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Euentng public
nanerally lr nnclfcentlnued warm
tonight and Thursday gentle variable
WlnM .. ,T KAt'lI HOUR
Publlihed Dally Except Sunday. gMejIptlM PrlejM t Tar by Matt
Copyright. 1022, by Publle Ledwr Company
V0L. V11L-N0. 228
Entered aa Bacend-Claia Matter at the Pettafflea at Philadelphia. Pa.
Under he Aet et March S. UTS
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bbbw j. -
frleMis General Miner, Man In
rSiBW .. itnxl. Lit-
Sympatny vvun m
f Would Rather Lese Fight Than
Submit Tamely te
' Ferester Returns te Grey Tow
ers, but Will Be Here
en Saturday
Miner Would Bend All
Efferts te Unite Party
i-TJpen being Informed today that
QUfefd Plnchet had written an
nea letter te the Republican State
Owimlttee suggesting his name for
U Republican State clinlrmanshlp,
General Asber Miner gave out the
following statement:
"I am net a candidate who is
asking for this position, but I con
tented te be Mr. Plnchet's candi
date In the hope that it might unite
tit party. That was Mr. Plnchet's
"Of course, if the State Com
mittee should decide te comply with
Mr. Plnchet's request I will de all
la my power te obtain the
(Wemphant election of the entire
rJAet. The success of the Repub-
lUean ticket is assured, no matter
who becomes chairman."
Gilferd Plnchet's bold and progressive
thrait against the continued control of
.tie Republican State Committee by the
It V- .. M . 1. .!
It van-Leslie -Kye combine mrcw me
Inte confusion today and they
(ear the tame result as that which
v narked the historic primaries of
k In an eren letter te the members eT
. the Republican State Committee, the
r Republican nominee for Governer,
, whom a majority of the Republican
mw and women voters of Pennsylvania
fl6te as their leader, suggested Gen
eral Asher Miner, distinguished veteran
ef the World War. as a candidate for
tbitrman of the State Committee te
ineceed United States Senater Crew,
who bai virtually retired from political
Jhe Iwue between Plnchet and the
, betw will be decided in the reorganiza
tion meeting of the State Committee
attheBellevuc-Striitferd Saturday.
Plnchet does net nrofeses flint- Ms
frlttdt control a majority of the State
Oanmlttee. They were busy en elec
tion day nominating Mr. Plnchet. But
M the Plnchet blast against Baker
tkeri Is net the some confidence in the
UM of the Combine. Leaders say
ty have the votes te elect Baker,
Wt It is a question today whether these
TOtetwill stnv llltnlmil
Jte Committeemen hava te depend
M" State Administration for their
WlUcil sustennnce and the Federal pn pn
tenie, controlled by Sennter Pepper,
weut all dispensed. It would sur sur sur
WHnoene familiar with State poll pell
HSLJr committeemen ,erlginnlly
ratndly te Baker slowly make their
WIT tO th Minn. !.,..
t.fnn sF!Hler, former State Bank-M
T.jM'rnlV,B10ncr' who withdrew as n
wwitete for Governer in the interest
litinchet,wln "nt r,ln ' State
tWrman. His friends, including Jo Je
"W . Grundy, will Mippert Miner.
Odds Against Plnchet
M- ef10!" thnt ,h0 nMa "re "gainst
JS'r?c ,l J?a!(1 tllnt ' would rather
W a hard fight for the mnn of his
S!-lthu whom h" -eu1el work In
"meny, than submit tamely te these
in 1 supporting W. Harry Baker.
ihK nc"?f pel,,t', out that It has
SaH.v.Vl the custom for ,lle h,n' "t
"c"t te name the campaign dl-
1 tK ed t0 r1t'",rc,ient the majority
TtteJ" rBth thnn one chosen
But k. .t Mere lefcated at the polls,
jffi e1Umt'nm' "Otter of
SSfS :l J nnt ,0, ,,cfcnt t,,e nmb-
eC. ..'?y man or faction. Mr. Piu
gji statement te the committee fel-
0raeMh?UbJ'rn" ""'"'nntlen for the
"?jeraer8hlp 6,,vn rise te tjifl principal
' T! 'w Pnr.r. Column Five
AdmU. 11 ... .
" nimaelf In Barring
S2S y .B'0t Frem E""cheen
WW Vi ik the .IVnce U- M"rtln
, WteiL 'ftta Wire,"
astlV..."?.e.n.u '"' te unfertunutu
'l?'?.w Reed ncone." i.u
PES.irS"1 today when mi,n
, vVi .iVii,nrveS ,K,ke. of dies-
ffV from a WHter"ns whlsky ""'
SilbhrI..elleBKCr' . IIc wants
L.-,' uis name nnnnr n 1 ..,
nfr ? js bubiieeniii.il n, ....
FWe Brt ..'.:. ' ".w"1 nt de Cen-
rr- wiuipn Y..un . ..: " v "m,
,tettlek ViV CBK0 "ml he in'
5Sl?r,BrS!nT,,c,ted before .Tudg-3
"vfrrt Vjjfc11' p1" Crlmlna
f&n JfJ'Y."'8 -r"ty. en the
1?1V from Vi?00 ?J,d n bnrret
12. .0! thl. S.. 'c. ."!. Constantine.
SiB,,tniten whii. ,,um ' rrcs ed
khaaM.. " w"" transnertlnir ui.ui
liSfl?!n ?D1 WOO and cestH. he.
: .wua a. and .u . t -.--
Mf Han., t "i? nev;r re-
J "TlH'ii- k-i-ji i J - Bali urn liiatinit TTr lint W'TI" """ Fw itewMfav ! '.cwieai. eeaw l
'mMmmmwh.;i,m.. taa smimMmn
Hint Mrs. Warburton
Cools Toward Baker
Mrs. Barclay H. Warburton, vice
rhalrmun of the Republican State
Committee, la believed te be recon
sidering her support of W. Harry
vBaker 'for State Chairman.
In view of Gilferd Plnchet's open
declaration for General Asher Miner
for the State Chairmanship, Mrs.
Warburton was asked today lf her
opinion Is still unchanged.
"Net n word te say," she replied.
She would net comment en Mr.
Plnchet's statement. Mr. Baker,
new secretary of the committee,
also declined te discuss the nom
inee's declaration for Miner.
Knockout Victim of Tendler Unable
te Walk
Bebby Barrett Is net dead. He ad
mitted that he wax nllvc, although
utlll cilnl. ..! f. ....I.. h Wftcl. nt ,l.n
41,1111 nil'lt III1U III I'lllll UB U ivcuil VI UIU
knockout in Ills bout Inst night with
Lew Tendler ut the Phillies' Park.
Barrett, at his home" In Cliften
Heights today, seems te be suffering
from the effects of paralysis In Ills right
leg, and he is unable te walk. He may
be taken te a hospital this afternoon.
Throughout the day a rumor was
Hashed nil ever town that Harrett hed
died following the solar-plexus punch
landed by Tendler In the sixth round of
their ba'it. The report went like wild wild
flre throughout the city and hundreds
of calls were made for verification.
Seated in a chair at his home at
neon, Barret said: "It Isn't true:
please dney that report for me. While
I am still In pnin and can hardly move
my right leg, I feel much better than
I did last night."
About five months age Barrett was
strirken with an attack of rheumatism
while training for a bout with Jimmy
Ilnnlen and he had te cancel the con
test. At that time Barrett was ad
mitted te the .Tcffcrsen Hospital, where
he underwent an operation for the re
moral of his tonsils and adenoids which,
it was believed, were the cause of Bar
rett's ailment.
Tree Street Man May Lese Eye;
Weman Arrested
As the result of n family argument
during which blows were struck and
furniture strewn about the fleer, Ed
ward .Me.Mnnu. 747 Tree street, was
taken te St. Agnes' Hospital suffering
from severe burns of the face. He will
urebablv lese the sight et one eye from
the effects of acid said te have been
thrown into his fnee by his wife Ella.
She was arrested by pelice of the
Fourth street and Snyder avenue
According tn MrManus, he came hen.e
about r:.'!0 o'clock yesterday afternoon
and was scolded by his wife for a trivial
matter. He attempted te pacify her,
but was pushed from the room.
When lie attempted te open the deer
he says he was almost hit by a chair
which his wife hurled at him. Then
he grabbed her by the wrist, but she
broke nway and In another moment had
taken n bottle of acid from a closet and
thrown it in his face.
Camden Youth Leaves Nete Blam
Ing Weman for Broken Heart
Leaving letters saying he was heart
broken with grief, n youth, believed te
be Jehn C. Murray, of Camden, plunged
into the Delaware River from n ferry
boat just after it left the deck at
Knlghn's Point. ,
The beat wns stepped and a life pre
served thrown te flic spot where he
disappeared, but he did tfet rise. Har Har
eor police are Kenrching today for the
The letters he left were found en the
My henrt is broken, one note be-
gnn, "nud x am seriously 111 and rnerc
is no cure ter want you nave none.
Yeu hnd It all planned for. The peer,
sick and Innocent carry the weight of
life. I love you, Anna, but evil came
and steed between us. Yeu chose
evil because it was strongest here .en
The ether note wns addressed : "Dear
father, sister, brothers, relatives and
friends." It rend:
"Please don't think hard of me, for
I really couldn't help it. I have steed
It ns long ns I can. Please bury me
alongside my mother. Cloed-by te all,
with special geed-by te Maud. Anna
Is the cause of this. I am going te
see my mother, be goeb-by one and all.
Your hen, Jehn C. Murray, Camden,
N. J."
Thieves Get $200 Diamond Ring In
North Eleventh Street Heuse
Thieves entered the home of James
Wallace, at 15400 North Eleventh
street, last night and took n diamond
ring valued at S-00, numerous pieces of
fcmnll jewelry, and ?1C ln ensh. They
had the silverware packed and wait
lug, but were frightened nway by the
return of the family. The occupants
of the house were out scarcely an hour,
and It is believed that the rebbej-H
watched their opportunity until the
pluce wns vacant. They entered through
11 rear window, en which they broke
the screen.
Industrial Magnate's Newspaper
Ne Lenger Government Organ
Berlin, June 7. (By A. P.) Huge
Rtlnncb Deutsche Allgcmelne Zcitung
hns ceased te be the Government's of
ficial organ, It wns announced yester
day. The break between the Govern
ment and the industrial and shipping
mngnnte, which has been Imminent for
borne time, is new definite.
The Government considered thnt
Stlnnes, ou account of his Industrial re
lationships, wns net always an enthu
siastic btippertcr of its policies toward
big business.
Stlnnes, en the ether hand, felt thnt
the official connection for n long time
had restricted his expression of views
and had been an editorial Incumbrance.
Wall crumbles, two hurt
Twe plumbers were slightly Injured
when part of u wall through which they
were running u drain fell en them today
at 230 Wilder street. They are Jehn
Denehue, '2312 Seuth hre street, and
Jcph. Jacfcensfta sus werris weei,
Combine-Controlled City Com
mittee Delays State Ticket
Watseji Re-elected President
and Mrs. Harmen Succeeds
Mrs.' Altemus
The Varc-contrelled Republican City
Committee took the unusual step at Its
reorganization meeting today of defer
ring nn Indersement of the State ticket
nominated last mouth, because It Is
headed by Glfferd Pinchot, candidate
for Governer, and also In the vain hope
of scaring Plnchet In his fight against
W. Harry Baker for State chairman.
it wns announced tnac rincnei weum
sooner or later be Indorsed nnd that
the stalwarts would support him ln the
Xfwemher plppHnn. hut the Varte men,
particularly Chnrlle Hall, did net like
te surrender all nt once.
Therefore It wns nlanned te have n
committee en resolutions draw up rese
lutiens of indersement wnicn win ne
adopted nt a meeting te be held' nt the
call of the chair and, this Is the im
portant point, some time after the re
organization meeting of the Republican
State Committee next Saturday.
On that occasion the issue between
Bnkcr, the choice of the Vare-Lcslle-Eyre
combine for State chairman, and
General Asher Miner, the personal sug
gestion of Plnchet, will be settled.
It Is believed by these informed thnt
the indersement of Plnchet wns deferred
with the object of halting the progress
of the Plnchet drive toward the State
chairmanship. Practical politicians, in
cluding some of these ln the City Com
mittee who are tired of the Vue tactics,
declared that the Vare leaders would
legrct their slap at Pinchot.
Hall Cuts Loese
Councilman Hall voiced the feeling
of disappointment ever the outcome of
the primaries, in the course of one of
his explosive speeches, in which he
warned the forester ngalnst "usurping"
the functions of the. State Committee.
Further, he wnrned Plnchet against be
ing as "foolish" as Mayer Moere, who.
he said, had tried te be the political
boss of Philadelphia.
Hall spoke almost as n brother te
Plnchet when he wnrned the candidate
for Governer against trying te be the
political boss of Pennsylvania. Mr.
Hall said that he and his friends were
for Baker for State chairman but Just
the same they would net deBert Plnchet
for Governer.
"Big Tem" Cunningham, however,
declared that it was going tP be a job
te roll up n big majority for the for
ester. All this was part of the play
te held the Vare lines taut for Baker
for chairman.
Other than the Pinchot dodge, the
committee meeting was distinguished by
the selection of Mrs. A. W. Harmen,
who is Vare leader of the women, ns
honorary vice president, te succeed Mrs.
Dobsen Altemus. Mrs. Altemus aftci
her election as vice chairman never
did work with the Vare organization
and In the late pilmaries wns a sup
porter et the forester.
The iiest of assistant secretary which
wns held by Mrs. Jehn Wanamakcr,
3d, was net filled. It Is proposed te
fill this office after the followers of Mrs.
Ilnrmen have been sounded ns te senti
ment. Themas P. Watsen, City Treasurer,
was re-elected as president of the com
mittee. He and all ether officers were
chosen unanimously. Everything worked
Continued en Faae Fnur, Column Three
Owner of Accessories Shep Leaves
te Buy Supplies and Disappear
Edwnrd Bnrtkewsky, owner of the
nute accessories shop at 3884 Terrace
street, Wlssahlcken. hns been missing
since Saturday, and his wife fears he
is a victim of robbers.
Bartkowsky took .$100 with him,
mostly ln dollar hills, when he left
home Saturday morning, presumably te
buy Inncrtubes.
Bnrtkewsky Is described as twenty
seven years old, 5 fet 4 inches in
height, weighs about 135 pounds and
has u light complexion, light hnlr and
blue eyes. He were a blue serge suit
and a straw hat and no cellar.
Army Beard Taking Evidence In
Oklahoma Murder Case
Oklahoma City, June 7. (By A. P.)
Secret investigation of the slaying
here en me nigiu m iiri -m ui muu
tennnt Colonel Paul Ward Beck, upon
which will be bused a report te the Avar
Department, wns continued today by a
special Army Beard composed of five
Testimony of the two principals In
the tragedy. Jean P. Day. wealthy law
vcr and oil man, and his wife, was
obtained yesterday by the Beard. Lieu
tenant Colonel Heck was slain by Dny
In the Day home here. Day testified
8t the Corener's Inquest he killed the
army man accidentally when he re
turned home nnd found his wife strug
gling with Beck.
itnnnl members would net reveal their
exect program for today.
Said te Have Lest Most of Fortune
In Film Venture
Crystal Hampton, who nttempted
sujelde In New Yerk last Monday, was
despondent ever love for an actor, It Is
declared by the police of that city to te
day. According te her friends, she was
married wvcral years age te Harry
Schulz, Allentijwn, Pa., but obtained
an annulment in this city when she
found he hnd another wife living.
Later she became enamored of the
ncter, nnd became despondent. It Is
said, when his nffectlen cooled. She
had been living at 70 West Fiftieth
street, New Yerk, and had at various
times been assistant treasurer of the
Casine and the Apelle Theatres, She
lest most of her private fortune, it la
.ill. In organizing the Crystal Hamp
ten Comedies, a film company In whjch
.he hnd hoped tear.. She is In the
Repert Diva Divorced
Reports from Parte ay the Pellsli
opera singer has been granted a di
vorce from Alexander Smith Coch
rane of New Yerk. It Is said she
will receive $200,000
Repert Diva Accepted $200,000
Settlement Outside of
New Yerk, June 7. Frlend of
Gannn Wnlska Iri1 this city are inter
ested ln renerts from Paris that the
Polish opera singer has been granted a
divorce from Alexander Smith Coch
ran, New Yerk multi-millionaire. The
terms of settlement hnve net been made
public, but It Is believed the diva will
receive $200,000. The divorce was
granted ntteut two weeks age by the
Paris courts, but the hcttlement was
reached out of court, the reports Mate.
Every eirert was mane te ueep tne
ease secret, but these efforts were only
partially surressful. Tt Is known the
suit was given only a brief heurlng ln
the French court and the documents
were finnllv liculed last Friday. Mr.
Cechrnn did net attend the hearing.
Grounds for Iho action arc n matter of
speculation, although friends of Genna
Walska stated some time nge her mar
riage wns nn unhappy one. Surprise
Is expressed here nt the small settle
ment which the singer is believed te
have accepted.
Alvln TJntermcyer, representing Mr.
Cochran, returned te New Yerk from
Paris n few days age en the Fame liner
ln which Dudley Field Mnlene, the
diva's ceunM'l. took passage.
Mine. Wnlska originally asked MOO,
000 as settlement. It was intimated last
year, after Mr. Cochran had mndc. her
an offer of approximately $10,000 an
nually for the rest of her life. The
couple were separated early in 1021,
and there was considerable dickering
before the agreement really began te
take shape.
Three weeks nge Mme. Wnlskn's
friends heard thnt the terms of settle
ment hnd been fixed at .300,000 cash
nnd ownership of Mr. CechrnnV man
sion In Paris and nnether in this city.
These reports, however, could net he
Mine. Walhka hns had a picturesque
career. Her first marrltgp was in
1014. when she was but seventeen yenrs
old, the husband being Captain Arch Arch
adle d'Elnghem, from whom she sepa
rated within a few months and later ob
tained n divorce. There was some
question about the legality of this di
vorce, according te friends of Mr. Coch
ran, who intimated that this figured In
the Cechrnn -Wnlska divorce proceed
American Ace Will Ge Over Every
State In Union
Mlneela, N. Y June 7. (By A. P.)
Cnptnln Eddie Hickenbaekcr, leading
American war nee, took off from Mit
chell Field tedny for Detroit en the
first le of a flight intended te carry
him ever every btate In the union.
Hlckenhacker carried n letter from
President Harding te the convention of
Shriners In San Frnnclbce.
The filer expects te be gene three
months and te trinel mere than 15,000
miles by air. making a survey of the
country and landing fields and report
ing tn the nrniy nlr service.
In the cabin with Itiikenhacker when
the all-metal plane left the ground at
11 :15 A. M. was Eddie Stln.sen, who
last winter set a new record for con
tinuous hours in the nlr, and "Steve"
Hnnnigan, mechanician. Ihey expect
te stay in Detroit tonight nnd te fly te
Chicago tomorrow.
Window-Smashing Fur Thief Has
Technique All His Own
Here's btratcgy.
He had a noiseless, upholstered brick
but thut was net enough. While he
steed poised for hctleu en the front of
the store of Leuis Siegel, 201(1 Co
lumbia avenue, he heard a storm coming
up. It seemed te be getting nearer.
He waited.
There was a flash of lightning, then
n peal of thunder, first plune, then
erndually reaching crescendo and when
it icached that volume the thief threw
the brick. , m
He waited for another roll of thunder
nnd hurled nnether.
That made the hole larger.
He reached in and toeK a fur coat
valued at 30() nnd lied. A woman who
watched him told the police.
8preul Names Northampton Judge
Harrlsburg, June 7. Governer
Hpreul last night appointed llebert A,
Slots, of Has ten, as Judge of the Court
oivvjieramons, j-ica- ier nenusmjH
uwaawex-em j asses t,;.w
1" . J 1, -i-r- l-.'.d-
iuvViJt!' " mw
-.v.'-'W.,, " 'bbHubH
... , ' .BBBBBBBBnBB j
Y 'A'V btbbbWbbM
.'.. , VA';':i' HbHHHt
i,.' ''- AAirV'-jbbbWbbmP
IP'-' liilBflilrf
LBHk'' - ' wJaf
Hk? "' V'' !i' BBP
BBBm'1- '-JSfK
Reject Arbitration, but Express
Willingness te Continue
Limited Submission of Issues te
Commission Possible, it
Is Stated
By the Associated Press
Ilazletnn, Pa., June 7. Although the
anthracite Mine Workers' General
Scale Committee unanimously re
jected the operators' pronesal for the
appointment of n commission te arbi
trate the questions en which the min
ers and operators have been dead
locked, prevision wns made for the
continuance of the negotiations by the
appointment of a sub-committee te draft
a counter-prepoal. This sub-corn-mblttee,
consisting of Philip U. Murray,
lntcrnntlennl vice president; Themas
Kennedy, president of District 7; C.
J. Gelden, president of District 0. and
Wlllnm J. Urcnnan. president of DIs
trtet 1 worked until Inte Inst night
framing its reply for submission te
the Scale Committee today.
Crisis Net Reached
Prier te the meeting of the Scale
Committee, members of the sub-cem-mitce
declined te discuss the nnture of
their reply te the operators. They in
dicated, however, thnt n crisis ln the
wane nccotlntlens had net yet been
reached, and that there wns still room
for further conplderntien of their de
mands. Arbitration for the present wns
out of the question, it vus stnted, but
there still wns a possibility of a limited
submission of the issues te n commis
sion, provided assurnnccs were given
that there would be no consideration of
a wage cut, which the or.eraters hove
demanded te the extent of 21 per cent.
The miners were ready te debate the
demands ns drafted by the Shamekln
Trl -District Convention, Mr. Murray
Claim Cut Net Necessary
Leaders of the mlnp workers contend
that wages are net responsible for the
high price of fuel, nnd that the cost
of coal can be reduced without a wage
cut. Asked whether the miners would
be satisfied lf the operators offered te
renew the contract which expired April
1, District President Kennedy declared
that was a matter which had net yet
been reached. The miners nre 100 per
cent for progress and 100 per cent
ngalnst nny backward step, added Mr.
Before the Scale Committee went into
session some of the members. It wns
Intimated, may propose that a referen
dum of the anthracite locals be taken
te authorize the committee te turn the
suspension into a strike, if necessary,
lf n crisis develops.
Referendum Quicker
According te Chairman Kennedy, the
referendum method will lie used te act
en nnv final recommendations of the
Scale Committee. It Is pointed out thnt
a referendum would he quicker and less
expensive than a tri-distrlet convention.
International Vice President Murray
declined te discuss the text of the reply
te be given te the operators, but gave
out the following statement:
"The mine workers are perfectly
willing te continue negotiations with
the understanding that the demands of
the Shamekln convention become the
basis upon which discussion shall be
conducted. We deplore the present
suspension of the anthracite mines and
believe if the anthracite opcruters would
sincerely take up the task of solving
the problem that a new wage scale could
be promptly agreed te.'"
Mr. Murray amplitled the statement
en the Shamekln demands by explaining
that this means an upward njid npt 11
downward action en formulating a new
wage scale. He said that a referendum
en authorization of the Scale Commit
tee by the rank and file te act in any
emergency will be considered in resolu
tions nnd that ethers will cover the
action of Imposters nt Philadelphia col
lecting funds for anthracite miners. He
said no money is being solicited for re
lief en behalf of the hard-coal men.
Wedding te Climax Leve Affair
That Began In France
Alexander E. I.ovelb, a salesman of
Hedlield. S. D., Is ln Philadelphia te
marry tne gill he met while they were
lmili servlnit their country ln France.
She Is Miss lieidn hweue, wne lives
with her guardian, August Kaufman,
nt 233 Seuth Sixtieth street.
The girl arrived from Londen two
tin) a nge, and they will he married to te
duv by Magistrate Renshaw,
A Chorus Girl Who Became
Emissary for a President
IIP IN a choir left, years age, a
beautiful girl cracked pea
nuts while a temperamental
tenor icna singing. Next day she
was told she no longer was a
member of the choir.
A few years later the same girl
was hailed the world ever as
"The American Beauty" and the
"Queen of Musical Comedy."
Triumph after triumph marked
her career.
Married four times she finally
found happiness as the wife of a
millionaire publisher and became
a recognized social leader in
Pittsburgh. Finally she was se
lected by President Harding te
go te Europe and study immigra
tion. These arc high spots in the
vivid career of 'Lillian Russell,
,kn Aied uesterdav and whose
life story will be told in a full-
page article m tne trventng rue-
lie Ledger emarrtw.H
Jugeslavia Welcomes
Marie as Future Queen
Princess Is Given Bread and Salt as Token of
Loyalty Showered With Hely Water for
Geed Luck Weds King Tomorrow
By the Associated Press
Belgrade, June 7. Princess Mnrieef
Rumnnla wns mnklng the final prop prep prop
nrntlens today for her mnrriage tomor
row te King Alexander of Juge-Slavla.
When she arrived here yesterday and
put feet en the bell of her future king
dom she wns given brend find salt by the
Mayer of Belgrade In token of friend
ship nnd leynlty.
The Princess upon her arrival were a
white crepe de chine dress, trimmed with
slhcr nnd geld, which she made her
self. She and the reynl party, Includ
ing King Fcidluand, Queen Mnrle,
seven lndles-ln-wnltlng and the entire
Rumanian royal household, came uy
beat en the Danube, and were escorted
Inte pert by Juge-Slnv airplanes, Brit
ish, French and Rumanian destroyers
and a fleet of .Tuge-Slav warships.
Scores of beats carrying Juge-Slavs
also welcomed the party.
While she was traversing Rumanian
territory, the Princess was showered
with holy water, Incense, rosemary and
tlcc for geed luck, nnd when the pnrty
arrived at Belgrade their vessel passed
under an arch bearing the legend :
"Leng Live Our King nnd Queen I
Lentf Live .Tuee-SIavia! Lenir Live
Rumania!' while a chorus of 1Z0U
sang a wedding hymn entitled "Queen
The bride wns met by King Alex
ander and his Cabinet, nnd wns con
ducted In n precession through the
crowded streets te the cathedral, where
a thanksgiving service wns held.
The precession followed streets newly
paved for the orcaflen, along which
the old buildings had been demolished
te make place for reviewing stands.
A new palace Is ready for occupancy
of the royal pair. It Is shunted within
n stone's threw of the old royal resl
whMi hus bM. unecctfv.cd since
PINE 'VALLEY, N. J., June 7. Marcus Greer, Llanercb,
led the early starters in the Philadelphia amateur golf cham
pionship here today with a 43-4082. Charles Deeph, Lu Lu,
and Max Marsten, Meiien, were tied with 33 each.
WASHINGTON, Juue 7. Secretary Hoever in a report te
the Senate today disclosed that he and Secretary Davis had
aeujrht te present recently suggestions which it had been hoped
would lead te a settlement of the existing coal strike, but se
far their efforts had been without lesult.
O-..J.-I IAIIII DI- .-. lj:. I
vuriiyuu win nate dciuiu mm
Papers Found in Raided
Poolroom Safe
All evidence in the Big gambling
caudal in which police connivance i
suspected it te be laid promptly before
District Attorney ltefan by Director of
Public Safety Corteljeu.
The contents of the two safes seir.cd
last Thursday in the poolroom of
C'hnrles Moseeni, Seventh street below
Mnrket, the Director believes, will
prove n smashing blew te the clique
which linked this city with various race
Just before ceing into nnether con
ference with Mayer Moere. Director
Cortelyou announced he will turn ever
nil the lists and ether pnpers found In
the safe te Mr. Retnn.
With dramatic force In view- of the
Enmbllng disclosure's which threaten te
shake the police burenu, the Mayer to
day warned new patrolmen against al
liances with lawbreaker".
Majer Wat us Police
"Policemen, go straight!" the Mayer
declared, addre-slng n group of police
rookies" assembled en the City Hnll
, "De net permit jeuiself te be fooled
I by the notion thnt ou can be a geed
policemen nnd serve the creeks," the
, Mnvnr added.
I Mr. Moere referred te the gnmbling
! disclosures of the Inst week and men
tiened the reports thnt police officials
nmy be involved.
Frem this lie drew n lessen for the
Ijeung u.eti nbeut te start en their ca
reers as patrolmen.
Twe cancelled checks bearing the In In
eorsement of a man formerly a high
police official ere snld te have been
found in one of the confiscated safes.
The exact contents of the strong box,
which the Director said were of "an
nstnundiug nature," will be Jealously
guarded until the Distrli) Attorney
enn build up an airtight case for the
Grand Jury.
"I will net reveal the contents of
the safes nor will I sny whether Ihey
contained checks with the mimes of
prominent politicians," said Director
Might Injure Case
"Te make such revelations new would
Injure the case, of the Department of
Public Safety when it comes into
The Administration, apparently, is
determined te rln nut ersanUed nam-
rjiltnc root and branch from this city.
HUNBvJK IUU Olggcnl police tinUD-U(m
sKy..!'.!. III... ' "0-" T , j" M.iJiTTE
. aMMTMfJOSic'.. W.i . iW,
ittliiiv wv ... ...lmt nl'!S.Ttt
the nssnsslnatlen of King Alexander
and Queen Draga in 1H0. The Ser
bians, believing the old palace te be ac
cursed, hnve begged Marie never te
cress Us threshold.
Among the most netnblc presents
mnde te the bride are n tiara and neck
lace of diamonds and emeralds fien
King Alexnndcr. These pieces of Jew
clrv are heirlooms from Empress Mnrle
of 'Rubsln. grnndmethcr of the present
queen of Rumnnla, nnd new by fertui
teus circumstances cume i " 'v;
..i,i. .,ie Kin? Alexander dis
covered them for sale nnd made ths
purchase. . , ,, , ,
King Ferdinand nnd Queen Marie or
Rumnnln gave ns their Joint present u
mngnlficcnt string of penrls, and Queen
Marie likewise presented a golden tea
service Inherited from her mother.
Frem members of the royal family
and aristocracy of Rumania came 11
large number of rare Rumanian em
broideries, sapphire pendants nnd nm
ber necklaces. The Duchess of Ven
dome sent n Sevres lamp nnd Lady
Hamilton, of England, an antique tan.
Ira N. Nerrls, American minister te
Sweden, presented a silver tea set.
Every country in Central Europe Is
represented ln the list of donors. One
Srevtnce in .iuge-iavia presenceu tne
ride with 100 horses, nnd there were
numerous gifts from .Tuge-Slav peas
ants of embroideries and pieces of pot
Twe counterfeit notes en the Federal
Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, each of
the denomination of $20, have made
their appearance. The front of the note
is poorly executed, especially the por
trait of Cleveland, but the back of the
nmininrfAlt 1u tiecv ftsanHtFa Ttin nlarn
nmnberH nnnenr te i.uvc been made with
'pen nnd ink.
Unions Fellow Farm Bloc Tac
tics in Backing Brookhart's
Senatorial Candidacy
Stuff Correspondent Ktrntnc Public I-nlcrr
Cot-vrieM, 1911, !i Public Lttlerr Company
Washington, June 7. The Brookhart
victory in Iowa is significant ns the
first impertnnt success of the labor
unions in politics. Mr. Brookhart was
as much the enndidnte of the railroad
labor organizations ns he was of the
The workers applied effectively the
bloc idea of working within the domi
nant party te secure the best represen
tation posslble In Congress.
rircumxtances are forcing the labor
unions Inte pe'ltlcs. Among these nre
the opinion just handed down by the
Supreme Court In the Colerndo case and
the recent cuts In wages ngalnst which
strikes are proving nn inadequate
The Corenndo opinion, which appears
te be a mere dictum of the court and
se net necessarily binding for the fu
ture but which nevertheless points the
direction tn which the court Is llkelv
te go in the future In holding unions
responsible financially for damnces
caused by a strike, parallels the Taff
Vale case In Englnnd which brought the
labor organizations In England Inte
politics and led tn the formation there
of the British I.uber Party.
Immunity Is Seitgfit
One of the objects of American labor
will be te secure legislation which will
render them net liable for such nctlens
in damages ns.the Taft opinion seems te
And the object of Inber will be te
Control enough members of Congress te
hnve something te sny nbeut the Rail
road Laber Beard and the Interstate
Commerce Commission. These two
bodies, through the fixlnp of freight
rates and the consequent adjustment of
wages, are political stakes of much im
portance te the railroad labor unions.
An effective minority In Congress, like
thnt which the farmers have there.
would powerfully influence railroad
legislation nnd also appointments te
these Important bodies.
The Gompers policy, which amounts
te little mere thnn conducting a union
labor lobby at Washington nnd nt the
party conventions, has proved a failure.
There never wn.s a time when the unions
had less political influence than at tires,
rnt and at the snme time the strike ns
Ceatlnac4 Pa I rear, folema Tws
ae utwul
Mtatb emawKfli amI
SSrSJBBBB) BUffJJs IBM "f 'latTaaf'fssl
WMMUNh-IMM .V,sWlr,t,v.i
, It M T ,i
v .
Mrs. Hattie Beyle, of
Greve, Linked in Warrant WrMi:
Slaying of Man and Girl
Rey Eichelberger Was Murdered
by Farmer's Wife, Who Later
Killed Daughter and Self
Prisoner Released in $1000 wn4,
Gees Heme in Collapse With
Her Husband
Mrs. Hattie T. Beyle, of West Grer,
was arrested tedny charged with bela
Implicated in the murder of Rey Elck
elberger, a prominent business raaa,
nnd Ruth Dunlop, a twelve-yeareM
girl of West Greve, May .10. 1020.
Mrs. Bevle is prominent In the rtani
munity, and her arrest caused a sensa
tion. She was released from the
county prison at West Chester under
$1000 bail following a hearing before
Justice of the Peace Pratt. Mrs.
Beyle Is charged with being an acces
sory before the fact. The charge te -based
en an admission that she heard'
Mrs. Frances Dunlop say she was going
te kill Eichelberger and her own daugh
ter Ruth some time before the crime
wns committed. Mrs. Dunlop killed"
herself after the double murder.
Mrs. Beyle was en the verge of col
lapse nt the hearing.
"I saw the revolver which Mrs. DuB DuB
lep hail." Mrs. Beyle said at the hear
Ing. "She told he that nlie was ffeuag.'
te kiii r.iciieiDerger. and tnen Kill aff
u m 1 1 1 ! hi 1 1 n Pi 1 ft
llllllrllr MlimikK
iiiiiJiiLi muiiuLitim
vim ' jf
unuRiuer una ucrseu. 1 uiun t laiumt-.i'M
very much of It nt the time, and I ket .&a
, 1-. , I T ,!,,. .1- -!..
the information te myself. 1 MS
ni.i ...... ,eii ....- t,..uk ,.,.i? .ia . ')
Justice Pratt. .'Ps
"V 1 ,Uin'i tell I, In, T ,lnt ta . " 1
him cverj thing."
. " -' T.i
T.1.1 nf UnMuIn n.lara '
Mrs. Beyle hnd Il,H0 made xtvtrUkknk
admissions thnt she bad advance knemujjyii
m ..rivnituav bt;iv n,.n
edge of the crime. , A few weekiratw jtf
Mrs. Hichceiberger nuccl Dunlop we . J jl
pint riAii ... .,.- , .. - i ' fi
After a pemcwhnt involved trial tha
case was compromised, a tul it In. aaht
1.n T-i. t?l..l.ll. .,....- .j..l..l 1fh IUU, I
Mrs. Bevle was one of the vrHnrnnra v.Vil'i
nnd said then that she heard Mm. DraT i
let say she Intended killing EicktH i
berger and licr daughter. At
quest before the Corener after
tragedy sue made the same statcra
Hubert . Dunlop, husband
Dunlop, swore out the warrant ferMrvi
Beyle 8 arrest. He contended that 'Brv
ndmlssiens warranted such nctlena.
Dunlop hail considerable trouble obtain
ing the writ, as It was the general'
belief that the action was somewhat
After Mrs. Beyle hnd been sent te
iall her relatives became indignant..
They started action immediately anal
figurathely pulled Judge Heuse away
from a cemmeiifcment niiair te taa
the necessary action te assure the re
lease of Mrs. Bejle. She burst into
tear, en being freed nnd was tuken nema
by her husband.
Tangle of Shattered Romances
The nrre.st of Mrs. llejle is another
angle of the arrest of slintcred re
mance of the Kichclbeigcrs. r.lehcl
berger and his wife became estranged
when it became apparent that Eichel
berger wat Intimate with Mrs. Dunlop.
lie left home for a time, but rlnali. j f
returned and the couple put died UJB
their dleqrences. But the treubft'i
started anew.
Mrs. Dunlop, it is said, tried te in
veigle him away from home ngala.
One nicht a woman entered the Eichel
berger home nnd shot him as he lay
beside his wife. Ne one ever knew for
absolute certnintj the identity of th"
shiver. A few hours Inter Mrs. Llun- 'A
lop and her daughter were found dead
from bullet wounds nt the i)linleS
After the triple tragedy Dunlop said.
h s wife hail been driven insane ey IBB
attentions of Eichelberger. whom B
denounced in strenc language.
It developed during an lnvestlgatles ,
of the tragedy tiint .Mrs. r.icnciDergs'
had taken legal steps tn sue Mrs. DuB"
lop for alienation of her husband's af
fections some lime before the sheeting.
Eichelberger and his wife, together
.. itl. Mu Tlimlfiiv inmln n HittlluaBC '
the day the case was te have come iy
As In the case of the Eichelbergera
the Dunlnps nlsn had a stormy marital!
career. T.hev were married In New.
Ynik In 11)00. divorced in 1010 ansy
remarried ln 1017.
Appointed State Backing Commit
siener te Succeed Fisher
Ilurrkhnrir June 7. (Ik A. p!)
Peter (. Cameren, of WeIleb8re.iat4Ji
Deputy Bnnking Commissioner, asfM
wns appointed by (Inventor Spreafl
Mtntc liailKlllg v.uiuniiHMUiier, 10 NnspsUd'U
Jehn S. Fisher. !?4k1
Victer Emmanuel's Chauffaur Uatfjvy?
. V I- L1...I.. Ult. M. 'V.
nerved am irin nM m vwrrigjrtr-
Reme, June 7. While proceeding JfcfriSi'j
nn iiiitomeblln veatcnlay for Pak
where he was te lake part ln ths
i nHij-.tf-fc
meiicement of the new harbor wsMUi.
IIM-llvriiMii, " . ..... ... wwwfQ ..V-,
escape from deatlt. The automobile WssffJ
barely missed by a passing train eal'Jli!
iviiie irier .iiinniniii.-i imu mmwwww, in
grade crossing near Anxie. , j.
The King cnngniniiami inn ensu
nn his snlendld nresence of mis
getting the machine acre the tm
ahead of the appreuvlilng train. "1
chauffeur, new ever, was completely!
nerved ey me incmeni anil was i
nhl te continue at the wheel. T
showed the least ceacern et aar i
la the carwHU.majf vjj-.;
-(Sti ?.," '1'iiiisk V I i J niiiaV Vt!
Si L4Vt B tJ - "-1- ' - -''
Wm- ?
' ""X
fter tin, '-
tereejffv, fffl
f.i :

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