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& rrw jz.:
, M'
77is $ e Proper Scheel Lunch,
According te Mrs, IVilspn's Ideas
.- -i.
Just Sandwiches and Cake Get
Girl Likes te Find
rw arr. W A. ifuien.
THE mid-winter school lunch Is often
n problem te tlie busy mother; the
child by thlH' tlme In usually tired of
the lunch containing the twdwlch find.
Ienics for wmcthinB different
Tlie mother who wnlts until the fnm
y Is nt breakfast nnd then rushes te
threw tesclher n few Kindwlclic enn enn
net but wonder nnd realize tlic justice of
the child's cemplaint: I-uavc known
children te be hungry nnd yet tinnb'c
te cat the lunch packed, nnd either rIve
or threw It nwny. I)lan the prlioet
lunch the tiny before nnd you will find
thnt most of It may be prepared nt this
'packing the lunch nnd Its npnenr
nnce when opened nrc.usuajly the deter
mining factors ns te the ehlld'n desire
te cat j fe for this renren the whe
mother will plan nnd pack the schne'
lunch se It will. leek appetizing and
tinlntv. Then, tfie, personal prltle in
the child Pften prevents him from open'.
Inc n muwy packed lunch. I have seen
children's eyes fairly bulge when n
particularly nicely .packed lunch wn
Miread out. and liie child who displayed
the lunch felt very Important. Indeed.
Very attractive paper .napkin nnd
paper cups may be purchnsed nnd are
..nifn Inrxnehfilve. nnd ndd'Fe much
te the nppearnnce of the lunch. Bread
nnd butter form n ntnple part of this
lunch, but need net necessarily be In"
sandwich form. I have buttered whole
wheat bread en the leaf, nnd cut In thin
slices, nutting two slices together nnd
then cutting Inte Anger-width strips.
Wrap in was paper.
Suggest lve Scheel Lunches
Ne. 1
Het Soup ih Thermos
Itye Bread nnd Butter Fingers . .
Cup Custard Apple
Home-Mnile Candles
Petate Salad
Whole-Wheat Bread and Butter
Taoleca Pudding Orange
(linger Bread
Fruit Ouidles
Ne. 3
Nut Bread nnd Cheese Sandwiches
Celery Salad Individual Plo
Buttered Bells Candles
Ne. 4
Meat Pie
Fruit -Salnd
Thin .Slices of Bread and Butter
Cut of Cake
Ne. 5
Nest Salad
Celery Stuffed With Chew
Baked Apple Cake
Bye Bread and Butter
Other Mtggcstleim enn he u.sed
Baked beans with cooked salad dress
ing. Cream ch?ese and nut salad.
Deviled e?g sa'nd with celery.
Mlncd ham nnd celery.
Minced ham nnd relc'ry with nuts.
Vt2table and meat salad.
Keast perk or veal salad, with string
Fer desserts yen can use
Chocolate pudding.
Individual buttercetch pies.
Individual lemon pie.
Jelly tarts.
Baked rlcp puddings.
Brown betty.
Tin nvcrngtt chi'd likes n bit of
candy when the neon meal is finished.
ind rather than i'ive money nuikn a
little candy Iwirc a week. The fruit
candles are r.Ne wholesome nnd de
licious. Try This Caramel Candy
Itub a square pan liberally with
lad oil and spread! with nuts; new
place in a saucepan
One cup of Jt'cw Orleans melaase,
One cup of sugar,
7'Arcv tublcjpoena of hitter,
One-half cup of geed salad oil.
Heat slowly and cook until the mix mix
(ure forms a firm ball when tried In
re'd water, !!."." degrees Fahrenheit,
tiMng the candy thermometer. Pour nt
rnec en prepared nuts and let cool.
iut In blocks.
Tire cup of stiaar,
uc-huf iu of strip,
i'nc-half (.;. of evaporated, mil!:,
'I'hrte tahleineani of ' butter.
One-half cap of cocoa,
Coe! until the mixture forms a Ann
ball when tried in cold water. Then
reniove from the lire and add
One-half pint of ir.nrshmallew whip,
end bent jur.r enough te mix. Pour
In a w-ll-ellcd pun und let cool. Cut
in ipiarcs while warm.
Fruit Candles
I'lace through the feed chopper
One cup of coconut.
The Question Cerner
Today's Inquiries
1. What interesting Government
iMsirieu U Mrs. Mary Pearl
Kiddle te held In IndlunnnelUr
-. In what extremely attractive way
ciin outslde window boxes be kept
fllli'd in winter time?
0. Hew N u quaint and unique fruit
dUli l'mv.leiied'.'
1. Whut Is the correct weight for n
buy I'urty-slx inches tell; for a
girl the same knight?
0. Describe a fascinating combina
tion of colors In a silk sports
t'. Of what ninteriul is a geed-looking
handbag made?
yesterday's Answers
1. A member of the.Brltish Parlia
ment proposes a national referen
dum en the question of women
hurvlug en juries "In view of the
fnet thnt women w;ri net con
sulted before being rendered liable,
te jury service, nor was there
any expressed desire en their part
ter such "ervlee."
- In a charming May a new glat-s
perfume holder bedecks itself with
a gulden buttcrlly that poises en
fiie very top.
3. Te eembfna cleverly with nnether
pretty ornament, u small lamp,
with shade of nhirrcd pink chiffon
ojer old blue silk, has epravs
of fascinatingly realistic glasii
llewers about the stand that sup
ports It and carries the idea still
further by landing in a painted
tin Aewer pet.
)hen u boy is forty. Ava Inches
tall he Mieuld weigh 47(3
Pound ; the rlerht welBht for n
firl of this ,,.Bht Is '10.5 pounds.
itlack is at the present time mere
I'epuhir than ever for afternoon
. An exquUItely elaborate lint for n
?"$ W Ih mU(, ' dark brown brewn
Mltchcd suede, with n turn-up
' iJim ,nreu,ld which Almy brown
'" ? wound, no' that it falls
ever the shoulder en pne side.
ii i .-in i
Tiresome and the Little Bey or
Something Different
One-half pound of stoned prunes,
One-half pound of apricots,
One packape of seedless rdmn,
One cup of nuts,
nnd just sufficient sirup te make this
mixture held Its shape, nnd then line an
chleng pan with wax paper nnd pack
in the mixture, packing Annly. Let
stand for few .hours. Then cut ns for
cnrnninls or form in balls and roll in
powdered cocoa.
Stuffed Pnmc
Remeve the stenw from prunes or
dates nnd stuff with fudge or march
mallows and roll in granulated sugar.
Fruit Salad
fltene fifteen prunes,
Pere nnd dlce
One apple,
One banana,
One orange, cut in small bits,
Ona-hulf cup of coconut.
Tess te mix nnd then line n paper
nip with lettuce. Fill with the sn'ad
and mnslc with Cnlcdenlnn cream. Gar
nish with n cherry.
Cream Cheese for Sandwiches
. Rub enc-hnlf cup of cottage ehecw'
through (i sieve into n bowl and mill
One-half cup of finely chopped nuts,
One-half cup bf finelu chopped celery,
Season lightly nnd add
Five. tablespoons of mayonnaise
mix agnln and use for sandwich fillings.
Bread pudding, brown betty nnd
tnplecn pudding may be baked in the
little paper cups, if you will oil the
cup with melted butter Arst, nnd then
stand Jn n custard cup while baking.
Making individual 'pics nr.d tarts
takes' but n few moments when making
pastry "for the faml'y, and they carry
much better in the lunch. Nice colored
napkins thnt have a frlnge can be pur
chased and a clean ene placed in the
bnskct every day. Use wax lunch paper
te wrap the bread sandwiches nnd the
desserts. .A spoon nnd n fork give the
lunch nn nppenrance of home meal.
Try This Ginger Bread
Place in a bowl
Tice-thlrds cup of molasses.
One-half eup of bretcn sugar,
One teaspoon of ginger.
One teaspoon of cinnamon,
One-half teaspoon of allspice,
One-half eup of shortening,
Twe and one-half cups of flour.
II Select
Quality Still the Highest
Atlantic & Pacific Tea Ce.
safely Washes,
Coffee nK3HnB 1
Bfc S "Pr vftfy, T ftrVb kJF I Jyl r3 ctf , A FjL
, Three level tablespoons of baking
Three-quarters cup of black coffee,
Bent hnrd and then ndd
One cup of seeded rnfin,
Tice-thirds cup of finely chopped
Beat te blend in the fruit nnd bake
In oblong pan, hnving the enke batter
ubeut one nnd one-quarter Inches high
Ih nan before baklnir. Bnke In n slew
(ven for forty minutes, nnd when cool
lee with water Icing.
Usually n seu) or het cup of cocoa
ran be purchased in most pchoels.
Quilt Recovering a Specialty
Wr CM' nnrt Octltrr
Jellos Manufacturing Ce.
102 s. r.tti nt. rtienc. rmnani una
Rich in Nourishment
and of Purest Quality
yet the price of this milk is no higher
than ether standard brands
BORDEN'S Evaporated Milk is
pure country milk with the
cream left in. Rich and pure as
milk, our most important feed,
should be.
Its production is guarded by the
strictest regulations te insure its
purity. Every possible precaution
is observed in handling the milk,
and a special, extra laboratory test
is made en the finished product
before it is delivered te your grocer.
Yet you buy Berden's at an equal
price with ether standard brands.
Even when your grocer pays mere
for it he sells it te you at the regu
lar price because he knows its
purity guarantees satisfaction te
his best trade.
Berden Building New Yerk
Maiers alto of Btr Jen's Eagle Brand Milk,
Berden's Malted Milk and Ber isn't Ceafettienery
I KVaper ATE HlHl i
fine fabrics
of snowy muslin or of shim
mering silk or satin is safely
washed in the silky suds of
Colgate & Ce.'s new wash
bowl flake
me. u. s. pat. err.
These thin white flakes
are always ready for use. If you
happen te Iinve no boiling water
te dissolve them, Fab flakes will
dissolve in tepid water nnd net
form lumps of soap in the basin.
This is ene thing which waa
brought out in the experiments
made nt Cnrncgie Institute of
Technology. Fab was proved supe
rior te ordinary soap (lakes for
"convenience washing" because
Fab dissolves readily and makes
a rich abundant suds in cold or
hard water.
Watiamakers Down Stairs Stere
Dependable Goods Lew Price
Hahd-Pririted Breakfast Cleths $1
. Scarfs t6 Match 50c
Delightful breakfast or lunchceji cjetha of unbleached muslin
have charmlns old-fashioned deslcns band-printed, In clear colors,
greatly resembling, stencil work. THey are in rose, blue or yellow
with a scallrfped edge, te match. The colors wash successfully and
are wonderfully c'lTeetlvc.
Round or squa're cloths, H Inches across, $1.
Scarfs or tabtat runners, 18xG4 inches, 50c.
' Cntr!)
Imported Ginghams in Clear
Checks, 45c a Yard
Se beautifully fine that they feel almost like silk; se clear in
color that one anticipates the way they'll launder; se cheery nnd
pretty that the planning of frocks is a jeyl
Checksvary all the way from pin checks te half-inch blocks in
brown, red, green, blue, lavender, black and pink.
32 inches wide, and thi3 Is a very low price for such quality.
(Cntrftl Alilc)
Silk Frecks and Cleth Frecks in
$15 $16.50
' Central Aisle'
J Opperbmties
7lcsh-Pink Envelope
Chemises, 50c
Last let jeld out in a few hours!
Flesh-colored batiste trimmed
with lace insertion around the top
and down the front or pretty ones
.of white nainsoek with built-up
tops and embroidery edging.
Colorful Blouses, $1.15
Women who are judges of va'ue
arc amazed at these unexpectedly
superior waists for such small
Peach, rose, blue and ether col
ors as well as plain white in voile,
dimity, organdie and ether ma
terials. Beth Peter Pan and roll roll
cellar styles and all attractively
original in design.
Women's Stockings
65c and $1.50
Cue for silk and fiber stockings,
shaped with mock seams in black,
cordovan and tan. Geed "seconds.''
1.50 for artificial silk-and-wool
stockings in green or gray heather
mixtures made with seamed backs
and in drop-stitch effect. First
Flannelet Underclothes
50c and $1
50c for bloomers of white or
striped flannelet cut full and well
made. Alse for gray or striped
flannelet petticoats with draw
string tops and knee flounces.
?1 for EXTRA-S1ZK flannelet
nightgowns in pink-and-whlte or
blue-and-white stripes. High turn
over cellar or V-neck styles, plain
or with braid trimming. Remark
able at $1!
Artificial Silk Sports Scarfs
$3 te $5.50
Aside from being pretty them
selves, they protect dainty frocks
and blouses from Winter coat
Plain or fancy weaves in plain
colors or Keman stripes. Tan,
navy, black, Mohawk and ether
wanted shades.
Pin-Senl Handbags
$2.50 and $3
Squnre or envelope shapes with
labs that fasten ever or deep flaps.
Equipped with change purse apd
13th Street Aisle
Stamped Kitchen Towels, 18c
Towels of striped linene
stamped for n bit of embroidery
in outline stitch. Size 10x27
Fashionable Earrings
50c and $1
Heep nnd pendant styles of ef
fective imitation jade, jet, pearl
and ether kinds. Almest every
body is wearing them.
Corsets Lew Priced at
$1 and $1.25
$1 for average length corsets of
white ceutil.
$1.25 for topless style in pink
broche with elastic at the top.
JAOTARY 30, 1922.
Delightful Styles
$10 $15 $16.50
Nearly any kind of frock mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters
may want will be found here.
All of the frocks have a jaunty air of newness, and there are
some gay new taffetas that speak decidedly of Spring.
Weel Jersey and Tricetine at $10
Weel jersey dresses are made in simple one-piece styles and come
in practical colors.
Tricotine frocks are navy blue, adorned with beads or embroidery.
Twill, Tricetine, Taffeta and Silk
Crepes at $15 and $16.50
The twill frock that Is sketched is decidely new. Tuq skirt is
composed of narrow panels, embroidered with steel beads, swinging
jauntingly ever an underskirt of black satin. $16.50.
The crepe dc chine dress is in navy blue or black with dear little
red rosebuds for trimming. $15.
Taffeta dresses arc in navy blue and brown, have bouffant skirts,
frills, tucks and braid used with great charm. $15 and $16.50.
Weel Jersey
Bleemers for Out Out Out
Doer Activities
Fer skating, coasting, golf,
horseback riding and Winter
walks, these Moemcrs would be
decidedly warm and comfortable.
In reindeer, brown, black and
navy. Short ones are ?3, a
longer length is $3.85.
Nightgowns, $1.50
Slip-ever nightgowns of soft
white nainsoek, trimmed with
lace. Sizes 18, 19 and 20 and
cut generously full.
White Dresses
for Mid-Year Graduations
Feminine members of mid-year
coming te the Junier btere ier frocks are most entliua'astic about
these pretty dresses of net. chiffon. Georectte nnd crene if rhin.
Most of the dresses are simple as
rrices scare at a&.ve ler net,
ucorgctte and se en, up
Clearaway Sale of Yeung
Women's Coats at $20
Sports coats in several models, and fully lined coats of the
type that can be worn everywhere altogether splendid warm
ceat.s !
One of the heather pole coats i.-s sketched, and there are
ethers of this adaptablu and useful ape. Most of them Jwe
inverted pleats in back, rnglan shoulders and veke and b'cove
linings. The coating is thick and double-faced, with contrast
ing color inside. Various tones of brown and gray predominate.
aise in mis group, a
few fully lined chinchilla
coats, whose original
prices were twice $20
nnd mere.
Many Few- of-,
a-Kind Coats
Fully Lined
at $20
Among them are dark
veleurs, 13elivlas, and
closely woven navy
cheviets. Seme double
breasted, with cellars
that button high. A
few are handsomely
trimmed with ombroid embroid ombreid
ery; ethers arc se
verely tailored. A 1 1
are worth mero than
their present price and
are geed-looking warm
We men who wear
small sizes, and who,
therefore, often have
difficulty in getting
coats, will find this a
worth-while opportunity.
Have Yeu
These $38 Made-te-Measure
queried a man who had been told of this "special" Jn
Wanamaker's Men's Gallery. ,
He expected te get only one pair of trousers at
that prices when he realized that each suit inciuddd
two pair of trousers, he said, "Gee, give me two suits 1"
These made-te-measure suits are built te order
of all-wool suitings that usually go into much higher
priced clothing.
Only a limited quantity remains of these fine fab
rics. Orders should be jriven at once if you wish te
take advantage of the saving.
Mens All-Around Geed
Shoes at $4
Black shoes plenty of men want geed, serviceable black
shoes, and here they arcl The leather is sturdy and the welted
soles aie thick. The shoes are cut Bluchcr nnd have well
rounded tees with plenty of room inside.
(llry, Mrlit)
te Keep Baby Snugr
.Cozy little pink or blue figured
blankets for carriage or crib.
(?1.25 for size 30x40, with scal
loped edge.
$2.25 for size 30::50, bound
with sateen.
$-1.25 for size 8 Gx04, leund
with satin.
Babies' Dresses
50c and 60c
Snowy little frocks of nainsoek
will prove a been te mothers.
There are long and short dresses
among them. Sizes up te 2
graduation classes who have
te line and lovely as te material.
u ler rrencn voiie. sis.ts for
for fine silk dresses. Sizes 12 te 1(3
i, i ' ' '' ','11 1 fl 1
i m
$20 "
- ,
Any Mere of
Dozens of
Sateen Petticoats
Lined With
About the warmest thing a
woman can wear. They arc in
black, with the upper part of
the skirt lined with striped
flannelet. $1.50 in regular
size. ; $2 in extra .sizes.
Special Cretonnes
20c, 30c, 40c
Cretonnes for all crctonne uses
and hew varied they arc! Abe,ut
a hundred different patterns and
color combinations from which te
select. 34 and 30 inches wide.
Reversible Terry
Cleth for Draperies
$1.10 a Yard
Showing one eelur en ene side
and another color en the ether,
it can thus be u;.cd in the door
way of rooms with different color
schemes. Fer instance, some de
signs show blue en one side and
brown en the ether, rose and gray,
Designs and colorings in this
let are nrtistic and beautiful. 30
inches wide.
Sale of
Shoes, $3
It is seldom that geed-looking,
sturdy, high kIiecs in the prevail
ing low-heel mode, made of dur
able quality of blak leather can
lie get at 55, much less for $3!
Onst'rvaJjve shoe of this sort
cf.n b.j 'ern at any time; they ,
never g8 out of fashion. Thcae
huve applied straight tips nnd
seivlceable welted celes. '
Fashionable Lew c
Shoes at $3
Black patent leather sandala
are attractively cut ever the tees
and have turned aeles and baby
Frin-li heels,
Three 'itrup moccasin pump of
ninir. t.ueue- iKe leather faaten
with three irleaminir little buckles
ever wide instep tomeies. Th
sole are turnrd anff the baby
French hcqln are covered.
Net every jjlsq In every utyle,
but advantageous selection in Uh
let at ?S,. ' TT
Aft Ava
l-.tib'-'&'inK F n
ift $1
" '-i'l
3 IF,
V" ' ii
Hi I
. 'tii
I 3.1',
- "A,..
krtl(,-nn-,y,mi ,',.. v., , x
.t--S .. . .,,,, ,, ,-,y. ,v )At lf ,
dW ....,

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