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gaud and Organ at 9; Organ at
WANAMAKER'S storeeP.t9
Stere Closes at 5
. Rain
11; liana ana urgan hi i.te
Chlmei at Niton
Spring And Fairest of All Is Madame9 s Raiment
It Is Always Summer
time in the Gardens
of Kindness
Living: for weeks beneath the open
sky far off from railroad whistles or
trolley-car bells; near the shores
where flecks of quail were hiding, or
in a little beat watching the habits of
the sea gulls, pelicans, long-necked
white cranes, huge turkey buzzards,
and thousands of black, wild duck
flying and feeding, never out of sight.
New and then an eight-feet-wide
winged bald eagle sweeping high and
far away te be only a speck in the sky,
(he size of a house-fly.
. All this is possible by a railroad
trip of one day and a night from New
Yerk City or Philadelphia te Jackson
ville, Flerida, situated en the famous,
beautiful St Jehns River.
But wearied bodies and tired
nerves can make a garden of kindness
net far from home by even a short
running-off te the nearby seashore for
change of scene and rest, and get it
often in the few weeks we have had
in Flerida.
It is net fair te limit our lives te
drudgery alone.
signed Q$ ffrtimtife.
March 11, 19SS.
Women's Fine Afternoon
Frecks Are Studies in Brown
A few of them arc the darker browns, but nearly all
these graceful silken things are in the lighter tones
the pale beige shades, the brighter tans, the fallow
brown and cafe au lait, beaver, leather and caster.
The silks are the light weaves like crepe de chine
nd the heavier like Canten and satin-backed crepes; and
the styles have both distinction and simplicity.
In some, bands of tucking are the only decoration;
lifters show the looped bands, which give the effect of
airy draperies;-the new pin tucking put in with geld
thread; the hand drawnwerk and corded effects and
pccuienal beading.
Many of the frocks have their upper portions carried
but in Georgette or ether sheer material. And a few
wt tunics of dyed lace.
Scarcely any two of these gowns are alike, and prices
Ni from $60 te $155.
(jrim noer
There9 s Ne Better Value
at $2 Than the
Wanasilk Stocking
Made of hard-twisted yarn, spun from the
highest grade pure silk.
Absolutely unleaded.
A clean, even thread possessing excellent wear
in? qualities and a beautiful, lustrous appearance.
A stocking that is practical as well as
Full fashioned, with reinforced cotton soles
nd garter tops.
It's yours te cheese in black, white, mouse,
nickel, fawn, Russian calf, cordovan, navy, beige,
late, African brown and nude.
(First Fleer)
Women's Oxfords That
Exhibit the Fine Art
of Shoemaking
Shoes could net be better, in point of leathers, cut
I makintr. than rhnen Ana nvfnrdn nnri nlimns that
W8 COmn frntn n nnlaTirnfnri mnlcnr nf fnntwnar.
The OxfnrHn nm nmnnfli fnn rnlfsVln. etlft stvle with
kMium teft nrwl mllUnrv 1ip1 Mi nthnr with n sllerhtlv
wrrewer tee and Cuban heel.
Beth have five blind oyelets, straight tip, perforations
welted soles. Each is $14 a pair.
tot?6 1ump8 are naml urned, of dull black calfskin,
h one bread strap, pl!n narrow tee and low French
el' a Pair. 8
v (Flrit Fleer)
fSRTAIN novel and fetching boudoir,
m&8 have come into the Women 8
tore of U rider muslins gay and frive-
little things, silky and lacy, at prices
The New Spiring
Fashions for Yeung
Women Are Shown
for the First Time
They will be as wel
come as Spring flow
ers te the many
young girls who are
mere than ready te
put away their Win
ter garments and den
the gayer raiment of
Seme of the loveliest new
dresses have journeyed all the
way from Paris te be here en this
occasion and there is a snowy
white sports suit with colored
pyramid decorations called "The
Engadine" which, as its name
implies, has come from Switzer
land. If Yeu Like Capes
and what young woman doesn't, you will be
charmed with the many delightful forms
they take.
The cape-and-dress costume developed
in the large checks that Paris is using se
much, the cape-and-sleeveless-dress, ' and
capes with skirts. There are sports capes
galore and the loveliest dress capes in soft
duvetyn and beHvia.
Tailored Suits Have Changed
.They are mere likable than ever and
many a young woman has decided upon at
least ene suit in her Spring wardrobe.
The serviceable tweed suit is shown in
the new leng-waisted form with a strap belt
well down ever the hips. The newest three
piece suits also have this interesting feature
and it is one of the newest Paris ideas.
Dresses for Every Occasion
Mere important, however, they are the
last word in the new Spring fashions, and
they are every one charming and youthful
in their styles.
Among the silk dresses there are hand
some beaded Canten crepes in the long leng
wnisted models, the much-talked-of printed
crepe de chine and some dainty hand-made
cotton voiles from Paris.
Evening and dance frocks show
a partiality for bouffant hips, but
there are many lovely ones quite
straight in line.
The colors and the metal nets
and tissues and coler.ed laces are
simply lovely.
It is really necessary te see all
these beautiful things and we
think no young woman will want
te miss doing ie.
(eaa Haw)
Announcing the New Silk
Fur-Trimmed Capes
for Spring
' Exquisite things of Canten and the heavier silk
crepes, and of faille silk of a kittcn's-car softness.
They have trimmings of such furs as Summer ermine,
silver-dyed ermine, dyed wolf and natural and dyed
caracul, are lined with delicate pastel colors, and are
altogether extremely distinguished.
Prices are $75 te $275.
(Flrtt Fleer)
The Gloves for the New
Spring Toilette
New long French suede gloves' have just come, in
the desired beige and mode colorings, as well as gray.
They pre eight-button length meusquetairc, fastening
at the wrist with three small pearl buttons. Priced
With them are new sixteen-button length French kid
gloves, in taupe and gray, at $6 a pair.
(Mala Fleer)
TETOMEN desiring Philippine night-
gowns in extra sizes may like te
knew that we have just received some
with round, V and square necks and a
geed deal of embroidery for $3.75 te $e.
, (Third Fleer)
New Candlewick Bedspreads
for Spring Hemedressing
Something about candlewick bedspreads suggests a
perpetual vogue.
They belong te the family of old-fashioned things
that never go out of fashion.
With Colonial furniture they strike a harmonious
Ne wonder they are having such a marked revival.
Of unbleached muslin, with candlewick tufts.
Ne need te iron them.
Single-bed size, $10; double-bed size, $11.
(Sixth Fleer)
Hall Clocks Strike
New Lew Prices
It is quite an unusual occurrence for the hall clocks
of these well-known makes nnd it should be a welcome
one for every one who has planned te own a really geed
hall clock.
Clocks striking hour and half hour, $155 te $2G0.
Clocks with chimes, $270 te $855.
(Mala Fleer)
After All, the Rug Is the Real
Foundation of What a Roem Is
And it's refreshing te find se many people insisting
that net only the design and color arrangements, but
above all, the quality be in true harmony with the fur
niture and draperies.
Try as you will, but somehow a room can't be made
te leek a bit better than the rug that sets it off.
Many a room can be given just the proper finish new
that a shipment of seamless Axminsters has arrived.
Splendid designs and colors in a rug that is te the
Axmin8ter family what the Angle-Persian rug is te
9x12 ft $eC.30 22x36 in 52"
8.3x10.6 ft $52.50 2.3x9 ft $12.50
6x9 ft $32.50 2.3x12 ft $10.50
4.6x6.6 ft $16.50 2.8x15 ft 20
36x70 in $8.75 3x9 ft $16.50
27x5-1 in $5 3x12 ft $21.50
(Seventh Fleer)
They'll Soen Be Running
but You've Get te Land the
Trout Tackle First
In New Jersey the first cast will be made April 1st,
in Pennsylvania the big day is April 15th.
Then every day is leaded with sport, for the trout are
runnin' just as game as ever.
What mere can a fellow ask than a pliant red and
plenty of "flyin fish"?
The streams are full of fish and Wanamaker'fi is full
of the fishing tackle.
Leenard fly reds from $45 te $50.
Hardy reds from $50 te $7.5.
Other fly reds from $3.75 te $40.
Fly reels from $2 te $30.
Enameled lines from $1 te $12.
Complete assortment of leaders, 25c te $1.
Imported flies, 59 Hatterns te select from, $2 te $3
a dozen.
Creels from $3 te $8.
Fly boxes from 60c ie $8.
Leader boxes from 25c te $3,
Landing nets from 85c te $2.50.
Waders are priced $17 te $20.
Finest hip beets are $8.
There is also a full line of fishermen's clothing.
BSA w hind you must have a lloenso te flea
ter irput. can t proeuroa at the Treaaurer'a
Offldl, Itoejn lJ3,(ctty Hall. ja,
"Nothing Like It Has Been," Says
Paris, Apropos of Spring
Millinery Fashions
The New Paris
Hats Will Be
Shown Monday
They are a true bit of Spring
time Paris.
Paris in a joyous and most col
orful mood and just as delight
fully whimsical.
But women will love these hats,
for they are net only daringly
original, but they are mere beau
tiful than can well be expressed
in words and they are enchant
ingly becoming.
Such colors! Cyclamen, bur
nished copper, parrot colors
blue, green and red, the new, rich
browns (every important milli
nery house in Paris is showing at
least one brown hat) . Above all,
there is silver introduced in
many ways.
Lanvin Uses Many Fabrics
Just picture a helmet-shaped hat of
cyclamen-colored straw as smooth' and shiny
as satin. Hundreds of tiny buttons of the
straw, every one hand made, form the quite
sufficient trimming.
Alse new are timbe straw and timbe
crinal (this has a shiny finish), horsehair
braids and laize.
Paris Leves Extremes
Se you will find small helmet hats and
narrow straight brims or the new turbans
for informal wear and very large wide
brimmed hats for afternoons.
Rebeux, Alex, Lucie Hamar and Lanvin
have some delightful examples of the latter.
As for trimmings they are equally
original linen edged with silver masquer
ades as ribbon, tight little old-fashioned
bouquets of flowers are varied with rosettes
of geld or silver, large flowers and fruits are
made te shine as the sun, and feathers and
ornaments are net at all what they seem.
These Are the Originators
Careline Rebeux Alex
Jeanne Lanvin Maria Guy
Lewis Nicole Greult
Odette Lucie Hamar
Va88elin ViUetard
But it is the hats themselves which every
woman will want te see, and please consider
this an invitation te this Paris Spring Milli
nery Opening.
(Second 1'loer)
Along Come the Best $5
Handbags We've Had
This Year
Sillc handbags. Rich blncks or blues in the fnftle
nnd moire effects.
Nearly all nre the gathered pouch shapes. What
could be smaller for street Uie?
And tbey are trimmed with imitation jade or ivory
in shell-and-white, green-and-white, amber-and-white or
just plain white.
Inside their are just aa pretty ais en the outside, being
nnea wyn siik m contrasting colon,
Bright Days Are Sports Day&
and Here's the Shirt for ', ;,
Men te Wear
Sturdy shirts, yet soft and cool, are these of
plain white cheviot. . r
They come four ways, just as different &s'
fellow's taste in sports. -
First of all, the geed old tennis shirt with
the soft lay-down cellar attached and the
straight, sports, one-button cuff.
Next, the tennis shirt, cellar just the same
with the soft turn-back cuff.
Then the soft button-down cellar attachedf
and the straight sports cuff. r
Lastly, the plain white shirt with cellar band
and soft, turn-back cuffs.
Ne matter hew you pick them, the price te
$2.75. '
(Mala Fleer)
The Man Seeking a Shee :;
That Is Decidedly Different
most likely will learn the pride of possession all
ever again when he sees the new oxford here
at $10.
Net a brogue. Net a severe English last.
Net an ungainly comfort shoe.
Mix a little of the three and you have the,
oxford that Spring seems te have elected.
Perfectly plain, of Scotch grain calfskin,
built en an entirely new last.
(Main Fleer)
Wins the Highest
Music is adjudged
te have benefited
Philadelphia mere
than any ether art,
science, proiessien
or business.
Se pronounced a committee of.
citizens appointed te select the"
city's greatest benefactor for the j
year past. " ;'.
This is a triumph for the Phila
delphia Orchestra and its gifted '
It is a triumph for music.
Philadelphia is a musical
Egyptian Hall, in the Wana- "
maker Stere, is the distributing
heart of that center.
Here are seld:
The incomparable Chickering- piano,
famous in Jenny Lind's day, famous in
the days of Liszt, beloved by musicians
the country ever.
The sweet-toned Schemacker niane.
chosen instrument of the Presidents':-;
The celebrated Knabe piano
And six ether pianos long famous in the
city's musical life the Emersen, the Linde
man, the Brambach, the Haines Brethers,
the Marshall & Wendell and the J. C. Campbell-
Besides the Angelus player-piano
And the truly marvelous
Ampice Reproducing j
Nene of these instruments will be found
in any ether distributing center in Phila-'
Nowhere are there finer pianos.
Nowhere a mere agreeable place te test
their merits than this same Egyptian Hall.
salons is dedicated te the
most eloquent of all the
, :i,Mmm
"tm njM
f r.
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MJ .,.,. 4- Wj t "" " '
21.! .CArtS.! "" .. ' . . -.
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