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Evening public ledger. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, May 03, 1922, Night Extra, Image 15

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taaBBaaaBTa'aa-BmtBamamamamamamamamamamamaizamaBuisBHamBav.BaM nirw
ELJJilgjjmmCMglgaii iiHiajjaT,, ixxauria: " uLgJfl
. . :. ., , .... A- .. .TlJi-.TTT,-.
' w i W j
MWlJUy " ;,y aarysaaaaaaBKyiCraaaEalBBaaarlir
tufayttj - J.,..-,-ji.r.7Jr -x.-..-?. , ,. ' j 's::.": : ,..., ... , r. .,.,,,.,V,'-."a
& 'Tfte, Pnter.H"TlH Eteratl City." 'TTie Weman TTieu, Cvct Me."
tfananMr if an a kail tka MtiiiiaH
enlr Wiftl Three days mart I shall
'.,? likable,, though
HP"-, -"7i.i .Mn Uti na. Iff
Tme ptnhnct oi)erthe.tttrH
SW7&?. "
JBh it the daughter of ,
lMitiI STANLEY Governer of
Birfers ft
MM ."-j,m a ala fortune.
"tT.tmki nt itt secret birth, one U
B&iVZretted en tutplcien of mur-
RJJrW laie-
' -9vmn .Vrtii mnnet
dbau yvv!--:- ,-..
nine what a joy juui
5..V Lnew It was ray first love
ftT 6f ceurse 1 behaved like a
'PFl.ir .-lT If un te bed. put It ou
'"Wirr.rr;nl,i:'Yeu are Victer,
! ,'
J mi3 II Ml
UflffVfflL V Ja Iw I
J i
fflUlne ?taJey your letter
. . . Ml B1I1II.
"The King has been pleated te
approve' your appointment te Uie
position of the Deemster of the Isle
of Man"
rl2zZL. knm reu done, te make
fffSCSSt Was it only half of you
HrpbTrical hn) that went away.
BLt th spirit half with me? I
Hnh ethc? half, though, the su;
22-l half, se tell your Heme Secre
Bfa tike him) te hurry up and ncnd
'Ir -w,., nn n m the beau-
W.n deaf. The woman who is
.?.???.. iTiihand looking at ether
, a building her house en the
ST" I Aeuld like te ay te myself.
ffilu seen the loveliest women ;ln
world. ct he cemeH back te me.
AU the wme I love you for looking
it lie darker bWe of woman's life. It
kiVre apparfnt In the greater com-
w i m "? u.viV. ;; .sis
Jm aX you a creator of tha law a
2u an administrator ; of it. leu
Mtbirt no misgivings, though. Why
Stld you? A man who has u staln-ZTitntz-hMn
Is lust what women w-ant
JftJelr champion. And If I may Help
m bow nappy Jt tuiuu uc. ...
TWa.ak what Is happening In the
Mud. . Well, apart from politics (of
Kb J knew nothing except that they
MM te tie always the same story) the
-1. hlng 'of censequence is the case
Ta'yenng woman charged, with the
-atrlif'eflier illegitimate child. ,
hA'i. n mtniM-v nlrl who. having
Mawty from home oeme months age.
I( Mr'snd remained there until ar
NHail'But In the meantime the body
lTTSr.bern infant was found under
tlefM-atcne nan a mue awej, uuu .
iiW'te;have been hers.
''fti'1 denies all kuowledge of the
Aiu in h mixllral testimony seems
bU'MU acalnst her. and Uicre iaJB
'" -t .. . . ...- .i.A..i. i it.
M iQTe the sunplclen of being tainted
m jntucf .
- "She has been up before the High
NHS and committed te the nest sitting
f tb General Gael DelKcry, se you
at likely te.hear mero of the cn6e.
""Peer tnlng, wnatever uer sin, bub
M already had a fearful punishment,
Mr ike Is very ill, having apparently
herself te dreadful suuenngs m
revqntlng ncr baey trem
Ing te be se proud of you Is waiting te
clasp you te her heart.
"And se am I, my Victer I
"Mr own dear Fenella I nm an
troubled about the young woman who ii
ie de cnargeu wun tne muraer or bcr
chtld that (time being short) I mutit
write at once en the subject. It leeks
like a case of "the temporary mania
which se often prompts women te take
life (their own or their children's) In
the hope of avoiding shame.
"Ged, when I think of it, thnt In all
ages of the world tens of thousands of
Women hnvo.geno through that fiery
furnace and that never, one man since
the days of Adam has come within slg&t
6f it, I want te go down en my knees
te the meanest and lowest of them us
the martyrs of humanity,
"Infanticide Is of course a serious
crime in any country, and especially se
rious in the Isle of Man new, when the
Governer has-made up his mind te show
no mercy en persons guilty of fatal
violence. But the killing of a new-born
babe is usually treated as felonious
homicide. Therefore, it you carry ant
your Intention of standing by the girl's
side, you may safely' tell her (In order
te save her from possible, shock) that
even a verdict of guilty will net mean
"Hew I wish you could plead for the
peer thing! But Instruct counsel for
the defense and you will really be plead
ing, ana i. for one, it i am
n every
will hear your, quivering voice
word he save.
, "Ah for the choice of an advocate-
why net Altck GeU? He has net bad
tee many chances, .peer v chap, and It
will hearten 'him (he Was' rather down
when I saw him last). te be Intrusted
wan a serious 'case llke this
"Tell him te leek up
flnlnliln Jind
Murrell en Ferensic Medicine he'll And
both in the Law Library. The first
step Is te make sure that the peer
creature (I assume she' is net tee well
educated) has .net mistaken infanticide
for concealment; and the next, te In
sist en pr6ef of 'a live birth,' which It
in practically impossible te CHtaDiixu
(except en the girl's confession) in a
caxe of solitary, delivery.
"l'es, you are almeflt-ccrtnlnlr. right
in thinking she Is trying te shleldthu
guilty man, and. criminal though she
Is, she may be (as you nay) an abso
lute heroine. In thnt event I trust it
may net fall te my let teHry her. Ged
save me from slttlnw in Judiment en a
woman who Btnnds silent in her shame
te shield the honor of the man she
loves I
"But as for hunting down the guilty
mnn. that (don't you think se?) is
ncrhnps another matter. If it hatr te
be done at all it is only a woman n
nil re and stainless woman who has a
right te de it. Ne man who knows him
Mdf, and hew near every mother's soil
of us has been te the verge of the pit,
will be the first te threw a stone. Yeu
remember 'But for the grace of Ged
there gees Jehn Wesley.' Ob, my dar
ling, hew can I ever be grateful enough
fnr nlmt fait finvA .Iaim fnp mi..
"Hollea! The page boy has just
been up with a letter from the Heme
Secretary. 'I have the pleasure te In
form you that the King has been pleased
te approve of ynur appointment te the
position of the Deemster of the Iile of
''Hew glorious! Here I have been
all day saying te myself, 'Who, In Ged's
name, are you that you should be Judge
ever anybody?' and new I'm glad
damned glad, there is no ether word
for it.
"I shall telegraph the news te you
in a few minutes, but I feel as if I
want te take the first beat home and
become my own messenger. Thnt is 1m.
possible, for I have te call en the Lord
e you la my arms.
MV rMtntetflit uIIhk ' it tint.
rner. Bay I knew hew much I ewe te
him for this unprecedented appointment.
Day. tee. l snail lieiii tnvneir in rcatii-
heM for the ceremony of the swearing
in, whenever he desires it te take place:
aise zer tne nest Court of General gaei
Delivery if Deemster Taubman is still
down with his rheumatism.
"Ana new bless you again, dearest,
for all your beautiful faith in me. Ged
helping me, I'll de my, best te deserve
It. But you must be my guardian
watcher,f my Mntlricl, my star.
-"What a dear old world It Is, dr-,
ling I It seems as If there ought te be'
no suffering of any kind In It new
new that the sky Is se bright for you
and me. ' "VICTOR1
"P. 8. Important. Don't forget ie
employ Gell in that case of the girl who
killed her baby. Allrk'n her man. Mind
you, though he must compel her te tell
him everything."
'AUek Gell
Fer ten days Allek Gell lind been
searching for Bessie Celllster. When he
first read her letter en reaching Derby
Haven (be read it a hundred times aft
erward) he remembered something hi
father had tnld in taunting him "Yeu
will' net be the first by a long way 1"
Then he recalled the case of the Peel
fisherman and a black thought cume
hurtling down en him. At the next mo
ment he hated himself for It.
"What devil out of lirll made me
think of that?' he asked himself. ,
But why bad Bessle run awayfrem
him? The only explanation he could
find was the one Htewell had glven
en the steamboat women had illnesses
which men knew nothing about, and In
the threes of their mania they some
times hid themselves, llke sick iiiilmale,
from thelri friends most of all fiem
these they loved. Were net the news
papers full of such cases?
''That'a it! That's It ! My peer girl !"
Having arrived at this explanation of
Bessie's flight, he had no compunction
nbeut going In search of her. Her mal-
4 i't T'V'i.'Jf '?'''' i Hd'."...'
a might Mealy temporary; Mt mam
;t lasted, Heaven alone katwiwkat d-
gcni ne nilgai espesa aeraeii w- t
.At first It-occurred te him te call' In
the assistaaee of the police. Bat no,
that would lead te .publicity, and pub
licity n mlmitiHerntaiidlne . Bessie would
get better; he must keep her aalne clear
nf keatwtfil. Ilia nli khflAk 'And hlM
lip trembled as he told the Mi"l
Brown te say nothing te anybody. Ills
warning ivn tinn'ressarv. The terrified
old maids, who had atJength begun Ie
scent the truth, had decided t keep
tneir own counsel. k
Te be continued tomorrow '
( Copyright , ml. International UttaMne Ce.)
At Least, Wild least Have Ne Ter
rors te This Slip of a Girl
Weight, 103 pounds. Height, me
dium. Eyes, blue. Face, smiling.
Features, delicate; and with a step as
light as l'cler Pan. That in a para
graph describes Mabel Stark, sub
jugator of tigers and daring trainer of
wild beasts.
"The secret of It is very simple,"
says Miss Htark. "It you keep close te
a horses' heels you ere 'net likely te
receive a bad kick, and this In a meas
ure is true of VAts.' Keep them
crowded close and they'll have no room
In which te spring. And, most essen
tlal of all, keep smiling
Foreign Weman t le'tntirtalned
by Philadelphia Enthualaste
The Pennsylvania Branch of
Women's International League
Peace and Freedom has planned a busy
(en days for three speakers from Eng
and, France and Germany,' who wilt
arrive in Philadelphia May 10: Mrs.
iiH.i.. r-.t-i .. ti .., . mtt-.-1
ajuiub jvjuiniHjn UK jiifciauu , mirri
V J. ,-1
" H. '"jbU
tnutatta MaAMNW
.Ytt VkMuMnhfa rmi
of -Mrs. It, l.fleaehlMMirilfrMrs. .Iaura
1t Buckley, Miss Alice Cheyney, Mrs.
tln' Walter i Cepe, Miss sepnin m. uuiiee,
V.. Mr.. I.f K. .TBffe..Mrs. Wilfred Lewlr.
'"i :; : .t.. i u..i:. i ... t..i..
Airs, milien niOBM ana irn, uuimiuau
M. Htecrs. . ,
The spenKers win ernve
ArnenMi of Fratwe.Wewlva
hntnmlttM U hiide ui Charles M.f
TerresMie ueu uma, tail
visitors. ,;.,,,M
. Camilla e-risM. be we jat
lhi. BiaiMi." ai
Cent la
Uetnla Pi
Btanat; : u
i imt
at North h. ."4i Mr I'M JA
Philadelphia nt 1 o'clock In the after-1 rK,A"rmesSir-.'
neon,' and vlll be entertained at lunch-lee-en aundays.
'Malre It :
Te leek wer
ried Is one way of showing fear and,
once that is apparent, serious results
are likely te fellow
Trained wild animal acts are many
en this season's Blngltng Brethers nnd
Barnum & Bailey Circus program. The
show exhibits at Nineteenth street and
Hunting Park avenue for n week, com
mencing next Monday.
Ladles' Night at Ablngten Church
"Ladles' Night" was conducted by
the Men's Association of the Ablngten
Presbyterian Church nt the Ablnaten
Church Inst night. Following a dinner
the guests were entertained fty Keith
Cherry and H. 0. Trappe, of this city.
The Rev. II. II. Bird, pastor of the
church, made a short address.
Mptetd'herKlt te i
tit tope of prevci
Wef bera' alive.
; "Bbt is new In
S Bflt is new in me pnsuu uuapuui,
Mitus morning l drove ever te see ut.
A feed-looking girl almost beautiful
(with tbe sort of beauty which attracts
At less worthy side of a certain type
Mats), but her check", arc new terri
bly tbln and pale, and her big black
rfti (her flrwt feature) have that wild
kek which ene sees In a captured ani
ls! that gazes and gazes.
f"l liked the girl, but she did net seem
M lilt me. In fact, alie shrank trem
at (the only girl who ever did se) and
iWSIb I tried in bn nice te her. and
jW her te truht me, and te tell me
tie wis rcHponslhle 'for her condition,
i).ittl(ht find him nnd fetch blm te
Myibt broke into a flood of fierce de
"Eltllftr i)lA flir1 la n vrftnt cfnrv
Wtrer she U a ercnt heroine, and I
fa half Inclined te think she may be
w. My guess would be that she is
brag te shield the guilty man. Ttie
aMM she had worn were better than
I fcrm girl could afford te buy, nnd
gttsaggerta that her fcliew-blnncr be
art te a class nbove her.
Iftll'f If LtinnMlli. tlt.it ,1.A Iaim nMA-
j-- .K c-liw.n.ll, null, luc liu (il-
vatt no punldhmcnt for the man who
fa a girl's life ruining her soul ut
wtumt time, for 1hat is what it often
aHMI In Tint 1A.A nA HI
W. L v ' l"ru. """I JUU Will
en tee bench, fe she is sure te have
aa.il i- unN "cc'uci te unuertiiKc
"Mease, but we are nt n les,s whom
M employ. We cimiiet ufferd a high
JJLV'nw ten or fifteen gulnens nt the
T". HU YOU hiiirepkt nnvhmlv?
.j. I Intend te be prrnciit at the trial,
wft v. ni1 u y tl,5 Blrl'H hl,lc' for Hhe
fcJ-.iT I ""C'"y '""""i peer crcitiure.
ffiiT.i.bew, T nisl' i"Kht plead (or
2.J J i8'.' ,,rr Wnw-hlnner will net
E for Judgment, hew I should like
"nLP"c,eurt 'Til0U rt "n ""!'
HSi'"!''? ,leiir! u'h 10 p. M.,
far n. 1 . ' cIeh drenniM are wuitlnB'
f nw unstn r ni .
! iJlfl LKinn
v. ''"."" "
taA!!,0U 10"S) )ou muy carry me off
3h. I
taAaai l'"1 . urlnB J'01"" moteicur
--.-.. mien me time comes (I shu!
rtxU enng eaupl startlBg hen Ua'l VF
keeplna eaa save ea-thlrd t ea- 'CTV k.SJBv,
, but en fleev MTartegi her. a4 new cf .aaa. 7 t
! Is tha Mem t make your MtarUaa. r- JtkBEfK.
, We art affarlna- far this weak aly ?tJHAH
Wenaarrnl' varlav' af IVIItana. ATmlaa. VaTaTaTaTaTaTPWaTaTaTaTaTB t
Ut and Velvet. Belew are Utted a few of VK'Hj
Vlllt ttk inr M Aaam AmmiA vli.allv 4a bIbbBbbbbbIJ 9
I in Miia 0t fleer eevennri will eenrlnee tna BBKH I
net skepUeal. Cema early. p I
! awawawawawawawsT - is-aa-sw ,
i cMAA:.iA
aW P 'aBBaBaBaaiBaBaBaBaBBaBaBalBaaaalBKaiBaBBBk. aB
w.r.0.TTer you nlent.
'lWre1 ?aLBra 8.ln? t0 K,,y wmcthlng,
Hub tCV """'i ".' lU0 nci,rt of U
m. Th. .. l lu '?' ou l"l a ws-
burtiad ?rn iwh? d?CH net Wft"
MBtrel ht. W en,y ,10 vm her) tc
SaVin' cemn''l her. and de any
"take fr ivem,u! ut "n-she'a only
v u. for. a ",ll !
I caV2Sr"!,?r ,that .b,,''-t of nonsense.
-unur pnnnftij.. ...i.i : V.T
V a.?.0.,"10?" I love ion. 1 levi. von
Hrtfremn'ntH 50llrNelf a'enc. iwitn
K B.fc'tWn" ye" "'"y J have
jNtrer L h,lm11 8 "n loving you
Virli. PP! te you in the
t re i.n Vl ybwrne Deemster
!'.'.':.'. ,0. UP or co down
Lfily before
!S i ttieaih I "' m,a tl,,lt -l "l
famA ! e h J0!" "hie, perfect
fiiH"? with you. Mmrinif U in.
?.: "nil eHlwB. enlovlue th ,
7 iC '" ring the ime
,fv VTl.0t hPPla-
55 fierV0!,'."0 ""I'dcarest. The
.?.i.?"Wln all her vn.,i.r..i
-,! Vfnf-the
for this Week
Alexander Smith's Seamless Velvet Rug
Ourutead ill.wfi is'teurUfcl OrlwUl, laral ui allavar dtalsa. tsU fattT
$31.50 Value $ A.95SMM!$Qf.95
New . . .
Other iUm at prartlai.tely Uw yrlea.
Axminster Rugs
Silt faat. SMmad and Mimlwa. extra b4T7 blfli
up. Cleaaly weran. la a Luw yuiety ef Mttarei
aad oeun.
Values ranging from $40.00 te $47.50
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9x12 ft.
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$OM STaT 2'i?
J new :
$2.00 & $2.50 Genuine
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Out from fall rellel extra beam S
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Fer Halle aad Htalre
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100 rolls ef eed hard
weertat, heary Velvet
Oarpet, SI Uehee wldei
la beaitlfal PereUn ef
feet. Bite, reee. ten
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fall rell.
Fer Halle and Htalri
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Will fas Tapeetry
Breeeale Oarpet I la V1m
Chlaeae aad a 1 1 e v r
Usee 1 17 lieaai vUe.
Fer Halle aad Stairs
GOO Rolls Carpet, Small RugsrCocea MaU, Bath Rugs, yj te yt OFF
eim raiNciPuca
Courtesy and Service Assured
flatlefaetlen Oearanteed or
Meney Cheerfully Kefaadad
FrtfQii Hail Order Promptly FUU4,
Adaptable Service
Seme idea of the variety and convenience
of steel interior sections all interchange
ablefurnished in Glebe Safes can be
gained from the few shown
in illustration below, and
there are ever fifty
different kinds all
told, adapted te
practically every
known office use,,
jiflH rrl. 3a
JI II Hill 111 II aX ' wv I m 1
B e H C3K3 C3 ID OICS B fawawawaEaal 1 I
u I H r-r ..-
'.iHsBHK sQesd i
aafl7nTnTIlTlllfl)llflflnfS''"'3HTinrWa iSaW"" "e Uy I
r jftyj(ll)lll0 IQSiaVlllllllil i TmtfKtmTPt I
El I impr m
Glebe Steel Safes
There are many exclusive and distinctive
feature of construction that account for Glebe
Safes being considered the better. One of
these (patented) covers the fire-resisting prop
erties which Glebe Safes are known te possess
te a superior degree.
The tests for the various ' necessary safe
qualifications te which the Glebe Safe has
been subjected were most severe, and thorough
ly established the Glebe's claim te superiority.
Of course the Glebe Safe bears the Under
writer's Laboratory Label and carries the
lowest casualty insurance rate.
Globs Safes are made In three sizes, te accomedate
interior sections of different depths and widths, and
are handsomely finished in olive-green enamel.
Are your valuable papers protected? What would
their less involve? Consider these things, and then
call and let us show you real tafe protertien.
5JLH.!!! "ctiohalfiune cAaiNrre.woeD and emu
ttteaa aaraa. errica lurpmi, aacTtoeatTieoKIaVS
lrWeM.aWX-AUvUTetaO-aSI. Mmbim-MAINTatM
iiiu.i.fiii.f. y..tmuuummma.i I II
r aaafl BSBawVaSl SaW. jlWi la r
Hrvmalawa aWTvml .Tll?J 'MmmYh a
U$fikg fbt Gataii).KildJ5
rJteaatueiL Cooper's Point
They labored long for an- uncertain outcome. " n
Men devoting their lives te their family's welfare are
working for an end just as uncertain if they de net make
a will.
A will is an instrument through which a man's better
judgment lives en te direct the management of that which
he leaves for his family's support.
Our booklet, L-2, "Safeguarding Your Family's Future,"
will be sent upon request.
imumuuuumuumiuiuu ...iuulluiuuuuuu
Deuble Value
Yeung's Seap
During the week of May 22d, all Yeung's Seap
Wrappers will be worth double value.
v m
BUY a plentiful supply of Yeung's Soaps NOW. Save the
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Clean your house from top te bottom de the work thoroughly and
safely with YOUNG'S SOAPS-it makes no difference what is te be
cleaned, a YOUNG PRODUCT will de it.
Gha8.;W. Yilng & Ce., Makeri, PhU
iKiW!TOiF T , M(k . - K
TyFh V,a la fUlfc. Jity eaa X'v
ft.' , ii j . ' ' BlaWaTaai'n' v V. 'X
I 51
IVJiaV '' ; : v
l yv :i
a-.f. r m.imm
n L r.
Malf . ( ip " . iff

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