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.T'i7ra-v7i!wvv uKrTr W' i'Prkw.-' rvi-wrMTw' '- v ,rwirw?n!i. - 'TrTjT, r . t- - -.
r 'tO
h l-fll
irAAu 'jAJi..1. jj'jJ'.jiH-v
. i HlwJreds Hopecl and Prayed as
M niwl!nA lAfn.ji Y"nl'i. tT..i.i
svuiua nuiu I uisviii riuiu
urmnUH ustu as lYiurtuut
Wt? a. B r.iA & ( -.. ij . j j-
Inrten. Jan. .10. In u de3-
tWflt encounter with steel, concrete
iWdH bltlnrr wind. re.seiier.s enxlv tednv
Jwnfilhelr energy te save- one or mere
lMMBns then believed te be suffocating
tiling In the wreek of tiie Knicker-
Thsatre. which co hni"cri Hatur-
ight. N'j additional vletimn were
however, mid tin- search was
lie these nien vw-ri' working ns,
y as pon.H-'e u lone line et
anthers, fnlhe's si -rs and brothers.
friends nnd nelghlx-nt wes pinh'ng
against renes In the leltilt), grabbing
cxtMt edition nnd "raying that the
iMrAirrB might Rticwed.
Kwme of thorn steed there, be
iiUtrUied nnd purple. sinn- !) o'clock Kut
tfrdfy night. weitlng, hoping, praying
.ap iinrpinir t'at denth had wen.
All Weng they hoped, ultneugh know knew
itagMhat the reef of the pretentious
ibejpc, (twinging en its front 'v.ill nnd
le6tMiIng Itself te fall thundering like
a Jjjteit gridiron, hnd exactrd its tell.
"lore than n fourth of the -100 spec
tators who went te tee the comedy
'G,tHlcli-QuIek Wallingfer.r found
theii; tombs in the temple of mirtn.
JIHjine win pray lueriiuiK jcveiuay
"feurrying ntnuuinnccR anil trucm, witn
bedj'Jef straw and blanket"', drew up
xlx Abreast before tne eutgius doers te
-ivhlijtt awey the screaming, terrlUed in
jur. nnd dying.
A.' a crushed form was lifted into
stretchers the bceren rushed Inte the
Unpaid station established In the cor cer
iicrftrui; ""ter, where cool-headed phy
Mciafis, Burgeons and nurrcs did all
tbti. could. Then the ambulance
rhlVked the sufferers away.
!&.t en row the dead ley jesterdnv
.indJat nigh: In the Sunday -choei
roeqM of the (.'hrlstlan Science Church
nrettnd the cerutr from the theatre.
It W1 been converts into a tempo tempe tempo
rnr&iraergiie. Inte its crimson -smeared
Interior came hysterical women.
Nrrcfiming cn'.icrcu aim laueri'ig men.
V nnl an nignt wey irnmpeu.
Weman's Cry of Agen)
'.ettmes the definite word was net
The shrill, agonizing cry of
(.'.an. sceinc en the u- pss form of
a. cbIIiI the dr-s slie bad pnlns-tnlt-.nslsfrmadc,
said that mother had found
litr Wfnprini;. Early this morning there
rerUse. same heart-rending occur eccur occur
cuetai TVei of heroism, of rniraeuloue ca
vnpf1 and of tragic deaths flitted from
meitth te mouth of the thousands who
lindi the new-bound conceurst? out
sider; r Bmoet's Sister-in-Law Dead
U1& theatre ii located in a fe.sh
?(in)e dWncf. Its clientele as of the
iliplSfciats nnd attaches from the embni
iBef th families cf Senators and
CeiiKiHsnicn, of (levernment otHelnV
nndUslcrks, who abound in the Colum
bia -read apartment heuw: district.
Senater Iteed Smoot, of t'tah. was
ene,6f the first en the scene Sunday
morning. Ilia sister-iu-law had been
ItMircsentatlve Alben W. nnrkley. of
Pwfcah. Kv., frantically tore uw&y
at Me concrete and leel for three
hour, while his wife nwnltcd outside.
lAt Hie end of three hours h stepped
te' nsele Mr-. Ilarklev. Heads of
perspiration froze en te his face. Sh".
MnJUeg through the trasedy. told him
tbeifci'wm JIurrel wai safe. Murrel had
intehrted te re te th- theatre, but when
he Byrived he found he had seen th
picture before.
Tij rescuers labernl urder an
'Impendins threat of rstinetien. Kx Kx
uraiaatlen of the four standing waIN
UIC)ted weakntes that might permit
theiM collapse at any moment. It was
a nWnntrcus job for tin- marines a:.d
ueldfera te keep the anxious, the grief
Htrletten and the curious, mffieientlv
w Away from the strrefurc te prevent
A dWJble trasedr.
tVe Ueliics Surrive Tr.tgeiy
fdea of the manner ii n1ii..li i!.
victims wer (Tight in the debri- vmh
iapiHneu iv u pli.cinii. who found
an Injured doeter sitting .inright with
n dftt'l m. n's hiad n'pnsjng'in .lis lap.
Herald he saw two bodies hanging by
their,J feet from the banister vi tl-e
AVra dawn brek at 4 o'clock yo. ye.
TernVy two babies, sleeping soundly,
werpjuncevercd. Their only injury was
freMh hands. Ne one ide'ntilied tlier.i
nt cy coew' nnl tl1 supposition Is
that-their parents nru bleeping the last
lurjaeep. Grc young man gave up his life that
ethM might live. Il , Albert I!u"hler,
wasvfiet securely uniened, but te lift
tbclweicht from ills body would have
Winfred preoieus minutes.
'Him net bnJIy hurt." he told two
Jlcn.vIie started te di; him out. "(7e
Xt Ifjwme of the ethers who but Iw
SOtfnj out lien if ihej're go.npMe be
Ketten out nt all."
T&ree heur.s luter tome ui the
"etbtSrs" had been removed. He didn't
object When told that lie had te be
Tnove,fl te clear a path. They lifted nis
tortured, numb frame onto the streteh
erB'md curried him te the dressini;
Toetp With n smile freezing en hla
purpled lips he looked up and died -ttvchJEy
minutes after hi-, reecue.
lley Is Pathetic Ffure
vtr " i' iiiuai puiuetie iinures -au
Grant Kranston. a nlne-,wir-eld bo be
illH'Kead bundled In tmm.-,;e, Ii" ciiii'i'
te top JlertU" te dhcrner thu' he w.'.j
therftly nar.M r ,f l..s faml 1 .,f ..H
With) sob., and .1 kul. .? cars, j
jptflplfd en ' inutlhiti 1 iwti.e,. ,,f f..,
mother and his two jeunir Hisir.. i.
hd3just left 1 'i.plti,I here bn
father, Dt-cur Kram-ten, i.nd did u
qunKur of an h, ur betere.
Jify faah' inably dress.-.i woman,
tscrelinlni liste1-Ically, j.leitiliea hc
"botlf'.ef her nearem friend. Mrs. fjra
3tgrney. Shi fought with the Ktiards
unuiinitendant'- who tried 'u restrniu
Mr until he w.i-. ronipesctl.
11 iittemnt 10 cine his f,.-j. (-,r
rctneut a mun, 1 n.i-ijtitif.l t ,,
n iiri
'J-luVrMns, hud 'dnr.d
I '- I ,ie..N en : s
''i't f t.i-nngi-rs
'nt,. L.
' iii!ui ui. I M. -
tlu vnre iinnbb
hef.. 'in "n.r
Avelht Imbedded u.,
Helrnd the neni
i-eatfftAt the M..rjru.
U iwll (lie 'inn m
I 1 he 'inn in .luny.
Jtivrnile Here Ilspiulus
ATluvenl i- heiu was liorden Hill
Utiieu year old, who saved a llttl"
'SJIiad never seen her before and 1
101 Knew wmii was Happening
the crisli came. It hippened m
curl ii n uu -mr, um j
te crawl, and after 11 while I
nee the kv. I cot out threuirh
enlug nnd pulled the girl ufter m".
men joeMei' an e, uinn 'in t .
ndew und I Lc'pul pull him
II. Mern. 'f nuehannen Wje .
ed te l) thu hiat man t.i i.-.ive the
e before the cran came, itaie this
Itiicsa story of thc cutastrepbe;
e last thing 1 remember Heeliu;
thefltre was the baton 01 the
a lender ns lia xfKvtd it-Jiri'il
f w
Ui W K.
I (rlllat
I 1 I
1 Seil
' Uiffib
IK-1 , "fJBi
as 1. assi
i ?
Nea Death in Crash
2iirfF' SY H-5V i
7 ATV 'i'..'rfvfc
' I'ftd.'nvmtd & tn(lrw ;
Second Assistant I'estmaster Gen
eral, who was badly injured In the
Washington theatre disaster
" !
fro. I heard n cracking overhead. l'v
wrked forty yars in coal mine nun
I knew what they meant. It seunHed ,
te me exactly us though the clate of the
u.iue .e"t w-re envng ir.
"The thought Hashed across uy mind,
I can beat it te the doers. Although
Wieut nun wnv acres-i tne noue nom i
nil- rn, i ii'i. .i' -Hij-imiTjniii
i... . i it.i nin uirt.iitn ...
old, but I im t prett gcx.nl sprinter
rt. Just as I get te the deer u cii.-
of wind, cnusiil by th falling reef.
blew me through the deer into
street. It cut a piece out of my
en the deer."
Senate Is Asked
mmmmnr IbbbbI
I'HBBBBBk-' ihbbbh
r bbv' -, Jbbbbb
i PtBBBBBm X n)iMtjtiiwiii flBBBBV
' f BBBBBV '' ' " ' ' '''"' ' ' MtKi
IHr M'tyf lBBBBwi
'3r7 s i" J BB
I J;- v Tl I v
, i X :,. a Ml L..'A
5S! - 1,
fa Pyfh5 rTvflflfl1ll"av'' nnd " ene knew hew many men.
v . y, w - . .-w.jy
Cenllntiril from fnrr One
: de.id. the nix ether theatres .flanging i
l te the corporation would remain closed
j today and ten'ght. Motion-picture.
houses open today held scaiee'.y hand-
.-..-.. . ..... i.i ........ . i
' fuls of spectators despite prominent ud- I
vertisements in the tnerniiift papers
! thai tin buildings had been inspecfed
nna approved after the removal nt the
i v.-ciitit of the- snow. i
Hepri'sentatlve Mendell. in an- '
1 nennelntr that no lnvesti"nflnn wimlil
, be made bv the Heuse, said the His-
, tnct or Columbia committee weuiu,
1 i,.r '...,. ; tncn n,...n vi,i, fn
I It.inrlnn. ' I
"If it seems proper," tin Heuse
lender said, "thb committee xull b.
I gin .in investigation en its eui ac-
i Mimt wimt lu lixtre.i ittmrn nil u
.... ...... ,
U te see that a thing of this hind can- . lrne'l- in . h"t itself, ns, the ureet ureet
net happen again in Washington." cn -,0' neL Bt through because of
r"evllng reference te the death of Mi , l?e new. The automobiles hindered
Vtlllla. il.lI.l'.IIVC IV IMC 'tllllll .' V i
". . '
many e tlzcns was made ny the uev. i """-"- . i"-y were picKen ilff, " PjPi. ;,, nhnur ;,,, in.i lr
James Shcra Montgomery the Heuse i u be(111-v b? crowds of men and lifted' Utle '""i ns?1' ab?ut. f0"r 1,mI sis
rfKi,, i, hiVnnfnirnrnv.r """"'lout of the way "cu were (eunil early yesti-rday by rrvcurrs.
While the searcli for bodies in ih,'
ruins of the theatre has been iiispcnded
t.nrt of the wreckage of twisted stl
and concrete
remni'is te be
..' . .. ,. , ., .
near the rear r.nd under the part of
inejast secnen rspiere.i was imn
i Militarj' Terccs Isae
i Colecel Charles Keller, I". 1?. A
, inginecr commissioner of the I'Nirl
of felumbia. took charse of the f.ws
int the thentre site ns the militnr.i cave !
wnj te tiie civilian fiin-e this laernlrg.
Marines rushed te the theatre a tew
hours after the rah Saturtliy 'liglit
w re withdrawn lefere dawn and sel-dit-rn
from Tort Mer, who 1 at
-nuggled through mi'.i of s:.ew Satur
day night te reu-a the .... began
Wymg. .
i dead and injured had brcn ra-
for victims of the disaster
N'e Ixi. He- hml been taken out of the
theatre .lur.ng the tuehe hours ending
ut 1(1 i .-lock tednj . the last body le
moved being that of Dr. .lii..- I.
Sinn, i Washington phyMca'.. -: l
- i- or.; Inst nU'lt.
President Hard.ng, in a t-trKement
last nirfht. "hid the nagedy hnd left him
with the "jarac inexpressible sorrow
which has come te all of Washington,
and wlue'a will be sympathetically felt
throughout the land.
Among these piem'incnt en thc list of
...... 7. . ,'..,.. t n..
dead as it steed today was former Hen
resentatlve A. J. Unrchfeld. formerly of
Pittsburgh, and Mrs. Virginia Farraud,
i-ter of Minister Ulanchl, et Guate
mala. Plan Scnate Investigation
jeet f the etiforeemmr el law-. 111 'he
T iji-rrif nf t'e'i.ml'iu, ' Senater I"r
Iinghiisen d-e!ar-d. "Fer eih tl 1113
thie if a luxxity et trntfie laws and their
administration. Se alee there ia no
tiethed v hereby these driving autoine- ,
bilen are esHiriineU as te thilr ((iiniilica
'.t.ns for driving- Proportionately there
i mi.-., ni mi.nv triitB.' u"-idmts 1 . r..-11-
in n'her i'iMhs.
"It i-i t.n.e thnt (Vinn-s paid -em
..' : ''itieti te this ir.ii ur te tin- i.d tliut
'.. lues of rsi'd-Mits .' ''-' .nu b- pr"
! -1"
It v..is s,-ci ti ut ''. As.d.ts Con. Cen.
I .itt't- plulined te tt"'t tedaj sii tlln
t'njip.r iM.'itin, ul.'.eh deelnrrd "tii"
explanation that snow, altheuub of un
. xtrneriiinar.v riiatiiit., was Mi chief
muse nf the (elliipe of tl- '-of, up
pears te be tiiatisfneterj . ' '
Text of Kesolutlen
The resolution adds
Whereas. It Is eurreiitlv reptv pi!
thai i-oiitrui'tern and bu'.ideis. (specially
dur.n and -.lt.ee t'-e World Wur, have
ijttiered, evadi.l .r 1-eated liifhtly the
rules ni.d rcRtilatlens provided in the
hui dins ei de of tie l)istriel of e-
uinbiu, '-fpeeinlly tl.n-e r c 1 1i which
muk uianiiiiturv inoiien ter uumi
nuni.atery pit)Hien ter
unci nainst such n terrible calamity
..is 1111-. j.in. iH-iuieu. '" .
the balcony which he'd up when the v" .ujui,ii uie nignc rue werlt of i.ntlv lm.l heen vmn.l l.v i,.. f,.lUn. r? .1 1... cn-..n m.i,.. t ulic.
front of it crashed down te tU theatre rew-ue went en. It was r-,ident thnt '& ,L ,,,M;'i tt.. ,,i.n nS Eule9'M8 Fermer Member of Heuse
1 pit under the impj.-t of the falling reef . , pn5 c J uone ter many of the ", ,ir bv th bodies of the two of Representatives
I but no mere victims were found The I vims until he , weight e( the wreck- ; TeZi. who were SllkS I M her Wi.slilnglen, Jan. H0.-Tribute was
I search stepped today when it became Sr1,,"1'- 'L1''0. ' -Navy Thc ljIt ,irn,n Ul be tnk!M from thc al(1 tll0 ,ntc A. j. nnrchWd. former
leppareni that further ..fteit., were , ard brought bluejackets and hyurnu.ie mins waH W cett Montcemerv. ,.( member of Congress from Pittsburgh, lu
fnt te. jacKs nnii uxviiyureeen lets m bum 1 " -
?""" '"') L.uuu' """ :- -"";" below. Heles were cut through the
fce.ence Church nearby, a 'arge stru-- va nnd wUh rerKs and tilcljIc the
tup.-, w.iicb f-.r nierc than thirty-tU LoIdierB ani galiera bcaved way. '
i:i"jrn uu 'trv u .'icariuK uwurr i ,ii
senator UOPIicru resolution te in- ln. rlenre.l of vletims iluc n:t nf the. Mnn-av .lnlin V. .The I'ln r,s Vn ftniie. iuii .. 't..,i.,. . t th.. in.. i:ii-,.i ...i..'. '"'-i-.HT, . '.Vi."J"' .-5"..", '"..' 'If'"" 'VKAUrtE. V."k,,-.a c. Thornten, used ,u. i'-uner
v-stiKute the dltJinter ui.s referred te ' xvrwl(ns, by lnnm renSl . a mere SanVmeii. W. II.. of Ujeruini. tu- 1 " L -,"' 'nJ '""''. ':10'"11 &'? e f& T.'.l.. a e R. unTVap oyeef "rvicii una Int. at tl.e conver.lenc, of u.
the Audits nnd Control Committee. f.vstemfttie teareh heenu. nnd If n-.ls .stlh ,lrmf r,, r.nnrvn Wnnhiriri.n ITnlrnr. T :.. . t .1 i - i ' '. '. i...V:"JliKr.:.. .:lr'".. '.".v''3 t.. ntr.r. ! I'hlla . at.d tlntlln II. P... C..r IleiurJinri,.:.' family. ..,.,. ., ,.
Suppertine the re-olutie,,. Senater in ei today without a halt Tl e.tj iJ'M ' "IC '"'" -W-l ft , l-.- .'7 ,SfetT,.;.fj
l-'ieliiiuhuyr-jn said the iiivesriirutt.'ii rker. cure that this .-enter spaet sclioeflold, W. L., Uanvllle, Va. ITi-mmiw mji'r,c"1-'.-Hun;' ,r"' r " 'i' v -"" "M IWH' 7ii. i?e,W "tv'-V" V,"cth:1 ,V
should be "a widespread .mi- el' the en- M. M body or injun-1 p rsm,. h.-can Spieul. Iivenie. ChionKe, nephew of Wnslilntrteii .Tan. I'.O. (lit .. I'.) 'no w iiain-'sM . ?Jurm,ant"V,e?r.r!4.''';-. L auV-f' l;,'10-,2' ,Vhl,lM' A.. ",ur?!VthliUclm 'Awei i Cviii rnA'-t tram a-
i e DUtrU-t Revcrr.meni uddini; that turnlnc oier the tens of debris pilmi: Hr,,reutativ Ulllett W. s-i-reul, of -Among the Injured In tt... Vnlefcer- ,lJ.ehV,"r'" I U..,y '.TititnilS pi mir i nfjer U A. M. Funeral p ttpene'
he knew from iw-eial knowledge that , m thnt -paee or drastjinir b.-amn nr d Illmet-. iJO,..er t,..,,,.,, ,.,...,,. ,.. ! u li T,. ae i i V .1 attinrt .herds .f ii,-..h.m. N, U. are nvit?d n from Monday.
many building in WiwhinBten eie M(lbs , jM,k During the ,uy old- St phensen, C. K.. HoMen lte, t ,,, tk- M' ' 'i" i '?' V i.iLm J u Jje f, ffrh'NV-V'-"'."'.''"!.. e1 'iz.l ?i"r,irum " -JIKSiaifcw"w" uriv "c8 iini.w"
"lire trap-, which migh ut any tluwt trManti eamc te fitrins wlrf and set Straer, luU. Washl..,".,- cone- I ' . ' " .1,: '.,' ,b'- t ,, ,V,nu'W0 ".."t-V.r v l.llich iRi "' " '-vlM 31. ifMiruCi,k,'M ut" Gluu'". deitj.- -B-.rj: nUif,j ,of Carriu fhym.
im i.-rml!r,k'- ,. ftf Inmns In n nri l n! ! !. unrt -nr.n.ln.,. ,.f fl... IMttKhtirarh Ili.-ifnli iV, " ' l"im "ret.Jl. et tl' ItUlUll I Chilli he S.i A I . rt. f -r ai.d oil ,"." .,. ..... ,.,.. ,.1 t... Vltii. Funeral ee.vlce at ttv? First Ml
" -1 think the rime h com- !. Vh n darkness fell. OnthesrVet. the " Va e. il. Conrey, frcdnj: ksburs, fCff ! .V11"," J V''' ' t!1"7?1 K"- WiZ
em" i-emmi' tee of fnn-iew sheubl be -lnre of firert llehttd b, the Mild'ers te Va Jlnenlei, I. .1. I.ewen. .Mr-,. I. J, .an, l.-'.-tJ 1 nj frlen-U in" teh 1,.VJ!IU are HiviKi te ni 'enj funeral services iu,; 1 :.-,& JFjln 28. WILLIAM L.. husbar,
a n einte I" nnu?re n e 1 SvibZlt h, I in the m8e 7w as ' hev ed te antv. Mrs. II. Co.irey. lederiekB- -. -M- i'7"'' ." :Jua. Mi-vi 'fu"'', 7Zu WW.- A'.im'tn," '?..J. X:S"VA..K'lW Mf ".' .' Lf Sllfeabtfuber. U-'at.scs and friend- r
I "Whereon, it bad been peruistentiy 1 u"; ' , " ." .,',""" "."'"
'rumored that contractors ami bui'dc.-a,, ';n ' ""Tr "7,1", htrW t'?u
i"....,:....i . .... mnn..v ., n.r, ,-n. hut-band and wife, fide by side. They
Ul-lC.lllllK.il IK t,u,U .....v v. -
tlen of reFldi-nccs nud busincHs titruc-
inree have been in colliiBien uith In
spectors of biii'dings employed by the
I Jl-t ri.-t of ("elumbia ; and
t-U'ltftiDnii if Im tl.., Itn i-r1tlre ihltv of
tl-e Senate cf the T.'nitMl States te knew
,,n ii, (....tu r.-liititie it, tl.K inpiriiMiihln
'. I. Wt . --- ......-..- .
riiitzf.lv und nlte te learn what, if any
truth there ,t in r. pouted a ..-rtler.
that the safety ni.d healll of uux ('
tlieiiHandH of iltiiem, and '(.-l.lentH of
tl... Iil.irii- of I 'eliiiubln. lmve been I. en-
ardized by thc netiens et contracterb, ' pnrentH ier ri.e week s aa.un-iiietit jj.j
biilbierH und building Inspectors. j thc storm that wrecked the Knl-ker-
"Heselvcd, that the Heuate ueinmit-
tee en the Ulstrlctef Columbia be and
Us IU!reJJyJllv",'
.ttlen InW thi-.Kntckcroecket I 1 Wii.1i!rfM. Bh i ---' r?l. 'IHWi1 '' ' ' ' " " " ' T-' i -'' " ' TA7tl$ . 4 , , .... . , "THJ fvH
Eighteenth street and back wall
i of the Knickerbocker 't'hentre real
, ized thnt the reef had collapsed Sat
urday night.
l'lremeti fought their v,ny through
heaping snow drifts In answer te n gen- I
eral nlitrm. Police patrols filled with
men churned and skidded through the
white muck,, and in answer te n sum
mons marines from th barracks clear
I across the city eame ut double time,
panting, through the hcavv going.
At Fert Myer, ncress tie river, the J
en nln wa3 turf-1 out and started in
I truekleads te the rescue, enlj te find
nails blocked with mew. The men'
, shoveled thler way frantically, nut i
finally four mere teams from the fett
and from the englmer barr.i''K were
called en I
At the- scene of the disaster there wa !
wild confusion for a time. These who .
Hret made their way te the auditorium I
doers saw before them n dim, tnsteri- '
eus heap of wreckngc faintly lijlued bv '
n string of co'ered e'ectrics en th stnge I
that still steed intact nnd by the re- '
fleeted glow from the leaden skies above
the void where the mef had brer.
Crowd at Scene Thlekcns
Minute by minute the crowds nbi'Ut
the deer thickened. The crash of the '
falling reef had drawn mnny, some who
had relatives in thai mass of ruin an!
melting snow inside.
Men with electric torches enmn from
oil sides te aid. And it was n daunting
tasK tney iacea. liiey sioei en tncisav'ng linnds could reach
debris they must lift te reach these dead 'alrl -child, ninncd under i
or dying below. On the Columbia read-
side tin single wnii tewercti menacingly
.... &. i. ... .( .. i .. . a.i i .. -.
nuuvc ineir iivuus, niniuiuu iiiinubi enre
except for the high exit signs marking
the way out of the balcony, new n
crumplel mass below. Net n window
n'J'i'0""! ' brekfii.
With infinite care the rescuers be-
gan work. Every ben mthey touched
might let another mass of concrete down
If it were moved tee swiftly. There
wcre some groans In the darkness be-
omen nnd children had been crushed
or trapped there. The huge slubs of
the concrete from the reef, tern from
their steel supporting girders, steed In
crazy attitudes
A tnucn mtgnt send
them toppling.
Houses i
ii.ir. i.i i,, in . viniinna
But ngalnst every difficulty the sol-
dlers and sailors and firemen nnd police
and citizens toiled despcrntely and n
eiew eirram ei uena anil injured be
gnn ie incKie out tnreugn the deer
:he deer-
ind s ere
i; station.
-vays. nearly every house nnd
in the vicinity became u rescue Kt
Housewives made up pets of coffee for !
"L"vi ami rcscueu ns inc nigui were
en. I
On the Eighteenth street front n ren- '
- . . . -......
or parked automebWes steed, waiting ,
or parked automobiles steed, waiting
for owners hilled or hurt In the crarh
lns.de. I hey wcre hub deep lu snow
and only a narrow lane was enened n
. " . "" ... i .(-
tVlA ALf-lltaF t1. TU II
' Hospital with sacks
full of band
.irrAJ lntnu inn r.A. ,
mi everrwli
arn'' ani' nnV.r n,n,i clvlllnn doctors
-;.- " - '' " u Kc' v' .
through the steel beams. The jacks were
lined up under the edge of the fuller.
balcony and little nt n time Its weight ,
'"eu; "uers cook tneir lives la
t'"-,'r. r,anus l" c,-c, :nuer ' release
Itellef at Daylight
As da light came the tasi. b.-.amr
, -s, . n
easier Lnginecr officers from the
rti.uj .vu... -.- euut iuuh U' UO.ie.
,. U .wis " Ti " ' U"-L.i
I Ear where u weuU be into cut :;,
where a Heel slrdcr micht be dratted
out ()f thp plle wlth Hacty te thesJ
ping and falling in the mushy snow
outside. t
Meauwlille, all vnshingten, it
seemed, wuw 1 "ading for thc t-eene.
With street ears Mopped, evrry street
v.-as bluek with btrlngs of pmpli
stumbling ever the banked snow. Ti ey
tramped from every corner of the eity
ni.d thc -eldlerj and police he'd r gid
line,, about the theaU'e te U tlcji
Heur bv hour throughout je terdny
th" death tell rose. Ics.s than nulf of rh'
total hnd been weywwl wljen fnll day.
Hcht i-nme. desmite hours tt labor.
liglit came, despite hours tt labor,
irndually tte werK wa.s erganizeu.
Seme of the men who Triad worked all
nlirht were relieved by cemrad' s te
sleep and prepare for another night of
It. .New police una nre crew, can
N'ew noliee nnd fire cre came in.
After the center of the main tloe
.' m - .. a
r mi
heave en u rope, tliress additional llsht'
en the i.iaM within ije ioefle-it she!l
wher-- I.atidreds luberel .: eeasingly
Terelic-i Light Skene
As the gas Jets r.me into play bril
liunt nptirtH of Hui. lighted ill" Bcene
Shevicrs of ipnrks rose n.s the live lieat
bit through inelcs of ..tee te free an an
ether tangle. High en the Mnlln t-ail.
-.1 and Peldler- peri.ci en hanging
',1'tnis or 111 w.'ltl'."- bIge. te ci.t let-s..
tn.-end of tl giiil'r .rd lit it be dragged
iwuy. Oiltmde tl" j,.!-s of dcblu re -'.
-teadlly en both - ri. t.
Th finul ttirnuig e .. of the wrak-ng--
wuh we 1 i.Tnlep uy toen after
dark last night Vli-n the weight of tlu
!-tt becllen of tin gulk-rj li.'td beei.
lifted en Jack . und men hnd cruwled
nencutli te di.-g out the last mangled
body, mere -p -J was possible and the
mass, that feru e.l the bottom of tin
great shell ej.ci te the f-ky wan moving
In n steady, eulerlj cnur"-- under the
keen eyes et ti army engineers.
Doctors und ursea and wuimn eg,r
te bring tl"- -ympntlij and cheer t.i
tl.e HiilTerlug e- bt-ie.iM-.l. u.-Uti i in ill
l-'irt-t Chiin-h . ' f'hi-ist Sei-nti-i. 'J I,.
tenderly u.a-hi I awu tl.e jjiav (iUi-( r,f
tlin crumplnl mncrete, the- (rrime and
caked heed, b ail.ened seini i.iiie b.
heHin uf vnlt..ig pinned under ti, d.-br s
!...,, ,1,.. ,..... , il,.. ,.!,l, 1. ......
1 .... ,,, ... ,,... ,1.. . .. ...
II -.l .1- tll.'l lin-1 r.ti, in rrr i.iu .Mill
picturing of the li'm. Hut inanv othe ethe
times It was only the wlfe or the bin
bind wlii perished, and the stirvive?
mui make th terrible pllsrliiiage of
' reeeKnitiet. .11 tl.e grim number m
ll-' dead.
1 110 uni'-s
it n . i...dr-ii v, je tul.er
i-t t-paringl) f''. I Miullv t'.i big
1 i.-aire his heel, in iih (iitlli- l.ejn el
.Saturduj night tl..- gut..-r v.ts-i, ,u-r
f a host of fniinssrer n.me vith their
1 beciter kept roost 01 tt:e little lell: ut
I home tha,t night.
inn nnces unil trln,t r-,nM is-" uiur unur tin- iuniiiuii-u reui unci
red up the Injured ns thev were ' f?! "," !n Appar-ntly neither of tlw
ht out. Finally a hiring ."f nrmv '' 1,lr''" w"1 severely hurt. 1 hey were
nnees nrriveil from AValter T;i nke" ly n '"O'pitKl without idcntillcu-
make, a eearfJui.,Home.of .the vtetlma were nllve, when.1
Harding Cancels McKinley
Reception at White Heuse
Washington, Jnn. 30. (Dy A.
p,) President Harding today an
nounced postponement of a recep
tion tonight nt the White Heuse nt
which Washington residents; of Ohie
birth were te meet in observance of
the birthday of President McKinley,
The President, in n letter te Mil Mil
eon E. Alies, chairman of the ar
rangements cehnnlttce, Bald : r
"While I line looked forward
with xnebt agreeable anticipation te
the reception te be given tonight
by the Ohie Society, at which wc
were te meet and happily recall the
memerj of the late President Mc
Kinley I ennnet but feel, that" we
would best answer all our' Inclina
tions if the reception wcre post
poned. There is se much grief In
Washington today, se much solrew
attending the Knickerbocker Then Then
tre disaster, that I should prefer te
emit n social nffnlr while Washing
ton is suffering from the great shock.
"It Is especially becoming, ns you
hae said, te have the Ohie Spclcty
tnke note of its own particular share
in the great sorrow, and the cancel-1
lntinn will be n fitting expression of
the grief which has come through
nccident nnd death te members nnd
valued friends of the society."
, rescue work began, but died befere the
with both hands. In these
f ..i i i. ti it e m
, une man, lunnetl OCSIUC 1118 (lend WHO.
was freed from pnln with n liynedcrmlci
.needle and Burvlved the long night te n 1
safe removal. j
'A moment nfter the crash, Father ,
Jehn Hecrs,h. priest , n nearby
I church, entered the ruined theatre, knee I
deep in the snow that covered nil. for
i the benefit of the dying around him.
lie gnve general absolution und the
j final rites of the Church te the dying
, Then he plungul into the rescue work
Notable was the speed of the lied
Cress organization, whose local chap
ters forced their way te the theatre
site nernss n city whose normal trans
portation lines had been paralysed In
the snow, nnd set up canteens for the
workers. hepltnl facilities for the
wounded, and ambulances for the dead
nnd injured who had te reach enernt
ing centers, scores el surgeons and
nurses ni.swered their summons with
jlnbtnnt pccd .and their nuccer both
avei lives ei the victims and sustained
! the unlingging zenl of the rescuers.
t-iMn TUfn I ITTI tr nun i-idcm
T I li U WU LI I I Lfc OnlLUntN
.- v - i iiiiiiu .-
""-- ' "u'"u
Glrlc. Ten Hours After CellaDSC. Still
...... J
Washington. Jan. .10. Slecningl
peacefully Jienrath the debris iu tne
nicvuni iiuHiM 1 uuuuii lucuui:. iwe
M - i ws found, nnlm-t. e,.te.ri.ir,.
List of Dead in
Washington, Jnn. 30. flly A. P.)
The identified dead in the Knicker
bocker Theatre catastrophe nre;
Dili l III t Till Ut U4( , lit' Jtl,
itative. formerly of Pittsburgh. Pa.
Ilai'ilifeld, A. .1., fermrr Heprcien-
ii,M,fl,l Mk. IIp1,
mrchfcU.. .MUs IMen. daughter of
the former Kepresentnt ve. .
..B?. Archie, formerly of Mncland, i
N J. ;
urainerti, unauncey vj., asmngten i
correspondent of thc Broeklyu Daily
Eagle. i
Urainerti, Mrs. Cnauncey t. t
Uresscau, Wilfred. North Adams, '
Mass"., ttudeut at Georgctewu Unlver- i
sity. '
j)tltc Ml!lS Margaret, I.-Ilngten, .
" p.'',.,.,.,, r,uv s Sar L nt, clt
Cldrl dge. l u -'. ?" tc,tJj
?,r.aK ...nnie. n...0t, el (
, Vnrr.iiiil. Mrs. Virginia. -.tter of
Julie Hinnchi, Duntemalan Mlclster te
tLe I'nltcd Slates.
Kuiisten, Oscar O., Cbicngu.
linsten, Mrs. Oscar G., t.i' wlfe,
Kanston. Miss Helen.
Kausten. Miss Anlyii. .:.iu,'..ters of
Dfenr (',. Kausten
Lnllln. Cutler, Jr.. Chicagr,
LAI II III lUtll.lt M vt''S",'-i
I.imliert. Miss Nnnnle Lee. fermcrlv
-....--. . w
r. laMiriifi V. IT.
Vk ur.......-, . . ---
bu-c. Va
U niters. William. Ure'My ,
.student :it (Jcorgetewn I . r.
Atkinson, Mary Ethel.
Maker, Albert.
Ileal, Jeseph IV.
Iliklt, William (.
ISIkle, Miss M. U.
Ililile , MUs Vrawes.
lluiune, Tlimiws II.
Ilewd 11, Mis. l)als (.le
Ilutliler. Albert.
( anli) , llllam M.
Ce I. M s. I). II.
f rjwlenl, W. N.
( iM'lier, W. M.
Duuber, Vln.setl NN
Kersf), Themas 51.
Der&cli. .Miss ICeltii.
Duke. Kirklaiid.
I-Idrldge. A. O.
Kldr.ilge. Mm. Alfred h
Ernest, V. H.
latr. M. C. C.
I'elge, ClirLstian.
Meinlng, Jehn I.
riemlng, Miss Mar. Iau.
l-leirt't ;, Tlimnas.
lursjtli, MlssIar) A.
Fester, Esther.
I'rcemuii, (i. S.
(jeu.liail, .Mrs. Cl)de M.
Mall, I II.
11.11) er, neiiglas.
llu .lies, llllam (1.
Jacksen. Daniel K.
Jeffries. Miss E liabetli.
Jeiiiies, Jehn M.
Kneesl, Heward W.
Knees! , ' . son of Heward.
I.ainhy, Paul.
Ih er, E. E.
Ijchmer, Irey.
lifluner, Mm. Eitk.
Evil 11 I'-'ld IE
Maine, Itu-ssell.
i.iinf, ir. Hussell.
in 1 le W vutt.
Mtlilimnle, Jehn.
.Minimi y. Ju.lan.
Matellle, Knirst E.
Ma t'ndalp. M Verman E
iMelieu, Alias Asuea.
.Mlrsky, .Mn.. Jpn
. 1111. 1 i.n.ii.'v. in run wnmrn. f.,r 1110 ,ri.
'. T - w. a.f.. ..-.-', -'. - .. . t'l.l, I. I ... l'l 1L. .-U. tlflll . .1 li. "T . - ,..- .'...CM ,r.ll. .. u, ," l..r,. .... . . w.Tr.nr. ILVt.. Jt.. -" .. .. ......,...-.
the Navy Yard, which werq the only
things adequate te lift the heavy weight
the necessary dlstance te frce him.
Physicians plied ,hlm with restora
tives durine the night, but his condition
wns oitremcly ecrleitn when he wa
taken nut of the building,
(Condolences Sent by M. Sarraut te
Seeretary Hughes
Washington, .Inn. 80. (By A. P.)
The sympathy of France In the grief
which has overtaken Washington as a
j result of the Knickerbocker Theatre
disaster was extended today by Albert
.Snrraut, head of the Trench Arras Con
ference delegation, in aMiicssngc te Sec
retary Hughes. The messnge follewn:
"It is with the most profound sor
row that I have heard the news this
.mernlnc of the an ful accident that ban
plunged the City or Washington nnd se
many faml'les into mourning.
"This fearful catastrophe will move
France with that deep emotion which
is feU when misfortune overtakes one's
dearest friends.
"I Blteu'd hne gene in person te pre
sent my sorrowful condolence, und that
of the French delegation, If I hnd net
been confined te my room by illness.
''Kindly convey, l beg jeu, the ex
nun nil: n rs-tu iui sj. iii.i ;aj mill piii ii-
I . ..:..: .r." ... j.. .. :.... .i;:... .
"l,ul", "'!. i"""'"" "' ",J ""i'1 "-"" "" " x.cum, id our-
8Jpl' ' vlved by Hlo Parents
Vlncland, N. iT. ,Tan SO Archie
PHILA. MAN SLIGHTLY HURT'l. who wati killed in the theatre
J,' . cuiMRTniM PHI I ADCC ! catastrophe in Wushlngten. ns the
IN WAeHINblUN UULLArSc son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Edward A Bell
Harry Pearson In Hospital
Companion Dead Anether Dying
Among the victims of th. Washing
ton thentre disaster was Harry, Pear
son, of this city, who went te the
eanital Sntunliiv te visit relatives. lie
is in the Emergency Hospital nnd Is
be'leved te huve euHored nothing mere
man ii lew iru:es.
When the reef fell he wns ninned be
neath u stee1 girder and' held prisoner
l ,ltn ,, 8mtr with an ucetylene torch
... i.- vm .i .t...i i.i t.
) wtnt t0 tll(, ,nrBtrc wlth two girl's, one
, wllem nh knicd and the ether sr-rl?
i nnMlr intnred
I euslv iniured.
"I heard u crash." said Pearson in
.i.- i i.t i ; .i.i. i .
,iiir ihim..ii. ...... ..,up..,s u,i haw inn
",K Uat :a" .a!' Almest t
tnA er i i tii ni .1 iir- ii n rn nn niit ah.
S I Tu
,..n l,,ne,l .leun with n hnnr n.u
"" 1 - , ii. ."" "".
I iy CilCSt. 1 was helpless te bid my !
two r-lrl companions. I could hear them
meaning nnd could reach out nnd touch
thele elethinc. I could enlv move mv .
legs. Then I lest my senses and can
L"-'"".' ' " "
1 1 woke up here.
ivarsen hnd gc
rcmtniDer neniing inut occurred until
gene te Washington te
vllt Miss Mary A. Tersytlie. 1K0
I'.olinent avenue. They took Miss
.Mamie Yeung, who lives with Miss
rersythe, with thorn te the theatre.
Theatre Horrer
.MontEemciy, Scott.
Murphy. Mlts Veronica.
Ou-.tii. Miss N Ivlan.
O'Deniiell. l. V.
O'Denncll. Mrs. I. V. '
Paison, Mrs. Carrie.
11(1 lit'. . Ml tAI.S.
Price, Miss Haul.
Itu-iscll. M s. ...arlc.
Mica, Dr. James F.
Slbuunie., .Mis. Cera O.
Smith. .iist Marie II.
Slu. gin. Victer M.
Taj ler, M.s. (Je.trude.
Tracy, William.
The.nas. MLss Clad-s.
Thompson, Christine.
Tuci.Ci, Cliar.i's iules.
'luclier, Mr. Charles Cewlt-s.
I'ideng, Jacob,
t'ideng, M.s. Jacob.
Valljntlnc. IjOiiu I".
VnllMltlne, Mrs. Leuis 1
Watford, Miss MildriHl
WalUer, Jehn I,.
Walker, Mrs. Jehn "Ij.
Wnlsli, II. N.
Walsh, Miss M. L.
Warner. Captain iUUm
Qu.ii termuster Cerps. 1". S. A.J
Warner, .lrs. MJlllani . It.
Walters, William- A
i Wessen, .Mrs. Charles M.. wl!i of
.. .. .. . -.----
,'-e""f'' ' -.H. wessen, i.hdnaaeu Dc-
iiiiMtliwil.t I W
i,i aiin-i.i, i . .j
N" Y.. CU'rI;i' "I. M,ilfenl.' Ma',-: KIlieU I!r':l"-
V- i'lbaugh, Cilbeit f.ipan, M. E Castnev
"J- Mrs. Mae rhaln'.. V. ciutl.," Miv,
...i.t.. -i 1 .. .-, .allies ,. 1 urtvtn 1 uaveiirt-ii 1 ...w rvw h ht, iipi... '"'i ui'.. -. ,.,-- "', ,"- ?,1ti. rci.iueiic. "'UtVZ. T Viven.
W Dodsen I It l),.,K., 1 1 1, trends are inv't ,1 t, tn funrr.'i .?,tl.fun '00 White lleth pike. Oahlyn, N j. 'ltu' wmJ l?g'M;nU0KCK-rnAZr:B. -- f.u
iV 1 si , V ,. , ' "'.'J' " ,1"'- day murr.lrtf . il.ae u'cleck 'rrJ, '" Uarlelnh Crtn. 1 -lr.da limy call Me.1 afte, , Ytw ill. ll-'l. nt Jacksen, MU .
land, Mis. J. E. Hurlnni , Mrt-. Uuv S .Oliver H. "" Hide. ih"e fchiffl, " " i' .,.,.., . . . '??' vff-ren van VKii'.hMii-iKtK .f
K'dri.lge, .Miss Hith Fonts William '" i"l !1 -,"? " H-, I'ftrlek'u iZ 1? h '.; 1 . 1 N S I? :" 1 A 1 1: It . J a ij , SO. KltNL'PT LIN. ;" AYhetia I t"-vlHn Krl,fC- "".J . ':
Cnll.iu-.v II.- !, 1 i ,. V i- V' e'i'inck. li.'enneLt Hely Cr..s (V,f' ' '' riKSMAll'Il; '' ' llelatlvi-s' and friends I r'iwi?a of Victer Van Ceulebrewlt. Jr . nnd
nileu.!, Jlr. I lj. M. Inrh:ui, .Ner-, nKAIU'I". --I-'n.'Ji.. iteiir.lrr n liV'7,'. ar Invited te latt.-nl funeral services. Men.T I 0VfA,V.r of Mr. and Mm. Ca.vin 1 Fraree
lllllll E. IJibseii. Miss ('ILv,,,, Uu.!. ' DUN. Hr . I 1 Ma 77tl, y,ar. nclntlves ' i,i 2 x- M" ."i ,h ff'i.1'"' uV hl" "en' (-'h" esUftrU,5erW "f I'l'lla-In'- took Uc at Ut
;;ien. -m.., j,M. Mrs. u... .iK ,-..V!r
I llvti-. I.,e Hull. Mrs. I'usilh I.e.. 11,11 rh.j. t 11- 1 "--1 1 H H.-huyT.r ilMi,!rT" 1..1M i'h.- " mn home. W00.1 .,, . r-' F'-qT ('U.rlne Hejan Wall and .
Iv) llamlfli. Ir E. K. lli.ydm Mr- U '"', V"'1 " "' "-1 V,n .,.lnt trl'a B " ' "' ' tM'TWCri'v- ii07'iL'tV;,,v"- j?-", '" '-! ' Wu Patrlclt anu Maxiri't ' '-
1 1- 11,., 1 .... 1, ','" " ,,J'". J...LL J1.1. T JMSKlit sJii ,.e 1. . itl.NJA.MIN I' l'i r'-' '.Kt-i H8 funera "' ltl,'...,t fronds. n.m Pv Ne ii'J A
E. E. Ii.l.n, i"-., II.iden ihi!drin,,.rl.U und Kat i,..i (,,, e0ntJtty,,'ni'C';l- kc" I. es In nr '" t.rhu. Church, Ve2 I HVvH AVuntV MV'ith Hecletv. Kt. , ilian
Unii-.-n ll.lph. n. fi.ptnu .1. Ii. H n-utnai i"i 1 1 1. - dim ah Hants' i '"ZP,A" i1": l,-i'.' .'"' I'Vur." ! ,Cve 83. ' of A ; L. (. e. M.. He. 3.
f S I.-J 1 li 111 inns. h ,, rcn. nn I-..I..' te ..ttenrj tiinnr .1 ' , ,Uu -! VNIEK - Jun. I-. ANNA M. w-f. V f I -eurt'. '.'..ttnnil funeial. Med. US A M
t." 1 "Vi'ii '.,. V.' . 11"' Ml''t " A. M fr. m l..r mreutH' r, si Jen ' V,;,"1, ,; 111. my J- Manlcr. ,kH ;, IieiHtl.V, nu , InvUei .te a'""", ,,.r 2.SO0 fhilttlan '
l.illgllis Ulllver, .Miss Helen Hepkliib. Ath ft. '';.,u'.r'' ,'l! maia "t AU HamtV '"'' ?,re 'JV'm .,r'"l,n'- 'Ui-?JI. wW W" i'hlrh mn" of "iu em. Church of 8'
. nrga.et Jehn .Jehn Kb,,,,,,, M.s "g.J "!"b' - S Int..fX'!. V.cinuS ".tT'TMn'." i,T ,7S BVffl " 0" d,Ua- " M' ''
.onus Mlehale. W.k, ,itf U. ' I. '' v! , S, t .0 XT. PS A.C. lheil'V, ."ffif, ft .$$$ J ?& Ti
.. 1 USil a.e, Allec ii..iiul. . J,.r , Irnw are ln.. ..I 1 . 11... Harvleei,"w7rtne',1 '.', at 2 .-j; ' 'rern ''"Wence. 2r;C0 Ox. the, "v' c'i"i N. 40 th J Int Lt Mt Merlal;
I'enseii, Miss Vu-gir.i.i l'.,e, Miv, ,,,, - . terneen. .,t ; fi., ,,-ciuck. at lhV r,. U'rJ T?t,;,in',n.Jenfni u "V;. ,,rl",n'lB '" ,.0S.'iIcni?rlendH may call Men. Ce.. 7 te i
Mattie Schwali, IJ. 1. WinuBlnSC;; J WS.ef V.UHT.-jin. 81. ICITII O. dau.ht.r '
Second Assistant I'estn.aster lee '", , JS v. .W CV.h',lIrvrS:n, M '8J all t'y." lnv.rted,teha,t..1ndBOrrOW, "' V' f ' ue.naV , andnt,a ,,WrUht. m1 $
Mrb. i: IE Shaughnessy U,h SI0I .' ,u"; ? 'ilJX iatlves'.n'l nMr.fK?NNTi5l,?,& S-SsfV.-"""... fe.i.W!fe Ner li C'.r Vi'll'S . Jl"
.Martha Strajer:' Uoul'nenV vl 0 i rn 'Sri, a'TaSln,.? !WaJ g" ?' X Hl.tftS&uJ " lAJ V"HA Wu,UC ""
Tayler. I'. H. A.; Mrs. fiertrude , IJev viiwcd Menday,veninK. s fa' !"e. mUier' f' '"'J,' ' .! " ff i!,?'- ," fleies). tfeile J funeral it"r. JANh,
Tayler Eliza.,,,,, Tbl-inls, . I,eu!nd IfC'S:?- W"$Z h Sift f&nV.i "int? Vr'"li' ' MU STanS? wIL Cnfcjj.'
Iheillll-H. 11, f hrihliftiia Tin inpsnn, F.ttil ' It- iatl.es and friend. ,,r liiv.te.1 te attend MnlMIAN' Cntercl Inte lest Jan 2S Services en Tueudav ST,l'!f,hcAi at In-
I lldei'we.,,1, I'aieliie I ,,, . V I,, fu.teMl-. rvi.es. . 'l hum 2 1- J, . .J1'?,"? MAIM:. ,w ,."' ...W.ll'8': J U.VP.. nela-' at her Iftta.i-oijldjnce. 2113 Houth 4Cth at.
I. I rtl.iiig, AplniiiK. V I'nucki',
IrK. .lulitite Wtbl., r -. 1 . . 1 1 1 '. M
Wrtwim. I. . A.; Nai . 1 W'.-een,
Minri Mm.. -nn Whit.-, rdwi.rd A Wil.
llaiilK. Ileiu-j WiImim. ,li-, Edelin Wil- 1 "-r".1 "'"',;,' T!'c,i 'J -.' M at '. 1 laei nnd, frjenda uifi li.vlMl 1., ult.-nd fiineiul
se,,. MIm I,,,, Ve,,dru.V. AllK.Mariell-rK.rVf.yti.i'u 'X "'. 'StcA .V ' ttnV." rVK"fc'.:
Masters in Past g-N, ;g E.9,BaWWl
Heavy Death Tell && $Xr?Vn. Mi" e;Tv gSSE'-
InertO lS 200 hBiV..JnU.?I,viLe,.y.VSli:A. "! ."" may Ihi viewed rusa.T'fc W
Itoleguc, IluRsla 1011
Canonsburg, Pn 1011
Cnrlstuhc, Pptregrad .... 1817
Conway's, Uroeklyn .... 1870
Exeter, England 1887
Flercs, Acapulco, Mex... 1000
Frent Street Theatre,
Ilulllmere 1S05
Iroquois, Chicago 1003
Italian Hall, Calumet,
Mich t... 1013
Lehman's, Pctregrad ... 1830
Opera Cemlquc, Pari... 18S7
IlhedVs. Boycrtewn, Pa.. 1008 170
King, Vienna 1881 010
France 1010 80
Vlllnrcal, Bpaln 101SS 0
n brief reference- te his death In the
Knickerbocker Thentre disaster by
Ilcprcsentullve Benjamin K. Fecht, of
Techt said, speaking In the Heuse:
"I am sure that 1 but reflect the senti
ments of the great number of friends
who long knew him when I say that we
deplore the less of that life in its fu'l fu'l
reunded manhood, with many veara
of usefulness in prospect te his State
nnd te his country, and the members
nnd friends who knew him bow In deep
regret, and wc extend the profoundest
sympathy te the members of his fam-
! iy."
A..UI. n.li -rl....... ji..i. .. e..
. of Main read, Vlneland. The fmnllv
I has lived here for live years en a chicken
i rnncn, eui me hen unci neon residing
.n nsiiingieii ier mere timn ten years.
He wns employed in the Finance
Department of the Government, nnd Is
a wiuewcr, ins who Having died about
... vn.u n Mr. ij i T 1....1. i i Ifrlei.un are 'nviteu te ttend ftmer.l serv
ten jean age. lie H te be burled in t,v-B. Thum.. "I. M.. residence. 103 N
North Ciire'Ina bv the side n( Ma trlfe mh at. Int. rrlvate
Pesldes his parents he In survived by n
brother und u sister, both 'ihing here
Kin Dead In Theatre Disaster
Norrlstewn, Pn., Jan. ,,e. Among
the dead in the Washington thentn. ..
tastroihe an Mr. and Mrs. Leuis 1.
Valentine. Viilcntlne is a brother of I I'.El?"-7t"5n;,23 10'i3: wtJ'MAM imrr.
Mrsi Tlnlierf f s!nl,l.. ii,wi n T- ,, esed 78. llelutlvea nnd friends, a e Chesen
irs. HOliert t- MClllell. 1J, Ui Klllb'irrlenda Circle. Ne. 80. U. uf A. of I'a. ire
street. Mr. and Mrs. Selden baie gene!
'i. w,...l. I.. ..i..,. p
( " " '" "
. AIAE-quOHCIB. I le'r ; x. , mnrj. cf
e-ir iiuiienu a.n.1 rather Mr. UliOllOU
AL.L.EN. died January tlO, 1021. y
. w and DAreitTnns.
V.AKY-f't:I'-an' 29- J0N' "'" ''US-
rand f Lid r O. Alexander. KunerM nrv-
? Iue,.'i .- ? -V-' al .hl" ,ite resldence
C3."i N. lSih rt. Int private, l'loate emit
VtKKKH 3n. 28, nt th Kdwln Ken-cst
Itejn Helinesliurir. ANNA WAItB IIAUI.-ITS',
br,lcrs mid Interment atrlcth- pr:ale
M IX. husband of Clara V. llartlesen. Hela
tlvs and trlenda Imlted te funeral. Wed .
t! 1. M. fll 11 ltaltlmere ave.. L-VialoxTOe
'a. Int. urlai, l-rlenda may call Tu-e.
evening, ufir 7 o'cleok.
ni:i:crtOFT. Jan. I7, WHATaM .. i.en
of William A. and Marcaret M. ncei-reft
fnee lit 1). Hrltllcs und trl'ndit nr, In
vited te fun-r..l. Iu'k.. 2 J'. m rcj'i!icn
cf parcr.U. 1U07 N. COlh tt. int. Hely Crea-i
HEisar.ti. nn lath int. cAitrtii: t:
!frlnd(i.,atid n;i seciellca cf which -the win II
'immb-r. Invited tu terlccn en Thur-.lnv nt
H37 r St.. r.t her late reslihtice. Sn v hla
i st. Interment trlvat. Itcmalna lewert
Wednesday. I te l'. si.
IIKTS!. Jan. 27. lIUKDEmiCIl fnee Wur.
Atcri. .wire of ( enrtid lifts, n. i.u t..T
! t iiu 1 m T'.tr.fla nrt It.i t .4 . . . . . "
' nra. ferleta Tues . 2 !. it., late reslrt-ncn
lis Henuri IM us ... Olnev Int. Wiatii.lnLier
It, I. .' . ' ttvin ,. u,, ...u... V(i(
11ROWN. Sudden y. .Int. 91
UeIWIv-b and frlvnds. also llarmniw Len.'
liustiuua or Mbaeiine -llrenn.
.., ..a
Ne. ei, K. ana a. i.. und all ether ofiraii - efiraii -
uaiiiiiia ei iviiit-n ne wan n member, are in
rtem residence et his ten. EuscnVAT Uursfin
1213 Harrison st.. Krankferd. In, Ar..it.
Mfin 'in
' t
:dr Hill. Cem Kindly emit flowers.
1 rheltllut Hill. Jai.. 27. 1022. MAIIY TlAiirir
-i'A. ' V?m". ,"' ,S"Xl".l?.."'fJ?r!ijri.
'''-'I't.lT-IU. -..-.- .f "- .'.nixi ...
i . i.w -.-.. ii-iuuyrn and iriend nn.
InMtefl te me sers-ices. lues., te A if Li
r.t ...It, I. Hh.t IV .m il lnfn.l..r ........... - liens
7., ;..r..i. Turu. i .!,. i." i"":y. " at
"liuei, lllVlIOfl ..
.ler,... 110.H uti. nt..
A I .-.1,1. 1.1 r K,v.a. ...iuri-11, i-.jn 1 ,
... .Tm..H'. KlnseHhln -
Chureh. 2.30 i. m"
CCMK Jnn 27. 1022 J MONHO- .,.-
i -.. Its cel. in. 4 '
31 ' lll(- Iltk. IMM'llI
linatlus' C.ar,!,. lg A.M." I, "."fjefj "'
ri'J.SJl: - . ' n"
rAsKfcMi.t'lvAiiu: 'ib.' , ,ia.
ev.m..i r-ulm ina'
ell Wtil
.I Jar '..., SI ANN v 1 .'.ht-Js leit 1
l-lsrHV1 w 1.1 ct limine . l-'l 1 li.'iu
MHI e aiiunu mmrui, v,cl., B I. M. from . uy; -" -" .--' ''r.., ilKTA.
.ill rireuta' icsldei.ee. CJeerite M.Brewr i in blnyel Uaushter of V. I llam and Julia Jevce
rrent ft.. Catasuua. Pa. Int. I?al?,'iew "t"1 J5; ll!lVlv,V 5n,,5'en? f r Invited te
m.. Cata.auqua TrlcnUa may roll Men ',eniJ .,u"ri'J' wdV..'?i30,.A' M" 'rem her
51 A. M.. chare, of Andrew J. baS l 1' P?r5a,J .rc"id',2',,.'..Isl!i..y',neJ"t . Mpl-mn
Arcn ntui mil em. .i.e.. '"".' .""., v... w ei vicierv
BUnOIN. Jan. 2tJ. ALBrtH h.i... Church, te A. M. Int. Hely CrnH Cem.
tic, year llelatls und friends Ire invlfed H."ba?,?.",li,La Ai !,i.C""blih 'l'nbacti
,rt n..r.n unca i.rvir.u T.it.r. t. r . - .nr ituuvi..,., . ,,,i.u.ir ...tu . , i,i:qn ar.
. Irtt. er!te. v,"'"ul , Ke.-iety una iiua-ue or tne Hacred Heart, ura
CAI.UM1AN (ne4. htanlcj). Jan -q tr.oe ' In U-4 t uttend funeral. Tues . 8:30 A. M..
MHV X. wlf'j.ef tl.e .ate Jeremiah i 'rum h"r I .te tciUUnce. CIS licltware ave
..ilhhaii Helatl.ej r.n.1 frlnji ,,L !f,t',j1, "' i 7"''!'f,t,.Hti ,f','r 8 ChiJreh n.se A
! i f ivrM Metl. s .in i i B1,tM' tu 1C1.MI Suddenly, mi Jnn. 2H. jn.e
nt, e.'--nce. Ml A n .1 , """ hr JACell V. husband of Edith Ida Kerr.p (nt
:ri.tn i. a." St AV1.tlmrnChirch'0iy,'Vl tt" .Alel,I'). , V" mfA1x "t'i b Vlewd "ufadat!
li.t .'-.th ..nil Cum. -""ren W A. M. ni rcslden.e l.tit Master st. I'uecral and
11 ! i' mi- n -u iiiisii 1 T a ' t rn iv lit i'a s . t.u UAiir'a .uui un 1 111.1 t. ..
Mry ttuvrnun and late Jehn, ilI 23
yrara. !Ulatlvi nnd frlfna. Ursnd Jrfftlw
nlly. tiraneh Ne. 4, Invlml t6 funef' rv.
Iem. nt residence. 2S44 H. lUnereft t.
Wrd. 3 1'. M. Htmlm my be viewerf
Tnfttf. ava. Inf. nrK'nte.
J., Ja i,
1P28. TilOMAB fOWMSIt. 40
,irll'ill. ilnn.. 1 r.
it reiMtftee. Clem.
t-nten, N. J. Kit. Medfefd. N. J. Itematm
may be veed fcun. tie. .. ...
my b
OATir.T. widow of Jeteph rersrlhe. Ilel
rthe. Ilele-
lives anatrlendi re lnvlld te Hie service.
Men., S l'. M.i tint reeiatnee ei ntr awn
ueerie W, Olth. IBB nenaen.avi
weed, N. J, Int. New Camden
t.L COlIlnrs.
FOWLKn. At Clemahtep, H. J., en Jam
uary 20. 1023, TilOMAB FOWLBlt. BCf.1 40.
Hervlcta private Monday, 1 I. M.. at late
realdencr, CUmenten, Hi J. Itimalna may
be viewed uunday evenlns.
FllA.Iun.j-At ,ndeweter rarlc. N. ,T.,
Jan. VI. ANNA 6COTT, wife of Levi D.
rraiier. aata ex. . run!i nirvicti mi ur
late rttldenc. Park ave. and llaitriy read,
ictwater I'arK. Tuta.. a r. ai. int. ce
Itlll Cem.. nerertce, Frlanda may call lien,
i;ewaier i-arit. iuea.
6AnBIi.-Jan. 87. DANIE3, n husband
of Harriet II, Ontxsl. Ke.atlves and frs-ndu,
nle Jehn It. Murr-hy Council, Ne, 10 r, P.
A.; Kt, l'nul'a AMembly, Ne. 30, A. O. M.
J',, and inemt'ere of Coekmnn M. K. Church
nm Invited te attend funeral eervlcen, Tuc.,
M V. M-. at Ills late residence. 1284 W.
svitter st. tnt. private, lerlcnile may call
Men., after 7 I M.
CJALE. Jan. 28, KUA, wlfa of Charlen
nnd daughter of Levlnla and late Themas
Cute Funeral Monday, J! I, M fr,)m her
late ronlaence, 414 1'ennndale et., lloitwr lleitwr lloitwr
euH. Int prhute. Trlenda may call Sun.
day cvenlnr.
of into Tliemas.F. Gallnaher. llo'etHea and
rrienaa nie invnea le ntiena runeral, rrl.,
s-30 A. M.. frcm her liit rfudenea Zinfl
Wntklnir et. S-tilcmn requiem min yt, nita'a
Church 10 A M. Ir.t. Hely Cre Cem.
OALI,AHi:il. Jan. IS. 102. MAllUAItUT
fiALLiAlIKIt. l'ineral from relilni nt h
daUBhter. Mrs. Jehii llurkte, 1021 tOiartme d
et., Tuen.. 7:30 A. M. ltequtem man Jeuli
QIIAT. Huddenly. at hln home, loes a,
Lancaeter read, uryn Mawr, I'a., nt Jan,
20. 1022. the llev. JOHKl'It 11. tTArLetl
OIIAT. raeter of the Old Xladner M. I.'.
rhnri-li. In Ida 70th vear. ltrvl,-e .n
Monday mernlnc nt 11 p'clecll. at Out llait llait
ner M. U. Church, llariner Township, Ucl.
Ce. Alse aemi-fs at Aren hi, m. b. church.
Ureail and Arch ntn,. rhlla. Monday after
noon at 1' o'clock. Interment private.
OnnUL.. C-ii Jan. i'7. 1023. HENntETTA
lilltULi. nervice en Menaay. at l i. M.,
nt her Inte rcfliunce, 1011 Hwtln et.
HAI.K Jan. 28. ANNIU 11., vrldew of
Atonze IV. Hall. runcraL rorvles Thum.,
1 1. M late reeldcnce, T.lta Tuceny nt..
Krankterd Int North Ce'lar 1 til t Cem.
Frlend call Wed. rvc.
HANDUKy. Jen. 2'J, AM-VNDA M.. wife
of James C. Handley. Itelailvci and
Invited te attend funenil. Tues., H 30 A. M..
from her late' rcaldunee, 2700 N. llensail at.
Solemn requiem hlah inaan, Ht. Celumba'a
Church te A. M. Int. Most Hely Itedeemer
IlKKHNEIl, .Sudden'y. Jan.' 2S, "t the
l.ankemu Hospital, llbATHIcn. wlfi of
Umunuel Mrehner and Oauahier. of Wllllnm
I nnd Carollne Terrey. OKed S3, runeral
th eomenlence of the fanllT.
Invited te attend funeral aerv'lces. aV
Hie reetJxnc.). i'SS.1 V 2Ath nt .. M
1 1. Jl. Breclrely. Int. North deJar
i ft.
cem Friend' may call Hun.. 7 tn u n m
L,.UuMrlCII?IJ- " 20. imk. hikd.
,''"'h"!...: '"""nil or late. Wllhelirlna
"".' ":"" ,.'u:l'3rul ion.. i:au j'. si..
rejlden?.'. 2630 N. 10t et. Int. .Verthw.wd
P-VmM,nviMiyrfS"un,f.e 'VA, 5
beloved w'fe of Iuls r. Hlerenlmus n
duuehtcr of Martin and Matilda Helbsrt.
Itelallves and frl-ndu, also Ladles' Auillluty
it .ut. Mary'a, Hospital are Invited te uttend
tuneral. Wed.. 8:no A. M.. from her latt
residence. 1413 Fratikferd avc. tie emn
icqulem mass bt. Michael's Chjrcli 10 A. M.
Int. Hely Uepulchre.
IIIL.I,. Jan. VS. MART rj rrir.T. ...
'Deusherty). rsred 02 years. Kelatlves end
ir.c.ius iiinTu .u mrirn services, rues.. 11
Y. M.. residence. 20111 W. AtlunHa at. int.
private, rrler.da may call Mendsy evenlns.
IIOKSTSnKT. Jan. S7. I.ROM n v....
band df Mary A Hoestercy. n'itl-es anl
friends. nljQ Kenderton LeJee Ne. i'llfl. I
O. O. i".i Scherman Vearly ltr.el!clu fc-
Uetr.alna may be slewed Men., after a
P. M
-On Jan. 2S. 1022. JEAN T.. wife
Invited te the. servlcea en, Tueeday after,
neon at 2 o'clock, ut thu OHe- II. Iisir
Hldir.. l"Sa Chestnut st. Interment prl-
ailijNTEI..--Jan. r. FltEUEniCi: Jon Jen
PAN. husband of the late Henrietta Hlmpsun
Hunter, niicd 72, ltolathee nnd trends, nlse
Klnasessint Ixidire. Ne 3ti;( MernlriS Stur
Enrnmnmeut. I. O. C. 1".. lire tnvltnl tn m.
a.u,,., j.uinii.cn uuu irianaa nr.
tend fumral TueH. 2 1'. .., from his late
i residence, 1000 13. I'asn-unk ave. Int. rVrn.
' Wc,t-J tem- lwnialn may bu viewed Men,
lrtSEL. Jan. 25. EMMA. v;ldew of Srr.sit
iss'-i. rr. i.e u.iYuii aim xrienaa invitii
I funem!. M-n-. -''. -210 N. ISth at. Int.
i8r""' i8r""' v,r .,,?... , ".' " may call
Sun. eve. until 10 o'clock
Invfed te attend funeral, Tjei... 7:30 A. M
frell. his late ieldiic. 281T N. 2f,!h at.
Kwu;cm masa ut Nt. l)enaentura's Church
0 A M Int. utrlctly crlvute. at. I'etcr'B
ctV!.--.-.- --. . . . .
.,.',',.."., '...,: ,i,.''."v ,. J,.
',"'" ,' i'"0 , i-"r iseeuier (no
Intermtnt Thursda,y at Kutstewn. i'a,
KMNiiEU Jan. 2U. 1022. JOSl.I'H II
Kluvcd hunband of Mutllda 11. Kllnti fn
Urelnlrcer). uned U0 Itelatlves and friends
ftln; Sur il.tj pf (U. l'uter'M Church, l'hl a'
ami II. Kv . tt-llsf Ah'h. and Cuurt tleerre
Wiisiilrictj.i Ne. 121, y. of A.. Invited te
attend fun.-r.il, W.-d.. b-30 A, M.. f r im hl
late retwe,, e. 8539 N. Marshall rt. Solemn
rjaulem ii. is ft. ercr.k-,i'u Chur.li le A
1A . I'tnu.i, iiuij iiruiriiipr L rill
te 10 P, M.
'; l'eTp. " v'11,1
1 75ifft?"" in'wjbih .
llAltOLn lri'v-n-
ir.1 ('. and Klla il.
i--uncral serve-
rvlceli, Tu'S
,.. .. ..-"'"
fl.n ...
ni.'. .01
it , UermantuH .,
mt urlvnte.
MfLI.BN - Jan '.J. 1012, l.Aim j.imi
( .l IDiV wanr'D uinn
. V fs.. lilln laliw.u ll..ll. . - -
. trwr! T..w u ,n,n, .rr ,, ....
11. l7--n .n.i.r,n r.i'i 1 rlrna.. mju ..t.i
OBHOnN. Jan.
3ii vrt nhrtttt i.. Jrr3!
an of Oeer nn.l Ollva, Oshern. In hl laiif I V.
year, lte atlvea nhd frlindn ura Invtien' .11 ' ' ?ll
m Invite" Ji
M- tjartntt'
attend services. Men,, s 1 M.. i,.riv..? 1
residence. 2221 N. tlrata ut' riemaSi. i?Al J.1
b viewed fiun.. nftee le A. Vf'tiVJ'1 ".'".' .' IsJ
. OflUOItN. On Jan. 211, 1022. HlVivn . 41
liuseand or Hertha M. Osbern (ne Kest.Ti' " A
Itrlntlvca and frletflg nre Inv'ted ta Si
servlea en Wednesday aftemenii nt a c?el0Sl ?
ut his lata rea'dence. 2flt0 Houth nfsi .,H v
Interment nr vate. Prlrn.i-. B,Sul,.1i.t.i '
day evenlnir. " v"" ""' J .'
. iAU,l;,'1A"r. u- I'AQE, Funeral Tw.i i
ALlIKn.--On Jan. 27. ldilt. JtlrVi 1 I
widow et David I'almer. it":;tivULJi' ', -friends
nra Invited te th funeral en Wednill ' '
day lr.ornlne at S.o'elock, from her late re.i' - "
denes. 22ia (j. Frent at. Heteran rea..f.i" - J
mass at Our I-arty of Mi, Cnrmei I Cliurch 3 ..'
i:ae 0'elee.x-. inten.in neTi.,!?" """rcu at f
P AUI.. -Huddenly. Jan, 20, KeDETlT. hu. 1
band of Emma Kldd Paul and son ii till d I
iliffu flicS;' eSoratfineSUwn .e5?.pV,r '' 1
1'isiinT. Jan. s nt li s res den tin . t
rinteri St., KITINOHAM ' PEKCyf. in hi!'-
fifth year. Flint ral tervees at Bt. Andrew's , '-
V..1U.LH. en. ei uimre nprure, Tua 11 A. v ' (d
In,,,'i-V,rI1.v-5,c' , ri7.V ,nm" flewern. ' " A' M ' VI
Pi:itIlY.--Jan. 27. ll22, ANNA U.. wf. Ii 1 1
Oeeree P. l'jrry. Funeral Tticr... 2 ?' V ' ' tl
T,eyr Ictermnnnd- rtVuWler of' tK"t.r. '
wiiuam nna tiyania lletz. Il atlves ati.i . il
friends Are Invlte.l te attend funeral sen . II
ic.iuinte, i. .ncure ave., uermantewi i
...PKTBKH." .On Jnn
21. 1022. MAm
MILICH PETCUO. ltelatlea and t flrn A ' - J
iiUe inembem nt Third Church Scientist ,
ar Invited te the aervlcn en 'fu-.-aday afUr- ?
neon nt 2 .o'clock at her residence. 2811 ' ll
iMr.rtn .irn.n ., in.rmAn. iim .n .. ... '
I'ICKKI.. At Point Pleasant, N J.. Jati
27. JOSUI'II M., l.ushand of I)ul.e M
PlcStel aired 03 years. KclattveH nnd friend..
alw employer) of the Penna. nctlreari. Dlr
100. II. of L. B.: Durand IxKlite, 170. f
and A, Mj! UoeJv.-tii Chapter, Tit Carren
Cem. K. T 10; Hale-im Tei.inle. are In
vited te attend funernl services, Men , 2
P, M at his late resilience Int. at liar
Irish Cem,. Camden. .. J.
POIITUH. On Jan. 21), NATHANIU1, ,1
j'uintiii. jrunirui, en we-inesaay, at a
P. M., from hln lata residence, 201 N. 2,
at,, Darby, Pa. l'r'emla may call en Tu'
day, 7 te 0 P. M. Interment nrlvnte '
PltUNDnilOAST. Jan. 27. JAMR. hui )
hand of the late Anule Prendta-aat (r.e i
Deyle), Itelatlves nnd friends, also Ceui'
Laurel Hill. Ne. SIR. I-. of A., am Invite I
te attend funeral Tit""., ft A. M., from tl
residence of hla uen. Themas J. Prendnntas' ',
8U11 Hldirt ne., Fulln of Hchuvlltlll. fJleni '
reQUlem mass, 8t. Drl.Wet'M Church. US .'
A. M. Int. Ht. Maiy's ' in.. Jl'jttwv-f'ich. ,f
PKICK, Jan. 2R. 1022. ClUnLOTTV
M., widow of Lemuel W. Price kiet 76 ,.
I"uneral services Tties.. 2 P. M. freclsrly, a '
r IMe residence 231 Laurlnlei st Wl
srhlrken. Int. vrlvnte i-Tiir.iiu may ea
t..n. ova.
rinivry. .Tnn. ?Q 11122. IJSTHKlt. wlf
of Harry Prints, llelntlveii und friends, alt.
nneth Jeshurun l.edue. ISO. -..are invuea I
attend funeral. Tuen. ii P. M. sharp, freni .
her late residence, 3820 N. Urats et. Int
ViUhIlY. Jan. 2. JOHN J., ran of An.li i
and late Daniel V. ltelll, ltelntlves at
friend nra Invite,! te attend funeral. Wea
30 A. M.. from hla nether n rosldene resldene
218,'. Merr'.n tt. Hetrlnn reauletn mass S'
Kdmend'a Church 10 A. M. Int. Hely Cret
Cem . '
IU:iLLt. Fer'i-.erly or 1301 H. Clevelar.
ave.. Jan. 2". MAROAItCT. widow of Jesep
lletlly. HelaMves 'id frlenfls are Invited t .
attend 'uneral Hsrvicej.. Men.. 1 V M.. f.
tiernl ra-iars nf Wl llam H. Chew. H. V. co
rntli and Spruca st Int. It. Mrrlah fen
HITni. wife of Jeseph W. rtheades. ltel.
tlea and frlende, also Pioneer Circle. N
1. I F. of A : CJermantenn Leilire, Ne. 1"
O. 0. of H.t Cainrj Ne. M1.P. O b. of A
nnd members of First Baptist Chureh. ar
Invited te attend funeral lervlees. Mun.. (
P. M . at Kirk & Nice's. HS01 Oermantev;t
ave" Int ChMten Hilts Cem.
C. ItlCHMOND (nee Huehes). ni:e.l 27 yearj
r.elatlveu and friends Invited te funeral ser
Ices, en Tuesday nflernien at 1 o'clock, n
the residence of her mother, Mrs. Leulti
Kcett. r.044 Webrttr t. Frlenda may c:i
Mendnv evenlns 7 te V.
ItOCII. Jan. 2s. MsKY J, dauahter
the lata James and Hllen Ueck. Itelatlve
nnd friends are Invited Je attend funera
l-u-s. 8:3' A M.. from liar late rc'ldene
nft K Philip st. Mew thass of reijulr.
Ht. Veronica' i . Church. 10 A. il. Ir.t. He.
SeSl'l.iaK.-Jan. 27. JOHN, busbar.,.
r.t Itnnra HelfrldCO nea Powell). Itelatlve-.
Snd friends. Lecal Ne. 8 Brotherhood f
M?wnters. Invited te funeral services. Men
2 FM.? rVnldence. C31 1). BHth st. Int. pt..
?ate. Friends tnav ca I aun. eve. .
8HRW On Jan. 2H. 1022 I.LIZATITI( .
nellAVKN. widow nf Iiwrence fine.- 7
Kervlce en Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clee
nt tier lata r-sldencc. 2S1C rth Ilallejr st.
MiTth' AtlHcrnten. Pa.. Jan. SI. ltt ,
llXAV ADDIS iBMrflln.l.t-. !
JF iUiawn PreabyteVtan Ch.l. lfen"if P 'il'
Train it or Newtown leaves madlnt- Tcrmln.
"sMrhL--Jan. 27. liLIZAmrTII widow f
nkiiit, Mmtth nlathes and frlnds are I
!7!irtPt2 iitund funeral Tue- 8:.in A. M
J'im ber lata reslu..-ncc. 472 FranVfer
irve IHh mi's -t. Joachlrn'e Church i
k .t int. St Domini.'-' C-m
tfi'niNaLn. Jan. 21 J'nKDnKIPK A
beiovSlbu.ban.let Mary,M. Hprlr.e.r (n.
v-.ili.l Itelatlves and frlenda Invited t,
f?.?iril Tuesday, s:80 A. M.. lute reeldence.
runrai. Solemn reaulem mass Chur' .
nf eu"r Lady of Victory 10 A. M. Int. He
rt-TEHLB Tn. 2. 1825- EMMA C ,
daughter Of tlii lata William iind VAlU
beth Htehls- Tlo'atlves end friends Ere In
V.?JiU 7a attend funeral servicra. Men.. 3.S
i M at tP rtaiaene ef.her Ust.r. Mr.
int nrlv-.t, el l.aurci uni
1 htfAlINO. At Nlc.,rram
ln.";..iT ni Hsrvlcea and Int.
v.t Laurel Hill Cem.
nee. en Jan. a
wire or iiaip'i
erment prlva
v." .. m i.n ve. in?s. ank'a t.rir.n
..fiwiSi wife of Jehn A Stewart. It!a
HAINha. Yfienaa nra Invited te attend fu
'"."i wr7vl". Wed . 7 P. M.. ut t.er lat
FwleVev 4J10 ?" u"' l3t" e: COn,,B
r. .in iiarvey n. Utiles, aged CI. Funer
r,nA-a'ni -arl iV. M.I from tier lata reVdencf
B areen et.. TuwkeTtun. N. J. Int. Tucker
,0TATrHHIXT.-Jan. 20. Dr. CHArtLEf
1 il,.nnand ut Klliabeth 1. Tattersley (n
tthit! n2l ifc-el - Helfttlvea and frlenc.
u vvanltllnvllla Council. Ne. 78, Jr. O. t
, He V ranuiinv 1 funeral Wf-1
u-pir.rs. jnn...-"'.. ....... .... ,... .
s i-.."'.;i.i.n.... Biitn n-
r.tli ut Int
Srlvite. Northeod Cem. Kemalna may I.
vlewell Tues.. niter 7 P. M.
rrnniis:TOS. At herresli!enea. 31l Ha
of F.llsa
iear ' . ? prlv,l,u
Frtcneia may ca
ITuen. e.V'I1",',l
ruJ?p'ifsjlCn --Jan. 28. nt hla residence iel
vLiHl nt. . SAMMUI II.. husband of rfar
N. .! nlB hem). Due net ce of funeral
. .ATlpe
t M.S. f-iW
yw-aftUiy.,,.! ,jjj&HJ-

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