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'jj7'& WL JlffAMa ftAC .& a (KBBagW .k1. A.t a mkmI .M i Th . i.aU
5jfeWjrter the wire en (he outside winding has no connection with the wire
vacua imsIIa , i . a a a. ... .. u. ..uii-.L...
vn amoiue niuujug in e variuuicicr iiicj lurui unu tuiiiiuiiuus
---, ," v iuiivi nuiHuiH vcuig iniu aiuuiiu mc ' sv mill a, vii uv
'ill ilif alwilil InaIJa 4Iia ntilH iiImi1Inm
S$ What Trya Mean Variemeter and Varioceupler?
W, liaeunds like n mean trick te start!1" thc ethpr bJ" magnetism, wc say that
SUtnn hiu rnrltn nrflnle. ..-ttk n I tfiPV QTO "C0llDlC(l." Thn I WO are tllOIl
tfi&wimlM net te be technicnl and tliPn ' (:flIp, coupling cell. And when the
',aj."tMl te tnlk about variemeters and "ret or tnese coils is wound around n
MIR rtflceupler.t and all that sort of thing.
iew that they sound formidable. They
rasTery easy te explain.
u8tiyhtn tne automobile first came out,
awry one was siaggcrr(i ey sueii wertis
M fgaM ttlrtn nnil nnl(iittaftrn nnrl n Ma
"iiil. MiU IUIV1 IUIUUICIIV'11 MI1IU 11U1I9"
sy Miwien. New
'h ".; tere the salesman winds it around
,)4jlil hand and his elbow until he has cut
i'Cm wc iiunurcu icct you eraprrn, ion
Jl i electrical parlance it is a coil.
K' Yeu can take an oatmeal box, which
JiW cylindrical in 6hane, or an ertlinary
tube like an oatmeal or salt box and the
second is wound around a wnall tube or
a ball which in made te turn en a shaft
Inside one end of the first, we call the
apparatus n varioceupler. The turning
of the ball or smaller coil inside changes
or varies the amount of electric cur-
. iciil luuuivu in Liie spiijnu nv inf! iirt.
Sat and & .,, h.2? IndlwSlnn" ln ethcr wenIs ,l rnrl tho'inducUen.
.v I?".. a"d .'Ien ' ven hayc indigestion. u nlsn ..,.. nth.. ,,,,. hIM, .
f mw l. t ie same way. wen.t ta,k flbeut ju; -
t U? . . nlreay Kn,ews wnat ,R ' Se thatV a varioceupler. Other
? M1 is. Ahen you buy wire or rope in kinds of cells are reallv varioceunlers in
tneir resuit-s. but we have different
names te indicate and Identify the dif
ferent kind'.
When the second coil is around a
Fmaller tube and draws out of and
pushes inside of the first, we call it n
loose coupler.
Twe honeycomb cells or two basket
or spider-web coils can be used as a
coupler and when they arc hinged at
one. side and open apart and close to
gether like the pages of a book, or draw
apart like an opening fan, they vary
their induction just as a varioceupler
Hut the illustration shows the type
of coupler that is always meant when
radio fans talk of varioceuplers.
The variemeter consists of two celli,
tee, one revolving inside the ether, but
in this case the two net only act en
each ether through Inducing electric
currents, but they arc actually physi
cally connected. The electric current
gees into and all around -the outside
coil and the wire where it comes out Is
directly connected te the wire going
into the inide coil and the electricity
gees around that one, tee. It is like
taking a long piece of wire and winding
two coils of it and then putting one
coil Inside the ether without cutting
them apart.
If yen took the varioceupler and made
a wire connection from the coming-out
wire of the first cell Inte the geing-ln
wire of the second, you would turn it
into a variemeter.
And, if you reversed the process and
cut the connection between the two celli
of n variemeter, you would make it a
Se don't forget the cardinal fact
the coupler lias no actual connection
between the coils, the variemeter hai.
Covvrieht, ll!i, bu Pullle Ltdecr Company
Today's Programs
ltillnarinhlii Station (WFI)
(Strnnlirjdcti Clothier)
1 M P. it. IMe news Items from Prntts
3:3U le 4;30 P. M. rrepram of ttslhn
music?, with Introductory notes by Ednrf'd
l,ls. i:il Lyens Cook, sopranos Myrtle
Strohl Mechllnc. contralto! Kdnyfed Iwli,
lenerj llHield A. SMmends. baritene: Leretla
Kerk. p!anlt. 1'renrnm: Qua net from
'Illco'.ette," Verdi, rlane ele. "Pasterale."
Scarletil. Miss Kerk; baritone sole, arts,
from "Krnanl." Verdi. Hareld A. Hlmendri
seprani rele, aria from "Travlsta," Verdi,
Klsle Lyens Cook; address by Dr. Themas
V. Hnegjn, Harrlsbure, superintendent ef
the Department of Public Instruction of
Pennsylvania: duet, tenor and baritone, "La
Pens del Destlne." Verdi. Ednyfed Lewie
and Hareld A. Slmenda; oetitralto sole, aria
from "Olocenda," Ponchlelll, Jlyrtle Strohl
Meehlln: Sarah Mae Kline, accempanist:
trner sole. "Trlsle nltorne." llarthelemv,
Cdnyfed Lewis; sextet from "Lucia." Donl-
"e:30 te 8 P. M. Baseball score.
Philadelphia Station (WIT)
1:30 Recital by Sara E. Jenes, contralto
solels'. of Shamekln, Pa. 1. "Without
The.." Ouvd Hardest: 2. ' '"ear Us. Oh
Father." Mera; 8. 01t Car Una." Coeke:
4. "The Star,' llegers: 5. "The Rosary,"
2.30 Violin sole, Jehn T. Richardson,
pupil of J. V. F. Lehman; Cecil e. Richard Richard
en at the piano.
2:.tS Heading, "Seventeen," Sue Head.
J:M) Violin sole. Jehn T. Rlcharunun,
2..10 Readlnc, "Daddy Lenileca," Sue
H.o'e violin sole, Jehn T, Richardson,
social announcement Recital bv Beatrice
Kendall Eaten, contralto of the San Carle
opera Cempanv. .....
3:131. "Ths 8ta'." Uedters; 2. nrla.
"Ah Men Flls." lrem the opera "Ls Pre-
Meyerbeer: 8. "Thy Beaming Eyes,"
' S.00 Philadelphia Operatle Society In
"Carmen," opera In four acts, by U cerses
lllict (la.nnellsht. Casts Carmen, a gypsy
alrl. WTnlfred Wiley; Mlcaela. villa
maiden, Cera Fres Fraequlta snd Mercedes,
lompnnlens of Carmen. Helen K. Uetwrlfht
and Veronica HWelgart; Den Jese, corporal
of dragoons, Chris W. Grahams Escamlllp,
toreador, Dr. Andrew Knox:. Zunlga. captain
of dragoons, Chnrles D, Lenl Morales,
officer. D L. Mathews. Jr.i El Remendade
and El Dancalre. smugglers. Heward P.
Haug and D. L. Mathews. Jr.; chorus of
dragoons. gpsles, smugglers, clgsrett girls
and street boys. Kark T. K. Schroeder.
stare director. Ballet under direction of
Ethel Quirk Phillips. Orchestra, members of
the Philadelphia Orchestra. Piane sole.
Hungarian Fantasy, Liszt. Myrtle C. Esvet.
(Federal Institute)
10 r. M. Late news Items, local and
telegrsphlc, baseball scores, westher reports.
Recital by liegeman itrlng Rand- Esther
Nancy Endlcett, contralte: Cera Scnwenker,
pianist. W. I). Shreve, speaker.
Pittsburgh SUIIen (KDKA)
1 , (Westlnsheuse)
S-30 P. M. and nt fltteen-mlnut intervals
thereafter Raseball scores. . , .
7 I1. M. Uaseball scores. News. "Postal
Improvement." by aeerge W. Oesser, lost lest
msster of ths Pittsburgh Postefftce.
7:30 P. M. Bedtime story for ths chil
dren 7:45 P. M. Government insrket reports
snd a report of the New Tork stock fcx
change. ,,,. .
8 P. M Raseball scores. "Pilttburgh
Its city Planning." by Atterniy Oeerg R.
Wallace. "Mlne Accounting and Its Rela
tion te Federal Tax Uw," bv R.U. Mont
gomery, consulting accountant of th Wayn
C08:aeCOp.P"M'-Music bv Mln.rdl-.sler.
tenor; Mrs. Pearl Crawford Van Orsdsl.
soprano soloist and srcempsnlsl for trump
eter: Miss Ruth MacUewan. pianist and ac
companist for vocal numbers; IevdH. -.
tls, trumpet. Selectiens: 1, il "Evening
Star." Tannhauser. tb) ''Thin .Bye 8e
Illue and Tender." Mr. Curtis: 2. (a) "Levs.
I Have Wen Veu." IB) serenade, with
trumpit obbllBste, Mr. Lesler; 3, (a) "Te a
Wnter Lily." lb) "luba Darice." Miss Mac Mac
Oewan: s, "Dawn." Mrs. Van Oradals; .ft.
(a) fantasy In A m nor, fb) "Aloha Oe. Mr.
Curtis: fl. (a) "Sm lln" riireugh." Kb) Whsn
the Reses Bleem." (c) "Llfu's TwUlght,1
with trumpet obbllgste Mr. et.leri.,7Vtl?.
"The Hely Bey, lb) "Fire nf Spring." Miss
MicOewnn: S. ''Verrel." Mrs. Van Orstlai;
li, (a) "The Rosary." (b) "On Fleeting
Weur." Mr. Curtis: 10. "Friend e Mine."
Mr. Lezlsr; Hi (a) "Mether. My ,Dear." b
-A Birthday." Mr. Van Orsda!; 12. (a)
"Walt Caprlc." (b) "Crandle Serur." Mr.
yBialllng tube or a round curtain pole
'( and, if you wind a long piece of wire
lAf-j reu"' "id around and around it. you
lttT7iVfA a(I A liall nf ttrlnn la n at.i1 t,'m,n,l
vCriM-cress like the 'honeycomb" coils
f radio.
(It teu take one coil of wire and nlnre'
LV v-lt uite near another coil and make and
; J tmak a current of electricity in the
KwJInt, It will induce a current of clec
fi'jfv trlcity in the second, even though the
Krtwe coils or uirr are net joined, tup
Ki,lctrielty in the first coil sends out
SffiPiBMinetic impulses and. when these in
' TlaiMe waves of magnetism cut through
IV. the 'wires of the second coil they "in-
ji .dure" a weaker current of electricity
X 'in! them. That is what we call "induc-
fgf.'V"tleB" and a pair of coils mounted for
l.w this nurnese are known as an "in-
p sluctien" coil.
;t connection thnt is. when the wire of
fht-n does net actually join the wire of
fjij; the' ether but one induces a current
Uncommon Sense : Running for the Train
THE man who runs for the train
sometimes catches it, and sometimes
gets tangled up with the wheels and
loses interest in subsequent develop
ments. It Is important te catch a train, but
net nearly se important as it Is te cea
tinue in this life with all ene's' limbs
and facial features in the condition they
were when one first saw the light.
It may be gathered from the fore
going that this is an editorial en pro
crastination, which it Is.
New the gentleman who is running
for a train does net leek like a pro pre pro
crastlnater. Yet if he were net a pro pre pro
erabtlnator there would be no need for
him te run for a train.
rhenever the conductor notices that
he has a lead of passengers aboard.
One who contemplates a journey has
abundant opportunity te leek nt the
timetables, and te make his plans ac
cordingly. Ne mntter hew busy he may be, if
he really wants te make a particular
train he can de it.
If the le.s of three or four hours
that will elapse before the next train
starts ler the nunc place arc Impor
tant te him, he will de better te be en
hnnd In plenty of time te get himself
and his baggage comfortably disposed
before starting time.
Otherwise lie may slip en the steps
nnd. although he escapes with his life,
de himself mere harm than the less of
that particular train could possibly de.
rpiHE catching of trains was chosen as
J-. the subject of this article because
life Is figuratively just one train after
A great many years age Shakespeare
wrote about the tide of affairs of men
which, taken at the flood, leads en te
fortune. There were no trains ln
Shakespeare's tlmc
OPPORTUNITY, which is net se
rare a visitor as the proverb would
have nn believe, is much like a train
in that if taken deliberately if is an
easy way of going where we want te go.
Try te rush it, nnd it either gets
away altogether or leaves the aspirant
floundering en the platform as it de
parts. CepvrteM. tll$
m- m.
IS (I sJm
srjIB-SgBLMilg) ' TW tmtiVHSHi!!
fcBlBMgggggggggggggggggggBFl'ggB&i. a .gggggggggggggggggggMgggggggF1
Appetite says se; taste says se
and a sense of well-being says se
V-iRISP! There's an irresistible appeal te eat the golden Grape-Nuts
granules. SWEET! There's the wholesome, natural sweetness developed
from wheat and malted barley as the result of ever 20 hours careful baking.
NUTRITIOUS AND SATISFYING ! There are the splendid building
and sustaining feed qualities put in the grains by Nature and perfected by the
skilled processing.
There is no ether feed like GrapeNuts
Grape-Nuts provides well-balanced nourishment in easily digestible form. It
is ready te cat with cream or geed milk.
Let this happy feed gratify your taste and satisfy your appetite at
breakfast or lunch. Especially fine for the children's evening meal.
Yeu can secure Grape-Nuts wherever geed feed is sold or served.
"There's a Reason"
Made by Pestura Cereal Company, Incorporated
Soccciser le
Potruea Cereal Company, Inc, Battle Creak, Mieuiftn
t&rmtewW &i faMiSvt xi,4
"The Eighteenth Amendment Is an Important
Part of the Constitution of the United States
Leaders in the business world demand real enforcement. The
great majority of people are law-abiding:. We solicit membership.
Ne dues assessed.
, A civic duty te be considered by all thinking people.
The Law Enforcement League
915-16 Land Title Building
JOSEPH M. STEELE, President.
WM. R. NICHOLSON, Jr., Secretary.
Once a Knight Ouinci-Always a Knight Owner
Yeu Can't Have Valve Trouble
with a Stearns sleeve-valve meter. There is nothing te get
out of order. The valve opens when one opening in one sleeve
gets opposite another opening in another sleeve. That's all
there is te it. Ne springs te bother with; nothing te get out
of order. And the sleeves wear smqether the longer they are
used, improving in ease and efficiency of operation.
Phene: Poplar 3344. 8245. 8346
The Knight Moter at Us Beat in a Stearns
.-v- .'
Atlait! Philly.and
the teaihere united
The Tacony-Palmyra;
Ferry Company Opens
This Saturday
At 4 O'clock P. M.
Great news for the moterwfr
direct connection between the Northeast Boulevard
and the White Herse Pike.
a short route (aa the crew flies) between. North
Philadelphia and outlying districts and tht
no congestion or traffic jams. ...
a 24 hour service with large, well-equipped beats,
a 20 and 30 minute schedule.
extra service during rush hours and Sundays.
Hew te get there
Roosevelt Boulevard te Rebbina ave.,4e feet
of Levick street, Tacony. Ferry gees te s
feet of Cinnaminson read., Palmyra, .New
Jersey. Direct route te White Herse Pike.
The Tacony and Palmyra
Tacony feet of Uvlck treat. TClTy VUDiptUiy
Palmyra feet of Cinnaminson read.
' V ef3tflr9i tgfgggggggggggggggaw Jai
V aHgB&':&:'l .algagfew
I giKg&1::'4 I ggggg
II I SfSaHaaHaaHaaHi'-cM -
( v gllggHilBlgl '
V NlalggggggggggggggggggggggSclggglllgggaC .
ffilL.iallllllllllllllllllllllllllllll kK f (x)
ilUiRiaiilllllllllll. "ffft"
JBP!MB gggggggatggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg ITGMIJCwfl
rli 't XegggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggrggggWEwM if ll A
.gaiBiBisBllBgBI 1 vtl I
Did you drive a car
eleven years age?
Every motorist who used te crank his car by hand
and burn his fingers lighting the lamps ought te have
a wholesome respect for batteries, and a specially warm
feeling for the Exide. The first starting and lighting
battery (1911) was an Exide; just as Exide has been
the pioneer in ether industries through the entire his
tory of the storage battery.
This "ancient history" has a distinct bearing en your,
comfort and economy in metering, because the experi
ence of the eldest and largest manufacturers of storage
batteries in the world is built into the Exidemade for
your car. The result is that the Exide gives excep
tional service. Yeu can depend en its eager power day
in and day out longer than you would believe possible
unless you have already owned an Exide.
Check up en these statements with friends who have
Exide Batteries in their cars. Mere cars leave the
factory equipped with Exides than with any ether bat
tery.' Pay a visit te the nearest Exide .Service Station
and get acquainted with the Exide the lengJife battery.
Factory Branch
671 Ne. Bread Street Telephone, Poplar 3385
Get an Exide Radie battery
for your radio net
Whttevsr nuke of battery
Is in your csr, you can b
confident of skilful repair
work, fair prices, and re
sponsible advice at the near
tit Exide Service Station.
Visit the nearest Exide Service Station
Armstrong Tlr f Bupplr t- "1"
21M N. Hread H tract
Baltimore AutomettTj Hnep.
BIU7 IJaltlroer As.
Ilelln's Oarag. ,
!.oegshor : Y"?1",.8';; .
Jehn tlutlir, 5110 Walnut HU
Ilsrr .1. Celftnan.
8W N. Breud St.
Davits' Batury Kleftrl Ce..
I 0S W, l'assriink As. .
Kris Av. Aute Bupplr Ce., Inc.,
ThhKIrtrlc8lert'ge Battery C
871-3 N. Ilreud HI.
R. II. Krny Ce.,
331-S3 K. (llranl At.
EdR. 1-. Iluwklns,
0.139-41 !reene,Bt,
Srsnk . I-ser. 134 W. Tsber nd.
snarnnk Battwy Accessories te.,
Baksr y Bts.
Msshrl A riosderf,
IBS7 Wrst HunUngdea Pt.
Fred P. McCarthy,.
4S11 Lnnrastsr At.
Hea.ru K. nuiinger.
UlS North ISth ft.
Cbarlea Paster,
Nsrthrm Battery HerTte.
SIS n. nrei. d.
Aiea WMJlaacl At.
Sri.'.n.'JflC. Kl'ftrlcat nerrlc Ce.,
8118 N. llroed BtreH
G,?r;S ' N"S'r.
1KW H. Bread Bt.
cl!S,'i. Tr" ni
30(10 N. -iid nt.
"n'i?1. ??" BrTlr,
Xp-i N. Marshall Bt.
ia?"?1 N,r,i;e Moter C.,
1407 Locust SI.
tvansmnk.r (Inrags.
Klmer Meber, !!3d & Tiega Sts,
Allcntewn. Mlllrr Ilatt'ry Herrlce.
Altoenn, Krad .Newug Molars Ce.
Ambler, Ambler Storage Battery
B.rrlre htatlen.
Ardmore. ((. M. I'ntlen Ce.
lirllrfunte, .1. J., Alffer,
Bethlehem. It. 4 It. Aute Kennly C.
llerwlrk. Arllf, SI. MarDnugull.
BloemsliurB, IV, Wnrrrn Bhutl.
Brrn Mar. W, .lenrs Na
t'arllsle, Standard Moter Supply Ce,
Chester. K. Ci. Kdwurds Ce.
Ji i8rfle,' iCi'."r":,IU 'u,. Supply Ce.
Cliften "elghU, Crawford J. Nelsen,
CeatesTllle. Tlie Battery Herjlre Ce
SSrSter "' ft M0r G""H
McLaughlin Bsttery Serfle C.
SSn'.UHUtir Battery Bcrrk. '
Frsetapd, Leceharal Brc.
ii2rirlfburV ,,,nn VAnttlr Ce.
ii;?.,.".?,V 'fenljardt Bres.
i ,i'".l,,e' "Ibrunsen'a tiurage.
Jenklnlenn, stein's It a rage.
IJi1nl!iL,i.,,'VVry. l ''"'"en Ce.
lAnsdale, Maurice Krause.
i&SSZ "aUw K,,ctr,c Ce-
Barhey Buttery Service, Inc,
S",b. "yrper's Oarage. '
l.eltnn, Arthur M. Ilunn.
tertiJ'.VS1 "' "rVdsrlek Ce.
nmi-,i.'ilraSSr Tlre "ery Shep.
Ml Car'me'l rr"rick aarag. '
New berry.
raofirtel MolerV"'" 8,"B'
if" 'rr?,a Jsiksen llrethers
Pe'tt.nv'lir,l,Ie' T"8 ""'' 0P.
Be"al!,'Ba"er' S'rT,' '".
Barbey Battery Ben Ice. Ine
?v'"r!!2nn?ck Herlacher Bres,
"wrrrii. Jam t). FHrk
W'2t ChMVm' ,lu"nl,n,, E' DrewB
"'""'"Men. M llmlngten Btnrsg
Haltery Te.. HSO Tntnsll St.
f. Ul?; V,Hrl" StaragK llHllerr. In'.
nl p 9.'.,T- A,hrt ".Manning te.
' "' C'tJ'. 'rk ICIocirle tlarws.
Atlantic' city. rld Park. Jr.
ii!i.ri,.,,IMr.nt Cramer H llrnnt
i r.l..f"en' Cphansey Battery Ce.
Ilurllngten. Benjamin Ueldy.
Ilitle1; T'e" t'"m"n Bterag
J'ap May, Prank Kntrakln t Sen.
Ilnlnnuinien, Hammonton Aut
Jskewoed. Central Oarage.
SSH11?!!!. rg ,C. Ureen.
Mlllvllle, Aute Klectrlc
Kflulpmeet RcpaU Shsp.
M?er.,?rOt.. Harry .8. Pir.
'iWi i. neuy
Mt. lleiiy, a
iiecan city.
Helly Hattcrr C
Aata Scrrle.
Wwiey-gsapfjgss. -
P. a. JJr
KUcsr. gfeeeualeal Oe,
. neaas.
m' v'ft t-
... ,A , ,teL,S... . ..Jt '
-....... ..-,.,,i
- AiJL
. . .r . ...
igtyMiggjii'-'- m aaMiffixa

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