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fMrsl Wilsen Says a
f. .
Can Mafe Any
'And Tells Hew a Girl Who Did
k Feed Found That It Would Help Her Complexion
fr'a wWM. I$)l.hv Mr. . A, Vi1ln.
" " riant rntrvia
' OAuAD IS no lenier ceniiuercu n
w a luxury. ScUnce efdlttary today
,f MceinWB tlie fact that the ucculnt
ErSSea the body wUh the necessary
E mineral aalta and vitamin te vitalize
ft tisiuea. tne Dioea stream,
win. heunewlTes eicuae the fnct that
ali- j nf urn a salad dalrv by say
B Jni that the salad Increase the feed
M i..i.t anit nnvliew the family does net
tv,HeeW nourishment through salads; or
& Werhsps, she considers It tee much
Kr'traqbfe; while again, etner women imh
V un sUCIl a Diesn uim me mum? wvum
& TMlfy have te be stmlnjr te eat It.
j 'li.'i.-H nnnriltlnns under which no
FA 11.. nd te rob the body of Its vital
I',nuts. and unless this la restored
VB"iL .iV.tl.l. fnn.1. then Vlnrfrftil
IF i.II.i...,,... nl rilveitinn show In run-
dairn systems, Mirliifr fever, low splr-
fit were possible I'eUld like te hare
I the planning- of the menus and the bud
i m of the family that must conserve
i and economize, i weum ecru- ui;
f family and every ether family a tiny bit
if ireen feed three times each day. The
salad U the bet feed friend that we
i live today; and It should be a pert of
tBS lODie BVLV.liU I" tJ -V...V, ....
nfn vAu have heard people comment
I . neon the complexlon and appearance
efnenlth of the ferelf ner who comes te
eur shores as an craurnni, nine un
ini this same peasant of fcurepe would
consider his meal Incomplete without it
bit of rcen feed, ivcn theutji this meal
were but a portion of black bread and
raeese. He would add a leek and n bit
ef garlic or if unnble te obtain this,
thin he would fall back en bis old
standby, the onion.
8alads give a real feed value, and
should be served In one form or ether
three times each nnd every day. Have
the family get the habit of eating water
cress, young garden onions or scullions,
calves, radishes, a leaf or two.ef Jettuce
atiry morning with the breakfast.
Almest every vegetable that grows
can be utilized for the salad, nnd If you
will teach hubby the trick of dressing
the salad en the -table It relieves you
and encourages dailv use of salads.
The housewife often Is the cause of
fatally peculiarities, for If she does net
rre for certain feeds seldom If ever w 111
she prepnrc these feeds she docs net like
Frem this the family will nuickly es
tablish precedents. This will often ex
plain just why se many famllie hardly
erer unless entertninlng serve a salnd.
Whlle visiting n friend the young
daughter rcfii'ed n delicious alnd with
the remark. "Mether, yen knew T don't
care for salad. I mn just like (trawl -mother
Sterretc, nnd can't cnt salads."
This surprised me.' nnd I Invited this
young woman te nssNt me with my les
'son in rajads in n lernl hospital, and
h was greatly) Interested In the lab
oratory nnnbms of the mineral nnd
vitamin content of the succulent grcen
when served with simple dresslncs.
Wlille returning te her home she In
quired whether I thought Hint If she
were te eat salads they would clear up
her eomp'exien, which was sallow nnd
with nbcnslennl pimples. Mv reply that
I believed the salad would pvph give
hr a clear and translucent skin brought
forth the remark. "If I thought that
the salad would de this T would cer
tainly ent It, for I am very anxious te
hive' a dear skin."
'Jho decided te give the wilnds n trial
for three months, nnd enme te mc with
a penelland book for some Ideas ; but I
remarked. "Yeu knew you nie just like
Grandmother SterretP. nnd just can't
abide snlnds." "Oh!" came back the
reply "that was before I knew about
the mineral salts and ltamins, nnd I Jnt
knew that I need them, rind if the doe dee doe
ters knew they arc se very important
for sick folks then tliey must be geed
for me. and T nm going te be just like
the little rabbit, amt cat my greens
three times a day."
In less than six months the change In
thla young woman's complexion was se
noticeable that fehe wrote mc te tell me
aogeod jek; her met intimate friend
was positive she was using 'some new
facial cream; and rcallv inualied when
aae told her eating salads three times
eieh dav had produced the results te
Plain lettuce, when sened with n
geed dressing takes a real festjve air.
The dressing either makes or mars the
salad, with a combination of both the
cneVetl and raw vegetables te add a
rlety te lettuce, endive escatellc and
corn salad plants.
French Dressing a la Itourjeelsa
Place In a pint fruit jar
One-half cup of salad eit,
1 Five tabletpoeni of vinegar.
Tire tabletpoeni of prated eninv,
I Three tablespoons c' finely minced
1 Hit of garlic.
Thrcc-quaitcrs teaspoon of mustard,
One teaspoon of salt.
One-half teaspoon of pepper.
One-half teaspoon of paprika,
Pineh of thyme.
One tablespoon of 'Weiicstcrshiic
BhaLe hard te blend, seine.
Swiss Cheese Dressing
Place in a jsr
7'Arec-gnarfera cup of Fiench dicss
faF. One-half cup of prated cheese,
Tour tablespoons of catsup.
Shake te blend and serve cold.
Jenden, Swiss Egg and Cream Dressing
Rub the yolk of hard -boiled egc
thieugh a sieve and pluce en beup
plate, new add
One-half teaspoon of musJairi,
One-half teaspoon of paprika,
One-half teaspoon of white pepper,
Tice teaspoons of lemon Juice
Mix smooth, and then add very slowly
two-thirds of a cup of cream : this
dressing is just as smooth nnd thick as
majennalse. Add salt and lemon juke te
nsrtnan Cream and Kgg Dressln?
Rubyelk of one hard-boiled egg
through a sieve te a soup plnte ; new
One teaspoon of salt,
One-half teuipoen of onion juke,
One tablespoon of lemon juice.
Ultnd uud add slowly three-fourths
'up of sour cream, beating the cream In
1 7 ,Tnen "l,d ,,,ee tablespoons of
ne'y minced parsley, nnd lemon juke
Boiled Dressing
Place in saucepan
One cm;i of tcater,
J nree-quarters cup of vinegar,
jve teaspoons of mustard,
"as Jeoipeon 0 salf,
r!L-1V,M,,'W(m "1 VVPtr,
Jhree Ubletpoens of vernatauh,
vne tablespoon of sua'r,
"Jlr.t0 dissolve and bring te a bell;
me slowly for ten minutes ; uew add
our ounces of butter,
rtk. 0 'V W. ,
Jrtrea.qunrters cup of tour cream.
v ' fc?r,U0 mlx 8"d bring te a boil.
w wh,n ,u 'Wy batc whites of
two eggs j cook one minute, then re re
Wee from stove.
. TbUvmskis nearlv one
ntinrt of rirPAH
Sfft5!SJ'lp V$ M'oced In fr4lt
Geed Dressing
r w f
Salad Werth Eating
Net Like This Green. Uncooked
bage ; place In pan of cold water with
one tablespoon of salt te crlse for one
neur; then weh under the running
njer nmi turn en cietn te dry; place
In bowl nnd. add
One cup of finely chopped celery,
enlens, parsley.
Add a UnyJjlt of garlic; new tesa te
blend and coyer with ene rup of .Ton .Ten .Ton
den. Swiss egg and cream dressing,
1 nree-Quarters cup Of French drtn.
ina a fa Bourgeois.
Mix te' blend and .
nets of lettitee.
serve cold en crisp
The little Inns and tftverna along the
niuiiuinin renus in nwitzcrinnri: Krv
this salad In the form or nn appetizer
?u nf,ibef n,ln.?f. .m8' and kp
the little plates filled with IJ during the
meal. In Belgium grcnt bowls of tbls
Inexpensive' salnd am placed en the
1 .Ii Vu m..r'r u"c " much or e
little fts you like.
The Italians ami the TVtiminn .11
H.IT.0 th Mla'' bu,t wllh the Fr"ch or
Swiss cheese dressing, whtte their Oer-
"Jft" "f1"00" U"c dreaslng made of
""' uavwii or nam arippings.
German Dressing
Place In a saucepan or skillet
One-half eup of bacon or ham drip
pings, One tablespoon of flour.
One-half teaspoon of salt, .
One teaspoon of mustard,
Twe tablespoons of grated onion,
Mir and add three-fourths cud of
r'"?,cfaLi,c."d.lnS..5h bringing ?e ?l
.in' , . l"r ".ve "unuica anu pour
while het ver the cabbage. In some
I"",1" Germany tne Housewife takes
about fle ounces of bacon or fat ham
and cooks It slowly until nicely browned
flii-e?i KrkCefdB a.fer ,he dressing,
leaving this bacon or ham in the dress
ing. - Unusual Werk
vf,r.M- twn Pa'cr. of Fulton,
km; unH Vn'-V. Position for n woman,
ft.... JU8trn "PPeinted freight
ehuc T?D.Psen,tatlv,.fer the MeWle and
Merap'us ' hdquartera in
Gwante-Bed Stories
The Bat Named Sebaatlan 1
f i"v.r. upon n time, dear children,
(here was a rtnrlW mi famii r
bats. There was Mr. and Mrs. Brune
Bnt nnd their little son Sebastian.
(Johnny, get off the plnne.)
Scbnstlnn uitu Mi. n.wi ir.. n..-
only child, nnd you may be assured that
they vers very cnrerul te raise him as
a young bat should be raised. Hla mother
was particularly, proud of Sebnstlan and
nujK.-iiuun ler ins spiritual as well.aa
temporal welfare.
"Sebastian, my little tmt." stie nnt,A
tny. her voice rjebblna with nnrentel
pride, remember you must be a credit
te the Hat fnmilv. i'eu must be a bnt
of whom any mother may well be proud,
(taze upon your father. There is a model
for you."
At these words Brune Bat would
If It is Silks
Yeu Will
Find it at
After Stock Taking
Sale of Silks
Georgette crepes, crepes de chine, crepes meteor, Canten crepes, kit-ten's-ear
crepe, charmeuse, satin canton, crepe remainc, spiral crepe,
chiffon taffetas, pussywillew taffetas, plain and printed foulards, sport
satins, tricelettes, blouses, silk bloomers and silk petticoats.
It is with much pleasure that we invite you te view and inspect the largest and most
exclusive and carefully selected stock that it has ever been our privilege te offer. It
demonstrates months and months of the hardest kind of study and forethought that our
patrons might be protected in a measure from the unreasonable and exorbitant prices
new prevailing. A few prices are quoted below te give you an idea of the rral savings
obtainable when purchasing at Thresher's silk store. Ve extend a cordial invitation te
you te visit our store, whether you wish te purchase new or net.
4th Fleer
36-In. Imported Habutai in a
colors, also white and black. Special at
40-In. Georgette Crepes in a geed line of colors,
including white and black. (M 1A yd.
Special at tPlalV
35-In. Colored Satin Mesaalines in street and
evening shades, also white and black. M 1A yd.
Special at ....' 31.1V
32-In. Imported Chinese and Japanese Pongee
Wash Silk; extra heavy and a geed, even weave;
in natural color only. M OC yd.
Special at JUat).J
36-In. Chiffen Dreaa Taffetas in plain and change
able colors, street and evening shades, including
white and black. CI QC yd.
Special at P1.0J
40-In. Popular Silks; five of our crepe weaves
crepes de chine. Canten ciepe, satin crepe, crepe
meteor, crepe Amur. CO CC yd.
Special at , P.Oi7
40-In. Printed Crept de Chine; some in very hand
some Paisley effects and the new prints in old
fashioned designs, in the very newest up-te-date
s0P,e0cril0atb,!,.a.t!(:n8... $2.65 & $2.95 yd-
40-In. New Spert Fiber Silks in plain stripes and
plaid effects, also plain colors, street and evening
shades, including white and black; the very
smartest and up-te-date materials for sport
& $2.45 te $4.95
Mail Orders Filled Promptly
Thmhtr Bm.
10$-Ydi. Spool
EvilWa -public . xedW-i
i . . .... .
A Tight Hip Line
'en a Loese Blouse
The dinner gown. Illustrated today,
combines a skirt of blnck chiffon velvet,
with a corsage of real blue chiffon em
broidered lit Imitation jet. At the waist
Une a large chrysanthemum of the
chiffon effects an amicable settlement.
The Heusing of the corsage into n
tight-fitting hip line noted in this dress
la one which has had an extensive in
fluence In tke mid-season modes.
swell out his chest and flan bis wings
"Be a bat like your father," con
tinued .Sebastian'a mother, "and when
you Are grown te bathoed you will be
our father's pride and your mother's
A ND then Sebastian would say,
f. them
sentiments Is all right, but
gosh, n bat's only young once. Why
can't I go out for a geed time like the
ether little bats?"
And then Sebastian's mother would
say. "Pe nil your batting around lit
night: that is all rig.'.t. but don't stay
out days. Yeu will fall in with bad
companions and they will be jour rui
nation and downfall."
But Sebastian always turned away
and went off tnlking te himself. (Dor (Der (Dor
othy, will you tell the baby te atop
Thresher Bres.
The Specialty Silk Stere
1332 Chestnut St.
4th Fleer
3rd Fleer
line of
95c yd
Odd Let of Cotten Waists, Incc-trimmed and tai
lored models (slightly soiled); let lim- fljl QC
ited. Special at Pl.i7J
Extra Heavy Quality of All-Silk Tricot Jcrsej ;
new models with Van Dyke accordion- flC QC
pleated ruffle. Special at $D,uD
Changeable Chiffen Taffeta Silk Petticoats, new
model, in handsome spring colorings, fljl Af
Special at Pl.iF J
Satin Messaline Silk Petticoats, made from our
own silk and in our own workrooms; flJO QP
measuring full 52-inch hip. Special at J&d
Polaris-Stripe Silk Petticoats made in our own
workrooms from our own silks; material bought
far below market price en account of manufac
turer's overstock (all the wonted street shades);
plenty of navy, brown and black, fljfi AC
Special at PU.70
Chestnut Street, Phila.,
Bosten Serf, 19 Temple Place
CUvU Itent lltt luclll Ayt.
cranking daddy's car eutside: Ile's
weakening the mixture.)
"NE morning Sebastian did net mind
v-'hla mother, and when .daylight
rnmn he sneaked Out of the house. He
was surprised te 1 tea new wnu ana
wicked the world looked In the daylight.'
It inriucu mm 10 minx uiai nuw us
going out en a big adventure. '
But. alas, he fell lit with; a tang of
wicked city sparrows who took' him out
robbing pigeon, lefts and stealing feed
In tbe alleys. Thla was tbeflrat step
In Sebastian Bat's downfall. He gradu
ally went from bed te worse. Sir. and
Mrs. Brune Bat were broken-hearted.
But ene day Inte Sebastian's wicked
life beautiful Elsie Heet Owl came. I'll
tell you about thla some ether time if
you remind me. Owan-te-bed.
Vecal Exparta Say She May Have
Inherited Father'e Voice
New Yori. Feb. 0. Oierla Caruso Is
believed by Vecal experts te have In
berlted a wonderful voice from her
-11, Mrs. Enrlcn Caruao icstcrday
confirmed reports that Merris Beggy and
ether friends of the late tenor, after
tests of little Gleria's verfal range, had
termed her tone perfect and her nat
ural' talent for music extraordinary for
a two-year-old child. ,
"I will make no effort te train her
for the stage, at least net until after
she In sixteen, nnd then only in event
.he cheeses that sort of career,"' said
Mrs Caruso. "I want her te learn
hew te awlm. dance, play golf, ride
and be a regular all-Amerlcan girl and
I'll encourage all that In her. Her
father shortly before hla death predicted
Gleria would be a singer, when she
is a few years elder I hope te send
her abroad for four or five months every
enr te study French, Italian and,
Bey Scouts Will Dine Tonight
The annual bouquet of thp l'liiladi'l
phln Council, Bey Scouts of Americn,
will be held this everting 11 1 The Koom Keom Koem
rlt. The occasion will be part of "An
niversary Week" which wns begun jes
terduy. Save 50 en Your
Visit our showrooms and prev It
Leweat prices: hlahist quality ateck.
Berger Furniture. Ce.
5248-50 Market St.
tviment 010
Open Etrnlnsa
BVV tiaita.
w -iJ'-r'-EiTr..ieiurueiflAy 1 '----"
3rd Fleur
HIN3 rrV 7 ai l& ttttl ftsTMl -
r tsteaiPM 1 vsHkiau w
Our mail eritr department is ready te give
prompt and efficient personal attention te
the requirements of ear oat-ol-tewn patrons.
Wilnt 2US
Wa I - ' .V.WJ
- mm mamm
, ,
; ; 1 . , -
Wahamaker's Down Stairs Stere
An Important Little
Men's AU-Weel Overcoats, $18.50
Net many of any one kind, but every coat a geed one.
Of Winter-weight all-wool coatings made in ulsterette style with convert
ible cellars, 'deep pockets and belts across the back.
Exactly the type that young men wear year in and year out. Sizes 34
te 42. ' ,
Plenty of overcoat weather ahead this season and you' 11 -have a geed coat
ready next Fall.
(Gall.rr, Market)
Many a
Dark Tailored Skirts
in Extra Sizes, $7.75
Well cut and correctly pro
portioned skirts designed espe
cially for stout figures. They are
of navy blue and black serge of
excellent quality, pleated or plain
ly tailored. One style is made
with, clastic inserts in the inner
Waistbands 33 te 40 inches.
sssssssssssssssVi'' '' ''A
(J $15 $18
Weel Jersey Frecks
Are Most Practical for Scheel
A 27
1 L1L ' si & )
i Afe
with pink or
Geed Silk Umbrellas for
Men and Women, $3.90
Mere expensive ones marked
down from our own stocks be
cause they were a bit shopworn,
together with a new purchase
whose slight imperfections in the
weaving class them as "seconds."
Women's umbrellas have
handles of weed, bakelite or
leather straps. Garnet, brown,
green, purple, navy and black.
Swagger Handbags, $3
Larce ones in cnvelere sha
with swaecer handles and
that fasten ever. Black fabrikeid
in the shiny vachette finish with
tabs of red, purple, brown or navy
leather with long-grain finish.
Duplex Fabric Gloves, $J
White ones in strap-wrist style
have spearpeint-stitched backs
with English thumbs. Usually
half as much again.
Women's Cotten Jersey
Pantalettes, 85c
Closely fitting ones of light
weight navy or black cotton
jersey with elastic at waist and
In double rewb at knees.
Ribbed Cotten Vests, 25c
Women's regular or extra
size vests in bodico-tep styles of
finely ribbed white cotton. All
perfect quality.
13th Street Aisle
Hair Nets, 50c Dezen
Six wanted shades in cap or
fringe style. A grade that has
proved its worth be well that
'customers returnvsgain and sgsia
V 1 1 A ll
" y r til i
Central .
February 6 1922
Pleasant Surprise in
This Collection of New
Spring Dresses
at $15, $16.50 and $18
Tailored cloth dresses of Peiret twill have braided
pockets, loose cuffs and unusual panel effects about the
Seme have skirts of Peiret twill and bodices of Copen
hagen Canten crepe.
Others, of tricetine, are made in coat style.
Canten crepe and crepe de chine make some soft and
lovely dresses in navy blue, beige, black and henna.
And Taffetas!
What a world of Springtime sprightliness among these
gay and rustling frocks.
They're ruffled, frilled, embroidered and gay with flut
tering sashes. In navy blue, black and brown, principally.
New Frecks With Capes te Match
In the Fashion Exhibit
New bcinp held in the Central Aisle of the Fashion sections.
It's the loveliest new mode, designed especially for young
women. Of silk epenge, Canten crepe or crepe de chine, the frocks
arc made with Russian overbleuses elaborately embroidered with
brightly colored wool or silk.
Amazingly delightful frocks at' $29 te $62.50.
Women's Shoes for All-Around
Wear, Special at $3
High black lace shoes of durable leather have welted soles
and low or medium heels. They are both serviceable and neat in
High Brown Shoes With Rubber Heels, $4.75
Made for real wear long walks because the welted soles
are firm and thick and the heels are medium. They lace high
and have applied straight tips or imitation full wing tips.
They are warm, comfortable, de net muss
easily and wear exceedingly well. Girls like
them, tee.
The frock that is sketched has a full pleated
skirt en a white underbedicc. The jumper of
jersey has a washable white linene cellar and
cuffs. In Copenhagen, navy, leindeer, brown
and henna. Sizes 10" te 1G years at $6.
Flannel Middies, $3
New ones in naw blue or briirht red trimmed
with white braid. Sizes 14 te 20.
White Voile Blouses, $1
Fresh new blouses with Peter Pan cellars.
The cellars, center nleats ami cuffs are qAizpA
blue scalloping or with a narrow
picatca mil. sizes a te 14.
Velveteen Dresses in a Clearaway
Half price and less than half for a little
let of navy, brown and black velveteen dresses.
Girls' sizes, 8, 10 and 12 years, $7.30.
Junier size, 16 years, $10.
Negligee Corset Girdles
Anether dainty piece of lin
gerie for one's wardrobe.
Laccd-in-back style. Of heavy
pink or white ceutil with elastic
top and strips of satin. Alse
satin-striped pink poplin with
wide elastic insets.
Spring Sencls Fresh New
Heuse Dresses
Probably this very dress apron which is
sketched wns designed in anticipation of
Spring cleaning. It is a real cover-all and has
two roomy pockets and a cap te match. Of
'checked gingham, in two-tone combinations,
trimmed with rickrack. $1.50.
Checked Gingham
Heuse Dresses, $2
Lavender, pink, blue and black with white
as well as red-and-black-nnd-Vthite combina
tions in this pretty dress with a hemstitched
white linrnc cellar, vestee, cuffs and pocket
tops. The ether diess. of finer gingham, is most
dimming. Very fine organdie banding and
points trim the Tuxedo cellar, the cuffs and
pockets, while the sash is of gingham. In
brown, black, blue, lavender and green. $5.60.
Sale of
36-Inch Marquisette
Special at 20c
Fine enough te use in curtains
with crocheted lace! White and
Japanese Crepe
Fer kiddies of 1 te 3 years
these are the most practical
everyday clothes. Rese ec dark
blue crope piped around the
square neck, short sleeves and
pocket with white.
' is"" ;tf
Irish Linen Table Damask
$2.25, $2.50, $3 Yard
Pure linen, full bleached, is in a geed heavy quality and 70 inches
wide. In !ceral pretty floral designs.
Irish Linen Table Cleths
A geed assortment of square and round dcsignB in full bleached
Irish damask.
70x70 inches at $3.30, $6, $6.50 and $7.
70x88 inches, $6.30.
Full-blcached napkins, size 22x22 inches, arc $3, S6.50, $7.30 and
$0.30 dozen.
Scalloped Cleths, $6
Yes, puie linen scalloped round cloths in several patterns are 70
inches in diameter.
aswX. &. vS iBRV
Men's Oxford
"Ne betitr oxfefda t nr nr
where near the price!" Me
than one man has riven that
as his opinion.
We knew that they are reed
oxfords. The dark tan leather
is of sturdy quality, soles aft
made for lone wear and the
oxfords have general air ef
0Urjr, Km)
Women's Flanneltt .
Nightgowns, $1
Cut long and lull, they have
double yokes and long sleeve.
The flannelet Is sll-wWU or In '
pink or blue stripes.
Women Are Asking
for VetU
Short straight
chemises or
vests are being worn wiin
bloomers a great deal. The most
desirable are these with neat
hemstitching at the tops and
straight shoulder straps of the
$1 for vesta of phtfc or whita
$2 for vests of pink crepe de
chine or pink or white tub silk.
Twe Mavis Corsets
Werth Knewing
Mavis corsets are made es
pecially for us and obtainable
newhere but in the Down Stairs
Stere. They were made te fill
the needs of women who want
corsets of the better type at
moderate prices.
$3.50 for a 15-inch girdle with
panels of silk-figured poplin and
strong fine elastic. It hooks in
front and there is no lacing.
$4.50 ler corsets of figured pink
brocade with free hips and well
boned backs. The bust is very
low, yet full.
The Newest Pongee
Blouses Are
Trimmed With Lace
Lace edge3 the roll cellar,
which is embroidered with silk
in criss-cress design, and the
vestee is tucked.
Other new pongee blouses are
made with plain roll cellars. All
at $3.50.
Crepe de Chine Blouses
Alse $3.50
These are in a simple tailored
style in white or flesh' pink.
Aprons and
' yj ,Zt i. Vi'-lS,r ' W
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