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31, 19255
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, "' I 1
ii,n.CnnteA Dinner I
. UUJIH. " - A
' s v. Me 8 r, aii
BZU yvninui mi.
,01IN . " MUVKKH. ITep. ,
you will riot en,y b0 Jntci
wtcd in our Brent variety
of Flowers, but the
Century Flower Shep,
112 S. 12th St.
il c:l
Today and Tomorrow
Whole Grain Rice. . .lb 5c
N. Mnrshmallew hb 29C
B. Creams.... I
C. 13. G. Crisp lb 18c
Asce Buckwheat
Asce Pancake Fleur
Asce Gelden Syrup
Corned Beef Hash, .can 8c
Every week Is Thrift Week
when you deal at the
Asce Stores
) 25c
-jc 1j : ,, -,. i , t ' '',. vj? " '"i f"" '" n ' , "! i i"" . .;
Earnings Toe Lew and Busi
ness Wouldn't Be Stimu
lated, He Declares
Promoted te Bench
PEOPLE nowadays recognize that a
tore threat is a dancer pet, as the
MlUtlllltU IIJ3UV4 W awwu uvil
By tlie Associated Press
Washington, Tnn. m. Wnllscr D.
Ilitipf), former Director Ocncrnl of the
Hnllrend Administration, cnlled tedny
nH n representative of the public by the
Tntcrptnte Commerce CommlRtfen in Its
investigation of transportation rate lev
el. testified thnt in Ids opinion rail
road earnings nre tee low' te ndmlt of
ScnertN rnte reductions and business
wnjilil net be stimulated by such a step
Mr. Tllncs Rtimnted Ihnf "in tin-
public Interest it is probably necessary
ler tnc railroads te spend en better
ments and facilities at least a billion
dollars n year for some time te come.
"Leeking ever the statistics of rail
rend earnings during 1021," "Sir. Illnes
said, "we can take it for granted that
general rate reductions arc net called
for en the ground that earnings nre
tee high. We must nil admit railroad
rafCH nre high new, but in my opinion
current business depression is net due
te that fact, but te conditions that arc
fundamental and worldwide. Chiefly it
I is the effort of people te get te n normal
mijusiincnt niter tue strain 01 tnc great
Would Depict e Kcscncs
"Considering the effect of n possible
general reduction we must conclude.
Ilrst, that it would further deplete the
financial reserves of railroad' ceinnnnir.s.
Uvlilch arc already weakened, unless It
stimulated business sullicicntly te pro
duce trallic which would make up the
"Second, we must conclude that 1t
i would reduce the purchasing power of
I the railroads themselves, which is nn
I important factor In the fabric of com
mercial organization. I doubt that n
reduction would stlmulntu business.
Depression is due te the absence of
demand for commodities, which demand
cannot be created by slight price re-
i duetlens which rate reductions would
"It would be doubtful whether the
I effect of the reduction would ever reach
j theso tectlens of the community which
' need support because the benefit would
be monopolized by theM classes which
are most highly organized.
"Trunspoitatien service costs are net
the real c'-iu of trouble new. A far
' greater biv leu en consumption and
production edny Is that placed by the
i existing system of distribution."
Urges Great Caution
UHBM- ' '5&-'iyp&a(M' mSKxxxxxxw
IB Tjfifffl8lfflBBiBKffllyVJ 'AWm
for germs te multiply,
t Wi1i nir.! if it imnnilta tn tr,rr il
,ere threat under anytfung like eiTeetive ges l.rcat caution
treatment. With Ferniamint, whether ! ,11 cress-exam nation Mr. I line,
.. ,Vn,t nf;r,mnMMr.W , Yen risked for his opinion ns te hew
, i V .... 1 j:..i,. LIZ. the commission should nreceed in con-
theatre or church, you can dissehe, new .uvtlUK B,,cl.,flt. r0(ctiens, replied
and then, one of these pleasant.tastinc, j tMat -f.TCat t.,lutlen" should mark nil
approaches te the subject. IIi said he
did net have information en which te
ban) an opinion as te whether any
powerfully antiseptic tablets in your
An effective antiscntic is released and.
carried by the saliva, continuously bathes
the tissues, checks Gnn growth and
foethes the threat, possibly preventing
jryngitis, tonsillitis, "flu." Relieves
hoarseness, ucjptui :or singers, actors,
smokers, speakers, lecturers, etc. Chil
dren like them. 00c at all druggists.
"Civil Disobedience" Plan,
Backed by Widespread Un
rest, Werries Londen
Iowa Senater, who today was ap
pointed Judge Ter the Klglitli Ju
dicial District by President Hard-
m lug
President's Nomination Promptly
Confirmed in Open Session
Washington. .Ian. 31. (My A. 1'.)
President llnrdlne ted.iv sent te the
Senate tlie nomination of Senater Ken
you, of Iown, leader of the Senate ag
ricultural bloc, te be Judge of the
Kightli Circuit. The Semite, seen after
receiving the noniliintien, confirmed it
in open executive session, nn liuner
only rarely paid te nominees. The posi
tion piivh, n salary of $8,100 n year.
The Iown Senater, who is one of the
leaders of the Senate, In it formal state
ment issued upon receipt of his nomi
nation by the Senate, nnneunccd that
lie would nccept and expressed hl.s ap
preciation of the President's action
which he said would enable him' te
achieve his ambition "te terve en the
Federal bench i"
"The President has known Mince our
service together in the Senate that po
litical life did net appeal te me and
that my ambition was te serve en the
federal Uench," the Senater said il
hU statement. "When u vacancy oe ee
cuned last full in. the Federal district
judgeship in my State, some of my
Iriends suggested my name te him and
he indicated his willingness te appoint
me. The legislative situation was such
then that it seemed te me 1 could net
nccept. The situation is somewhat dif
ferent new, as the We-t Virginia In
vestigation is out Of the wny; likewise
the Newberry case, and a large portion
of the agricultural program has beta
put through."
Senater William Sipiirc Kenyon was
born in ICiyrln. O.. June 10. 1S00. the
given reduction should be made. i" ,". , ""'.V- rBM '' Keiiyen, a
It. V. Fullurlglit, representing Meuth- I , n . """-lvl1 i i'"-- "
listed .Mr. lilies if, '.'". -. i""y",n iiiuin.ii imii mi uiv
Uy the Associated Tress
Londen, Jan. 31. Tedny having
been fixed n the beginning of the "civil
disobedience" cnmpnlgn fn India, sev
eral Londen newspapers diecuss the
outlook, which they rcsnrd with consid
erable nnxlety.
The plan laid down by M, K. Oandhl,
non-ce-opcratlonlst lender, te try the
disobedience experiment first in the two
nrenH of iWdell and Annnd nccm fren
various reports little likely te be oh eh
scivtkl, indications being tbnt the
scheme will be put into operation
throughout n much wider nrcn. The re
cent movement in the (luntur district
is cited in support of thlM supposition.
Iteperts Appear almost daily in the
Londen nress showing that the non-
co-operation propaganda ie becoming
lntenslllcd in ir.p rural areas, wnere hip
peasantry is elated nt the prospect held
out by Gandhi's ngcntu that they shall
be exempt from tnxntlen.
There nre also indications of ser'
eus unrcBt In Mine nreyinccsrhicily -ir
Unrabankl nnd Hnrdel, inr Northern
Oudh, where It Is reported agitators nfe
exciting the pcople with nswrtiens nlm.
Uur te these which materially aided the
cause of the Indian mutiny.
Among these nre statements that the
Urltlsh are mixing wines witlv the
r.'Cdiclncs issticd nt the nubile dispen
saries, nnd are using jierk fnt in cer
tain manufactories, (.iietu perit aim
wlne nre anathema te Mehammedans.)
Similar storks affecting the religious
prejudices of the Hindus nre circulating
with the tiuriMise of Influencing that
section of the populace.
Ofliclal dispatches admit the serious
ness of the situation, pointing out that
"the ifiassj of Inflammable material is
he great Hint the possibility of wide
spread disturbances In tlie near fufuv
cannot be Ignored."
The position for the moment Is de,
scribed by n writer In today's "Morn
ing Telegraph as "one of cxpcehincy
mill preparation en the part of be'h the
authorities and the extremists."
Calcutta, Jan. 31. (P.y A. P.)
Women from the Hcngnl nnd Junjab
regions were among the speakers at n
non-ce-opcrntioii 'meeting en Sunday
which was dispersed by the police. One
hundred nnd eight men were nrrcstcd.
One Thousand Workers at Omaha
Vete te Resume Jobs
Omaha, Jan. 31. (Uy A. P.) Mere
than 1000 striking members of the
Amalgamated Mcnt Cutters nnd Uuteji Uuteji
er Workmen of North America nt a
union mans-mcctlng Inst night voted te
rail off thi strikp started December B.
The resolution ending the walkout was
passed almost unanimously.
"Condition? In ether pncklng cen
ters as well ns In Oir.nha are such that
the continuation of the present strike
would serve no geed purpose, but
would, en the ether hand, work nn In
jury nnd cause unnecessary suffering
en the pnrt of u great number of work
ers," declared Jnceb II. Davis, presi
dent of the District Council, Ne. 5.
Mnny of the strikers applied for work
nt the plants Monday morning. A re
cent referendum en cnlllng -jff the strike
showed workers throughout the country
overwhelmingly ngalnst such n step.
Foreign Ministers te Discuss Near
East In Paris February 9
Paris, Jan. 31. (Hy A. P.) The
meeting of the Foreign Ministers of
France. Italy nnd Orent Ilritain te dis
cuss Near F.nstcrn questions, notably i
Shotguns for Liquor Guards
Washington, Jan. 31. (Hy A. P.)
Liquor gunrds in Tennasyee arc te belAB,n jnneri wh,cl wnH erKinnlly M.t
armed with sawed-off ehetguns, Fed- for February 1. has new leen tentn-
oral Prohibition Director W. A. Smith, tlvcly fixed for February 0 at Paris.
A postponement was requested by I
Lord Curzon, the Urltlsh Foreign Sec-1
re.tnry, because of his desire for mere
of thnt Stnte. today rcnertcd te Cem
mlssiener Ilayi'es. Te prevent robber
ies nt rejfulnr distilleries nnd ware
houses, Mr. Smith said, n eeniiriinient
of npccl.il sawed-off shetgins for the
gunrds had been received, as wdl ns u
supply of uliclls leaded with buckshot.
time te examine the French reply te the
Urltlsh memorandum regarding the
trcnty between France and the Turkish
mmt '
'fefsiuslatli our tradtmul. ltidestifiucmrrrcdurt.
Iluer Chreilcal Ce. lne.. Nct Yer
western shlliin'rs.
all ether industries had net had te face
losses during 101!0 and li)l.
"Ne doubt that is true," the witness
replied. "IJut looking lit it from n
public service standpoint railroads are
public utilities .which have no opper.
tuulty te idle up funds during periods
of prosperity upon which they cun de
pend in lean times.
"Fer instance, during the war nearly
every industry nccumiilnti'd Immense
profits, some of which were held hack
te tide them ever. The railroads were
unable te secure anything but normal
returns and their rates nnd revenues
alike were held down."
Law Commissioners Will
Impressions of Districts
llairihbure. Jan. .".!. (Ity A. P
Redney A. Mercur. County Solicitor of
lirndfnnl. war today re-clcrtrd i-hnlr-inau
of the Filiferm Tax Law Coimuls Ceimuls Coimuls
neli at its lveryaiilzall'in lieic tedny.
Ueprcontntlve Jehn (i. Marslmli,
Ilcavcr, w.ih le-elis-ted serictaiv.
The members of the commission will
Mt their home districts and bring their
iiiiressIeim of popular opinion In regard
te he nropexed lax rode te n met ling te
In. lwlil hen- in Mnn:h. A series of
held throughout
If our complpMen Ih liiem'cd y
freckles, pimples or miy rkln dlsioliirntlens.
Black and Wldte lJeauty Illeudi w 1 n.ine6
Illarfc nd Whltn tleauty llle.ri. .1 il.ilntv
CQldssninneil skin tenutltler. 1 easiiv applied
t liedunii' and Nimhcd off ni'M nmrnliu. It
.will net inJuru triH imiKt (lMlciiix Hkln nnd
toen m.ike.i tlic cnmplexinn I'lenf and Hineuth. ' nKidillgS will thill be
i'S OH,!."ecJ.ar,Meu3h WmpIll.. iHe,Ijat.nln Ludlow, of Philadelphia
Tnn for a r (i u liu I'nwder l'uff of kphuIiie one of the two new members, uttumeil
(luerilenn containing a two weeks' -upply ' ,s idnce en the cenillllKsinil.
ffthe perfect fncj powder lllnck ami Wldte i '
' InfenUA rf llniia.. I .a..HM l.lnn i ' "
:;.. i i..' ."V.'vi"".7I"u.'.'' V:: ,." . . ..i r,r-r. nr- r-i r-n-rr-n
UULUIMtL ritrtu niz-cLceicu
Qet&ll llll lnfnrinntlnn rairnnllnr. ,ln l.i'i nf I fi
lne prnpcrtics ur lleautj llleacli mailvd uien
Unanimous Choice of Nev Jersey
Legislature for State Treasurer
Trenten, Jan. 31. The Legislature
In joint session today re-elected Col
onel William T. Head, of Camden, ns
(State Treasurer for three jeers nt u
I salary of $11000 a jear by n iiiianimeus
i vote. The Demeeratle minority sup-
ported his nomination by milking Mr.
Head the party cheiee. Senater Charles
I). White, of Atlantic County, lienit-
niiled Treasurer lliyid.
folenel Ueud i- u hiwjer and lee
1.1 if tin. first Nnlieiiill lunk
of Cinndeii. a ilireeter of the West Jer-
M.V Trust Company, n member of the
New Jere Serlety of PeniMvlviinla
npHE demands of
J- business require
uninterrupted facilities.
... . i . i.1. I...
nnd insuiei i.Aiiniu" i
1 Heard of IMiieatlen.
f the Caiiiden
20 Graduated at Norrlstewn
Nnrrlslewii. I'a.. Jan .31. -The an-
l iMiiiinienieuient of Norrlstewn
MHi Selioel tool; place this afternoon
in the High
Se ion uudlterillin,
recelM'ii iiiiieiinis.
wiis Milutaieniiii
Men of
Tlie Business
Philadelphia are
fully fortunate in having
two excellent telephone
systems scrviii"; them.
The -10,000 KEYSTONE
Automatic Telephones,
which the Business Men
are using, give them tele tele tele
Phone insurance - a n d
speedy sure servictS and
at the nominal cost of
$108 per year. Ne limit
'te the number of mes
sages, call nil you want.
Cull Mr. liUikc, iiacc 00, for
Keystone Telephone Ce.
15 S. 2d Street
and Harry
lleuser. wileilleieriiiu. jm. ..........
I ,1 usei , de.ili of Wharten Scheel, made
, I'lresses. Harry W. Akins, ideal
of selioel beard, awarded diplomas.
ministry, but he hair ether ambitions
and insisted en beeeming a student of
the law. He finally overcame Ills fa
ther's persistent r. Three ether children
and n meager ministerial salary com
pelled eung Kcnyen te work his way
through college. He earned tils school
money In u fence factory at Iowa City,
lie performed nil sorts of odd jobs anil
taught school te secure the necessary
funds. Finally he had te give up Grin
nell after two years and begin the Im
mediate study of law nt the State uni
versity. He wns grndiintcd with dis
tinction n few days before his twenty
first birthday.
Twe years after locating in Fert
Dedge, Iowa, he was elected Prosecu
tor of Webster County. He was twenty-
two at that time and served four years.
At thirt) -one he was made a District
Judge and held the place two jeurs,
when lie resigned.
Mr. Ken) en was made a local attor
ney for the Illinois Centrni Uailrentl in
1001. and in 11)07 was promoted te a
i general atterne)sliIp, which lie held un
til I'.tlt). when he became nn assistant
te the Attorney (lenernl of the I'nltetl
States. He had te de with the beef In-
est igat Ions and after Senater Dollivar
died, contested the election for that bent
with Lafe Yeung, who held it by ap
pointment, mill was elected. He wns
iv-elerli'd 111 11)13.
Burlington Pedagogue Accused of
Offending Minstrel Shew Audience
ISurlliiEten, N. J.. Jan. 31. Inter
vention in ids behalf by members of
the alumni may save for T. W. Smith
Ms position en the faculty of the Ilur Ilur
liagten High Scheel. His resignation
was demanded ljist week, after he bail
participated lit ' ft school ministrel show
in which, it is charged, lie told borne
jokes that elfeniletl the audience.
At a special meeting of the nltimni
hist night tlie case was thoroughly dls
t iissetl. Many of the members mis
taiueil the Heard of Lducntleii In its
dismissal of the teacher, while ethers
urged (i lighter sentence. After u reso
lution asking the beard te grant the
teacher a hearing had been rejected an
other wus adopted asking for a lighter
sentence, '
Seme of Smith's defenders urged that
the jokes he told weie no worse than
some that have been presented nt ether
public minstrel shows in this city. Krrer
of judgment, wither than evil intent,
they said, was the most that could be
charged against him.
A temnilttce of the nliimni went be
fore the school heard then ill session at
City llnll, and presented the petition.
Pending n dual decision Smith was per
mitted te withdraw his resignation,
which had been presented en demand of
Supervising Principal Vunii II. Smith.
Vocational Guidance Series : -QyJ. p. mqevqy
, Mew te lie ii NlRhl Watchman
EVLKY one should strive I" become
a night watchman.
of life In which
Then- is n wn
Night V" iiml the watchman's honest
icpl.v. "What of It?" Could an.vthing
be mere beautiful, mere poetic? The
answer, of course, is: Yes, an) tiling.
therefore, since uight-wutclillig Is a
veu will meet se many iiil,'e,-t'"K I'0!'-' pi nfesslim of vast importance with
'pie Who else but the night watt n- , R,.0.lt possibilities, tills lessen en hew
man knows se many sin -stu acteis, ,(l M,,.(im(1 n,,t VM,tcbiuan will un-
pulleeuien. newspapermen. mngia s,i d,,,,!,,,.,. j, 0f vital liillueiiee In our
automobile bandits, out- nil 1 1, .mt l' 1 1 f
l.nsliii.ss men
of. low n salesmen, musicians am
...i l.di iiircs one te
wide awake us that of night wuteh
nV I defy )ou te mention another
I ilttll t mum .vi'i ""
I se
! man
i I nn. mi
nil' . ... I.. I.,
Went ether job requires tue ii.i.-s.b .
, Merlf.iee. the will-power.
I!!lf.,ellan.c. the aggressheuess h.
iei il.. - we i, i" "-
, .i... i..,'.. ..,. when was 1
'veTvh e e el, rc.,nlrcs all lhe-e
, l.h.gs? Lets of them. I su..ese, but
I haven't lime m wiiimenilu them.
..I,.',;. I
YiMialUe, if .Mitt can, n nation com-
x.J posed eniirely of night watchmen, nil
". .i ...ii ..r
the result of leading this article. 'I he
dti)s will no longer be filled with wor
ries and anxieties every one will be
asleep in his little white bed. The sin
ful iilfhr lift, nnd nil tin. tidetiH crimps
new iissitciated with the dark hours will'
he abolished every one will be a night
watchman en the lookout te sfliuiics
'"''just such pernli toils activities.
Ah, that will indeed lie the milieu
nliini net the dawn of a new day, but
the dusk of a new night.
can see
T ..i,.lii.wiitchliiir is no
"- IHfl" "
,, ni, Mint, profession,
the above that
mean, 1 1 1 mj -
It bus been Im-
iind story,
- nil
FIM en looking back tlueugh this
tide thai I have said cry little en
hew te become u night watchman, but.
as Jenah told the whale, "A little of
this ge'cN n lepg way."
J Frem Editorial in the New Yerk Evening M
elWM Journal, December 31, by Arthur Brisbane. i
PJMih Reprinted by Underwood Typetvriter Ce., Inc. a
J '" " I II I I . "" ' I fl L
The Wonderful Human Bedy wmm
And Athletics Werth While.
Ceprrlxhl. 1023, by SUr Company. (k
liiHHHHiliiHiiliiiiiiiiHiiiwlMNiSrtBFLliiiiiiiH w
Here is," for the time "beinffi the world's champion typewriter
and a really useful athlete.
He beat all comers, writing steadily for one hour, 136 WORDS
A MINUTE, which means twelve strokes a second.
Loek at the second hand as it moves en your watch, or count
l,and realtee that what it means for the human brain te order and
carry out twelve different motions of the fingers in one second.
There is intensified mental athletics that makes the hundred-yard
dash, the pole vault or the Marathon seem slew, te say nothing of
being useless,'
As this young man wrote in the contest, he"read and "copied n
story which he had net seen befere, called "In Ged's Country.';,
And de you realize the various operations included in that marvel-,
eufl performance of twelve strokes per second.
The eye read;the word, The nerves of the eye told the brain
what word was te bevritten.. The brain told the fingers what the,
letters were, where they were located en the machine, and the
flying fingers,' taking the knowledge that first came te the eye or
the off erent nerves, and the order they came down the neck, the
arms, te -the ringer'tips through the effervent nerves, kmadethe
twelve' strokes successfully.
He kept his mind entirely en that for one hour. That won wen
derful dynamo, that stored energy, the eye seeing, the brain imme
diately transforming the printed word in the letters, the nerve
and the musees in the fingers carrying out the brain's orders
It is difficult te conceive anything mere remarkable. Yeung Mr
Hossfeld may well include in his daily prayer: "I will praise th
Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made." It takes intell'.
gence te de geed typewriting; it takes extraordinary adaptability,
co-ordination of nerves and muscles, steadiness and will power te
de what this young man did,
He deserves praise, as dee3 every man who docs A USEFUL
STtlKRIlAV, JANUAllY 3t. 1022
Tep-Notch Values in Our February Sale of
Furniture & Bedding
Yeu May Avail Yourself of the Privilege of Our
Easy Payment Club Plan.
$250 Living-Roem Suits, 0?1 OK (( Each
Special at
Clese-out of this discontinued pattern nt n, tremendous sacrifice.
Suits consist of 6-feet davenport, large armchair and rocker. Cov
ered in geed quality tapestry.
$400.00 10-Piecc American Walnut (T?1 OQ )TA
Dining-Roem Suits D AOeJV
. LA iffl & ,n,rrer & X J)
WwWm. - ill
U V '"
6G-inch -1-leg-front buffet; inclesed serving cabinet, oblong ex
tension table and plain china closet. Five side chairs and one arm
chair. Queen Anne Period designs.
.1 rtgQUAL, almost, te the "Wonderful Human
Bedy" is the Underwood Typewriter, used by
Mr. Hossfeld, and ALL previous world's champion
typists for J5 consecutive years. It is se scientific
ally designed, se skillfully manufactured, that it
responds with unerring accuracy even at the mar-.
veleus speed of 12 strokes per second.
Underwood Typewriter Ce., Inc., 100G Chestnut St., Phila.
,-JSL, $500.00 er5g?:v
& WJf Leuis XVI y I .
! Bedroom I j i,
aMl suits JK-rf I
ill " :-",0,w aas " II A(x t
It" rPf
In American walnut or niaheganj . Consists of 4C-inch dresser,
full vanity case, cliiffelette with .sliding trays and bow-end bed.
S3S.00 Brass 0M Q HL 2000 $2.00 Pure Feather
Beds DVI O Pillows te Be Sold nt, Q r
! Ench 7JC
Helster te Match. Sl.'J.'i
-inch Colonial pest beds with $u.50 Rell-Edge Felt-and-issive
cups ami eight lU-inch .-,.. e.. i.:r.e: me r
er reds. As shown. ' lbre Combination $g.35
5-10.00 Heavy Iren Crib,
January Sale- tf-J A rTPT ,y
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20.00 Rell Edge l'ure White
Layer Felt Oil 1 7K
Mattresses. &11.D
S:J2.00 Silk Fless UJ1 Q 7K
Mattresses al?.'3
Diamond Link
Finixlu-d 111 walnut: dainty feteel 1 Knrintrs :i(
cane panel at ends: dren side.
Price includes heavy National
fabric spring. As shown.
25.00 Enamel Qi j TJZ
Reds tPJL'yb. i t
I 1
m 1
$6.00 Brass
' Dull or bright finish;
' well-braced legs; 2-inch
'JL inch squure pest with best ' je!es with numeieus
bakt'd-enamel finisli. Ten 1-ineli uekjj,
snuarc llller reds: full bizc. Illus-
tratl. ' StlELLEeuruS l-'if tli Fleer
Hr!!m39v 1 ii jBBBri

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