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y, (emble Yarrow, 2022 Wal-
I'tiut Street, neiu in duii ntiwr
IT Killing Atco, N. J., Man
ill. r rrr
Ql R L. i j u n u u
One man was killed nml live pcrfeii
Mured In nulomeblle accidents in tor ter tor
rilery turrennillns Philadelphia yestrr-
Geerge Jenes, n NVjrre. of Acn. wnj
w'badly injured when his cnrrlitRC wits
.iJiMid'hcfl by an automobile- driven en
8? Write Hew plkf by W. Kemble
Tirrew. of 2022 Wn'nut ftrcet. this
i't that he died in Cooper llespltnl.
HiiVkull was fractured. Ills horse was
killed and the carriage, wrecked.
'Surrendering te Prosecutor Wolver Welver
tdrf and County Detective Dornn, of
CindeD, Sir. Yarrow bald there wis
jeh'tht en the enrrinse. He furnished
HOOO ball and was released. He wnn
ni'his way te Atlantic P.lty. .Tenes
hires a widow and six miall children.
Overturning and nearly wrecking his
ulomeblle te prevent the killing of
Edward Engle, of 82(5 East Mercer
rfrect, this city, Teny Zozenc, of Tenth
ilrect and Susquehanna avenue, escaped
fijnry. but Engle's right leg was broken
,nd Miss Jane Hutchinson, of (513
North Sixteenth street, was cut and
feuised. The accident occurred near
JfesnelU. N. J.
Endewitb two young men win walk
tot along the pike. Zozenc ind Mies
Hutchinson were returning in the auto
mobile from Haminonten. The eoui eeui eoui
nqiens of Engle jumped te one side,
let Rifle leapel te tbe ether side,
jjizene swerved tbe car. but it struck
Enjfle and then crashed into n po'e
flapping the pole in half and the car
crerrurned. An auteist took Engle and
Miss Hutchinson te the Homeopathic
Hospital, Camden. Zozenc was re
leased by Prosecutor Straw 6n his own
Injured Hey Abandoned
Throwing into the street the cleven-nir-eld
victim of their careless driv
ing after carrying him litle mere than
liqnarc from the scene of the accident,
Biturday night, two men, whose
entity is unknown, sped away, with
Injunctions te the boy te walk te the
Iwpltal en feet. Dripping with bleed
from a deep weun Id his bead, the boy
fiullr arrived at the hospital and cel
lapsed at the deer. He Is- Jeseph Teth,
ten of Michael Teth, fertv years old,
t pudener at the Jewish Hospital.
Father and son were driving a team.
When they came te Sixth street and
Taber read an automobile coming down
Filth street crashed into their team,
overturning it and throwing father and
ion te the ground. Premising te take
the boy te the Jewish Hospital, the two
men placed him in their machitc and
then sped up the Ftrcet.
When a taxlcab driver lest control
ef his machine at Forty-first street and
Glrard avenue jesterday. a sexton of a
nearby church was injured and two
automobiles worn damaged before the
tixlcab crashed into a pole.
The injured man is Martin V. Fich
ter, fifty-six years old. of fi.r4(J Wya
luslng avenue, and the taxlcab driver
u Edward Devenney, thirty-four
iars old. of rG2G Pearl street. Flcliter
tt. in the Wet Philadelphia Homeo
pathic Hospital.
Devenney was arrested en charges
ef driving an automobile while intoxi
cated, reckless driving and assault and
batter' by automobile.
Arrested as Drunken Driver
William Merris, Negro. Fifteenth
atreet near Dickinsen, was arrested last
sight by police of the Twentieth and
Buttonwood streets station, charged
with driving an automobile while in in
teiicatrd. Merris ran into an nutomnb'le owned
by Francis X. Hnrtman. Pupiar street
star Twenty-uun, Jn irent of Hart
nan's home.
An explosion of gasollne as the tank
et a motertruck was being filled at a
station at ficrmantewn and Girard avo ave
aw.latt night, resulted in Harry Fred
ericks, the driver, being badly burned
ea the face and hands.
Hewas taken te the Children's Home
opathic Hospital. The truck, which
U making Its regular run fr-m Phila
delphia te New Yerk, was tadly dam
aged. Emery I.nnke, twenty. three- vpara
old, of 080 North Sixth street. wasTun
down and injured by n motorcar at
ifth street and Oirard avenue. Fred
Krakevltz. driver of the automobile,
was arrested by tbe police of the Frent
and-Master streets station.
Deplores Spread of This Practice
Throughout America
naltlmere, Dec. 12. Archbishop
Curler, lu St. Deminic's Catholic
Church here yesterday afternoon, as
sailed advocates of birth control.
'The married state Is sacrcfl. and It
has (s duties and Its rights," he do de
clared. "IMt there is a body of people.
ma , '"" female degenerates, who would
fly in the face of Ged, the Creater, and
make Hfe one great stu and orgy of
"Catholic parents who full te de their
duty as parents, who tamper with the
laws of nature in the married state,
who. through seltlslinc-n or love eT so
ciety or lack of trust In Providence,
snuff out the lives of unborn children,
are guilty oft, the gravest crlmcaand
sins against Ced Almighty.
"I fear this nameless crime Is grow grew
Jni even among the Catholics of Amer
ica. It brought n terrible curse
upon I unci of old and upon every na
tlen which has been guilty of it. If
the parents of America fail te value tbe
life of the child. I fear the hand of
Ged. who loves little children, will fall
upon our own land."
Tekugawa Says Conference Organ
ized en Exalted Plane
Washington, Dec. 12. The injection
of American idealism into Interna
tional affairs was characterized by
Prince Tekugawa, one. of the Japnnese
delegates, as "the most refreshing thing
In the modern world" In nn address yes
terday befetc the 'Federal Council of
"The task of the Conference Is re
ligious." Prince Tekugawa said. "I
think I can tny this without Irreverence
because the Conference is organized en
an exalted plane and is animated with
high Ideals.'1
Man Thrown Out After Cincinnati
Held-Uq Is Unidentified
Cincinnati. Dec. 12. (By A. P.)
Identity of the man whose llfelcs body
was thrown from an automobile in
which four companions escaped after
five highwaymen had robbed a bank
messenger of $1000 -in cash and $20,
000 in certificates here Saturday, re
mained a mystery today.
Photographs of three children and
several cards and telephone numbers
indicating the dead man had been in
St. Leuis were the only clues upon
vhich- the police had te work.
Taxpayers, Annoyed at Water
Famine, Declare They Will Try
te Oust Commissioners
Burlington. N. .1., Dec. 12. State
and city authorities will conduct inves
tigations Inte the management of the
city water works, It appeared evident
lat night when taxpayers nnneunced
they would move te oust Water Com
mission officials responsible for the wa
ter famine that has followed n break
down of tbe supply system.
According te business men, who have
made a survey of the pumping station
since the break, almost unthlnknble
carelessness preceded the sudden stop
page of the water yesterday morning.
Indignation Is expressed ever the
fact that the management of the works
refused te employ a diver te hasten re
pairs en the intake, but waited for low
(Ides In order te make the Inspections.
It Is furthftr alleged that twelve hours
before the water gave out the break at
the intake was dWovercd. but ne'niun.
w-us made te employ fire-engine pump
ers from Purllngten. Bristel and Nuv
erly te fill the reservoirs until the stand
pine was cmntv and the cltv drv.
A block of weed from the wall of an.
Intake well was found Saturday nleht
I Imbedded In the pump valve. This is be
lieved te lidve started the trouble, wlilch
workmen are striving te repair.
While directing the repair work Sat
urday night, I.cen Irwin, a plumbing
contractor, was seriously Injured, when
a tripod slipped and dropped a heavy
pipe. His legs were broken, and he
was badly bruised. Other workmen
were thrown into the water, but were
rescued uninjured.
Fire engines yesterday pumped water
from the river Inte tiie filtration tanks,
and meMt homes throughout the city get
6000 Indian Agents Said te Be
Working Secretly In Caltcutta
Sprctal Cable Dispatch. CopvrteM, toil
Calcutta, Dec. 12. The discontent of
the Indian people in Calcutta exceeds
the discontent at Madrns. Elghty-enc
volunteers of the National Congress
have been sentenced, 200 mere were ar
rested and the British ray they had
swords and daggers, which were seized.
In Jhe district of Itangpur a thou
sand were arrested, while 20,000 mere
demanded nrrcst. Bayonet und ma
chine guns guard the crossings in the
native quarter und armed police patrol
the saloons te thwart picketing.
Officials of the Ipdian Congress say
5000 volunteers are, working secretly in
Calcutta te promote a boycott of the
Prince of Wales en December 24. Mrs.
C. K. Das. wife of the Nationalist
leader, president-elect of the Indian
National Congress, courted nrrcst by
selling homespun publicly. Mr. Das
himself Is under arrest.
. - .
: C
)Un aeUtatrea are se dlstlnc-
nnit in rrrmettablu
priced that we have no hesita
tion (u inviting comparisons.
1IIK beautiful ring pictured
nboue is all platinum and
centnlns a single diamond of
finest quality and brilliance.
Kennedy & Bre.
Diamond Mrrclmntn & Jtwtlfr
102 S. 13th St.
1878 1021
"I'lYi'i CkO --ll - Ky i fi
j I-
Municipal Empleyes at the Shere
Threaten Merry Political Rew
Atbntlc City, Dec. 12. Pest-war
bonuses granted te firemen, policemen
and many city empleyes, expiring by
limitation in April, will net be renewed,
It was Intlmuted yc.-terday by City Com Cem Com
mlssieners, and there is a merry politi
cal row brewing ns n result. The bonus
runs from $200 te $400.
Decision of the rulerw te discentinuu
the bonus enme with discovery that the
tax rate, with ether necessary Items,
probably would sear from $3,:!4 te
S3. 4-1. even though the assessments lwne
been Increased from $.",000,000 te $10.
000.000 under the schedule going
tr rough.
Will this man
fit into your
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tising department of a busi
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w """
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Small Safes in Cabinets, Sealing Wax Sets, Waterman
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Founded in 1865
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Uptown- Cor. 6th &: Thompson Sts
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"The Heuse that Heppe built'
President, Florence J. Heppe,
Sen of the Founder
Inaugurated the One-Price System in 1 88 1
Buy Your Vidrela
Today at Heppe s
There is a scarcity of genuine Victor-Victrelas
rapidly developing. If you want a Victrela for
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Price. Yeu are free te purchase the Victrela or return it at any time.
k!.Ebn?n!..thB sret violinist In
Ji .?tU(Sl8-. Elman makes
exduihely for th
Victrela Ne. IV, $30.10
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with $10 worth of reeerdt
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ray only W weekly
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with 2.1 worth, of records
. I'ay en
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beard patent
gives teHeppe
up r i g h t
pianos a tone
equal te that of many
pianos. The
s e u n ding
beard area
is 1300
upright, pianos. When
tone alone is consid
ered Heppe pianos
are always choescn.
from $390 up
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settlement accepted
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1 7
$$1 v
Santa Claus is On the Way!
Never has the world needed him mere. The spirit of geed-will, of which he is the symbol, seems te
permeate the very air we breathe. He is the jelly harbinger of better times coming, as well as the imme
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Men Who Overlook Their
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It is Impossible te Tell of
All theFine Playthings new
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Claus' Headquarters
IN this announcement we will confine ourselves te telling
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One Cannet Have Toe Many
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f 3
roil enl) tt.(Q wtekly
i - v
-yvr, QirMt
-xjs :u;

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