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v::i 4 'mu
EF ' V r
h ? I. ,tf' Anils' rfVt
na Virginia nyHELENA
IT V DON'T motif l.nn- T.llllnt.
i!Ay? de it although " and
at laujhed nerreuly "although
ltd none or my busi
ness and I'm rude te
talk about her at nil."
"LU Byers? What
de .you mean you
don't nee hew she does
It? In ihe "
"Lillian was here
thin afternoon (or a
cup of tea. I hadn't
Keen her for ages:
Taul, does her hus
band make a terrible
! maney?"
fciyiO. jrsui.CBUCKiea easily.
fUM'tVA.Uftl Ne I don't think he makes
t Wt, but he s getting along comfort-
P. 1 see mm at luncheon once in n
at; i suppose nc a getting areunu
fc4"j ;e taeuaand a year
that's no mere than wc
v . :.?
nre was a sharp note of dismay, of
'appointment, raut thought, in her
" tlee.
, "Well, dear, what's the riddle?"
- , "It's Lillian's jewels, Paul, new tn
tka vnrM rina ah, tin It? I'm Mire I
yf'ty ' Mnr saw her leaded down like she was
RaV, -taday; and I've known her for jcars."
ir ."Looked pretty well illuminated.
V& - "'l mean a let of junk en?"
wfti- 'Junk? Dearest, it wasn't
il. '"iiiaminatear '
, . ,
II '
v? m. tm.. she hid en one of the new din
'ft h tmd bracelets, the kind that hare
! lUsaends nnd sapphires or rubles or
, meralds alternating."
t'iL -.rv...' a-v
"And she had en a beautiful diamond
!ttrpln set In platinum, I just knew
t was. I caught her admiring her
.5-21. -. .1.. -i..,i in w mirrnr
. i tones as she slanced In thnt mirror
rem time te time, but. of course. Paul.
'wasn't going te ask her about them."
. "She's probably off you for life.
'heugh, because you didn't," he said
."And she had rings eh, Taul
Htautlful rings with great square dia
monds In them. And where In the world
te you suppose .her husband gets cneugli
money te "
vPaul was turning the pages of a fie-
L Hen magazine hurriedly.
1 -"Ahr
Weman's Life
and Leve
Wives as Litxuries
TON"T be discouraged," runs
be discouraged,'
.U advertisement en a Brooklyn bnk-
if your wife can t cook. ,ni
uere, ami kskii u
as a pet'." I
Times nave
changed te such an
extent that grand-1
sires would rise in
their graves if they
could see that
"ad." Fancy the
geed old-fashioned
heupcnifc, espe
cially en a farm,
arising at four or
five In the morn
ing, and breaking
the Ice te wash, or
K-avA rtW, M
1 i .. iU
7. '
tar.teften building the fires, or split- sheTsy STrt.c.e publlshed'T can
ting kindling. Picture her in her send u te 8ynd,Cate. can't I?
Innumerable tasks, from break of day Yeu have said that It would be pos pes
ts set of sun. and then, regard her. slble te find the address of one In a
ll the candle or kerosene lamp-ngni. .
-After the eleven children have been led
Sad' put te bed, mending and darning
atll her peer, red fingers ache.
AND today
'coellv sua
n commercial firm can
cc-elly suggest that a man take his J
i.i.i. i - .).,,!.. n1 keen his wife
r.u. -u a -v-. .
as a pet 1
We are happy that the worst uruag
ty and physical strain for woman arc
ever. We sign as wc see me ennj -e
who died Tn first youth, and three wives
te a man, all tee frequently, showing
bow they were killed off. one by one. i
b the stress of the primitive tabks.
Jledern ease is better: but eh. the hu hu
illatien of being "kept as a pet.
IDLE wives are numerous in modern ,
1 times eHneclnllv In ble cities. Fre-
, times, especmuy in uir .i.. ,
, uuently, we have pointed out hew the
' fclewings of the labor-saving inventten .
Iuve llchtencd household work, nnd the
W egested conditions and expense of rent
lyZt hift tended te make the homes smaller.
.w ' .. 5.,, . hi .... .AArnn .11,1 L.lli
KH IS'wfrf ,.t te , ti the rule net he ex- I
5S - and kitchenette is the ruic, nei me c
K'fil . caption. I
ffrA?'.. Naium run Stem the tide OOsTlrCUm-
f. Stances, and preaching about domestic (
Wii virtues never will terce wemvn ujiwn
fiHrr ,.r.a red-het kitchen fcteve, after the
fK: v , . iii t- ... in rpi... i
d nt irtrlp trills has come in. There
is, no virtue in stmni w u.r ,..
usd trying te be old-fashioned. Drudg-
J jwy In itself is net dtlne!
F'-WIVES are Idle, because light la- '
bers are all that are necessary, the
n& fault is net with the llghteneu Heuse-
Beld conauiens, dui wuu iuu v-iuwin
f the wife,, who has net learned te find
Btw employment. When huge batch.
of bread and cakes and pics arc no '
Sanger needed, and her work-basket re-
veals only a few socks te darn, surely !
she-can employ her time In biaulifying i
r the. small apartment, in using efficiency ,
methods, nnd ttudylng dietetics. Dys-
' Mpsla Is net old-fashioned; it btlll i
rages. The use of our btemachs ni
human garbage-palls, into which wc
dump U sorts of horrible chemical coin- ,
Mundir, because wc knew nothing of
,feed combinations, or value., still tn
i, teravalent. Although newspapers and
'.j: Mniln nml nemilar text-books en
mUloeS and dietetics nnd economics and
E&V. Jhalanced rations ere offered millions
iXfe women, most of them continue te
,. ear and let tneir lammi eat in uic ik-
' ..& ... l. tinll.ng All flil.J'tte,
MWnni W) lliui iiurivi...-. .. u.-.mw.
8preyr,lt.ls tnie that n goeu enKcry primu"-
ryftwwaeiffT'anu cnenper preuu mail mc mui-
"'Ul prev
Is aim every ounce wt:,wuiisuui wt:,wuiisuui
cenverted Inte bone und fat. mticclv
Lf?eS..aV bleed. If we had mere iinuginn-
'iH'shat would chemically be converted into
:W,H.w w.,1 MhaiI nn,l fnlp Arm white
But we ent with lcs wisdom
absteinieuMiesH than animals. ,
IIS Is peculiarly woman's problem, i
; Jet en when her nctual housework is
it.,. Even If the family often dine at
kuranls. the selection ectiic right
slnatieuS'niid qualities of feed is
sttal te health. Albe, nx mekt
are mothers, the actual life and
tk , and development of the next
uLiI. ' . I il.nl- -- rni f
tlen nre In their rare. Tilts
sical task, ' Involving wisdom and
IViBiniiiiK, it mui imc iiuij. um ll
Ital. Surety, modern women. In de-
.UkJlnU I.. k ..,.. J.. A.. L.. f.
If opportunities and right, also
let te a'ceent new responsibilities,
of jpe, old. ones, and are never
l.a;HejtM appendages, bits of
MrteaiferwMea awn
kryAs wv-
.-H' -
, !!-V
- $t '? 'V tWJKVp L'
He leaned arreM the table and pointed
at a page ailvcrtNemcnt. Mnnv ring,
breeches, pendants, lnvalllerc and
what-net. nil pictured with clltterlna
gems, were dlsplared.
".Mn.v6t " he
The announcement
of the New Yerk firm
Invited readers te send
"only $3.08 nnd own
this beautiful Bra
zilian gem which no
body ean tell from n
real dln'mend that
would cost you $500."
"Paul.", said Vlr-
cinta solemnly, "de
you really think "
He patted her smooth cheek tenderly.
"Veu never can tell nowadays, dear
est. I really believe this advertiser. I
hnvc no doubt at all that tbese Imi
tation stones leek like diamonds. They
Jirebably.have just as much glitter and
ust ns much pep te 'em its the real
thine. Hut, of course, they don't mean
anything. A geed dime Is worth ten
rents; a phony ten-dollar geld piece
isn't worth a cent."
Virginia nodded soberly.
"I see," she said.
"And the worst of It Is," I'aul went
en cheerfully, "that folks who wear
fake jewelry are sort of spiritually
denresseil nil the time. They ninv he
observed stealing sly glances nt their
sparkler te sort el renew tneir own
foolish confidence In them. It's just a
weakness, I guess. Human beings nrc
tunny mm way. aiiej- uiubi nnYe gauus
and bright playthings. And if they
can't have the real thing, they cheese
the next best thing the fakes. It's an
awful Jhing te live up te. though, n
bnnd(ul Apheny ,nm
"I , should say It musl
n irglnln solemnly. She s
must be." breathed
ircinla solemnly. She stele n alnncc nt
the white, glittering hnlt-carat diamond
of her engagement ring.
"If n thing's real nnd genuine, lt
possessor Is never afrntd that the
world will suspect Its genuineness;
isn't that it, dear?" she smiled softly.
"Sure," said Paul, with an answering
smile. "People nrc like that. tee. As
n matter et met. neney, imitations de
ceive the world for a while but "
"I knew, dcar.'J
Tomorrow Music Hath Charms
The Weman's
What Weight?
Te the Editor of U'omen'j Paet:
Dear Madam What Is the correct
welftht for a slrl 63 Inches tall, who will
be fifteen In May?
Yeu should weigh 120 pounds De
you come near this?
A Beardlna Place for a Babv
Te ie rdlep 0 ,Pemen., Pace.
D a MadamWenM ,. vinrfi.. i.
form me If there is a place In or around
Philadelphia where babies under one
j ear of ag-p can be bearded? B. A.
As any arrangement of this Wnd
would have te be made through the
Children's Bureau, it would be best
and quickest te make your first applica
tion at the headquarters, 419 Seuth Fif
teenth street Children under two years
of age are taken care of there.
Where te Send Stories
'' - "' f-"'. Pc:
pnone doek. i nave loeKed, however.
and cannot find any listed.
Perhaps I
uave misspelled me name.
I have always told these wlin nlrri
for syndicate addresses that I would
.give them a list of these If thev would
geni n a stamped, addressed envelope,
P1''"' ." the looking In the tele
pnene Boek mixed up with some ether
answer? I'll be glad te eendsj-eu this
list that I sneak of. se be hia nnri
write for It.
Hands and Housework
rO - "' : " "-. Poee:
uear Madam Will you klndlv tell
me what I could de te get my hands
clean and white again.
Whenever I de anything In the line
of housekeeping my skin Is very tender
en the palm of the hand and all the
dirt shows In the cracks. I hae used
lemen Juice, but It does net help. Alse
what would take Ice cream stains from
a ;!,k moire bag? CECILE.
Yel, can keep your hands looking
better by rubbing them with a nail
SOrt of seething llauld lotion. The
w.lb. . recemmen one you
use tMf steadily, or it will net hae the
ceed effect veu want It te hae. nf
rse. It Is hard te care for jour hands
when J(JU uge them g(j mu(.h but t0 haV(j
them looking nice Is worth the trouble.
Parhnn tetrarhWIrte n n1iilnn
which jeu can also get at a drugstore,
m tciuu n.e iv.a v..v;aui eijuis uin
your eag.
... .Siin.fltjpr IJnecn'f
Skip Over the Suits
There's manv n hIIiiCevciM between
fj. W
aB mf
r n jJ
the tap and the hip. This populer.and add
mri1. nnpp rnnHnrd te HurHtnrw nmt
b. ' -u uuiiuiui
.- I .. . -.! I !-
l ,.,. ' p.rtieulnrlv u this iw i the1
. knitted models, in which one often
.. . . . . 11..1 it.. i
tin.U the (nnntv little Incket fnittpninv
with one or two buttons.
In the suit of grny tweed illustrated
today the al'owanee of buttons Is mere
generous. However, the jncket is offi
cially n slip-ever, nnd Its simplicity
makes it idesl for every young girl of
from lour teen, te forty. J his same model
urse, e carrisqeui I Ma
. m 1 ii -t.vJs. -
1 " A 5,. J
fjm::i-xiK?wamMmimtr '-nnnfKTf
r?fljSOTWK.ft BBgfflVx.:
-r ' .1HBMMM"Vjr' .HTWM
- ' v TWiTHBinxxML; ivnnuiL
rrt ; - . i . '. i ' ' , i. I i
Mrs. Wilsen's Menus
Revive 1 86 1 Dishes
Copyright, lttt. hu Mr: M, A. IVIften. will
rtehtt rttetvtd
MARKET houses were springing up
in many parts of the city around
Ififlt for the convenience of the bouse' beuse'
wife who by this time made semi
weekly tripe. The wnr demon wns loom
ing high en the horizon, nnd trade con
ditions were In a verv precarleui condi
tion ; the beunewife felt the serious need
of conservation, nnd with this Idea fixed
firmly in mind she quickly turned te the
less costly feeds.
Conniving nnd planning te secure the
most for the money', she was obliged
te expand. She returned te early Co
lonial methods of economy. Se, with
Mrs. Powell's aid, I will give you some
dishes- of '01.
Apple Sauce
Cern Mush and Milk
Stale Urend Griddle Cakc Paeen
Sirup Coffee
Radishes Yeung Garden Onions
Pet nenst of Shin of Beef '
Browned Potatoes Peas
Mashed Turnips Celery 8alad
Brown Betty with Caramel Sauce Coffee
.Petted Meat Pickles
IWd Potatoes Celcs'aw
App'e Shortcake Custard Sauce
The market basket will require this
Apples, radishes, garden onions, pe
tatees, peas, turnins. cabbage, celery.
bacon, four and one-half pounds cut
from th wiln with the hone in it.
cereal, sirup and ether weekly staples.
Milk was plentiful and very reason
ably priced and the housewife felt that
the family required n libernl nllewnnce.
ThU may hnve had something te de
with the geed health of these days.
Cern Mush
Place In a saucepan
One cup of water.
Three cupt of milk.
Bring te a boiling paint. New add
One cup of.cernmealfor hominy gtilt,
Three-quarter ttatpoen of salt,
Cook slowly for one hour. Serve
with het milk.
Stale Bread Griddle Cakes
Place one quart of scalding milk in
bowl, and add
Ttce labletpoem of poed herteningt
One teaspoon of naif.
Twe cup of state bread crumet.
Beat hard te mix and set aside te
cool. New add
One yeast cake dissolved in etic cup
of water M degrees Fahrenheit,
Four tablespoons of sirfip.
Sufficient flour te make a stiff drop
Beat very hard te blend and set away
in a" cool place te rise, .overnight. In
the morning brntJuird te mix. and add
THce thirds curref het water.
and beat again. Bake en a het griddle
Potreast of Shin Beef ,
A cut from the chuck or neck or a
piece of rolled brisket may be used In
place of the shin of beef. Wipe the
meat with a damp cloth and tic in shnpc
with a piece of stout string. Melt a
little shortening In n henvy iron pet.
nnd when smoking het add meat, turn
te sear the ment and cover closely,
shaking the pet frequently te prevent
the meat from sticking, Add
Six onions.
Ilit of bay leaf.
Fagget of soup herbs,
Sir tablespoons of vinegar.
Allew fifty minutes te the pound for
cooking this meat. When ready te
'serve place in bowl
Ttre-fAirdi cup of flour.
One and twe'thirds cup nf water.
Stir te dissolve the flour in the
water and add te the pet with the
OnC'half cup of catsup. -
Bring quickly te n boil, stirring te
prevent lumping, and then season with
salt, pepper and three tablespoons of
sharp vinegar.
Brown Betty Caramel Sauce
Place In a bowl
7'tfe and one-half cups of apple
Twe cups of bread crumbs, ,
77irre-guarers cup of flour,
Three-quarter cup of brown sugar.
One cup of raisins.
One teaspoon of nutmeg,
Three-quarters teaspoon of cinna
mon. One-half cup of chopped citron.
Mix and turn iu a well-greased meld
and Bteam for one hour.
Petted Meat
Place one tablespoon of gelatin' In a
cup and add
Three-fourths cup of gravy.
Stand for fifteen minutes, then place
the cup in saucepan of warm water
and beat te dissolve tba gelatine. Pour
the melted gelatin and the gravy in a
bowl and add
Tice fablcjpediM of Worcestershire
One teaspoon of onion extract,
yOne teaspoon, of salt,
Three-Quarters teaspoon of pepper.
Ttce cups of meat left from the din
ner, chopped very fine,
One-half cup of finely chopped
Mix together, and as It begins te
thicken rinse a small leaf -shape pan and
turn the mixture; chill. Serve en crisp
lettuce for supper with cither cream
horseradish sauce or tartar sauce. Seme
people like a little mustard with this
Apple Shortcake
Place in a mixing bowl
One-half cup of sugar,
reur tablespoons of shortening,
One egg.
Cream, then add :
7'ice cups of flour,
One-half teaspoon of salt,
Four teaspoons of baking pewdtr,
Three-quarters cup of milk.
Beat hard te mix and then turn in a .
well-greased deep layer cake pan nnd i
bake in a moderate even for thirty-
five minutes. Ceqi, split and then fill
with very thick well -sweetened apple
sauce. Serve with custard sauce.
Custard Sauce
Place In a saucepan
One and one-half cups of milk,
Three level tablespoons of corn
starch, Stir te dissolve and bring te a bell.
Cook for five minutes and add
One-half cup of sugar,
Yolk of one egg,
One teaspoon of vanilla. '
Beat hard te mix and cool; for three
minutes. Coel and use.
Place the white et egg in small bowl
-. ..
' Owc-flflf flltfM Of (IpplC JCUU,
Ttnar n'Uri a flnTPP f.tlp AffshfAflinH
until the mixture holds its shape.
i Te serve: Place n cut of the cake en
n dessert nlatc and pour ever the short
enke the custard snucc. Then garnish
with the Caledonian cream.
A Dainty Buckle
A new. craw among girls. of the "flap
per" claw Is me wearing ei uic photo-
graphf.erthi J'bcst bea,u." moutnedea
tHrbtttWMhe,shSe.(. -. .- w&
I l-1
y .wmiWV" '
... '
ii .,'. ,
Abb; a, Spring hat, Tebl
'i 1 - j.
Ivi",,'3.s!&& .
?"; ?VS1
sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssasssssssssssssssssssssBHHSlK lsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssi
ssssssssssssssssssUssssssssss0fi : ' VsLsssssssssssssssssHH
sssbbbbbbbbIjIsk&W''' '".sIbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbS
, 2S -.
Photo by Central News.
It's a. striking affair of straw, its drooping wide brim very limp and
lackadaisical, its crown, high and commanding. But Its prlnclpdl chnnn
Is the rose of, rich velvet in deep tones, with ostrich flues surrounding
it. This Is its only 'trimming ; and well it may be, for anything mere
, would burden It tee heavily
Deluded Wives
Judith darlulc is the typical
small-town wife, and when Hand,
her husband, suddenly tells her that
he has sold his business and is going
te New Yerk te be an artist she is
shocked and angry,
A. Curious Caller
JUDITH never even thought of re-
fusing te" IcaTe Lynbrook Junction.
If the thought had occurred te her she
would have rejected It Instantly. Te
remain there In town and allow Rand
te go te New Yerk without her would
be te ignere nil the standards that she
had been .brought up te observe.
Married women followed their hus
bands, thera was no such thtng as sepa
ration, nnd as Lynbrook Junction woke
up te what Rand Carlylc hnd done,
there were women who both envied and
pitied Judith.
But they .were all curious, all eager
te see Judith and te find out hew she
felt nbeut it. Thpre wns a rumor about
that Rand bad sold his business with
out telling Judy anything about If.
was this true, and if, se, hew did she
feel? Minnie Everett was the first te
run In and hear the news.
She found Judith In the kitchen roll
ing out pastry just as if nothing had
"Well. Judy, se you're ceine tn W
Judith had a curious pride. She had
no intention of lettlnr nnv mm suxneet
hew she felt en the subject. She didn't
want puy, ana although she wanted
with nil her heart te confide her fears
and doubts te some one, something told
her that It wouldn't be wise.
Se she went en with ner nlc making
and replied cnlmly enough, "Yes, we're
going the end of the week."
"Well, I must "fray you're calm
enough about It," Minnie retorted. She
was a pretty, shallow little woman,
and had the reputation of wearing the
most stylish clothes in town. She en
vied Judy with nil her heart, nnd yet
she wns woman enouch'te have svm-
C utilized with her readily if Judy hnd
een ef'n mind te centldg. As it wtis
Judy's nttitude of calm acceptance was
rather irritating.
"New Yerk, just think of it," Min
nie went en. "I gu.ss you'll find it
rather different from this town. You'll
have te leek te your laurels there, all
Read Your Character
By Digby Phillips
The Aviators
Fer these who msy possibly doubt the
accuracy of scientific character analy
sis by means of the observation and
classification of physical traits, thcre is
much of significance in the observations
made bv Lieutenant C. N. Rctnhnrdt
in the British flying service during the
It takes no- argument te show that
the aviator must have certain well-defined
characteristics. It is net only the
question of the "middle ear," that Is,
of the sense of physical-balance. The
quickness of the .mental 'reaction and
the instinctive nervous reactions must
be well defined. In addition, the avia
tor requires a certain distinct type of
courage, the courage of action, dash
and self-reliance rather than the cour
age of dogged resistance,- supreme en
durance and the like. In short, the
aviator needs a strong balance of. nil
the characteristics attributed te the
blonde, convex, aggressive, motive type
of person.
And hew docs this square withathe
observations of the personnel of the
Royal Flying Cerps?. '
Rcinhardt found that 05 per cent of
them were fair, with blue eyes, and 00
per cent were pure blendes. Mere than
0.1 per cent were pure convex in profile.
There was net one case of a "bulging
brew" with a receding chin (the tjpe
of theoretical person, perhaps powerful
In mentality, but speculative in thought
and undecided in action). Mere than
70 per cent of them, ns shown by their
builds, were of the bony, active, motive
type. Nene of them were of the vltnl
type. And most of them were short
headed (which, In a general wsy, em
phasizes the indications of the convex
ity of profile and lightness of coloring).
-The Hand's
'Yes" and
Things You'll Leve te Make
A novel and attractive eversMrt for
a frock is made of RIUOON-LATTICB
TRIMMINO. Jein one-Inch bands of
ribbon te the belt, Have them iu groups
of three pieces, each piece one' Inch
apart, each' group two Inches, apart.
Each band must be about twice as lung
as Ue eversklrt Is wanted. Tut two
Inch circles of buckram, cover them
with silk, (They can then be embroid
ered or beaded,) Greup the ribbons nn
shown and Jein the circles te the rib
bops. Before beginning It would be well
te mark off en a paper eversklrt. at
tached te the belUejust where the cir
cles are te be, The paper can be tern
away when the lattice -work Is finished.
Dill a llttlj. if M. nmnAM.r.iflvrima
f . S VWW X
rerw- VT
TlUMVfJNG .en each, .eeYe.nnd.qn the f1 t arerybedy will think she
front Pf.thr.bedlce-WHV iFIRA!sKtt;ff!We exclusive 'shop. ,
t. ; . ', J . i
i Mif r . V f
1 a. , a. - -.
Mm ,., Vi'rtt. vut-.i . .
right. Jdinr was there for three days
once e convention, nnd he says there
nn,iA.n0n,a ,n t1'0 c"y who isn't
SC.rofeUkJg.rCMe.d a'"1 n,ere
tJ!.I&".c?MJ?1,n ceuMn't have" looked
iL mi ' . JSdy "turned lightly.
n flnu.'l.'nTnljh.urr,cd "' cw te find
a flaw In Judy's armor of reserve.
tNr'AnwhnfRfI,d's g?ln te.00 an Bl"
i i,i).i,m J011 knew nbeut that?
Wh0.n t thlnk J 1nvy J th. Judy.
)ltl' A VV &?' "bout an artist
dn. V th.e Palace, lest week, and he
certainly iivcd free k d j
room, with queer rugs nnd things hang
ng around, and bcnutirul girls came
in and nosed tnr i.im .j"..Jrl
15?-.?; ."."l.y.yvemen came.
i.JV . .i P'ures tnreugn these
glasses en sticks, you knew, they call
them lorgnettes, although it didn't leek
llvln " t0 Wrk VCry Lard for n
"Well. Ilnnd will have te work,"
Judy returned quickly. ''He'll have te
work hard If he's going te make geed.".
"ew dcs he knew he'll make
geed? Hew can n man who's kept n
garnge nil his life makejjoed as nn ar
tist I should think you'd be afraid
he might fall."
It w-as then for the first time that
Judy had nn impulse, te justify Rand
in the eyes of Lynbrook. After all he
was her husband, no jnatter what she
thought of him, no mutter hew she re
belled nt the madness of this step he
had Ju6t taken, no one else must knew
the truth, and she said carelessly
enough :
"Just n minute till I get this pie In
the even, and I'll show jeu some of
Rand s drawings."
And it was up te the little room
where Rnnd hnd worked secretly for
many weeks that Judy finally led her
gUdt. aild the first tlletnre clin .tin.
.played was the one of herself in the
jew-necaeu gown and the peacock
feather fan. ,Ecn new it made her
gasp with secret dismay as she looked
at It, but she wanted te show Minnie
Everett thnt Rnnd hnd every reason In
the world te believe that he could make
a success as an artist.
Tomorrow A Question of Clethes
Copyright, 19lt, by Pullic Ledoer Company
Twe Minutes of
Better Build Upen the Rdck
Net se many jenrs nse n barefoot,
coatlees, penniless Immigrant bev shiv
ered as the icy snow stuns his quivering
limbs and cried out his heart upon the
site where new stands one of the great-'
est newspnper structures in the world,
.Theu he made a ridiculous, crazy
vow. '
"Seme day," he swore through chat
tering teeth, "I'm going te own this
He did.
"He's a lucky devil," somebody once
remarked of Jeseph Pulitzer. "How "Hew
did he ever de It?"
There probably never was a poorer
devil than Jeseph Pulitzer had been;
um mere never was n man who worked
harder, longer, mere purposefully aud
mere incessantly for what he had set
his heart en. .
"He'u a lucky devil." wc often hear.
nut luck breaks far mere careers than
it makes; the unexpected Is oftener po pe
tent for hnrm than it Is fruitful of geed,
ilie human flotsam thnt congests Lire's
stream is pitiful proof that the man
who depends upon hick usually gets nil
he depends upon all of the "Dutch"
There Is such n thing.
Hut it is the pawn of the teller, ,
It is respected or rejected as his
judgment dictates.
And it Is the tiniest frngment of the
raw material wlildi by sheer thought,
effort and force of character he fash
ions into the finished product of accom accem
pllsnmcnt. Man was net intended tn i i.
1 sport or plaything of accident.
He wns intended te be king, te be
arehltcct, te be ruptiiln of his carcci
which he can meld te his mensure
1 If lie is tee Indifferent te wntch tei
opportunity, tee timid te seize oppor
tunity, tee weak-kneed te fight for op
portunity, he does net need u divining
red te locate the cause of his mediec-
"Hard lurk" is net a malignant beast
prowling nbeut for prey, nor Is "geed
tuck" n beneficent fairy "haphazardly
hhewcrlng her benediction.
Fate occasionally nlmu. .,i..i
pranks with our plans; but in the lone
I uii no a nnui nr imvr IUtCIgClltly
worked for nnd It is dnngeieus te be
guided by any ether principle.
Luck B a quicksand.
Thought, work nnd worth aic gran
lit'. Better build upon the lock.
Here's Geed Neivs
- Fer the miss who mnkes her own
hats If wi leek about the stores
you'll find semnl hnts made of gre.
grnln ribbon. They nre nent, tightly
put together little things with n great
deal of style. But the happv pan of
tbcm Is the edge of the brim, thnt stick J
lug place for all amateurs. These arc
edged with meic of the rlbbei, dou
bled ever the edse nnd ruffled! Yes
nctually puffed nnd gathered, just as it
se often leeks when jeu try jour hard-
cm iu iniiKe ii nent nnd .smooth. h,
this i will be u joyous jenr for the home
mlllinerlf she stutters around the
., uwi'iTj-j j'L.r." nw-va-; 1
iuLMLglsssm:aht.7'-.riiJ t. 4,
tKS. . ,i,,' t .
kw H N Rri
1 '''1T Al t'fy , JJ I r if-
PleatiliMe ,'
What te De'
WeuM aitaH.e Bi-thrfsv Present
Dear fTvnthta T am a. hear eighteen
ysara old and have a girl friend tn;
year my Junier. Her birthdayIs, In this
month. J would like te give 'f her a
nirtnaay present Can't you sugg
something, Cynthia? v " 5
Send her a fine box of chocolates and
nonnena or a pretty bunch et vieiem.
'Ha Doea Net
Dear Cynthia I am
a girl
in my
teens and have been going
r wlti
th a young
man for several months. New, Cynthia,
T lib Ma iiin. man a lift anil thing
he likes me. A few weeks age he stepped
going with me and has net spexen 10 ma
since. I go with hie sister and I go
te his house evsry day. New, I den t
knew whether this Is the cause or net
is it my piece te speax or is 11 nm
. Next time you meet him ask what the
trouble Is. If he gives no explanation
let it arep. ue rrienas witn ins siaicr,
if you riways have been.
Eneouraeta "Just Kathryn"
Dear Cynthia Would you kindly
print this letter te "Just Kathryn"
and ethers who are lonesome and bluer
"Hepeful'a" poem. "Never Give Up,"
Is excellent. NI think I am right when
I say she Is a. cheerful person. What a
liappy world this would be If all would
mat nalda their worries and smile I
All of us can. If ' we wilt. "Where
there's a will, there's a way." ... .
If we have faith In Ged we will knew
that avervthlnr- will come out' all right.
Can't you see that our life is just, a
fairy tale? Everything always comes
out right, aea watcnes pver us; e
knows our troubles ; don't you knew He
won't desert us?
All you who have worries, try forget
ting them and just say. "Everything will
come out all right: Ged krtews.
"Never-Give Up!"
Why De They De It?
Dear Cynthia I am a dally reader of
your Interesting column and would like
te say a few things te your young love
Han nnv nna tell ma why elrls of four
teen and fifteen" talk and write se much
about love and hew te attract a fellow's
attention when they should be home
helping mother or studying their lessens
instead'ei an mat trasnT
CVnthla. de net think for a minute
thnt I am trying te start confusion or
something Ilka that. It's because when
1 was that age I was home instead of
thinking of such foolishness. Jin. 22.
Many little girls and boys who are
entering Inte the grown-up years are
apt te think a let about leve If a wise
parent docs net occupy their minds with
ether lntcreste. Yeu had a thoughtful
mother. Many ethers have net and
many are romantic and love-struck, wise
parents or net It's a phrfse many go
through and Irs usually seen ever.
Adventures With a Purse
IWON'DBR if you wouldn't be In
tcrested in a book of children's
songs? Beth melody nnd accompani
ment are very simple se that little peo pee
nle can easily learn te sing them, nnd
mother, whose fingers hesitate because
she has net had time for practicing
since Mistress Betsy came along, can
readily -play them. Oh, this book has
songs about n'animals and flowers, and
birdies, nnd even has some action songs
that would dellcht a small child's heart.
The book contains some sixty -five songs,
and costs but a dollar.
Yeu knew what a soft, lustrous silk
radium is? Well, one shop is having a
special sale of radium silk petticoats
for $5.0T. They are the loveliest things
In soft gray, and eh, all sorts of
beautiful colors. One glance at them,
and you knew that they were just made
for spring suits.
Far tiarirn nf hop niMrraa Wamftn'a rati
Edlttr or phone Watnnt 9000 or Main liOl
Fetwern the hours of 0 and 8.
The Question Cerner
Today's Inquiries
1. What mistaken Idea did the women
of Manchuria have about diamonds
until just a few years age?
2. Describe a convenient and pretty
little holder for the hair net when it
is net In use.
U. In what unusual shape and size nrc
some very new Pnrlsinn shoes made?
4. What is the correct weight for a
girl of from fifteen te ulnetcen whose
height is 5 feet?
0. As te materials what will feature
sonic of the most extreme frocks for
0. What color is "blonde roses!'?
Yesterday's Answers
1. In 1807, when women were pre
sented -with n degree from nssnr
College, the delicate question of call-
l,,i Ihnm hnehn'fti-R wan knlr,! hi
Ing tbcm bache'ers was solved by
calling the certincate a
"First De'
grcc of Liberal Arts."
2. A ,nut-crncker that is an ornament
te the dining-room as well as a
convenience 1ft fashioned out of
plated silver into n little squirrel,
perched in the middle of a mahogany
H. Many of the new slippers show a
compromise between two styles by
having three straps across the In
step, but nddlng n tongue, which
makes the front of the shoe solid.
1. A woman who is between the ages
of fiftv and fifty-four should weigh
131. If her height is 4 feet ft Indies.
5. Leng rcvers, popular n few jcars
age. nre being brought bnck te make
additional adornment te the spring
C, In making nt home n cape like the
ready-made ones, edge it with an
ensy blanket stitch In wool te match
the cloak.
"The boneless tongue, se small and
Can slay Its thousands," queth the
Wherever people with untrained minds
drop into "idle1 conversation regarding
the defect of ethers, the assassination
of character Is apt te proceed in no
Idle fashion. Any group of vulgar, gos
siping women tan blacken and pull
te pieces the cleanest and strongest rep rep
Utatlen. Many a young girl, Innocently
careless In speech or action, or you h
fully fend of admiration and amuse
ment, may find herself labeled "a shady
character' because of the gessina' mn
llcleus criticisms of her harmla Tm-
A well-bred woman does net Invent or
jnread gossip, nor does she Ignore It
If she happens te be In a group where
calumny enters Inte the dlseuialnn .i.S
feels It hcrduty te SSfendThe n',ir.
Present victim. Talk Is net chS -
".IS. Hjwji! jPiiy-: thpe-TJed
geed wetd- fcTheXab.enti'?. 'y -
. . . -. mtxtt.
A y ' AA m&X'&L
- . I . . - BBB, I H U .
"I" " -aV..l t
-Xii.'HVM-.. V.-
.k '. a . a- S-4.-1.
Should Be Said
It Is the Boek That Sounds Like Real Life for WeMavih
the.Var&us Kinds of )LeveJff airs', Right Around Vs:n
117HrMher mavriage was just like a
W book I" exclaimed a young : per
son who was easily and MQunW
thrilled. "Yeu knew she was a canteen
worker at the station during the war,
and he came through there one time,
nnd the, train was held up or -emctWnj
se that the-y had te stay there Q""0
while. And he get te talking te her
and liked her and made her say she u
write, te him," .
She drewr a long breath, her eyes
" "Se'she did," she' continued. "And
he came bnck nnd looked her UP, and
new they're married. Isn't that won
derful? Just like a book!"
That's what wc always say when
we hear of a spectacular courtship ana
But why should wc? .
Why shouldn't we say; wuen we read
of an Improbable, romance i".0,
or n story, "Why, that sounds Just like
real lifer'1 '. ...
Nearly everybody has at least one
pair of married friends who have had a
r,regular book" affair.
THERE'S the love at first sight case
you knew, Jim and Elsie.
He saw her first at a tea at thtf
fraternity house and fell for her with
n dull thud. . , , ',
She had often seen Mm, going past
the house, and was just ns anxious te
meet him ,ns he was te meet ner, al
though he didn't knew that until long
afterward. . ' . .
Ther didn't meet that day. or for
several weeks after that, and by the
i- ti. . iai, fminii n mutual frienu
who could Introduce them, their love
affair was well en Its way.
fh were married after knowing
eh Atbee enlv nbeut a month and
they have sUyed in love all these years
without any difficulty- nt an.
T3EN there's Jane and Temmy
and Wilsen. ,
tvii' .a ja-nis,1 tn .Tene for rears.
and she accepted his adoration nnd bis
homage just as a matter ei co";.
It was generally understood that they
would eventually marry.
Ttnf Tnmmv suddenly turned UP OUt
of nowhere-bc had been away for years
working and fell desperately in ieu
with -Tane v1
Ne "arrestlngly beautiful" heroine
of any 'book' ever sunerea mere iuuh
Plain Jane did with. her two levers.
She couldn't hurt Wilsen, but she
couldn't leve him; yet she didn't feel
thut she knew Temmy well enough after
his long absence te go right off and
marry him. , ,. , ,
He wanted his answer immediately,
nnd she couldn't decide se it was u
pale, wan-looking Jane who finally
made her plans and ordered visiting
cards engraved "Mrs. Themas Bensen.
OH, YES, the stories arc pretty true
te life ; only they usually slip up en
the ether man.
They picture him spending the rest
nf Mr life in n haeheler apartment, with
his sympathetic deg, his memories and
his relics a lace iianuKcrcnier, a iuueu
rose, an old dance program and a tiny
kid glove.
But in life he nearly always spends ll
in a comfortable house, with the deg,
his wife and his possessions Junier,
Alice and the twins, Gerry nnd Jnne.
He even gees se fnr as te name one
of his children nfter his old love his
wife being her best friend.
BUT even the wildest romances have
their counterpart In real life.
We have elopements of the most ex
citing kind, we have broken engage
ments and broken hearts, wc have
levers' quarrels that end in readjust
ment, levers' quarrels that end. in un
happiness and. misery for two people,
we have even the marriage in which the
Having a Party?
On St. Patrick's Day? If you want
te de It easily, without bothering te
plan any original invitations or new
games or even what kind of refresh
ments te hate, send a self-addressed
stamped envelope te the Editor of
the Weman's Page. There is a
"Bubble Party" all arranged for
you, just waiting te be sent out.
Atlantic City
The Sheps
vfW TE-Rf
Sale of Advance MiMineiry
$5 te $10
S. 13th St.
. .u..ri.-' . 1. ''mammimmmmmswmmmmmmmm'VU
1'' lJCill&2l2th Aft IzScJk&XI f' tW
Mi itiiti mm j i n f i
if I".-" ". -..!
te sound Me a Bi
J , ' T
I beat! man tem 'up 'dramatlcali i
I fAlrea tha hrlriaarnm'. ..I...'.!1
altnr7 v" w
,OhAre. have mil kinds of thlniti
life I .Berne' of 'them would be teTJ
proenme ;ier'any teii-respeetlnc t.
te print t , r,
in ract, the quiet ordinary friend,
love, courtship marriage is some
This Week Cam Sh v
1MB flKSMANTnwv ava.
rhaealata ear. ,
Frem fI60 Upward
Ptenr; Ortnanoien etts-
ercviAL, .THIS) WEEK
.n?!??.?.V.. S75.00
Just received contents ef a Urn
residence. Everything must be mB
recardleaa of mi, w " A
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. Phen Osrmantewn Ills k
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- 'V
Made te' Order
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class work for DeeDla
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French polishing en
pianos, and office
3818 Lancaster Ave.
rhenei Preston HSO
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Canten Crepe
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Point TuQl
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Such Bell
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Man-tailored and silk
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Easter holiday,
MV r! '??'. . faVC3CviS-i; V . ?.
ft miiiriaM iMMtWii i

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