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7A .VrflOr.
, M i V j
Shet Brether in. Ply
If r rr
Ml Ttl
Hi iiiiiiiiiiiiiM
C ,4fflKlk " 'Q Salt. and Pepper '
t mMk ' (jl (i fl Shakers
r."r.. !m ' y ' i
f f'.I-l-Hlh.K
4td of Voters' League Says
inater Should Net Remain
fi'as Tentative Candidate
fenaler Crew wns called en te fylth-
as n candidate for tlie united
fes Scnnle tedny by trnnk m, Klter
falrmnn of flic Voters' Lpainie, who
Mid lie enred netlilnc for Senater Vare'H
inlen of the ill senators physical
itir.., mmlni' f'rniv nnrl li Im mends
fcjtlfy lilt pnntlimcil nntnmnl filling: of
C ccnnterfliip te the dhntlvnntnpc nnd
Mnlblc injury 01 me ninic up is nup
Ld te represent? Deei lie love tly
See mere than he loves Pennsylvania?"
gr Biter asked.
jibe tart comment of the Voters'
Liue chairman wnsf tirompted by critl
Ipn of Mr. niter's plan te have the
fetor Senater examined Uy three lm lm
irtlel phjslclans who could Htntc
Aether Senater Crew would be physic
St. capable of reprrscntlnc IVnnsyl
pfla in the United States Senate.
X Mr. A. K. Crew Angered
g' A. K. Crew, brother of Senater
v. Micrcly criticized Mr. Rlrir's
ancstien, and ald tlint "such trc. -STr
nf mv brother is rotten."
'"Bem Mr. Klter mean le intlmntd
lilt Senater Vare didn't knew what he
tu talking about when be save out
ku statement tlint Senater Crew was
Mine along nicely and that he had
urer fcen him leek better?" asked
ft Crew at Pittsburgh, where the
ha'ster for weeks has been a pntlcut
Merry Hospital.
Te this- quefclleir. Mr. Kilter tedny
tolled in n btetement :
u'l ncer thought that a physician
Meid summon a politician te his aid
medical matter." he said. "If he
lid quoted Sennter Vnre en n question
? political management I would give
I'grcnt deal of nttentlen te it, but
'could have no reject for the opinion
I Senater Vnre upon se vital a qucs qucs
jen as the health of n Senater from
"There nre many pli'ndid nnd cn
ible iihylelniw tn,eciy part of the
late inrlmling Pittsburgh. Why does
of Dr. Crew .summon s'-veral of thesa
nd get n disinterested , pbysician'M
pinion in writing ns te li'ln bretlier's
ondltlen. He speaks of the senator
Up of his brother ns though it were
rely a matter of personal ownership,
lan't be see that there is a bigger issue
t stake than the gratified ambition of
iater Crew?
("Senater Crew should withdraw from
W standpoint of pntrietiun nnd sur
mdr all thought of being n candidate
ir the United States senatersliip at
te primaries in May. Dr. Crew does
It give the slightest intimation In his
Mplaint as te when be believes his
(Other will be up nnd about.
Says Question Is Dodged
VHe carefully avoids such a stale
est nnd the avoiding of this is mere
laning than a confession of his
tetbtr's serious illness.
p'Isincerely regret the illness of Sen
M Crew nnd trust lie will recover
M.'.but there is no cvidence'at all that
I will de se. rcnnvlvania has but
M Senater in the Senate. Can Sen
ter Crew nnd his friends justify his
nUnued nominal tilling of the kmi kmi
lershlp te tlie dlsniTvnntngc and pos
He Injury of the State he Is supposed
"It is a moral question for Senater
row nnd Senater Crew's friends. Dees
I love the iilnce mere than he loves
lain Calls Sister of Vanished Dela
ware Weman Falls te Apppar
A nijslerieus man continues te
eject Mnnelf into the c-i-sq of Mrs.
irle Smith. MillKlxire, Del., who,
th hrr llitlc dnuvlitcr. Genevre, dls
penrcd Jnnunry -' while en her way
rh'.li'de'pliln. uCv-erdlns te Mr.
jUh's yUv Mrs. Mlllnn Gcrmend,
l Mount Vernen street.
The ym telephoned te 'Mrs. Or
mu tint he would lead' her te Mm,
lyth If she would meet blm at KreaU
reet Stulmn nbeut 1 o'clecH venter
y .lfternnnn. IIe .aid he would wenr
red enrnatien in Ida eeat. Eager te
d her sMer. Mr. O.ermend went
ttie rnllii ml htntlen nnd waited nev
il liuurs for the man, but lie did net
DlKeitrnged nnd. disappointed, t.he
urned te her home, and learned that
! man had telephoned in her absence
explain that he could net meet hei
'eris me bolus nmdp te find
m te determine whether he really
ews want has become of Mrs. Smvth
Is merelv Fi,me unbnlancpd meddier.
n. Cirmeml has re'pived similar
fphoiie ineswnCi- pievieiihlv.
Anether story told te th'pellcp has
wil tl'-m te think that Cnnrlcs Mc
illn, n lertucr rcident of Millsbnre,
10 U new owner f n lamli In Texu.
i.v be uble te lielp In U.-.iting Mia.
Hvc-.enr-eld Vincent Prnnzel, who
nccldentnlly shot his slx-yhir-eld
brother Michael esterday afternoon, Is
'""king preparations tedny ut his home,
1IM. Seuth Juniper street, for the
wounded .boy's return home tonight.
But Michael Is seriously hurt nnd will
net leave St. Agnes' Hospital for sonic
time. Ills llfe was ined only through
n bleed tinnsfiisieu operation submitted
te by tlie father of the bejs.
"I'm nwful sorry I did it." was Vin
ccnt'H comment tedny. Ilis big, dark
( VCrf were rril frnm nrvlni- fnr 1,lu
brother, whom he thought for n time he
had killed.
The- boys were playing nbeut the
house. Their fnlber wns nt ivnrk
nnd Mis. Frnnzel wns standing outside
uic iieuse. Vincent pusiied a chair up
te a bureau nnd clambered up, finding,
te his delight, bis father's leaded re
volver hing en top.
Mr. Frnnzel bad taken the gun out
of its case yesterday te clean It. Al
though he does net ordinarily keep It
leaded, he had slipped In two cc.rt
rldges. The children were delighted with
their new toy and were playing with
It en the fleer when the gun was dis
charged. Mrs. Kose Morclle, the children's
grandmother, heard the shot. She found
Michael lying upon the fleer in a peel
of bleed, and bis Mether frantically
screaming nnd trying te reuso him.
uaising the wounded child in her
arms. Mrs. Morclle' ran downstairs.
The two women ran screamlnj from the
house nnd hailed an nutemnb'llc, which
carried them te'the hospital";
At first it was thought the boy would
get along all right, but he grew weaker.
The father was sent for and the situn situn
tien explained. He nt once volunteered
te give his bleed.
Meanwhile the brother. Vincent, wns
Inconsolable. It was only when told
his brother would Tecever that his
weeping ceased.
Superintendent of Gloucester City
Schools Outwits Citizens' Committee
Twe members of the Citizens' Com
mittee of tJloucester City foiled te lo le
cnte Superintendent of Schools Hums
last night te t,crve a copy of nn appeal
en hiiii. although they steed in the
street from 7 o'clock until midnight
watching Ids Iieuse. Ycterday was the
Inst day for serving the appeal en tin.
A. S. Pen rep, president of the eom eem
mlttce. nnd J. P. Byrns. secretary
wanted te present liiin with a copy of,
an uppenl tlint the committee tiled with
State Commissioner of IMticntlen Kn
rinht against the decision of the '
tilencester Heard of Koucatien exoner
ating the superintendent of charges re
cently -heard by the beard.
Mr. JYurce found the superintendent
this morning and shoved the paper in
liis pocket. Mr. Burns objected, saying
it wus tee late.
illUm McGlnnls, Camden Artillery
Veteran, Injured Saturday
iVllliain MiCilniiis, twenty-four yenrs
1H7 Carpenter street, Camden,
i in the Wet Jeispy Homeopathic
ipitn! this morning from Injuries re
red when no Ml from a her-e last
IcGlnnls. who wns n s(.rSp.lnt in
'tery TJ, llth Heavy Pleld Artillery,
ing the war, wus riding with on en
er former -.nicer of bis battery ,
I when near Uaddnnlicld his hersu I
! iu , nns thrown te the ground i
i the horse trampled upon him.
e Wen Notoriety for Jail Exploit.
Is Arretted en Suspicion '
,7 " ". ivim wen uoieneiv, no-
gl'B te the police, six jear-, age t
'D the lock of hW cell hi the
"nth and Winter streets ctntlim
Menping. iXl) today held in $1000
'by Magistrate Diigan.
,! ;s1 arrested after midnight nenr
''ninth uud Muikct sttcets, bo be
nn.i".'. "."J.? ,,cll,,' '" 'i ".suspicious
aZ'e i ll? I)0,,.re w,v he had u
Dodges in Frent of Trelley and Is
Injured Seriously
William Klnknidd, twelve years old.
of d"(UJ Alden avenue, Mtinnjunk, ran
into the slile of mi nutomebila at Nixon
and Prnnklln streets, wns thrown te the j
ground and received u tructured skull. I
The child ran ncress the street in
front of a trolley. The mnchiun wns ,
en the ether side. He was taken te the
Memerial Hospital. The driver, Dnn
Irl He Kufiille, of Kecksliell read, was
hehl in SetlO bail by Magistrate Dern
for a further hearing February 10.
Camden Restaurant Robbed
Thieves broke into the Knickerbocker
restaurant, (".10 Market street, Camden,
liiht night und sleln china, cigars ami
chewing gum valued at iS'.5. A stmilnt
robbery, two months iige, netted the
thieves !?!) In cash.
w: ! ..'lit u t if m 'a mwmwamaMimwim
?BS you en.jey eating
jn?" In hh pocket.
te the no l.'e
scut, accord-
jnmmeiifc ij.,,1 cnilliPmn.itint,
naei V u'v" h,rv,,1 "! 'moil the1
njcr & ItcniKMi i .,,,-1,,... -...'.
Wg.:!-,1' i; S
! n. ., ,''' iniinui-j- company,
lffiS!S?,wheA0 Pfopertles occupy
j. :z z: t-'uw,
I r rr V (
H Strictly Fresh
i hggs
1 1 Car tun CZC
I of twelve till
JUMP te airy
one of 3,000 te
80,000 Cards
THE Shaw-Walker card filing desk
places eight thousand te eighty
thousand cards within easy reach.
Saving 25 of the operator's time
by combining a card cabinet with a
flat top desk.
Saving 50 of the fleer space by
concentrating mere cards within
arm's length than any ether method.
Comfortably seated the operator
works with greater accuracy and
The speed method of handling a
large list.
Write or 'phone today for folder en
the Shaw:Walker Card-Filing. Desk.
'Built Like a
ii kw h NnEttHflDHIBI n
(IK 'MyH B
HnnHPIB I III substantially made et sterling stiver i i
KMMljLSIB ' J I I I I In a design' that will lurely appeal j II
ri'SmmPmml. gj. Ag SJrC height, i inches-yper pair $6.50. j I
mp kfWiW ' Have you ever considered hew many useful- . I
11 jlPllr articles of sterling silver may be selected at I
EsEti?wKm moderate prices? Our assortment will Help you I
SBt$Mm ' Kwd & Sens me chestnut st.
With Michael Franzel, tix, found H SS1 -
liis father's revolver and used It H ONirl dk
' as a playthlnjf. it was discharged, M ""s H I C&TJ
wounding Michael In the thljh. H 11 I jMa4
"SORRY," SOBS BOY 1 1 M- '''
Father Gives Bleed for Trans- H -2 I j I jMW fiftk
fusion and Saves Life H' lllll jl iBm SESm
WILL R E C 0 V E R H 1 B 0l
Ka II nil II I UUw ir HI 111 III III III IIIHMwriin I hiWffll iKl -r.
Sold enlv in 'our Stores !?
1010 Chestnut St, Philadelphia r,u Phr
r Filbert 8267
St;l and Weed Filf
Card Index Eauipmtnt
Filing Sefa
Typical Values
Overstuffed Tapestry-Upholstered Suit
Full-size davenport, wing and side CJ"1 CC fC
chairs. Loese spring cushions. tyXOO.VV
Tapestry-and-Velour Suit
Full-size davenport, wing and side D1 fiC (C
chairs. Werth one-third mere. $J-Uc.UU
Beautiful Cane Suit, Three Pieces
Chair, rocker and full-size dnven- OCn OH
pert. Twe pillows and roll, upholstered fi'W.UU
in velour or tapestry. Werth one-third mere.
Tapestry-Upholstered Suit
Large davenport, wine and side C97 HH
chair. Loese spring cushions. Uphel- t,,uu
stered in several tapestry patterns.
Separate Pieces
Colonial Library Table of SfiiheRnny SZO.OO
f)ncen Anne Maheminy Library Tnhle S23.nn
Mahecany Colonial Ilnrenperf Tnble 3l.r,n
OvemtulTcd Hlngle IJavenpert S7B.00
L'pheltercil Wlnic Clinlrs $42.00.
CneandMaheirany.FlnlKli M'Iiik Chulrn Sin tr,
Itecheri of Cane-and-Mnliegnny-rinlnh C20.3A.
William and Mary Mnlienn.v-lrlnlih Chulr til
Vplielitered Cans Chulrn 35.S0
Restful Furniture
The Living-Roem
Important. Feature
The Semi-A nnual Sale
Your living-room, is perhaps the most important room in your
house, for in ifc you spend your leisure time and your hours oft
relaxation. - ,
Living-room Furniture should, therefore, be chosen with, an
eye te its comforts as well as for its appearance.
Here in this Semi-Annual Sale of Furniture you will find all
Living-Roem Suits selected with exactly this idea in mind appear
ance plus comfort, plus durability.
Bear in mind, tee, the genuine savings and advantages avail
able during this Sale menth:
All Furniture from regular stock new far below regular prices, '
the reductions showing plainly en the sales tags. All special
purchases of Furniture new very much under the present market
prices, these savings clearly shown en the price tags.
All the Furniture is NEW, most of it having been purchased
during .the past six months with the demands; of this February
Sale in mind. All the Furniture conforms strictly te the Straw
bridge & Clothier standards for construction, material, design and
If you wish extended
DEFERRED PAYMENTS time for Furniture pay-
ments, you will And our
improved Deferred Payment Plan, the most practical and most
liberal of its kind. A small amount te cover the cost of book
keeping is the only additional charge. Ask the salesman.
8trawbrlJe & Clothier Furniture. Third l'loer: Bedsteads and Ueddln. Fourth Fleer, East
Metal Beds
1 Springs, Mattresses
and Davenports
Much Under Price
The Semi-annual Sale of Beds nnd Bed
ding is new under way, with wide assort
ments marked at worth-while reductions.
These are but a few of the opportunities
Metal Bedsteads $18.00
Square tubes, white enamel or weed finish.
Metal Bedstead and
Spring new 17.50
Bedstead, 2-inch continuous-pest style in
weed finish. Geed spring.
Felt Mattresses $13.50
Rell-edge Felt Mattress 50 pounds, made
in one or two part style and covered with
geed ticking.
Bex Springs new !?26.G0.
Hair Mattresses, 45-pound $32.50.
Davenport Beds, oak or mahogany-finish
new $68.50.
Strawbrldse A Clothier Fourth Fleer. East
30 Women's Natural
Muskrat Fur Coats
Greatly Reduced
These are among the best values we have
ever had: the reductions are ONE-THIRD
or NEARLY ONE-THIRD from our fair
regular prices.
45-inch Medels new $175.00
40-inch $135.00 and $165.00
All of geed dependable skins, handled by
experts through the entire process of prepar
ation. If you knew the "ins" nnd "euts'5 of
the fur business as we knew it, you would
be better able te appreciate what this means
te you.
All these Coats arc made with the fash
ionable full sweep, large hawl cellar and
deep turn-back cuffs.
NOTE Natural muskrat is one of the
most durable Furs, and for that reason par
ticularly desirable for metering and sports
in general.
trawbrldv k Clothier Second Fleer. Filbert Street
bLwbIk9hbLb9 i aM " Lih
Every Man
Should Knew-
Clearance Prices
for Clothing Are
New the Lewest
"MM T 7
in Many rears
Be it understood that this is a Clearance of Clothing
wherein men may cheese Suits and Overcoats from large
and comprehensive assortments of sizes, styles and fabrics.
Yeu can come feeling reasonably certain of finding the
Clothing you want in the size you wear nt the lowest
price in years. These and many ether lets of Suits and
Overcoats are available
Overcoats from Our Finest
Lines, in the Sale at $59.00
Londen-tailored Overcoats, as well as Overcoats
tailored by Hart, Schaffncr & Marx and ether American
craftsmen. Ulsters, Raglans and Chesterfields of rich
Crombie and Worumbe weaves. Reduced about one-third.
Handsome Overcoats of Fine
Imported Fabrics $4 7. 00
Luxurious Ulsters and Raglans of handsome Irish and Scotch fabrics
These are about one-third le3s than former prices.
Plenty of Overcoats, $21.00 and $27.50
... tIn c ?aIC redu"d te these two low prices, are hundreds of Ulsters and
Ulstcrettes in a wealth of fabrics and patterns for men and young men
SUITS with Twe Pairs of Trousers
Reduced te $21.00, $26.50 and $31.00
Handsomely tailored Suits of worsteds, enssimeres and silk mixtures at reductions
that overage mere than one-third. (S-)- Strawbrlage Cletlltr-Seeead Fleer, sm
The Clearance of
Beys' Winter Clothing
New going en, is affording parents a
wonderful opportunity te effect substantial
savings en garments the boy will need new
or later. Fer instance, these are but a few
of the groups reduced in price
Beys' Cheviot Suits $8.75 and $10.75
Cheviot Suits, with two pairs of Full
lined Knickerbockers, $9.75 & $13.75
Beys' Winter Mackinaws $6.95
Small Beys' Overcoats new $12.75
Large Beys' Overcoats new $15.75
y.) Btrawbrldire & Clothier
Seoenil Fleer. Filbert Street. nat
Stylish Stout Corsets
Grant te Larger Women the Slender, Straight
Lines of Fashion
Dcsisned with an understanding of the
needs of larger figures, the lines of these
Corsets are cleverly fashioned te lend the
straight, sli'iulcr effect that is essential if
women would be modishly gowned. Fer it is
upon such Corsets as the Stylish Stout that
the success of a woman's costume depends.
Corsets with low, semi-clastic and all
e'laatia top. Seme with medium and high bust.
With bread front claspn and icide elastic
hip sections.
Prices $9.00 te $22J0
H'. It. Yeuthline Corsets for Average
Sleut Figures, Special $3.85
Zfry btr&wbrldge & Clothlor Clethlor Clothler
Tlilrd Fleer. Market Street. IVmi
' Scrim Sash Curtains
Werth One-third Mere Than
$3.00, $3.50 and $4.00
Fresh New Curtains 500 pairs of them
under price. Of voiles, scrims and marquis
ettes, effectively trimmed, some with ncedle ncedle
weik motifs, draw nwerk, hemstitching or
wide marginal borders. Others are daintily
edged with lace. Hew homelike such Cur-
",snmakea room and at hevv Uttle expense
.$3.00 te $-1.00 a pair. '
- Strfcwbrldce & Clothier Th'rd Fleer Centre
Babies' Short Philippine Dresses
3 J 1
Just 1200
Included in
This Greup
Embroidered Styles from
One-fourth te Clese te
One-Half Under Price
The daintiest of sheer white Nainsoek Dresses, hand
made and hand-embroidered by skilful Filipine fingers. They
ae,2drabIy Pretty iiS babyhood itself. A wonderful group
of 1200 Dresses for tots of C months te 2 years. They are
made with hand-embroidered yokes, some round, ethers
square, many trimmed with real filet lace, as the style sketched.
All with deep hems, some hemstitched.
Petticoats, hand-scalloped, a few lace-edged, both
long and short models special, $1.70.
- Blrawbrldee & Clothier-
-Third Kloei, West
Women's J. J. Grever's Sens Shoes
Famous "Seft Shoes Fer
Tender Feet" Mere Than
One-third Under Price
A Special Purchase of
1000 Pairs, All Fresh
and New and Desirable
What rejoicing there will be te-morrow
comfort of these fuveritc Shoes.
tees, am) with 1 nnd 19i inch
anion? thn wemnn Tvlm e .,.,..!., 41..
All of soft black glazed leather, with medium and round
. fcm, wiin uoeuvear-we t' . fioxihie cMa
implicates m our regular lines, et our usual nigh standard. In sizes ud te 9: widths R in v
trawbrtaa Clothier BUhth and Fllbart Btrett.
Anether New and
Glorious Presentation
Of Spring Millinery .
Several hundred new hats shown for the
lirst time te-morrow the most distinguished
new shapes of the season, many of them
Fine- Milans and jj-eal hair cloth are back
again; "Umbe" is a novelty straw that will
captivate you at first glance; then there's
pressed hemp, straws-and-fabrics interwoven
satin visca and candy cloth.
Birds are n new feature of the trimming,
fave It" Korgceus plumage are a
I-i-uits and flowers are shown in aliever
effects. A new plumage is ubed en the
Kussian Turban, ribbons in towering bewn
are placed in the front of the new Pokes, und
the new chysanthemum pompon is frequently
posed te fall soft and low ever the right car.
New straws, new shapes, new shades, new
trimmings a wonderfully interesting dis
play $10.00 te $18.00.
Slrabrld, j. cteMiW
.. ..f i. i . . n .. t.. . 4
MMMMaMalBMaMaMMaMaMMaaaMMaMMa . MiiMMyMMfa-tAV. .. fl.u AMaatfayaMafaiAA...rt ig.WT- fU , fW
-fr.sV !
h 4m
t f

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