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Annual Musical Contests te Be
Held at Academy, Start
ing January 2
ErcrTthinc Is ready op tlic twelfth
Anntiflf Elrtcddfed which will be held In
the Academy of Music January 2.
' It ne'd hardly he explained that the
Eliteddfed is n "Welsh Institution a
competitive festlral of music, art and
literature, and te this Philadelphia
Eisteddfod will ceme singing societies
and soloists from all parts of Pennsyl
vania and the snrreundlnp States. There
rill be In all 1000 participants and
prizes te the amount of ?2000 will be
distributed. These will be variously for
ilnrinE. songs, Instrumental music,
riiuTCh anthem compositions, icssnys,
pin and ink sketches and art needlc-
WThe conductor or master of cere
monies will be Arch Druid Dr. William
Serdlval, of the American Gerscild. Hie
Adjudicators will be H. Alexander Mat
thews, organist of the Church of St.
Luke and the Epiphany", and Dr. Ed
wiinl O. Itroeme, of Canada.
The Eisteddfod ns an Institution dates
from the times In Urltaln when the
rteraans were going out nnd the Saxons
had net yet come In nnd the Normans
were yet unheard of. Owulu ap Maxcn
had been elected chief t.evcrcIgn of
Britain nnd, being himself a man of
wide culture, he ordained these annual
congresses of the bards.
The first of which legend has left any
account was held en the banks of the
Conway In the sixth century under the
ncgls of Maclgwn Owyncdd, prlnce of
North Wales. It Is recorded hew en
this occasion Mnclgwn, te prove the su
periority of vocal music ever Instru
mental music, offered n prlze te such
mlnslrcls or bards who could swim the
Conway nnd perform en their arrival at
the opposite bank. The harpists were
defeated because their Instruments had
been damaged by the water.
A provincial . Eisteddfod gcnernlly
lasts three or four days.
Ceal Hed Filled With Combustibles
Is Found $300,000 Less
Fall Hlver, Mass., Dec. 2". (B.t A.
P.) Fire of alleged Incendiary origin
totally destroyed the Henry Lord
Grammar Scheel here last night, en
tailing n less estimated at mine than
$300,000. One fireman was slightly In
jured by n. falling wall.
A coal hed. which fire officials said
had been filled with inflammable mate
rlnl and Ignited, was found en a land
ing between the first and second floors.
Sewing Made
a Pleasure
I ""TO 1 U
as m- - AisiMKpBiMlBaBSll IHlf
Have jeu ever experienced the delight of effortless sewing,
and while you pressed your feet slightly en the controller, watched
the fabric glide magically bencnth the needle?
Have you known the joy of silent sewing, se iwisclcs3 that
ene could read aloud te you while you sew?
That is what the Electric Automatic docs for you, and there is
no bobbin te run out in the midst of the seam. There is no tension
te adjust for it automatically adjusts itself, while the seam it
makes is unexcelled in beauty and strength.
Yeu can sew upstairs or down, or en the perch, for it is
PORTABLE. It can be carried with ene hand.
It is the result of sixty years' experience, and is the Willcox &
Gibbs Sewing Machine Company's Intcst gift te womanhood.
.i:t vh ii:me.hthati: it te vei SSI.M.I. I'AAMIIM
sKCUitns esr. of tiii:mi;i tut. h.m.axci: en v.asv thuum.
Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine Ce.
1709 Chestnut Street
(Phene. Spruce 2192)
IPPi Jvsi
Steel Vertical Transfer
Cases rf
Order new and avoid pos
sible delays when needed.
All styles al lowest, prices
for quality furnished.
Transfer file can
taining entire can
tent teken from
Vfrtical Mr.
Illustration shows four steel transfer cases
stacked ene above the ether. They can be
built as high as you want. Made entirely of
steel strong, fire-resistant, non-binding, dust
and rodent-proof.
Felders and Guides
Wc aie prepared te furnish practically all
varieties of folders and guides for vertical
files, and they are all of the well-known
Glebe-Wernicke quality and manufacture.
1 ttLi
HUNG BUSINESS PAPFU.S improperly is mostly due te
inexperience of tile clerks. Investigate the STANDARD
If H
n JliKii im s
Yeung mm
Sftrawlirifa dodder's Wint
er Reduc
tien Sale
T w'JB. J 1 J Hal tl
. jC i T f nv if in A r V
"Alce" and Other
Suits and Overcoats
Xew Sharply
Reduced te,
All types of single- nnd double-breasted
Suits; Ulsters, Ulsterettc and Chesterfield
Overcoats in a wealth of fabrics beyond descrip
tion. Practically all sizes in generous quan
tities te start with.
Hundreds of Fine
Suits and Overcoats
jYew Sharply )
Reduced te.,.
Handsome new Suits and Overcoats, in a
variety of styles and fabrics te satisfy every
taste up-te-the-minute and conservative.
Savings in this group average one-third as
based en regular prices. All sizes te start with.
4000 Suits and
1500 Overcoats
at Much Less Than the Season's
Regular Lew Prices, Including Close Clese
out Purchases at Wholesale Prices
THE GREAT Annual Reduction Sale of Winter Cloth
ing, formerly beginning January 1st, was planned this
year te start immediately after Christmas and the
enthusiasm witnessed in the Clothing Stere since early this
morning proves that we planned wisely and well. Yeung
men home from school or college, men spending the holidays
in the city, men who can come most conveniently at this
time from nearby towns, and hundreds of city men who are
waiting for this Sale, are glad of the opportunity te profit
by these wonderful values NOW.
And the savings are really extraordinary! Every Suit
and every Overcoat in the Sale bears a label which is a
GUARANTEE of EXCELLENCE our standard, high
class regular lines. The greater part of the Clothing in the
Sale is from our regular winter stock marked at VERY
DECISIVE REDUCTIONS from our fair prices of this sea
son, but a considerable portion comes directly from the tailor
shops manufacturers' over-lets en hand in anticipation of
reorders, closed out te us at a concession and marked at
IMPORTANT Never in any reduction sale have we
been able te offer such large quantities and assortments of
UNUSUAL SIZES for stout, short, tall and slender men
in addition te the hundreds in regular proportions. Surely,
every man can be fitted.
i i
Handsome Winter
Suits and Overcoats
iXew Sharply
Reduced te,
Suits of soft worsted fabrics in a variety of
these clean-cut styles new preferred by up-te-the-minute
young men. The Overcoats arc
chiefly in ulster effect, of handsome plain-back
and plaid-back fabrics.
Seme of Our Finest Overcoats, New $62(50
Handsome Chesterfield and Ulster Overcoats of the finest fabric pro
duced by American and foreign looms. Superlative in every quality essential
cut, fabric and finish. Satin lining.
Many of Our Fine
Suits and Overcoats
.Yeic Sharply
Reduced te. . .
A variety of Suits for men and young men.
The Overcoats are exceedingly rich and fine in
every detail of fabric, tailoring and finish. A
geed assortment of sizes te begin with.
Hundreds of Fine
Suits and Overcoats
Xeiv Sharply
Reduced te,
The Suits include "California"-weight gar
ments worn the ycar-areund by many men.
Seme in advance spring styles. Overcoats in
clude heavy Ulsters and smart Ulstereltes of
rich fabrics.
Suits With
Twe Pairs of Trousers
$29.50 $32.50
Mere than 1000 Suits as smart or as conservative in style and fabric as
any modern young man of reserved taste could wish for. They are of worsteds,
cassimeres and silk mixtures, taile'-ed with exacting care. The extra pair of
trousers with each Suit insures extra wear. All size. FIEDUCTIOXS AVER
-- St"M
P II. n
Several Hundred
Handsome Overcoats
Xeiv Sharply
Reduced te ...
Luxurious Overcoats faultlessly tailored of
these fine fabrics from the looms of J. & J.
Crcmbie. Ltd., of Scotland, and from famous
Irish looms. The pattern.- bespeak their exclu
sive origin at a glance.
The Clearance Sales -of Women's Winter
Apparel Have Started Out in Earnest
Right at the height of winter, come our great clearance reductions en Winter Anparcl mere than three months
et wearing time ahead and the reductions all en the kinds of garments that you probably intended te buv as seen as the
Christmas activities had subsided somewhat. AND SUCH REDUCTIONS. Wc don't need te tell ve'u former prices
or current prices te give an idea of the value just examine the merchandise. '
Smart Crepe de Chine' Dresses new $18.75 Lustrous Seal Plush Ceals new S25.00
. In navy blue, brown and black with rows of Paislev silk trim- Belted-back, loesc-front Coats, slichtlv mero than' mnlnn-th
ming en the npren-draped tunic. CeHarless nck-Hnc, long bishop with deep cella dering up veil a the t rout d beJ it if l!v &1-'
slreves finished with tiny ciift, narrow crcve de chine sash. lined througheur. -,, . V,!,' L" J . .'
Plaited Crepe de Chine Dresses new $22.50
Sl rniirlit-linn mnrlil nlnitiv! frnm ne1.- 1mm -...i -e,. .....:.... 1
panels en the skirt very attractive. New fltvle sleeves with narrow,
clee-fitting cuffs. Finished with novel trimming braid. Black, navy
and blown.
Fine Party Dresses new $17.50 te $60.00
Velvet, chiffon, Canten crepe and taffeta; bouffant and straight
line styles, many beaded or trimmed with silver lace. Black and
bright colors.
Fine Weel Velour SuitsT-new $22.50
Unbelted models en long, semi-fitting lines, beautifullv tailored
and lined with pcau de cygnc. Black, navy, brown and taupe.
High-Grade Suits new $40.00 te $275.00
Many exclusive single models. Suits of such luxurious mate
rials as meu.ssyne, duvet de laine, whip-peer-will, mechntcx, veldyne,
pnnvelaine, caracal cloth, marvella and duvetine, beautifully em
broidered and fur-trimmed.
-Strnn-br!dn 4 C elh.tr Fecend Tloer, Market Siren anJ ("ntr
Smart BeKvia Coats new $20.00
Kine Coats of a lustrous Belivia cloth, in navy, brown and black":
with attiactively stitched cellar and bell sleeves, and silk-lined through'
out. Alse a few single models of exceptional value in this let.
Plain-Tailored Tweed Coats new $25.00
Plain-tailored Tweed Coats, in brown, Oxford, navv and black
in three-quarter length, with body and sleeves lined. ' Alse a few
odd lets of Coats, including some of Belivia.
Fine Fur-Cellar Coats new $35.00
Belivia Coats in brown, navy and black, made in attractive all
around boiled style, with deep cellar of fur that closes up well nt
the threat, and elegantly silk-lined throughout.
. Fur-Cellar Belivia Coats new $37.50
The regular fair price for these Coats is $50.00. All of Belivia
in brown and navy, n few in black. Beautiful cellar of natural
opossum, Elegant silk lining throughout.
Perte Rican Hand-Made Blouses at $3.00
i.hI'iw!'JiR"r- XAhF- Hand-tucked, hand-embroidered and
with beautiful design of hand-dtann work. Several model in vest
ellect and all finished w th hemstitching.
Tailored Pongee Blouses at 83.00
Seme VPI'V Knilrlv luilnrnrl M-l.re.c i,U:i.l i...i. i .. ,
' ! ,eJnttV&,,nB 0r l,lBlt,K ev :j "-ic-h of drawu-wwk-remarkable
'""" "" ;"". -t - st aii- uk. i
l le hltr-
Seasonable Knit Underwear
Fer Men, Women. Children
Knit Underwear fur ell ine family. And you will be inter
ested te sec- hew inexpen.-ive ihe-e tuh-tantip I kinds are:
Ilibbed Cotten Union Suiis, low neck, -lecvcless. SIkus T and
S Tee.
Light-weight, ribbed cotton I nien Suit-, low neck, lecclcs,
knee- or ankle-length. Regular sir.es .'1.00.
Uibbed Merine I nien ?u t, low nck. lervpljin;, .mklu-kngih,
$-."j0; extra sizrt- I'J.Te.
roil .ik
,. , ''envy-weight, Si?y m-unn Sh.rls and Diawir.Jl.,"..! and
.sj.'.'-i each.
Hcay-weight. eei u nbbed cotton Union vSuitc ?;).0().
AU-rteid gray Union ,ns. heavy wei!it.3.en.
I'O It till! IJIIKN
Be-' g'a nlibeJ cetter l'j .0,1 Si' its ' 1.00 te S'.;'"..
Uhiid en';, KibbrJ Cotten Win-' Union Suits -31.00
"M'",b JK" i --H'- - ' u- M-, nnil S u ,t -.,t
Important Reductions in
the Misses' Wear Stere
dwiincliea of thehc. These are the Suits, Ureses and Coats U a'
you find only in hiKhly specialized Misses' Wcnr stei-cl.
Misses' Smart Suits Reduced te $23.50
eleurs in two-ten., suitiiu.'s, in b.ewnf veiu'-ev and blue
Bilk-hned and .nterl.ned. and with beaverette cellar. S."e" It te
18 years.
Misses' Fine Suits new $45.00 te $65.00
iMtie velour. duvet de laine, vslainc and memsvne enlv ene
of a kind, nnd all with fur cellars. Sizes U te ,8 ya, , en,J ene
Fine Coats and Wraps $65.00 te $95.00
i i i ?.p eats. 1v,th blac,c erical cellar and iuiTs lse MiiavL
belted Coats vnth wolf cellars. Of fine panve a ne. nanelln
Kashm.i-Radianl, erminie and o'-mandie. Sires 14 te 18 years
Afternoon &' Dance Frecks $29.50 te S55
.uiises Afternoon Dresses of olvetcen hl-irk h,. un, u,.u,
eKn'ulTT0 f"'1 ,3r,eu" -"'binaHens Ife f?0'cl K'e
chil.en, taftcta and satin. Sizes U te IS jenrs
Girls' Smart Winter Coats new $29.50
Une?W fl"M,n.Cd n"d "ltcr-
W StrawbrlclM fc Clotht.r-.7cenrt Kleet JlarK.t Stie.t
Neme Corsets
and Brassieres
Theu.-and of la'sc women
will v e.-.i' no ethei kink 'Ihey
bRve found N'iiim Cert
neliienablp in linr
Slenderizing in effect
I'xeeptiannlly eomferlublr
(fiviiiq tinitKiuilli lenu near
lilted uilli Kpeciul features
tint promote limit h.
Wc shall he n'ad te fit you
in th" co ri I Venie med',l.
Wendevlifl Corsets
MOTlHL 851, wi'ii low l-u-t,
leiip l'.ius and el.ut'c inse-ts
in back. Urnad band of
Tstikeps Wehbin ac-ess the
frenr extend bplew thr front
steeis. sunp.irtinsj weak ab-
en ;ial i u-'le? and reducing
sii"e',u-i Pesb TrireS8.0l)
Olltrr We-'d' rlift Medels
,n 'e e sn.:n
Sp!f-n'c'iifinp ".00 te SD.IJO
Kep Service -$.".l)n e S0.00
Verae Circlet Brassieres -SI. 30
te S5.00
RlrHMirlilsl A Clothier -Third
Fleer Murktt 8tret Wett
Beys' Warm
Sleeping Suiis
Ol.tiiijr riuiuiel I' jamas
warm ; n.J pi acticul fv wd
Onc-iiicic Pajamas !i.-',
'FHe-pieie Pajanuih Sl.;,n
I'ue-liirce Pajamas., made in
our iinn lactery- -rcentieii-
allv tine X2.00
or cotte?,- I'e.vGr.rc,
Twe-p.ece Pajamas in pink,
blue or wnite R1.00.
OF Wllin: MADRAS, Two Twe
piece Pajamas Tl.Te.
S i an I ,i. t I- .1 .1.1,
se eii'l I' en i .Mp,, Kait
Peace Metal
Weather Strips
Will ktep out cold, step nil
duuiRhts, prevent rnttHnsr vln vln
dews aii'l exclude dust. Thcv
(juickly aave their moderate
lirst cost by cultinj,' dewTi fuel
bills Can be installed in any
weather without discomfort te
fltrawbrldir. t. ClelMr -
veurm iiniir. Jr.rk.t Hiri.t. w..
,Vt .t -T...
di.i.smii 'uui.vuuMC-n.-rj ..... .....,,. KufzXu.v,

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