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' v w-zmAp1- 0'; :s7rjrw r7p
Mi k r I '
'nr-.; ""-
Weman s Life and Lt
The Wife's
. 'Xt '
' ,,fCrB IS supposed te be n model hua
V - linnd. unit folks- thtnk I nm
h JWturnlly dowdy, but the truth 1b. I
Sw.., ft . .. . never li n v e live
cents myself," she
It Is net just nn
Pointed i n s tnnce.
Tlile pnrtlcti lur
husband Is net n
strange, eccentric,
unusual one. lie
Is nlmest n type.
Tbe ekc -long
superstition hns It
thnt the tnnn
makes the money,
und deles it out us
ii fnvitr. lie Is
. il.AvX-C-
obligated te linve 11
KAnPEH COOLEY -f ,.,, ,h ,-nil
of hte family, and feed en the tuble. He
1 expected by everybody te provide
Clethes and nnv doctors' bills. But
K-ms NflfcU'
V when It cemew te luxuries, nh, that Is
vrtjelly n matter or him te decide! is
net Be the bread-winner, nnd she u de
pendent? I have been told of an old couple
who 'were rather rich who for fifty years
had struggled along together, she work
W in bard and bearing ten children ct
''Pn Yniust have 1 e cent for YhVw,fe ,,ll0l,,d haV rV5i fCC!lni i. W I nnd t!,re0 btrafs across ,l instca'1 of
la, 1 must nae live cents for thf,w nn 10M0St Intelligent adult, with
newsboy," and he handed her net a dcn,nn,iH (f) be met. nnd n certain sum ! lacings. Fer evening or afternoon there
Qtlarter but ten. dy a nickel! te cover them, but that within this she , , a b . ... .
It Is revolting und degrading te have nliMilutclv free. i oreun sucuc wippsr with tue
te nsk nnd cxnlain. Ne nnrtnerhln i i i. ... :, nn k. nnn ..!, tkp nnn ,.i., .n. ,i, i..i. ... i
MM, should be en such a basis. " Imagine
im business man coming int.. his partner.
fi ,! n.! fn .. i. .1.,lle en.l -.,.
Ul ng Inte details as te Lew he spent the ,
."fi0""1...? .b",- e"!
M last amount for office supples. Lfaere
Mh SK.m."Tfcl.lF.Vf:," rXTn.su'".V.
f tien tlmt in the division of labor eac
UWU Wm 411 IU "Hiniuii '. l"iw vi.m
( eea nis werK, anu nannies nis ajieiieu
7em Ills work, nnd fanmllna his allotted
funda IntclligcnUy.
XTE IS willing and ready te pay
I I . . .. . i
$ ;jl j. ler nu tne common, dun uinm
that no calls necessities, but kicks as wen a ncir ra" "" ' .
fcialnst the tiniest beautiful ones that penses. They de net understand all
i.' .ni nn inTiirtea Hup inpntnn ie about cnniing and the value of money.
large, and he pays big bills for 0,0 1 and rents and the economic struggle.
butcher or grocer cheerfully, but If I Te them father Is n god. the giver of
6pend n dollar en a hnlrdrcsser which is, perpetual bounty, or a king te be ca
rl delight and renders me charming, or Jeled. Hut they ought te learn values,
81.10 for n pair of fiber silk stockings, i und knew that they must acuicre cer-
he simply rages: l wear uic mme
Mk clothes for years, beeium thc- ure net
WaV nctunlly threadbare, wnlle he H spend-'
M ls hundred!, of dollars en things that
&$&' .
Paul and
W! TTIRGINIA did net ebberve the con-
M 1 V traptlen - her word for it - until ;
Mt' , ..inn nh.. I,, l,. Mm home !
,u, U.U......S .... ..v ...,.........-.--
"T Isn't one of
.i U . . ,nt
thie new patent
clothes driers, is it.
honey?' she asked
"mJ.'u- u j i
Th thing had long.
shining reds of steel,
nnd there were heavy
iron ingots nttuched
near tbe fleer. Fearsome spiral prings ,
nil.MlOOK U1S naa. . .
,J i . jT r
'S?-00" and he 8'arC" fiCrCUlr .'
ti? i.. .it i ,. .. tut. . .H.j
"Then must be something for ven-
tilatI6n," sussest-d Vitginla.
"Its a gladiator developer," Paul:
mid-, almost reluctantly. !
A. gladiator develeppr?"
WA V. A .tl.latl I m. . . . -. J-
at the club arlvlFed rac te get it.M
"uut, raul, dear, xvtiat will it d-
milnni" .
He stirred restlessly and Vlrctnin
joeseu as u uicy iuihiii hhvb urcu u, hearts trem IS ceccks. uniy lunny. , Pnme nml lii lnv t ipre rnvipulnc ii. '
fA-I 1Z il... .kI.l 1mb.a lkjjti aAA a tf !.. mr .l.. f. fi
the Innards pf the town clock. ' "r ,en't think it's a bit funny; 'life, and wondering bow everything
'Clethes-driers.' I'aul echoed with mnn ht t0 hnve CIcrci!lQ that would end.
fine disdain. "I should say net. . .m' t Iet pcp in him." Sometimes he would resolve te end it
. "It Isn't Bemetblng te control the ,P ,.,''. unnth.A ..nf ' au. net by nny such coward's means as
'BnMTMII ' U4 W - umv - , ..
no nung was tnere. think he Invented 'cm himself."
'Oh. you knew: a tins te come' ,. ...
He demonstrated the apparatus.
He tugged at the steel bars and the
prings shot back and forward and the
Mack- Iren weights fairly danced in
Lurn m it -i" in. i'ii ii in iih in t ri iu nnri
Pl ,- ,i 3 '.;;.,,!;
buT at WM 1 tUe 'a. praud. '
'I'llAtf ntrOIU A,l n tle r nt finm m '
maj tkt-vi iiiilii tn liitz iiwiik a iij iia i u
wner ana i-aui nung iiunscii into tne,
-laverue cnair with a grunt.
.r uiunc mill r, uir mUU, dc
And then the heaving shoulders of
Virginia arrested him.
n nn. (iveppLh .in ..n.1 n, . - I u uu, l"" L,T ifciuu Ul "- ; iiivvti. r- ukvii .u-. .
b breathing nnnarntus ceine fiTst u,ubl"! oevdepmeiu. wrgiuia in- cii wi.ai piie was reau.iiK. oemi .ni-
ui .vtv?v V MIV4 U11U L'J I.VI .. ... J t ! J. . J. . . t i !. II t.. il 1
tn tim mrnin. u,.n, t Vinii, sistee. icr lieart weuiu biartic ncr ey mum-
in the morning; wrt of strength-i ...... , ...... ,! s i,. M in,, ,in,if..ni..
tne heart and gets the bleed Hew- Anu i guess grandpa uiu mty years '""' ,"' "" .v-i -. .-
and-well, Tar" veu knew pSks a ! . enJ maybe great-grandfather sev-( 'V1'1 hi! weu,d step a raement t0 lurn '
O,' pep in a fellow first thine in the ' enty-fivc years nge, and " I the page. .L, . . . , ,
ii - ... .,. , i. ...:... i., : nuc wns enmruueu wuu inr iuy.
The Weman's Exchange
fcrl What Beau Brummell Means
MT thl Editor 0 Weman's Page:
Jpjj Dear Madam Could you please tell
Wfeyfhie what the meaning of Dcau Drum-fJl-.ineJt.
Is? I have come across lt qulte a
FJi.Tfew -times and am anxious te knew
w what It means.
I I would also like fe knew whether
ler riot eoeenut oil It. -en1 for irttln
rid of dandruff. 9. D. F.
Beau Drummcll was a famous dandy'
wnese clenics were his chief concern In.
HfVbehig .!-. ... tne he,sht of '
Stylf. Tlle name has ceinu te be used '
for any one wlic thinks a great deal ef1
Clethes 'and style.
... ... ....
Tea, coconut oil Is geed for getting
1 -i
Tilings YOU II Leve te Make
i- i
v I w-' i
- -
,i.raMJllonnble KVIS.VINfi C'OtFFUnis',
hewn today Cut a piece of buck-
n te fit the front if the head, from
'"...-,: m,.iJ i. ,.i.i.... i. ,h' ".?.. !
dla than at the sides. Dead lt with
Mitu rui 4itinv it "lui-i fcliu Illltl
Jet and lrldesi;tnt brads. Cut a piece
of .UK, that matches jour. venlng,
kivA Av ,.30
'r cewn, Blx Inches wlde at the front nnd ' wl," v, rnu,cn Pre"'er' ?r tne natural it all depends en whnt we really wnnt nnd work for.
4, Kraduate It te one and one-half Inches Jler Is aU-ays nicer than anyth ukj la elhcr weris ,he reat fllcter , Wolutlen-
t t the.sldea.. Plcet the edges, or make " ,L,Je!!!Xh ,Jixe Ve",?w." LfT LV nle.l with effort.
WW.0 ff. "".. .UV.?.,Ll.b KW.,ir7,,h bleach for vel, 71 u-'"""",' A. H .hi. . nn 1.1... Ih. .,!.. -... ...Ill
I: Siltch the nl
.'KX11CI1 ine iiiuiitu piii uviiuiu iiie uvuutu - " - , ...... .... ." . ...Mfc ..j ,
k-HKatl. join at encn siue a tassei or tue
fidorabie with tne nair piled Men
U8 eacic tuu
r "' i"-, ;;
chnncc te seem Important te nim. The
result Is thnt our friends nctunlly think
thnt I nm a petted, spoiled wife, with
n pc-fect husband, but thnt I' nm just
h frump lh tnste and de net enre nny-'
Ihltur nfwinf InvMv nriil nnnrnllrlnti. res- I
tumctt. Hew eon I explain te them thnt
he Is n miser when it comes te tue re- i
nncments and niceties of living?
This Is uet u mere Incident of mar
ried life : tt Ih ii trngefly. The fnct thnt
ii limn tnvH lintnr. niirhta with his fam
ily, nnd docs net lend n gny, dissipated i
existence does net make him a fine, big
character. Mntiym wife has felt nl nl
mest murderous nt the Impotent, futile,
prison -like existence which her iluanclul
slavery has forced upon her.
THE point Is net the amount he gives
but the spirit In which their mutual
nienuge Is run. A innn s income is lim
ited, nnd naturally he docs net want n
heedless, devil-may-care wue, wne
plunges Inte debt and has no Intelli
gence or conscience. But If he keeps
her en the plane of n child, he must cx
nx nn infantile efficiency. The wuy
te lnaiinge Is te have responsibility nnd
power. Se much money should be set
aside for certain regular .expenses, and
J," uld be held wlthlii this bub.. A I
,' "l" T
J n"M """. .f"".0, 'VJ , .L
definite allowance
."C "1 '-k "' " "V""" ".""""":..
penurleU8 as tt ir, but he has the old '
tyrant, harem methods, and his reward!"
f t i..lrm ...-theds. and his reward I
ii being feared and hated by his slave. I
. . .. i . t i.- '
-., ,. .uhj. ..,.i,i i,-
!' P"1' ev" '"---"'
JL glvea an allewanrc. although lt is
but n tiny one. Their beard nnd ledg-
1HM m..I Aln,l.n Af AAii.c. nm nravMml
' " "u'-i ' i "- i
lam ruim niuiu niiui. uu num
Heth they and the mother will then be
lntel Ipent. sane spenders and net ser-
vile grafters! !
. . '
'What's what s the matter?
She bant lnt laughter and bent
te KlS hit- DrOW.
,,n . .
vv V-..
the sli ou 1 d er s and
lrew her down te
. .
u..-NeWi uerf,
ml what 'a tbe
ilarge idea of tbe
, Janghter?"'
, ..Qhi 'nothing it
; just awfuiiy funny ;
,ut'u n
ghe blotted the
tv".'.V.'" j , l ... r..l
-ir Fmnns in reuauii. mlul iju i iiui
.lpfnKivMr "Jlen needs it"
She agfeed. !
, "Why, my father used te take that
'hind of exercise every morning nnd
every night, dcitr." the assured him,
And then she added slyly:
.'When I was a tiny little girl."
. .. ..-. . "
Paul eyed her with dawning suspl- i
W ti n A vmt mnnn Hi'An rnnvu i
."'."... vl" .'"u ..."-:."' .""'wiiii color, sne were a pair diue ureas-
ncre' Wliv. the athletic fellow down at h. .., h.i.i.Ki .-wi. .i,iin r..- e...?
.7 i... .u , .!,. n...M ,.. i,. I
ini"- inn unnw -rr run u-n lira nnn m nit'init
t;r V;.i ,iX- Vi.r -...r. ..-3 ,
"" "
"Vjmi f.Mi IIhmI ma..J
.uiiiiisuu. iniiiir'iit'nini.
"And we cn hire neenl
work." finished the perfect
B,fttlng up0 un(Jcnlabl
Anal word
Tomorrow Taking a Fljer
- "Miir mi'i inir rnu l n m n I'lnii nt vim hnrnir mni'ni Kf inrnnr n.iu 'iir
ur miwcu it itu a ibb. . Roelnir herMlf In the leadtm: ' manners. w-l -bred people d' net talk
"Yeu little fraud." he said roughly. "V nna,s ,JJf. "Kn' fJl lrnla"in" em us tc I Bhrlll- or snappishly "en the ulre" or
"Hut, of course.' Virglniu conceded. r?.'? n," 1 J '",1". . i?.?..".1?.. ' ?tt. and .-ertnlnly a man or woman who
s contraption combines all the la- : "l.ll ,. ' !.' 1. '"!S". - "i-. -' """"" h""8 ."What's What' would no mom
of carrying in the coal and shovel- 7 """ ' B" . cr'",T ". , , , , ,niV,K OI nunRing up a teiepnone rcee ver
li.. il!n". ' -SV.ul "n? HD0V,e l tre and the who fi thing held her sne 1-. while vthe party of the ether n.irt 1.
oempcrtnc pray eyes, lie as fercluR roe;t' vulKar demonstration fUV ,s n
nd of dandruff a? it cleanses the scalp her te leek at, him, te meet his glnncc, . unld um?r ae,nonstratlen "neon
and keeps lt ln geed condition. - '
What De the Readers Thlnk7
Te thf h'dttar of TVetnan'a Paef.
Dear Madam Kindly Rive the nam?
of the person considered the greatest
living American. Why Is 1 or shn mr.
'a."e e vvnere can I nnd this per
.j. : . . - .- -
' as &"" !
" """-uri
i(T think. 'reade, S! ;
inc. Wcrodrew Wllnen. Themas a rii.
""" '""" '"tm.- inere nre se many
ZTTy p5j? ep.X:
tie that. Yeu will find facta aheut all
Kre.it Americans In Who's Who, which
u can 3ee at the I,ub"'5 "brar;-.
. .jj . r --
Don't Bleach tt
Te the Bailer of Weman's Past:
Dear Madam Will you kindly help
me? I have dark brown hair, but have
bleached It for three years w'lth norm. I
i ..., . t.... ,. - r . :
.ue anu aiiiiuuiiiA. uui ii btewh out dark
se often I am really t red of u-nrrvinv
with It, altheugti I like light hair best1
with it ' although I like light hair d !
and all who knew nm krtnr, i,ii,i I
say they like it better light. Isn't there
my scalp and I have been told this vWll '
ruin my hair in time. Is henna past
illue v."JC g,Mdi,fer I"e t0 useI ,M' '
but hhert.ryin the thrw "ea"rs I have
twii this. Please advise me. There H
'I U!lH thnt ltflD ni-IMIItl llll.l,,. .. .. ..!!. I
.. .:: .-. ... ...... !
I eye en the cheekbone, and although
itt nn ilia nhajibKnna r. -, ..lt. l. I
net he noticeable te ethers, It worries
I me, as It has only been there about
I three mentlm; It Is small llke a mole
might be. Isn't there temethlnif I can
burn this off with? There is a similar
, growth en th; lid of my left eye, but.
it course, I wouldn't attempt te rumeva
Evidently this constant bUachlng la
l"rr,'"fT, ?u"i ,ll0Lrm. Tl",N -'n'bl'i.itlen of
le:.iUe and ammonia Ih unetl. you
knuw- te disceuragu the growth of hair
en the face, and you will nnd that it
... ... . ' "T " -
na Hie bame eneci en tne hair of your
":na' u, "' "e very much wiser te
,'"' '" h"" i",.',1." "V"n .""
Consult a physician about this wart, j
He can probably remove It for you. but
It would net be- safa te try anything of
inis nina juuroeu.
. ,, . , v.
There i3 a decided tendency toward
the return of the solid shoe or puuip,
but lt has net quite hap'pened yet. A
compromise Is effected by means of this
lcatl shoe with long tongue
i,.., , . . . ..
"llul"c" w a single simp ncresH me
nstcp. The two types of clocks shown
are interesting departures from the
usual thln.
Photes by Central Notts
.' :. ZSXTJ , IS' .. . . . MV.T 1
- :fi.VlMK' VU 4Bi "v - t-.i 1.!J
I mBSmm ' Emm w L - v" '
IV'L L'(. uuv . u.r . ....i k'.iujiii .jiutllfy i.V.U L1JU UU:ik (111 1
The Marriage Gambler"
Ccnirleht. lltt, tw Fublic Ltdeer Cempane
Carel Itnthbeurnc marries yick
tract irltheut leiin;; Aim, ter the
reason that the cannot bear te sce
Aim ruiu hn Ufc through hu tnfatua-
''en for Daisp Caitlcten, of the
Jollu Itcvclcra." yick gutvects the
truth, and is fearful that another
man may awaken her love. He is
afraid thai Carel has met this man in
Jervis iiritten, tche teems te citrl
a strange influence ever her,
NICK saw tbe light burning in
Carel's room lone after he hnd cene
te bed. He wondered what she could be
doing, nnd the knowledge thnt he could
' net get up and find out for himself
1 made him doubly restless.
...unminiuiuM "" 7',1
, as if he were being consumed with j
fever. The situation between Carel und j
J himself had made him irritable and it
' was only by the utmost control that he
... , , , .. .. , . . .
could keep this irntntien from her. hut I
he suffered for this repression during i
1 TT . 1 .1.1- l- -1.1. 17. !!
the long nights when sleep would net
suiclilr, but by rcleusinc Cnrel from the
l.n,.f,il hnmU flinf lirl.l Imr. hr pIi-Iivj
.. .....- -... ...... ---.r - r
er 'er frec( em. Tonight, thnt way
cl imiKssIble. for It wns one thing
"f" tjSJ'.-ilv nusb , ,.? X,tS .1 e
""T", ? """I'L pusb Ilcr iut0 ,llP
arms of another man.
Carel hcrte'f was sitting up ln bed.
The shaded light by her side threw a
olrelr. nf rrtvv rnrmrh nver he nnpfv of
the book Hlie was reading, ifer blue
eyes were starry, her checks were warn
i. i .. .i
." ""."." . '. '"' "'.,.. ""..'",,
..v"i.s ,. . . . , J
. i
bound. . . .
. '""" - & -t I
' JIV e'M"B
- - . .
one. but that she cxprcswd threuch the '
words of the- wins. And thnt man who
leaned en the pliilie wns .Tervis Hi-itten,
he was looking down at her Mtl: thee
Twe Minutes
Hew Did the First Eye Start?
e ,n A ihn, .".Vi. "."r.' Vu "'.. IVriri" " ". l"."e,'lest.M?,,Perall'lK As anihnimv and never end ue In a fflvercn ' -,.' .. i' 7 -" 1'V'CA:. '"'' "."
.!. ..itni-i -ii.. ttaiib U'nrn iniinr nrr - . ---- -a-j uuui- 1 iiti rum iin jnn inr r inn ttiii irp nrni tit...
. i i'iuim-i tuv.u ...... ........ ..-. .- hi sunn-jit, ii in uuuui an l-onvme nT nnfl H-h.n u-. tnU-,. (tin llltle c-nld l.-.n.l CM, i , , -....,.. a., i i.i.wi Jillicnua putt
wife, in-. iinnelilnc nbeut them that she hardly ns noilte as a slan in the r V? . iV"' "e. tn"? "A". ". J .e:.?ela.banil u.3 1 forth, write and let us knew, it win i
e right te the ,irwi te ,iK. her eyes te the man who for nny reason. It Is desired te dlscen Trim love if blind te all faults until , !.",., ,rr5lnB te aI1' yVen'i ,l- Amcr
, leaned . en . the piano ntr-hiw her. $? g 1CB0"V"', J". t"e aTh de usp-rt. If VnurtM,rtl,euVd 'Ua" g''S, FEGQUMS SI.
rteinrininK in iiurseu -uuu, pull,lT , me, if I must Kd nbw-eoeiJ-l v " oecemo uisauivu ai any inne x wnum i
tninir inui m u euuiti uu. unr iun iui.v .nmniViinr .. !. ntrr, .. i ,
A USTBIAN scientists have transplants in blind Hsh. frogs nnd rats a Koe
" eve from another animal, connected the nerves nnd rosferpd mIpIl
ir. . .. . . ..
Thtb recalls an interesting question
l ne question ii
"Hew did the first eye ttart?"
Darwin explalnr the chnnglng of the fish gill te the liutnnn rar. the fin te
the bird's wing or roan's arm.
But the complicated machinery of vIMen that was hemcthlns for which his
theory of evolution, survival of the fittest, struggle for existence, adaptation te
environment nnd fe en could net ucceunt.
It was Lamnrch, who, passing en from Darwin's conception of rvninUnn .
a itencral law te the specific method of evolution, maintained thut thou?), nr.,..i
causes reacicu en nie anu uamt, tiieugn changes of el mate, feed sunnlr
...... ..i i i u i..., .i... . , , .. .. . . u 'il'l"y.
" -i ,. ......
stogie ui'' uv.-n una iuir pin. pin.
Kpole8ic "Phceynl, and such had their plnce in evolution, the fundampntal under
lvlnc rensen wny living organisms cnnnKiiI
This means thnt, ns a matter of fact, In the matter of evolution creatures
,i,J t1WnB "V"? . T ablC l d0 tbCm " bCCam ab'C " de them
en'y because they kept trying.
It means also that a man's efficiency nnd his mnrkct value can freeuentlv
he measured by the direction and the intensity of his wnnting pouer.
I' for ' 7" "S the tender tops of trees enough te make
you concentrate all your energies en tne stretching of your ucck, you will flnullv
1 -1. III.. .1.. t tf
- - :.. . -
If, like a mole er,subterrunenn fish, you have eyes and de net want te see,
you will lesi your eyes. t
If you have no eyes, and want te see, and keep trying, you will finully get
eyes. IU'h u little hard for the first thousand yenrs!)
The child, tumbling nbeut the fleer, wnnta te walk erect; and after wnnting
and trying long enough nnd hard enough, does walk erect. ,
It is te thut a man sprawling en the read with a bruised chin or supine
en the Ice with a bnshed ecciput, becomes n bh-yelist nnd n sltnter.
There lire vaudcville performers whose main htunt and umhttinn ...-
. . . .
ln-r nn n muscle: nther nerfnniinr urn
ethers, en the htuge of science urn business, figuratively und almost literally put
,,,, .rn, -'"y pul .
up a bra n. ...... .
.mesi any or us cnn. in time, learn
for it means that within reasonable
..carly unithinit we will te make out of
uc V.r" . "1 i Jl". . I
' -- .. - .uwUaM, ......
...' ' .. ,', - .
v. . - '1
eebIbVsRIhHI !
nnd finally with a little mute gesture
of surrender, she flung back her head
nnd met his eyes full.
She could net leek away, the bleed
was suddenly drumming in her car,
she fe't bewitched, enchanted.
A beuud in the next room and Cnrel
stnried out of, her reverie. The play
dropped from her fingers, she was .sud
denly conscious of her thoughts, and
where they had been drifting, nnd she
shivered as if from the cold. She lis
tened, every sense acute te the tiniest
hound, te Nick moving nbeut in the next
room. She heard 'him snap .en the
light, and then the scratch of a match
as he lighted a clgarette. lt brought
her back te reality. She was plunged
suddenly out of the dream world of the
play te the cold world of reality, and a
dull depression settled down en her.
She way biiddenly ronscleiih of the fact
that Nick must have seen the light from
her room under the deer. He would
knew that she wns still awake.
ier wrist watcli lay ou the table
beside her. and the tiny hands pointed
J quarter of three. She slipped out
of her dressing gown, nnd with cold
flnBcrs capped off the light, but It
wasn't until dawn that her tired eyes
drooped wearily and she fell nslcep.
(Te Be Continued.)
bt nr.iB.v m:cin
Telenhone etlouette t: net crcatlv dlf.
fercnt from uny ether cede of e.vl.lzed
!?" ns l"a.n he or she would Mam th
.." .- ---..,..
V"- W?.
nv varieties of tele
.ninnllif nr I,. ,1.-.. nttcn r... .. ' . .
iron n.iiv '- r...
he melted Ui nn?er by anethir tpeaker
but cjntrelled anger cnu be i-ourtceus
-'von in Its retorts or dLsmistals of the
""bject Hanglntf up the tcleMiena re-
of Optimism
J. StlCH
Its Importance te the Rest of Us
and one that te the last puzzle, Darwin
. -e-...
. ... - --..w
- o - e in evolution, til
wns because thev wanted t..
-- -...-..,
hiit nn nnttlnv un n "(mmn. -.i I
te put up a muscie, n trout or u brain
development Is will-power
M.lnlr nl.A,,, .
.t m in i rv
r,mllnea ,cn rnn n,nk t Blve . r.llv
.rf m wivt.
iP i?iffiii: T i
" Curejer the Wonted Girl '
Who Hesitates in Her Speech
, x"
Absorbing Interest in Seme Special Subject Will Make Her
Want te Talk Quickly and EasilyAnd She Will
Be Able te De It
T AM n young girl of eighteen years
nnd I go out quite dften In com
pany, but I am treub ed with nn Im
pediment In speech. I don't exactly
stutter, tyit when telling n stqry or Joke
I seem te hesitate and. add the letter
a . hftcr every three words or se. I
also Inck words, nnd In conversation'
I feel ashamed of mysclt when trying te
talk as I hesitate, net only In com-
i pany but with my own family. 1 nm
engaged te u young man twenty-one.
He always seems te have the rjght, word
, and thine te say. I try te copy after
him but fnil. Is there anything I
might de te overcome this habit? It Is
' fin, lllnl. n. ...Im.il lj... ...i t It...... M.i.in
through three years of high school,"
rplIE letter came In the midst of some
ether mall the ether day, nnd Instead
' Just giving the worried young writer
me usual nuvice, i meiigiii pcrnnps it
would help ethers in the same condition
te talk about the case up here in the
northeast corner.
There ennuet be anybody who doesn't
He have all had moments of fishing
around for the next word, nnd sticking
an "nh" In te fill up the empty space
that comes between the word we vc said
and the word we're trying te say.
Yeu feel as if your brain. If you
ever hnd uny. Iind fallen away in
chunks and pieces. Icavlug veu te" grope
nbeut in the darkness until you
stumbled en a word.
Yeu cannot take part in nny con
versation became somebody else always
breaks in nnd takes charge, of whnt
you nre, going te 6ay whlle you nre
trying te say It.
Imagine hew reu.'d feel If you were
ulwnys like thnt!
Ne wonder this girl wants help nnd
And I nm glad te say that there Is
very definite advice t6 give which I nm
sure will help hcj
THIS is lt find out what you are
most interested In, und 'thcu cither
Please Tell Me What te De
Te "Bebby"
p.,,... I.,,, ,..in i, n,llln,,i i nm
Weman's Exchange n8Wercd ln l"
Says He's Hopeless Case
r::v;hal- as? sgz
i..ri. ii ; i. th.V f. ur, niiia.i (Ti-in
censed. "fehT'Snly has 'VM
SeTLTV VU be ' Z I
what size lint lie weals. ir uc Kees .
around peddling his geed leeks and form
we would Hte him te step areunu se
we can we him.
We are just as geed-looking aa lie
clnlms te be, but we de net think of
advertising It. His article was certainly
a Reed Jeke, for "Self-praise Is a peer
Thev Still "Rave On"
incy sun nave .
Dear Cynthia Whlle reading your re-,
niarkahle column a very inicreauuK
iviir Dilil'il iiiiiiynmrD .... .............. .
attracted jnv attention, and with your
permission I would like te say a few
words te such n person.
"Pin" had the rlKht Idea In answering
"Hiuid'emc'n" letter and I think the
sarne tbtng would flt "H. S. ' te a "T.
Beauty will neve.r bring a fellow any-
thins In this world but criticism. What
will "H" de with the crown after tt does
decorate his noble brew? Why he would
have te go te the nearest "heck shop'
and nawn lt te cot enough money te
i buy powder, lip-stick axid rouge te keep
nis beuuiy. ...
IWs hear from some of cynthln a
admirers en the Mibjcet of this person.
"Foreign Girl" Expostulates
ers and what would foreigners de If!
It was net for America? Nene of us can
live alone. I have looked en both eldes.
I will say foreigners make geed wives,
as they really marry ter love.
Take the rich American woman. She
marries a rich. man. where a rich for-
elRii woman win marry a peer man and
Yeung Girl Cheeses
Rebing EggBiuc Gewn
The "Twe I.Ittle Girls in Illuc" have
added many recruits since thnt pepulnr .
song echoed ceiibtautly through our
land. Today there arc nt least two i
mll'ien and two little girls In this
cemlean tint. Fer blue linn been one
of tbe most fabhlennule tints for eve- i
nlng wear und It fashion lint, covered
n multitude ei vurieun hiuiicu. une may
M lect del. ll.Vllran.iea. Iljncinth. Hil'i
'".lrc T, ' ii1KiTn U " ,lllbe.r
f)(er sn.,,je8( Rebin h egs has bien
chosen often thi- year bj the deh.i-
tnntc for her coming nut. and. whether In
i faille or In taffeta, this tone Is charm,
luB. particularly for tin- girl with bliimli
ler reddish hair. The Kiib-deh nulv u
invited te lnspfCliell f'f tllC nlleVn frnelt
I f rebln'H egg blue taffeta with SUtill
iMnpe in r.oif-ceior nnd iilver roses at
nch slda of the wnlst suspending loeun
I of silver cloth below.
,.J.. L.i.:, .; ... .i.niv inter. 1 reatllnsr your column ever since I have
veur column d " jlcem, '"'"J hecn In this city, never before hav 1
llCA '"ciL 1 R n&,nmr Svmna ' iaUetl t,'B VkMUTO Of WrltltlR. Will
?wi?r T thL ii S we mrnk '" Plew iiubtlah this te our dear
thlzcr and this Is unat we tninK. "Veune Man"
Such as he ire put In padded cells and y0 .,,',, If veu d0 net pn.fer tlj,
called hoiielrtseMeB": they arc also JW"' " ?j?ert wh? doPveu taSe
. .-. ...... re....... ... !. ..... ..At. I
.JUL lllllll-'l ZILIVIIK t.U..(... AV'U.r.. ..u, ,.n ....e
. . '"ifiKiRTN inane me nest wlvcar Tet,
Dear Cynthia I hope ou will plcaSei vl(J JOu can't t!ck up for veur own li"
give mc a place In your column te wrlte; the way, I knew a Uttle ferclCT clrl
te "An Amerleiin." I notice In your' vhe walked away wit a tur mat of
letter we can de without foreigners, but nilne last year. Be very careful for
you are all wrong. What would you fometlmea even a ferelirnnr iiu.L .1 t?Z
Americans de It tt wns net for-foreign-
tilt y
take n course of study In It. or else
work nt It by yourself, ns hard as you
It la better. If you can, te take the
ceurse q.f study nt seme' school or col
lege, because then you will have the
practice of reciting before the class.
An elocution class would be a splen
did tiling, if you find that there Is m
special art, science or knowledge that
you want te be proficient In".
Anything nt nil will de. that Includes
the necessity of talking dearly and
distinctly nbeut your wibject.
At ilrst you won't be able te de It.
Your "Impediment" Will held you back
nnd you will be self-conscious nnd per
haps unhappy.
Hut In time, csneclally'if the subject
is ene that interests you deeply, you
i will forget your sclf-conscleusncss In
bccemlnir nhserbed In venp thoughts
And you will begin te. tnlk easily und
much mere quickly. " Fer self-con-BCleusncss,
even if you don't quite
realize lt nnd don't Ilka te acknowl
edge it, is tbe reason for this distress
ing condition.
WHEN you have something that is
really Interesting te you yourself te
talk nbeut, you don't step te worry
about the fact that you arc talking
and that in n minute you arc going te
run out of words nnd hesitate; you just
Your wits become sharpened, jour
thoughts become separated from one
another nnd clear, your tqngtic and your
mind establish a rapid mode of com
munication, and your- troubles along
the tnlklng line are just nbeut ever.
Sometimes there Is n certain sluggish
ness in the way tbe brain cemmunicatee
Its thought te the muscles that control
the tongue; practice at thnt communi
cation Is needed te speed things up a
Study nt home will de the trick just
ns well, although a bit mere slowly.
But the prlnelnal thing te be remem
bered Is, the subject you are studying ;
the principal thing te forget is you.
lny my diamond aside and co scrubbing
i .lf necessary and would net be afraid of
j liurtlne my hands. KOREION UIKIi.
All for American Girls
Dpiir Cynthln Although I have bcn
.-pie ,.ViTip""a5 --,,,
Veu knew It tukfs all kinds
our- r"ore is no one In It that Ik per-
feeS leY hVlnSeTarr
'"'" r.u5?lydpeert.h who &?
,, p-ntnet with nil ii...tn nt .r.ni
lVH,S00n!S;' i"' ."'kn.'den ZL P,
, ,,!,,,.,.,,... .:,, ? .; ,iv
Thnt would seen amount te a great deal
of travel. Perhaps you only mingle with
the aame class of people all your life.
Yeu knew, birds of a feather tleck to
gether. U'b tee bad you can't take t
little Klddllltr from some elrls whn iisV
you tn a joke te buy them something
Net be lone nire I ankeil n frlnri n
( mine te buy tun an express train that
, wng creS8,nK ft brdgp j.remtalnff him
would net break lt New. I suppeaw Iv-
) is ie uunit t am an ex tra vacant yeuny
It certainly la tee bnd we American
j are n bit particular and llke te drcs
te njeasc the eye of our friends, sweet
' hnartB and husbands. Isn't It, "Yeung
Stan"? Even If by eeme misfortune you
should change your mind and marry
, poed, true American woman, llke your
mother, nh would leek nice te take
nmeng your friends In a heuse apron
bonnet and shawl te be Introduced an
your thrifty little wife. Wouldn't she?
. It would bult veu te hnve imr rire !.-
way, especially when you take her te
;"p "ioies. or vieit your mother or
, friends,
Well, I hepe jeu find your Ideal some
"Jpy. although yours nrcn't hard te find.
Perhans your dear mother Ih net an
Vmerlcan? T de net knew If ilie ie i
; wonder If she agrees 11111 her son. that
COat. tee. Perhani Mm vnitm A..iMn..
! veu inelM nf u nni ......i. ...Ii 1.
1 handling her new leh nil nmTi,i- !
eiw h"? a chance She may be a G r.
who has always had everythfni? sh.
wanted before ahe married, tee Then
h Bneul(, ,iave waited until he ceul
afford te Blve her all l.e i,,m ,.2."J
te. But she. will Inarn h .
I lie UeSSert That
Saved Betty's Party
"I'cttv wnntH me tn tr'ivn e ..,..
for her en her sixth birthday next '
rek.'- Mghed Mrs. Ferd, "aud l!
juai ureau te ininii about It.
"I knew Just hew you feel,"
sympathized her neighbor.
"It Is se hard," she continued,
te knew whnt te have for refresh
ments that won't hurt them. Cub
tnrds ure no treut for them, mj
cornstarch puddings nre alwuvsthln
and lumpy, and ice cream is se ex
pensive." r. ',,!av?.r'0U thought about having
'"Mine questioned her neighbor.
My children love it, and it's se
pure and wholesome."
"What Is I'uddlne?"
"It innkes n wonderful creamy
meld of dessert. Costs 15c n box.
and one box of I'uddlne rves 15
people ; or n 10c box seven people.
"Is it hurd te mukeV"
"That's the nice part about Pud
dluc, replied her neighbor en
thusiastically. it uhvuj-B 'turns
out right, und it is net a bit of
trouble te make. All ybu need de
Is te add milk, either fresh or con
densed, nnd sugar, und bell for
three minutes. Pour It Inte a
meld and ufter It has cooled jeu
have n firm, smooth meld of il(..
cleus dessert chocolate, rose va
nllln, orange, lemon In fun,
whatever you llku best, for Pinldiiic
cinnes In u number of tlavera."
t, ".l ? " m.ln'1 te ,ry if u"d let
Hetty have her pnrty after ull,"
said Mrs. Ferd.
"Ah u matter of fnct." suggested
her friend." you could hnve some
home-made Ice ercnui. Puddlne
makes Ice crenm as smooth as vel
vet. And net only that, but for
cakes nnd pies Pmldiue makes u
wonderful filling."
Hume time later the two friend
met. "j'vn been waiting te cull
jeu up, exclaimed Mrs. Ferd
"Puddlne Is wonderful. I ,nil the
party for Uettj. and I don't knew
tl'liuli I iinrt Li.. ..Ln.l
......... ,., r.vu iiiiiurcn enjevl
iiiiythlng as miieh ns they did that i
Puddlne. I hnd enough left ver I
inr nupiiT mat nigut, and Helm
bald he had never tasted such deli',
cleus dessert."
Order some Fuddlpe with today's
ereeeries ! Adr.
mmmm iw i 1'iiiiji i u iii 11 urn
V , -
x "i
1900" eucrffc
A Ii"
CHAS. W. EMERY & SONS, 1304 Diamond St.
- " "r-
are breakfast necessities
Start the day right.
crcum toast made from
a glass or two of milk
give you vigor that lasts
Let's Net Let Economy
Ge Toe Far
Let's learn the difference between
spending and investing. Let's tell
the Gninadny man we're ready te
try his "washer, ironer or cleaner
free. Let's phene him new new 7
while the year is young, te benefit
by the savings It makes In time,
actual money (sometimes figured
in saved laundry bills, sometimes in
laundress' wages) besides the sav
ings in hard work, less wear and
tear en the clothes, etc.
And a Geed Name BUY HERE FOR A
Is All Yeu Need fjj
Gainaday Electric Ce.
107 Seuth 11th Street
1336 Walnut St. 517 a 52tf St
Expressing the Spirit of Spring
In Tweeds, Homespun, Spengcen
and Piretta, Peiret Twill,
In Charmant, Twill, Steckinette,
These wintry days
one's viewpoint en the weather is largely
governed by one's state of mind. The man
up te par will leek upon Saturday's storm
with a healthy tolerance.
The morning cup of coffee can influence
a man's disposition for the entire day.
Serve" your husband the delicious Asce
Coffee and you'll send him te work in a
better frame of mind, better physically and
I 'ii
You'll taste
3 Yk Sold only in Abco Sliirca located all ever l'liila. nnd through- H
; out Pennsylvania New Jersey, Delaware und Maryland, fi a
WliXVi&IV - i
in i ij n mi i pn)iipyjii iUi i inn
II I llll I ' ' T
The '1900' CATARACT
Owner Is Always a "1900" Beester
WHY? Because the exclusive "1900"
DOUUbf. uaiL,L,Aiiuxs and
Figure "&" motion washes clothes
mere thoroughly and' much faster.
Nete the sturdy, durable construc
tion. The Emery Idea. "Net price
alone, but the Best Machine at the
Right Price." The "1900" Cataract
at the pre-war price.
Phene Diamond 0890 for informa inferma informa
lien, fre demonttrallen or booklet.
nv pnvmenM.
A CEREAL with plenty of
wholesome baker's bread
these nourishing feeds will
through the day !
Waaher Wringer
2 H
the difference!"
- - - i
ASCO ascei
' nit,-
, VBBi- -v .'.wfeja. -
; it!,4.,. iivt..
&.,: &i

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