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faiening public ?cibger
4 CYIlUfl it. K. CURTIS', I'ttMIDRNT
Jahn C, Martin, Vie Prld.nt nd Trinsitrerj
Charln A. Tylrr, Rfcrlryi Chare II. I.iKlInc I.iKlInc
ten, Philip H. Cetlltii, Jehn It. Wllllnma Jehn J.
Uptimeen, Cleerir V. Ueldnnli'i, David K flmlley.
Ji AVID B. WMtt.KT. .. . ;.llinr
JOHNCJIAJITIN.. ..Otnrl lluslnts MnnaMr
Published dully at Pdrue t.naCB Ilulldlng
InilDfndtncrt Uuuarr. PIiIIimIeIuhih.
Aimntie Cut..... Press-Union Hullillnic
Nutv YOUR Ml Maili'mi Ac,
DcrxeiT 701 Feul tlulMlnf-
l"T Letus .... 013 Qlebf'Dtmncrat ltulM nc
ClllcVfie 1302 TrOunf Dulldlnt
N. I:, Cur. Pennnylvanla A nn,l tl'
Nmr TeK nuilAU Tim tfmi ltulldlng
Le.'l-ON ntmuu TrafaUur ItulUliir
Tlie Kuninii PrsMO l.rtsim In nnl te suh-
crlBsra In rhlladalphia inn iirreunillr,a towns
t lh rats of twlv 111') enis pr wfk. rayabm
te th rarrUr.
iir man te point eutw or riiiiaiiaipMa
th t'nlteii Slain, t miuda. or rnue.1 fi.au pm
aslena, reaiaga frca. firtv (4UI cnt pr month.
hix Ittll dollar per ar, palil tn ad vane.
Te, nil fernlsn riiuntri nna (Jl) dollar ft nienlh.
Notiei Hubtcrtbera n lulling addra cdanstJ
mull g old an well new addrea.
nt.i i
3000 WAt.MT
M V-lONf. Ml 1601
tZf tddrfj nil rommi'mielcntii ie ramp 1'iihlte
irtdyrr, hidrvndrnrr f'lumr Ptnlml Inli'ti
Member of the Associated Press
run ASSOCIATED Vnt SS It rxcluwly en
titled te the utr for i '-pnbhrai ten of nil nttc
dispatches credited te it or net ethernite credited
in this paper, and also the local ntu i published
therein ,
Alt rights n rpiuof(ilien of special dispatches
hrrrin are also rrsrrved
riiiiiJfi.iii.. TuM.i.y. j..iu.ry 31, p::
MAYOU MUUUi:, apparently ius-plrlted
bj liix l'lerida varaileu. h reuirnliii;
home lired with enlhnlam fr advatirliis
tlie exposition project
Durliii; his nbcetipp the ne iiieM'm Iin
been rarrled te u s-tase from which ii ean
be lifted mil by nil net m rxpln it dei i-leii.
All thp lindlngt lmp been collected. Tin
report of the KngiiiperH' I'luli wns tiled with
the Kxeciitlve Ceminittee nf I In Setqnl Setqnl
C'eiiteiiiiinl Aneinl Icin ctcHm , Impnr
taut entries luid been preiletiah iiiinle bv
the I'liiladelplnn Ki'mI INtnle Ituiird mid
the American Intllule of An-hitei t.v
A number of lniprnclir.il rcccitiiinpiidutieiis
have been ellininaled. The ebon e Is new
nnrrewed down te four or five 8"ti Ins- fir
thp fnir.
A Held for Mr. Moere's pent-up energies
la nvnllable in the exposition eninrprifc.
Anv prcsMire exerted te lirin; about n
apeeih selection of i lit fair locution nnd a
director gencrnl will lie welcome
TllVt fit ordinances require every house
holder te. clean the snow from Hie side
walk in front of his house. Meat house
holders clean the snow e(T net because cf the
compulsion of the erdinames. but beiauc
thr believe it ought te lie done for their
own comfort nnd for the comfort of these
Trhe use the walk. Itut there are some who
for one rraen or another neglect their ob eb ob
Tleus duty.
The Director of Public Safely has an
nounced thai he intends te enforce the ordi
nance and te inflict the penalties en these
who disregard it. lie Is justified in this
course, for clean sidewalks for pedestrians
lire nlmest as important as unebsti lifted
atreetH for vehicles.
Thesp cilizptis who wish ie escape an In
terview with thp pelhe will have their
wnlkn clran before night.
IN ACCORD with u zealous personality
wen the death of Sir Kruent Hhuckletim
In barnesa.
Te this Indomitable and Ingratiating
rentlM and explorer the cempiest of ihe
Seuth I'ele was denied. Indeed, although
his nehlevpnipnts have contributed largely
te the Mini of liutunn knowledge. i-iccial'v
in the realms of botany, wnlngv, geology
and geography, he wns en the whole mere
widely honored for what he was t linn for
what he did
As intrepid as either Richard 1'urten or
denernl (iordeu, us sueepillile as either
of these English romantics te the call of
adventure, Shackleton was their supurier
In temperamental balance and no whit be
hind th.eiTiln a kind of intluetuc ihlxalry.
His last ejnge, ill-larred fiiini the nut -et.
when the tlnj Qucat was almet wrecked
off Lisben, was designed without regard te
apectaeular effect and v. imll.i in the interest
nf lentllic ncciinicv The cbnriliig of
austral seas, the accumulation of uce.mo uce.me
graphic data and of facts concerning sub
merged islands or pesMbU een et irritl.
nentn-' were its prune eliicci ivc. That
Tnnt sweep of Southern waters, where the
great oceans of tbe world imi be -aid te
meet, ii s'ill a region ef'ni.Muen
Amuiidieii, It U true, feunil the pole, but
neither his dash nor the tiugic enture
of Captnln Scott exhniited the opportuni
ties for illuminating discewri". en the
under side of the planet In a sen-e tlie
latest Shnekleten enterprise was a "mep-pillg-np"
expedition. It will he ciiiried tl
as its original commander himself would
have wished.
Had he join noted further )n ihe euest
his fame might have been enriched te de
tails, but net in qualm The pennntien-e
of his reputation is alreaih assured and
H I. high.
A nathe of Snulliern Ireland his i luir
neter -was an iidinnnble blend i.f il,ee Celtie
and axon trnltn. Hie imbilit mi.!
aenslbillt of whiih n,' MMdh wuit
'ii in
the history of that 'inpire whhh
agent of 1 1 1 z u 1 1 1 1 he mi iii
a - an
ii ngl
'ASII;TII new th,.,e ,ni 0 .
movement for n detailed exiiniiuiii i.. ,.t
the building cedes and lueiiines t defer
mine the efticiciicv of the sisicin l.v vUii. h
Hfety laws nie rnferred. Then ni ,
high lOMllies null lllljcr mi, klllr,, ,,,(
regret and agil.itioe in ('euer.H, , ,;,
ptllpitH llllll III the newspnpeis of the i ,1V
Se It gees The i in ,s iilre.i.h en ,,i the
Heuse anil the Senate And it is therefore
the mere interesting i leek closely ,n t.
leperls from Washington and find thai the
same ('eiijreHsuien who have been sv.
tematicnlh culling deuu or keeping down
tne appriiprmtiunH allowed te the l-'Tte nnd
Police Bureaus and the llinlding lupe tun.
Division of the Distih I mlinltiisti-niuc M.
lem are new wringing their henda and ile
mnnding in picturcrue Inngunge in knew
why the (iilaslrephe mi the Km. kerhecker
Theatre could net have been pieveiiled
TllPfe ate leusetis te believe lhat the
hllildillg laws in inan.v niies lie, ame undulv
elastic during the war boeui it M rciisen.
able te suppose thai if tisuul rules were en
forced there WeiUd have been no sudden
flnughler of a multitudi gathered for no
evening of relaxation in a theatre , ,
marily, however, and despite iin.vthmg that
Censresh or the District etluiiiU maj iiiv or
prove In their formal Inquiries, the cellnpc
of tlie tlienlre was due Ie the Increasing in
disposition of public ellieials in the I'midl
States te formulaic and enforce Inns fop
proper protection of life and prepcrij.
As a people we trust ten much te luck.
Thnt habit Is inns) conspicuous ameu pub
lic eIIlelltlH lu thlw rllv the tire dcpait
Wnt Is alvva.vs iinder-eiuipicd and uudci
tfMltneu, The police ferci is about hnlf as
', $fK "s eilgli (e be, Tlie Uullditig lu
:'f ,ui;imi nureau nun i"c tmi .uarmaru
ilbalil tire, but
rbqiuiiuy ersaiiizctt U9
r ' l .
cause of n luck of mono? Ter nthet pur
posed fundi rati iilwaa be found Rut for
Ihe precautionary measures necessary I"
Insure n city like this against great acci
dents nnd great flrs nntl tlie like, money is
seldom nv'ailnble In ntlcqiintp t) tt n ti 1 1 1 -
Stich Investments show no inimrdiitti' re
turns. That is why tliey ate net popular
Willi public officials here or elsewhere. "
oflen sppiitM tlint cities llkp ours go along
safely enough. Itut we don't. Seener or
Inter we pay fur years of negligence with n
few days (if Hie sort of horror that has de
c ended en Washington.
Voters Must Take Their Heads Out of
the Sand and Fight ths Financial
Incempetency In Harrlsburg
TT 1!
1 for
IS nbeui lime lhat the men iespiinih!c
r the gevernnieiit of this. Stale slop
their dickering about possible c.iiidiil.Ucs
for the governorship and for membership In
Ihe (ieneral Assembly nnd devote their at
tention te ihe larger Issue. nt stake.
Mr. tlrund.v charged Inst spring that the
fikless appropriations b,v ihe Legislature
were biingmg about demerallzul ion in the
Slate llnaiices. lie snid that theic would
be n large deficit in a few month- with no
money In sight te pay it.
Auditor (ieneial Lewis has jul told ihe
Allegheny Count v blanch of the League of
Women Voiers that this deficit N new
about SJtii.OiHI.OOO mid lhat It i likely te
he SIO.O""X befetc the period for which
ap;iopriaileiis were last made expires.
Mr Lewis blames this condition upon
the tinbu-iness-llke methods of the I.egls
lilt ere The members Mini it easier te vole
appropriations iisked for In inlleeutinl or er or
gnill.nt'ens than ' refuse llietii. After
voting the money thev de ium provide for
Ihe revenues te meet the new expenses.
There w no d"iib: that mm h of Ihe
money is voted with the hope tlint ihe Cov Cev Cov
eneor will prune down ihe nuieunis until
the total is within the estimated receipts.
And the li.iveiner ml down the appropria
tions te such a Hsu re as seemed possible
te ral.se
I'.til the Governer was misinformed about
t'he available revenues The mail who mis
informed him hi't winter was t'harles A.
Snvdcf, then Auditor (ieneral That of
ficial iinepaied a statement of anticipated
rvenues whhh he suit m the (inventor
and te the members "f the Legislature in
which an estimate of receipts was made
a'iflicictifl.v large te meet the ceniemplalPd
appropriations. v, one knows en vvli.it be
based Ins conclusions. And n one can find
u copy of his estimate at this time. Every
cepv I. as m.vsterieusly disappeared
There were no ailivpiate data- for anv -tlmates
when Mr. Lewis took thaige of the
Auditi r Ceneral's ether in Mnv. and It
was impe.-ible te barn from ihe hooks
what the tin.inclal condition of the State
viis It wns net until Mr. Lewis had put
commercial auditors en Ihe books that he
found positive proof thai the St .He has
been apnreprlaling men1 than lis i -ipis
for several uirs until the enormous deficit
has ncetimulntiil He found, tee. lhat this
deficit has been met bv borrowing money
in anticipation "f future (olleciieiis in dis
regard of the const it ut tonal provi-Ien that
net mere than SI.IMiO.IhW can ! borrowed
for such a purpose.
Mr Lewis is a member of ti," 'mp Re
publican organization. He l making his
disclosures in Ihe Interest of a -.Hinder hu-i-lies-
method in State finance. The fails
ought te have been di-closed vear- a:e If
I 'iev had been ihe school- and chanties of
the State would net be clamoring vaiulv
for the money appropriated te them Ii
would have been paid when n was due
I.ui new there is net enough mono in sight
te meet these obligations nnd no prosper
of an. The schools and charities In nerv
section "f the Slate will feel the pillch of
ti bel'eie iin.v ietne.lv .an be applied.
These intolerable conditions will net be
. ire. I If the men who a-e prep mug the
sl'lle te he voted at I lie pt una ri' - In Miv
devote then ntlciiiien e, I Isivelv iii divid
ing ihe nlfii i among deserving p.irtv
workers se'e. te. te streiigtlien the power of
this man or that
We uiil-l have a (ienrii nniuited le
u-e nil the powers of his i.liee te put the
fiiiniicial affairs ,n a sound hu-iues- liai
and te bring an end in ihe legl-lative pnic
the of passiug tie bu. k en all financial
inn I ters
We uiil-l have a I.' gi-liitui mpeseil
of men who will assume the re-peu-iluli'ies
of Ibeir etiices and will keep the nupreiu ,.i -
liens within t lie estimated i pn. I'm-
tunalelv we have no Auditor tictier.il who
will make a it usi wet lli e-nmate I I mi
a .arefiil stiulv of the it"lable i.i.ipt i.i.ipt
flein nil possible sniirc -
Itut even then tbeie will ,ii.,iin tlie
eii.irmeu. dell It te he tnk'ii an l in some
vvn The siiiinilen is -m. Ii ris te justlfv
i ei v l.u-iin-s miere-t in ' I I'omiiion I'emiiion I'omiiien
weiiltli in bringing pie--,.i' te I ear upon
he p. .Ill I" Ill lea. lei te i"due I In iu te slop
playing pelm s nnd te ;e .meniieii
te the real bu-iiiess nf gev, ft, ug They
have ref i-e.l te inert the i- i
It clinriel be .1 voided lll'l, h lull;
litii.ging nbeui a pnilic.il f-r
will -.h ihe indiffirenr bad.
tee long,
ei which
inie ob
il revolu revelu
,ive them
i indent I v
i H'
, pit-
sin h I"
I we .
pi" .1
at ii i-
iiWEYER vielentlv i 'eiumuni-i aigu-
li.lt . 1,1-h M .III se I MllOll (lipi -
, l.l-h VI .III se i mIIei
l-i'lt ex. lie,
I-,,, ion iu H
,ii II. una ti e bint of cell -i.r..uii-'"l
pri -,' in f Nil"11
I. en lie Is
'I here ,
of i be .mi
'Jut. Hun
a -iiggesl ion iH-n of a new lee.ird
mil, s of i ii i ei ii 1 1 ,,,iiii I sport -mail -i,
,'e. ulei'ilv iifi'ishing A ni-"
deemed worth llghling ler J- wertli staling
Te We-t.i'ti minds nt le.isl the Sevni
nlliluile rcspei Mug ihe j't-inkipu invite. en
wns emphnti, allv unaepealing. Il u no -possible
nl tins Inte date le conjecture vvnnt
llllghl have Ii, en lie , elsciUCIW es ,,f th,
niiileienee wllh Russia prope-cd in I'H'i.
hut il Is undeniable Hint the uniuissen
auie, In disdainful sulking wn- net u
lievernnicnt thnt neers tit retpu-is fop
nn explniialioe of lis prlti(diles i e.ilc.i
l.itcd In dull Ihe -vinpathies of uninformed
eiilsidi I'
ll s rumored thnt Leiuiie k ,ieiuie.
le slugger tlie i enference will, repara
tion demands for damages by ihe various
abortive ceuniei revoliilieii-, m i bin b,
will answer feiiigu claims ag,nu-i the old
Russian Heveriiuieul by the pi esentaiieu of
a new and formidable bill lint whatever
I lie exlieiint. of bis nit tcip Hml imserliens,
It i- lllllli I uilllllllv belli i fin them t,, .
Iraiikl made ihan l,,i iIime in lie rcpiis e.
in silicon
Questions nuiv ! rai-e.l nl Hie confer.
en ce ceiictriiuiK me lioisiievist slandlit;
my, Its iniiKliltuile
nnd, liiteiiHens.
Is no need te s ippee that the. elher dele
gates will be contaminated by the presence
of the Soviet Commission which Lenlnc
will head. The (ievernmeuta of the hated
bourgeoisie will probably have it point e
two te make, niid there Is no Indication lhat
I hey will be reluctant te justify themselves.
In recognizing the (ieiien program the
Communist regime by implication admits
lhat the structure of the bulk of civilisatien
is mil te be overthrew n b.v venomous propa
ganda, l.vrnnp.v. rapine, stniighler and n
suppression of all the Instincts of fair play
In devotion te Marxian socialism.
There are innumerable aspects- te flic
problem of Russian iclatlens with the lest
of luimanlly. The issue s; complex', and
tbeie are few etilrlghl heroes en either side.
Hut the Indispensable prerequisite te even
a skeleton of ndjusttnent Is acknowledg
ment of realities,
I.einne is nppareutlv willing le speak for
Russia and li.s political philosophy with
rcfeieme in facts. Se much is a step
ferwatd and an index of Ihe spiril of coin cein coin
pieiulse. without which all progress must
'piIEY ate Mttetnpiiiig te nig ihemselvis
i- out In New erk net from under the
snow, which prebiblv will lie mound a le.ii,:
June le prove Mr llvlan's couicntieu that
lainthiiuy is ii onset witlve institution net
given ie era?- experiments with reform,
hul fieni under a w.iglu of woeful forebod
ing re.it oil bv advanced diagnosis of the
meaning and profeun.l-r influence of ,Usa
The population of Maiihatlati is being
clenl.v divided Inte .amps of the pre-jn?.
and the ntiti jnxx. Tlie 1 igh Mile of anxious
feeling appears te ,,ii h i reached en
The pulpits of fashion ihlc .hui.hes mng
with denuiitdallens of modern music and
the dances that acceiui anv it. Men of ,i
plulosephicnl turn f in-u, wrote of Ibeir
fears iu the lievVspapei - A dignified dally
.teiiriinl gravely atineiin. . I the nppeintment
of a jaw: editor, whose dulv, it seems, will
he ie leek Inte the matt'i tight the modern
mama mid save the world
The Rev. Dr. 1'ercv Su. km v l Irani snid
lhat modern music js bin an out waul s.vmp s.vmp
lein of desirin live publi. lever-, an orcbes ercbes
Iral iratislaiien of the ihvthni of a mil
vetsnl gallop backward te -ivngeiy and the
jungle. Others pretpiideil te see the vims
of .tnzi! working in policemen and politicians
and driving them te nets of brutality or
Meanwhile, tlie people of tlie stricken iltv
weie being introduced te n pi.iv sjiciallv
vvrilleii and aclcl te show thnt we me nil
(Inuring together toward the pit The iiess
agints- w he used te be pi em geed tml
dlers in their reckless youth i mouths
aje auueuuee lhat the stage has turned lu
the nick of time te held the .rumbl.ng world
t. iget I. or.
It is likelv lhat a survey of I'lnl.idelpliia
or Washington or Itosten or t'hii age' would
reveal a similar general uneasiness of mind
among people who arc, as .veu m.jht say.
onpifiietisl thoughtful. The way te
llelieiina is illuminated f,,r ihe I uite.l
Stales, we aie lel.l. by the white lights of
Maui sued
due wen.bi-s whether Dr. (iiuut ami tie
authors of the newer-pi ebleiu plays, the
mere anxious ilerg.vineu nf all denomina
tions mid the writers of the despairing
books of the hour ever go si-jht-ecing mi
wh.'ie else than en Main street., lin.adwti
is, niter nil. but a small pail of New Yerk,
and it isn't nearly si wild as interested
New Yorkers themselves would have you
believe. Thnt. however, is aside
Someone ought te lake Dr. ( i I'll tit nil, I the
instz editors by the hand wild lead them mi
a lour of discovery through the ie.il.
Ameri, ii. wbiih Ins tar bivend the splits
and -eiiiuL of the ebtcr publics Tbete is
really such an America. It is nbiiul the
most cheerf'il thing iu I lie world le see. and
the people who have begun In mourn pi.b-
i , 1 v for vvlat thm call .i dving ivili.it ion
will continue le s. em oddly funny until they
go firth and get ac" iinte.1 with it
About I I'M- n'llt of ill" total popul.ltlell
of the t "tut -d Stale- j.iz.e- as a mailer of
habit or In iiie-tieu,-ib!e wav- f nil ihe
ever-fed und ev ei - money e, bounders in all
the Eastern Itles of the I'llltcd t.itcs. the
folk ill whose behavior a let of neivmib pen
jile see signs nf se. in 1 d. -integral Ien. weie
: be a-seuib'.i'd 1,1 one pla, e. there wouldn't
be enough of 1 hem Iii establish n borough of
the first cl.i-.
The meiiiu, 1- 'or Iv 1I1.1I 1011 ought te go
out te the f.ilin- .Hid 1 ' -in. ill teivns, the
tanclies .ind 1 he nidiisli'iiil cnnini'itiiiie.,
where. tnei;h llierc inie be j:u. music,
people, haven't time te ",. . ra.v ever it.
These 1110 people v. hose minds, being nor
mal, cannot be 1 ps.-t bv dm. e timi- More
over, thev men 1 limine idler- iln- '.HI per
cent of the iienple wlie live off .Mum stieet
in I iii- leiintiv Their h'en.l
.nine siii:n-ii" tlimunh lack
lia lia
et be
icnt physical ei. i-e.
Dr. (i 1. 1 nt in I ei In 1 - of In- vv.i v et ihink
ill" necl iini wnrr.v ,v,n ler l'le.nlvv.iy.
Thev in "(l eiilv find a way In solve the tin
employ lie hi piebleni 1- il is presented
among 'If' '' pro-peieiij men and women
and fn- .nil girl- nf '!- 'and They
should I'
slelllll I,"
it I- bid
binin 1-1,
ten In ,
I, up sim.e job- tin tne profes prefes
1 bu - Even j.i and sometimes
iieugu won't Ii 1 1 ..nv one who-e
-liglnlv -elien, , 111 adv. mi c by
dlene .
III I III". SE nf 1 . H M HUH 1 1 1,
nun t M
Mi e
I 'tin i
I'll IOl
If this
Hi .1 vv a
10 Ihe ,..11 lis., II lit
,, l 1 I- , "I I' ' I ,1
ch ' mug I' --en li"i i
I' I HIV II'' lli.leil i,e
- Hid ng I ,ie ..(ill 'II
ail.es III M".M,e Ul'l
,1, -ll ii live il operl ion
'i in i-i . Mildi re w 1
11 i it.i mid 'iirr.ni.i
..-dilc i
I In tig II
.vevei licit
W of Dill
II"' l II. Il
net w itb-
- ll.lt I
- IllUld
Hi:'., when
"I Cnder
in i nil vv nrfare wns
,t i In- and i
w.i- liit-g.-lv the bonier out-
t.i", - and
,-pi Illinois ng.iin-l viirleiis
I ,1'ldll-. ' aiai ten, d .1
v In, I, gave M llu ii '
, . ss.ilH . niilll. i
vv lib -ireild lll
bi Lu v i'1. The
.vcrnmi'iii luive
a inlllieii men.
le-s of l-'rnnce
c.mi i ha- Ik
p. ineipb's of
1,1 en ' lelellllv
ib'ie ,, i.H i,
v irjil'ii oil lb- r
nilii, le v. lei In r
the liiull.llll v
it is iiu in
n the W'ruld Win. weie intuath slain
the -ucce-slell of i,nll- mid I c ni ions.
Censuses have seldom be. n ,i. ciiralclv
taken in anv of the I.nl in Anicrn nn I'liun
ii'u Seme two de, nih's ,ige Hi'ailiaii Hi'ailiaii
beasteil thai Iheir federaii d icpubllc con cen
tHineil a nl f L'.'i. Him huh inhabitant
Little if anv iniic.i-e ..v.. that figure I-
tcnel led t ,lll
It I- pernil-s.l.le te pte.i.li through sta
II. in- Inn I' i- iilvviiv . vvi'M le imilliie
ibeir eiigin. nun ie retrain from
gernt ion
h gH mi. He vv. lining by exng-
Nl A
nil v
I iiigl.inil is i, ii-n g
."i per cent of ii
ii'Mini eineiits nn.
Ihe I'.ll III
,is iicii'iige of land mull i nil ivnlicii i.
-iciidilv ill i leasing. This in Itself iiced mi
be .lliirmiug. It' Is w bin happen- in fv.ii
cuininuiiil.v vvbeic in innlueturi s spiing i,
The disipin ting feature lie In the fact ibm
she is le-ing , " in 1 1 in ii I) t ti i lui i -, her ( n ,
giving up siipicm.ici in inn- in the V.-
( t Ml llllll II illlM' "I IIIC I.I' I l,nj
,1 I llllll' III -I I Ihl .. I'. I
'I Iii if I I' illi'H me 1 1
return tn ngliuiltuic
large or small, U best
Hlii nil, I -Hill mil
n lb, -ic iiiu-l be n
i uai cemmuiiii
served tnet ih kI
Hew She Decatne a Newspaper
Writer Her First Werk In Pitts
burgh Recalled An Insane Asylum
1 Experience Personal Rec-
I ollectlens
NELLIE ELY was burled In New Yerk
en Sunday.
She was Inld'awny In 11 sierni 1 lint was
typical of her vivid, romantic life; a life full
of tireless endeavor nnd journeys te strange
I ler inline means little te the present gen
eration of newspaper readers.
Thlrtv-llve years ngn It was en in.er.v in.er.v
bedy's tongue. Her achievement was cele
hralcM as iiui'pie In every elvillreiMnni1it
With n commission from the Xevv Yerk
World she circled the glebe in something
likp seven days less than Pillions Eegg. the
mythical traveler whom .Jules Verne sent
round the world In eighty days.
This is the story of Nellie III s begin
nings In newspaper work.
WERE are living today but two Individ-
familiar with the circumstances.
Eucene M. O'N'ell. wt MI one of the prlncl
p.il owners of the Pittsburgh Dispatch. Is
one. 1 happen te be the ether.
Possibly Colonel Charles A. Roeki presi
dent of the Dispatch Ceinpnin. may recall
some of (he instances, though 1 think he
was then away at college.
(Icorge A. Madden was managing editor
'of the Dispatch at the time lie wns a
klndl. lovable chap, with cerl.uii peculiari
ties, lie died n few years age near New
licerge Madden discovered N'eJIie lllv.
Nellie Ely's full name was Pink Eli7a
beth .lane Cochrane. She wns bem in Arm--tieng
County, but had been living for years
in Pittsburgh wllh her widowed mother and
an elder brother, .lefl'er-en Cochrane, a
traveling salesman.
I was cilv editor (yf ihe paper when one
dnv iu ISs,", Madden cnine te 111 desk with
a letter ill his hand.
"Here's n letter from a giil who wants te
de reporting. It's might well written and
I think I'll give her n chance," he said.
I recall that I protested ngnlnst taking her
en the local staff. Willi the prejudice of
forty years age, .wemeii lu newspaper work
were net then regarded as a success.
Miss Cechiane came 10 work and-was
taken In charge by Madden himself,
Iter first nsslgntnentsv while she was en
probation, were unsigned and were "spe
cials." She developed se rapidh. however. Hint
Madden decided te give her a tiem-de-plunie.
There was a line vein of sentiment lu his
nml:e-iip, and he signed her copy "Nellie
I'l.v." Thus she became kimwu te the news
paper world and te the New Yerk public
up le ihe time of her death last week.
She was then 11 girl of ighteen or nine
teen, of medium height, slender, dark brown
hair and eyes, u sllglillv retreusse nose,
featities net pretty but attractive, and a
wholesome, pleasing but whimsical manlier
yn.l an impatience of restraint.
THAT period of ii- nicer tlie Dis-
nalch. under l.ugene ' .M'll as c.liler-
in-ihief. was beginning 10 branch out into
th- wider paths of metropolitan journalism.
licerge Madden sent Nellie Ely te Mexico,
where -be wrote 11 -cries of brilliant letters
whii h were afterward published lu book
form. ,
After her return fiem Mc.xne. Ely came
Inte the local depaitiiienl. vvbeic she was
uillize.l for the higher class of society work.
Its huindiiim, lnutine cliariicter, the lie
icssity f,i. icpeitiug at fixed hours und sub
mitting le the discipline of the city room
weie dl-t.isleful te her
Her traveling expeiiciice hud wholly un
filled her for office restrictions and the rou
tine nf assignments.
Then began infractions of rule-.
I took the matter up with .Madden, and iu
In- gentle way be talked with Nellie ami
endeavored le rea-mi her out of her really
liile'erant inannell-lii-.
Snvcrnl months vetil b.v. Tbeie was no
improvement and the -ituatieu giew very
-I rained.
"Loek Inn i'." -be said te me one day,
selling herself beside the cilv de-k. "If you
don't want me lieie I'll ipill. 1 tan gi 1 a
better place lu New Yeik."
Illi: en
I of it was lhat Nellie Ely
1 wns in New i erk a year later, and a
in New erk a year later.
I stepped nfl the elevator in the I riliuue
P.ull.litig I came fine 10 face with Nellie.
"Wliit am ou doing here?" she dp
maimed imperiously She still chcii-hcd le-
enM t
It vanished in all iii-tant when I mid hei
I v 1- Irving te locate the office of the
1!m', l,eler Syndicate, of whi.h living Eatch-
, n nv t'he .eleliratc.l novelist, was the
V11 don't knew Mr Eutclielei ' All
1-1..1. 1 I'll I11110 dim veu ie him." She did
with 1
'I In
iiii.'i 1
iliaiiiuiig and und rveil eulogy
next lime I -aw Nellie Ely ii wns
stailllnglv dilTeu'iil i licuinstaiiic-.
ss; e-tnblilie.l ihe New Ynl k ntlli e
tne I'ittsbuigh Dispatch, with dire. I
wnr. nnd nil that, and went there le live
ii- n -xi nl corie-peiuleul
'r.i tt Sclumir.. a fermi r Disi.it h man.
I,. lug in New Yeik. was a freitieni
vis,mr ,ll Iiiv elliie III ihe Times Hllildillg
nil I'.irk Rew
li'l veu t li.it slot ill the p.ipeis
t '- i.'iinn: about them picking up a eung
". .i , mi tlie stud who leilldu'l tell aiiy
ll. ig abiuil herself' Cniuplclc le-s of
iinue tv." said Schant' one day.
I i. plied thai I li.i'l and thought it n vcty
in -ii , ciise
, wouldn't siirpn-e nie if it turned .nil
t , i ;lv Sounds like her."
I "I Hie same tlieiibi. but did net e
i,! in Sell. ml 11'' I- new l In bend of
.i gi. i, mid-West inaniifiielui ing concern.
iw-naiier sierics tuiiner ii.iu nuw tin-
," g vvemnii w.is
., I pmiteunccd
-ullering from iiinnesia
eiitinuallv the weid
, iiii-Ii wehI Ni Hie I VI luul
Mexi'e. Ihe circumstance pointed
Ml- piece i.f U'-Wspilper Welk Willi
, the i euii a I figure
Till, i.iikiiewu gill was subse.plenlly enl
., tin- Women's Insane Asylum mi
, l,wi l's 1-liind I flossed le (he Island
dnv nnd n-k'-d In l -hew it ihe young
.i i m mimed Morene
1 wns led Inte a In.' i uvular loom and
i te -it down and wail.
In i few mono ills u li'ln.lle lllllse walked
itb Nellie El bv her -ule. She was
i ..eil in an nn-ighllv calico gown ami her
. was inmbed straight back into u'li-.vihc
tlieiigli il was wbnl I
III, I ex peel ed, I
v ii- up-el for the Ui-lillll.
I in you knew me"'" in. lulled N
siinp'e. self possessed way, hsi
-en. Hi IV ill 111'1 eye-.
"Ne." 1 leplleii fin ilislanlly
tb.it slie was en HlackwcH's for a
"Did veu ever -ee me before?"
in a
I knew
she per-
s.sied Willi lenluleni iiiipuilenee in her
.1 il then the lilll-e million a nine instance
iwav for some purpose mid Nellie said
"I inn"! give me away .
"Don't be afraid." I replied
1 iiferlunalelv she failed le bear mv
mumbled i espouse and. as she afterward
told in'-, was in gient suspense lest I would
net understand.
Seme weeks nflei a young wetmiu wearing
n dark vill appeuied ,H my etlice. It was
Nillie. . . ,
I was coming anv hew le thank you for
what vii did." she said "I was released
vestcrday nnd Mr. Coekiell (Jehu A. Cuck
icll. cdl'ier uf Ihe World) told nie that I
must come nl "ine and thank jeii for your
courtesy, ou cniibl have wlicd n .lery (hat
would have made a -"ii-.iileti iu Pittsburgh
Her expeMiie of Ihe abuses in llu, insane
ilepiiituieiit en Hlai'kweH'H Island vmim one
of New Yerk's great K'usntlens of tlie day,
Nellie Ely'M- nubwiiueiit career aa a
traveUr-wrlter enn ner limrrlnBe te Rebert
L, JjCllinilii n3 vTivivi nuuwei
Epilogue ' m
..st. . iikrtrjit.vT .- ..r.S"ixns j.i... . J.i...i''.nii.uJ ji w-,'",l.i .mLk ..- ('' nt 1B
fflmftMsm w m
fflwMmmwtmxK$njKiMtx W'JiwiKKW.zxMttf'irdirrV i mm, ml fi.M,umt'di?)WM n p?Twi'r.x 2h.. t 'in ? i . .m
TnniiMffiwiTTff n ini'in i mm rwrirmM "tmi fi'n n nT nrTTiT irsici ni.-r xujinj3i4-aiT.TJii ti kevii ir. iii.it: il-jij; -i.ti !-.. i J: i h,xh
', UfflSEHMawsffiaSK MM lWwlwmk& Wmkmlruk mifwFI'rl lffii'VwTO'liwy!i'k',llyi ' w -y .?
lllMM!lffisS Em I mm mism " lsHIHHMP"S3 ISi'r'ewR i'M i &yin- , '
j.3 i.iafl., . a
Daily Talks II illi Thinking Philadalphiuns en Subjects They
Knew Best
On American Shipping
J- grr
IS entirely possible for veses of Hull
rent merchaiil Heet sailing under tne
Slars ami Stripes le regain I be ueminaii.
position which the Hag once had en Ihe high
-eas if methods of operation nie established
upon n p-aclicable basis, sa.vs WiUlnm IL
Tucker, secretary of the Heard of 1 rade.
'Shlpplug must be based upon service."
-aid Mr. Tucker. "Yeu cannot legislate a
nation Inte a high shipping position, and il
the country wants u fine merchant marine
il must siippeii that murine. While mi
American iiieichnni luaiiiie is an important
adjunct te American indiisfr In Ihe main
tenance of a foreign market for our excess
production, il must be borne in miml that
the shipper ilemands service pi inini lly, and
if the service maintained under his own
ting is net prepared te supply the masilniuui
of edit iencv in -pec.l and economy, he will
just ns i endll employ foreign bottoms
wherever and whenever his interests dictate.
"There Is llllle patriotism iu business in
limes: then Hie coiupeiiiieii is se w
ilmt the -hiniier
inusl employ I no nieuium
of Iraiispniliitien which gives
him Hie
service at the levvc-t co-i
Commercial Treaties
"The piope-ed iibiogiilien of lb niiiej1-
cial tientle- which ha- bc.-u uiged upon the
President is. te m.v mind, ilangeieus and
would jenpaidre su, cess of tlie Nalleli
iii international irade. It would doubtless
lead te retiili.Hei.v measures by the nations
nfTected. I bus having a lendeiicy toward
brln-ing about a ieinnierci.il wirfnie dl-as-ueus
te all .eti.erneil. The cliiuinallini of
feieign cemplin ion bv means of lcgilalIeii
slinidv menus the iniiititciiain e of higher
intes'thnn lb brought about by lempetl-
live service.
Should il.e l ui'lgn Heveniuieiils iclall
ate it would le-ult hi conditions b.v which
vessels would ciny cargoes only one way.
'Phis would in , ' only reduce the culling
power of the v. --,! immensely, but the ce-t
of the ene-wuv ,,nge would have le be -utli-
I'lellt te pa.V II"' uill xpcll-e- of the ve--
-el's trip. Te de this tin- f n iglit rates
would have le be enormously iiu'icascd -
as te make the bundling of the beats profit
able. "If trniis-ecenn tnighls III excess of such
laics as come niiiuiallv from open cunpell-
livc service be f I bv legislation, such
excess iralispoi'lntleii insts will hniid! .IP
every piedlicer of g I- expeiled nnd cverv
buyer "f geed- ini,eilid Ner cm such foil-
dltieiiK icsiilt iu ih" I, iltliy iiiaiuiKi n or
inaiiiteiiance of mil ne i, bant murine
"If the American merchant minliie is m
ebliilii lis slniic of ihe i .mi til of the
world, I r. inusl ninke it- rales as low ns
these 'of the foreign n it inn- Pieiglili sn
earned inusl yield I" ihe owners of the ves
sel a pi'ivenliige of pi, lit no lower thun Ihnl
ebliiiiied by foreign owners. Sin h earnings
should he made pes-ible bv ( leverniiu'in as
sistance or by legl-hilleu lemevllig mail
of the existing handl'iip-
"l would be llllfel I. hi. He a- well a- futile
in the long run If the ilesucd ie-esnblisli .
inent of American shipping i- obliged te de
pend upon arbitral- mw- lempelllng ship
pi i- te discriminate against foreign vessels.
"There are iwe vv.iv- in which coiupeii ceiupeii coiupeii
ieoii may lie met. The lu- nf these is te
legislate' against it-nlwavs unsuts'nctei.v
and soiuei lines a dang i- iiielhed of pre-
icduic The ether wnv i- in heal It by
better business melheds mid greater efli-
clcncv nun sagiidiy. iiuie is no iiiesuen ns
te which of these two ways is the better ami
the mule effective.
The Seamen's Law
"Tlieic i.ui be no disputing the
fuel thai
Seamen s' I ,n vv. iniiiereii by Semilui
l-'ellelle. of Wisconsin, nl Ihe demmiil of
sailors' unions, has done meie te ctn-
harnisH the American lueifuiint marine thun
anv ether single inlliience, 'I'bls law com
pels higher freight rales Iicuiiim' of ihe addi
tional cost of inaliilcnniiic mul iipcrailen.
The I'nsl step iu the rescue of the in haul
marine iheiefore would be ihe icpeul or
auienduieiit of mm Ii laws, hut ncceidliig in
the prescnl slSuntien Ibis does net leek like
n feasible plan of solution.
"l'lldeubleillv Ihe pinpose of Ihese who
put Ibis legislation through wa- the forcing
of higher rail's umu the loiinage of tlie
w ei hi. 'D IIMM' u he Hun when n foreign
hbli made pert and inanv of her w ie-
sclleil, the could be arrested and pm 1II(.i
en the vessel te inmplele (heir cruise, Hut
Ibis does net ci-l ail fellgei When -hip-from
feieign ports make I'liiltuh Iphui m
cMiiiiph'. and an of Ihe crew descrt-i. as
mjiiic usnnlly de, the niiislcr of (he vessel
is obliged lu hlp new men at the Auiurlt-uu
rnlcN. TIiIk forces n higher freight rate te
make up the additional expense,
"During the Civil Wnr all our commerce,
even coastwise, was carried by foreign ves
sels, and that war. with its destruction of
our merchant mm Inc. coupled with the !ov !ev
erniueiit's lack of Interest iu the mainte
nance of an American merchant marine, led
te a continued and marked decline in (he
nnietint of our tonnage in the foreign trade.
Hut while our tonnage declined enr foreign
trade Increased enormously. In 1SS0 17 per
cent of it was carried in American bottoms
nnd ten years later this had shrunk te 10
per cent.
Tonnage and Trade
"Il would seem clear, therefore, that the
less of our tonnage had little or no effect
upon our foreign trade. Congress first
began te consider the importance of reviv
ing the meichant marine as early us IS"!),
but up te the time of our entrance Inte ihe
Win Id War no legislation materially favor
able te the revival of our shipping had been
"Il is problematical whether or net there
would have been a still greater increase in
our foreign trade had the early puteiualistic
policy of Congress lewiird Ihe merchant
marine been continued. Aim it cannot new
he salisfui lerily detci mined whether private
initiative, vvilh governmental assistance,
could have opened up m-vv markets te the.
advantage of our producers and manufacturer-.
"Adiiiiiliii" the wisdom mid the dosir desir
iibilil.v of maintaining mi American mer-
limit mm inc. its siippeii must depend upon
rales high enough te cover the costs of
operation, which have been proved mid gen
erally admitted te he greater than that
necessai f,,r the handling and operation of
vessels i.f ether nations favored bv mole
liberal and le-s restrictive logl-laUen'
During (he War
"Ne one will (hnllciige the statement that
the (teieiiimeiit inti-t never again find itself
in the position which il did at the outbreak
of the lull- war llllll is. ileum, ,l,,i iin.n
foreign tonnage for lis irunspnrtutlnn of men
ami munitien
et wur. Admitting this prep'
leitnin'y ,e whole people
ositleti then,
should give -in
marine a- te in
u support te our merchant
nn' its maintenance nnd net
threw the Iini ,1. ii
Ihe shippers , i
upon the merchants and
lie payment of addilleniil
iii-iKeis in iii-uie such a marine.
"England and nluiesl every ether ferei-n
feuiitly has r,,s, ,.,,.,' ,! nialiitalne.l Its
iiiercliiint mm ine by guvcrniiientnl oneour eneour oneeur
iigoiiient (net te s,u subsidies, . ,! t.
1 .ingress of the friite.l Slates must ,ccen
file Itself te an mini cciiii Ien ,.r , ...,i
lii.'iril line busini's,
slraie a willlngne.
, principles 'nnd deuieu-
te be ,'i.i,ln,1 lli...l.. ...
""acllng legi.lali alciilale.l te develop a
sucessful iiierchmit ee if s , avert the
i", in I.--, ei oiiiieus ei our peep
Ic s inonev .
What De ) en Knew?
Wl at s ,i c.iiiilen and
wbv Is It
low inn n v legs haR ,,n eniii
What In Ihe oetr.ci tm r ,p , ,
Piipularly known s "Alice l WemTer-
What U the chief ,tv nf t) (,ics'
What Is e fe-H In lieLildrv' -"'I's
WIihi m Helvclla" ' '
Wbnl is Ibc llienniiig of the ,;,t, , x.
pressleit "Ellen fugices"'
U'bal Is mennl by Kapellmeister music"'
,.",' "' ' sviliilile of tile
conduit be pioiieunc... "
What is an uve-avc''
11lXt U Vlll .1 I ll,S I . nl . ! ' '-
Answers' te Yesterday's Quiz
'I'lii en IKpulillMiiH pieinlneiill, ,on ,en
:"!";!,."" .':."" i!' '"..".' Vr Preshlencv
,.. ii...' .. ..'., ".'.' 'laming Met-
iicn I mover
Weed Time
wi re , I, lines 1
" '.eiirinl Leeiuuil
'.""leeraiH inniillenc.l
1 IJv A Mitchell p.m.
mer und William
'! .Ml'A.Inn
le iccei.Ih of
Italy Is the i,i.i ,i. ''".''
ih I,,., ..
..nub .. ..r ,i ' .. " r.irill-
.....- . wi.e.i j wi ,or ,VO III
3 Tepliel wur the ple.e In I h0 Vnllev i.r
llinnein. near ,l rusnlfie, used for
Idol.ilreus weiHhlp nnd biler for ,i
l.eslllng refuse for Hi., consumption of
wlii.1i (lr,-H were kepi bumlm; T, l, l
wis ,ise u llelircw mime for lull
I 'lupin.. i Is derlvr.l ftein il .' ..
plain, u product of the Iieiiich
f. Tlie niiiiie Ivinlucl, is from lb,, Wvne.lni
"','." I' n.eai.H "I .'I of 'I'".''".
IOW "nun
fi limrK.. W'lisliluulnu delivered bis fine
....... .,..,. n- ... me . iiuiineiilii Aiinv
III New eih en Dec tuber I7s'i
mi .... ' I'll
Nnpolieo III h
fi. in li iu IS!
Itl.17 I II is In .
ll.i ' 'i.iis
.Ull'elOl I, I lb,
ii pui. i, for din i
Tamil" tii'iil is mi a Iru, xcut substiii
ilerlvc.l ol.iellj from bmk etc of ea
hiiI etbtir irfcea, and uhuU III undmrlini
leather, writing Ink nnd In medicine
A lam la n mountain litUe. :
Weather xvlz.
Ccts his.
Old Dec Wind whistles ns'hp works.
A wise book might be written of th'l
journey of tlie bareback performaiice frnirl
the circus te the ballroom.
We don't need n thin? new fur ihe hi J
fair but a director, a site, an appropriation
mm a low eiuiiest werlicrs.
Demosthenes IeOlnnls wnndcis if it
corn In the land of Egypt that causes Jehn
llllll le lilt t he heavy heel et oppression.
The chccrfulnc.s.s with which the Rrili
nie leaving Ireland is Indicative of their 1
lief thnt the Irish will settle their difficult j
Senater Vare wents it distinctly uiiilt-.T
steed that he docs net object te women Irjtl
l.-lalerd se long ns they wear the Van. rlbbenl
ludgiug alone from the hjttcriuss hciiul
dlrecleil against it. one might be led te sup
pose, thut the Park site is as geed a- selected!
ler tne nut.
There is nn air of righteousness nbmitl
the man who has lcmeved the snow from hml
sidewalk all by bis little lonesome that 14
only equaled by that of the man who breaks!
the ice te take lii.s dally huth.
President Harding is said te helme Hint
ihe.-Senate will ratify Ihe treaties le.iilling,
fiem the Wiishinglen Ceiifeicinc premjitl
nnd without undue debate. Kaiih, hope and
ihariiy are his been (oinpniiiens
Dr. Lida Cogill says fiesh air i- n cure
f fliiiineillls." Klaiiiieritis is ynillh la-
fecied With iazz. The doctor's Idea is te
blew out the ja. genu with the wini
out-of-doers. Mele power le hei .
If ihe strike of wal-t and ilre.s iiiakerM
ill New eik cetilllllics ami women .no "
.i i i.. ii... ,i...,,r,ii i.i.i.,.ss.i v ..1 iiuiliili':
lllll I'll 111 HO I'.. ...let ...l
tbeie own. we de net imagine hilsli.lliiH Willi
be heiuil making any streiiueu, n.i.i'.l.iini
r'i..i,irrn..i. ,n.,l nu.-.l nf mi nutntrUll
... :.. .. Vi.iv X'e.'l. Iiesnlinl ns a H-ult el
a fight with haudils. They ma.v die: hut, t
lenui Ihev weie si cs-ful iu sav lllg MlhUlW
te '
worth of silks mid lexlllc- cen-igned
llilliideliihla. The day's work leiuimies
IirediKO heroes.
A hundred young men mul i m lh
local I'Vderal Enihling are being in-nnelcl
lu the interpretation of Ihe new icveiuie law.
There is- pessihlln v lli.H llic muie ihev learn
about II the mere convinced ihev will i
Hint Iheie Is prebiibiy some viitue in I'1"
proposed sales tax.
Il has cesf ihe oily a let el nieiiev te
ileau the snow off the sliccth, bin (In I"'
fad net be fmgeiieni mnch of Ha nieiifJ
went into pockets (lint would elhei w -e litivr
been cmply. Whvre the i iiplved Jire
coiiceiiiod worse things mav blew inln !'"
it 3 than a snowslerm.
The tugboat Araphee lowed liie s1'1'''
mniliie T-li i safelv iifler -landing bv i "
for hours while ihe Utile crafl snuggled ' "
Hie nioiintaliieiis sens with a mnivsinni.,
rapidly giilheiing around her. Tbeie - up in
Ing roniiiuiic-leoking nbeui a lugl-M'. ""l
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