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lowest JMtipeniture tcntsht about Of
deptes) moderate wlHds.
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PV0L. VIIL-n-NO. 145
Entered ai SccanjlClaiia Matter at the Poeteltlce at Philadelphia, Pai
Under c.ie Act 'of March 8, 1870
I'UDinuca uany rjxrepi eunaay. ouimuriynen rnra j
Copyright. 1IW2, by 1'ublld Ledger Company
Subflcrlptien Trie $e a Year by Mall.
onrne rmrr rIiw,ri-..l-i"-
. '' h.VJ;VP
jrrtia xw v,l;;
guettitea 1mm weget .aasi
-r11 - ' - '
Declares Refusal of City Werk-
rs te co-operate win tie
L' Met Summarily
If' Nerman L. Stamm, harbor engineer
Wtt the Department of Wharves, Deck"
gfaaa' Ferries, was dismissed today by
i.fireeter Sproule. '
", i -Fathire' te co-operate with the do de
Viartnwnt was the reason given.
Aliter Moere announced that Stamm
'i kid been, "fired." The Mayer hinted
- Ikat among some city 'empleyes there Is
-'ft tendency te show independence of or
i tea because the Administration has
? aierid the last half of Its term.
' Any city official who feels 'he cannot
tttJeM with the Administration can
, Itt out, the Mayer declared.
jgtaum lives at 8412 Race street, in
.kt I'Twenty-feurth Ward, where
,'IUWy D. McCaughn, former Penrose
Nevar hat been regarded as political
MS?,, OTCijaugnB is new mmcciur ui
lltll Revenue.
BV '.... tWib ImwmmA If T fiaM
." .flL " 1BI1A !.. .,. A.
tiini'tiOOO a year from the city, had
,f akaraa of thfi department draftlnir room.
aoeut lerty araitsmen are em
It Is said the output of nlans
net kept pace with contract require-
tfahts. As a result, it is said, the
fc Chestnut street' pier, -supposed tp have
i'Oftn cempieicu murcu , win nut uu
Srwdy for a month' or mere'.
V. The Mayer's statement follews: '
.''? 1'ktlt.r rnnmlltlncr with thn Mnrnr
K'Ttsterday, JJirocter Hprouie dismissed
jk'lWt harbor engineer for reasons given
Kin the tiKiial legal form.
fkifMr. Stamm has been with the de
ir'aartment nlncu 11)11, but, according te
t r --: - e ..- w .-'--
the charges against him, hns tailed te
eo-enerato with the department in its
regressive program of the last two
-vesiring te carry out mc .Mayer s.
Ileles of progressive work nleni; the
nr front, Director Hpreulc has miidc
rest strides in nler bulldlnc whci-Uvtlie
Unices of Mr. Stamm were badly
Kt Recall Possible
Ly,-"Dnring,recent-monlb,hewcver, the
icter'a rcauesta and orders, -result-'
In thcbreueh, which, he far as the
i-chirgcs arte cenccrnad. Hepnrntc lilm
trem tne service. ir. rumm win
.lire five days te answer the charge,
tut the Mayer nnnquriccd that his scrv
,wfces In the department wcre at en end.
x. In consequence et tnc cenrcrcncc
.fail morning, ami in evder time tnc pier
Jferk may be hastened, particularly tnat
t 'Chestnut street nnd the new piers
above Market street, Assistant Direc
tor Carrell Itt Thompson was ordered
3to't&te ever the engineering work nnd
from .this tlme en will be in direct
-'After Director Sproule had left
.VMijer Moere said there seems te be a
- disposition nt the beginning of, the Inst
bl( et the Administration te show In In
u'diiendence of eedcrs. The answer te
JHit Is:
p?"Any city official who feels he can can
wiet git along with this Administration
"las the option of getting out. We hac
St' great work nhcud during the next two
Meats, and there are plenty of men ready
.jand willing te take the places of these
fthp de net wish te serve."
- : i
Ceitigan Telia Corener He Thought
Vt "What Would Kill Would Cure"
When his wife beeffme seriously ill
from drinking bootleg liquor, Herbert
Oestlgan, 031 North Twelfth street,
said today that he gave her mere of
the liquor te cure her. Mrs. Cestlgnu
died Bfvcral "days age. Cestlgan made
this admission at an inquest into the
woman's death before Corener Knight.
Cestlgan, it is alleged, obtained the
uquir from n tailor near Thirteenth
, street and Falrmeunt avenue. Shortly
after,kis wife had drunk the liquor she
?, becume ill. Cestlgan said lie worked
Von.the theory that "what will kill n
person will euro them" ami ebtulucd
i- Mam .$ 1. l..t
Bere 01 the
uuia vi, iuq tjiuu
. .
LCharge Man Robbed Peer Bexes by
J Use of Chewing Gum
.Chewing gum en the cud of corset
Jenes was used as tackle by Jehn Cof Cef
ro, it is charged, iu robbing the peer
boxes of Catholic churches Goffere was
arrested by Detective James McCarthy.
He lives in a rooming house 011 Pine
street near Sixth.
fa..!".11 ? """tened today be
fe Magistrate Llndell, in the Gr Gr
Wntewn station. According te the de-
1 yetlvc, Coffero used the baited whale
!ut0 dFa.w ;?,aU celni through the
K"' flowed Coffero from
rtV.inc,lt f Chw:Ii. Price and Lena
S' nl Ahe Ch,"r,ch et 'h6 Hely
ffiTTf H.he,Ln u,l.a IaK0l'a avenues :
CenJn.lin0 cfcunV' "' Immaculate
inception, where he was arrested. It
Tw.lve-Year.Old Bey Accused of
Robbing Weman's Apartment
t,iUfi rgcd wlth ll0 heft of u soeo
? Iu Wnuana dlBraen, 1valllerc Alov Alev
& iV'Nnsmycr, aged twehe. of 027
h t cnu.BJWOfl 1,eld U10 Heuse of
fie m" ,for rtlwr hearing
art of xrJhnuJcu,c,ryeas tl,n VP
Godfrey uSue?"'68 cu. 710
tSR, !?fCl1!.li,"!,'nn eti 1,emB 8tuntay
for liS it l1"lf,,lic 'i womauie euro
wrc taker "uS ,,l,rl,,B ,,er "bhccp- 'l! c
by her ''t"?Hccel,,I,'-'l te the home
lad Is iu?",.eBr.'0,a erundsen. The
c Isvnliu.- .8e'1 ha Picked un
)W,:, -..,v eMVVin.
Wins Seat yi Lords
aaaaaHlfleaaBaBaB '
aaaBasaBr aBBBBaaV
aaai 1HsBv'Sn"ilPBaaH
V Pi'J s stV
laaaaaB vllaaaaaaaaH
aaaaaaaT 'j iBbbbH
BBBBBBBf ? r?7v3vBH
(t:V''y BaBaBaH
Whose petition te sit In the Drltlsh
Heuse of Lords has been granted.
4 i
Will Be First Weman te Sit in
Upper Heuse of. Par
' By the Associated Frcsn
Londen. March 2. The petition of
Lady Khenddn te sit In the Heuse of
Lords wns granted iy the Committee
en Privileges of the Heuse of Lords
If she takes the scat awarded her
by this ruHng, she will be the first
woman te sit in the upper house of
the British Parliament as Lady Aster
was Jji the lower chamber. Lndy
Ithendda is the daughter of the late
Viscount Rhonddet Great Britain'swar Britain'swar
tlme feed controller, who died in 1018
from art illness breusht en by ever
work. Ills only child was the daughter,
wife of Sir Humphrey Mnckwerth,
Lord Doneughraorc presided ever the
committee composed of Lords Desnrt,
j Hnldnne, Chelmsford, Hyiten, Wren-
bury, riillllmore nnd Askwitli.
After Lndy Rhenddn's right te the
present tit'e wan established her ceun-
Lsel urged thnt the sex disqualification
removal net cienriv uppiica 10 n ense
like the present, and that the disability
exlstinc in the past new being removed
Lady Rhenddn wns entitled te sit In
the Heuse nf Lords.
After further nrgument the Attorney
General, en bchnjf ofthe Crown, said
he raised no objection te 'the petition,
which wns therefore granted.
Interviewed nftcr the decision, Lady
Rhenddu exprecd'hcr delight thnt the
ense had gene In her favor.
' The successful fight of Lady Rhenddn
for a seat In the Heuse of Lords squares
with her belief In the .principle of
equnllty between the Rexes. She Is a
peeress In her own right, of whom there
nre twenty ethers, te whom the way
may new be opened te tnke their seats
in the Heuse of Lords.
Lndy Ilhenddu is n business woman
nnd succeeded her father as manager of
vast industries dealing in coal, steel,
ships and factories. She hns been presi
dent of the Women's Industrial League,
president of the Efficiency .Club and a
justice of the pence of Monmeuthshire.
She was born In 18S3. She hns no
party affiliation. She wns rescued from
the ocean when the Lusltnnla was tor
pedoed. She recently wns reported te
have instituted suit for divorce. She
served her "bit" In jail as n militant
While peeresses in ancient times had
the right of sitting in the Heuse of
Lords, it 'is. sold they were rcprcbcntcd
by proxies.
Workers Try te Enllat Aid of Mayer
' With Government
A committee, representing the -ISOO
workmen nt the Philadelphia Nnvy
Yard, called upon Mayer Moero this
morning te urge him te iihe his influ
ence te have the Navy Yunl kept in
operation, despite the contemplated
drastic reductions In equipment and per
sonnel. The Mayer wns engaged, f-e nn ap
pointment was made for later in the
week. William S. Ceiuly. chairman of
the committee, bald thnt Councilman
Gnffney would be n-dsed te introduce n
resolution in Council.
The committeemen point te the long
record of service of the yard, nnd its
location in the midst of tun country's
most flourishing industrial district, as
arguments in support of their conten
tion, in addition te the unequaled
equipment there. It should be kept iu
iicttve service, they sny, ni n centra!
repair and maintenance Miitien.
Others en the committee are: T0hn
J. McDcvitt uecretury; Jeseph P. Pow
ers, William G. Petter and Themas A.
Kentucky Man Forsakes 18-Year-
Old Wife, Who sues for Divorce
MayBvlllc. liy.. March L - (H.v A.
P.) Twe diveite Kills are pending iu
the Masen Ceuntv ('limit t'euit here
because. Curl Kelliim, twent) -three
venrs old. nnd his mother-in-law, Mrs. I
Addle Gallagher, ferty-lhe, urn off te- 1
aether, according te Hie petitions meu
by Mrs. I ma Gallagher Kellum,
eighteen, ugainst her husband, uud Jehn
Gallagher, against his uife.
Mrs. Kellum kijs shu wus married
two ears age and was my happy 011
her husband's farm, four miles from
here, A short time uge, uhe alleges, tier
mother, who lived en an adjoining farm,
rnn off wiil Kellum' and never re
turned. UnlJuKher'H petition IMiMjW.thc
nu in;. Kcllu'in lutMrw,, UgUhritcr,
Cash Payment Feature Elimi-
nated, Excopt'en Less
Than $50 Claims
By (he Associated l'ress
Washington, March 2. Unanimous
agreement te ellminnte the cash feature
of the soldiers' bonus, except In the case
of men whose adjusted service pay would
net exceed $30, was reached today by
thu special sub-committee of Republi
can members of' the Heuse Wuys und
Means Committee, (e which the whole
bonus question was referred te vester-
day. '
In lieu of cash for the ether service
men, it wns agreed te add u new pro pre
vision, te the bonus bill under which the
men ncceptlng adjusted service certifi
cates could borrow immediately en these
certificates .from banks a sum equal te
CO per cent of the total adjusted serv
ice pay, computed at the rate of St n
lny for domestic service nnd $1.23 a
day for foreign service.
Feruney Issues Statement
This official statement of the agree
ment of the sub-cemmlttcc wns issued
by Chnlrmun Ferdncy :
"The sub-cemmlttcc. consisting of
Chairman Fordney, Messrs. Green.
Lonpverth, Hnwley. Trendwuy and
Copley, liuve tentatively ugrced upon
nnd prepared n prevision te be submit
ted which. in substance, is as follews:
"The elimination of the cash feature
of the bonus bill where the veterans
are entitled te mere than $30 adjusted
wjrvice pay, but -adding 11 new lean
prevision te the adjusted service cer
tificate title, which will enable holders
of such certificates te 'borrow from any
national bank or bank or trust com
pany incorporated under the laws of
uny State CO per cenef the sum of
the adjusted service' pay prier te Sep
tember 30, 1023. This date wns fixed
becaube after that time the bill as orig
inally drafted by the committee pro
vides for a larger percentage of lean
by the Government, aiid has net been
changed by the sub-committee."
Veterans' Approval Expected
Chairman Fordney said this plan was
expected te meet with genernl approval,
since it enabled the soldiers who may
be in need te 6btnlli ensh immediately
after the lt-suance of the certificates;
would relieve the Treasury of nny large
cash payment (Hiring the enormous re
funding operations which must be car
ried out in the next two years and
would place no additional tux burden
upon the public. '
Many details of' the proposed amend
ment te the bonus bill remain ta be
worked out, and Mr. Fordney said it
probably would be a week befere the
plan was ready for submission te the
cntlre Republican membership of the
committee. He declared that there
would be previsions safeguarding the
rights of the holders of the certifi
cates and limiting the amount of In
terest which the banks could charge
for the leans.
Governer Harding, of the Federal
Reserve Beard, was befere the sub-emu-mlttec
today dlscusslug the interest and
ether questions. It wns suggested that
the Interest rate should npt exceed n
figure greater than 2 per cent above
the rcdl' count rate of the regional re
serve banks.
Payable Only te Helders
Under another tentative prevision be
ing considered, the, title te the cer
tificates could net be disposed of by
the service men. The leans could be
made nly by national or State banks
and trust companies, the idea being,
Mr. Fordney explained, te prevent the
Continued, en I'nre Feurtrrn. Column Three
One Fireman Overcome and In Seri
ous Condition Gas Masks Needed
Mercer, Pa., March 2. (By A. P.)
The business district of Mercer was
visited by a costly lire teiluy. TJie
blaze started in the basement of thu
Housten dry goods store. Firemen from I
Greenville were culled te old the local i '."T """'" ,'i" B ,1' ., ,, "' , , ,,c was ,nK,11 ,0 Ilie Hospital nnd his
forces. I first one would read the line nleud. . mother notified thnt he was still alive.
Fireman Claude tllllctte was removed I ).u ll wonder what it was all about but She is hurrying here from Baltimore,
te the Cottage Stale Hospital, where u '1 U7'V "'J"1!10, , ' "I s hiingrj and penniless and I
phjslclans stated that his condition Ihe job Of these jeung women Is ndt il.vi.lcil life was inn worth living anv
was serious, lie wus among the first!1? J1!,,B01 Ul0, 'lualiiy of the lines, but longer," thu boy told Captain of De' De'
te enter the burning building, where h,um,yi te ty them. First they ticthcs Souder.
he was overcome by the dense smoke.
The origin of the bliue is unknown. . nsf .V?"1 el tue h,u,,tted line. Uur
Firemen were compelled te use. gas '"g tllis Precess they read aloud every
Check for 1 7th
Will Pay
Audit Will Alse Silence
cal Hubby, Who SceffedBut JUry of
V'c peered at all the numbers en
Xerth Franklin street until we came
te 1505, wherein lives Mrs. Lillian j
i r envuer. i a -
winner of Lim
erick Ne. 17.
V e pushed
tbe button, mm
snid a little
prayer, te the
effect that the
lady in question
would net be at
the movies, or
down town
shopping, a u d
wnted. Mrs.
Snyder very
kindly wiis"te
hum" and lctua
in lier very self.
t .And wlicn,V
im Me hnEStebiiX Mill Ml e
BmBmT BmBmi
r f s-hA ---B
ft . T W -ami
& 1
U: of Pi Junier Vanishes;
i LeavesZ 'Suicide?' Letter
,. n rr"
J Walter R. Pruden, Wqunded
'Veteran. Writes' Net te
Hunt for, His Bedy '
Fraterhiiy Members Comb
City;.Leiv Marks May Be
Cause of Act ,
Walter Rebert Pruden, a Junier in
the Wharten Scheel of the 'University
of Pennsylvania, disappeared Tuesday
night nnd is believed te have commit
ted Huleldc.
Pruden, known en the campus as
"Beb," and prominent In student ac
tivities, left n note begging forgiveness
arid indicating that he ntnnned tn take
fhis life. He is a veteran of the World
nr, having been severely wounded by
nn explosive machine-gun bullet, and
liis wound and worry ever his fltudlcs
ure blamed by his friends for bis dis
appearance. His home is in Van Wert,
O. He bearded at 3(110 Hansom street.
He was president of the L'Est La
Guerre Club pf Penn wur veterans.
At 11 o'clock Tuesday night, he told
ethers in the house be was going for a
walk. He did net return. When his
room was searched the following note
was found, addressed te his chum, Sid
ney Kinley:
"Sidney, please fergive mc for the
cowardly act I have committed, but I
did as 1 thought best.
"Don't Loek for Bedy"
"Don't leek for niv beHr. fnr t ilnn'f
think it will be found. My trunk is
packed, and Mrs. Kinley will leek
nfter my things. Give Mrs. Tully my
love, nnd I wish te thank nil you peo
ple for the wonderful home you nave
given me.
"My love te nil. Please mall these
letters at once.
"Goetf-by. W. B. P."
His roommate, Herbert Kinley, said
fear of being dropped ns" president of
the Cest le Guerre Club may have
prompted the disappearance.
Pruden has been piesident of the club
Every One Received Is Read and
Stands Eqljirefy Upen
Ever since this second Lim'rlck con
test started, we've been flooded with
requests for information nbeut the
methods we use in picking the winners,
EW,,.Ve,n t0 th,nJitl'a.t.w.c n.re 'liui !
se nnnv nnau-APu fhnf it l imtiAaiufKlj)
se many answers thnt It Is lmnet'sible
te leek nt all of thorn and that we
simply use a "grab-bag" way of getting
nt the ten Inst lines te put oil the
bal'ets thnt are submitted te the juries.
Well, we de get n let of nnswers,
that's a fact. But there Isn't nny grab
bag method about the wny we hnndic
There's one thing thnt the fans can
rest assured of.' Every sing line, thnt
comes te this office is rend nnd judged
upon its merits. '
We tried various ways et tackling the
problem during the last contest and. hi
ttiose seventeen weeks, we learned n let.
And the present system whs devised and
perfected then and hns proved te be the
fairest and most competent.
First of all, you mall your nnswer
from home and it arrives at the proper
Potefflee box. There It is collected by
our people nnd hroughUte this office.
On the second fleer of the building,
we hnve set aside n large njem for the
Llm'rleks. Here we hnve n stuff et
competent eung women who were thor
oughly trained in their work during the
last -contest. Jr you could visit thW
room-, i ou would seen be convinced that ,
the method is most thorough nnd that
it just nbeut eliminates the possibility I
of mistakes. I
If you steed in (he doorway, yen
nuuiu i-rc iiikms ,uiiiik nuiin-ii iiii:iiiiik
the envelopes nnd sorting the coupon"
and stlns of pntier into niles. Every i
",ew "ni' ,h",,?T,u w"u1,1 l,car "i1.0 ,,,f
N" n "V "erf s a ncw ene- J ,p ,
"' incm.eiitin pi Ics in-cording te the
Centinurd en I'ncii Twe, Column Thret
Lim 'rick
Docter's Billsn
Mrs. Snyder's Skepti-
Girls Didn't
she hadn't taken us for a book agent or
soap salesman and net let us in!
i0"e.r "i'leted Lim'rlck is as fel-
Mmcrlcli Ne. 17 I
Hill Jenes loved u gill in West Philly;
"I'll weil her." h said, "willy-nilly.
I'll play liechlniar '
With mv little tin car"
i7ie waa wed when he net there, nenr I
Mrs. Snjder ian h'ardly wait until
friend husband arrives home tonight te
tell him the geed news, because when
he read her answer lie turned up his
nose at It, and assured her It wouldn't
wiu. As the fortunate young woman
sat talking, she chuckled te herself us
she thought of the fun she would have
with her ,we'd better sny ether half,
rather than better. half, under the cir-
ifre. Hnyilcr haVn,
girl.. Helen.
h , eeep
. .' ' . -
very i
i -r '
atataHRV SRW"' 'AtaiaH
f PF!' '' s' '.
EC &J t, " v ' '. " as
' ? -"& J ' ' dP 4
'.BaBaBaBaBBr' ''
-aVPajBBBBBVIBBJfe '' '&'v.
since its inception. Recently the offi
cers were told by the faculty that the
club must comply with the school laws
and register.
"Te be president or any ether officer
of a school club a man must have the
best of marks In his studies," said
Kinley. "Heb had low marks imu niim
her of studies. This would compel lilin
te drop the presidency, mere than he
could stand, ns he one time said."
The young man's disappearance was
communicated te the police Immediately,
and announced yesterday morning te
the students by the dean of the Wharten
Pruden was n charter member of the
Continued en rose Fourteen, Column Three
Nete te Mether in Baltimore
Leads te Discovery of
Wounded Youth Here
A mother's love reached out from
Baltimore this morning te save the life
of her hungry nnd penniless boy who
hnfl trir(1 l0 I111 Mmwlf in Philadelphia,
... .. '
witn tne result that Rebert Velgtman,
six-teen jenrs old. is in the Medico Medice
Cliirurglcal Hospital instead of lying
wounded and dying in his room at 2130
Arch street.
Yelgtiunn is iu n serious condition
and may net recover. If he does, it
will be thanks te the prompt action
which liis mother took.
The boy is a Bultlmereun, but hns
been living fur some tlme nt the Arch
street address under the name of Guy
fester. I he police believe he ran nuuv
from home.
When lie decided yesterday that he
would kill himself, he sat down und
wrote a long farewell letter te his,
mother In Baltimore.
He mailed the letter last night. He
shot hinihelf above the heart ut 0:30
e clock this morning.
His mother leeeived the letter bv the
first mall tedaj. She was horrified ut
the message, yet her first thought wus
that there might be time te prevent her
urn's contemplated net, nnd she lele-
phoned te the llnltiuinrn nnlinn !..-.
gtag them te de whatever thev could
without u moment's deluv.
The Baltimore police called Assistant
Director Tempest en thu leng-dNtnnce
telephone, und he -cut u squad of men
ici (lie AfCU street Heuse.
Thi.i- li.iti
into young Vnigt man's room and feiiiid
him lvlne nn tin- lmi me.iC tn. ..
"f uIoe'- "c hud been lying there tin
'- J
Radie Messages Te. 'of Disaster 500
Mllea Off Cape Race
Bosten, March L'. (, A. P.) The
Xeiwcglun freight, steamship (ironteft
was reported sinking about ."00 miles
nitheust of Cape Kaee, "in radio mes-
.'tes received here today.
Her lifeboats kail been smashed, llm
steamship West cbar repeited. Tlie
StPtllllklllll T?ril.ltllil iii ,h-if,iii.illi . ,.. I..
fTemtuNew orTe,,,pux(ite,lKsbWr bm"ul
Inch and Half Laat Night Swells
Philadelphia Total Celd en Way
An inch and u half of snow -eeii-d
the city last night iu usistiu? the mouth
of March te make its llon-llke dclnn.
This added le previous snowfalls this
?"ter "inl V' ,.n,,u.1 Jf xVnli '"l,,
iu? u',s, fr ' hl'mlvlpbiii for the season. I
, u,,(1 ulmls w,"l 'irrlMi niniglit from
,,,, imrthwesl which will send the uier-
,(U,y ue '" - "esrecs. There will
ue ni
fin mnm nlnttt lnilni . . ..
cording te the weather buruiu. i
iiw tii mints iwl(t.i in i iiiiiiiri ll . llf i
Today's Developments
at National Capital
Hitchcock, debating four-Power
treaty in Senate, declared he couldn't
support it unless it was eunllncd by
amendment or. reservation.
'.Tnrnpil at lli Wlilln ir...u .i...l
f5ivTii.sirv. i .:m.,"""? i"j
J'JH 'f,-"':, "l"i "V""lllO, Wll
nesm suit wen
Mrs. Wilkenning's Claim for Get-
ting Her Rise te, $10,000
Weekly Is Disallowed,
SPIRIT; SPENT $300,000
New Yerk, Mnrch 2. Mary Pickford
'"cs net, have te pay Mrs. Cern C.
WMkcniring nny part of the $108,000
which Mrs. Wllkcnnlng claim wns due
her as commission for getting the film
Mar n rise te $10,000 n week.
This wns the verdict of n Fedcrnl
'iiry here, returned last night nnd tin tin
'cnied today befere Federal .Tudce Mark.
Neither Mary nor her husband was
in court when the crdict was an
nounced. Her counsel rushed te the
telephone te ncquplnt her with the news
nt her hotel.
reunscl for Mrs. Wllkcnnlng filed
notice of an appeal.
Spent $300,000 Fighting Suit
In her hotel suite, where she was In
formed of her victory, the screen star
said she hed spent $300,000 in fighting
Ine ,uJi,"JEnn,n'H cffert te obtain
910s,00n of her money. The trial here
this week was the third in the case,
"J,"', it appeared probable that Miss
Pickford would have te make further
disbursements before she hears the last
of Mrs. Wilkeniiing, ns an appeal te
the Circuit Court Is considered likelv.
I feel sorry for Mrs. Wi'kcnnlng."
said Mary, "but I -never have settled
a claim when I was in the right, and
I never will."
"I would light her ten times mere
because I knew I am just a target," she
continued, speaking faster und mere
Asks for Rises Herself
"Well, what nrc you mad nbeut?"
broke in her husband, Douglas Fair
banks. "Nothing," replied Mary, "but It's
all se silly. I haven't hml nn agent
since I wns eleven years old. When I
wnnt n rise I go nsk for It myself, nnd
when I want u new job, I leek for
In explanation of her absence from
the courtroom when the verdict was
unsealed, Miss Pickford said she had nn
Idea all along that it would be in her
fnver. '
'Any way," she added, "I knew all
about the courtroom. I could point out
every chair thnt squeaked nnd these
Somebody Lied, Says Judge
MrR. Wlllcnnntnv elnlmml ttiY C1AQ
000 wns due for her services in plnc-
ing Mis Pickford in the mlllion-derar
ciass ei screen taverltes. Kvcrythins
hlneerl iinen nn lntirvlnu? ivMwl. T.U
vhlch Mrs.
Wllkcnnlng testified occurred December
7. 1D1II. Mist, Vlnhtiri .tnn.n.l n,.l, ...
ik icMiiuii occurred ucccmber
Miss Pickford denied such an
1 w.
r-v .
interview took place. Judge Mack, In
chnrglng the Jury, said:
"It is impossible te reconcile the
iniA.- ai. ..ii..i !.. i
niuiii-a ui, mc jiiiCKuu imtTview ei j;e
Cliarlle Cbanlln's Millien
Hlimnru nf Phni-ltii Phrmtln'c million
u j ear were suld te huve started ss
l'iekferd's dissatisfaction with her own
In lllu njlflfOUL fr. Mm llll iernn V
.1, i..i ui.... v.- j ... Jul, uu'lhv ,,
.Ti.siph, attorney for Mrs. WlUiennlng.
uinicKiu Jirs. i-icKieru, n-erting tnat
"nviiriccand greed" grew en her -tend-lly
in the earnings of her daughter grew
Crowds of curious men and women
steed iu the snow about the Federal
Bulldlii this morning awaiting n' of
the erdlct.
i,:iiiuT:r i, .ii'iu. ii uiuht iraiK place or -.-- -; ,.,-niiB me uuer aiier n, i, ,i . . si 'W
it didn't. One or the ether of the two incm ,ns t,lc-v returned te the train 1,,le limitation of armament left w -4
I participants is deliberately lvlng. It i?.r, eth?r ",nl1 sacks, they snid. teduv. ".ended with small ships, especially , wl
Icun't be a mere figment of the imaglna- V ncn t,lp-v returned a few minutes later (lt'vt,re crs, and Congress In its zeal for ,
tien." " the pouches were missing. u showing of economy that will wla ',
i The interview was the one of which , r E- I-e. nnether baggageman, snid vote? Is 1,cnt "l10" forcing the retire- .5
Mrs. AVfkenning testifieil Mary Pick- '?, mv two m,' sitting in nn nutome- !ncnt fro,. tt-'tlve service of a let of tj
ford cofne te her office und engaged her !'Ile J"0 'j10 stri'''t from the station u,Vr, eiwiliaiy vessels. " M
te obtain offers from moving picture J"8,1 bp,ferc the robbery became known. , 1'.1? " Appropriations Cemmittet j
producers, se Adelph Zuker. of the V110,0 be ,cve thnt " third man entered ,,nK t8 eyp en the destroyers. It Is this
Famous Players-Laskv Fi'.ui Cempnny, t,M!l l"'PB'Be room earlier In' the dav. lIusfs,, of sl"l',,, wl'lch has used up most' '
would increase her salnrv of $4000 ' n. hiding behind some baggage, es- V tn? n"vy s .w for tllls J"ear and' c (sf
'week te S10.000. " 'apcu with the mail when the two biiK- br""pt "bout the situntl in which may-'V ,
, , ... ..... igngcmcn eft the room. i rpult in n naval tie-up for the rest of ,-
ar,lltallA rllatvllit'a Mllllnn I tllu lima i 1 J til .1 . J L
'., ', "' '",' """;. -am miip. .mU.- set'ic delay the trip wns up. Thev burn endless oil Thev cost
jesterduj she was nnxleiis te return te rei,llned. the tuiln leui'lilng here one ! ui n ch; nl n t t lee as much te m
the Pueitie (oust and would prebnblj . hour ntu. Henit fnllim. -.iCii, ,.... . .... ,i.' . . i.....i.i. ?...'" i.
Mis.s Pickford iu nn Interview, -aid
i i-.i....
leave today or tomorrow,
OTTAWA, March 2. Canada's next Parliament will have ten
mero members than the present body as n result of the new census,
results of which have just been announced. The present Parlia
ment hns 235 members; the next will have 2-15. i
WASHINGTON, March 3. Inspection of mere than two score
western pest3 shows tha "the meinle of efficeib niul soldiers is
improving stsndily," Colonel Jehn T. Axten, chef of chaplains of
the army, reported today en his letum te Washington from an
inspection trip. Clergy of the communities about the pests are
co-operating- with the army chaplains and are having- the active
and whele-henited co-operation of the commanding officers, Col
onel Axten said.
Man Sentenced Yesterday Is Sui
cide In His Cell
Max Kubln, alias .Mux Levin, of
Washington, sentenced jesterday by
nskatBl ttir linil nltiVtlrtl nnl uuin lutfnaik
seen after his arrest, had tried suicide
by pelseai
Wins $108,000 Case
tataiaXalK ' v--'j!bWjb1bbbbM
Bafl? J MBaBaBaBaa
i$A"s .BavBavBavBavBavM
Barlbuft Jbk. ' BaTBaTBaTBaTBaTBari
flkvKlaflf bPBIbbHIbbbbbH
BavXp avJOyiaaB- av BKBavcaaH
arHaEpr BT.IBb 'BarBBL.BarBarBari
KTlffjf W m SLnBaBaBaH
BV 'JJHsbF'bK A wViBaBaB
bb t4? jim .aBja aHr jbbbbbbh
Who was returned victor today In
a lengthy legal battle ever Mrs.
Cera, Wilkenning's claim for $108,
000 commission, which she alleged
was due her because she get Mary
a rise of from $1000 te $10,000 a
Thieves Buay While Mra. P. D. Cene
la Absent Frem Heme
Rebbcra entered the suite of Mr. nnd
Mrs. P. D. Cene, In the Valley Apnrt
ment, 7200 CrcHbcSm read late yester
day end stele money, Jewelry and sil
verware valued at nearly $fi000. The
theft was reported te the police today.
Entrance was either by means of a
pass key, or through a rear window, te
which access is had by a fire escape.
Mrs. Cene and her seven-year-old son
Reman, were absent at the time. The
place, according te Mrs. Cene, wus
thoroughly ransacked. Mr. Cene, who is
manager of the Otis Building, is at
present in Flerida.
DCriCTCDcn saaii -ri ...
Twe Sacks Taken Frem RallreaM
Baggage Roem In Kankakee, III.
fianiiaMee, III., March 2. (By A
) Four registered mail pouches, eacli
luuuteJtPfl. in.. iinvnn fit, i
" "-" le capacity, nnu believed te con-
laln only registered mall, were stolen
Itxim ln I'll.... I.. 11 . t I
""," ""; """ v.ciuriu engguge loom
car 0,l'v-
rPIiA . ei I 11 ..
. u-e M
beunu in
u oune nun uu-ll lUKCn iremSOIItn-
uni .Ne. e. from Chicago. Philip
uiiu i-erer li. smit ii. i
Passenger Train en P. R. R. Brought
te Step by Fireman
Philllpsburg. X. J., March 2. (By
A. P
V cu i 'f r i "Ai, vin inn
Of Srrnililshltit ntnn Htn, nj i..n, ....
; i iiunca .eiie. sixty jenrs ulil.
ger train engliieer by t!ie Pennivlvnniu
y hi ,,,, eimxvivniiiu
Hiiilreail. died suddenly this morning in
tlic cab of his engine whil,. running in
tin- vicinity of Lnmbertvlllc. X. J.
I lie dead engineer wus discovered b.
tin tiremnii, who brought the train te a
1 of death.
. . -- " "''j
G. W. Heppes, Pett8vllle Business
Man, Disappears After Illness
Petlsvllie, I'll.. Mnrch L'. (Ilv A.
!'.) Ucliecd te hac lest a'l sens., nf
-"oeo"Mt. iiu.vu iiii: iiuii(tiiim in rnn
linn ninnni . -...i. f
wt nnn ma u. 1 1.1 ..: - . i.Trinrflii
mnLHime iil-ut
. naviAiiiA ii aaaSU:t.V 'I
Congress, Seeking Vete .hJl
Saving Meney, Fails te Pre
vide Fuel Enough
c.- , j, . .. . t.. . . sfiK' ."
Copvrieht, ltts, bv Public Ltdecr Compemv'-Kt J
u,MiJij;ien, jinrcn . rne aa- ,fifl
nennccment that it may become necetj'$
snrv tn He mi nvrrv nliln In t-lin n.w '
.-- . ... .. .. , .,
for lack of fuel was the opening gm ';
from the side of the dennrtment of wht '
I is gelnsc te be one of the big fighta of
tlic year. .
Congress, wishlns te be re-elected,
Is out for n record In cuttinir naval anV..
propriatiens. Secretary Dcnby Is ask- ,. ' $
ing for S3."50.000.000 fop next vnr Ti! V rj
Congress leaders wlie specialize in naW v
matters nnv th.if he ran lioe ! V -1
. , ...... ..v .... .....v uv iwaiv j -
iiiiiii .-iiii.uuu,inni, , j. -ft
n... i ... , wv . 1'jf'
gross talks of cutting it te 00.000. Pre.'
Ident Harding concedes, It is said, ?
cut te 80,000. Secretary Denby is aM
inc for 00,000. nnd the srenernl rtim. t.
Jtntien is thnt there will be a cempre-
Thn nnw Ditnn.inFii .l.n.l ..n a. ft
-I'w.iwn niiiiin uiun IBV"
ii i-iiii ri-cciiii.v aegeiiateu nnu tne o-e-S
ruuii. juicy jnsist tnat tills country U
uuuiiu i muinuun n ncet in active serr-
lrf. riu Inrir.t nu ttmf .i..n.l .
the great Powers as the maximuas.-fl
Thn Innvtintltn miki, 1 . 1... il. .. . 1
. ...... ..u.u ...UT3I. mill uc mc mini
Congress Tlilnks of Politics
ISet se, says Ceiuress. Tin. mti uv &
only the maximum. The country need, S ji
net keep in active operation ail tb F.1
ships nllewed it. Moreover, if thifi iptl
country sets nn exnmnle nf reilnnin.. .' sJjt.W
navy in active service, the ether grm(ikW grm(ikW
Pewers will fellow suit, and tiicre T wW'-HiVs
.v. twu, w u nurni (iisarnw ?trj
Congress is thinking, however, cblefr-'i
of pelitkM. It is out for the vetS!f J
And it counts en the popularity of fcC.i'SI
and drastic cuts in armament npprZ'irteV;
Issue in the coming campaign, and thii'trti
is ecouemy. "Tjt, -
The announcement of a possible tie-VSc&J
up ei snips jx n wurninc el ulmt maw r-,
happen if Censrcss gees threueh wltk i .4a
in ci'uiiiiiii.v jiiuns. rne tle-utfe
y,carj. ,f St comes, will be the rcsul
i.. ,..... ..i ra. . --.-, ':-
ijhj v-ui r;itM uiiviii'nf?nn. tn i
thu Congress unwillingness te a-rant tfc ? ll
iviii nn run niiiPMmrir i
,,s,ln.1 lcficicncy appropriation
iproprlutien for ttaV-7'
i'UIl;"ee ei iiici.
' PW
FW....I. r..... .....
VIIV wUni Tallin llllH ' ' '.M IV
r nn- ,. . , . V ,ju"vt
ne '"Equity with the naval treat ,? '-?W
flE tl mtlflil fs nnaiMva.fa,l l m . 3 U.
.." r . -""I"H" m U1C inn-.
"M-1l" rnc" " agreement upon tav
. "u,,v ii uuji le&uucu, irem in
a iliii li I in im:i nnrn uiinmnaiiMau a .
French refusal te have submarines re
..u.. ...v., vw uv i,i,cin mil
Hi-L.ve nse hut tint iiw1iih u,nini .-,t..l.i
--.- .. ., v,,h .,.,. i t.,., n.vu.t., nuulU
((iiistitne nearly all thu fuel ullewcd for
Dcstrec-s Dig Problem
There are ItOO of these destroyers
that were built for special service dur
ing the war te combat the German sub
marine. They are new ships, most of
""'-ni iiinsiiiMi in mis, iiiisi and x)M,
Uk naval tieatv did net provide for
scrapping them. Thev aie new and fin
und cannot be thrown uwav ns junk.
It is net geed policy te let them ret at
the piers unmanned nnd with no steam
wniv i tiw nn- LsuLt tvui ;n u" ii l'ibb
..- .... .... .... ,. -..iifr' .- i. ii.bm
And the f'enlei-enee diil nntliltn-nhniit
tin-in. The Navy Department's uttl
turle has all along been one of impa
tience. They win de nothing about it.
There are the destroyers, new and fine,
costing much te keep. What can.be
done? Congre-s is bent en forcing the
ll u 11 1 1 of the Xnvv Department with r
gmd te these de-trejers.
I Tliej in i the Key te nnvnl economies.
SJn mm Iittitnin1.. llinf if tin. f!nnAKnmanf
hadn't a destrejer today it would set te
I wnik and' build ".(Kl of them. It preb- .
nlily weiildu t build 100 of llieni. But "
liming !(i0 uf iheiu, what shall be done
about It? j,
Each Cost Hair .Mlllbiu Yearly
The puj muster report shows hew
eviieiishe te keep these destroyers ure-X
Here is the llranch, which cost $4- ,
.1 1 '.-i. i ter mainienanee nnu operatlea ii
iu the tiscnl enr l'.lin ; the liiilmer,
!jt.-l(l..i.iS.:i.i; the Child. 9407.178.181
the C.lluier. . IHMIH.M : thu Hum.
liilie), . f.r.i,.)i mi ; nu; .iicuenuica,, ffliy'
$4M,17:i.lS; Simps,,,,, $4Ii:i,270.8fjt'A'J
: . j. .... . .. . r,w
('unttniinl an I'ikc KnuMrfn. Column BavtBI
Company Which Paid $10,000 tt'
Wife Threatena Disclosures
Tl, ll,i,.1.nL' 1 If.. In. n., rn.
I ItU ,,.....1 - .,.U ,.II4 ...Ikll WW
imiii of Pes Moines has Intimated. nC',
cording te dispatches, that sensational y KM
ilisciesiires amii nu iiiuiiu in (iiiiiiueiiOB 't ;J
with the disappearance for n year of
Dr. Huield Curl Hey, former Bwarth-.' 't
mere athlete and New Yerk dentist', h
I hut his
wa( allva as
TKir rrzir.
w WJ
am &
i A
J'T" U fflBFfT'
,, lum
f mmim 'jaaaaM
) CaMwjl BaaearrlrViu-fM nil Cal
M te I Impa Hie y$-
1miaav m.
iBiai tblb i aBBBKaaaai au- aiakaaB m jeaa
p T' nil II I' i , r
his .wifej
IfiiT ' lilfifiii v I Vi if it r i r I

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