service can be developed ns n part
of the ex'sting arms of the service.
Senater Calder has taken the subject
befere Congress in n resolution calling
for the re-exnmlnatien of the plucked
men under different conditions.
The men rejected are reserve officers
who applied for permanent commissions
in the air service of the nevy. Anion
these refused coinmiss'ens were the pilot
of the NC-4 in its trans-Atlantic flight,
n former commanding officer of the air
station nt Moerehend City, N. C, and
three heads of departments in the ex
perimental naval nlr station ut Hampton
Reads. Many who could net puss were
among the best fliers the navy has.
Se lone as the nlr service is net sepa
rate the army nnd navy men are net
tested specifically for duty us Hying or er
iiccrs. A candidate for a regular com
mission must be fitted te command a
ship. Practically he Is nn officer of the
navy who is temporarily assigned and
who may be the next moment In n sub
marine or executive officer of a battle
ship. Only a man, who has pursued n
course of studies virtually equivalent te
that given In the Annapolis Naval
Academy can be a llyer.
Flying Counts Oidy On.Tentli
In the recent examination eleven
subjects were included, only one of
which had specifically te de with Hying.
The ether ten subjects hud te de with
navigation, stenm engineering, seaman-
shin, ordnance nnd the ether technical
questions related te operating ships. Of
tnc eleven subjects candidates could
cheese ten ; thnt is, they could ignNre
one. But each subject counted ten
points. I or flying u knowledge of nvia nvia
tlen counted only ns much as a knewl-
jedge of steamenglneering.
J In effect, the candidates were exam-
lined net ns flyers but as navy officers.
Naturally, most of the men could net
i The examination was held under an
act of Congress permitting tlte commis
sioning of 1200 of the volunteer fliers
. ur naval officers. Five hundred of them
I might be specifically flying efkeers.
! There is a definite need of naval
fliers in the tint. v. But the difficulties
of the examination barred most of the
possible candidates for the 1200 pesi
tiens that Congreps 'eft encn. Onlv
244 faced the examination, nnd of these
enlj lStl pa'-ied. As a result. 10S w.-re
Continued an I'ACf Tnt-flic. C'ulumn Tne
Latest Developments
in Railroad Situation
Conference between Laber Beard
nnd "Big Five" chiefs failed be
cause the latter had no prevision
for suspending the strike as pro
posed by the beard, unfen circles
The beard proposed freight vate
cuta corresponding te the July 1
wage reduction; that the reads re
frain from asking further wage
decreases for present; that the
unions suspend or withdraw the
strike order.
Union circles believe strike is in
evitable en October 30 Unless
Harding takes initiative with some
drastic atop.
A walkout has been called te begin
In Texas tomorrow.
Washington believed the Laber
Beard will be called en te make a
new compromise move or Hard
ing will present a new plan.
Eleven "standard" unions continued
meeting te decide en strike atti
tude. Beth- sides lushed preparations for
prospective struggle.
Declare Walkout en October 30
Inevitable Unless President
Takes Drastic Step
Say Laber Beard Conference
Failed Owing te Lack of Pro Pre
visions for Suspending Strike
Federal Tribunal Proposed
Freight Rate Cuts Correspond
ing te Wage Reductions
Radicals Threaten te Cause
Trouble if Italian Murderers
Are Executed
Cancellation of War Lean Net Con
templated, Says Fordney
Washington. Oct. 21. (By A. P.)
Opening debate in the Heuse today en a
bill for creation of a rummls-ien te fund
i or convert obligations of foreign gov
ernments te the I'nlted States, Chair
man Fe-dney, of the Wiijs und Means
I Committee, deelnred there would be no
I settlement problem had the Wilsen
Administration complied strictly with
the low authorizing war-time leans.
"But I nm net here," Mr. Fordney
continued, "te criticize the former Ad
ministration for net strict! complying
with t''e law. because tlie-'e innv have
been obstacles in the way at that time.
But. whether right or wrong, we are
confronted with u peculiar condition.
The Secretnry of the Treasury contends J
lie is net clothed with authority te settle
the foreign debt beyond demanding pay
ment." Mr. Fordney rcttc-eted that cancel
lation of any part of the debt was net
in the thought of the Administration or
Cengresi- and that no headway could he
made without additional legislation.
The bill was taken up under nn
agreement calling for a vote before ad
journment tonight.
By the Associated I'rea
Paris, Oct 21. A French police of
ficial asserted today that mere than 100
members of the young crtmmunist or
ganization in Europe had "lipped
through the immigration lines and
reached the United States within the
last two months. Their avowed pur pur
rese, the official asserted, l.- te 'vius-
trouble" if the two Italians. Sacte and
Vnnzetti, aie executed for the murder
of which they were convicted in Massa
chusetts last summer.
Many of these men. the official -aid.
had npp'ied for imsperts te the Amer
ican Bureau in Paris and nad been re
fused nfter inquiry into their e:ics. but
later were able te get te Anierien by
ether means. The police are new work
ing en the theory that some of these
communists who failed te get through
the lines ufter having been refused
passports were rspenib'e for tile bomb
sent te Ambassador Herrick which blew
up in his home en Wednesday.
This theory is tin tesult of a threat
made by a yeuni' cemni mist, who said
he was an Italicn. nt the American
passport offices here last Monday, when
thd officials told hltn they could net give
him a vise for America un'rs- he con
formed with the regulations. The ap
plicant, who gave his nge as twent twent
twe ytars. became angry v hen re
fused, exclaiming:
"Somebody will get killed for this."
The officials induced him te give his
address, but both this and his name
could net lie verified, and It is assumed
they were false. A guard wus Immedi
ately placed at tlie entratice t the office.
This man, the police think, may be
one of the group responsible for the
bomb sent te the Ambassador and the
threats made against American officials
in France.
Ambassador Herrick. when he re
turned te his office this morning, found
Mxtv. eight additional letters of pro pre
test in connection with the Massachu
setts ease, two of them containing
threats of repiis.ils against Ainnrienns
If the execution tk place. The guard
nt the Embassi nk Increased today,
and ex cry pessihl, precaution has been
taken te protect the passport bureau,
the Reparations ( .lun.lsMnn offices and
the A merlen u Consulate.
The communist i.uiv mreutig of pro pre
test ngalnst the conviction uf the two
Italians, called f..r tonight in ,. of
the largest halls ..f I'nrU, i. causing
some apprehension, and tin republican
fe'iiiiru lias ueen eiiled i ,t t.. k.. ,.p order
und prevent deiiinnMtrntieii . of an kind
in front of the Embury or the' ether
American offices.
K. li.'.s and Men Must Obey
Laber Heard. Says Esch
Sew Yerk. Oct. 21. (By A. P.)
Jehn J. Ksih. a member of the
Interstate OVimmeiee Commis-slen, in
n 'etter ti the Merchants' Assocla Assecla
tl m it New Yerk, says he under
stands it is the jmrpesf of the Ad
ministration te see thnt the findings
if the Li.bei Itenid shall be obeyed,
both by the lailrucds and their em em
peoyes. "As ,ne of the nuthem of the
Transportation Act of 11)20," sayH
the Itter, "I naturally feel a deep
interest in the pendinz railroad labor
situation. Congress created the
Laber Beard ns nsdiinterested body
te adjust differences between rail
road empleyes und the carriers. The
findings of the beard should be
obey id by- both parties. I under
stand that it is the purpose of the
Administration te sec that this Is
done "
CHICAGO, Oct. 21. The United States. Railroad Laber Beaid
today, backed by all the authority of the Government, called the
railroads and the five big unions here for a hearing uext Wednes
day. It solemnly warned the unions net te strike until the beard
has heard their, grievances and rendered a decision. The beard's
action means there will be no strike October 30, uules the unions
choe3c te defy the government.
Won't Attend Arms Parley Unless
Chamber Backs Him
Paris. Oct. 21. (Bn a. P. Pro Pre
mhr Mriand took the fleer In the Cham
ber of Deputies this uftfrnoen te tub
part 'n the debate en the iutcrpcButieiih
regarding the Goernuietits foreign
The Premier said ut the eutei that
the important question In the debate
was httiier or net lie should go te
Washington te the armament confer
ence, lie said he would net go unless
he hud a sufficient mujerity behind
him te make bis pes'tinn and prentice
bitch s le si t., hu
Has Power Under Industrial Court
Law, Says Governer
Teneka, Kan., Oct. 21. (Bj , p.
- In event u ruijreud strike becomes
effective, the State (Jm eminent in Kan Kan
ses will operate the no within the
Stiite, if It becomes nece.ssnr, under the
Industrial Court law, Goicrner II. .1.
Allen announced today .
i.tinlVmT eV"' tl" rai,r""d man
tigers w II be given an oppertunlt te
operate the reads. '
, .
"Jin ou thtnl: of wrltn.r
By the Associated Press
C'hhage, Oct. 21. Luck of any pro pre pro
vliien by the unions for suspending the
railroad strike called for October 20
made it impossible te ueivpt the plan
enere.l by tee I nlted Stages Railroad
Beard yesterday, it was sui, today In
union circles.
The strike authorizations prevjdf
only for ending the strike, presumably
nfter n settlement, which, union leaders
have maintained, must involve mere
than the question of the July wage re
duction, en which the strike was
technically called.
The beard, it was said, presented
three proposals te the presidents of th
Big Four Brotherhoods and the Switch
men's I'nien. They wcr" :
First. The railroads te make a re
duction in freight rates corresponding
te the wage reduction of July 1, less
such reductions as have already been
made since that date.
Second. The reads te refrain from
asking tlie I'nited States Itallroed La La
eor Beard for a further wege reduction
until the( last cut bus been translated
Inte rate reductions.
Third. Tlie unions te suspend or
withdraw their strike order.
These proposals made no mention of
eertinie and ether rule- promulgated
under Federal control, nhn-li the em em
peoyes seek te retain in tete. and which
the iMiurd has been re ising. Th
brotherhood chiefs derlure their strong
' st fight in any :tn';e settlement will
l made en these rules.
.Settlement by October :trt or Strike
The tiif union presid, nt- were will
ing te ui cept the first two. but declared
they had until. no urraiiRi menta for sus
pending their ink . and any settle
ment must be mild" before October 30
or the walkout would autematleally be
come effective.
The beatd, it wa reported today,
assured tin- union leaders that the rail
roads could net Ket a division for
month. fn if ihev tiled their proposed
request for a In per cent wage reduc
tion iminei'lir. 1 . The beard is under
stood te bine peiniisl out that ease
Uew en the iiecket would prevent tuking
ui) the ruilreiid's uiipl. catien before neia
March, und thnt the bulk of testimony
naturally i peeled in a ease of sucH
linpertiiiiee probably would stme off the
decision (or unethcr sii months, niak
ing It highly improbable that the reads
could get un answer before next August
or September
The proposals submitted by the beard
followed rl.isely the udwiuce predic
tions of the pi, in they would offer, and
the railroad hroiiiernenil lenders, who
had alrtady dei 'ured the plan impos
sible, made he i (Tort te uuceul their
disappointment that the beard had noth
ing else te offer,
I'liimis l!ellee Strike Inevitable
Yesterday - optimism was noticeably
abscut m '1'iti'ii ireis today, nud in
its place wus a seeming r signatien te
the belief thai the strike new Ir in
evitable, unlet. Prefldent llurding as
sumes i lit- imitative with some drautic
Meinliers of tne L.iber Beard, how
ever. r.nid thut tlitv "new fully under
staid labor's 1'W in the mutter," and.
while tot I'll v ins' any lieliulte plans us
yit ure of the opinion thet something
mnv et be .lone by the heard. Te that
'lid they held an . lithe meeting to
day ut whirl, i he hit mil ion uns gene
ever thoroughly
TIk iHiurd sent a full report of tht
conference te the Wli tc I Inline, niul
mi) thing further untile public must
eeuie Irem President Harding, beard
members .ild.
Laber rhif nre pushing their plan
for u general walkout. Officials of the
earners ure mm ing nt double time In
their preparations te cumbut the pro pre
posed strike
Beth groups ut the conference nre
i-envlnced thut they are "fightlnir fe-i
their lives." Tlie labor chief te!-
iMier'i that the lives of the unions d
pen; led en the handling of this crisis.
Iho eleven "stundard" unions
Continued en r.tce Tirtntr-flTc, Celurar
H r" Vll
-.,., ,

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