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4- ' r
- l
h' .... nvniKl?MINT HOUSE
:, jllh ''
1 By I" nc,d MntOerU
Ut THE living wasn't be fnt here
TrJ move en," confided Charles te
&tJui looked up fiem her novel.
iY nirr find nnetiicr pince wncre
"Teu d" she retorted, "but It's
'"' ?c4Smc. i spent n,y ,,ny, , nt
re M icprdny nnd the children
& '' ,., Tills hetiKe needtf n child
IMrn It tip. The old lndylve me
,fte, clTroem all the time The Mr
;d,Vi"hO I "a3 thluklmc." an-ife "inny thing!,--'' for nn Instant M...
TW,nrIe' "1 water nnd 1Ir and , was wry for K len's sweet youth fnd-
rBw , ,i.p flowers nice ami no-
?1V,M Uw Mnl. Tlmt lilRli brick wall
r lr.Mbm v out. Serins tome, somo semo some
Jiots ecr ?"' "" V ' .,,,,. i,. Minit".
Heaven woven in thrnurh tha .lltn l
( tB of the background, she looked down
into her garden from the great enHt
window. The pale red of the bricks In
tlie bizerre red-and-whlte wall shone
with the recent washing. Mrs. Mca
?uw? '""stcd upon a dnlly nelilne of
the bricks and Charles corned his large
wages honestly.
"Hafely behind my clean walls," she
muttered, "the world ennnet hurt me
new, but " the nged black eyes set
deeply Inte the shriveled face were
fhawewed, with old regrets "hew I
long for some ene te love me. I knew
the servants arc lejal, but It in net
natural that they theuld love me. J
I.VICHHU iimr .Tinrnncp. nk rnti
EVEm Public LEpqEirHii M&.: r
jl. - -'', - t . r. . r r- - , '
'- ' MlB''
u? J Sid Clinrlci. "that Mie abuts
"fcllncM outslde the walls. There's
Vffi "SnV of a laugh In here.'
' n in ; Sad returned te her tale of tlie
,r i,iv who yearned te be down
W, '? ople and bhe shook her be
wni Iirml rather impatiently as
&P.P,Im rltawd with his own convoi cenvoi convei
.M droned en, Ellen was lonesome.
tt "'before "when Charles had been
T r he had regarded her with
'JSathe eyes and she had cherished
k.ncs of being Mrs. "'"" " ;
ffli teemed n though the quiet
'aline lu the widow's home had dulled
li man who nu n me iwim
ilni the pace- ,Te hn(1 Kradually
inrltlns the ideasant-faced
SJt te se out. Thu grounds were se
Seus that tliey could stroll about
!J (he flower-scented dusk without
.Milns te go eutside the tall Iren gntci
nere enlv opened when the mistress
ffeut feHier lonely drhe behind her
m terses, a unluue figure ln her
iVitr black garments among the stream
' HvHtlv moving motorcars. And
rnm wlie had found herself unable
te ifPrcw !lPr liUnB f0P tl10 ,,urap
rhtrles, hed. I'1 ncr nr!tt angry moments
f illsippelntment, decided te wound him
Irle a propewl and had accented Ilic
ilttDtien of the policeman who often
rae In at the tradesmen's gate in the
t,d.n(l-ubitowallef bricks.
'Ellen wnu almost pretty, with her
t'ack-lAshcd blue eyes nnd satiny
Hitk. hair, but ebe wanted Charles, and
tool refuge In the thought thai even if
tit ilmest enchanted stillness of tint
wealthy ectate had doubled him into
wlness he nt least courted no ether
irl Se fhc contented herself by living
h ths unreal w erld of romance where
terv pretty girl ultimate y became it
ten and nccr speculated upon n
lerlil flinch would von be uncomforta uncemforta uncomferta
Hycrowdfd with prlnccssijs nnd queens,
with no ordinal peoelo te cook and
dun. hc dlil net nucss that Chirlc
lid ence ik)Kcii te his mistress ubeut
"Np," Sirs. Mcndews had paid, "if
jeu marry KUen seu must both go. I
Ten't have my routine interrupted. I
ia unhippy In my married life and
jea Mould le also. T believe it Is in
mlah'c. I hne remembcied you both
lataywill, mbstuntlally. After t have
pne out the.c big jates for the last
time you m ly nnrrj . I am geln? te
double both jour salaries, though.
)In(y compensates for everything."
Cbarles bad net mentioned the ma'
ttr te Ellen Nc felt sure of her and the
'm' ntrnnnlifre of flip ntnpe nifidf hfni
Jtsinclined te unv argument. He Uncw,
KCKliy, inai i inn ivmini nave leit ine
fit living In the great house, that wan
nifllj falling Inte decay luvause of
the owner's henrdin?, te go te a cheap
Utile home with hlra.
Upstai's Mrs. Meadow felt strange
h; rettls. l'eriiaps the spring had
touched b.T nged bleed with the old
leinin. Memories of the pnpt. when
tfr duughter, long dead new, had filled
tl sxcet Vmif-" Willi the wiund of
tisghter. avai'ed her. MeIn heavily
ifress fie priceless Orientnl rug, with
in EyiubulK patlein of the Tree et
lug behind the high wall, for the nicrg
..., vl w.,(ira into nn uiintnmtieus mnn
Nhe nat becoming wrappfd In cellish cellish
neM. Doubtless the smell of the wet
earth and the sight of the gay tulips
thnt had burst into bloom ever night in
fiuenced her and she dallied with the
thought of permitting KiCn t0 wcar thn
Trccleim geld circle. Then she re
flected that, wrnnnad In thl . !,.
plnessj they would care even less for
thought wearily; "they have their Uvea
befere them."
She noticed a movement In the shrub
bery, nnd leaning out freln the" casement
window, the widely opened doers at
cither side making a plchircsque settlnrt
for her snowy head, she peered down.
A tiny girl In n ragged blue frock
steed there. Mrn. Meadows rubbed her
eyes and looked again; It wns amazing
that the child should be In her well
guarded grounds She did net knew of the
hole in the wall hidden by bushes, but
It was Incredible that this strange child
with elIew curly hair tumbling ever
her chubby face could be licking the
wall Taking her cane the mistress
hobbled swiftly down the staircn.se nnd
out en the tcrrace3. Tier black gar
ments smothered in crepe saddened meBt
people, but the sparkling blue eyes of
the Intruder smiled up frankly: "Yeu
leek the way the witch sounded," she
murmured confidentially, much, ns
though picking up a comersntienal
thread, "but you leek tee kind. I have
riinred away te play here. 1 often come
because" terror gripped her tiny face
"he beats jne when he's mad. I didn't
have mv breakfast, nnd the wall
Isn't- "
"Isn't what?" the mistress found her
'..1 " , . ..
rrceuny licuea-'tne
out end cr
wnnlinl wan.
"Isn't nenncrmint candy. In
fairy story the witch lived In the pep-
tinrmlnf lintirfn nnd. nt thn mil ' the
tot brushed back her curls wearily, the
het sun en the wce empty stomach was
dimming her hopes of magic "they
lived happy ever afterward."
IJllcn and Chnrlcs drew near them.
The mi8lrcss would be furious nt the'
"Would you like te come in nnd have
milk? If he," the words hurled them
selves out of the aged mouth wrnth
fully, "will sell ou te me you shall be
my little girl and live here '.' the
anger merged Inte hopes for the fu
ture "lltfe happy eve nfterwnrd."
Gentlr lh child drew her slecve evr
flic purple bruise en her arm: "He Isn't
my tlnddy; he Just keeps me sff people
will give me pennies." ,8he looked ever
her shoulder apprehensively, "ion could
hide me behind the peppermint wall,
As Ellen led the child away In search
et feed Mrs. Meadows turned te
Charles : "Don't you knew thnt spring
has come? Hetter nsk ICllcn befere she
gets tired of you. She's a pretty girl.
(Je new nnd find out about the man who
has beaten that baby and get the par
ticulars for me. I'm going te adept her
nnd have something jeung In this place.
Thd peppermint house," she murmured,
nnd, for the first time Jn years, laughed.
her. ' I sannet last much longer' ehe voice nt last as the resclcaf tongue shot
lly Cellar i. Walt line
FlMh-Rrtucliic Bedr
llulldlni llexlni
fl-n neiln. no Mnlr
Hand Sapolie -The
for everyday use
Made from vegetable oil enfy
v lttS(3ACl(AMH0Mt ' '
Cleans tubs, sinks,
tile, garbage pails
and aick room uten
sils. Invaluable in
the sick room. Kills
reaches, bed bugs
and fleas.
s as necessary as
eap and water ter a
clean home all the
year 'round.
New Yerk style,
new England style
or with the varia
tions that creep in
to the recipes in
the rcatnurant, or
nt home, is always
Jjctlcr with a dash
of that fine old
Valley Water
Thousand of men and women hnve been
benefited by Mountain Velley Water. If
you suffer from Rheumatism, Gout, Diabetes,
Stomach Trouble, etc., drink Mountain Valley
Weter. What it has dene for ethers it can
de for you.
Endetted by physician; declared radio-active
Office and Salnroerai, 718 Chestnut St., Phila.
Telephone, Walnnt UI07
JkWWW fXarLv Jm
JkWwfkm 'a g tHm9kWwee8
This ia the place. Stand still, my atccd,
bet me renew tne scene, t
And summon from the shadowy past
The forms that ence have been.
At Arlington, Tomorrow i
mourned by the entire nntien, America's
"unknown" will be solemnly intoned
with full military honors
uiuu mis neusc mignv e us iuii mcasure
of devotion
Our Deers Will Be Closed All Day
NOVEMBER 11, 1921
202-204 Market Street
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figures that it will suggest excellent piano
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JLN Tureck water as "six bottles of health."
There is nothing fanciful about thin description.
Pureck water is mere than just a thirst quencher. It
invigorates the man or woman who drinks it because
it absorbs the impurities of the body and carries them
away. Pureck is scientifically distilled charged
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hopped Trilr.iits , I cup scalded mill , 2 epgs .
4 CU. iif,r 5 i teupoen fleuri J tejuioenful
lanNU. Mixsupirandflenri acfd te beaten
""JS1! pour the ecildcd milk ever the egs:
mixture. Add buimreet Prime pulp and wal
nuts, mfrwcll anil pour into a pan lined will'
justr) ; eprinUcnutinejjoierthetep. lUteu
tin-riuiard pie.
SuHsxcttt Trime Puddtur Drlmemcp: Due
nip cooled pitted Sunsweet Prune ,.1rup
lnilLj 4levellaDlespoensronutaKhj 'jcue
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pc.'j 4ndlJU FerrDerinEue2egcwhitei
4 tableepoem eujnurj teaspoon anilla. Put
Sunsweet Prune with 2 little juice in a pud
dingdiih. Scald mill: In a double boiler; mix:
vujjar and cornstarch until well blended i add
te net mill: and cool, fifteen minutes. Pour
i er the beaten yelVj of efS. Pour cuitard
in er prunes. Beat egu whites until uiflj brat
in gradually 2 tablespoons of sugar : fold in
rernaininfsuipari add vanilla. Spread en lop
of pudtjinc) bale in sleiv even eight niinutev.
Sene het or cold.
StmtwiilPruneCkarUttr: ( oeledSunsweei
Prunes, pitted arid rubbed through a oearkr
sieve, having one cup et prune pulp. Add U
teaspoon cinnamon, 1 unbeaten white of egg
1 j cup of sugar. Heat with a vi hip egg beatri
until consistency of whipped c ream. Till
dishes two-thirds full and pilr sweetened
whipped cream en top. Garnish wiu Iierrj
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l r
E. X.. 11 10.S
m".yi' ajiv.

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