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Euenma public tee get
Fair and atltlilfy warmer tenight:
lowest temperature nbeut 32 degree;
Thursday unsettled nml warmer.
Fh I he in lia I it 2 I ; i -t i bi
T;:e l.ie las :t2 me e 7 lilt
. Positive Announcement at His
Uniontown Heme Kills
Opposite Reports
United State. Senater William K.
Crew today said positively that lie will
l n candidate for the full term as
Senater In witceBsien te the Inte Phi
lander C. Knox.
Tim declaration, mnde at his home In
Unlonewn, was In effect n steam-roller
flattening reports thnt Illness has drlrcn
lilm te the point where he Is reconciled
tu yielding his nmblllen of years.
A (short time nftcr the sudden death
f Senater Knox nt his Washington
home, 'foverner Sproul named State
Chairman Crew for the Scnnte vacancy.
Tlie appointment followed n conference
the Governer had with Sennter Pen-
Since his nppeintmcut, senator
Crew virtually has been n atrnuger te
Ms Senate seat ana probably would
lieed an Intioductlen te the doorkeeper.
He baa been In the Senate only twice,
onto when be wns wvern In. Recently
lie lias been recuperating at Atlantic
O'ity and nt Uniontown.
Neter Had Oilier Idea
Then came reports that Senater Crew
would net be n cnndldate nt the State
lirlniary In May. Vnrleim men were
nuggestrd ns alternative candidates,
notably .lebu A. Hell, n Pittsburgh
banker, wbe Is also mentioned for the
lovcrnersblp. Kcperts even went se
far an te state Crew would support
Dell for the United States Senate.
All these reports were laid before
the Junier United States Senater today.
"I have, never bad but one Idea, nnd
that Is te be n candidate for the full
term." Mr. Crew replied. "There has
been no ether tlmughl than thnt what
ever. Ne ether suggestion has ever
been made te me.
"As everybody knows. I have net
been quite up te par. but I have been
upending most of the time getting ready
for my Senate duties. I intend te be
present nt the opening session when
the bennte reconvenes after the holi
days. Feeling Flrst-Rate
"I am feeling first-rate new nnd am
net confined te the home. I go out
"very day and am gradually getting back
te my old-time form. Ven inn bay it
.niit an strong as you like that I nm
a eandldate for the full term."
With the governorship und a United
States sonatershlp as the great prizes,
Pennsylvania politics new resembles a
fclgantie ebcsibenrd ou which the kings,
knights, reeks und ether pieces nre
being moved te effect checkmates of
Kricuds of Senater Crew believe Mr.
Hell's senatorial boom is merely a move
designed te force bis acceptance bj the
.state lenders an tlui Republican candi
date for Governer.
Mr. Hell's attitude, us described by
Ins friends, is thnt In; would be do de
'Ignled te xviu the senatershlp. but that
'lie will have te be persuaded" te tuki
'henomlnaten for Governer.
The governorship booms of Lieuten
ant Governer Reidlcmnu nnd of Stele
Treasurer Snyder are new regarded as
'angel wrecks. Stale Highway Com Cem
m sMetirr Sadler's trinl balloon is still
atleat, but there nre groups within the
party preparing their high-angle guns in
in effort te bring it down.
Out When Hla Father Investigated
He Found a Peny en the Lawn
Hew would you like te step out onto
no lawn at 10 o'clock tit night and
r?ia ,D'- Srizz,5' bear en the lawnV
That b what happened te eight -year-ld
Jeseph Robinson, Eleventh nnd
Jobnjeu streets, when he started en mi
"It'ii n bear! It's n bear!"' cried
lewpli a be mooted back Inte the
"eui.e nnd found his way te his mether'a
"It's nonsense," was the beit con
solation tliHt be could get.
But .Jeseph would net go out ngnin.
'' tinally his father decide tliat he
would go out and chuse the "bear"
Sure enough, there wan nn nnluiiil
''bunt faur feet mil, black and bnsh.v -"Hired,
grazing en the lawn. Drawing
"furer, Mr. Robinson saw It was n
I'eiiy. IIe had it cured for at a neurbv
Later It was claimed by Jehn Grant,
et rwrnlli ftreet below the Pennsl
aniu Railroad, who said it had nhii
dereil away.
Four Nabbed In Camden Selling
A Packets for $15 a Dezen
Pour men, arretted b Gevcrnninit
8nts in Camden this morning while
'ney were "slipping" packets te allegi-.l
Irug users nt ?1. u dozen, were, unper
turbed. Arraigned before United States Coin Cein Coin
mlsilener Jeltne. tliej wntteil ter tile
report of the chemist who nniil.wm nil
drugs confiscated. The rliemlNl re
ported the packet f centalneil Heur, and
the, prlFniicr.H were dlscliarged.
They said they were Geerge McDnn
ld, tseveuth and Vine itrcets; h'rnnk
Stene, Ninth street ulmc Race, tlit
clty, and Harry Pele, and ,M. I. iln
' ahill, both of Second und Kaighns
avenue, Camden.
Prealdent Apparently Has Aban
doned Plnehurst Visit
y,n,rrten' I)er- -S.-flly A. P.)
-Mht'e there was nn official statement,
Indications at the White llmu-e tedn
'erc tji?t President Harding had nban
'Inned his tentntlve jilan te spend a purt
of the helldujs nt Plnehurst. N. C.
Thp President had a full lift of en
RHKCmenU for teduv and one of the
members of the Cabinet wns autheritv
unii &inJ.eTfnt ,l,at ",0 Cabinet
uld nieet Friday ns usual.
J3 Ctjtnyt t.. mil. a,u Locust 6393,
Enter.l aa 6ecund-Ctas Mutter at
Under the Act of
Phila. Dancer Hurt
Wiese shoulder wns broken during
n dancing act with her brothers
In the Prospect Theatre, Brooklyn.
Other Members of Seuth Fifth St.
Family Rescued in Early Blaze
The family of Merris Dura was res
cued by firemen nt 4 o'clock this morn
ing, when fire destroyed his drug nnd
cigar store ou the first fleer of '-'311
Seuth Fifth street.
Dum ami his family live en the sec-,
end fleer ever the store. The fire started
In the renr of the btere. Mrs. Uum
screamed for help from the front window
arid then jumped.
She v as picked up bv members of
Engine Company Ne. oil. of Fourth
street nnd Snyder aenue, and taken te
the Mount Slnal Hospital. Her condi
tion is net considered serious.
Meanwhile Dum nnd hi children
were being helped down ladders from the
front window's. The itamuge te the
store win estimated nt $1(100.
Fire .nrller In the morning en the
first fleer of the home if Sain Znrn
bits:. nt 11112 Seuth Fifth street, filled
the house with smoke.
, AH th" family, with the cxccptir.ii
of .nrebiu, were out. He was guided
te the tiree't by firemen.
Durinj the excitement Mrs. Mnriia
Resenhlat, wbe lives next deer, nt
21M Seuth Fifth street, thought her
house was en fire nnd fainted. Fire
men carried her te the street, where
she wns revived.
'Twe Companions Acquitted, but One
la Held Under Bend
I Three N'egrers, convicted today of
steullng Un automobile, were sentenced
I te from seven te ten yenrs In the Fust
' ern State Penitentinry h.v Judge
I Rogers.
I TJiey lire .telin Sweeny. 1.10S Rain
j bridge stiect: Charles Themas, 111!"
I Haiubridge street, and .lebn Adam,
liVJ" Addison street.
Trey Muscly nnd William W. Ames,
Negroes, who were tried with them,
were both acnuitted, although Ames
was held in SI 000 hail te keep tlie
nence. because of liis former record. I
The automobile wan stolen from
Themas II. Tlneff, of Trenten. N". .1..
and the live men were arretted here
, Neember !!0 while in possession of the
.lust as Judge Rogers pteunuueed
sentence a colored weniun in the rear
i of the tnurlroem screamed and wns
carried out. She is said te lie the wife
I of one of the convicted men.
Mere Than 800 Workers Return te
Ret ween S00 and 000 garment
werkcrd of the city, who sti licit mnic
than a month ege. went back te work
this morning ou lrtunlb the same roil
i ditlens thnt they demanded, according
te Mux Amdur. manager of the local
Cleak Makers' Union.
The workers had struck ngalnst the
institution by the cmphncrw of the
piecework basis for the weekly wane
system. They return te welk en the
w'eck work basis. Originally JlJiOU men
and women workers had struck, but
adjustments had been made with inet
I of tjie Individual emplnyeri.. .Members
of the Garment MiinutactureiV Asso
ciation were the last te glve in. nml nn
agreement with (lie union was mnde
Matters of pioduellen and pay ler
overtime will ! seltlej through n joint
committee which wi'l net as an impar
tial trbunal. Mr. Amdur said. '
Governer Urged te Name Mrs. J. D.
Samuel as Elsenbrewn'a Successor
Werd has been pnbsed among Deme-
icratlc women all through the Stntc te
nrge Governer .Sproul te appoint .Mrs.
Jehn D Siiinucl. L'OlTi Pine street, te
succeed the late Magistrate Klseiibrewii.
The unexpected willingness of Mrs.
Samuels te lake the poMtien If it is
offered her has been leeelvcd by the
i Democratic women. Yesterday the
Women's Democratic I'lub of Pennsyl
vania unanimously unloved Mm. Snm
ix m for maglntrnte
Mri,. Kdwanl P. D.uis, a member
of the llcinncratlc 'il.V t 'eiiunlttee,
mid today thnt thern wi) net another
woman in I'hlliidclplila se well qualified
for the job of magistrate as Mrs. Sam
Park Ponds Likely te Be Opened
Tomorrow If Forecast Holds
With slightly colder weather preva
lent for today there is n strong pos
sibility that skating will he nllewed en
some of the city parks by tomorrow.
Skaters aie still enleying (lie sport nt
ilie Iliixerfeid College pond and at sev
eral ether suburban ponds. Twe Inkes
in Falrmeurit Park were reported to
day ns in such shape that with a full
In 'temperature tonight, they might be
opened for knters.
Fresh Eggs Drep at Chicago
Chicago. Dec, liS. -Ry A. P.)
Fresh eggs ou the Chicago wliolcsnle
exchange dropped live ceuts today te
forty-four ccntH u dozen. The drop
xvas ascribed by produce men te .i
plentiful supply following the Christ
mas holiday week-end. Receipts were
nearly three times that of nerm.il.
nnnxis anij iieAimiNH te ni; veiu;
puflt W uy ;, " " ,-a.
- ' :mffmm
Kf:pV iV
Kmm mm
W&'O-iJ T Urns
wtvj mArfKwff hffuuv.. J
the Pemmc nt rhllftdelrtiU, P.
March 3, 18TD
.OF C.
Moere Refuses te Sanction
Scheme te Hire 4000 as
Private Watchmen
Mayer Moere and the Chamber of
Commerce are nt variance "vr two is
sues the plans for giving employment
te 4000 men ns night watchmen and
for xverking out nexv trnflii' nilcs.
The Mayer has set himself against
both plans, but the chairmen of the
business men's committees have indi
cated that they are going right uleng
with the work they hnve set themselves
te de.
The Mnyer Issued n statement tedny
cendcmnnur the scheme te hiie I0U0 Idle
men ns private night xvntchmen, tax
ing householders who wish tiie extra
protection fifteen cents a xxeek. He
said the ci'y had no money te hire pri
vate watchmen nnd the police depart
ment would net Mtnetieu the collection
of fifteen cents weekly from household
ers. Mayer Issues Statement
Publication of the details of the plan
bus sent numerous applicants te the
Mnyer'n office for watchmen's jobs.
Yesterday afternoon they begun te ur
rhc, and tlr'y continued today in
crowds. It was this dcfccnt of the job
less upon the Mayer's office that brought
out the following statement:
"Se much publicity has been gixen te
somebody's plan for employing -1000
xvntchmen that a veritable raid has been
made upon this ellice. where we have no
xvatchmen'H jobs te give out. nnd where
no such plan ns has been publicly dis
cussed Is contemplated.
"In the first place, the citv has no
money with which te employ -1000
xvntchmen, and, fn the second place,
the Department of Public Safely would
net sanction nny scheme which con
templated the collection of fifteen cents
or- any ether sum from householders.
The practice xveuld he dangerous in two
ways; first, as encouraging graft, nnd.
second, as involving investigations and
Inquiries by the Police Department, for
xvlileh it has neither the money nor the
Places for 125 Policemen
"We nre ubeut te employ I'Je euni
r-ollcenien en tbe strength of an ap
propriation made by f'eimfll. .f -n
xvbe need employment and who- nic
qunllfied te be pelh-cntcn hnve the
right te apply under the cixil service
for thesi places. We have nn watch
men's jeb.s fe jive out, nml would net
encourage any scheme contemplating
collection) from liousXiehlers te p:iy
watchmen. The Charter points out a
way by vvhiih the Mayer could rcure
etrn P' I icemen in emergency such n a
riot. He could then order in th" Park
ititirds ind sve.ir in citien.s te he paid
at the rate of policemen, but fertu-
nnlnlt llini'n linu lin,i ,.. ..I... .... .. .
......... .... , , ni, ,,r ,-au-h-
ordinary occasion, micli as the Charter
ciinicniii;nes, maKing Slicli n course
Jehn F. liiichanan, chairman of the
Mayer's Unemployment Committee of
the Chamber of Commerce, was sur
prised at the Mayer's statement, ns the
committee itself stands sponsor for the
I inn te employ -00(l night wntchmen.
"There are private, watchmen cm
pliyed at present." said Mr. Ruehannn,
"end always have been and will be.
Neither the Mayer nor the city will be
asked te pay the 10(111 men we wish te
see given employ incut. It is net a
question of asking th" iltj te pay them.
Denies Danger of UruH
"Ner xveuld'. theie lie nnv mere dan
ger of craft nndcr sucii a plan than
there Is with the prlx-atc watchmen new
employed. We arc net asking the city
te collect this lnenev . All the city xveuld
de would he te swear the watchmen in
and clothe then, with the proper au
thority. "The whole mutter nlie.uly Ims been
taken up with Director Co'rlelyeu, of
the Depuitnieiit of Public Safety, He
huw given the plan his approval. The
police deportment bus agreed In swear
these watchmen In.
"The Mayer's statement seems weak
and his point ill taken. We will go
riKiii iini'iie wiim our iniii unless Ine
Mayer tlneltles it."
Mr. Rin hi) nn ii said thnt a man Ik
signing up householder and later ethers
will be sent te de the same work. When
a dIMrlet is properly irguiil7e, coin cein
iil'ttreiu.in will Ii" appointed in I lint ills
I rid te Interview applicants for pest,
tleiis ns nlKbt watchmen. The jobs will
net be given out through the Mnxer's
Fridnv is the day the new traffic
loiumlsslen of the Chamber of Cem-
t mcree will go into action. This nn nn
Iieiiik emeiif is made by Daxid Kirscli
hauirf, the chnirmnu
When the Mayer heard about .the
new i oinmNsieii he conferred with
Superintendent Mills and inquired into
the general situation. He was infermi d
the new parking regulations are giving
satisfaction, are working well and theie
have been few complaints upon either
side. Tbe Mnyer then assured the
Superintendent of Police he Intended te
allow the police t" "r.!im: handling
i the parking problem wiiliem outside In
lerlerence. Net le Inlerferu With Puller.
When Intermed that he xva.- suppescii
te have requested Alba II. Jolnien,
'president of the Chamber of Commerce,
te ergnt Ie tin' new traffic commission,
i lie Mayer said a formal exchange of
letters upon the subject had taken
place, but that the police are competent
le handle the situation, that he intends
te allow them te de se. Mini that he
does net xvnut a traflie commission.
Mr. Jehnsen said It was true the
Mayer had net requested the feimullnii
of the commission, but that he had
approved it.
''The Mayer wns consulted," said
Mr, Jehnsen, "beeaus-e the Chamber of
Cemercn did net feel It should go ahead
with the formation of ii committee te
study and report en this highly lm lm
r.erfant problem without nensuiting the
Mayer und obtaining his approval.
"If xve did net feel the Mnyer ap
proved our action, we would net hnve
geno abend."
B. and O, Exprs Care Derailed
Cincinnati, 0 I. L.s.--(Hy A. P.l
The baggage nnd lvxe storage cars of
the Cinclunati-St. Iuis express en the
Rnltlmeru and Ohie loud, which left
lime at 5;50 e'chielivthl.s morning, xvere
derailed nl Delhi, u suburb, of this city.
Ne enu vvaa Injured.
Rockefeller's Daughter
Divorces H. F. McCormick
Decree Is Granted Har
vester Magnate's Wife en
Grounds of Desertion
Husband Admits Charges;
Couple Separated Since
Her Return Frem Europe
Ity the Associated Press
Chicago. Dec. 'JS. Mrs. Rdlth R.
McCormick. daughter of Jehn D. Rock
efeller. Sr.. millionaire oil king, xvas
grunted a divorce from Hareld F. Mc Mc
Cennlek. president of the Intenintietuil
Harvester Company, in Superior Court
Ne prevision for nllmeny xvas In
cluded In the divorce decree, which xvns
signed In court by Judge Charles A.
McDennld. after Mrs. McCormick had
filed suit for divorce en charges of de
sertion against Mr. McCormick. xvhe
admitted the charges.
While no announcement of nny set
tlement was mnde In court, nn ngree
inent hns been reached between Mr.
nnd Mrs. McCormick en tbe division
of property, according te Chucncc Dnr Dnr
rew. one cf counsel for Mr. McCor
mick. Mrs. McCormick is t.ie only daugh
ter of Jehn D. Rockefeller. She re
turned te this country a few weeks
age, after spending eight yenrs In
Switzerland. Upen her return, she
took up her residence In the McCormick
town house, while Mr. .McCormick
moved te his estate nt Lake Ferest.
Although they lire jointly the barkers
and pVincirwl "onlributers te the Chi J
cnge Opera Association and attend
almost nightly. Mrs. MeCermli k hns
occupied a box en one side of the house
ind Mr. McCormick and his Slaughter,
Muriel, en the ether.
Mr. nnd Mis. McCormick announced
Inst week that they would net pay the
deficit of the grand opeui company
College Men, in Convention
Here, Assail Bizarre Perform
ances en Streets
I'le.'iky and bizarre initiation-, te
.,-... ... .
itliruig traieruiiy canillilates te mnue
spectacles of thcmselvc en the s,rce,s,
xverc Rnndeinned nt a meeting of the
ir.en.,tlrn r,,.,,lll., !' .1... l, V,,
Frnternltv tndnx. nl ll.e A.lelnl.l,, I.
The meeting was part of tlie
annual convention of the fratcrnltv
Uigbfy-seven chnpterM from c . lieges
iliiouirheut the country xverc retire-
Resides condemning the initiations
the committee deplored snobbery. They
.uld a snlrlt of democracy Is necessary
If the student is te hnve an iideipiate
iiiiiterNtaniiiiig et tile s prelilenis.
I. I.. Williams, ceneral secretnry of
the Sigma u l'rnlenilly . wns one of
thee who voiced the disapproval.
Want Nermal Methods
"We approve of mere conservative
and normal methods of Initiating men.
Tlie present methods bring tee much
nttentlen both te tlie men themselves
and te the fraternity into which they
are being taken.
"It makes IhiIIi tlie caiidhhile ami
the fraternity ludicrous. A method can
be' adopted where a candidate is sutli
cieptly Impressed xvlth tlie importance
'..- . .- . .. . . - ..
sides maintaintiig u lilglt stuiutiird and
geed average In cliihses. we want all
the college men te indulge in ns many
sports a.-, possible.
All Against Snobbery
"We arc against snobbery wherever
it e.xits. If Ilie college mini Is le have
an understanding of life's problems
after graduation, there must be de
mocracy in tlie colleges.
"Wi visit te impress upon every one
who is attending college thai their
in-i iiui i,v im,j. .-, i- I,. ..iiiiiii nn ,,iu-
..!.!..... ;.. ... ..1.I..1.. .... .!..
at ion nun 10 go in ler association Willi
their teitew men aitcrwiini. i
Mayer Moere xvlll welcome the rid- ,
leglmis al the first busine.ss scs-
sleu of the Grand Chapter tomer- i
row morning. Following tlie official
bisine.-s of tlie convention the auuiial
biiiiiiiet will taki' place. The sessions
will continue Friday, followed by a
dance in tlie Manufacturers' Club,
All business -chsiiiiis. including the
tiutil meeting Saturday inerniiig, xvlll
.. in tlie convention licadiiiuricrs, the
Hetel Adelpbln. Prginlneul. nnieiig the
Sigma Nns attending the (ii-und Chap-
ter will be Frank Aydeletle. president
1- !.., I . iS.. SJ.......
of Swarthmerc
umsi'i iiiei .-veuiur t
I.. 11. Rail, of Delaware.
Move In State Association te Have,
Them Outlawed i
Allantlc Cltx, Dec. 'Js. The New
Jersey Slnte Teachers' Association, in
conxentien nt the shore, will consider
n reseliitlnti nsl.lng for legislation te
declare fraternities in hp;li- schools un
lawful. The resolution declares that such so
cieties ate opposed te the spirit of
demeciacy and cipialitv in public
schools, nfieii a detriment, u hindrance
te ellicinls by reason of having a policy
opposed te the policy of the school
authorities, ami when properly organ
Ized and Intrenched a "serious handi
cap te enforcement of rules nnd regu
The subject of a ban en high school
Maternities and societies has been ug.
tated among (lie teachers for several
years. It is net unlikely that a com cem
initfee from students may be heard be-
fore the sessions adjourn. These pre
senting tlie resolution assert that a
similar law has bceu passed in several
tout inret nverv re'julitiuant may l found
rpilclily liv eeiiliiii; in Atiartminta clujal.
Uctttiuu en piuji Si.Aiv.
of tits induction without dein IhinRs the new trial, l.essner , counsel mad-' Police beli has been drowned
which make him tin object of duHsiuu. n point of the fuel Judge Rogers luci in Darbv (Vi '
"We are doing our utmost te bring thrwirncd him with expulsion from the DcIc-Mxcm V and lxcllv. of the
the present standard of mentality among court during the trial. Anether point Si.xty-lifth sired mid Woodland nve nve
cellege students te u hljher grade. Re- mnde was that Judge Regi ra chnrnc nue Mat Ien. leum. ids coat, nut nun t.ie
Daughter of Jehn D. Rockefeller.
(Ills morning sued hrr husband,
Hareld !'. .McCerinirli, for dlveiic.
charging desertion
lic.xt veai. 'I'll i - .Mill's ilelicit le b"
paid by the McCeiinicks will exceed
Rumors of the impending suit have
been curieui ever since Mr. und Mrs.
McCormick teturned from Kurepc hist
Niinnnei nt Mm siimc llint. lint en iltf.
ferent t-hiix. Mr. re('ei;mick denied ,
at that time that a divorce was con-
tcinplated. while Mr McCormick IsMierJ
bis home te tlie inuiitry estate.
First announcement of the mntrir
meninl lift between the McCermh I- '
early hist October railed attention te,
Centlnurri un Pare Tlitrtrrn. Column Twe
Judge Rogers Grants Retrial
te Convicted Slayer, and
Hints at Tampering
An in tempt te "lix"
a murder .rial
. . ....
jury was revealed partiv today Iy Judge
llegei-.s In granting a new trial te Harry
J. I.cssner. iiliieleen years old, who .xvns
cenvii'lcil (if tlc-l ,t...,r , 1.,.. I I.........
I'"': '' I
l."s-iicr was found guilty en evidence J
which tended ir. si. T,n .ii iiiii... ii.
Isadei,. Rabinevvil.. L'll Seuth F.lghlh
.trcci. nficr l.rMM.,nc,l i :..,.. eiTi'
,s coinpaiiien. hail held up Vi je'wclrv
si i M,.i-..mt, ,,.i t..i,,... t.;. '
"Seme one tried te inllueu.s-the jiiiy
in this case," Judge Rogers said, as he
heaid aigumciit for a new trial for'
Lessuer, w be lived en Tree street, near I
llldee Srrxcs Wuriilni-
"Tim Court wishes te serxc warn- i looting last evening. She is pros
ing." the Judge continued, "that any trnte.1 at her home today.
or i- iiiicuipi. in ninipcr wiin jurn
as wns done In this case, will mean that
some one l going te suffer severely.
"We will keep en record the affidavit-,
of, these who were approached
mid I wish te give notice that no such
Intimidation will lie tolerated."
Mtheiigh Judge Rogers gave out no
names, it xvas reported a nelliic'inn lnul
been mentioned in connection with the
reported jury-tixing attempt. The court I
set January 1(1 for tlie new trial.
Anienc; the siitv.wK i,vii,.nw iit..i f,.
" - ..,- ... .... ou... .,. ....
terleii ns "Iniiiuileni several ebiec- ,
liens iniiile liy reiltiM- for the m-ciise, I
. ..... -
' , i
Controversy Over Ritual RpnrlR N,.w
Yerk Congregation
New ok. Dec. V.S. -ler ih,. f,,-st
lime in the seventy -three vears of n n
hlsteri the Kiiiweivi1 Chun h of C.i
in n . . , ... .
i r;msm;'irnueu, neiter uuewti a
l.iltle iliurcli Around the Cerner
I'wcmy -utn'ii meet, lust ,.u..t ,,f p,ft ,
nvenue, ts icnt by cotitrevo-.-v .
Twe .esirymen have pre-eutcd tlieir
iesgnatlens, two of tlie -lergv liave
lift, .mil the vcnernb'c -"cter. the Rev
Dr. (esirge Clarke H-uighieu. nns gene
Seuth, ill net only In body . 'ns he'bus
been for mere than a year. "but nlj sick
ni lieint ever the nplieaxal
Ther are many versions nf the rnu'
of the trouble Cine is thnt u few .if
the parishioners xvnnted Vermin verv
1 gh church customs hit reiluced Inte the
rllutil nt the Sunday rervjecs One of
these vvas snid le be the burning of
I I... I...... .1.1 . . '"." "
uie-:i.sc, iii i iiiii r ruis xa.s oetiice
The I.ittle Church Around the Cirne,
ban be-n put jit charge of Rlshep
'IbeiiiHs 1. (iniler, of Tennese,
Prof. James E. Slmonten Dead
A'asliiiiK"il. Pa., Dec. 'J. --( Uv A
p.) Pi of. James I
professor emeritus 0f French
and literature in Washington and Jef Jef
fereon College, died early today nl his
lieine here, aged ninety -two yeu'rs. Dr
Sliiieiilnu bei-iinic a member 'of the far.
ulty in 1 Still, nnd retired in 1!M)0, but
has since taken an active interest in
college and municipal activities.
Wilsen Ci'lebrutf.s His
6.T1 Hirtlulay Quietly
Washington. Dec. L'R. -. ( p,T A.
P. I -Fermer Ptesident Wilsen to te
day quietly celebrated his sixly-tifth
birthday nt his lieinn here, 'w hlle
no deviation from the daily program
of the Wilsen household xvas planned,
ninny cablegrams, telegrams nnd
letters containing greetings were de
livered nt the Wilsen home en S
street during tlie dny.
Hevcral of the mere intimate
friend of Mr Wilsen culled (e 0x
tend their giretlngs In person.
Pubmiied Uttll, y 'pt Similar.
Cepjrlnlil, 1021. ty
Made Threats Few Minutes Be
fore She Met Friend Going
te Picture Shew
Mrs. .Mary Carr, nineteen, 'f ."I-"'
North 15VM strert. nnd Tlinntnx i,rnin
llch. twenty -four, of -tO'JS North Fifth
streit. He in the F.plcepnl Hospiiel. i
tedny. both shot by Mrs. Carr' yeurr,
husband, Themas.
The victims will probably recover and
i the police nre searching for Cnrr, xvln
Is believed te hnx-e ended his life some seme
wheic in the vicinity of the Plillndel-
Iphla nnd Reading Railway jnnK nt
SiNtli stree nnd (ib-nwoeil nvenue. tirnr
where fhe sheeting e'currcd last eve.
, ning.
! Mrs. Can- and (Jrainlieh x'vere shot by
the husband while 'hey wen en their
l way te n mev lng-picttiie show. Ac
cording te the story s,e told the police
she .and her husband have net been liv-
ling together since a month or two
after their marriage, in Tlkteit. in
ii)is Cnrr has net troubled I'K bride
' ' , , , , , ,.,,.,..
when h came te her nnd told her that
his eyesight xvns falling, he could net get
work, hail nothing te live for and was
i-einL- te kill her nnd himself.
She did net take him seriously until
Inst ni-rlit. xvben lie met her en tin
street while ou her xvny te meet (Jrnm
lich. She said they had words, but she
finallx get hi-j premise net te fellow her
i nd left him. When she met (frnmllch
. .. I .t... ...... ... Iiuil.. It...-
InZ;; of .Ii.' husband, "hu, ibis'
Urnmlich refusal te de.
Thev walked together until thev
reached SlMh street and Cilenvvoed nve-
nue. where they were suddenly con-
fronted by Cnrr. who had a revolver In
IIIS liatlfl. . . .
it'i 1, ....- i-.rri Mrt utnrfrtii iirinir.
letting loose four
Hllt'lib l pvin "V . -
s e s T re of t $
shots, i nrec ei tncf i
ere In the left cheek.
l'."" 1V,,,,,P,.M,C "mJl!'"P i", .hL' f' t?;
Urnmlich bent ever her, only te he snot
urvvn a """"''"',"'. "'
1 "New ffil klU mvTOlf '"Tn rni; in.
". T"L''. "v,;.i ,i i i,. 'Phev
expected te find Carr dead semewhen.
II PUAvilMi ."IK x" u'i - ...-,,
..'.... ,.. ..... r-ii-.i ... ),,. i,it i
Hi me jarus. un niii..i "'""'' '"ri"
f,00S,tstrcCt, ., nhcrt d'lslancc ' from
v nere Mrn. Carr ban been living with
.!,.. ,,! n.nk nnimtv II n I ired lift IVC '
Search xvlll be continued for him today.
tlie police still certain lie
has killed
,'.ir n.i Hint lila lieilv will be
found lit some int-ef-the-wny place.
' M.i v i.ntmer. iili .vbi.iuCnrr
bearded, is his aunt nml nlse (lie aunt
..r i.i.. .. if m. Pnt,.,ni. snlit tlil
morning the' youn'ceuple were second
Mrs Jehn Ciramlicb. mother of tbe
Injured mnii, said the Hrst sin. was
.,..,.. l.nr cmi u-iih "elni- iiriiuinl witli
Mw. Cir.- n;is when she lenrned of the
Xmas Shotgun and Ceat Found en
Bank: Police Drag Stream
Rebert Caldwell e,ghtcn. of 7V-7
tCutst incline Writ l'hdiiflelrilnii. who
left home Monday te bunt rabbits with
a shotgun lie had been given feri lirist-
nnu i,nu ..... .,i im,l
iiiue. lll.r, ii, . i ,.ii .
shetcun this morning en the hum, of
tlie creek, nsr the First Reclment ii-
., .." ' . . . r . .
fie range. The gun Is deuble-tmireled
nnd contained two shell", one of tlieiu
i xpleded.
The detectives believe the young man
killed or wounded n rabbit en the no-
posit e mho j 1 1 teei, and vv.is ilnc u
ci iillcitiptl'ig te vn
across. Thf en i I;
feet v file ,it I In.
j is file .ut twenty liv i
The eievv of tie tinllce beat Reybiiru
is dragging the creek from row bouts.
Man-inge licenses liu-e fnlleu off heavily this ycm. La-t
year a tetnl u' :J1,017 liccubus xveie iaued, w'tilu this ytar, up tu
neon today, xlu tetnl is but I7,.r)7d.. Chief Clerk Peigubeti. of the
IiIuiTinge Latiibc Bureau, bUieves lmul times me te blninc
WAS HIV-TON, Dec, 28. l"muct' nytiin te Iny lU'ebtuted te tht
Armnmcut Ceufcreuct her cluim ter a tub.naiine tonnage np np
piexlmately thrce Uuiei. lib inrjie na ceuUiuplaU'il u.ider tliu
Vincticau compromise proyesiil. llupu for ayK.emeiit te limit tub
nuriaesj xvna alimlencil iu view of tin. 1'icuca ttuuU.
Oxford Man's Father Injured When
Car Overturns
j West Chester. Pa., Dec, u'S. - Harry
I Russell, of Oxford, was held in $500
ball here yestcrdav 011 tlie charge of
! driving an automobile while intoxicated
jaud xvitheut a lleeme.
I Ilia father, James Russell, Ma iH.cn
le the Chester County Hospital, when.
?.i.:ra.,L,.,,ciwb r """
deep gushes in hla bead.
.,,ipii 1 nn iintiK nr nrilliiK
XUlnk e WlHTRxQ 4i(v,
Mifcurrlntien 1'rlc ft a Tear by Mall.
Pulille Ledaer Company
Noted' Acter Dead I
Kniiiicnt Kijgllsh cemnlluu, whose
death is annetiurrd today In Lon Len Lon
eon English Comedian Wen Fore
most Place in Dramatic
pnpill AD IM TUIC milMTRY
rui uuHn m into 1UUIM I n I
lly the Associated Press
IOiideii, Dee. S, The death of Sir
.Tehn Hare, noted P.nglHi actor nnd
ninnnger. wns nntieiineed today. He
'-" " Ver'.h.rc. Fngland. May
10. IM1.
v hen os n youth of twenty J(ihn
ITere, who in private life was Jehn
. mnilp ,N (ijt nt
n"il 111 n tnlnnr nnrt r.T n e.tt.nil
......- '' ' "' ,""1""
r"I1'1 "A """ Weman." he s,N
. i-m. ,i,, . ., . ., .'
such n failure that he devoted many
trial. That xvas buck in 1M'.4. and in
.... 4 I... .- .. ...!-. 1 ! - . I. t .. . "
.,. me ,,, f(. ,,. .' , "V ,"'
tn that year and his rctlr-uient Jehn
,.,nP0 wnn M w' " !l f"r'""-f I"'" '
".nn, eemedv pnrl-. for'
several seasons he scintillated in the
'JZSh'u 'Z"",
uint et
acted in the ceiniinnv of the eldep Suth.
... ... . -... ... ..
J"'- a A" .'TV rf?? '" "A '?'
,or nndnl. be added te a growing
"-!'" ' '""
In JS7,"i lie became innnncer of the
Court Thentre in Londen, in which n
eenipiiiiy or wnicii ne, .Mr. and .Mrs.
Kendal l.llen leiry nnd ether famous
actors were memlx-rs scored n big sue.
!;r.ss-.rhis he reprntcil at the St. James
I lientre. xvlitcli he inter inauimed in
partnership with Mr. Kendall In JSD
the (nrrlck I lientre xvas built for him
auil Proved :i profitable venture.
In 1SJ.S Mr Hare became manager
of tlie (tlebe Iheatre. where lie nre-
HUreij me i, ay Lord ijuev. nod
after making a success of the plax in
liOuden, te'ired this country with it.
He gaiued great popularity with Anier
lean audiences In his several visits liere,
beginning in ISO,". Reside... "Lord
.'ilex." he was seen in Philadelphia in
"Caste.' "The I lobby Herse" und "A
Pair of Spectacle." Ills last ap
pearance In this (by vva- about twenty
years nin
Among Hare's ether notable .successes
were Colonel Daunt in the "'Jims'ii's
.Shilling." I.rd Kilenrc in ". i;Uiet
Rubber" and Duke of St. tllpberts in
"The Notorious Mrs. Uhbsuilth." In
I1MI7 lie vuis engaged by Clutiles Frob Freb
man te plax Napeleon in "the Ureal
Ceusptrnex " nt th" Duke of erl.
Theatre and Fubseqiicntly made ii tnie
well tour. lie ns Lniuhlcii in l'.Hi7.
In IMU Mr. Hare marneil Man U.
A. Helmes.
3 Are Held in Fatal Sheeting
"William Mclnt. re, Negm. p' l Seuth
Twentieth streit. died in the I'lilvcliim
Hospital at 1 e'l'n'k this mnruing utti r
he wa.s liet in ii lnul., mi l.euibiiiil
slreel behivx Sim .ntccntli W illiiuu
Akri'y. wlie lives m the lnejse and two
elbcr men in tlie room where the shout
ing ee-urred were .irrestnl and held je
nxxait the action nf the Corener.
Nine Drawn for January Term of
Atlantic County Court
Atlantic City. Dec ''v Nine w,,m.
u tire anion;; the thirtv-lhe gin ml jur
ors drawn today before Ceunlv Judce
lngerdl Sheriff Woednifi" ami Jii"j
Minimi's. Oilier Wl'hen SciiHemaii 'st
M!i1 '"'"''IK- The in Crtiiid Jcrv
will he swmn in at the opining e.' the
,11101011 v icrm T court
MVTire.,:-;.'',": :.:'
i i" r,' ''"KUtroet. Mrs MmiiiIc
!5?,y:ji.:V.?"""..,ffeu?" ''?!''";
ill.Il'K. linriP lift I .nvn M111 l.... -1
-.-.,- uti iuiu uuu.tv iniveurt.
Proposed Agreement Might
Clear Away Difficulty Caused
by Clash en Submarines
stnff ferrcsiwiKient F.ifnlne I'nblle ld(r
Copyright. lil. It, 1'ubUe I.'deer Cempaw
Washingtmi, Dec. L'S. -Frem the
American delegation it Is learned thai,
there .s Ut tle hope of renching nn agree
ment fe limit submarines. .Seme reso
lution about the slums quo and pest
J pening action until n further confer cenfer confer
ence is the utmost flint Is expected. ,
The diflicully with the status quo is
tliat the French wish te build mere
submarines. And Ihe Italians insist
upon equaling tlie French.
If siibmailnes nre net abolished or
severely restricted tbe Fnglfsh, It Is
officially announced, will Insist upon the
unlimited right te build fast auxiliary
slop" witli which te combat them.
Thus the only naval limitation that
seems possible at this Conference 1
upon cardial ships.
Kurtipeaii Agreement Possible
A political ngrecincnt lit Kurepe,
something like the four-Power pact, by
whiili torriteKoH arc guaranteed, or nt
least a pledge te respect territories is
1 given, may clear up the difficulties that
I Me in the way of submarine ami aux
iliary craft building. Rut short of
I that it is hard te see eny prospect of
1 restricting modern instrumentalities of
' Tlie surprise f this Conference far
the Americans ha.s been the virtual im
possibility of preventing war by the
, limitation of nrmatnent. It is franklv
conceded by every one that airplane
construction cannot be effectively re- .
strictcd. Planes can be milekly built
and the-e used eommcreiallv can be
readily converted for hostile 'purposes.
Submarines are almost like airplanes
in this respect. Kven If nntinns acreed
te mniiitnlii only n small tonnage, of
Nubtiinrlnes, they could speedily ndd te
their nrmuinent In ense of hostility
Seme resjrictien of the uses of both'
airplanes nnd submarines in xvnr may
be nttempted. Rui even here the na
tions which expect te use them will
oppose any severe regulations. And
I It is always a questlrn hew- much sue'j
1 rcgulatlena will lie obeyed In the fvnt
of hostilities. The question of re-
I MrJetlng uses of submarines- and alr
planes hns net yet been taken up at
1 this Conference.
Difficult le Restrict Armies
Laud armament Is another thing
which has been shown te be difficult te
restrict, (iermuny is bound by severe
treaty obligations with regard te the
, sl.e of her military force. Rut no two
people agree as te whut that force is
potentially today.
P.y training officer, and maintaining
the skeleton organization of large
armies a nation inny lie effective in a
military sense. And If (feneral Ian
Hamilton nnd ether military student9
arc right, the next xvnr xvill find com
paratively small land forces uetlng In
conjunction witli airplanes nnd tanks.
The further tills Conference gees In
1 lie subject, the greater appears thf!
impossibility of lessening the probabil
ity of xvnr through the limitation of
armaments. And If naval men like
Sir Percy Scott, Admiral Deben and
Admiral Fullain nre right, navies of
the future will net consist of battle
ships, which this Conference lias been
uerps.itul in restricting, but of submt
uties. fast auxiliaries and airplanes.
If this, Conference hns lessened th
prospect of war in the Pacific anil It
is generally admitted that it hH done
se- It was net through its agreement
upon battli ships, but through tb
Four-Power Purt. which provides
means of returning mutual suspicion
end machinery for tbe discussion at
bust nf disputes, with the hop., of their
v'ttli ment without resort te force
France Desires New Conibbatlen
Dispatches , from Curepe Indicate
that France desires in Furepe an or
gautzntien of the principal nations tim
ilnr le tlie four-Power combination in
the Pacific. lulu this pact. It is said,
iicruiutiy Is likely te be admitted. And
.00111 r or later Russia xvill have te be
taken into any Furepcan combination
thnt is formed as xvcll us into the Pa
itic combination.
The League of Nations seems tee
general e meet effis-tlvclv problems
"Inch are ceiiliued te certnln region!"
And from Van Knrnebuck. who Is
chairman of the Assembly of the League
ind who is head of the Dutch delega
tion here, it is learned that the League
1- favorable te the regional grouping of
nations such as the Four-Power Pact
in the Pacific and such as n similar
organisatien of European Powers bheuld
Such n movement will be the greet
contribution Mr. Hughes will mnk? to te
ard the peace of the world. Il) preb
ably did net foresee it when he called
this gathering.
Rut what is happening liere in r
'tiling that the pence of tlie world de
pends upon political and economic ee
opera 1 ion among iiHtiens und net upon
agreements te restrict armament, which
ire likely te fail with respect te modern
cheap and highly destruitive methods
of warfare.
Paris. Dec. 'JS. -(Ry A. P ) --The
determination of 1 Vance te have a
powerful fleet und objections te the.
limitation efforts of the Washington
Conference were vigorously vnlcud In th
Senate yesterday during n discussion of
the marine section of the Oevcrnmcnt'fc
Senater Henry Rerenger. who re
ported the murine, budget, said France
was at u decisive turning point. "In
France still independent in her nary
as in her army':'' be asked. "Has the
eh) principle of sovereignty been fnefli
need seinewnnt in these conference.
Continued en ! Thlrttfn, Clumn Tfcwt
Clrne your , atrursl HJrMly. Mlt
leurslf rlBl.J-bul rr about et,I,. i
(tSarltu Vv. Ou' In Mhki.k1)i Swijin If
v Bundy I'nblle Lar,--4tfv.
' '7
!" SeQjhA -rty 'm,, T"4"
?.'V i&
V,"- $. e,
Ylr 1
C'iLl&l.nitiLui ..i

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