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VOL. VIII. NO. 232
Occupants Swept te Death as
.Beats in Leng isiana
Sound Overturn
Adiiece nilT CCUCM I llfCC
IV,' 3BurrgMi wt.vi.ii ...
It' k. ... ialt. ti;m
fffdilliens in rvamage nnen vie-
K lent Storm Rears Through
Five States
.Victims Largely Persons Seek
ing Relief Frem Intense
Saves Drowning Fiancee
at Cost of His Own Life
Greenwich, Conn., June 12. (Dy
A. P.) Jehn Andersen, of the
Bronx, heroically rescued his fiancee,
Gladys Itcdingcr. when their canoe
was upset in Ixng Island Sound
during the storm yesterday, and
sacrificed his own life. "When the
frail craft overturned Andersen
warn with the girl until he reached
the beat and helped her te gain a
held en it.
Just ns n rescuing yacht nailed
up Andersen's strength gave way,
bis held en the canoe failed and the
eienustcd man sank. The girl was
taken abeaid the yacht.
- fly the Associated Press
- New Yeilc, June 12. The death tell
of the brief but terrific hurricane that
swooped down en the .Metropolitan area
latejwterdaj passed the sixty mark te-
, day with indications that the total num
ber of dead might go much higher.
The death list leaped ahead when an
incoming tide returned eighteen mere
bodies that had been swept out te sea
last night. Tour mere bodies were
recovered nt Hunters Island and two
.were reported te have been picked up
at Travers Island.
City Island, haven for Sunday pleasure-socket's
and amateur fishermen
was the hardest hit point In the Metro
politan area but casualties mostly b.
drowning were reported fiem man'v
ether points.
Tim bench at City Island today pre
sented a de-elnte (spectacle. Several hun
dred persons relatives of the missing
worn by hjFterla. waited in little
groups among the wreckage en the sand
, ter tome word of the fare of their loved
' Still Search for Bodies
r Marine squad police, exhausted bv
tnelr nil night vigil, continued their
i cruise, keeping a "harp lookout for ad-
oilieitai bodies.
5ti --
K . lerty peifens in all are bclieieil tn...in nml nt Crey Towers.
we iem tneir Mcs while beating in
wng Island Sound, Many ethers were
miieii iii rnlling trees, lightning and
' 5 ntH ,!"1S0,, hy the wind. Ten
,pedle of the drowned were iccevcred
last night.
The htnrm rmn. ..t iI.a nlv.n nt ..a
JJ. 'he most torrid days of the season.
v Seuth and Southwest, shifted suddenly
J te the Northwest and increased in
.""""'V "' Knty-eigin mues. eep
Ins threiiffli Wtf Tn.,.1. i.fni.AJ..-
I "5 CeilntT. nr.rnuu l'l.. fDt.l .1... !.....
'and Manhattan, they left death and de' de'
Mruetlen in their wake.
' Torrential rains-, then lightning fol
lowed the v inil.
TheuAHiids Sought Belief
Hundreds of thousands of New
'erKers wrie en the bciirhcx and at
jurieui eulllng resorts weklng iclicf
iron the heat when the storm broke,
Jni it whs from these that the storm
, teiik Its dentil loll.
Powerful seurrhlightfi played ecr the
rw.l at t,Ielnnl Inst night as the
Snastly quest for bodies went en.
After the tempest reared out of the
J Us of northern New Jersey, beat the
Hudsen In fnam.rapped breaker,, and
mm acres, .c. Yerk City it seemed
l?17,",er'!V,l'Wen City Island
lid lib 1rinitv
rfmt i ,"1?. of wl"l nnd launches
Meie the brreking of the storm, when
Will, overturned craft and the buildings
hum'hw Man ,'a",1 ta"y lartl(V,
In5lnBiirP afr,)',8W ',eeVl0 fctr"8
fink in the water, but dared nm kLk
or lenp nf nnn.i.i.. i.. " ..
erenHs n? nJ,(1, ,,,fl Penlc-strlcken
K,irs;rveedr,,.,,e ,ttbr8 f h V01'
violet trrm Tn" n" R"lenas it was
lluihen llr' ,",nR"'B1.pe'id across the
NtnuT ? Ti r T ebs"ved. but they
SI &!" nway BmI ,,Bn"
nwi'cK i'",'-, n plcasurp R"""'1
wThnflf J',l0n.,, W0B '" "" '"WI
heaiHv fc i,V7,fanp; . A FcrrlH wheel,
S?.1? ".p,e: hn,l it begun te re-
li iV.. i ' f lwf'BTs when the
tranlitil' lrfk " it, 8,"IJ,n aa the
.. Jntv LnifT.m.aLbrlS,t J""e sky te
. cSan. .ii! PO,lll,,'t,Mep it nnd dls-
nml L r "'. ,rhppl was ,or nay
eZni r.Pma n,lpr Tashed te the
ffeund, a tR8e,i skein of steel.
Dozens Burled in Wreck
Drum. .... i i . .
filv hZu. """ uunisi in tlie wreck.
-- I'wiri IV
llif...i i "" ' "unsiura.
EH', Hiidiv .V ii mpn ,una women, tcnrlng
h fin helnld" W hlml,,J thcr
Mr" helped the workers engaged In
-nts en rsss Four. Clumn Twe
err in lei ink en nut- nml . . . a t .i.... rni.- tr..i . .
mrtrn v.- . - inni u nt i . .11 . i (mil i . I in iviimt'i' i
-. ,,. nvoseere wen nttendcl in . 1'..' ...'.'...' .i.. .!..;.. .n,.n.,., .. .ii-n ' "
- Misuanre surgeon.. A seventh vfptim " ,M, v v 1. . ...,,. ,,..,. ,, I In Ids twenty jears 01 mmiiIii. .( ion
''N this men Ing Viil h.liu ..i .J. '"'I' f"'"'". New JiuU '" Sl,""", '""' ,,ik Mr. Cert said he hud found thin
unm ihn .A i i . "::"' " .nvn inHine irem -uiitruuiiiK i" tivn .uii iH, ti,m inu at- in ii ui....r..t
Ir! i.i'1 . -i-
- ,j mTCiiffia
v "SI
41 r. i
tillered aa Secend-riiii, .rtlr at th
':"" r at w roeme t
under the Act of Marcfi 0. 18T0
l' 'iVff" , , . . . . . ;'i -.- .. -nwrwTvirr.'em "T' "'"". ' ."1""-'; ! - i . TT .. T&V7"." -i ' ' m w wrrriif r z jr" " " . " '-"T." i ' " U.J-. 1
i HikFietfHBf c jaLflfjM0dkiB tfaLLLBaLLLLhftfaLLLv &$ r" &3BrJvj' ' HRfllfLLLLLHLLLKli7aV3LrfLvV K g Tdtf wR
llJ . .... - jigmffe iltfd. .i.fc.... .ftVM' ,,,. a. 5. f,M.. MkUl.Wj4. Vw'.. .'..... .. t -.-
Wreckage of Ferris wheel at CIjueii'ii Point, New Yerk, after it collapsed during the ftterm yesterday, causing
the death of seven persons. A scene of frightful confusion ensued at the park when the wheel crashed te the
ground and hurled pleasure-seeking riders beneath it
Probed State Finances for Ten
Years te Present Pinchot
A dlqest of all State appropriations
fm tlii Inst ten enrs new n waits the
unnflinlnl nnmmisslnii en Stllte finance i
named by Oifferd Vinehet. Itcpubllcnn
nominee for Governer. , m ,
The data was gathered by Dr. Civile
T.. King, noted economist of the Lni-
versity of 1'ennr.jlvnnia and one of the
fourteen men and women who hnve
accepted membership en the commis cemmis commis
slen. , , , j
The first meeting will he held June
20 in the City Clul). when preliminary i
plans will he laid before tlie members.
The project 1 pnrt of Mr. 1'inchet's
plan te abolish "hit-er-mUs" llnanc
ing in the administration of the Com
monwealth. The four ether Phjlndelphlans who
will serve en the commission are Alba
B. Jehnsen. Senater' Woodward,
Charles .r Rhends. formerly governor
of the Federal Heserve Hank of Phila
delphia, and Mrs. Barclay II. "Wnrbur "Wnrbur
ten, vice chairman of the Republican
State Committee.
Others who have accepted -Mr. rin
t. -
chefs Invitation nru Jehn S. .risMcr,
Leenard T. Fex. Ilnrrlsbure: Alien w.:
MnitcnDaen. Aiiemewu; .wis. .uurj
Flinn Lawrence. Pittsburgh.
t. - T-k I'M...,,...! f .mi r'hnmhac.
. "-' " :i""VJ,""-;r,: r"","lL.
huff Airs. n inr imiiu eiiurni liiih-
"...I-. . ' .V ..... ';. . . i.
ersburg' T. 1. Stiles. Crcssen : Frank
P. WIIIJt. of War.1. Ta.. and Paul D.
Wright, of Erie.
King Ready With Plans ,
Dr. King, who probably will act as
chairman of tin unemcini commission.
said today tnc preliminary piiuis run- g
net be made Known uiuii mcj nrr ihuccu
hefeie the commission.
Dr. Klnir has held numerous con
ferences with the nominee, both In this
' ;" , ,:, V";
.y Towers, the Plnehet
.1. Pike County. I
ked ever all the Stnte i
for the last ten jenrs
home nt Mllferu.
"I hae chcckc
n...iiwinflntlnnS for
!i inMia minntlt nf lunterlill is
nil ii it it) t ,..,...--,. :.-.- i
ready for the commission. said Dr.
said Dr.
!.-: "We ni'C BISO llSSlireil III lllPnnmn nnrl n In. In.. ,ll...l Tun., n.l
co-epcratlon of Audlter-Oeneral Lew-
," I'M
m .Tnlmsen said he legnidni Mr.
Pitichet's lde.i of imcstigntlng State
tlnances ns very wise. There is tee
short a time lietwcen the election of a
Governer and the convening of the leg
islature for such nn exhaust he study en
iniin..- .---- ., .!..! t.. I
s proposed ey uiv teiiuiiiB-jiun, ''money were nlse found in the pockets.
,. !.... tnlert. ri'u .. i , I... !.,.. Of...
.luni'e"" w.....
Mr. Plnchef. in effect if net In
fentlnufd en re Four. Celumii Three
Surgeon Removes Obstruction Frem
Infant's Windpipe
Jeseph Cellaslcehl, eighteen months,
old, 1012 Naudnin street, was taken te
the Pennsjlvnnia liespiuu nisi nigni in
a critical condition, after choking en a
An elder brother dropped n peanut
en tlie lloer nnd the child attempted
te swallow it.
Dr. Curtis lCedes icmeed the ob
struction. The child left the hespltul
this morning fully lecevered.
Man Who Chewed Policeman's Ear
Gets Menth In Jail
Walter Miller, a Baltimore Negie, ,
was sent te jail for thirty dns by
Magistrate O'Connor today for chewing
the ear of Sergeant Raffcl.
Miller wus arrested 'lliursday for
drunkenness, and. as Raffel was placing
him In a cell, attacked the pellcemnu.
Liner Cresses Atlantic In Five Days'
n.i.1 u.i,. x.n Mln.it.
biyilk IIWMSW "VII ...,,.w-w
New Yerk, June 1'-'. (By A. P.)
The Mnuretnnla, wlileh nrrhed tedaj
at Soutliuinpten. set two new world's
records for speed en her latest voyuge,
said a cablegram received today by the
Cunard Line.
The Mauretaniu, which left New
Yerk en June , arrived at Cherbourg
at II A. M. today, with a crossing te
her credit of live days eight hours and
ten minutes. The Knlser Wilhelni tier
f.rnsse, In January. HI00. set a record
of live dajs nnd sixteen hours for the
New Yerk tii Cherbourg trip.
rin. Mniiieinnia ueckci nt Meuinanip-
in ft days 0 hours nml f0 minutes.
nit met vry reiiulrenunt mir be found
nulckly by consulting Aparlmant alsul-
ncailOn On PCS -V af.u " n
a a shbb aaapsjaw r H0v
rostefnea lit illadelphla, I'a.
Frankford Avenue Merchant Faints
When Released by Police
Max Tenlck, proprietor of n butcher
shop nt 4424 Frankford avenue, was
found by a customer nt 11 o'clock to te
dny locked In nn ice box.
The butcher told the police of the
Frankford station that he had been
robbed of $1283 and locked In the re
frigerator by n thief who entered the
store when he was alone In the place
abeiit 10.S0 o'clock.
Tenlck fainted when released and
was taken te the Frankford Hospital
te be revived.
t ,.,..., , -.
l WWUlflHH l-UMre
Husband Alse Jumps Frem Window
at Orleans Street Blaze
Already frantic with pain from ill-
ness, Mrs. Jesephine De Angele. 18(10 1
Knst Orleans street, became hysterical 1
Ilnnr,- 1 1 ,nnelr. I.n. l...rl,.l ...h
conducts n grocery store en the first
fleer of the two-tterv brick buildliiL-,
. vv Mihriu. nil iilluuitUi Hill
thla morning and leaped from a eceml- iiv,ii,,,ii A nneimnn Helm.
t?icj3f5.,a seat "" - Sfe .& S:3ftwss y&s
i i i . ' . . "'.. ...''''" "iiinu inni n nml .'u
;;""" '"", ,'""' " "V''. ''.,..: '.r
- ": - '" ' -
.., .... .., .. ,..
The rmjill, probably ewe their lives ,
nn unidrntilieil eung woman who
iwas nas-ln
in nas-lng I he store ami saw the
.. ' . ... . . .
1IMIUPH tlllftUfh lllfln ilUnliir wliwlnu
"'"CSI '""''S'' little dlsplnj -window.
';i'0'""' "" ! until Mack was
pifAin R(TV I M DIUCD '
'""'i i viraiiiiiu. iii hithi iiiiti, hum
found lleattnc In the Kelawnre River '
today near Pier 10. Police say the
body had been in the water but n
K.t tilm., ns w.VPrni ,js in ,. ,,0(.a.t ,
.. rtt. -, ,- .. ...!, rt-i
m iim k j t-r wiiri cihiil-ii.
pe00 0f pp,,r containing ihe above
l,rPflsed te the same person, led Te tlie
'identification. A postal, bearing the
.,nn, f II A T,..l, VIO V... I, Ulv
ll....k ,F, ... 4ft IJ ... ... M.I.' .."III, HI"
leenlli slrenl Tt'riu nls In Ihn .lenil mniifs
pocket. According te police. Lynch
works en Pier 38.
A geld watch and chain, three custom
1in..i.A hiillflnu mwl n sniull cum nt
"""" sM... .... ........ ...... v,
j in- uiuii jti)M-iii i'e u iji- ni"iii in i.i
ycnrs -,), Vlls ih0 frr cBht inches
'U lielglit and weigue, ion pounds.
J worn a striped shirt.
in m 11 1 nrii in inns" i-u 1 1 tins
Coaldale Butcher Swears Out War
rant for Sen Believed Here
Prank Oswald, sittcen jears old. Is
Mrs. Minnie Snyder Was Despen
dent Over Death of Friend
Despondent ever the death of a
friend, Mrs. Minnie Snyder, l.'flfl Al
der 8treet, committed suicide by liihnl
ine ir.is in n room at her home.
Snyder wnb u wiuew. i.nte
Saturday night she was jolting with n
neighbor, and an neiir inter ner duiigli-
cr found her lying en tlie bed lu un
tipsttilis room. .She died befete she
could no ini.cn in me v iiicucii s iioui" iieui" iioui"
eputhic Iluspitill.
Presbyterian Minlaters Applaud
Attack en Seething Weed
A Sunday school leader should net
smoke, or lit least should net be seen
smoking, snid Hugh Cor I, one of I he
.. . .i ... .i... .ii.iii. .. ii .
edltniskut tne MUiuiay wenoei 'rimes. In
uddresMiiiT the meeting of tlie fresh -
tci'inn ministers in vt iim-rspoeu Hall '
The minister)! applauded his attack en
Th" itf?.!;,,SrTlUn-' wwra
a.fi WHITINQ paperi. t(fi',
Pa with WW0 which his1 OUher a I "owned him. As 'C',' n-each et'a train and durini' ,,e .ii, AT the' " me'ILe the .,- of W '. .V ' -gn s earded li"lX.l Vm?!. buT s'sel. cenfcCd
l... I f. ...... 1. In I........ ... I'.iu in n , ., .1111 n I'll llll' lllll Ifftltl h n 1 I Ihnl nl II I. il 'I IHI K IT I. Ilkll II III I l.i . . II I A llni.nj.n J I ...
....,,....... .- - - rested lliem 1.1 1 V "" "u. " 1 iruin iiihiiii uu 110 1 t, .. : . v ' ' iin-iig". nnd te I lie clr 1 isnpneareii troll tie liullie
. WVhlif ilannScT. '(',!.?: i ,. .,, the ineu had was ' lhMtlM t Hie need , V 't '", Vfc W,",?- ' h, !ief TZn ' .;,
dale police, te leek for the boy 111 "f '1' "," V ",s ml stolen S.itm-diiy id It Is s.w.i." ..ii." (hi- inum: Pl-.p I1".?, "i,,Tt III n - 1 else In i-'im Relief Commit ee ' '4 ' t Z , , I e I,, .nl h,s l'.:
1 is.""" " ' "" "' "" : newlyweds kill En :?""", . : . 'T' 'Sssr-Ar',, "":;::,, 3 Jss-'fca .,:, ;a-m:. - -
i-iuiiii-in iiiviii I-.WU it, j uu Dim i-n.iui.
rvrtiw.t i . in rj,'.' rTW n ..;. T sn iv i j w iw i iGUk j l w - -t i "i rf i iiwf nk . ". . j1 wsi jv'jti iMii. l. ( ii i 'i ' r Lav-. vi , r i i. m u.T,-thrri l hi vf " t rr qt-i j nwiivvn. rw.wi1
yiisMiti;frrw jew iBHWSKrar r w :rr.
-7Lt t r 4'.' Jar:iJi,.r'i.T . i . v- iiii i '- -if n h'i ."ifj t. ti..-. i f nwft r ;:. tf jif trrw r-.3 .. - -...-.-.. i.jii.j .;.. ,
ptteltc mteggr
vt i' ? tOAt t ' w4v;
T'nc.flc atuJ Atlantic Photon
Man Who Fled Frem Meyamen-
sing Is Recognized When
Nabbed en Anether Charge
After police had sought lu vain te
find him following his sensational
escape from .Meyamenslng Prison a
month age with IMwnrd McDonald,
another prisoner. Wllllnm Fellmeth, Al
der and Master streets, was nrrested
i.ii imrning with two companions
when they attempted te rob the auto
tire store of Frank Shaw. 1421 Brown
lie WAS pni.lnifl.l 1... tft...
'Tin... II i'""s-ii N.v i-aireimnn
! Ii y ' n recrut " the force.
,v10 als, i.i J Vi " ,,,p frr,'0
from tll" CTa
1'"-0! from i'ellmcth's hand as he nt .
fnnh.. tzj::"vr.l"".v..
T. ..." ..!.'""' "''!". '
L. IN nnv imsil l. .(.. . .
taken te City Hall m. iij'i l"0,n
the Ti..i,'eM.. 11. ."" . ."' ' .,inP(1. .l in
' " ' A ,'",f-"""' known. .l tie
:".',"-'' "- niwiut te be e,M
entered the ,een! I nn I m'einLuiiSl'
"bmiui nun.
...:,""" iieiei
miiuriiicu liy Miuiler
IIMI l vnt nm .. . i , - .
n ie
Mrtcd le
. . " ". "' "" MIUII'. fMitnt
1OW nil In n ,ntll!...
el tt...i,. r.T V " '""nun,
i ,.rc,lmPi,h ,,.,(,n '"''"'tted hl.s identitv
"t would give no details that might
' -jijiiurr in.is.rii
. . . ,, . ' ,'" -""iib nwnv (Ii
'" "" ''lr cell i ml s,,nei il('. 1.1..
w,, J "'""iudiiir t' nrisen.
r ' i,'.iWen' "et '"-x ' "'ll break
nst in the morning. s .,-, nPm
ki .. ., .". ..- "! "iiirm was
. i . ----... ' inn in
,;'.'" "i" vim. u nneriii s iW nrriie.l r.,
'''''Inieth. lieun te he tried that dav i
before judse Flnlelie.-
Lary tiMlnj Patrolman I)0ye
standing at Bread ,, Ilm,,?, 'trS"S
when he noticed three men J,i
iree men acting sus-
, ''"''J' '""' 'eft an aulomebile KtnnH.
ng along the curb and nfter peme liesl-
,u,,0 walked up Itrewn street te the
,,..., , ,, . .
"'. ioiiew en tlieni and ns he an.
Ilrenclieil I in t... ..... ' . "''
. : ,, ,. "'i riiiiuiice IlKKlC
Brali for IVllnicih.
Cltlcn t.irs Alarm
At the same time, .fnines Cenner,
who conducts a si,,M. opposite at 1114
llrewn street, .saw the n, liens of (lie
men mid lired u icieIwt ,. nil.
I his nttniued the attention of Pnirel-
ninii i ii'uii,
As Helm charged tlie deer J'ellnicth
took n gun from hl pocket and nt
enipted te sheet. In n llnsli Deilo
Chnrlrrel, Pj., June 12. I'rederick
Sheaf. tliirty-eiie jear.s old. was killed
and his brother, Ralph Sheaf, twenty
six, u World War cternr, injured,
when their airplane fell .100 feet near
Jeffersen, Greene County, estcrday.
Les Angeles, .lime 12. William l-
Mnckny, of Miramonte, near here, und
Bell Valentine, pilot, were seriously
injured jestcrday when their airplane
fell. Anether occupant of the plane wns
slightly Injured. The airplane collided
with a telephone pole.
rres.ucnx -no uneaxs neiurn Frem
i rip uewn foiemac
Washington, ,juue ll', (By A. P.)
- President Hauling m tinned te the
White Heuso sliei'tly lieore I) A. ii,
today from an ever-Sunday cruise down
the Potomac en the Mayflower.
The President, who was accompanied
by Mrs. Harding, had as Ills guests
Attorney General Daugherty, fieere-
tury aieuen ana wennter ana Mrs, Tru
man it. is wee
Charlerel Flier Alse Leses Life. . tl "' .,, '" . ' L ,.i-'. i " V '' "J. ' i"".l W Pel Pel d Cener..' Chang
Three Seriously Hurt satisfied with the nrra.igen.eu.s of the V ..'VinnT ,7, '', ,' ', , !
Chicago. June 12.- It C Whecleek railroad for the protection f the several "' h? J,nu'hu '' ' b" ,IH 'i"1; ,,,,"1 ' ,'
of Zion, III., and his brl.ie f two weeks rresslngs. A gi.te would be beer than I ",,. I unc "' ,"s"1"nt'
were, killed and the pilot was Inh.reH the hell, but the new lead was net u ' ''. ,,..',?' , .. .
jestcrdny when a. ilridane feH :m f w venerul blghwa.x until riwml,. M? own ,. 11,111" "" wa" "r ,0,,ij
According te the let" Jehn Mrtrwr conclusion Is that Sl.ntt.m did net take , ,j' "" ,,1,,"T M",,ls,"r '"'"1 i"1"1
the controls ja.iuneil. causing the uccl." '"' l''ec.iiitlen. I have heard thai Strut- '' '.s p, . mel.v popular ... ..shin,-
.Inni Juffiiii, wit m.CI ' . i,.,.,!,,..:.... , ,ii. ,,, , ten. has been ll sup pei'lei he south-
.- .!.' I iinu ll.Iu I..K 1 flint
Sweeping Probe by Utility
Beard Ordered as Result
of Aboecen Tragedy
Freeholders Assailed for Neglect
in Net Repairing Shere
Atlantic C!tj. X. .1.. Juii" 12.
Commissioner !..- lUCnrac,,. , t M
city, whed the Newark office of the '
New Jrisej l'ub'.lc I'tllltj Commlssleii ,
this morning te muhI nn tl?;eial Inves
tigator te Atlantic Count j at once
for the purpose of probing tlie grade
crossing tragedy, in winch the entire
family of Jehn II. Stratton. printer,
240S Arctic avenue. Atlantic City, was
wiped out.
The Instructions of the commissioner
are te "find out If the crossing nt New
read and the Penns.Wvnnln Read was
adequately protected If net. why
net? nnd what steps should be taken
te make It safe."
The Instinct ions further stipulated
that the investigator should prepare te
remain lu Atlantic County for the pur
pose of Investigating all mllread grade
crossings In Pleasantvllle and Absecon,
Including these which are protected by
flagmen and gntes, te lepnrt en the
hours of duty, paillculnrly between
Mny nnd October.
It Is believed that the P.nclnrnch
investigation mny lend te special orders
from the I'tlllty Commission te nmpllfv
and extend the safety delces at all
grade crossings M Atlantic County
within ten miles of Atlantic Citj. ns a
result of Suturdnj s tmgeilj .
Indirect lespensiblllty for the acci
dent is being laid upon the Beaid of
Freeholders because of Its neglect in net
tepairlng the shore read.
The toad is In bad condition. It Is
snid. nnd becuit'e of this meter traffic
flews Inte the new lead which gees
eer tlie crossing wheie the fatal crash
Motorists turn Inte ihe new read
from the cemented White Herse pike
and use It for n detour by wi of
Washington avenue nt the cemetery In
Pleasantvllle te connect with the Pleas
untvillc Beuleviud.
Strntten's automobile was struck by
the ":ir Pennsylvania express bound
for Philadelphia. Stratton. bis wife.
Carolina, and Francis, nine jears old.
were instantly killed. Carrie, eight,
died en the way te tlie hospital. The
two ether children. Jeseph, aged eight
een mouths, and Dorethy, six. died in
the Atlantic City Hospital yesterdny.
Members of ihe train crew declnied
they knew nothing of die nceiMelit until
they leached West Philadelphia.
Driver .Mar I hoc Been Negligent
There is evidence, it is said, fiem the
Inxestigntlen ns far ii" it Imx piegrcsed.
that the driver of the car had ben
negligent In net ebeing the warning
sign of "Step. Loek and Listen."
which is te be found en both sides of
the roadbed. Tills Infoiniatien is given
by County Phjsician L. II. Souder
Prosecutor 1. C. (insklll. Jr., and
Corener William B. Pui'selK of Pleas,
an'vllle. who me conducting independ
ent probes.
But one witness lisis heen found who
was present nt the time, former Stale
Senater Ldwnril A. WiImiii. who wis
nenr') in tlie Held el hisieiiutn i"i
.1 Tl ....... .1 Iw. lw.ll I....I . .....
s-. v. ... .....-. ..... ...... ....,
and Cm ener l'nrells s . i, tual lie eli-
sened "bile he was itt the s.tiic of ilie
tlllgcm siiertij liner n eituiicii. iii.ii
the bell rang" ns ether trains passed. '
It could be possible that nt the time of j
the accident the working el It mu,
have been out of order.
Count Phj Melen Souder stated to
day that a ri'picscntnthe of the Peirn
H.rhnni.i Raili:id. wlie with s.cnil as.
slstants Is probing the cireuniMniiecs
of thetragcd.v. hiisariunged te join him
this nfternoen te garner 11: ii cmiIimice
pess'ihle, ns thej realbe tliat the aiinl
'if lilt ion of the St i nt ten family of s
pel sons h.ls piofeilMillj Iiiiel.ei! Ihe nub
lie, which desires te knew all the fuels
and te plai e the lihinie, if theie is un,
te be slieilldeied, wheie It hclengs
Alay Held Iiuiuesl
Counts PhMit.ni S'Hiiiei
is that tlie pretei Hull of t
I I OS, in"
, -1 ., 1 ... I
of the Rending trucks in Ple.iintville'
m nn i..it..." v... ... . ....-, mi
u 11 1 ti niiM 11 nnni 111 in- 11 11 kieiiwi 1 it '
i oieuer rai'sciis is ic.nn te iu:n,e nn
igatieii. if dneclcil h.v llii' ieiiuij
"Fighting Quaker" Takes Air Reute
Frem Quantlce te Alma Mater !
. .. ,, ,. ., .,
I1KIIUILI IVililfil llll.lIU,V If
Butler, commanding officer of the
murine base at Qunutice, Va , will fly
from there te Huerferd, Pa., today te
lsit Hnerferd College, Ids alma uiiiter.
'Ili a nmiilnn u I tt kl ll tt it ill n litrsli l. .. Ml
i.iake the trip will land ou Walten i
Field at the college, where it win be
nut by the cnlli ' Miiileiu be.. 1.,,.
fl,,., m h.ter In the da will purtici
Kviitiiiu nni ...i..'- ... ..iihi.iiii
In t I it ilnt ...ill ....... I .
,pnin lu the uiiuuai un
lliill I iiiiiit inn tin ii tati
Uter being eiitertnliic.l at dlniie In '"'"K0," " "' I ""'" en two rips t.reken. Majer .Moere was placed in , uids he said, lie turew tlie i.e.ly titq lb jB'-j
Ir ' Willnr llteXli. , mS , ,-Vr- ,,u,,t!,1 w',s.,n rUr ln." r Superintendent Mills this m.u c.eek, nnd went te his home by US ' ffl
et thee, liege he l" expeet" I le nink" " i'i ViUI''m (t,'minlnl te the The icperts will be sent immediately te niUnerc street. Cnn.den, Wl(en h, Ji
aa'.a.,M'n,ii,l.,i'iiha.is. zs!&'isn:siz.'i!L!!,:z: rmiXz?."Jz """" it '3sm
no YOC WANT A JOB? THERE ARR R bath ,ll1, ln f'Pltc ' Rn't Pain he te result. Ill the suspension of the DO VOW NKKH A llAHMC' 1 1' I - &&'.
plenty et thim ad.iti.d in th. ii?" went te the reception and later received patrolman 6n whose beat the ques- k ,WkV I I "rf5aV'l
Wsntu alumni today en pe se.-Atv. temporary treatment from a physician, tlonable resort is. ' fig &' .'l.ll' If llifffiffiMd
u ppii nit' iii'MiLi iiimi mi' n in mill. i i .. i i... i.i . . : i. .' m-i i-ii n v - . . . . . . . . " v - aij
Publlibed dlly Kxccpt SutidRy.
Cepjrleht, 1022, by
robe efRum
ey navy erups ruivvuai,
Finding of 1000 Quarts of Whisky in Raid en
Transport at Norfolk Amazes
Washington, .lune I-.-
was expressed In official -irc.es here
today at the icpeit from XertnlK that
mere than 1000 iuarl of Unuur had
been found , beard the Tnlted Htates
transport. HIiIun. when n rnd en the -
vessel wns conducted .vesii-rday under
ihn iitroetlon of Iteuf Admiral An
drew.", ceininandnnt of the Norfolk
There have been ir.nin rumeii that
Hener uu- liciiu s,iii,(gli'd into the
leunti'j en itiivnl ve els out the re-
I pertu IiiiiI lii'ieliifeic ln'cii si eftrd ill.
I The nclutil liiidlu'; of n Urge iimn
.... i.t.i
.e.K'Xies 'n,u.
mllcn r.uncerii Is innnlfc.-t as te jii-t
hew fui-rcnching the pinclice lw.
Deeii Intercut Is shown In what move
the nnval uiltherisles will tnkc te elim
inate further suspicions as te the con
nectien between the niiwil personnel ,
and the rum runners nshere. An 1m- P. R. R. Express Crashes Inte Ice
mediate nnd seal chlng investigation Is I Cream Vehicle Near Riverside
f,TlH (emnmndiug uflirrr of (lie Siriut . ' 4,One man was killed intantlv and nn nn
accerding In Admiral Andrews, was ether barely escaped deatl this norri nerri
Ictuchcd from the Nessel jesterdav and ing, when a north -heu id Pennsjlvanlu
ordered te the reaving barrauliN nt Rnllread train crashed into a motor meter
tin; navnl base. .nil me.inwhile n beaid ' truck of the Breycrs Tee r ream Com Cem
of Investigation has been convened. Un-Pv near Uiverside. .. J.
til Its rcpeit is submitted, it is under- ' The vehicle was thiewn several feet
steed no lutien will be taken (ewntil
prefer! ing i harge-i against any eulceri ,
or members of the en w .
Iufoi.n.it'en w.is leiehed b Admliul
Andrews-. It wiis -.iln. that til" odor of
whi'Ky w.is disri riiiiiu in tue I'lite-j
being unle Hied from tlie hirlus te
barges fur shipment te i ie uuwil siipidj
btiitlen nt the tuna I lin-e. When the
bulges hud iieen lii.nied ,i smutch of II, e
shipment was mile i d and then the
traiis;,eit itself w- s.-aiched e.v the
inallli' guild. Itii.iriis weie immedi
ately t'llewu .llliillld .lllil 111 m'ile tin
TIEKTSIN, June 12. General Chang Tse-Lin's proposals
for nn armistice with Wu Pei-Fu appear te have been simply
a uisc te gain time for the defeated Manchurian war lord.
Heavy f'ghting broke out Friday between Chinwangtac and
Shnnhaikwan. The battle has been raging steadily for the
last three days.
LONDONDERRY, June 12. iMlltary activity continues en
both sidfri of the border. A battery of artillery has arrived te
svppeit the four regiments statienedj at Derry City. It is re
pented that irregulars at Denegal, anticipating an early clash
with British troops, are establishing a hospital behind their
lines. Trains from Derry te Strabane continue Te be held up
Tiee State territory. Passengers ate taken te the platforms
an.l searched.
New Leaders of Beth Japan and i
slllllil rsllUWII illlU LIKCU
at Washington
VU Hnu Ll Hnc rH I mil I IO
i: ci.intbn n. Lii.B!-:i:r
liifl I arri.iMi',ciM Mi 'ii'i; I'uliUr I pilsrr
i ei;yr nhr I ' ' ( i , 113,1
Wiishlngieii. .1 I "J Tue 1l111i11-
istrnlinn Is kiiM I with devel
opments in liii- Hi lent Tue up limit-
nieiit of lliiieii Kni n l'i"niicr of ,ji.
I'nii iiiiii 1 in "iiiii' inriiiK in .11111M'
,,,,. s,!,,,;,,,,.,, .,. -Minister of Ter
twit. .....I il... ,.,.(M.. ...... C i..U.
. . ..
lLM1 nnlrs 111 lilies 11 1 e lllllelt urn
Mules liix- iieen si nipnlnus
tn iiiirHue
II pnlli , el Iliill-iutellereiK
in (Miiim
nn i iiluese liineinini in ii'id el I r.
Sun ni Sen since the deposition of ,i
Y inni Hun',' .Hid leturns with linn.
(internment uli-Japanese
I'll! 'H W lillM I IllllClit I ll h.ls I ii'i 11
.i I up tu Cliiua Is ineii uiti ilaiiauese
tl in mi) whicli bus hem in etine thee
'", ""ii',1,, v,a'- ,VW ',"M Vrr",fr-
Liang Shili M, Just feieed out of ellire
t'entlnurJ en ram Twe Column One
wmeen rrosecuier injures side.
but Speaks at Reception
,,,, ,(ir ciinrlM S. Wolverton. i
(.,,... en. annealed nl is nfllnn t.!. i
scinceij nine te wan;, ins iiit slili
,- " '. "-- -'.- - ""ii".'
,;"" .?.' XUi Ul" Miaupeil up with mUieshe tuiie nnd nn.l ., rPMirih in the ni.. ..i i r IMiiil in t; tin blew liml klllctl Iipp. ifcJ
f.ut.icrlptleti Trie J(l r Ver by .MU.
I'ublle Ledcer Company
vessel, with orders te penult no one te
'"fijK' Viu.rZl ' te " Hampton
jlna,H ni,0nt n week age from the W et,t
Indies and hna been nt the nnyy jerd
nlnce Aynltef ZlTlTs
rXen?d nt one of the West In-,
(mn jj0lU ports, nltheugli it was saiij
net in hn listed en thr. uuinlfeHt and
there was no method of nicci mining nt
which pert it hnd Ijcen leaded. It v..i
contained in thirteen large packing cbhc.u
and wax consigned te the murine ttmr
tcunnster depot nt the nnvj operating
Ofiiccri mid nun el n.e Shliw ImM
Ijeen cenlilied te their sl)li under giliim
and wrecked.
The man killed s .lames Neble.'
1822 Knst Orleans stieet. The driver i
of the truck escaped b jumping.
Tlie train, going nt rilnut forty milei
nn hour, linil .tust pull'd out of Kimt
idc station, when fhr truck ciesseil
Iiiuk reud.
i:videntl. in!s'-ili Hinting the -peed of
tin oncoming "press the driver put en
extra power nnd lim' in cins ihe
tracks uheiul of it. When ti,, eiash was
inevltnbV he iuniped N. lift was in the
t ea r.
Barbara Manley, of Philadel-
. . .
Jlllrt, VJIVUII VtlK lertT ,11
Annual Commencement
N lieu -fe i - uli'lils l.veilcd i.
pleiiins ihi. hieimng nt I'm , nmniein e
nieiit I'.eici.e. el Slum hinl-p CelcKc,
dining whlih Mis. 1:, i,,,,,, Miinle!
ilniiKlinr .-I Mr ,,.! , Ln-iHnee iV
.lillllev I 1" Wn-hliisl"li
Ihe liixlies I1011111 .1 ;n
fliilll tlie celle7i
Lane, wen
cm.' lecrivc
" .' " .'iur. icecneil nil
III (III M'll t i
, ;'.'"
vwi-j l he iiiniiurnreiiHnr
- . u.ur. , ,s e ciines of the pelituni
s...' tV,",,,i;,',l '''.' into 'war .
M'ttle their (IlsputeN vilh the edi. lent
co-eliorfif Inn ..f .1 i. . . .'"in
i ... -. . .i
rl"...m'ls'vU'l!UKru'S Preacher seid;
ihe true test nf nn.. e. .,
.i... ;... . "' "" ""rid or indiistt.v.
n.In.. I . . '' ".'''111 Ol f (111 -
,?H i ii V"""1 '," ',ts nbiIU'v " produce
mil us that can deal efteetirely with the
social and iwlitieal problems of our
Tiue liOgic Is Needed
"In elder te de (bis thev mn,i i,
te true., ceinpliciied cv,,it's te their tni.
seiines. Ihey uuis, discriniinate he-
1 able
... ..-,. luniks WHICH milk mil;,, mi j.
M'..i new wais of dealing wlt, 0,, (lin,.
culties. Surlt minds must lie co free
from picjiidi..es that the maj pass
impartial Jufc'jment in rases where the
crowd Is MvVpt awav bv pnssien "
I In closing. Ur. Crei'heiR talked di-
Continued nn racr Tour. Column Tour
UPON C TY V CE SURVFYwns the llrst one he saw. He took her Va
Police Turn Over Canvas. Made by
wiucr ei mayor moere
lirneriK mi imp h riiM iti rii..i.t....- un I'liu nu h n,nu' in iiiiiri hit. s
A. J
ran eer sue
Geerge Munroe Given Faint
Hepe of Future Parden
for Kidnapping
Parents and Sister Watch Quid
Trial After Plea of
"Nen Vult"
Impriseiimeut for life was tlie sen
tence pioneunecd today upon nineteen -.enr-eld
(ieerge Hlmer Munroe In tha
( aniden Crimlnnl Court. Munroe kid
napi ed and killed scven-jenr-eld Ida
Nrunier. of Woedburj . throwing ths r
lxid of the child Inte Newton Creek,
near Woedljnne.
Miimee sat ligld when SiiprenifJ
(,'eilit Justice Kulienbaidt piep.ired te
pronounce sentence at the. end of the
trial, lie watched the Judge with star-
i ing. dilated ejes. and when he was told"
' in solemn tones that lie must prepared
te spend the balance of his life behind-
j prison liars ie nodded, in a dnxcil sort,'
ifwnj. Then his clenched bands slowly f "'
1 relaxed as he gH7.ed in a hopeless man' &
j nei- lewnid ills paienis and Ids sister N VM
t in .1 1 ii,. .
William Munioe's vnluntnr.i vonM1 venM1 vonM1
leii. made through the iniiils. Proso Preso Prose
1'iilor Wehcrlnn told the ("unit, after
Muniee lind plctided non vult. the slayer
of the child would never have been
Demands Leng Sentence
. "Nevertheless," lie .said, "the effeilS
of kidnapping Is se serious that the
punishment visited upon this jeutli
should be te the full extent of the
law "
"I nsree wiih jeu," aid the Court.
"Sentence should be for life " Then,
adiliis.sing Munroe. lie said:
"In lew of Miur 113c ami oilier clr
ciiinstiiiif es in this uise, it is likely that,
after llie punier time hns elapsed, your
ca.se will In- allow td te come before the
Beard of Pardons."
Nene of the familv of Ida Kramer
was present at the trial, but sitting near
the prisoner were his father and moth
er. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Munroe, and
his sister lMnn. Tlie women cried soft
ly all through the proceedings, while the
ful her. erect and srlm. held their hands
in a firm clasp nml ttieve te lomfert
tin 111.
Be Tries te Keep l Courage
A sili whispered through the umrt
mum trein the siicctnti.rs ns Muniee
wtis led nun) He tried te walk lirnilj,
but nine nt twice he stumbled He
w.'is dressed lu 11 blue cige sun with a
soft cel'nr and blue and while striped
nicktie. Ills shiit was striped te match,
lie is about five feet id lit inches in
lnight. and Is of slender Jiiiild
Miitiree's hair, of d.nk blown, win
combed stiaighi back, and Ins brown
Bed I'euiul ill reck
The biiil. of the ilnld had be- 'i found
in Newton Cieek. near W nedlynnc.
Theie was n bruise upon the head.
'ibis was en April '-'.'!.
The authorities had about gnen up
hejx' of finding the peiMin responsible
mil"' Ol llll'llll lie- lii-irmil 1 i "IUIIIIUI
for the denth of the iluld. Then, early
m Mnv. Proseiuter Wolverton received
' letter containing a confession. Ne
.iihliess wns nttiirhcd, nnd tin police
weie still ut sen, Then scveial weeks
Inter came another letter, giving the
In. I s ndilt ess and ids arrest followed,
lu ii statement Munroe Mild he was
broke lie had been told, lie said, that
iiienc.t i mild be made b, kidnapping
children and holding them for ransom.
and he thought he would tr.i It. He
hud lend, he said, all about Pasqualfi
"tlie Crank," who had kidnaped Blake
ly Ceughliu lu Norristown. nnd bad
hoped te have better luck. The Cough
In Itnlit wnu
smothered while being
carried nuiiy. Tfrl
nA i...,i .t...v . ni.fiiv.,H.. i, ..u -s'i
II" llil'4 ,"lti- III 11 UIMHUM J ( III- BMtQt V-VM
en a bus tow mil ( aniden, he said,
"C WlS," n,fR
she became uiimauageauie, nit tier en
h v
., A
' t
J ',Av, l
w J. As ii
i'S,ir. vj
j ii. r
.'.", .1 A K
1 L. t . FX

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