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Generally- Mr tmWphUahd Tuesday!
wmewlint colder tenlslit with lowest
about 10 degrees: northwest winds.
TiairnnATiint! at kacii nnim
h I ii no in iTTl 2 i ii i 4 r,
1 118 118 111) 120 20 21 22 124 23
Vel., viii. no. 112
Entered ns Secend-ClaMiMntUr at the rtoffle t rhtladalphla.'Va.
Undr rha Act of March 8. 1870
Published Dally Except Sunday. Subscription Frlce 18 a Tear by Mall.
Copyright, 1022, b I'ublle Ledger Company
V4f at ;" vf W''
. 1
$)6nied Permission te
jTake Baby te Cell After
' Tearful Plea
Faces Magistrate After Leng
S Night of Sobbing Over
Deuble Tragedy
Dying Words Wero Denial of
Wrongdoing,- Mether Says
' ' in Bereaved Heme
A-Mrs. Catherine Rosier, pretty and
hnntyenc years old, Jicr tnrcc-ijnths-eld
bnby held tiglit te licr heart,
ifij held without ball by Magistrate
Btnhnw nt Ccntrnl Stntlen today te
unit the action of the Corener for the
wirier of her husband and ills stcnog stcneg
ttpher. Oscar Ilesicr, thlrty-Feven yenra old,
president of tiie Hosier Advertising
Company, at 1014 Walnut street, and
Miss Mildred Heckltt, nineteen, of 2425
Wct Cumberland street, were shot Sat
urday afternoon by young Mrs. Hosier,
In the. husbands elhcc. Heth died n
iiittle while later at the Jeffersen Hes
Mrs. Hosier, tee weak te carry her
baby out of the court room, tottered te
tli corridor en the arm of Sirs, Paula
rivls. pollce matron, Dr. Jehn Egan,
police surgeon, following a few steps
bfMnd. The mother collapsed when
tit cell room was reached, and it wan
lecessary te give her restoratives.
K Nearly Lets' Bnby Fall
JThe prisoner wanted te take the baby,
Richard, with her te jail, but prison
fficlals refused te permit it.
,)!:. Hosier almost drooped the child
'atbcellroenv se unnerved waB (the by
t eriieai et tnc bearing.
oSe was rcmevel te Moynmensing
Vrl in a covered patrol, Mrs. Davis
nine wjin tier.
Central Station was Jammed with
fcttftiters when the young wife and
(ether was taken into the hearing room
ijfew minutes after 10:30 o'clock.
,8e treat was tlin crowd tlinfr n kneclnl
JeTall of City Hall guards was Kent te
tep order. The doers were guarded.
InJ only theso who could prove they
PW business In court were permitted
e enter.
A half hour before 'Mrs. Ttmln,. nn.
parite her mother. Mrs. Hebert Helil.
f Chelsea avenue, Atlantic Clt.v. came
In with the bnby In her arms.
Mrs. Held Came UI1 te tnl:n Mmrre nf
'Irs. Hosier's pretty home nt Stene-
rt Juti Saturday. Tins nierninz
dressed the baby and with p. nurs-
a bettle te keep it nulct in tlic court
taring the ordeal of Mrs. Hosier's
wring took the child te City Hull.
, Mrs. Hosier had been sobbing nil
wrning, and calling for her little son.
'Ie did net. klinu- llmf !, ..,.!. 1
"t'infnnt wi-m thrre rvnin,. i,
r when bhc would be brought into
Dabj's I'rcscnce a Surprlse
Jlrs. Held took n sent In Ik fmnf
., ......... iw i,n;i;i.
"W Of benches In tlin mnli.ir,.'u ..,...-
- n".'iv a uuutii
n anteroom wus crewdfil with riu.
?Ls e,?IrL ilElP"".'1 . "'
1xr. ii 1 1 ' i"-'i.v ei uiinrgcs.
lr i , '" "uimiuu iiiu unny en
Knee, and 8nye it the iiurslne bottle.
TMV nn. I.. 11. ... ul
wlnrtim. m i . crowned courtroom,
? ,"JL?,BB,8lrt? Henlmw and the
'- uujlttm. uiirniiml i,a ,ni, it
ami ni, i " :.'."'-'.":' u""y."? " "" ':"
Tk i, I " ."." Brnnumoiiier's lap. I Mi
lr blubnBnUS Rh..t nml, l'rcl,. with! bright
mllefi , 'I Vi iu"uy biane, jiiiuib wh
E SS!?!,".,"- Th0 aAdmother.
rng Blenrlfnttlv nf !, i..c.. t :
.:- un iiL inn iiini;wrrntn n..i i.
fort of the time bhe wnli,i inv hSi
r u " cflse t0 b called.
'itlu'i1'111 w,ore unndsome fur
Urfi ii.,"-." BU0 wns arresteu.
lad .fS was Pa lid, her eyea red rimmed
Iitt!i . wun alul(!'ty. Mrs.
old ft. Vh.e. 'nJ!lren' welked wltb ,
aw, head of the
Veteeti rV ' '"" "preseaieu uie
Ietlcr .. T ' lu I'regeea, se .Mrs.
tefr teA corner
," she sobbed.' "' B"U ',U! ",y
jWUtam T Cenner and Bphralm ,.
f. aiterneva. wmt n i. ... .!
the carta ni.M..' "r'."''i
intent1 htr urnR0. while the
C" hearing a leaj-drawn
ny cawi.
Omspj Daby in Her An
finally Mr.. Trn.i
taut .JT "".". UVC" upon
iu TL.7 "u..,r ".".'". attorneys' aid
mm walk. r.w. K"V"sr.." . " "
i - atuia ii n i v ai k ui. .. i ji.i
snap -.:rJr" """' "n;e ie
lit elif splDS a.m' Memd'en the
i,,r-'-. .uQvivcn rer nmninprc
ICil u Vi il , 'I1"- wavls QUICK
nerarm; 1 17., .f " ,K u'' fi mi
Jned across this harrier, heldln
"SeTnnlthrw.,Clumii T
f ? VMStf'Kv OltMiANH-TJIlH BAIl
: lliaulra Nmnb....
- t. ., mmiv
rfy w "' " .up iv..lf .a?sjr IIEMJBfliBr-" s
nmmmniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHanr , mmmiiiiiiiiiiiHaHiiiHMKurw miiHi
AVWhViMM' SsJ -SSK.1Mr)e . .W.aAWCva.thMhvifa-tV Ah A rwJU-.U Crilrtft A
This Is a photographic study of Sirs. Oscar Hosier as slie appeared this
morning when slie wis arraigned In Central Police Sfatlen for the
murder of licr husband, a widely known advertising man, and his
stenographer, Miss Mildred G. Heckltt, of 3425 West Cumberland street.
Mrs. Hosier, who was held without ball for the Corener, Is holding licr
three-month.. old baby, Itlchard
Denied Wife Had Cause for'Jeal fer'Jeal for'Jeal
eusy te Father of Ste
Oscar Hosier, as he Iny dying in Jef Jef
fereon Hospital, took the hand of
Mildred Heckltt's father and solemnly
pledged his word that the daughter had
been n geed girl.
Tliis wns revealed this afternoon by
William G. Heckltt. of 2423 West
Cumberland street, father of the mur
dered stenographer as he paced the
fleer nervously.
"Hosier and 1 belcns te n fraternal
organization," taid the father. "Mem
bers of the order lake n solemn ebli
gatien te cherish and respect the virtue,
of women, particularly lue wives ana
daughterH of fellow members.
"On Saturday I went te Hosier's
bedside. He was nenr death. He took
my hand in a-fecble grasp, nnd heldlug
It. said: 'I pledge you ns- n member of
the organization te which we both be
long, and en my solemn honor as a
man, that your daughter was virtuous.
I solemnly assure you that my wife had
no just grounds for Jealousy.
Said Wlfe Was Jealous
" 'Slie was jealous of every stcnog stcneg
inphcr I ever had. This net wns but
the culmination of many outburst of
"This nssurnncc bere out in every
wnv wluit my daughter had said te her
mother, und in the presence of nurses
nnd of Arthur Hosier, her employer's
brother. ...
daughter as a goeti girl and a
clrl. She went te work because
wns nmhltieiis. Slin wns n elrl of
reanv attainments. She had bought her
self a library since she left school and
educated herself in geed literature.
"The most terrible thing about her
death Is that sbe did net llve long
enough te answer thp Insinuation that
she had given. Mrs. Rosier cause for
Jealousy. I de net want it te be thought
CentIn.uJ en I'ave "8, Column Seven
'TeJcrty Frem O. R.' Lines
Found in Resicr's Diary
On n. crumpled page of Oscar
Hosier's diary wus the notntlen, "Te
Jerry from 0. It." Belew It, each
sentence en a separate line, were
"The kiss complete. Toe nnlen of
souls. Heart te heart, hand. In
baud. What does language matter?
A sympathetic silence II I"
At the top of another crumpled
page was written In Ink :
"The language that every one un
derstands Is the language of appre
ciation, but above everything, truth
beareth away the victory."
Toward the bottom of the page
was penned:
"There Is an honor In business
that is the fine geld et It; that
icckens with every man Justly; that
Iemh the light; that regards klud klud
nebs and fairness mera highly than
prices or prellts. It becomes n man
meii) than his furnishings or hU
heuu. It speaks for him In the
heart of every eue. His friendships
nre serene and secure, Ulg strength
is like a young tree by a river,"
$500,000 Werth, Owned" Out
right, Returned by ReceiversT
Referee Hears
Hends nnd securities vnlued nt
$500,000 hnve been returned te custom custem
crs of Chnndlcr Hros. & Ce., since the
failure en July 23.
TIic-m securities, accerdlns te the an
nouncement made tedny by J. Heward
Hcber, attorney for Wlllnrd P. Bnr-
rows, the trustee, were owned outright
by lue men and women te whom they
have been returned. They hnd' been
"carmnrked," and were found In the
safes of the company at It's various
Offices whpn tlin riin'Mt.n,. (!. !..
-- .w .....,i.i tuun. i;i(ut&C
INOUe Of thCSCCUrlllcs In nunsUnn liml
been hypothecated or sold by the firm.
This announcement was made, at a
meeting In the efflcp of Jeta M. Hijl,
refcre in bankruptcy, after 'several in
dividuals hnd proved ownership of.
blocks of stock found in the. safes of the
brokers. P. 1$. R. Harris" today made
geed his claim te fifty shares of Lnke
Superior Corporation, nnd It. M. Leng
te $1000 in Hcnubllc of Argentine
bends. Mrs. Maud Crane also proved
ownership of a large number of securi
ties of various Issues, found in an en
velope marked with her nanie in. the
safe. All these securities will belrp,
luiiivu iu iiiu uiwiura.
It originally had been Intended te
question further Frederick- T. Chandler
tedny concerning withdrawals' he hnd
made from the firm In 'the several years
before the fuilure. He was ill, however,
and unable te attend.
It was testified by A. Q. Denlingncr,
head bookkeeper, of Chandler Brethers
& Ce., that additional sums had been
drawn by Frederick T. Chandler and
Enrl Mendcnhall, that had net been
mentioned by them when testifying.
These sums had been for the payment
of iucome taxes. In Mendenhall's case
the amount totaled $14,025. In the
case of Chandler, it wus $38,250. This
money, it was explained had been with
drawn and had been overlnnirnri U
previous testimony by the two firm
Mcndciiball had previously testified
te hnvlug withdrawn $137,005.13 dur
ing 1020, whlle Chandler has told of
his withdrawals te the amount of
$153,031.41. " 0I
Edward S. Little, the New Yerk
partner of the firm, will be grilled at
a hearing In that city tomorrow after
noon. Mr. Ilebcr. Mr. Hill and Mr
Mendcnhall will be at the meeting
The cress-examination of Mr. Little'
will be conducted by Mr. Heber, this
te be bis first opportunity te iin.t nf
hew much money Little drew from the
firm, nnd what he did with It.
Little has offered te pay back $325 -000
in installments te the creditors of
the firm, as his share of t)m linhiiu..
A meeting of creditors te consider this
preposition will take place in Mr. Hill's
Preparation for 8trlke April 1 Ad
vised, by Government
Washington, Jan. 23. (Ily A. P.)
Secretary ljoever nnneunced today thnt
the Government had been advising the
stocking of coal in preparation for a
prospective strike en April 1 and that
the Interstate Cemmerce Commission
had sent letters te industries and utility
companies advising them te take the
same step.
Proposal Made by U. S. Believed
Acceptable ie Delegates
of Other Powers
By the Associated Press
Washington, Jan. 23. As ene means
of giving effect te Its declaration lest
week In favor of reduction of the
Chlncse Army, the Anns Confcrcnce Is
considering another resolution looking
te prohibition of the Importation of
arms into China. '
The proposal emanated from the
American delegation, which went Inte
today's meeting of the Fnr Eastern
Cemmittee prepared te present It
The Far Eastern Committee received
the reports of Its subcommittee en Chl Chl
nceo Eastern Hallway which recom
mended contlnunnce of the present in
terallied control of the read until the
restoration of mero stable conditions In
Russia. The Chlncse delegation, how
ever, entered some objections te the
recommendation of the report, nnd the
cemmittee reterrcu it bacK ler nnni
Ne Objection Frem Chlncse
The arms prohibition plan was be
lieved acceptable te most of the dele
gations of the Powers, and it was in
dicated also that the Chinese, who
heartily supported the preceding reselu
tien regarding reduction of China's
army, would net intcrpose any ob
jection. I
At the time of the settlement of the
Boxer difficulties many yenrs age, one
of the conditions Imposed upon China
ny the United States nnd the European
Powers participating in the ramnalcn
against the Boxers wns that further
importation of firearms into China
should be prohibited.
This proylsien, however, Is.tnid te
nave been "mere honored irj the breach
than in the observance," and though
from time te time, mainly at the in
stance of the Japanese, attention has
been called te the facility with which
the vnrieus brigand and factiennl bands
ill fUilnji wnrft nhle in tivniri tlin lntnat
flrearms from abroad, few of the nations
party te the Boxer settlement ever perl-1
eusly undertook te cut into tills very
lucrative nrms trade. N
By the treaty of St. Germain, one
of the supplementary conventions fol
lowing the Paris Peace Treaty, the na
tions represented there undertook te lay
a general Inhibition upon the supply of
arms te seml-clvilizcd and turbulent
populations In vnrieus parts-, the.
world. -Efferts havG been mndJ with
out success) te have America ratify this
treaty which otherwise has been ap
proved by all the ether Powers.
Moreover. It has been urged that the
treaty would net apply in nny case te
China, which could scarcely be cor
rectly described ns a scnii-civilizetl
' IJlie Mcumiie Uefore Harding
Pending before President Harding and
awaiting his signature te make it law
is) a joint resolution extending the nre-
visleiiH of the neutrality laws se as te
prohibit just Mich exportation of nuns
'into countries in a turbulent stnte as
is sought, te be nccenfplishcd by the
resolution new proposed in tiie Arms
A statement declaring that Japan hail
no territorial designs in Russia and giv
ing assurance that Japanese troops
would be withdrawn as seen as n stable
gevernmenr should be established there
was made tedny by the Japanese dele-
CenUnnrlnn Vnee Twe. Column Mx
i :
Gloucester Minister Makes Promlee
In Sermon, but Calls It Jeke
In n sermon en prohibition lat night
the Rev. W Enrl Zimmerman, pabtoref
the First Methodist) Episcopal Church,
Gloucester, sahl If men lu his congre
gation would meet outside the parson
age he would take them te several
"blind tigers" wheje wjiteky Is sold.
Nearly every man was found lined
up outside the minister's heuse after
the sermon. The astonished pastor asked
the reason for the gathering nnd uns
icmindcd of his premise.
Mr. Zimmerman laughed and said lie
belie. ed the men were jekins. lie
culled off tiie personally conducted tour.
The pastor In his sermon said he be
lieved prohibition was succeeding. He
suid cases of alcoholism are decreasing
in the hespltnbi and arrests for drunk
enness are becoming fewer.
Sharp Fight Indicated as Senate
Opens Debate
Washington. Jan. 23. (By A. P.) -
The long-deferred Allied Debt Refund
ing BUI was taken up today by the
Sennte, with prospects of u sharp light
centering lnrgcly around a Democratic
proposal that Interest en the refunded
bends be paid fcciiil-nnnimliy, and that
the rate be net less than 5 per cent.
Chairman McCunibur, of the Finance
Committee, explained the lncabure at
length, and formally announced thut
the cemmittee would offer an amendment
providing that the interest rate be net
less than that provided by the existing
Liberty Lean Act. This amendment
was approved recently by the Repub
lican Senators in purty conference.
Tailor Shep Looted Thieves, Foiled,
Floed Anether Basement
Silks and ether fnbrlcs valued nt-
$11,718 were taken from the tailor shop
of L. Rldlaeky. 1820 North Seventh
Ftreet, last night. The thieves cnteied
by breaking a padlock that secured a
cellar window.
They albe breke into the basement
below the vlrug stere of B. J. Hem Hem
mingten, nt Bread street and Glrard
nvcnue, but being unable te get te the
first fleer, get nethlni for their pains.
They opened a. water cock n'nd flooded
the basement,
rrnijArs tub VKitY auticle you aub
loeklnc for ! In th uv... h.i.V.i.. ."
Harding Outlines Program
for Farmers Conference
Washington, Jen. 23. President
Harding, In his address at the open
ing of the farmers' confcrcnce today,
outlined the bread questions te which
attention should be given. These
included :
Development of ft thorough cedo
of law and business procedure, with
the proper machinery of finnnce,
through some agency, te Insure that
turnover capital shall be as gener
ously supplied te the farmer and en
as rcasonable terms as te ether in
dustries. Formation of co-operative loan lean
ing, buying and selling associations.
Creation et Instrumentalities for
collection nnd distribution of useful
nnd true Information se ns te pre
vent violent fluctuation of markets.
Practical development of the water
resources of tbe country, both for
transportation nnd power, including
plans for electrification of the na
tion's railroads.
Methods for bringing about fur
ther reclamation, rehabilitation and
extension of the agricultural area.
Promotion of n new conception of
the new farmer's place in the na
tional, social and economic scheme.
Actuated by Revenge Because She
Told of His Misconduct at Scheel
West Chester, Pa., Jan. 23. Irma
Gilbert, ten yenrs old, was attacked
with an ax by Heward Price, n boy of
fourteen, who lives In the girl's mother's
home near Westgreve, nnd suffered the
less of two fingers.
The children nttend the bamc
school, and Price is said te have been
actuated by vengeance because tbe little
girl told her mother he had been de
tnincd by the teacher for bome miscon
duct. Stute Trooper T. J. McCarthy, who
arrested the boy, asserts that Price,
having Icnrncd of Irmn's nctlen, saw
the girl playing around the woodpile
Thursday afternoon, picked up an ax
that lay near at hand nnd struck the
girl a sharp blew, severing the two
end fingers of the hand. When the
child put licr hand te her face Price
btruck another blew nt her hand, nlmest
severing it at the wrist. '
McCarthy, who was summoned by the
child s iiarcnts, hurried the little girl
te the Westgreve Hospital, where the
hand was dressed and Price was brought
te the Juvenile Heme here.
William J. Lawsen Dleappeared
January 13 Censured In Court
Mystery surrounds the disappearance
f William J. Lawsen. a lawyer with
efficps in the Finance Building, who has
net been seen since January 13. He
lived nt 4007 Woodland acnue. His
wife nnd dnughtrr inwved from there
Inst Wednesday, five days after Lawsen
Laween handled several large estates
and for u time was prominent in reform
political movements. He figured in the
courts in the Inst five years and was
twice censured for his methods.
Judge Rogers censured Lawsen in
October, 1010. for altering court rec
ords nnd declared nt that time that
Lawsen wns n mennce te the court.
Seme time later he wns severely criti
cized by Judge Hrewn of the Municipal
Court for urging u woman client te
ebtnln n dlvorce from her husband.
A placard en the deer of Law son's
office announces that all matterb re
garding ills practice should be referred
te Jeseph Newman, a lawjer whose of
fices adjoin these of Lawben, or te Mrs.
Mr. Newman said Lawsen's ilKnp ilKnp
penrance is a mystery and that neither
he nor Mrs. Lawsen knows when" he Is.
Inquiry hns, been nutde, urrerding te
Mr. Newman, concerning mere fund
that Lawsen handled.
The superintendent of (he building
said he was ordered te clnse the ofihie
occupied by Lawsen for nonpayment of
rent one week after the lawjer dis
appeared. Lawsen is about five feet six inches
in height, smooth face and tins dark
hair which is slightly streaked with
gruy. He is fifty-three years old.
Leas Werthy Than Others He De
v cllned te Recommend for Hener
Washington, Jan. 23. (By A. P.)
General Pershing declined today te uc
cept a Distinguished Servue Cress
voted him by the Army Bourd et Awards
and which Secretary Weeks had
planned te bestow en him t a "sur
prise party" arranged te take place in
the War Secretary's office.
The general dibcevcred the secret and
went immediately te Mr. Weeks' house
te declare that he felt unworthy of the
honor. Secretary Weeks then decided
that the general's wishes should be re
spected and canceled his plans for the
party. -
General Pcrshng explained later that
he declined te accept the award of the
distinguished service cms- beinuse he
did net consider his nctien "mensuied
up te the high btundards set in the
American expeditionary forces, and thut
he had disapproved hundreds of recom
mendations for the distinguished sen -ice
cress bused en nets mere deserving"
than wns his net upon which the nwuid
had been made.
Plan Is te Clese Cafe Martin and
Sell Feedstuffs Few Assets
Federal Judge Dickinsen today ap
pointed Nathan Baum temperarj re
ceiver for the Martin Hetel Company,
against which bankruptcy nreceedlni:s
were hied Saturday. It Is planned te
clese Cafe Martin. 1205 Walnut ktrwi.
and quickly dispose of the perishable
mwuie, tvuiisisuug principally et food feed
stuffs. It is said the liabilities of the com
pany nre about $07,000. The assets
are problematical, but after a rent
claim for $12,000 and ether prier debts
are met, it is said there will be little
for the general creditors.
Thp cafe was recently raided by pro
hibition agents.
Conaelutlon and stene A (fill) aW !ii'
(a CeupUd . T. Orlffa ,ntrv. "n'
FHIST ItACC, for maiden two-yaar-eMa
??lbaTaopTi'en.8S8copuT,?. .V.Tt'-,.1! 'J ?r5Ti
2. lljlly Cflbsen. 110. nuitin."- u l.J L?
a. Hilly Aviilil(. 110. Wn.r.20. I (ill h.r
Time. 180. (al Arum (-1 i?.,.f.i." . V.."
Harding Advlse3 Development
of Flan3 te Insure Ample
Working Capital
By (he Associated Pres
Washington, Jan. 23. Development
of a thorough cede of law and business
procedure, with the proper machinery of
finance, te assure the farmer as gener
ous a supply of working capital en" as
reasonable terms ns Is granted te ether
industries, wns advocated today bj
President Harding in opening tltc Na
tional Agricultural Conference.
"An industry," the President snid,
"mere vital than nny ether, in which
nearly half the nation's wealth Is in
vested, can be relied upon for geed se
curity and certain returns."
Declaring that, In the matter et what
may be called fixed investment enpitnl,
the disadvantage of the farmer se im
pressed public opinion thnt the Federal
Farm Lean Beard was- established te
meet the need, the President snld the i
farmer still needed Bome prevision for
supplying him with working cnpltal.
'Compared with ether Industries,"
he continue l, "the wonder is that ag
riculture, thus deprived of ensy access
te both ini'tineiit and accommedntlon
enpitnl, hns presiicrcd even se well."
Financial Support Outlined
Lines mi vliieh financial support el
ngilr ul! are may be organized, Mr.
Iliirdim: Hid, tire suggested in the plan
et the Federal Farm Lean Beard and
in these rural fir.nnce societies which
hnve been se efftctive In some Euro
pean countries.
"The co-operative leaning associa
tions if Europe have been effecth'c lu
cenilves te united nctlen by lnrmcrs,"
he continued, "and have led them di
lcctlv into "o-nprratien In both pro
duction und marketing which hnve con
tributed greatly te the stabilization and
prosperity of agriculture. -
Whether theM organizations nre con cen
sideted ns mellis te buying the farm
ers' requirements in u cheaper market,
the Piusldcnt asserted, or te selling his
products in n mere remunerative one,
"the conclusion In nil cases is the same,
it is that the farmer is as geed n busl-nc-s
man as any ether if lie bus the
The manufacturer, Mr. Harding said,
whose turnover is rapid, finds he can
borrow money from the bank en short
time notes when he needs working cap
ital und his money will ceum back te
him in time te meet his short-term
obligations. On the ether hand, the
farmcr'H-turnever. Is a long one, from
a year in most crops te sometimes three
j cars lu the cattle industry.
Credit Extensions
"Yet the farmer ! compelled," he
dcclur'd. "If he borrows his werklns
capital te borrow for .hert periods, te
renew his puper several times before his
Continued an Tnce Four. Column Twe
NEW ORLEANS Second Ace of Aces, 113, Lang-, S-5, 7-10,
1-3. wen; Serbian. llT. Lyke. 20-1. 8-1. 4-1. -,ecencl: Jnge. 111.
Zoeller. 7-1, 5-2. C-5. thlid Time. 1 14 Muiphv, lien Bny.
nndy H., Nenlcls, J. Itufus. Legncy and Resa Lee also ran
NEW ORLEANS Third Delhi Maid, 05, Wallace. 15-1, C-l.
3-1, wen; Fred Kinney, 110, Wilsen, 2-1. 7-10. 1-3, second; Feiet
Queen, 103, Biv.eniug. 7-1, 5-2 6-5, tTiud. Time, 1.07 2-5. Sim
plicity, Jesephine "vVeidel. Hyperbole, Uncle Senny, Eager Eyes,
Creck e' GeTcl and Stamp nlse lan.
HANNIBAL, MO., Jan. 23. Jcfecph Story, a veteran of both
the Mexican and Civil Wnis, and neniing his, one huudxedtb. bhth
dny, died today.
MACKINAW CITY, i.IICH.. Jan. 23. The car ferry Chief
Wawatam twice balked by ice flees in its attempt te reach this
point from St. Ignace with n, leaded passenger tinin remained fast
in the ice a mile from her deck heie this morning. The thiity
five passengers walked across the ice te the clock after two days
nbenv J the ferry.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 23. Senntei Neuis, of Nebrn&kn, intro
duced in the Senate today a. resolution diiectmg the Atteuuy
General te inform the Senate whethei the Department of Jubticu
"contemplates any -separate action" against the International Har
vester Company "for the purpose of effectively -jes. ter-lag com
petitive conditions" between the various corpeintious, mnkiug up
thut ceucern. Objection was made te immediate coutideiutien and
Mr. Norris announced lie would seek action tomeuow.
Power Falls en West Jersey and
Seashore Line
Hundreds of commuters en their way
te the city from points between Oum
deu nml Atlantic City were delayed
about twenty jninutes nt the rush hour
this morning when power failed en the
West Jersey nnd Seashore line.
Ten Incoming trains were held tin
from six In twenty minutes between
0:.i.l nnd 800 o'clock, whlle the delay
affected three outgoing trnins.
"ff 'SHhR ,H8?w"" J?" MAY
Dtii 2t).--viJi. " """ "mni en
Spain Alene Has Vete r
Power in Papal Election
Londen, Jnn. 23. (By A. P.)
The Dally Mall points out that In
all past papal elections Austria nnd
Spain have enjoyed the right of veto
upon n candidate, but new that the
Austrian Empire has vanished the
Austrian veto lapses, nnd only the
Spanish veto remains.
Therefore, it argues, it is possible
that a pontiff may be chosen who
will complete Benedict's reconcilia
tion with France by a similar rccen.
dilation with Italy.
Heroic Husband's Efferts te Save
Her Prove Futile
Pert Wing, Wis., Jnn. 23. (By A.
P.) Carried out into the ice-cented
waters of Lake Superior late Snturday
when a severe gale sprang up, Alfred
Petersen,- a fisherman of Knife River,
Minn., reached here last night after his
wife had perished in the open row beat.
Mrs. Petersen died at 10 A. M. jes
terday according te Petersen's story.
Buffeted about by the wind which
raged nil during Saturday night while
the tempereturc dropped te 40 below
zero, the lowest point recorded here
in tlirce yenrs. the smull beat with Its
heluless occupants was caught In the
center of n huge ice cake late in the
His legs and nrms frer.cn, Petersen,
leaving the body of his wife In the Ice-
locked beat, crawled from one ice cake
te another until he reached the south
shere of the lake twenty-seven hours
after he lest control of his beat.
Shortly after daylight yesterday, Pet Pet
ereon said, the bent had been carried
te within n mile of the south shore, and
he attempted te carry s wife toward
shore. Finding the ice te be unsafe for
heth. he returned te the beat, but re
newed efforts te dlslodge the crnft were
In the meantime Mrs. Petersen be
came unconscious nnd died in her hus
band's arms.
U. S. Jury Probing His Transactions
With Shipping Beard
Wasldngien, Jan. 23. (By A. P.)
The Federal Grand uJry today began an
Inquiry into the transactions of Charles
W. Merse, New Yerk (shipbuilder, nnd
ethers, with the Shipping Beard. The
investigation is expected te occupy sev
eral weeks.
Merse is under bend of $."0,000 te
answer an indictment which way be rc-
turned ngnlnst him, having returned
from France last December at the re
quest of Attorney General Daugherty.
The warrant en which bail was given in
the Merse case charged conspiracy nnd
Bodies of Three Men Killed In
Scranton Disaster Recovered.
Srranten, Pa. Jan. 23. (By A. F.)
The bodies of the three mine workers
buried 'n the cave-in in the National
Mine of the Glen Alden Ceal Company,
Seuth SiTiinten, ten duys age, were re
covered tedny.
They were Albert Reese, electrician;
Edgar Hughes, section foreman; Jehn
Barrett, timberman.
Mrs. Llllic Melnzecke, Audubon,
r-f reuna ueaa in Closet
."serrisimiii. in. .inn" ei i mi
Melnzecke, married, forty-two ears
old, was found hanging In the des"et of
a spare room in the Audubon Hetel nt
Audubon, six miles from here, this
morning. She had hanged heiself from
a hook with a cord taken from a bath
room. The body was rigid when found.
Instead of going te bed lest night the
teXhAV"1 " btbrolennil
took her Hfc. 0 cause s known for
her act. excent hn i.. 1....1' ' . . .
Vast Throngs Pass Reverently
Before Catafalque of
Late Pontiff
Cardinal Maffi Appears te b'e a
Favorite Candidates Suc
ceed Benedict
Sacred College Meets February
1 or 2 for Election of
New Pepe
Prominent Candidates
te Succeed Benedict XV
The following cardinals are prom
inently mentioned in Vatican circles
in Reme us the most likely candi
dates for Pepe te succeed Bene
dict XV:
Maffi. of Pisn.
La Fontaine, of Venice.
Ratti, of Milnn.
Lnurenti, of Reme.
By the Associated Press
Reme. Jan. 23. In the Basilica el
St. Peter's historic church of his faith,
the body of Pepe Benedict XV lay in
state today while vast throngs passed
reverently before the catafalque.
Early In the day all that was mortal
of the late pontiff, whose death in tin
early hours of Sunday plunged thq
church throughout the world into deep
est mourning, was taken from thothreno
loom of the Vatican, where it had been
placed en Sunday, shortly after his
Then at 9 :-!5 It was solemnly carried
te St. Peter's, attchded by n solemn
precession of Cardinals, priests, mem
bers of the Diplomatic Cerps and dlgnl--tarlcs
of the Vatican, and placed en
the catufalquc, surrounded by Votive
Werd was given that the public of
Heme would be admitted te St. Petcr'n
up te 11 o'clock, nnd Immense crowds
Immediately begun entering the vast
edifice and filing by the body.
Bedy Robed in Wlilte
The body Is robed in white, with stelo
nnd chasuble of red, embroidered with
geld. The head, wearing the pontifical
miter, reposes upon cushions of red and
geld velvet. The hands, wearing the
pontifical gloves of purple silk and
holding the rosary, are clasped ever the
The body, as It was solemnly brought
Inte St. Peter's, was borne upeu a red
covered bier by ushers, clad lu medieval
costumes of scarlet. The precession
was headed by the gendunncrie of the
Vatican, the pontifical police, with their
elaborate uniforms of blue and white,
walking with drawn swords. Following
them were the Palatine guards in dark
blue uniforms and plumes of black
feathers standing erect.
Of the Cardinals who followed In the
precession, t'ardlnal Gasquet alone was
dressed in full black. Cardinals Freuh
wirt and Beggiaul steed out in the dis
tinction of their white Dominican robes,
while the remainder of the Curdlnuls.
mere than two-score lu number, due te
the arrival of u number of the Itullan
Cardinals, were the red of their rank.
All meed with bowed heads, reciting
their prayers and proceeding at a slew
pace, their faces grae with the sol
emnity of the occasion.
Leng and Solemn Kile
Guards flunked the members of the
Sacred College. Then came the mem
bers of the diplomatic corps in black
mourning attire The Bishops and
Monsigueri, numbering some 200, fell
in liehluil, closing the lung and solemn
Passing from the threne room te the
Hall of Clement Inu the cortege entered
the loggia und proceeded down the
Scnla Regia le the first fleer, then
along the loggia of Raphuel te the
Pepe's rebing room for religious cere
monies, passing through the very cor
ridor where it is thought His Holiness
caught the cold which resulted in his
The precession then passed through
the Sala Ducale te the Stairs of Cen
stantine, and thence along te the
entrance te St. I'ctcr's and Inte the
massive edifice, where the body will lis
in state until tomorrow in the Chapel
of the Hely Siiernmeut.
Leng before it wu announced that thtj
body of the ev-pentiff could hu Mewed
bj the public, large crowds were in front
of St. I'etcr'u awaiting an opportunity
te tuke a last leuk ut the Hely Father.
(iercu-t skies, u light ruin und chilling
ntmespherc apparently had uet damp
ened the urder of the visitors, who came
en feet, In carriages, Htrect cars, emul- '
buses and nutoinebiles.
Suverul theusiind troops, mnde up of
eutubineers, infantry mid rejiil guards,
lined the entrance te the great Christina
sin i no te fucilitute the movement of tilt
multitude nnd te preserve order.
Their presence, was scarcely nccqs
sarj, been iise the great strcums of the
f'entlmicd 0ii I'mi , Column Betim
Relatives and Servants Alse Remem
bered Irt Pontiff's Will
Londen, Jan. 23. (By A. V ) .
I'ope Benedict left his property at
I'cgll, in Llgurla, te his nephew, Mar
quis Gulscppe delta Chlcsa, says a Cen
tral News dispatch from Reme today.
Various objects In his private upart
ments were bequeathed te bis succesc"",
and there are many bequest te rel.
fives and servants.
day. Se pa. 25 , j, "
'' ' ,
The l't wrlllni'
X,, I M
WVVJ fans "
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m.ika:z.t .
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